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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 15, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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yard is not releasing any information about this. they are calling it an incident and are on the scene with hazardous materials experts but not saying it was terrorism or something else, just saying they want to be very careful before they release any information. it happened and 8:20 this morning, it is now 10:00 a.m. in london. a flash and a bank were heard. the original reports of injuries, facial injuries along the lines of burns and that kind of thing but more we are hearing the more the minutes ticked by, we are getting more reports about stampedes, injuries coming from frantic race to get out of the subway station. it happened at the overground portion of the district line trains journey but people had to get out of the station and up
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the stairs. social media is circulating a picture of a white bucket users are saying was the genesis of this explosion was a white plastic bucket with wires sticking out of it in a padded plastic bag. this is nothing the police are discussing right now but this is getting traction on social media. london, city on edge, having had a history with terrorist incidents on public transportation. there were a number of terrorist attacks in this country in the last few months, many involving vehicles driven into crowds but july 7, 2005, there were coordinated bomb attacks on three subway trains at rush hour in the bus and two weeks later a copycat attack which failed so people are on the highest state of alerts, to recap some incident, appears to be an explosion on a subway train this morning, police not commenting on the nature of this incident.
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stay away from the parsons green area west of chelsea in london. >> did they shut everything down for commuters this morning or are there still trains up and running? >> reporter: the district line which is an important line, one of many in the city seems to be shut down as far as we know, the other metropolitan lines are functioning as well as the buses this morning but there's a lot of traffic and chaos around the parsons green area which has been cordoned off and people are asked to avoid the area, not clear if that is simply because of the emergency vehicles there or if there are concerns of some other security situation at the moment. >> we will check back with you as more information becomes available. another fox news alert north korea firing another missile
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over japan. >> that missile traveling 2300 miles before landing in the pacific, show of force proving guam is in striking distance of the road regime. >> the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: another provocation from north korea. it happened early morning friday time here in south korea over the north to the east of the north. we first saw this intermediate range missile in april when we were in pyongyang. there have been three successful tests of this missile and this is the most successful, it went 2300 miles, longer than the last time they used this three weeks ago in august, the longest ever in distance horizontally that they have shot a ballistic
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missile, highly alarming and it was aimed at guam, could have hit guam. south korean authorities have been monitoring this closely and literally 6 minutes after the north korean blast they shot off their own missiles, two of them from an eastern coastal location, just went into the sea, but crucially these missiles went the exact distance it would need if it was going towards north korea to knock out this lunch site, us authorities say american interests were not threatened but there's a lot of scared people in japan, this flew over hokkaido, the northernmost island in the archipelago, awakens millions, there were loudspeakers warning go to the shelter, they are used to this, second time in three weeks this has happened but japanese prime minister a
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described this as reckless and called for un security council emergency session, the actions of the kim jung un regime, provocative, threatening. we have been seeing activity of various forms from north korea this is the first offenses activity, a missile or any kind of action since the un security council resolutions on monday and since the nuclear device tested, started the latest attention two weeks ago. >> as north korea ramps up tensions in the pacific, what should the trump administration at next move be? hudson institute fellow, national security expert rebecca heinrich, thank you for joining us. the latest test we are hearing about, the missile reached a height of 480 miles and flew
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2300 miles out, farther than what was launched in august. what does that tell you in terms of the progress they are making and how they are able to do it? >> the north koreans are determined to obtain a credible ballistic missile capability taken mary with a nuclear warhead so they can pose a serious, believable threat to the united states, guam, japan, south korea, so with the latest test, the second one that flew over japan, highly provocative, airliners and airspace there, if the missile breaks up in the area could land on japanese citizens below, we have american forces deployed so it is highly provocative and they are doing this while also threatening intensive herbal threat that the united states, guam, japan, so very serious, the trump administration has said clearly
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they turned that up, you got to expect they will be doing more in the coming days and weeks. >> donald trump said a week ago that north korea better not make any more threats. if they do, fire and fury like the world has never seen before will be headed towards north korea. what is our next move? he has remained silent which speaks volumes right now. >> it does. he has been quiet because there's only so much -- you need political maneuverability in these tense crisis situations so he has to be careful about what he says because of the rhetoric out of north korea, but highly provocative tests. secretary of defense matus has stated the united states will not allow the united states to be threatened or us territory of guam to be friends, we have missile-defense access deployed their here at home and in guam to intercept the missile if it
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is headed towards the united states but those missile-defense systems are not 100%, they suffered severe cuts under the obama administration so we are behind, we need to invest in those systems, we need a credible threat of force against north korea should they believe they can continue to threaten the united states and our allies this way. the trump administration needs to be clear that we cannot allow them to coerce and threaten us with a credible nuclear ballistic missile capability, we can allow them to continue these tests because they are only going to get better. >> we keep hearing about the significance of china in this and develop it of nuclear weapons in north korea but i want to talk about iran and the iran deal, speaking of things that happened during the obama administration impacting what is going on with north korea. >> the iranians continue, have a ballistic missile program not covered under the iran deal, the obama administration was unable
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to get the iranians to rein in its missile program, they didn't include it in the deal and you need ballistic missiles to have a deliverable capability. even if iranians don't continue the nuclear program which there is evidence they are achieving but if they don't come if they continue the missile program taken mary the capabilities together and have credible nuclear missile capabilities differ in the united states and the iranians are watching the north koreans, they get a lot of their technology from the north koreans and are watching to see how the united states handles north korea because it is not going to get. if we simply continue threats without taking action against north korea, they can get away with that too. the world is watching and alliances are credible. the united states needs to demonstrate commitment to japan and south korea and our israeli allies are watching to see how
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we handle iran in the iran deal so these things are not just two separate issues, they go together and this is a complication of diplomacy with the trump administration. >> i want to ask about the rush-hour explosion we are hearing about in a subway station in london. what do you know about that? >> we don't know if it was a terrorist attack but the evidence leads many people to believe that it could be. following the pattern of terrorist attacks in the uk, this explosion happened on transportation so it is creating terror among the british people and again, there is this report that the uk has 28,000 individuals they are watching that could be related to islamist radical organizations in the uk. they have their hands full. these are homegrown terrorists,
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individuals that fought alongside isis abroad and have come back to the uk so there are a lot of individuals that pose a threat to british citizens and you can understand why they would be concerned. >> four attacks this year alone, 36 people killed in those attacks so far. they certainly don't need another one. appreciate your insight as always. in other news, no one no deal, donald from clearing the air on his daca deal releasing his own agenda timeline. despite confusion from the democrats the president is standing by his promise to big a build beautiful wall. in washington dc the latest on this developing story. >> the president says this is about border security and he will get his long promised border wall eventually but for now he is talking about extending president obama's
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so-called daca program offering protections to illegal immigrants who came here as children. >> heidi heitkamp -- the wall will happen. we are working on a deal but a lot has to do with heavy security at the border, we went surveillance. >> democrats going a step further saying the president not only agreed to get heidi heitkamp -- daca through congress but citizenship, many trump supporters will see as amnesty. >> interpreted by some that we had a deal, that wasn't the package, that wasn't the case, we had an agreement to move forward. the basis for how we protect the dreamers so i trust the president in that regard. >> reporter: the white house has
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disputed this, congressional republican leaders say any kind of a deal will include enhanced border security. >> we need border security and enforcement as part of any agreement. that is something democrats are beginning to understand. >> reporter: as far as the president meeting was democrats for discussions, not for negotiations. >> we appreciate it, 13 after the hour, the birthplace of the free speech movement put on lockdown and snowflakes show up to silence a conservative speaker. >> celebrity chef making the internet 6 saying he would poison the president's food. the outrage boiling over. and living the high life until he got stopped by the cops next on "fox and friends" first. ♪ hey!
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>> it is 17 after the hour,
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free-speech isn't free. uc berkeley shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect the campus with police and the concrete barrier during ben schapiro's speech to students. >> that didn't stop hundreds of protesters from showing up, robert gray live with more. >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement officers in riot gear were out at the uc berkeley campus showing readiness to control the crowd before, during and after schapiro's speech, cordoning off campus with a closed perimeter, meant to prevent more violence between far left and far right agitators. the city has been the scene of political demonstrations turned violent. police packing pepper spray for the first time in two decades after the berkeley city council this week modified a ban against the spray. the price tag for security
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forces, $600,000. this led schapiro to tweet free-speech isn't free and blaming far left antifa. schapiro was invited, conservative speakers are stifled there, students who do want to hear differing views want to be told they can hear one view and don't believe the first amendment should die. that is what schapiro was saying. nine people were reported arrested, four were arrested for carrying band weapons, one was held on suspicion of battery on a police officer. hundreds of law enforcement officers, many in right gear prepared for the violence and seized potential weapons. back to you in studio. >> harvard meantime is rescinding chelsea manning's
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fellowship calling it a, quote, mistake after major backlash, one of the biggest government leakers of all time after former acting cia director michael morrell resigned his post at the prestigious university over the move. mike pompeo pulling out of speaking engagements calling, quote, and american traitor. >> despite withdrawing the designation the school still inviting the convicted leader to give a speech on campus. >> 20 minutes after the hour this friday morning. the new iphone 10 you have been waiting to get your hands on could put you at risk for hackers. the major security concerns you need to know. >> we are all the same, all american, where you are from. >> friday night outrage, the high school the told students they can's chant usa and what students are doing about it.
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we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> the iphone 10's hottest new feature is controversial bringing new security concerns to life. how safe is apple's safe id to use? let's ask the cyber guy who always has the answer. thank you for joining us. you were at the unveiling. >> the architecture alone is worth a visit with your family. apple is opening it up, the next themepark i want to go to. this is a sight to see. >> tell us about this
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technology. >> we heard about the iphone 10, everybody thinks it is the x that is the iphone 10. you would be able to pick up your phone and instead of using touch id it is face id. it would recognized by -- putting 30,000 different infrared dots on my face instantly and unlocks the phone if it is me. hackers before the phone is coming are trying to crack into this. >> what are they trying? >> already trying to print 3-d images of themselves. it is 3-d printers, you print a lifelike image of your self in 3-d. at the event in apple, one of the leaders of apple on stage saying we hired hollywood's best special effects artists and here
2:25 am
is an image of all the masks we said can't fool this technology. hackers that hacked into the touch id were successful with that. they think they will do it now with the new iphone 10 coming out. it is a wait and see but it is possible. >> amazing they should use that knowledge for something good. >> if this is true and they are able to do this they have access to my banks, my wallet, credit card, anything inside my phone. i have got my eye on this one but they may have invented what could be the best security layer in our lives. >> expect to see it on other
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devices. >> you will see this on all phones moving forward but apple's competitors are a good couple years behind them. >> no longer just tom cruise. thank you so much. good to see you. >> it is 25 after the hour. up next an update on breaking news in london. and explosion in a subway station during morning rush hour. moments ago authorities calling this a terrorist attack as images poor in from the scene. we are live with the latest next. ♪ shawn evans: it's 6 am.
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back, complete chaos in london after an explosion rocked a subway station during rush hour, police declaring it a terrorist incident and saying there are several injuries. amy kellogg has breaking details. what have we learned? >> reporter: the focus of the
2:30 am
investigation is on this white bucket seen on a train where the explosion happened. a white builders bucket with some material inside, images circulated on social media show it in flames with wires coming out of it. police declared this a terrorist incident and they have taken charge, counterterror police taken charge of the investigation taking over from the transport police which was the original group on the scene. there is a hazardous area team on the ground and the area has been cordoned off. in terms of injuries we don't know the nature of them yet. eyewitness reports over the course of the morning have reported facial burns but also more often than not injuries resulting from people rushing
2:31 am
out of the station onto the street pushing, shoving and scratching. we are hearing reports that people were held quite a long time on the train before they were allowed to evacuate and read down the track when they were able to get off the train which is a horrifying image. london has been on a high state of alert. a number of terrorist attacks in the city and the country over the past several years, one of the most dramatic the ties in with the one we see today, in 2005, july 7th, coordinated explosions on three subway trains and one on a bus and then the copycat attack that mercifully failed. this happened at rush hour, 8:20 this morning just west of chelsea, a neighborhood many
2:32 am
viewers will be familiar with, injuries, we have not heard about any fatalities, some sort of explosion, may not have been as big as it could have been, that is in the realm of speculation right now. a lot of eyewitnesses fear it could have been worse but there are people injured, police and medics assessing nature of those injuries. >> the metropolitan police confirming it was a fire and several people do appear to have burn injuries confirming that at this point along with what you said, injuries from people trying to rush out at the same time the stampedes happen. >> reporter: the state department issuing a warning to any americans traveling overseas. interesting to see this was issued yesterday.
2:33 am
it specifically talked about soft targets, churches, airports, trains, anything celebrating a holiday. we are seeing it on a train. >> europe has been in the grips of this terror fear for the last couple years but it seems to have escalated in the last year. more often than not we have been seeing these truck attacks, vans plowing into crowds, if they want to do something, there's little they can do to stop them, increase security presence in london and across europe and barricades on roads and extra vigilance. to report anything you see that may be suspicious, every commuter going into a train
2:34 am
station, it is an edgy city this morning on this beautiful sunny friday before the weekend. >> do you know about the response at this point? we heard earlier there were six ambulances that responded, 50 firefighters, are they looking for anything? >> emergency services were there, there are conflicting reports they may be searching for another device or suspect, they ask people to avoid the area and we don't know if that is because they fear something else or just to keep out of the way of emergency services. people going back to their homes, people stay in cafés and
2:35 am
places they were, it would be speculative to say there is something else going on, there is concern about that if you follow social media. they are asking public to share pictures for this morning. >> we are not hearing about buses being shut down. is there an update that it is a confirm terrorist attack? >> reporter: know, there are other lines beyond the green line, the district line where this took place functioning as usual, there's going to be a cobra meeting chaired by teresa may later today but in terms of logistical issues we are not
2:36 am
hearing of any stoppages or lines or things being shut down. just around that area between chelsea and wimbledon, very popular residential area. a lot of people from that direction trying to head to central london so there will be a fair amount of chaos. >> amy kellogg joining us with breaking development, a terrorist incident at a train station, several reported injured and we will bring the latest throughout the morning. >> another fox news alert north korea firing another missile over japan the travel 2300 miles before landing in the pacific. >> that proves guam is within striking distance of the rogue nation. joining us from seoul, south
2:37 am
korea with the latest. >> reporter: another provocation, from north korea, specifically the most successful test yet, brand-new intermediate range missile. we first saw this missile in pyongyang at a military parade, tested several times since then but on this day from a site near pyongyang, 2300 miles long, that is the longest test yet by north korea of a ballistic missile, long enough to hit guam if it was headed in that direction which it was not. south korea was monitoring the movement of mobile missile launches in the days running up to this blast. right after this blast, it shot off its own missiles on the eastern coast not in the direction of north korea, out to see but 6 minutes after the
2:38 am
blast, the distance, the range of those missiles would have knocked out the missile site in north korea if it was pointed in that direction. us authorities saying american interests were not challenged by this launch, the japanese were shaken up, this missile traveled over hokkaido in northern japan, early morning local time, loudspeaker warnings ringing out in neighborhoods, folks to go to shelters. prime minister a call that reckless. the actions of the kim jung un regime, this is the first actual on offensive action by north korea since the security council ran a bunch of sanctions. we saw earlier this week is the very strong and dangerous
2:39 am
testing of a nuclear device two weeks ago. >> this guy just not stopping. he does not care what anyone does or says. let's check in with janice dean to talk about recovery from hurricane irma and josé is still out there. a lot going on. >> let's talk about how they. if you look at the mid-atlantic i want you to think about your preparation plan. has a is coming close. not sure it will make landfall but too close for comfort and it is going to strengthen into a hurricane in the next 12 to 24 hours. the track coming close to the northeast new england area and perhaps lingering or maybe making landfall next week. we have some time. we all remember sandy, get your emergency kit together, know what you are going to do if you
2:40 am
have potential hurricane, storm surge in the area. here is the euro model coming very close. we will feel impact the pending where the storm decides to track, more to the west would mean a bigger impact towards millions of people, this has the storm lingering across the northeast coastline as we head into next weekend. bottom line, let's get prepared and we will keep you posted. >> so many hurricanes in the last couple weeks. we will be right back, stay with us. e minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new i wineverver wash my hair again now, i fuel it pantene is the first shampoo and conditioner system with active pro-v nutrient blends that fuel 100% stronger hair. because strong is beautiful.
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[fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. >> welcome back to "fox and friends" first. developing story, fox news alert, police have confirmed a terrorist attack at a subway station in southwest london, multiple injuries being reported, emergency crews on the
2:44 am
scene and we continue to get additional information. >> talking about a white plastic bucket in a supermarket shopping bag. everyone on the train saw flames and a fire happened there. steve rogers, military intel officer on the fbi joint terrorism, what can you tell us the latest in london? just yesterday the state department issued a travel warning to anyone traveling overseas to be careful in soft target areas which is a train. >> apparently we are seeing one of those terrorist actss that are difficult to detect and prevent, looks like someone went on a train and decided to put a bomb, what they are going to do now is secure the scene but there will be a lot of video footage they have to go through.
2:45 am
might identify the individual who put this device on the scene of the incident. in addition, for the warnings to come up the way they did they had to have some indication that something, the possibility of something happening and it did. >> this happened at the morning commute and this train can hold 800 people and was at capacity at the time which explains additional injuries separate from the explosion. as people tried to rush out of the train station there was a stampede, people had additional injuries because of that. in your professional opinion you think this was planned in terms of timing to do the most amount of damage? >> no question about it? all of these attacks are taking place with a high value him of
2:46 am
people at rush hour. the vehicle used to kill people in terrorist attacks is where there are a lot of people so we go back to how they plan these things. there had to be reconnaissance completed. there have to be people, terrorists had to be in those areas at a certain time to see how many people would be at a different spot and could be trying to derail that train also. the common denominator, high-volume of people, this is the pattern of isis. we don't know who did this but i would not be surprised if it was an isis attack. the other thing that will be important, is there an international connection? this is something the police will be on. domestic, international, to get
2:47 am
through very quickly. >> providing protection for soft targets has got to be difficult as you talk about catching the terrorists or anyone involved in this, so they hit soft targets but i would imagine there are a number of ways to catch them, one of them being surveillance video. we can put surveillance videos on a lot of soft target areas. >> absolutely right. very difficult, you have thousands of people walking around, somebody leaves a bag in a train with a bomb in it, how do you prevent that? if you have canine units constantly up and down and things like that but surveillance video is very important without a doubt. they have video footage and this video footage not only will be examined within hours of this incident but they will go back a
2:48 am
week, a month to see who is in that area even last week or last month. >> london obviously on high alert, this year alone there have been four terrorist attacks in london, and if you look at the trains in the subway station we heard amy kellogg back in 2005, a series of suicide bombers that blue themselves up on three subway trains, killed 52 people and similar attacks weeks later that failed because they did not explode. what more can be done if you are already on high alert and these trains have been targeted in the past and still this continues to happen? >> a couple things. it is very difficult. there has to be a lot more gathering of information and intelligence. that is important. most of that information and
2:49 am
intelligence will come from people who travel these tubes and highways every day. you find out after investigations that people say i heard something, i saw something and didn't say something, people have to be aware of what is going on around them and not think they are bothering the police. if you see a package on the floor, on a seat, why not let the police know? information, intelligence extremely important. >> if you say something, see something, we need everyone's eyes and ears, we appreciate it. we are following the terrorist attack in paris on a train, a subway where it appears there has been some type of explosion in london. it will be interesting if security is on train stations in america because al qaeda in their magazine asked people to
2:50 am
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>> national and some outrage, restaurant comes under fire for refusing to play the national anthem before a football game on 9/11. carly shimkus is here with the social media backlash. >> reporter: this is spreading, very unfortunate. we know what is happening on the sidelines and looks like the national anthem is part of another controversy, this time in a sports bar. customers at a buffalo wild wings in southern california san employee refused to let them listen to the national anthem
2:54 am
before the monday night football game which was playing on 9/11. when asked that employee said buffalo wild wings has a policy of not playing the national anthem because the song is too controversial. the story made its way to facebook where one angry customer set on the anniversary of 9/11 the manager at this location turns down the volume of the national anthem, stating corporate feels the national anthem is divisive and will not be played in their stores. as you can imagine this is causing outrage on social media. jason says as a veteran and proud american i will never spend another dime of my money at any buffalo wild wings store. john chimed in saying great job by customers who did not put up for this censorship of our anthem. the manager and store owner have apologized and confirmed buffalo wild wings does not have a
2:55 am
policy against playing the national anthem, one rogue angry employee. >> what has become of this country when you say the national and is divisive? >> such a sad trend. from one controversy to another. anthony catching he for saying something about donald trump, dmz caught up to him and asked what he would serve donald trump and kim jung un if they were to dine together? he responded saying hemlock. some people in social media are accusing him of saying he wants to poison the president. he needs to be investigated by the secret service. i have to say he is no fan of donald trump but maybe his comments if you listen to the quote could have been more directed at kim jung un. listen to the clip before making up your mind.
2:56 am
i am giving you guys homework. >> thanks a lot. the time is 5 minutes until the top of the hour, confirm terror attack in london, the latest coming up. >> we will be right back. ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest mouthwash. checkup? nailed it expestandard.e lexus rx with advance safety... lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. . etter.
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jackie: we're back with overa fox news alert. terrified commuters rubbing for their lives during rush hour. heather: police confirming there was a fire on the
3:00 am
scene. burning bucket bag with wires hanging out of it. witnesses say it fireball down the carriage. we will bring you more information as it becomes available throughout the day. "fox & friends" starts now. bye-bye. brian: here we go and we wish why didn't have to start this way. a terror attack in london. explosion subway at the height of rush hour. abby: at least 20 people now are hurt. steve: our correspondent amy is live in london with the breaking details it happened 8:20 a.m. london time, right? >> that's right. peak of rush hour, steve, on a train which was part of the underground network. however, it was above ground when this explosion occurred. parts of the screen that's just west of chelsea, which is a neighborhood many of you will know. all focused right now is on this white


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