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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 15, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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anyway. wel hope you have a 48 weekend see you back here on monday. iote in the streets of st. louis right now as they have been throughout the day but as the darkness falls, the crowds mount. let's go to fox correspondent mike tobin who is in the field. mike, what's happening there? >> how are you, brian? well, they have taken off for a march euclid toward the center of town. tough to get a good estimate on numbers. people like to throw out
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that modifier peaceful. it is peaceful at the moment. there is no trouble. you only need the modifier if it becomes violent. it's supposed to be a peaceful protest. they are chanting hands up, don't shoot. see a lot of the black lives matter signs. it was a different situation about an hour, hour and a half ago. right at 5:00, local time. the demonstrators got pretty ugly pretty quickly. they went to the police headquarters. they start of the jumping up and down on police suv. broke the windshield there and some of them got out some rocks. only the plastic bottles and they threw those at the police. the police came back with pepper spray with the riot gear according to chief o'toole four officers have been injured thus far. minor injuries and 13 arrests have been made. we are going out through the evening. no one here is happy with that verdict, brian. they promised to demonstrate. a lot of indications that it could become unpleasant throughout the evening. >> shepard: mike, i know you have been at ferguson covering some of that right
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near ferguson right there in missouri. i have one of my stations that carries the radio show. they told me you could definitely feel a difference with this governor. he has the swat guys out early. he sealed off parts of the parkway. he kind of knew what was going to happen. and was more ready for it would you back that up? >> yeah. they have made a lot of mistakes with ferguson. particularly the local police. when they didn't handle it initially and then when they did handle it, they came out too heavy. had all those horrible on continuings. making people say that the police had been militarized that spawned more emotion, drew more people into the demonstration. made the whole thing whip into a frenzy. police are not trying to duplicate. as why look around, what's the one thing you don't see right now? >> you don't see any police officers. they are monitoring it but backing off. if things get ugly, you will be surprised how quickly the police will descend on it like a hornet's nest. they are not here right now and that minimizes the
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friction between demonstrators and cops. brian brian the verdict was not a surprise. 3:00 it was at 9:00 a.m. that was not a benefit to law enforcement it? >> gave everybody all day to get fired up. people were intent on we smelled a lot of pot earlier. they want to come out and get themselves in the mood and start a raucous protest. had all day to get their engines revved up. spread the word. we don't have intel about the national groups dissending on this like antifa by any means necessary. doesn't mean they're not here. we have had seen black block kids. they look the part. no one carries a membership card. can't say. guys black mask over their face. one kid carrying a hammer. i have seen several weapons out here. i can't say that they're all real weapons. one kid carrying what looked like an ak 47. i got a close look at it i
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think it was some kind of pellet gun. whatever it was. it wasn't a real ak 47. another kid carrying what looks like m-4. i didn't get a good look at it to tell if you it's authentic or not. i saw another kid with -- in fact, if you look at my twitter page i posted the pictures of the kids with the handgun in his belt in the back. and some kid with some weird looking long gun, a bolt action type rifle. i can't telling if that's real or not. brian. >> brian: we will follow you throughout the day as you march with this group and as night falls people fear it's going to get really ugly. four minutes after the hour. we will monitor that and bring you developments as they happen with mike tobin himself or will car who is on the other side of the city. later on nra spokesperson dana loesch will join us to talk about the protest and give you more details and background on this story that's been brewing for quite some time. now, to two big international stories that we woke up with today. especially on "fox & friends" this morning. and it was, of course, the attack in london at about 8:20 local time and another missile launch by north
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korea late thursday. first, we're going to go over to england where an explosion on a crowded subway train left dozens injured. kitty logan is live in london. kitty, we have been through this far too many times this year. >> yes. and yes again, brian, isis has claimed responsibility for planting this device. although police here in london are treating that claim with somewhat a skeptical view. they are investigating the trail of the suspect and potential accomplice who left that bomb on the busy commuter train this morning. as you say the device detonated 8:30 local time at the height of the rush hour. at that time trains on that line are typically very crowded. there was panic as you can imagine also on the platform were eyewitness reports of people being trampled. witnesses also describe a flash and smoke and many of the 29 injured have burns. now, images of the device show wires protruding out of the plastic carrier bag which was used to transports it. police are calling this a
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terrorist incident and the government held an emergency meeting in response. british prime minister theresa may says the device could have caused signature castcause significantharm. it is the fifth terror attack in the u.k. this year. the terror threat level will be increased to critical. that goes along with new figures yesterday indicating the number of terror arrests in this country were at its highest ever in the past year. police haven't released any details of a potential suspect in this attack. they are combing through those security cameras but tonight here in london police have assured us they are making good progress with this investigation and meanwhile more police and soldiers out on the streets, brian. >> brian: kitty, thank you so much. doing this by cutting back money spent on law enforcement which sun fathomable. today is the fifth bombing incidents in the u.k. this year. what does that country do to deserve this type of attack if anything or have they dropped their guard? douglas murray is the author of this book "the strange
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death of europe. and you write, doug, that europe is committing suicide. is this an example of it? >> i'm afraid i think it's just the latest chapter in what's going to be a very long and very bloody story. just also today it's worth just noting that there were two attacks in france. one a knife wielding attack on a soldier in paris and the other a hammer wielding attack shouting aloe akbar who attacked two women on the street. we are getting sort of used to this in europe. but whether or not it's something we ought to welcome used to is another question. >> brian: of course you shouldn't get used to it in fact, that's exactly what they want. you say this is not going to be a massive revolution of invading army. it's going to be a slow takeover of europe. if you get used to the knife attacks and subway explosions, that's exactly what they want. you are looking mostly at a second generation of immigrants. >> that's right.
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the phenomenon i described in my book is just what i say the massive turnover of population in yiewmplet basically completely open external borders and the absent internal borders in europe a lot of european governments. the british government isn't as bad as that. this is some. a lot of european governments no idea who is in that country where they are from, who they are, what their affiliations are. we keep discovering time and time again the people who carry out attacks like the one today, the ones that are successful and the ones that aren't. people with background where they are affiliated with terrorist groups. they have known people. they have been to training camps. they have come in and out of europe using migrant groups. all this sort of stuff. we have been warned about this for a long time. people like me have warned about consequence force a very long time. i just feel that we're going to keep on seeing this same thing replay again and again. i admire the british for keeping a stiff upper lift and continued to march or
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they need to show more emotion this will not stand in order for their leaders to understand they will not have a job if this continues. >> yes. this is a very important point. we, in britain in particular, with the terrorists attacks we have had this year, i'm thinking like things like the manchester ariana grande attack. we now move very swiftly from the attack and mercifulfully today's attack no dead. moving swiftly even over the dead to 24 to 48 hours getting on to the let's not look back in anger, don't. it's almost as if we don't want to linger on what's happened and we want to move on and pretend it didn't happen that is because politicians and others are very weary of the public on this and understandably so. what they don't want to happen is for the public to turn around and say why is this happening to us? we didn't used to have -- we had other forms of terrorism. we had the ira terrorism.
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we never had islamist terrorism like this in the past. why is this happening now? i think that the public should be asking those questions. we should be demanding answers. but, our political leaders are very weary of that because they know that this anger will be directed in various directions and one of them at some stage will be at the political leaders who brought this about. >> brian: you know, i couldn't care less about the leaders. i care about the people who want to get to work on the subway and end up being blown up or burned up. thanks so much douglas murray. sadly you predicted almost all of this in your book. let's change gears to the other story that i talked about at the top. north korea's missile launch yesterday went further than any previous missile launch. fired by kim jong un's regime. experts say the missile's range suggest north korea now has the capacity to strike our island of guam, which is, by the way, which was threatened last time i had a chance to fill in for tucker on this show. for reaction to the missile launch, we're now joins by a man who knows and understands the threat of north korea.
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he is harry casiania director at the center for national interests. harry, how worried should american interests be in the region? how worried should south korea and japan be. >> brian, this is the greatest threat of our lifetime. this is the number one national security threat that the american people should be focused on. now, you mentioned just a minute ago that this missile proved that the north koreans are able to hit guam. i would actually argue that the north koreans are able to hit pretty much any u.s. base in asia, south korea, japan, and more than likely the u.s. homeland in a very crude capability. we have to keep in mind those last two icbm tests they did in the summer prove they have the range to hit the united states. now, we're a little weary in terms of knowing if the tell lem men tri works. if the guidance works. if the heat shield that would actually bring down the war head on a city all works. but, if you put together all the different news reports, it looks like they are pretty close in getting there. so we have to watch this very carefully and the president needs to respond with the toughest sanctions
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possible. >> brian: i know right now why are looking at a lot of sanctions and some restrictions. but clearly not enough to get their attention. i want to bring you to what general mac master said today when asked about military options. listen. >> we ought to make clear what's different about this approach is that we are out of time, right? as ambassador haley said before, you know, we have been kicking the can out of road and we're out of road. for those who are said and commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. >> brian: do you agree? >> well, brian, yes. what he said is true. we absolutely do have military options. the united states has a military that has a 600 billion-dollar annual budget. the north korean economy as a whole is only worth 14 billion. so in terms of size, scale, capabilities, we can turn north korea basically into a parking lot if we wanted to. here's the problem. all the bombs in the world are not going to solve the
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north korean dilemma. if we were to go in with a massive military strike, which would be the salute lassloot last option retaliation if they struck us or one of our allies first. we would be talking about a war that would probably involve nuclear weapons. keep in mind we think the north koreans have as many as 60 nuclear larr weapons. >> brian: i get it what about taking it out on the tarmac. what about knocking it out of the air? what about that? >> the challenge is that the north koreans will likely respond. i would argue that our best strategy, brian, is old fashioned containment. if it worked for ronald reagan, if it worked for some different presidents to continue the soviet union which was a much bigger military power and threat, that's the way to go here. we can do that. brian brian we can't. because we are not controlling any of their exporting over to other renegade nation like syria and iran. i'm not convinced we can they are a smuggling organization who happens to be mavericking themselves as a country. harry, thanks so much for your expertise. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: coming up straight
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ahead we take a breath. anthony bore deign latest cnn figure to fantasize about the death of president trump. show you his unbelievable remarks that's okay with that network next. but, breaking news growing protests in st. louis at this hour after the acquittal of a former police officer. his name jason stokely. we will keep watching those presses and bring you the latest with will carr and mike tobin and more. ♪
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♪ >> brian: this is a fox news alert. st. louis police say the protests are no longer
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considered peaceful which means they have to use force they can use force. demonstrators are protesting the acquittal of a former police officer in the shooting death of a black man back in 2011. we will bring you the latest. we have it wired with two reporters and others working for us on the ground as it happens. as night falls that could get very, very dangerous. meanwhile, as we change gears and talk about our industry, some very liberal cnn personalities who used to be cooks have a peculiar habit of fantasizing about the president wants violent death. first have you kathy griffin she posed with the president's severed head, it's hysterical, right? now in video obtained by tmz. celebrity chef of parts unknown you know anthony bore deign very successful i should add said he would like to poison the president. >> if trump and moon have a summit and try to mend relations and they wanted you to cater, what would do you. >> memo lock.
11:19 pm
hemlock. >> worked for sock teets. joe concha writes for media outlet on the hill. joe, your reaction to the latest death threat to the president or am i overstating it or is this a jovial reaction to tmz. >> people say lighten up. i get humor. i'm a kid that as a teenager snuck it to eddie mur at this. i totally get that let's play parallel universe. let's say brian kilmeade decided he was going to make a joke about poisoning president obama. how quickly do you think the petition would be out in seconds or in minutes for you to get fired? >> brian: it would be the 90 seconds. >> exactly. hypothetical aside. give a real life example. hank williams jr. you remember him for decades monday night football. works for espn. couple years ago. >> brian: on "fox & friends." >> and on "fox & friends." >> brian: he did this on "fox & friends." >> i did not realize that i have to youtube that when
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guy home. so you know what i'm going to say then that he compared president obama to hitler and espn immediately fired him because as we know at espn if you compare a sitting president to any white supremacist or nazi you are going to get the hook unless your name is jemele hill. >> brian: more on that in a second. >> all joking aside, what we're doing now if week after week we are joking about assassinating a sitting president it normalizes the conversation. you remember that missouri state senator she said on twitter i hope the president gets assassinated. a mock shooting of person that looked like president trump. we had johnny depp make jokes about is asass sinating the president. we had shakespeare in the park every day during the summer graphically stabbing a president. when you do it over and over again, it normalizes the narrative. in our situation in our society we should not be doing that brian brian i agree with you. joe, the other part of me is this. >> i think we have gone so crazy with fire, suspend. >> i agree.
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>> brian: get rid of. apologize. we spend the whole day wonder hog is apologizing to who and who went wrong unscripted situations like this one we are not even ourselves anymore because we are concerned about how something might be misconstrued. do you see how we could go too far. >> i agree with you. >> brian: or doesn't fit that category. >> i agree anthony bore deign should not be fired and suspended. could reasonable people agree he should apologize or cnn. here's the problem for cnn. they have image problem right now. they are seen by trump supporters as the opposition network more than any other media network. that's why they rallies the chant goes over and over again. when you have your hosts holding up severed heads like kathy griffin did. even though she is entertainment. >> brian: she did get fired. >> called the host a president a pos on twitter he got fired. bourdain i want to poison the president, final there is a pattern. that makes our argument for us that cnn is working
11:22 pm
against us and not trying to report on what we're doing even though we are not talking about journalists or reporters. everyone gets lumped together and it's not fair. >> brian: five big stories and four is good for trump and one is bad. of the one that is bad leads. people say erroneously well that's fake news. we are not saying it didn't happen. we are saying it's disproportionate the way you are covering it this is an example of something i think at the very least say kidding. shouldn't have said it let's back up. >> not a lot to ask for. >> as he says anthony bourdain i didn't like donald trump when he was just a billionaire. >> he says he has utter and complete contempt for him. he can say all that wants. >> brian: friday night, still go to the clubs. plenty of time. >> clubbing, huh? >> brian: that's what i'm thinking. doesn't everyone club in manhattan except for james. >> go to limelight now. >> brian: i don't even know what that is i assume it's good. >> it was in a church years ago. eddihe had murphy used to go there.
11:23 pm
>> brian: started with eddie murphy and that's how we end. cnn isn't the only cable channel where hosts are getting overtly political. remember we have been talking about this all week espn's jemele hill, she remains at the network this hour despite a twitter tirade in which she labeled president trump and his supporters as white supremacists. and yet she was not even suspended and, in fact, this is what the espn said tweeting this: espn is paying a really big price for its politics and bad programming. this is actually donald trump. people are dumping it in record numbers. which is true, and they are firing people or laying them off because of that. apologize for the untruth, he says. now, doug at ler is a former espn commentator. he is suing the networks after they fired him for using a term called guerrilla meaning guerrilla warfare not animal in a zoo aggressive way screen miss williams was winning her match at the australian open. doug adler, you have been on the other side of this. where is the tolerance?
11:24 pm
brian, i don't know. with regards to my situation it wasn't racially or politically driven. it was just all about professional commentary complementing venice williams style of play and her tactics and about right and wrong. and, obviously, espn acted wrongly and unfairly brian brian you are on espn 3 and doing australian open and talking how aggressively she is playing saying playing in guerrilla fashion. next day you or shocked people took that wrong as if there was racial exon talent to it next year yo day you are e after how many years. >> 10 years. i had done the australian open 10 years and french open with them as well. >> brian: this reminded me by the way you did a great job and nothing about this in your background and everybody knows it. >> thank you. >> brian: people in the
11:25 pm
tennis community backed you on that. venice williams didn't say you should be fired at all. bring you back to garrett on monday night football and howard cosell commentators he was one of the smaller wide receivers out smurfs with the redskins jump up and made incredible couch. he said look at that little monkey grab that ball like i did with my grandchildren. howard cosell was never rateddist. one of his tightest friends and con i confidantes was 340e7d alli was dragged through the mud there. didn't lose his job. you did. >> i know that affected cosell. i had a heart attack following the firing. i had to go on twitter and defend myself. what i never quite didn't understand and don't understand i had the relationship with espn. i had none of this in my background at all. furthest thing away from me. and espn bowed down to twitter and social media who knew nothing about me?
11:26 pm
how could they do that? how could they not do their due diligence and speak up for me. if my name were john mcenroe or martina this never would have happened. >> brian: mike ditka did lose his job and curt schilling did lose his job. sadly do you think politics plays a role in that even though this is slightly different? >> you know, i would hate to think that that's the case. i don't even want to make an assumption because, you know, a lot of people made assumptions about me. >> brian: okay. >> and they didn't know the first thing about me so they were wrong. so i just don't get it. it doesn't make any sense. particularly when the people at espn and my calling said they knew exactly what i meant and referring to and complement to venice's style of play. >> brian: do you think it's corporate america? do you think it's sponsors putting pressure on corporations like disney that own espn that say make the change i'm seeing the backlash on my product and
11:27 pm
advertisers? my bottom line is affected? i don't care about the future of one sportscaster who happens to be great at calling tennis and other sports? >> >> that would be really sad if that be the case. it's certainly a culture being manifested at espn. and for someone like myself, i mean, you wonder where the loyalty is. i'm a professional. and espn is listening to amateurs. it just doesn't make any sense. and that's why i'm in a lawsuit. where else can i go to get my name back, be cleared as a racist. and get my career back? i mean, this shut career i love. this is my passion. i was working at another job in my early 40s and i gave that up. i was making a bunch of money to pursue my passion and it worked out great. and look at where i am today. bribe brian doug, your fight is a fight for a lot of the people. people support you and most of all your family and friends know you. so don't let it get to who
11:28 pm
you are. and keep fighting back. and coming on shows like this. >> brian, a pleasure to meet you. i think you do a wonderful job and thank you for the opportunity to present my side. >> brian: all right. doug, still fighting. meanwhile and by the way we are all one mistake from being in his same spot. it feels like a century ago but sean spicer has only been gone from the trump white house for a couple of months. in fact, he was working after we thought he left. coming up, sean spicer will join us for his first prime time news interviews since leaving the administration. plus, protests heating up at this hour in st. louis after a cop was acquitted of the death of a 24-year-old black man. dana loesch will be here to weigh in.
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>> brian: sean spicer spent whirl wind of six months as president trump's white house press secretary and did an incredible job helping the candidate become president. he has been gone for nearly two months and seems to be enjoying his retirement. so mr. spicer, now that we see you as a civilian once again, now that you have had a chance to look back at the six months that were, what with your first thoughts? >> first, thanks for having me. nice to start my day with brian and end it with brian. it was a great opportunity. i really feel it's an honor. for more americans the opportunity to visit the white house and get a tour is something that is elusive.
11:55 pm
to have the honor to work there every day and walk through the gate and know you are working to advance the president's agenda and serve the american people is an honor so few people have. i will cherish it forever. that being said, it's nice to be able to have time with my family. >> brian: i know you will be making speeches. that is part of it. we hope you become a contributor here. it's one of the main people you are talking to. what is your next goal? >> as you mentioned, i have had an opportunity to sit down with folks and share some of my experiences with different individuals. i think that is what i'm going to spend the bulk of my time doing. but there is a lot of opportunities that have presented. i have been very blessed. i hope to continue to sort through that and give back a little bit. there are causes i feel passionately about and i hope to spend time doing good on the outside with causes that are worthy. >> brian: you've gone from being known in republican
11:56 pm
circles to internationally known as the press secretary to one of the most unique president in history. there is something that happened and i want your take. you avoid it as press secretary but you can answer it now. it seems like susan rice admitted that what nunez was saying is true. she did unmask high-level campaign workers. steve bannon, general flynn and jared kushner. she said it was done because there were meetings with the prince from the u.a.e. what does that say to you? >> well, it definitely raises a lot of questions. as you have noted on the radio show today she was very clear at the beginning of the public comments in march that she had not engaged in this kind of behavior and modified it to say "for political purposes." so as we continue to learn more and more of the story it raises a lot of questions. why did she find the need to do that? who else did she do it? what did she do with the
11:57 pm
information? who did she share it with? what we found out today certainly vind kates a lot of -- vindicates a lot of concerns that the president had early on and raises a ton of additional questions. >> brian: 91% of the press coverage that the president has got in the last seven months has been negative. how much has been unfair? >> i'm surprised -- that seems like a high number. i mean a low number. >> brian: to me, too. how much do you think is unfair? >> i think it's probably in that. i think the tone of most of the questions, the bias that exists in a lot of the way that the coverage has occurred for the president. and the disposition that most reporters enter the white house with on a daily basis, it's just not healthy for the relationship that needs to exist. one thing to be tough and critical and another thing to be inherently negative. >> brian: one of the most
11:58 pm
amazing public servants. i want to go to breaking news in st. louis. have a great weekend, sean. we will take you back to the streets of st. louis right now. we are going to will carr who is down in the middle of that group. will, is this growing as the night sets? >> well, i said 30 minutes ago two groups converge. we have a massive group out here. they weren't able to get on interstate 64. so they have doubled back. we told you how they were in front of the hospital here. they have taken up both sides of the street here which cover two emergency rooms. i saw a police escort to try to get a car through. there is a safety concern when they get in front of the hospitals here. one thing that you don't see on the windows here are any boarded up windows because this protest started in downtown where the businesses boarded up all the windows out of concern. ferguson is 20 minutes north of us.
11:59 pm
some of the businesses there boarded up the windows because they were concerned that this could slip into their community. there is not a plan for this to come here. we have seen law enforcement shift over throughout the day. they have allowed the protesters to continue and be peaceful. but as they get violent as we saw earlier in downtown, we saw some jumping on a police car trying to destroy the car and kicking in the windshield. that is when the police officers step in. this shows no sign of letting up steam tonight, brian. we'll be here continuing to go with them and see how things shake out the rest of the night. >> brian: will carr in the middle of the action too. much of it but so far it's not been violent. but four policemen have been assaulted. will carr, thank you so much. "the five" will pick up where we leave off. it's been great filling in for tucker tonight. he will be back on monday. catch me on "fox & friends" and have a nice weekend. by the way, keep it here.
12:00 am
when we come back with this channel "the five" is bringing you right back out to st. louis. then, of course, the latest on north korea as well as what is happening i london. i'm brian kilmeade. ♪ >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, jesse watters, jillian turner and greg gutfeld. it's 9:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >> this is the fox news alert. protesters are taking to the streets tonight in st. louis. after a police officer was acquitted of murder for shooting and killing a black suspect after high-speed chase. former st. louis police officer jason stockily shot anthony lamar smith in 2011. and the not guilty verdict was announced today. joining us now with more from st. louis is mike tobin. >> hi there, kimberly. we are catching up with the


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