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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  October 2, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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[rapid fire gunshots] reporter: a country music festival right near the mandalay bay in las vegas erupts into gunfire. a gunman unleashed a what running of bullets on that
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crowd. reporter: you can see the video that continues to come in. they gathered for the final song. they gathered for a three-day concert. and they were trapped with nowhere to run. >> there were a couple bodies there and started loading them in the back after truck. >> everyone i saw breathing i helped. >> terrible. reporter: two people are dead, confirmed this morning. one gunman has been taken down. reporter: let's get to our live team coverage in las vegas. adam housley who has been talking with witnesses. reporter: lauren blanchard has been monitoring the scene all night long. what can you tell us at this
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hour? this is an area where they are evacuating a number of people staying in the hotels who were at the concert. those working in the hotels. two people are dead, 2 injured, as many as a dozen critical. reply say they don't believe there are any more shooters. two young girls said they were at the front rowan snowing the end of this concert when they saw the singer jason aldean duck to the floor and this is what they said. >> he dropped and ran. he ran off the stage. then people started dropping to the floor and running out. >> we saw someone with a hole through the side of her head, and someone was there with her. reporter: the gunman possibly
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opened fire from a high floor. possibly the 0th floor of the mandalay bay. there were reports con unconfirmed of other shooters. many parts of the las vegas strip completely shut down. people out of there. people are trying to take all their employees into account. a husband was waiting for his wife who was a cocktail waitress. she jumped over a fence and was making her way here. he was anxious are you waiting.
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they have five children and he was extremely worried. he knew people who had been shot. so folks here on high alert. take taking no precautions at this moment. >> taking extra precautions. robert: the scene has obamaed a little bit? it doesn't look like an active scene, does it? reporter: up and down this street we saw police car flying at insane speeds up and down here, car after car. we have folks being bussed in out of this area. a lot of folks have been waiting here trying to get back to their hotels. we have folks with belongings in the hotels. it look like they are taking
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them out of the area. it's calmer than it was an hour ago, but still an active scene. heather: we are expecting a news conference from the sheriff joseph lombard oh. robert: let's go live to adam housley. he is right about where this happened near the mandalay bay resort on the las vegas strip. he has been talking to witnesses all night long. reporter: we are at the crime scene along the strip. behind me is the mandalay bay. potentially the angle it would have been at. we are told it's the 20th floor, that's not being confirmed. so they would have a strong
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vantage point down to the concert venue. this is where the shooting took place. this is where people were running at 10:30 this evening, local time. roughly 2 1/2 hours ago. if you look around you can see stuff all over the place. people dropped hats, everything. there is the stage. we are not going to go inside, this is an active crime scene. there is the stage. you see the proximity of the stage. if he was using or she the shooter, if they were in the mandalay, we are being told they would have an absolute pristine location to do what they did, which is to open fire on a music festival. they would be at a perfect distance at a perfect time. people thought these were fireworks. we heard the video at the top of the show. it sounds like fireworks.
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every single witness said i thought it was fireworks. at first jason aldean and folks thought that's what was mapping. but he scattered. the concert venue scattered people were trampled. people were shot. people were thrown in the back of suvs. one man took off his shirt and put it over a body because the person was dead. blood everywhere. complete and utter chaos. countless rounds. if you heard the video, it's pop, pop, pop pop pop, then it stops, again and again and again. one woman told me it felt like it went on for 30 minutes. if that shooter was on the 26th floor of mandalay there would nobody better spot. but people could theoretically
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get. if you are alone by yourself at a high level shooting down at a concert venue, you have unfortunately a very strong position. you see the law enforcement coming back this way. we are upon the loves strip. this normally would be packed on a sunday night, monday morning. there is luxor. new york new york, mgm. everything is basically a lockdown. when you fly into vegas, this is what you see. that's one of the emergency gates. this obviously, the best way to explain it, kind of a carnival setup. a luxor would not be as good of a vantage point because you have trees and so if someone was going to do this, that's where they would do this.
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24 injured and two dead. those numbers will change. keep walking this way. 26 injured. reporter: the information is always fluid. whatever floor it is, if that is where the shooter was, there is no better position to do what they did. this is gate 3a. imagine coming through here, 3, 4, 5, 6 hours ago to enjoy their famous and favorite acts who ran back through this gate fearing for their lives. there is blood on the sidewalks. we found a freezer you would find in someone's grocery store. it looks like a body was laid on top and they rolled it down the
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street. in the middle of the street in las vegas. robert: there was a lot of miscommunications early on which we understand in a chaotic scene. but the reports of shootings at other hotels, this seems to be an isolated incidents with somebody firing from mandalay bay into that crowd. that seems to be the whole incident. reporter: reports was there was a smoother at the tropicana. the same thing happened when we arrived at san bernardino. they said there were three shooters. people here echos, they hear different things. we have been told that's all been cleared. obviously they are going through a lot of these hotels. they have to go through it's a
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tedious process. there is still a lot of evidence to be gathered. but we are told they believe there is only one shooter and that short is down. incredibly sad news is the injuries numbers continue to go up and the death toll i believe will go up talking to the witnesses we have spoken to walk out with blood all over their bodies. some people were taken away in cars. people literally threw them in the back of suvs and drove them away. one of our interns was here with her family. they called me, she texted me, i called them, and there are 20 people hiding in the basement closet of the hooters hotel. they jumped in a car and drove there to get away. some of those booths within we spoke to one of the women runs
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those booths. they went into the beer trucks and went inside the beer trucks and pulled down the sides. because you have the mettle encasing around you. people were taking cover in any way they could. heather: you were talking about the fear that the number of injuries and deaths would escalate. there were 40,000 people there. how many people were at the scene initially to begin with at this concert? >> i don't know the exact number. we are seeing law enforcement now. they are the people who have gone inside. they are asking us to move up. will do. okay. no problem. robert: they are going to push adam back out of the way.
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the question was how many people were in here? the numbers fluctuate. there are 20,000, 30,000 because of the names of the acts that were here. it's a very compact area. bodies would be close together. heather: one of the witnesses said he believed there were multiple fatalities on the other side of that line. what side of the street were they talking about? >> this is a lot across the street. maybe a couple acres in size. virginia a vacant lot across the street from mandalay and luxor. it would have been packed. we are walking to the other side. we are walking around an
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a.m./p.m. we are going to come down to the other long side so to speak. that's where the triage location was. we were within 30 feet of ambulances, and one of the men walked out and said on the other side there were casualties. he said he counts as many as possibly five people on the sidewalk and street that were dead, that had been covered up. we decided not to go further. this was the main vein out. that's reno and giles street. the back side of the concert venue. that's where it looks like the vendors were going. there are some of the trucks and areas. look inside, there is the booths.
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this area was packed. the shooting was taking place if we are believed what we are told, from the -- from the 20th to 30th floor. you have the situation of people being hit by gunfire, but the mass of people running out. there were people with serious injuries from being trampled. this is reno and giles street. this is the main vein out where we saw countless ambulances come in and out of here. the triage location was here. this is where we were early on. police were in tactical gear. helmets, long rifles, semi-automatic rifles. it's like what i have seen at other attacks. that's the kind of armor they they had on them overseas.
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we stayed back and followed their orders. we can see there is blood on the sidewalk. you can see the street sign still up. pedestrian crossing ahead. proceed with caution. right there the lights you are looking at there, that is where the triage was. we were down there close enough and far enough back where you can see the rubber gloves and the gauze and all the supplies used to treat those who had been injured. they are waiting for that press conference. as soon as we hear the press conference -- i'm literally walking down. this is what people were doing. they were walking down this
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street. there is blood on the sidewalk. this is the freezer. i grew up in a grocery store. we had one of these in the back room. you don't find these sitting in the middle of the street. i have got to believe this was used as a gurney because you can see where the bloody body had been slid off it. it has wheels, it can be rolls. if you are trying to get away from shots being fired, you do whatever you can to get away. we saw people walking out with half their clothes gone. we saw bloody footprints. heather: we are going to check in with some other folks and check back with you shortly. robert: we are going to go to the phone now. we are going to go to former
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las vegas field lieutenant randy sutton. i guess the first thing would i like to ask you, have you been in contact with anybody from the department? can you gives an update on what has happened? >> this has been a chaotic scene. at first reports it came out as self shooters, now apparently it has been determined there was only one shooter. and he was isolated in the mandalay bay hotel. reports are that he is down. i believe he either committed suicide or was taken out by law enforcement. i heard some of the radio traffic from the officers when they were closing in on him. the effective rang -- this was
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fully automatic gunfire. this is not a semiautomatic weapon. you can tell by the sound of gunfire. the effective rang of som -- the effective range of some of these weapons down to where the people were hit, but the effective range of that weapon if it was an ak-47 or some other type of fully automatic assault weapon, that would be the effective firing range. that would mean this individual was well trained and had experience with this type of firearm. there are numerous cass use the. there have been reported two dead, 24 injured, that's going to go way up from the anecdotal stories we have been hearing. the hospitals are packed with
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people. this is the nightmare that las vegas has up fortunately prepared for. there is no doubt in my mind that this is a terrorist incident. heather: as we continue to look at you we'll look at some video that's just in. this happened during performance of jason aldean, the last performer during the concert. let's listen to what happened as the shooting started to happen and he realized what was going on. [♪] [rapid gunfire]
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>> you can hear the gunfire. there is no cut that is a high-powered automatic weapon. you can see when he realizes that was not the case. in terms of the amount of time that this went on. some of the witnesses say it went on what they believe 20-30 minutes. are you still with us? how long did this go on, the shooting? >> that is the reports i have heard as well. upward of 0 minutes. and keep in mind that this was an absolutely packed venue with people in very, very close proximity so that the number of
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rounds -- this individual must have had numerous magazines. that shows this was a planned event that he was well armed. there was plenty of ammunition. the fact that a magazine from an automatic weapon like that. when you let loose with it. the fire power. you empty that magazine very quickly. he was able to reload numerous times. that indicates he had numerous magazines with him. robert: mandalay bay across las vegas boulevard is quite a distance. adam housley is speaking to someone who has been hiding from gunfire and just resurfaced from
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that. reporter: robert hayes from l.a. fire. you were up by the front. i know being a firefighter you can understand being in what a breaking situation like this is. you are up at the front of the stage. >> we were in front of the stage and my wife and i said let's grab something to drink. we had been here since 40 in the afternoon. we dwrabbed a drink and mingled with other friends. then we heard some pops when jason aldean came to perform. we thought it was an electronic thing or feedback. everybody was kinds of it's okay, everybody is all right. then people started dropping by the stage area and up front by us. reporter: i talked to a lot of peeks who came out were heroes, blood all over their body and
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without hair clothes because they use them to stop the bleeding. >> i have seen a lot of stuff in my day in the fire department. it was hard to see, even the bodies that were carries a half mile from the incidents. i would probably pronounce 15 to 20 people inside it's a sad day that on an event like this it never should have happened. reporter: you believe 15 to 20. >> i pronounced 15 to 20 people inside. i got my life and four other friends out. they are harboring in one of the hotels right now. i went back in with with s.w.a.t. i never went back in, i never left. i just left when they got jason aldean out. restayed and recon on the whole situation. everybody that was d.o.a. at the
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time. i rechecked everybody. i was with another medic it's just something we do. it was -- i wanted to make sure i wasn't leaving anybody behind. reporter: how many people do you think were taken out of here that were shot. >> unfortunately in the parking lot, back side of mandalay bay i had a couple gentleman. i was doing the staging area that i was dragging bodies up the stairs. unfortunately there is a gentleman with his wife, they were using tables and the freezers to pull people out of here. i went down to tree check with one of them. a gentleman i just met. he was from alaska here with his wife. it's a sad day. reporter: when we talked upon this be i said that was probably used as a gurney. >> they used it as a gurney and
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the tables were gurneys, we were using the rails carrying bodies out with that. i was just trying to get bodies outside so we could do some triage. reporter: high-powered rifle. >> from some of the instances i have gone to in the past, it was a high-powered rifle. it was an automatic. some of the p.d. that went in with me. he put it in a semi aught ma'amic mode. reporter: you said some of the people her hit in the head. that individual knew what he or she was doing. >> with 30,000 people in the arena it was like shooting goldfish. he oral she didn't have to be goods. reporter: you are a firefighter
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in los angeles. you have been to a lot of tragic events. how do you explain to somebody watching us saying holy smokes what is happening in vegas. >> when all this stuff happened in 9/11 everybody came together and tried to create a positive atmosphere for everybody else. this is a tragic situation where everybody came to have fun, the last day, we are here celebrating a birthday with my friends. then it turns into a tragedy it's sad in our society that stuff like this has to take place. reporter: you are a first responder from l.a. >> i work in venice beach. reporter: you had to pronounce 20 people dead tonight. >> unfortunately i did. sad day in las vegas. peace to all their families. i tried to give condolences, the three over here i actually made
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face with them inside. you can tell that's probably a half mile from where the incident took place. but i wanted to give face to somebody, i put my arms around them and said try to remember the good times. i deal with stuff in my whole career that we have to put back in our heads and deal with our hone families and friends. it's just something i do. all my brothers do it as well. reporter: you have have blood on your shirt and shoes. we have seen this time after time. i hate to meet you under these stirks circumstances. but around first responder. this is what you do. i appreciate you telling us. prayers with those who are lost. back to you guys new york. robert: we are going to go to an
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eyewitness we have on the phone. somebody who was at the concert. tell us what happened. >> jason aldean was halfway through. and we heard a tap tap tap. we were standing close to the stage close to mandalay bay. we shared tap tap tap. we heard what we thought was firecrackers or fireworks. i looked for smoke and it happened again. heather: if you could stand by for us. this is a dramatic time. but we are going to listen to a news conference going on as well. robert: we'll go to a news conference from sheriff joseph lombard oh frolombardo from thes
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police department. we'll pause for one second for our stations can join us. heather: you are watching live coverage of a mass shooting that happened in las vegas, nevada. we'll take you to a news conference for the latest now. >> this evening we had calls come into dispatch of multiple shots being fired from the direction of the mandalay bay towards the route 91 concert taking place on the east side of las vegas boulevard. through investigation and response we determined there was a short on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect. he is dead currently. he has been identified. he's a local residents. i will not release his name at this time. but we are interested in a companion who is traveling with him, and her name is.
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mary lou danley. she is an asian female approximately 4'11", weight of 111 pounds. we have not located her at this time and we are interested in talking to her for follow-up. two vehicles we are interested in locating the and we need your assistance with that. we have a hyundai tucson with plate 114b40. and a chrysler piqua touring nevada plate 19d401. these are the plates registered to the suspect that we located at the mandalay bay. there are a couple of things
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that need to occur. one is the red cross is respond together headquarters at the police department at 400 south martin luther king to receive phone calls from family members trying to locate their family that attended the concert and are unable to contact them. so that number will be established shortly and we'll get it out to you to publicize. anybody that may have cell phone video or any type of video associated with this event that would be a benefit to the investigation, please respond to the las vegas metropolitan police headquarters and we'll take custody of that video. if you have it, you evaluate it and you think it will be a benefit, please bring that down to the headquarters. family members. if you are unable to call and you want to respond in person,
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we have set up a family retreat area so you can respond to locate your loved ones here at the headquarters. you will be contacted by a police officer and they will direct to you where you need to go. standing with me is special agent in charge of the fbi, he's assisting with the investigation which is ongoing and the fire chief clark castle. as far as the number of victims i can't give an accurate number at this point. we have well in excess of 100-plus injured and excess of 20-plus that died at this point. we'll get those numbers to you accurately as soon as we can. but please bear with us, this is an ongoing investigation. we are comfortable the primarily aggressor as expired or passed away and is no longer a threat.
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there have been multiple phone calls and conjecture on social media. there is multiple shooters, that has been proven false. additionally there has been accusations or beliefs there is explosives going off. that's also false. the only explosive contained in this event was from our s.w.a.t. team breaching the room. we are confident there is no longer a threat other than we are attempting to contact person of interest. we believe it's a local individual. he resides here locally. i'm not at liberty to give you his place of residence yet. we don't know what his belief system was at this time. >> do you have a motive. >> we have no idea. it just happened so please bear
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with us. but we have all the forces to bear from public safety handling of the situation. >> do you believe he act alone. >> we do not know. it's an ongoing investigation. we believe he's the sole aggressor at this point and the scene is static. we are attempting to locate the person of interest. we have -- i have two police officers currently at the hospital. one in critical condition, the other one minor injuries. but there are other police officers that were off duty attending the concert that have expired. we don't have those individuals identified at this point. i don't know the sequence of events on that. >> how many people were injured?
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>> we believe it's 100 plus injured and 20 plus dead. and i don't want to give an accurate number because i do not have it at this point. >> what do you say to people who are afraid right now? >> i want them to shelter in place. they will be contacted by fir responders. it's better to shelter in place than be unaware. we believe there is a couple off-duty officers who were attending the concert who may have died. we don't have them identified yet. all i know at this point is they are roommates.
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>> the make and models of the cars? >> we are looking for a hyundai tucson unknown color nevada plate 114b40. and a chrysler pacifica touring. 19d401 nevada plate. it's a devastating time and unfortunate. we have been talking about active shooters in the past it's unfortunate it did occur here. we responded to the scene and we are doing the best we can to provide safety for the survivors. we believe it's a sole actor, lone wolf actor and we have the place under control. thank you very much. we'll do regular briefings and
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advice you of the schedule as they come forward. thank you. robert: we are going to turn you back to your local fox coverage in a minute. but the big update, this shooting situation. 20 plus dead and more than 100 injured. heather: stay with fox news and for continuing average all day long. once again you are continuing to watch love coverage of a breaking situation that continues in las vegas, nevada. over 20 people dead at this point. over 100 others injured after the shooting that happened outside the mandalay bay at a country music concert. jasonal dean was performing live on the stage as the shots began to be fired. they believe one person is responsible for that.
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that person is dead. we don't know if he committed suicide or was shot by officers who responded to the scene. they are looking for a second person of interest, believed to be his companion. reporter: his roommate who also lived in las vegas. they are saving he was a residents of las vegas, which in a way made sense. he knew of the logistics of this situation and how to get a vantage points of this concert. but they are searching for his roommate. a woman named mary lou danly. this is brern on wingard. if you could start again and tell us what you went through and what you experienced at the end of this three-day music festival. >> we were just on the stage
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close to mandalay bay, and i said have you heard the tap tap tap, we thought it was fireworks or fire crockers. people around us thought the same. someone experienced with guns and shooting said he didn't think it was you a gun. but it kept happening. and i looked over. i could see someone giving cpr. and he got trampled. someone ran past and said someone just got shot in the face. the guy who told me it wasn't shooting, he ran off saying it was guns. we didn't know where to turn. we jumped on the bleachers to find a place to be safe not
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knowing where the shooting was coming from. we had a feeling it was coming from mandalay bay. we gowntd the bleachers and played there as long as we could. but other friends of our we lost along the way. one was shot in the neck. and it was kay toss everywhere. we took in another lady who was with us. she is sitting here with us. we are trying to get back on the strip and meet up with their friends. from the bleach towards field, it was chaos. they were carrying people on makeshift stretchers. i said keep running, guys. the -- who one knew what was happening or where to go.
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it was a terrible situation. heather: how many people were you have with. you said you crawled under the bleachers and were hiding there for five minutes and there were some fences up and it blocked your way. >> that's where a lot of the shooting ended up hitting people. so we ended up going under the bleachers which felt like forever. but that's when i scam% out and checked to see if it was safe. what's happening with, what's happening. but that's when i crawled back in and said if we are going to go, now is the time. we got out and took off across the field. robert: how many people did you
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see when you were trying to get out of there. when you have try to keep people out of a concert you end up block people in. when you were trying to get out of that venue which we heard could have held 20,000 to 30,000 people. did you see a lot of people wound and did you see a lot of people killed? >> i wasn't looking to see if there were a lot of people hurt. there were a lot of people carrying people on stretchers. or situations of being hurt or wound. i was with my wife and friends. i knew it wasn't something my wife needed to see. i just said keep running, keep running. heat around mentioned there is another lady that's with you that was separated from her
1:44 am
friends because they were locked inside the tropicana? >> they ended up, they ended up getting pushed into a room or held in a room at the tropicana with a bunch of people. and the s.w.a.t. was running around taking care of the tropicana trying to it on lockdown. another friends of my wife's, a friend of hers got shot, being there, he got out okay. >> it's terrible and it makes you sick. it's such a cowardly thing to do. thank you for giving us a call this morning and telling us your story. heather: he and everyone he was with. robert: let's go to adam housley
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right at the scene of that music venue. reporter: robert hayes says he pronounced 20 dead. to give an idea. that freezer was used as a gurney. it has wheels. you will see the police blocked off the street. just beyond that is the actual venue. you keep swinging around, thrilings is the street the people were running in all directions. we are coming slow. but to give you an idea of what's going on here. see the fire truck down there? and you see the ambulance? three bodies western found on tables, tables carried that entire distance. we are talking it's got to be a quarter mile. a quarter mile away. three separate bodies, people
1:46 am
carry them that far trying to get them away from the gunfire and they didn't make it. they are down there and three tables. the stables came from the concert venue. they used them as gunnies and carried them that far. it gives an idea of what's transpired here. and that's the venue. robert: can you tell us what's happening inside the venue right now? are people being moved out in ambulances or has that ended? reporter: we have been on the outside. you were inside with s.w.a.t. inside, this is a recovery process. >> correct. there is nobody inside right now. that's alive. everybody inside is perished. reporter: i was listening to you
1:47 am
in one ear and listening to the press conference. they said 20 dead and over 100 injured. >> 15-20 that i pronounced. reporter: that and quarter mile. >> they were using part of the fences and tables, just trying to get them out some way as gurneys, using war we could at the time. reporter: inside that venues there are bodies. before this was coming to a conclusion, you are telling me how jason aldean and others went into their trailers. >> there was people underneath the stage that we ended up pulling out that were shot as well. and i had a shave harbor place that i deemed safe for myself because i went up and back with
1:48 am
a couple of deceased bodies, and i was trying to help a few of the family members pull them up. jason aldean was inside his trailer and s.w.a.t. pulled him out. reporter: some of them had been shot? end of the concert. hot day, you said not on were the people in shock, but you add alcohol to it and they have been shot. >> people obviously didn't know what was going on until they realized due to the blood and i could when everybody started moving when people realized what was going on. the bad thing was, my wife knows what i did and do for my job, but as i looked down and saw her and her friend lying down on the ground underneath the table and
1:49 am
i'm pulling a recovery body past here probably wasn't the best thick for my wife to see and everybody else at the time. reporter: country concert, a lot of first responders were off duty, marines, i met a couple marines. a coup off duty officers were likely killed here. but being a first responder on scene, you go into your first responder mode. >> my wife and friend who are here for a birthday experience for one of my wife's friends. but my main thing was to get my wife and her friend out of the area. reporter: then what did you do? >> then i went back inside. i started pulling people off to a safe area. >> as a first responder, you get your wife and friend into a safe
1:50 am
space. you go back in risking your own life. are you trying to find people who need help immediately? >> the first thing is a triage. i'm looking trying to find anyone that's walking wounded. there are a lot of people that were shot that were criticals. i was trying to help the people help them and get them out first. we always try to get the walking wound. and trying to get to a safe location. the first person i came upon i was doing cpr and i realized thee passed. i tried to get her to a safe location and went on to the next person. reporter: what about trampling. >> people were being run over. but when we start the directing. security did pretty well. the best they could. and we had p.d. on scene. they did real well. we worked together.
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i said i'm a of the, i'm okay. and we were escorting people off to a safe location. i deemed at the time it was safe. so most of everybody on that side got out. reporter: the first person we met, a former marine, came here to visit his mom from new york, and took the three-day gig as a security guard. you still have blood on your shirt. heather: adam, i know some the video i saw earlier you could see what appeared to be children with their parents at the concert. in terms of the victim that he saw himself, could he describe, were there any children that he saw that were injured? reporter: the question is were there kid there? >> yes, there were kid in the
1:52 am
remember you. i didn't see any cass use the with the younger kid at all. but there was. but mostly adults. there were a few kids up front. reporter: you didn't see any kid injured. >> i didn't. reporter: you meet people like that coming out. the thing about robert that stuck out for me is being l.a. fire. we started talking i knew he was more than just somebody who could help because he gave me certain tactical information. he works down the street from where i live in las vegas. there were a lot of off-duty fire, police military here for the country concert which may have saved lives. robert and a few others who have blood over their bodies, we are talk treatment as well. if they can treat the wound
1:53 am
directly and stuff the gauze in, lives were saved here. that's a gurney, they used of what they could. that's a freezer. my parent have one in the back of their grocery store. they carried bodies as much as a quarter mile away. there are three tables with bodies on top of them. robert: we are going to come back to you in the next few minutes. we want to go to steve rogers. former senior military intel officer on the fbi national task force. it seems like this shooter had knowledge of what was going to happen here. this definitely was premeditated. and it was a local person that
1:54 am
lived in -- lived in laughs. >> -- who lived in las vegas. >> this person knew exactly where he was going to be when he decided to shoot these people. they were sitting ducks and the shooter knew it. ways important now is for the police to find the motive. obviously he's dead. he's identified. they will do a lot of forensics on his background. the key now is to get his roommate. that's the woman who could have been an accomplice. heather: the suspect in this believed to be a sole actor, that's the information we received from joseph lombardo. he's deceased. they are interested in his roommate marie lou danley.
1:55 am
the sheriff believed it to be a fully automatic weapon. have you heard the video put out online? do you agree with him and that numerous magazines were present? >> we are all watching the video. they are going to have to find out where this individual got this weapon from. it goes back to what on earth is the motive. very, very important in this investigation. >> thank you so many for coming on. we know you have to go over to fox business. we are going to another eyewitness from the scene. this is justin olson. paint a picture of what you saw. >> we were watching jason aldean on stage and we were toward the
1:56 am
back of the crowd near the stage, and we started hearing -- i started hearing pops and at first personally i thought it was a malfunction with the speaker system. maybe a short. then we realized it wasn't that. then we thought it's some fireworks, firecrackers left over from the 4th of july. but then there was a stop and start again. then you realize this is a fireworks. then it stopped again, started, and it got louder and louder. jason ripped off his guitar and headed toward the stage, that's when everybody started running and that's when we hit the ground and started to make our way toward the back to get out as fast as we could. heather: you had friend who were able to text you because they were listening to what was happening on the police scanner? >> we had friend tuning into a
1:57 am
police scanner. at the type they thought there were multiple shooters. they texted us and said the shooter was on the 29th floor of mandalay bay spraying bullets down on the crowd. we found out later it was the 32nd floor. it was pandemonium. there were couples that had kids. and everybody was tearing down fence and knocking over barriers. but everyone was pretty respectful in helping each other out. there was a cohesive mentality to keep calm and get out. but it was bad. it was very bad. robert: of the 20-plus that have been told to us by metro police in vegas that have been killed in this, two of them were
1:58 am
off-duty police officers. that was just confirmed to us. how close were you to where the bullets were flying? how close were you to what happened? >> we were right at the back of the stage. i didn't see anyone fall around us. we heard a bartender had gotten shot. it all started apparently targeted towards the front of the stage. we were near the back of the stage. but we could hear the shots starting to get clouder and clouder. i'm assuming the -- it was starting to get louder within louder. i didn't see anyone fall near us. but you could hear what you assume to be bullets ricocheting off the ground and everybody was just trying to get out as fast as they could. heather: you were running trying to get out, you and your friends. then you met up with some people able to allow you to take
1:59 am
shelter in their room? >> we did get out of the festival grounds running towards tropicana avenue towards the mgm. and the crowd was moving in that direction. then we saw the crowd recoiling back, moving back the other direction. we thought maybe there was another shooter people were running from the opposite direction. we ducked down beside some cars until we figured out what to do. then we decided to keep press opening forward. we met up with another couple from canada who happened to have a room at a resource nearby. they offered to let us take shelter in their room which is where i am now. i am look at mandalay bay, lux to r, hooters, the prop cana,
2:00 am
and there are police lights everywhere. heather: justin olson joining us live. he was rob: 5:00 a.m. in the east coast. 2:00 o'clock in las vegas. if you are just joining, you likely heard through social media that there's been a mass shooting right off the las vegas strip, in the south end of the strip, mccarran airport and mandalay bay. final end of that concert, firing opened up from 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. shooter with a position above the concert opening power with high-powered assault rifle into a crowd that could have been 20 or 30,000 people. it is a horrific scene in las vegas right now. more than a 100


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