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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 2, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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resources available of the federal government to help us in this endeavor. >> the mayor responded to umc to check on the patients and she is in the process of visiting the other hospitals and showing the support of the city. obviously we have our congressman, he is in town to also show us our support. so any other questions of the members standing before you? yes, ma'am. >> you said it was not terror related. some people argue that is domestic terrorism. how do you differentiate this? >> it is what his motivation is. there is motivation other than
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a distraught person wanting to cause mass casualty. before we label that it will be a matter of process. >> have you found information as to what the motive was? >> no, we have not located any items within the room or his house at this point. [inaudible question] >> it was a matter of normal practice. whenever we use a dynamic entry. >> was there anything else in the hotel room that made you think aside from the number of weapons that made you think he had been there for a while? >> we have information he has been there since the 28th of september. so i have no idea as whether he prevented the housekeepers from entering the room or not. that's just a matter of continued investigation. all right, thank you very much. we'll provide you an update probably in the next two hours. thank you. >> bill: sheriff lombardo has become the face of this
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unbelievable horrendous national tragedy from las vegas overnight. new information there. police confirming the suspect was dead in his room as police entered that room. also new information now, 10 rifles found inside the room when police finally accessed it. so here is what we have here, a country music concert now the scene of the most deadly mass shooting in modern american history. this is just part of what the eyewitnesses, some 22,000, witnessed themselves. [screaming and gunshots] >> bill: clearly the sound of automatic fire that went for minutes. it must have seemed forever to so many there. that man opening fire for several minutes from 32 floors
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above the mandalay bay hotel targeting this massive concert crowd below. at least 50 are dead. hundreds more wounded as tens of thousands of concert-goers ran for their lives. the suspect shot himself as police entered the room. good morning, ongoing coverage continues here. what a way to begin the week here. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." everybody watching for the past several hours, this is an absolute tragedy as we witness this together. sandra, welcome to you. >> it has been a horrific night as we've watched the news unfold. i'm sandra smith. the carnage unfolding toward tend of a country music festival on the las vegas strip. 50 are pronounced dead. as we heard from the las vegas police, over 400 more wounded and transported to area hospitals. two off duty police officers are among those killed while two las vegas police officers were wounded.
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the shooter has been identified as bill just said, 64-year-old stephen paddock who had been in his room at the mandalay bay resort since september 28th he just revealed. who knows if he had ever left that room or didn't let made staff in that room. but that's what we were just told. and we were also told he was known to local police. and it was just confirmed he died at the scene. he took his own life as police entered his room. >> bill: multiple weapons. 10 rifles found inside the room. fired hundreds of rounds into the crowd. a female person of interest who may have been with him at the time has been located. they say, however, she is not involved in this. witnesses thinking at first the gunshots were fireworks. that ended quickly. thousands scrambling for safety as they saw the wounded dropping to the ground in front of them. >> one girl had shrapnel marks
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on the side of her face and she said it appeared the bullets were coming from mandalay bay into the concert. and they were just dropping. the people were just dropping. >> we heard a pop. it sounded like a fire work. you think normally that happens in vegas and then it started going pop, pop, pop, pop. >> everybody started running. i was getting back. i was like what's going on? everybody ran behind a barrier, a back bar area where we kept all of our storage and everybody started running back there and diving on the floor and we could just hear the shots and i dove behind a ladder and pulled a big speaker over myself. all i could think about was my kids. >> adam housley is live in las vegas where you were there to cover a different story and now you are covering the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. what is the latest on the ground there? >> it's hard to even explain some of the stuff that we've
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come across here over the course of the last few hours. we do know that a body was found in front of the tropicana. we didn't realize we walked past three bodies. a quarter mile down the street that were on top of tables. people were using whatever they could to get people out. they used tables, they used a freezer that had wheels. they used the barriers you'll see at events that are metal. they put them together and piecemeal them together to get people out of area. they were turning them over and using them a makeshift way to get bodies out. we've been told stories of cars driving up people throwing people in the back and driving off to the hospital. the numbers are going to fluctuate. those numbers will fluctuate because people were taken in private cars to places. the 400 are what was transported. we know a number of people that were taken on their own. anybody who could help was
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beginning to help. the stories from inside the concert are all very similar early on. it sounded like fireworks. every single person said the same thing. you could even see when jason all dean was singing it took them a little bit to realize. a firefighters from los angeles was here with his family celebrating a birthday. at first he thought it might be fireworks or audio issues. then he saw someone go down next to him and realized this is not that. this is something much worse. people hiding under the stage who had been shot. people hiding inside the beer trucks. they would go anywhere they could to get out of the line of fire. that line of fire was wide open. it was as clear as could be. 32 floor down onto an open area. vacant lot with people packed in there, 22,000 literally shoulder to shoulder enjoying the end of a three-day concert festival here. one that would end with such horror that people were coming out walking by us just bloody.
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it wasn't their own blood. it was people's blood, strangers they had never met. one young guy was taking his shirt off and other parts of his clothes off and put them over people's faces who had died inside. we're here outside. the sun is starting to come up in vegas. sunday night, 10:15. a lot of people in las vegas didn't realize it happened. they're waking up to the news. there are millions of people who don't live on the street that were away and preparing to go to work and waking up to hear this horrible news. people have come from all over the country. southern california had a large number of people come to the concert. as far away as alaska and canada. people are still looking for their loved ones and peoples in hotels being interviewed. they're starting to go down as people are being released back to go back to their hotel or back to their homes or wherever they happen to go. there is assistance being offered for those with no place to go. there is a lot of cars and a lot of things back over here on my right shoulder if you come
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back here live we can show you where we're situated. across the street in a parking lot of a church directly adjacent to the actual location where the shooting took place, guys. if you look over my shoulder, you will see all these cars over there. they are concert-goers and there is no ability to get them out at this point. but gives you an idea. people left frantically. also you'll see the stage itself. the actual fabric on the side of it waving in the wind. it shows you there was no protection whatsoever for those on stage. basically you could go right through a -- a gunshot can go through a piece of fabric. you can see the mandalay. there are no obstructions, none. the luxeor is across the street a bit to the north. there are obstructions there. the mandalay has no obstructions. when you talk to law enforcement they do believe that this was planned pretty far in advance.
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the mandalay very popular place to stay for this concert. it's right across the street. this man had had the room for several days. he had 10 rifles. this was planned. now the idea is to map this all out as the investigation continues behind me and the bodies are still being removed from the location behind me, the investigation goes into the online profile, it goes into who did he know? how did he get the weapons? all the things that law enforcement is looking at this hour. the f.b.i. is on scene to help in that process. this is a very large crime scene in the sense of the number of people to have to be interviewed. 22,000 potential witnesses and again 400 injured that we know of at this hour and more than 50 dead. it has been a night of horror here in las vegas and something that when you walk down the street over here, there is bloody footprints right here. we walked up. you see bloody footprints and bodies. a difficult situation for a lot
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of people. >> as the police chief just told us the family reunions are still taking place at this hour. he provided a number to reach out if you're still looking for a loved one. the coroner's office has provided a number. 866-5355654. we're still at that stage where many people are trying to identify their loved ones on the ground there in las vegas. adam, thank you for that reporting. >> bill: eight hours ago when las vegas police got the first phone call of shots fired. the undersheriff of the las vegas police by telephone. good morning to you. i want you to tell our audience what you know about stephen paddock at this hour. >> hello. the answer is we don't know a whole lot. pardon my voice. i've been talking a lot. the reality is we have not been able to find anything to
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indicate what led him on this killing spree. and this destruction to las vegas. we haven't been able to uncover. no interaction whatsoever. and so it's still early on obviously but i know for a fact that we'll be doing just about everything that your reporter just spoke about. so we've got to go in and continue to look at every angle and try to discover what caused this. >> bill: what information do you have as to what was found inside of his hotel room? >> i can tell you that he had a number of rifles and a significant amount of ammunition. however, literally as we speak we just have gained access into the room with the search warrant and so obviously you always have to make sure in
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these types of situations there is not booby-traps or any of those devices that may have been left for law enforcement. we continue to go about this in a very careful manner not to lose any more life. and we'll continue moving through that and obviously we'll be providing many more updates on what it is we found specifically and hopefully answer some of the questions on why. >> bill: sunrise in a matter of moments there. how was he able to shoot outside the window? did he break a window, was it removed or simply opened, sir? >> looked like he probably shot right through it. as your reporter described, you can't imagine 32 stories up. he literally had the best vantage point you could have of that actual arena that was across the street. a very large, open area with upwards of 23,000 people in it and he just started that
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automatic weapons fire at -- killed and injured a whole lot of people. so we're trying to get to the bottom of why. but like i said, it will be a matter of days probably before we can begin to get all of these answers. >> bill: was it paddock's name on the room and was it his name for the last four days, sir? >> i believe yes, that the answer to both of those questions was yes. >> bill: the sheriff delivered this interesting information, too, about no derogatory information is the way he characterized it with law enforcement in las vegas. can you add anything more to that, sir? >> no. i think that's just -- you know, typically you expect you will find some sort of grievance or some sort of letter, and we still may. but as i sit here right now as i'm talking to you, i cannot provide that information because we have not yet found that. >> bill: i just to push you a little bit on this.
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i know your jurisdiction in las vegas but he lived in mesquite, nevada. do police there have any record of criminal activity? >> i'm told they do not, either. they have not had any criminal activity in mesquite. like i said, we check local, state and federal systems and we don't find anything anywhere. >> bill: sir, our best to you. thoughts and prayers and everything else we can send your way. >> we need it all. >> bill: this is just the beginning of this. thank you very much for your time, sir. the undersheriff in las vegas. >> we'll bring in daniel linski. he was an incident commander for the boston bombing and former chief of police. he was at a conference for security and law enforcement at mandalay bay recently. daniel, what can you tell us about this particular building?
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right now the big question is how this shooter managed to open fire from that 32nd floor. >> it's right in the middle of the strip. it's a great conference facility. we were there with police chiefs around the country talking about issues like this, community engagement strategies and others and how to improve law enforcement. the sheriff from l.a. greeted us all. surreal watching the photographs and video of that same location. any hotel in america people carry up their own bags. or even if the bell staff assists you, there is no security screening in a hotel. and the weapons system he had would have taken the windows out in a matter of seconds and allowed him the ability to have a killing field across the street from that concert venue. >> that's a question some are starting to ask in the wake of this horrific shooting. should there be more security with people coming into these hotels? this particular hotel, 43
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stories tall. 3300 rooms, 135,000 square feet. should bags be x-rayed? should there be security changes? >> once las vegas can deal with the trauma and tragedy, the first responders and visitors are dealing with, there will be a review what happened and what could have prevented or mitigated this. it is certainly something that will be looked at. we didn't take our shoes off before richard reid try to attack us with a shoe bomb and we adjusted our security protocol to address that. that may be something down the road hotels start looking at. we've trained hotel staff during the course of events too look for suspicious behavior and look at individuals who may be putting -- that don't open the door sign on for extended periods of time. to look for individuals who are very suspicious of personnel grabbing their bags. to look for pre-indicators to this and report it to law enforcement as part of the see something say something.
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hotel security will be revisited across the globe after this event. and we hope and pray that others don't see this as an opportunity for copycat opportunities. >> we do indeed, daniel. i want to also bring to you what we just learned at the top of the hour from the police chief there in las vegas is they learned that the shooter, stephen paddock, 64 years old, now dead, checked into the mandalay bay resort september 28th. what likely is the process the f.b.i., as he said is vital in the assistance of this investigation? what likely are they doing now? pulling all the cameras from this resort? what is the process like? >> they will be looking at cameras, access control. every time he went into his room. who he was with, who he arrived, who he had conversation with. if he was truly in on his own. they will be able to identify that pretty quickly. they'll rebuild the history. what was going on in his life
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last week, yesterday, the month before, two months before. where did the guns come from? when they designed as automatic weapons? were they adapted? you could tell from the fire rates those were bell fed or drum fed. very large capacity weapons systems that you see on battlefields in iraq and in afghanistan and elsewhere. this is just devastating weapons system that was opened up on that crowd. >> earlier las vegas police said that the shooter was known to authorities but in that presser at the top of the hour, they said that all they could find was a citation several years ago. could there still be more in the shooter's history yet to be revealed? >> there could be a lot. maybe there were mental health issues where there were civil commitments we wouldn't find in the law enforcement system. they knew the shooter and
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thought it was one person responsible. i don't know that they were saying he was known to law enforcement with the reputation of criminality. they will find out exactly. we'll go back and interviewing all the people in his life, people who saw him along the way, people who might have seen him in other hotels or at gun ranges. we'll repiece what was going on in his life to bring him to this location to unleash this attack. >> the concert new england land is not too far in recent history. now this. does it change the way we operate as americans? >> every one of these events makes us think about how do we do things better? is there something else we can do? how do you protect yourself in an open concert venue surrounded by high rise buildings? it may be we can never quite protect every risk and mitigate all risk. you should be going out with your family and loved ones anywhere, a restaurant,
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theater, mall and have in mind a thought process in an emergency. know where the emergency exits are and know what you'll do. when the crisis hits your body has a fight, flight or freeze. you want to get out of freeze and get into the flight reaction as quickly as possible. having that conversation with your loved ones about what to do can actually save lives and give you the benefit of the doubt of someone going to freeze during the moment of panic and terror. >> thanks for coming on. >> >> bill: this was a three-day concert and we were in the middle of the final performer on the final night. 10:10 local time last night in las vegas. tweet from the president a bit earlier today with the following from the white house, my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless. the president has an event at 11 a.m. eastern time. we're getting guidance from the
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white house we may hear from him before that. we'll stand by for more information on that. bob massey, fox news legal analyst and resident of las vegas for more than 40 years. a town that draws visitors from all over the world. as you well know las vegas is a small town in so many ways for others who make home there. what are you hearing? what are you picking up only eight hours and some 10 minutes into this? >> it is the last frontier, it's a growing city and building city. it is just -- there is a somberness here, bill, that i've never experienced. i was saying earlier that the way i found out is my youngest son called me and said that good friends of my oldest son and his wife, thank god my kids weren't there, bret and jesse were at the concert. we all were in a panic. about an hour, hour and a half later i finally got in touch with brett and he described to
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me he was home safe by then but described to me what he went through. it is so chilling to hear what they went through. and when you know people, bill, that you've spent holidays with and with their children, it brings it home to a point that it personalizes it. it's very tough, bill. it is just very, very tough for everybody. >> bill: listening to the sheriff about 30 minutes ago, as he was introducing others he mispronounced the gentlemen's name and confused with your brother. that's the sense you get about how close that community is. we reflect on that now, bob, and i mean, this is a marker. you talk about the great western frontier. that's what drew people like you out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania, to move to las vegas four decades ago. >> it is a very misunderstood city. it is a city where people get up and go to work like anyplace
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else. the kids play soccer on the weekends, they play baseball and softball. it is community oriented. it has churches and businesses. it has people that care. it has people that help people. i have friends of mine from las vegas that got on an airplane and went to houston texas and now florida and then puerto rico. these are great americans. to have this happen in a city like las vegas, any city, a city like las vegas is staggering. when you listen to those shots it gets to the core of who we are as americans and you know, bill, i was thinking. this man now is dead and look at the changes of lives that this reckless, evil act has caused forever. my son's friends, the first thing brett said to me is all he thought about was will we see our children again? they will live with this for the rest of their life and the
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terror that it brought. and we see how wonderful the police are and the first responders that saved lives and continue to protect our citizens. >> bill: it's only 6:24 in the morning there and that city is waking up to a whole new world. bob, thank you for your commentary there, bob massey live from las vegas. stephen paddock, age 64, mesquite nevada, along the arizona border there, no derogatory information. that was the comment from the sheriff. meaning that there was very little, if any, illegal interactivity between police and this killer who took his own life as the swat team was bearing down on that room on the 32nd floor. they found 10 rifles inside the room and god knows how much ammunition. and the undersheriff told us 10 minutes ago he believes that he knocked the glass out of the window in order to get a line of sight on the 22,000 who were gathered 32 floors below. just chilling. >> unbelievable on the ground.
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they're still searching for anybody who might need help. over 400 people have been transported to area hospitals. blood is needed. if you're in the area go donate blood. the laborers union offering up their facility to go in and donate blood. we'll bring in jonathan hunt. he is in las vegas for us near the mandalay bay resort and the tropicana where many concert-goers are holed up right now. i can't imagine the fear these people went through and now they are in these hotels and not supposed to leave. >> it's an extraordinary scene in las vegas. the city that never sleeps may be more associated with new york but vegas is the city that never sleeps. even at 6:30 on a monday morning you would expect these streets to be pretty busy with noisy revelers returning from the long nights out that are part of the vegas experience. now people are walking around clearly in shock. they are walking very, very
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quietly along the streets. the mandalay bay hotel is a couple of blocks behind me there. that is the scene of last night's horror and then as you come forward here, you can see the police cordon. there was on the street in front of us here on the strip a body a short time ago. to the left is the tropicana hotel. a lot of the thousands who escaped the concert went to the tropicana. many are still in there. police officers are still interviewing them trying to find out if anybody can give them any information that may be useful in this investigation and there are families and friends still being reunited in there and you can just imagine the emotion of that. a couple hundred yards down to my right. we can't get an angle on it now, curiously to some extent, sandra, is a police car with its lights flashing and next to that car as we walked past it is a single body covered in a white cloth.
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why that particular body is still there i cannot say. it's about a half mile in total from the mandalay bay. it would appear to have been somebody who was probably injured during that mass shooting made it as far as this and then sadly passed away there. again, why that particular body has not yet been moved i can't say. now we get to the investigation, of course, sandra. everybody in vegas and obviously everybody across the country wants an answer to the simple question one would hope would be a simple question is why. it's clearly proving to be more complicated than that. when we see an act of islamic terrorism it's pretty easy for all of us to understand.
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islamic radicals who want to kill americans. we don't have anything in this man's background, according to the police at this point, that generates any kind of motive in their view. so this is going to be a difficult investigation. obviously they will comb every one of his personal records, his online presence, etc., looking for anything that might give a clue why he carried out this meticulously planned attack. he was up on the 32nd floor. he had something like 10 rifles in there with him. he had built platforms. he had a camera system. he had been there since last thursday. obviously this was something that he planned out down to the last detail, including a camera which would warn him when the police were approaching his room so that he could apparently take his own life. so many questions to be answered now and from what the police are saying at the moment, sandra, this will be a long and difficult investigation. >> the governor of nevada calling it a tragic and act of violence that has shaken the nevada families. our thoughts are with the families and this act of cowardice. the airport there was
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temporarily shut down. any word whether it's fully operational again? >> planes are certainly going in and out of the airport here in las vegas right now. the city, as i say, is eerily quiet for las vegas. i've been in this city every hour of every day and it is not normal as you would not expect it to be after what is, of course, now if it is confirmed there are more than 50 dead the worst mass shooting in modern american history. so it's going to take a long time for people to process this. las vegas clearly is not going to be the las vegas that everybody knows for quite some time. this is an extraordinary tragedy as the governor has rightly said and something that people are going to have to process. they want those answers as to why. that is always a help in moving forward but it doesn't look as though we're going to get those instant answers that everybody
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wants so badly right now. >> bill: if he checked in last thursday he knew over a three-day concert what time the concert began and end and he struck the last performer of the night playing the last song of a three-day concert. jodi suarez was one of 22,000 in that crowd and she described what she saw this way. >> everything was fine. we heard two pop noises and thought it was the sound system. then jason kept continuing like nothing was wrong and we heard it continue and he still was going. then he fell. >> he dropped and ran. he ran off the stage and then people started dropping to the floor and then we were running out. >> we saw people that were shot and we kept running until we got to the cops. >> that was jodi suarez on camera and now on telephone. good morning. how are you doing? >> we're hanging in there.
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it was a crazy night for sure. >> bill: where were you? >> we had vip tickets in the vip center. i was with my parents, my cousins and my best friend and my sister was actually in the crowd. my sister said when she was in the crowd a girl next to her got shot in the head and that's when they ran out of there and we all -- when we first -- it was six pops and it was bam, bam, bam, bam and we thought it was part of the show because it sounded like firecrackers almost. then all of a sudden it was another round. okay, we need to get out of here. we ran as fast as we could and we made it to the tropicana and then people started yelling there is a shooter in the tropicana. then we ran to hooters and they said there was a shooter in hooters. it was absolute chaos. and then we finally made it into a little diner where an
6:33 am
off-duty policeman was in there and he said we're putting this on lockdown and we stacked all the tables and chairs up and covered the windows and just basically were sitting ducks waiting until we could leave. my sister, she is an emergency nurse, she stayed behind to help those who were injured. >> bill: it's almost as if the way you describe it you all recognized the seriousness of the situation instantly and together at the same time. >> yeah. luckily for us, me and my family did a really good job at staying together. there was a moment where me and my best friend were running and my parents were gone. in my mind i thought my parents were gone. making phone calls to your friends wondering if you'll ever see them again. it's not something -- you see all the stuff going on all the time. >> bill: how long were you separated? >> probably about 30 minutes and we got ahold of each other and told them we were at the
6:34 am
tropicana. they headed there. they said there was a shooter in tropicana, we ran to hooters where they were at and they ended up at the tropicana and then we all made it back. >> bill: how much ground does that cover from one hotel to the other? >> we probably -- we actually by the time we were done running we made it to the airport and i looked it up this morning because i was like i don't even know how we ran so fast and made it so far. we looked and it was seven or eight miles. of just running and you are in a panic and, you know, all of us -- every little sound we hear we're on the edge of our seats looking around like what's going on. >> bill: were you able to locate where the shots were coming from? >> shannon: well, they sounded -- it was so loud so we really didn't know. you could tell it was kind of coming from up higher. it wasn't coming from the floor. so we did know it was -- people were saying it was on top of
6:35 am
the mandalay bay. we knew it was up high and that's almost what was -- you didn't know where it was coming from exactly. >> bill: had you attended on friday or saturday or was sunday your first and only? >> no, i've been going to this festival for the past three years. and it's sad that -- i probably will never go back just for fear and probably -- i'm terrified to go to another concert ever again. it's horrible. >> bill: you've been going to vegas the last three years specifically for this show? >> yes, we drive out from california every year for this festival. you know, we were staying at mandalay bay. we're at a friend's house in vegas. we're far away. but our cars and stuff is at mandalay bay. >> bill: the sun is expected to come up at exactly 6:37 a.m. your time. two minutes from now. and you are waking up to a
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whole new town, a whole new world and a whole new situation that folks like you had no expectation going into an event like this. are you able to absorb what you have experienced and witnessed yet, jodi? >> i don't know. i think we've all been up all night. no one has slept. we're all on the edge of our seats confused and -- i don't think it's really sunk in. like my mom this morning was hysterically crying. it finally hit her. the moment it hit me when we made it to the little diner that we all locked ourselves in and i just was sobbing. like what is going on? you have friends there. you don't know if your friends are okay. luckily all of my family made it out and were able to stick together. >> bill: thanks for sharing your story. good luck back in california. you'll need it. jodi suarez, my best to you, your friend and your parents as well. >> my dad is a big fan of you. >> bill: we say hello from new
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york city and we are sending our best to the great american southwest. >> shannon: let's get back to adam housley outside the mandalay bay hotel. the shooter was on the 32nd floor firing down on tens of thousands of people. 22,000 to be exact as the sheriff confirmed. >> that witness said a couple of things we're finding out, too. people we've been talking to and texting with. a number of them now have sat down and it's starting to sink in. another individual used the same words that she used. an intern we've had in our office she sat down and just started sobbing realizing after she was interviewed by authorities that this has taken place. also we do know we heard from her as well, the last guest. they went six or seven miles. people moved significant disanswers very quick. the bodies -- the reason why we know the bodies were found down
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the street from here, three near us and one by the tropicana. they were being taken away with the idea their lives could be saved. once they realized they could not be saved it happened four times that we know and we've been told possibly more. the picture really is worth 50 lives is the one we've been waiting for as the sun came up this morning here. i'll step away. take a look at the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. you will see two holes in windows with curtains flapping in the wind. it shows you those windows do not open. it shows you that one of those two, we don't know which one, maybe both, were used by the gunman to fire down onto the people below. and you can see there is no obstructions. it is an absolute wide open shot as we all knew unfortunately throughout the evening and early this morning as numbers continue to grow. we were first told it was two. then we met a man on the street who was a los angeles fire
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department member of the fire department in lasting a last he pronounced at least 20 dead. now it's 50. first it was 30 or 40 injured. now it's 400. the numbers will continue to fluctuate. looking now into the festival site from my location here. if the photographer can come back down you can see some of the investigation that's going on. you can see some folks inside there. looks like maybe federal law enforcement by the way the shirts they're wearing. there are still police in tactical gear on the outside. just outside this lot where the concert took place and you can see the stage is still there. the fabric on either side still flapping in the wind. that's where jason aldean was performing. now we know where the windows are. now that the light from the sun is hitting the side of the mandalay bay hotel you can see where the windows are located
6:40 am
and they have a direct and straight shot right down into that area in front of the stage. that's where the gunfire came from, guys. >> shannon: that's what we're waiting to hear more about. we're told the next las vegas police department presser will be happening at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. we look forward to some sort of update as to the shooter's check-in. police confirmed he checked in four days ago, thursday, september 28th. they did not know at that time whether or not he had been coming and going from that hotel room, whether or not he had just locked it off from anybody being able to access and did come and go. that certainly will be a big question as we await an update from the las vegas police. >> standing here this morning. we've been out here since 10 something last night when it first started. it is chilling to look up there. we've seen bodies and we've seen -- talked to people with
6:41 am
blood all over them that were trying to help anybody they could but to see those windows blown out like that and know and knowing what we know now, that's where all the gunfire came from, i mean, those people had no chance. that's what one of the witnesses we interviewed at one point was law enforcement and said to me you know, there was no chance. it was basically shooting fish in a barrel. and it's just -- it was chaos, now it's more of i think the point now starting to sink that where we started the live report referencing the guest you just had and how she sat down and sobbed. we are starting to hear that story from others who survived this as the sun comes up and it starts to sink in. they've been interviewed and talked to their loved ones and realize that they are one of the lucky ones. people are starting to come back. you see people, eric, over here to the right. starting to see some people come back. they are allowed to get their
6:42 am
cars if they aren't too close to the actual crime scene. you will see them draped in blankets, draped in jackets, blankets, sheets, that kind of thing from the hotels. they're coming back from over tropicana is one and hooters hotel is where a lot went to. as they come back you will see the look on their faces is one of shock. how could it not be? talking to law enforcement here, las vegas p.d. just the look on their faces. standing here in awe of what has happened and what this community and people don't realize that. you come to vegas and party on the strip but there is a massive community like any other city in this country. those people obviously are dealing with this. loved ones were here inside this facility at this concert and we also know that people came from as far away as canada, alaska, many people here from southern california. los angeles police department is saying two of their officers
6:43 am
were here and were injured. the information keeps coming, sandra. we expect more at that press conference. now that the sun is up, to see those windows blown out really kind of shows you the perspective of what that shooter had and they've been elling us from very early on he had a plan. as we learn more about when he checked in and the other details, that plan becomes very clear. he was here to kill. >> shannon: adam, thank you for the update. we'll get back to you shortly. >> bill: we're getting a bit more information. president trump will address all of this at 10:30 eastern time. 47 minutes from now live from the white house and certainly live coverage here. the sunrise on a clear morning in las vegas is such a stunning sight but mixed in with what we're dealing with now and the reality, it takes on a -- it takes on a view now that is
6:44 am
difficult to comprehend. if you were with us late last night or overnight or early morning hours, this story is only grown worse by the hour. and the sheriff there has been briefing about every two hours. unfortunately every time he comes to the microphone the story gets worse. here is audio picked up on police scanners at the moment the swat team arrived on the 32nd floor able to access the killer's room. this is what that sounded like. >> suspect's door. i need you in the hallway to get back. we need to pump this and see if we get any type of response from this guy. see if he is in here or moved somewhere else. >> >> bill: stephen paddock took his own life. 10 rifles found inside.
6:45 am
our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is working her sources with the latest on how the f.b.i. is -- what they're doing at this hour. good morning there. >> the f.b.i. is bringing its full investigative and forensic resources to bear on the las vegas shooting with the opening of the 1-800 for tips, videos and evidence that can help law enforcement piece together events, individuals leading up to the shooting. the f.b.i. has the ability process massive amounts of data. they're asking anyone with videos, photos, social media concerning las vegas to call 1-800-call fbi. 225-5325. 1-800 call fbi. a short time ago police told reporters in las vegas they're in the early stages of understanding the motivation and executing search warrants
6:46 am
at the hotel room at the mandalay bay as well as the residents in mesquite, nevada. they're moving cautiously on the likelihood or expectation or possibility that the residence in the nevada may be booby-trapped. >> bill: there was a report, this goes back a few hours ago, catherine. i want to walk with -- be careful with this. a report he had two separate platforms set up inside the hotel room where he could alternate between rifles. have any of your sources been able to confirm what they found inside that room? >> not at this point. we don't want to give you bad information. >> bill: when you get more, come on back. sandra, now we're talking about las vegas, at least 50 dead. you think about orlando, the pulse nightclub in june of last year, 49 dead. virginia tech in april of 2007, 32 dead there. sandy hook in newton,
6:47 am
connecticut, december of 2012. 26 killed there. >> shannon: more than 200 still being treated in the hospitals and more than 400 have been brought in. we'll continue to update you on the situation there. we want to bring in fox news contributor ted williams. criminal defense attorney and former homicide detective. what can you tell us about what you have learned up to this point? still so many questions. >> there certainly are quite a few questions. as bill just stated, i unfortunately was out there in florida when we had the shooting at the pulse nightclub and i was also at virginia tech. and when you look at this situation, you are talking about someone who is not on the radar screen of law enforcement. those are the most dangerous kinds of individuals. we're beginning to get a slight picture, just a slight picture of who this guy stephen paddock is. lived in mesquite, nevada there. he also at one time lived in
6:48 am
florida. he had a brother living from what i understand in florida and his mother may very well still be alive. i understand she may be in her 90s at this time. he also from what i've been told was a pilot and also a hunting enthusiast. the big question that law enforcement is trying to figure out is why? what is the motive? and i think what they're now looking at from a blueprint standpoint would be the videos in and around his hotel room to see when he came and went as of last thursday, having been in that room. it would have taken some time perhaps for him to bring that amount of ammunition and the kind of guns we've been told. at least 10 weapons that were in that hotel room.
6:49 am
so it's a picture that law enforcement is still -- it's fuzzy but they're trying to put it together. >> shannon: are you able to make anything of these images we keep showing of the mandalay resort, the windows that he actually shot from? there are two different windows and we were told these are windows that didn't open. as though he fired straight through. can you derive anything from the images that we now have of the mandalay resort if we can get those back up there? on the right side of your screen, i'm sorry it's a split screen there. >> there is nothing to derive -- that i can derive from them at this stage. i can tell you those windows are pretty secure in these hotels. so it is more likely than not that he may very well have shot one of the windows out in order to start shooting. but what i can tell you is this
6:50 am
was clearly planned over a period of time. this guy knew what he was doing and how he was going to carry it out. again, this is one of law enforcement's worst nightmares, a person who is not on the radar screen. also one of the things that definitely will be looking at, if he has one, is a cell phone. they are going to want to trace any and all phone calls that he may have made and to see if, in fact, anybody else was aware of what was going on here. >> shannon: i would imagine as we have seen with recent tragedies like this, the use of social media also when you start to see videos exchanged and eyewitness accounts that will start spreading across facebook and twitter. that's become a big part of this as well. >> it is a very integral part of the investigative process.
6:51 am
law enforcement have fanned out now to try to find out and speak to any neighbor or friend. they are going through his house to try to determine what, if anything, they can find there. again, this is sort of like at this stage, guys, a needle in a hay stack. you've got a person here who was, as i said, not on the radar screen, who would then take an automatic weapon and fire into a crowd of 22,000. and then to video it also perhaps we've been told. so this is very scary. when i say to video it, i don't mean that he videoed what he was doing. there are allegations he may have had cameras in his hotel room already. >> shannon: still waiting on confirmation of all that. we're waiting on an update from the president and the las vegas police will also be giving an update in the next couple of
6:52 am
hours. thank you, sir, for coming on. >> bill: two years ago 43 million people visited southern nevada. that's just an extraordinary number for -- to get you a sense of what the local economy is so dependent on. tourism and convention dollars. all of that right now is going to take a hit. steve scalise is tweeting this. he was on the floor of the house, shot through the hip 3 1/2 months ago. went public for the first time in the last couple days saying this. jennifer and i are praying for the victims of this unspeakable violence in las vegas. that from steve scalise. president trump will talk publicly for the first time at 10:30 eastern time. we're on stand by for that. 38 minutes from now. there were 22,000 people at this concert on the final night of a three-day event. you have 22,000 stories, including this one, a concert goer turned first responder. >> all of a sudden we heard
6:53 am
pops when jason aldean came on to perform. we thought it was an electronic misfunction or feedback then people started dropping by the stage area and up front by us. it was like a war scene. i've seen a lot of stuff in my day with the fire department. it was hard to see. even the bodies outside down the street here that were carried a half mile from the incident. i probably pronounced 15 to 20 people inside. we're using the rails between the partitions in between we were carrying bodies out. i was trying to pull bodies outside so we can do triage. i went back in with swat. i identified myself. i never left. we stayed and did a recon of the whole situation. made sure everybody was doa at the time. i rechecked everybody. i was with another medic from the fire department and i went
6:54 am
back inside and it's something we do. i wasn't trying to be a hero. it is -- i wanted to make sure i wasn't leaving anybody behind. with 30,000 people honestly in the arena area, that it was kind of like shooting goldfish, unfortunately. you didn't have to be good, he or she. it was a reckless situation and it's a sad, sad day. everybody came together and tried to create a positive atmosphere for everybody else. this is a tragic situation that everybody came to have fun and it was supposed to be a fun event, the last day. we were here celebrating a birthday with my friends and then it turns into a tragedy and it's sad in our society that stuff like this has to take place. >> bill: spoken by so many today. want to bring in former boston superintendent chief of police. i know you are back in boston. you were at the mandalay bay about a month ago for a security conference.
6:55 am
what was that about? what is your recollection of the hotel? what do you think we need to understand in these early hours, sir? >> it was the police executive research forum. a chiefs of police from around the country who get together and deal with issues that law enforcement is facing. securing large scale events. strategies with a host of topics. i had a privilege of hearing the police chief speak out there. not only they have to investigate the crime scene and find out what happened here, they want to make sure they don't revictimize victim's families as the process goes on. one of the challenges you have is the hipaa law that prohibits people from telling you where your loved one might be staying in several of the hospitals in las vegas. authorities will have to get lists of people, do the family reunification as most expertly as they can trying to make sure that families are reunited with family members, whether they
6:56 am
are fatal victims of this incident or they are undergoing surgery and need assistance the make sure the families can reunite as quickly as possible. it's a long process. there will need to be resources to help the community. and law enforcement in dealing with the critical incident stress that comes from this event. this is a life-changing event for everyone involved. and there has to be a lot of support for folks going forward in the next days, weeks and months as it plays out. >> bill: what you say is so accurate unfortunately. you have a lot of experience with that with the boston bombing when people were separated trying to figure out who is where. >> sure, took me a day and a half to find out how many of my cops were injured. it is a difficult challenge. you've got families in crisis. you also have people who drop their cell phones and aren't getting texts and emails from people and hopefully will get in touch with family quickly
6:57 am
but there will be a lot of bad information and trials and tribulations for the families and victims and their associates trying to figure out if everyone is okay and how bad this was permanent lil for them. >> bill: have you been able to see the live image of the mandalay day. two windows are blown out? we don't know if they're part of the same room or a larger suite. >> i stayed in a suite similar, i believe, that you're seeing from my understanding the outlay of the building. one is the large suite area where the bed was. the other is probably the bathroom area. that would give the shooter extended ranges of fire to the left and right and increase his kill zone significantly by giving him two different positions to fire from. >> bill: he was there since thursday, which means if he spent the night friday and saturday he saw the concert playing out below before him. and this was clearly premeditated. you wonder how many trips he made to that room to get the amount of fire power that he had inside. >> absolutely. how many times he has been at
6:58 am
the hotel. was this room selected specifically? did he call and ask for it? he knew what he was doing and he clearly scoped out this area. it will be interesting to see if he might have been in mandalay bay last year looking at this and thinking of this for a while. >> bill: do these sort of lone wolves as we've come to call them, do they operate entirely independent of other people? can he do this under the radar without the help and assistance of anyone else? >> he certainly can. although logistically the weapons systems. it is difficult to buy an automatic weapon in some places. legal in some places, i don't know why. converting that if he -- he would have to have help from somebody, some entity to do that. but people can stay under the radar screen and this will change the way hotels going forward look at security and
6:59 am
screening and training for their staff. out of every tragedy comes things that we need to look at to make sure we're doing everything we can to make our world as safe as possible. we saw richard reid, everyone takes off their shoes getting on a plane. don't know that will be an outcome of this but certainly something that hotels will look at. >> bill: you think how many hotel rooms are in this particular hotel. and it's one after the other in las vegas strip. an enormous job. >> it's a nightmare to have an elevated position. what we did after actions on the marathon how could it have been worse. imagine while the bombs were going off we had active shooters in the upper hotel floors engaged in the crowd. evil people think evil things and we have to realize there is evil in the world and do everything we can to mitigate it but at the same time i'm hoping that vegas has the boston experience where the community comes out.
7:00 am
unifys with each other and helps everyone get through this a day that changed our nation and world in a moment's notice on an evening in vegas. >> bill: the sheriff said no derogatory information with law enforcement except for a citation a few years ago. daniel, thank you for your time. back there in boston with us. thanks. sandra. >> top of the hour we're expecting president donald trump to speak at half past 10. this after he earlier tweeted this. my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. that was the first response that we have heard to the president on this mass shooting. joining me now is brit hume fox news political analyst. brit, this will be the first we have heard the president respond to this as he steps up to make a statement at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. >> this is a very dark day in
7:01 am
our country's history, sandra, and i think it's a challenge for any leading official, including the president, to strike the tone that would be the equal of this hideous atrocity that's happened out there. it's possible, as your previous guest suggested, that this could be a unifying moment in the way that people respond to it. but it's a tough challenge and people are going -- there are also some political piece of this, people will most certainly go to the usual battle stations over gun control, pro and con. mental health issues. motivations of the shooter. we'll hear all that in the coming days. the magnitude of this is greater than anything we've seen. this is terrible. >> shannon: people are waning up to this. some learning of it just now as -- it's only 7:00 on the west coast. people are scared at what they're learning. they're scared at what they are seeing. what does this country need to hear from our president?
7:02 am
>> if i could -- i can't really imagine something that would be the equal of this but i think it's important that the president express a calm and sympathetic tone. that he be clear about the dimensions of this. that he avoid any comment that would be seen or felt as divisive. and in these divided times, sandra, it is very hard to say anything about almost anything that won't offend somebody. and it would be, you know, it would be a challenge for any public official to speak about this at this massacre. we don't know if full dimensions of this yet. everybody that has talked about it that a great many of those hospitalized by the hundreds are severely wounded. so this death count we've seen is likely to climb substantially in the hours and
7:03 am
days ahead. and it will be interesting to see the reaction of the public, too, because, you know, this is bigger than anything we've seen in its dimensions and the effect of it is kind of hard to calculate at this stage. >> what the president need to do right now? when we look at the numbers, over 400 people from that concert have been transported to area hospitals, the sheriff said at the top of the last hour. the f.b.i. response is vital in this and the ongoing investigation. what do we need to hear from the president as he leads us through this? >> well, you know, this is one of those issues that crosses all the boundaries of authority. yes, this is a local mass murder. it is also a national -- the f.b.i. is involved in this.
7:04 am
ascertaining the motive of the shooter as quickly as possible. the president needs to be very careful that whatever information he circulates or puts into play is correct. the president sometimes has a habit of speaking from -- about things in a way that later proves to be off base, not because he intended to be but like anybody, he gets things wrong sometimes. this is a time for being careful and measured and accurate and comforting to the extent that it's possible to be comforting about something so horrible. >> this is a president, brit, i'll remind everybody, that has a lot on his plate. i would say it's tax reform and healthcare but there is still devastation in puerto rico this president is dealing with. >> we're living in a time when we seem to wake up every day wondering how bad the latest hideous thing is. how horrible the damage from maria is in puerto rico and those other caribbean islands.
7:05 am
and the president. the president and other officials responses to these things are measured politically by partisans and looking for opportunities to criticize and attack. so this is a real high wire act for the president and other public officials in these times, which are so troubling. you know, sandra, there is an extent to which over time people would like things to please just calm down. whether it's political battles in washington, whether it's reaction to devastating storms, and whether in this case it may be the response to this awful
7:06 am
massacre. people would like things to calm down. if they can't themselves calm down they would like their leaders to treat them in a way that doesn't exacerbate the tensions and anxiety that people feel at this time in history. >> thank you for coming on, brit. >> bill: this was a country music festival that was, well, in that realm is known to every country music fan in america. jason aldean was on but many others performed over a period of three days. the route 91 harvest festival has become a bit of a country music scene for so many fans across this country. if you take interstate 15 northeast out of las vegas, it only takes about 80, 85 miles up that interstate and you arrive in mesquite, nevada, the home address for the killer. now, jonathan hunt back in las vegas looking at more on him and his hometown and what more we're learning now. jonathan, back to you. what did you find out? >> good morning, bill. i just got off the phone with
7:07 am
the mesquite police department. bottom line is stephen paddock is a quote, mystery to them. they have never had a single call, they tell me, for service to his home. they aren't even exactly clear at this point how long he had even lived in mesquite. they said he is a mystery to us because we've simply had no reason to ever find out more about him. they are talking to neighbors of his there hoping that they can glean some information about him. they found no trace of any family members there. we have heard from a brother, of course. i believe that brother was in florida and he is just absolutely shocked that his brother, stephen paddock, would have carried out a massacre like this. up in mesquite they're doing their best to find out anything they can that might give us a clue to a motive. no dice so far. of course, there may be some
7:08 am
critical information inside that home that he has in mesquite but they are going very obviously to move in there very slowly in case of any kind of booby-traps, etc. the kind of things. the same kind of operation that catherine herridge was talking about that they're doing at the room at the mandalay bay. as i talked about that, bill, let's push in. and as the sun comes up here in las vegas, you can push in there. it's a long shot but you can plainly see the curtain flapping in the wind from the 32nd floor. that we believe is the vantage point from which stephen paddock took those rifles. up to 10 of them he had in the room with him. and aimed down on the helpless crowd simply attending a country music concert. so vegas is still coming to terms with this as everybody begins to wake up here now, bill. it is obviously a horrific act. a horrific act for the people
7:09 am
of las vegas and indeed the entire country to come to terms with. but up in mesquite they're trying to give us some answers as to what may have been stephen paddock's motive but as of yet they have nothing to tells us. >> bill: thank you, jonathan. stephen paddock, age 64, mesquite, nevada. we're starting to learn about this man and his life and we have very little information so far. his brother gave an interview to a local tv station. i don't know where this happened and this is the first time we're seeing it. go ahead and roll it. we'll watch it together now. >> he called his mother. >> bill: was there ever any indication at all that this would -- >> nothing. we're lost. i don't understand. it makes -- there is no anything. >> bill: makes no sense to any
7:10 am
of us. apparently that gentleman lives in florida. we don't know where in florida. stephen paddock had an address in florida for some time for a period of years before moving to the west in nevada. so we're trying to piece it together a little bit by little bit, hour by hour. >> initially we learned that stephen paddock. such raw reaction from his brother there. originally we learned he was known to authorities. it raised eyebrows oh boy. but then the police stepped out at the top of the last hour, bill, and told us that they could only find one citation from several years ago. so as you mentioned, a lot still to learn. >> bill: ed davis by telephone. are you there? former boston police commissioner. where are you today? are you in boston? >> i'm in las vegas on a trip. >> bill: in las vegas on the strip. which hotel, ed.
7:11 am
>> at the bellagio three or four miles ail way from mandalay bay. >> bill: what did you see, heard and picked up from there? >> there was an enormous police response last night about 10:30. the strip lit up with police, fire and ems. there were people from henderson, the state police. they were all headed towards the direction of the mandalay bay. you know, we -- there were strike teams sent to all the hotels asking people to stay in their rooms. so i was stuck listening to the event on the police scanner here. and i had a chance to, you know, listen to the great response of the las vegas metropolitan police. >> bill: what do those strike teams do when they arrived at these hotels? >> there job was to secure the facility to make sure there were no other attacks in other
7:12 am
places. very appropriate. the coordination that i heard over the first hour or so of this response was exceptional. clearly there were many victims and there was a lot of discussion about treating the victims but the police responded very quickly and very effectively. and considering the sniper position that this guy had, if they hadn't got to him and forced him to commit suicide it could have been a lot worse. >> bill: you have to think the firing from that direction was confusing to people on the ground and law enforcement responding as well. how do you go about locating that and getting in the room and using the explosives to blow the door off? based on the accounts we're putting together in this timeline it was maybe 10 minutes, perhaps 15 minutes at most, and ed, that's a pretty impressive response time. >> it really is considering the
7:13 am
threat they were under. first of all, tactically you have to consider your approach to the building. the first reports will indicate where the fire may be coming from. that's all very sketchy at first. so anybody in a high position like that could take out the officers responding. but they were able to get into that hotel and determine from reports outside but also from inside the hotel i'm sure. there were people on that same floor that may have been calling downstairs for help and assistance. they were very quickly able to locate the shooter and make their way to the room. >> bill: he was on a suicide mission, ed, you would admit that, killing himself as the
7:14 am
swat team entered that room. >> right. we see this often, bill. where they decide to go out in a blaze of glory unfortunately. this was just indiscriminate fire. from that distance you can't see who you are firing at. you're spraying a crowd of innocent people. it is unconscionable. >> bill: i'm glad you're okay. and thank you for taking a few moments with us. ed davis, former police commissioner in boston, massachusetts, now on the vegas strip in nevada, which if you look at maps and you try to piece this together i'm sure a lot of folks in our audience have been to las vegas a time or two. this is the southern end of that strip right near the airport. so it's not right in the heart of las vegas but it is not too far away. >> as our reporters on the ground have been telling us it's eerily quiet in a city that never sleeps for anyone who has passed through there or stays there. it is surreal for people who -- i have had people writing me
7:15 am
this morning. it happened at 10:00 last night the first 911 calls as we heard from the sheriff came in after many people had already gone to sleep. >> bill: we spent a fair amount of time in las vegas last october for the third and final presidential debate. having the opportunity to spend 7 to 10 days in that town you get to know the people and understand it where you really don't on the outside. you think about the mgm and you think about the luxor and the new york new york casinos and on and on they go. when you have a chance to take it in, get to meet the people and understand why they're there and what las vegas is all about, i thought bob massey put a fine point on it a while ago. it's a big town to the whole world but a very small town to those who live there. >> this is a town where people wake up, get their coffee, go to work every morning. this is his hometown and he was describing family members who were deeply affected by this who were attending the concert and feared they wouldn't see their children again. so a really horrific moment. we're waiting on the president, bill. he is expected to come out and speak in his first verbal
7:16 am
response to this in about 15 minutes. as brit hume just said, when i asked him what does the country want and need to hear from the president right now? he suggested perhaps a sense of calm. >> bill: a bit of an embrace, too, i would imagine also. the points you made with britt were very interesting. you have three hurricanes now, the third of which we're dealing with in puerto rico and we expected a lot of that reaction to be on behalf of puerto rico. how quickly the events of the world can turn our attention and man, they've done it again in a complete 180 as we talk about this now. >> the president will update us at half past the hour and an update at 11:30 a.m. eastern time from the las vegas police. david bossy, he was a first responder in the fire service and has mass casualty training. david, which makes you very important at this moment.
7:17 am
what can you make of what you have learned so far? >> well, first of all, my heart goes out to everybody in las vegas that is affected by this. the victims and their families. it is just a horrendous act of cowardice by this shooter and i feel so bad waking up to this. it's only 7 a.m. in las vegas and i think we'll learn a lot today. as far as the first responders are concerned, you know, it's an amazing thing to think. but two different things were going on at the same time. one you had the police trying to locate and take down the shooter. that's an active shooter situation which the police departments around the country are now well versed and well trained at. they did an amazing job trying to keep that shooter from doing even more damage. and then secondly you had the
7:18 am
first responders on the ground. the men and women of the fire service, ems, as well as police officers trying to render aid in a mass casualty incident that is really at a level that i don't know that anyone has seen. so you are trying to do the best you can to get those that are wounded by the gunfire taken care of as quickly as possible. you really have to do an incredible job in surveying what is going on. because obviously with 400 people being injured, a lot of those are from just trying to get out of there. they are going to have, you know, a broken arm from jumping over something or being trampled on, so you have to figure out as a first responder, you know, the level of injury and treat them accordingly. so it's a very difficult job
7:19 am
while you're under fire potentially. because you don't know that the police have taken care of the shooter. and so you are going into harm's way and it's an amazing thing what the las vegas police and fire departments have done this morning to save people's lives. >> we've heard from local and state authority. the governor saying it is an act of violence that has shaken the american family. the mayor sent out a thank you to the first responders. we've heard some of our reporters on the ground saying we just walked by people still on the ground who appear to still be in medical need. to still need help. is that possible now a good 12 hours after the first 911 calls? >> first of all, i mean, if folks are just shaken up and in shock, then i definitely could see those folks being a little bit forgotten about. not forgotten about but you
7:20 am
have to prioritize, right? you have to do the best job you can with those limited resources. so there is only so many members of the fire and ems services that can provide assistance. there are only so many ambulances and medic units that can transport people. with 400 people being taken to area hospitals, that will overwhelm any system. that's not to say that people should be forgotten about or left on the side but i would find it hard to believe at 10:20 in the morning, 7:20 out there that that is still the case. i can't explain to viewers without the experience of how difficult it would be for anyone to come onto the scene and try to survey and pick the first person that you are going to render treatment to. it is an incredibly emotional time for the first responders as well. >> i imagine quite a hectic one.
7:21 am
david, with your 20 years of service as a first responder in the fire service and having had this mass casualty training, can you tell us what is happening on the ground at this point now? we've been told that many of the people who fled the concert scene went to nearby hotels. some of them were told to stay there until they were told otherwise. what's the strategy there? >> first of all, this is now 12 hours after the event. it really -- the first couple of hours i can expect were the most hectic and disorganized from an outsider's point of view. the medical community, you know, what the hospitals, those trauma centers, those emergency rooms were flooded with victims. and that is why the first responders' first job is to identify those who need the most serious care. to send them to the right
7:22 am
facility to get that care. whether it's a gunshot wound or what have you. obviously with that many deceased victims, you really unfortunately have to identify those folks who have passed away on the scene and move on to the next victim. i can't -- it is an unbelievable -- first of all, i've never experienced anything like this. but it is -- as somebody who has been part of the fire department family, it is something to watch and our hearts -- my heart breaks for those individuals who have to go and make those decisions. and really they are going to be changed forever. it's similar to the 9/11 first responders in the mass casualty aspect of that. it really is. >> thank you for lending your expertise to this. >> bill: the sheriff's department in las vegas have
7:23 am
been briefing about every two hours since the tragedy unfolded here. we expect them an hour from now to brief yet again. oftentimes a good source of information. we stand by for that. we're also waiting on the president. we expect to see him at the podium in about eight minutes, 10:30 eastern time. as we await that karl rove. an american tragedy yet again. it's difficult to get your arms around it. there is no way to get your head or heart around it in the early stages now. what does the president do? what words does he use? what tone will he share with us coming up here momentarily, karl? >> look, this is a moment where the country wants their commander-in-chief to be the comforter in chief. when we face events like this, whether it was orlando, or the death of martin luther king, these are the moments where all the politics drains out of the
7:24 am
picture frame, the president emerges, and the president hopefully is the person who gives the country a way to understand this, a way to grieve together, a way to move forward together. and it is one of the most difficult assignments a president has. you can think about after 9/11, for example, president bush's speech at the national cathedral. or his comments on top of the fire truck in new york, the whole world can hear you, pretty soon the people who did this will hear from all of us. there is a moment like this where a president has to say the things that the country wants to hear in order to comfort them. and difficult assignment and particularly difficult on this day when you have a senseless act of evil. it is so hard to get our hands and our minds around this because it is so irrational and so devoid of any purpose whatsoever, just an act of pure evil to rain down fire from above on a crowd of people attending a concert. >> bill: you react with such sorry and you react with such
7:25 am
anger. and i think it's okay to channel that as president. >> absolutely. absolutely. but to channel it in the right way. which is -- this is an act of evil. this is a reminder in our fallen world there are people who will commit an act of senseless evil. some of them will act on behalf of a cause, others will act on behalf of nothing. but this is a moment where the country will to some degree put aside their political prejudices or political concerns or biases and listen to the president and this is when they want to hear words of comfort and grief. >> bill: when you are commander-in-chief and you are in this situation and so many millions rely on the message that you have, it must be in your words as well. that has to come through, karl. >> authenticity matters enormously here. the good news is, the people we
7:26 am
send to washington to live in that house on 1600 pennsylvania avenue tend to rise to these moments. they rise because they recognize inside that this is a moment where their leadership is desired by the country and it is a necessity for them to share what they feel and to do so in an authentic way. look, these things -- just as they touch ordinary americans they touch the president of the united states and the people around him. i think we'll see that reflected here momentarily. >> bill: very interesting. first lady i'm certain, we may see her as well. let's stand by to see whether or not that happens. brit was talking to sandra 30 minutes ago. he gets the sense where americans want things to slow down and be it a manmade situation or a natural disaster that we've been watching, hurricane after hurricane after hurricane. what is your sense there in austin, texas, about the pace
7:27 am
of life that has been unrelenting for more than a year? >> you know, i thought brit made a wonderful point. i was watching our colleague bret baier on friday night as he went through the week in review with snippets of what had happened just simply in the preceding six days. and it was almost overwhelming. i don't think we've ever seen the opening months of a presidency in which the country has been roild by so many things and has had to experience so many things. and has suffered so much in the way of natural disasters. not just one, not just two but now three major hurricanes have hit the territory of the united states and so yeah, i think brit is absolutely right. a lot goes on in the life of the country, no matter what. we're in a new age in which
7:28 am
between cable tv and social media. so much information is coming at us and so much information we share with others about our own experiences in those moments that sometimes it's overwhelming. i wonder if as a country we actually can calm down and arrive at a point where the pace seems to be less, there seems to be enough for us to handle but not too much. this is going to simply add to it. we will be talking about in and grieving over this and examining this for days to come. >> bill: we should see the president in a matter of minutes. karl rove live in austin, texas. >> let's go to john roberts. reaction from the oval office as we await the president to speak a few moments from now. this is the first time we'll hear him verbally since this horrific attack last evening in las vegas. >> it is. and if these new reports bear fruit that isis is claiming responsibility for this, allegations that this man converted to islam months ago,
7:29 am
that could dramatically change the tone of what the president is about to say. clearly when you have a mass shooter like we saw last night, early this morning in las vegas, it prompts one kind of reaction but if there is a nexus to terrorism on this and the initial reports were there wasn't, that will definitely change the tone coming from the president. though i just contacted sources at the national security council. they are running traps on this claim by isis to have somehow influenced this man doing what he did last night. the president, though, so far has said on twitter, my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. we also heard from vice president pens in a series of tweets where he said to victims families and loved ones by the senseless violence in las vegas. karen and i are praying for you. the hearts and prayers of the american people are with you. you have our condolences and
7:30 am
sympathies. to the courageous first responders thank you for your acts of bravery. we saw rare tweets from ivanka trump who does not make it a habit of tweeting things. in this particular case felt it was necessary to weigh in saying quote, america woke up this morning to the horrific news of a devastating mass shooting in las vegas. our hearts are breaking for the victims in las vegas. hearts, i love las vegas. a response from the white house today from this. again, sandra, should this prove to be an act of terrorism, as isis sources are claiming it is. it will dramatically change what the president says and the response going forward. >> the president expected to speak in a few moments and we'll get an update from las vegas police on the situation on the ground there in about an hour.
7:31 am
but as we await the president, there is so much on this president's plate as we have been talking about throughout the morning. still devastation in puerto rico, the recent hurricanes, now this. the president has so much to deal with as we await him to speak just a few moments from now. what more specifically can we -- what sort of tone can we expect the president to take? >> again, if they do have some sort of evidence, as isis is claiming, that there is a neck -- it will change the president's approach. he will denounce what happened last night in las vegas, but if there is some sort of connection with what's been going on and some of the attacks we've seen in the united states and ones we've seen overseas at well it will prompt a different response from the president. as bill was speaking with karl rove about just a few minutes ago, it has been one after the other after the other for this white house. we should point out that what's going on in las vegas right now is being handled by the f.b.i.
7:32 am
and local authorities. if there is a link to terrorism it will prompt a bigger federal response. the president scheduled to go to puerto rico and potentially the virgin islands tomorrow. there is no question, sandra, that this administration, this white house, has had its hands full and now something else piled on top of everything else that's been going on. i know tom boss art, the homeland security advisor. he is a true professional. elaine duke at the department of homeland security. from every report i've got really knows what she is doing and get high marks from people i know involved in homeland security. they have the horses to be able to respond to this. there is no question they're beginning to get stretched a little bit thin with everything that has been going on particularly the massive response that they have had to mount in response to this hurricane in puerto rico, sandra. >> john roberts at the white house where the president is set to begin speaking shortly. meanwhile, i'll point out thanks to john roberts for
7:33 am
that, the president's schedule has drastically changed today as a result of this. he was expected to be speaking on regulations. but that has -- that will not be happening anymore. this is the first verbal response from president trump. >> bill: speaker paul ryan. want to read this. american woke up to heartbreaking news. this evil tragedy horrifies us all. to the people of los angeles and victims we're with you at this time. the whole country stands united in our shock and condolences and prayers. bystanders springing to action and becoming first responders on their own and describing people dying in their arms as they were trying to get them hang on to life. these are truly heartbreaking moments. and you will hear a lot about them because there were tens of thousands of people. each one of them has their own
7:34 am
story. >> so few people knew what was going on. they described it sounded like fireworks. as you keep saying this was the final song of the final day of this three-day country music festival. they said we thought it was fireworks. >> bill: this killer knew. he knew the schedule. he had been in that hotel since thursday. he was casing the place for 3 1/2 days and picked his moment to strike. >> then hearing from his brother fresh reaction from him just a few moments ago at his home in florida saying he is absolutely shocked that he could have never predicted his brother would have acted like this. >> bill: we're in the early stages of learning a lot about this. they were looking for a roommate of this killer, marilou danley, described as an asian female. when we came to work at 5:00 or 6:00 this morning she was nowhere to be found. she is going to be, i believe, a great source of information to know what was in the mind of that killer and as to why he
7:35 am
chose this route. >> people are still looking for their loved ones. you have to imagine there was a younger crowd there for a country music concert on the las vegas trips. family reunions are still taking place. people need medical help. 400 people transported to area hospitals. they need blood donors. if you're in the area, please go where you can and donate blood if you're able. >> bill: let's get back to the strip. adam housley reporting all night long. he went there for another story. for the release of o.j. simpson back to civilian life and now we're greeted with this. adam. you showed us the image 45 minutes ago. two windows blown out at mandalay bay. what have you seen since then? >> a number of things. what i would give to be covering o.j.. we were complaining about that and now we have this terror to deal with.
7:36 am
it is just unbelievable. bill, i have to show you something here. it gives you an idea of the chaos. to my left you will see my shoulder the area where the concert was. not far just on the other side of this parking lot. we moved here because we continue want to taint the crime scene and working with local law enforcement and they've been doing great. if you keep coming along you will actually see the stage. why this is important. when we got here people were running in all directions. people had blood all over them that wasn't theirs. we're also finding a lot of other basically the chaos. i'm told if you come through here that part of this metal barrier right here, the metal fence was not like this. that people actually busted through this. it may have been loose or whatever. in the chaos they came this way and this is a good two blocks. if you keep going to my right, which we can't turn the camera because we're blocked out. there is a cyclone fence with
7:37 am
barbed wire. one of the sheds has blood on it and people bloke through the door. people were so desperate to get awith a. this far away from those windows, they were breaking through fences and breaking doors and hiding in a gas facility storage shed. the firefighters walked by us and they'll look in the shed and hopefully they don't find anybody. that's what it was like here, bill, for a number of hours. people coming out with blood all over them. some of them were injured. most were from blood from other people they had helped. we do know that bodies were found right down the street from where i'm standing. three of them were there. one was in front of a hotel over here. those bodies were left. they were taken away initially where the thought the people would survive. with these three once they got to this point and realized it was no longer a possibility. they put the bodies off to one side out of the way to ensure
7:38 am
that they were not messed with and they were covered up. but that was the scene here, bill. those bodies were here until 3:00 this morning. there are still bodies inside the crime scene. the f.b.i. is coming out here. it is unfathomable to really put all this in perspective the firefighters are coming out nou. i don't think they found anything. it tells you the desperation to see blood on a storage facility this far away. >> bill: do you have any information on the caliber of the round that was fired into this crowd? >> we don't. we have people speculating. i don't want to go with speculation at this point. 10 rifles. clearly hearing it. when we got here early, the same thing we were told from everybody inside. a lot of law enforcement off duty. a lot of fire department and military off duty. country concert. they would enjoy that type of music. they all said the same thing.
7:39 am
a lot of firing, three separate bursts, automatic gunfire. one person had two tours in iraq. he knows what he is hearing. so we have a reason to believe the kind of caliber weapon but at this point i know that's being looked into and also the two windows we believe it's the same room. i'll show it to you real quick. some of the viewers were asking us is that two separate rooms. that corner of the hotel i'm told -- i have not stayed in that corner of the hotel. i've stayed in the hotel before. i'm told the exact same room he may have been one of the law enforcement guys and police officers i'm friends with said they believe he may have actually shot out of both those windows and at the angle we first saw our satellite operator great shot when the sun came up. that angle, both those windows have a direct line of sight onto the area where the concert was and would explain why two different areas got shot up. because one of them was blocked out a little bit by the stage.
7:40 am
the other one is not. it could explain why gunfire stopped for a bit as well, bill. >> bill: we talked to an eyewitness last hour. she said she ran up to eight miles trying to find cover and be reunited with her parents. what a story she had to tell. she says she goes to the festival and has been going for the last three years. the route 91 harvest festival. some of the biggest acts in country music. you are in and out of vegas a lot. are you aware of this festival given the number of acts that come through las vegas on a weekly and monthly basis? >> you know what's interesting is that you drive into vegas and fly into vegas and see billboards everywhere. there are acts every night. we were here for the last couple of days for o.j.. we went to dinner. we didn't go on the strip because we're here working. we had some food and the billboards all around. we didn't know this concert series was going on that there would be 30,000 people here. if you haven't been to vegas, a
7:41 am
lot of people have, the strip is such a massive. it seems so small because the buildings are so large. it is actually a long and massive area. we didn't even know this was going on down here. when i heard there was a shooting at a country concert, there is so much stuff going on here. we didn't know it was taking place and we'd been here a couple of days. >> bill: stand by. you'll have a long day ahead after a long night last night. adam housley reporting on the strip waiting on the president and we'll see him in a matter of moments from the diplomatic room at the white house. >> we'll bring it to you live when it begins. buck sexton is a former cia and worked in counter terrorism issues. can you tell us what is going on as far as the investigation is concerned? >> we know they've already found the suspect's home and going through to try to ascertain what the motive here could be. right now people really are just guessing.
7:42 am
they have no idea outside of law enforcement circles what could have brought somebody to engage in such a horrific act. they will be looking for any connection to individuals who may have assisted in perhaps this attack in one way or another. we don't know the status of the firearms that he had yet. were they all legal? was one or several obtained illegally? law enforcement will look closely at that. they will also be trying to work backwards to see if there are any signs missed or security measures that could have been put in place to prevent this in the future. but right now it's just mostly trying to answer the big questions of what could have possessed somebody to engage in such a horrific mass murder spree? law enforcement wants to make sure there is no secretary attacks on individuals tied to him that may decide to act on their own. those are remote possibilities that they have to take seriously. enhanced security posture and greater vigilance in las vegas.
7:43 am
>> you look how fast things happen and the massive undertaking for police and swat. over 3,000 rooms in that hotel. this happened on the 32nd floor where the shooter was stationed overlooking the 22,000 concert-goers. over 40 floors in that hotel. for them to have entered after the shooting began, find that shooter. he then took his own life before police did. but you think about what went down, how fast it happened and how quickly the response -- how quick the response was, buck. >> law enforcement got to the scene very quickly in this instance. under the circumstances, they were dealing with the nightmare scenario, which is an individual who has clearly thought out, taken an elevated firing position, making sure he has ample ammunition to engage in mass murder spree and every minute, every second counts in
7:44 am
this situation. las vegas has an adept police department. they know what they're doing and handle crowd control situations. it has been in the past at least a venue that has received some attention as a possible terror target. the city of las vegas is certainly aware of this kind of possibility. in this instance, because the nightmare scenario was unfolding, law enforcement response became the critical issue. i think they got there as quickly and as well as anybody could have thought was reasonable under the circumstances. when you have someone like this who takes an elevated firing position, has an understanding of firearms and seeking to kill as many innocent individual as possible. law enforcement is only able to do triage of the situation. try to stop what is already ongoing. difficult to have done much more from what we know right now based on the early circumstances of the case. >> to learn he checked in last thursday, september 28th. we don't know if he has been in
7:45 am
that room since. you would imagine based on how many things he had in the room, that there may have been multiple trips or it brings up the question of were there more people involved? >> certainly surveillance involved here. he would have been spending some time i would be willing to bet -- this is not clear yet, he probably walked the grounds even of the concert area to get a better sense of the venue. he may have even looked at what the exits were to get a sense of how quickly the evacuation could happen and also where bottlenecks would occur. from what we've seen, he had
7:46 am
multiple firing positions. he understood his angle of elevation and knew how to fire at that distance. he is firing into a huge crowd of people trying to hit as many as possible. so marksmanship wasn't something that had to be taken into account by this individual. it was just a lust for murder, desire to kill as many people as possible, and the preparations here unfortunately were an essential aspect of why we have such a high casualty counts. the weapons, elevated position. choosing an area with a lot of people that would have a difficult time living and additional casualties maybe based on the stampede effect. the moment people hear weapon's fire, automatic weapons fire, it will get a crowd running. at that point it's a race against the clock with law enforcement. >> we're awaiting the president. president trump is expected to speak any moment now. bill. he was scheduled for 10:30. that is moved back a little bit. >> bill: getting word now from the vatican, too, pope francis in a communication with the bishop of las vegas expressing a spiritual closeness to the victims, too. so we're getting reaction from all over the world but ultimately, sandra, the question is why? why did this happen? what drove this killer to fire indiscriminately into a crowd
7:47 am
of thousands and thousands of concert-goers? there is the killer on screen that killed himself inside that hotel room right as the swat team was closing in on him. age 64, last made his home in mesquite, nevada. before that lived in florida. and we heard from his brother earlier and that's the sound bite we'll play after the president comes out here yet again. you can see the absolute grief on the face of his brother. >> and shock. >> bill: yet again, why? what led to this? right now we don't have those answers. >> to think we're a few hours away when it began. the 911 calls of the shooting began at about 10:00 p.m. last night. the shooting coming from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort. 22,000 people attending a concert essentially across the street from that hotel. the shooter opened fire. people thought it was fireworks and that's when this all began.
7:48 am
and sent 400 people, probably more at this point, to area hospitals as we last heard, 50 confirmed dead. >> bill: i thought what adam showed us there a moment ago, too, with the two windows blown out on the 32nd floor. you had two lines of sight then on the concert-goers in one direction and possibly those fleeing for safety in another. this was sought out, it was cased and had been for days. and police right now scrambling, the f.b.i. scrambling to figure out whatever answers they can find. i mention this roommate. she would be a very, very good source of information for police trying to figure out that question why. >> of course, family reunions still taking place. you spoke to an eyewitness earlier, a young girl who attended the concert. she was waking up this morning and talking to her as the sun was coming up in las vegas.
7:49 am
she spoke with her mother, who was sobbing, as the reality of this situation really set in. and so waiting the president to speak just a few moments from now, tone as we heard from brit hume at the top of the hour. tone will be everything from this president. he suggested perhaps a sense of calm coming from president trump would be good for a nation that is quite frankly terrified after witnessing this massive shooting in las vegas. >> bill: you want to be the one who embraces in a moment like this. we'll see the president do exactly that in a matter of moments here. the tweet went like this. my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. we will see and hear from him in a matter of minutes. >> the nevada governor causing it a tragic act of violence.
7:50 am
the nevada family is shaken and the mayor saying pray for las vegas and thank you to all our first responders who did an unbelievable job reacting to this situation late last night. >> bill: 50 dead at least. 400 wounded. and those numbers may increase. here we go. >> president trump: thank you, my fellow americans, we are joined together today in sadness, shock, and grief. last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas, nevada. he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security are working closely with local
7:51 am
authorities to assist with the investigation and they will provide updates as to the investigation and how it develops. i want to thank the las vegas metropolitan police department and all of the first responders for their courageous efforts and for helping to save the lives of so many. the speed with which they acted is miraculous, and prevented further loss of life. to have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something for
7:52 am
which we will always be thankful and grateful. it shows what true professionalism is all about. hundreds of our fellow citizens are now mourning the sudden loss of a loved one, a parent, a child, a brother, or sister. we cannot fathom their pain, we cannot imagine their loss. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. scripture teaches us the lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. we seek comfort in those words, for we know that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. to the wounded who are now recovering in hospitals, we are praying for your full and speedy recovery and pledge to you our support from this day forward. in memory of the fallen, i have directed that our great flag be flown at half staff. i will be visiting las vegas on
7:53 am
wednesday to meet with law enforcement, first responders and the families of the victims. in moments of tragedy and horror, america comes together as one. and it always has. we call upon the bonds that unite us, our faith, our family, and our shared values. we call upon the bonds of citizenship, the ties of community and the comfort of our common humanity. our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today and always will forever. in times such as these, i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos.
7:54 am
some kind of light in the darkness. the answers do not come easy. but we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light, and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope. melania and i are praying for every american who has been hurt, wounded, or lost the ones they love so dearly in this terrible, terrible attack. we pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace. and we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear. may god bless the souls of the lives that are lost. may god give us the grace of
7:55 am
healing, and may god provide the grieving families with strength to carry on. thank you, god bless america. thank you. >> bill: very somber message. it was an act of pure evil, says the president. praying for the victims during this dark period he said. to the wounded we're praying and we will give you all of our support. flags order at half staff. he will go to las vegas on wednesday and this line, we call upon the bonds of citizenship. and still we search for the answer why. >> an act of pure evil. the president calling this shooting in las vegas saying we're joined together in sadness, shock and grief. he said to the families of the victims we're praying for you and we are here for you. the first lady melania and i are praying for you. a very somber tone by the president. >> indeed it was. you scan the smartphone and now
7:56 am
you scan the personal computer and you search for reasons. and that is happening as we speak. david bossie, former deputy campaign manager for the trump team back with us now and the message was clear. this was a somber president relating to a country that needs a bit of an embrace, sir. >> it was. the president's remarks were incredible. be honest, i'm really proud of our president right now. i think his remarks were exactly what is necessary. he is calling for prayers for the victims and their families. he is so thankful for the police who got to the shooter and stopped even more carnage. and obviously praying for the first responders and thanking them for their selfless acts of
7:57 am
bravery in helping those who were wounded in this incident. i think calling for unity and prayer as a nation is what a president needs to be doing. and for him i just watched, along with you, i can tell that the president is incredibly hit hard by this tragedy. and his response was incredibly heart felt. >> bill: we're only 10 to 12 hours in this and so much we don't know. by the time he arrives there on wednesday we'll have more answers. that visit will be very important to las vegas and meet with people face-to-face. >> and again, we're just learning that. but that does not surprise me. the president is somebody who wants to be there for people. so for him to announce right now, hours into this, that he is going to las vegas, which is incredibly difficult thing logistically to pull off.
7:58 am
but he is going to go there and visit with the victims' families as he just said. and then meet with those first responders. the policemen and women. the thin blue line between us and evil as the president called it, as well as, you know, talk to the first responders, i think is an important gesture for the president to make. and i'm so proud of him for doing it. >> bill: there is a big story still unfolding now. that's the wounded. that some of them may be fighting for life, david. and this is a critical time for them to get the care they need. and we talk about 50 dead but so many times in situations like this these numbers only unfortunately go higher. >> you're exactly right, bill. when you have nearly 400 people
7:59 am
that are injured or wounded, it is a certainty that unfortunately the 50 number of those dead will only go up. and it is going to really be an interesting process for us to go through. >> bill: david bossie. thank you in washington, d.c. for your commentary there. >> to further quote the president. in moments of tragedy and horror america comes together. we ask god to help us during this difficult time. our hearts and our thoughts are with those who are struggling to survive in those area hospitals in las vegas. >> bill: we'll get another briefing from the sheriff's department in 30 minutes as we work our way through this and pick out points and piece it together, these briefings oftentimes are a great source of information for us when we can follow along as we go. so be patient with us and we'll try and get through this together. praying for the victims, the president said, during this
8:00 am
dark period. indeed it is. >> acknowledging the courageous efforts of first responders on the ground. he will meet with them as well as victims' families when he goes on the ground in las vegas on wednesday. >> bill: stay with fox throughout the day. for sandra smith. >> jon: a fox news alert, the deadliest mass shooting in modern america history, already with the number of dead certain to rise. moments ago we heard from president trump, hello, i am jon scott. >> and i melissa francis. president trump made his first on camera comments of the deadly shooting in las vegas that left more than 50 people dead. the president calling the massacre an act of pure evil. saying that americans are united in sadness, shock, and grief. after a country music concert became a killing field.


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