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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 4, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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he is considering a run for president. >> if i can come up with solutions that i think people will -- can get behind and truly solve problems, then it makes perfect sense for me to run. rob: there you have it. we'll see. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. >> breaking overnight, the girl friends of the las vegas gunman greeted by the feds on the tarmac, once again considered a person of interest. rob: police released brand new body cam footage showing their frantic search for the shooter. [gunfire] >> we are getting a look into the hotel room itself from which the gunman carried out the deadliest shooting in modern american history. >> they raided the house and finished cleaning up the house in reno, nevada. what did they find? they found another cache of weapons. >> 47 firearms recovered. recovered from three different locations.
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rob: president trump heading to las vegas today meeting with first responders and victims. the worst mass shooting in modern american history. >> it was the wings of angels. there were so many people that weren't wearing a gun and and badge and fire uniform that came from nowhere to help. brian: all right, everybody. we're going to continue to pursue you this story predominantly. this is a fox news alert. the girl friends of the las vegas shooter arriving back in the u.s. overnight in a wheelchair. ainsley: marilou danley returning from the philippines greeted by the feds moments after landing there at lax, los angeles. steve: she is now considered a person of interest once again as the police and the fbi try to figure out what led the killer to the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. bine brian they also want to know what danley knew as the family speaks out, yep, her sisters saying the gunman sent her away so he could
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unleash the massacre. that's going to be key. what did she know? i mean, she is our last, perhaps, best hope to find out more about this killer, what was his intention? what was the plotting and planning and was it indeed him alone? steve, you are out in las vegas now. what was it like during the day yesterday and what is it like now? steve: well, i will tell you what, brian, actually yesterday during the day, i went in to the mandalay bay i went in through one of the other casinos and i was able to go down to the floor of the casino and it was eerie. there was nobody there except me and the cops. so, you know, a lot of people are still planning on being here for conventions and things like that, but at the same time, in fact, right here, this is all part of the largest crime scene in las vegas history. but what's interesting is all the signs around las vegas usually say the electronic signs that they program that say welcome to las vegas. now they say pray for the
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victims. #vegas strong, things like that. it will be interesting to see what the authorities, brian and ainsley, are able to get from the girlfriend of the shooter because she wound up flying to the philippines about 10 days ago. and law enforcement has not yet mentioned whose account exactly that $100,000 was wired in to. ainsley: that's right. they are saying steven paddock wired $100,000 to the philippines last week. she got on a plane. she went to hong kong first and then flew over to the philippines that was last monday. it's just interesting how all this time frame is panning outs. her sisters live in australia. she has a citizenship in australia. police are saying she wasn't lived there in 20 years. sisters are saying that this guy and his brother is saying they think this guy was setting her up so she could have money and be set up for the future. brian: brother also added for him and the amount of money that he had $100,000
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is not a lot of money considering he is dead and that's it. and by the way the brother went on to say yeah, stephen paddock made eric very wealthy. they went into real estate together or at least he got some money for his real estate activities. so the sisters of marilou danley spoke to 7 news in australia. that's where she was born. let's listen to what they said from what they know about the sister and the killer. >> he sent her away so that he can plan, his planning without interruptions. in that sense, i thank him for saving my sister's life. 59 people lives. can't put the path together except marilou. because not here to talk anymore. only marilou can maybe help. ainsley: steve and brian, when they said he sent her away so he could plan this
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massacre. it almost sounds like she knew. the sisters go on to say she is in shock. she loved this man. she lived with him. she had no clue. authorities say they do have her. they are questioning her but they are not going to charge her at least at this point. steve: what's interesting about her story is there have been a number of reporters have done some digging into her past. and, apparently, according to some sources, she was married to two guys at the same time: she is listed as having a state of residence several different states. also two different social security numbers. there is something going on with this woman who when they are able too sit down her down and ask her questions maybe she will be able to explain what was going on with the guy who she lived with. brian: these two liked to go on crews together in 2012-2013 there is pictures of both of them in the philippines. there is no proof that the tens of thousands, outside
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the 100,000, there is no proof that the tens of thousands went to her account. what account? why would you send money to the philippines, place that you went to or stopped by on a cruise? so there is so many questions. and she is really the one who supply the answers. and the word is she is already talking, ainsley. ainsley: i read an article this morning, steve and brian, that starbucks guy who was inside the virgin river casino, only starbucks in that area. he said that stephen paddock would berate her in public. he said it happened a lot. when she asked to use his casino card to buy something, the starbucks guy said he would glare down with her with a mean attitude and said you don't need my casino card for this. i'm paying for your drink just like i'm paying for you. she would softly say okay and step behind him. brian: that's maybe an indication of their relationship. six minutes after the hour. adam housley has been working the story. >story. ainsley: following the rest of the investigation out there in vegas. adam, what's the latest to your end. >> steve's reporting on
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marilou. she is not in custody. so far i'm told by multiple sources very close to this investigation that she has been very helpful. you got an idea of that from that interview from australia, the sisters say they hope she can help and marilou would be the person to do that best. authorities do the same thing get her here where las vegas has jurekdz. of course, they are the ones investigating this officially. fbi is just assisting. and hopefully she will be able to help unravel what happened here. so, very interesting in regards to that the other big deal yesterday, besides the fact we learned she was coming to the u.s., was the body cam video brought out by the sheriff's department in that press conference yesterday, early evening here in las vegas, unbelievably dramatic. i also had a chance to speak to one of the men on the tactical teams there were a number of tactical teams deployed that night wearing helmets and armor. i'm told one the guys said it took them a little more time to get to the room because they wanted to clear
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three full floors to make sure no one else in the hotel was injured. they didn't know what they were dealing with listen to the dramatic sound coming from that tape that came from the camera on the officer's body. listen. [gunfire] >> go that way, go that way. [sirens] everybody stay down. stay down. >> mansd lay bay coming out of a window. [rapid gunfire] >> go back. go back. >> get back. get back. >> you can hear the chaos in the air coming from those bullets. we know a couple of things with marilou they believe
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again at this hour they are told they didn't know this attack was going to happen but because of the relationship she may know some other instances of him having these weapons, maybe where he got them or who he was talking to. that's what's going to go forward from here. guys, one more thing before i give it back to you, i asked one of the sources here why do you think he stopped shooting when he did? there was more weaponry inside and tons of rounds in that room. why did he stop and kill himself when did he? i'm told this, in that room the percussion level was so loud because those guns are so loud and they had smoke in there as well and it's hot in there and he may at some thought they are coming for me and he wanted to ensure that he was the one to take his own life. that's what happened. it happened significant number of minutes before the team blew open that door and got into that room. back to you guys in new york. brian: shows you how much worse it actually could have been. you have 23 guns there. 40 plus in his three different locations.
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ainsley: 47. brian: as well as other firearms and 23 cases of ammo. this could have been a lot worse. and that was just in nine minutes in which the shooting took place. ainsley: um-huh. steve, the motive, everyone has been asking. who is this guy? who is she? what is his motive? what caused him to do this? i read one report on july 28th, 1960, he was 7 years old and a neighbor took him swimming because authorities -- that neighbor knew authorities were coming for his dad who was on the fbi most wanted list. family was never the same. the mom struggled with raising four sons and the dad escaped from prison two times. they said this child, stephen at the time was seven. he was the oldest son. i wonder if he witnessed this and maybe that affected his life. steve: maybe the girl friend can, you know, fill in some of those blanks. also, as it turns out the shooter for a while worked for the irs and he worked for the post office in addition to being in the insurance business along
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with real estate. meanwhile, the president of the united states is expected to arrive here in las vegas later today. it is expected he will meet with some of the survivors. he is also going to meet with the families of the victims and is he going to be thanking law enforcement for the unbelievably heroic act. one thing, brian and ainsley, though, that he is expected to steer clear of. and that is the topic of gun control, which is a lot of people on cable tv and elsewhere saying this is the time to talk about it here in las vegas people say now is not the time. now is the time to grieve. ainsley: he just wants to meet with the families. the families don't want to talk about that right now. wait a week at least. brian: where he is needed most is prance the hospital. we know 59 have lost their lives. including the shooter. and over 500 are in some cases struggling for their lives, recovering after the shooting. some will never be the same. we do understanding that the number of 527 might be high because some people have been double counted.
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only three people have not been identified. if the president who is one of his great skills is his intrapersonal skills i think where is he needed most is maybe at that hospital with the families in the waiting room and also one thing to bring up, there is a picture threw are series of pictures verified by sheriff lombardo last night that show what it looked like in that room. on one of the tables is a note and pen. i'm curious to see if that note was a list of things to do or why i am doing this. so there might be clues. as forth right and as great as law enforcement has been, they obviously have to hold a lot back. i'm wondering if that's what they are holding back. steve: yeah. one of the other things the police did talk about yesterday was because the photograph of the gunman dead on the floor was leaked to the press, an investigation has been launched to figure out who exactly would have done that. nonetheless, on the internet, the picture is out
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there. and the chief yesterday said yep, that's the shooter. brian: meanwhile jason aldean has cancelled his shows. he was on the stage when the shooting happened october 6th in los angeles, october 7th in san diego and october 8th in anaheim. is he refunding the money for all those ticket holders, obvious reasons. ainsley: stand by we will go to commercial break but we will check back in with you. brian: president trump with geraldo rivera you will see the entire interview. >> to what extent do you commit to rebuild this place. brian: the answer when we return. ainsley: gun laws calling gun violence a public health crisis. does it really qualify? let us know. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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what do you think? >> well, i want to reiterate what they said. thank you to our first responders. all of the healthcare personnel who have helped everyone. that is an amazing job. calling somebody a public health crisis is really a matter of perspective. but with that would come increased funding for research and potentially a lot more mandates when you call something a crisis. usually, when you talk about a public health crisis, that means more like natural disasters or hurricanes, or earthquakes and other infectious disguises we are seeing. that's what i think is more appropriately called a health crisis not gun violence. we have a gun violence problem here is it a public health crisis. ainsley: why wouldn't they call it a security crisis. >> in my opinion it's not a health crisis it's a national security issue. now, i will say though the majority of our gun violence deaths are due to suicides. maybe we have a largely untreated mental health crisis. that is true. that isn't necessarily synonymous with gun violence. we do have mental health issues. in a world right now where
3:19 am
we have record breaking numbers of stds and measles coming back and a lot of public health concerns that is where i think our attention needs to be, our public health funds needs to be attentive towards that. ainsley: you think the democrats are doing this and medical association are doing this just for funding to get more money. >> i'm not going to say why they are doing it when you call something using that rhetoric a crisis the next step is going to be requesting funding for it for research how to prevent it we need to focus on securing our borders. securing our americans and making sure everyone is safe. ainsley: what are legitimate health issues you think need funding you mentioned a few. >> right now we are seeing hurricanes, huge public health issues, diseases, a lot of infections. those really require our help and funding. people in las vegas, we have a lot of healthcare personnel who need to be helping there. ainsley: not to mention breast cancer, heart disease that effect so many in our
3:20 am
country. >> absolutely. ainsley: thank you very much. president trump goes one-on-wonder one with geraldo rivera in puerto rico. geraldo joins us live next. las vegas police honor one of their own, that guy right there, who died as a hero in sunday's attack. ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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3:24 am
their lives. the video revealed at the trial of ahmed rami. very defiant in court. also breaking right now 15 cuban diplomats kicked out of washington, d.c. about time. the state department order comes after a series of mysterious sonic attacks sickened at least 22 americans. a lot of mystery there. some with hearing problems or brain damage. cuba has denied any responsibility. and our first glance of what could become president trump's big beautiful border wall. a 30-foot slap of concrete going up right near the southern border, happening in san diego. the trump administration will choose from 8 different proto types and we will see. the people of san diego will tell you when their fencing went up it improved everything dramatically let alone this wall, ainsley. ainsley: i will be curious to see if advertisers buy. brian: like a minor league
3:25 am
baseball team. ainsley: there is still that crisis down in puerto rico worsening. it got worse overnight as the death toll rose to 34 after hurricane maria. the devastation is just widespread as you can see. brian: president trump got to see it firsthand on a visit to that storm ravaged island there series of meetings. he toured the daniel himself and met with those recovering. ainsley: fox news correspondent geraldo rivera was on the ground and got an interview with the president, an exclusive. he joining us now. hi, geraldo. >> it was very important given the extent of the damage. this is really i believe and this has to sink in with people, the worst natural disaster in modern history in terms of the number of people personally affected. 3.4 million people. 5% of them have electricity. 50% of them have flowing water. 1/3 of them have cell service. the rest are out of touch. their supplies are meager.
3:26 am
they needed very much to be reassured by the president and the first lady. i was delighted that with so much going on and so much catastrophes competing for his attention on center stage that the first family could make the trip to puerto rico. here's the president of the united states. >> many people feared because of the awful tragedy in vegas you would be diverted. you came anyway. why? >> well, they are special people. as you know, i know many people from puerto rico. i come from a place called new york. and i love the puerto rico can people. i also know the island very well. i have been here many times. and we have to help. and we have done a fantastic job. this walls a very tough one. you know, i say he would got an a plus in texas. we got an a plus in florida. we may have done our best work here and it hasn't been appreciated. actually if you can see over the last couple days people are seeing what we have done. the runways are open. the ships are pouring in and at love things are happening so it's great. >> on that note of not being
3:27 am
appreciated i notice the mayor of san juan, probable democratic candidate for governor she did not aplawvmentd welcome to the bitter partisan politics of puerto rico. you have been blamed for everything from kids dying to cholera epidemic that didn't exist. >> i don't know the mayor. she was very, very nice at the very beginning. incredible what happened. all of the sudden she went a little bit on the nasty side. i said i guess she is runs for offers. turns out i was right. isn't that a shock. i would say your current governor has been amazing. your congresswoman has been absolutely amazing. and the people i met your state senators and lots of other people and they have been so thankful. i think virtually every mayor has been so thankful. i met many of them this morning the job we have done. it's the job of the navy and the army and air force, the marines, the whole thing. it's incredible. >> will we see a trump plan to rebuild this poor island? >> well, we're going to help the people. a lot of problems and a lot of debt.
3:28 am
they are 72 billion in debt before the hurricanes hit. and they had a power plant that didn't work before the hurricane. so we are going to help them. we are going to do something and get itack on its feet. >> to what extent do you commit to help rebuild this battered place? >> we are going to work something out. look at their whole debt structure. they owe a lot of money to your friends on wall street. we're going to have to wipe that out. can you say goodbye to that i don't know if it's goldman sachs, whoever it is. can you wave goodbye to that we have to do something about. the debt was massive on the island u and. >> my aunt ellie doesn't care about that. she wants help and food she wants to hear from you. >> we are going to help the people out. we are going to get the electric going again that was a complete wipe out that wasn't like a couple of poles came down that was generating plants. that was a lot of very valuable equipment. but, it was equipment in bad shape but we're going to put it in good shape. >> the president and the first lady were enthusiastically received by
3:29 am
99% of the people. they went around to various neighborhoods to comorst people. here this is the cavalry church. they wentz where food was being distributed. i mean, i can hear how the folks there, the regular folks responded to them. this is not politics. this is real enthusiasm from real people. but there are problems, still, with the relief effort. i spoke to the man in charge. general jeffrey buchanan. here is general buchanan. >> tough logistical situation. you think you have a handle on it? >> it is tough. we're getting better every day. but we really have to bring fuel here. we are working hard to get fuel. without fuel, people can't go to work. we need them to get back to work so we can help the people help themselves. >> what's the logjam on the fuel? >> initially it was ports. the sea ports were closed. the airports were closed. now we have got them open so it's starting to flow. it's a matter of getting there. in the center of the island
3:30 am
we have still got some roads down, we are trying to clear those roads so we can gas all the way up in the mountain. >> do you think you should have been appointed the incident commander a couple days sooner? >> the navy had the lead here from the get-go. they have been here. i have had teams here since the 4th of september. this storm hit and had such a devastating effect my boss general robinson made the decision we needed to shift to a land baled effort. that's why i'm here. >> do you think the worst is over? >> you know, we have got a long ways to go. we really do. it's going to be a long haul until we get -- take care of these people the way they deserve. >> you are a war fighter. how does it feel fighting a hurricane? >> well, i have been helping people a lot all around the world. it's wonderful to help americans. >> general buchanan tells it like it is. a tough, long slog but it is getting done and people of puerto rico are grateful. brian: unbelievable
3:31 am
interview. great follow up with the second most important person on the island of course we are trying to get to the bottom of it some people have doubts that the politician also get the money that we give to the people that need it most. that's why i hope our military can stay directly involved. geraldo, thanks so much. ainsley: politician goes and see in person what the need is thanks so much, geraldo. strong words from mr. las vegas after the treating in his city. >> the one thing that still angers me is that nobody can give reason why this fruit cake did that. ainsley: jillian mele goes one-on-one with wayne newton. why he says the show must go on. that's live next. brian: have you seen this picture? man diving on top of a woman bullets. that was the cover of the "new york post" yesterday. now we know what happened to them. it's a miracle. the story behind that photo next.
3:32 am
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ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert. the las vegas shooter's girlfriend arriving back here in the united states overnight. brian: believe it or not, she arrived in a wheelchair. marilou danley returned from the philippines greeted by the feds moments after landing in los angeles. she is not under arrest. in fact, she is now considered a, quote, personal of interest as person and the fbi try to figure out what inspired the killer. ainsley: we are also learning more about the 59 innocent people that were killed in the attack -- i should say 58 because he is 59. steve: 58. ainsley: survive the deadliest mass shooting in american history. brian: steve has been out working it at night and during the day. person of interest. that's how they described the boston bomber's wife for a while and it took them a while to arrest her. where do you think they are going with this. steve: right. well, keep in mind, initially they said she was a person of interest and then they realized she was
3:36 am
out of the country and they said she is no longer a person of interest. then, after it was discovered that apparently they had wired, he, the shooter, from the 32nd floor, had wired into somebody's account and we don't know whose account $100,000 in the philippines and she was in the philippines. suddenly there were so many dots they needed to connect. they have now called her pattern of interest. she was greeted at lax by the fbi. so she is speaking to them. meanwhile, regarding law enforcement, they lost one of their own. and there was an emotional and heart felt ceremony yesterday for an off duty nevada, las vegas, nevada police officer by the name of charleston heart feldt. 34-year-old guy. also known as charles and chucky. he coached youth football. he wrote a book called "memoirs of of a public servant." one of his relatives said he gave up his life for this country. he was in the wrong place at
3:37 am
the wrong time and got caught in the crossfire as that guy was shooting down. and some people here in las vegas are remembering him on this wednesday morning. ainsley: i hope, steve, people go out and buy his book "memoirs of a public servant." he was a young man. friends say nicest guys ever. the most true blue american guy i ever met. brian: turns out he sadly has two young children. in fact one of his friends troy rhett told the las vegas review journal that he text his buddy heart if he would hoping he was okay. he never got the text back and now we know why. you talk about an off-duty officer, you don't even know what he is doing. sometimes they just want to go to a concert but you are never really off duty if you are a cop. ainsley: like the mode call field. brian: absolutely. meanwhile we will talk about that and of course some scenes too of his body rolling down the street and him being saluted by other
3:38 am
officers. steve, one of your friends was with jillian last night. steve: that's right. we were in las vegas and mr. las vegas has been very vocal with jillian about what happened. jillian: he is one of those guys that he defines las vegas he has been here so long. everybody knows him as mr. las vegas. he was really, really taken aback by this tragedy. you could tell. he had some harsh words for the gunman. take a listen u. >> my first reactions were anger obviously. as the investigation goes on we find out more and more. the one thing that still angers me is that nobody can give reason why this fruit cake did that. your first reaction, again, is will that define las vegas from this point on? and having thought it through, i don't believe it
3:39 am
will i know las vegas will recover from it. it's a terrible, terrible thing. and our sympathies and prayers go out to all the victims and knows that are still fighting for their life. but, we have survived other things in this town and what happened sunday night obviously could not have been -- nobody could assume something like that would ever happen. for that long fruit cake to define what las vegas is, i don't think will happen. i think that by committing suicide he might have in his own mind escaped earth justifiable and the justice of the people. but i know that there is a seat waiting for him in hell. so he will suffer a long time. i think people will understand that they can still come here, have the kind of fun that they look
3:40 am
forward to when they come to las vegas. and we as performers have -- god has given us any talent at all, now is when it should be used to help the town, our community, and those that have been injured to heal. jillian: he had a show last night. he said he didn't really want media there. he had requests for interviews at the show. he didn't want that. he didn't want it to be about that. he wanted it to be a place people could go and heal. people could go and get away for a second. also he and his wife made a donation of $100,000 to the victims. steve: mr. las vegas, the show must go on. jillian: and it did last night. steve: you know ainsley and brian, one of the things that i have noticed, some people still here in las vegas. at the casinos, out trying to have a good time. i was actually back at the mandalay bay. i wentz in yesterday. it was, as you would expect,
3:41 am
but people are somber but they feel like i'm in las vegas. i've got to try to make the best of it. jillian: that's what he said, i have to do that for them. steve: the show must go on. ainsley: think about the impact this is having, not only the financial impact but for years to come, for the rest of these families' lives things will never be the same. this one guy did all of this to so many families and to las vegas. that casino is empty now. people had to change their trips, change their plans. brian: i will answer that, too. they are already changing security procedures. multiple reports of people going through bags of people as they enter some of the larger hotels. after all this guy, they said had 23 bags of ammunition. ammunition moving up and down without anybody saying anything over the course of three days. steve: that's right. over at the wynn hotel, steve wynn's property they did start yesterday doing
3:42 am
some bag checks. they had some hand held metal detector bands. you know, it apparently slowed down people 10 minutes from getting in. at the same time, the people who were slowed down they are thinking oh, good. they are checking now. jillian: they will be on high alert for a long time. brian: jillian and steve stay right there. we will take a short time-out. this next, democrats ramping up an all out assault on the second amendment. >> i think there is an inintentional endorsement that gets sent to these mass murderers when after slaughter after slaughter congress does nothing. brian: really? our next guest says that kind of talk drowns out the real story. and the real story is the amount of heros that emerge. ainsley: a nation is looking for answers after this tragedy. a las vegas pastor joins us live with the message of faith and hope that he is spreading to his devastated city. ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
up intentional endorsement that get sent to these mass murderers when after slaughter after slaughter congress does nothing. brian: but should lawmakers really be politicizing the tragedy and implying that one party or the house of representatives, the that the is responsible because they don't pass legislation that may or may not have helped. our next guest found himself in icu over a year and learned what's important. life lessons from a father to his children, author and fox news contributor erick
3:47 am
erickson. eric, this story with it areas of special interest. politics is your profession. and life and death is what havhave you been forced to deal with you and your life. >> right. brian: sadly, both have crossed. first on what senator murphy was saying. is there an implied go sign to killers because legislation is not passed? >> no. i don't think there is at all. that's a dumb statement for him to make. the fact of the matter is the left immediately piftd to politics and drowned out the stories of all the american heroism that happened. there was terrible tragic stories of people standing up and being willing to take bullets so that others could get out alive. and the media pivoted quickly from those stories to statements like this where nothing that congress could have done short of amending the constitution would have stopped this on the facts we know right now. brian: if you are going to play politics, i would rather not get into it, how could you not look at the 59 people on average killed a month in chicago there was
3:48 am
legitimate concern from late night talk show host. wouldn't they be leading with that every night. >> they should. at love these statistics the senator and others are using because mass shootings in this country are so rare and on the decline rig the statistics to make it worse than what it is. brian: get behind legislation that bump fire stocks that would make a semiautomatic an automatic. which believe it or not we found out is illegal. >> they may very well. the problem is if republicans compromise democrats were more showing they are not willing to compromise. they will just keep pushing and pushing. where do you draw the line? brian: let's talk about drawing the line with you. your family left and right. first your health concerns and then your wife. number one, what have you gone through as a family and how has it changed you and propelled this book? >> last year i found myself dieing in an icu with blood clots in my lungs. luckily survived. my wife on the same day diagnosed with incurable form of cancer.
3:49 am
her cancer were l. mutate and have to deal with it protesters showed up at my house. my kids assaulted at a grotsdry store. made me focus on the fact there is much more to life than yelling about politics every day. brian: you wrote this book, why? >> because i want my kids to know what happened last year to remember when they grow up. also to remember if my wife and i are not there we want ways we want them to be raised and values we want them to share. there is more about life than just politics and the news. brian: did you have to learn that? >> yeah, i think i did. i think. so. brian: in way. >> my day job is politics. i do it all the time. having to step back and say i have so spend time with my family and spend time in the kitchen around the dinner table. find other things to talk about in life and get to know the people next door to us so we have real neighbors instead of facebook friends. our real friends are going to water our flours if we are out of the house our twitter followers won't. brian: why are you not angry. >> i believe in god. i know there is something
3:50 am
better coming. i want my kids to know that. brian: before you wake book is out. look at the big picture someone who is knee deep in politics on a daily basis. coming up straight ahead. go back. go back. [bleep] you. brian: brand new first person view of the las vegas shooting. this came across just a short time ago. this from the police trying to bring this whole situation to an end through a body cam. and how does a national -- how does a nation heal after a tragedy like this? a las vegas pastor joins us live with a message of faith which he hopes spreads throughout this city and throughout the country. ♪ what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything.
3:51 am
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♪ steve: a fox news alert. president trump is heading to las vegas later on today. this as this community is come together after the massacre that killed at least 59 people. churches are holding vigils and trying to help people heal after they're tragedy. joining us here live in las vegas is paul, a senior pastor at the international church of las vegas. paul, good morning to you. >> hi, steve. how are you doing? steve: i'm doing okay. but your community is hurting. >> yeah. it's devastated. i get emotional because, you know, i have been here 25 years. just to see, you know, number one, this is a tragedy and the stories i have been hearing the first night. i was texting police officers, marshals. i was saying how are you guys doing? how are you? not knowing one of our guys was one of first on the floor. steve: he was. >> here i said i am praying
3:55 am
for you right now. we are hearing these stories and with the hospital yesterday helping some families. it's devastating. steve: it is devastating. i know the churches were right next door to the holy redeemer church. they have been holding vigils at night. you have been having vigils as well. some are having vigils to go to work in the morning. people work in casinos and they want to feel like somebody is watching over them. but one of the hardest things. and this is what you and your team are doing. did you go to the hospitals and go to the convention center is people are leaning on you. they still have bodies that have not been identified. >> that's right. steve: they are holding out hope it's not their loved one. >> yeah. steve: they are asking you the question why. what do you say because there is no answer. >> you are right. what we say is we just cry with them. honestly, the thing about our community right now we are saying hey, listen, we love you. they are not even open to answers right now. they are so broken and devastated that they are just wanting to somebody to care about them and love them say okay, we're crying
3:56 am
together. and some are angry. some are yelling and screaming at our team members. we will say hey, listen, what dude due need? can we get you some water, whatever that is be there for them. we have a counseling center. we have counselors volunteering hours to provide for the first responders, for the police officers and their families, for the families flying in right now. that's the one that hurts me the most families flying in to identity theft bodies. we have had team members there at the convention center walking them through this so, yeah, really the only answer is, hey, we love you. what can we do to help? and then we provided hotlines and counselors that are willing to help and train counselors. we are trying to do all those things down the line. this is a long-term healing process right now. steve: that's right. >> it can't be one day. steve: absolutely. this is your community. have you lived here for a long time. paul, thank you very much for and thanks for your good work. >> it's been an honor. steve: paul goulet.
3:57 am
the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter has landed at lax from the philippines. now she is an fbi person of interest. what did she know? that's what trying to figure out. and what we just learned about the relationship between her and the killer. ad. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? ♪ watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done?
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whyou're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. i could hear crackling in the walls. my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. i am grateful we all made it out safely. people you don't know care about you. it's kind of one of those things where you can't even thank somebody. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery
4:00 am
and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. brian: girlfriend of the las vegas shooter arriving back in the u.s. overnight. >> police release brand new body camera footage showing frantic search for the shooter. [rapid gunfire] >> we are getting a look into the hotel room itself from which the gunman carried out the shooting in modern american history. brian: what was his intention and what was the plotting and planning. was it indeed him alone. >> they finished cleaning up the house in reno, nevada, what did they find? they found another cache of weapons. >> 47 firearms have been recovered. these firearms were recovered from three different locations. >> president trump meeting
4:01 am
in las vegas to meet with first responders and victims to the worst mass shooting in modern history. >> wings of angels. some people weren't wearing a gun and badge and fire uniform that came from nowhere to help. brian: this is a fox news alert. girlfriend of the las vegas shooter arriving back in the u.s. overnight. and she arrived being pushed in a wheelchair. ainsley: mary lou danley being greeted by the feds after she landed in los angeles. being treated as a person of interest after police try to figure out what led that kill tore commit the deadliest mass shooting? american history. brian: she might be our last hope. what did danley know as the family speaks out he sent her away so he could launch that attack. are we to believe that steve and fake it as face value? steve: that's exactly right. here in las vegas, everybody wants to know exactly what kind of background she can
4:02 am
provide to the fbi and local law enforcement. i mean she lived with him for a while. she could perhaps explain how he was able to amass some guns and then there is curious ammonium nitrate found in the car. in the houses that they shared. that's the flight she flew in from the philippines. also, keep in mind, she was initially, shortly after the shooting, considered a person of interest but then as soon as it was discovered that shoes was out of the country, they said, okay, we talked to her. she is not a person of interest. until suddenly that $100,000 was wired from his account to somebody in the philippines. she was in the philippines until yesterday. ainsley: his brother, steve, who said he was a good guy, he said that he -- can you condemn steve for gambling. steve took care of the people he loved. he made me and my family very wealthy.
4:03 am
he was trying to take care of you, or her marilou danley as he was descending into hell his brother said. brian: but as he did say, don't take this wrong but $100,000. ainsley: for a millionaire. brian: for a guy with this type of wealth is not a lot of money. we don't know about her. we don't know about the family. we know very little about his family except he was not speaking to his other two brothers. the sisters of marilou danley weighed in last night on 7 news in australia.
4:04 am
ainsley: steve and brian reading some stories about people in las vegas or in the gambling family throughout in that area where you recommendation, steve, who knew him. the starbucks employee where he consistently went to starbucks every morning with marilou said he continuously berated her in public. said it happened a lot. when she asked to use casino card to buy something he would glare down with her with a mean attitude. you don't need my casino card for this. i'm paying for your drink just like i'm paying for you. she softly said okay and stepped back. brian: just think, steve, how much worse it could have been because this guy who planned everything meticulously with cameras, one on the see come down the haul hall. if he had all those guns and weaponry how much worse he planned on making this wounded 500 and killed 59 as the we have picked up one. security guard getting in
4:05 am
fronts knocking on the door and getting shot through that door. and then soon after he would kill himself. that was nine minutes of cancer nableg. ainsley: all right. steve, we have some more stories to share but, first, adam housley is out there with you. brian: he is following the rest of the investigation live in las vegas. continuously how it's unfolded. adam, what do we now know? >> a couple of things. first of all, there has been some questions now as to the interview with the brother of the killer. apparently has been inconsistencies. i'm not sure how significant they are. but clearly don't think that some of the comments made were as clear and concise and as accurate as they would like. but they also at the same time with marilou danley say she has been helpful. but one investigator told me, you know, she had to have seen something. they believe that this man prepared for at least two months. that's the most recent information. that's the working theory at this hour. and we get that as yesterday the sheriff's department
4:06 am
released dramatic video of the tactical teams down here literally to my left responding to the scene. the tactical teams that were, i'm told, every tactical team member was called to work that night under standably. guys came in off vacation. they threw on their vests. they threw on their helmets. they came out to face gunfire. take a listen. [rapid gunfire] >> coming out of a window. [rapid gunfire] >> go back. go back. [bleep] >> get back: get back.
4:07 am
>> some of that video can you see up in the corner, you can actually see the flash. the flash off the building. there has been some speculation about someone shooting from the fourth floor. can i tell you from walking over by that hotel there is no glass broken b by on the fourth floor. explained to me by investigators that's very easy to get confused obviously in a breaking situation like this. people are panicked. and with the mirrored you will see reflections. in that video can you see reflections off the left side of the billing. shols why some of these officers responding had to ensure they were going to the right floor. back to you guys in new york u. steve: that's exactly right. adam, one of the reasons why they thought that there was an active shooter at the tropicana which is right over there because of the sound and the way it bounces around. adam, you have a unique perspective so close to the mandalay bay, and that is because as you can see this crime scene tape behind me. you're actually inside the
4:08 am
crime scene. explain how your truck wound up there. >> well, when this happened, we had an intern. we were on the show with you guys actually that morning. we had an intern that called our desk in los angeles and said, hey, there has been a shooting in l.a. you guys know anything? i'm hiding in the basement of a hotel. 10 minutes after the shootings began. at the time shots still coming out here. they called me because we were in vegas for oj hey do you know anything about a shooting? i didn't. all of a sudden we heard sirens. i know vegas a little bit. we cover a lot of stories here. we came in back route and followed one or two of the tactical teams. in we asked them are we okay? they basically stayed back from us. we let them do our work and stayed back and showed the work they were doing, these men and women and people as you guys know started walking out. people that had been rescuing others. a firefighter from los angeles who pronounced at least 20 people dead. and we have kind of stayed here steve from the
4:09 am
beginning, making sure that we stayed out of the way of law enforcement. they have moved us a couple of times u. that's why we are here. i have got to tell you, you know, people have criticize you had the situation like this but we have seen some amazing work done not only by off duty folks that were here, by volume volunteers police officers still out here working crazy hours to still ensure security in the city and at the same time secure security here at this location where some people were killed. ainsley: adam, thank you for your reporting. you know, steve, brian, adam mentioned that authorities believe he might have been planning this for months. there is an article in the daily mail today where they interviewed a guy named leo miller, is he a fellow gambler. he said a few months back this guy, this killer was or alleged killer, i guess, he was in the casino gambling answered looked at the table, looked at everyone around the table and he said i wish i could go kill my mom. i don't know why the hell she brought me into this world. he said when he was sober,
4:10 am
he was a nice guy. when he started drinking, he didn't know what he was doing around the table. steve: oh, man u there is also a story because people have suggested why was he targeting this particular venue. was it a country music fans? as it turns out apparently about 10 days ago, he tried to check in to another hotel that would have overlooked another big concert, life is beautiful concert chancellor rapper and lords. he couldn't get a room there 10 days later of course now it looks like he checked in september 27th at the hotel behind me. meanwhile president trump will be arriving later today. is he expected to meet with. so survivors at the hospital. is he also expected to talk to some of the family members of the victims right here in las vegas. brian: so the president is going to come out here and also getting questions already about gun control. he is getting questions about, you know, what kind of laws are you going to
4:11 am
pass? he says there is going to be time for that we will look at that and got some republicans concerned about gun rights a little worried that people are going to overreact emotionally. you want universal background checks? this guy passed a background checks. you wants to sell guns legally this guy has guns legally. you wants to stop devices out there to make a semiautomatic an automatic it turns out this device is legal and even putting it on a gun according to atf is legal. there is going to be issues out here. but knee jerk reactions to passing laws that wouldn't have helped is not going to help. but that's where the president might feel some pressure. i don't know if he is going to have a chance to meet with the press. if had you a chance to look at the schedule, steve. i know he is going to want to deal with the families, first. ainsley: problem with the gun control issue the people who do the right things and own guns and use them properly, their argument is how can we defend ourselves against people like this. because they are still going to do what they are going to
4:12 am
do many people would say. they will make a semiautomatic by putting bump stoppers on them. they are going to come out with semiautomatic or automatic i want to be able to protect myself. steve: sure. the other points that some people here in las vegas are making in talking to law enforcement, it's like, okay, people are talking in the political world about more laws. what law would have stopped that man from going in to that hotel with a best of your knowledge of guns, concealed in bags. what law would have stopped him from killing all those people? because, remember, the windows didn't open. he used that hammer we saw in the pictures to crack open two sides of that two bedroom suite he had to shoot down on people. and now here in las vegas over at the wynn hotel they are starting to do some bag checks. starting to wand some people and making people feel just a little bit safer. still, even here in las vegas, people are on edge. ainsley: no doubt people's lives are changed forever.
4:13 am
brian: no other president has been forced to deal with outside of 9/11 a series of natural disasters followed up by this horrific crime. steve, stay right there at 12 minutes after the hour a lot coming your way. ainsley: shooter's girlfriend is now back here in the united states. what can be learned from her? allen dershowitz joins us next. brian: and what he would ask her. jillian's interview with wayne newton coming straight ahead. >> the one thing that still angers me is that nobody can reason why. can't do that. and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699.
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4:17 am
tell you. brian: a fox news alert. overflight the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter arriving back in the united states. ainsley: marilou danley now considered a person of interest and met by the fbi down on the tarmac when she got off the plane. big question now what does she know and how will she impact this investigation? here to weigh in on this is attorney and harvard law school professor and the author of the book that's here on the set with us called"trumped up "mr. allen dershowitz, thank you for being with us. dr. dershowitz. >> thank you. ainsley: we have so many questions about this girl.
4:18 am
how did they lure her to come back to the u.s.? did they have to talk her into it. >> they had to talk her into it. she could have resisted. they are trying to persuade her at this point that she is not a suspect, that she is just a source of information and that she doesn't need a lawyer, she doesn't have to worry about what she said. if they can keep her as a person of interest not a suspect they will get a lot more information from her. if she begins to believe that she is a suspect, she going to get a lawyer the lawyers are going to begin to play chess with the government, what do have you for me. what do i have for you, and it will become much harder to get information. brian: i don't know anything about her. reasonable person would know there they would be in trouble. they have been together constantly since then. she has to know fundamentally that she is being looked at by more than just a source. >> here is the way they should play it and probably they will. they will say to her, look, we congts think you knew at
4:19 am
the time or you were suspicious. but now in retrospect, with the benefit of hindsight. have you now seen the horrible thing he did, you must now remember things that may not have meant anything to you then but will mean something now. so tell us, did he get any calls from foreign sources? was he on the internet? all of those questions. brian: where is the money? where is the $100,000 it didn't necessarily go to her. ainsley: we don't know that wired to the philippines. her sister said she didn't know anything. she was sent away by him at the last minute. he called her and said i have found a cheap ticket to the philippines for you. the sisters live in australia. could her defense be because we have this starbucks employee say he berated her constantly. he was always talking down to her saying i will pay for your drink just like i pay four making her feel terrible she would cow tail to him and stand behind him. could her defense be clearly
4:20 am
this guy is evil. not a good person. could she say, you know, i was too scared to stand up to him? >> i think they are going to use that as leverage. they are going to say if they have to get to the point where they have to use leverage, they are going to say, look, we can make a case against you, $100,000, that might have been hush money. had you to have suspected something. this is months in the planning. but, if you completely and fully cooperate with us, and tell us everything, stretch your memory, we'll give you a deal. ainsley: what would you recommend if she were your client to do in that situation? >> i hope she doesn't get a lawyer for purposes of getting more and more information. but if i were her lawyer, i would have to tell her at the moment not to cooperate, to wait until we can make a deal, get formal immunity both from the federal and state government. if you are a lawyer, you have to look out only for the interest of your client. brian: thanks, professor. thankfully you are not a lawyer because we need to get information. coming up straight ahead, we
4:21 am
are learning more about the shooter. biggest question still remains. why don't we know more? it's been three days. americans, 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus heart health support with b vitamins. one-a-day men's.
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4:24 am
♪ ainsley: back to the latest to the las vegas massacre in just a moment. first, some other news stories making headlines. starting with this fox news alert. brand new video, look at this, showing the chelsea bombing suspect wheeling suitcases through new york city just moments before a pressure cooker exploded last year sending people running for their lives. the video revealed at the trial of ahmed ry ahmed rooney. al series of attacks sickens
4:25 am
at least 22 americans. some with hearing problems. others with brain damage. cuba is denying any responsibility. and another business pulling tv ads from the nfl games after weeks of players protesting the national anthem. the owner of flemington car and truck country dealership in new jersey are upset that the league has no policy to ensure players respect the american flag. we are going to send it out to steve in las vegas. steve: all right. ainsley, thank you very much. more than 48 hours after the las vegas massacre, law enforcement officials have yet to figure out the motive saying only he was obviously prepremeditated in his actions. >> this individual is premeditated. obviously premeditated. the fact that he had the type of weaponry and the amount of weaponry in that room it was pre-planned extensively. i'm pretty sure he evaluated everything he did in his actions, which is troublesome.
4:26 am
steve: so why don't we know more? former las vegas police officer and national spokesperson for the american council on public safety reangsd sutton joins us live here outside the mandalay bay. lieutenant, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: clearly it was premeditated. >> yes. steve: have you ever seen a situation where somebody we know that he was -- he had plenty of ammo out there. but he had two cameras outside the room, and one of the people as well. >> the fact that he was so well prepared that he had this amount of tactical experience, really shows that he was planning this for a very long time. those cameras that he put on a service cart outside were -- this was very, very smart of him. because it alerted him when law enforcement or security was closing in on him. steve: and speaking of law enforcement, every one of the patrolman had a body cam. yesterday at the late press briefing, they actually
4:27 am
showed some of the body cam video it is so stunning. when you look, randy, at the video and you hear what the guys were going through, it's unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. a lot of radio traffic that i can hear also showed the amazing professionalism of not just the police officers that were there, but the dispatchers, the dispatchers are the unsung heroes here. you heard the amazing restraints and the calmness as they did their job. steve: he fired up to 11 minutes. this is just -- it's hard to watch knowing what happened. and the fact that there was so much premeditation, why don't we know what the motive is at this point? we know he wired $100,000 to the philippines. >> right. steve: we don't know exactly who at this point. we know his girlfriend is a person of interest. she now is in the custody of the fbi. she is talking to them -- i shouldn't say custody. why don't we know the motive yet? >> this is really interesting. this is unlike every other mass shooting we have had
4:28 am
where the individuals really portrayed what they -- what their reasoning was. that was part of their deal. this guy is truly the boogie man. nobody knows yet. he had no digital footprint that they have discovered yet. he literally came out of nowhere. is he a successful man. is he financially successful which was one of the reasons how he was able to finance this massacre. but, truly, as this thing unfolds, the only answers are going to be through a serious investigation as they get into his devices, his phone, his computer and prance that's where the answer lies. because, right now, they may know a little bit more. i think they are being very transparent about what they do know and it's not very much. steve: all right. of course yesterday a sad day. they were talking down at the police station an officer that you lost charleston heartsif he
4:29 am
would. i knew you met him one of the greatest officers. >> everyone speaks of this young man as a true professional. not only deserve his country in the military for a number of years, but then with the las vegas metropolitan police department. in fact he even wrote a book about being a public servant. steve: "memoirs of a public servant." >> which shows you the dedication he h he leaves family behind and all those brothers and sisters in law enforcement. steve: he was off duty. he was just there watching the show. >> here is what is interesting. like many other off duty personnel. military that were there, the sheriff made particular mention that when the bullets were reigning down, this officer sprang into action. and he began to do his job as a cop. that's what is expected of him. and he didn't let anybody down. steve: that's right. also, the sheriff yesterday said the official body count of the number of victims was 58.
4:30 am
then 59 with the shooter. >> right. steve: yesterday afternoon out at sunrise hospital one more person who had been in critical condition passed away. so now the death toll is at 60, including the shooter. >> i wouldn't be surprised in that death toll rises. steve: lieutenant, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. steve: all right. meanwhile, we are in las vegas and coming up mr. las vegas, wayne newton has a powerful message for his city about the shooter. jillian has an interview with wayne coming up next. and congressman steve scalise speaks out to fox news. why he says what happened to him and the tragedy in las vegas has strensd his views against more gun control. which l run you off the court. hugs and kisses, mom. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
♪ >> feeling the impact, i said i think i was just shot. it felt like a huge baseball
4:34 am
just the force of it going through my stomach. and then i looked down and there is blood everywhere. and i knew i was shot. >> people were collapsing. people -- some people in an instant they were dead. >> you run one way and see rounds hitting the ground and run the other way. 10-foot fences. we were mice in a maze. brian: sean hannity interviewing some eyewitnesses last night bringing that front and center. a lot of them, steve, a lot of them actually coming to grips with what they experienced. and a lot of people in war say the same thing. they go through a battle and a couple days later is when he this start feeling the emotions of knowing their life was in the balance as reality sets in. ainsley: i'm sure, they will have ptsd many of them replaying what happened on sunday night. >> just every time they hear loud noise or anything else. it's just natural. you know what's interesting is when you put into perspective what they have gone through and it's going to take a very long time for
4:35 am
them to process because they are still certainly in some sort of shock is something who -- somebody who three months ago wentz through a shooting situation with somebody with a high powered gun was steve schees. steve schees talked to martha last night on the channel. what's interesting about his point of view, while so many people in washington are talking about, you know, we're going to do something to reign in the nra and things like that. steve schees actually says that the shooting that happened to him, just like las vegas has strengthened his feeling that we have enough gun laws. watch this. >> i think it's fortified it because, first of all, have you got to recognize that, you know, when there is a -- when there is a tragedy like, this the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and do whatever we can to help them, to help law enforcement. we shouldn't first be thinking of promoting our political agenda. and i think we see too much of that where people say okay, now you have to have
4:36 am
gun controls. frankly what i experienced was when there was a shooter, we had -- luckily we had capitol police there with their own guns. every single day in america, regular citizens that just have a passionate belief in the second amendment that have their own guns use guns every single day to protect themselves against criminals. those stories never get told or hardly ever get told. that's a different side of the story that i think is important. brian: worthy of this whole debate is that true reason why more people weren't shot and harmed and killed was because there were two people there with guns. and the reason why maybe some terrorists year seas are having success in england and in france is because so few do have guns. so, there is an argument to be made on both sides. also thought it was interesting that tony shaffer, who does a lot of cia work in terms of investigation, says that the shooter that shot steve schees is remarkably similar to what we know so far about this shooter that shot so many in las vegas. ainsley: they just want to
4:37 am
kill just mass people. you know, steve, we were talking about gun control. if you look at the people, there are more people that know how to handle guns, own guns that do the right thing. there are people like this guy. you hate to punish those people who need to protect themselves from a crazy man like this or some dad teaching his son how to hunt deer in sout south carolina. maybe there is a compromise here. could we talk about maybe making those what are they called the block stoppers that change a semiautomatic. brian: fire stops. ainsley: could they make these illegal? in and of themselves they are not dangerous. if you attach them to semiautomatic they're. brian: meanwhile, steve, you they're with jillian who really feels this hurt personally in las vegas. jillian: that's right. we had a little while yesterday to talk to wane newton. you know him. is he mr. las vegas,right? steve: he is. jillian: a huge person to this city. we did the interview and afterwards we spent a lot of time talking toe and his wife about what las vegas means to them.
4:38 am
they know this is a place where people ce to escape to kind of forget about what's going on in their life to have some fun. you could tell he was really affected by. this take a look. >> my first reactions were anger, obviously. as the investigations go on, we finelsd out more and more, but, the one thing that still angers me is that nobody can give reason why this fruit cake did that. your first reaction again is will that define las vegas from this point on? and having thought it through, i don't believe it will. i know las vegas will recover from it. it's a terrible, terrible thing. and our sympathies and prayers go out to all the victims and those that are still fighting for their life. but, we have survived other things in this town.
4:39 am
and what happened sunday night obviously could not have been -- nobody could even assume something like that would ever happen. jillian: president trump is coming to las vegas. your thoughts on that? >> my thought is i'm thrilled. i think he brings with him the attention of the world. and he coming here is showing people that this is a great city and they are great people. i know that if anything good is learned or if anything is learned that can be used in a meaningful and progressive way, it will be. but i think that this terrible thing could have happened anywhere to any city. jillian: i will tell you he knew he was going to have a
4:40 am
hard time last night. he also knew he had to get the show going again. did he perform last night. he said he has to be that outlet for people who still need to escape because that's what las vegas is by the way, he and his family donated $100,000 to the victims. so, i posted something on twitter just saying this interview was coming up and people say good for him. is he not just talking the talk. he is a man creating action. is he doing. this. steve: this is his town. like so many people who we have met and jillian and had lunch with fox news contributor bob massi yesterday. people in this town, brian and ainsley, are simply in shock. this is a place where people go to have fun and get away from the real world. and as of sunday night, this place got way too real. brian: people who live there don't usually go to the strip. we don't normally hang thought midtown manhattan if you are in manhattan because that's where a lot of tourists go. now they are coming here saying oh my godness this means so much to the state what it means in the future let alone those struggling
4:41 am
for their lives in area opts. good job, jill i can't believe. steve, check back in with you shortly. new focus for investigators the gunman's girlfriend and $100,000 he wired to her home country and tens of thousands prior to the last week. where will the money trail take this investigation? ainsley: out of the horror stories come stories of heroism. so what was it like running toward the danger? the first responders are going to join us live with their firsthand account. ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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4:44 am
bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ainsley: now back to the latest on the las vegas massacre in just a moment. other headlines. getting police training to recognize potentially dangerous guests. the nypd is talking to security staff now and house ceerps on how to spot
4:45 am
suspicious luggage like gun cases. and the latest data breach in history just got bigger. turns out every single one of yahoo's users, that's 3 billion people were impacted. that is three times as much as yahoo originally reported. the stolen information did not include card data or bank account information. could it be a billionaire vs. billionaire in the 2020 presidential race? >> if i can come up with solutions that i think people can get behind then it makes perfect sense for me to run. ainsley: mark cuban making the reveal on podcast. is he not ready to commit to a run just yet. brian, down to you. brian: 15 minutes before the top of the hour. vegas meeting with agents on the tarmac trying to find out what she knew without getting her defenses up.
4:46 am
now we know the shooter wired $100,000 to her home country, not necessarily her in that country the philippines days before the mass murder. she spent considerable time in stral i can't. what could that tell us about the investigation. here to weigh in daniel hoffman. this is an international story, dan. here's what i'm thinking, the fact that he likes to cruise and photos have emerged of him with her in 2012 and 2013 in the philippines. if i'm putting you on this scene, on this crime, where are you going with this? >> well, you are right. the scope of the investigation has gone well beyond the forensics and the tragic loss of life in las vegas. in an international engaging with law enforcement counterparts in australia because the shooter's girlfriend had a passport for austria i can't. she was in the philippines and tokyo. we don't know where she has been before. there is a lot of work to be done on the liaison front
4:47 am
with the fbi. brian: i thought the cia took over. the cia will play a role but still let the fbi lead. >> this will be fbi lead because of criminal investigation. there is custody of evidence that the fbi would want to hold and it's more appropriate for them to do the work. brian: philippines with huge al qaeda presence. isis presence, what are you seeing abu saef was born there. do you shut down isis? they keep claiming this is our guy our soldier our revenge for destroying our caliphate. what do you do with that? >> we don't know where the shooter was connected with isis or not. there are some unknowns in this case. so much evidence and intelligence to collect. isis has claimed it is their own. i'm sure abu baghdadi sees propaganda benefit in doing. so even if it's not true, he would hope to inspire his followers to conduct similar sorts of violence against the west. it was only back in may when
4:48 am
terrorists attacked the manchester concert in the u.k., similar sort of venue that's extremely disconcerting. very hard to protect an open air concert. how you extend the safety perimeter to protect the civilians attending the concert. i think al qaeda would take that lesson. brian: does it -- what stands out with you when you find out that he has 43 weapons, three different locations and he had 23 guns and multiple bags of ammunition, including ammonium nitrate in his car? this could have been a lot worse than nine minutes of mass shooting. >> absolutely could have been it shows he had tremendous amount of preparation. he may -- brian: they say two months. does that seem right to you. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it was quite considerably longer than that he may have thought about this years ago. and done lots of surveillance even on the net and determined which site he wanted to pursue. but, the amount of weapons that he held certainly indicates he might have
4:49 am
considered launching at other targets beyond the one that he chose ultimately. brian: i hate to think of it right now as we know it, this whole case hinges on his girlfriend. how do you get her not to put her wall of defenses up and open up? >> i mean the fbi i have seen them do this before. they are very effective at managing people of interest. and i have no doubt that they will collect lots of information from other sources and then proceed accordingly in interviews with her. brian: one thing i do know if isis al qaeda didn't do this, they are certainly learning from. this they are studying our reaction and studying, you know, where we go from here. >> they will study the incident response because al qaeda likes to mount spectacular attacks where first responders will show up at the first attack only to see there are second and third attacks from there. brian: daniel hoffman thanks so much. >> thank you. >> international perspective on domestic crime. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. he was sleeping with his daughter called him and said
4:50 am
daddy they are shooting. that first responder joins us live with what happened next. and he was on stage with the bullets started flying this morning and the powerful message from jason aldean for all of america. then geraldo one on one with president trump in puerto rico. nobody else got that interview. he did. we'll show it. ♪ ♪ theratears®. theratears® is more than just eye drops. it's eye therapy. dry eye symptoms are caused by a salt imbalance. theratears® unique electrolyte formula, quickly restores the natural balance. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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steve: amid the horror here in las vegas, incredible stories of heroism emerging, people ran from the danger first responders and some civilians were actually running toward the gunfire. one of those people, brian rogers, he is the co-owner of community ambulance answered responded to the scene. he joins us right now live. good morning to you. >> good morning. all right. let's take you back to sunday night. how did you find out that
4:54 am
there was somebody up on the 32nd floor trying to kill people? >> i was lying in bed. and i got a phone call. i looked at the phone and it was my daughter. and i picked up the phone, expecting to hear how wonderful her night was. and she was crying and she said, daddy, they are shooting at me. steve: she was at that show. >> she was at that show. i don't think at first it registered. and i said what did you just say? steve: right. >> she said, daddy, they are shooting at me and there are people dead. and i said where are you? she told me. and i said you get into the medical tent. steve: he operates the ambulances for the event which the staging area was right behind us. >> yes. yes. steve: you told her go find the medical tent. >> she went and found the medical tent i assume because i immediately went into now my first responder hat. i put my first responder hat on and i started heading down here. i was on my radio, i was coordinating a response. we wound up sending 25 ambulances.
4:55 am
but i only let them go to las vegas boulevard and russell because we didn't know if we were safe or not. i had them there. i had a page sent out to all my employees. i brought in every employee in the company. steve: at the same time, brian, you are activating your entire emergency response, but your daughter is over there. so what did you tell your folks? >> well, i created another channel and i got on the radio and i told the person who was in charge out here, i said bob, you go find my daughter. the first question was is everybody okay? he said yes, it's just chaos. i said okay. did you go find my daughter. and a couple minutes later he got back on the radio and said brian, i have eyes on her, she is okay. steve: then you eventually drove her out in an ambulance along with others. here's the question, take off your first responder hat and put on the dad hat. are you ever going to let your daughter go to another show. >> you know, if you would have asked me that right after i would have said no. but then after thinking about it, i'm not going to
4:56 am
let one crazy s.o.b. run my life or my family's life. we are going to live my life the way we want to. i have to do that to honor those that gave so much that night. steve: that night was unbelievable. you were telling us in the commercial break about how this area back here you pronounced so many people dead right here on this street, just because people cartecarted them out and left them here because it was a safer place. >> when i pulled up here, the first thing i did was started seeing people running. they were still running out. i looked around and i saw people that were just lying around. and that's where i met up with my daughter again. and she ran into my arms. i gave her a hug. and she said daddy, these people are dead. i said yeah, baby, i love you. get in that ambulance. go home. and then i started taking care of people. steve: brian rogers, thank you very much for your response. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. steve: we're going to step aside. more "fox & friends" live
4:57 am
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brian: the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter arriving back in the u.s. overnight. >> police release brand-new body cam footage showing their frantic search for the shooter. [gunfire] >> we are getting a look from in the hotel room itself where the shooter carried out the deadliest shooting in history. >> they rated the house or finished cleaning up the house in reno, nevada. and what did they find? another stash of weapons. >> 48 firearms were recovered from three different locations. >> no digital footprint that they've discovered yet. we literally came out of nowhere. steve: here in las vegas, president trump will be arriving later today. expected to meet with some of the survivors at the hospital
5:01 am
>> there were so many people that weren't wearing a gun and a badge and a fire uniform that came from nowhere that helped. ainsley: this is a fox news alert. the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter arriving back here in the united states overnight. brian: yeah, she's going to have to answer a lot of questions. returning from the philippines, greeted from the fbi agents, who she was already talking to while landing in los angeles. ainsley: she's considered a person of interest to talk about what led her boyfriend to commit the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. brian: also as her family speaks out while the gunman is way. but that's their perspective. ainsley: and all of this is happening as we're waiting for the president to depart from joint base andrews from las vegas where he will meet with victims and families and first responders. and that's where we find
5:02 am
steve. he is in las vegas where the president is headed. steve. steve: that's right, remember ainsley. the folks here in las vegas are really thankful that the president is heading out. there is some question whether not be able to make it because, of course, famously he was scheduled to go to puerto rico yesterday, which he did, and now he's flying directly here from washington, d.c. and you know what? this is a town that needs the president. they need to hear from him. at this point, we still don't know the motivation. there aren't a lot of answers why that guy did it. but nonetheless, at the time of national mourning, and it's great the president is headed this way. ainsley: i think we need to go through some of the stories that we have learned overnight to share with our viewers. who this lady is, who the girlfriend is, and who the man was. we've heard so many eerie stories about his personality. about the starbucks worker who said he berated her in public when asked to use his casino
5:03 am
car to. said you don't need my casino card for this. i'm paying for my drink just like i'm paying for you. solve says okay. and steps behind him. brian: and multiple workers of starbucks says that's the way they treated and constantly came in. a very, very sick individual. i imagine most of the things he's going to be doing is psychology this directly and indirectly by the attack. but what else do we know about him? we know he has a total of 47 weapons if you look at all three locations. we know he sends tens of thousands of dollars to the philippines. and last week, about $100,000. but, steve, no one saying it went directly to this woman. steve: that's right. all we know is that the money was wired to the philippines. we don't know whose account it was wired to. and so that opens up a lot of questions. you know, when you look at the guy's background, we knew that he apparently a prolific gambler here in las
5:04 am
vegas, and he made some money with -- when he was working in the insurance industry as well. but apparently in his background for a while, he worked for the irs, he worked for the postal service. but perhaps -- obviously, the thing he'll be known for the most is what he did back there on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. but the precision with which he put it all together, it clearly was premeditated. he checked in -- now we're hearing apparently he came in on september 27th. our producer just showed us there is now online some of his receipts from room service, so he was buying things back in his two-bedroom suite early. but look at the family of the woman, the girlfriend. they talked, actually, to australian television. and this is what they said about the relationship with him and her. >> so that he can plan what
5:05 am
he's planning without interruptions in the sense, taking my sister's life but 59 peoples life, no one can put it together. no one except mary lieu. only she can maybe help. brian: and, ainsley, in 2012 and 2013, there were pictures now emerging and verifying of them both in the philippines together. we do america and work, and they send money back home. and usually if they're here illegally, they can't go back and forth. they go without seeing their kids for five years, whatever. this tells me that she
5:06 am
probably is a citizen or has some sort of work visa to come back and forth. also, maybe he's wiring money there to help her extended family. she also has a citizenship in australia that hasn't lived there in 20 years, we're learning. but at first, they say he sent her away. but she didn't know anything that he told her i'm sending you back to the philippines. i found a cheap ticket for you. send her away, and she didn't know anything, steve. steve: that's right. and one other tidbit from his family. his brother eric told reporters yesterday they hope during the autopsy they found that he had a brain tumor. and that would be the only way they could explain what had happened. meanwhile, less than a mile away from where i am now is adam. adam is going to tell us what the authorities are now releasing regarding what they found inside the room.
5:07 am
>> steve, you mentioned his brother quickly before we get to the room. i do know with speaking with our contacts that there is some questions about some of the statements that the brother has made, and there may be some misstatements in there. so, of course, that all goes forward. back to his hewell planning process, i'm told they believe he was planning at least two to two and a half months before this attack. and in that room, of course, was a massive amount of weapons. we'll get to that in a moment. first of all, you could tell the massive amount of weapons, and you could hear about what was going on just from the body cam video that was released yesterday by the sheriff's department here. there were tactical teams that arrived on scene here from all over. i met one member who was off that day. called in, grabbed his helmet and gear, got here on the ground. we saw several tactical teams working where we are right now on that brutal night. and then, this video is just -- you don't have to say anything. just take a listen.
5:08 am
[gunfire] >> go that way, go that way, go that way. they're shooting right at us, guys. everybody stay down. stay down. >> where is it at? >> mandalay bay, coming out of a window. [gunfire] . >> go back. go back. (bleep). >> i'm shot. i'm shot. >> get back. get back. >> again, part of that video too, you might want to notice that you'll see parts of the hotel from the mandalay bay, it appears there's splashes coming from the east side. far from where his room are was and might explain why there's theories out there that there may have been more gunman. right now, police insist that is not the case. let's take a look at inside
5:09 am
the room as well. one of the tactical teams was there, and they were the only team inside that room. they believe that's where these photos came from. and there's an internal investigation going on right now. but it shows the firepower this man had from one expert and federal agencies. in order to shoot and understand these weapons, he would have to basically practice for a couple of months just because they were so different. and, guys, there's a lot of information we're still learning. a lot of investigation still to do, and they are hoping that mary lou can help with that. again, right now, she's just a person of interest. she is not in custody, but she has been helpful so far. brian: and, of course, professor dershowitz says not to get a lawyer so they get as much information as possible before this becomes a legal situation. thanks, adam. >> absolutely. ainsley: steve, we know we've been reading this morning about jason aldean and how he's speaking to the country. he was on the stage singing during this massacre. he ran off the stage. and he has posted something on instagram. he said something has changed in this country.
5:10 am
and in this world lately that is scary to see. this world is becoming the kind of place i'm afraid to raise my children in. at the end of the day, we aren't democrats or republicans, whites or blacks, men or women, we are all humans, and we are all americans, and it's time to start acting like it and stand together as one. says the man who is having his first child soon. his wife brittany is pregnant. actually, he has two daughters from another marriage i think. steve: and jason mentioned there's something changing in this country. there's something changing a little bit here in las vegas. yesterday, the wynn hotel, which is not far from where i'm standing, they started doing some bag checks as people were checking in, looking through bags, making sure they didn't have something they shouldn't have. and also, they started doing with metal detector wand. took an additional ten minutes per customer to make them get in the hotel, but it made them feel a little safer. meanwhile, there's one other person who has been talking to the press, and it's a veteran by the name of chris bethel.
5:11 am
his hotel room, he was actually up in the mandalay bay that night. he called the police because his hotel room was directly below the gunman, and he's angry, and he would like some answers -- and this is one of the reasons the sheriff yesterday was talking about response time. is because i gave -- he said i gave the police exactly the location of the shooter, and it took over an hour for the raid. and, in fact, the team was waiting for 24 minutes. so he would like some answers, and that's why the local police here are feeling the heat to try to explain the response time. they did it yesterday. it seemed to make a lot of sense to me, but i'm not in law enforcement and people weren't shooting at me. so i'm sure they've got a really good reason but nonetheless, that vet would like some answers. brian: because nine minutes of shooting, the security guard gets there, shot through the door, for some reason the gunman thought it was over, so he killed himself. but 72 minutes later is when they bust in the door. and in the end, they didn't wait for s.w.a.t.
5:12 am
but i saw a sheriff last night be somewhat defensive and a little angry when people started criticizing their response. and then he rolled some of the body camera footage to talk about that. i just want to bring up something else. they did try to find everything possible in terms of video. they actually found the video that steven paddock sued the hotel for when he evidently fell, and he claimed hurt himself and hurt his leg. that video is now out there. so when these officers says we know of him locally, i guess they know of him because he's a big gambler, been around, and he's actually sued a hotel. ainsley: yeah, he sued the cosmopolitan hotel for $100,000, he lost that lawsuit and now owes the courts $270,000 and never paid that. brian: still trying to find out a lot more. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the hour. meanwhile, democrats ramping up an assault on the second amendment. for example.
5:13 am
>> many republicans in congress have tried to in fact the dream agenda of the nra and the gun lobby. brian: there's a lot of democrats too, by the way. tell that to joe manchin. former vice president mark reacts to the new cries for gun control. that's next. ainsley: then geraldo, one-on-one with the president down in puerto rico. how will he help rebuild the hurricane? that interview straight ahead i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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ainsley: a fox news alert. president trump arriving now at joint base andrews set to depart from las vegas where he will visit the first responders and the families and survivors days after that horrible massacre. and ahead of his visit, democrats wasting no time calling for gun control. brian: former press secretary for vice president pence, and he joins us now to react. mark, we have the intensity of the events right now are beyond description. so we have a massacre like we haven't seen in this country. meanwhile, you have a verbal spat between one puerto ricoian politician and the president of the united states over the weekend. the president goes there yesterday. what should be the tone today? >> well, i think what you'll see right now is the tone of one of consoling this who have been victimized by this terror attack. and also, you're going to see the president talk about the
5:18 am
remarkable spirit of the american people that were actually responding, helping, throwing their bodies in front of other complete strangers, which is the american way. we always come together in times of tragedy and in times of need. ainsley: as the president was leaving the white house and getting on marine one as we see here, he'll get off of this helicopter and fly over to air force one. but when he was on the white house lawn, he looked at the cameras and said it was a sad day for me personally. i'm going to pay respects, and i'm going to see the police. meanwhile, you have the democrats that, of course, are, you know, so sorry for the people that died. but they're really pushing gun control. police who were shot playing baseball, and he was saying he wants more gun rights. he's not for more gun control, even though he's a victim of this. what does the vice president say? >> well, i think what you're going to see from the administration is now is not the time having that discussion. and it's a false choice that we have to choose between public safety and our constitutional freedoms. that's what the democrats want to do. that's why they're politicizing this.
5:19 am
straight out of their playbook. you don't see democrats rushing to ban knives when terrorists -- ainsley: but don't you have a point when you're talking about changing a semi automatic into an automatic? >> we need to look at all of the information, and that's the thing that we really need to take the time, we need to make sure that police can do their work to find out exactly what was used, how it was obtained, and what laws may already be currently in place can be better enforced before we jump in at the taking away people's constitutional rights. brian: people say. okay. we have to get on top of universal background checks. that wouldn't have been a problem. we have to get people away from buying illegal guns. that wasn't a problem. so there's nothing alerted, if there's anything in his background that would indicate a mental illness. that wasn't a problem in this case. so everything people are saying, it's an emotional reaction. but, sadly, i think it's one to get over politically on people. so i want to bring in what thomas friedman wrote. he said if only he had shouted allahu akbar before he opened fire, nobody would be telling us to dishonor victims and stop politicizing.
5:20 am
do you think that's appropriate? >> again, we need to figure out what the details are. and i know a lot of people are rushing out there and saying things. and, obviously, that will help get some play and coverage in the national media. but what the president is focused on, what the vice president is focused on is making sure that we are there for the first responders, the victims, showing them the support of the entire nation as we rally around them. you see people going to blood drives. the vice president was donating blood yesterday in the phoenix area. as we look at the president coming off of marine one, getting ready to board air force one, his message is going to be one of support. and now is not the time to be politicizing these actions. it's for us to get to the bottom of what was actually happening. ainsley: you're looking at a live picture of the president walking over to air force one to go to las vegas. and, of course, we'll take that live when he's there. brian: and getting the message out, have they done things on the ground right now to make the president optimize his visit? >> absolutely. there have been talks that have been going on throughout this entire process.
5:21 am
and, really, this is one where the president will, you know, you'll see that human side. brian: geraldo spoke to the president yesterday. you'll get that exclusive interview in a matter of moments as the president boards air force one. back in a moment fox and friends kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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ainsley: a fox news alert. president trump just about to take off to las vegas from joint base andrews. brian: a place he's very familiar with. governor scott has taken different places in this world. but fewer to him than las vegas, nevada where he has properties, and i know a lot of the high flying real rich guys that own buildings; right? >> you know, i was thinking of it in slightly different terms, brian. i was thinking of it as the first couple lead marine one and make their way to air
5:25 am
force one that we live in a crazy, chaotic, coninflicted world. and one of the biggest jobs of the president of the united states and the first lady are they're the comforter in chief. and you've got all of these disasters and catastrophes competing for center stage. and imagine the emotional toll it takes. you know, and i was so worried yesterday that the president because of what happened in las vegas would with the first lady go there or go there first because the magnitude of that horror, the worst mass shooting in our history. but he decided to stick it out and went to puerto rico, and the puerto ricoian people were very, very grateful. whatever you read in the so-called fake news, you can ask me about some specific examples maybe later on. i think the president and the first lady were amazingly gracious and graciously received by the graceful puerto ricoian people. here is my interview with the
5:26 am
president. >> many people fear that because of the awful tragedy in vegas, you would be diverted. you came anyway. why? >> well, they're special people. and as you know, i know many people from puerto rico, i come from a place called new york, and i love the puerto ricoian people. i also know the island very well. i've been here many times. and we have to help. and we've done a fantastic job. this was a very tough one. i say we got an a-plus in texas and florida, and it hasn't been appreciate here. but as you see over the last couple of days, people are seeing what we've done. the runways are open, the ships are pouring in, so it's great. >> on that note of not being appreciated, i notice the mayor of san juan, a probable democratic candidate for governor in 2020. she did not plaud. welcome to the bitter partisan politics of puerto rico. how do you feel you've been blamed for kids dying that
5:27 am
didn't exist? >> well, i don't know the mayor, but she was very, very nice at the beginning. she said it's incredible what happened. and then all of a sudden i notice she went a little bit on the nasty side, and i said i guess she's running for office. and it turns out i was right. isn't that a shock? but i will say your current governor, he has been amazing. your congresswoman has been absolutely amazing. and the people, they have been so thankful, and i think virtually every mayor has been so thankful. i met many of them this morning. and it's the job of the navy and the army and the air force, the marines, the whole thing. i mean, it's incredible. >> will we see a trump plan to rebuild this poor island? >> well, we're going to help the people. look, there's been a lot of problems and debt. they had 72 billion in debt before the hurricanes hit, and they had a power plant that didn't work before the hurricanes, so we're going to help them, we're going to do something, and we're going to get it back to its feet. >> to what extent do you help to commit rebuild the standard place? >> well, we're going to work something out. we have to look at their whole
5:28 am
debt structure. you know, they owe a lot of money to your friends on wall street, and we're going to have to wipe that out. that's going to have to be -- you know, you could say goodbye to that. i don't know if it's goldman sachs but whoever it is, you can wave goodbye to that. we have to do something about -- because the debt was massive on the island. and -- >> my aunt ellie doesn't care about that. she wants to hear from you. >> we are going to help the people out, we are going to get the electric going again. that was a complete wipe out. that wasn't like a couple of polls came down. that was generating plants, that was a lot of very, very valuable equipment. but it was equipment in bad shape, but we're going to put it in good shape. >> the president is understanding how bad it was. the power grid is antiquated, it was poorly mai maintained, it was corruptly damaged. puerto rico has a long way to go, and the president said he
5:29 am
would help. and he comforted the people along with the first lady of the united states who also did an excellent job here as melania trump. >> i'm here to put my support in for the children, for the families, and just to stay strong. and everything was work out and will be okay. >> we have a great family tradition on this island. families really helping each other. >> it's very important. family's very important to, you know -- for everybody, and i know in puerto rico as well. >> i'm so happy that you're here. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> made a great impression. the vast majority of people received them well as we drove them in the motorcade to the various neighborhoods where he was comforting, you know, just ordinary people who had suffered catastrophic damage. the people had signs up make puerto rico great again. you know, it was really thank you for come, mr. trump. it really was i would say in the high 90% a wonderful, wonderful reception.
5:30 am
and any account that you read that diverts from the truth i just gave you is fake news. and i just want to give you two quick examples. president trump was blamed for his alleged negligence in puerto rico ignoring the outbreak of a caller epidemic by no less than the nobel prize winning economist in the new york times. there is no cholera in puerto rico. that was a tweet that stayed up there. was only deleted days after it was debunked. time magazine wrote a characterizing what the president of the united states said at his big press conference that the president was saying, oh, you had no kind of storm here compared to katrina. this is nothing. he did not say that. what he said was puerto rico had the official count at that time was 16 dead as opposed to katrina, which was 1,800
5:31 am
dead. that's what the president was saying. we were -- this was a rougher storm than katrina, but far fewer. one hundredth the casualties. and to characterize it -- it's so false. and we had a long talk about it on air force one. ainsley: it will seem every few days we're watching just as we did interviewing you or someone where some of these sites where the hurricanes have hit, whether it's mirror irma or harvey, and now he's heading to las vegas. so we continuously see him out there among the people. >> right. brian: geraldo, last week curt schilling said the president -- we only have 20 seconds, but the president hasn't shown how bad it is. and the last eight gets quickly in the next two or three days. real quick. >> aid is important. but i think curt schilling exaggerates the public safety issue. it is a compassion issue.
5:32 am
an issue that we need the help because there's a need. ainsley: geraldo, thank you for your hard work. the late night hosts are weighing in on this on gun control, and we have ben shapiro right after the break to talk about that. brian: don't go anywhere bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure
5:33 am
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5:35 am
>> so the people of las vegas, i can't give you thoughts and prayers. i can only say that i'm sorry. i'm sorry that we live in a world where there are people who would put a gun before your lives. >> this guy reportedly had ten of them in his room, apparently legally. at least some of them legally. why is that allowed? i don't know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen. >> come up with a better answer. anything but nothing. doing nothing is cowardous. ainsley: the late night talk show hosts talking about gun control. we have steve ducey in las
5:36 am
vegas anchoring the show live from there. we also want to bring in ben shapiro, from the and here to talk about the very issue. brian: steve, do you have a question for ben? steve: absolutely. ben, i've got a question for you. you know, many as we just saw the late night hosts talking about how there needs to be more gun control. but when you look at what they found in the car of this guy, the ammonium nitrate that you just add the fuel to it, and you have an oklahoma city bomb there as well. what gun control law would have stopped that guy from doing what he did back there? >> i mean, even the guns that he was using, i'm not sure that there's any evidence that gun control would have done anything. i mean, he obtained, apparently, these weapons legally. he had gone through federal background checks. there's no evidence of significant mental illness to this point. so all of this seems like is people shouting do something while they have no particular solutions and no expertise on guns or gun control. i mean, a suggestion that gun
5:37 am
control is going to put an end to incidents like this again that is an evidenceless proposition based on a emotional response. brian: i was looking at jimmy kimmel last night, and he said for all of you on television that tell me not to talk about gun control, my first amendment is just as important as your second amendment. ben, what's your reaction to that? >> let me when an talking about stopping him from talking about talking. i would never try to ban jimmy kimmel from talking on television. he shouldn't stop me from owning a firearm. and nothing that the late night hosts sayments a relationship to reality. if they want to call for all guns in the united states to get removed, then we can at least get an honest assessment of what they believe. but when they say common sense gun control would stop all of this, it's not true. they're making things up because they're about the immoral disapproval from these people who own guns. and this idea if you oppose them on policies because you don't care enough what happened in las vegas, that's
5:38 am
quite disgusting. i mean, the idea that we disagree on politics because my heart isn't big enough, sound jumy kimmel or seth meyers you understand what america needs because you care so much. that's pretty nasty stuff. ainsley: so what is the issue here? what do we need to be talking about? >> well, i mean, i don't think we have enough information into what kind of policy proposals would be on the table. this is one of the things that drives me nuts about this. mass shootings are actually a pretty terrible way of determining policy because the sample size is so low because it tends to be nonrepresentative of deaths involving guns in the united states overall. a variety of reasons. if we actually want to talk about gun violence across the united states, we would actually have to start talking about if you're going to talk about gun control, let's talk about democratic areas in major cities because that's where virtually all of the murder, a huge percentage of the murder is taking place in the united states. even that, though, would be a false premise because i think the fact is that the number of guns in the united states has gone up as the murder rate has gone down. per capita, there are 1.45
5:39 am
guns per americans in the united states. there were less than one gun per american in 1993 and the murder rate has declined since that. more guns invariable more mass shooting, the evidence is really weak on this stuff. ainsley: yeah, so what does that tell you? does that tell you that more people owning guns with murder rates going down, is it because we feel like using a gun we can protect ourselves more owning a gun? >> well, i think there's a case to be made for that. the truth is that the correlation in these cases. saying more guns, less crime, it may be just as wrong as saying less guns, more crime. but by the same token to suggest that if we just remove guns, that's going to send the crime rate down, that's not true. people keep talking about things like australia where there's a big gun back. and they only removed one fifth of guns. the gun rate was declining before that. try going to texas and tell everybody they need to hand their guns over to the federal government and see how the gun
5:40 am
death rate goes down. brian: and also tell the people in england how safe they are when they have very few guns over there. ainsley: even law enforcement doesn't keer guns; right? brian: good point, ainsley. and finally, i didn't know. i'm not a gun guy. i don't pretend to be. but now i'm learning about these bump fire stocks that allow a semi automatic to be an automatic. and the fact is according to the atf, it was actually legal to do. would you as a pro gun guy entertain the fact that we get rid of some of that conversion? >> yeah, i think i would. i mean, the fact is that the machine guns have been illegal for sale since 1986 in the united states. devices that can convert a semi auto to fire like an auto, i think there's pretty wide support for getting rid of some of these devices. that said, a bump stock is very easy to make yourself to imitate firing a semi auto at a high rate is not particularly difficult to train to do. so i think that we can do it. i just -- i wouldn't use it as sort of -- i don't think you can use it as a cure all.
5:41 am
the idea of that would cure these problems, the vast majority of mass shootings have not taken place with automatic weapons or semi being spider like autos. they have been mostly with handguns. ainsley: thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. ainsley: steve, stand by. we're going to take a short break. mr. las vegas has a powerful message for his city after the massacre. jillian's interview with wane newton, next. >> the one thing that still angers me is a reason why. nature's bounty knows healthy cholesterol starts in your gut. so we made cardio-health, an innovative way to support healthy cholesterol containing lrc, a probiotic strain that helps you metabolize dietary cholesterol. because we all want to be healthy for whatever comes next. nature's bounty cardio-health. do i use that'sthat wgood for my teeth? .. now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel.
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. steve: we are live this morning just a couple of blocks away from the mandalay bay. jillian has been out here as well. as you can see, the police tape still up. processing the crime scene. but at the same time, there
5:45 am
are a number of bodies three days later, they still have not been able to identify. the town is still in shock, and it was in this case that you were able to go out t to talk to mr. las vegas about the most profound crime, in any event, history of las vegas. >> and you can tell when we were talking to him how shaken he was. and you could almost tell that he hadn't quite process the everything yet. he said the show must go on, though. we're here to entertain, to be the outlet for these people to come here to get away for just a couple of days. but we did have a lot of harsh words for the gunman but also words of the encouragement for the people of las vegas. listen. >> my first reactions were anger, obviously. as the investigations go on, we find out more and more. but the one thing that still angers me is that nobody can reason why.
5:46 am
your first reaction, again, is las vegas from this point on and having thought it through. i don't believe it will. i know las vegas will recover from it. it's a terrible, terrible thing, and our sympathies and prayers go out to all the victims and those that are still fighting for their life. but we have survived other things in this town, and what happened sunday night, obviously, could not have been -- nobody could even assume something like that would ever happen. for that lone fruitcake to define what las vegas is, i don't think will happen. i think that by committing suicide, he might have in his own mind escaped earth justice and the justice on the people. but i know that there's a seat waiting for him in hell.
5:47 am
so he'll suffer a long time. >> president trump is coming to las vegas. your thoughts on that. >> my thought is i'm thrilled. i think he brings with him the attention of the world. and he coming here and showing people that this is a great city, and they're great people. . >> so i will tell you he had a show last night, and he told us that he had laugh requests for media to come in and do interviews after the show, and he said i don't want this about that. so he said i turned them down. he said i want this to be the place where people can go. and in addition to not making it a place where you're going to have the media in there and the questions and stuff, he also donated. he and his family donated $100,000 to the victims. steve: absolutely. this is the town that he had been in for decades. and the town he loves. and everybody is just heartbroken here. there are -- a couple of days ago, we told you about how the
5:48 am
police and law enforcement here had set up a gofundme page. an official gofundme page. and right now, it is up to about $3.5 million. that way people all across the country in donations of right now donations of $5, $10, $20 can do something. because so many people are looks in going you can't donate blad. actually, you can because they always need that. but can you do something otherwise? >> every little bit counts. and people on twitter have been responding to our interview saying it's so amazing to see somebody do this and put forth that effort and show other people, other celebrities, anyone that every little bit counts. >> indeed. jillian, thank you so much. meanwhile, straight ahead on fox and friends live from new york and las vegas as democrats push for gun control, many are pointing to australia's firearm restriction. from our next guest, he is from there, and he says those laws only have made things worse. plus, let's check in with
5:49 am
bill, he's taking over the channel here in a couple of minutes. >> great job out there and good morning as the sunrises there in las vegas. the latest on the investigation. what does the girlfriend know? she's back home here now. steve, president trump is coming your way. jillian, as we await the latest from the sheriff this morning as well. mike huckabee will help us make sense of such a senseless act, and we'll speak to a u.s. marine who stole a pickup truck and took wounded to the hop. one of countless stories over and over and over again that we have heard this week. top of the hour right here ten minutes away ♪
5:50 am
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5:52 am
ainsley: here's other stories this morning. it's in america's best interest to hold up the iran
5:53 am
nuclear deal. president trump says that he considers the deal a disaster. he has until tomorrow to decide whether or not to abandon the agreement. and the new ambassador to russia meets with vladimir putin for the first time at the kremlin. helping restore the straining relations with moscow. brian. brian: all right. good start so far, abby's dad has. meanwhile, seven minutes before the top of the hour, president trump on his way to las vegas right now to visit with first responders, survivors, and families to visit families and look at the crime scene. may call for stricter gun laws with democrats. many invoking australia's restrictions. they say we should do that. our next guest says the success of that country's extreme gun control is a myth. joining us right now is author of green card warrior, for legal immigration for illegal system nick adams. nick, so you guys -- you're saying that australia doesn't have it right? >> look, brian, back in 1996,
5:54 am
australia had the most strict gun laws possible. and they were olajuwonly out of emotion. those laws have been largely ineffective if you have a lack at the articles over the past few years. i've just printed out a few here from major newspapers. guns prior to 1996 massacre, sydney under fire, firearms control thrown in spotlight, and my favorite, new gun buy back scheme needed. gun control advocates. >> wow. 650,000 civilians walked up and said take my gun back and give me some money, and you're saying that they went out and just bought other guns. >> well, look, over the years, lots of different things verify happened, brian. you're right. there were actually more guns on the street today than there were in 1996 before these gun laws were implemented. i can tell you what has happened in australia is that all of the good people don't have a gun and all of the bad
5:55 am
people do have a gun. brian: there's also a ban on semi automatic firearms. some say those are assault weapons. they're mislabeled here. >> yeah. look, there was a suite that was introduced. onerous regulations, but none of it has really made australia a safer society. if you have a look at our murder rate like the u.s., australia's murder rate has dropped. but australia's already low murder rate dropped from 1.6 for 100,000 people in the mid-'90s when this came in to 1.1 in 100,000 in 2012. that's a drop of 31%. in connect, that's a drop from just over 300 murders a year to around 235. although, the same time frame, though, the murder rate in the u.s., dropped a whopping 49%, and that despite our massive increase in guns in the u.s. over that same time frame. the one point of success that people that hail the
5:56 am
australian system. brian: america's shooting crimes have gone down 50%. >> yes. they have. and the one thing that everyone wants to talk about when it comes to australia, the reason why it's hailed is this idea about massacres. that there have been no mass shootings in australia. well, that is a lie. the reality is that there have been 13 massacres both with guns and other methods over the last 22 years -- 21 years that this has been in place. brian: and then, meanwhile, you have a national firearm registry. america, never want that. >> it's never going to happen, brian. brian: but you guys have it. >> yeah. that's right. people in australia willingly went to their local police station and handed in their firearms. >> and registered the ones they have. >> yeah. brian: thank you so much. putting in perspective as the world looks at what happened in las vegas. meanwhile, more fox and friends. we'll wrap up the entire three hours from vegas and new york in just a moment
5:57 am
♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:59 am
>> couldn't book ainsley for
6:00 am
the radio show but we'll have congressman steve russell and is a weapon's manufacturer and will bring us up to date what can stop the next -- >> bill: the shooter's girlfriend is on american soil and expected to talk to investigators. the staggering measures the shooter took to carry out the attack. three days on we still don't know why. big two hours ahead as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president donald trump is on his way to las vegas where he will be meeting with shooting victims and first responders. police releasing stunning new details about the attack. we now know stephen paddock fired his gun for 9 to 11 minutes before officers on


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