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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that is ours to write for tonight, to be continued 7:00 tomorrow. have a terrific night. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it has been four days since one of the biggest mass shootings in history, and most people still more questions and answers aboue gunman and particularly his motive. but if you've been watching any of the late night comedy shows or certain cable news outlets, you know those mysteries have been solved already. according to them, the real perpetrators are a law-abiding gun owners and the organizations that represent them. not an overstatement. watch this. >> do you feel like they are complacent, the g.o.p., the nra -- in the gun epidemic racing in america? >> of course they are. of course they are. >> break from the nra, which is making things worse, and work
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with us to get something done. >> let's face it, the reason we don't have gun safety measures in the united states today is because of the nra. >> tucker: well, chris cox is the executive director of the nra institute for legislative action, and he joins us on the set tonight. how do you feel when you see that, chris? you watch 58 people murdered in public, then you see yourself personally blamed for those murders? >> tucker, the american people are struggling. they are grieving. and so are the 5 million men and women of the national rifle association. but the truth is, there were nra members at that concert. there were nra members shot at that concert, and nra members murdered at that concert. so the american people are looking for answers and so are we. >> tucker: so the nra that was blamed for this, was a shootings often and remember hymns? are have you checked? >> of course not, they plan to an organization whose members don't commit the crime. >> tucker: is so you know that for sure? >> yes. >> tucker: them where people blaming you?
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what the agenda? >> they said, with i had 51 votes, turn the mauling, that's what she would do. >> tucker: turned them all in, meaning? >> turn your guns in. right now, the american people are looking for answers, but the american people are also looking for their second amendment, they are looking for congress to respect the second amendment, that is why we are calling on congress to do something, let atf do their job, and congress needs to do their job, although good, honest people the ability to defend themselves, pass reforms, that have a broader conversation about what we can do to keep people safer because, if we go down this road of gun control, we can look at it, be a universal background checks, this guy passed back on checks. let's go the route of california where they banned semi semi automotive's, past magazines, but i didn't stop a massacre in san bernardino, i didn't stop a massacre in santa barbara. they say, let's look a little further, let's look at europe
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and implement a european style gun control. that's what they did in paris when someone did in with them, came in with fully automatic handguns and hand grenades and murdered a person people there. the consequences, good, honest people are left defenseless. the national rifle association exists to make sure that doesn't happen in america. >> tucker: 's what is the solution? >> well, the solution is to make sure we address the underlying problems. this destruction of gun control does nothing to keep people safe. gun control is a failed policy. we have tried it, and it is safe to say that it doesn't keep people safe. so do we need to have a broader conversation about activities that actually will? do we need of a broader conversation about hollywood, you know? the nra spends millions of dollars each year teaching safe and responsible gun ownership and hollywood makes billions promoting gun violence. the missing hypocrites come in and suggest that we are to blame for this. so there needs to be an honest conversation about solutions that work, and one of those is to make sure the second amendment is supported,
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protected, and that law-abiding good people have the ability to use and carry a gun for self-defense. >> tucker: i talked to another pneumatic number of different people who legitimately know a lot about guns, and every one of them stayed the same thing about bump stocks, that they are ludicrous. one of them said to me, i would rather face, with a bump stock than someone firing semi automatically. they make rifles less accurate. why, then, the focus, and why has the nra apparently said it would be willing to back banning then? if not relevant to what we sell? >> here's what the national rifle association said. we need to look at the facts. barack obama's administration approved the sale bump stocks and his other devices. what we said is, atf needs to do their job. atf needs to low, and if there is technology that has come to the market that allows for a semiautomatic rifle to function as a fully automatic rifle, they need to be regulated tiffany. we didn't talk about banning anything. we talk about atf going back and reviewing whether these are in compliance with federal law, and if not, let's look at working together and figuring out a way
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to address this moving forward. at the same time, congress needs to do their job and make sure that they are going with meaningful solutions to these underlying problems, including respecting the second amendment, and we're going to be there making sure we're protecting the second amendment. >> tucker: so you all keep very close track of how guns are used in the country and compile statistics on them. are you aware of other crimes where so-called bump stocks have been used? >> well, no, we are not. truthfully, there's not a lot of people out there who own these things. but, again, gets away from the broader conversation. this conversation about gun control is intentional. dianne feinstein is desperate to move the conversation towards gun control and away from congress' failure in and elastc ministrations. key people safe. now it is time that the american people want answers. we want to be part of that. we want to have a constructive . part of that has to be not only respecting the rights of law-abiding people pneumatic people, acknowledging the law-abiding people are the ones causing problems, and they control by abiding people have the right to protect themselves. that is what the second
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amendment is all about and that is what we are here for. >> tucker: here is a totally sincere nonpolitical question. we are about the same age. shootings like this did not occur when we were kids. same country. what has changed? what is this about? why are we seeing this? >> tucker, that is a conversation that is happening at dinner tables all over the country. i i'm sure it happened to grace. i what happened at mine. i don't know the answer. we need of a broader conversation about a violent culture, about what has happened with gratuitous violence out of hollywood, what is happening with prescription drugs. i don't know the answer to these things, but we certainly need to look at all of these areas while at the same time recognizing and being honest enough with one another that if we have tried something and it has failed, it is time to move on. we have banned semiautomatics in this country for ten years. we banned high-capacity magazines. bill clintons on justice department said he had no impact on crime. so let's be honest enough with one another and trust enough to make have an honest conversation. let's have congress do their job.
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and on the side issues, if atf needs to look at something that functions as a fully automatic weapon, they are the ones who approve it, they need to look at it. that is not with the national rifle association is focused on. we are focused on keeping congress out of second amendment freedoms, giving freedoms, focused on expanding the rights of law-abiding people to protect themselves and their families. that is what the american people want, and that is what the national rifle association want wants. >> tucker: chris cox, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: the normal response are calls to do something about gun violence. well, they are rarely clear on what doing something means. most of it understands what it means, which is that if the left had its way, only the government and the body bodyguards that te detected liberals would have guns. saying basically that out loud. "the new york times" today, columnist bret stephens read a piece entitled "repeal the second amendment." on facebook, michael moore proposed, "a new amendment to our constitution that repeals the ancient and outdated second amendment" ." " for the nation mixing to read it out if he is titled "the second amendment was
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never meant to protect an individual's right to a gun. >> i guess that works for one of the most well-known campaigns on gun violence, and she joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> great to be here. >> tucker: you all filed, i think, in front of the court brief the last time this came before the supreme court, that the second amendment does not, in fact, protect individual gun ownership. it is interpreted that way and took a different decisions, as a woman. you think americans have a constitutional right to own firearms? >> the supreme court has said that americans who are law-abiding and safe can have a gun in their home. i respect that. i'm a lawyer by training and i respect with the supreme court tells us about the constitution and what it means. we had the campaign do not want to take away the second amendment rights of law-abiding people. what we want to do is make it much more difficult for dangerous people, for criminals to have guns and have easy access to them. that's what we think is this common sense solution here. >> tucker: so you are obviously have a lot to say about what we saw in las vegas,
5:09 pm
and sending it a lot of people on the left are raising a lot of money on this. what legislative solution that you are proposing would prevent what we sow, the tragedy was sunday night? >> one of the most important things we need to do as a nation's improve our background check system, but based on what we know right now, that might not have stopped this shooter from acquiring his guns. that is, though, the most important piece of legislation that we should be talking about as a nation. you know, tucker, 90% of americans support improving background checks. >> tucker: i don't want to do a segment on polling. i want to do a segment of what happened, the tragedy, one of the largest mass shootings ever. so you are seeing people, the brady campaign included, saying we need to do something. what would have prevented that? >> we don't know all of the facts about the shooting. >> tucker: we know a lot of facts about the shooting. so what would prevent this? >> first, it appears the shooter use this bump stocks. what does do is turn another kind of a weapon into the functional equivalent of a machine gun.
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if we had regulation, if we had stricter control of those bump stocks, may be fewer people would have died. >> tucker: may be more would have died, because if you talk to people who know a lot about guns they say, you know, pros don't even fire them on a fully automatic, they can't hit anything. i'm just saying, let's be real. please. >> there is something else that is a common thread through a lot of these shootings, and that is large capacity magazines. what we have seen in many of these shootings is that the killer is able to fire 20, 30, 40, or hundreds of bullets, and in many cases, doing so with dozens and dozens before having to reload. these large capacity magazines aren't used in hunting. they aren't supported by most responsible gun owners. so we should look at -- >> tucker: look, this guy had dozens of full magazines left over. his problem was not that he didn't have enough ammunition. it takes a second to switch a magazine, as you know.
5:11 pm
we can debate that. but is there an answer? those aren't answers. you know, you're smart. is there anything that would have prevented this? everyone is jumping up and down the insane, we could have prevented this if only congress had the will. i'm asking a very simple question. what could congress have done that could have prevented this? >> we shouldn't, as a nation, we focused on what could've prevented the last shooting, we should focus on what can prevent the next. >> tucker: a bunch of mass shootings, they are terrifying, and they hurt the country. >> they do. >> tucker: >> tucker: one what l have in common, and you do this for a living, let's just take it, what laws should be on the books that would've prevented those? i'm not beating you are trapping you. >> you're not. i'm happy to answer it. >> at the virginia tech shooting is a great example of the situation you are talking about. >> tucker: that was ten years ago. we've had a lot of shootings that's okay. >> we've had many. you asked for an example, i like to give you one. in that case, we find that there were gaps in our background system, and congress passed a
5:12 pm
law that which was signed by president bush to encourage states to get better data into the background check system. data that might have stopped that shooter from acquiring his guns. >> tucker: the truth is, cook county did a study on this, the biggest study ever done, 2013, cook county is the county where chicago is. one of the highest murder rates in the westernmost hemisphere. they found what percentage of criminals had bought their gun and a place that could have a background check clustering within 2%. it's irrelevant. never prosecuted by the doj, as you know. >> and they should be. >> tucker: they should be, they haven't been. background checks have would ne prevented any crimes in chicago based on that survey. is that all you have? i'm serious. >> sure. background checks have brought three sales of guns at -- >> tucker: but we still have all of these shootings across the country. >> the fact that it isn't going to stop all gun violence doesn't mean it is going -- isn't wort.
5:13 pm
>> tucker: what bothers me is that the brady campaign, using misleading statistics, pretends that it has the answers, and the only reason we're not getting to that answer is because the evil people over the nra are somehow getting rich making america make america more dangerous. it's just a lie. there is no obvious answer, and you know it, and this is a really complex, confusing, tragic situation, and no one really knows what to do about these shooters, and as it got some secret you haven't revealed. do you? >> tucker, i don't like being called a liar. let me tell you how this works. we need a more comprehensive, stronger system of background checks in this country. it starts by expanding background checks to unkind sales. in five guns sold in america today is sold without a background check. that means a convicted felon getting out of jail tomorrow could go and buy make a gun without a background check. >> tucker: it's not what
5:14 pm
actually happens. it is not what has happened in any of these shootings, if that happens in crime. we have the numbers on this. i'm not arguing even against it. i'm just saying, that is not relevant to the crime and the murders that are taking place with guns in america right now. >> there was a massacre in charleston in a church a couple of years ago. that was by a shooter who got a gun because of what is called the charleston loophole. the fbi needed another day to determine whether or not he was eligible to buy a gun, and it turned out he wasn't. but because, under federal law, he could go ahead and get that law after three business days had expired, he got his gun, and he went and killed a lot of people. it's another example. >> tucker: a lunatic racist who wanted to kill people, was dead set on it, and you know for a fact it is pretty easy to buy a gun criminally because there are hundreds of millions of guns in america. so this is my last question to you. that's the bottom line, and you know it better than anybody because he do it for a living. there are hundreds of millions of guns, hundreds of millions of
5:15 pm
high capacity magazines. what do you do about that? because with no law, short of taking those away from citizens, is ever going to have a meaningful effect. are you willing to talk about your real desire, which is to take guns away from people? >> i do not want to take guns away from abiding americans. look, we have a tradition, a history, a culture of hunting. we have a tradition for many people are shooting sports of other kinds. and we have the second amendmen second amendment. there is nothing we want more than to focus on keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. that is what we are focused on. >> tucker: i'm totally for that. just the overstatement and the pretending we can just fix everything if we were just people of goodwill. that's just not true and you know it. >> i don't know how to stop every gun death in america, but i know how we could make it a lot better, and that's what we need to do as a nation. >> tucker: okay, well, thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: fox news' trace gallagher has been falling every development in las vegas
5:16 pm
where he joins us as he has every night this week. what is the latest, trace? >> tucker, we are continuing to following this breaking news, these reports that stephen paddock was planning to use a car bomb. the report did not specify any targets, but we know that in his car, the valley of the mandalay bay hotel, they found 600 rounds of ammunition, ammonium nitrate, as well as 50 pounds of tannerite. we have also confirmed tonight that stephen paddock did book a room at a chicago hotel back in august that coincided with the lollapalooza concert. he booked the blackstone hotel. it's 21 stories, overlooks grande park, which is the venue of the concert, and the blackstone says that he had to reserve the room, he asked for a park view, but he did not show up for the reservation. one week before the shooting here at the mandalay bay down in the concert, he also booked a room in downtown las vegas at a hotel that overlooked the life is beautiful concert, though it is unclear if he was in the room while the concert was going on. the clark county sheriff has
5:17 pm
gone on the record saying that he believes stephen paddock had an accomplice in all this. he said he would be superman if he did not have an accomplice and pulled the soffit on his own. we have now learned that indeed is running up to the shooting that stephen paddock was gambling very heavily inside the mandalay bay for hours at a time, seven, eight hours at a time, also drinking heavily, and that he was with a female companion. police are now looking for that female companion. and there are reports tonight that his girlfriend, marilou danley, told the fbi in her 5.5 hours of interviews yesterday, that he may have had some mental issues, that she would see them on the bed moaning, things like "oh, my god,," and screaming "oh, my god." four days later, tucker, still no motive for this mess shooting. tucker? >> tucker: that is an amazing fact and a terrifying fact. thank you, trace, for your
5:18 pm
nightly updates. appreciate it. well, the attorney general of nevada is participating, of course, in the investigation of the shooting at the highest level. he is here next to tell us what he knows. also, l.a., is famous for bad traffic, but never more so than today when illegal immigrant protesters made it much worse by blocking the streets in a country that is not their own. that story straight ahead. ♪ we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way.
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> tucker: investigators have spent four days searching desperately for a motive to
5:22 pm
explain the horrifying killing spree in las vegas sunday night. nevada attorney general adam laxalt is playing a major role in that investigation, of course, and he joins us tonight with the latest. mr. attorney general, thanks a lot for coming on. so i'm sure you've got to be as anxious as anyone to understand why this man, paddock, did something like this. are you any closer to figuring that out? >> you know, i'd like to correct at least one thing that was said in the last segment. you know, the sheriff did not say there was any evidence of an accomplice. i think he was expressing what we all feel, which is, it is hard to believe that a crime of this magnitude could have been done by one person. but as of right this moment, it is still a single person operation. it has been a real shocker for all of us, but people have really pulled together to try to get some answers that we know that we want and the country as
5:23 pm
the holland. -- as a whole want. >> tucker: i think we're all duty-bound to take it seriously as an issue, issued a third statement on stephen paddock, saying that not only was he acting on his behalf, but he converted to islam six months ago. doesn't mean it's true. doesn't mean it's worth following up. is there any evidence that that's true? >> from what i understand, al qaeda, when they would actually claim something, that was always 100%. isis now has a pattern of falsely claiming they are responsible for activities. as of right now, with everything that is publicly available, there is no link. you cannot see anything that publicly shows that there is any link to radical terrorism. >> tucker: does it seem strange -- well, of course it seems strange, these reports that he had basically no digital footprint of any kind, at least
5:24 pm
a public one. but does that mean that he was never online? is there any indication he was communicating somehow in a way that is less obvious than social media? >> i can only say what is being said so far, which is, he had virtually no footprint. he does not fit the profile, what we would expect in an incident like this. that's what makes it so baffling. a64-year-old man who lives in rural nevada, you just wouldn't expect something like this. but the fbi is working around the clock. and i would like to remind your listeners that, you know, i took nine for them to finish processing the scene in orlando. we are still only three days away. this is a catastrophic, horrific thing for our city and our state, and so we all want to get to the bottom of this, but they our our sheriff is doing an
5:25 pm
incredible job pushing to get the details. >> tucker: within minutes, i think it was clear to people watching, when the shooter in orlando said he was doing it on behalf of allah, that was a clue to the rest of us that there was a reason. is there any indication what he was doing in the roughly hour between the last shots he fired and the moment that police burst through his door? >> yeah, i mean, i think what has happened, there was some discussion about why it took so long for them to breach the door. but it's important to understand that once you saw that there was a security camera in place, once they got to the door, the shooting stopped. had the shooting continued, they would have breached instantly and it would have, of course, taken the shooter out. but because they got to the door, the shooting stopped, and so what he was doing in that period of time, we don't know. the reason they took that extra time is, since there was not continual shooting, they wanted
5:26 pm
to make sure there wasn't an explosive device at the door of our first responders. >> tucker: no, that's an excellent point. adam laxalt, the attorney general of the state. thanks for joining us tonight. i appreciated. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: well, australian caught up with the family of the gunman's girlfriend, who is herself an australian citizen. i report directly from their coming up next. symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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>> tucker: well, there is not a person watching this story out of las vegas who isn't really anxious to know why it happened, and unfortunately, we still don't know that at this hour. but there is a lot of detail we do know, and it is being collected assiduously by "the wall street journal." reporter joining us now with details on the background of the shooting suspect. >> hi, tucker paid four nights after the las vegas massacre, and the mystery is still reallys motives are. but we are learning more details about the why. the journal spoke to people familiar with paddock's gambling, and they say he almost exclusively played video poker, and he was apparently quite good at it, so good, in fact, one casino cut down on the perks they offered him. his brother, eric, said that he approached video poker like a job. he didn't drink too much, mostly asking for water and smoothies.
5:31 pm
the same casino workers also say that he was a really intensely private man. he met his girlfriend while she was working as a hostess. this is one of those high limit gambling rooms, at the atlantis in reno. so where did he get the money that he gambled with? well, in the early 1990s, paddock and began investing california real estate. he purchased a number of rental properties. in 2014 -- this is include numeric according to the buyer we spoke out to -- sold in apartment complex more than $8 million. so he was a wealthy guy. that is how his friends described him. however interesting all these details are, they certainly don't add up to anyone approaching the profile of a mess shooter, right? we also know that 33 of the weapons recovered from his hotel suite and his two hotel rooms, those were purchased since last october, but he never used any of them at the only shooting range within 20 miles of his
5:32 pm
home. now, authorities say it doesn't appear that paddock bought any of those firearms illegally. authorities continue to examine the mental health history. they reported that back in june, a doctor prescribed paddock the antianxiety medication valium. tucker? >> tucker: all these potential leads that don't seem to add up to a coherent picture of a shooter. apparently he underwent pretty dramatic weight loss recently, it sometimes indication of illness. do we know anything about that? did anyone suspect that perhaps he was physically ill in addition to being mentally ill? >> in our report, we haven't heard much about that, valium as a prescription, that is pretty . none of these particular details, any of them, are real red flags at the moment. now you have his girlfriend being interviewed yesterday. authorities were saying, well, we hope that will really clear things up for us. well, apparently that hasn't. >> tucker: apparently not.
5:33 pm
jason bellini, "wall street journal." thank you for that. the media in australia were able to catch up with one of the sisters of stephen paddock's girlfriend. the sisters are, like the girlfriend herself, australian citizens. here is what they told australia's seven news. watch. >> in that sense, i thank him for sparing my sister's life. but that won't compensate the loves. >> no one can put the past together. no one except mary lou. -- marilou. only marilou can maybe help. >> tucker: the one that spoke to the sisters joins us tonight from brisbane, australia. sharon, the sisters sound like they were completely shocked by this story. >> they were, tucker. they couldn't believe it when they heard it was stephen paddock who was the gun men in
5:34 pm
this las vegas shooting. they said to me that they found him to be a very nice man. the sister said he was nice to her, he spoiled her, he treated her well. they had had some meetings with him. they said whenever they met him, he was very respectful of them. they said he was a very shy man, a very insular man. he didn't say aloud. they said he used to give one word answers to questions when asked. but they said they had absolutely no idea, there was no hint that anything was wrong inn the relationship. marilou had said she loved him. she madly loved him, they said paid and they were shocked that stephen paddock was the gunman. >> tucker: again, looking for motive, did they mention that he had interest in religion or politics or anything gang gambling? >> no, i asked them that. i asked them if they felt he was mentally unstable? had marilou told them that, you know, he was having mental problems, gambling debts, financial problems?
5:35 pm
i asked all those questions and they said they had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever that anything like that was happening in his life. they said marilou had expressed happiness in the relationship. you know, as i said before, he treated her very well. they just couldn't fathom that he could do something so evil. >> tucker: what did they say about their sister? >> they said she was a good woman. they really love their sister. and that's one of the reasons that actually spoke to us. they were reluctant figures in this. they didn't really want to talk to the media. but they wanted it known that their sister was a good woman, she was a loving woman. and they said that if marilou had ever suspected anything, she would have gone to authorities. they said she was someone who, if she had known he had that many guns in the house, she would never have allowed it. she would have been very scared of all of that. and they felt that if he had been collecting these guns the way that he had that marilou would have had no knowledge of that whatsoever. >> tucker: amazing. his own brothers did not give stephen paddock the same ringing endorsement, from what i can
5:36 pm
tell. sharyn, thank you very much for that update. i appreciate it. >> no problem, tucker. thank you. spoon governor jerry brown of california officially made his state a sanctuary for illegal aliens today. that did not stop illegal immigrants there, activists, from blocking an intersection and shutting down traffic on the westside of los angeles. an illegal immigrant advocate is here to tell us why it is a good thing to do things like that. stay tuned. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines,
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5:41 pm
[crowd chanting] [crowd chanting "let them go"] >> tucker: that took place, strangely enough, on the very same day that governor jerry brown of california it made his state a sanctuary officially from federal immigration law. cesar vargas is the first illegal immigrant lawyer in the state of new york, and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me, tucker. so this makes, i've got to say, i think normal people are a lot less sympathetic to so-called dreamers, the idea that you are in the country illegally and you are standing in the middle of an intersection preventing citizens from getting to work, you're getting basically violent demands in public when you're not even a citizen. do you see where maybe this is a counterproductive strategy and kind of offensive? >> regardless of whether you agree or not, they have a
5:42 pm
constitutional right to express their opinion. but to the point of -- >> tucker: no, actually, stop. you're a lawyer. they don't have a constitutional right to block me from getting to work in the middle of a public street. >> you may disagree with it, but this is about actually -- >> tucker: i'm just giving the facts. you don't have the right to do that. >> you absolutely do. >> tucker: then why were they arrested? >> absolutely, obviously they are doing the civil disobedience and obvious they are expressing it. that is why they're being arrested, obviously there enforcing the law. >> tucker: hold on. i wouldn't stop you on this small point if you weren't an attorney, the first illegal alien attorney in new york, but to be clear, you don't have the constitutional right to block traffic. give a constitutional right is a citizen to express your views. that's protected by the first amendment, thank god. but you don't have a constitutional right to get people's way on a public street, street, period. if i tried this in mexico or venezuela, honduras, nicaragua,
5:43 pm
china, name a country, that would be insane. if i showed up in someone else's country and said, "i have a way to influence a political system," you're not even a citizen, buzz off. i'm blocking traffic until you pay attention to me. no one will put up with that except us, right? >> regardless of whether you agree with it or not, they have a constitutional right to express their freedom to speak any opinion, and obviously they are engaged in civil disobedience. and yes, they were requested. the constant protrusion protects them whether or not they have immigrant status. >> tucker: it doesn't protect their right to keep me from getting to work or getting home to see my kids. it's annoying, it's illegal, it's indefensible, probably not worth you defending it. but, look, again, by definition, noncitizens do not have a right to influence our legislative system, only citizens have that right. that's the difference between a citizen and a noncitizen, and you are trying to erase it. and you can see by american
5:44 pm
citizens might resents that, can't you? >> you're wrong, tucker. >> tucker: no, i'm not. >> absolutely, they're the right to vote and cast a ballot, but every person has the right to voice their opinion in this country. that's what makes this country great. the u.s. constitution does not say, hey, the first amendment applies only to u.s. citizens. am i correct? >> tucker: washington is, like, basically paralyzed over concerns of a foreign interference in our last campaign by the government of russia right now, and the reason people are upset about it -- the reason people are upset is because russians are not americans. they're not american citizens. they don't get to influence who runs this country, what laws we have, how we live. only americans get to do that. why is this different? i don't understand? >> on the one hand, you have the russian government colluding with many have the trump administration, and on this head, we have young people
5:45 pm
expressing their view on a specific issue for certain rates. and that is why -- >> tucker: but why isn't russia doing the same thing? russians have a first amendment right, according to you, i guess, to block my way home. >> that is why the protesters got arrested. >> tucker: thank you for finally admitting that. but the point is the same. that if you're not an american citizen, you don't get in shape, influence my laws, you don't get to choose my leaders, you don't get to run my country. only americans do. that's why there's a difference between citizens and noncitizens, and once again, you are trying to erase that difference. there is no other country in the world that would put up with this kind of nonsense, but we are too nice, and there for we do. do you see my point? >> this is why the united states is a very special place. we have the rights of many people to express their view to
5:46 pm
be protected against unreasonable search and seizures and we have certain constitutional rights that apply to everyone. >> tucker: are you a citizen, by the way, cesar? >> i am not, but i do about the constitution -- >> tucker: so when you say "we," it is not really "weak." >> i am an american. >> tucker: but you're not an american. there is a legal definition here. >> what is the legal definition for being an american? >> tucker: the legal definition of citizenship. are you a citizen customer can you vote in our elections? >> i cannot vote in the elections, but i can voice my opinion as an american. and i am going to be an american pretty soon because i'm going to continue to advocate and represent my community and to demand -- >> tucker: you're going to demand? again, i'm not attacking you personally. >> come of course, of course. but what it means to be an american, being an american does not mean a piece of piece of p. being an american is about upholding certain values. >> tucker: it's about
5:47 pm
believing in the rule of law, and you don't. so actually, you just invalidated your claim. as far as i'm concerned. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having become a tucker. still most people to an insulated comedy shows to be amused, they are getting less ag by the day. last night, an interview with hillary clinton, paint me a graphic doesn't begin to describe it. there was slobber all over the side. it was disgusting. happily, greg gutfeld is here to make sense of what happened. stay tuned. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:48 pm
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>> tucker: it's you stay up late last night with the tv on, you saw a show that has had a record-setting level of piety. hillary clinton appeared on "the tonight show." watch this.
5:52 pm
>> thank you, hillary clinton, for handling this difficult transition with more grace than i ever could have imagined. that being said, call me day or night and i will be there with a gallon of ice cream and two spoons to tell you, girl, you are so much better than him. >> thank you, hillary clinton, for being the hillary clinton of american politics. >> i was with her. i'm still with her. and right now, i literally am with her. >> you have been a role model and an inspiration and a voice of reason in uncertain times. i could go on and on, but would like to get right the point. can i give you a hug? >> tucker: it's like the albanian parliaments alluding, it's just -- greg gutfeld joining us. answer this question, that is jimmy fallon show, jimmy fallon, in my opinion is very talented, always seemed totally apolitical and like a good guy. >> and he can drink. >> tucker: i have never heard a bad thing about jimmy fallon. i doubt he wanted to put on a show like that, but he had no choice or what is the answer?
5:53 pm
>> i don't know. funny side note that a lot of people don't know is that hillary, when she brought those letters home, bill asked if they came with phone numbers. >> tucker: [laughs] should have put that on the show. that would have been good. >> i just came up with that. if there is a hell, that segment is on a permanent loop. when i was looking at it, i thought that it was a skit and the payoff was going to be a trump impersonator was going to come out and say, "thanks." something like that. when i realized it was real, this is how far it has gotten, that they have to appeal, not to their audience, but to their peers. what you heard from those girls' voices, those are the people that work on tv shows, and that is the mentality, the sensibility. they are earnest, they really do believe it. they believe that she was shafted. she should be mad at her. this is what i don't get paid they should be mad at her for running a lousy campaign because
5:54 pm
her lousy campaign.donald trump into the white house. one of the main reasons. they should be resentful. they should be sitting there and treating her like mrs. claus. >> tucker: but what about her? put yourself in hillary's position. you go on the show, all these people come up and suck up to you. "greg gutfeld, head or face tattooed on my arm." you know what i mean? "i love you more than i love myself." aren't you uncomfortable? >> lou dobbs has a tattoo of me on his chest. when we're at the beach, it's a bit embarrassing. but i learned to live with that sort of thing. here's the issue. this is the world's first anti-victory tour. you know, it's like a really lame. where there is just a car, a donkey, and two guys on a bicycle, and it just goes forever. it's funny and pathetic, but also, it's wonderful because, when you think about it, wendy rather have her do this then be in the oval office? given the alternative, she could be somewhere else doing this,
5:55 pm
instead she is doing this on, what's-his-face, fallon's show. i don't remember romney getting letters on tv. >> tucker: how much does fallon hate himself? he is an amusing guy, probably just wants to do his thing, to his art, instead he is roped into this wooden propaganda. >> i don't know him that well. i ran into him at a bar, and we wrestled for 5 minutes on the floor of a bar in midtown, but that is another story for another time. the fact is, i don't think he's a left-winger, i don't think he is a liberal, i think he is apolitical and i think he is playing the game because he is a much colbert is doing and he is watching how emotion is putting kimmel -- the political raters in d.c. are going family over k. >> tucker: i know. >> and that made so much to hollywood guys. >> tucker: and art dies in the process. greg gutfeld. great to see you, man. we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
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>> tucker: hard to believe an entire hour has passed but that's the nature of time, sadly. tune in tomorrow night at 8:00 and every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. stay tuned for "hannity" live in las vegas right now. >> sean: fox news alert. reporting live tonight from las vegas. we are learning new information about mass murder are stephen paddock. his motive tonight remains a mystery. according to reports, the gunmen researched and scouted for possible attacks in chicago and boston and he did in fact -- he rented a room in vegas overlooking a separate music festival just a week before caring about his horrific rampage. the associated press is reporting investigators are trying to figure out whether he was planning a car bombing. there are major questions that we need answers to. democrats, celebrities, members of the mainstream


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