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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 6, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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couples who spend time at religious centers, have extreme political views or consider themselves upper class maybe money does buy happiness. it has been a long week. we hope can you enjoy your weekend. heather: yeah. "fox & friends" starts now. bye-bye. >> the gunman mind the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history may have plotted to kill others with a car bomb. >> chicago police told fox news it believes paddock booked two rooms at this hotel overlooking the music festival this summer. another reported location, boston. >> members of both parties are looking to take action on bump stocks. add on devices that make semiautomatic weapons more deadly. [shouting] >> we will get that that over the next short period of time. >> that's what we want to prevent for someone to be able to fire 400, 500, 800 rounds per minute. >> nra came out and said
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those products should be subject to regulation. >> the other side politicize this tragedy. speak out on whole bump stock issue. >> heart warming moment between president trump and shooting victim. and it is going viral. >> i don't care hot president is, you stopped up and show them respect. steve: it is 6:00 in new york city. it is 3:00 in las vegas. we start with a fox news alert. the fbi tracking down and combing through a car belonging to the las vegas gunman days after he killed 58 people in cold blood. abby: the suv could contain critical information about his motive. brian: jillian mele has been working this nonstop. she is in las vegas. she is live right now. hey, jillian. jillian: there are still so many questions that remain at this point. the biggest one is why did stephen paddock do. this w we do not know that
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just yet. we are getting reports that his hotel room was possibly comped. he was seen in the days leading up to the shooting with another woman. who is she? we still don't know that. new information has come out in the last few days including the fact that he booked a hotel room in chicago. at chicago's black stone hotel. this hotel overlooks the la la popolaaza. he never showed up for that reservation. we have learned this yesterday he was researching hotels at fenway and boston. at this point we don't believe he booked hotel rooms there. that information again still coming out at this hour. we also know that he booked another hotel -- rooms at another hotel here in las vegas when the life is beautiful music festival was going on. still, look, there is a loft questions revolving around scenario was this his main target. was he targeting other music
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festivals and he wasn't able to get the shooting done. a lot of questions there new information that we have about his vehicles. police were able to find his hyundai tucson. that's the vehicle they were looking for in the hours after the shooting happened. we are told that they found that vehicle at a home he owns in reno. we are also told that police have new information regarding the car that was found at the mandalay bay. inside that vehicle we're told 1600 rounds of ammunition. we're told ammonium nitrate. 50 pounds of tanner right as well. was he planning to use that car as explosive? again, still more questions that we don't know the ages to. i will let you hear from one expert about what he thinks. >> he has explosives and ammunition in the car. if he escaped did he want to get in there and drive it and penetrate another crowd and set that off? was this a suicide pack at the end of the game suicide
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by cop? is that what he wanted to do. >> there are so many inconsistencies that continue to emerge. >> now this as there was a memorial service that was held last night. an emotional night for charleston heartfield the off-duty police officer killed in the shooting. he leaves behind a son and daughter. really emotional for those who worked with him. those who knew him. guys, the thing right here this morning is i think a lot of people are starting to get a little bit frustrated the fact that this is taking so long to find out why. as you see, as the days unfold, there are still so many more questions that powp. police have a lot of evidence and things that they still have to get done in this investigation. brian: jillian, i think it's noteworthy they did not have any of those revealing press conferences yesterday. i think they are going to start really slowing down on this. i don't think they liked the way it went the day before. what do you think? >> i agree with you. i was surprised that we didn't have that much information that came out yesterday. i was waiting all day yesterday to see if there was going to be a
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preference. when we didn't get any new information i thought what's going on here? why is this taking so long. that's what people are wondering. you have to give them time to get the right information out to the public. that's what's most important right now. steve: jillian, thank you very much. we wants to know why. apparently the police did reveal that they are seized six media devices, phones, ipads or whatever. that is how they have figured out that he did the web browsing and looked at chicago and looked at boston and elsewhere as well. abby: i'm sure they know more by the way than they are telling the public. steve: absolutely. abby: the thing that is weird there is nothing that we know from social media. inner circle. family members are just as shocked as everyone else is about this. back to what jillian is saying it's the family that just wants answers. take a step back and let the officials do their job and help us all understanding what the motive was. brian: did he freak out some of the neighbors who said he didn't talk he never said a word to us. he always had a nasty look on his face. he worked out and that was
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it starting to get a profile of somebody who was looking to hide something. steve: it's interesting because we don't know anything about him really except the basic biographical stuff except in the last four days before he started doing shooting. he knew there was cameras throughout the casino. he knew they would track down the things. brian: that he gambled all day, all weekend consistently. abby: back in washington it's been a lot of talk about gun control. yesterday, something happened. where they have been talking about bump stocks. something that this shooter used. i think he had a dozen of them on his guns. it's an attachment device that turns an assem my automatic weapon into automatic weapon. let's you shoot faster. have you democrats and republicans and now the administration they are willing to at least look into this debate to see if we need. this the nra got involved as well. steve: here is the president being asked about that. what does he say? listen up. [shouting]
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>> should bump stocks be banned? >> we will get into that over the next short period of time. steve: keep in mind, these bump stocks which were devised and started to be sold, i think back in 2010. they were okayed by the obama administration. the idea was it was to make it easier for disabled people to be able to shoot. the number one supporter of hunting and gun rights, the nra, they have actually come out and what they're now saying is essentially tighter regulation but not a ban. and some people said oh, they are calling for a ban. the nra. can you believe it? wayne lapierre was on with hannity last night and classified the nra on these particular devices. >> the other side on the other end has been so outright trying to politicize this tragedy that we did feel the need to speak out today on this whole bump stock issue. what the nra has said we ought to take a look at that and see if it's in compliance with federal law. and it's worthy of
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additional regulation. that being said, we didn't saban. we didn't say confiscate. san bernardino, where california has every gun law you can imagine on the books, that wouldn't have happened. in paris, where they have complete gun bans, that bunt havwouldn't have happened. brussels all over the world people disarm these monsters, these bad guys go about their business. they can care less what booklawsare on the books. they see these monsters and they don't want to be alone. they want to protect themselves. brian: have you a lot of the money and concerned about your safety. have you big armed guards around you. retired navy seals guarding you. for everybody else they want to have that option. in terms of these devices it's remarkable that do you have republicans and democrats saying let's examine this. guys like paul ryan who hunt for a hobby saying i didn't know anything about it that's very honest and candid. steve: nobody heard of them until last week.
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abby: did you guys know about them? i was reading up on it yesterday. brian: i'm not a gun guy. steve: it is against the law to have a fully automatic weapon. essentially what this does. abby: turns it into that. steve: there should be according to the nra and other people there should be tighter regulation. we are going to talk to nra spokeswoman dana loesch about this in the 8:00 hour on "fox & friends." brian: when you were walking around the halls about a year ago you would see bret stephens a lot came on the radio show all the time. steve: in this building. brian: he worked for the "wall street journal." now is he working for the "new york times." i was stunned to see what he wrote about yesterday regarding the second amendment. keep in mind, a conservative columnist. abby: he said repealing the amendment may seem like mission impossible in the day of same sex marriage most begin as improbable ones. gun ownership should never be outlawed like it isn't in
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britain and australia. it but it doesn't need a blanket protection either. steve: let us know tweet us or facebook. the president of the united states was dining with military leaders and their spouses last night in the state dining room. and the people in the pressroom were just sitting around because they didn't know that they would be called in because the president said hey, come on in and take a picture, we just had dinner. and they didn't know what was going to happen. and then the president, and this is a little cagey on his part. what was he talking about when he said this? >> do you know what this represents? this may be the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> we have the world's great military people in this room, i will tell you that. and thank you all for coming. thank you. >> what storm, mr. president?
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>> you'll find out. ainsley: this is so classic president trump. steve: that's trump being trump. abby: media sitting in the room. is in comfort joan around military officials and generals. who knows they talk about everything from north korea to iran to isis, you name it. but leaving them with that saying it is the calm before the storm. now they are wondering what is he referring to? could it be north korea? could it be this iran deal that i think that's up october 15th. could it be something they are dealing with isis. we don't know. brian: or north korea. that heangts gon heants gone hay because of the vicious shooting in las vegas. every day he gets briefed about different calls for america. and he is definitely being we're definitely on the front foot now around the world and sadly a lot of times results in casualties and talk about this in 15 minutes that we had three green berets killed the other day. so we are constantly in battle.
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constantly going after terrorists. but for him to throw that out, i'm watching every channel this morning as i walked in. they are all speculating on what he meant by that. abby: you look at that group of generals that he is surrounded by. whenever people criticizes foreign policy, you have to look at the people that he has put in these positions from general john kelly chief of staff to james mattis to rex tillerson. these are the best in the business. people that have been -- h.r. mcmaster who have been on the front lines and understand the rough road that we face. steve: here is the thing before dinner he called and said we are going to talk about north korea and iran. then the press went back to the pressroom. hey, take a picture. and then it's like the calm before the storm what are you talking about? you will find out. also, he said there has been tremendous progress made with isis. i guess the media is going to be finding out about that over the next short period of time. so isis, north korea, and
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iran. brian: major city out of iraq. coming up. abby: i talk to my dad, newest ambassador to russia, jon huntsman. let's start with the question you get all the time: why do you want to do this? abby: his answer plus the topic that got my dad and me pretty emotional. brian: that is awesome. democrats and their allies in the media claiming they have the solutions to top mass shootings like the ones we saw in vegas. do they? we break down their ideas and see if they actually would have worked here. healthy cholesterol starts in your gut. so we made cardio-health, an innovative way to support healthy cholesterol containing lrc, a probiotic strain that helps you metabolize dietary cholesterol. because we all want to be healthy for whatever comes next. nature's bounty cardio-health.
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steve: the las vegas massacre is renewing the gun control debate yesterday. yesterday we held a live town hall in our studio and no one had any solutions to stop this kind of violence. steve: can i see the hands. does anybody know of one gun law they could write that would have prevented what happened on sunday night? okay. we're going to end it right there then and we did. so does anyone have any solutions? here to discuss is the author of the 40 coming book first freedom enduring history with the gun from the revolution to today. david harsany he is also a senior editor at the federalist. david, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: it is puzzling, we had all those experts in yesterday. nobody had a good idea. the "new york times" was helping people out. they had a headline
3:18 am
yesterday preventing mass shooting like the vegas strip attack and nicholas kristof wrote this when australia suffered a mass shooting in 1996 the country united behind tougher laws on firearms. the result is that the gun homicide rate was almost halved. america's gun homicide rate is now 20 times australia's. how many times over the last couple of days have you heard about australia and what he has to say about what they are doing down there? >> well, first of all, you know, you hear it all the time. but it's not a feasible solution because it's essentially confiscation. we have a second amendment here and there is no way around that for people to would like to get around it secondly, what they never mention is during the same time from the mid 1990s until maybe a year or two ago, there was a huge drop in crime here as well, except we had a spike in gun ownership. so, obviously there is no correlation or at least it doesn't seem to be correlation between ownership and between guns. as far as the murder rate, we do have a higher murder rate.
3:19 am
we had one before and i think there are a lot of other societal reasons for that. steve: in the kristof article there were a number of suggestions. one of them was universal background checks. what do you think about those? >> well, a lot of people i noticed don't think we have any background checks who don't know about guns. the vast majority of people that buy guns go through a background check. steve: sure. >> so, but moreover, of all these mass shootings, almost every person has passed a background check probably in this case as well. and when they don't, they simply just break the law. like adam lanza who just stole a gun. so i'm not sure -- you might think that's a good idea but it's not going to prevent mass shootings. steve: right. what about limiting the number of guns a person could buy in a year or over their lifetime or whatever? >> most of these attacks are pretty meticulously planned. i don't know what arbitrary folks think is going to help with that. and it's like -- it's sort of like limiting the size of
3:20 am
your soda as if you can't go and wait and get another one later. moreover, there are tons of guns out there already. steve: real quickly, david, what about bump stocks? >> well, obviously, i think people are sir couple venting the law quite often with bump stocks. i'm not sure that banning them is going to make as much of a difference as people think because there are ways around it that aren't bump stocks for gun owners. steve: all right. interesting stuff. david harsany, we thank you for joining us today from our nation's capital. >> thanks for having me. steve: on this friday, abby sits down -- i need a glass of water. with the new ambassador to russia. her dad, jon huntsman, in an exclusive interview coming up. abby: let's start with the question you get all the time. why do you want to do this? or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor,
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brian: all right. back with your headlines right now. foreign hackers may have stolen information from white house chief of staff john kelly's personal cell phone. this according to politico. they have not walked it back from the white house. kelly told tech support staff that his phone had not been working properly poor months. the white house says kelly no longer uses that phone. they might have found something on it. and russian based hackers may have stolen highly sensitive government documents as far as back as 2015. this according to the "wall street journal." hackers accessed the information through the popular antivirus software called kasperski on nsa contractor's home computer. he wasn't horizonned to store the data at home. of course it did. it's unclear if he is facing prosecution. i say yes. that's a quick look at what is happening. steve: meanwhile, here on the program we always try to get absolutely the best news makers the people in the news to come on our show and talk about their jobs.
3:25 am
sometimes the bookings are harder than others. this was a tough one. getting jon huntsman, abby's father. abby: i had to put the charm on. i have to tell you it was a tough one to get. brian: he has a lot of kids to choose from. abby: he does have a lot of kids to choose from. they are off to russia. next ambassador to russia. i said goodbye to them yesterday. later on in the show i sat down with both my parents. here is a look at just some of that. abby: let's start with the question you get all the time. why do you want to do this? it's not an easy role. >> can i just say at the outset, abby, this is about the height of awesomeness to be interviewed by my daughter. but thank you for asking. the answer is very simple. service is the price you pay for citizenship in the greatest country in the world. abby: that's how you raised all of us seven kids. >> we have tried. abby: russia is so politically divisive. how do you rise above that and focus on the issues at
3:26 am
hand? >> you have to understand that there is a political track that people read about in the newspapers on a regular basis that will play out as it will. and then there is another atlantic that has to do with the bilateral relationship. the country-to-country aspects of the united states and russia. we have been hand in hand on the same team i wars in history. we found ourselves on the same page of certain issues before. but today the relationships are at all-time low. i just have to be very frank about that. abby: because have you had all of the meetings with the president, with rex tillerson, with james mattis. are you all on the same page? >> what i love about the president is he is a problem solver. the secretary of state is a problem solver. general mattis, our secretary of defense is a problem solver. so you are surrounded by people who understand the realities inherent in a difficult u.s.-russia
3:27 am
relationship. abby: someone you won't always be on the same page with as president vladimir putin. i know you can't talk about that interaction. but talk about the morale in russia right now because over 700 employees have now been sent home, punished by the russians. >> it's really unfortunate that the russians made the decision that they did. to cut substantially cut our diplomatic presence in russia. we all know that we are facing difficult times. probably the most difficult period in the relationship since the end of the cold war. this is a little bit like 1986 all over again where we went through the same kind of tit-for-tat which serves really no purpose at all. abby: what's going to be your greatest challenge. >> i think personally abby, the greatest challenge will be showing that we can achieve results in this relationship that are good for the people of america and good for the people of russia. because the last thing i want to tell the president or the secretary of state or
3:28 am
the secretary of defense in the months and years ahead is we did our very best, sir, but we didn't get anywhere. i think the taxpayers expect more than that. abby: i love what you say about our military and my brothers. they are serving this country and they are proud to do so. do you worry where the country is right now that we're losing that sense of service? >> i think we are still the greatest country on the face of the earth when it comes to our commitment to service, our volunteer spirit. show me another country in the world that turns out during a time of need where neighbors are helping neighbors and friends are helping friends. it's hard to even talk about. abby: you are going to make me cry. don't do that. >> it's a unique place. i don't think we are less weak today. i think we are stronger. i really do. we have our divides. we have the issues that polarize people, but we also
3:29 am
have some central strengths that are rallying points. abby: i will put you on the. you speak mandarin. how is your russian? both tough langs to learn. >> my colleagues in the embassy mentioned the other day that my russian is spoken with a chinese accent. steve: you know what's really interesting is when your dad kind of teared up, he got so emotional you said that was one of the only times you n. your life vu only seen your dad do that. abby: he is not an emotional guy. only time i have seen him and it is always a private moment when he is. the other time was when his grand father died. when he was talking about the country. steve: is he a patriot. abby: how important service is. it is so rooted in the man that he is, i feel so grateful to have learned from him and continue to. later in the show we will show more the personal side family of it. my mom and dad together.
3:30 am
she is the rock. brian: he might be the most qualified person in the country, period, to have this job and it might be the most challenging job in the entire administration. and the pride in which he speaks about his team is like he can't wait to get aboard. abby: producers in my ear why were you grilling your dad, laughing about it this was like our dinner conversation growing up every single night. he would comb home from work and i would have 20 questions i wanted my dad to answer for me. that was shown on camera. brian: he wasn't i left that at home. abby: this is how we are at home. steve: talked about russia and china at home at our house we just gossip. ains. abby: sensitive relationship. more coming up later on the show. steve: your dad is meeting with the president at 3:00 this afternoon in the oval office. abby: absolutely. brian: gold enstate becomes a sanctuary state. i'm talking about the entire state of california. steve: and the question everybody wants answered about stephen, the shear.
3:31 am
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that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during our fall sale. ends soon. visit for a store near you. abby: a fox news alert. major new developments in the las vegas massacre. police finding a hyundai sue son belonging to stephen paddock believing he may have scouted other potential targets in chicago and boston. brian: the explosives he had in the car we did know about, paddock blocked hotel rooms in august. the same day as the la la plooz zoo festival across the street. he never checked. in google search of hotels around fenway park no. evidence shows he actually traveled to boston. steve: police also revealing 1600 rounds of explosions found in his car northwesterly mandalay bay. police track down a mystery room seen with the shooter
3:35 am
days before the deadly shooting. apparently the reason we are able to figure out these other venues that he investigated was he used expedia. and the fbi has been looking at his media devices. and that's one of the things. they are looking at his browsing history. abby: because there is nothing else. there is nothing on his social media. there is nothing that his family knew. they have to go to expedia to figure this out. brian: i'm wondering could very shot up his own car that was full of explosives? was that at all in his range? steve: keep in mind, he thought he could escape according to the sheriff out there. they said he would have to be superman. he would go have to be like a super hero. in his head did he have an exit plan. abby: he was clearly paranoid sitting up all those cameras in that hotel room to figure out when people were coming to get him. steve: part of the plan. abby: other headlines we are following this morning. brand new video showing the accused bomber testing out explosive two days before his alleged attack in new
3:36 am
york city. prosecutors unveiling the video taken at ahmed rooney's backyard. he has pleaded guilty to setting off pressure cooker bomb. if convicted he could spend his life in prison. forget sanctuary cities, california is now officially the first sanctuary state. governor jerry brown defying the trump administration by signing a bill that prevents law enforcement from asking people about their immigration status and taking part in federal enforcement efforts. the law comes despite the department of justice's threat to withhold federal funding to all sanctuary cities. and defending super bowl champs sign on thursday night football. new england patriots beating the tampa bay buccaneers 19-14. before the action started all players on both teams stood for the national anthem. this as the poll shows demonstrations are causing fans to tune out of the games. according to a new see ton university poll, 30% of fans say they are watching less
3:37 am
football. 45% of them disprove of kneeling during the anthem. brian: that's low compared to where it was. abby: louisiana and florida under a state of emergency as people brace for, yet, another possible hurricane this weekend. tropical storm nate already drenching central america killing at least 22 people as it makes its way towards the gulf. that is when we bring in janice dean as i said another hurricane. what can we expect on this one? janice: this one won't be a major hurricane we don't think. there is a possibility of a hurricane. it's going to go into the gulf of mexico. the water is very warm. it's going to be a quick mover. it's happening this weekend. i'm concerned with louisiana, mississippi, alabama, areas that are very vulnerable to storm surge. you see that track. steve: or new orleans. janice: absolutely. we think the center comes over new orleans. heavy rain and wind. this is going to be a sunday lawful. people need to be making preparations and completing them right now. of course we will keep you updated.
3:38 am
brian: can't forget about the past hurricanes puerto rico and florida and texas. janice: harvey was the first one in southeast texas. and abby, you spoke about it with your dad about neighbors helping neighbors. i want you to take a look at this. this is a very special organization that i covered called team rubicon in wharton, texas. take a look. ♪ ♪ hurricane harvey made lawful august 25th along the texas coast. the storm brought unpress depthed rain, damaged over100,000 homes and took dozens of lives. in times of disaster, we rely on the helpers. people who donate time and resources to lend a hand. team rubicon is made up of those helpers led by a marine veteran jake wood. >> i organized a team with a couple of friends to go down to prawbs port-au-prince. we quickly realized while we were down there helping the victims of that earthquake the skills we learned in the military could, you know, we
3:39 am
could repurpose these to help people in these times of need. we came back and incorporated this team rubicon and we have been trying to build the best disaster response organization possible ever since. there is nothing more american than getting out and helping your fellow neighbor. so let's get out there and do it. janice: so i went to wharton texas one of the hardest hit areas south of houston. i met one rubicon as they community center one of the neighborhoods where these volunteers have come out to help. ♪ >> if you want to make a difference and change lives, go look this up group called team rubicon. next tough, texas strong. it's knowing who your neighbors are well before a disaster so when disaster strikes you know who in your community needs help the most. maybe they are disabled. maybe they have limited mobility. maybe think just need a hand to get back on track.
3:40 am
>> it's humbling. people here have lost so much. hopefully what we can give them is a little bit of hope. >> what a great team spirit. i think a lot of people don't realize team rubicon is expanding across the world. and it's all about community. it doesn't matter where you are from. >> disasters bring out the worst in situations. but they also bring out the best in humanity. so they will bring people together. there is more things that unite us than there is that divide us. >> i was in the army for 20 years. i think just about anybody that's been in the military, hey, here what happens we got to do. and working as a team and getting it done. it's very fulfilling. you could sit around and you could talk about what's going on, and about what people are going through, but if you want to do something, have you got to get up and do it? >> heavenly father, we thank you for these angels on earth. we thank you for these people that give out of their day. out of tier lives to come to our little town in wharton. >> one lady, we finished her house, she said well, i have got to ask you the hard question now, how much is this going to cost me?
3:41 am
ma'am, we are all volunteers, this is free. she cried and dropped down to her knees. it was a special moment. >> i am in love with all the teams. it makes my heart feel great that people from all over the world, you know, think about others that's in need. when you have a servant heart, that means everything. >> can i give you a hug? >> yes. >> you're awesome. >> you're awesome. steve: went to texas and did a lot of hugging. >> this team inspired me so much. i want to do as much ascii to donate to them. so with my freddie sales. my latest book fredy the frog caster and flash flood. i'm donating 15,000 through the sales of freddie to team rubicon because they do such great work. listen, can you donate as well. they are team rubicon
3:42 am they are a wonderful organization that integrates our veterans after their service and they are the real deal. they really are. brian: the more books they buy the more books can you send over. steve: janice, shortly after the hurricanes hit you made it clear you were going to donate every penny that you got from your book to storm relief. janice: absolutely. this is just the beginning hopefully the $15,000 check. i hope can i donate more. you can do the same. they are a wonderful organization. they are all about america. they are all about being proud americans and helping your neighbor. abby: you have the biggest heart we know. thank you for bringing this story in our lives. janice: thank you for letting us do this. brian: it will be on abby: buy janice's book it all goes to the cause. janice: yea. steve: coming up, three green beret killed in an ambush now raising new questions about the rules of engagement. can our troops protect themselves on the battlefield? former green beret commander michael waltz has been on the ground in niger where
3:43 am
they died. is he going to join us next. brian: plus former congressman jason chaffetz. jean pirro and geraldo rivera we have not seen him since he has gotten back from puerto rico i can't wait to get his progressive on the one-on-one with the president and dana loesch all on the show. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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♪ brian: a fox news alert right now. three u.s. army special forces soldiers were killed and two others wounded in an ambush attack that happened in niger this week leading to questions to the extent of the u.s. military presence on that continent and the exact rules of engagement where we thought had improved. joining us right now is someone who has been on the ground in niger. former green beret commander himself, fox news contribute tore retired lieutenant colonel michael waltz. it's easy to get lost after the carnage from las vegas. and other things going on here domestically in what happened in africa. maybe you can put it in perspective. first off, the rules of engagement, have they changed? >> well, not necessarily,
3:47 am
brian. you know, our forces on the ground can always defend themselves, so if attacked, they can hit back. what is a little bit different is if they want to take offensive action. for instance, maybe they receive a tip that there is a training camp over the next horizon and you want to take offensive action against it, you will have to seek higher approval under the obama administration had to go all the way back to washington or back to the headquarters. now folks out in the field can give that approval. brian: what is our function in africa, mostly training, but to do what? >> well, you know, in this case, in niger, it is an incredibly ditch neighborhood. to the northwest have you mali and al qaeda in that grab. to the south boko haram in niger. to the east have you important lay growing isis presence in libya. libya completely fell apart after we overthrew the qaddafi regime but then the obama administration really didn't do anything to help
3:48 am
rebuild it. so, we are workin working with r nigerian allies. we are working with their army. these special forces are not the types that are necessarily flying around kicking in doors. but they are embedded with the local military and the local militias to train them and to help them to eventually be able to defend themselves. brian: it looks like, colonel, from the outside perspective that someone would tip -- tipped off the attackers about the american presence. wouldn't you think? >> it looks like it. my understanding is they were going out to meet. so tribal elders and then they were hit on their way back and they were ambushed. again, these guys, it's not like iraq. these are green berets. they are not riding around in honorabled vehicles with, you know, a lot of air support overhead. they are in pickup trucks. they are in the same types of vehicles as their partner forces and they are lightly armed. brian, i think it's worth reminding folks that we are in 70 to 80 countries around the world every day as we
3:49 am
speak doing these types of missions because the long war is helping our allies fight for themselves. brian: colonel, this is what the president has been say guilty. we are trying to suppress the growing terror threat because they're coming in to the west. and blowing themselves up and creating havoc. buy we're doing the fighting and blocking for europe. they could provide some special forces. i know france has been active. but what about everybody else? >> well, i agree with you. that's been the president's message to nato is you have to get into this counter terrorism fight. the french have been very active and next door in mali. they are also active in niger because there is a lot of french uranium that powers their electrical grid that comes out of niger. but big picture, as we squeeze in iraq and in syria, they are moving in to africa, into afghanistan, into fill peensz. brian, we are in a global war against islamic extremism. and the president's is right. our allis need to step up.
3:50 am
brian: colonel, thanks so much. we do not wants to continue to forget those fighting in the shadows. we only see the story pop up, sadly, after casualties so often. >> 70 to 80 countries every day as we speak. brian: colonel, thanks so much. >> all right. thanks, brian. brian: look at the big board. look at the roster of guests. we have the chairman of house oversight. chafin chaffetz and then we have jeanine pirro and then geraldo rivera, and dana loesch. there will be a quiz later. when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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♪ abby: it took 14 minutes to respond to the hotel room in mandalay bay.
3:54 am
brian: would officers have located the shooter even faster. steve: kurt the cyberguy on technology being used in certain cities across the country. kurt is in las vegas. you are talking about shot spotter which they actually use here in new york but don't have in las vegas. >> 90 u.s. cities have it, steve. good morning to you from las vegas. the tragedy here one bright spot inside of it was indeed the most recent time line of the police we're talking about bullets first fired at 10:05 and 12 minutes later officers make it to the 32nd floor. well, there is a technology that unfortunately is not in las vegas that some say could have brought them to the door even faster and perhaps even slowed down this awful, awful event from this area. it's called shot spotter and here is how it works. >> this is shot spotter so this can hear gunfire around
3:55 am
the city and triangulate position. >> able to distinguish between back fire, fireworks and gunshots it gives you the latitude and longitude. what this does is allow for that immediate notification, the officers driving into the area. they know exactly where they are going. if it's in the residential areas area, it makes that much better to where they can actually see that it's occurring in the backyard of that residence. and in some cases, us getting there very quick slay difference between life and death. >> that is chief jerry dire who showed us the technology not too long ago. 45 seconds is all it takes for a gunshot to go off and for this system to have in the field a notification either on the cell phone, across the patrol car's systems or to dispatchers in their ears. they will be able to know exactly where that was fired and in many times they can
3:56 am
predict the ballistics of that weapon. they certainly would know whether it was automatic or not. steve: sure. >> extraordinary. it takes 5 to 20 of those acoustic sensors. you never see them if if he are in your city. they are on top of street streetlights and light poles and on top of roofs. they have to be at least 30 feet off the ground. steve: i have a question. with that they would be able to tell it was coming from mandalay bay. would they be able to tell what floor it was on because that was the big problem. >> i asked that of chief dire and he said yes. he said that indeed it could have. he believes it would have worked that way. we'll never really know. i mean, we will just really never know. it does beg the question, how do you now not have the technology like this in your own community? it's so extraordinarily helpful. abby: it's fascinating technology, kurt. really, really interesting. thank you so much for that all right, former congressman jason chaffetz, judge jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera and dana loesch all
3:57 am
joining us live in the next two hours on "fox & friends." stick with us. ♪ ♪ whitens my teeth or... that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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4:00 am
>> get down, get down. steve: the fbi combing through a car belonging to the las vegas gunman days after he killed 58 people in cold blood. >> new information has come out. he booked a hotel room in chicago. now, this hotel overlooks the la la palooza. a huge festival. >> another location boston. >> looking to take action on bump stocks, devices that make semiautomatic weapons more deadly. >> we'll look into that over the short period of time. >> that's what we want to prevent for someone to be able to fire 400, 500, 800 rounds per minute. >> the nra came out and said those products should be subject to regulation.
4:01 am
>> the other side has been so outright trying to politicize this tragedy that we did feel the need to speak out in this whole bump stock issue. >> a heart warming moment between president trump and shootings victim that is now going viral. >> president of the united states comes in, no matter hot president is, you stand up and shake their hand and show them the respect they deserve. brian: all right. straight to that fox news alert. the fbi tracking down and comb through a car belonging to the las vegas gunman days after he killed 5 will 58 peopln cold blood. abby: could contain critical information about his motive. steve: jillian is in las vegas. it is 4:00 there what is the very latest? >> that's right. we were made aware that police have found his hyundai tucson that was located at a home he owns in reno. what is inside that vehicle? that's still information we don't have at this point. police did release details about what was inside his vehicle at the mandalay bay. that includes 1600 rounds of
4:02 am
ammunition. ammonium nitrate and 50 pounds of tannerite. here is other information that we know. this is where things start to get a little bit twisted. follow me here for a second. we know that stephen paddock actually reervesd hotel rooms at a hotel in chicago called chicago's black stone hotel. we also know that these rooms were booked while the la la palooza music festival that attracts 10s of thousands of people from across the country. we know he never showed up for that reservation. police made us aware he has been researching hotels near fenway and boston. at this point we have not been aware that he has booked any rooms. we do know he was researching those rooms. we also know that he did book hotel rooms at another place here in las vegas. that was for the life is beautiful music festival while that was going on. now, also, there are reports coming out later last night earlier this morning that his girlfriend, marilou danley said that she was concerned about his mental stability. that he would often scream
4:03 am
out things in the middle of the night while he was sleeping things like "oh my god." one former cia analyst says these are sure tell signs that he is a psychopath. >> seems like this is a psychopath who was hiding his severe mental illness for a long time. that would fit in with a lot of what we do know so far. did he want to just find the most advantageous position for maximum carnage? if that was the case the political motive is no longer there. you are just dealing with a mass murdering psychopath. >> now, we also want to let you know there was a really emotional memorial service held last night for charleston heartfield the off-duty los angeles police officer killed in the shooting. he does leave behind a son and daughter. you can see in the video there a lot of people attending that, former co-workers. family, friends out there. emotional night here in las vegas. but, guys, the big thing right now is there are still so many questions that need to be answered. some things we don't know. and the biggest thing of all
4:04 am
that people want to know is why did he do this? did he do this with any help? so, we will keep you posted if we get any more information throughout the morning. back to you. brian: maybe a mysterious woman outside his girlfriend. we will see what else the surveillance cameras turn up. thanks, jillian. three minutes after the top of the hour. let's bring in jason chaffetz. everyone is frustrated at the pace in which people are being informed about what happened. what was behind this attack. >> look, i think the public wants to know but we also need to be patient because you have everywhere from the fbi and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. but you are also, given the international nature you are will have the nsa, the cia, the department of treasury looking where money is flowing. i think they know an awful lot. i'm actually glad they are not sharing that at this point. if we are just patient a little bit, i know that they are on it. and i know they are making progress. and as much as i personally want to know. let the law enforcement people do what they need to do. abby: otherwise we are distracted by every other
4:05 am
situation that might have happened. >> law enforcement also wants to see what other people are doing. where are they moving? what are they chattering about? where are they moving money? steve: sure. >> if there is something bigger than this, they want to know that and let them do what they are doing while keeping their eyes on them. steve: just look at what sheriff lombardo said a couple days ago. he felt that the guy had an escape plan. in his master plan he was going to survive the shooting and then get out. and some have suggested that is why he had 50 pounds of tannerite in his car. tannerite is the same explosive that the chelsea, new york bomber used. so, maybe that was act 2. >> he was obviously planning this for a long period of time. he had obviously done a lot of research. it is, as the sheriff said, pretty hard to fathom that he did this alone. there had to be somebody who had some expertise who helped them at some point. that's what they are father riting out right now. brian: every time something like this happens you have
4:06 am
big call for gun regulation and push back guns are not the problem. we might have had something to agree on that these bump stocks need to be looked at. things that were put evidently for the disabled to be able to shoot a gun easier is now being used way too often, apparently by people looking to make a semiautomatic an automatic. >> so an automatic weapon you just hold the trigger down and it just keeps firing as fast as it can. the semiautomatic is legal. the automatic is illegal. you have to actually pull the trigger. this was a device that was approved in the obama administration to actually get around that. and so i do think it is right. whether it's regulated or whether or not they just actually pass a piece of legislation, but there are lot of other things that we could actually do to fight gun crime in this country. brian: which is? >> for instance, surprisingly, there is actually legislation that lindsey graham and others are trying to move in the last five years, there were actually 175% increase in the number of robberies.
4:07 am
175% increase of robberies of ffls, federal firearms licensees. that put more than 7,000 illegal guns out on their streets. why aren't they thosing on that. steve: are you asking for more gun laws? >> you don't need more gun laws. you have to fix the atf. they need a senate-confirmed director. they have only had one since 2006. i do think there is mental health data bases that should be pop plated into what's called. it wouldn't have solved this. if you look at the problem of guns. if the democrats were sincere, they would help republicans in these rawrdz rather than saying let's get rid of the second amendment. circumstantially they want to take away all our guns. abby: isn't the bigger picture when we look at these shootings of course we can talk about guns and bump stock majority of people say we didn't know this existed. if have you ability to kill hundreds of people that's horrible and scungt make sense. what drives someone to wake um and say i want to kill myself and kill as many
4:08 am
other people as possible? if it's not going to be guns, they are going to find a way. brian: it was plotted and planned. it could have been planned for months. abby: at some point in his life something switched. >> there is deep seeded evil that infused itself into this person and we better understand it i worry there are more people like that. that he wasn't just the only people out of 330 million people in this country. steve: what. so experts have suggested and this is one of the leaks is something they feel happened in his life in october of 2016. and that's when he really started to accelerate the pace at which he started gathering guns. >> go back and look at the history of his dad one of the america's most wanted people by the fbi. and then look at his brother. they are piecing that together. it's going to take a little bit of time. brian: nancy pelosi let it slipped when asked about guns and. this a lot of republicans fear this is going to be a slippery slope. she said we hope. so. >> exactly what republicans fear that she wants. neutralization of the second
4:09 am
amendment. >> i like when democrats say what what they are thinking. they want to take away guns. they don't believe in the second amendment. i have five guns i'm a conceal carry permit holder, my wife is too. they are not taking away our guns. they are not going to do it. abby: talking about piecing things together. trying to piece together what the president said last night often leaving them hanging. he had this dipper with some generals and he invited their wives there and the media was in their room thinking it was going to be a regular night. i want you hire at this dinner. here is he taking photos and he says this. >> do you know what this represents? the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be -- the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> we have the world's great military people in this room. i will tell you that. thank you all for coming. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out.
4:10 am
abby: he loves doing that the calm before the storm. now we have no idea what he is talking about, north korea, iran? brian: what are we talking? >> i don't know. steve: isn't that the idea? >> i do think it is the right strategy. you don't want your enemies. you don't want to telegraph to them what you are going to do and whether you are in libya or afghanistan. whether you are in north korea or. steve: is he talking about me? >> yes. if you are feeling guilty, you are thinking oh, they know. brian: this president it's nonstop news. here is he on a photo op. >> seems so impromptu. steve: because the press pool had been told, you know, you are done for the night. apparently he was probably talking to the generals and said, you know what? let's do this. i'm going to call them in. and he did. >> white house communications team off to the side. i would have loved to have a camera on them to see how they are reacting. steve: put a blood pressure cup on somebody. >> on a serious note i think it is the right thing for the president to do to put
4:11 am
people on notice to say if i need to pull the trigger i will. that's what i want from the president to protect the people of the united states. if there is clear and present danger. abby: he could be sending a message to kim jong un, to china, to isis, to iran, you name it you are right it is a different tactic but it could be very smart. brian: got him in our a block. on things to talk about list. good job. >> good to see you. abby: you are on the five tonight. i will see you there. >> i haven't done that before. that will be fun. steve: reports the las vegas shooter may have had his sights on another town. maybe chicago or boston. >> brian: ed davis was that city's police comirgs during the marathon bombing. is he here to respond next. abby: more of my exclusive interview with the ambassador to russia, my dad. what he and my mom say about their move to moscow and their message to all of those who serve. that's coming up. >> they want to help. they want to do something to repay this country for what
4:12 am
it's done for them. basic freedom and liberty. and this is our small way of giving back. s it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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4:15 am
brian: a fox news alert now. investigators looking into reports the las vegas shooter was scouting other locations. for example, hotels near boston's fenway park.
4:16 am
that's before sunday night's massacre would have been during the summer. here to react former boston police commissioner, fox news contributor ed davis who was actually in las vegas during the shooting and now we have got to bring in the boston angle to this. first off, commissioner, are we to believe the reports that there was actually some indication that he wanted to shoot up fans as they left the park? >> >> well, unfortunately that's true. i spoke to two police individuals yesterday, two sources that confirmed that he was looking at boston and chicago as locations. brian: how is it similar to where he ultimately ended up perpetrating the massacre. it would have been a high location shooting down again at unsuspecting fans or supporters, correct? >> that's correct. the hotel that he was looking at overlooks kenmore square and that's where the crowds leave the park. so, you know, this is a place that we use for surveillance when we would manage big events down
4:17 am
there. quite frankly, he was doing his homework. brian: did you ever, in thinking about possible attack points, game plan out what if a gunman got here? >> well that was always part of our planning on any kind of big event, presidential visits, parades, things like that. we would have, especially working with the secret service. that's an integral part of their preparation. but not for every event that happened. because it's not something that we see frequently. so, it's not standard. brian: will it now be? will you be constantly looking at high perches, looking down at crowds? >> i think there is no doubt that this is going to become a requirement now for outside venues. we're offering this as a service, other companies are going to do this. this is going to become a main issue on security. brian: i remember the boston bombing. you were briefing often. and we have another great law enforcement leader in sheriff joe lombardo. yesterday or two days ago at
4:18 am
the end, when the question and answer period, he said this and speculated and kind of let us into his thinking. >> do you think this was all accomplished on his own? self-value, face value. you got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. brian: he was kind of bringing us into his line of thinking. what are your thoughts about him bringing us there. because we weren't even thinking necessarily accomplice. he is thinking logically, yeah, there might have been. what do you think? >> well, his thinking is based upon information that he has that we don't know about yet. so, i would put a lot of stock in what he has to say. it's probably based on information and evidence that he is working with right now. so, the next few days are going to be extremely interesting. the review of the videotapes of the hotel, i know that took on our investigation it's going to take a week or two to get through all that stuff. there is a lot coming down the road on this.
4:19 am
brian: let alone what they are doing internationally retracing his cruise stops. commissioner, if i put you on the stop righ spot right nowg a couple beers across the street and say tell me what you think happened. what would you tell me? >> i think he is akin to a mass murderer the. there is no real explanation for it except that he wanted to do this because he liked it. that's the problem with these guys. they like it. brian: but they never did it before. there is no track record of ever doing it. >> they think about it. they fantasize about it. it's part of their most -- deepest secrets. and then they start doing it and some people do it over a period of time. other people do it all at once. you know, it just -- this is an evil genius, i think. there might be something else going on here that i don't know about. that's the only explanation can i come up with right now. brian: commissioner ed davis has been through this same thing before when a terror attack happens in a major
4:20 am
city. it happened in boston. thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. brian: forget sanctuary cities sanctuary state just made it official. california, that's a big blank you to the trump administration. how will they respond? and more of be ay's exclusive interview with her dad. the new ambassador to russia. you are not going to hear this anywhere else unless she licensed out the video behind my back. if she does, she has a lot of explaining to do. we all want restful sleep. that's why nature's bounty melatonin is made to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. so you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. because mom's love is unconditional. even at 6am. nature's bounty melatonin. we're all better off healthy. (bell ringing)
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4:23 am
steve: we are back now with friday morning headlines. first up, new details about the ambush attack that killed three american green berets in africa. the pentagon now says there were no u.s. surveillance drones overhead before or during the joint training
4:24 am
mission in niger. that's because the local government doesn't allow them. retired green beret commander lieutenant colonel michael waltz joined us earlier sayin saying it seems le the attackers were tipped off. >> it looks like it. my understanding is they were going out to meet some of the try ball elders and then they were hit on their way back and ambushed. >> two other u.s. special forces soldier hurt in the attack. al qaeda suspected of carrying it out. as the u.s. braces for another possible hurricane this weekend. the caribbean continues to reel from. survey damage and meet with. so victims. his visit comes one day after he met with puerto rican evacuees in the state of florida offering them support. president trump toured hurricane ravaged puerto rico just a couple of days ago on tuesday. abby: another one on the way. steve: meanwhile, it is just a week from yesterday that abby's father will officially be the brand new
4:25 am
ambassador for the united states to russia and is he going to head to russia. abby: he is going to move to moscow. is he taking my mom with him. two of my little sisters. leaving five of the seven behind. i spoke with him yesterday and my mom who has been a trooper. i think this is the 15th time she has moved with my dad somewhere foreign, somewhere new. and this is what she said. abby: mom, how are you feeling? i mean you are the most important piece of this whole puzzle because have you done a move like this 15 times. you just have to get up and go. >> we are always running by the seat of our pants. and i just dad after married him i hope you are waiting for exciting life but it will be one filled with service. so, when this job came up, i really didn't even bat an eye. i just said, you know what? let's do. abby: it's tough. you are leaving five of the seven kids behind. have you more grand kids on the way. >> i'm reminded the men and women that are in uniform and those that are, you know, in the building, the
4:26 am
state department that go out anywhere in the world and go through the same challenges of leaving family, leaving parents that are aging, missing graduations, missing, you know, births of grandchildren. abby: you passed down to the grand kids exactly what you guys taught us and that's service. and that's giving back and helping other people. and we're so grateful that we get to bring another life into this world and have that example to live by. because that what makes us all better people. that's what makes this country better and you two are about to go spend the next how many months, years of your life giving back. you probably couldn't do it without mom. >> i couldn't do it without mom. she is far and away the best attribute that the united states will have. far better than the ambassador in moscow. abby: she is certainly a pretty one. >> no question about that. but i'm grateful to my own dad for instilling in me the sense of service and sacrifice. that's what i was raised
4:27 am
with and all of you were raised with the same ethos. that is the price for living in this country and for having citizenship in the greatest land ever is service. and i think americans understand that in all walks of life. they all want to help. they all want to do something to repay this country for what it's done for them. basic freedom and liberty. and this is all our small way of giving back thanks to the president for asking us to do it. abby: you wear this every day. >> i wear this every day. i cry if i talk too much about it but it's a gift from your dad. it says please protect them with the initials of your two brothers in the u.s. navy. and i think about every day the men and women serving our country. i think about our two sons. i think about our children. and it's something that i cling on to every day. all i can say is please protect them. it just gives me that strength and hope to get through each day. abby: they give us all
4:28 am
strength in this family. every time we feel like we are having a hard day we think about jon and will and what they're going through. it's probably more challenging and difficult but they are still proud to do it. >> it's made it so that there was no question when your dad was asked to do this. my goodness, of course. abby: we'll be stronger as a family going through this again. >> we will. a lot of skypeing. abby: how do we communicate there? >> we will talk about that later. [laughter] abby: i love you guys so much. >> we love you, too. >> thanks ab. brian: not only are they going away. but is he also going to the eye of the storm. the hacking thing that popped out today and the day before and the expulsion of other diplomats right before he gets his job, is he going -- it makes the china thing seem like a walk in the park. abby: unbelievable. he will be the ambassador to china and now russia. isis, syria, ukraine, the balkans, the list of things that they have to deal with is unreal. i'm so glad we were able to
4:29 am
talk to my mom. when we talk about patriotism on the show all the time and patriots in the country. she is one of the best examples of that to me. not only does she support my dad and service but a military mom with two sons that are out doing their thing protecting all of us and allowing us to have our freedoms. it's people like her that make our country so great. steve: behind a great man and sons a great mom and wife. while five are left at home. your sister is going to go and work at the embassy. abby: she doesn't know what she is doing yet. but she wants to go. steve: maybe stamp some visas. abby: she is from china. she was born in china, now working in the russian embassy for the united states. that's how it goes. you know. brian: it's going to be great. of course the world cup is going to be there in the summer. the whole world will be there. steve: what a great family. brian: that was awesome. that will be posted online, too. 2 minutes after the hour. straight ahead. hillary clinton tells americans not to play politics after the mass shooting. but then she played politics again. that's next.
4:30 am
steve: plus, forget sanctuary cities. a sanctuary state was just born. judge jeanine pirro, pretty good idea how she feels about that. she is going to weigh in on it coming up. ♪ ♪ e actually verify. and we can also verify that what goes down, [ splash, toilet flush ] doesn't always come back up. find a great plumber at angie's list. join today for free. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. planning other deadly attacks in other major american cities. brian: yeah. the gunman booked but never checked into a chicago hotel in august. his phone also shows a going search of hotels around fenway park in boston. abby: we could soon get new information on the gunman's deadly motive. the fbi finding one of his cars and scouring it for clues. steve: investigators on the lookout for mystery woman seen with the shooter days before he killed 58 innocent people. let's bring in judge jeanine pirro host of justice getting ready for her weekend. judge, what do you think? >> about? steve: about what this guy -- you know, we are all trying to figure out what
4:34 am
his motive was. right now, you know, they may know something but they are not being -- >> -- look. i don't know enough to know what his motive is and i do respect law enforcement for keeping it close to the vest right now. about they do know a lot more than they are telling us, i mean, you know, i have done these things and the last thing you want is for people to know what you know for people to know how are going to talk to next. and but, look, i want to know who was this woman he was with in the casino. i bet you a dollar's to donuts that they are using her and saying to the girl that he was living with you know what? what's he doing with this woman? what's going on there? and by the way, i am so sick and tired. brian: why would do you that? you want her to realize cut your ties, baby. >> we got somebody here we need to know more about them. don't tell me the guy is crazy. i have tried murder cases, insand case is crazy. the fact that the guy wakes up screaming at night doesn't mean a darn thing.
4:35 am
maybe he saw a bad steven king movie. brian: that was the report that the girl friend said he wakes up at night screaming. so what? maybe he had a bad dream. look, insanity is very specific. this guy was focused. he was premeditated. he was in the moment. he knew what he was doing. evil is not the same as insanity. abby: it seems crazy that at this point no one knew about it he was planning on it. now reporting for months now. brian: 30 guns. abby: he had checked in to other hotels big cities, boston, chicago, yet his girlfriend says she knew nothing about this. his family mexico, no idea. nothing on social media. is that unusual to you? you have covered -- have you followed some of these types of cases closely that he was so quiet and private and secretive about all of this. >> you know, i don't buy it. i don't buy it. if you recall, san bernardino, nobody knew, nobody knew. the family didn't know. and then we find out that they knew. look, there are always telltales. and when a guy was as
4:36 am
focused as he was, the guy had airplanes, all right? the guy had no military experience. how did he learn to shoot like this? how did he learn what it would take to shoot from that angle at that height? brian: little try pods on tri pn the gun. >> he had help. i'm not in it. i'm not in the middle of this investigation. what i do know is this is not just one guy. this is too vast for one guy. abby: he had a dozen bump stocks on his guns which is what a lot of people are talking about whether or not we should ban those. >> thank barack obama for that one. i mean, while the left goes ballistic we can see gee, barack, you missed that one. and you also missed chicago. you missed all those african-americans dying there. and, you know, shall we go into hillary yet? steve: absolutely. because some people shortly after the gun smoke essentially cleared, then people were saying it's too early to talk about politics. it's too early. hillary clinton said that and then she got political.
4:37 am
here she is with jimmy fallon. >> i can't believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby. the vast majority of americans and the vast majority of gun owners know we need common sense gun safety measures. steve: well, judge, there are so many republicans saying we have got to do something about these bump stocks. that's not accurate what she just said. >> look, i truly believe something is going to happen to bump stocks. you can't have a truly automatic weapon. when you take a bump stock to take a semiautomatic rifle and turn it into automatic. although my friends who are expert marksman say it's not really automatic you still have to put your finger on the trigger. be that as it may i think this is going down. make no mistake, can you get a spool of plastic, put it into a 3-d printer and get
4:38 am
yourself a march. steve: can you use your belt. >> exactly. let's talk about hillary. the woman comes out 12 hours later and i'm going to talk about this on my show. she says imagine the deaths if shooter had a sidelinesser. 12 hours later. do you have a heart, woman? do you know how many bodies are still there splayed out among the carnage? how many parents are looking for the kids under a are worried about being politically appropriate? brian: right. i agree with you on all of that but i also think that every time there is a shooting we go to one area in which we ought to focus on. now it's this thing. okay, fine. remember, it was mental health. not mental health problem. universal background checks. he got background checks. so everyone is desperate. i can understand the frustration to label it and fintd out who did it. what are we going to walk away with here no more guns in america? that s. that the new push. >> that's their agenda. their agenda is to take away
4:39 am
our guns. they are not taking away my guns and to get rid of the nra and blame us for co-son spirits for all these lunatics. i used to sign pistol permits as a judge. we do get information we get. the thing that we need that we will never get from the democrats is the ability to get into the hippa information that we need. i want to know what's your medical background is have you been in a psychiatric hospital? are you on psychotropic drugs? they are never going to give us that because that's private. brian: judge, do you know what the problem is, if i feel as though i need help but i loss love my guns, i'm going to be afraid to go to a psychiatrist because they are going to turn on me even though i'm trying to get better. that's the problem. >> i know that's the problem. here's the bottom line. you are not going to find out hot lunatics are, hot ones are who were in need of help unless you find out. you know, they can fill out a form and say i'm not on
4:40 am
psychotropic drugs. brian: this guy was. >> he was. of course he was. brian: we have a lot to discuss. abby: we will be tuning in to your show this weekend. brian: i know when you are about to t up because you slide off on the seat a little bit. i'm going to switch seats with abby. abby: i get. brian: as soon as she moved up, i thought i was in trouble. steve: abby, have you some headlines? >> some other headlines we are following this morning. forget sanctuary cities california now first officially the sanctuary state. governor jerry brown defying the trump administration signing a bill that doesn't allow people to ask about immigration status. the law comes despite the threat to withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities. state department requests by 00 co-warmbier to designate north korea as a state sponsor of terror.
4:41 am
otto died after being released by north korea back in june. his parents fred and cindy warmbier teamed one 12 senators to send a request to the secretary of state. they joined "fox & friends" last week to make their case. take a listen. >> north korea claiming to be a victim anded that the world is picking on them. and we're here to tell you north korea is not a victim. they're terrorists. they kidnapped otto. they tortured him. we owe it to the world to list north korea as a state sponsor of terror. abby: this is big news. only three countries are currently on the state department's list, iran, syria, and sudan. effort under fire from atheists. the governor of kentucky slammed for urging students to take part in bring your bible to school day. >> use it as a point of conversation and conversation with other students. this is absolutely your right to do this. don't let anybody tell you otherwise. abby: on facebook the freedom from religion
4:42 am
foundation writes this such irresponsible misuse of public office appears to give the green light to school officials to likewise misuse their authority to promote religion to a captive audience of school children. and a tribute to a legendary rock star tom petty will be remembered this weekend at the university of florida wants homecoming game where he used to be a grounds keeper. he will be honored as this classic plays throughout the stadium. ♪ hey ♪ stand my ground ♪ and i won't back down ♪ abby: boy, will he be missed. fans also calling for a stat do you have the rocker to go up in his hometown of gainsville. brian: i didn't realize he worked on the grounds crew there. steve: who knew? there you go. tom petty. come up on this friday, president trump the consoler in chief in this week in las vegas. how has he done in times of crisis? we will talk about that. abby: the dow keeps on
4:43 am
climbing setting new records since the president took office. we stuart varney will join us to talk about that next. and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. our guests can earn a free night when they book at and stay with us just two times? fall time. badda book. badda boom. pumpkin spice cookie? i'm good. book now at
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♪ ♪ steve: it was one of the president's biggest campaign promises about a year ago. >> we're going to make our country rich again. >> we'll make america rich again. >> make america rich again. >> we're going to make america rich again. abby: well, since the election he has helped do just that. brian: stuart varney is here host of varney and company take the reins 9 to noon. no one talked about the budget get passed let alone a tax plan that was finally framed out. >> i'm going to give you a number, a huge number. $5,121,780,000,000. that's how much america's wealth has gone up since the election of donald trump
4:47 am
november 8th, 2016. that is a phenomenal stock market rally of extraordinary growth rate for our nation's wealth. abby: why is that stu? >> well, the election of donald trump opened up the promise of growth in the economy. is he going to have a tax cut plan. that should boost the economy. we should get to maybe 3% 4% growth. we're already at 3%. if we get better than that, that's what the market is hoping for. profits go up, jobs go up. wages go up. the stock market goes to the moon. steve: what a great story for the president. you know, the mainstream media not really covering it and i think the president is frustrated because yesterday about this time he tweeted this out. stock market hits an all-time high. unemployment lowest since 16 years. business in the manufacturing enthusiasm at highest level in decades. >> the media is not covering. this they don't want to see a success story for mr. trump. steve: they didn't think he was going to win. >> no. this is a success story. before the election the pundits are saying if he
4:48 am
wins the markets goes down. the very day he won it started to go up. now have you an extra $5 trillion worth of wealth in our economy. nobody saw this coming. and now that it's here, the media does not want to report it. abby: this is good for wall street. what does it mean for main street? >> well, anybody who has got an r 401 k, ira, college savings plan. company spent pension plan. investment account of their own, anybody who has any dime in the stock market shares in this extra $5 trillion worth of wealth. you can borrow against that extra wealth to improve your house. buy another house, buy a car. take a vacation. whatever it is. that's very good for the overall growth rate of economy. brian: but i remember when our economy was doing well and the iraq war wasn't. i remember neil cavuto doing an interview with president bush and he is like the economy is doing good he says yeah no one reports that because the iraq war was the main thing. all these other major events, the hurricanes, you know, the horrific massacre on sunday, some other -- the
4:49 am
north korean situation, it is, in fairness, these are huge stories. >> yes, they are huge stories. but don't detract from the basic fact that our economy is doing very well and is doing very well in large part because of the election of donald trump. don't detract from that don't not report that story because it's vital to america. you know, we're doing well wake up. we're doing well. abby: can you multitask. stuart varney we'll see you this morning. >> you will. brian: president trump consoler and chief from puerto rico to las vegas. why are his critics still attacking him in times of crisis? are they overlooking the leadership for the entire administration? we will examine that next.
4:50 am
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♪ steve: president trump in las vegas this week consoling the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. some of the survivors there. that coming after visits to hurricane ravaged regions. yet, this administration faces so much negative coverage from the mainstream media like no president has ever seen. here with his reaction is former trump hispanic advisory member and fox news contributor steve cortez joins us from our nation's capital. good morning, steve. >> good morning, steve. steve: when you look at the record the president got really good reviews tore his handling of harvey and irma. maria came along and disseminated puerto rico. and the mayor of san juan said some things that were unkind towards the president. but that's all you heard. so much bad press. >> right. and, steve, what we didn't hear was from the governor of puerto rico. who said to maria bartiromo
4:54 am
said everything we asked for we have gotten from the president. instead the media wants to focus on one grandstanding politician who wants to wear ridiculous t-shirts and asalt president of the united states when reality is the federal response to puerto rico has been massive and swift. over 12,000 boots on the ground helping people every day. i'm not saying things are great there. far from it. but the response has been massive. steve: right. it's going to take a while before the electricity is on throughout puerto rico. when you go over to the big board and look at the amount of bad publicity the president has gotten, look at that line at the top. the red line 92% bad news. why is that? >> steve, it's unbelievable. in that same study, by the way, on the topic of immigration, he has gotten 96% from the networks, 96% nelgive coverage. that astounds me because if there is one triumph already of this administration in just months in, it has been getting control of the border. i think that's a magnificent and incredible achievement that illegal border
4:55 am
crossings have already plunged just through better enforcement and clear eyed rhetoric. yet, the mainstream media tries to treat it as a negative. by the way to answer your question about why. i think a couple of reasons. one, the media still hasn't gotten over 2016. they missed that story incredibly theyer embarrassed and ashamed. secondly, they don't really know mainstream america. i think too many people are lost in washington, d.c., new york bubble. they don't know what lives are like out there in fort worth and topeka, in missoula, montana. they don't know the trial that america is facing. donald trump understood it it's why he won. a lot of media folks don't. steve: i think you got that about right. that's kind of what we were talking about with stuart why nobody is covering the good news regarding the stock market and everything else. let's talk a little bit about the lunch hosted by the president today. it's natural hispanic heritage month, isn't it? >> it is, steve. i'm going to be going to the white house with other hispanic leaders. the president and first lady are hosting us for luncheon reception. we are going to be
4:56 am
celebrating 50 million americans of hispanic dissent what they bring to this country economically, culturally, socially. and i think it's going to be a magnificent event. one of the most unfair narratives that this mainstream media has been pushing ever since the president entered the race is that he is somehow an anti-hispanic bigot. nothing could be further from the truth. this president loves immigration. he wants it done legally and lawfully. is he married to an immigrant. he is the son of an immigrant. and so we're going to celebrate a terrific immigration story today of hispanic americans. steve: all right. steve cortez joining us from our nation's capital. have a great day. have a great day and weekend as well. >> thank you. steve: after the massacre in las vegas. new calls in congress to ban those bump stocks. would that have stopped the shooter. geraldo rivera on that next. then, nra spokesperson dana lash here to respond to democrats placing blame on the nra after the shooting. a big final hour of "fox & friends" for the week back in two minutes. ♪he ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> get out. >> get down. get down. steve: fbi combing through a car belonging to the las vegas gunman days after he killed 58 people in cold blood. abby: new information came out. he booked a hotel room in chicago. this hotel over looks the lollapalooza festival. >> there is evil infused itself into this person. we better understand it. i worry there are more people like that. >> members of both parties are looking to take action on bump stocks, devised added on to semiautomatic weapons to make them more deadly. >> the nra said the products should be subject to regulation. >> we field feel a need to speak out on the whole bump stock issue. >> heartwarming moment with president trump and shooting victim going viral.
5:01 am
>> president of the united states, no matter who is president you stand up, shake their hand. they deserve it. abby: what a week it has been. happy friday on "fox & friends." february by combing through a car belonging to the las vegas gunman days after he killed 58 people in cold blood. brian: the suv could take critical information about his motive. steve: jillian is live in las vegas with breaking details where it is 5:00 in the morning. jillian? reporter: there are some questions. the biggest why did this happen? there are a lot of reports coming out with different information. one saying his hotel room at mandalay bay was comped. he was also seen with another woman up to the days of shooting. who she is we don't know. also that he tried to buy tracer ammunition in the last few
5:02 am
weeks. it is legal and helps you see the trajectory of the bullets better and helps you aim better. that is information we just to the now. we learned that stephen paddock booked rooms at chicago's blackstone hotel specifically wanting rooms over the lollapalooza festival a huge festival attracting people from all around the world. he did make the reservations. we learned he did not show up for the reservations. we learned yesterday that researched hotels near fenway. at this point we don't know that he booked them that he was look at them. also that he was looking at las vegas's life is beautiful festival. a lot of information leading up to the point on sunday night. police found his hyundai tucson. that is one of the vehicles they
5:03 am
were looking for after the shooting happened. details in his car at mandalay bay, 1500 rounds of ammunition, 50-pounds of tanner right. the question is what was he going to do with the vehicle -- tannerrite. >> was he trying to make a improvised explosive vehicle device. did he try to set it off in another crowd? was this a suicide pact at the end of the game, blaze of glory? suicide by cop? is that what he wanted to do? so many inconsistencies that continue to emerge. reporter: it has been emotional in las vegas since this happened last sunday. last night especially notional for police officers. there was a ceremony for charles hartsfield who was killed.
5:04 am
leaves behind a son and daughter. there are more questions than answers. police trying to do everything they can. most important thing we want to provide you with information that is accurate. if that takes a little bit longer we'll keep you updated. at this point still a lot of questions. brian: jillian, have you got any word about a press conference today? reporter: i haven't heard anything about that yet. i will check on that for you. i have not heard anything about that. abby: jillian, great work out there. steve: let's go out to cleveland. geraldo rivera joins us as well. when i was in las vegas everybody had a theory why thefy did it. everybody in the newsroom had a theory why he did it. you're big on theories. why do you think he did it? >> the vast majority of us live normal lives. we react to things in a way that reasonly within the bounds of human experience. we just can't get our arms around true evil or such a
5:05 am
colossal ego that you want to do something, a big splash. you want your life to have some meaning. the meaning you choose is one of these horrific crimes whereby you inflict as much pain and misery and suffering to as many people as you possibly can, to some way inflate your own sorry existence. i think of this whole thing as a, you know, as a diabolically insane, egoist who sought to inflict the biggest splash he possibly could on the human race, not unlike hitler. i do believe this person was pure evil and insane in a way, not insane he thought his gun was a banana, that is insanity would merit insanity defense, but saying in the way you could cause so much horror, so much pain and suffering, just do it to build up your own wikipedia obituary. steve: i won't say the guy's name. if he was after fame, i am not
5:06 am
going to say his name ever. brian: you interviewed charles mansons. you know psycho and ruthless. this is a rich guy with two planes, five houses and a gambling and he was even successful gambler, it seems. thisthis is one-off and he dead thing, if all the information was to stop here. how does that make sense? >> i think that you bring up charles manson and my epic interview in san quentin prison. manson was someone who thought the world revolved around him. manson had at least charismatic personality, who could attract acolytes inflict, disgusting, vicious butchery on innocent people. in paddock's case i believe, yes, you may find people who knew or should have known that he was planning something aberrant but i really do believe
5:07 am
that in the vast majority of these cases, what you see, manson, aside, what you see in the paddock case and so many others is this person who is stewing in their own toxic brew and they at some point, he cases chicago. he cases boston. who knows how many other venues that he, that he checked out before -- brian: dry run week before. abby: he thought about this for months, geraldo. we're left with 58 people no longer with us. think about the families who will never be the same. every time this happens we want to know the motive. we want to know what we can do as a country with our laws to make sure it doesn't happen again which is why it often goes to gun control and bump stock came up yesterday. both republicans, democrats getting behind this it seems, people don't know an attachment you can put on a semiautomatic rifle to turn it into a
5:08 am
automatic rifle. critics say it would have happened with or without the bump stock. what do you say? >> regardless the last point you made, by the way that was a charming interview with your folks. abby: thank you. >> regardless after bump stock, improvise your own bump stock, i think that manufacturers who create devices like bump stocks or silencers or other devices that have no reasonable utilization, i mean, tiny percentage for sportsmen, generally speak having no utilization other than to be more efficient killing machines, i believe that those manufacturers of the bump stocks should be held liable when they are used, those bump stocks, and other similar devices to inflict damage on others. i think that -- steve: the problem, at this point they have not been regulated t was barack obama
5:09 am
white house, his atf gave them the okay. >> but steve, while i appreciate that, i refuse to get into politics here. steve: just talking about the origin of it. >> i say very clearly, if you're making something that converts, for example, a semiautomatic into an automatic weapon, and you're the manufacturer, there is no reason for that device, other than to murder, to inflict pain on people, there is absolutely no reason you should be sheltered from civil liability from those victims. there should be 58 lawsuits in various jurisdictions -- steve: there will be. >> against the people who manufactured those diabolical devices. i like guns. i've been around guns my entire adult life, but there is absolutely no reason on god's green that's right any civilian should have a machine gun. there is no reason. what, are you going to shoot a squirrel with it?
5:10 am
what are you going to do with it? i think brady ban should be brought back. i'm sick and tired in this case it wouldn't -- i think it is absolutely obscene that in a country of 350 million we have two guns per person when only 36% of the population has guns. steve: what knew gun law would have stopped what happened? he had 50-pounds of tannerrite in his car. he might have been planning a bomb, not a gun. >> this is imperfect world. we can't solve all problems. why, he brought 45 guns, take this guy, this knucklehead, buys 45 weapons. why isn't there a computer, that stephen pollack bought 45 machine guns. if he was stephen muhammad, abdul-jabbar, looking at 45 machine guns you telling me atf would be knocking on his door or
5:11 am
cia? steve: when you buy a gun, one of the questions is have you bought a gun the last 30 days? >> you can't trust the honesty of person filling out a application. this has to be automatic. it says on thursday you bought an ar-15. on friday you bought 30 in a year. why isn't that something? i mean, it is harder to get a trucker's driver's license than it toys buy machine guns. steve: that is true. >> this is backwards. >> bigger picture, what does it say about our society that drives someone to wake up one day and want to kill all these people and kill themselves? i think we all can agree we can talk about guns, if you want to kill someone you will find a way to kill people? >> that is absolutely true. steve made a similar point earlier. if he didn't have a gun he would use a truck, would use a cement mixer, would use kitchen
5:12 am
utensils. i believe insanity will find a way to fulfill its obscene obsession some way or another. i'm just saying, why do we make it so easy? why do we allow this person to have 45 guns? are we going to have to have airport type searches every time we go on train or hotel lobby. brian: up to the hotel room. already changed policy. steve: geraldo, they will at least regulate it not legislate on bum stocks. >> i think that is good idea. abby: welcome back. brian: great job in puerto rico. great interview with the president. abby: it was fabulous. thank you, geraldo. we've been talking if you've been listening about the bump stocks. a republican congressman introduced a bill to ban them. florida representative carlos curbalo here next. steve: we have more coming up
5:13 am
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5:16 am
♪ steve: a dozen of the vegas gunman's weapons were outfitted with bum many stocks which we've been talking about a last couple days. they enable semiautomatic weapons to fire faster as you see there. there is bipartisan support
5:17 am
growing for regulation of these devices. florida republican congressman carlos curbelo introduced a bill. he joins us live from statuary hall in our nation's capitol. congressman, good morning to you. >> steve, thank you. good to be with you. steve: people say they could regulate and legislate this thing. even if he didn't have them would that have stopped what happened in las vegas this week? >> i think it would be disingenuous to say had this law been in effect the tragedy could have been prevented. i think it is more accurate to say it could have been mitigated. maybe it would not have been as tragic and fewer people would have died. what we're seeing someone using a device, turning a legal automatic, semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon, which under the law is illegal, since 1986. i think most americans and certainly most members of congress in both parties think that automatic weapons should
5:18 am
not be in the hands of ordinary citizens. steve: absolutely. you know, congressman, until this past week i don't think the average person heard after bump stock. had no idea what they did. what would your law do? >> so essentially we would prohibit the possession, transfer, any transactions, having to do with these devices. anything that would lead towards legal weapons, semiautomatic weapons or any kind of weapon being converted into an illegal automatic weapon which can obviously be used for a massacre of this nature. some of these bump stocks allow weapons to fire up to 800 bullets per minute. most people would agree that is excessive. those are weapons should be in the hands of military, some cases law enforcement but not ordinary citizens. steve: what about the fact historically the republican
5:19 am
party for the most part behind protecting gun rights, et cetera, however this time, first time i can remember in a long time where the nra and the republicans, many of them in congress, are both on the same page, something has to be done about this? what happened? >> well this is different for two reasons. number one, i think most people agree this is blatant circumvention of existing law. closing that loophole would in no way curtail, diminish, inhibit americans second amendment rights. this would reiterate something already in existing law that automatic weapons can not be used. so i think that is the big difference. some people especially on the left will try to diminish this. this isn't a big deal. this won't do anything. well, this is important. it would be the first time in decades that the two parties got together, said, hey on this gun issue we found an issue we agree on of the we want to take a common sense step.
5:20 am
i'm grateful to my democratic seth bolton, being reasonable, rational, joining me in this effort. steve: before you leave real quick, nra is for regulation, not legislation. they are not for a ban. they would like to see it is regulated who wants these things. >> i would say to the nra if they are opposed to people blatantly existing laws, they should be in favor of codifying whatever regulation they support. these devices serve one purpose, to turn legal semiautomatic weapons to illegal automatic weapons. so if they support curtailing that abuse, let's codify it. let's put it into law, end the debate forever, so a future atf can't change the interpretation. steve: we'll see what happens. congressman, thanks for joining us live. >> thanks, steve. steve: what do you think about that. email us at dana loesch and mark steyn
5:21 am
respond to calls for more gun controls. in times of tragedy like hurricane harvey in texas a group of military volunteers answer the call. janice got to see them in action. their story coming up. ♪ - starting at just $10. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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>> we are back with extreme weather. louisiana and florida under a state of emergency as people brace for another possible hurricane this weekend. brian: get ready. up to the ns, tropical storm nate drenching central america, killing 22 people as it makes its way towards the gulf. i want to bring in janice dean. janice, this is a bad dream. >> one good thing the storm will move quickly. bad news we think it will be a hurricane and affect areas vulnerable to hurricanes.
5:25 am
we're talking about. steve: new orleans. >> new orleans, louisiana. it is a tropical storm now. i want people to make preparations completing them. this will make landfall sunday. perhaps strengthening making landfall. storm surge, heavy rain. tropical storm force winds. a hurricane watch in effect, including city of new orleans. tropical storm warnings into florida, in towards central louisiana. this will be, listen, it will not be a huge major hurricane, but it is going to impact areas that are very vulnerable to storm surge. steve: like new orleans which is undersea level. >> places already been hit. florida, texas, which you just went back to. it is so important to remember people still recovering after the breaking news from the hurricane hit. >> in some cases it will not take not only months, but years to rebuild. i went out to texas last weekend, guys. i want to bring you this package of wonderful americans go out to help one another, do it free of
5:26 am
charge. team rubicon is group i followed to wharton, texas. i want you to meet them too. ♪ hurricane harvey made landfall august 25th along the texas coast. the storm brought unprecedented rain, damaged over 100,000 homes and took dozens of lives. in times of disaster we rely on the helpers, people who donate time and resources to lend a hand. team rubicon is made up of those helpers led by a marine veteran, jake wood. >> i organized a team with couple friends to go down to port-au-prince, we quickly realized helping victims of the earthquake, skills we learned in the military, we could repurpose these to help people in times of need. we came back incorporated team rubicon. we've been trying to build the best disaster response organization possible ever since. there is nothing more american
5:27 am
than getting out to help your fellow neighbors. let's get out and do it. >> i went to wharton, texas, one of the hardest hit areas west of houston. i was with team rubicon helping to clean a community center, one of the many neighborhoods where the volunteers came out to help. ♪ >> if you really want to make a difference, if you want to change lives, go look up the group called team rubicon. texas tough, texas strong. about knowing who your neighbors are well before disasters, that you know who in your community may need your help the most. maybe they are disabled or and maybe they need help to get back on track. >> humbling. people here lost so much. hopefully we give them a little bit of aussie help. >> people don't realize team
5:28 am
ruby can expanding across the world. it is all about community. doesn't matter where you're from. >> disasters bring out the worst of situations but bring out the best of human at this. there are more things that unite us than divide us. >> i was in the army about 20 years. anybody in the military is just used to getting after a job. here is what we got to do, working as a team, getting it done. it is very fulfilling. you could sit around and talk about what is going on and about what people are going through, but if you want to do something, you have to get up and do it. >> heavenly father, thank you for angels on earth. thank you for these people that give out of their day, out of their lives, to come to our little town of wharton. >> one lady we finished her house. i have to ask you the hard question now. how much will this cost me? ma'am, we're all volunteers this is free. she cried and broke down to her knees. it was a special moment. >> i love with all the teams t makes my heart feel great that
5:29 am
people from all over the world, you know, think about others that's in need and you know, when you have a servant's heart, that means everything. >> can i give you a hug? ♪ you're awesome. you're awesome. the. when you have a servant heart, it means everything. abby: janice what a moving piece that was. good reminder of some incredible people. these people didn't know each other. but you would think they were working with each other years and years. tragedy unfortunately brings us all together as americans to help one another out. steve: nobody knows more about helping them than you, if you remember, her book came out. the then the hurricanes hit. janice dean was on this program, pledged every cent she makes from the proceeds of the book would go to hurricane relief. take a look at the check she just presented to team rubicon,
5:30 am
$15,000. the first of many. >> you can donate to team rubicon or freddy thing fromcaster. what a lovely organization. brian: people with flood insurance, do i make a decision and clean that out or rebuild. >> some people are not coming back to their homes. they're afraid to come back to their homes. as americans we need to help them out. steve: thank you for telling us about it. >> thanks for letting me. brian: 30 minutes straight ahead, the las vegas massacre reigniting the debate about gun control with democrats taking on the nra. >> the reason we don't have gun safety measures in the united states today is because of the nra. >> let's find out what dana loesch, nra spokesperson has to say about that, coming up. abby: is gun control the answer? mark steyn is here with his take. we can not wait for that. come on in, mark.
5:31 am
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♪ brian: 27 minutes after the hour. mark steyn has insightful instance analysis with tucker all week long and throughout the channel and we're trying to piece together who this is. you were actually on the night, when the sheriff came out, just had a fit of stream of consciousness what could have happened, was he acting alone. where do you think this whole thing is heading? >> i think there is nothing accidental about this. the fact that he was scoping out locations in chicago and boston this, is not a guy who snapped. this is a met techlous man who has had this in mind for months it is interesting to me, his behavior is much closer to that of a contract killer than of some whacko who snaps. in other words, this is
5:35 am
professionally planned and things go wrong along the way and he adapts but in the end he reaches his, reaches a target and pulls something off. steve: to a contract killer, that is not a suicide thing. he planned to get away. that's why the new news 50-pounds of tannerite in his car, that is the same explosive the bomb here here in new york in chelsea to make the pressure cookers. >> absolutely. to me the other thing that is interesting, steve, there is nothing, i don't think anything is coincidental about this. some strange way a bit liking a ga think christie, murder plots on orient express, they all did it. it would be both complex psychological relationship with his father who was a career criminal. it might even be that isis is
5:36 am
correct and he sent an email to somebody saying i will do this for you guys. this guy is unlike all the other characters that actually, you have to really flow away the standard playbook on these. abby: where do you fall in the gun control debate? that is where it always goes when something like this happens. no one wants this to happen, or wants this to happen again. yesterday there seemed to be a some agreement on bump stock he used on 12 of the guns, allows you to shoot as many people as possible in matter of minutes? >> you know, abby, this is one of the things i find slightly ridiculous about those in the media. none of us ever heard after a bump stocks a week ago, now bump stocks, bump stocks, bump stocks. abby: and lawmakers. >> lawmakers as well. as i understand it obama administration approved that was supposed to help disabled people. in other words we can ban bump
5:37 am
stocks, something that will do something else entirely will be in two years. what is interesting about democrats, they have, the first amendment and second amendment, kind of exist to support each other, but democrat biggest victory one of these mass shootings, after the church shooting, basically getting the confederate flag ruled verboten and mothballed and gone. much more successful on results on freedom of expression, because that is abstract concept than they are on gun rights. i would reckon that is the way to go for them. steve: mark, democrats responded as many would expect them to, to call for more legislation. but republicans responded in a way, you know what? maybe we should do something, we just had a congressman who wants to write a bill, at least regulate who can use those things which is new for republicans. >> yeah. but republicans tend to get forced into concessions on these things because they feel
5:38 am
vulnerable. really the politics of this, for example, in the democratic party, the glamorous, romantic figure on the democrat side, bernie sanders, who comes from a state with one of the most liberal set of gun laws which he has always supported. there is all kinds of guys with all kinds of guns in the broken down northeast kingdom of vermont, poorest part of the state. they vote bernie. they love their guns. he will not mess with it. brian: that's true. i think if you look at situation, first we hear got to get better on background checks and then we hear mental health issues. he had no mental health issues an background checks were passed. some say, should you go to a gun store, 27th gun, mr. steyn, can i ask you what you should do? wait a minute, you're talking about national registry. why do i know that you bought 27 guns. what are you trying to do with
5:39 am
that? >> the other lesson of this, brian, is that, i would say generally american legal scrutiny always has too many false-positives. you know, so it is look at the airport, it is little old lady with the caliper or they take apart or pumpkin pie mix before thanksgiving that would be weaponized. i'm being serious here, steve. what you want laws that are narrowly drawn that strike the people they're intended to strike. here we tend to kind of just come up with things that drag too many peripheral people in. brian: special-ops guy, says we get the same devices, more sophisticated, no one uses them because we can shoot almost as much, more accurate and you lose accuracy with them. >> the whole thing heats up and can jam. brian: he had a bunch of jammed
5:40 am
guns. >> he had a bunch of jammed guns. this whole bump stocks fever might be something particular to this one guy in this one situation. abby: as you said, most are learning about it first time last night or this morning. good to have you on. >> you did a much better job interviewing my dad than my daughter would have done. abby: we haven't seen the interview yet. i look forward to that one. brian: find out later who he likes better "fox & friends" or tucker. do you promise. >> i'm thinking about that one. i might have to figure out. abby: news headlines, fox news alert. september unemployment numbers just into the newsroom, according to bureau of labor statistics the u.s. economy lost 33,000 jobs in the month of september after hurricanes slammed texas and florida. down from the 156,000 added in month of august. the unemployment rate went down
5:41 am
to 4.2% in september. that is down from 4.4% in august. debate overtaking down controversial statues extending to musicians. pittsburgh statue of stephen fosster known as america's first come bosser to be removed. they call it racist. the 19th century composer with a -- playing a banjo at his feet. hundreds of students and teachers evacuated when several people became sick from a mysterious odor. five rushed to hospital. hazmat found the culprit, pumpkin spiced air freshener. the school is back open this morning. all this craze, we've been loving pumpkin spice. i don't knowthat anymore. brian: question you everything you're about. makes you wonder what is real. meanwhile 19 minutes before the top of the hour, when we come back we'll do something
5:42 am
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ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, fda approved for 18 years. ♪ abby: the las vegas massacre reigniting debate over gun control with democrats taking on the nr. and gop. >> i can't believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold the gun lobby. >> break from the nra, which is making things worse and work with us to get something done. >> let's face it, the reason we don't have gun safety measures in the united states today is because of the nra. steve: here with reaction for the first interview since the las vegas massacre, nra national spokesperson, dana loesch. dana, what do you make of the
5:46 am
democrats complaining about the nra? sounds like the nra is interested in doing something about these bump stocks? >> well it is good to be with you all this morning and i do find it a little interesting that democrats would characterize it as being one particular party when there are many democrats that are members of the nra and, many democrats of course who try to do their best get that support during campaign cycles as well. what happened is awful. evil is real. evil is real and monsters exist among us. and the thing is, whatever dianne feinstein introduces, whatever ends up happening in congress, we want the atf to do their jobs and be consistent on certain matters. we don't want to drag into the dog-and-pony show. diane stein stein would ban every single element after semiautomatic, until the entire semiautomatic is banned entirely.
5:47 am
nra exists for members. nra works with million of law-abiding, innocent americans all across this country and you know, we're keeping them in mind as well right now. we're also thinking, i think about this can i point out really quickly though yesterday, it was said on this network yesterday, your heart breaks for those who were wounded and killed in las vegas. many among those were nra members. this idea that we're going to politicize something before an investigation is even conclude hurts the heart even more. abby: can i ask this? what would the nra say, what would you say, to folks that make argument no one needs assault rifle, no one need to own a weapon simply out to kill dozen people at a time? how would they respond to that? >> i would say i think they need to redefine what a assault weapon is. we had certain laws on the books that regulated. what they define full auto and machine guns since 1986. they are virtually banned at
5:48 am
this point. we can have a discussion all day long, this is a broader discussion as well on the factors that contribute to this. i want to look back at what happened in virginia tech. i want to look what happened in aurora. i want to look what happened in tucson. there is common element of very troubled individuals some who are on psychotropic medications. some are seeing mental health professionals. in aurora, this mass murder was telling his professionals he would kill a lot of individuals and no one followed up on it. cho he met with the court, encouraged him to go receive mental health screening. he fell through the cracks. monsters exist. it's a scary thing, it is a scary thing to realize evil is amongst us. while congress wants to figure out how to elicit cooperation from criminals, millions of meant americans want to know what they can do to prothey
5:49 am
themselves from the monsters. brian: big picture, 20 seconds out, what do you think about devices being taken out? nancy pelosi slipped and said it is a slippery slope and i hope we continue to down the road. >> this is surprise to no one. atf has been consistent with this in previous administration. i hope that is something that can be resolved. the nra is not the atf. that is the bottom line. the atf needs to do its job. steve: dana loesch from dallas. >> thank you. steve: coming up he is leader of our greatest ally in the middle east. there is lot you don't know about benjamin netanyahu. harvey levin takes us inside of the israeli prime minister's life next. brian: first check in with bill hemmer what is top of his show next two hours. abby: hey, bill. >> great program this morning. putting a lot of pieces together from vegas as you are as well.
5:50 am
terrific guests from the investigation, based on what we know at this hour. don't miss that. president trump says it is the calm before the storm. what is he talking about? the iran nuclear deal is now back in the headlines. what the white house might want from this deal now. big morning of news. sandra and i see you ten minutes away on a friday morning.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
abby: welcome back to "fox & friends." he is a leader tasked with helping one of most vulnerable countries on the planet. steve: there is a lot you don't know about prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> graduated high school in the 60s. can you imagine? >> you went to cheltham high
5:54 am
school? >> yeah. >> who is the most famous alum, you or reggie jackson? >> in israel me. in america, reggie jackson by 100-yards. abby: all on the new show, fox news channel, "objectified" by "tmz" founder harvey levin. every guest you have on with a different background. now we have bebe. >> i will be honest with you. i have personally just loved doing this so much. it has been such a joy, because it is so interesting to see people, you know, who have become real successful and, the point of the to understand how that happened. with him it's a really interesting journey because one of my takeaways from him is, on a level, he has a real disdain for politics. i talk to him a lot about the difficulty he has. you know, some of it is just day-to-day, where he is in a
5:55 am
bubble. he can't get away from people. there is security everywhere with him. it is hard living that way. he does not want his children to follow his children to follow in his footsteps, aggressively does not want his children to and we talk about that. interesting, somebody around for four terms, gone through what he has gone through, this is who he is. it really isn't. it really isn't. there is more to him. steve: we have that sound bite. here is harvey and bebe. >> your kids, do you encourage them to go into politics? >> no. >> you discourage them? >> yeah. >> why? >> doesn't help. i mean it may not help, but yeah, of course, it's a very tough life. >> are either inclined? >> maybe one. i'm not sure. but i hope not. >> do you tell them that? >> yes. yeah i do. of course i do. abby: i hope not. steve: we think about him as prime minister of israel but we
5:56 am
don't think about him much as a dad. that is an angle that we haven't seen before. >> no. it is hugely important to him. we talk about after he loss that election, his whole family life changed. i will say this real quickly, he did not want to go into politics at all. he was in the united states going to college here. i think he might have stayed in the united states. he kind of got americanized, although he tells me was always going to go back. what changed everything was the death of his brother. i'm telling you he cries as he talks about this. abby: that will be a tease. we'll wait to see the emotional clip. harvey, a fantastic show. "objectified" airs sunday 8:00 p.m. here on the fox news channel. don't want to miss night thanks, guys. steve: we'll be watching. you will be watching us. we'll turn in about two minutes.
5:57 am
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when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at >> this weekend superman is on the couch.
6:00 am
>> brian kilmeade is getting sleep. we have more one-on-one with my dad. >> it will be fantastic. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio for the next three hours we have great guests lined up. >> i'll be there. >> see you monday, everybody. >> bill: good morning, everybody. cryptic warning from president trump with a meeting with military leaders saying, quote, this is the calm before the storm. the exact meaning, however, sparking a lot of speculation this morning. that's where we begin on this friday morning. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." friday. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president using the ominous phrase during a dinner last night with top pentagon brass. with tensions rising around the world. his comments suggesting something major could be in the works. >> what this represents? this is the calm before the storm. it's the calm before the storm.


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