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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  October 7, 2017 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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? i've been here. you being here. >> dean: that's something that's odd. >> abby: and you're back tomorrow are you ready to do four more hours? >> dean: it's amazing you guys do this every morning it's tough , wonderful but thanks for having me. >> abby: we'll see you tomorrow. >> pete: we have more coming up. >> fox on top of american cities on alert and we are everywhere in new york city on a major terror plot taken down in las vegas where the hunt for a motive is eating up, in new orleans where hurricane nate is barreling down and on wall street where they're wondering what will stop stocks from continuing to melt up. welcome everybody glad to have you you're watching a special live edition at the cost of freedom i'm glad to have you i'm neil cavuto. here are the stories we're track ing right now new york federal prosecutors charging three men in connection with an isis inspired attack targeting times square, concerts and crowded subways. one suspect quoted as saying shoot up concerts because they kill a lot of people. we just walk in with guns in our hands. that's how the paris guys did it they've all been apprehended.
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las vegas where investigators reportedly are trying to find out if someone else was in the gunman's room. they can't say for sure they point to a charger that doesn't at least match the cell phones that belong to the shooter and reports that show someone might have used a key to enter stephen paddock's room after his car had left the hotel garage. now we're going to talk to robin leach about how las vegas comes back from all of this. he's convinced it will and meanwhile the gulf coast 70% of oil production about 1.2 million the direct path of hurricane nate as the u.s. state of emergency now being declared in florida and louisiana, fema director brock long will be along to update us and also puerto rico the white house pledging long term support after much of the island got hit by hurricane maria. so some dow adjustments are near ing $95 billion and that does not include the $74 billion plus worth the puerto rico debt the president himself said not
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too long ago we just might have to forget about. the governor of that fine island will be joining us later in the hour. first, to new york city and brian yenis on that terror bust and what could have been. brian? >> reporter: good morning, neil look and a reminder how real these threats are every single day, and releasing new details about a terror plot last summer thwarted by an undercover fbi agent posing as an isis sim far thighser. three men living outside of the united states including a u.s. citizen were arrested last year for planning isis-inspired types of attacks here in new york city in 2016. the attacks included plans to detonate a bomb in times square, shooting people in the new york city subway system and at concerts last year. now the three men allegedly used internet chat apps to communicate with one another about launching these attacks in
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the city that would "create the next 9/11" and plans include detonating car bombs in times square and one of the men messaging"we seriously need a car bomb in times square" and the plan included gunning down subway riders including women and children before detonating suicide bets. they call the subway a "perfect target" and the men marked maps locations where they placed the bombs messaging when we run out of bullets we let the vests go off. new york needs to fall it's a must and the men also plan on shooting concertgoers into cities one of them messaging, " we just walk in with guns in our hands and that's how the paris guy did it" and one of the men a 19-year-old canadian was arrested last year when he land ed in new jersey in preparation of trying to launch this attack. he has bought bomb making materials and also had rented a cabin in nearby new york city where he would make these bombs and two other men a u.s. citizen from pakistan and another national from the philippines
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will be extradited to the u.s. to face charges and that man from canada pleaded guilty. back here in times square, all the attention is on the security we seen the heightened sense of alert from counterterrorism unit s that have been in the city and now there is new focus actually on buildings in places that high rise buildings in places where there are large crowds of people like here in times square after the vegas shooting. new sense of concern about really all these hotels that line these populated areas, the nypd says they've trained 57,000 private sector workers in hotels and high rise buildings to look for signs that could be anything suspicious as well as to react to active shooter situations. neil? >> neil: brian thank you very much. brian yenis, in times square around the block. with us is former new york city police commissioner howard very good to have you back. what do you make of this threat or one that would stop them in his tracks? >> well you know it's not unusual. it's something that goes on all of the time.
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the good news is this threat was pretty much stopped by the nypd and the nypd has the best intelligence and anti-terrorism groups of any department or agency in the world but you know , unfortunately, this happens and you may or may not remember back in 1999 when i was commissioner we arrested three young palestinian men in brooklyn on 4th avenue with three active bombs and we were very fortunate to get information and stop them but they were going to blow up the season way in brooklyn, so you know what we need to do is we need to harden the building because terrorists don't like that and we need to train people so they can respond when they see something they say something , and we need to get really good intelligence because the city as big as new york with as many people moving around, there's no way you're going to be able to absolutely guarantee the safety of everybody so we need to stop things before they happen like they did in this park. >> neil: in this case they were
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able to intercept a lot of calls back and forth and communications between the pakistan, philippines citizen and a canadian citizen but living here i guess, but this stuff to your point has gone on in the past if it stops in the past, and as you reminded me over many years they have but to succeed once. the effort here might have been unhatched or revealed because they got sloppy until near the end in their communications and undercover agent was the one that blew this for them, but how do we keep track of this sort of stuff? >> we have to keep track of people who are suspects. we have to keep intercepting communications when we know we're where the targets are lawfully of course but we have to do this and we have to do it relentlessly. as you say, they can be wrong a thousand times they only have to be right once. >> neil: but what can we do, howard?
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i know what you're saying about making buildings more secure and we try to do that certainly since 9/11 but subways with another beat. particularly in cities that rely on that sort of transportation. what do you do there? >> you have millions and million s of people using the subway every day. there is technology that i'm not going to discuss that can be used in subways to help but really it comes down to the eyes and ears of citizens. they see something they see a backpack left, somebody dressed inappropriately, somebody acting suspiciously they need to contact authorities right away and there's no reason to worry about being embarrassed you'll save a lot of lives. >> neil: howard what about this idea here is another group that wanted mass casualty very similar to the approach that pad dock took in las vegas we still don't know what inspired that attack that made him do what he did but again to go mass casualties and early on we were trying to attribute to he was looking at a country music lov ing crowd, turns out that wasn't necessarily particularly
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important to him and he was looking at other crowds of other type of music pace, chicago, fenway park in boston but the one common thing large crowds try to hit as many people as possible. if there's any general tip you would give security forces in these cities it would be what? >> well you know, you have to look at the surroundings. you have to search you got to use explosive detectives, you have to use bomb dogs, you have to make the personnel in those buildings aware of what's going on but the fact is we're not going to stop every one of these we just have to go on and live our lives and make sure we make progress against isis and as we've discussed over the last number of days we really have to do something about not how many weapons are out there but how we account for them and how we hold people responsible for them. >> neil: thank you very much the former new york police department commissioner joining us via skype. it does show to the commissioner 's point that isis
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is still interested flicking some harm in fact isis wanted to take a bow for what happened in las vegas so far authorities there say there's no reason to think isis was behind it and it might have been paddock acting on his own he could have had help preparing for it but not isis related help. way too early to say this much is not we have to be vigilant former cia analyst what does that mean? you and i talk about this a lot about being vigilant about being aware of what isis wants to do that still want to inflict a great deal of damage that want to recruit people to inflict that damage. how do we stay on top of that? >> sure it means not just being vigilant in terms of law enforcement and intelligence check efforts which nypd and police and the fbi all around the country are doing on a daily basis but everybody has a role to play and in many of these cases where we see radicalization occur, whether that's online radicalization, whether it's someone traveling overseas, there are people who know about it. there are family members, there are close friends, there are
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work colleagues & associates. there are people that after an attack happens when hindsight is put into play, hindsight is 20/ 20 and the signs were there so it's up to individuals to be aware of the signs if somebody's behavior is changing or becoming rally callized or somebody is purchasing an arsenal of weaponry in a short period of time. these are things that should raise red flags and worth reporting in many cases to law enforcement and in some cases these individuals maybe on law enforcement's radar. >> neil: do you think it's a little outside what we agreed to talk about here but help me with my ignorance. obviously paddock had a lot of rounds of amunition, 1600 in his car, a thousand rounds of the am o that would light up where his weaponry with bullets in this case were going. he had 50 pounds of explosives, he had a number of fertilizer compounds and a lot of chemical names attached to them of course but bought in 50-pound
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increments also in his car. two questions then. what do you think he was planning. secondly, would someone have to help them with just that portion >> sure. well it seems from at least the fbi's briefing and the police department's briefing on matters they think he may have been planning for an escape to do something else or he may have had multiple scenario planning because he did have explosives in the car that weren't used and he did have a large number of weapons so it's possible that in the planning stages we know he scoped out other properties, maybe he had other potential ideas or things he was thinking about carrying out. in terms of him, right now there's saying there's no active co-conspirator, that's the case as stated by law enforcement and that doesn't mean people weren't aiding or a betting him potentially somewhat knowingly or perhaps unknowingly or unwillingly in various ways whether it was financially and not knowing they were transferring finances for this, whether it was in terms of not
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doing high levels of scrutiny regarding some of the purchases of explosive material and of weaponry, whether that was close family or friends that may have seen sign that they missed, so i think that what you're going to see over the next few weeks is as they talk to more and more people, hopefully they will get a better understanding of how this was able to happen, or if there was any assistance anywhere, the strange thing here to date right now is theres been nothing publicly stated that goes to motive. we have a clear case of pre meditation here and planning, but really, there's been little to no evidence of any clear motive and that's what makes this both troubling but also mind boggling because usually, in most cases, domestic terrorism, mass shootings after the fact it's usually pretty easy to go back and find once after the crime has occurred find those pieces of evidence and motive whether that's through a digital trail online, e-mails, text communications or whether that's through a note that's left or through conversations with people close to the individual.
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>> neil: thank you very very much, as we were wrapping up there i want to alert you to an item that just came into our news room here. reports of people outside the natural history museum in london injured by a car driven into the outside of the museum there. sky news is hearing a number of people have been injured a man has been detained again, we can confirm now, an individual ram ming into a crowd of the natural history museum of london we don't have any updates on number of injuries. we do know now that emergency services are there and that this car has struck a number, didn't specify the number of pedestrians. little more after this. the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before
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>> neil: a little more than six days after a terror attack here unleashed by one man we're told in las vegas indications
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something is going down in london right now. london police confirmed someone rammed a car into pedestrians outside the london natural history museum, struck a number of pedestrians several taken to the hospital. let's dip into sky news coverage there in london. >> reminder to exactly what has taken place this afternoon. we have got reports of a car mounting the pavement just outside the natural history museum and this afternoon and hitting a number of people we can see the map there, the incident and actually took place on exhibition road just at the side of the natural history museum in which there was pedestrians but also affecting the a4 and where the natural history museum the main road is actually on. let's give you an update on that police and statesman. police have confirmed they were called this afternoon just after 2:20 to report of a collision in exhibition road in south
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kensington and now they say its believed that a number of pedestrians have been injured. officers are on the scene and the london ambulance service have been called and a man they say no further details have been released on that man but a man has been arrested at the scene and inquiries are now taking place to establish the circumstances and the motive of that incident and as i say we have no idea just yet whether this was a deliberate incident or indeed this was an accident, but we do have detectives and chief inspector. you were just given some your thoughts on what exactly the police are doing and the reasons behind some of the moves they have taken, a man has been arrested and as i mentioned to you earlier it looks like this man was pinned down on to the ground. we've got pictures here. >> neil: you are listening to sky news coverage of what appears to be, they're not pinning it on a terrorists incident per se, but someone
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jumped on the sidewalk in london outside in a vehicle, hit a number of pedestrians, but they're treating it as an incident that's carried with it a number of injuries. this is the third such incident, just in the past roughly four months, in june earlier this year, a van with three attackers inside unleashing attack on pedestrians along the london bridge taking out 11 people killing 11 people, 48 others were injured just a couple of weeks after that another van driven into the park in the middle of prayers. three people were injured one person ultimately died and then again just two months after that , september 15 home made bomb partially detonated on a subway train in london as they call it in the green station, 22 were injured so london again dealing with this, something that has become familiar worldwide right now. of course we saw the most heinous example of that last week in las vegas in the single
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largest terrorists incident in the united states recent history when 58 people were taken out by a lonex gunman. we're told. former washington d.c. effect ever and attorney ted williams las vegas police lieutenant randy sutto. nas we continue to look at images we're getting from london and if we get anything new we'll pass a long to both of you but ted i'm curious your thoughts on this. londoners have gotten used to this sort of thing whether it perfects to be just an accident or that this was yet another terrorists designed to go kill pedestrians outside in the simplest of means. what do you make of it? >> well you know, it's certainly too early at this stage to say whether it's terrorists-related but we do know in the pastas you've already reported terrorists have used vehicles under these circumstances and successfully. neil this is where the public is most vulnerable and this is
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where you need good intelligence to try to stop these kinds of attacks, but law enforcement at times feel very helpless because you've got someone who takes a vehicle, drives into a crowd of people, and those people are either injured or killed and as a result of that, that is a very de moralizing thing so terrorists have gotten more sophisticated over a period of time of not just using bombs and guns but using vehicles as weapons. >> neil: randy there's a lot we don't know so we can't go to any conclusions but what we do know is london has been hit by a lot of these type of incidents where they're crude but effective but normally outside far more pop you husband areas whether it's in a london bridge or big bend but locations where there are a
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great many people not that there are fewer people here by the museum but it would not be an obvious target at first. what do you make of that? >> well you know, the interesting thing here is at this point of course we don't know if it's terrorism related but these are targets of opportunity. they can literally be driving around the city and looking for there may be an area where there's particularly condensed group of people and they become the instant target. they don't have to say i'm going to go to this particular area, and this makes it so much more difficult for law enforcement to be effective. this is it's the most, it's the simplest crude its and at times most effective. >> neil: last week after the las vegas shooting one thing you were concerned about was copy cat events, this is not necessarily that way too early to say but what worries a lot of folks after vegas is whether this idea of getting advantage of height and shooting down on people it mitigates the need for
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you to be a great marksman. all of a sudden that does improve the odds that you can inflict a great deal of damage. here it's a different story we don't know to your point, but that issue about what happened in vegas now spreading elsewhere what do you think? >> well this is something that concerns me greatly. you know there's always some other nut case looking at what takes place and what scares me is somebody sitting in his mother's basement right now saying well, he killed 59 people i bet i can kill more than that and that's what really frightens law enforcement and frightens me that there is someone out there de meanted enough to see this as oh, here is the mark. let me see if i could do better. >> neil: ted, has that changed? those who chase down guys that want to inflict something like
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this, something that could be going down as we speak in london , we don't know, but what do you think? what are your biggest fears, ted >> well my biggest fears are somewhat different, as been echoed here. the copycats but what i'm also deeply concerned about is those who do not fit the profile. there are people that we know who will do dangerous things and killing folks around in these terrorists attacks or just as we have in las vegas and but when we look at even the las vegas killer, he didn't fit the profile. neil we don't think of a millionaire going around setting up a scheme where he can look over a crowd and shoot into that crowd. that just doesn't and that's my greatest concern is we're getting a new kind of terrorists
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out here and neil, leave it or not, this incident in vegas as far as i'm concerned was a terrorists act. >> neil: yeah, i mean terrified or not bottom line you're right about that. randy sutton, one of the things we're learning too this new york plot that was stopped by authorities that could have been a big one aimed at inflicting mass casualties, starting in subway stations and going beyond even the times square is that the goal remains the same. no matter whether you're part of isis or just a lone nut you want to kill as many people as possible so in crowded cities, and venues where a lot of people are gathering, for example, at the baseball playoff games or tomorrow in chicago for the marathon what do you do? >> you know, this is the aim of terrorism is to change the way of life of our country, to change the way of life of our people, to have them second guessing themselves when they walk out and they're looking around. that is their goal. the best thing that we could do as americans as free people is
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to live our lives and don't be paranoid but be prepared. preparation not paranoia. be situationally aware. of you see something say something. as it was pointed out a little bit earlier on one of the other shows nothing happens in a vacuum and i think the frustration here with las vegas and the incident here is that at this point, we still don't know what this motivation was and this guy paddock, this is law enforcement's worst nightmare as ted said. this guy does not fit the profile, but does someone out there know something? i understand that the law enforcement is about to try a new tactic. they're putting billboards up with this guys photograph and ask for the public's help. now, that's a move of desperation. that shows that they don't have the leads that they're hoping to
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locate someone, so-- >> neil: that worked years back, right? they were able to find him, the mob killer that way. you never know. gentlemen i want to thank you both very very much. all right just to update you on another story we're following with only a few minutes to go. emergency workers in london are trying to treat pedestrians who were rammed by someone who jumped the sidewalk and delivered according to witnesses at the scene, a number have been injured one person presumably the driver has been detained, and we might have more joining us out of milan italy amy what are you hearing? >> yeah, neil i'm in milan but as you know i lived in london for 15 years and i just happened to be here when we were getting word of this breaking news story of course no one is referring to this, neil, yet as terrorism, but that would be clearly on a lot of people's minds right now.
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the key is that someone has been arrested now there's been people observers commenting that if this had been some sort of accident probably police would not have been holding on to this man down on the ground, the person they've arrested so it's very early moments but we have had several incidents over the past year of vehicles ramming into pedestrians in london that have turned out to be terrorists attacks that the state of alert is just about at its highest in london right now. this happened 2:20 in the afternoon neil. it would be the sort of time of day obviously a saturday when people would be out and about. it happened very close to the natural history museum which is right next door to the victorian albert museum. this is the rode that would head out in one direction west to heath row airport, the a4 and another direction it would hit to the bridge so this is one of
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the key hearts of longed or tourism in london residential in terms of a high concentration of people going about tar daily business or a visit. several people, neil have been injured. we don't know how many and again , we just don't know many of the circumstances here except for that as you mentioned it appears that this was a deliberate act at at this moment but police are on the scene. there will be enormous chaos in central london this afternoon as a result of this with many roads closed off and as police investigate and try to figure out what's happened but again this was on exhibition road which cuts across cromwell road which then becomes a main artery the a4 heading out to heathrow airport. the south kensington neighborhood maybe to be more specific about where this has happened. we've had several incidents in the past several years in london that have turned out to be terrorism. this again, we don't know but
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certainly that is one line of inquiry over the summer there was the attack on london bridge and then in the spring at parliament so people in london are quite skiddish about accidents involving vehicles or incidents involving vehicles. again that's the latest right now. we will be keeping you updated neil as we get more information, several pedestrians injured as a vehicle plows into them in south kensington at 2:20 local time this afternoon, neil. >> neil: amy you mention mentioned this is similarly heavy traffic to tourists and others and i'm wondering what precautions have been made post the london bridge and related attacks also in heavily traffic ked areas on the part of authorities there, would this area around the natural history museum be among those where authorities were sort of beefing up their presence? >> well i can't say for sure, neil. i would assume they are. i mean the police presence has been bfe


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