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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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world. kennedy: be sure to follow "watters world" on instagram, facebook and twitter. judge jeanine: breaking right now on "justice." >> we'll see what happens. judge jeanine: president trump with ominous words for north korea. are we on the brink of a military strike? plus my all-star panel here live to break down the president's cryptic messages. >> it's a sign of the deep dysfunction of this government and this republican party. judge jeanine: her desperate quest for relevance continues as hillary calls the gop and the nra complicit in the deaths of 58 people in las vegas. it's my opening statement.
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then as the vice president pays his respects in vegas. i get into the hypocrisy from hillary and hollywood in the wake of the mass shootings with nra spokesperson dana loesch. "justice" starts now. a note found in the hotel room of las vegas shooter stephen paddock sheds new light on the investigation. hurricane nate makes landfall near the mississippi river. thanks for being with us tonight and thanks for making justice the number one show on saturday night once again last week. we'll go live to las vegas in a moment with new details on the shooting investigation. plus my opening statement also straight ahead. but first the gulf coast hunkers
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down as hurricane nate made landfall near the mississippi. we go live to adam klotz with the latest. adam: made landfall and weakened it just a bit right outside the mississippi river. it's running into some of those delta mississippi islands. it slowed down a bit, but it's still a fast mover. typically you see a storm like this maybe 10-12 miles an hour. you see it spinning. this is our center of circulation. this is going to continue to lift back up over open water before overnight closer to 11:00er midnight. you are still seeing outer bands of rain, now pushing on in from mobile over towards new orleans. this will stretch farther to the
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east. we are very early in this event with some of the bigger storm activity still to come. but it will stay a category one storm as it moves across the beautiful of mexico. here is our future forecast. this will break down what we expect going forward. from 9:00, 10:00, here is the center of circulation. eventually likely midnight or so making that second landfall. heavy storm activity from mobile stretching over to pensacola. i see it running from 8:00, 9, 10:00 and 11:00. then you are talking about tropical force wind in atlanta and alabama for sunday. judge jeanine: in the middle of insane carnage, bloo bloodshed d death, a cold, calculates
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politician decides to make her move in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in america history as parents and families desperately search for loved ones, she decides to manipulate the pain, the anger and direct it toward lawful gun owners. she tweets. imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer which the nra wants to make easier. hillary, there is a reason you lost the election. as american comes to together, you seek to divide, not sympathize, not empathize, showing just how hollow a tin man you are. in your desperate attempt to be relevant. you go after gun owners in the nra, when this guy wasn't even a member of the nra. then you go after the opposing
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party. >> because i can't believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby. judge jeanine: but she is not done blaming everyone but the shooter. >> do you feel they are complicit. the gop and the nra and the begun lobby? >> of course they are. judge jeanine: the nra and the gop? how dare you connect law abiding citizens to a mass murderer of innocent civilians. how dare you call us complicit with a whack job police fi misfs the epitome of evil. just as we can't blame all
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muslims for the actions of a few, how about you not blame all gun owners for the actions of paddock. hillary, you have to stop trying to be joan of arc. your word ring hollow. tell me the last time you were in chicago where children on playgrounds don't even run at the sound of gunfire. where is your dignity and compassion for african-american victims of gun violence every weekend. don't black lives matter? you and your friends are so determined to disarm us. you, the same woman whose apartment used cia operatives tracked a gun to syria. you sending fast and furious guns across the border to the
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mexican cartel for free, some of which were used to kill us. you the same woman whose state department approved a deal in which you personally benefited that sold 225% of america's uranium to russia with the potential to kill us and you want to point the finger of blame at law abiding citizens and the gop to pursue your pathetic agenda. i'm not going to waste my time telling you disarming legal gun owners is going to end the gun violence. every weekend in chicago there are gun deaths where guns are banned. don't try to hold innocent people up to public disdain.
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you want to tell us what kind of gun we should have. how much ammunition is enough, and whether we should have guns enough. here is our collective answer. it's not only no, it's hell, no. and we don't need your permission as to the reason one or one shouldn't have a gun. i own guns because it's my right. it's my second amendment right. no one in washington gave me that right. it's a natural right confirmed by the very people who founded this nation. i don't want to hear about your politically correct or opportunistic nonsense. there is a time and place for everything. and it's time for you to go back into the woods. that's my open. tell me what you think on facebook and twitter. new details emerging as investigators try to determine why the gunman, stephen paddock,
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fired on that concert crowd in the deadliest of mass shooting in american history. dan springer is standing by with the latest. reporter: we are continuing to learn more about the extent of planning. we talked about that note found in the smoother's room was not a suicide note. it had a lot of numbers on it. cbs reported it was a mathematical calculation so the killer could murder as many people as possible. he wrote count distance down to the concert. the drop from the 32nd floor and the speed of the rounds to figure out where he had to aim to maximize the casualties. six days after the carnage and police have no idea what motivated him. they looked at his finances,
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electronics, nothing. they are putting up billboards around las vegas. vice president mike pence was here today helping the city and the entire country heal. he made some remarks at city hall after a prayer walk. >> we find comfort in the knowledge we are united as one nation, as one people with one voice. united in our brief, united in our support for those who have suffered, and united in our resolve to end such evil in our time. reporter: a lawsuit is coming probably soon were than later. a lawyer representing some of the victims' relatives filed a petition asking the court to freeze all of stephen paddock's assets. there was a report he made $5 million gambling a couple years
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ago. they are saying they are going to file against not only the shooter but also mgm and the folks who ran that festival last week. judge jeanine: joining me now, nra national spokesperson dana loesch. what do you say to people who say gun control is going to keep americans safe. >> well, that's an utter lie. and thank you so much for having me. your opening statement was a thousand percent correct. i think what you said in those remarks reflect lawfully what law abiding begun eveners think. for those who think further gun control is going to keep us safe. i challenge them to tell me how they plan to elicit cooperation from criminals with the laws
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that already exist. universal background checks and gun control failed in california. wherever gun kroils implemented, that's where we see further loss of life. whenever it is gun free, that's when you see further loss of life. if anyone can couple with the idea to say how they can get criminals to cooperate, i'm tall for it. let them make their case. judge jeanine: we banned semiautomatic weapons for 10 years. even the clinton justice department said it had no impact on the number of crimes or the number of murders that occurred. what is the ultimate goal of these people when they say we have got to have gun control and stop the nra? the nra, the gop, people want to kill other innocent americans. what is it all about? >> that's a great question.
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as for hillary clinton and her remarks. i'll remind her many of her voters are members of the nra. and there were nra members also in a10 dance at that conference in las vegas. hillary clinton would do to well to quash her words on this, otherwise she'll cause her party to lose more voters to president trump in the next election. as far as their ultimate goal. you note so eloquently when you were discussing chicago, they don't seem to be concerned there. they weren't concerned when felony begun crime prosecutions dropped drastically. chicago is at the bottom of the list. when you look at the cities with the highest crimes they are at the bottom of the list for prosecutions for felony gun crimes. fast and furious. they didn't seem to minds that so much. judge jeanine: they are not prosecuting these case.
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the sphwawm justice department did not prosecute these case to the extent the rest of the country was prosecuting. this is not difficult stuff. i did it when i was d.a. you get involved in the gangs and finds out who is doing what. they don't even do that in chicago. when i called cook county, they wouldn't even give us the numbers. no one wants to go to hollywood and the gratuitous violence in the movies. they are selling this in so many ways, but the first thing they want to do is letting slate legal possession of guns and ban guns on us. this bump stock makes a rifle less accurate. what impact will that have on crimes in america? >> none. this is the only crime we are aware of in which bump stock --
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we are not even sure if bump stocks used in the crime other than there were 12 present in the hotel room. as far as bump stocks, this is something where the nra urged congress to be more consistent. congress needs to listen to what american voters want. when make can voters went -- when american voters went to the polls, they wanted reciprocity. members of congress need to listen to voters on that. the atf needs to do their job. i'll caution americans. who has ever followed dianne feinstein and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and come out on the right side of anything until they should not be in charge of
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determining rights. judge jeanine: when you do follow them, there is someone with a gun. we'll see what congress does with this. the republicans seem to be open to this bump stock banning, so that would have made a difference? would it have made a difference? you say we don't know if it was used. >> we don't 10 know it was used. i wish that lawmakers when they look at the number of lives saved because it greatly outweighs the number of lives lost. judge jeanine: what is the president planning in north korea? >> you will all figure that out pretty soon.
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republican congressman lee zelln next.
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judge jeanine: president trump hinting at possible military
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action against north korea in a cryptic tweet. this amid talk that he will dessert fight iran deal next week. on this bump stock thing. you heard dana loesch from the nra said there is no evidence paddock even used a bump stock. what do you think the climate is in congress as it relates to bang the bump stock that obama let through? >> the best thing would be for the atf to revisit some of their earlier guidance on this. you can effectively turn a semiautomatic into a fully automatic weapon. there are different rules that this particular short wouldn't have had that capability. but it's slippery slope when you
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start legislating. nancy pelosi said she hopes it becomes a slippery slope. judge jeanine: you are saying if they let the atf look at it again, they will change their minds? >> then you might end up having a legislative push that you can start off with a their he push on bump stocks as long as it doesn't become a slippery slope. judge jeanine: how many murder have we had in this country on bump stocks. >> there are a-rated members of the congress who are learning about bump stocks. let's talk about north korea. now, the president tweeted this afternoon, there is only one thing that's going to work with north korea. that tells me -- and these
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legitimately frustrate the president and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. is it time for the president to preemptive live go after north korea? >> the president is not there yet. he hasn't said what the red line is. the president is making absolutely clear he's serious about the military option. we operate under the dime principle. he's letting it be known to kim jong-un and others in that region that he's serious about using military action if necessary. judge jeanine: didn't he draw the red shine when he said i'm authorizing the military to take down any missile headed towards hawaii, guam or the united states? >> if north korea actually attacked the united states, they would be met with fire and fury.
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we need to make sure north korea doesn't get capability to deliver a warhead to the united states. >> the timeline is getting so condensed. he has great people around him giving him the most of up-to-date advice. he may be realizing the multi lateral policy and diplomatic pressure. he will let it be known to the world. kim jong-un they say he's homicidal and not suicidal. kim jong-un needs to know he's risking his life, not just his power and regime. >> my sense is it's in our interest to do something preemptively. let's talk about iran and the talk he will decertify. if the president decertifies the iran deal which is part of what
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he ran on when he ran for president. what happens then. that forces you guys congress to take action, right? >> if the president decertifies, he should, instinctively he said he knows this is a bad deal. it was a bad deal for what was in the deal and what wasn't in the deal. they have become empowered and become more after regional power. they are sponsored terrorism. judge jeanine: if it's decertified, isn't the only thing that will hurt ran is the sanctions? we already gave them $150 billion. unmarked. >> that's the leverage. so the president in decertifying, he needs to put the onus on iran. if iran wants to keep all that sanctions relief long term.
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these are the terms. judge jeanine: we can't take the money back from them, can we? >> no, but we need to make sure that leverage is placed or we won't be able to deal with iran's other bad activities. judge jeanine: does the congress have the fortitude to go along with the president on this? >> the votes are in the house, but it's important for senate republicans, for all of them to understand chuck schumer and democrats, you don't need 0 votes. judge jeanine: mitch mcconnell has enough senators, does he not? >> there are some senators, they need to work with this president, not against him. >> it's time for them to snap out of it. good to see you. thank you. rnc spokesperson is here.
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and if you are not already dvring justice, be sure to start now. this is an all-star political panel and it's right here next. don't go away.
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don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. patti ann: this is a fox. hurricane nate made landfall near the mouth of the mississippi river as a category one storm. it's expected to make a second landfall along the coast of the mississippi. it's threatening mississippi, and alabama with torrential rains, flooding, high winds, and strong storm surges. a state of emergency is in effect for all three states. thousands from coastal areas have evacuated to safety while others have been order toed
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shelter in place. nate wreaked havoc on central america as a tropical storm. 30 people were killed in honduras, nicaragua and costa rica. i'm patti ann browne. "justice with judge jeanine" continues now. judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." a ton of topics on deck for my political panel. former secret service agent, dan bongino and chris hahn. i'm going to give you a little bit of time to talk about whether or not a bump stop makes a darn bit of difference in this gun control debate. chris, let's hear it. >> i want to get rid of bump stocks but we need a plan to regulate guns, we need insurance on guns. i'll let the nra sell the
6:33 pm
understand so they can decide who should and shouldn't have guns. but we need to do something so we know what beguns are out there and who has them. and we have to keep them out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. if there was private sector insurance doing it. they will do the check. because they don't want to lose money by some nut shooting up a concert. judge jeanine: dan? >> we are supposed to take advice from chris. he talks to us like we are not citizens. you guys did a bankup job in chicago where you run the city in controlling gun crime over there. and in baltimore. we are supposed to take your advice on the national level?
6:34 pm
because you are doing such a wonderful job where you rule on gun violence. jenna: why would you live in a city run by a democratic mayor? they have the highest rate of crime. how can you actually say that these cities, baltimore, st. louis, chicago, these are cities where the murder rate is so high. >> dan, where do you live? that's what i'm saying. judge jeanine: how many criminals have you heard of with a bump stock. >> like everybody else in america i just heard about bump
6:35 pm
stocks. judge jeanine: we don't know if a bump stock was used in this case. >> if we find out it was, don't you think we should take them off the streets so we don't have automatic weapons? we have a ban on automatic weapons. >> chris represents the party that suckles at hollywood every day. they fight for the scraps on the table of the money. hollywood makes them walk away like dogs for donation dollars as they put a bloodbath on screens every single day. his party runs chicago where young children are being mowed down every single day. and his party attacks cops at every opportunity. and we are supposed to -- now chris is fired up about bump stocks? where was chris about chicago and hollywood and violence? nowhere. >> the nra owns the republicans
6:36 pm
in congress. they own them. judge jeanine: oh, come on. have you heard of the second amendment? shall not be infringed? what are you talking about? what makes you think you can make a decision as to whether americans can have guns. there is a federal appeals court that just said a couple week ago that you don't have to explain a legal reason why you want a concealed carry. what is going on? the supreme court is saying you can have a gun. >> we have to have a real conversation about guns in this country. even if it means revisiting the second amendment. judge jeanine: you want to revisit the second amendment? >> there were 30,000 begun deaths and 100,000 injuries and death. judge jeanine: how many drunk drivers.
6:37 pm
should we sue general motors? >> no, but we register and insure cars. >> chris is a walking talking point. the nra owns politicians. i didn't miss it. can you pipe down for a minute. i let you talk. the nra owns politicians? planned parenthood gives a multiple of 10 times the amount of money to democrats than the nra gives to politicians. the nra has supported some democrats. >> that's a lie. judge jeanine: don't say everything is a lie because you don't agree with it. it's true, look at the data. >> you know what the data is? since 1991 there are over 100 million more guns in the united states and violent crime has gone down. you are the party of science, right?
6:38 pm
you are also brilliant? can you do the correlation? the or laying goes in the opposite direction. more guns, less crime. >> 100,000 deaths and injuries from guns last year in america. that's too many. judge jeanine: did you realized what you just said? i'm going to tell chuck schumer you just talked about right to life in america. is congress going to start looking into the hippa records and medical health records of individuals as the opposed from taking guns from law abiding americans. >> i don't think the congress or the government should determine who gets a job. i said the private sector should have an understand industry
6:39 pm
created to determine who should have guns. >> because criminals are absolutely going to buy insurance. they will be the first ones in line for gun insurance. judge jeanine: here's the problem with understand. then you have a national registry, don't you. just what you wanted. back in a moment. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> if we could make a deal at least on a temporary basis, because obamacare is exploding, it's gone. the premiums are through the roof. you see what's happening.
6:44 pm
ultimately we are going to block grant back to the states. if we made a temporary deal, obamacare is a disaster. the numbers are out. it's exploding like i said it would. judge jeanine: that's president trump sounding like he may be willing to cut a short-term deal on obamacare. the gop establishment has failed him yet again, so will it be a deal with the dems? what the president said is look, i called chuck schumer, i want to do a great healthcare deal. and schumer says i told trump repeal and replace is off the table which isn't the first time he said it. where are we and what is the rnc think? >> president trump hasn't
6:45 pm
possibly they are interested in modifying it so there is never really a repeal and replace where the president is trying to give some kind of relief to the american people. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi need to wise up and realize they bought into a failing system. they don't care. they tell us everything is fine. judge jeanine: what do you say to mitch mcconnell. >> get the party in line behind the president of the united
6:46 pm
states. judge jeanine: if he can't, what should happen to mitch mcconnell. >> the republicans in congress will decide that. judge jeanine: everyday americans are frustrated with republican rinos. i want to move to something that personally infewer yates me. that's the issue of california -- that personally infuriates me. as if they are setting the tone, is now a sanctuary state. there is a requirement that bars police from asking an immigration status and bars police from participating in immigration roundups. what is that about? >> this is a slap in the face to every american victimized by immigrant crime. she lost her son in california. and she told me she was
6:47 pm
heartbroken today. her son dominic died at the hands of an illegal immigrant. judge jeanine: what happens since it's a sanctuary state now. jeff sessions said i'll not give you that grant money unless you comply with the requirements. and we are not asking you to do anything other than alert us. if we present you with a detainer you have to do this. >> you have to do this. this is an unconstitutional piece of legislation i expect to be challenges. federal government is in charge of government. judge jeanine: isn't california the 9th circuit. >> but perhaps we can have faith in the striewm cour supreme coun strikes down the 9th circuit. over the course of 9 days...
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judge jeanine: president trump is trying to make america great again. but how can he move his agenda forward when the deep state is there at every step. i want to spotlight two of washington's worst. but first let me bring in my guest charlie kirk.
6:52 pm
the president indicated his next legislative agenda is for tax reform. when i thought about that i went back to the fact that jeff sessions on a friday last month says, you know what? we are not going to prosecute lois lerner. in this swamp the person who shockingly is still the director of the internal revenue service is john koskinen. how is it this guy is still the head of the irs? wasn't he impeached? >> he was put up for impeachment. jason chaffetz said koskinen testified untruthfully. he was deep into the cover-up of
6:53 pm
lois lerner's cover-up. they went after conservative non-profits and enact audits for people they disagreed with. he was instrumental in that cover-up. remember the 24,000 emails just disappeared. he said sorry, those emails are gone forever. judge jeanine: you know what's amazing. he was so splug. he said we lost those emails. judge jeanine: i'm thinking i can finds this stuff. then he comes back and says oh, we found them. all of the emails, what are we talking about? we are talking about emails of lois lerner, and all of this obama administration attempt to punish republicans. and this guy is still getting a check. the president has an agenda. yet this guy is still collecting
6:54 pm
a check from taxpayers. why? >> unacceptable. secretary mnuchin has the to remove him and he should. this guy is an obama holdover that does not hold the agenda to make america great again. they want to redo the tax rates abductions, and with that is non-profit status. and you are going to keep the same guy who was involved in the cover-up under lois lerner? judge jeanine: let's go to the second person i think is a washington wasteland. that's andrew mccabe. and he's now deputy director. he took money from mcauliffe, the governor in virginia for his wife, $600,000. and at the same time that she -- he was investigating the hillary clinton email scandal.
6:55 pm
and his wife is running on the same ticket with hillary clinton. >> that's exactly right. the president' president's instn this were right in the summer when he challenged sessions. he said why is this guy still around? he was actually in charge of the hillary clinton investigation in the fbi when that contribution came over. completely unacceptable. not to mention he's under investigation for violation of the hatch act. no one is talking about it. why is this guy still around? he does not see eye to sigh with the president. those are two people, koskinen and mccabe, i think the president's instincts are get rid of these people and that's what should happen. judge jeanine: we'll be right back. americans,
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washington's first. >> taking a look at tracking hurricane mate. it's already made landfall and across the mississippi delta back out over the water making a second landfall in the next hour or two. winds are currently at 85 miles an hour and moving at 20 miles an hour. is look at satellite and radar that shows circulation moving across several outer islands off the coast of louisiana and mississippi. there is your center of circulation and you're looking at these outer bands already beating up the gulf coast, mobile stretching over toward new orleans and rounds of heavy


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