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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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dvr it if you haven't. and above all, stay tuned for "hannity" in new york. good night. >> sean: thanks, tucker, as always. roy price, amazon's entertainment chief is taking a leave of absence following a sexual harassment claim. this comes as the massive harvey weinstein scandal is expanding. more and more women continue tol come forward, accusing thend hollywood producer and major democratic donor of serious misconduct. it's exposing so many things.r hollywood's history of enabling this kind of despicable conduct and also, we have proof that it weinstein's behavior towards women was not a secret in hollywood. yet people did not come forwardn and stop it all from happening. what's worse, we havean evidence -- the liberal mainstream media, the champion of women's rights, they are now exposed in this t firestorm aftr nbc news, "the new york times," they are now accused of
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apparently spiking storiess against weinstein for years. how many women could have been protected had they done their job? followingng days of deafening silence, hillary clinton says she will give harvey weinstein's political donations to charity.n we will do something no one else in the media will do. we will talk about the millions and millions and millions of dollars that hillary clinton took to countries with atrocious horrible human rights records against christians, gays and lesbians, and jews. that is all a part of tonight's opening monologue. the appalling harvey weinstein scandal continues to grow tonight. at the details are more and more disturbing. dozens of women have come forward accusing this hollywood producer of a lot of misconduct. according to tmz, weinstein isod now in a rehab facility in the scottsdale, arizona, area. we have new video of weinstein asking for a second chance. let's watch this.
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>> harvey, are you doing okay? >> i'm trying my best. >> thank you, glad to see you are doing okay. >> i am not doing okay. i'm trying. i've got to get help. you know what? we all make mistakes. a second chance, i hope. >> sean: weinstein says he will try to better himself. his legal troubles may just be getting started. the new york city police department, the londont police are re-examining accusations of sexual assault. the nypd t released by nypd, investigators are working to determine if there are other complaints filed against weinstein and according to the ap, the nypd special victims unit is now working on talking to potential victims. this includes the woment mentioned in the explosive new yorker expose. remember, that article, three women accused this man of rape. the ap is also reporting that london metro police are investigating sexual assault
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against weinstein dating back to the 1980s. the allegations againstat weinstein are beyond disturbing and to be 100% clear, what allegedly happened to harvey weinstein's accusers is horrible and it's understandable why they are afraid to come forward.we given weinstein's tremendous power and influence in hollywood, like some of them have said, weinstein could have crushed their careers and destroyed their entire lives. but people in hollywood knew this was all going on and many could have done a lot more to stop this. the weinstein scandal was an open secret in hollywood. for example, take a look at this video from 2013. it is comedian seth macfarlane making a so-called joke about weinstein. >> congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. [laughter] >> sean: it resurfaced this week, seth macfarlane explainedv that the reason he made the so-called joke back then was
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because he said a friend told him she had an uncomfortable encounter with weinstein. he added that the comment came from a "place of loathing and anger." there's also this joke from a 2012 episode of the nbc show "30 rock," let's watch this. >> i am not afraid of anyone in show business. i turned down intercourse with harvey weinstein. on no less than three occasions. >> sean: clearly what we know now, the joke wasn't funny. this was an open secret and left-wing hollywood. clearly people involved in the production of that nbc show, they had to at a bare minimum have some idea about what weinstein was doing. yet, all of those chose to crack a joke about the situation? guess what?ye it's not funny. once again, it proves hollywood has no standards, no morals, no basic human decency. with what we are finding out, it looks like harvey weinstein's
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actions was one of the biggest open secrets in that industry. the liberal mainstream media seem complicit in keeping these accusations against weinstein according to sharon waxman, a former "new york times" reporter, a 2004 story that she was working on about weinstein allegedly paying a woman to keep her silent after he sexually harassed her, was eventually killed by the so-called paper record. what the reporter says -- it was helped from matt damon and russell crowe. damon is denying he took any part in stopping the story from going he says the conversation he had with the reporter was not about weinstein. russell crowe has yet to comment publicly. a former "new york times" editor is pushing back against sharon waxman by sayingnt "the new york times" never spiked a story. then the biggest purveyors of conspiracy lies and theories in the country today, nbc news, ronan farrow, a reporter works for nbc news. t
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he ended up having to publish this explosive story about weinstein with the new yorker because nbc didn't think the story was strong enough to make public. in a very awkward moment tuesday night for nbc, farrow goes on rachel maddow's show, the champion of human rights, to explain what he said happened with his own company. nidch this. >> why did you end up promoting the story with the new yorker? >> you would have to ask nbc and nbc news organization. i'm not going to comment on any story that they did or did not run. >> nbc says the story wasn't publishable. it was not ready to go by the time you brought it to them. obviously it was ready to go by the time you brought it to the new yorker. >> i walked into the door at the new yorker with an explosively reportable piece that should have been public earlier. immediately the new yorker recognized that. it's not accurate to say it was not reportable.e e in fact, there were multiple determinations it was reportable
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at nbc. >> sean: internal media remarks obtained by "the washington post," nbc news president denied there wasma any effort to cover anything up. he reportedly defended the network's decision to pass on that story. he was saying ronan farrow's reporting at the time he presented it was not strong enough to move forward with. if you listen to what ronan farrow said the other night, that is not the case. nbc is so inconsistent with what it puts on tv and what it publishes. this is the so-called news organization to have a news operation day in and day out that runs wild. with lies and conspiracy theories daily, about president trump, his administration, guess what? often they are completely void of any facts. yet, when it comes to a story about a very powerful high-profile liberal like harvey weinstein, nbc now claims theyrr
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weren't enough facts to go with even though ronan farrow proved otherwise.m my opinion, and by not going a forward but the stories, "the new york times" and nbc allow this behavior to go on and guess what? people suffered because of whatu they did. so typical of the left, the. liberal mainstream media. so quick to report rumors, conspiracy theories about president trump, conservatives,a republicans. it comes to a scandal involving a liberal?or they are happy to say maybe we will not cover this. the liberal mainstream media in this country, only caring about allegations and sins against conservatives. for example, the bias press loves to talk about russia, russia, russia. they never told americans about the real russia collusion story. hillary clinton, vladimir putin. uranium one. 145 billion kicked back to the clinton foundation.di we will get to that in a minute. we want to remind you, our viewers, about harvey weinstein's generous donations to all of these democrats over the years. this is something most shows in the mainstream media are glossing over in terms of their
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coverage. weinstein donated nearly $44,000 to hillary clinton and even more, over $56,000 to the obama victory fund. weinstein gave $97,000 to the democratic national committee. and wrote checks for over $76,000 to the democratic senatorial campaignor committee. hillary clinton and obamas, it took them five long days before they weighed in and started to slightly denounce weinstein. and last night on the liberal fake news cnn, there was hillary announcing she's going to give the contributions from harvey weinstein to charity. here's what she said.we >> i was just sick. i was shocked. i was appalled. it was something that was just intolerable. in every way. >> senator blumenthal says people should give back the money that he donated to them. donated money to you directly
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and indirectly. would you give the money back?ul >> there's no one to give it back to. other people are saying, former colleagues are saying i will donate to charity. of course i will do that. i give 10% of mys income to charity every year. this will be part of that. no doubt about it. >> sean: sick, shocked, appalled. let's take a moment to applaud hillary clinton's newfound moral compass. this is the same hillary clinton who gladly took millions and millions and millions andin millions of dollars into the clinton foundation from countries with the most deplorable human rights records. tonight, we want to know -- hillary, if you are sickened and shocked and so appalled, are you going to give the money back -- for example, your foundation took between $10-$25 million from saudi arabia. they restrict women's rights to work and travel. men tell them how to dress. in saudi arabia, if you are gay and lesbian, you can be put to death.
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you accepted money from that country. and the uae, they gave the clinton foundation between $1-$5 million. they gave men the legal right to beat their wives and they don't recognize marital rape. quite also gave the clinton between 1-$5 million. they also have an atrocious track record on women's rights. for example, no laws prohibiting domestic violence. and 1-$5 million. in that country marital rape is guess what?d not illegal. it's written into law that women must obey their husbands in qatar. and they rang up another w $1-$5 million. that's where woman's consent is not required to legalize a marriage. and last but not least, algeria. that country also doesn't recognize marital rape as a crime and restricts travel for some women. we have to ask hillary clinton, if you really care about the rights of women, are you goingng
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to return the money from thosegh countries that practice sharia, where women are told how to dress and whether they can travel or work or go to school? in many of these countries, gayc and lesbians are killed. you can't practice your faith if you are a christian or jewish because you cannot build ar temple or a synagogue. i'm not going to hold my breath. i'm not going to expect hollywood liberals or the mainstream media to ever call out this massive double standard. finally tonight, new evidence that sexual harassment could be part of a much larger systemic problem in hollywood. we've all heard the stories and rumors, you've heard the term "the casting couch." people are starting to speak out about the alleged abuse, including male actors, terry cruz said he was groped by hollywood executive. james vanderbeek is saying "older powerful men in hollywood" inappropriately touched him. harvey weinstein, this scandal is just opening pandora's box. it's going to expose whatei liberal hypocritical hollywood is really all about.
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we are beginning to see this come true.ri hollywood a-lister ben affleck is facing scrutiny over his actions. why? he put out a statement saying he was sick over allegations of harvey weinstein and then it was pointed out on twitter that ben affleck once groped an actress by the name of hilary burton on mtv's "total request live." back in 2003. here is a video from the documentary showing exactly what happened. >> so nice to see you. >> he wraps his arm around me and goes overis in tweaks my let boob. >> sean: he came out with a statement apologizing his actions. and then there's mr. political jimmy kimmel. he called out the late-night host for how he has been covering the weinstein scandal.b take a look at this headline. hey, jimmy kimmel, where is your emotional monologue on sexual harassment in hollywood? an excellent question in point. kimmel was quick to attack
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president trump and republicans, quick to shed a tear about topics he cares about. for some reason, kimmel has been so quiet about weinstein. where are kimmel's tears for weinstein's victims? earlier this week, a video emerged of kimmel from 2002 when he hosted the "man show." we must warn you, the video is pretty graphic. >> this show is called "guess what's in my pants?" i've stuffed something in my pants. you are allowed to feel around on the outside of the pants. then you have ten seconds to guess what is in my pants. you ready? >> set. >> go. you can use two >> sean: it gets worse and the girl turns out to be 18. also this stunning moment from former hollywood star ed asner.y on msnbc.rk
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the great news network they are. asking the anchor to give him a kiss. this was from just this week. watch this. >> i'm joined now by a man who starred in one of the ground breaking shows, the mary tyler moore show. more than any other man, ed asner. who helped demonstrate the changing culture of independent women in the workplace for millions of americans each week. ed asner. it's great to have you here. thank you for coming in.. >> thank you. not even a kiss? >> no, nothing. right? >> sean: what a pompous jackass. what's being uncomfortable harvey weinstein as part of a much larger problem plaguing hollywood and washington. let me give you another example. roman polanski, he was the guy that was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl back in 1973. he even apologized years and years later. what did he do? he gave that 13-year-old champagne and quaaludes. at the time he was 43 and the girl was 13. he was eventually charged with
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six felony counts but fled to europe before being sentenced. you would think a 13-year-oldd.n hollywood would completely disown him. renounce him. absolutely be horrified by it. that never happened. back in 2003, polanski won and oscar for best director. in the celebrity filled audience erupted in applause. they could not get enough of it. even though polanski cannotas attend because he was avoiding authorities overseas because ofa he came back to america, he would be charged with raping a 13-year-old girl. in 2009 after polanski was arrested in switzerland, guess what? it was over the 1977 case. over 170 celebrities demanded his release. while the rest of america is shocked by the weinstein scandal, we should not be at all surprised about what's really going on in hollywood. it's been happening fory years. here with reaction from the make america great again coalition, former deputy assistant to the
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president, sebastian gorka. and fox news correspondente at large, geraldo rivera. look at this reaction to roman polanski alone. what does that tell us? >> that the left in the media love their scumbags, sean. i remember w clearly one of my first days working in the white house. it took me 20 minutes to move three blocks to drive from the white house out to the freeway because the pink hat protest, do you remember the pink had protest? it surrounded the whole white house. we couldn't move for all of those people protesting the president and his misogyny. where are they now? are they standing outside the weinstein company headquarters? are they parading down the boulevard in hollywood outside the studios? this is the problem. this is the double standard.
9:18 pm
i want to see the feminists. i want to see the nasty women out there fighting for the rights of the women this man has abused and this culture has made normative. you know this is the tip of the i predict an avalanche of stories about sexual abuse, rape, and all kinds of misconduct coming out of the hollywood elite. these are the people that want to preach to us about their moral values and write the fake news stories in the press? the day has come. they are now looking in the mirror and they will pay the price. >> sean: well said. hillary, give the money back. he took from all these countries that abused women, kill gays and lesbians, and persecute christians and jews. the kimmel thing was pretty disgusting. mr. high horse lately. i want to play for you roman polanski getting the oscar.
9:19 pm
he gave a 13 -- he is in his 40s. he gave a 13-year-old girl booze and quaaludes. he brutally rapes this girl. watch hollywood. if this doesn't show what a sewer hollywood is, watch this. >> roman polanski. "the pianist." [cheers and applause] >> sean: polanski is a pig. they are standing and cheering for a child rapist. >> the thing is his art is separate from his life.
9:20 pm
if you go through history that principle, it is honored by the artistic community. two points. i lament the fact that we applaud the downfall of the person whose ideology is opposite ours and we put our head under the pillow when it happens to one of our own. h you've been a straight shooter on it and i applaud you for it and that's one of the reasons i love you. the situation in hollywood -- iu think dr. gorka is right that in the sense, there are a few -- there's a problem, sexual harassment exists through many, many industries. you are seeing amazon being engulfed in scandal. there are few industries where the imbalance is so profound. where you have an 18-20-22-year-old girl coming to one of these powerful harvey weinstein type moguls with the big belly and the hairy chest and the gold and all the rest of it. she knows she's got a very limited -- it's a fragile window she has to make it big in a highly competitive industry
9:21 pm
where she doesn't make it by 23 or 25, and the modeling industry, is 22. there is great incentive -- >> sean: you know the "the casting couch" is true. >> i've done a dozen exposes. it's absolutely true. the perpetrators defy all ideological boundaries. they are right-wingers and left-wingers. they do it. >> sean: let me stay on geraldo's point. all the coverage, "the new york times" and nbc and cnn over any allegation at the fox news channel, dr. gorka or anywhere else, any conservative or any pastor or minister -- they seem to love when ministers fail. they want to be perfect. we are not perfect. hollywood knew. everybody knew for decades about this guy. nbc news spiked the story, as did "the new york times," as sanctimonious as they are,e dr. gorka.
9:22 pm
they are going to lecture about words in locker room talk? allegations that aren't proven? this guy is admitting he's a pig.mi >> look at what they did to vice president pence and what they still one of the most outstanding moral men in america today. attacked for his traditional values. that's how upside down in the world is. you are absolutely right.s everybody knew that this culture has been part of hollywood for decades. they knew about harvey weinstein, which makes them facilitators. on the flip side, what do they do? they invent stories about the president. you documented all of them. they generated this russia collusion delusion for a year now.. with not one piece of evidence. when somebody comes to them with a story about one of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry, what happens? not only one but two media organs spike it.
9:23 pm
>> sean: how many people could have not been victims? wait a minute. go ahead, mr. contrarian. >> all i'm going to say is that the demonstrators came to fox because they hated what was going on here. there will be no demonstrators in front of nbc. and the new yorker which is being applauded for running the ronan farrow piece -- the new yorker only ran thatat after "the new york times" had killed weinstein. all of the so-called courage of the people coming forward now? it takes no courage once the perpetrator is dead. >> sean: especially the rich and powerful hollywood women. >> they knew. all of the colleagues knew. and now it's fashionable. harvey weinstein is finished ann he did. >> sean: is he going to go to jail? >> new york state, the serious
9:24 pm
criminal sexual assault of which he is accused, has no statute of limitations. i think he is in potential jeopardy. w >> sean: are you going to move back to our town? we miss you. thank you for being here. dr. gorka, always a pleasure. kellyanne conway's going to be with us and what will she say about hillary taking all that money from weinstein? and all these countries that practice sharia? kellyanne is next. ♪ standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> sean: welcome back to "han >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." joining us now with more reaction to the harvey weinstein scandal and hillary clinton's hypocrisy, kellyanne conway. i watch these hollywood phony hypocrites go afterer you. and go after the first daughter. after the first lady of the united states. oh, melania wore high heels to representing the country. on her way to help serve people in texas. t i am watching how they've treated women. and then you see the hillary aspect of this and the donation from weinstein and the money from countries that practice is this now just the beginning of a real dialogue? j of the issues we've been pointing out for a long time?
9:29 pm
>> it's clearly a continuation of the hypocrisy byt hillary clinton and other so-called feminists like her. why? let's go back to the oscars a few weeks ago. can you imagine for every unfunny political joke that was told, for every time the president's name was invoked, had we replaced that with weinstein or rape or sexual predator or someone actually using her power on the stage,, there were many so-called powerful rich and successful hollywood women excepting awards, giving awards. what if one of them over these many, many years that this has been going on allegedly, what if one of them stood up in front or a live tv audience and saying instead of taking my mother in my third grade teacher and my producers and agents, i'm going to tell you a story about what goes on here in when i was 22, i felt harassed and belittled and cornered. now i am double that age and quadruple the wealth and i am successful. i
9:30 pm
i want to save the next generation. any woman out there who remains silent as the next generation suffers under the sexual predatory culture of this man. they have no right to stand up and say they speak for women. let's be clear about something else. b when hillary clinton and others -- when they talk about "women's rights" and women's health, we have to talk about abortion. they are often talking about abortion. when they say women's health, it becomes a euphemism for abortio abortion. when pro-life people say hey, maybe it's not such a great idea to have an abortion at eight or nine months and they say a woman has a right to do what's right with her body, hey folks, a woman has a right to keep herig body safe from sexual predators who are allegedly threatening them if they don't comply or dangling hollywood goodies in front of them. >> sean: basically if you have the right political positions,s, hollywood would forgive all of bill clinton's atrocious
9:31 pm
examples of abusing women. these weren't consensual relationships. monica, maybe. but not kathleen or gennifer flowers. but she was trashed for telling the truth. we will also forget roman polanski because he is such an artist. we will forget hillary took money from all these countries. they bought her silence because she never criticized countries that donated so many millions of dollars to the clinton foundation, that abused women the way they do. and persecuted gays and lesbians and christians and jews. isn't that the biggest hypocrisy? >> it is the truth. it was a major story line last year, the foundation taking money from these countries that oppress women and girls. don't give them basic rights that your daughter and my daughter enjoy every single day. there's something else, you mentioned bill clinton. you talk about sexual harassment
9:32 pm
in the workplace, he gave $800,000 to settle. that's money from 20 years ago. imagine how much the value is to settle such a suit. hillary clinton has someom experience in this space. t most importantly, look at the juxtaposition. in my workplace just today and what we are talking about in hollywood with the so-called feminists standing up for women's rights who did not help- just today in the white house, the president of the united states did yetat again what he's been doing his entire career, he elevated another woman to a position of >> sean: that'll be talked about next.we >> secretary of homeland security nominee. that makes two women that have the top two spots in homeland security. if she is confirmed. elaine duke, the deputy. and madam secretary kiersten yelkin. she is the latest in a number of women that president trump has elevated, gave women a chance in new york real estate when no man would.
9:33 pm
in his corporation. his campaign, his white house and cabinet. such a juxtaposition to think about what the two parties are dealing with. this is a president who says when i'm going to empower women, how am i going to do that? he signs an executive order that helps. they have no health insurance, it's huge. he is out there with truckers and others in pennsylvania promising them middle-class taxt that's the way you empower women. you help them when you are in a position to do that. these people in hollywood failed. this president is succeeding. >> sean: last night before the president arrived for the interview, i can't let you go without an important political question -- i went through the crowd. you might argue this is a pro-president crowd because they were there, i asked about the president. they love the president. and i asked about the republicans in congressco congress. i assume a lot of them were republican. watch the reaction. from the people that were in harrisburg last night.
9:34 pm
the senate? >> they are doing a terrible job.he much as happened in alabama, you will see happen a lot of places. >> sean: the canary in the coal mine. how is congress doing? >> terrible! >> congress needs to get on board and realized cut donald trump, love him or hate him, he's who the people ldcked. >> sean: you are angry at them? >> yes, >> livid. >> sean: congress? >> not so fantastic. i have hope we can turn it around. >> sean: what do you think about the news media? >> you guys are fabulous but cnn is fake news. >> sean: do you agree with that? >> i totallyyh agree with that. >> i think that boxes doing a fantastico job. true coverage. it cnn?he not so much. exact opposite. the ignorance on the left is horrible. >> sean: how bad is the media? >> bad.he >> sean: who is the worst? >> cnn. >> take your pick. >> sean: it's fascinating.
9:35 pm
the public gets it. congress is not doing their job. will they get the tax bill done if they don't, they need to go. >> they must. look at what happened the day when congress failed to repeal and replace obamacare. the way that they promised to you for eight years. eight months on the job, president trump signs an executive order to open up some competition and choice. he will take action. outside of the legislative process, where he is able to act which he has done. how much the stock market and all the confidence -- they love what theve president is doing. when it comes to tax reform, we are very hopeful that republicans will make good on their own promises to their constituents to give middle-class tax relief. to make it more competitive here in this country and stop punishing our employers and repatriate the $2.8 trillion that's parked overseas. give child care tax credit expansion.
9:36 pm
elder care tax credit. and do away with the marriage penalty, death tax. this is a way to helplp people. when it comes to media, i love the fact that general kelly, our chief of staff went to the white house press room and basically said you are lying. >> sean: they are liars. they do lie with regularity. kellyanne, great to see you. >> they don't need to. we are they just have to stop lying h about palace intrigue. >> sean: like drug addicts. addicted to lies and conspiracy theories. >> it doesn't help the people. >> sean: they see clearly now. >> i agree. >> sean: kellyanne, good to see you. some nfl players -- going to keep this anthem controversy going even after what roger goddell said? we will tell you exactly what's going on and we will check in with sheriff david clarke and much more ahead.u ♪
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>> i watched colin kaepernick and i thought it was terrible. and then he got bigger and bigger and started mushrooming. the nfl should have suspended him for one game and he would have never done it again. they could have suspended him for two games and if he did it a third time for the season. he would have never had a problem. i will tell you, you cannot disrespect our country, our flag, our anthem. you cannot do that. >> sean: that was the president last night on this program explaining how the nfl t should have handled the national anthem controversy before it spiraled out of control. now one nfl player is saying requiring players to stand for the national anthem could lead to a "messier situation." really? here with reaction, senior advisor -- former milwaukee county sheriff, sheriff david clarke. civil rights attorney daryl parks. they want to continue to lose revenue.
9:42 pm
ratings, sponsors, and piss everybody off by not respecting the men and women that fought, bled, and died for their rights to play football and get paid a lot of money?, than they can self-destruct. i'm telling you right now, if they keep it up, the nfl, it's going to have that result and more. so have at it. that's my attitude. i am a saturday football guy until this gets fixed. >> without question. i don't think this issue has ever been about disrespecting the country, the flag, or the anthem. we are at a point -- >> sean: people died fighting under that flag. let's cut the crap and be honest to the american people. they bled and died fighting under that flag. that flag and that anthem deserve respect.ri and the nfl players doing this are not respecting those that fought for them. >> we have two different conversations here.
9:43 pm
the message they are trying to make it's about inequality. it is time now that we find a way to have progress and move from protest to >> sean: i am pro-progress. >> that's what we need to do. >> sean: i might actually believe in sincerity, not far from you there's a city called chicago and it is obama's adopted home town and 3900 people died when he was president. he only mentioned it but a few times. 18,000 shootings over the last six years of obama's presidency. i'm not completely inspired. there was a cause everyone should have jumped on. we scrolled the names of those people. no one has ever heard of those names. michael brown and freddy gray and trayvon martin and the cambridge police. >> everyone in america knows that -- 2 minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem. if the players can't stand at attention. a i'm not even saying they have to
9:44 pm
put their hands over their hearts. stand at attention for the flag. if you can't do that, it means they are undisciplined.ou they are dying the death of 1,000 roger goddell has lost control of this thing.yi he's afraid that if he imposes a policy that they have to stand at attention and face the flag, they won't do it. the question becomes now what? he let this thing spiral out of control. the tail is wagging the dog. the league has the authority. it's not the right. he has the authority to set rules and procedures for theirha employees. players are employees. we have the tail wagging the dog. now i hear the owners are going to meet in chicago or new york to discuss this? i thought what the hell is there to discuss? stand at attention. face the flag. and give it some respect. this is about respecting. >> sean: you make such a great point. daryl, i will give you the last word. the dallas cowboys weren't able to honor the slain officers in dallas.
9:45 pm
players that wanted to say on the 15th anniversary off 9/11 -- and put on their cleats, 9/11/01. nobody gave a rip about. is that a violation of freedom of speech? this isn't a first amendment issue, is it? it's not about the oppression of jerry jones and the cowboys. this is about it rules. is about simple fundamental understanding of respect for the men and women that give us our freedoms. it's that simple to me. >> sean, let me say this. talking about respecting -- these players deserve as americans, they have the right to they want ay better america. >> sean: the nfl -- why wouldn't the nfl let them honor slain officers? why? >> without question, i think my dallas cowboys -- they have the right.
9:46 pm
>> sean: don't they have the right to honor the men and women that died in their city? >> i agree. the nfl, let's move past the let's bring people together. >> sean: i am in, let's start inci chicago to help bring safey and security to the men and women that are under fire. i will donate money. whatever you want. i will match money with the nfl. >> they are paid to play football. not protest. >> we all play a role. they are men and they have the right to fight for their that's what they are doing. >> sean: fight for the rights to honor the 9/11 victims. worst terrorist attack in history. don't be a bunch of phony hypocrites with a bunch of double standards. we will debate on jimmy kimmel. oh, really, jimmy? let's go back in the video archives. mr. political activist. tomi lahren and leslie marshall, next. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
9:47 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." jimmy kimmel is now facing >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." jimmy kimmel is now facing a lot of criticism over a 2002 video that surfaced when he cohosted "the man show." we've got to warn you, the video is quite graphic. >> this game show is called "guess what's in my pants?" i've stuffed something in myth
9:51 pm
pants. you are allowed to feel around on the outside of the pants. you have ten seconds to then guess what is in my pants. ready?en >> set. >> go. you should use two hands. >> sean: he says you may want to kiss it. one girl he did it to was 18 years old. here to talk about this, tomi lahren and leslie marshall. tomi, i will start with you. they're such hypocrisy. hillary, money from sharia countries, all the money weinstein gave to liberals. liberals ignoring the clintons, as long as they have the right politics, they will ignore allli of bill's sins of groping, fondling, touching, kissing and in the case of one woman, we know what she said. g there's such hypocrisy from them. >> of course there is. it's important for us to understand the left is not pro-woman. the left is anti-trump.
9:52 pm
there's a big difference as referenced by their radio silence this week. hillary said she was appalled. really, hillary?le were you really appalled? were you appalled by bill, too? because you stayed with him. >> sean: i want hillary to give back the money she got from saudi arabia and all these countries that oppress women and kill gays and lesbians andab persecute christians and jews, will you join me in calling for her to give back the money to those countries that bought her silence? >> it's interesting, everyone on the right tells me hillary should shut up. >> sean: you're not answering my question. >> i don't think just to give back money that was given to the campaign. by these countries. >> sean: blood money. >> it's horrific what happens to women in saudi arabia, there is progress in saudi arabia. >> sean: would you take money from a country that tells womeny how to dress, women that can't travel abroad?
9:53 pm
that kills gays and lesbians and you can't build a temple or a church?? would you take money from those people? >> i would not be able to take money -- i'm on the witness stand. i can only say yes or no. it depends on the country. i could not take money from france because of the burqa. i don't think it's fair to ask that in that context. >> sean: really? s i almost sound like the liberals, tomi. i'm standing up for women. they arere killing innocent peoe because of their sexual orientation. and they are persecuting people for religious reasons. i am saying that's blood money.p hillary, give it back. where does tomi lahren stand? >> she should give it back but i don't expect much from hillary at this point.d she's peddling her books at costco talking about women's rights. she lectures on a weekly basis about she gives us the definition on
9:54 pm
stage time and time again, but that her spokesperson sends out a tweet about weinstein and she doesn'tsh get the money back or she's going to give to charity or do something with it? hillary, if you want to beit out of the spotlight, and be of the spotlight. if you want to be in thepo spotlight, being the the spotlight and denounce people like harvey weinstein. we would like to see you do that. she won't though, because she is pro-hillary, pro-democrats. pro lining the pockets of liberals as well. >> sean: i will give you one last chance to redeem yourself, >> she doesn't need to give back money. why does she have to give back money to these countries, sean? in all fairness -- male or female, democrat or republican -- >> sean: is she a hypocrite? >> wait a minute. absolutely not. she is not the perpetrator. allegedly harvey weinstein is. >> sean: elizabeth, i'm coming home. beat me up, scotty. more "hannity" after this. thank you both. with advanced safety.
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>> sean: welcome back to "h >> sean:go welcome back to "hannity."od two years ago, i knew hollywood was predictably boring. their movies are formulaic. they had a contempt for conservative christian values. you know what? we decided to do a movie, it d just so happens that at this time, it's going to be in theaters october t 27th. it's called "let there be light." you can take your whole family to it. it highlights one man's journey. something your entire family can enjoy. take preview.i [car screeching] >> daddy! >> clinically dead in the ambulance. >> 4 minutes. >> it's a miracle. >> i put my arms around him. i don't want to do it. >> you've got the best scientific explanation. it has not brought you any comfort. would you consider consulting a
10:00 pm
different source?r >> sean: it opens in theaters october 27th. this will not insult your intelligence or values. i hope you will think about watching, theaters near you. the show will always be fair and balanced. kilmeade is next.llex see you tomorrow. >> brian: hi, everybody. i am brian kilmeade. welcome to "fox news tonight." we have a lot on our plate tonight. my pages are 10 feet tall. obamacare, trump is tired of waiting. we will give this came down about 20 minutes you thef details. ago. sanctuary cities getting a bigci final warning from trump's justice department. attorney general sessions is ready to go. police department around the world circling harvey weinstein. why? mr. weinstein was fired from his own company on sunday, you probably know. he's currently in arizona.