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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 19, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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cheese very expensive. koji berry and jelly and golden leaf. actual gold on there proceeds go to a soup kitchen. jillian: could do some more things with a thousand dollars. have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city in studio f. come on in, folks. it's the october 19th edition of "fox & friends." ainsley: hard to believe it's the end of october. when you hear october 19th, what do you think of? steve: happy birthday to me. ainsley: we are so glad you were born. steve: thank you very much. brian: what you are referring to, ainsley.
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ainsley: when you see your day, okay, that's the most familiar day i have out of all the year. when you see your birthday on the calendar. brian: isn't that how you referred to steve the very first time. steve: that's my first birthday that's what she said on tv i'm so glad you were born. ainsley: so glad you were born. not your very first birthday. steve: folks out in tv land. ainsley: i love celebrating birthdays because it is the day you were born. people that you love, you have to tell them you were glad they everywher were born. steve: do you want to hug me? brian: i think it would be a bit of a reach. steve: thank you, brian. ainsley: what are you going to do tonight. steve: my mom is going to make me that pot roast i love. brian: a lot of meat. that's what a birthday is about. steve: meat and potatoes. we start with a fox news alert. a story about russian
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collusion that does not involve donald trump. ainsley: the senate is trying to get to the bottom of why the united states government and the obama administration sold 20% of our uranium to vladimir putin and to the russians. brian: this is a story we had for a little while but it's coming to the surface now. griff jenkins is live in washington with the latest. griff, why is this emerging again? >> well, good morning and, steve, happy birthday. steve: thank you. >> we have heard a lot about the russian collusion in the russian administration. scathing new report first reported in the hill newspaper. we are learning more about a four year department of justice investigation into russian nuclear corruption on u.s. soil. allegedly involving bribes, kick backs, and giving vladimir putin control of more than 20% of america's uranium supply with, quote: millions of dollars flowing to former president bill clinton's charitable foundation. at the center of this investigation that began in 2010, it was being led by then attorney general eric
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holder. an fbi informant says he tried to go public with some of this information but he was threatened. here is what his attorney victoria toensing now says. >> when he started working for the fbi in 2009. they had him sign nondisclosure agreement. when he went public in 2016, way after all this case stuff was done, the justice department, under loretta lynch called him and threatened him with his freedom. >> now members of the senate judiciary committee want to know more and it came up yesterday as attorney general jeff sessions was being grilled before the senate judiciary committee. take a listen. >> has the justice department fully investigated whether the russians compromised the obama administration's decisions to smooth away for transactions and, if not, why not? >> mr. chairman, we are working hard to maintain discipline in the department. it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on any
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ongoing investigation. >> the justice department is not commenting further. but my guess is we are going to hear a lot more of this as it develops. guys, i will keep you potioned. steve: no kidding. and somebody is already pounding there in the studio down in washington. brian: it was really loud before. the 4:00 show it was just right next to them. [knocking] brian: reminds me of my woodpecker days. ainsley: or the white house when we interview kellyanne conway or you. brian: or a backhoe. steve: somebody is down there building me a wooden cake. brian: possibly. we will see. steve: with the way griff framed this, it is interesting, chuck grassley the great senator from the great state of my birth, iowa, that he would say i want to hear from the 10 federal agencies that had to sign off on, this which includes, he wants to hear from the fbi. he want to hear from hillary clinton's state department. did you know that the fbi had launched a corruption
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investigation into this bribery thing before the government said okay, let's go ahead and give 20% to russia of our uranium. brian: first time these transactions popped up according to clinton cash and peter schweizer is going to be with us today actually in 2005 during the bush administration, the clintons evidently working some type of deal out for the clinton foundation to get a donation. a lot of this uranium was from kazakhstan because -- thank you, borat. actually screwed me up forever. i actually think he was playing a character. isn't actually from there. i don't know. i'm trying to get a second source. that's when it really started. and no one stopped it. the only person to highlight it was peter schweizer in his book. and now he is talking about clinton cash. >> she is very knowledgeable on this subject. and she's a hawk on this issue. so, for her to pretend like well, i don't really know what was going on. i was not involved.
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just stretche stretch extra-s. as this was coming for approval in 2010, the clinton foundation received from nine shareholders in this uranium company sold to the russians, final of them already decided they were going to donate large amounts of money to the clinton foundation, more than 145 million. by the way, a lot of those donations were never declared publicly by the clintons. they were hidden. so, it stinks in so many levels. ainsley: if that truly happened, that is despicable. if the clintons allowed for vladimir putin to do atomic energy business inside the united states so that she could get $145 million for the clinton foundation and for bill to get the $500,000 to speak over in russia, then we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to get the answers. we need to know about this. and someone needs to be held
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accountable. steve: unlike the russia collusion thing regarding people in president trump's cabinet, campaign and stuff like that, which there is no evidence that we have seen, there is actual evidence there was an fbi confidential informant inside a trucking company that was, you know, got in to all sorts of trouble. but for chuck grassley to say "i do not believe the obama administration when they said there were no national security reasons to say no, to stop this uranium deal" because clearly it looks pretty darn dirty. ainsley: you talked about what the federal agents, how they found this information, they used confidential u.s. witness working inside the russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records to make secret recordings and to intercept emails. so they say they have proof of this dating back to 2009. brian: i would just audit, too. they do seem to have an fbi agent who is on nda nondisclosure agreement that victoria toning i toensing is representing. she was on with hemmer.
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i believe she was on last night. that person come forward. consider condolence gate. never thought we would have politics involved with a president calling to the family of those who lost their lives in battle but that's exactly what happened. when this congresswoman from florida decides to come out and characterize what she said was an insensitive conversation between the widow and the president of the united states. by the way at one of the worst times you could possibly call somebody in route to meeting the casket coming off a plane and this is the first time her and her family get a chance to be reunited with her green beret husband. the president called along the way. and then she, evidently, says the president was very callus and she wanted to get the phone and curse him out. he totally disagrees with her characterization of the conversation. but listen to what sarah huckabee sanders had to deal with yesterday. here's -- excuse me? ainsley: i'm sorry, the
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producers are only talking to brian. so i don't know what's happening. brian: i'm getting all kinds of mixed signals. different outlets talking about the president and the way he handled this. >> just put this into a long list of strange, bizarre interactions that the president has on a daily basis. i mean, we could find 10 or 11 or 12 yesterday of public record. >> we're talking about how he is incompetent, but how about insensitive? >> i don't think he has any compassion in him, you know. i really don't. [applause] >> he has no empathy. >> we have the democratic congresswoman who has known this family for a very long time. and he was a mentor to the fallen soldier. and the widow of the soldier and the mother, the woman who raised him saying that the president did, indeed, in their words disrespect the soldier. >> president trump is now embroiled in a new controversy about what he said to the widow of sergeant ladavid johnson. one of four soldiers killed
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in that ambush in niger. steve: that's just a sample, a video montage of some of the mainstream media talking about what the president did or did not say to the grieving widow. according to the congresswoman fredericka wilson, he said well, your husband knew what he signed up for. president trump came out and said that she had totally fabricated that and there is proof that they are politicizing it. and later sarah huckabee sanders said there was no recording. there were a number of people including john f. kelly in the room who heard the conversation. brian: the wife did put on facebook that she backed the congresswoman's account that the president did say he knew what he signed up for, but he followed up it doesn't make it any easier. that's part of the conversation, the exchange back and forth. the other thing is, as you know, there is nothing to say in this situation. have you ever dealt with anybody who lost someone tragically in an accident or to any sudden circumstances? there is nothing you could
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possibly say to make them feel better. maybe you could actually say something that -- maybe this they would deem might be soothing. however, i think it's also important to point out the president of the united states has on record actually this army sergeant recess that, yeah, the president did call me. and at which time he said to me i bet after my son died in battle in afghanistan and he said i bet you never gave you an ounce of trouble in his life. and the president -- and his response was you are absolutely right, mr. president. he said, you know, i voted for you once and that's why i'm going to vote for you again. ainsley: we had guests that were saying yesterday this is just the mainstream media trying to spin the fact that president was try calling the families and do the right thing. they were trying to make it negative. the associated press put out a trip yesterday. they were soliciting gold star families to come and give their accounts. i don't know if they want to tell the truth or if they are trying to get negative stories on the president.
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but, -- steve: there is a tweet they would like to hear but if you have a story about donald trump. i don't know whether or not the associated press would print the story of arnold wright. he is a gold star father who spoke to the president. they had a conversation. it lasted about 20 minutes. and he said the president was very cordial, said he would look into the lack of air support that the father was concerned was one of the reasons his son died. but then he told "time" magazine, keep in mind the president reportedly said to the grieving widow your husband knew what he signed up for. this man, the gold star father said i will say it my son knew what he signed up for. he signed up to be a green beret. he had no aluciens about what that meant. he said my son came from a military family with a tradition that dates back to 1812. he knew fully what it means to serve and the risks involved. brian: that's a common phrase for those in the military. we know what the risks are when we sign up. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, the vacation is over, former president
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barack obama is about to make big news. we'll explain. steve: explosive new report claims the law congress passed helped fuel the nation's opioid epidemic. >> this is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors offices. steve: congresswoman marsha blackburn signed on that bill and she is under fire. she will talk about what went down. good morning to you. ♪ ♪ we all want restful sleep. that's why nature's bounty melatonin is made to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. so you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. because mom's love is unconditional. even at 6am. nature's bounty melatonin. we're all better off healthy. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care.
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♪ ♪ brian: new criticisms for the co-sponsors of opioid law after explosive report claimed that the law helped fuel the country's opioid epidemic. this was on sunday. >> this is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctor's offices that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs. brian: wow, one of the lawmakers behind the legislation joining me to respond tennessee congresswoman who wants to be the next senator from tennessee martha blackburn, take bob corker's seat. good to see you. >> good to see you, brian. brian: what's your response
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after that dea agent in particular called out you and tom marino for his crack down and the major pharmaceutical firms being irresponsible? >> i would say, brian, we all know that the opioid epidemic is a crisis. and that yes, we have got to get in behind this. we also know that there are patients, and i have got some in tennessee who had a legitimate need in order to live a life. these are veterans, cancer patients, hospice, connick utilization. and for them, it's the difference between a life that is bearable and agony. so if there is legitimate need, it should proceed. if there is illicit vendors or pharmacists, they should be shut down fast. brian: the legislation he claims, and another dea
3:19 am
agent claims helped retard their investigation. >> if there are unintended consequences, they should be addressed immediately and it should be fixed. the goal is to get a handle on this. we already had a hearing scheduled. it's going to be on the 25th. this next week. and we're going to have before us at energy and commerce committee a representative from the dea, the cdc, different entities that are involved. brian: did it catch you by surprise. >> yeah. we had not expected something like this. but there again. brian: do you think there was anything that was mischaracterized? were you frustrated after watching that and saying they are making me and congressman marino into the bad person. >> bear in mind this was bipartisan legislation that was worked on over a three owe year period of time that was voted on three times in the house and once in the senate. every member of congress supported this. because it was a process for clarification. and we have done a lot on
3:20 am
opioids with a billion dollars that was put forward through the 21st century bill with senator portman's kara act. that was put forth in 2016. brian: he wants to get the legislation and run against you for that seat. congresswoman blackburn would champion legislation like this while tennesseans face opioid epidemic is all we need to know about her priorities and that's in response to the 60 minutes piece. >> i have worked for years as have many people whether i was in the state senate in tennessee or at home in tennessee, working with our veterans, working with those that are fighting drug abuse. and making certain that the tools are in the toolbox that they need. one of the things we are working on right now is a database for pharmacists so that they would know. brian brian which would certainly help. you will b. brian: you are going to be on outnumbered later. >> yes i am. brian: it will be fun and on
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violent clashes today ahead of its speech by richard spencer. he is the white nationalist who helped organize the deadly rally in charles, virginia. protests taking place more than half a million dollars tax dollars being spent on extra security. the event prompting florida governor rick scott to declare a state of emergency. >> i believe the first amendment rights that people have. i do expect people to be safe. steve: spencer called the governor's move overkill. all right. ainsley. ainsley: all right. thank you so much. a restaurant forced to actually close its doors after receiving backlash for a viral post about supporting our president. talking about what happened for the first time is co-owner of cup it up american grill. the co-owners, i should say in tucson, arizona. jay warren and chris smith. thank you so much, guys, for being with us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: i want to read the facebook post or a version of it of what you put.
3:26 am
i know it was longer. i want to read some of what you posted and some of the folks in that area didn't like it. you said we believe in and support 100 percent in the following. our president. always standing for the national anthem. repealing obamacare. you listed god, the bill of rights, drug screening for welfare recipients and the u.s. armed forces among others that you were praising. you said i don't support antifa, kneeling for the anthem, fake news and political late night hosts. so what was the reaction of some of the folks that read that? >> hostility, anger, nastiness. >> just nastiness. >> it was immediate. ainsley: they came into the restaurant. >> when we people come into the restaurant, phone calls. the social media and the post were instantaneous. and that is the only reason. you know, at first, as they started of coming, in you know, i talked to my partner and i said hey, you know, we will have to deal with this a little bit. we expected some shares, some discussion. but as it kept coming in,
3:27 am
after about three hours of the pure nastiness, we decided to pull it. not our beliefs, but to pull the post. ainsley: just because of how it was affecting your customers. why did you decide to post it in the first place? >> well, it usually with the national anthem, really struck home with me as a navy veteran. my take on the national anthem is a patriotic one. i served in the persian gulf. and ironically 1991, january 7th, 19 the 1 i flew on board the uss midway same time whitney houston sang the national anthem during the super bowl. oddly enough i don't know who played in the super bowl but she sang. that took on a whole new meaning to me as i listened to the national anthem. turn on today now i turn on the tv and i look and these -- the gentlemen are kneeling. i know i'm not diminishing their cause. there is just no justification to disrespect our national anthem and the
3:28 am
men and women who serve in the armed forces. ainsley: so, jay, was it worth it. >> one thing. ainsley: yeah. go ahead. >> one thing i would like to add to that is chris being a navy veteran, that was mentioned to the arizona daily star and it was not once printed. multiple, multiple articles were put out and that was failed to be mentioned. ainsley: why did they leave that out? >> i have no idea. i found it to be pretty curious. ainsley: um-huh. what if hillary clinton were our president? what if she had won and one of her supporters had written some things they liked and disliked about the country, how would the tucson residents there have responded to that? >> i can't speak about the residents and how they would respond, but i wouldn't respond with anything. if you don't have something nice to say don't say it i'm not going to attack anybody
3:29 am
verbally or threaten them for what they believe or what they post. i will keep that to myself. ainsley: tell us about your restaurant because there are a lot of people that will support you and want to give you business. what are the plans for the future and tell us more about your restaurant. >> sure. so right now it's closed. that's part of this. but we do plan to reopen in a city hopefully near you sometime soon. it is a great concept. it's food in a cup to go. salads and clam shells, boxes. those are ecofriendly by the way. and people fell in love with the concept, ainsley. they just did. they would walk in our restaurant and say where else is this? >> it's an american grill. ainsley: i love getting a big salad in a big bowl like a big cup. then it doesn't fall off the plate. i like to chop my salad and
3:30 am
i hate when it gals on the table. that is a great concept. >> thank you. ainsley: keep us posted and let us know where you end up. thanks, guys. >> thank you for having it. ainsley: thank you for fighting for our country, chris. we appreciate you both. >> my honor, thank you. ainsley: isis could be plotting the next 9/11. the warning for national security. that is next. roger goodell said players should stand for the national anthem but he is not going to make them. now, no one is happy, not even collin kaepernick. first, happy birthday not only to steve doocy but floyd mayweather senior. is he 46 years old today. happy birthday to you both ♪ ♪ when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
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using force, who knows? more on this country's fight to restore constitutional order. hey, john. >> well, that's right, brian, ainsley, and steve. that was the words of the spanish prime minister ahoy who said that his cabinet will be meeting on saturday as you just said, brian, to restore the constitutional order in catalonia and, basically impose spanish rule, direct rule on the semi autonomous northeastern part of spain. but it will not be an immediate affect. let me be clear about that. because it still would need to go to the spanish government senate for approval. but, if it does, spain could invoke article 155 of the country's constitution,
3:35 am
again imposing direct rule. and that would be the first time that the country has done so. so, what exactly that would entail remains a question of uncertainty at this point. catalonian president carlos has been in meetings with his party and cabinet both yesterday and today. last week he said that he would declare catalonia independence but ended up giving symbolic rather than unilateral declaration for his speech. we were there for that thousands of people gathered. he said at one point we are a republic but then said we want more discussions and the crowd at first went yeah and then the fervour kind of dropped and then everybody kind of went okay. today though in a letter to the spanish government, he maintained that spain could formally declare independence if ar ra ohio andad its government oppression of the catalonian people. therefore back and forth
3:36 am
tough words between both governments. rahoy gave pushdamond a deadline. said we are going to pull back on the declaration of independence. rahoy says that will not be part of the discussion. steve: interesting stuff. we will see what happens. john huddy live over there in our middle east bureau, thank you. ainsley: we have other headlines for you. we begin with a fox news alert. brand new fears that isis could be planning another 9/11 style attack. that is scary. elaine duke is warning, quote: the terrorists organizations want to have the big explosion like they did in 9/11. they want to take down aircraft. duke says recent attacks like in march and barcelona are used to keep isis members engaged to raise money for bigger attacks. the warning comes days after isis was driven out of their self-declared capital city raqqa: he has been out of office for nearly 10 month. former president barack obama is about to return to the campaign trail. today he will be in newark,
3:37 am
new jersey to stump for democrat gubernatorial candidate phil murphy. the former president will then head to a rally in richmond, virginia, to support democratic candidate for governor ralph northam. mandalay security guard jesus campos finally breaks his silence. ellen degeneres hosting campos on her show. only asking what happened not when. >> as i was walking down, i heard rapid fire. i went to go lift my pant leg up and i saw the blood. that's when i called it in on my radio that shots had been fired. ainsley: ellen says her interview is the only interview campos plans to do. ainsley: four members of the nann arbor city taking a knee
3:38 am
to protest inequality. >> people argue that that position is a position of disrespect. for me it is a position of great respect. ainsley: those council members saying they will stand for the pledge next week after making their point by making a knee this week. and those are your headlines. brian: let's talk about taking a to me. the nfl had their normal owner's meetings this weekend. that was on schedule. they didn't know they were going to unite union heads and selected players to give their opinion on this kneeling scandal as a controversy as it relates to the national anthem. so, we expected a major press conference where roger goodell was going to announce a remedy to this problem. it was over an hour late. steve: yeah, we figured he was going to say keep in mind at the end of last week it was leaked to a news outlet that he felt that the players should stand. would they mandate it? yesterday everybody was waiting. he was going to say it's now official policy all players must stand. but you know what? now they are saying all
3:39 am
players should stand. we are not going to make you. here's the coach. >> everyone should stand for the national anthem. that's an important part of our policy. it's also an important part of our game. that we all take great pride in. and it's also important for us to honor our flag and to our country and we think our fans expect us to do that. the fact is that we have about a half a dozen players that are protesting. we hope and we are going to continue to work to try to put that at zero. that's what we would like to do. but we want to make sure that we're understanding what the players are talking about and that's complex. ainsley: here's the problem when you don't take a stance. first of all, he probably waited too long. if he had come out immediately. steve: last year. ainsley: the president said he should have said if you are not going to stand you are out. he waited a long time now is he trying to appease everybody. is he saying to the more conservative base or to the veterans they should stand but then is he also trying to appease the people who are protesting and say going
3:40 am
you don't, i'm going to talk to you and i'm trying to work with you and negotiate a deal and trying to get the protesters down to zero or at least the players who are kneeling trying to get them all to stand back up. guess what happens when you don't take a stand? steve: nobody is happy. brian: the thing collin kaepernick was invited to these meetings. dent show up. no one knows where is he or when he is going to speak. the commissioner is in charge. he is hired by the owners. the players have a say. if he mandated something without the union's go ahead, it doesn't matter. then you are forcing loggerheads between the union will make the decision. the commissioner can't make me. then you will head back to a month ago when the president called out the league and a lot of people stood up because they resented the president calling out the league. so he knows the parameters. ainsley: this is why people like donald trump he take as stance. he doesn't care what the unions say. you know? brian: the unions have a vote. guys, i'm telling you there is labor and there is management. steve: absolutely. here's the thing. it's been bad for business
3:41 am
so far and as soon as all parties realize the more they do this the more people are angry the less money going into their pockets. i got a feeling things are going to change. collin kaepernick himself retweeted this tweet yesterday. goodell and his avoidance of police killing unarmed black and brown people is an extension of the co-opting erasesure kaepernick's cause. he wasn't invited was he? he said you know what we will invite him next time. brian: what kind of a leader of movement disappears. he can't get a job. he didn't make that statement. he retweeted a confusing statement. has a few unexplainable words. steve: legacy of what he started. brian: at least write your legacy yourself in 120 characters or less. steve: the president sent out a tweet yesterday after roger goodell essentially didn't make anybody happy.
3:42 am
said. this hey, nfl, too much talk, not enough action. stand for the national anthem. ainsley: that's right. the players should stand and roger goodell should get all the fans that aren't standing together to talk about it. let's talk, let's unite and hear their side and hear the other side and let's talk about it. stand for the national anthem. too many people have died for this country, the red, white, and blue does not care your background your creed and your color. the red, white, and blue represents all americans. steve: they are going to try to address the concerns of the players in the community. ainsley: which is great u they should. brian: having an activist booth camp how to get your message out. by the way, the owner of the jaguars said the president is just jealous of the nfl because he couldn't get the buffalo bills when he bid for them in 2014. i actually think. ainsley: oh gosh. start a firestorm there. brian: president of the united states. why is he jealous of the nfl. instead of being president i wish i could own the bills. ainsley: write under the
3:43 am
circumstances. do you think the president will respond to that? steve: which would have you nfl, u.s.a. brian brian bills are off to a good start. steve: todd piro is having breakfast with friends. ainsley: look at that sweatshirt. brian: the bosses at the firm behind that fake trump dossier plead the fifth. what are they trying to hide? we will find out from judge napolitano. he promises to walk. in. steve: all rise, here comes the judge ♪ we don't laugh anymore ♪ we don't talk anymore ♪ ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon,
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3:46 am
steve: on the other side of capitol hill, two witnesses from fusion gps, the opposition research firm behind the fake trump does yi help kick start the fbi's
3:47 am
russia probe, they took the fifth a lot yesterday. >> no american should experience the indignity that occurred today. no american should be compelled to appear before congressional committee just to invoke his constitutional privileges. brian: why not? steve: that's the lawyer for g.p.s. brian: nobody should be able to revoke -- fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, what was that? >> that was the lawyer for the two g.p.s. guys basically saying you can't drag somebody before congress just because congress is curious about their work. and i happen to agree with him. we all want to know the origins of this fake dossier. did the fbi pay for it? there are reports that the fbi offered $50,000 for it. was it done by trump haters? and was it totally made up? or is there some evidentiary basis for it? we all want to know the answers to that just because congress wants to know the answers to something doesn't give them the right to drag the person before congress
3:48 am
and force them to answer their questions. if i were the lawyer, i would have given the same advice, invoke the fifth. they don't have the right to ask you these questions. ainsley: is that normal for the fbi to pay for a dossier? >> absolutely not. this is the dossier that jim comey spoke to president-elect trump about in trump tower alone after the others had left the room. the question is did he tell him about this because he wanted him to know about it directly from the source, the fbi. or did he tell him he wanted it like j. edgar hoover like dangle something over the president's head. we know how that ended up. steve: i think we read john mccain gave the copy to james comey at some point. clearly it was political dirty trick. but what's interesting is a source close to the matter told fox news that democratic staffers in the hearing were aggressive and ran interference to protect fusion g.p.s. so it looks like the closer
3:49 am
they get the worse for the democrats. >> what they want is incredible and reprehensible as are the contents of the dossier, which i'm not going to repeat. the democrats would love nothing more if it were true or people believed that it's true. it's just horrific about what the alleged personal behavior of then mr. donald trump which he has clearly and convincingly denied. brian: are you saying we have no right to find out the general siflts dossier or you don't think they do? you think that mueller's investigation does. >> you know me well. you just read my mind, kilmeade. that's dangerous. i suspect that the two guys yesterday have already been interrogated by mueller's agents perhaps even testified before the grand jury. in which case they have an absolute right to be compelled not to answer. oh, mr. clemens, tell us about the contents of your urine. do you remember that to roger clemens and because they gave an answer they didn't like and forgot to
3:50 am
give him the oath they charged with perjury and misleading congress. two prosecutions later he is found not guilty. you are walking into a trap when you let members of congress ask you whatever you want when you are under oath. ainsley: plead the fifth in front of congress or the fbi they did answer questions. >> i would think. so they don't have to answer the fbi's questions but they do have to answer the grand jury's questions. steve: we will eventually find out. >> i would hope. so. brian: the way this happened a republican cap democrat could have gotten opposition research on trump and then when that person lost to trump, maybe that stuff was out there for somebody else to purchase? >> yes, like mrs. clinton's people or some other anti-trump entity. we don't know the origin. ainsley: if they talk to the grand jury will we find out what was said? >> if somebody is indicted we will. if nobody is indicted we won't know forever. brian: refuse to answer questions we are out of time. >> go yankees. brian: a new member. >> i have to be a part of the resistance and to try to save as much of the great
3:51 am
work that i think we did. brian: yeah, that's appropriate. former attorney general eric holder speaking out on defending his legacy. what legacy? we'll break it down. ainsley: plus todd piro in virginia having breakfast with friends. that's coming up next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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♪ ♪ ainsley: we love to have breakfast with friends and todd piro is doing just that he is at carol's place which is in forest, virginia. todd, what's going on there? >> good morning to you ainsley. and before we begin, happy birthday to one and only steve doocy. all right. today everybody is focused on this big governor's race ed gillespie vs. ralph northam president trump has endorsed gillespie. and today president obama in one of his first public appearances since he is no
3:55 am
longer in office is he coming here to virginia to endorse ralph northam. we talk about the issues. we begin with dillon a student at liberty university. is he a trump voter and also a ed gillespie supporter. why are you voting for mr. gillespie. >> he has laid out 19 plus plans to make virginia better. i haven't seen northam lay out one. that's just one reason right there. ed is a great guy. he wants to, you know, help sanctuary cities not happen and northam is completely on the opposite side. todd: you said northam is all but quote unquote liberal. >> one-on-one nra gives northam an f. he wants to bring gun control in. sanctuary cities. that's another thing i'm not okay with the ms-13 gangs running ramp pant in virginia. todd: now to go to trish. todd, you said todd i want to talk to you about the
3:56 am
horrible treatment of president trump. why do you say that? >> absolutely. i feel like it's a disgrace the way he has been treated. no other president has been shown such lack of respect and i feel like the former president obama if 1% of this type of treatment would have happened to him, we would be in all-out civil war right now. todd: trish, thank you. i want to get to matt quickly. matt is a small business owner, runs his own construction company. he says we need tax reform and we need it now. why do you say that? >> the corporate tax cut is what is going to drive this economy. that's what's going to get us the growth that we need. too hung up on the front end of this thing. it's going to take some time to work. but, that's the only way you're going to make it work is go up to 3%, 4% growth. todd: matt, thank you. thank you awesome we have a lot of folks we haven't gotten to. we will get to them throughout the course of the morning. for right now we will toss it back to new york city. steve: todd and company
3:57 am
thank you. i'm hungry now. rob o'neill is going to join us and hurley and lone survivor marcus luttrell. we have a busy two hours starts in two minutes ♪ oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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♪ >> the fbi has evidence that russian nuclear officials, quote: routed millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. >> a lot of those donations were never declared publicly by the clintons. they were hidden. it wreaks of coverup. >> fireworks erupts as democrats putting attorney general jeff sessions in the hot seat. >> mr. chairman, i don't have to sit in here and listen without having a chance to respond. give me a break. >> we believe that our players should stand for the national anthem. >> what kind of a statement was that? it was the most worthless statement he could have made. >> president trump now doubling down against allegations he was insensitive towards the gold star family. >> did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't too surprised to hear that. >> i think i have to be a
4:01 am
part of the resistance to try to save as much of the great work that i think we did as is possible. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ made in the u.s.a. ♪ made in the u.s.a. ♪ steve: look at that we have a pink sky coming up here in new york city. ainsley: i think the three of us were made in the u.s.a. i know i was. brian: i believe i was. i saw the stamp this morning. ainsley: on your passport? brian: inside my thigh. steve: we are going to leave it right there. thank you for joining us on this very, very busy thursday. ainsley: happy birthday to you, steve. steve: thank you. ainsley: the obama
4:02 am
administration accused of helping the russians build nukes while the clint foundation lined their pockets with cash, a lot of it. brian: lawmakers now trying to get to the bottom of it all. steve: yes, indeed. griff general since is live in. >> dating back to the obama administration, according to a report in the hill newspaper. unconfirmed independently by fox news, we are learning more about a four year department of justice investigation into russian nuclear corruption allegedly involving bribes and kick backs in a uranium deal that gave vladimir putin control of more than 20% of america's uranium supply. at the center of that investigation, an fbi informant that now says he tried to go public with information. here's what victoria toensing, his attorney says. >> when he started working for the fbi in 2009, they had him sign what's called an nda, a nondisclosure agreement. and when he went public in
4:03 am
2016, way after all this case stuff was done, the justice department under loretta lynch called him and threatened him with his freedom. >> the hill's report suggested the timing of the investigation and the approval of the controversially uranium deal in 2010 are suspect and involved cash flowing from moscow to president clinton's charitable foundation. entering attorney general jeff sessions appearance yesterday before the senate judiciary committee some lawmakers apparently want to know more. >> has the justice department fully investigated whether the russians compromised the obama administration's decisions to smooth away for transactions and, if not, why not? >> mr. chairman, we are working hard to maintain discipline in the department. it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on any ongoing investigation. >> in the justice department is not commenting on this further. we'll see if we learn any more about the timing in
4:04 am
particular on this story coming out of the hill newspaper, guys. steve: indeed. thank you very much, griff. in fact chuck grassley wants to hear from the 10 federal agencies who signed off on it. who what were you thinking? we want to know. peter schweizer has broken a lot of news regarding. this he will be with us in the next segment. brian: victoria toensing i want to hear what her clients have to say. all they have to do is say we release you. the nda doesn't matter anymore. steve: let's talk about the big political story this week down at our nation's capital. it all got started monday when the president was asked if he had contacted the families of the four men killed in niger. and then we heard from a u.s. congresswoman down in the great state of florida. and what fre fredericka wilson said she said i heard from the widow. the president said your husband knew what he signed up for and that was insensitive. well, she has been since accused of politicizing
4:05 am
this. the president said he has facts. he has proof that what he said was appropriate. the white house now says there were more than one person in the room who heard what the president said. brian: one of which was general kelly and general kelly says it was very respectful. steve: right. he did nothing wrong. ainsley: he said they didn't record it but there were a lot of witnesses in the room or more than one person in the room. steve: right. ainsley: the media was asking sarah huckabee sanders about this at the white house. brian: like the only topic there is. >> what is the criteria that the white house military office uses for presenting names of families to the president after casualty? >> does the president feel it's a matter principle that it is not adequate to simply send a letter of condolence to the family of a slain service person? >> the president also said that he has called every family of someone who has died. is that true? >> is he denying that he ever spoke these words to
4:06 am
the widow that he must have known what he signed up for or is he just saying that she took it the wrong way and it was taken out of context? >> what do you say about her comments that he did not know, as a wife, the widow, said that the president would not know his name. he kept saying your guy, your guy. >> i made a call to express condolences to thank the family for individual service. i think it frankly is a disgrace of the media to try to portray an act of kindness like that. steve: as can you hear all the questions in the press versus the president's spokesperson right there about the process of the phone call. nobody was really asking more about what happened in niger and about the four people who lost their life. we're going to actually tell you more them in a moment. clearly the associated press would like more out of this story so they tweeted this out yesterday. are you a member of a gold star family who has had contact with the white house? confidentially, share your story here.
4:07 am
what they're looking for, they are looking for people who had a bad experience in their estimation with this white house to turn it into another news cycle. ainsley: so this will be confidential. we won't tell your story unless it's really bad and then we will ask you if we can. brian: the "new york times" credits they did write down the story westin lee he got a call when westin lee died in battle he got a call in april from president trump. he said one the things that president trump said to him that met a lot i bet you he never gave you one day of trouble. he said you are right, mr. president. he never did. he was a caring family man. he said i was proud of the president and will vote for him again. ainsley: the democrat down in florida said she talked to the widow and she was upset that the president wasn't. steve: incentive. ainsley: right. it was incentive. according to vote if you look at her record she has voted against measures intended to help veterans. there was a bill insured families death and burial
4:08 am
benefits and she voted against it. brian: one of them was the 2013 consolidated further continuing appropriations act that would allow veterans benefits to continue to be paid despite the fact that the government was going to shut down. she voted against that. ainsley: which means the widow that she was with that lost her husband in niger would have benefited from this bill. and she voted against it. steve: you know, and she for a long time has called for the president's impeachment and said very -- a number of highly political things about president trump. but it does call into question the sincerity of what she is doing where she is talking about the defense of our service members. a moment ago, i mentioned that, you know, you heard all those questions in the white house briefing, i didn't hear anybody really asking anything particular about the four service members who were dead. it's become a big political story in our nation's capital. but nobody is talking about the four people. so. ainsley: there is the picture. steve: tell you about these four men.
4:09 am
they were all based in fort bragg. assigned to the third special forces group. the first one far left. brian: is brian black. brian black. ainsley: far left is not brian black. that's staff sergeant jeremiah johnson he was 39 years old. steve: he was known as red, white, and blue rock solid. he was survived by wife and two children. ainsley: brian, the next guy the second to the left is staff sergeant brian black. is he 35 years old. is he from washington. washington state. is he a medical sergeant. green beret enlisted in the army in october of 2009. survived by his wife and children and reportedly had two sons. brian: the man at the end is the one whose widow was contacted by the president while she was in route to meet his body as it comes off the military aircraft in a casket. it is sergeant la david johnson. he is 25 years old from miami gardens in florida. he enlisted in the army as a
4:10 am
wheeled vehicle mechanic in january of 2014. he was a jim and church regular who believes in hard work and survived by wife and two kids. steve: the final member who was killed that day is two over from the right, that is staff sergeant dustin wright. he was 29 from lyons, georgia. one of four boys followed both of his parents and one brother in the army. wright joins the army soon after graduating high school. he was described as a loveable jokester who would give his last dime to somebody in need. ainsley: shouldn't that be the story this morning instead of the process the president goes through to call the gold star families? brian: why did they know ahead of time these four were landing. why were they ambushed like they were and what's the mission in the area. the hearings taking place is the absolutely the right way to go. john mccain is calling for them. president doesn't say i have some green beret i will put them in niger. that comes through a military chain of command.
4:11 am
we should know more about the mission without exposing the mission and making them more susceptible to an attack. that's fine. steve: everybody in the mainstream media is talking about for many it's a political game of we caught the president doing something inappropriate. we thought it was appropriate so that you would meet those four men who lost their lives and now you know a little more about them and their service. ainsley: pick and choose your battles with the president. really? he is calling the families, gold star families. he is calling gold star families and you have a problem with that? his intention, i mean, i would assume anyone who does that as a sitting president the intention would be to be nice and to tell them that you're sorry. anyway, let's tell you some other headlines. we start with a fox news alert. the convicted felon accused of gunning down his co-workers and sparking a multi-state manhunt is now behind bars. police say prince opened fire at business park in maryland killing three people and hurting two others. he then drove 50 miles to delaware car dealership where he shot another man
4:12 am
that he knew. prince arrested a half hour later. the motive is still unknown. just hours from now former president george w. bush will address the growing nuclear threat from north korea. he is set to speak in new york city for the bush institute. he will be accompanied by u.n. ambassador nikki haley. this comes as former cia director john brennan says he believes the crisis at the rogue nation is at its highest point in decades and the threat of war is, quote: too high. a war memorial that has been in place for 92 years is suddenly ruled unconstitutional and ordered to be removed. it is known as the peace cross. there's the picture of it. it stands 40 feet tall. it's in bladensberg, maryland honoring veterans. maintained government funds intangles religion. plans to appeal. steve: maybe they could change who takes care of it private funds.
4:13 am
ainsley: some sort of private organization will take over if they have to. steve: that has been done before over on the west coast. isis could be planning the next 9/11. that is alarming. that warning from homeland security. the man who took down usama bin laden robb o'neil is going to join us coming up. brian: goodbye jefferson davis school, hello barack obama. yep, the school is name switching now to barack obama instead of the leader of the confederacy. and we'll tell you more about that later. ♪ ♪ g, ♪ ♪ so what's it gonna be? ♪ ♪ hey it's an amazing day, ♪ ♪ traveling our own highway, ♪ ♪ no matter where it leads us ♪
4:14 am
♪ we can smile, ♪ 'cuz there's meaning in the miles. ♪ ♪
4:15 am
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4:17 am
♪ brian brian the obama administration in hot water this morning over what they knew about russian bribery before the eventual sale of uranium to the russians. why did the clinton foundation receive donations from people with ties to that sale? joining us now is the author of clinton cash, one of the first people to know about this and the first to publicly investigate it peter schweizer has been reporting on the story since 2015. chronicles it back really to 2004. peter, reweed reading the chapter in your book about that that morning, what's changed since you published? >> well, a couple of things have changed, brian. first of all, what we did not know, which did i not
4:18 am
know is that when it uranium sale was approved in 2010, that hillary clinton among others signed off on, there was actually a fbi criminal probe at that time involving kick backs and other schemes involving this russian company. and, in fact, involved in that is a witness, an american businessman under a gag order who says that he heard and has information about efforts to bribe the clintons involving the deal. so that's the major developments. there is no evidence by the way that the people who were making the decision on this uranium deal approving it were aware that the fbi had this criminal investigation going on. and then in 2014, four years after the deal went through, they actually charged and convicted this executive with this russian company for this scheme. brian: so it's unbelievable. you write that moscow wanted to reinvigorate the nuclear program and upgrade the uranium intake by 600 percent. they target the u.s. they see the vulnerability, perhaps, in the clinton foundation with the access
4:19 am
they had and willingness to maybe do a deal. so 20% of uranium one ends up going to this russian company. what has happened since? >> well, a couple of things have happened since, brian. the first one is that senator grassley, who chairs the judiciary committee announced two days ago that he is going to launch a senate investigation inquiry of this. this is a huge development. and we got to give a lot of credit to senator grassley. shortly after my book came out in 2015, two things happened. i was contacted by the fbi, who was interested in investigating this. and started to look into it. and senator grassley started making inquiries. so this is a culmination of more than, you know, two years work on his part. he wants to get to the bottom of how this actually happened. brian: peter, 20 seconds left. it's time for this justice department to lift the nondisclosure with this witness and let us all find out what he or she knows. right? >> that's exactly right. there is absolutely no
4:20 am
reason, i think any justification for this guy to be under a gag order anymore. let him testify before congress. let him go to the media and tell his story. and then people can decide what they think about what he has to say. brian: wow. did you an incredible job with clinton cash and it's still spawning investigations. petepeter schweizer, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile a fox news alert. isis could be plotting a 9/11. caliphate looking. man are they trying. it's alarming our homeland security. and the man who took down bin laden seal team 6 rob o'neill joins us next. you know and love him from "dancing with the stars." john o'hurley is dancing with janice dean right now. i'm not sure who is leading who. ♪ round and round ♪
4:21 am
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♪ ♪ brian: quick sports headlines now. let's talk about football. aaron hernandez estate suing the nfl and former helmand manufacturer saying the former patriot. head trauma and cte. also gang star activity might have played a role in his horrible existence. yankees one win away from going to the world series. you are looking at some of their offense on display. they astros crushed them 5-0 last night. they play tomorrow night. they have won three in a row. cubs clinging to life against the dodgers 3-2 score. that was game five will be tonight. meanwhile, back to football now, eagles defensive lineman chris long don't
4:25 am
naghtd his entire salary to education this year. yep, his entire salary. the first six game checks going to scholarships in his hometown of charlottesville, virginia. how he has got to be proud. remaining checks going to four organizations in philadelphia, boston, st. louis, and all cities that he has played for. now let's go over the railing and to steve doocy. steve: thank you very much, brian. all right. a fox news alert. brand new fears this morning that isis could be planning another 9/11 style attack. the warning comes days after isis is driven out of their self-proclaimed capital city of raqqa in syria by u.s.-backed forces. according to the u.s. military, the terror group has lost 87% of the territory they once controlled. that's great. the question is could this signal be the beginning of the end of isis? hear there to weigh is fox news contributor rob o'neill to joins us from our nation's capital. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me.
4:26 am
steve: for some reason it's not a big story in the mainstream media but it looks like isis is losing. >> they don't want to cover it balls it's something good for the administration. the president has been in office for a few months and isis has been destroyed. if you do hear anything about it it's because this is president obama's strategy and we took it from there. which is not the case. president trump put the right people in the right spots. especially to include the secretary of defense secretary mattis. secretary mattis came one a strategy. it was always to get coalition forces into raqqa, syria. i have been saying it for years. they did it. they crushed them. they are clinging to life in a stadium and then one hospital. but they are pretty much done. the only thing that i see troubling is that the defense forces that just took it are now doing donuts in the town round about where isis did the exact same thing. symbolic taking over to and celebrating and what's next. steve: all right. very good. what is next we will find out. what they're doing now appears to be working. when we saw this story about the gold star family, we thought about talking to you because you have been in the military and you know a lot of these families yourself.
4:27 am
what do you make of the fact that the president called this widow a couple of days ago and apparently now a florida congresswoman who has been no fan of the presidentner the military when you look at her record of the bills she has voted on. it looks like she's trying to turn in into something political. >> totally political. the congresswoman happened to be in the car with the gold star family when the president made the call. there is nothing more sacred than a gold star family. and congresswoman wilson is there she happens to hear it i think -- i wasn't there i didn't hear the call. but she is spinning it in to something that shouldn't be. there is no way you should use a gold star family like this. it shouldn't matter how president bush, president obama and president trump deals with gold star families. the fact is the president goes out of his way to call to share condolences. i met with president trump a
4:28 am
week ago. i had dinner with him. he is a caring guy. there is no way he will be rude with a gold star family. i can't imagine what it's like to lose your spouse. this poor woman lost her husband in a fight where she didn't probably even know he was fighting. it's horrible. it should be something that if something was insensitive. i'm sorry. leave it at that they are spinning it look at the pressroom yesterday at the white house. that's all they are asking about. you think they would ask about oh wow we just beat isis. let's talk about that. i think it's disgraceful. the congresswoman should leave it alone and so should the press. steve: rob, the part that the congresswoman said was insensitive was when the president said to the widow that your husband knew what he signed up for. i saw a quote from a good star father by the name of arnold wright he said i will say it, my son knew what he signed up for. he signed up to be a green beret. this is something that is said a lot to men and women in the military given the risks involved.
4:29 am
>> of course. steve: you know what i sign up for. >> someone as elite as a green beret covert mission in niger. he knows what he is doing. if that was said, the president meant just that he knew what he signed up for and tragic when it happens. i'm just thinking the congresswoman is there and spinning i can't believe he said it he knew what he signed up for like he almost deserved it isn't it convenient the left now loves the military when they can spin it against the president or against president trump, they just say all of a sudden they love. they are not talking about the fact when the obama administration my unit where i was, there were times because of a lot of the defunding they didn't have money for fuel working with the most elite helicopter squadron had to use vans instead of helicopters because they couldn't afford the fuel. now the left loves the military because they can use it against the president. it's a shame. steve: wouldn't you say it is fair, given the fact that the president has made it very clear where he stands on the flag and the anthem and his support for the military that for the most part and i have heard this
4:30 am
from military guys over the last 48 hours. we know where this president stands. we don't believe. this no. of course not. the president is very pro-military. again it will be something they will spin against him. i almost want to hear the president say something something about tougher gun control so the left can start talking about second amendment how they are progun. they are going to do whatever they can to spin it shame they are using a gold star family. time to grieve. never closure. time for healing. steve: four men lost their lives in niger. that's the story. rob o'neill thank you very much for your great perspective. >> you bet. thank you. steve: yonext on the run down, goodbye jefferson davis, hello barack obama. the school switching their name, making headlines on this thursday morning. and chelsea handler is leaving television to focus on taking down the president. actor john o'hurley says celebrities should just butt out of politics. he's going to join us live coming up next.
4:31 am
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enbrel, fda approved for 18 years. ♪ ♪ >> everyone should stand for the national anthem. that's an important part of our policy. it's also an important part of our game that we all take great pride in. and it's also important for us to honor our flag and to our country and we think our fans expect us to do that. the fact is that we have about half a dozen players that are protesting. we hope and we're going to continue to work to try to put that at zero. that's what we would like to do. but we want to make sure that we're understanding what the players are talking about and that's complex. steve: all right. there you have got the commissioner yesterday saying that people will not be required, if they work for the nfl, to stand during the national anthem. john o'hurley, you know him, actor, friend of this show for a long time. john, what do you make of the whole nfl thing?
4:35 am
>> i think it's ridiculous. i go to the nfl for escapism. i don't want to be slapped in the face with somebody's political views. it's a way to get away. i don't believe that under the employment and they are being employed at the time, so it's not their constitutionally protected right to do that in the area of employment. i have no more trite stand up in the middle of a broadway show and announce my political views. steve: you could but you wouldn't work. >> and they would be right to can my little butt. and i kind of feel the same way about this nfl thing. brian: couple of things. the cast of hamilton it's required if the wrong person enters on the broadway stage. >> they did that and frankly i was embarrassed for my profession because i don't think we should be pontificating from the stage. i don't believe it. i wouldn't do it and i wouldn't allow it with my cast. brian: you also did something else. you will not play in the envelope as long as this is going on. >> i'm a man with standards. [laughter] brian: willing to say that right now you will not go play this sunday? >> mark it down.
4:36 am
i will not play this sunday. you will not see me on the bench, standing, sitting, whatever. i will not be there. thank you. brian: this sin expiring. >> that's right. ainsley: what about your hollywood friends. they probably don't agree with you. >> gosh, every time i have mentioned that i supported trump in this election, i -- i mean, people get angry at me. and they don't believe that it's possible that someone might think differently than they do. steve: do you have friends who say he is not my president? >> yes. yes, i do. brian: how about this to make it easier. do you have any who don't say that he is not my president? >> it's a very small -- there is a band of conservatism in hollywood. but it's -- it leans so much to one side that it doesn't allow for the free discussion. now, fortunately i have a dear friend of mine brian cranston one of the sweetest men in the business. brian: one of the best actors. >> brian and i have been best friends for years. brian thinks much more
4:37 am
liberally than i do and i think more conservatively. he and i together can sit and have the most interesting conversations without ever raising our voice. ainsley: that's great. >> as viscerally as what he says. brian: can i call you out on that? can you bring him here and we will watch that and make him famous and give him the big break he deserves. >> he actually said we should just do some sort of round table of him and i talking. steve: he keeps his politics to himself unlike chelsea handler leaving netflix her tv show so she can actively try to imperil this presidency. >> we have gotten away -- never in the history of entertainment where actors consider moral barometers. did you go back to the 40's and 50's. nobody talked about politics back then. but now all of a sudden we feel as though we have the mantel of moral behavior from hollywood and as we have seen over the last couple weeks i think it may be time for us to weed our own garden. brian: clark capable was a bi --capable wascapable-cablewa.
4:38 am
>> was he? al sport movie. takes place kind of an odd story. very simply lpga professional golfer has a meltdown on the 18th hole, and she goes through this, you know, she buried the putter in the green which you are not supposed to do in sports. not only stand for the anthem but don't bury your putter. that's shannon elizabeth you recognize from american pie. that is the color of the water in greece. it is one of the most beautiful films i have ever done. ainsley: does she know how to play golf? >> yes, she is actually quite good. less about golf environment of golf. goes back after the suspension goes back with her parents and goes back into greek culture that she grew up with and finds a way to become a champion for the town. mentors a 10-year-old girl. then she meets me. and i'm this overaggressive american develop his or her wants to take the golf course there, the only
4:39 am
course and turn it into a club med slash water park. steve: what a build up. thank goodness. we got a clip. >> oh, you do. i think the clip is over by now. here i am. >> have my own private golf course. i bought this thing because i wanted to make some money. making money is very important? >> you explain to me how i'm supposed to make some money when there is not one blessed golf every out here? >> oh my god. >> are those sheep? really? steve: is that how they mow the golf course? >> beautiful thing about this was it was a terrible golf course. this was a terrible golf course. this was the happiest accident. you couldn't putt the ball on the green it was bouncing around like this. that's you what the movie is about. and then i finally have. i take it as far as where i actually have a match kind of allah caddie shack against a 10-year-old golf phenom that is hysterical.
4:40 am
i took the character and i patterned him after donald trump. donald trump the business developer not our president. steve: golf cart guy. >> i had basically taken this character. is he about as evil as can you get him. i make no apologies for him. i play him for everything that he is i have more fun doing it. brian: you north saying donald trump is evil. >> oh, no, no, no. i took the model of that kind of bowl in the china shop myopic i have got the deal. brian: i really enjoyed john's appearance. do you feel the same? steve: absolutely. check out the movie swing away in theaters right now. brian: he wants everyone to watch. >> downloadable everywhere. great to see you as well. ainsley: we start your headlines with a fox news alert. some american tourists now believe they can be victims of sonic attacks in cuba. about three dozen u.s. citizens coming forward with injuries similar to those 22 american diplomats. symptoms ranging from hearing loss to brain
4:41 am
damage. the feds say the attacks started last year, but at least one tourist says he was affected years earlier. president trump believes cuba is behind the mysterious attacks. cuba denies those allegations, however. the firm behind this fake trump dossier that helped kick start the fbi, russian probe is now refusing to talk. co-founders of fusion gps appearing before the house intelligence committee. both pleading the fifth after every question. democratic staffers on the committee now accused of running an interference to help protect fusion gps. earlier judge andrew napolitano said he is not surprised. >> the democrats would love nothing more if it were true or people believed it were true it's horrific about what the alleged personal behavior of then mr. donald trump which he has clearly and convincingly denied. ainsley: according to congressional testimony fusion gps has a track record of smear tactics. goodbye jefferson davis and hello barack obama. historic elementary school
4:42 am
ditching its name that honors the confederacy's only president. starting next year davis magnet international baccalaureate elementary in jackson, mississippi, is going to be called barack obama magnet international baccalaureate. steve: baccalaureate. ainsley: that's how much my education meant to me. the change proposed by parents. those are your headlines. steve: it is now 18 minutes before the top of the hour. let's head outside, janice dean the weather machine. it's not bad outside right now. janice: it's beautiful. what do you think of the weather here in new york city? >> it's amazing. janice: what's your name? >> todd. january january where are from you? >> utah. janice: this is pretty good. >> it's awful. we thought it was going to be freezing cold and we got here and it's awesome. janice: what's your name? where are from you? >> i'm from lake land, florida. janice: you know these two? >> yeah, i do. this is my daughter and this is my son-in-law. janice: good son-in-law? >> yes, he is.
4:43 am
janice: where are you from. >> austin, texas. janice: how is the weather in new york city? >> beautiful. janice: i love it not a whole lot going on. 56 in new york. it's going to be gorgeous for the weekend here in new york city and not much to talk about in the way of radar. northwest you are getting a storm into the northwest. so we will watch that, the potential for rain and mountain snow. good news is we are getting much needed moisture into northern, california. wave to everybody at home and say hi to steve, brian, and ainsley. >> hi. >> hi, ainsley. >> thanks for stopping by. janice: good job. steve: all right. still ahead on this thursday, todd piro is having breakfast with friends in for rest, virginia, talking with voters about a big election that's coming up. ♪ where i come from ♪ t for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors t for themselves.
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steve: well, it's that time of the program when the three of us here in no, who have not had a proper breakfast yet go to a restaurant somewhere in america to watch cooking with friends and breakfast with friends as todd piro talks to the folks. ainsley: todd is at carol's place which is in forest, virginia. hey, todd. todd: hey, guys. i can't believe it's steve doocy's birthday. you haven't gotten him breakfast yet? come on folks back there let's do that. we do have breakfast here. we also have great conversation. the reason we are here in virginia is there is a huge governor's race one of only two in the nation. pits ralph northa.m. against ed gillespie. there is going to be a huge procession there when president obama makes his first real public appearance since leaving office in support of ralph northa.m. president trump has -- you heard boos just now. president trump has endorsed ed gillespie. talk with people right now. said, "a small business owner and veteran. thank you for our service to
4:48 am
our country. you voted for president trump. he is going to vote for ed gillespie because of veterans' issues. why? >> i believe he stands up for the veterans. that's a big, important issue. it seems to me that over the years we have not stood up for him like we should. men and women that are puts their lives on the lines for us. todd: speaking of stood up. you said you stopped watching football in large part and supporting president trump on the anthem issue, why? >> absolutely. it's the flag. it represents america. all of us. [several saying amen] todd: amens and applause here. small business owner voting for ed gillespie. she has a very interesting take on why ed gillespie is the man for the office. why? >> because he is not wasting taxpayer money tearing down our statues that are here for our history and our heritage. and, you know, that's really important to me. because we can't change history.
4:49 am
we might not like what happened but we can't change it and we need to keep our virginia history intact. todd: another issue that you raised why you support president trump and why you support ed gillespie is abortion. you have a very personal story. why don't you tell us. >> well, i have wanted a big family ever since i was 15. that's when they started the liberty god parent home here in lynchberg. i tried to get my parents to go and adopt a baby for me to raise when i'm 15. turns out i'm a barron woman. i adopted three children from foster care. they are my life and i love them. but why in the world would we kill all these babies when there are women like me that would raise them. todd: thank you for your time, elizabeth. we are going to go to johnny president of college republicans at liberty university. you are voting for ed gillespie because you said he focuses on not just northern virginia but the entire state. >> yeah. absolutely. listen, if you look at where the statewide democrats taking this campaigning they are in northern virginia.
4:50 am
they are in richmond, and they are on the coast. they are not out here. us and the college republicans spend a lot of time out knocking doors. they are not out there. i can count on two hands how many literature i have seen in lynchburg this semester. todd: has the same point he focuses on this area and not the northern part of the state. what an amazing crowd here. can we get some hooting and hollering from this crowd? [cheers and applause] we are not done here. we will be back in the 8:00 hour. back to you in new york. steve: good crowd. brian: resistance to president trump has a new member. >> i have to be a part of the resistance and to try to save as much of the great work, i think that we did. brian: that's totally appropriate for attorney general eric holder to be support of the resistance to defend his legacy. what is that legacy? anyone remember fast and furious? we'll talk about it. steve: is starbucks brewing up more controversy this christmas? their new holiday cup.
4:51 am
ainsley: christmas is around the corner. yea. brian: still pumpkin spice time. ♪ hometown boy ♪
4:52 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: from paying off credit card debt to cashing out mutual funds, this morning we are tackling your biggest financial questions. joining us now is best selling author of "total money makeover" and personal finance expert mr. dave ramsey of ramsey solutions. hey, dave, great to see you. >> great to see you. good morning. happy birthday, doocy. ainsley: happy birthday, doocy. steve: off camera. ainsley: brian is jealous. >> that's right, you will be in the studio tomorrow.
4:55 am
ainsley: down in nashville. that's awesome. this is a girl from your state. she is jennifer from tennessee. she says i'm working to pay off a credit card that has 20% interest rate. should i transfer the balance to a credit card with zero percent interest. dave? >> well, it doesn't hurt anything to save on some interest for sure. but you need to be sure you understand the way you get out of debt to pay large very principle payments, for instance $10,000 balance that would drop your interest from $2,000 a year to zero. but if you are going to pay it off in six months, it's only going to save you $1,000. a $1,000 doesn't. cutting budget, working extra, attacking the debt with large $3,000 payments makes this go away. ainsley: this is jason in arizona. he said i have seen web sites that say can you pay off your home using a he helock. frirl what is a heloc and is that a good thing. >> home equity at this line of credit. second mortgage you get at
4:56 am
your bank. line of credit against your home. those websites are scam sites. mull multilevel thing. buy software and teaches to borrow against your heloc and use that money to pay against your mortgage. hiding a p unde pea under your shell. you pay large, extra payments. that's what does it the heloc interest is calculated exactly the same way on repayment that your first mortgage fha, va or fannie mae is calculated no. advantage to having a heloc. ainsley: okay. so those web sites are scams. "fox & friends" viewers if you are in the phoenix area on november 7th check out dave and rachel's smart money event. they will given seven step proven plan for dumping debt and building wealth. head to for more information on that. congratulations, dave, you have just done so well and i'm really proud of you. you are a great guy. thank you. >> thank you.
4:57 am
it's an honor to hang out with you guys. ainsley: it's our honor, thank you. the president getting slammed over call to gold star family. marcus luttrell is going to join us to weigh in on that. patients they ask me about whitening all of the time. i tell them the thickness of your enamel determines essentially how white your teeth are going to be. the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last. i would definitely recommend pronamel strong and bright to my patients to keep their enamel strong, help to keep stains away,
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ainsley: the obama administration accused of helping the russians build nukes while the clinton foundation lined their pockets with cash. >> a witness under a gag order has information about how to bribe the clintons. there's absolutely no reason for this guy to be under a gag order anymore. steve: isis has lost 87% of the territory they once controlled. for some reason, this is not a big story in the mainstream media. >> well, they don't want to cover it because this is something good for the administration. the president's been in office for a few months and isis has been destroyed. >> we believe that our players should stand for the national anthony on me. >> i think it's ridiculous. i go to the nfl for escapism. i don't want to be slapped in the face with someone's political views.
5:01 am
>> president trump doubling down on allegations that he was insensitive toward a gold star family. >> i did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't surprised to hear. >> that when you hear october 19th, what do you think of? steve: happy birthday to me. ainsley: we are so glad you were born. ♪ ♪ brian: i've never heard this song before. steve: we need a radio, brian. ainsley: you're kidding; right? brian: no, i never heard of this. steve: talk radio. not listen to music radio.
5:02 am
now we remember. brian: i still don't remember. but i remember her. ainsley: it's a good day. it's your birthday. steve: thank you very much. it's also john's birthday and thai pennington. steve: so anyway, it's a big birthday day. thank you very much for the nice birthday wishes i've gotten on social media. brian: all right. steve: and in person, indeed, we've got a full hour right now. we start with a fox news alert. brian: controversial uranium deal between the obama administration and russia. ainsley: new questions over alleged bribes, kickbacks, and what the fbi knew before that deal went down. steve: that's right. griff jenkins live in las vegas with the latest. so, griff, if the fbi had already been investigating this bribery deal, why did they okay it? that's the question. >> that's a good question. yesterday before the judiciary committee focused on the
5:03 am
russians and the administration. but there were dating back to the obama administration and the chairman of that committee. chuck grassley says he wants to know more. >> has the justice department fully investigated whether the russians compromised the decisions to smooth away from transactions? and if not, why not? >> mr. chairman, we're working hard to maintain discipline in the department. it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on any on going investigation. >> now, grassley question refers to a report in the hill newspaper and confirmed independently by fox news into russian nuclear corruption allegedly involving bribes, kickbacks, and cash that flowed from moscow to president clinton's inauguration. from 2010 that gave vladimir putin control of more than 20%
5:04 am
of the u.s.' uranium supply. now says hannity tried to go public with that information. here's attorney victoria. >> when he started working for the fbi in 2009, they had him sign what's called an nda, a nondisclosure agreement. and when he went public in 2016 way after all of this case stuff was done, the justice department under loretta lynch called him and threatened him with his freedom. >> now, the justice department is not commenting further on this today but chairman grassley who sent a letter to ten different agencies asking questions about this investigation has made his letters public and posted them on his website, guys. steve: all right. griff, thank you very much. and apparently the fbi had somebody working inside the russia nuclear industry who was an fbi informant.
5:05 am
so they had all of those e-mails of what it looks like to be done. and the attorney for that particular witness. peter schweitzer was talking to brian about an hour ago. he's the author of clinton cash and said it's time they unmask that particular witness and let them testify in public. >> when this uranium sale was approved in 2010, hillary clinton among others signed off on, there was actually an fbi criminal probe at that time involving kickbacks and other schemes involving this russian company. and, in fact, involved in that is a witness, an american businessman under a gag order who says that he heard and has information about efforts to bribe the clintons involving the deal. there is absolutely no reason i think any justification for this guy to be under a gag order anymore. let him testify before congress. let him go to the media and tell his story, and then people can decide what they think about what he has to say. ainsley: can you imagine if this is actually proven that
5:06 am
the clintons, that he got -- bill clinton got 500,000 for the speech in russia and that she got $145 million for the clinton foundation in exchange for vladimir putin being able to do business with the atomic energy here inside the united states. that means putting our national security at risk so that they can -- steve: that's what chuck grassley said. ainsley: so that they can make a lot of money. steve: and keep in mind, we've heard so much about russia, russia, russia regarding donald trump. now president trump no evidence of collusion. but you look at this, and there's actual evidence and apparently the fbi had this. this is a big story. brian: so a couple of days ago, a press conference at which time no script, no names written down on who to call on. but one question got traction, and it was a question that seemed to come out of the blue was from a reporter that said, by the way, of those four green beret soldiers, have you called their families yet? and he said, listen, i haven't really called their families
5:07 am
yet. i wanted to give them time. but i'm pretty much the only president that called people directly. and then everybody wanted to research everything. in the meantime, the president reached out and contacted one of the gold star family. and frederique wilson was the congresswoman traveling with that gold star family, and she was outraged with how the president came across to the wife of this slain soldier. steve: right. the president said talking about the husband who was killed said your husband knew what he signed up for. well, the congresswoman felt that that was insensitive and has since appeared on a number of tv networks saying that the president had gone over the line. and if she was on the phone, she would have cursed him out. it does look like she politicized this. the president said she fabricated it, and he has proof. sarah huckabee sanders said
5:08 am
she was in the room and felt it was appropriate. brian: one was general kelly and said he called it a respectful exchange. president sympathy. he thought the president did the best he could under those circumstances to offer condolences to the family. so unless you don't believe general kelly, maybe that's an issue. however, the wife of the soldier who lost his life backed up the congresswoman on facebook saying the president did ask her he knew what he signed up for. steve: right and there have been a number of stories out from gold star families. some support the president. some calling to question some of the things he said. but the associated press has been busy as well. ainsley: they tweeted this out. are you a member of a gold star family who has had contact with the white house? confidentially share your story here. steve: to some, it might look like the associated press is looking for dirt on the white house and how they handle things inappropriately. or maybe they're looking for gold star families who support
5:09 am
the president where they say he did absolutely nothing wrong and was very respectful and cordial. ainsley: or maybe just tell both sides of the story. steve: that would be great. brian: 43 soldiers have lost lives over the last nine months. all but nine have been contacted. steve: well, rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden, he has looked at this down in our nations capitol and says it is absolutely a disgrace to politicize the death of those four men. >> totally making it political. isn't it convenient that congresswoman happened to be in the car with the gold star family when the president, you know, made a call? and obviously was making a call is a personal thing. there's nothing more sacred than a gold star family. and congressman wilson is there, she happens to hear. they're going to do whatever they can to spin it, and i think it's a shame they're using a gold star family for this. there's never closure. it's a time for healing.
5:10 am
i think it's disgraceful and the congresswoman should leave it alone and so should the press. ainsley: congresswoman wilson that you're talking about, brian, it turns out that this looked at her record to see how she voted when it comes to veterans issues, and she voted against a bill that would have helped afghanistan veterans, the families of those four afghanistan veterans that were killed fighting for our country, and she voted against the bill that would have gave them death and burial benefits. now, those are four individuals that did fight. it's interesting she's complaining about what the president said on the phone when he called this lady who lost her husband but yet she's not voting to help other fallen soldiers. brian: i just guarantee you if you talk to everybody who has been contacted by a president or not contacted by a president, it's impossible to say the right thing of all times in the worst moments, and it's impossible to digest
5:11 am
it. i mean, some people are renotful for the iraq war and are not going to be happy former bush. a lot of people say i don't want to to hear from the president. they're angry. ainsley: you talk to someone who has lost a loved one, you don't know what to say. steve: just the fact that the president of the united states, commander-in-chief reaches out to them, that says a lot. but you know what's getting lost here? the story about the four men. the four men who lost their lives. i have not seen on, you know, the mainstream media nightly news as i am seeing anything that has saluted their lives or told you anything about them, aside from the husband of the now widow. so we're going to tell you about this four u.s. soldiers, green berets killed in niger. ainsley: the first on the left was sergeant brian black, he was 35 years old of washington state. a medical sergeant and green beret enlisted in the army in 2009 and survived by his wife and children and reportedly has two sons.
5:12 am
brian: staff sergeant jeremiah johnson 35 years old survived by his wife and two children. known as a red, white, and blue rock solid american with a great heart. steve: and then you have sergeant david johnson. he enlisted in the army as a wheel reveal mechanic in january of 2014. he's survived by his wife and children. he's described as a regular in church who believed in hard work. he is the man who the president called the widow and that's what started talking about what happened. ainsley: look how young he is. steve: they're right there. the four men killed in niger.
5:13 am
fox and friends remembers their service to america.
5:14 am
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call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. brian: reports the fbi knew about the russian bribery
5:17 am
tactics before the obama administration's approval of moscow's controversial uranium one deal. steve: our next guest writes rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the department of justice continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the american public and congress in the dark about russian nuclear corruption on u.s. soil during a period when the obama administration made two major decisions benefiting putin's commercial nuclear ambitions. so why didn't mr. obama say anything? let's talk to the assistant editor for the editorial page of the wall street journal james freeman. james, that's the question. apparently ten federal agencies had to sign off on this. the fbi had somebody on the inside. they had evidence. why did the obama administration say, yes, go ahead do it? >> yeah. this deal smells even worse than we thought. yet, peter schweitzer on earlier, and we knew this approval allowing russians to get this big u.s. -- uranium
5:18 am
supply in 2010 was odd. the clinton pals had pushed for it and benefited from it and then given to the foundation. mrs. clinton had essentially broken her promise to president obama and not disclosed these donations. and now what we see is evidence, at least according to the hill, that's where this story comes from that the russian government itself sent millions of dollars to the united states with the intention would get to the clinton foundation. we don't know if it actually got there, but this adds a lot to the story. ainsley: james, in the first place, why did the obama administration think this uranium one deal was a good thing for america? >> yeah. you wonder how did it get past that committee, which is supposed to basically -- the goal of stopping these kinds of shots, and mrs. clinton's state department on this committee. but now the fact that the fbi under bob mueller, coincidentally who's now the special council, knew that there was this bribery steam
5:19 am
being undertaken by the russian government. how did it pass muster? it's amazing. brian: well, we're going to find out about this source that was a source who signed an nda, you can't disclose the name and was threatened when they're going to come forward. why can't this justice department saying you can come forward? you're founder legal constraints. >> i know, obviously, chairman grassley senate judiciary committee wants to get to the bottom of this. he asked jeff sessions about it yesterday. so i would expect, eventually, we are going to hear from that witness who's an american businessman who saw the bribery scheme up close while he was working with the russians. steve: right. the irony is while the democrats have been pushing there's something to this russian corruption. turns out it is, but it's involving the clintons and not president trump. >> well, it is kind of amazing how fascinated the democrat party and the american media has been over the last year about the idea the russians may have had some steam to
5:20 am
influence the u.s. political process. brian: even al yesterday with jeff sessions. still looking for the russian connection. >> yeah. i think this is the russian connection people want to explore, and i expect future hearings. we'll learn more. brian: yeah, chuck grassley has been looking at it for two years. ainsley: he's been asking questions, bringing it to light. brian: thanks, james. >> sure. ainsley: still ahead, they help the families of fallen soldiers. this morning, we have a big surprise of the awesome folks of folds of honor. they're going to join us next. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there.
5:21 am
press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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5:24 am
ainsley: my new book through your eyes is now on store shelves, and i am donating a portion of the proceeds to folds of honor, which is an organization that provides scholarship assistance to the spouses and children of fallen soldiers. steve: our friend, major dan is the founder of folds of honor, and he joins us here in our studio. >> happy birthday. steve: thank you. >> and, ainsley, we are so grateful. and it's always nice to see you too, brian. ainsley: well, i just thank you so much for what you're doing for our fallen soldiers and their kids, and i thought when i i'm writing the children's books, i want to do something for not only our military but for kids. steve: so that's the book and, major dan, take a look at this. >> oh, my gosh. steve: ainsley earhart is donating $50,000 to folds of honor. ainsley: that's coming out of my paycheck because so many people out there have los bought the book and a portion of your proceeds are going to
5:25 am
the organization. dad had several jobs to put us through college. so i said dad, isn't it cool that all of these people are buying this book and now they're sending other kids to college. so not only is this going to help put little haden to college, but we're also sending the kids of your organization to college. >> you guys know i'm not speechless very often. but unbelievable. and more importantly, that's ten lives of children that will go to school, literally this year. we had an amazing year at folds. we had almost $16 million in scholarships, millions of unfunded requests from families. and you can't help but think about the title of your book through your eyes. and the realities are our service men and women sign up and are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. and many of them do and through their children's eyes, their daughters' eyes,
5:26 am
something they never signed up but the reality that freedom isn't free, and that's where folds of honor steps in. and, ainsley, we're so blessed to have you on our team and fox and friends and make sure that we don't leave any family behind on the field of battle. steve: so you have families write you, and you have to sometimes say, no, we don't have enough money? >> absolutely, brian. through our ten years and awarded 16,000 scholarships over ten years, the spouses and children have had someone killed or disabled defending our freedoms, millions of unfunded requests dollar-wise every year that we have to turn down, and that's why it's so important that we keep being the voice of these families that don't have a voice. and through their eyes. ainsley: well, i know this book was written through the eyes of our children, and i hope when these soldiers are on the battlefield and taking their last breath, they think about their life and their children and holding their babies and all of the things that they learn from their kids. i know that has to be the last thing on their mind when they
5:27 am
take that last breath fighting for our country. >> yeah. and throughout history, there's no doubt your loved ones are what mean the most and for all of us that are willing to sacrifice lives. and we do. we sign up for that. no one expects that to happen. but the realities are less than 1% are willing to give their lives. brian: the president brought that up. he said, you know, you knew when what you signed up for. i've heard a lot of military person say you know there's a risk. so when that came up, i don't know exactly the way it was portrayed, what are your thoughts about that? >> number one, it is absolutely correct. no one raises their right hand and signs up for the united states military without understanding that there is a chance you will not come back. i don't think anybody willingly signs up and says, well, i know i'm not going to come back. but the realities are that every service member is willing to make that sacrifice, whether in peace time or war when i get on the
5:28 am
runway and in my fighter jet every time. i say a prayer on eagles wings because it is a dangerous business, but we are certainly willing to make that ultimate sacrifice. and that's less than 1% of this country that does sign up for that possibility. ainsley: is that why it's so important to stand up for the national anthem? >> don't even get me started; right? yeah, i think everybody. it's been said over and over, but it's just so misplaced, and it's so hurtful as a member of the united states military that people display their lack of patriotism in that moment. steve: yeah. i've got to tell you, you know, you saw here on fox and friends on memorial day, i actually went out to prove to you i could not golf at your patriots day golf event, and you raised millions of dollars for that. that's fantastic. but, you know, there are a lot of charities out there that
5:29 am
are great charities. but they do have substantial overhead. i have seen your place. you do not have much overhead. most of this money is going to go to the families. >> yeah. we do. historically about 86 cents of every dollar goes to programs. we're platinum rated, which is the highest generating, and ainsley knows a lot of that is going to go change lives. ainsley: oh, i knew. i did my research when i checked out organizations. >> and this all started in my garage in okay. my wife and i were called on a mission, a ministry from god, no doubt, and looking back, we're very prideful when people give us a dollar, we make it count. we want to let them know literally through the lives of the spouses, the need is great. steve: well, it's great to have you here in new york. do you want to go to ainsley's book signing? there's one tonight. >> i would love to. >> where is it? ainsley: it's in madison, connecticut. it's rj jewelry book sellers
5:30 am
at 6:00 p.m. and then tomorrow after the show, i'm going to myrtle beach friday night at 7:00. steve: and then columbia. ainsley: and then columbia, my hometown, barns and nobel. and then sunday i will be at fiction addiction. >> we are honored and humbled and thank you on behalf of our 16,000. ainsley: it's not me. it's all of you guys. >> for what you do, ainsley, and our friends here at fox. and ten years later we promise we're going to keep fighting a good fight. ainsley: thank you for what you do. brian: thank you. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. steve: an interview you don't want to miss. two true american heroes. lone survivor marcus and retired navy seal david join us live next.
5:31 am
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5:34 am
steve: all right. everybody, it is a fox news alert. a new terror threat from the department of homeland security starts our headlines. ainsley: that's exactly right. a fox news alert fears that isis could be planning another 9/11-style attack. secretary warning quote the terrorist organizations want to have the big explosion like they do on 9/11. they want to take down aircrafts. although, they have been taken out the dhs, isis is trying to use smaller attacks to keep up support and funding for a bigger plot. racing for violent crashes today ahead of a speech by richard spencer. he's the white nationalist who helped organize the deadly rally in charlottesville. protests already taking place.
5:35 am
more than half a million dollars of tax player dollars have been spent on security. and governor rick scott to declare a state of emergency. >> i believe in the first amendment rights that people have. i do expect people to be safe. ainsley: spencer calls the governor's move overkill. talk about no fun. elementary school canceling its annual halloween costume parade and replacing it with black and orange day. the principal in massachusetts includes the parade isn't inclusive to all students. that decision has some parents outraged. >> we have numerous events at the school that are not all inclusive. that's the problem. so if you cancel one event on that thought process, you're going to have to cancel every single event snoot cool is also concerned about safety surrounding the parade. and starbucks' new holiday cup is brewing a frenzy online. a reddit user posting a photo of what appears to be this year's unique design.
5:36 am
but it doesn't have a red base. the 2016 cups were mostly red with white designs. the year before that, they were all red. social media users have a lot to say about this. some calling it way too busy but others loving it. what do you think and do you care? steve: is that the holiday cup or is that their christmas cup? ainsley: oh, yeah, you can't say christmas. you have to say holiday. brian: i just know it's going to cost you five bucks regardless what goes in it. ainsley: i'm sorry. i'm not staying awake at night. brian: meanwhile, it's time to bring in two special people. playing wide left, former navy seal author of lone survivor as well as the movie based on his service and also with us is dave, retired navy seal himself and both of you guys are kicking off the patriot tour. it's going to be two nights in new york and one in philadelphia. welcome to the couch. first of all, tell me who won the arm wrestling. marcus, be honest. >> well, what happens off camera stays off camera; right? brian: that means you lost. >> i did.
5:37 am
brian: so, david, tell me about the patriots tour. >> you know, the patriot tour is something that marcus kind of put together, and we go around, and we just kind of motivate people. talk about never quitting, staying in the fight, and the fight is always -- someone has a gun. the fight is just you and your personal lives. just trying to get people to do their best. ainsley: what's your story? how did you guys meet? >> we served together. from the very beginning. basic seal training together and then just stayed close ever since. ainsley: is he one of the ones that you invite over to your ranch? >> i don't invite him. it's open to all frogs. but we started together. what it has morphed into is a unique perspective from different types of people who have been on the bad side and come out on the other end better. and when you come in, it's not -- it doesn't bring you down, it doesn't beat you up. i've heard people call it a combed tour, a drama, or it's just one of the deals where you come in, you see multifacets of our life and
5:38 am
how people get through it and just the overall resolve we have and to bring everybody in to just listen to that, it's a good vibe. steve: i know it's described as a way to honor the nation's military members and their families for their sacrifices. what have you guys made? and, marcus, we'll start with you. of this gold star widow controversy that has erupted after the president apparently called her a couple of days ago and talking about her husband who had died in niger said, you know, your husband knew what he had signed up for and, you know, the president said he felt terrible about it. but then a congresswoman apparently has made it a political thing. what's your point of view? >> nothing political about our boys dying; right? that's tough. i made a good point. i don't ever talk about the president. i don't talk about gold star families and putting those together to turn it into something it's not. i know people are quick to jump all over people. and when somebody dies, and you're trying to console them and do the best you can, it's tough. most of us get quiet for a
5:39 am
long time, and it's -- gold star family, boy, they've got a debt we'll never be able to pay them back. brian: david, is there any right thing to say? >> well, for me, the right thing to say is you have to have the proper information. i wasn't there, so a lot of people in this world we live in today, they talk a lot not knowing the facts. i don't know the facts, so i can't give you good intelligent answer right now. ainsley: the president made a phone call to the family, and he's doing the best he can, trying to come up with something to say other than i'm sorry and give support. and then for a politician, this democratic politician down in florida to politicize it and make it a big story, what do you think about that? i mean, is that -- >> the women of our country have their opinion, and i can't say anything about it. it's a lady; right? the congressman? steve: and the widow. >> oh, and the widow. no, david's right.
5:40 am
for us to comment from the outside is tough because of the emotions and everything. steve: then what about this then? what about the, you know, obviously the both of you and many watching right now, the flag means something, and for many people, it is not right that members, certain members of the nfl do not stand for the national anthem. they take a knee or whatever and, and it started with colin kaepernick. and then yesterday, rodger goodell the admissioner said we wish they would stand, but they don't have to stand. what do you think? >> the big thing for me is i'm never going to kneel for the flag. i'm only going to stand for the flag. i respect the flag. this flag stands for freedom. i went through a horrible life when i was growing up. there was some racism thrown my way and stuff like that. that doesn't mean i'm free. there's bad people everywhere. i can't control that. i can control my actions. i can control how i fight
5:41 am
racism is being the baddest person on earth. don't kneel. that shows cowardness. that shows weakness. stand up, face the challenge, man up, and get in their head. how do you get in their head? you be the best person out there. no matter what color you are. >> nailed that one right there. we wish, a lot of the guys in the league, and they're almost in an impossible situation. but is b what he was saying kind of rings true. there's a lot of places on this planet a lot darker than a football field. and the only time you ever stand -- the reason you stand up is because you know everyone back here is standing up. i've been in hell, man, and the only thing i was trying to get up to. the answer is one song i would imagine, it's the only song everyone can hum. and for all americans to stand
5:42 am
up and recognize. and you look around and seeing everybody else stand and know that we're a country that will be here forever. it's one of those situations that -- and he's right. i mean, these are our modern day battlefield -- titans, warriors of our country; right? of each city. and to go into battle and start on your knee, you can't -- i would imagine that starts messing with their heads. and it's just -- they don't -- i would imagine a lot of them don't know what they don't know. and if you're not on the same page -- americans love it when you're trying to make a point and fix something. but if you're not -- and it's sunday football. it's kind of the only time we want to go to church. and it's the one good thing that we were kind of -- we look to. brian: everyone proceeds; right? >> absolutely. and if you look back and see the titans on their knees, it resonates differently than what they're expecting. and, man, they're good guys. we know a lot of them. but if i could say one thing to them, know what your point
5:43 am
is, know what you're doing, and the -- brian: ramification. >> exactly. i mean, it's -- you have to understand that anthem is the core of our country, man. it's a lot bigger than what you're thinking. brian: wow. that's part of the mission and the message that's going to be on the patriots tour. it will be tonight, october 19th and 20th at the kimmel center. you'll be at the kimmel center in philadelphia, pennsylvania on friday. and tonight, you'll be at town hall theater. steve: for folks who are watching how to get information and the website or anything like that. got a website? >> how many times have i known that every time you ask me the and we made it to broadway. i can't believe it. thank you, new york, for having us back. ainsley: thank you for serving our country. you sacrificed a lot. brian: fantastic. great job. ainsley: coming up, todd is having breakfast with friends talking with voters about the big elections coming up when you have a cold
5:44 am
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5:47 am
steve: well, enough of us in the studio. let's hear what the folks are thinking. ainsley: we would love to. we're having breakfast where? >> we're in virginia talking with frank and sandy. i'm going to talk to frank first. the reason we're here is a very big election coming up. ed the republican against fred the democrat. who are you voting for? >> i'm voting for ed because he's a conservative, and i'm a conservative. >> and you were a trump voter as well? >> i was a trump statutory rape day one. and frank records fox news channel 12 hours a day. what about the other 12 hours?
5:48 am
>> we sleep. >> thank you very much. you're a trump voter, but you're an independent when it comes to your party affiliation. you said i don't know who i'm voting for. there's one issue that's going to. not necessarily an assault rifle, but i believe i should have the right to own my own gun to protect myself, my family, my home, and my dog. >> thank you very much for your time. this is the easy part of my day. these guys are trouble. gentlemen, who are we voting for in the election? who's voter for mr. north? he's trouble. i know he's voting. we're going to start with mark. why are you voting?
5:49 am
>> he's a true conservative, and my son-in-law is a about police officer in orlando, and i'm behind him. >> i'm voting for a doctor instead of a lobbyist, and i also think that i have a nephew that's deputy here, and i think will take just as good of care just as anybody else. >> appreciate it, guys. and just because i want you to know why i thought this table was trouble, one of these gentleman brought a live chicken in here. there was a debate whether it was one of these guys. they refused who. it was this guy. live chickens. lynchburg, virginia. ainsley: did they hand it over to the chef? what happened to it? steve: yeah, no kidding. >> guys, the chicken ran through here, freaked out this roundtable in the back. steve: that's funny. ainsley: that's great. thanks, todd. still ahead, a huge surprise
5:50 am
that you're not going to want to miss. steve: but first, let's surprise bill. what's coming up? >> ed will be here live with us today. significant warning on what terror groups are trying to do next. also, a major address this morning on north korea from former president george bush. stay tuned for that. the security guards in vegas provide more details on what happened to them on that most deadly of nights. and why did this russian uranium deal go down after all? answers and more when sandra and i see you shortly top of the hour ten minutes away. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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ainsley: today, we have a very special birthday to celebrate our very own steve ducey and, of course, we have to have his very treat, which is diary queen. brian: the line is always long but not for steve today. that's not the only surprise we have in store, in fact. steve, i have a very special message. ainsley: but first, we have a very special lady in the house. sally, come on out. steve: oh, my daughter. ainsley: there's your daughter. >> happy birthday, dad. ainsley: come on in, sally. steve: oh, look at that. the fox and friends cake that's falling off the cardboard. ainsley: sally, good to see you. she also works at fox. sally, do you have a message for your daddy? >> happy birthday, dad. we love you so much. ainsley: what makes your dad so special? >> he is the best dad. he's always there for us. he always gives us advice. steve: whether you want it or not. ainsley: y'all are a very close family. >> we are very close. ainsley: you have two other kids too. brian: so, sally, don't feel
5:55 am
left out because somebody else is here. actually recorded a message because they couldn't be here in person. let's listen, steve, to your birthday message. >> happy birthday, dad, from the dc duceys. we've come here to capitol hill to petition lawmakers to make october 19th steve ducey day in all 50 states. and at the rate they're going, they should have that into law within the next 10 to 15 years. >> that's right. congress, can you hear us? happy birthday, dad. we love you so much and hope you have the best day. you deserve it. >> happy birthday, dad. ainsley: look at this dimples. how are you feeling, steve? >> whoa. steve: we've never done this. that was fantastic. brian: note to self. have the dairy queen before the confetti. steve: i don't know why people complain about getting older.
5:56 am
i love my birthday. peter and mary, thank you very much down in washington. she's a government lawyer. brian: this was the first time celebrating your birthday so large. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: would you like confetti with your ice cream? steve: i would indeed. and thanks to the crew and brian and ainsley and everybody here at fox news channel. this is a great job. i love it. and thank you very much. brian: well, you deserve it. and guess what this crew is looking at? they're looking at breakfast. if you start cutting away. steve: come on in, guys. come on. ainsley: we'll be right back. steve: thanks .. or too late. .. or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. >> you might as well go ainsley sign books. >> connecticut tonight at 6:00,
6:00 am
and south carolina myrtle beach, columbia and greenville this weekend. ainsley hart i'll be in connecticut today interviewing eric and laura trump. we'll give you an exclusive look at their baby. >> bill: a rare appearance this morning. former president george bush set to deliver a speech on the growing crisis on north korea. a threat he is familiar with. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." sandra, good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. former president bush set to speak in about two hours. laura bush set to kick off the event in moments. >> bill: president bush is joined by plenty of big names including nikki haley. she will be there. former secretary of state condoleezza rice and madeleine albright for what we're expecting to hear from the former president this morning.


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