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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 23, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: mike evans making a huge touched catc touchdown cat. rob: she was filming too. she is tough. have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> president trump striking a confident tone as the white house looks to seize momentum. >> it will be the biggest cuts in the history of this country. there is tremendous spirit for it. >> the fate of disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl's sentencing hearing starts today. >> i think he will probably get life in prison and he earned it. >> obama era uranium deal could turn into criminal investigation. >> who was the fbi director when all of this stuff was going on? robert mueller who is now the special council. >counsel counsel. >> who paid for the dossier? >> when this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight.
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[cheers] >> i believe in free speech. when you start to go an i insight violence that's be a pro. >> not only does he owe me an apology. he owes an apology to the american people. >> when she made that statement i thought it was sickening. >> the super bowl halftime show performer has been announced it is drum roll, please. justin timberlake. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when you dance, dance, dance. ♪ keepin creeping up on you so dance, dance. ainsley: that is from the movie trolls. aaron knows. she is behind the camera. she has a little one. steve: justin timberlake is going to be the
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entertainment at the halftime super bowl. ainsley: are you going to go? brian: we will talk about the nfl later. justin timberlake very funny. i thought janet jackson has got to be part of it if justin timberlake. ainsley: she is banned because of the ward robe malfunction. brian: someone took off her wardrobe. steve: it was malfunction. brian: why does justin get a pass and janet doesn't? steve: maybe the whole world will be tuned in to see whether or not she makes a cameo i bet she does. ainsley: just so they can get attendance up they will let her come. brian: indianapolis indoor super bowl like new york they have a top on their stadium. ainsley: who do you think they will play? brian: i have the giants. steve: what a show. thank you for joining us. it's a big day. brian has a new book that comes out tomorrow. ainsley: tomorrow. that's exciting. brian: very interesting.
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we will talk about it at the bottom of the hour a little bit. i will give you information. it's very exciting. steve: meanwhile, let's talk about this. at the end of this week when the chief of staff john kelly came out to the podium briefing room at the white house. everyone thought is he giving context to what had happened with the president's call to the grieving widow of the gold star family. everybody thought, you know what? he answered all the questions. that's where it ends. well, we were wrong. in fact, congresswoman fredericka wilson put out a statement she was not going to talk anymore. but then apparently she changed her mind because over the weekend she was out and about and she has continued her war on the white house calling for an apology. not just from john kelly to her but an apology to the nation. ainsley: right. she said she was going to be quiet. she didn't want to talk about it anymore. then i guess she had a change of heart. this is what she said on am joy. >> john kelly is almost, i guess you could say, he was
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a puppet of the president. and what he was trying to do is divert the attention away from the president on to me. the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name and empty barrel and all the work that i have done in this community, i don't think that's fair. and i think it's wrong. and, yes, he does owe the american people an apology for lying on one of their congresswomen. i think this is going to be this administration's benghazi. this is going to be trump's benghazi. brian: first off, most democrats don't think there was anything wrong at benghazi except for a bunch of terrorists came in and killed our ambassador and three others. they saw no conspiracy there. what is she even referring to? steve: that's changed now. brian: number two is i thought in retrospect the two speeches that meant the most i guess over the last four years or maybe longer
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when president obama gave his speech on race. remember that? with his preacher coming out saying god damn america, i thought that was impactful. i thought kelly's was actually even more impactful. he surrounded the whole situation. what's it like serving your country. what's it like losing a life for a country. what's it like commanding troops in battle? what's it like with this ongoing debate of politics and how low it's gotten? that was case closed. for this to continue i find the most disheartening thing that happened throughout the last two or three years of angst between the parties. this is unbelievable that john kelly's comments are now being brought down into this what i think is this sickening debate. ainsley: he lost his son. is he a gold star father. brian: talked about paneling a soldier in ice. ainsley: i thought his speech was amazing. she is calling him a puppet. she is losing sight of
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what's important. those four men who died fighting for our country. his own son, you see his picture right there, general kelly, our chief of staff, he lost his son. like, can we just move on. does she have to continue this narrative? steve: well, the president was on with maria bartiromo over the weekend and he said, among other things, that he initially thought that it was a nice phone call between he and the family. and he did mention mr. johnson, the soldier's name by name, which apparently the congresswoman forgot. here's the president who says it upsets him. >> he does it for the country. is he not doing it for what he wants. he does it for the country. is he a very unusual man. when she made that statement i thought it was sickening, actually. brian: the president gave a great interview with maria: when the president was talking he wants to talk about tax cuts. this week is where can he take a boug bow.
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i think i'm getting tax reform for the country. i think when you saw mick mulvaney the office of management and budget who has so many congressional connections is he very optimistic after getting the budget passed last week. they're actually going to get something done and our economy that's growing at 3% could actually boom to 4%. ainsley: last week the senate passed their budget and now it goes to the house. the president was on a call yesterday with the vice president and republican congressman, congressma congresn and women. you need to get this thing passed. you need to approve the senate version, if you don't, you will pay for it for the next election. steve: absolutely. look at the scoreboard. right now republicans don't have anything on it. sure, but here's the problem. the freedom caucus doesn't like the budget framework that the senate passed. ainsley: gosh. here we go. steve: historically the freedom caucus would put up a big stink we are not going to pass that and run it
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through and have a couple weeks debate. the president goat on the phone and talked to the freedom caucus and talked to speaker ryan it sounds like they are all on board for the house to essentially rubblier stamp the senate's version. and now the president, as we heard yesterday is, very optimistic this is going to happen with taxes. >> we had a fantastic vote and budget is indirectly passed. now it's going to go through a little bit of an it's ter ration. it's going to end up again doing very well. i think we are going to get our taxes. i think it's going to be, hopefully, before the end of the year but maybe much sooner than that there is a great spirit spore it. people want to see it i call it tax cuts. it is tax reform also. i call it tax cuts. it will be the biggest tax cuts ever in the history of this country. brian: 31 years ago when ronald reagan had the massive tax reform that we are still underneath today. which was big back then. time to modernize. i also think it's interesting that they are talking about a fifth tax
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bracket, conservatives are not going to embrace, this you wouldn't think. a fifth tax bracket for those who make a lot of money. like a millionaire tax bracket. so, tax them more. a lot of people think if you want an elixir to the economy, you give the highist earners the most productive people in our society more of their money. ainsley: more money back into this government. the president is going to have lunch tomorrow with g.o.p. senators so he can rally support. brian: everything is around a meal. breakfast, lunch, dinner. can we just gte some work done. steve: you should use it with you're book tour, want people to buy a book. indicater it. brian: how about a wrap? ainsley: food and golf. brian: food and golf, i know. steve: some developments regarding the uranium and the russian thing. you know that john solomon at the hill has gotten an exclusive report that apparently when -- and this is different than what you have heard in the past. when hillary clinton became secretary of state,
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apparently the fbi has gathered evidence in 2009 that there was covert and illegal activity on the part of russia. remember anna chatman, partly of the russian spy ring that was here in the united states? brian: everybody thought that was a wig joke because we sent them back. steve: not a joke. it was a sleeper cell. there was another agent by the name of cynthia murphy, she was a sleeper agent. she posed as an accountant at a firm in new jersey. and the whole idea was she should try to get close to -- get into the firm, which she did. and then she was going to watch the finances of a major democratic donor. she was able to do that just track how hillary clinton was getting money from doirns and stuff like that. it's unbelievable. brian: how many kids are going to dress up as accountants this halloween? how do you dress up as accountant.
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pocket pencils. ainsley: john seen me on our show. he is going to talk about it coming up. steve: and the day after. so the sleeper agent cell was busted, right? the day after the arrest, the day that bill clinton got that half million dollars speech. brian: $500,000 speech. must have had a lot of audible visual effects. power pointer. jillian, how much do you get per speech? jillian: i was going to dress up as an account tangt. i was requesting to carry a ti-8. do you remember those calculator that was going to be my costume. brian: colleges won't allow you to dress like that on campus. jillian: i'm not sure. we have a lot of news to get to. a florida community on edge this morning over fears of possible serial killer may be on the loose in tampa. three people gunned down in 10 days within a half mile of each other. people in the seminole heights neighborhood
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gathering overnight for emotional vigil paying respects to the victims. police spotted this man near the scene of the first murder the night it happened. hundreds gathering overnight in ohio for candlelight vigil honoring a fallen police officer. justin leo gunned down while responding to domestic call near youngstown. he was a 5 year veteran of the department. is he survived by his parents, both retired teachers. he was just 31 years old. sentencing is set to begin today for disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl. the hearing is expected to feature dramatic testimony from service members injured while searching for bergdahl. bergdahl has pleaded guilty to charges of desertion. he was held captive by the taliban for five years before being treate treat traded for five gitmo tastes. he faces life in prison. a giant flag unveiled between the dallas cowboys and san francisco 49ers. no cowboys kneeled because
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bunch of 49ers did. this as photos of half empty stadiums. clearly showing a major drop in attends. a look at your headlines, guys. the 49ers lost 30 points. i don't know if they need to focus their attention elsewhere? brian: they had six and seahawks had 8. jillian: i think think he had had more than six. steve: coming up, show stadiums where there were a bunch of empty seats. jillian: we just showed that. steve: we will show them all. ainsley: remember when they go low we go high? maxine waters apparently does not. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. wow. i can't believe people cheered to that when this s. that kind of talk too low? we will debate that straight ahead. brian: i would say that's too low. hillary clinton wrote the book what happened. guess who really knows what
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happened? jimmy carter, that's right. president carter making more sense than ever before. ♪ ♪ ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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applebee's 2 for $20. might be missing to stasomething... ♪ ...your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite. it helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. nourish your eyes to help keep them healthy. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. steve: president trump answers behind who was fake dossier about unfair allegations about his ties to russia and a bunch of other crazy stuff.
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officials behind the now dossier plead the fifth. justice department and fbi should immediately release who paid for it ned ryun is the founder of american majority. he joins us from our nation's capital. ned is, that fair to say who exactly was behind this and got a checkbook and paid for it? >> absolutely. i don't know though if the doj actually paid for it toward the end it was a democratic donor likely a hillary donor. what trump needs to actually do is tell the fbi and the cia to declassify every bit of information about how they acquired the fusion g.p.s. dossier so we can understand how did it get into their hands? how did it end up in the obama white house? the other thing that has to happen is breen then, clapper and comey, need to be put under oath and asked how did you acquire this document and why did you willegit it. theest these three guys
3:19 am
legitimize by putting in top secret file and clapper briefing people and comey using it as checklist in the russia investigation. i think what we are really to understand, steve, in this is that the trump-russia collusion fairy tale is a fairy tale founded take dossier funded by the democrats and put on steroids by a complicit press, who acting as an opposition party. steve: sure. you know, wasn't there a story out there that john mccain had a copy of it and handed it to the fbi so at some point he had a copy and gave it to them. but, before. >> we need to understand john mccain's role in this. steve: it would be interesting to find that out. but, in the very beginning, wasn't it opposition research stuff gathered by republicans to try to, you know, knock trump out of the race. that didn't work so apparently somebody else bottom the same stuff, right? >> this is the beginning, the genesis of this dossier began with never trumpers
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associated with in some way with jeb bush. we have our suspicions as to who that is. there are still people asking questions. again, but that is kind of the thousand dollars question. the million-dollar who really began this. we know it's a never trumper. we know a republican and fusion g.p.s. guard ahold of this and funded by the democrats. christopher steele wrote it kind of the interesting things about this, steve, christopher steele fired in british court that this document was never supposed to go public. there is a lot of different interesting things about this dossier. and this is not the first time that fusion g.p.s. has put together fake does united states. they have done it in many different places on behalf of a saudi prince. i'm pretty sure that they're linked to the regime in venezuela as well. steve: lots of questions. we need answers. ned ryun joining us from our nation's capital. >> thanks, steve. steve: remember when they said when they go below low, we go high?
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> it wouldn't be a good thing for her or for me. brian: wow, senator joe manchin has a lot to say there some quick headlines now that has nothing to do with that. turns out some democrats don't want anything to do with hillary clinton. that is senator joe manchin of west virginia saying it would be best for her to stay away as he tries to run for re-election in west virginia where clinton famously said she would put coal miners out of work. and bernie sanders also staying away. listen to this. sanders confirming he will
3:25 am
run as an independent senator in next year's mid terms and, of course, as president. still no word if he will run for the white house in 2020. you can sure he will. now, here's ainsley. ainsley: still no word but you think he will. it was one of the democrats' famous slogans when they go low, we go high. remember that? here is democratic congresswoman maxine waters. listen to this. >> thinking about -- even though he never met him and with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. ainsley: wow. at what point does the secret service consider this a credible threat? joining us now to debate this is host of the blaze lawrence jones and democratic strategist and contributor for the hill michael star hopkins. lawrence, start with you. what did you think of that? >> i'm a free speech person and libertarian. when you insight violence that should be investigated. this is the democrat going low again. they are more focused on president trump and rallying
3:26 am
o'reillying up theirilingup the. the people that tried to assassinate republican congressman at baseball field this is the type of behavior that sends these people out to assassinate republicans. ainsley: she said she didn't mean to assassinate him. >> i think she was talking about impeachment. i think being that loose with a w. your language is irresponsible. i will say that what i will also point to i think that hearing republicans say that this is a democratic issue when ted nugent threatened president obama and invited to the white house during the trump administration. i didn't hear trump say anything. i didn't hear you say anything, lawrence, when protesters being attacked and he offered to pay the legal bills. i think both sides are guilty of using hyperbolic language.
3:27 am
lawrence, it's up to people like me and you and-to-bring down that tenure not insight it. >> these same people promised after the steve scalise shooting they would tone down the rhetoric. enough to we have politicians from elected office saying hey, let's go get the president. and that's essentially what she was saying. you can say that she didn't know what she was saying all you want, michael, it's pretty clear what she said. if she wanted to say impeach him. >> how democrats want a new katrina. how hillary clinton is a felon. it's always the democrats want to say things and there is no personal responsibility here. >> that's pretty much the democrat's typical behavior. they play identity politics. they ratchet up the rhetoric. they are not about actions. they could be focusing on how they want to improve the lives of americans with their policies. they are not focused on that. they are more concerned about donald trump. if they continue to focus on donald trump the president, instead of the issues that
3:28 am
affect the american people. they will get landslide like they did again. >> lawrence with all due respect i have watched you talk about hillary clinton every day for the last month. hillary clinton is not the president of the united states. >> i'm not talking about hillary clinton and maxine waters how she talked about essentially assassinating the president. that's what we're talking about. i didn't mention hillary clinton not one time, sir. >> she didn't. she didn't say. >> take him out? ainsley: michael, do you know what struck me about the sound bite was when she said that the crowd started cheering. how did we get this far as a country, as a nation, cheering for -- i don't know what she meant. we haven't talked to her. she won't come on our show. but it, sounded like, i mean lawrence is saying it sounded like she said she wanted to aas sin nate the president tonight. >> i agree with you. the crowd shouldn't have cheered. as a congresswoman she has to be more responsible with her rhetoric. even though if that's not what she meant. the appearance, i thought was inappropriate. she should come out and clarify those comments. i think there is also
3:29 am
responsibility on the other side when donald trump says things in front of crowds and they cheer for republicans to call them out. >> when did donald trump ever say anything about assassinating someone or taking someone out? when did he say that? >> donald trump applauded when protesters were beaten. he said that the crowd should go further. he said that, you know, the protesters. >> no, he didn't. he said get them out of here. that's all he said is get them out of here. ainsley: maybe we will hear from her. maybe she will clarify today and tell us exactly what she meant. we don't want to read into what she said. thank you so much for being here. lawrence, you will be on outnumbered at noon. >> thanks, ainsley. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up, what will the border wall look like. this morning the proto types are finished. hillary clinton wrote the book on "what happened" guess who really knows? jimmy carter? and brian's new book is out tomorrow. is he giving us a sneak preview and a history lesson. that's coming up next. ♪ we'll have a house party
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going to give you some headlines because you are probably just waking up. jillian: good monday morning. i hope had you a good weekend. brian: we did. jillian: good morning to you at home as well. former democratic president jimmy carter sounding more like a republican by coming to president trump's defense. he tells the "new york times," quote: i think the media has been harder on trump than any other president certainly than i have known about. they feel free to claim that
3:34 am
you trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation. he takes a shot at the clinton foundation saying quote rosy and i put our money in the carter center, we never take any money out. he didn't support hillary clinton last election cycle, he voted for bernie sanders. the g.o.p. two billionaires voting for the white house in 2020. mark cuban telling harvey levin last night on objectified if he decides to run against president trump it will be as a republican. >> i think there's a place for somebody who is socially centrist but i'm very fiscally conservative. jillian: the maverick's owner supported hillary clinton in 2016. we will see. okay. how about this? a really embarrassing moment for a driver with road rage when he gets hit by his own car. >> hey. >> idiot. >> argument starting over
3:35 am
the white suv stopping in the middle of a lane. the driver unfortunately never put that car in park. so there you have it. okay. justin timberlake returning to the super bowl halftime show. >> halftime. >> you are doing the halftime show at the super bowl? you are doing the halftime. >> doing the halftime. >> the super star making the announcement on twitter with jimmy fallon. it will be his first super bowl appearance since the infamous wardrobe malfunction with janet jackson in 2004. i don't know but guys. i'm excited to see them. >> i think it will be great. >> i would hope. so but we will see. >> they will all be watching on tv. brian: we all went last time. the whole show for the first time ever. but it was a fox super bowl. steve: it was. who has it this year? brian: not us. that's all i know. jillian: that's all i know, too. steve: will professionals still be playing football at the end of the season? brian: i hope. so carson palmer got hurt.
3:36 am
ainsley: that is important. something more important is this. steve: brian's brand new book. brian: i will tell you, i have never had -- sorry to george washington and thomas jefferson. i have never had more fun and been more fascinated for any research that i have done and that's looking at andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans. i don't want to take a look at andrew jackson's whole life. john meacham did that. if we could focus on one battle that shaped america. i thought it would be key. i thought most logical thing to do next after thomas jefferson tripoli pirates was the war of 1812. ainsley: tell us who he was. brian: andrew jackson was raised by america. his dad died before he was born while his mom was pregnant. his older brother dies in the revolutionary war right away. he and his other brother, robert, they get captured. they're 13 and 14 years old and they got put in prison. i want you to see one picture of andrew jackson as a 13-year-old as depicted.
3:37 am
at 13, he is on the run. the british catch up to him at his family's house. after the which time the british tell him to wipe his shoes and he says no. they come down with a sword. he blocks the sword. his brother wasn't so fortunate got it directly in the head. he has she's scars the rest of his life and has hatred for the british. he gets jailed. the mom convinces the british in a swap to get him out. by the time he gets back older brother dies. mom goes to raise money to help out an aunt and she dies. revolutionary war is won but he has no family. he never gets president his entire life. never has family. of the whole town rallies around him. he becomes a judge, a senator, and a congressman and two term president. but before that he becomes a major general in the army. steve: sure. before he becomes president happens the war of 1812. >> it's going terribly for america. we are getting routed everywhere. washington gets burned down. but then finally they answer the president, major general jackson's call put me, in coach. he goes. in gets his militia.
3:38 am
and together they win at fort boyer. together they win at pensacola he knows the ultimate battle is going to be at new orleans. you are looking at battle field of new orleans. that's a depiction of what it was like then. the british were the mightiest infantry in the world. they thought they were going to rout the americans and spend christmas on bourbon street. instead jackson comes up with this plan. let's dig a moat and call it the rodriguez canal. let's build a wall. steve: wait, let's build a wall? brian: build a wall of a berm and a moat. he heads off the british. and when the battle actually heaption, astonishingly, within 45 minutes, he wipes out thousands of british. they surrender. wwe would never be invaded again all because this major general without any formal training in military but just a great instinct puts together this truly great american army which is the most. free blacks, free mental of
3:39 am
color. have you caucasians, pirates, militia, group of internationals who said we are america first. steve: brian, you are leaving out one group though. tell us how a group of nuns actually helped him win the war. >> well, if you think there wasn't a miracle. the reason it's in the title. the nuns been there since 1716. they said listen are you going to let us stay here? they said yeah can you do that. they know if the british come over. they know they have been terrorized. if they lose the british will actually wipe them out. jackson goes and meets with them. he says if you promise to leave us here and leave the sanctity in place he? said absolutely. he said we will pray for your victory. all the women gathered together. the men fight the war. word goes out, we win. among the people who believe and that is the convent. and every january 8th, they come out, all the nuns come out and they bang pots and pans and celebrate his victory. ainsley: that battle shaped america. brian: yeah, they shaped
3:40 am
america. and ursuline nuns. andrew jackson believes the nuns' praying put the victory together. steve: you mentioned build the wall. on the wall of the white house in the oval office is the portrait of andrew jackson. brian: some similarities between the two. we will talk about that. the special is going to be coming out shortly about the similarities between jackson and trump. one of which is his fascination with the press. ainsley: how can we buy your book and where are you going to be on tour? >> can get at amazon. on tour friday heritage foundation at noon. saturday in mcclain, virginia and later on fred distributionburg, virginia. get that on all the listings. steve: your books are so well researched and well written. it's not like a history lesson. it's like a story. ainsley: can you tell. you are so passionate about
3:41 am
it. it comes to life for you. ainsley: i enjoy walking at airports all over the country and seeing your book as a best seller. brian: as is yours. went to an airport yesterday and had you to scramble to another one. congratulations, brian, happy for you. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead on this monday, rachel maddow ties the deaths of the american soldiers in niger to the president's travel ban. >> they just blanket banned people from chad. nobody from chad can get a visa to come here anymore. right after that that's when four u.s. army soldiers got attacked. steve: well, lieutenant colonel michael waltz served in niger. she says he has got it all wrong. is he fired up and ready to set the record straight. he's next. ainsley: it's not where's waldo. it's where are all the football fans as anthem protest continues. look at that the stadiums are thinning out a little bit. steve: oh boy. ♪ practice what you preach
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. brian: a hero of the left rachel maddow being shunned by her peers for tying the death of the soldiers in niger to the president's travel ban. >> they just blanket banned people from chad. nobody from chad can get a visa to come here anymore. on friday of last week, the government of chad announced that they had completed the withdrawal of all chaddian troops from their neighboring country of niger. where, for years, they have been fighting isis linked militants. right after that that's when four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by a large contingent of isis fighters in niger. brian: wow. here is. so reaction from the media on this. huffington post article called maddow's theory
3:46 am
flimsy and easily debunked that was "the washington huffin. enough with the conspiracies tragedy doesn't equal scandal. here next is green beret commander lieutenant michael waltz. you are not somebody who just understands the war on terror you were actually in niger, right. >> that's right. i served there in 2014. we were embedded with the nigerian army helping them with their operations then focused on all of the bad stuff coming out of southern libya and towards mali where you have al qaeda in the magram. >> brian: what are your thoughts? >> i don't know for sure why chad has pulled back. i strongly suspect it's because they have been in niger and nigeria for several years. but they are helping with the boko haram problem. that is in the southeastern part of niger and the
3:47 am
northern part of nigeria where cameroon is also helping in what we call that late chad baseball. that's totally focused on boko haram. the group that stole the girls. our green berets who were ambushed and killed are on the other side of and the western side of niger. and keep in mind, niger is twice the size of texas. it's a massive country. completely different geography, completely different mission. completely different terrorist group those guys were focused on. she just kind of drew this spurious thread there that i think frankly as a journalist is, you know, ridiculous. because most americans are just wrapping their minds around what we are doing there and i just think it draws this false line that doesn't exist. brian: so you have this congresswoman and others saying this is benghazi for republicans. i'm saying to myself, no. benghazi was a situation where requests for security was not answered.
3:48 am
an ambassador was unprotected. and in the end, it took months and years and we still don't have all the answers. i see the fact that these four made this trip 29 times prior without any turbulence and then one time they get hit, i think this is a military issue that should be examined. >> that's right. brian: so it doesn't start again. it doesn't necessarily add up to scandal, does it? >> in benghazi, you then had this about a video. had you kind of the whole coverup piece. here, we have had regular rotations. i was in niger in 2014, three years ago. we are embedded with and have long-term relationships with militaries all over the world. as i have told you guys before, you know, we are in 60 to 80 countries every day. that doesn't mean we are necessarily in combat. but those are in very hostile areas. we are working against terrorist groups all over the world. and sometimes we get into,you know, sometimes they get into a fight and sometimes the terrorists have a small victory against
3:49 am
us. we are in a global war against islamic extremism. i don't think you draw the line to benghazi at all. i certainly don't think if you are going to draw the line to chad withdrawing, you know, get your facts straight. that was completely differential area, completely different mission. brian: it's almost as if people are cheering for something to go wrong so a party can actually pay a price, which is totally reverse of the way these things are supposed to happen. ifin something goes wrong, you investigate. >> right. brian: maybe they there will be hell to pay, maybe there won't. when four people die i'm theying to myself look how dangerous africa is and how spread out we are. i think that's where it should start. with you think of general mattis and general kelly as well as general dunford you don't usually think scandal. these are people that know what it's like to be in commands. general, thank you for joining us, i appreciate it? >> thank you so much. brian: you served as the advisor to vice president cheney. nancy pelosi calls herself a master legislator and she is
3:50 am
not ready to give up her seat at the table. >> i want to see a new woman at the table. and that's why i have to stay there to be the one of the top women -- top women at the table. brian: is that what's best for her party? we will debate that next. soil of the biggest movies of the year are flopping at the box office. and next guest says it's all because of hollywood's liberal hypocrisy. where are the people going? ♪ ♪ ♪ i've got the power ♪ ♪ don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human ♪ i make mistakes get down! ♪ i'm only human ♪ it's all it takes ♪ don't put the blame on me thank you for looking after my son. we're brothers. we look after each other. thank you for your service. rated r.
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in theaters friday.
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3:53 am
steve: well, it's not the ending hollywood was hoping for. major studios cutting their losses this weekend, reducing the number of theaters for some of the
3:54 am
fall's biggest movies because they're flopping at the box office. ainsley: our next guest says it's the result of hollywood's liberal hypocrisy finally being exposed. here with more with washington examiner's writer philip hagman. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: some flops at the theater this summer. blade runner 2049 was supposed to be amazing 150 million. they have only made 170 million so far for the last three weekends. what's going on? why are we seeing flops? >> what we are seeing is if politics is downstream from culture, we are learning the real swamp is in hollywood that los angeles is an open sewer. after the harvey weinstein scandal, people are realizing there is a lot of liberal hypocrisy in hollywood. we are seeing more and more people less and less likely to go to the movies. steve: philip, don't you think part of it though is it's a hassle to get in your car and drive some place and spend 25 bucks for tickets and $25 for popcorn really
3:55 am
salty to see a movie can you watch on ppv in a month navarro? >> yeah. look, if you are a midwestern family of four, you are not going to load all the kids up in the car, spend all of that cash to get a movie that is going to go against your values. what we're seeing here is that people are going to spend their money elsewhere. they are tired of liberal politicians telling them what to do. they are tired of liberal movie stars doing the same thing. that's why ticket sales, i think are plummeting, one of the reasons why. steve: you are saying the reason people aren't going to the movies is the same reason people aren't going to the stadiums to watch the nfl? >> it's very similar, i think. similar phenomenon. brian: i have another theory for you. it's that you have the movies right now out and i also think that every time i watch any of these movie award shows, i don't even know what any of these top five movies. they are giving awards to each other for doing awards to each other. there is not enough of them. find out harvey weinstein
3:56 am
behind closed doors was twisting everybody's arm to get people oscars. it's not even fair play. >> even before harvey weinstein hold was hemorrhaging cash. at love blockbusters flopping. ticket sales are down. now have you studios like warner brothers and sony is pulling films early on top of that loss of cash, now they have a loss of credibility. so it's really going to be a really, really awkward academy awards this time around. ainsley: people are so tired of all of the politics. we are all so busy and stressed. i think we need more chic flicks. more julia roberts. brian: that's what steve was saying during the break. ainsley: like watching football, i don't want politics and all the award shows they say they hate the president. anyway, i'm just sick of it. brian: i think this is more therapy for ainsley. steve: flip, thank you very ainsleysteve philip thank you for joining us today. ainsley: big show on deck, kellyanne conway and newt gingrich they are going to
3:57 am
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or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. steve: the president is very optimistic this will happen with taxes. >> biggest ever in the history of this country. >> the fate of the disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl his sentencing hearing begins today. >> i think he will probably get life in prison and he earned it. >> the trump-russian collusion fairy tale is a fairy tale based off a fake dossier bought by democrats and put on steroids by complicit press. >> with this kind of inspiration i will go and take trump out tonight. [applause] >> i'm not so concerned about maxine waters. i'm concerned about the people who listen to her. the people that try to assassinate republican congressman. >> not only does he owe men apology. but he owes an apology to
4:01 am
the american people. >> when she made that statement i thought it was sickening. >> i was yesterday to go with hillary won with a woman at the top. that's why i have to stay there to be one of the top women. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ starting of a brand new day steve: it's a brand new hour of "fox & friends." hour two live from studio f as if "fox & friends." welcome aboard, folks. ainsley: it is 7:01 on the east coast. we have a great week together. brian: we have a lot to cover. i saw this story in the "new york times" today that both senate and house intelligence committees are getting nowhere when it comes to investigating any types of links between russia and the trump
4:02 am
campaign. i thought that was fascinating because it was in the "new york times." that's not the only thing that's happening with the russian probe. steve: no. this is breakin breaking news. as it turns out, so many people have said why aren't they investigating any democrats regarding russia collusion? we were telling you earlier about an fbi investigation into an actual russian spy who has installed part of a sleeper agent in new jersey at an accountantfirm to get inside and get close to the hillary clinton campaign. now it turns out robert mueller, the special counsel is investigating the podesta group. keep in mind, it walls tony podesta is the brother of john podesta who was hillary clinton's campaign manager. that man is -- it looks like, according to news reports this morning, this investigation has morphed into a criminal inquiry whether or not his firm, when they were lobbying on behalf of the ukraine,
4:03 am
violated the foreign agent's registration act. ainsley: ukraine hired him to promote and his company to promote their image here in the west. so what happens is if you lobby on behalf of a foreign government or a leader or political party, you have to file a detailed disclosure about their spending and their activities with the justice department. it turns out, according to this article, they did do that, but not until the media made others away that they were working with ukraine and they didn't file this. so then they go back and file it. so now roberts mueller is investigating. brian: and three separate sources back this up this investigation is taking place. i want to add something else to the fray. investigating paul manafort for his links to eastern european countries in russia and ukraine. paul manafort wasn't even with trump yet. then he joins trump and everybody goes what's going on there look at paul manafort. that's how they describe the thing with tony op-ed. podesta.
4:04 am
anna co-very much, allied with vladimir putin. the country drew him out. they said we would like somebody who represents us not vladimir putin. putin's response was we are going to send in the separatist rebels to carve up your country, hence we got the crimea situation and we still have an infiltration. when you think promoting ukraine you think friendly to the u.s. yeah, this government. but not the one prior to that. steve: so, it looks as if they were looking at paul manafort. they realized there were five companies and one of the other companies was the podesta group. they didn't file the paperwork. that's how we wound up where we are today. it is interesting though if they everywhere going to get mr. man ford pictured right there on violating the foreign agent's registration act for not filing the paperwork because he was lobbying, you know, is the podesta group guilty of the same thing? well, they certainly were late in filing their paperwork. didn't actually file it until after it hit the press. ainsley: well, congresswoman fredericka wilson, she's
4:05 am
back in the news. she was talking yesterday and throughout the weekend. remember she said she was going to be silent. last week she was upset and said the president's call to the gold star widow was insensitive. the president said she was backy. she tweeted that niger is donald trump's benghazi and he needs to own it because four americans died. enough to she is demanding an apology from the white house chief of staff john kelly. let's listen to what she said yesterday. >> john kelly is almost, i guess, you could say he was a puppet of the president and what he was trying to do was divert the attention away from the president on to me. the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name an empty barrel and all the work that i have done in this community, i don't think that's fair and i think it's wrong. and, yes, he does owe the american people an apology
4:06 am
for lying on one of their congresswomen. i think this is going to be this administration's benghazi. this is going to be trump's benghazi. steve: hold on a second. i remember not that long ago a lot of people on the political left said -- didn't think that benghazi was a big deal. but apparently now if she is using it like trump's benghazi apparently it is a big deal and was a big deal. ryan brian which cheapens all those people that were wounded and actually killed in benghazi and the ambassador whose life was lost, many would argue, unnecessarily. by the way, not only should general kelly not apologize. we can't thank him enough for what he has already given to the country. as president trump said yesterday to maria, the interview that aired with maria, i had to convince him to do this job. he didn't want this job. this is part of his ongoing life of giving back to his country. i thought he gave one of the most powerful speeches ever, impromptu remarks it would
4:07 am
have been great if it was in the toll prompter let alone ad-libbed it should have put this thing to bed. president trump said yesterday, you know what in the more she talks, it's the gift that keeps on giving for republicans. because, between kelly and this congresswoman from miami beach, who do you think has more credibility with the american people? not people in washington, the american people. ainsley: listen to what the president said about it. >> he does it for the country. is he not doing it for what he wants. he does it for the country. this is a very unusual man. so, when she made that statement, i thought it was sickening, actually. ainsley: that was his exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. brian: it was really good. very interesting. steve: while we thought it was all going to end on thursday with john kelly there in the briefing room, explaining the context of how the system worked and the context of the president's comments, you would have thought that was the end of it but, it just keeps going and going and that is the latest. brian: i'm going to give you on this next story i'm going to give you my bias. i'm flat out a football fan.
4:08 am
and. steve: a lot of people were. brian: what's happening right now in the nfl has to be setting off alarm bells not just in the few franchises, every franchise. take a look, everybody, to a series of pictures in stadiums across this country. this isn't hours before the game it's during the game. steve: people on the field playing football. brian: this is during the game. people are not going to stadiums. they are turned off whether in san francisco by the fact that six players are taking a knee and the team also happens to be really bad. with jacksonville where the team is very, very good. and they don't seem to be coming, won again big time. ainsley: browns and titans. by the way for the first time i think all year the browns stood for the national anthem. it might be too late. titans also had four or five. now we had, i think, roughly, unofficially, 8 seahawks sit. the whole defensive line. six, san francisco 49ers:
4:09 am
about 8 players stood in the tunnel rather than not be there. a lot locked arms. a few fists up in the air. the bottom line the combination has been deadly, so bad the contract for roger goodell has been held up, reportedly, about being renewed because they don't know if he is the right guy in charge. ainsley: what's going to be interesting door. a lot of people have season tickets they are going if they paid for the tickets. steve: in fact i was reading somebody taking one of those pictures the only reason some of the people is in those seats they paid at love time a lot of money to be there. whether they support the nfl or not. ainsley: next year interesting to see when the season tickets will come up. a lot of people say i'm not paying anymore. steve: a call put out around veterans day which is 11/11. so in less than two weeks. people are saying don't go to the games. don't watch the games it will be interesting to see how empty the stands are that sunday after veterans day. ainsley: if your team is playing that week.
4:10 am
steve: don't watch tv so they don't get the ratings. they are trying to make a statement. brian: san francisco they made a flag that looked like america. it was fantastic. i know the guy who runs it john lynch. you know him. president of the team right now. i know he is as patriotic. it must be killing him on some levels. that's fantastic. listen, and roger goodell in many ways is an impossible situation. is he not calling out the fact that the union really has power here. he can't mandate they all stand. he can say blame them. that's not what a leader does either. steve: i saw an article this week roger goodell is the highest paid person in the nfl. brian: $46 million. ainsley: what? a year? brian: i think. so. ainsley: oh my word. steve: if you didn't go to a game yesterday but got seats and didn't use them. email them us with why at
4:11 am or efacebook us. brian: interesting for you guys the eagles are surging surprise team in the league arguably. the fan goes to philadelphia where the liberty bell is. jillian: i know. i haven't been home for a game. i would love to go. i would love to see that in person. brian: as a reporter, you should get paid to go to the jail-time. jillian: i agree with you, brian. roger goodell having his hands tied. the bargaining agreement goes a couple more years. brian: unless reopen it and see what happens when the revenue drops. steve: they can fix it change it. jillian: meantime we do have breaking news to get to, guys. starting with a fox news alert. a florida community on edge this morning over fears a possible serial killer on the loose in tampa. three people gunned down all within a mile of each other. people gathering overnight
4:12 am
for vigil paying respect to the victims. police are looking for this man, spotted near the scene of the first murder the night it happened. another fox news alert, the u.s. is preparing to put nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert as tensions rise with north korea. it's a move that hasn't been seen since the end of the cold war in 1991. the order has not been given yet. but preparations are being made, just in case. that's according to defense 1. we're getting our first look at president trump's completed border wall proto types. all 8 walls standing 30 feet high near the san diego southern border. made of concrete and steel. each will be tested on keeping illegal immigrants out of the country. still unclear when president trump's administration will pick that winning walling. he saved more than 100 lives and used himself as a human shield in the middle of battle. today 47 years later, army captain gary michael rhoads will receive the medal of honor from president trump. >> rose was serving as a medic during a secret mission allowed during the vietnam war when his unit
4:13 am
came under fire. he was wounded yet kept treating other soldiers. look at your headlines and big congrats to him. very well deserved. steve: indeed the medal of honor. thank you, jillian. brian: pentagon offering conflicting stories about troops doing in niger. next group demanding answers. senator james lankford here to discuss that next. ainsley: it may be the greatest volleyball play you will ever see. look at that whoa. watch it again. wow. brian: wow. ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ and party every day ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ and party every day ♪ i want to rock and roll
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plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ brian: all right. the attack in niger raising a lot of questions. the pentagon now under pressure to provide some answers as lawmakers, including our next guest, claimed they are getting conflicting stories about what really happened that killed four green berets. g.o.p. senator james lankford is a member of the senate intel committee. he joins us now. senator, what did you know about our operations in niger? >> we are getting bits and pieces. this has been ongoing operation there. people think what are we doing in niger? the issue is we are all over wherever terrorists are. that's where we are going to be to push back.
4:18 am
have you isis terrorists that are there. al qaeda terrorists that are there. right next door in mali, we have had over 100 u.s. peace keepers in mali. a lot of these by islamist extremists. just to the north of niger is libya. those weapons in the chaos of libya are flowing to the south. there is a reason for us to be there. typically those extremists have not engaged with us. obviously they did this time. brian: what do you mean by conflicting stories? what bothers you? >> initially different stories. some said our soldiers engaged in the battle. others say no they attacked us. we have got to see what happened. we know our guys have seen them several times on the horizon. typically those folks haven't engaged with us and we haven't engaged with them. most of our folks are advisors, they're behind the scenes helping the locals to be able to take the fight to them. obviously the fight came to us at this time. we want to find out the details to see what we can do to protect our men and
4:19 am
women. brian: you saw senator lindsey graham yesterday like you very pro-military. he said i did not know we had a thousand american troops in niger and and do you need to know. >> we serve on the intelligence committee. preventing terrorism from being able to come to our own shores. it's not knew for u new for us n africa. usama bin laden in afghanistan. two decades ago. who is usama bin laden and why should we care? we should care. they are trying to bring the fight to us where they are finished. brian: can you imagine if we took him out of sudan when we were able to in the 90's. isis goes down. caliphate collapses. that's a major american victory. why aren't we hearing more about this. >> isis is spread out to all over the world. brian: they are going underground. >> what it means they have lost the caliphate headquarters in raqqa which is extremely important there are two features of that one is they are spreading
4:20 am
everywhere. what they call providences all over the world. 13 different nations where isis is engaged right now. libya being a primary. the sinai peninsula being a primary. they are scattered out everywhere. make sure we keep down. assad is rising to power in syria. we have 10 million refugees out there. iran in control of syria. we can't just say isis is out of syria so everything is done there nothing gets better if iran runs syria now. brian: if we have to track al qaeda, al shabaab, isis around the globe, how much should you know and how much should the military have free reigns to just go? >> you can't have free range on the battlefield check with us before do you anything. we are advise and assist. we are not trying to be the lead people in the fight. we are trying to help the nations be better at the fight. brian: doesn't have to be scandal. we want to find out what happened. >> that's correct. i don't think there is a scandal there but we need to get the information.
4:21 am
brian: great to inside person. >> nice to see you again. brian: 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. nancy pelosi calls herself master legislator and not ready to give her seat up at the table. is that what the democratic party really wants? we will with the dems next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps)
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if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. steve: another defeat for isis. u.s. backed fighters recapturing syria's largest oil field from the terrorist army with a quote swift and wide military operation. this coming after isis lost control of their self-proclaimed capital of raqqa. that fell last week. and a man allegedly inspired by isis blow up a busy shopping mall is making his first appearance in federal court later today. salono of miami was arrested
4:25 am
following fbi sting. they say he made pro-islamic state videos but wasn't directly ordered by isis to carry out the attacks. we'll keep you posted. all right, ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much. as democrats call for nancy pelosi to step down, the house minority leader insisting she is not going anywhere and making her argument to stay. >> i was ready to go home if hillary won and have a woman at the top of the table. i was the only woman at the table. that's why i have to stay there in order to be one of the top women -- top people at the table. ainsley: here to weigh in our panel political professor zane know, along with cathy barnett in the middle armed forces reserve veteran and host of truth exchange. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you were so good this weekend we wanted to bring you back. did you such great job. jeany, i want to ask you when you hear her say she is
4:26 am
a master legislator and she is saying because she is a woman she needs to stay at the table, does it sound desperate to you? why does she want everyone to hear her resume? is she worried about hearing lot power? >> if you have a sports team in the last six years you have lost. it is time for new leadership. new blood, new strategies. that's what the democratic party needs the numbers tell a story here. a thousand seats lost since 2008. she has been in the house 30 years. she has been in leadership 14 years. she may be a masser legislator but you know what? this is about being the head of the democratic party this is the democratic party. they have not been successful in doing that the average age of the democratic leadership in the house right now is 77 years old there is nothing wrong with that if they were winning. i speak with young people all the time, i can tell you saying nancy pelosi is at the top of the democratic ticket does nothing to inspire them to go out and vote for democrats.
4:27 am
ainsley: as the democrat, what do you think about leadership? does she need to go? >> no, i think she is right on target if you do talk to the younger voters. ainsley: just because she is a woman. >> if she does leave, then there is no woman at the table. there. ainsley: you are saying she should stay because she is a woman. >> she wonderful powerful legislator. ainsley: she a master legislator. >> she is great at what she does. so, yes, there should be a woman at the table. she is right woman to be at the table it if she leaves there would be no woman at the table. i think she does a great job. everybody supports what she said. everyone supports all of her ideas. she is allied with the party then why would we want someone new? ainsley: cathy we heard from a lot of the females who said they are all in favor of a woman for president. it just has to be the right woman. do you think the same for nancy pelosi? >> the right woman, yes. and let me just say that if nancy does gift us with her presence for another term, the republican party is
4:28 am
going to be like christmas for them. they will be extremely excited for that. ainsley: why is that? >> because, the fact of the matter is, is that nancy pelosi, as have you already stated, i mean, they are losing seat after seat. and what we are recognizing as nancy has already said about herself is that she raises a lot of money. she is extraordinary at raising money. but as a strategist said over the weekend. who is sovereign? the people or the money? what we are finding out all across america that americans are awake, and time and time again, seat by seat, precinct by precinct they are determined to take their government back and remove these intrenched politicians. we should not be selecting leaders based on their anatomy. we should be selecting leaders based on their love for our country and their love for the rule of law. ainsley: she brings up a good point about money. we know everything is a business. and the democratic party has fewer dollars in their bank account than the republican party does. and they are going up
4:29 am
against donald trump in a few years, does she bring up a good point? is the democratic party worried about losing nancy pelosi because she can fund raise? >> yeah. absolutely they are. and that speaks to the problems in the democratic party. look it, four special elections they lost every single one. and to cathy's point, we have two cathys. this cathy's point, they lost in georgia. they lost in montana because the republicans made nancy pelosi the story. you can love nancy pelosi. we can want a female. but you have to have a leader for the democratic party. and she has not led it in the direction. parties needs to win to change policy. so you can say oh, she's great. she can call herself a master legislator. you can't legislate without voters. they don't have support. >> that's the point. they have made her the story because she is a woman. men have taken advantage that we have such a 35u6r8 woman. men are afraid. >> went on "the view" saying that we need her because she is a woman. so she made herself the
4:30 am
story. instead of let other people take her at her word. again, as i said before, the democratic party is notorious for telling us gender doesn't exist and yes they play that card. ainsley: secretly are the democrats worried. >> they are not. ainsley: there is not a female leader. there is not necessarily leader. 45% of women voted for president trump. >> well, but hillary won the popular vote. i still think hillary is my president. >> she didn't win the presidency. >> leadership for 14 years. you should be bringing young women up through the democratic party. i work with young women. they want to run and win. 14 years you are in leadership. you are surrounded by men. bring up these young women. she cannot be the only one. that's not how leadership works. >> she hasn't planned for successor and she hasn't and time has run out. ainsley: ladies, thank you so much. jeanne, cathy and cathy thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: russians weren't just donating to hillary clinton they were spying on her as well.
4:31 am
and we are having burgers for breakfast. >> oh, yeah. ainsley: yes. actually we woke up at 3:00 this morning so it's lunchtime for us. we are taking the fats burger xxx challenge live in the studio next. ♪ i'm on the hunt after you ♪ i'm the money you save for retirement. i help you get organized so your money could multiply. see? got it. who's he? he's green money for spending today. you know, paying bills, maybe a little online shopping... makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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♪ hungry eyes. steve: all right, fat burger is set up in our studio. come on over here camera guy. walk right on over here. this is called the triple x challenge, right? >> triple x challenge. brian: what is the challenge? >> the challenge is can you finish this? ainsley: we needed jessica simpson on the hood of the car. >> right? brian: i don't know what she is talking about. steve: we are going to try it in a minute. the guy from fat burger is here to officiate. meantime jillian has
4:35 am
headlines. jillian: i'm getting that smell right now. good morning to you guys and good morning to you at home as well. we the get back to the burgers in just a second. give you news headlines. opening arguments set to begin today in juan lopez sanchez the illegal immigrant accused of gunning down kate steinle at san francisco pier debate over sanctuary cities. he had been deported five times and just released by sheriff officials months earlier despite a request from immigration officials to keep him behind bars. he faces life in prison. solving prison violence one pizza slice at a time. ne"new york post" is reporting more than two dozen pizzas delivered to. so worst rikers island inmates part of a program that cuts back on violence. the corrections department says 75 inmates were given two slices each and cost taxpayers by the way about 400 bucks. tell us what you think about that. check your freezer a nationwide recall affecting
4:36 am
major brands recall over concerns of listeria. prepackaged items man's packaging call flower, broccoli and others. there were more. september 7th and october 20th. so far no one has gotten sick. have you got to see this. a stunning save at a high school volleyball game is going viral. check it out. the high school senior autumn finney making a super hero leap from 30 feet from the net. she strikes the ball back over the net keeping it in play. the texas team got back up making another save in the rally. boy, that is something she is never going to forget. guys, i'm going to come join you there. ainsley: they are known as the last great hamburger stand serving up king sized sandwiches for over 50 years. steve: this is the xxx. today fat burgers is going public on the new york stock exchange. and they have brought the fat burger xxx challenge to
4:37 am
our studio. brian: chief marketing director for fat burger himself. congratulations. exciting day for you. >> big day for us. thanks for having me. brian: what's going to change now that you are going public. >> we are acquiring ponderosa and bonanza steakhouses. fat brands is global franchise restaurant holding company and we have 300 restaurants around the world. steve: that's fantastic. one of the things you do at fat burger if somebody can actually finish this you take a picture of the person and put it on the wall. >> take the picture and certificate and photo on the wall in the restaurant. and then it becomes a challenge of, can your friend eat four patties and five patties. of the record to date is 16 patties. steve: by one person? >> by one person. steve: in one day? brian: and when did he die? >> let's start. this is a pound and a half of beef. can you imagine 16 presidents is like 8 pounds. steve: can you take all day to eat it?
4:38 am
>> you can take as much time as you want. i did it once and it took me 30 minutes. steve: it's delicious. brian: you are the marketing director you are skinny. can you have fat burgers and be skinny. jillian: i'm a vegetarian. steve: brought burger for you. >> impossible burger for you. a plant based protein. jillian: really? >> we just launched it in five our restaurants. the most significant thing about the impossible burger it cooks, looks and tastes very similar to beef. >> um-huh. it looks exactly like it. brian: how do you explain america's love for the burger? >> it's the heart and soul of our food. steve: how do you explain america? this is fantastic. just out of curiosity. i hate to be a kill joy. any idea how many calories in this? >> you don't really want to know. [laughter]
4:39 am
steve: what's the first number? >> it starts with a 1 and has a lot of zeros after it. brian: that's good. ainsley: it's delicious. you are all over the country and ringing the bell today? brian: ringing the bell at nasdaq. why is this a good investment if people want to put their money into it? >> why not. we are selling burgers, shakes and fries. brian: getting ready for varney and company. why not? ainsley: how does this challenge start? >> no one knows the true history of it. it's been around for decades. and basically our cooks in the restaurant started challenging one another to how many patties could they actually eat on a burger. and then it just morphed into what it is today. steve: at fat burger, how much does the xxx sell for? >> it sells for 8 to $9. ainsley: you can buy one burger and feed a family of three. steve: we will be watching 9:30 ring the bell at the nasdaq.
4:40 am
ainsley: congratulations. brian: two hands on that burger. that's how heavy it is. steve: he hasn't taken a bite yet. i am eating mine. bombshell report russians weren't just donating to the clinton foundation and hillary clinton, they were also spying on her as well. john sullivan with the exclusive coming up. ainsley: plus, brian. brian: plus counselor to the president kellyanne conway and newt gingrich both here live. we will find out who has the better hair ♪ sometimes i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ i get a feeling ♪ that i never, never, never had before ♪ no, no. ♪ i get a good feeling ♪ oh, sometimes impossible to ignore.
4:41 am
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4:43 am
steve: bombshell report indicate the russians weren't just donating to hillary clinton they were spying on her as well. the hill reporting the fbi found multiple arms of vladimir putin's russian government trying to
4:44 am
infiltrate her inner circle. ainsley: all this happening around the time then secretary of state hillary clinton signed off on the deal giving russia a stake stake in the u.s. nuclear industry brian reporter for the hill wrote the store. john, we have a lot to get to. first off, when did this start? it started really when she was named secretary of state, correct? >> that's right. in early 2000. >> and when did you realize that there was something, some ten neck calls were going her direction? >> we have been going through documents three months now putting together mosaic of all the different ways that russia was trying to get to the clintons, some of it involved hiring a lobbying firm. some of them involved giving bill clinton money. the one that took the most time to put together the spy ring made by anna chapman gotten close to hillary clinton democratic voter. steve: everybody remembered the red-haired anna chapman. tell us about cynthia murphy, she was a sleeper agent who wound up working
4:45 am
for an accountant in new jersey who put her there and why that accountancy firm. >> russian firm placed her there. sleeper cell. she had a husband and two children and blended into the community. her job was to get information on the state department through friendship that she had made through owner named allen patrick, one of the largest democratic party donors, a very close friend to the clintons, in 2010, her efforts were getting closer and closer to potentially accessing the state department. and the fbi swooped in and rounded her up and deported her from the country. ainsley: john, what does this mean for people watching in the middle of america and they don't know much about all of the politics and what's happening behind the scenes? what does this mean to them? >> it's a great question. six or 8 years before the russians tried to interfere with our election, they were clearly try to interfere with the state department with our nuclear security. and i think you have to look at the russian effort as a much longer period of time.
4:46 am
i talked to an fbi agent that said basically 2008, 9, and 10 with the clintons was a warm-up for what we are seeing now in 2016. brian: they identified hillary clinton as the next president. they said okay that's one clinton. we will get to the other clinton. they also thought it was important to bring up, the fbi had been picking this up. they also thought the reconciliations wanted to create their own silicon valley. and they wanted some help doing that correct? >> they did. in fact, the timing of president bill clinton getting his $500,000 check that famous check that peter schweizer wrote about a couple years ago is right around the time when the russians are trying to get mrs. clinton's help to start a silicon valley near moscow. steve: sure. one other question for you. there is some breaking news this morning from nbc that apparently tony podesta, the brother of big democrat by the name of john podesta who was hillary clinton's campaign manager this time around. apparently robert mueller is looking into a criminal investigation whether or not he broke the law regarding
4:47 am
what do you know. >> they like many got hired by the russians during a period of time arms and entities. what keeps coming up in foreign lobbying questions is did they comply with the foreign agent registration act? i think that's where we are seeing with paul manafort now with tony podesta. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a few more questions about firms before we are all con. brian: i want to go back to your story for a second. >> sure. brian brian here we are, he is trying to plow the ground to ingratiate themselves with the secretary of state. they feel as though she very well could be the next president. how far did they get and how does it relate to the uranium project? >> that's a great question. the russians had multiple interests, right? they were interested in finding out what was mrs. clinton going to do to reset reboot the relationship with russia shah. brian: she knew hillary clinton resetting it, not president obama necessarily. >> yeah. and, in fact, you see the activation of this cell, the cynthia murphy cell right around the time mrs. clinton comes back from a trip to russia where she meets with depetrie medvedev then the
4:48 am
president. you see this activation. they want to find out what's going on at the state department. separately, mrs. clinton, her state department presided over a decision, along with 12 other agencies a prove the sale of uranium one. this is a company that had a lot of uranium asettings. there is another part we are starting to learn very important to the russians. that is after the uranium deal was done. and they had control of the 20%, they needed to create a market in the united states, so they were lobbying the obama administration very hard to get commercial contracts to sell the new uranium that they had to the united states and have a market make a profit. brian: sold uranium from the soviet union. >> that was the old program. that program was coming to an end. now they needed to get something to replace it new uranium. new commercialized modified uranium coming into the united states. they got billions of dollars of contracts during the obama years. new angle to this. ainsley: the obama administration how did they justify giving 20% of our
4:49 am
uranium. i know we heard bribery with the clintons. when you take that factor out, why did the president obama even agree to do that? >> well, it's a great question. i think one of the things in foreign policy is if you have russia has all these nuclear assets. you don't want them not to have a market and sell to to the black market or give to iran or give to north korea. they were trying to create a friendly market. i think there was a strategic interest. the most interesting thing we learned the last couple of weeks. at the moment they were making this decision they knew that the russian nuclear energy arm in the united states was enimandle in bribery. they had bribed a trucking company. they had bribed a couple other consultants. there was a good reason not to, given this contract right in the fbi's own records. steve: there is so much to it. all we can figure -- you know, we look at it at the time some of this was going down. robert mueller was the fbi directors. rod rosenstein who is the deputy fbi director was okaying things. there are all these names still in the news. and, yet, they knew about it then, the fbi did. and they didn't do anything.
4:50 am
it kind of looks political to some. >> to be fair to the fbi. the fbi did an awful lot of aggressive work. they rolled up the spy ring. they eventually were able to get the justice department to investigate and prosecute the russian nuclear company. but there was a very slow walking of this inside the justice department. not the fbi. i think there is a lot of questions now emerging about why were they so slow? even the defendant who was charged actually filed a court filing at one point saying why did you wait five years to charge me you? had me right away. there are a lot of questions why this is slow walked to the justice department? brian: we actually wanted to reset with them and they are still working behind closed doors and clandestinely. we actually wanted things to work. yet they couldn't get out of the spy mode. thanks so much john solomon. ainsley: want to read about it john is with the hill. thanks, john. democrats and republicans can work together to make america great again and he's got proof thanks to ronald reagan.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
crusade to make america great again. steve: in a new op-ed in u.s. today president trump uses president reagan's tax reform plan to show how both parties can work together again to make america grade again. he wrote, quote: republicans and democrats came together to cut taxes for hard-working families back in 1981 and again in 1986. the economy boomed, small businesses and factories sprung back to life. we have the benefit of hindsight as we look back at the three decades since our country's last major tax reform. we can see what worked and what did not. it's time to unite america's middle class miracle once again. here is radio talk show
4:55 am
host, someone who has examined ronald reagan's legacy closely tammy bruce. >> i think the op-ed was perfect. the president is clearly rolling out what he wants. letting the american people know what's at stake here. it's also a message to the democrats that we have done this before and your colleagues agreed. this is not so different from what president reagan did do. i can tell you in 1986, the majority of the democrats voted for president reagan's tax cuts and tax reform, including john kerry, al gore, joe biden and the late ted kennedy. so if the democrats are wondering if they should vote for, this they have three of those gentlemen that they can ask whether it's valuable. steve: the way they are going to do it the republicans in the senate use the reconciliation process. they only need 50 votes anyway. if a democrat wants to look good to the folks back home, who says no to cutting taxes? >> look, that's it. this will be helpful to everyone. every constituency wins. again, as you heard from or read from the president's
4:56 am
op-ed, we know how this will work. we have seen it. this is not some new thing like obamacare. there are at risk democrats in very red states, trump states that have a benefit to do this. it would be nice to have more democrats come aboard. either way the president wins. they come on board he wins, if they don't he will have the votes. this is a signal to the american people he is trying. he wants people to work together. the democrats seem to not at this point. steve: exit question revolves around that. democrats don't want to give him a win, none, zero, zip, zilch. >> which is the proving ground of this. we know with reagan, the democrats did come on board. we know it will help every individual in every town in every state. if they are just simply obstruction zombies, this is the proof in the pudding of that. they don't have to be. this is what donald trump is saying. he is not just saying do it because i want it done. it's because it's good for the country. the democrats now can prove that they care more about their constituents instead of themselves. steve: tammy bruce, let's
4:57 am
see if the democrats are listening. >> thank you. steve: we're stepping aside. coming up, final hour of "fox & friends," have you newt gingrich and you have got kellyanne conway and you. put down the remote. we'll be right back. ♪ no two of us are alike. life made more effortless through adaptability. the perfect position seat in the lincoln continental. ♪
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crest hd cleans and whitens my teeth to eye-popping levels. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i did it, i did it, i impressed the dentist. >> robert mueller, the special counsel is investigating the podesta group. like many who got hired by the russian group the disgraced army sergeant subtype hearing begins today. >> rachel nadeau being shunned by her peers to the president's travel ban. >> i was a completely different area. >> the upside over my reporting out last night doesn't mean anything you reported wasn't true. >> not only does he owe me an apology, videos me an apology to the american people. >> i was ready to go home and
5:01 am
that's why i have to stay there. >> in the last six years you have lost, it's time for new leadership. that's what the democrats need. ♪ >> that is a great song. >> the bengals. >> whatever happened to them? >> is in this from the go-go's? >> very similar. >> there was a time when women banned dominated the music scene.
5:02 am
>> heart, cyndi lauper was really hot. go goes. alanis morissette. some single female artists. that's like saying carrie underwood. >> actually i think we are at the rarity. we kind of like mondays. do you still love being on with "fox and friends"? mr. newt gingrich speaker of the house, fox news contributor and the great and his vengeance. by default those jobs what was your favorite. >> how can you not love being on "fox and friends" on monday when brian is at his most manic? >> i just blew my vatican appointment.
5:03 am
by the way, this is what i'm talking about. tally lights to a three-run, which is an impossibility. we digress. there's a fox news alert. apparently democrats should have been careful because no robert mueller, special counsel comes special investigators now apparently investigating the podesta group. john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign manager, now they are looking into his brother, tony because there's a possibility they were looking into robert mueller and perhaps tony podesta may have broken the law regarding that as well. your thought. >> evening paul manafort? look, first of all, i do think it is useful not to look at russia, but look at saudi arabia, look at china.
5:04 am
lots of times they figure out that hiring a lobbyist can make giving money to a foundation, endowing the university come them foreign money penetrating university is very disturbing and i think we have to have some kind of congressional hearings just to set the record of how many different countries are trying to influence us and remind us a lot of these so-called professors come from endowed chairs that have been endowed by foreign governments that are not necessarily giving us academic truth. in the case of russia, i've always thought it was crazy that we are over here looking at a very minor issue about trump. you had the uranium one deal, i think $135 million to the clinton foundation. bill clinton getting a half a million dollars, the podesta group doing things of a representational come including representing the major russian bank. the total surround for hillary
5:05 am
clinton of russian influence was stunning. >> .com a couple things. i don't want to get too into detail. a couple things between this podesta story, tony podesta story in "the new york times" story for the house and senate are getting nowhere in terms of trying to see collusion between trump and the russians. number three when people should understand is the ukrainian government now is friendly, but podesta was representing and paul manafort scruple expression and they got overthrown by the people. once the people spoke up and put the right person in power, then the russians took two crania and infiltrated their border and tried to cut off the country ever since. they were going against american interests. >> yes, there's no question the previous ukrainian president was so close an ally to russia that
5:06 am
not only the people ukraine tour now. you have this deeper story here which is really interesting. i'm surprised, for example, nobody has demanded all the donations be made public. i mean come and they played this game where they had the clinton foundation in canada which shouldn't have to report on the clinton foundation of america reported. so if there was a shady donation and magically appeared in canada when nobody was reporting there. >> this open my eyes. i didn't know these countries were paying lobbying firms here in america to make themselves look better. ukraine hired him, tony podesta and his firm to promote them and make them look good here in the west. does this happen often and how do they run a campaign to make ukraine look good here? >> look, we really need congressional hearings that are very broad.
5:07 am
what happens is you hire a lobbyist. in the case of the podesta group coming in now, they are very closely tied to his brother who's the chief of staff to two different presidents. these people are wired. a few donated some to the university, they hired the right kind of professor. what the right kind of professor? a professor that spent up front for that country. by the way, the think tanks could use a few million dollars and they will do a conference about how great our country is. if you look at the total penetration of our system, it is very, very disturbing. >> if you're a billionaire and can finance her campaign you are free from these types of temptations. jimmy carter, the 93-year-old who overcame cancer has also had a revelation that a lot of people like you, newt gingrich, has said before and he said this to marie and out of "the new york times." when the question was to the
5:08 am
russians prolong the election for hillary clinton, his answer? rosie and i have a difference of opinion on that. i don't think there's any evidence that what the russians did change the votes of any boat. he went on to say that he believed because barack obama didn't deliver that is why hillary clinton was the blowout of candidate. that is why donald trump one. >> well, what you want me to say other than that it's pretty accurate? jimmy carter's most accurate democrat in america? >> i'm afraid so. and 93 seems to be doing better than a lot of the other democrats. here's reality. maybe this new intelligence committees are finding any collusion because there wasn't any collusion. we are now about to enter one year from the election. one year. they can't find anything in one year, maybe it doesn't exist and
5:09 am
maybe they are one apology to donald trump who may have won the presidency on his own despite all the smears and all of the lies and all the distortions. ainsley: mr. speaker, even the letters criticizing rachel nadeau for something she said last week for leaking president trump travel ban. listen to this find out -- the soundbite will get your reaction. >> they ban people from chad. nobody could get a visa to chad to come back. right after that, four u.s. army soldiers got attacked. ainsley: the "huffington post" came out with an article saying there was just one problem. not as theory was so flimsy that it could be done about by a quick glance at a map, let alone a phone call with an expert. what is your reaction? >> why would you want racial change her entire method of operation? facts are so difficult, david burden you so much.
5:10 am
if you have left-wing nonsense, why should you have to learn anything that's factual? she is a great fantasy life for whatever goes wrong in the world, donald trump today. it shares a flat tire, donald trump caiman/attire. the whole left is crazy about this stuff. i was interviewed by sun reporter the other day and i finally said you have a pathology. your pathology is anti-trump is on. and that is where she sat. why would you demand this? first of all you have to know where africa was. look at the burdens you're putting on her. it's very unfair to pick on her. one of the great fantasies on television and we should just respect her for having really live fantasies. steve: meanwhile, mr. speaker, tomorrow, the president of the united states will go to capitol hill and talk to republicans in
5:11 am
the congress about particularly the house about them passing the budget framework, which the senate passed last week. we know the freedom caucus doesn't like to go down the road where there is a lot of spending. there is a lot of spending, but we've heard it sounds like they will just go ahead and say whatever the senate says we will go forward because otherwise it will take two weeks of debating. do you think this is a win for the senate and republicans finally? >> look, this vote is symbolic. what this vote does is unlock the process to pass the tax cut and i think mark meadows in the freedom caucus are exact revenge. this is the preliminary vote to get to a giant tax cut in half the american people, help the economy grow jobs, increased take-home pay. i would say if you want to get a tax cut this year, which republicans need to get real at 92018 that you vote yes on this. you recognize the budget is just
5:12 am
the beginning of the debating process anyway, but she's not triggered the mechanisms of the senate can pass a tax cut with 50 votes and at that point we have a real shot at getting a tax cut this year. the president will go to the house i didn't say please pass the senate budget. he's going to go to senators and say please give ready to pass a tax cut. it's a very important moment for the republicans. steve: it'll be interesting to see these men alexander murray and await she's acceptable because people on a lot of levels want to see something going on between both parties together. meanwhile, want to focus on the nfl. the president just treated. two dozen nfl players showing total disrespect to our flag. no leadership in the nfl. a lot of empty seats this weekend. eight seattle seahawks and six san francisco 49ers and others about a handful in the tunnel. where is this story going?
5:13 am
>> let me say first of all, this is a very painful monday morning for you to raise the nfl. we'll want sure packers stock, my second favorite team as the falcons. we have such a bad sunday that the fed should raise the nfl -- >> you think i'm enjoying it? [laughter] there are some seasons. i apologize i wasn't thinking. look, part of what trump is doing is trump personifies. he's not causing the polarization. you personifies the polarization which is growing in america. people believe the american flag as general kelly said the other day is sort of a sacred icon. the national anthem is important to bring us together. the pledge of allegiance really matters you demand people frankly are outside the american norm and a growing number of people over here who have the exact opposite deal.
5:14 am
the challenge of the nfl is simple. i don't pay to watch somebody insult me. so they are entertainers. they don't want an audience, that's fine. drive away their audience. ainsley: at thank you. kellyanne conway coming up next. ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. i've got a nice long life ahead. applebee's 2 for $20. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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5:18 am
ainsley: political tangent come to a boiling point in spain as officials in madrid are looking to crush any remaining government in catalonia where citizens are still pushing to succeed. steve: ryan chilcote in london with the latest push for independence. ryan kaus serious is this on both sides? reporter: it's getting pretty serious in the showdown set to heat up between spain and the region of catalonia. earlier today the cattle on government met to discuss their response to spain's decision-making over the weekend to impose direct rule on thursday the entire catalonian parliament will meet just one day before spain is set to act to decide how they are going to respond to the spanish government's moves. on friday, the spanish senate will invoke what is called article clv, part of the constitution and that would allow us think of the federal
5:19 am
government to impose direct rule, fired the government and announce regional elections. some of the separatists in catalonia are saying they are going to disobey those orders if they come and they are calling on people in catalonia and the regions 17,000 police to do the same. steve: ryan join us live from london with the latest. >> meanwhile, what's happening in the united states of america. counselor to the united states kellyanne conway will join us live in 11 minutes. ainsley: plus, sort of family, love and faith is lighting up the internet. it all started with this reaction when he kissed his wife . ♪
5:20 am
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call, visit or go to ainsley: good monday morning. a florida community on edge this morning over fears of possible serial killer may be on the list in tampa. three people gunned down in just 10 days on within a half mile of each other. people in seminole heights neighborhood gathering overnight for an emotional vigil paying respects to the victim. police looking for this man spotted near the scene of the first murder the night it happened. hundreds gathering overnight in ohio for a candlelight vigil honoring a fallen police officer. justin leal gunned down while responding to a domestic dispute north of youngstown. as fellow officer returning fire killed the garden. leo is a five-year veteran of the department survived by his parents were both retired teachers. he was just 31 years old. disgraced army sergeant
5:24 am
bergdahl. to feature dramatic testimony while searching for bergdahl for charges of desertion after being held captive by the taliban for five years until being traded for five gitmo terrorist. he faces life in prison. >> a man's story of love and family and faith is really resonating with our viewers in the piece on fox condi shares the story behind the moment of affection with his wife and 7-year-old daughter's surprising reaction. joining us now is speaker attorney and father of three. good morning, mr. rogers. joshua, you made a pledge to reach of your three children and the date they were, the day you held them in your hands at the hospital. what was that pledge? >> i gave into promises. number one, i will never leave
5:25 am
your mother. and number two, i'm going to show up. i'll be at your ballgames, recitals, be there for dinner when i could be there for dinner, but i will be there. steve: that is beautiful. but as time went on, how did things go with the children's mother? >> well, we always like each other, plenty of passion, were friends, but quite frankly we are a couple of youngest children who want control and we fought for the both of us lost in making to a point when my wife got pregnant that we realized either we are going to change for the kids are going to be in counseling for years. steve: tried to change but you weren't affected in the beginning. >> no, it's a slow process. quite frankly we are still in it. it does not come naturally to let go of control was somebody us to spend this much time went. we slowly began to make changes in the biggest one for me was being honest with friends about our struggling and beginning to change the way i prayed and not
5:26 am
praying god please fix my irritating life and instead praising god, please show me what is wrong with me and my wife happened to pray the same thing at the time. steve: well, who knew. suddenly you are on the same page and then something spontaneous happened at your house one night. >> it was actually this past summer. we were in the living room and my wife is actually in the kitchen and the sentimental love song came on and i went over and began dancing with her. we sort of melted into each other's arms. all of a sudden i realized my two daughters were watching this in silence. i decided i'm going to end this with a hollywood ending and i gave my wife this really big case and my oldest daughter began to cry and had this big smile on her face. i said what is going on? she couldn't say anything. i said can you give me one word and she said loved. steve: what was she talking
5:27 am
about? >> i asked her about that, couple nights ago. what were you talking about. when i see you and mommy love each other, it helps me feel like our family is always going to be together because you're never going to break up and that's a good example for me. steve: what does this teach us as parents about the kids who are always watching? >> listen, a lot of people out there say hollywood is contaminating our children's idea of marriage. no, hollywood isn't, we are. if we want to make a difference in combat hollywood, let's start in the home. that's where they see the first romance. give them something to believe in that love can be real in the midst of the back-and-forth and arguing sometimes and sometimes in the kitchen. steve: this is a very personal story. why did you want to share it? >> quite frankly because i wish i had more of this when i grew up and i know what it would've meant to me.
5:28 am
my parents ultimately divorced and that was painful. when they split up it felt like it tore me apart. those memories of my parents holding each other, they stuck with me. i want these memories to stick with my kids and when i'm in my 70s and 80s from a kids to still be seeing this. >> a lot of parents watching right now. some may not have great marriages. any advice for those parents? >> yes, start small. just walk over there. give your wife a kiss. just the little things. tell your kids how often your husband is and let them hear it. it is not going to take that much. just start with the little stuff. i would say it all comes down to humility. it is hard for you to do, there's probably some pride in there and you may need to price and perseverance. steve: could be tapped to take that first step at a pathos. thank you for sharing your story. you can read all about it at fox thank you very much.
5:29 am
tell your wife we said hi. it is not 8:30 here in new york city. president trump heading to capitol hill this week, tomorrow to convince republicans to get on board with this tax plan. what can we expect? kellyanne conway with the preview coming up next. hillary clinton wrote the book on what happened. guess who really knows? wait, jimmy carter? ♪ ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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♪ kellyanne conway joins us right now. kind enough to bring us inside
5:33 am
washington in every single moment yet nothing slows down even on the weekends. welcome. >> hi, how are you today? >> first thing we would like to bring up if we can. robert mueller now it turns out according to three separate sources is investigating the podesta group in particular, tony podesta for his ties possibly to a pro-russian and ukrainian government and he was not registered. does that surprise you? >> i thought that. that is what happens at these places investigations. they can have anyone suspect in. this is sentimental to the manafort piece of the investigation. we will see where that lands. one of these cases for some folks. be careful what you wish for. >> his group was hired by ukraine apparently to promote that country here in the western area where this part of the
5:34 am
world. is the lobbying on behalf of a foreign government, you have to file a detailed disclosure about spending and activities and that is called fair. how often do we see other countries contacting lobbying for and? >> fairly often. that is what america looks having caused the swamp. so it's not unusual, but you have to comply with the laws. you need to register properly, file properly, but i have to say as juicy as this may be, it is like my second favorite investigation. may 1st to be uranium one and i've read this morning on fox news that is expanding. we've read the account this weekend and late last week that there is a new book among some of the evidence that we all knew was there last year during the campaign which played into the fact majority of americans
5:35 am
according to everybody's polling and the outlets whose polling is otherwise wrong that's why they don't find hillary to be honest. uranium went the other 20% of u.s. uranium going to russian interests after the half million dollars speech in russia and while hillary clinton was at the state department. this is the type of connector.that a lot of americans like to play and if we continue to talk about russia, russia, some other outlet can dust off their screaming graphics i haven't seen in a while and talk about uranium. >> congressman desantis said that he thought there could be criminal charges involved in this deal. what is interesting, though, and there was an fbi informant apparently working on the inside. the fbi knew all about this and at that time, the head of the
5:36 am
fbi, robert mueller is now doing a special inquiry, rod brogan's team, deputy assistant attorney general. so all of these names we are now familiar with were in the know a couple of years ago during the obama administration of what the russians are trying to do. >> i would say this is the type of information, trends parents need that americans demand so let's not play politics cherry-picking investigations that are works while in which art. >> the "huffington post" even criticize to read this picture was on our program last week talking about the travel ban that she is insinuating in this soundbite but the travel ban insinuated they died because the travel ban. this medicine will get your reaction. >> to just placate ban people
5:37 am
from chad. nobody can get them to come here anymore. right after that, four u.s. army soldiers got attacked. steve: is she connecting the travel ban with a dead americans? >> it seem that way and that's unfortunate. this wasn't a slip of the tongue. this is 25 minutes. this is half of the show. half of the show dedicated to the somber monologue, connecting not it actually doesn't make sense at the moment. we don't know that. they have made clear everyone wants answers here. everybody wants to know what happened there. to get ahead of god and try to bring in other really can hear is the theorist and connect the dots, it's unfortunate. rachel amato is an intelligent person, very well-organized. she interviewed me last summer and we beat out george stepanov was interviewing the president then told. they are responsible on her
5:38 am
show, but i thought this is really unfortunate. they are spread on this one issue in the "huffington post" with a shudder in a way i did not see in most of the conservative media outlets is very telling. >> let's talk about the nuts and bolts of legislation. last week, maria and alexander came up with a bipartisan plan to fix obamacare. i respect senator alexander but i'm not sure i can go along with this. what will it take for the president to go along with that? >> the president made clear for meaningful health care reform. on the specific issue, the president is not going to sign into law for the insurance companies. he's here to help americans. the 28 millions who still have no health insurance because of obamacare. he's taken action outside of congress. that helps millions of americans who don't get their benefits for employers and don't get their
5:39 am
benefits directly from the government. steve: in other words, the president looks at what lamar alexander came up with and thinks it's a bailout for insurance companies. it goes to those low income people. >> senator alexander has been working really hard to try to get a good health care takes because he knows president trump does that a lot of americans are still suffering. just this weekend in the interview that he thinks he can get health care done, to along with tax reform and tax cuts. you can chip away in different pieces. senator alexander is doing that as well. but the president wants to make clear. he talks about health savings accounts, block granting medicaid to the states so that the governors and those closest to the people in need will administer that money.
5:40 am
many different health reform principles that are transparent for everybody to see. if congress can come up with them and put it on the desk i'm as willing to sign it. train for the president will go to capitol hill, talk to senate republicans in congressional republicans as well trying to first of all get the last week senate passed blueprint for the budget going forward. having the house approved, which in turn means we will probably wind up with some sort of legislation regarding taxes. the news today, kelly and his maybe there is another tax bracket that they are going to write a make a million dollars or more. why is it getting more complicated? >> so many inputs and ideas people are coming forward with. everybody should be familiar at this point with what is on the
5:41 am
table. the president made clear his two major priorities are to make sure that this tax cut benefits the middle class and second they come in to reduce the tax rate because these are job creators. the president wanted 15%, but it will no longer be 35%. even last year and 2016 that he had 35% when not with the average, so if we reduce it to 20% it'll be a little below the 23% average. the other thing to note here if there's actually four. we'll have more americans .biz dublin the personal the first 24,000 if you're a married couple has no tax liability whatsoever. on the road today, talking about
5:42 am
that, all of us really being deployed out there and most importantly the president and vice president going to capitol hill tomorrow to the weekly senate luncheon the president making his case for tax cuts. >> kellyanne conway who helped rachel amato. thank you for joining us. >> just a few hours, the illegal immigrant charged with killing kate steinle. the pain. her message for the family next. kirk cameron is back in the big screen and the project will inspire you. care to tell us about it coming out.
5:43 am
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steve: to be set today the murder trial of the killing of stephen paddock on the pier in 2015. deported five times to mexico and just released by months earlier by immigration officials. my next guest is very similar experience when her son josh was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2010. laura wilkinson. so sorry about josh. does this make you want to relive the whole experience again or make you want to double down to make sure justice is done? >> it makes you want to double down to see justice is done. such a hard time for kate steinle family. it's the hardest thing you can do to get through the trial and see the pictures and you're the medical examiner and visited
5:47 am
excruciating. >> seems to be an open and shut cases you can imagine. does it make unit even easier? >> absolutely not. people thought mine was an open and shut case because the guy that killed him, it's a ballgame in a very different game and there's no surety of any outcome. it's not an open and shut case. >> you think the fact that there is a state now, sanctuary state that they will make a stand against kate stanley's killer and say okay, we are going to show you why we are a sanctuary state because even though it's offensive for us to think about, and the people put governor brown and office, they kind of agree with that? >> i think it's absurd. it is absolutely absurd to me. the united states cannot figure
5:48 am
out how to keep them out of our country. we must build the wall. it's so easy for them to go back and forth as the parent to be a sanctuary city right here in houston texas. we know what that means. every city is welcoming people, but we welcome people that are illegal and that should be the end of the papers got to build the wall to keep them out. it's amazing we can do so much in this country. >> gives these guys are deported, they are not going to get their calls returned. >> no, they are not. even josh's killer meant he could have bonded out. he's a flight risk at the very least. if you have a wealthy man his charge was drunk driving,. these guys are a flight risk.
5:49 am
what's your advice for them? >> sorry about what they are about to go through. i pray for you. this kind of like you've closed a chapter but it's absolutely the loneliest part. it is excruciating. brian: thanks so much for josh's so glad you are fighting for other people. >> thanks for doing that yourself. transfer same here. kirk cameron is still here. you better be accurate. reporter: good morning to you. we always are in american history. president trump promising the biggest tax cut in history. will he have the vote and will rand paul get in line? those on the clinton uranium
5:50 am
deal with house oversight now investigating and the public deserves to know what happened. the kate steinle trial begins today. but the debate stands on sanctuary cities. america's newsroom at the top of the hour. casual fridays at buckingham palace? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust.
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5:53 am
ainsley: putting the spotlight on faith that the nationwide event. look at this. >> one year ago, over 150,000 believers gathered for a national family meeting. we prayed, worship, put our faith into action and something remarkable happened. but we didn't cross the finish line. we crossed the starting line. today, some say we have a calm
5:54 am
more divided as a country than other, divided over race, politics, religion, and they say it only getting worse. but you and i know something they don't. it has begun. ainsley: actor and producer curt cameron joins us now. good to see you again. revived last one was so good you're doing it again. >> that's right. last year had 150,000 people gathering in theaters across the nation to pray together, sing together and talk about ringing revival to the nation. when are they going to do this again? we are back. seems like everything is dividing us. race, religion, turn on my phone. i've got breaking news about something else we are divided over. i am thinking, wait a minute, i know some breaking news. i meet thousands of people across the country as i travel and teach marriage conferences,
5:55 am
and want to help their neighbors no matter how different they are. >> you'll be at the museum of the bible in d.c. so you'll be there. you'll be good to satellite by 800 other movie theaters. it's like a tent revival meeting in the movie theater. 800 movie theaters. ainsley: how did you know this is what god wanted you to do? >> that is a good question. this happened when i was about 17, 18 years old. someone took me to church. they captured my attention and it got me thinking about what
5:56 am
was most important in life. as we look at hollywood come as so things and choices people make for the story doesn't end well. i wanted not only my story to end well, but i wanted to be used by god to make a difference in the world. he keeps opening doors. how long have you been married? >> 26 years as >> i married make sievers girlfriend. how perfect is that. i'm excited to join everybody this tuesday night. revise us. bring your whole family. it's a national family meeting. >> of you want more information, go to her website at "fox and friends".com. kirk cameron. your teeth are going to be. the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last. i would definitely recommend pronamel strong and bright to my patients to keep their enamel strong, help to keep stains away,
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advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief. a small new size that's fast, cause it's liquid. woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis. >> tomorrow it's official. no turning back. the miracle of new orleans comes out. the battle that shaped america's destiny. i hope you like it. a patriot you need to know. if you want to see me m n person on the 27th at the
6:00 am
heritage foundation. saturday barnes and nobel and i go to fredricksburg, virginia from 7 to 8:30. >> bill: congratulations, brian, good morning, everybody on monday. this could be a major boost for your bottom line if congress gets it done. president trump saying the biggest tax cuts in the history of the nation are on the way. so we'll believe it when we see it, right? good morning. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president striking a confident tone on one of his biggest campaign promises tax reform. in an interview the president says the path is clear to get a deal done and that it could be coming soon. >> i think we'll get our taxes. i think it's gonna be, hopefully before the end of the year. maybe much sooner than that. there is a great spirit for it. peop


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