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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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your dvr if you can't watch it. do it, thanks so much for watching. greg gutfeld is next. >> michael finn? greg: clearly it's not getting any better. [laughter] [applause] it's a helpless green from the losing team. think of an upcoming nationwide screech -fest to mark the anniversary of the 2016 election when donald trump shall ask hillary like an arts and crafts clay action figure. remember those? thousands of losers plan to
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scream helplessly at the sky. to yelp from those who need help shrieks from the geeks out wailing from the ceiling to "people" magazine which made me the world's sexiest man in 1988 and 1989 rights liberal organizers of nine cities plan to scream helplessly to the heavens as a way to extend their year-long tantrum. they titled the event scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the trump election. so as not to get confused with other demonstrations like pouting in the corner and a onesie on the anniversary of trump's election for slam your bedroom door and quite your slam slam -- slightly damp body pillow i think we have a preview of the event. it never gets old.
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i'm going to say this again because i can't believe my ears. people want to gather together on a wednesday in november the eighth of november and not just to scream but to scream helplessly at the sky that they still can't accept a trump presidency. one year after he was elect did. what kind of crowds will this attract? i imagine none of the people know these people and it probably will have anybody you ever date. >> we must never adjust to the present coarseness of our national dialogue with this set tone. we must never vergard is normal the regular casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals. greg: i know. lake announced he won't seek re-election blaming trump for making politics uglier than an old man's but flake yeley not
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the sky that preaching to the media blaming trump for himself choosing not to run when he really knew he was going to lose the election anyway. i think flake is a good guy but in this case he's not much different than the primal screamer crowd. trump is route but dude you've got to move on. maybe you are. it's a personality thing but the personality impedes and you will see isis's decimated regulations roll back china pitching in the north korea stockmarket sky high in job claims are bottoming out. [applause] then there's a supreme court thing. we can't forget that. it's better to have a successful than a charming failure. sorry, sorry. no amount of yelling is going to change that and by the way what the sky due to deserve those? here now for reaction we go to
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be sky. >> hey it's not my fault hillary clinton was a lousy candidate than people who quit shooting fireworks at me. greg: the guy is right. why scream about trump? shouldn't you scream at your own candidate who lost a donald trump? he was the electoral map of this date the trump one, the redlands. hillary was supposed to when a few of those in his trump winning by congressional districts. look at all that red. before you go out and scream maybe try to remember the facts and maybe instead of the scream why not have a chat with someone who lives in a red area. i'll bet they will talk to you. we even have a product that can help. >> you feel desperate and powerless? do you national politics give you the urge to scream helplessly a this guy? civil war to thousands of patented technology to turn your
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whining into productive political discourse. it's great for disagreements. >> you are crazy if you actually believe that. >> that's a great point. maybe i should do more research before i get emotional. >> it's great for protests. >> i didn't vote for trump but i sure do respect the office of the president and i'm going to move on with my life. >> it will help you to do something better with your time. i could be home teaching my son how to play catch. >> ordered the civil war in 2000 today. greg: author of the book be dads for better america radio host tom sele do.
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he played hercules on tv but now only lives peoples. a great new film produced by sean hannity. [applause] she will hate radiohead even our death bed national review reporter kat timpf. [applause] and a saturn ring as his hula hoop or more bodyguard and my sidekick tyrus. [applause] let's start with you tom and you expect the pouting to last this long? >> is really amazing and i do think it's irresponsible. when they scream that's going to produce a lot of co2 and that's bad for the environment. i also think i think it's going
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to be like that. you know the doctor seuss book where everyone will scream on the same day and they thought i can't hear the screaming if i'm screaming so they all got quiet so they could hear. this was an epic.or zeus. they open their mouth and they listened to what was in the world. maybe that will happen. greg: i don't think so tom but i do admire the fact that you have a literary allusion. you are a highbrow show kevin. that's why we have you on here. it's nice of you to address that by the way. you are a highbrow show kevin. that's why we have you on here. it's nice of you to address that by the way. this is essentially group therapy but what if these were your parents out there? wouldn't you feel ashamed? >> we could have skipped a lot of are the last eight years but nobody did. [applause] >> it's like taking a knee at the sidelines. it's time to move on and do
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something about it. it's just weird. it's just stupid to me. i can't believe it's been going on in here we are. greg: i think it might be kind of fun. you could go there and meet somebody interesting someone who is not like you. >> faq will be the most fun for president trump. nothing will make them happier than a bunch of hillary clinton voters screaming in agony up the sky like a bunch of rabid hyenas and labor because he's the president. they are trying to stick it to him and he will be like my birthday is not until june thank you very much. greg: cyrus i have a theory that these people are the kind that allowed. >> would the mean these people? [laughter] sad desperate people. they could be in a minority.
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>> we go gather. we don't do that. greg: tyrus these are people that allowed politics and politics is personal among the left to take up too much of their lives. as if trump is moved into their brain and fill the fifth tee story condo with a rooftop pool. >> first of all no one is going to this that actually voted. that's number one. number two they are not going to scream unless someone brings a camera crew. darrell may 6 people. bring the camera sing closer. we have fallen victim. it's cool to be the victim. it's cool to see contention. we keep showing that lady who is screaming that she wouldn't do it until the camera got on. greg: that's true. >> i give to dams who is filming that i'm going to yell because i'm upset and probably six to
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eight seconds you should stay away because chances are i'm going to throw something. >> i'd hate to see this table. >> smash, boom. it's attention seeking. it sounds good but it doesn't accomplish anything. for free scream 10 cents goes to the democratic party or something like that. greg: they should should have said every time you screamed a dime goes to something save the children who are colorblind. the colorblind children's fund. >> they will find some way to take money. >> nobody cares about anything but themselves. greg: a golf tournament for colorblind children. this encapsulates the nature of the problem. it's been guided by a motion and if they just put it in the back. here's a fact you could be like
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trump but the net positive as you are seeing more about how the government works in you ever have before. you have learned about the electoral college and you've learned about opposition research. you've learned about how to pass and repeal laws and it's a political science class. i'm learning about all of these things. and look everything that they have accused trump of doing they do and that's like jeff flake and bob corker they are calling trump names. what was the #? adult daycare or something like that. president trump they criticized him when he talks about the election and keep showing that map because they are doing it too. they won't stop talking about the election so they always do the same thing. greg: the bottom line is we have to stop letting politics be a part of our lives like this. you know what i mean?
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this is an example of what happens when you take politics too seriously. we didn't scream when romney lost. but it's sure if hillary had one there would be trump voters doing it. just going back to their job. >> working. greg: working. [applause] coming up remember when the media loved the story? they don't love it much anymore. why is that? i don't know. next. [applause] witness katy perry.
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witness katy perry become a legal witness. witness katy perry and left shark.
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or a card shark. grandma? witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. greg: really hillary goes to blame. occlusion illusion. we found that the clinton campaign and the dnc research on trump lead to the leeward russia dossier. the big story at least it used to be when it was about donald trump and now it's all hillary so there's nothing there, right? first you have marc elias a lawyer for the clinton campaign
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and the dnc. he hires a washington firm called fusion gps. sounds like a lovely restaurant to do research on trump in the nomination. fusion gps hired an intel officer to get dirt on trump. that officer's name is christopher steele which happens to be my stage name when i made those amateur films. [laughter] trying to make this interesting. so steele who was hired by fusion who was hired by the clinton campaign and dnc compiled his dossier with all those allegations about trump's rushing connections. campaigns get opposition research on each other all the time, nothing new but why would they deny it? kim fogle from "the news york times" to this week when is working on the story marc elias told them his sources were wrong. making haberman from the time said they lied with sanctimony all year.
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the question remains with the media cover this story the way they covered the collusion story or call it old news? he went to one media critic for comment. greg: kevin do you think the media has covered this part of the russian story? >> everything that democrats blamed republicans for it is exactly what the democrats are doing. hillary clinton should call an investigation on herself. [applause] she sold 20% of our uranium to the russians. we are pals with putin now. wray selling uranium to the russians is like selling ham to
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hannibal lecter. all right tyrus i can tell by your look that you were going to say i'm sick of this story. why can't we talk about versace? >> let's talk about versace. but szabo stories are true. all the russian stuff is true. greg: they cancel each other out out and we move on. >> and we agree with that? both of you vacation did russia. let them have a golf game to settle it off. it has nothing to do with our country great i'm worried about our stuff. at this point you dance with russians. greg:greg: that could lead to at sauce.
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>> whatever he does is unintentional. greg: what i'm getting at and i will go to tyrus. what he is getting at is it's really not about the left or the right republican or democrat is the eternal truth that the russians will always try to screw things up. they are about undermining traditions. you can't even blame the russians for it because we should know better. >> you are such a communist apologist greg. >> the russians don't like is greg. it's not communism and it's not capitalism. they are still mad about that hockey game. [applause] when you see their face on that bench they are so mad. we are going to interfere with the elections in 2016. greg: exactly. that was quite a hockey match, kat. you weren't even born yet.
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>> is this my question? >> it's my home state of minnesota. greg: kat do you think this is totally dilute the whole anti-russian trump efforts because now it's on their side. >> i can't help but notice how all that has happened that each side has just traded talking points with the other side. when the donald trump jr. story came out everyone on the left was saying this is such a big deal, this is such a big deal in the right was saying so what? and out everyone on the right is saying this is such a big deal and everyone on the left is saying big deal. they just played a switch over to. greg: that's why tyrus is correct about the idea of it it cancels out. same thing with people with the culture this personality. they are a lot of mirror issues.
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tom do you disagree? >> i was reading "the los angeles times" wrote an editorial that said who cares who paid for it? it matters what's in the dossier dossier. it doesn't matter who pays for things. greg if you do a lousy show they blame you. they blame you, greg. [laughter] greg: i'm going to blame you. can we just put them on the radio? i'm kidding. you did great on the radio show by the way. hold on a second. people stop e-mailing me and saying i look like adam schiff. [laughter] i don't look like adam schiff. yeah you do and you look like the cowboy from -- story.
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they have do a live action toy story and i'm not kidding. greg: coming up "cnn" lectures viewers on fruit. [applause] i was playing golf days ago... love golf. i used to love golf. wait, what, what happened? i was having a good round, and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no.
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[♪] lauren: i'm lauren green. 23 people dead, 30 injured after
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a bomb attack in so pool yeah's capital -- in somalia's capital city. somalia's president said this latest bombing is meant to instill fear in people who showed unity after the country's worst terrorist attack. islamic extremist group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for both attacks. this year's day of the dade event in mexico city in memory of the mexico citierf quake. if the quake killed an estimated 400 people of nationwide. i'm lauren green. show. now back to "the greg gutfeld show"." greg: "cnn" has gone bananas literally. they speak of siemens latest
10:28 pm
not-so-subtle ad and although it never mentions his name is a clear shot at president trump defending himself against accusations of fake news that features an apple and a voiceover. >> this is an apple. people might try to tell you that it's a banana. they might scream banana, banana banana, banana over and over again. they might put banana and. you might even start to believe that this is a banana. but it's not. this is an apple. greg: they paid a lot of money for somebody to make that. shame on "cnn" for attacking two defenseless roots. that was offensive to apples and
10:29 pm
bananas so with gone ahead and fix the ad for them. >> this is a banana. what if you wanted to identify as an apple? would you still call it a banana? are you confused yet? good, that was the point. [applause] greg: kat it's an ad is obviously that trump likely you're so vain by carlie simon pucci never knew who was about but it was about spiro agnew. it's a sad way to respond in a very defensive way. >> i noticed that trump doesn't
10:30 pm
really seem to mind but it's too long. i don't want to watch it. you know what though i do like facts. there better than things that are not facts to dam pro facts and i'm wondering what that apple is doing now. it's so famous. what is it doing now? rate it probably went to apple. if you don't get another call than you are down in the san fernando valley with acute kumquat and a zucchini and it's disgusting, tyrus, it's disgusting. >> i do want to talk about this. and you were right who the hell can tell an apple who we want to be. maybe an apple wants to be a coconut. just put them in front of everybody and tell them what he is. and what color apple?
10:31 pm
why shouldn't the green apple it on tv? why is it the red apple? >> i won't even get to why they chose a banana. >> it's like one of those things we got them. greg: what message is this sending to children wax you can't be in orange. >> it's the perfect ad because it shows you what the apple thinks of itself. just thinks it shows pictures of apples and it's 100% facts but turn on "cnn." they show an apple and then tell a story about the apple and then they do apple recipes and they say that apple is illegal to russians. they make up stories. they don't show an apple. greg: they could done a really good ad in which they are saying
10:32 pm
all these wonderful compliments about trump and at the end "cnn" "cnn," that's not us. >> that's brilliant. greg: . >> that commercial is we are the victim. they are pushing us around and just tell the truth. we have 15 hours of opinion shows. >> i did feel bad for the apple. that was my initial response. greg: people are starving and they are making fruit to make a point. somebody is at home going mommy that's a banana fruit. shut up. that was my afterschool special. it's called the child who couldn't have fruit. starring lance kerwin. >> james and 15. greg: i love it when we go down the road that no one else has been on.
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>> google. greg: whatever happened to lance kerwin? >> he was great. greg: compared to you i guess. coming up the super bowl halftime show is already causing problems. [applause] you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. when it comes to helping maria iher daughter,le mom.
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every day at up to 60% off. that's how kaley and i got to share this trip together at this amazing hotel. yeah ash and i share everything - dresses, makeup, water bottles... we do? mmhmm. we share secrets, shoes, toothbrushes... what? yeah i forgot mine so i've been using yours. seriously? what's the big deal? i mean, we even dated the same guy. who?! uh, go to priceline and get the hotel deals you won't find anywhere else. greg: is the halftime show that's going to blow. justin timberlake will perform at the super bowl. apparently people are still mad about his role in something called hippo gave. he ripped up part of janet jackson's costume exposing her.
10:38 pm
i set it. they called it the wardrobe malfunction. cause trouble for the nfl cbs and jackson. timberlake isn't sitting well with jackson's fans. it reeked of white privilege and so on. there's an easy solution to all of this. is more talented fellow perform instead. [laughter] ♪ greg: tyrus is there someone you would rather see perform? >> i am a jackson fan but justin timberlake is due -- still super relevant. he's justin timberlake. janet has the come back and sing are classics because it's over.
10:39 pm
honestly every live event i've been to and i've been to a lot of rap concerts in hip-hop stuff stuff, rock n. roll every time. you have the rolling stones and bruce springsteen do it sounds better live. sounds better in the arena so for me justin timberlake is a live band will be even better. a perforated ac/dc's of the world and the rolling stones and kid rock. it just sounds better. better concert, live music always sounds better. greg: i think a great idea is a close-up magic at halftime. they will bring somebody and he will do some magic and everybody in the stadium will enjoy it. >> everybody loves close-up magic. greg: it's true.
10:40 pm
i think they are going in the wrong direction. too much star power that creates a spectacle which has led the nfl into this marginalizing of the game. now it has become too big and it should go back to the basics. >> i agree with tyrus. i think cheap trick. they are still playing and they are still great. how about cheap trick? [applause] greg: she was lucky to be performing with justin timberlake back then. greg: we are hitting the jackson lady pretty hard. >> she's a classic and she is great. greg: what you think kevin? do you have any suggestions? >> i think you should actually have the football players. they don't like the fact that -- they want to play the game.
10:41 pm
70s rock 'n roll bands, journey, foreigner, supertramp. the audience -- greg: all white people, kevin? >> you always do this. >> some people were honestly earnestly suggesting adele. everyone guess everyone is going to be drunk and full of chilly. let's force them to contemplate all their unrequited love for throughout their life. >> luther vandross is awesome. i'm just keeping it real. you don't even watch the halftime show. >> i watch it. >> you flip through the channels because you have the check out housewives of dallas and whatever's going on to the halftime show usually just catch the end of it. let's get the game going.
10:42 pm
>> a lot of guys get cold because it's an extra 10 minutes. that's why. greg: i would like to see as you know like to see radiohead perform into my favorite song, yellow and by the way on cable you know the soundtrack is something coldplay. it's fantastic. >> i love you -- how you are appropriate in my controversy. greg: i'm trying to get it into the ground. so a question. do you have an answer? >> i didn't get the question. greg: suggestions? >> suggestions, link weight 82. great man -- greg: a poor man's hot chili peppers which is a poor man's smash-mouth.
10:43 pm
>> taylor swift. greg: have you seen james taylor swift? >> george clinton. greg: george clinton. >> have you guys ever watch the super bowl? i feel like you haven't. greg: i just bought a toilet. i did, yesterday. i did. >> he did. wright i've been talking about all week. i had to. i'm not like you, i don't need my asked warrants. i'd are up on the streets and we get cold toilets. final thoughts before we go to break you want to welcome a new sponsor. here you go. >> have you got an annoying scalp itch that you just can't you read of? >> and it sounds terrible too. >> that's because you've been infected with radiohead. luckily there's a solution. it's medically tested
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to help ensure the next energy to power our dreams, will be american energy.
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greg: is the fix? we will test demand price testi. the goal is to see if it boosts revenue and fills more seats. the entertainment version of selling day-old bread. shirts palin stinks but the ducks love it. a weird metaphor but will it work lacks women to the to loves
10:49 pm
horror films for comment. [laughter] greg: anyway so kevin you have a new movie coming out and it's going to be so good. they will charge $100. >> they should charge that much. i think it's a reflection on the product that there actually putting out. they need to put out movies like mine. [applause] i think it's a reflection on the movies coming out. there are a lot of anti-american things and having them movies. people want movies that are uplifting. greg: your movie is about a
10:50 pm
celebrity atheist who gets into a car accident and has a spiritual awakening. i came up with this sequel about a priest. >> don't do this. >> do it. greg: i can do this. i would end up being sent home. by the way i don't think this is a good idea. why would you go see a bad movie just because it's cheaper? that's like saying let's go to this restaurant. the food will make you sick but it's cheap. >> it's marketing gets the movie movie. even though i love flops and most of the movies that flop i love like dirty work. a great movie. but you should do the opposite of this and you should charge your credit card. not many people see it they divvy up the cost of the film
10:51 pm
between the people who saw it so it costs more money to go to a bomb. greg: it's like ambling. that's an interesting idea. >> the more people that go to a movie the cheaper it gets. everybody splits the cost of the block esther. greg: that's interesting. >> single-payer movie? not on my watch. [applause] leave the movies alone, right. who is going to say what is the flop and you will tell me what's good and what is not dead? he will some guy decide that and will have movie industries paying someone to say it was in the flop? i will go to a movie and i'll come out and decide whether i like it and i'll see it again. greg: have you seen sprawl in cellblock 99? >> why would they see sprawl in cellblock 99? greg: gets the less movie the year. i haven't seen your movie cabin.
10:52 pm
this guy shaves his head and puts across on his back. he is one of us by the way. >> what does that mean? greg: we are vegetarians. kat you go to the movies all the time. >> i only go to the movies because the one thing i like is the overwhelming sense of joy of relief when it's finally over. you have to sit there and you can't talk. you have to wear pants and their kids everywhere. no offense to the kids in the audience. began to enter into a drinking game by the way. don't ask me how i know that. greg: the remark that the kids in the audience are fine, they are disgusting. i agree with you. i went to the luxury theaters a couple of weeks ago to see the blade runner sequel. they have waiters and waitresses and you can drink.
10:53 pm
i hated it. maybe if you like it was on an airplane on the tarmac and i wanted to go home. >> it can be byob. >> i agree. movies are too long. greg: now they have some that are two hours and 45 minutes. >> there you go right there. greg: are you going to have an afterlife party? just come to me because they are so awful. final thoughts by our panel. [applause]
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i will see you monday on the
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five. at 5:00 p.m. eastern we're running out of time. so -- >> tom? >> you know those little rubber welcome mats that they use in men's bathrooms. they don't need them anymore because nobody smokes. you don't need them anymore. don't put them in the toilet. >> thank you for using your time to bring something up like that. [laughter] >> as for me going to my movie, let there be lights. i directed it. [cheers] [applause] >> kevin directed it. sean hannity produced it. >> yes, he did. a great executive producer. >> he's like loaded. he's so rich. he's so rich he could just produce a film. >> that's right. >> while he's on his private jet. all right. >> i was daydreaming like what
10:59 pm
would it be like to be attacked by a lazy person? [laughter] >> do you call that in? >> no. >> i thought it would be weird, an aggressive lazy person. >> that's interesting. >> be weird. >> i never thought about that. you think about some interesting things. >> wouldn't it be weird; right? i'm going to get up and -- but you haven't yet. too late. [laughter] >> lazy is underrated. last thoughts? >> so my birthday is on sunday. but last year i left my flip-flops at a wedding which means i left my high heels on all night. >> wow. >> that's when i really felt like i was growing up. >> isn't that nice? [applause] >> okay. big 4-0. good for her. see kevin's movie. [cheers and applause] 28, 2017.
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thanks for watching. "watters world" starts right now. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters tweets that haven't aged well. everybody knows once you write something on twitter it stays there for eternity. it could be a good thing and it could be a very bad thing. we decided to comb twitter to find tweets that haven't stood the test of time. michael moore writes in 2015. harvey weinstein is one of the best people to work with in this town. here is the leader of


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