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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 3, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> and go out flying, very impressive. let me know. i'll come join you. >> thank you for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> we begin with the fox news alert. a military judge has found that bowe bergdahl shall serve no prison time for an endangering his comrades when he walked off the post in afghanistan in 2009 for it he also gave him a dishonorable discharge, reduce his rank to private, and that he must pay four fifths pay equal to $1,000 per month for ten months. he pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and face up to life in prison. service members were wounded while searching for him after he vanished. he ended up getting held captive by the tele- band five years. and this fox news alert. on a big blow for democrats. former interim dnc chair donna brazile has acknowledged the committee tipped the scales in favor of hillary clinton, and
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it began as far back as 2015. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. today hosted committee on fox business, kennedy herself or to form a national security staff or under president bush and obama, gillian turner. former deputy spokesperson for the state department, marie harf. and today's #oneluckyguy, fox news contributor and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, kevin jackson. his resume gets so long it runs off the prompter. good to have you. >> kevin: they say you never get better than your resume. >> harris: you're on the way. it needs its own block. let's do bruno mars. we are going to move on. happy friday. new revelations could mean big trouble for the democratic party. an excerpt from foreign stomach former interim dnc chairman donna brazile's new book is published in political. claims hillary clinton stage of secret takeover of the fundraising arm of the party, the dnc. and in her book, there was word of funding arrangement between the clinton campaign in the dnc
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of 20. that would've been long before clinton succeeded bernie sanders to win the nomination. she calls the agreement on ethical thing it was meant to keep the party financially viable and she writes of the primary fight had been fair, one campaign would not have controlled the party before the nominee was chosen. both former dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz and the current chair tom perez are brushing it all off saying it's time to move forward. but the president is all over i it. >> i want to tell you, that is a big story which he is saying. it's illegal number one, and it's really very unfair to bernie sanders. i'm not a bernie sanders fan although i've got a lot of his votes when he was thrown out. many of those people voted for me because i agreed with him in trade which is doing more about it than he can do. we are doing a lot about it. i thought that was terrible. >> harris: he does not mince words. the president tweeted this period of the real on collusion is in donna bea's new book, cook and hillary brought the dnc and
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then stole the democratic primary from crazy bernie and pocahontas just stated that the democrats led by the legendary cricket hillary clinton rig the primaries. let's go, fbi and justice department. that second suite was referring to this interview with elizabeth warren. >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. this is a real problem. what we've got to do with democrats is we've got to hold this party accountable. >> harris: i can't wait to get your thoughts. everybody is giggling. i don't know what the joke is. >> kevin: i love this. first of all, i love the language that donald trump uses. he is not trying to be all obama asked when he is describing this. he describes as for what it is and when you're out in general pop. >> harris: we know jen pop, we're cool like that. >> gillian: i just leaned over to marie and i said let me get this straight, was both worn as pocahontas in the scenario?
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>> kevin: we call her that. at the end of the day among he is exactly right. it's comical to the rest of america because they are revealing what we already know. there are tweets that are out there were people are talking about what hillary is doing is crooked in all of this is bizarre and you shouldn't be doing that and then what we find out? it's not like it's a conspiracy amongst republicans. it's donna brazile revealing. >> harris: we happen to have a former member of the obama state department on our couch. what do you think? you were giggling to. >> marie: i think that the dnc needs to be very clear in 2020 that it does not take sides in primaries. it's very important. but i also want to make clear to other things, this is not why bernie sanders lost the primary but it is to look good and i don't think was right to do necessarily but if bernie sanders had got more votes, he would've been the
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nominee. bernie sanders also had one of those financial arrangements at the dnc in 2015, both of the campaigns had one end of bernie had won the primary, he would've benefited from hillary clinton financially. >> harris: kennedy's tipping over off the end of the couch. >> i always try and look, what are people's motivation? what are we really seeing here because donna brazile is saying that the campaign that you worked on in 2012, that's the dnc in such debt. they were so desperate that they needed a new sponsor and hillary clinton was flush with cash because she had been raising money. any other regime that in the wall that punishes and kills and women and she was flush with cash from all sorts of sources and she basically bought the soul of the democratic party. data brazil realized that when she became interim chair. obama left it in, hillary saw that, felt the need. i'm not being sarcastic at all.
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then she came in and she had the ability to hire and fire at will who was going to run the dnc. >> marie: that's not why bernie lost. bernie lost because of the money that politico said in that may may 2016 article, that became essentially a money laundering operation through the states into the dnc for hillary clinton. i'm bernie sanders did not have that sort of an operation. donna brazile is essentially writing. >> gillian: i don't have a dog in this fight and i think that this has a sketch city written on both of those that have been on both sides of the aisle. all i can do is call things as i see it and one inconsistency i would like to highlight for everyone here today is that the current administration spent the last six months of the presidential election touting how corrupt and unreliable donna brazile was, trashing her for sharing questions ahead of a presidential debate with hillary clinton's people. so you can't now turn around and
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hold up her book and say here's the ground truth? we believe everything. >> harris: that's not how the flow of things happen sometimes. if information is coming out, -- let me jump in here with some facts. you need to dial up congresswoman of hawaii chelsea gabbert a little that she has put on tape. it's not pretty. it is not just donna brazile that is touting this as the facts. >> kevin: another thing. it's a very simple question. if donald trump's campaign had done anything close to this, what would they be saying? what with the left be saying? everybody would be talking about how he colluded. i'm talking a complete double standard. >> marie: i will tell you this, donna brazile who once worked for a bernie sanders and that's why she is trashing obama and hillary. she knows exactly. >> harris: better never give her a debate question.
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>> marie: elizabeth warren is much more problematic for her. by the time elizabeth warren went on a stump for hillary clinton, she was much more philosophically aligned with bernie sanders. she completely sold out knowing what hillary clinton was doing with the dnc. still went along with it. her voice no longer has power. >> gillian: how come now the president and others are touting her book? they are touting the relief experts have heard book as ground truth. i thought we were not supposed to believe that now. >> kevin: because we disagreed with her one time. it has nothing to do with that. [all talking at once] >> harris: somebody has been fired at the dnc and what we know is that it doesn't have anything to do with what is going on with in terms of a one-on-one match but as our producers so i will quickly put it before the show, it opaque we as part of the -- obliquely. either one of the means is not quite clear. let's take a look at the numbers
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here. the dnc is having some problems raising funds so they recently fired their finance director like 24 hours ago. after five months on the job. it is no one-on-one match up of what is coming out of donna brazile and the information that we are cleaning, but is just interesting how much trouble now the dnc is having. >> kevin: it speaks to the problem of the dnc of period and the democratic party. at the lack of credibility that has been going on that people or families seeing underlies the very problems that you're seein seeing. >> marie: as a democrat, i will say the dnc clearly is in trouble. they are trying to regain trust. >> harris: why are they in trouble? >> marie: for reasons like this, for reasons like tom perez. there's a very important thing i talk about a lot. individual democratic candidates are out raising their democratic opponents. let me finish please. so our democratic congressional campaign committee. there is a lot of enthusiasm to support democratic candidates. it is not going to the dnc, you are right, and they need to get
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their house in order. i will be the first to say that. it would be wrong to discount that. >> kennedy: is that good news for state and national ranges in 2018? >> gillian: 2018, congressional races rely less on the dnc and that has had a record fundraising, so have individual candidates. we are already study to look at 2020 and if the dnc cannot get out of this rut, we are going to be in trouble. >> harris: yes or no question because julian assange that the facts are out on this. do you believe donna brazile? >> gillian: i believe that donna brazile accurately believes what she wrote. i don't think it's the whole story. i don't think it's a whole story. it's one person's view of it. >> harris: we will move on. >> gillian: i don't really care that much. i care about the future, not the past. >> harris: with a tax reform bill in hand, no time to sell it. of the work ahead for republicans as they rally support for their new tax plan and the potential holdouts could do meant. and dealing with north korea. president trump is headed to a
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show for a 12 day trip. you can bet on the agenda at north korea's newest threats. the next debate, what the president must do as he makes a big return to the world stage. we will talk about it, stay close. happy friday. patrick woke up with back pain.
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>> kennedy: this is a fox news alert. no let up intentions with north korea and president trump makes his way to asia for 12 day trip. the president's time in the region following the signs of active data -- also respond in u.s. military exercises. in its usual fiery language saying "that gangster like u.s. imperialists are responding to their nuclear threat and blackmail. they let a -- again to stage a surprise nuclear strike drill." all of this at the state department faces a criticisms for missing a deadline to determine whether north korea is a state sponsor of terrorism. the chair of the house foreign affairs committee says there is no reason for the delay.
9:16 am
shannon bream, why the u.s. must keep up the pressure. watch. >> now is the time to cut off the ability for them to have the billions of additional dollars they need to build out the program to miniaturize the weapon put it on their icbms. this is our last. according to our defector, our minister who testified, we listen to him, he said they are on the cusp. i think he's right. they are very close made >> kennedy: meantime, national security advisor h.r. mcmaster had this answer when asked of the president would be toning down his language on north korea during the trip. >> i don't think the president really modulates his language. he has been very clear the been very clear about it. i've been aware of the discussions about this is inflammatory. what inflammatory is the north korean regime and what they are doing to threaten the world. >> kennedy: so the president has dons presently well on his
9:17 am
foreign trips and many of his detractors are waiting for him to make missteps. they are staying ahead of the asia trip that there's so much data nontraditional's like our president is destined to fumble. what do you think? >> kevin: he's going to fumble that's part of his mystique. i hope he brushes up on his language so he can detect a tone they use with gangster and a lot of the other bigger words were talking about earlier. i love to listen to the koreans when they come back at us. it's the worst possible thing. gangster nation will be destroyed. >> kennedy: we should take a moment to commend kennedy's reading. he did an excellent job. >> kennedy: i was inspired by you. and when that fails, i just read loudly. >> kevin: trump is going to screw it up, it's going to be fun to watch in terms of language but in terms of what he is doing and when i look at the way that he negotiates things, i love to watch his political
9:18 am
negotiations. >> kennedy: obvious to the president has to visit this part of the world. it's critical for trade and for the global balance of power and stability. so what is the appropriate response if north korea does in fact have a more accelerated nuclear missile test while the president is they are? >> marie: i think standing side-by-side with our allies will send a strong signal paired with the south koreans, he will be in seoul, with the japanese and with the chinese. this is a key visit where he is going to be talking to the chinese about north korea. but you're right. trade obviously after he withdrew from the trans-pacific partnership, that's at the top of the agenda. this is an 11 or 12 day trip. these are very grueling for anyone. these are hard, they are tiring, so there's a lot on the agenda. it's going to be really packed trip. >> harris: along those lines of this is the longest official trip since 1992 by any sitting u.s. president. when george w. bush was there. he was there 12 days in asia as well. the president will be 30 miles from the dmz console, and i
9:19 am
think that's important to note because there has been some discussion, would he even go close? would he go there? but he is going and he is talking as you said and doing a lot of things on trade. but clearly, i have to put the focus of north korea. if they do something with that he shouldn't do while he's there or not. >> gillian: a visit to the dmz is the million-dollar question in my mind. >> harris: but you know how president trump is. he's not going to forecast that necessarily. >> gillian: i think he's going to do what he ultimately wants to do. i just want to quickly point out regardless of the rhetoric you see on this trip, i don't think the and ministrations policy on north korea has changed since the beginning, since the campaign. they have maintained this platform of pushing the gas pedal as hard as i can on diplomatic options, including sanctions, but they are making sure taking extra special care to point out that they've got a full monopoly of military
9:20 am
operations. from that perspective, the other stuff is a little tactical. the rhetoric is tactical and i think they're singing about this strategically. >> kennedy: technical rhetoric. we will see what happens. lawmakers on capitol hill one attorney general jeff sessions to clarify his previous testimony on russia after some new revelations. what could that mean for the attorney general and the president? plus, president trump slamming hillary clinton's campaign over its decision to fund a controversial dossier. he said he would love to send the justice department and the fbi after her in these frustrated camps. whether the clinton campaign should face consequent is refunding the dossier. the big question, we will debate from the couch in a moment. a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪
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>> harris: developing at this hour, attorney general jeff sessions under crew scrutiny again on capitol hill. lawmakers want him to clarify his previous testimony on russia. they want to know why he did not disclose he was at a meeting
9:25 am
attended by george papadopoulos back in 2016. remember, papadopoulos is the only person to plead guilty in the special counsel russians investigation so far. the meeting is in question -- the meeting in question was revealed this week in court documents and according to those, it's when papadopoulos offered to set up a meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. resident trump says that meeting isn't even memorable. >> i don't remember much about that meeting. it was a very unimportant meeting. don't remember much about it. all i can tell you is this, there was no collusion, no nothing. it's a disgrace that they continue. >> harris: former trump former policy advisor carter page privately testified at the house until committee yesterday. paige told him he had mentioned to sessions that he was going to moscow. pages downplaying the whole thing, telling cnn "i mentioned in passing that i happen to be planning to give a speech at a university in moscow.
9:26 am
completely unrelated to my limited volunteer role with the campaign. it was as irrelevant then as it is now. if it weren't for the dodgy dossier and all of the chaos that those complete lies had created, my passing comments complete lack of relevance should go without saying. lawmakers want to hear from attorney general sessions now but is not clear whether they want him to testify again or submit clarification in writing. jillian, who loves the word dossier, take it away. >> gillian: can't get enough. i too would like to hear from the attorney general. >> harris: what would you ask? >> gillian: out ask him to clarify his statements before the house in the senate earlier this year. i would like to know why there is so much misremembering about george papadopoulos. they think an important -- i'm not saying that george papadopoulos matter to the campaign or didn't. i didn't work for them. i don't know. somebody needs to provide some clarity about what his role was.
9:27 am
i don't think the fact that he was a volunteer really matters because the chairman himself was not paid to run the campaign, so that's an excuse. i think part of the problem here is that in all presidential campaigns, you generate these hangers on. and if you are not very disciplined about the structure of the campaign and what everybody's roles are. i think that maybe is what happen here. i don't know. that would be generous assessment. >> kevin: that is a generous assessment. they ran a campaign, maybe he requested a meeting. big deal. he's a presidential campaign, and if he did request a meeting with the foreign governor, papadopoulos, not at low level or the president said, getting in a meeting with the candidate. >> harris: i would be very different. >> kevin: my only point is it's much ado about nothing and when america is sick of is the
9:28 am
hunt that's going on where they come up with absolutely nothing and then we got actual evidence of collusion between the clinton foundation and these other things. you put them on balance and you say why should we be chasing them? >> harris: even the former defense secretary under obama has said they need to look into the situation with hillary clinton and the dossier and so on and so forth. if that can happen simultaneously but it does not wipe away the low level volunteer member of the campaign wanted to set up a meeting. that was a problem with the fact that he lied about it. >> marie: the meeting is not the biggest problem for bob mueller i don't think. the thread that bob mueller is pulling on is the thread that the russian government sent people to tell papadopoulos that they had hillary clinton's emails. that's incentive. my point is, the trump campaign new at the russian government had hillary clinton's emails
9:29 am
before the public did. that's what bob mueller's team is looking at. nothing may come from it. there may be no collusion. >> kennedy: there is also a lot of information on the email that clinton tried to withhold that the state department was more concerned over. information is information. if are going to go after george papadopoulos for lying to the fbi, that's understandable. we got supposed to do that. any rational adult knows that. you can't do that. so john podesta went before the senate intelligence committee and said that he had no idea how the dossier was funded while mark elias was sitting next to him. was he lying? [all talking at once] >> gillian: the key question is what was his role on the campaign? there has to be a ground truth somewhere. was he a hanger on, volunteer, or was he a foreign policy advisor? someone needs to be able to answer that question. >> kennedy: there were russian missives that were caught up in
9:30 am
the section 702 law and there were americans that george papadopoulos happen to be on board one of those email change and that's how intelligence. >> harris: what you want to know is what was his job. why would he have been in the picture? >> gillian: why can anyone answer that question? >> harris: i believe was back in may of 2016 that he was announced that he was part of this. >> gillian: the russian thought he wasn't reached out to him. that's a fact. it's an fbi filing. you can shake your head but it's a fact. [all talking at once] >> gillian: that will answer a lot of the questions. >> harris: not enough to say he was a volunteer low level? >> kennedy: he said volunteer volunteer it's a huge distraction. we don't know yet. >> gillian: it's not that is not enough for me. is that the president said things to contradict that like when he cited to "the washington post" that he was a foreign policy advisor. and moeller needs to clarify.
9:31 am
>> harris: that's how he put it. >> kennedy: let us make a shift. president trump taking aim at conclude clinton and her campaign and the democrats for funding that infamous dossier, incendiary allegations against him. watch. >> the dossier which is totally fake and made up, it's like a novel, that dossier is a disgrace and it should not have been allowed to be used. when i hear the kind of money they spent. >> 9 million. >> is inconceivable. it's absolutely inconceivable. it's horrible. >> we don't know who was authorized payment. >> they are trying to find out and we will find out but really, i think it's a disgrace that anything like that can take place. >> kennedy: the president and a radio interview also says he's frustrated that he can't force the justice department to investigate clinton and democrats. remarks he echoed earlier today. watch this. >> i'm not involved with the
9:32 am
justice department bread i like to let it run itself. but honestly, they should be looking at the democrats where they should be looking at podesta and all of that and dishonesty. they should be looking at a lot of things, a lot of people that have disappointed in the justice department including me. >> kennedy: and the president this morning tweeting "everybody is asking why the justice department and fbi isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with crooked hillary and the dems knew donna brazile book shows he paid for and stole the primary. people are angry. at some point the justice department and the fbi must do what is right and proper. the american public deserves it. going to ask a few people and going to get two different reactions. can you say the dossier was a disgrace three times fast? >> kennedy: what is proper and right here? >> kevin: proper and right.
9:33 am
everybody knows. i always do this. this is a little thought experiment i played. what if this were donald trump? i know what marie would say print should be all over it. let's look into it, got to find out the details. and what most people are saying now is they didn't influence this or had no real outcome in the election. fact of the matter is it points to everything in politics that people are sick of in this country. so there's no defending it. i don't know what can come out of somebody's mouth and say that was okay to do. it was a dossier where there was a reporter whatever that the next excuses the republicans started it. big deal. you took it and you took it to a whole other level and everything involved in it points back to the dnc, the democrats, clinton's, and even probably ties to obama. that's what people want to know about. we can chuckle about it all we want. >> marie: that's a crazy assertion. >> kennedy: what is proper and right from your perspective? >> marie: that donald trump dream this morning is like a fever dream of right-wing paranoia about hillary clinton.
9:34 am
it's like every buzzword he could get in that tweet, he did. when you're talking about the doj and fbi, we can talk about what's improper or what's politics. this is a question about legality. sure, we may not like the hillary clinton had a dossier, parts of which have been proven untrue, parts of which i think are still open to interpretatio interpretation. but this is not -- >> kennedy: that's where we've gotten in politics when both sides go to eastern europe to get searched. space is i don't disagree with you that they are at discussing business. when donald trump the president is calling for legal action by the government against a former political opponent, that's another thing. >> kevin: using a document to go look at people. >> marie: when you get evidence at that, i'm happy to look at it with you. the intelligent community did not rely one iota on that dossier. i know it for a fact. he says it on the record. >> kevin: so we should believe them because i said it.
9:35 am
>> marie: the fbi can answer for itself. i'm talking about the intelligence community assessment of russian meddling. >> kennedy: they now unmask. >> gillian: what about a more equitable assessment of this dossier which tells us that both sides of the aisle dirty their hands here. kennedy was saying the very worst of politics is not exclusive to hillary clinton, it's nonexclusive to the democrats in this scenario because we know could it establishment politics and we can all coalesce around the idea that it's gross and dirty and everybody loses with this kind of thing in circulation. this is where we are with their presidential politics. congratulations, america. >> harris: i think it is interesting that if you look at the trails, the clinton campaign didn't even circulate as much among themselves. they give it to the media. >> kevin: that's pretty.
9:36 am
>> marie: everyone does it. it doesn't make it okay and i think now is a wonderful time. i'm not saying it's okay, i'm guessing is not unique to her. >> harris: how much of it was just about being dirty. we don't know that. that's what you get. >> kennedy: writing the bill may have been the easy part. now republicans have to whip up the votes to pass their tax plan. why they are confident, less some potential stumbling blocks as a key senator issues a warning. we are live on the hill. stay with us.
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>> harris: get out the red pen to write now on capitol hill, some fixes to the republican tax bill expected to come ahead of the monday markup. the g.o.p. is trying to provoke the momentum and rally support for their plane. president trump says he wants to sign tax reform into law by the end of the year.
9:41 am
earlier on "fox & friends," house majority leader kevin mccarthy brushed aside criticism that the plan will actually raise taxes. watch. >> we are cutting taxes. we are not raising rates. we are lowering the rates. we treat every american and fairly. if you're a single american today, and the old system, you can only make the first of $6,000 tax-free. we doubled up to 12. a family, $24,000 tax-free, doubling it to start out. you decide where your money should be spent, not government. >> harris: obviously, that is kevin mccarthy. please forgive the error there. two congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins us live from the hill to break it down and i'm certain this is mike. >> good afternoon to you. much of the focus right now is on talking to house republicans and rounding out votes. and g.o.p. said they want to get tax reform done in the house this month. and part of the pitch is businesses will be able to bring back trillions of dollars back this country.
9:42 am
>> whether it's on main street, around the world, they will know they can bring those stranded dollars back to the united states from overseas. more important, when they can win going forward. tax rate to bring it back and reinvest to zero. we expect it very strong response from our local businesses. >> here is what some key house conservatives asked the white house to include in this tax package. a corporate tax rate, no higher than 20%. the small business tax rate no higher than 25%. the reduction of personal income rates the middle class and doubling of the standard deduction. a repatriation of foreign earnings, permanent elimination of the estate tax, and a new territorial tax system that gives multinational companies tax parity with foreign competition. this morning, the chairman of the house freedom caucus said he would like to see a change involving wall street. >> that. the entrance for hedge fund managers need to go away and really, we can use that money
9:43 am
for the middle income hard-working american taxpayers to make sure that they get the relief that they need. >> as for democrats, house democratic leader nancy pelosi is blasting the tax proposal. >> the republicans want you to believe they are cutting taxes on the middle class, but republicans are floundering the middle class and middle class families to give trillions of dollars in tax cuts to corporations. some shipping jobs overseas. >> we are checking to see some tweaks to this bill ahead of the ways and means committee working on it next week. >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. as mike to set, the big task at hand is getting the "from the g.o.p. rollout. there are some house nose and the g.o.p. and some people on the fence but house leaders say they are confident they will come around on the senate republican bob corker says won't support a plan that adds a penny to the deficit and they were a host of other republicans who can think any tax bill in the upper chamber.
9:44 am
and there is zero sign of support so far from democrats. i still don't think that's exactly news. so far, republicans may be no margin for error. they've got to stick together. >> kennedy: let me take off my tin had that they accuse me of having on. it's a great tax bill and the things that we debate, we debate. hit 80% to 90% of these people come as a to raise it for these? we won, it's time for president trumped emblem and a tax bill that he wants. we took the raising of the taxes under democratic presidents. we've seen with that resulted in. over $20 trillion in almost $20 trillion of time of debt and high deficits. so why not try something different? we had a community organizer versus a billionaire who understands tax policy and how it relates to business and the left looks at this guy as if he's an idiot. he's awarded a grant that knows what he's doing, has great people in place to look these policies and americans looking for something different.
9:45 am
>> harris: bob corker says it's a know if it raises the deficit. what plan on the planet wouldn't have some sort of reverberation, which we didn't do what the president said, look for spending cuts. >> kennedy: you're absolutely right. why are we just relying on taxes here? they are not tax cuts. it's a shift. some people will get some relief and others will be completely punished. i think the republicans, if they do have the kind of power that you're talking about stand up to the democrats and say you're going to cut the top rate on the highest income earners as well. why is that staying at 9:30 9.5% back cut spending. be bold, cut spending in all areas. get creative. have a contest. he could a nice bottle of crystal, whichever period >> they don't need a contest. they won, they are in office. we have those contests. so cut spending. that was the vision that we heard about from the president. >> and the devil here is really going to be in the details.
9:46 am
this is not a slam dunk politically. you have today things like people already asking why are they getting rid of deductions for student loans for medical expenses? one of the small business association represent the number of small businesses around the country today came out against the tax plan as written. so the republicans have quite a bit of work to do. it's a mixed bag for the middle class an end it explodes the deficit. this is going to be a challenge by the end. >> gillian: a quick piggyback, what's in this bill outline. but they have problems already roadblocks up ahead with the timing. they're trying to jam this through. they want this to be considered and marked up as next week they wanted out of the house. where they already setting artificial deadlines that will shoot yourself in the foot exactly the way health care did? i don't understand. >> harris: will move on. happy friday. president trump is hammering the diversity visa program to the new york city terror suspects used to enter the united states. the president also went after chain migration, which allows some immigrants to bring family
9:47 am
members to the u.s. he said any daca deal would do away with that. are these winning issues for them or could they backfire? t cg young minds, nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> kennedy: we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first he was harris faulkner with what's coming up on "outnumbered" over time in a few moments. >> harris: thank you, kennedy. there's been some movement on the story that we are going to get to pay to the president is slamming hillary clinton after a top democrat claims the primary was rigged in her favor. rnc spokeswoman kaylee machen any says that that proves the president was right when he called hillary clinton crooked. she joined me next, and the president leaves for asia. national security advisor h.r. mcmaster says he will not modulate his language. is it best to let trump be trump? or could any possible misstep increased tensions in that part of the world? all that and more top of the hour, now back to kennedy. >> kennedy: thank you, harris. >> gillian: president from saying he wants to terminate the diversity visa lottery here in the united states. the program that lets the new york city terror suspects enter the country back in 2010. take a look. >> is a disaster for our countr country. this program grants visas not on the basis of merit but simply
9:52 am
because applicants are randomly selected an annual lottery. it's a very unsafe program for our country, and we are not going to allow it to happen. >> kennedy: president trump also slammed a so-called chain migration telling fox news laura ingraham that any deal to protect legal immigrants brought to the united states as children would include legislation necessarily to end system. >> the deferred action for childhood arrivals. will you require that if any amnesty talks will require chain migration? >> i don't think any republican would vote for anything having to do with leaving chain migration. chain migration is a disaster. for this country, and it is horrible. >> kennedy: president trump and the administration have made it clear that the big kahuna in this diversity lottery system is national security implications. i want you to lay that out for us. what is he talking about here? >> kevin: in the old days, we
9:53 am
brought people a real lottery based on merits when people came over here, they fought to get over here. they fought within their own country to be the best and come over. now it's become such a lottery system that just really goes at random. we have seen how that vetting process has worked out. the national security implications are things that happen just recently in new york and other places where we get a guy who was part of that lottery system, the diversity visa system, and he comes over and commits crimes and we've been following him, we followed his mosque and the whole thing. so you try that back into everything that we talked about with the president's travel ban, and you see what people are concerned about. most of america is looking at the death of american citizens and in this case, foreigners that have visited new york and saying this is a tragedy. so something that we should hav have. >> gillian: some of the lottery itself isn't the big kahuna but as part of a bigger package about decisions about immigration that the president feels the government are making that are not smart.
9:54 am
spaces is also not fair to say that just because of the lottery and it's random that these people aren't vetted. if there's better ways to vet people, i am absolutely open to that. but these folks go through a lot of vetting to get your, less than 1% of people who applied for this visa actually got it. it's not just like the doors are open. we worked on this with the state department a lot. it's two years plus. there's a problem if people come here or if they are american citizens and their radicalized here. let's look at what happens online, let's look at how ice is recruit people online which is a huge problem. facebook and twitter are looking at right now. we need to look at how people are radicalized, not just how they get there. >> kennedy: i think you're absolutely right and there is an important point when someone goes from being a faithful muslim to being a radical jihadist. who is able to commit murder. in that act of agitation and radicalization is so woefully misunderstood. i don't have a problem with the merit-based system. i don't think merit-based necessarily means that you have
9:55 am
to lead and only people who are phds, but letting people who are good and hard-working, who want to fight for the american dream, who want to make our country a better place, and actively participate in what that greatness means. >> kevin: i want to go back to this radicalized here or wherever. it doesn't matter. if you come here and you radicalized, this guy brought 23 additional people here. where will they radicalized? >> marie: we don't know that they are all radical. >> kennedy: we don't know that they're not. we've got 23 people that a radical muslim has now brought over, and we know nothing about them. we don't have a system in place that says are they like him or are they not? he planned this for over a year. >> kennedy: and we don't have a good system. >> marie: the program does have some benefits. >> gillian: the president and you fairly point out this link between the visa lottery and chain migration, but if you get rid of the lottery, how does that in and of itself -- if you reform the lottery --
9:56 am
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>> all right, thank you so much to kevin jackson, hopefully you've got some big weekend plans. >> you'll be back in the studio. >> will you be on? >> no, but i'll watch. >> marie harf coming off that
10:00 am
big ohio state win. still basking in the afterglow. we are back on the couch monday at noon eastern, 9:00 in the west. now here's harris. >> harris: we will begin with the fox news alert, president trump weighing in on claims that hillary clinton hijacked the dnc during the election. we will go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. the president is demanding an investigation into the bombshell allegations that the dnc regular navigation navigation for the reclined in, and saying that he believes of a committed. an excerpt from the former acting dnc chair. the president spoke on the controversy before parting on his 12 day trip to asia. >> you want to look at hillary clinton in the new look that was put


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