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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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freedom" tomorrow, what's at stake, the status of these tax cuts. while the chief is a way, the details and the congressman will play. more on that. see you then. "the five" now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld, and jesse watters, this is "the five." jeff sessions and the justice department are under fire again from president trump. why? >> they should be looking at the democrats! they should be looking at podesta and all of that dishonesty! they should be looking at a lot of things! and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me! >> the president fuming a criminal investigation has not been open yet into hillary clinton, the dnc, and
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others for stealing the democratic primary from bernie sanders. he sounded off to the press about it before taking off for hawaii earlier. >> you want to look at hillary clinton and you want to look at the new book that was just put out by donna brazile where she basically stole the dnc and still the election from bernie! that's what you want to take a look at. >> recent renovation from donna brazile, the dnc's former chair, prove that donald trump was right all along. >> i've got a lot of results that was thrown out. i thought that was terrible! >> the president says that people are angry. the american public deserves an fbi and doj investigation incident. greg? care to share that comment? >> this book... it kind of bugs me when things like this happen. this information apparently was known or it was held for a book? that's the problem with book
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deals. the truth is embargoed. people have all this juicy stuff. she should've blown the whistle right when she knew. things might be different for the democratic party. they might have a president webb. who knows? maybe including me who owe trump an apology. remember the whole period of time when he kept saying that everything was rigged? everything was rigged and people would chuckle, like i would chuckle? -- >> can you say sorry now? >> no. i never say sorry. the line for the apology is longer than the line for a porta porta-potty at a chilly festival. >> you know donna brazile really well. >> i do. >> she's giving up the goods on the dnc. >> i didn't know it was going to be in the book. i guess -- >> so your new? >> i think things she probably
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feels free to say whatever she wants to at this point. she will be on tucker carlson's show on monday night and i'm sure she'll have time to answer them alike, why would you have held it back? >> she's avoiding me. >> the book is embargoed until tuesday. >> there you go! embargoed. >> if you are somebody who is the author of a book and you actually want to get attention for this book, this would do it. this is actually a really good way -- he has the president of the united states talking about her book as she's leaving the south lawn. i do think about one thing. the president being agitated at the justice department for all sorts of reasons, i can understand. not sure exactly the crime the doj would actually investigate here. looks to me it was in agreement and arrangement. it might be wrong, it might be unethical, it might be really a bummer for bernie sanders, who feels like he was not treated well by the dnc, but i don't see the law that was broken.
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>> okay. jesse, maybe some collusion, but not illegal or prosecutable or investigating... >> the spirit of the law was obvious we've broken here. but if you follow the clinton cash, and always leads to a scandal. follow the cash, uranium one, paper player, steel dossier -- she comes in, bails them out, slaps on all these ridiculous writers like we are going to control your bank account, we are going to control your hiring and firing, we are going to control your medication scheme. >> doesn't that sound like she made a good deal? >> she made a great deal! debbie wasserman schultz, she is just as crooked as hillary. she didn't say no, she said bring on the cash. and that that's fine. bernie? i would be pretty upset if i was bernie. bernie got hosed and his supporters should be very angry. he never stood a chance because she got her tentacles in a year
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before the convention. if you can rank a primary against bernie, she certainly attempt to rig a general against trump. the lawyers can decide if the laws were broken. the only issue is she sets up the joint fund-raising committees with the dnc to bust the donor caps. she brings in the all the cash and then squirrels in a way for herself and doesn't give much of anything. donna brazile coming thing basically tells hillary to stayn the woods with their chardonnay, we don't want to see you anymore, but it also curry's favor with the bernie people in the future and i think she's a smart person there. hillary cannot blame a vast right wing conspiracy, because this is dem on dem crime. >> that's pretty enticing. i think people spend money on things like that. >> that's my title of my book of poetry. >> is that right? give me a autographed coffee
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, copy, gregory. the way republicans are talking about this, lock her up. but i love it. it's so interesting to me. the dnc was on its back financially because president obama is the one who set up the organizing for america as a separate entity and i think it took away a lot of money from the dnc. >> blaming obama... >> that's me. so then here comes hillary clinton who actually, guess what? it is like a saving angel who comes in and puts money into the coffers! >> hilarious... >> no, no. this is the truth. you can look it up. guess what, people say, this is terrible now that donna but sit in her book. donna is -- he came in and was going on what's going on? the bigger sin question mike debbie wasserman schultz who i think did not do a good job fore democrats and people said no, we want to be nice to her. she's a nice person.
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we can work with her. she's made some mistakes. she's not a great speaker, blah, blah, blah. too many forgiving, too many excuses made, and i think that's what led to it. donna walks in and donna says, "what a surprise. guess what? hillary clinton, not only will she signs the checks, but i gotta send every mitigation to brooklyn in order to approve." why is that? they are paying. the paper has always called the tune. >> but juan -- >> what a nice story. >> it would've been a happy ending if she won. if you are going to steal the election, at least win the election! basically she volunteered to be a squad leader and led the squad into an ambush. she's the designated driver! >> i don't know how you want to describe it. but you lost, if that's your point, she should've won. but it's not corrupt. if you say a year in advance -- by the way, year in advance before presidential elections is not that far.
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but if you say that, she put herself on the line with the dnc. my problem would be is it wasn't a level playing field for bernie. but bernie -- burning is not a democrat. he doesn't have connections with the same people. >> why would they have bent themselves over for bernie if he didn't call himself bernard dominic democrat >> one about martin o'malley? >> they did pretend to be fair. they did pretend to be fair. >> all the emails coming out, that's why debbie wasserman schultz gets ousted and donna have to go in. says, i guess i have to take over. >> the publican republican party did not rig, obviously not, the rnc... >> let me just say. the big story to my mind today you've got the president of the united states telling the justice department that they should go after his political opponents. you guys don't say a word. >> i'll say a word. it's about time. >> "it's about time?"
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my god... >> the dnc stinks to high heaven, they claim they got hacked by the russians -- >> just stop. you would want me -- let's say i was president. >> -- you know, i shouldn't say this, but -- >> let's say i was president and we had run against each other. >> you are president question mike i'm getting in the canon. >> my attorney general, "go get jesse watters and punish them," do you think that's america, jesse? >> that's jesse's america. >> the story is this is a signal for the dems, they need to get a clean break. you can get remarried until you did a divorce. you know, this is somebody who gallivaned around town on their hard work. clinton's left all the way to the bank and you have the democratic party which is basically a superfund sight at
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this point. >> the other story, juan, the doj hasn't done it, right? the independent judiciary that was set up by the finding to my founding fathers, the institutions in place. if you're looking for a silver lining, that might be it. >> i look at fungus right now. when i look at people like, senator grassley, -- "we should open a separate investigation." what is going on with our national security committees which used to be the highest level of people, elder statesmen would serve there, and put political loyalties aside? >> have they talked about investigating the dnc question mike i think they are talking about the dossier and the uranium one. >> there's nothing there. this is all about donald trump's scheme to raise up dust, distract people from the russia probe. >> the russia probe that was front and center forever and ever and ever and a day -- >> it still going on. we had an indictment.
2:11 pm
>> how can you be so forgiving to the clintons? >> the dnc being rigged by hillary turn into russia, juan? talk about the versions. well done. >> no indictment? no guilty plea this week? no, nothing like that going on. we don't have whole -- >> if hillier was resident, she'd probably rig it? >> it hillary? diverging america. >> every time you say that, juan, you are giving another lifeline to hillary. why don't you cut the lifeline -- >> no. wait... >> you are afraid of criticizing hillary! >> you would be lost with your lifeline -- >> if she goes away, it's better for america? >> you know she is corrupt because of the whole clinton foundation. you took issue with that from the beginning. >> right. but you know what? for people interested in humor, how do we -- a green
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on him on hillary? >> it's classic. remember, she denied. she denied the rigging. now she's saying she's with it. that's my point. she should be one of the people i said, "i'm sorry, trumped, you are right." >> right about what >> the rigging! >> that she helped out the dnc? >> i saw it on a perry mason episode. >> i like tucker carlson having donna on monday, but i'm having her on tuesday on "the daily briefing." >> i hope she embargoes something for you. >> hopefully she doesn't hold something back for me. >> fantastic, donna. do it. she will buy make you someone. our media center juan, a stunning sentence for a stunning crime >> bowe bergdahl, stunning sentence for a stunning crime
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uh, the beethoven festival. pure. love your insurance. >> well, bowe bergdahl will receive no jail time. that ruling coming from a military judge earlier today. prosecutors had recommended and
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presentations for 14 years after he pleaded guilty for desertion leaving his post in afghanistan back in 2009. his defense team argued he has suffered enough since he was held captive by the taliban for years. in addition, he was sentenced to a dishonorable discharge, will be reduced in rank, and will forfeit $1,000 in pay per month. president trump tweeted his outreach on the ruling, saying "the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military." greg, your thoughts? >> well, he's probably going to get a deal. he's probably going to go on a speaking tour. he will probably get a reality show on bravo, he will do something with chelsea manning. they can call it "a bowe for chelsea." there have been people who have been found guilty for lesser crimes, sentence in a year of
2:18 pm
prison for sharing a classified photo. he took a photo inside a u.s. sub. there is u.s. captain brian williams, sentence three years for taking bribes while in baghdad. think about that in this context and how horrible it is. he is punished in this way. he has to live with himself. >> kimberly? >> yeah, i was actually very surprised. obviously we knew he would get a dishonorable discharge. but tonight and anytime? i think they believe his -- that every day is agoniz. this is something that he did to himself and dishonored the military and put lives in danger. if i don't know. i don't understand the sentence at all. in fact, his lawyers want to appeal it because they do not like the dishonorable discharge. it carries a stigma with it. also, we don't like the reduction in benefits or money. >> i was surprised by that. i thought, juan, they should just take what they got. u.s. soldiers died while searching for bowie bowe bergdahl.
2:19 pm
you can imagine how their families built in that? >> actually, the military court got involved. the military court said they weren't convinced he was even -- no one died, in their opinion. they said there was no evidence that at any point that he had engaged in what they would term "misconduct." this was not one military court. this was one military court, a second, now a third that's a jail time is an appropriate for someone was held five years as a prisoner and tortured. so, you know, i understand the politics of this, because you wouldn't want to be this guy's mate in battle. i know you don't have your back covered or he's engaging in some conduct that can put you in peril, people were injured, people were hurt in the course of his disappearance in looking for him. to me, i understand it, but i think, you know what? i would trust the military in the military system, but i see president trump is not like -- he wants to politicize it. >> i don't know if he's politicizing it.
2:20 pm
he's just sharing his opinion as the commander-in-chief. the bergdahl thing has been a tragedy from start now to finish. he deserted, it was a terrible deal to get him back. remember, the lies from the president and susan rice about him being an honorable guy and fought in the battlefield? >> misconduct before the enemy. >> exactly. now this sentence doesn't make any sense to me. incorporated about it. not only people who were harmed, the reporters, the six people who died looking for him. the trade, five top taliban commanders in the battlefield. i'm sure we have no idea where they are. i believe, from what we've seen in the reports, that cash was exchanged. that just encourages more hostagetaking and more people being captured on the battlefield and held for ransom. >> again, -- >> with his father, a beautiful event. i'm glad he's back. but at the same time, doesn't make such a sense for the judge is thinking this guy has been suffering enough. five years, taliban captivity, fine. but punishment in the
2:21 pm
united states not only is for punishment, but it's also as a terrence. so for future platoons, it makes people think twice about deserting, because if platoon isn't only as strong as the weakest link. if you are out there, they take this very seriously in the u.s. military come desertion. extremely seriously. when people think about it, doing it again? hey, get a slap on the wrist, no jail time. not as stringent as it used to be in this country. >> general jack keane when he was on fox a couple weeks ago, we were talking about bowe bergdahl. he said early on, kimberly, the military -- at least the reporting about bowe bergdahl might not have been tight enough and that when it got to the white house, that was why president obama had information that made him think that he deserved a rose garden ceremony when maybe he didn't. >> yeah, there was definitely reports of that that suggestion that the president was given incomplete or inaccurate information to which to form
2:22 pm
decisions. which ultimately resulted in him having the rose garden ceremony. you know, all of that should come out. i'm sure perhaps that the president could, president obama, he would do it differently. it doesn't even change the fact here that justice was not served. he should of been received proper amount of punishment for the crime he committed. i did not see a compelling case to leniency here. in fact, this was really thrown in the face of the other american military that served faithfully and the family who lost those lies because of this trade. >> it seems -- just as i, really quickly. wait a minute, there was no part in. when we look at that moment in the rose garden, obama never pardoned a guide. this is a military decision. people i don't think he'll be getting a pardon now. >> no. >> the military does not issue explanations for its rulings. but do you think in this case, it should? >> i think so.
2:23 pm
to jesse's point, donald trump sharing an opinion. it's interesting. we've had this twice now with the terror attack, right after the terror attack, get the death penalty, and this bowe bergdahl, this is what he said, his outrage. this is the first cabdriver president. it's that classic new york persona of a guy who has an opinion and will share it with you. >> the judge, perhaps, inappropriately suggested that president trump's comments about bowe bergdahl would maybe influence the decision, which is why i'm wondering -- >> the defense attorney suggested that and they wanted to get the thing thrown out on that basis. this judge said no. >> i wonder if they will give us more information? >> they should. there is a lot of outrage. i don't think the story stops here at all for the whole question of where is the next chapter, what is this guy going to do to further shame the u.s. military and what kind of
2:24 pm
behavior -- >> he'll get on twitter. he will use a lot of emoticons, emojis... >> he's been pretty quiet. >> he had to be. >> he'll go to the marijuana fields or something. >> ahead. this album cover from snoop dogg coming under fire. we will talk about it next. remember that accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. (avo) but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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>> for the second time this year, rapper snoop dogg is joking around with the idea of assassinating president trump. where is the outrage from the left about this new album image posted on snoop's instagram page which shows a dead body with a toe tag that says "trump." snoop also released a music video that showed him pointing a
2:29 pm
gun at a clown dressed like the president and pulling the trigger. we talked about this the other day. kathy griffin did the same kind of thing. snoop has done it now twice. why do you think snoop d o double g is doing this? >> i think he's on a contractor in the sexual harassment, no drugs, but you can still threaten the life of the president. >> this president. >> only this president. i think tbs is hoping that because we have so much news now in this new cycle that no one's going to notice, like if this had happened under obama, this is crazy. at some point, they have to address it. by the way, not even an original layout. i think this is an ice cube reference and it was america -- i think it was america and not trump. he's not only stealing kathy griffin's m.o., he's feeling ice cube's art. not a very daring hip-hop artist, if you ask me.
2:30 pm
>> juan, do you condemn? >> sure. i don't like violence. i'm opposed especially of the idea directing violence against our leaders. i think that would break down our structure. i can't abide by that. i mean, to me, what we are seeing is -- i thought greg was very surprisingly gracious. because -- >> that never happens. >> i know, i know. >> very odd. >> iso a list here of the number of liberal artists, and it goes through you'll like rosie or belmont, marilyn manson, who have in fact gone after the idea of taking trump out. i just think it's acknowledges. but worse than obnoxious, it feeds our worst intakes as americans. >> ice on the same list, some similarities. time warner owns tbs. also owns cnn. kathy griffin, anthony bourdain's a really vicious things into really vicious things. owns comedy central, where larry
2:31 pm
wilmar also said something about the president like that. and shakespeare in the park, the trump assassination play. time warner has some problems, would you agree? >> they never show up on time. >> they've got a presidential fixation as well. we will try again in the morning as well. >> did and they change their name? time warner cable? anyway... >> this type of stuff really bothers me. seems like snoop dogg is going back and forth and back and forth to the welcome of the presidential well, and is really just sort of fixating on the president and using him with, you know, willful abandoned to try and get some recognition and make some money. i don't know if you are in popularity? we saw eminem do a video talking about the president. >> it's a way to get attention. >> i don't know. it's upsetting. they went after the first lady, too. >> did they have a problem in the bush white house to this extent?
2:32 pm
probably not. >> gosh, of course they did. >> do you remember? >> my gosh... >> the war was ongoing. there was a lot of the protests. it got very, very ugly. yes. >> you don't remember "blood for oil?" >> i remember those pro list tell my protesters on -- >> keith olbermann today -- anyway, on the view today, he says he thinks he owes george w. bush an apology. we'll see if that comes. the funny thing to me, country music fans are the ones who get tagged with seeing as gun toting and hating -- they don't do anything like this ever. pretty much stay out of politics. i saw a rosie o'donnell today on twitter say something like, she spends 90% of her time hates tweeting on trump. i would say to everybody, this should not take so much space up in your life. >> well, politics in general. it should only be about this much in your brain.
2:33 pm
>> 10% of. >> not even that. i would say 5%. the rest is thinking about rainbows and unicorns. >> that is what you do every day. >> unicorns. >> keep it to yourself. >> no, i will never keep it to myself! >> trump's account is back up and running again after being down 11 minutes last night. it wasn't an accident. twitter-gate coming up next.
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>> heavens. for 11 minutes yesterday, beginning around six: 45:00 p.m. eastern, something very spooky have been the period president trump no longer had contact with the world via twitter. his account disappeared. it was mysteriously deactivated.
2:38 pm
they are not, america. it's back up. but what happened? twitter investigated and found the customer service employee shut it down on his or her last day. that person was reportedly a contractor. quite a way to go. the president gave his reaction on twitter, of course, saying his account was "taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee." " i guess the word must be finally getting out and having an impact." jesse, i know you were just taken apart by this. >> yes. i just needed the president to tweet. i was waiting, i was very upset -- >> heartbroken, crestfallen. >> just shows how dangerous that can be. but my sources are saying that twitter has rehired this employee, gave him a raise, promotion, given him a quarter office. >> seriously? >> no, juan, i'm getting. this guy is a hero now. he will have three drinks for
2:39 pm
the rest of his life. it's typical liberal to shut the debate down instead of actually having a conversation. >> so kimberly, the idea is that people at one time were saying on twitter that he violated his rules, like when he tore at the threaten north korea, beat up c. remember when he hit the golf ball and smack hilary in the back? >> that was a good one. >> do we have that one? >> go to the file on that. i don't know. this person was obviously acting inappropriately and think they can get away with it because they were getting fired anyway. let me pull the rip cord on the way out, set the fire alarm off at school. >> aren't you worried that one person can do that? >> of course i am. i just goes to show you i don't know what's going on at twitter. they need to have more safeguards in, okay. what do they do? they need to block people who
2:40 pm
are repeat stalkers on there? right? block them by the ip address, they open up 25 different accounts. running amok over there. >> then i read mack aps, dana. "instead of imagine shutting it down, the person had sent something serious about, we are going to war" or something? >> you could induce panic, a war, it cause a problem, absolutely. that's terrible. twitter has got some serious policy problems. they haven't addressed them well. i think that was proved over and over again for all of those reasons. but i would say if anybody at twitter wants to shut down my account, please take it. >> and greg and mine's. >> greg loves us twitter right now. >> it's a love-hate. >> do you know what it is? twitter exist on our own vanity and desire for attention. at this point, if you have a career in the family, you should
2:41 pm
consider leaving twitter because of this very example. >> you have a career and a family. >> well, -- that's why i'm talking to myself. i'm trying to work some issues through this year for the press thought that was hilarious. if you look at the blue checked mob, those are the people who think they are really important. they are in the -- they love the blue check. they said they were going to pay for his health care if he lost his job. what if somebody went to the blue check mob and started tweeting out pornography and cost them their job or racist stuff? if you went to juan's account and said "i'm going to start killing short people today at "the five"." you can ruin people's lives. i think, if he could happen this easily, you could probably do far worse. maybe it's time to figure out something better to do with your time. again, i am talking to me. >> this is a therapy session? >> you should see the
2:42 pm
self-control that i have. last night, i had this amazing tweet directed to somebody at the media who was humble bragging beyond belief. vehicle you even ask permission from friends. >> i said, can i send this out? this person deserves it. and then -- what did you say? >> i didn't reply, but tom shillue said you should do it. >> never listen to show shillue. there was a time where you can drive people to watch "the five" and i think you believe that. >> i do that. >> you said now you don't believe that's the case. >> i think people come to the show because they love the show, they look forward to it. twitter right remind might remind you something is on. >> we need something where you can follow the news and what's happening without the twitter. >> yeah, but... >> hey, hey, hey. stop this. >> it also tells you what you can highlight what's going to be
2:43 pm
on the show today. >> my problem is i wake up in the morning and go, will oh god, what have i done? >> talk to trump. dana, trump said he wouldn't be president without twitter. >> he might be right. he utilizes it very well. one of the things keyed to the general election candidates of trump and clinton is that he was obviously doing the tweeting himself and it was authentic, and she obviously was not. when near neera tanden was doing her tweets, it was funny. >> the washington football team is going to win. our social media accounts are running just fine here. facebook friday. >> yay! every six months i'm accident-free.
2:44 pm
and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. eras. they're defined by accomplishments. by victories. by those with the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, and the grit to help ensure the next energy to power our dreams, will be american energy.
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2:47 pm
>> 43's favorite movie, "caddyshack?" >> facebook friday. a little bit of trivia at home. because i care about you. this is a great question, frank.
2:48 pm
if you actually exist. if you got stuck in the elevator for eight hours, which fox person, and only one, would you choose to be stuck with and why? referring to the remaining employees. >> my goodness... >> no call backs? >> this happened to me. >> who was it? >> i was with myself. remember when i got trapped in the elevator at 4:57, i drag somebody... i think i did. "help me, help me." i thought we were both trapped. >> you would be, prefer to be stuck with yourself. >> i don't know. definitely not you. you will freak out. >> i will have a panic attack. i would have a panic attack and a normal elevator ride. >> i think i've told you. this is the scariest thing in my life. i can't deal with it.
2:49 pm
so i don't want to think about it. >> you don't like even thinking about it? >> wow. i don't like thinking about tall places. about heights. not tall places... like shelving. >> i think about heights. >> just shows you how your brain, jesse, you can impact your brain with thoughts. thoughts! >> the power of positive thinking. >> yes. if i would get stuck with somebody on fox, it would be a hair and makeup artist. everybody was looking at me, i love good. >> they would have to have their tools, the implements. you would have to have a fox news employer, also like a part-time fireman. that's what happens. they always come for you. >> i would go with air and air and land there -- i would go with erin landers,
2:50 pm
cheerful, doesn't panic. >> that's good. >> i would change mine, soul 's vehicle you raise a good question. let's say you are in the elevator and there are five people you don't know very well and you are stuck. you are the only one who has lunch. are you obligated to share your lunch with these people if that's, like, going into two hours, three hours. >> that would be weird if you didn't share it. >> you paid for it. it's your food! you should pay for your own lunch. i carry lunch everywhere in case this happens. >> i'm doubling down. i deafly do not want to be stuck with you. >> the blue dogs can carry me with their strong arms scaring me up the elevator cable. >> we have to pick our -- he's an emt. strong arms. >> i'm going to start with you, dana. this is from daniel k. what food combinations do you really enjoy?
2:51 pm
combinations. >> can i tell you one that i used to love and it's disgusting? my grandmother on my mom's side, grandma brooks, she and i used to eat miracle whip and peanut butter sandwiches. >> that's pretty good. >> it sounds horrible now. at the time, we liked it with wonder bread. >> interesting. what about you, jesse? >> so my middle name is bailey from my grandmother. we do have bailey bacon sandwich, you do a hotdog bun, you do bacon strips, you put mustard on it, you eat it like that for breakfast. >> my mouth watered. that sounds good. >> it sound super tasty. >> right up your alley. >> i make my little quesadilla pizza, with salami, but i think that's phenomenal together. i don't know if it's weird. >> can you please bring that in one day? >> i can make you one for you. it's like the cutest thing you've ever seen. but besides that, i don't mind something like a little
2:52 pm
peanut butter and banana sandwich. >> that's gross. bananas should only be inbred, i think. >> well, that is inbred. >> no, that is bread. >> the texture is too similar to something that's repulsive. >> what is it? >> i won't say. it's a family show. >> i go into the 7-eleven and i put, like, root beer with blueberry flavored -- -- >> horrible, i mix them up. >> people in my family, "keep that away from me." >> i like root beer floats. >> you can pick any flavor you want and they make beautiful colors. >> i me call you weird. but peanut butter and jelly. >> weird. so weird. >> you don't like it? wait, it's gross? >> no, i'm saying -- i'm joking
2:53 pm
because it's... i don't have any weird combinations. >> your word combination is greg and gutfeld. >> none of my food touches on the plate. >> okay... >> 11 years old, everybody. >> separate but equal, the food on my plate! separate but equal. it's over. it's over. no cats and playing on my block. i'm just talking. "one more thing" next. how muchu think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement.
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>> it's time now for "one more thing." it all starts with me first. i look little in that picture! >> what's going on? >> it's like i'm in a mousetrap or something. my good friends, or recent friends, at "us weekly" visited my new york city apartment where i gave them a sneak peek at my shoe closet, they wanted to look at the wall which was better than trump's wall, jesse, so let's take a look. one of the big questions i get asked all the time and i'm terrified to answer or know the answer, how many pairs of shoes do you have? there have been estimates of 500 pairs. dana perino got these for me because she's, like, a little cowgirl.
2:58 pm
she loves country music. she really upped michael in this game. they are very popular, the boots flying off the shelf. they didn't put up the cliff. >> that's bigger box. >> my friend danielle was there to help me with the huge shoe wall. >> to quote "us weekly," "you are just like us." 500 pairs. >> the question, how many pairs of shoes do you have? >> it's not enough. >> and my next? >> yeah. >> apparently humans love their dogs more than fellow man. two studies come out that show that people, you can get contributions to a little baby or a dog, they will go to the dog. also, when they looked at northeastern university, students shown fake newspaper clippings about a baseball bat attack on a puppy, a year old in fit, and a 30-year old. guess what? people cared about the dog more. >> she is showing pictures of
2:59 pm
dapper. that's all that this is for. shameless. >> sure. i mean, his fans were demanding it. >> greg is such a hater. >> saturday night, watters' world, 8:00. we have and culture, we have tomi lahren, and a psychologist that treats trump disorder. also, there is a classic "watters' world" quiz, here is a little taste. >> what does the declaration of independence do? >> um... i have no idea. that's awful. >> i am not that knowledgeable on those declarations and the constitution and all of that. >> what country did we declare our independence from? >> virginia. [buzzer] correct? >> no. real quick, greg gutfeld shall, i've got lawrence a bond, i've got scott adams, going to be
3:00 pm
great. tomorrow night. sunday at 5:00 p.m. >> juan has the big parade with the houston astros. >> we'll come back. >> never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. bret, take it away. >> bret: kimberly, thank you. president trump sounding off accusations, angry bernie sanders bernie -- says his party is acting like a circular firing squad head had make of a big election tuesday. this is "special report" ." good evening, welcome to washington. i am bret baier. new fallout tonight from the bombshell allegations leveled against elder clinton and the democratic national committee by the former interim chair, donna brazile. chief correspondent james rosen leads us off tonight with the look on who was waiting in and whose remaining conspicuously silent, a


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