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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 5, 2017 1:00am-1:00am PDT

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about now, it is 10:00 p.m. on the east coast and 11:00 a.m. in tokyo and stay with us as we await the president addressing our troops in tokyo in the air force base where he has just landed. ambassador is with us and don roberts, of course, right there in tokyo. congressman, did you ever accompany the president, whether
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president bush or another president on these trips? >> no, i haven't. i've gone with the congressional delegation but i was elected at the same time president obama so i didn't get an invitation to join invitation on that one. judge jeanine: i purposely left him out but i thought knows. ambassador bolton, you've been
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in the meetings -- >> it's impressive to watch the president travel. it's quite in operation and a lot of work goes into it and the logistics and the technical aspects are overwhelming. it's impressive and designed to convey that our president is the leader of the greatest nation
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judge jeanine: the respect for the military in this administration. >> absolutely it comes on the heels of a ruling on both bergdahl and a lot of families and military families were devastated. it'll be interesting to see but i want to remind people there are literally. when you three carrier groups in
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the area we had a difficult time operating those words and our men and women and their families are ingrained in the japanese culture and to have the president there is an added special benefit and a bonus and i think you'll see the japanese people really embrace this president because he is very much promilitary but his relationship with prime minister abay comes at a critical time
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and they do have a working relationship. that spills over into the military as well. judge jeanine: when you say that congressman it spills over into ordinary americans. the important of allies and friendship and i am hearing in my ear that the president is about to come to the podium and we do not quite yet know -- here
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he comes bac logo. [cheering and applause] >> okay everybody. mr. president, sir, i will tell you that you look great in that suit. there is something missing. can i please ask the wing
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commander of the biggest, baddest, meanest wing of the air force, colonel, to come out here? >> should i put it on? >> i like this better. you can have my jacket. thank you. oh boy, this is a great group of people. thank you very much.
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thank you general and everybody for your devoted leadership of our brave troops right here in japan and especially to all of the incredible servicemembers who are here today and will have the time. we will celebrate your achievements so i will issue one of your favorite commands. are you ready? at ease. at ease.
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now, have a good time. malani yet and i want to extend a special thanks to ambassador bill haggerty who is doing an outstanding job and outstanding person. i know him very well. believe me, you have one of the great ones. you've leading our american embassy in tokyo and i'm honored to be here today in this beautiful country, home of the extraordinary people of japan. japan is a treasured partner and crucial ally of the united states and today we thank them for welcoming us and for decades
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of wonderful friendship between our two nations. americans have deep respect and admiration for the people of japan and they are amazing culture and their strong spirit and their very proud history. on behalf of the united states of america i send the warmest wishes of the american people to the citizens of this remarkable country. [applause]
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now i know how you see it. this is pretty good. our travels across asia will take us to many historic places, to the many wonderful sites and to speak for many audiences. there is no single place i would rather begin my trip then right here with all of you, the incredible men and women of the
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united states military and your amazing partners, the japanese self-defense forces. thank you for being here. [cheering and applause] to everyone here today who served your country in uniform, thank you, thank you, thank you. please salute you. what is your rank? [laughter] will raise it. [cheering and applause] who defend us and our way of life that are built from the courage, love and sacrifice and patriot each of you in the proud legacy of generations of warriors that have walked these very ground for more than seven decades american pilots took to the air and drove back the invaders during the korean war, treatment. from here they enforced a precious piece during a long and half of the devastating 2011 he served as the launching point
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for operation blood, the largest humanitarian in american history which saved the lives of an thousands of great depth. like those who came we always rise to the occasion and you never, ever let your country down. general martinez, general [inaudible], general [inaudible], admiral fenton, brigadier general winkler, colonel morris and chief master command with exceptional skill america is tremendously grateful to you.
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we are also very fortunate to stand alongside such strong and capable. [inaudible], federal [inaudibl [inaudible], thank you for your leadership and service, thank you. [applause] on behalf of the, both american and japanese, to know that your service keeps us all safe, and also want to express our
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gratitude and love ones so much to make your people and it is not easy. america is probably for all you do and we are back home starting to do, i will tell you you are reading and the scene, really, really well. the 17 year low. [cheering and applause] almost 2 million jobs have been added since abe election day
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november 8, 2 million jobs that is a lot of jobs. we have dealt isis on brutal defeat after a and it is about time it is truly inspiring to see american airmen and and japanese you have a great marine here general kelly, four-star. did anyone hear of general kelly? where is general kelly? he is a he does like those four
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stars, you that. but american airmen in japanese self-defense forces that are still a side-by-side confident and more capable than ever. you and you strike fear in the hearts of our enemies and that isn't it? our alliance estimate to the transformative power of freedom. today nations that once waged
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war now stand together as friends and partners in pursuit of a much better world are getting there. we are getting think. with your presence here today, shoulder hope into every piece. have made yokota air base one of the most capable operational bases in japan for over a decade
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incredible place has been home, not only are defense command of the japanese force serves as a critical center for coordination, for american and japanese commanders to for almost 60 years the military, we see on the space, has endured a cornerstone of sovereignty, security and prosperity for our nations, this really tribute to that legacy, the legacy you protect and grow each and every day. we dominate the sea. we dominate taste. to not merely because we have the best equipment out of it is coming in. you saw that budget. different in the past. a lot of beautiful, brand-new equipment is coming in. nobody makes it like they make it in the united states we have a lot of stuff coming well.
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but because we have more important equipment, we have the best people warrior creed. your devotion and expertise make you the most fearsome fighting force. together with our allies america's warriors are prepared our nation using range of our capabilities no one, no dictator, no regime and no nation american resolve. every once in a while in the
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past they underestimated us. it was not pleasant for them, was it? it was not. we will never yield, never waver and never falter in defense of our people, are for our great american flag. that flag stands for the, the history of our people, the sacrifices and our lawyer the
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nation as long as i am service men and women who defend our nation, the resources they need, to respond to our enemies quickly and decisively, to fight, to overpower place always when. right is the heritage of the american armed forces for peace and justice the world have nations must be strong nations
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and we welcome it when our allies from europe to asia to renew their commitment including those and it is a great status month all who have sacrificed to make peace and stability possible interview to every proud american who has worn the uniform and served our country. today of the sacrifices made by american servicemembers and are
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at and because the sacrifices all of you continue to make each and every day in the amazing things possible when a people are free and lifetime the japanese peace and nations in the world. over the next, china, vietnam. we will seek new opportunities for cooperation verse and will partner with friends and allies
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to pursue free and open and the pacific region the fair and reciprocal trade future because of you. you make it possible for peace loving and for peace loving people to prosper. the great american flag will proudly where ever i can i look at that flag i will think of brain and women like you and i
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will think of all the down through the generations blood, sweat, tears, too. when you follow your citizens and people can states like being displayed during our diplomatic meetings over the next ten days be proud of your nation the security you provide that makes it all possible your predecessors, you are brave warriors and you're the last
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bulwark against threats against the dreams you are the greatest hope for people who desire to live in freedom and harming the greatest threat to tyrants and dictators who seek to pray over and over that the road of the tyrant poverty, suffering due to but the path of stronger of their values and, is a proven path. the cultures. we embrace our values.
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we all fight for what we believe in the japan and the freedom loving people able to fulfill their destinies and follow we are grateful for your families, for their sacrifice and support that allows our brave men is of dedicated keep the space going and take care of art and their precious loved ones for your service and for your sacrifice
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to be here with you today. we face many tent people face together as a team we do i am certain that the future for him for japan and for terrorist allies has never, looked brighter. because of patriots like you freedom will prevail. thank you armed forces and god bless the united states of
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america. [cheering and applause] president donald 600 top completing his speech at the transit and the president clearly the military giving a big shot in the art about what a transfer to the united states. and even at one point we were countries that were at war now stand as friends and partners in presold. it was clear that this military
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audience, was very president and he had very warm words for those american salute them and that they honor them and that the american people have a remarkable country and indicating to the troops, as relates with the stock market at an all-time, 2 million jobs since he day and kudos in saying that they strike theories and the united states have the best
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equipment people and that we dominate the sand in space. up giving kudos to yokota air base call in ambassador bolton now as he now i am hearing this man, are you still with us? yes, i am. >> congressman the? >> is proud there. these are tough, tumultuous, dangerous times and you can that frontline of the event you have three carrier groups in the area chaotic and i love it. they loved it too. no appellate is the strongest superpower and he makes no apologies for it he loves the red, white and blue and you can see it in his face, the way he protects it, he talks from his heart and that will radiate out to those troops. american patriots and i was thrown back to the route their blood, sweat and tears for the dreams of american the bird and well-received a real hand of friendship, our ally. in fashioning that the united showing public displays of cooperation with allies they were our allies and the of ronald reagan where peace through strength will break and projected.
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i think that gives comfort to our allies and they know we are going to work in partnership with that but everyone in that region is listening to where the president is coming and he's not wavering at all about his commitment to protect the united states and to help the world and make sure. judge jeanine: yeah, that is what he said. we dominate the sky, the sea, the land and spate the hanger vibrating at that point and he and that was very refreshing, then it was very much a break in like. what is the goal? i think the big taking the fight at that place erupted with applause. these are people who want to engage in the fight to protect america. they are willing in order to get out there and protect the united states and now they finally have a president who is right there with them and has their back difficult thing and kim jong-un, who knows what he will do given time but there you have a president willing to fight for the resources and fight for their families and fight for the united states. judge jeanine: clearly. to our viewers 30 minutes ago with the first lady. the president there taking back the stage with first lady, melania trump. they to play a little golf and to get out there on the links but we have the real shot in the
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arm to those troops in japan. i do not know if john roberts is with us -- john? hello, judge. i'm still here. is the us military. every time i've seen him it has been a very similar reception interesting to as he read self-defense forces in his speech entry. there were members of the japanese of the along cooperation as well.
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the interesting thing i found was i was waiting for him to save north korea but he spoke is something they've care very much about here in japan. we japanese island and that sent
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shockwaves through the country when things like that happen. they do know now. depend that they could easily be within rain but it so much in the next ten days that maybe he thought that the president has and expound on this to a greater degree north korea and how much he pushes china that get stuck with china together as an intelligence that kim jong-un believes this is the only way that his wires on the top of actually firing at the united states. president trump says this is a redline and he will never allow that to happen but the goat in the loved millions of lives in south korea and china would
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likely come in and fight on behalf of north korea, as well. how he threads that doug wound. that was something that he wasn't addressing and this was about the truth and this was the day that they get from him and the positive we will never, ever yield, never falter in defense of freedom that bassett or fulton is with us he is not. congressman, can you respond to what john roberts was and that is spreading that needle as it relates to china.
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>> is very difficult. it was easy it would of been done a long time and take out any threat at any time is very important. side of the equation the chinese obviously played a most critical role because their biggest threat if there were some sort of chinese mainland and they do not want that but you have to remember there is a lot of in china some of those people have actually been action that we have with south korea and japan, as well as our of the and that we need their help on this one a great job at the united nations but there's a lot. judge jeanine: what you talk about the illicit trade and the black market? what are you talking about .
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>> if you were to get out a matter still flowing good and services is still emboldened by the fact that go on back and they don't. the chinese do not necessarily want to put up the trade and they want to make sure those people in north korea do not flow into china. that humanitarian crisis is something that beijing absolutely does not want to see the blessed muscle and reach the united states and then work out and it looks like one? he's already on it on his way to
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play golf the two now market in nuclear weapons and connect yeah, as we look at what is going on with marine one typically the marines will from something nefarious they wouldn't know exactly which aircraft but look, the president relationship is an important one. they got together in florida and help solidify that relationship and a round of golf, they'll talk about security japanese and others concerned and the
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five he created one of most popular comic strips of all time
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and it was a garfield. he could have kickbacks and relaxed like any rich person would do instead he became a political pendant and proceeded to lose half of his friends and all of its speaking engagements. nice move, scott. in his latest book scott explained why he was one of the first and perhaps only people to predict president trump the three. he's with us all tonight so let's dig into his genius brain for more. scott, thank you for coming. i have read the book and enjoyed it immensely and there's a lot of good stuff in there but when you talk about persuasion i see humor, i think if you take the humor out of trump what is left, right? >> twenty is what i call a talent stack is unique. there's a whole bunch of skills that he is b+ a- that which makes him invisible to a lot of people. they look at each of the skills and they say he's not the best beaker or the smartest president
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but he's a great speaker and smart enough. he's funny and on top of that is a full set of really specific persuasion talents. greg: what you are saying is be above average and a lot of things and you can go further than if you were really good at one thing smack if it's the right combination. greg: you see the stuff and anti- cumbersome you have very many friends and i have lost friends and i'm not exactly. you lost a lot. >> it was an expensive year. [laughter] greg: i have people who won't talk to me anymore and i was critical of trump for a year and then i gave him the benefit of the doubt after the election and i have people that will not respond to me. >> i thought facebook was broken. [laughter]
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i thought no one was traveling or eating and no pictures of food here at all. [laughter] greg: what happened to my family? with a lot of anti- toppers i think it has to do with a long-term emotional event and if you put all your time and energy into something it is harder and that the home renovation. it's not going well but you can't get out now. >> the trigger for this massive hysteria is the fact that no one thought he would win or at least people who thought were upset and it changed their worldview. everything they thought was wrong they had to be interpreted and they reinterpreted as he is a monster and there are more racist and crazy stuff like that. greg: you mentioned that he is a monster and racist in there are these different stages since the election and you been talking about how we move from one state to the next verse he's a monster and racist and now they're running out of things to call so
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where are we? i predict it a year ago we had the following arc. when he got inaugurated it would be he was hitler after several months of not doing hitler's stuff that people would start saying well, he's not hitler but he is certainly incompetent and he might be crazy and that was the summer. then i predicted that he would have a body of accomplishments by then so that by the end of the year you would hear something like well, he's not hitler, he's not crazy, he's not exactly incompetent but we don't like what he is doing so you're already seen the hints of that from both sides of the media at this point. greg: at some point they have to overstep -- i overlook a lot of the things about him because certain -- i said this before we were slightly jealous. i think he co-opted what a lot of people in the media were doing and he's like a fox news host. i talked to fox news host were like i could have done it and
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why didn't i think of that and why didn't i do that. i even overlooked it and my sister would tell me all her husband does is talk about how funny trump is and i didn't see that that was just like it was working its way and becoming bigger than it was. >> i think people supported him just for the entertainment value like literally. greg: that's what i mean. my brother mark would tell me every day from the new. since you are probably one of the living legendary cartoonists i wanted to run by you my new cartoon that i drew. can we put it up there? it's an intestinal micro and it's called gut and he is very angry so the strip would just be him extremely upset about anything and he will constantly be running to the bathroom where he would have a great but at the end and then you would see a flush. >> i don't think under and see how it could miss.
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greg: do you see this as a once a week? >> today. greg: they say two movements a day climax all right, this book, you'll love it. i enjoyed every page. coming up, the tech industry gets drilled on capitol hill. you won't get believe what the you won't get believe what the
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♪look into my eyes ♪you will see ♪what you mean to me ♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do
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♪i do it for you ♪yeah, i would fight for you♪ ♪i'd lie for you ♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you greg: tech executives facebook, twitter and test testified on the hill about russian influences in the election. several senators space books colin stretched to explain more about what service can and cannot do. it was somewhat interesting but mostly boring that is until the
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senator from kansas took her turn and it got interesting. >> the committee yield three minutes with the senator from new kansas. >> okay. colin stretched from facebook, thank you for being here. how are you today? >> thank you thank i am asking the questions thank you question. >> in the sky jerking me around contract are you yanking my chain right now expect that is likely the case. yes, i thought so. i'll cut right to what everyone is thinking that. has anyone ever told you you look like a hotter doctor drew? no, senator. not that i'm aware of. >> that's crazy. look at the resentment. don't you think he looks like an even hotter doctor drew? find them. moving on. i get a lot of crap from trolls on facebook. how much of your traffic is people sending me hate mail?
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>> of approximately 90%. >> dude, that is insane. are you going to do anything about it? >> were committing to investing more and doubling that number by the end of 2018 expect what bro, that is just mean not to mention that the hundred 80% which does make sense. >> you raise an important point which is -- your terrible at math. >> yes, that's correct. >> at least agreeably. last question. i know you facebook guys get a lot of hollywood inside info before anyone else who can we expect to play the next batman? i'm rooting for the wants to be certainly happy to come back to the committee and provide more details on specific actors. >> hear that? wasn't a no and i will take it. till then, even hotter doctor drew, the one for life climax. greg: fiber bd wong i'd think about getting some kind of security detail. special thanks to scott adams, lawrence, catherine sims, tyrus
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in our studio audience.
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