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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 5, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PST

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[national anthem] ♪ >> the president lands in tokyo with the first lady about to make remarks to the troops. >> or no single place i'd rather begin my trip than right here along via credible men and women of the united states military. >> the first three stops are going to be dominated by the north korean nuclear weapons program. >> no dictator, no regime in no american resolve. >> hillary clinton greets her party's nomination process.
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>> so obsessed with hillary clinton. >> we are obsessed with hillary because hillary is obsessed with hillary. >> the best way to grow jobs in this country is to get the american people more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets. >> should i put it on? >> i like this better. pete: welcome to "fox and friends" weekend. this is president trump is president trump and the first lady heading into dinner at the prime minister a japan machine so it ain't just moments ago. your summer marks the president has made before heading into dinner. >> we salute you. we honor you and we stand proudly with the men and women who defend us and our way of
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life. >> is a great honor. believe me it's a great honor. we are going to have dinner tonight where we'll insult everyone by continuing to talk about trade. tomorrow is a very busy day. abby: 12 day trip. this is just some highlights of his first day in tokyo. now sitting down for dinner with the prime minister of japan with his wife melania. you mention yesterday. kevin is back on the couch. we are thrilled to have you. when he meets a double down on as the economy and that will give him leverage overseas. that's what i've heard them talk about. >> we talked about china, but we didn't talk a lot about japan. the fourth largest trading partner. about $70 billion. there's that issue, an issue of conflict with the islands between china and japan. the fact that he visited japan
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first is a sign that we will help to get our relationship in order before i go see china in this particular case in the trade will be an issue. tradition so if one of the most prime minister of japan when they come out if remarks are made we'll bring them to of course. scheduled to leave the dinner at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. the time change is significant over there. they will be heading to bed later tonight meeting with japanese business leaders, embassy staff, welcome ceremony, they will feed some japanese crayfish as well. a bilateral summit on trade. a busy day in japan. abby: a busy few days to come. headed into 12 days with great negotiating. if we keep scrolling, because of our tremendous -- there we go tremendous -- there we go. having to 12 days because of our tremendous economy which is what we've been talking about. you've got to be a fly on the
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wall and the dinner right now. you make a great point. everything in that part of the world is about symbolism. that sends a clear message to china. effect about building up their nuclear capabilities. kevin: after world war ii. today that's very different. before you did any of this, the first thing he did was meet with and speak to our troops. i think the president giving a big speech in front of troops in japan. take a listen to a compilation of what he said. >> we salute you, we honor you and we stand proudly with the men and women who defend us and our way of life. missions are built from the courage, love and sacrifice of features just like you. you instill confidence in the hard of our allies and you strike fear in the hearts of our
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enemies. the way it should be, isn't it? we dominate the skies. we dominate the seas. we dominate the land and space. each of you embodies the warrior creed. your devotion make you the most fearsome fighting force in the history of our world. no one. no dictator, no regime that no nation should under estimate of her american resolve. you are the reason the great american flag will proudly stand behind me wherever i go and every time i look at that flag, i will think of brave men and women like you and i will think of all the american patriot down through the generations who
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poured out their blood, sweat, tears, hopes and dreams to defend our country. abby: that certainly sounds like america first to me. we'll get to that in a second. the resolve, commitment he's articulating is in stark contrast to what so many of our allies under barack obama. >> we talked about this yesterday. i love the idea when he goes over there if you remember the military, i worked very closely with you guys. the feeling you get when your commander-in-chief come you know they care about you versus barack obama. it's not necessarily a jab at 10, but it's very different. abby: when you serve in a foreign land like that come you represent the united states is the most powerful thing you can ever experience. were you ever there when the president came to visit? pete: i was there with a couple
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others. pete: it's not just a commander-in-chief. any pricing or commander-in-chief, but one you know has your back, but you know believes in america, that wants to strengthen the alliance is so important to us including japan, where they understand the threat and they are actually doing something about it, that's what you want to be. not in this defensive mode or apologetic mode where you're always trying to figure out which you actually stand for. that's what's so powerful. >> about donald trump's jacket? >> he was in a suit underneath it all. >> sir, i will tell you you look great in that suit, but there is something missing. >> should i put it on?
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i like this better. you can on my jacket. abby: i have a feeling he's going to be wearing not a lot more. treats you better make sure it's the right size before you put it on. trade through we are covering this trip for the next 12 days. still a lot going on here in the swamp you at home. we are learning more still from this donna brazile both talking about the primary, general election and giving us a better sense of what was going on at the request of behind the scenes in the side of the dnc, thing she thought about doing. >> von shell report overnight. here's a quote from her book. before we get to a quote, what it was as head of the dnc, if a nominee is either death or resignation or disability after
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you get the nomination, not the dnc chair, but the process you can potentially replace the nominee if you remember there was a collapse hillary clinton suffered at the 9/11 memorial ceremony we see right here come the video caught by a local reporter that went viral and triggered an entire conversation about her health and welfare. pete: of this is very close to the election. they are concerned about her ability to take on the job. there is a lot to do. >> she had been alluding to the fact future was having all the hacking. pete: donna brazile as head of the dnc considered replacing hillary clinton as the nominee. they talked about a dream ticket of joe biden and according to joe booker. they had a backup plan and it's been amazing to watch this thing unfold from this. although donna brazile did say in her book, she considered all about, she thought about this.
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i thought of hillary and all the women in the country who were so proud of and excited about her and i could not do this alone. they understood the depth of the health problems and wondered whether or not she can make it all the way. >> again, and gender notwithstanding, how about the best candidate could affect hillary clinton, god bless her, but if it is then, you can see the orchestration that goes on. she says i really wanted hillary. it was her turn. abby: if you win the dnc, it is about to his best to win the general election. you think about joe biden and corey booker, a lot of democrats that would have been more excited about that combination. interesting to see how the race would've played out. pete: the lack of energy, the candidate on life support. you see something happen like that. you never want to see a candidate collapse like that,
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like we saw. we see someone replace her? she certainly considered it. abby: this is an open letter. we were shocked to learn the news that donna brazile actively considered overturning the will of the democratic voters by attempting to replace hillary clinton and tim kaine is the democratical -- it is particularly puzzling that she would spread by word the brushes about our candidate. now somehow russia plays the role of the decision-making. >> that's a second point. the first punisher actually believes people don't recognize her for being a cheater and the bigger point is they immediately went to mama. pete: two russian statements recognizing that. it's unbelievable. i guarantee donna brazile was not looking at russian propaganda on some face that had she didn't want to look at
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anyway. she was looking at issue literally well enough. >> video actually taking into her suv if it hadn't been for too strong a secret service guy she would've been in big trouble. russia, russia, russia. abby: remember when she were the big coke bottle glasses because she had issues leading up to that. pete: russia. abby: i still can't believe donna brazile is taking all this. she's been so loyal. pete: kevin, we love you. you're a good sport. a u.s. servicemember killed in afghanistan died after being wounded during operations in the country's low-carb province. identity not yet released for the second death of a u.s. soldier in a week. last weekend she was warned off killed in helicopter crash. six members -- six crewmembers also injured in the crash.
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also this. senator rand paul recovering this morning after police say he was assaulted by his neighbor. the kentucky senator telling police this man tackled him while he mowed the lawn outside of this bowling green, kentucky home on saturday. the attack was politically motivated that the two had had issues. senator paul has minor injuries but is expected to be okay. security at full force for today's new york city marathon today that comes less than a week. a record number of vehicles lining on the roadways. federal consider local law enforcement also spread throughout the city today. 2612-mile race that starts here in new york city 9:00 a.m. eastern. all the buses are lined up here they take them to where the starting minors. i was reading a number of stories and incredible people.
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so many inspiring stories. pete: democrats say president trump's tax plan is an assault on the middle class. >> waste of the wealthy and the powerful intel in the middle class, take a hike, you're on your own, baby. pete: lee carter next on o that. "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this? it's not broken. >> a big tax cuts, the biggest in our country actually. the middle class at the jobs. pete: president trump touching historic tax cuts for the middle class but you wouldn't know if you listen to the democratic reaction. >> after the wealthiest 1% of republicans would give you the sun, moon and stars. >> the overwhelming winter and the people of the power. >> they are doing tax giveaways to the wealthy and the powerful and telling the middle class, take a hike, you're on your own,
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baby. >> it smells like a dead, stinky fish. will the backlash make a difference? president of progress in this way and give partners, lee carter. >> great to be here. pete: a lot of these democrats came out before they had any sense of what was actually in this plan. how should people be thinking about it? >> people overall are confused. you see at the bad tax plan, some of great tax plan. when you look at the average middle-class family can make getting just about $1200 back in their income per year and that is something really resonated with them. you see a lot of democrat talking points grossly exaggerating what's going to happen. even chuck schumer said i missed the boat when i was talking about some of the hurt that it's going to do. the whole notion they're also talking about how it's a con job in the middle class. one of the things people need to understand on the democrat side is if enough of being
3:19 am
condescending. to think people are that they can't figure out whether it's good or not, they are saying it's a con job on the middle class isn't all that different saying that the basketful deplorable spirit people are smart enough to decide for themselves. i don't think -- pete: this guy one playbook and they dusted off every single time. listening to democrats, what they've said about tax plans in the past. >> which you are looking at here today is robin hood upside down. very clearly from this chart, middle-class americans, tax cuts are gone in the rich and wealthy of the nation. >> the rich got richer, poor got poorer and working families got stuck with the tire bill. >> at what point does reality matter when this tax plan doesn't do anything about? >> fax or matter less and less.
3:20 am
i'm not saying people don't care, but it's hard to get the information you need because whatever you do, there is confirmation bias. you want to search with going on in the you're going to believe what you want to believe. this narrative the democrats have been they have had it for a long time. rich get richer, poor get poorer and we are going to do it on the heels of the average american. as you can see for years and years, gerhardt narrated to get over. that's why it's been so smart republicans say this is a middle-class job at about jobs growth because they are saying we are fighting for you, middle america. >> doesn't work or not? >> i think it does work. when you talk to average american voters, the understanding i feel for the first time they are being cared for. the simple tax return, the idea that you have your taxes filed committee idea that that you
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abby: 25 minutes after the hour. amen for offering 12 million in assets to avoid house arrest. sludge engineer properties in florida. along with $4.5 million worth of life insurance and security. a bond hearing scheduled in the number coming into this country dramatically decrease in his account administration done 87% for the first month of the
3:25 am
fiscal year a passenger in the first month of president obama. the state department noting the percentage of muslim refugees down as well from 45% to 23%. kevin: donna brazil's noboru alleged the big -- brazil now seems to be backpedaling on her "wife back. abby: the author of all were with his reaction. great to have you here. so we've read what is in the excerpt from the boat. she knew what she wrote in the study did. she now seems to be back settling on this. what is going on? >> donna brazile took a huge hit in march as a cnn contributor. she leapt questions to hillary clinton for a town hall in her reputation took a huge hit. this book to begin with her effort to redeem herself in the eyes of the democratic party.
3:26 am
but i think it was a huge mistake. >> but she's taking on the clinton machine. choose ultimately saying we want to replace her. wish you the right nominee? is this surprising cheer this surprising cheer someone up for establishment credibility would do this turnabout? >> none of this is surprising but i did some reporting what the obama people just yesterday. they laughed at the idea that donna brazile could possibly have replace hillary clinton given the fact that hillary had all the super delegates, all the money come to the entire of the democratic party. donna brazile could not possibly. pete: death, resignation or disability. see what happens if she's not able to be the candidate. >> bill clinton put together a legal team to make sure she was never replaced. but she wasn't going to be replaced. donna brazile has been trying to redeem herself ever since that
3:27 am
leak and she sees the locus of the party shifting to the left. i think this is one of her efforts to make common cause if you will with the bernie sanders wing of the party. i think it's boomeranged on her however because the entire party is now coming down on her stay in this is not the time to wash dirty linen with the need to coalesce. >> you mentioned earlier she's trying to gain credibility as we were alluding to earlier. going after the clinton seems to be the last thing you want to do for that. is it showcasing because they're supposedly is an attack on the clintons. i said yesterday to alan dershowitz i believe there's bad this to get hillary and bill for some time. >> someone has gone after the clintons you are looking at it right now. they don't sit back and let you go after them. they are tough players.
3:28 am
donna brazile according to my sources, barack obama says she's finishing the democratic party. she'll never get a job and probably never get another gig. pete: on trent abby: when she was down at the 9/11 memorial museum, you can see the video bear, she talked about thinking about replacing her with joe biden and corey booker. you were reporting on this at the time about what was going on behind the scenes. take us back to that. >> in this new book borges written i have a new section about when she fainted at the 9/11 memorial, went to her daughter's apartment downtown as you recall. at that time, bill clinton and chelsea had a phone conversation about this and bill wanted to send her to the hospital because this was not just one fainting spell. she's had numerous. in her people said no, no, if you go to the hospital, this is
3:29 am
going to put a kibosh on your candidacy. pete: the clinton campaign is panicking behind the scenes. isn't it legitimate donna brazile would also put contingency plans in order in case unfortunately hillary clinton was incapable of being a candidate. >> the clintons have such control over the party at that time. it really wasn't the party. it was the clinton party in the shell of the democratic party. abby: a lot of it is still coming out on that. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. donna brazile isn't the only problem to say the least bit fbi made a big bit fbi may debate is visit their e-mail scandal. >> now the left is declaring war on the pledge of allegiance. our panelists here next to discuss. ♪ stars and stripes ♪ and eagles fly
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legal help is here. ♪ abby: those are my parents in moscow. they've settled in at the marine ball celebrating 203 years.
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>> the marines are there in moscow. they always have one set up for the fall in. [inaudible] the marine corps, the army. the huntsman family. abby: a quick shout out to my brother on the left of the screen. using the navy. he's the guy you see driving down the highway with the windows down, country music blazing. he's one of those people when i talk to him. happy birthday. love you so much. busy time. some other headlines we're following. the fbi turning over the documents. investigators for the probe into a liquid and private e-mail server.
3:35 am
members will assist in the review farmer handling of the case that they detail how and when the fbi uncovered decided when to charge the handling of classified information a private e-mail server. netflix warning millions of subscribers to be on high alert for a new scan. an e-mail being sent to subscribers saying their accounts are about to be canceled asking for credit card details to activate the accounts. a page featuring a background of popular netflix shows where users are then asked to login. the website is bogus. do not take that. the first lady got a history lesson with the japanese counterpart good melania trump up to a high-end shopping district in tokyo when ikea gave, wife of prime minister shinto abe exchanged she kisses -- cheek kisses.
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marathon here in new york. what is going on? >> babies and spotty showers in new york city. the bakers are regarded with temperature. areas feeling like winter. a big warm up in the center of the country. 49 degrees in chicago, 51 kansas city. that is a cold front. that's where we will see a lot of that committee today. areas of illinois to indiana and ohio. severe weather before that they were folks in the midwest know that is on the way for this afternoon. that system could arrive. maybe you see a little bit of rain falling up, but on the other side of the country, the exact opposite type of weather. talking more winter like weather falling across the northwest. that is continuing. we actually have watches and warnings firing up throughout the rest of your sunday as we could be seen just a little bit of snow piling up for those folks.
3:37 am
now i think we are tossing it to pete. pete: yeah, that is right. not just a national anthem anymore. now the pledge of allegiance is under fire. in the "washington post," bates college professor claims while the language continues in the pledge is not overtly nativist come in the spirit that animated its creation was steeped in bigotry. due to its origins in nativism and white nationalism. here to react our u.s. army veteran and former n.y.p.d. lieutenant dr. rebecca grant in the opposite of the u.s. air force and richard fowler, fox news contributor and democratic strategists. local and devolved this morning. i will start with you. when you have a professor teaching kids in writing an article on the "washington post" that the pledge of allegiance now is out of bounds, what do you say to that? >> i think it is problematic. the pledge of allegiance was
3:38 am
written by individuals. the u.s. constitution and the national and the that time in a far greater society. i'm a prior n.y.p.d. lieutenant. i have come in every day under the pledge of allegiance and i see it as a unifier and i think it's something we need to progressively see a something that brings us together as a nation and look at it as such. >> putting your hand over your heart, pledging allegiance to the country that gives you so much. what could possibly be wrong with that? >> darren is right to say that these three documents created an imperfect time in our history. to go further, if we are going to use the pledge of allegiance and the antennae start to say as to why it make the patriot commit that is what is problematic and we should speak to that as a country. just because you don't happen to put your hand on your heart when you say the pledge or you
3:39 am
happened to neo, it doesn't make you un-american. that is part of a large debate we're having that we shouldn't be having because i don't think that doesn't define what being an american is because of just two things. being an american is just two things. it is how we live every day, how we go to work, contribute to our society, help our neighbors. not because we pledge to a flag raising the national anthem. >> people go to work enough families, but if they don't say the pledge, they may say a pledge to her own country. give us some context on this pledge. what was the origins of it? why do we say it? >> where today's college professors come up with this? there is one. at defining america is a nation is re-created national parks
3:40 am
come in the next year america the beautiful was written. are they going to come after that next? every word in that pledge is universal. goes back to our revolution, the french revolution. i like nation income i love our national team at the olympics. i love allegiance, liberty, justice for all. i even like under god. there is nothing in that pledge i don't want to sign-up for. i signed up for that every morning. pete: deren, anything that pledge we should not be signing up for? >> i disagree. we are americans and ultimately that is what the pledge is. it stands for nationalism for us as americans in every day that i look at that flag and i salute the flag, i give thanks and pay homage to not just the pledge of allegiance, >> a professor who wrote this article, the title is that this professor was international
3:41 am
histories of grace and resistance. is this an extension of people see see themselves through the see themselves to the length of identity politics or racial politics as opposed to what should unite us knowing we are an imperfect country but ultimately why can we not pledge allegiance to this country that has given us so much? >> i think the ideal of liberty and justice for all is something we should drive for destination. we thrive towards liberty and justice for all and we should continue to work toward that. it means we all have to work together to make sure we have liberty and justice for all and not just a chosen few. that requires everybody worked toward god. not just democrats, republicans, independents, but all americans. when we see injustice in somebody not given liberty, we should make sure everybody has liberty and everybody has justice. that's what this is about.
3:42 am
pete: very briefly, richard says it's a chosen few. >> that's not what i said it all. >> the pledges for all us. he said how you want to. you cannot compile that speech could say to the flag and have your own thoughts about it. >> that's not what i said. liberty and justice for all. not just for a chosen few. we should fight to ensure that we have liberty for everybody and justice for everybody. very different than say it justice for a chosen few. pete: the debate will continue and hopefully our schools keeps ms regardless of what the intellectual history has to say about in the "washington post." thank you dr. porcher, richard fowler for your debate this morning. pete: fox news alert. new york city marathon after this week's terror attack. up next at davis who led the manhunt for the boston marathon bombers with what is being done to keep everyone safe.
3:43 am
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other side effects include upper... ...respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take... ...and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. pete: we are back with the fox news alert. police beefing up security at the new york city marathon. 30,000 runners expected to participate today despite tuesday's terror attack that left eight people dead. the former lead investigator and of course fox news contributor and has more on what safety precautions are being taken. good to have you with us. a big day today in new york city. people come from all over the world like they do in boston to watch these runners. what is going to change today because of what happened last week. >> the preparations have been
3:47 am
underway for some time. as in central park last weekend they are setting up the grandstands putting up security, but the attack is really change the whole picture here. there will be thousands more n.y.p.d. officers assigned to this event. and you will see a significant amount of increase presidents along with dump trucks full of sand from the barricades put up to prevent the type of attack that happened the other day. you will see significant numbers of officers on rooftops that the surveillance teams if you will have been increased dramatically those are all very visible signs of increased security. there's a lot going on behind the scenes, too. intelligence gathering. i'm sure n.y.p.d. is scrubbing all the cases they have to see the status of the individuals doing extra surveillance. a lot going on right now. pete: you are part of the investigation after the terror attack in the boston marathon. what did you find was most effective if they let more
3:48 am
secure the next time they had the marathon? what did you learn that can help today in new york? >> visibility is the key thing. and the impression that these events are invulnerable is that the n.y.p.d. is striving for right now. they want to put it in the mind of the terrorist that there's no way they are able to survive or effectively execute their plan. if you look at what's happening in new york city this morning, thus really the impression in new york city are getting. >> no matter what they hope to do, we can live our lives and do what we need to do. we have 50,000 runners in the new york city marathon. 2.5 million will be watching. i'll be one of them. what advice do you have if you are thus hundreds of thousands watching on the sidelines, what should he do to make sure you are safe?
3:49 am
>> verse, live your life. we are tough, proud nation. be out there, and pay attention. if you see something that you think is unusual, reported immediately to the police. use the phone, pick up the phone, called 9-1-1. the police would much rather hear from you then regret not getting the call later on. so please call. >> the n.y.p.d. will be busy today. we are lucky to have our law enforcement in place. good to have you with us. still coming up on the show, corey lewandowski and jack king will be here live. in teeth about to occupy this treats day after day and night after night until president trump is out of office. spoiler alert, and they didn't make it that long. what's going ! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds!
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3:53 am
pete: it was all supposed to begin november 4th, but for those in teeth and our case, it was most the day it ended. there've been protests across the country rallying to overthrow the president. our next guest cause nt fake terrorist group and he says the latest move only shows how pitiful they really are. bring on fbi -- former fbi counterterrorist agent to implement today. i by david this morning. it looks as if they are calling it anti-sale. what are your thoughts about this? >> it is a failure in the whole concept is a failure because it's totally contrary to the american ways of politics. we are different in third world manor public's where we have regimes in those places of the world. here we have elections and elections people participate in work for candidates, support candidates financially and in it
3:54 am
though that's one of the problems is they don't believe in that. literally, the majority of protesters from what i've seen in the press over the last year didn't bother to vote last november and then they complain about the outcome of that election. >> they've been characterized as lazy snowflakes. i wonder if that's the way the fbi abused them. america has been wanting to do these guys declared terrorists. >> it is literally the definition of terrorism. the definition the fbi uses is any use or threat of violence against persons or property in order to coerce the government from his civilian population in furtherance of political or social object it. does that not sound like they screwed trying to change the regime as they call it of the president of the united states and the vice president by ousting them. >> certainly not to interrupt it, but nancy pelosi felt that way. where do you think this goes? occupy wall street fizzled at
3:55 am
this particular event that occurred was pretty much a relative nonevent thankfully so. where do they go from here? >> they continue to cry as loudly as they can as long as they have an audience in the audience dwindles because the volume of the crying is dwindling. we are getting further and further away from last november's election and moving closer to an election in virginia next week or the elections nationwide next november. i think they'll yell and scream that they are not causing any real change. they are causing the american populace to move against them. we see them as loud, noisy and noxious and they're not really affect the nanny thing other than their own features which are looking pretty dismal right now. >> start interrupt you. what a lot of americans want to know is why are they now started this movement when under president obama there was a really -- if you are going to start a movement and look at the way america suffered, as you
3:56 am
mentioned, you've moved a long way away from a year in office and it seems like things are looking up. >> the thing is they called themselves anti-fascists. they are using fascism to fight fascism, which is ridiculous. it helps when you're fighting wildfires but it doesn't help when we have a poster fire by spreading your living room and fired to put it out. >> anyway, we've got to leave it there. things are being on the show. tim clemente will be back here in just a bit. fox news alert. president trump with japan's prime minister in the first day of his visit to japan, led to tokyo. plus, tram campaign manager corey lewandowski joins us live next. ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> the president lands in tokyo with the first lady about to make remarks to the troops. >> there's no single place i'd rather begin my trip than right here with all of you, the incredible men and women of the united state military. >> visiting at a critical time. they are going to be dominated by the north korean nuclear weapons program. >> no dictator, no regime in donation. >> every american resolve. >> donna brazile claims the nomination process. >> so obsessed with hillary
4:01 am
clinton. >> were obsessed with hillary because hillary is obsessed with hillary. >> ready to take the next step in the overhaul of the tax system. >> this way to grow jobs in this country is get the american people more of their hard-earned dollars. >> should i put it on? i like this better. abby: right to a fox news alert. president trump vincenzo ayub of japan walking into dinner a few moments ago. any moment now they are expected to come out as they have comments who will be watching not. in tokyo covering every second of this trip. kevin, what else can we expect? >> listen, already been a pretty eventful time.
4:02 am
talk about hitting the ground running, not literally, but figuratively. hoping to create a united front, but also other partners on the peninsula against north korea. in particular given giving pyongyang's insistence on nuke leer weapons testing and missile program. the president over there at dinner hanging out with the prime minister and their spouses will breach the nation alongside. the president acknowledged the fact that he may need to make so little business in which two nights pleasure. >> on major subjects including north korea and trade, the relationship is really extraordinary. we like each other and our country is like each other. i don't think we've ever been closer to japan then we are
4:03 am
right now. >> earlier that day the president took part in a bit of golf course diplomacy hitting with the prime minister as well as japanese professional golf course director and just outside tokyo. they were two wonderful people. the prime minister taking the turner said the president with this marvelous friend. mutual admiration society. the president visited your codec or a voice telling personnel that no tater should underestimate the u.s. resolve to defend freedom. very important words bear by the president. he also said with reporters as much as the talk about north korea trade imbalance between the u.s. and japan. $51 billion through august this year will certainly be on the agenda as well as the president looks to do a little business
4:04 am
here in a very busy business trip in a shed. abby, pete, kj. abby: thank you. trade for kevin, what is the feeling the president stopped in japan first? we know the optics of the asian community, japan being one of our partners. kevin: yeah, two things frankly kevin. number one, you want to entice conversation. encourage conversation because clearly japan is the linchpin economically when you are talking about trying to get something done here. china is its own animal. make no mistake about that. making sure you are improving relations in japan. you kind of want to give north korea -- south korea on the same page with the u.s. and then maybe bring china along. it was a pretty smart move. a lot of troops here were
4:05 am
thrilled to see the commander-in-chief says he saw there from the pictures. >> thank you so much, kevin. >> the end of the day. busy day tomorrow and write out to react to all of this, córdoba and this, córdoba and ask a come a tram campaign manager and spokesperson senior advisor for america first action. good morning. you see the president to pardon him this high stakes trip into a show? in contrast to what president obama in his foreign policy, what does a first look like on this trip? >> as you know, this is the longest trip to u.s. president has taken almost a generation. we've got a president who's extend his trip by one extra day to participate in one of our bilateral discussion over there and it's very important. what he is what he has said he's going to go out and make sure we can continue to put pressure on north korea to make sure there is economic pressure on north korea and if they don't get on
4:06 am
the same page with their weapons program that the u.n. has asked for in the united states has asked for, the pressure from the region will come down very hard on north korea in a short period of time. abby: north korea may be one of the biggest things they talk about on this trade. he talked about china, japan, south korea. the place often not mentioned in this group is russia. we talk about you with north korea. the president said he now expects to meet with vladimir putin. we don't know specifics about or where that would have been, but you think about the immediate reaction to that. obviously people talking about the politics of that meeting with russia. he met within a few months ago is supposed to be a 30 minute meeting ended at being two hours long. the bigger picture is something more important. >> that's exactly right, happy. you know better than anything out to have a relationship with other foreign leaders in order to make sure our world is a safer place. what we have seen as it comes to
4:07 am
the united nations and the security council, russia has joined us to condemn north korea appeared we have had the members of the u.n. security council including china, russia to be on the same page so that not many north korea is not continuing to promulgate weapons. if that means we have to have a bilateral meeting so that we have a safer oval place i think it's the right thing to do. the media wants to make a story about this at the president did gates wants to the president of another world power, this is the type of hyperbole and craziness that gets everyone in an uproar as opposed to looking at the big picture which is keeping the world safe from a "mad men" in north korea. >> is no bigger than that of the fence is the responsibility to meet with other world leaders and how do you see what's been going on with russia, circa juxtaposed with an attempt by democrats, for example to thwart any efforts the president might put together with russia?
4:08 am
>> it's absolutely the responsibility of the president, our country to work with leaders around the world whether russia, china, great britain or anybody else, it's our responsibility to the best relationships possible. this is a significant dichotomy from where the previous administration wants. we have a president who was very clear. but he's also been very clear if north korea decides to engage there will be a swift and immediate reaction. what he wants to do is put the world community in the same page as the united states is that the economic pressure on north korea so we have a safer environment are thus responsible thing to be doing right now. >> two books recently coming out. number one hacked by former dnc chair donna brazile reveals that there was a slant towards the clinton campaign which is something talked about a great deal. another book called the last republicans about george h.w. bush and george w. bush reveals
4:09 am
both of them have highly critical comments for president trump with h.w. bush 43 saying, quote, president trump is a little hard and also h.w. bush revealing he didn't even vote for president trump and george w. bush saying he left the top of the ticket and dsa republican, campaigned manager for president trump, what does this say to you? what is this reveal? >> is a really sad state to be honest with you. two individuals spend their lives as members of the republican party, but they didn't want someone to come in and fundamentally change washington because you two establishment individuals who spend their entire lives trying to keep things down this quote appeared with all due respect, they had opportunities to move the country in different directions. donald trump is fundamentally a wholesale change because 30 years washington d.c. has been
4:10 am
broken. increased deficits, standing in the u.s. go down in loosing ourselves again should wars that probably the american people didn't support or want to be part of. when donald trump came in was running for office, he fundamentally wanted to change things the way things were done in washington d.c. and the presidents don't support that. it sounds like they wanted hillary clinton to be in office and keep things status quo. >> you think it personal the way donald trump who ran against jeb and the things that happened since then because george bush was out of the picture, did make comments and suddenly we've got both of these guys coming in and making pretty much over backhanded compliments if you will about president trump. >> a really ran a terrible campaign. he was the low-energy guy in the american people wanted something else. they would go to washington d.c.
4:11 am
and change things. don't forget they have $150 million a super pac and couldn't get across the finish line in any other state. i'm sure they're very upset about that, but the bottom line is they didn't want another bush in office. they wanted somebody completely different who would change the system and do it the american people wanted and that's why they supported donald trump. pete: you are not low-energy. we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> people feel more comfortable to say how they really feel in the book. >> they could sell them, too. pete: i do want to bring you some other headlines starting with a fox news alert. u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. the soldier died after being wounded in the province. the identity has not yet been released for the second death of
4:12 am
your soldier in the region in just a week. she foreign officer was killed in a helicopter crash. six crew members also injured in that same crash. also recovering this morning after police say he was assaulted by his neighbor. kentucky senator telling police this man covered in crochet tackled him while he mowed the lawn outside of his bowling green kentucky home on friday. police investigated the attack was politically motivated. neighbors say the two have had issues in the past. senator pollard had minor injuries but is likely expected to be okay. virginia turn into a nailbiter with the election two days away. a brand-new poll showed republican ed gillespie ahead of democrat brought forth some by three points according to tuesday's election to decide terry mcauliffe. we will be watching not one closely. a military that surprises his son. jason alton escorted on the football field for a final home
4:13 am
game by his mom. his dad is a world way until this happened. >> jays come if you would turn around to the 50 and your dad is here. [cheers and applause] abby: love these moments. he's been deployed overseas now for three years. he could not miss this important moment for his son. pete: you see these videos were his three months or six months. three years deployment? general jack keane, someone who knows a lot about serious appointment is there a significant strategic object is with asia trip. the general tells us that they are next. abby: the price is right for bernie sanders. >> i just wait until it rains. i stand outside for 15 minutes and then i jogged behind the bus until the exhaust.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
pete: fox news alert. wrapping up at japan's prime minister has first day of his visit to japan. strategic significance of the strip. fox news analyst and vice chief of staff, general jack keane. thank you. the president starts his trip in japan. give us the significance of starting their and what he will be focusing the most on this trip. >> certainly japan as a long-term ally. we've got folks securing the economic relationship with him and the president has a good relationship with abe and so it's a natural place to start. what is really happening here, this is a very important trip.
4:18 am
as important as the historic middle east trip that he made several months ago. the reason is he really has to reset the cable out here in the far east. here is what i'm saying. we've got to reassure our allies that the united states as a specific power will stand with our allies which has been taking place out here. president jeeves regime has been traveling all over the interest of the united states and they've got to understand the united states is staking a claim here that god is silver and we are going to ensure that our allies interests are taken seriously in the region and secondly it courses we've been talking about for weeks, pete, he is going to reassure them all so that we will denuclearize north korea and do everything we can to avoid a catastrophic war. and then i think the second major piece of this is equally as important as reassure in our
4:19 am
allies about the security aspect of the far east is the economic implications of the visit. these are one of the major places in the world where the president talked about in the campaign. he's been talking about it ever since the significant trade imbalances that we have in the region. certainly japan is one of those, our companies compete very favorably in china and within their economy in china clearly as currency manipulation going on. the cyberattack that china does against the united states in terms of stealing her intellectual-property significance. this is a major business for security and economics is behind the obama administration talked about the issue. that many people feel like never really happened. the shiny object of north korea and its nuclear capabilities is right there. ultimately this is about our relations to geopolitical relationship to china and their desire to expand their
4:20 am
influence. what would be one or two big takeaways that would show them we are reasserting herself in the region? >> well, we have done that. we have reset here with the obama administration. it was a policy that was camouflaged so we can withdraw from the middle east. i think we can contain radical islam and that didn't work. we got isis or the military presence in the region, the fact that we are increasing military capability and the will call out china and we've put god, you are not going to be able to trample on the international order that exists with our allies, sovereignty, air rights, maritime rights is going to stop. you artificially impose islands in the south china sea, interest in the area and you have to pull back from that. so this is very serious stuff because the chinese are dead serious about controlling the pacific and asia.
4:21 am
as far as they're concerned it's their backyard and they want the united states out of there. pete: you are absolutely right. thanks our insight. we appreciate it. comments for one of the most influential newspapers questioned a decision on huckabee sanders. wait until you hear about this. on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread most people. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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4:23 am
casual fridays at buckingham palace? alright, off you go. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
4:24 am
pete: some quick headlines. clocks turning back one hour per night market and of daylight savings time. pushing forward to never run. massachusetts making the recommendation because of recommendation because of the stays sharper for your resulting before 430 during the entire month of december. a man named donald said he loves the president so much he changed his middle name to trump. donald trump mcgovern to make the change a few days before the 45th president was sworn into
4:25 am
office. on this first thomas to the president. the middle name kennedy or jfk. not happy. trade and free thank you so much, kevin. one of the most influential news papers for white house press secretary suggesting that sarah huckabee sanders does not look like the kind of woman he would pick. in an op-ed in the new york times, david writes this. by comparison standards, looks more like a slightly chunky soccer moms organizes snacks for the kids game. unreal. fox news contributor tammy bruce, and along with physician and political commentator, dr. gene downey. good to have all you ladies here. we can all agree it's disgusting. it is almost like if you are associated in any way with president trump anything is fair game. say whatever you want. >> yes, not just mr. sanders.
4:26 am
also melania trump, ivanka, and coulter, kellyanne conway. we've seen this through the convention last year, et cetera. this is of course l.a., new york, high-profile columnist in new york. that was what we've been facing with hollywood, sexual harassment of a sexual assault. he was and they would learn. this integration is of the same sort. either women are being sexually assaulted her in this case the insult is meant to degrade or humiliate and ultimately try to control. it's obviously mr. sanders is a lovely woman and eventually "the l.a. times" had to apologize but it also had to go through an editor. it's hard to believe he they didn't know i didn't approve. >> as an editor, who reads this and says let's print this in her paper. this seems like something that
4:27 am
women are going to want to read. >> it's beneath "the l.a. times." the editor should have caught it. its pulitzer prize winning comments didn't himself catch it. it is hard to know when he did apologize, but i will tell you i thought "the new york times" was far more insidious and almost worse. he did not talk about her looks, but what he did do was insult her intellect and the way that she speaks. from my dad, this is incredibly dangerous territory for democrats. they've done this before. it breeds resentment. democrats want to know why they didn't wind in 2016. it's because people are resentful of elites making them feel like they are and beneath them. i encourage everybody to read frank bruni's peace not because you want to get that much
4:28 am
attention, that they were to play it in the 1970s and 80s in error by the net again. one of the few democrats who understood you have to speak to people. you can't speak down to them. frank bruni talks of the time about why don't people understand the trump administration has no policies. you can't suggest this post to follow you. >> the biggest take away is the reaction to the piece. where is the outrage? they president trump out of there. the fact that she's the mother of three in one of the most difficult jobs other than being president of the than being president of the united states is women, why why can't we rally together and say they should be off-limits. >> people need to comment on her job to she's doing. it doesn't have to do with anything i've heard about her weight. sean spicer is overweight. no one commented on its way.
4:29 am
sean spicer is only 46. he looks older than his age with all due respect to sean. nobody comments on how it looks. my problem with sarah huckabee sanders is the following. i'm concerned about the level of her holding herself up as an evangelical, but yet trump is accused of having a 16% track record when it comes to telling true statement and he holds up what he's saying and she lied. she's squirming -- eli sometimes did so as an evangelical, i feel like she reads a christian devotional every day before she gets out to speak in front of the press corps. i'm looking at her and i'm concerned about her upholding trumps life. i get to what she's doing interactions which can be criticized, but not who she is. >> i can tell you have a reaction. >> women are put in a position where the criticism is personal and there's a reason for that.
4:30 am
as for the last, for the liberals who do it, sending a message to their own base that if you step out, if you do not conform, you are going to be humiliated. for them it is a mistake because all women are used to that. again with this conversation we've had with the way that liberals come in the misogyny on the left is a key and the people expected not to come out next year to go in most polls are the base for the liberals and it's because those women, those people of color is realized something else is happening here. the natives of donna brazile, so while you have is to attack women especially based on their appearance, with whatever they think their weaknesses. you are going to alienate as you said the entire base and women in general. there's a revolution going on. this is where we've become all sisters and it's a very exciting team. support sarah sanders because
4:31 am
she is now representing every woman in this country. a mom and a professional. abby: does this backfire? >> it could backfire. it goes both ways. we have a president who came out in 2016 and criticized ted cruz wife for her looks, crazy arena for her looks. it doesn't give anybody any right to attack anybody. it's fair game on both sides. you cannot attack women for their looks. you have to deal with them. >> it cannot be anything but. that we can agree on. including by myself, we all agree and we've got to stick with it because it's the future for our families. >> great advice. thank you for being with us. abby: this man turned a crazy
4:32 am
idea about socks into a million dollar business, but they say it's not about the business. their inspiring stock story. you don't want to miss this. en s that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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4:35 am
>> thank you. it's good to be here. i just want to say, this show is a travesty.
4:36 am
consumerism disguised as entertainment. i too needed to dine outside. better than ever. we are going to win this thing to burn the way, which means if i lose, i'll bring everyone else down with me. having a little fun with the left. they are sort of poking that donna brazile a big, maybe. there's a lot of material there. better than anybody. abby: some other headlines. a fox news alert. a police officer killed after a traffic stop in rockford, illinois. authorities identified jamie cox of the fallen officer. the call for help shortly after making the stop overnight good responding officers finish finding a single car crash two blocks from the initial stop. a dead body inside the car fighting for his life.
4:37 am
he was then taken to the hospital were unfortunately died. it's still unclear what led to the incident. we'll bring you the latest details. infusion gps siren up another battle trying again to block a subpoena for his bank records just one week after reaching a largely secret deal with the house intelligence committee to resolve dispute. attorneys claim many of the records had no relevance to the committee of russia's pro amid the legal battle for the dnc and the clinton campaign have admitted to paying for research that led to the unsubstantiated trump dossier to identify the range of clients. the veteran asking all of us to pray in place flags. fred moore's veteran and founder of five event. by praising flags on the graves nationwide. in response to protests. >> i want people to know that i
4:38 am
have freedom of speech as well and now that you've done this thing and you take and eight, i don't think you have the foggiest idea what veterans have sacrificed for. abby: more than 80,500 veterans raised last year alone. trade for him to another powerful story. 21 euros per direct on saddam and his father turned a wild idea into a business on track to more than -- you make more than $1 million in just 10 months. >> the father and son duo is more than just money. a chance to shatter stereotypes. >> john [applause] , cofounder and his dad both join us now. good to have you both. eggs for being here. >> thank you. great to be here.
4:39 am
trades are great to hear you. and they were wearing one of your crazy socks. the idea behind it. others have been. >> john was turning 21 and he came and said dad come i want to go into business with you. he had a couple of nonstarter ideas and in november he came in and said why. >> i said i want to sell a stock. >> in my worn colorful and crazy socks. we said let's go test the idea. he had the name and the idea that southern online. abby: what is the name? >> crazy socks. it wasn't going to be marks serious socks. so we open an online store here what day did we open? >> we open an online store last year july 18th. >> we were just testing the
4:40 am
concept. pete: kevin is holding the first pair of socks. tell us about them. >> that means instead of 23 chromosomes -- >> there were 321st chromosomes. and those are charity awareness. so who do they raise money for? >> and raising money for that dozens. we celebrate world don't do in their day wearing crazy socks. true jihad is as inspire other people? >> one thing is we are hiring people to expect 10 people on payroll now with special needs.
4:41 am
trade friday that job, buddy. >> or we could use some. abby: other people to wonder the same thing you do. >> that's what we we are showing everyday. it is about hope and inspiration , showing people what is possible. john is the face of the business. and we are reinserting those questions for people. you can create a business. you can be a notch for newer. kevin: when you going to hit the million-dollar mark? >> we are going to have a fund time today. pete: john's crazy you can buy lots of different socks. >> how many different socks do we have? >> 1300 different socks. abby: today a lot of people will be buying your socks. >> and we give back.
4:42 am
5% go to the special olympics plus we have are charity. pete: i want you to pick the socks i will wear for the rest of the show. can you do that? abby: thank you so much for being here. you are fabulous. pete: the house of representatives revealing a new choice bill, giving veterans for access to health care. does it deliver on president trump's promise to real health care? our next guest is not so sure about that. abby: david dossier, david clark all live in the next hour. "fox and friends" sunday. ♪
4:43 am
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pete: welcome back to "fox and friends." introducing a bipartisan bill to streamline the way veterans access care outside of the va. does it deliver on president trump's promise to give our veterans real choice? joining me now to discuss the executive director of concerned veterans for america, dan caldwell. as we know one of the president's big campaign promises was to deliver choice for veterans they can neither be seen at the va or choose themselves to go to the private sector. right now the house has an opportunity to codify that, write a law that would bring that about. does this bill do that for veterans? >> look, there are some things in this bill. the va was the private sector, but those good things are undermined by the fact it doesn't go far enough in offering the real choice that veterans need and what president trump campaigned on. i'm not alone in believing this. va secretary shell can express
4:47 am
similar concerns about early versions of this ill and that is something we should listen to. this is someone who has called for more choice for veterans at the va. pete: essay now, the swamp is deep and there's a lot of special interest that would want to water down bold proposals. we'll put on the screen what this bill does. it does further connect the va and eliminates the 30 day 40-mile rule. gas for primary care, extreme as payment spirits and good things in there. the devils in the details. veteran still have to go to a doctor or be a bureaucrat to us permission to go to the tour. is that real choice? >> it is not. the members of the house va committee particularly under publicans died i think their hearts in the right place and they want to do the right thing. but they are getting a lot of pressure from special interests in washington d.c. they don't want to change the va because
4:48 am
the benefit from the status quo. they need to hear from veterans who believe in more choice that this is the way we need to go in there similarly changes you can make to this bill to make it significantly better. we are really close here and i hope the committee does the right thing and there's this bill in a better direction. i also hope the senate does the right thing and gives veterans real choice which is what president trump promises veterans when he campaigns during the election. pete: very briefly, we are one of those tipping points. a real bold proposal that gives veterans a true choice actually happens. you are watching the bill very closely. >> absolutely. veterans need to make their voice heard. go to her website, www.see the and contact your representative and let them know you support real health care choice for veterans. that is critical. we can't let this waffling here.
4:49 am
pete: a lot going on. dan caldwell, appreciate your time. growing calls for the iranian does the iranian dose the iranian does a rush i picked a man who literally wrote the book on the clintons, peter schweiker joins us live to react next hour. ever wonder what pringles look like? i had wondered, but now i am. we are conduct being next. beenn to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. well, lik-oh!st of you, i j-very nice.a house.
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4:52 am
abby: we all know home on the show. he makes learning and science funny, even on thursday stand it up that month to get kids excited about science. pete: science, technology engineering and math.
4:53 am
>> hosted diy, steve spangler. >> thank you for having me. you're all set with their classes and everything. i like that. would you i'll grab the liquids here. there you go. here is what i want you to do. i want you to hold them up, pour them together. and then mix it again. toward the other car. hold it. there it goes. is that like magic? it looks like magic. don't drink it. it looks like water in the wind. we actually made iodine. >> everybody poured. look at this. one of those cool chemical reactions. take a look at this. have you ever had a situation where you've got pringles or potato chips in your hand get
4:54 am
stuck? every time. of course you do. hydrogen gas. here's what she do. i need your help. put some hydrogen in here, your finger and top. there you go. finger on top. perfect. here we go. take your finger off. there you go. good. good job. now it's burning. hopefully the flame will stay on because we've got hydrogen and oxygen coming in. a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. the perfect way. come on, baby. i know it's going to go. you just know that he is going to pot. the same thing happens here. i told you it was going to
4:55 am
happen. the same thing happens here. you're carving a pumpkin and uterine of time to take the base out of the pumpkin. this happens to us all the time. you carve the pumpkin and inside here we are having a saddling gas. pete: i know all about a saddling gas. >> now we are just generating the gas inside at my job is to light the back of it like this and pushed the base out. isn't that nice? i love that part. here we go. three, two, one. bayern. >> holy cow. >> that is my favorite. pete: smashing pumpkins science.
4:56 am
>> here we go. >> the kid of the month club. getting kids excited about science. ♪ he's told that joke a million times. and you always laugh like you're hearing it for the first time. at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love you gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like ensuring he's well taken care of. even as you build your own plans for retirement. see how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact
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4:59 am
the president plans in tokyo. >> no single place i would rather begin my trip right here with all of you, the incredible men and women of the united
5:00 am
states military. >> it's a visit and it comes at a critical time. the first three stops will be dominated by the north korean nuclear weapons program. >> no dictator, no regime and notation should underestimate every american resolve. >> donna brazil considered replacing hillary clinton as the nominee. >> the democratic party is now coming down on her and she's finished in the democratic party. >> w bush and they are highly critical, insane president trump is a blowhard and it sounds like they wanted hillary clinton to be an office and keeping the status quo. >> should i put it on? >> i like this better.
5:01 am
abby: kevin with the -- before that was abby, not me. >> we had john cronan and father mark on and johnson crazy socks and they brought crazy socks and he had these barbecue socks for me for the rate the leader of the show. i love barbecue and socks and have a great, johnson crazy socks .org it goes to down syndrome charities and john was awesome. >> and they happen to match, 26 you always try to match your stuff. this is what america is about that you have an idea and you feel there's a need for it and you started and you executed. four and a million dollars in sales in ten employees. you will have to reach that million dollar mark back let's do it, on america. abby: busy morning and thought of the president.
5:02 am
before prepping up his first day in tokyo. japan and the president now in for the night after they had dinner with japanese prime minister. the president revealing earlier he will meet with president it but dirty strip. abby: kevin's live in tokyo what else was said about this trip. they called it a night and it's the first day of the trip . >> you are right about that. it is 10:00 p.m. here in tokyo but if you are the president it is like seven or 8:00 o'clock in the morning. his body clock is off but he is hit the ground running here in tokyo. he made it abundantly clear in his comments not long ago to american service that the united states is paired to act if necessary not just to protect the homeland but also our friends abroad. >> no one, no dictator, no regime and notation should underestimate ever american resolve. every once in a while in the
5:03 am
past they underestimated us and it was not pleasant for them, was it? it was not pleasant. we will never yield, never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american flag. are just some of the remarks at the yokota air base thanking them for their service and sacrifice pledging to give them all they need to get the job done. north korea will continue to be the major forecast the president has made it abundantly clear that trade will get a great deal of attention here, not just in but throughout the trip as he
5:04 am
has conversations with her economic partners. the president is not just talking trade but made it clear that it's been handled in his opinion and he made it clear just before heading to dinner with his counterpart and their wives that they will likely broach the subject of trade over the meal. they mix business and pleasure. earlier today, president took part in the pit of golf course policy hitting the links with the prime minister and japanese professional golfer at a course just outside tokyo. it did that they were two wonderful people. the prime minister took to twitter to call the president his marvelous friend. coming up in the next hour will hear more about the president had to say about plans here in japan and maybe even a bit more as he addresses the troops. i'm sure you enjoyed that conversation just watching it containing climate from the truth was the price of admission. back to you. abby: thank you, kevin. it was like a campaign rally before the one who knows about to campaign rallies is kevin, former deputy campaign manager for president trump boxes container. for we go to you, david, with your clip. it almost felt like a rally as a special jacket was presented to the president.
5:05 am
taking what mr. president, i will tell you that you look great in that suit but there is something missing. >> should i put it on? [cheering and applause] i like this better. [cheering and applause] you can have my jacket. pete: vintage stuff, david. you know this president when he is on the troops and what does that say to you? >> this is exactly what makes president from -- it shows how much he loves this country and it shows how much he admires the men and women in uniform. this is a very reaganesque move, putting on the flight jacket. it is an incredible thing for the commander in chief to do.
5:06 am
to stand up for the world and for our troops and adore them and they know it a that is a different that leadership and leadership styles shows to our men and women in uniform and i've got to tell you, i loved it as a guy who watched him in front of the rallies that you guys are talking about during the campaign. i ate this up and it's a great vision for all americans to see the commander-in-chief in front of the troops. abby: no one will forget for sure before did they do this for president obama? i don't recall but i don't remember it. he was out there leaning from behind and he was bowing to our enemies around the world and people remember that and this is a different type of leader. he is a piece hundred peace
5:07 am
through strength leader and that he is bringing to this region of the world on the strip. abby: david, there is a lot to really happen on this trip with economics and trade and most partly on north korea and i'm sure they're talking about that stuff. he will be and now he said on air force one that he does expect to meet with russian president vladimir and that is a fast one because they play a role when they come to north korea. how do you think if that meeting happens how will that play out on the media stage? >> the media will make it all about the russian collusion intrusion into our election. we now know the russians seem to be trying to gain a foothold in both campaigns and, i think, the president might bring that up but look, the president needs to talk to vladimir putin about the
5:08 am
problems in the middle east and how we will resolve the syrian problem and how we will resolve the north korean problem and how we will try to bring peace and stability to the region of the world they are going to be meeting in. these are problems that are incredibly dominant in the world today. the difference between peace and war and i think the media, although they bring it down to the issues that they want to from a year ago, which of course there is no truth to and no fax to back up the collusion angle but it is something the media will no doubt do before they become a quick thought. the japanese, the chinese and they represent 60% of the world gdp and how does that factor into what the conversation will go with with putin? >> i think the russian economy is has problems and we all know they have problems and i think the president can bring an
5:09 am
economic message to vladimir putin if he is open to it. i don't know that he cares about the people in this country. i don't know that he is the leader that that first, like president trump and american presidents put our people first. i don't know that. i think we can have a carrot and a stick approach to vladimir like he can with china and dealing with the north korean problem, both meetings are very important. both occur on this point the trip. pete: you've been resisted from the left from the very beginning which we know of and then never come group was before that but there's a new book out about called the last republicans a biography about george hw bush and george w. bush and it's a pretty telling quote coming out of that including a quote from george hw bush saying about president trump that he is a blowhard and reveals that hw
5:10 am
bush did not vote for hillary clinton and george w bush do not vote for president trump and has also had critical words to say. what does this say to you that these two former republican candidates are saying these types of things and voting for a democrat? >> is incredibly disappointing but it is not incredibly surprising. you have to look at what president trump came to this city to do. that is to be a change agent and to break up the broken status quo. the brokers of the broken status quo is what the bushes iran. i appreciated the president and his leadership after 911 but they got us into this iraq war which is still going on 15 years later. these are massive problems that the bush family, the bush presidencies, got us into that we are still trying to get out from under and cost us lies and
5:11 am
american tax dollars and i'm so disappointed in the bushes but is not surprising because it's all about them. they have a selfish attitude of those statements and i never heard them say anything about barack obama for eight years and they lose all credibility when they do this. abby: that makes it hard to for people who have a lot of respect for the bushes but also are fans of president trump and they hear statements like this and it's tough for them to wrap their head around. >> count me as one of those. i have respect for the bushes in their service to the station but when they say things like this they lose their credibility and quite honestly, their leadership and their presidencies are now tarnished in my opinion by these very selfish acts. >> you are not the only one. a lot of what the bushes said
5:12 am
validated what the bushes felt and one of the things i get all the time is why weren't you saying things about bush and i said i wasn't politically active in. pete: and why would they not say things like this about obama? david, we appreciate your time. abby: david, have a great sunday. now two other headlights. fox news alert a police officer is killed in the line of duty overnight. moments ago officers in rockport, illinois escorting the body of officer jamie cox out of the hospital. officer cox called for help shortly after making a traffic stop responding officers finding a single car crash two blocks from the initial stop. a deadly body inside the car and the officer fighting for his life. was taken to the hospital but unfortunately he died. it is still unclear what led to that incident. the us service member killed in afghanistan. a soldier died after being wounded during operations in the
5:13 am
countries province and their identity has not yet been released. this is the second death of the us soldier in the region in just one week. last week chief airborne officer jacob sims was killed in a helicopter crash. six crew members were also injured in that class. rand paul recovering after police say he was assaulted by his neighbor. did you hear about this? he told police man, rune, tackled him while he mowed the lawn outside his kentucky home on friday. police are just getting if the attack was politically motivated but neighbors stated the two had issues in the past. senator paul has minor injuries but is expected to be okay. what a violent. pete: sorry i got caught reading my phone during headline. sorry about that. we now, netflix already cut ties with kevin spacey and now it's
5:14 am
taking another step further to race and the house of cards that our next guest says there needs to be an investigation into ties between hillary clinton and that crooked uranium deal. the man who literally wrote the book on the clintons, peter spicer is here next. what's in your wallet?
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> i'm not involved with the justice department and i'd like to run itself but honestly they should be looking at the democrats and they should be looking at podesta and all of that dishonesty and they should be looking at a lot of things and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department, including me. pete: that was president trump urging a doj investigation of hillary clinton saying that the
5:18 am
russians donated to foundation around the time, conveniently, that she signed off on a deal giving russia a stake in the us nuclear industry. >> peter schweizer has been following the developments at the beginning and troy does now. i have read his book, welcome practice for having me. pete: break this down for us. is this the type of thing where there is enough evidence despite the campaign may say to get this investigation going? >> absolutely. in very simple terms you have this uranian company that acquired uranium assets in kazakhstan with the help of the clintons and then acquired uranium assets in the united states, 20% of our known assets and then they wanted to sell themselves to the russian state atomic nuclear agency. in the midst of all of this the clinton foundation received $145 million in donations from nine to shareholders in that
5:19 am
company and a lot of that money came why the deal was going down. the question is where those donations related to the federal approval of this deal and really the only word we have is hillary clinton saying i was not involved in this decision. let's be blunt about it. she has been known to lie about a lot of things in the past and that's why i say we need to have an independent investigation to look at this and determine exactly how the decision was made and what role, if any, this 20 play back there is an old saying in the country if there's one bug, they're circling something but if there's a hundred -- we have watched the dots get connected for the better part of the year, maybe two years and we had a professor on the other yesterday and he was saying there is not enough evidence from a legal perspective to the clintons away. there has got to be people in america saying what will it ta
5:20 am
take. >> look, from a legal standpoint he may be right for what i am saying is we need to investigate to expect that public information and reporting by myself and others that there will be enough for a criminal case is ridiculous. that is the reasons you have investigations and the reason you have the fbi and in this case the independent counsel to find out precisely what happened. someone with subpoena power. type it is let's have a legal bar for everyone. i don't know if the senator menendez case is being tried right now on political corruption in that case was brought because they investigated and felt there was enough compelling evidence and i believe there is enough already. investigators will give us more. abby: will leave it right there. good to have you on the 20. pete: lots to investigate there. president trump promise to crack down on refugees coming to the us and now he is delivering.
5:21 am
>> david clark will be here to react to those who promised to block the streets every day the president trump was president. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. jamie, you seriously think you look like him? uh, i'm pretty good with comparisons. like how progressive helps people save money by comparing rates, even if we're not the lowest. even if we're not the lowest. whoa! wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great.
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look at us.
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5:24 am
pete: paul manafort offering $12 million in assets to avoid house arrest. recently indicted political aide pledging to new york properties and one in florida along with four and a half million dollars worth of life insurance as surety. is that right perspective surety. upon hearing is scheduled for tomorrow on that. the number of refugees coming into the country dramatically decreasing under the trust administration. it's down 87% to the first month of the fiscal year, 8000 fewer
5:25 am
than the first month of the fiscal year 2017. that is october under president obama. the state farm note that the percentage of muslim refugees is down from 45-23%. abby. abby: it was all supposed to begin on november 4 but apparently for those in our case it was also the date that it ended five planned protests planning to overthrow the president and the vice president failing to get off the ground. >> here to react his former milwaukee county sheriff and senior advisor, david clark, a man who does not mince words. welcome, sheriff clark. >> thank you. thank you for a knowledge and that illinois police officer that was killed in the line of duty. i believe and i appreciate that. it rips my heart out every time i hear another officer has been lost. it's not something you're likely to hear about on cnn or msnbc or huffington post. law enforcement appreciate that. the war on police continues. speaking of the war on police
5:26 am
this human garbage known as ante for how nice of them to give america a break from their vitriol and their vile and their violence as they sleep in on a sunny morning. this group is lazy and i it's not often i use a broad stroke to paint an entire group but i will with these individuals. they need to go back home to mommy and daddy and it's the old recompense of the occupied moment and ask them if mommy and daddy will let them shacked up in the basement and give america a break. look, this has been this is a hate group and most of america does not side with them and they find no empathy whatsoever or relationship with this group. the democrat party would do well to distance themselves and start to call these individuals out there who they are. abby: what happened though perspective that they would protest all day and night in the at 20 locations and it didn't
5:27 am
seem to add up to any of that. what happened? >> it is losing steam. you can't keep this stuff up forever. the democrat party found that out with the black lives matter movement where they thought they could carry that into and energize the black vote into the 2016 election from a human condition standpoint to keep people with that kind of high-energy pitch for a long time is training. these people are generally lazy and can't go on forever. pete: i love what we put up that banner anti- fail. they failed because you can't keep up the energy but what if you don't know what you stand for other than some sort of idea that person is fascist in your against. >> that is the talking point. they hate america, their compensators and the hate everything about this country. they really don't know anything other than that and they haven't offered anything positive and that is why america looks generally at this group and says go on home and go back to mom and dad and go to the basement and let us get on with the movement of the country. what has been spectacular to me is that even in the face of the
5:28 am
resistance, president trump, has still been able to stay focused, excuse me, moved straight ahead, keep counterpunching, keep pressing his agenda to make america great again, keep pushing his policies counterpunch when he has to and continue to push back. pete: david, let me ask you a quick question. why is this always a bunch of white kids what we like to call snowflakes that seem to be involved in this type of movement and they're looking for so-called diversity and feeling as if they've got to help blacks? >> they don't care about blacks. they use that as a mask for their evil intentions. the reason why is it generally in the white individuals is because of the anarchist movement. blacks want nothing to do with anarchy in america. they know we have problems and things to resolve but they don't want the destruction of this country like. to just. abby: . having this morning. there is a new play out about
5:29 am
the events surrounding the shooting of michael brown and ferguson, missouri. creators say they're exposing the real truth about what happened and they join us live. you don't want to miss. >> donna purcell came close to replacing hillary clinton with joe biden but she didn't want to get in the way of the first woman to run. so many complex. former presidential candidate mike huckabee is here to react to that and much more. so the inr accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. we create machines that make every experience more real. because the best feature of a pc gaming machine is the power to make you forget it's there. get $200 off at ( ♪ )
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5:33 am
pete: welcome back. this is a special man to be . i haven't seen him for ten years in texas two days ago. he served in iraq together, hip, his father and his brother join with us to fight al qaeda for over six months and ultimately many members of his family were killed and he risked his life on behalf of our country. i took four years to pray for him to get to united states and i saw him in houston two days ago and he's been here for 12 days. he loves america. he is so excited his wife and five kids are here and they speak english and excited to go into the school to become part of america. these are the type of immigrants that we love and embrace. we went to a texas republican women's organization event down there and he was organized by
5:34 am
all of them it was a special special night is a brand-new american. abby: what a great photo. the president, as you know, is in japan and he's on his way to bed but he's had a long day in earlier he was in his comfort zone. it was like a rally that we see him here at home where he was with our troops and they were loving it. watch the. >> together with our allies, america's warriors, are prepared to defend our nation, using the full range of our unmatched capabilities. no one, no dictator, no regime and no nation should underestimate ever american resolve. every once in a while in the past they underestimated us -- it was not pleasant for them, was it? abby: he is wearing the fighter jacket that they asked to put on. pete: i think governor mike huckabee would like it as well.
5:35 am
governor, thank you for joining us 40. you saw the president remark and we watched his first day there. contrast the america first foreign-policy with what we would've seen from barack obama? >> or hillary clinton. [laughter] we saw a clear message that leadership is back and america apologizes for nothing. we stand strong for freedom and we stand strong for our country. it is not lost on me that the president had just been at pearl harbor where just about 76 years ago we were incredibly underestimated and there he goes to japan and makes this comment. that is a powerful message, not only verbally but also a very geographically powerful message that he delivered and of course, he said it's not just there but to the north koreans into china and the rest of the world. abby: so much on the table with this trip with economics, trade and foreign policy.
5:36 am
what is going to define success when we see the end of the trip, probably later, how will we be talking about this in a successful way? >> i say this is like a tuning fork for to talk. he needs to get the chinese into and get north korea a little more settled up to reality and what has to happen is two things. one on trade, fair trade across the pacific and the second thing is a clear understanding that america will not tolerate an escalation of north korean nuclear potential and it is just not. china gets with us and helps us pull them back or china stands back and watches us do it alone with the rest of our asian partners. one of the two things will happen and that is i believe the key message that he will come away with having delivered very clearly and forcefully to our friends in the pacific the 500 you mentioned not tolerate things in america.
5:37 am
we tolerate the actions of donna brazile and the book came out and the revelations and now she is backtracking on it. what are your thoughts? >> kevin, i think donna is right now in an underground bunker in an undisclosed location because these are explosive things that she said in this book and i'm pretty sure she has no ambitions to further the a democrat strategists. i have no donna a long time and i know this will surprise people but i like donna brazile. i've had a good relationship with her through the years. i think what she's really saying, the big messages, we have to move past the clintons and we have to build the party without them and she is being very candid about some things that she saw. which he described at hillary clinton orders and i thought this was graphic. she said it was like a sterile hospital environment where someone had died. that's hillary's own team describing hillary's campaign headquarters. out.
5:38 am
[laughter] >> are you sure that's not the actual place where she went and fainted? abby: that is what donald brazil popped up. choose one of the most loyal people to the clintons and in another excerpt the document yesterday was the moment that we all remember where she fainted after the 911 museum and there were a lot of concern about her health at that point and donna brazile was terra the dnc at the time doing her job saying what do we do to put them in a place in needed and they talked about joe biden as the vp and cory booker. that's pretty interesting stuff that no one knew was going on at the time. >> is very powerful that she revealed that she actually thought about putting in place a mechanism. she didn't have the power to do it unilaterally and she admits that but put in place a mechanism through which hillary would be replaced by joe biden and cory booker as the team. i think it's a clear indication that there was a level of
5:39 am
dissatisfaction, distrust and disgust with ray hillary's campaign has been run and i think we're seeing it on both partners right now. frankly, i have to tell you, this book but the bushes have been so candid in his reminder that the republicans have moved on, too. i think the democrats will pass clinton and the republicans have moved on past bush family and it's unfortunate and i was hurt by some of the comments they made about donald trump and i thought they were unnecessary and the fact that former president bush voted for hillary, i say really? are you kidding? abby: we talk about the fainting spell and i was a serious moment for her. you can take the politics out of it and donna brazile was doing her job as the chair of the dnc. to be. pete: she would've been remiss if she didn't have a backup plan in case these health issues became serious and they are fighting back on this in an open letter to donna brazile that i
5:40 am
believe that some of the information desk maybe we don't have it. the open letter talks about a lot of reasons why donna brazile would leak this including that it's russian fueled propaganda spread by our russians and opponents about our candidates health so was it donna brazile looking to russia. doing her due diligence? >> i've never seen donna brazile lou stopped in red square so i think, once again, this russians did it and even the e-mail controversy over protesters e-mails repeatedly have been debunked that it was the russians. julian assigned denied it and most evidence says it's an inside job and it was sloppy security and the fact that someone in the dnc decided to release that stuff. were the russians involved in a lot of tricks -- yes?
5:41 am
but are they the ones behind everything that happened drug hillary? no. a lot of it was hillary really needs to look at the single important frame and find it and it would be her mirror. that is where she would discover a lot of the problems that she had and why she is not president. abby: we only have 30 seconds here. why do you think donna brazile is doing this? is this about wanting to move on to the party or selling books? >> the cynic would say it's about selling books but i don't think it is just that. i think donna wants to cut ties with the clinton regime and she wants to say the democrats have to move on and it's a new day, a new party, new leadership. thank you clintons that we're done with you. i think that's what it comes down to. pete: thank you. we're done with you for now but you will be back. [laughter] i like that new were you going by the way. abby: you love the word but you forgot. good to see you. we want to bring you other headlights. the fbi turned over new
5:42 am
documents to senate investigators for the probe into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the memos will assist in the review of former director james comey handling of the case. the detail how and when the fbi and we decided not to charge clinton for her handling of classified information on a private e-mail server. also, another legal battle are trying to black a subpoena for bank records one week after reaching a largely secret deal with house intelligence committee resolved the dispute. attorneys play many of the records up by the house have no relevance to committee russian probe under the legal battle the dnc and the clinton campaign has admitted to paying for research that led to the unsubstantiated dossier. the renewed team is aimed to look at the full range of clients. and while the president was golfing the first lady got a history lesson with her japanese counterpart. melania at trump took a high-end shopping district in tokyo with a private life. they went upstairs for talk over tea and learned about japan's perl harvesting industry. i wish i could've been on that.
5:43 am
>> tea with melania at 58 years ago today 13 troops were murdered in a terror attack and at fort hood and the obama administration called it workplace violence. our next guest shot seven times on the day and says that downplaying radical terrorism is still a threat today six [inaudible] we've got a big hour still ahead. you don't want to miss this. and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks.
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5:47 am
it was eventually overturned our next guest, a fort hood victim says downplaying radical islamic terrorism is still very much a danger today. >> alonso was shot seven times on that for fine day and he is joining us now to tell us a story. welcome. >> thank you. pete: glad to have you here. first of all, thank you for your service, amazing that you survived that attack and i don't want you to ask you to relive it but i think the audience deserves to hear more about what your struggles have been since that time. >> absolutely. i was fortunate enough to have survived the seven gunshot wounds, one to the head and six to the body in 2009. one of the things that really upsets me is that i lost 14 people that day. with all the training that i've been given i was not able to protect those individuals that were killed and wounded but in the aftermath, the way we were treated was embarrassing and you
5:48 am
would think that a nation's greatest the united states would treat their servicemembers and their families of those that have fallen a whole lot better. even to the fact that the person in charge of the department secretary that it was workplace violence -. pete: to that point, both on how he reacted to it calling it workplace violence as opposed to terror attack but the signals that he sent before the attack. he called himself a soldier and there were questionable things he was saying there was radicalization and you think the military has learned its lesson? what you think political correctness still prevents these institutions from identified people like this? >> i think the political correctness is prohibiting us from making progress with the issue. after the fact that everyone was hot on it but now it's like a dead issue because the other day
5:49 am
i was on fort bragg and i was talking to a soldier and i told him i was and he didn't even know and just last week and we scrimmage to the fort bragg team and some of those soldiers didn't know so we need to be more proactive instead of being reactive because it has been proven that even after we were hit that these issues are still coming up in the united states so until we take the gloves off and let our servicemembers do what they were trained to do then we wouldn't have these issues anymore. >> you weren't arms but if i remember it was because of clinton era legislation that took your weapons off and they did not let you carry weapons, would that have made a difference at the time? just the fact that you could carry firearms. >> absolutely. we had weapons that day but the rate would have been lower. there would've been one or two
5:50 am
kia but had we been had weapons could put him down instantaneously. pete: is that still the policy? >> no, it is still the policy. pete: so the vulnerability still exists is marked as president said he would use the word radical islamic terrorism but you say there are concerns inside other parts of our bureaucracy or military were there still afraid to speak those dreams? >> yes, it is. i contributed to nonmilitary people making military decisions and it's pretty much bad if you've never served in the military, not even then rotc or military decisions because you do not know the ground we walk on and what we go through or just our mindset making the supreme sacrifice and laying our lives online for gradation. pete: staff sergeant, we think about you today. we perceive time.
5:51 am
>> you again. >> thank you, sir. pete: a new plate surrounding the events of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and using his grand jury evidence that the media didn't want you to see. the place creators join us next. >> former president george w. bush called president top a blowhard. you will hear it coming up next.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
pete: here is one play the left will flock to see. ferguson. it exposes what really happened when michael brown was shot and killed three years ago. the script is from actual testimony presented to the grand jury. joining us now are friends of mine, the playwrights. we are good friends but i just screwed up your name. thank you for coming. look, as soon as i saw this i
5:55 am
thought this has to be inspired by hamilton to some degree. >> bringing it to new york was totally inspired by the way that hamilton cast treated by spencer mike pence. they sent out a message we don't want conservatives in the audience and we certainly don't want conservatives making place in new york and when i heard that i thought, screw that. although i didn't use the word screw. i'm irish. this is why we're here. this is the truth. this is only the transcript. >> let's talk the play itself and obviously the inspiration is ferguson. the left see it as a tragedy but we see it for what it is. a kid that did something wrong, got shot and suddenly it's forced a city and it's a nice city, i happen to be from st. louis and know the area very well. you guys time getting to know it. what is the gist of this? are you really trying to reset the narrative about this? >> it's incredible that the
5:56 am
truth somehow seems to be a revolutionary idea these days. michael brown was a thug unfortunately. he's a very big guy and he assaulted an immigrant in a corner shop, walked down the middle of the street in ferguson, missouri, tried to be a cop to death basically in his car. his huge guy. he's putting this guy in the face and he got shot for it in the midst of all of this and no one knows that. it's amazing to us that we are from ireland and we have bono and youtube and u2 did their world tour and they were all over the planet and one of the climactic moments of that with the big long was this -- bono walking up and down saying hands up, don't you. if it didn't happen. that is what were trying to write. >> opening --
5:57 am
>> it's running here in manhattan, ferguson the play .com to get the details but it's verbatim theater. it's only using actual transcript of the grand jury. >> we will have to leave it there... more "fox andnt friends" after this. thank you for coming here guys. everything. what's in your wallet?
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6:00 am
>> the president landed in tokyo. >> the first thing he did was beat to our troops. >> there's no single place i'd rather begin my trip then right here with all of you come in the incredible men and women of the united states military. >> stops are going to be dominated by the north korea nuclear weapons program. >> these are problems incredibly dominant in the world today. >> no tater, no regime and no nation. >> americans. >> donna brazile attended the dnc considers replacing hillary clinton as the nominee.
6:01 am
>> george h.w. bush saying president trump is a blowhard. it sounded like they wanted hillary clinton to be an author's to keep things status quo. >> should i put it on? [cheers and applause] >> i like this better. abby: welcome to "fox and friends" on the sunday. the president now in after having dinner with prime minister shinto aides appeared treated he will meet with vladimir putin at some point during this trip. kevin corke or live in tokyo at the latest details. get a set today. reporter: it's a fascinating opportunity not just to come here and talk about trading clearly north korea, but also a
6:02 am
chance to build a coalition. not necessarily coalition that will last specifically against pyongyang, but the truth is he wants the consensus ahead of the fact is something happens that he has had an opportunity to make the partners in the region so they are all moving in the same direction. clearly heard the president and his comments tell the civil service personnel the united states is prepared to back especially if something happens in pyongyang because we are going to protect not just the homeland and our frontier in the region. i want to share a bit more of this conversation in putting this recommend nation for the troops assembled. >> you are brave warriors of the last bulwark against threat to the dreams of people in america and japan and all across the world. you are the greatest hope for people who desire to live in our environment and you are the greatest threat to tyrants and
6:03 am
dictators to seek to prey on the innocent. reporter: and he told them to be proud of the work they do. how important is that messages the president received a rousing welcome assembled at unicode air force base thanking them for their sacrifice and pledging to give them all they need to get the job done. while north korea will figure prominently during his trip to asia 12 days and all come in the president told reporters that trade will also get a great deal of tension scene has been badly handled in the region for years. he said as much before heading in for dinner twice in president saying to have a little trade talk. a little bit of business and pleasure with dinner and friends. mixing business and pleasure, the president doing a little golf course diplomacy, hanging out with the prime minister in japanese professional golfer messy on at a golf course outside of tokyo playing a little golf air, calling them to
6:04 am
wonderful people. a people. a lot of work yet to be done, folks. we'll keep an eye on it. for now back to you. trade du jour to react to this comment jason chaffetz. fox news contributor, former congressman and chairman of the oversight government reform committee. thanks for joining us. we've gotten a lot of interesting a lot of interesting insight on the ramifications and everythingsupport non-mystery. as a former congressman who spent some time in d.c., what is washington looking for? what are they paying attention do as they make their way around a show? >> three carrier groups in the area. tens of thousands of american troops and their family. we have a lot on the line there. i think the president's message of peace through strength, you know, it reminds me of ronald reagan. i was just a little kid at the time, that peace through strength is an important message and you can hear the president and his voice inflections and i
6:05 am
think in his heart and his belief of the troops. but we are also looking for trade. washington d.c. wants to see how we can improve trade as we dropped the tpp, the president did the right thing there. we've got to have good trade. the japanese are some of our strongest allies. to build that relationship is very important in a tumultuous part of the world. pete: i was looking at the numbers for japan. 2% of the world population, approximately 80% of the world's gdp with a $70 billion trade deficit with the united states and the president alluded if you catch the little clip was played earlier, he alludes we might talk about trade a little bit. a little bit about business. that's a big number for japan given the amount of gdp offset or the amount of our trade deficit we currently have with them. >> he was back in may, but i had the chance to sit with prime minister abe and we sat nearly an hour on this topic in safety
6:06 am
and security for the japanese people can't survive in that region without the safety in support of the united states military. we have great interaction with them and a bond with them. trade is also very important and it's getting better in that relationship. then president trump has the prime minister abe. abe was the first one to call president trump. he was the first world leader to come and visit with the president and now you see the reciprocation of that money goes back to president trump out on the golfing with them, the building that relationship. they're also one of the largest holders of the united states. the japanese in the chinese are right up there at the top of the list. abby: this is the first day of a 12 day trip here this is obviously just the beginning. a lot of things on the plate. the headline you see a lot of that they made talk about tokyo, but the big headline is the
6:07 am
potential upcoming meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the president expect to sit down with them at some point on this trip. what you make of that because you have a lot of the media focusing on politics between trump, russia and putin. when he looked bigger picture at the issues that are going to be discussed on the trip, north korea and most importantly. how important is that for these two to sit down on the strip? >> it is important and i hope we see ambassador huntsman also there because he's got a very difficult job. he's the best person to do it. below, we need to improve the relationship. they also, the russians touch north korea. if you look at the map, obviously the chinese had the biggest influence, but the russians are right there in the region. you want them to understand that we are going to do what it takes to protect the security of the united states of america. i don't think the russians and chinese bikes and three carrier
6:08 am
groups. they like seeing a missile system in place. there's a lot of things they don't like to see. a lot of ways to solve that if they take down the temperature and blood pressure for north korea. pete: of course, to political puzzle all bullying for more power. former dnc chairwoman donna brazile wrote about has been much talked about as well. new revelations coming out this morning but after then candidate hillary clinton collapsed after 9/11, we all remember the visual of her being helped into the van. when i have been donna brazile and others thought of a backup plan. we need to have a backup candidate and should it be joe biden and corey booker if she's not able to go forward. the dnc, and a furor dad, resigned or disabled after being nominee, you can look to replace back. what does that say about how concerned the dnc was about hillary clinton that they were thinking about like that?
6:09 am
>> i think the whole country was really questioning hillary clinton's health. i still think of that? and only time will tell. there were weeks on end where hillary clinton's presidents was a row? could she was just flat-out absence. and to actually see her collapsing, i don't think anybody about the way that she had pneumonia. hours later she's out shaking hands on the street corner. nobody really believed in god. donna brazile was actually being responsible and thinking of a backup plan. all these other revelations, what happened, it sounds like a book needs to get rewritten because it's a little incomplete. abby: they are honestly not happy about this new book coming out by donna brazile. we were shocked to learn the news that donna brazile actively considered overturning the will of the democratic voters by attempting to replace the democratic presidential insight
6:10 am
and it is particularly troubling and puzzling that she was seemingly by an russian filled propaganda by both the russians and our opponents about our candidates house. the russians are to blame. >> the intention is laughable. everything is the russians followed. i don't know. was pretty obvious. he was very obvious that she was literally collapsing. it was weeks before the election. donna brazile didn't actually try to replace, but she did start to evidently been through what are we going to do if she can't carry this out? that's the responsible thing to do. training for quick reaction, the idea that donna brazile, accomplished black woman being tossed under the bus by an elitist white woman. i know this is going to come off on any other channel. quick thoughts.
6:11 am
>> look, donna brazile is very accomplished over the decades. she took a real hit when it was revealed that she was passing up in the clayton, the questions in advance in a debate. i get the sense that it is conscience clearing type of that dignity for her. and now that she says there is proof. she's using the word proof that the clintons were trying to manipulate the election illegally. i added the word illegally because you can't launder money the way they were doing. the department of justice ought to be looking into that. that was rate, the department of justice should be investigating it. >> thank you for your time. abby: allowed to bring your headlines. a police officer is killed in the line of duty overnight. earlier this morning, officers at the rockport, illinois police department escorted the body of
6:12 am
jamie cox out of the hospital. police called for help shortly after making a traffic stop. the spot announcers find in a single car crash from a dead body inside the car in the officer that was fighting for his life. he was then taken to the hospital were unfortunately he died. still unclear what led to that accident on trinidad. a u.s. servicemember died after being wounded invoke our province. this is the second death of the u.s. soldier in the region in just a week. lessig and chief warrant officer was killed in a crash. six crew members were also injured in the crash. police say he was assaulted by his neighbor. kentucky senator telling police this man tackled him all he mowed the lawn outside his bowling green home on friday. police are investigating if the attack was politically motivated. neighbors say these two had
6:13 am
issues in the past. senator paul has minor injuries, but luckily he is expected to be okay. arizona university paid tribute to pat tillman comic teaming up with the d. does in the pat tillman foundation with the brotherhood uniform. the sun devils beating 41-dirty. till then, a former asu sun devils killed in afghanistan in 2004 after leaving the nfl to go serve his country. train to pat tillman, a church euro for sure. fusion gps trying once again to block a subpoena for his bank records. what in the world could they be trying to hide? sierra carter has been covering the scandal from the beginning and she joins us next. abby: bernie sanders, you are the next contestant on the price is right. >> who needs a washer. i just wait until it rains. i stand outside for 15 minutes and then i jogged behind the bus
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dad! cigna. together, all the way. pete: the firm behind the anti-trump .ca trying once again to block a subpoena for bank records payment accusations the research was funded by the clinton campaign and the the. transfer what could they be trying to hide? from the very beginning, she joins us now. good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> we know now on friday there about trying to buck the intelligence committee from obtaining documents. originally they agree to compromise the house intel committee now the house intel committee wants 112 of the 400 documents and they are saying no way. this is a violation of their first amendment rights to protect their clients and clientele in that house members are saying no, you've got to
6:18 am
give up these documents because now we know just not only the dnc and hillary clinton, but think about fusion gps. fusion gps is actually allegedly lobbying for the russians. when it went against the acts committed people connect it to them like are not diminishing on, those are the same people who tried to show up and did show up in new york to meet with don junior. there's a lot of connections here that the house intel committee wants to unravel and they really can't unravel it unless they know who's paying fusion gps basically through a company that they called being a wealthy. that is the most interesting thing and this is what they are looking for. they want to look at these connections are this is not just down the revelation that is huge that hillary campaign as well as the dnc were paying for information through christopher steel to the russians. now whether those expanded connections. that's what they're really looking not.
6:19 am
train for when the democrats came out in the whole investigation started, they wanted the absolute truth. all john king on the megabits mime media or satellites or whoever you need to investigate, let's go for it. why are we having that much trouble getting data. the democrats and client they want to get to the truth, why are we not able to get to the truth? >> they are trying to block it because they don't want the truth to come out. people need to know in order to assess this, how far did the russians reach into the dnc? everybody wants to continue to look at trump, the campaign, but let's also look at the dnc, hillary campaign and how far their reach was into the russians and russians into them. this is that the house intel committee is trying to look at. it was a bombshell because i don't think we are looking out one little aspect. we are looking at fusion gps over the years and their connections to the russians.
6:20 am
trade to how long can fusion gps holdout? >> they will hold out as long as they can. eventually it will calm to some kind of turn. the judge is not going to agree to this. they will come to some compromise if there's a way when the house goes back to court and petitions the court through this and they have a good enough argument. they will sway with the house intelligence committee and say you can't just turn over 11 documents. you've got a turnover of these documents because your connections go far beyond what she wanted. trade to sarah carter, thanks a lot. appreciate your time. former president george h.w. bash: president trump a blowhard. corey corey lewandowski says it's just sour grapes. abby: not just the national anthem anymore. this gas says this will just tear the country further apart. more after this. stay with us.
6:21 am
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abby: we're back with quick headlines for you. governor scott walker planning to run again with republicans are praying for an official campaign launched today at a factory outside milwaukee. what are the only govern american history to survive the recall with just the second governor to in a third four-year term in the state history. the race for governor virginia turning into a nailbiter with the election now two days away. a grim new poll showing at pat gillespie is now ahead of democrat ahead by three points. that is going to be quite the
6:25 am
race to watch this week. pete: i'm going to be on the ground in virginia. we'll see. not just the national anthem anywhere. liberals declaring war on the pledge of allegiance and the "washington post." bates college professor claims that while the language contained in the pledge is not overtly nativist come in the spirit that animated its creation was steeped in bigotry. he goes on to argue that its origins are a nativism in white nationalism. here now to discuss his former professor of political science and law at vanderbilt university, carol. thank you for joining us this morning. the national anthem, now is the pledge of allegiance in so many of our schools. on what basis is in making the claim that it's racist or xenophobic? >> i see it as part of an overall plan to destroy the symbols of our national identity and ultimately it destabilizes
6:26 am
the country and strengthened the hands of our international enemy is. i don't see any good that can come from constantly attacking our monument and the things that make us who we are. the symbols of our national identity. those are important not just for us, but for newcomers that come to this nation to join us. pete: professor come you save the grievances of racial and ethnic minorities, not even the left of communists, but steeped in using racial identity. >> yes. if you go back to 2001 he published the book in the late 1950s called the communist. there were 45 at that time he called in current communist goals that were into the congressional record in 1963. most of those had been accomplished and they included
6:27 am
using the grievances of racially ethnic minorities as a way to advance the communist goals. also infiltrating churches and discrediting the fbi to so many of the things that have taken place. i would encourage anyone who wants to understand what is happening today in america to go to that book and find those 45 then current communist goals, look at our nation and let them judge whether he was off base or was he on to something. train to interesting the period in terms of looking that up for the first time. you see in addition to the flag in the pledge that christianity, the faith is something they are going after as well. >> yes. i can remember many decades when african-americans i was being told that christianity was the white man's religion and many of
6:28 am
the people that i know who abandoned christianity for islam was all about it was the white man's religion. i think we see attacks on christianity from the southern poverty law center with mainstream organizations, christian churches. i think that's where they're ultimately going. if that is, we would all be losers, especially black people in america and those people that come you know, have been steeped in our judeo-christian tradition. that is what is really under attack and anything that makes our nation exceptional it seems to me that our our international enemies come and they want to destroy america coming using our own people to do it from within. drink is such a great point. we are all as americans doing this, seeking to divide us. carol swain, thank you for knowledge this morning.
6:29 am
hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is far from over. what the fbi adjusted that should have her worried. plus maria shriver filed for divorce from arnold shorts an acre years ago. guess what? >> the divorce papers were filed in 2011 looking at this and it's now six years later. you are not divorced yet. why? trade to harvey levin joins us with what else was revealed to him. what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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upeace of mind.s we brewed the love, right guys? we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. pete: "fox and friends" weekend. president trump's first stay in japan has come to an end. ending his night by joining japanese prime minister shinto abe for dinner. the pair discussing many topics including north korea on the first trip to asia. >> that is where we find tokyo at the latest. john, you'll be there all night. trey abby, all-day, all-night. 20 for seven when you come to a show. good morning to you. the president starting off yesterday just west of tokyo with the real show of strength. not mentioning north korea by
6:34 am
name, but there was the air force, navy, marines, the president sending a definite message to the rest of the pacific rim. listen here. >> no one, no tater, no regime and donation should underestimate her american resolve. every once in a while in the past they underestimated us. it was not present for them. who will never yield, never waver and never falter our freedom and our great american flag. trading after spending sometime with clearly appreciative troops can they spend the rest of the day we shinto abe studied with lunch and prime minister had no in the president's affection for
6:35 am
hot gave him a new chapeau a new chapeau that read, donald mentions make alliance even greater. after that, the president with abe and professional golfer who is number four in the world rankings got together for nine holes of golf and the president later in the evening with melania trump in japan's first lady got together for dinner. the president suggesting when he made today there will be a lot to do in a very short amount of time. listen here. >> in the midst of major discussions with many subjects including north korea and others saying them we are doing very well. the relationship is extraordinary. >> on his way to japan from honolulu, the president suggested he will be meeting with finer prudent on the sidelines of the aipac conference denying vietnam later on in the week or the president saying he wants to enlist the
6:36 am
help in reining in north korea, also suggesting later in the trippi may put north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terror. the president also pushing back against reports that he comes to the strip in a position of weakness because of his domestic serrated back home in the rush investigation tweeting out heading into 12 days with great negotiating strength because of our tremendous economy. the president believes the stock market and economic growth will outweigh anything else that may be dragging him down back home. abby, kevin, p. abby: busy 11 days to go. i do want to bring some other headlines. new york city marathon is now underway. when i was leaving the starting line just over a half hour ago. security in full force especially after that terror thing that happened a week ago when a people were killed in a terror attack. state and local law enforcement spread throughout the city to make sure everything goes
6:37 am
smoothly. new documents to senate investigators for the probe into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the memos will assist interview with james, his handling of the case. they detail how and when the fbi in combing decided not to charge clinton for the handling of classified information onto private e-mail server. both former bush presidents bashing president trump on a biography. george h.w. bush calling him a blowhard. the former campaign manager joined us earlier in the shell and here is what he said. >> they probably wanted jeb to do very well but they ran a terrible campaign. he was a low-energy guy and the american people wanted something else. trade to the book on the legacy is called the last republicans. pulling off another hilarious impersonation of bernie sanders last night during the price is right. watch this scene. >> i just want to say this show is a travesty.
6:38 am
consumerism disguised as entertainment. that being said, i do need a dinette site. pete: wasn't all fun and games. the backlash and social media for concentration camp should be made apparently during his opening monologue. i was asleep so i didn't hear that. train to his son of the most fascinating figures in america from body builder to ask her to california governor. trend or eat nothing is off-limits when he he sits down with harvey levin including a scoop on the terminator. watch. >> cameron said terminator would've never gone of schwarzenegger would not talk like a machine. i think that the first choice is o.j. simpson. >> why did they not go with o.j.? >> he didn't look as much like a killer. i don't know.
6:39 am
i felt like i was more believable. >> i literally have to hold onto this table after hearing that. >> joining us now with object if i host, harvey levin. abby: that really shocked all of us. >> either way, he shows me something that the iconic poster of arnold as terminator, they actually designed it for o.j. simpson and he shows me part of that. i was shocked about myself. train to when you start with someone like arnold schwarzenegger were so many iterations in his life. >> he is an amazing man, just an incredible guy. the fact that this guy grew up in poverty, post-world war ii in austria and that is where we started. we started with his childhood.
6:40 am
it really is amazing because when arnold was 10 or 11 years old, yet the concept i want to go to america. not just go to america, but there was a guy named ridge park who was a very famous bodybuilder who played hercules. arnold schwarzenegger connected with him and said i can be the most famous bodybuilder in the world and then i can become the biggest movie star in the world. actually formed that idea at 10 or 11 years old. the crazy thing is kids think about that stuff all the time. he pulled it off and it's amazing how he did it. abby: amazing how his career change since then. you got into some personal things like his marriage. >> yeah, look, everybody knows what happened to arnold about six years ago in maria shriver filed for divorce. we started looking before we did the interview. they are not divorced yet. i talked to arnold about it. he has had a long, long
6:41 am
relationship with maria shriver, since the early 80s, they have four kids. they love these kids. they love these children. it is still a very tight family bond. they spend a lot of time as a family together. no matter what happened, they are family still. the dynamic of all of it is still really interesting. kevin: harvey, what is the significance of conan the barbarian? >> the significance of the shows may we miss because i could barely hold it. that is number one. it was super heavy. do you know about, what we do on the show as we tell people we usually divide their lives into seven chapters. we say you pick the object that resonates with you both that represents that period. and the idea that he picked this sword for the movie business was awesome. arnold shorts maker has had one of the richest lives of anybody
6:42 am
i've ever met. and i don't mean in money. i mean in texture. abby: holds that sword and makes it look like it's light as a feather. >> wait until he hands it to me. abby: that's a great piece that objective side is airing on the fox news channel. we always love catching up with you. good to see you. >> good to see you. science experiments you will not want to miss. >> vice president pence going one-on-one with maria bartiromo. does he think we can get tax cuts by christmas? maria does a good job scooping them. her new exclusive coming next. new smart a gracious host, no matter who shows up.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
sprint and t-mobile's dropped like a bad phone call. the nation's third and fourth largest load carrier announcing they will not merge after months of speculation. analysts say calling off the deal makes for better consumer competition. apple iphone 10 comes out, so does the website urging tim cook to seek the white house in 2020. he was on the shortlist of candidates. the owner is not known. we'll see about that. pete: republicans expected to roll a taxi expected to roll a taxi from this week but can they get it together to pass those costs. mike pence is weighing in. >> we want to go forward in way that respects president trump's framework of tax reforms, focused on the middle class, focus on job creators and businesses having more dollars to invest and create jobs and focus on simplification and democrats who will join us on that we will welcome now.
6:47 am
kevin: here with more exclusive, "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo. >> great to see you. talking about tax reform, can we get it done, can they get it done? i think they can get it done. abby, i cannot believe how hard it has been for republicans to cut taxes. if anything happened as i was going to the tax plan this weekend. a 45.6% rate in there for income between one point to an on $.6 million. 45.6%. that's going to be on the top earner for a portion of their income. i asked vice president pence about this. what is it about republicans that they completely abandoned principles of blowing taxes than they actually have to do it if push comes to shove. we would get into this. i'm all fired up about it. i would like to know why the top 10% of earners pay 70% of tax and were cutting taxes on people
6:48 am
who do not pay taxes. how much you cut taxes on people that pay taxes. trade to a lot of conservative media is fired up about it. there's a pay for effectively to get it under the $125 trillion level to get 51 votes. do you think i will be a roadblock that passes? >> i think this will go away during committee. next week they will really get down and dirty. they will get their hands dirty in terms of what the tax plan looks like. i cannot believe a 45.6% rate is going to pass must her. don't kid yourself, one of deficit hawks in the senate. another idiotic thing that could actually be in the senate plan is to face another 20% corporate rate. the line with 20% on the corporate rate, the senators feel that maybe they'll face in a 20% and actually have it in 2022. who is going to invest and put new money to work to move the
6:49 am
needle on economic growth that they do not get a 20% corporate rate until 2022? that is something we're watching as is something we are watching us while pizzicato is something we're watching as well. cotto mentioned issue story unfolding. the crown prince i've interview two weeks ago is dealing princes who do not agree with the decision. overnight he puts print the lead in prison. steve scalise coming up as well. starting 11 minutes from now. thank you so much. pete: up next, we all blew bubbles as a kid. now we are going to set them on fire. find out how the next. -- find out how, next. well, like most of you, i just bought a house. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief.
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pete: we've got a red solo cup. early in the show, steve spangler clearwater back showed us how to open pringles about your hands. abby: steve, i love the winner here, but i'm also very nervous. we have no idea what is in here. >> here we go. ready, snap your fingers. three, two, one. turn it upside down. it's not amazing? water vanished. hiding in the bottom of the cup. haydn in the bottom of the cup is this powder. brought it for you. watch what happens. super absorbent material.
6:54 am
that is the secret ingredient in a diaper. he's trying to eat it already. let me show you this. take a look at this. anybody have a 100-dollar bill? you don't have a safety, do you? i am now going to soak this in a flammable liquid here like this and put my glasses on. you are going to stay over there. >> i am a 20. >> a 20 will work. the flammable liquid is here. watch what happens when you like the sun fire. this will start to burn. burning like this. i've actually put some water investigate the material get the material. the water evaporates. look at this. handkerchief is perfectly fine.
6:55 am
so here we go. here is your money. i think your money should be fine. still year, watch this. ready? here is your 28. so the water protected it. adam, come here. take a look at this over here. >> the camera is on you. >> i have a beach ball. would you hang on to this? the beach ball. and now here they come, right? here is what is going to happen. they bubbles, ready? >> keep your hands inside here.
6:56 am
here is what is going to happen. scoop up. just told they are. you are fine. get your hands on it. look at this. three, two, one. look at that. perfectly fine. look at that. spangler science >> all right. we will be back after this. that won't make a difference
6:57 am
to find someone who will. search for greatness. search indeed.
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>> we are back with steve. spin. pete: there it is. thanks for being on the show with us. maria good sunday morning. this week republicans push ahead on tax reform and the north korea crisis looming president trump continues his 12 day trip across asia to that trip including meeting with the leaders of south korea and japan and china. i'm maria bartiromo and thanks for joining us. this is "sunday morning futures" to vice president mike pence making the case for the g.o.p. tax plan. i sit down with him for an interview. what is his take on the possibility gives raising taxes on some americans? will hear from the vice president about what he says president tru


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