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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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evening with us. tonight from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: live pictures from the airbase outside tokyo, japan, an american airbase, president of the united states and his wife boarding air force, one to fly to seoul, south korea, for the nextt leg of his asia tour. his daughter broke off from the trip in japan, returned to the united states to make the case for the republican tax bill. we will talk to her about that in just a minute on the show. breaking news thel deadliest church shooting in american history. police still putting together the evidence of the sutherland spring texas case. devin patrick kelley murdered 26 people, injured at least 20. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for the latest findings in that investigation we are joined by 2
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matt finn, who is in texas for us tonight. >> we have learned the shooter himself had three gunshot wounde to his body, including one to his head, which the medical examiner says waslu self-inflicted, so the shooter killed himself after his deadly rampage here at this texasam church. we've also learned that the shooter recently repurchased four guns. authorities say all the sales were legal. there is no information in databases that would have flagged the shooter, and that aligns with two pieces of information we learned today. first, academy sporting goods in san antonio, texas, releasedn a statement saying it sold to guns to the shooter, one in 2015, and one in 2017, and thatt the shooter passed the national criminal background check and that that sporting good store is not cooperating with law now cooperating with law enforcement.ha also, the u.s. air force did not submit the criminal records to the fbi, as required by pentagon law. the shooter was discharged from the air force for bad behavior, for beating his wife and his
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stepson intentionally. cracking his stepson's skull. he was court-martialed and imprisoned. had they turned that over to the fbi, he might not have been able to pass the background checks to purchase guns recently. the air force has launched a review into how the serviceen handled the shooter's criminal tonight at this hour there are still 15 people in the hospitall with wounds related to yesterday's shooting. five of them are minors. some are still in critical condition. tucker, back to you. >> tucker: what a gruesome and awful investigators were able to find a lot about the sutherland spring shooter, devin patrick kelley, almost immediately. why were they able to put the pieces together so fast? in las vegas, we still know so little. we turn to dan, who joins us live. first, to the texas shooting.
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apparently, the air force did not as you just heard f matt finn report, enter this information about this man's court marshaling conviction andi brig into the criminal database that gun purchasers are run through. if they had put that information in there, would he have been prohibited from buying a gun? >> he would have been prohibited from buying a gun. this is why the radical left can't possibly win this gun control debate. think about the argument they are making to us. the argument they are making ish don't worry, government can protect you. i love our military, god bless every man and woman that serves, but this was clearly a bureaucratic error that cost people their lives by officialst in our government as they are making the very same argument, by the way, that we need new laws despite the fact that the old laws didn't work because people in the government that are supposed to make new laws didn't cooperate with the laws we have now, and look at what we have on our hands.
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he would have been stopped from buying a gun, and he wasn't, and look what happened. >> tucker: you see that with so many of our gun laws that are unenforced, including the city of chicago, where they are almost never prosecuted even as they complain that they are the source of the problem, which they certainly are. why do we know so much, and thank heaven we do, about this atrocity, and still so little about the one that happened in las vegas a month ago? >> this tragedy here, this fits the models we have from my experience in the secret service of targeted violence. you've seen indicators in the past, you and i have talked about the vegas shooting on multiple appearances here that we have said it doesn't make any sense because where all the witnesses? where all the people coming out and saying i saw something on facebook that was strange. he said something at the local deli that was unusual, where are they? the answer is nowhere, nobody has found them yet, or they are there and we just don't know about them. but in this case, we are seeing a litany of people saying there were odd facebook posts, there's
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obviously a pattern of violent behavior, and as i've said repeatedly, when you look at models of targeted violence, there's always a trail, always a trail, it's very rare look in the vegas shooting for there's almost nothing there and it's a vacuum. >> tucker: so you don't think the investigation is different, but the crime is different the perpetrator different? >> this guy seems to fit the pattern. targeted violence, assassinations, shootings, homicidal maniacs who decide to go in a church. we don't know the motive yet but it appears there's some connection there.nsnsno it appears that his desire to take out revenge, or whatever it may have been on a family member or an in-law, he just uses violence as a way to show his power, and o that's what he did he took out 20 plus innocent people in his rampage there. but that fits the models we've seen in the past. >> tucker: what are the lessons for the rest of us?el >> it pains me to say this, buto churches are inherently vulnerable places.
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you have the right to protecter yourself. there are wolves out there. there's a big conflict of visions, if i can steal a line. the left seems to believe that we can somehow legislate the evil out of people's hearts, you won't. do not be a sheep. if you are a church, if you are a synagogue, you are in a uniquely vulnerable spot. it pains me to say that, but we live in a different time. you have an exit and an entrance point in the back. therefore everybody comes out in the same spot.n where is everybody's attention in church? ahead. where is the shooter going to comeme in? he's going to come in the back. you also have the lack of cover or concealment. there's nowhere to hide. why? because people don't hide in church, they have to see what's going on in the there is nowhere to go. it doesn't give me any joy in telling you that, but in 12 years as a secret service agent, if you are in a church or house of worship, you have an obligation now to realize we live in a different world. it's sad, these are black swan events, but the penalty for
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being involved in an event like this is death. this has happened multiple times.s you have to secure and harden up your location. i'm sorry i had to say that, but it is absolutely true in the times we live in. >> tucker: thanks a lot for that, as always. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: voters in virginia elect a new governor tomorrow. it's been the most widely covered political race of the year, and by far the most bitter.r virginia is solidly blue now and democrat ralph northam has longt been expected to win an easy victory in the place with a republican president is even less popular than he is in the rest of the country. but that is not what has happened. republican ed gillespie has remained surprisingly close in the polls for months. panic to the democratic establishment and their gophers in the national media, they havn done what they always do in a pinch, they make it about race. remember when obama and his campaign told us that bill clinton was a racist during the 2008 primaries? remember when the hillary clinton campaigns at the same thing about bernie sanders
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last year? when the going gets tough, democrats charge racism. so naturally ed gillespie has been transformed bull connor, for the purposes of this election. just yesterday "the new york times" ran a strikingly dishonest beast that accused gillespie of running array simply don't make racially divisive campaign." according to "the new york times," his sins include attacking the streetet gang ms-13, opposing sanctuary cities and criticizing the governors unilateral decision to restore voting rights to felons in the state. for this, gillespie is a bigot.r it would be amusing if it wasn't so poisonous. ed gillespie isn't a racist, iff anything he's too liberal for many republicans in virginia. a former corporate lobbyist from new jersey, he has establishment views on virtually everything. a strongly pro-immigration, supports amnesty for daca beneficiaries. he has never made race an issue. promised to crackdown on ms-13 p because it's a deadly criminal
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force with thousands of members, which by the way, and not incidentally, targets almost exclusively salvadoran immigrants. they mock america's laws. he made an issue on voting rights because it was a naked political grab by the governor. don't tell that to politico. it's reporters accused him of adopting "racially charged culture war issues for daring to oppose monument vandalism and national anthem protest."ar think progress ran this headline. "his campaign for final push for votes plays on hatred of black nfl protesters." standing up for the national anthem is now whitena nationalism. the irony was there actually was racial demagoguery in the campaign, a lot of it, but it didn't come from ed gillespie or his supporters. in the closing days, supporters of northam ran an ad that suggested that gillespie's voters wanted to murder kids.
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the ad actually said that. it showed a white man in a pickup truck with a gillespie sticker trying to run over a bunch of kids, including a little muslim girl as they fled for their lives. "the new york times" didn't even mention that at until graph 14 on their hit piece yesterday. the ad got in the way of their story line apparently. like all off year elections, tomorrow's results will be scrutinized for larger lessonsea about american politics. you hear people say it's's a referendum on trump, that's true. the worst and most dangerous habit, inflating racial fears to get voters to the polls. does that tactics stil work? let's hope not, we will find out tomorrow. juan williams cohosts the five right here on fox and he joins us.d >> hey, how are you?ho >> tucker: you know it gillespie, whatever you think of his politics, he's hardly a bigot, he's a moderate guy politically and by temperament. i look at this with my jaw open
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and if they are turning ed gillespie into a bigot for attacking ms-13, then the work has no meaning anymore, that's my reaction to it. >> i like ed gillespie a lot, i knew him when he was chair of the national committee and heir was always about inclusion andwa outreach to minorities. he saw that as the future to the party. but i must say when i was listening to you, i was thinking to myself, i think he has found himself in a tight spot after a primary race in which he was joining against corey stewart, donald trump's campaign manager in virginia and stewart ran a campaign that was all about the confederate statues and keeping them in place. he made a very strong populist, and at times racial, appeal. i think it was less than two points close to ed gillespie in that primary race for the nomination and now he has done things like what you have just laid out. the nfl players kneeling, theon confederate statues.
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and i think most of all, somehow conflating ms-13 with immigration. started those ads in the southwestern part of the state, down in roanoke and the more rural area. >> tucker: ms-13 is a real thing, it's an actual phenomenon. >> it's not as big a threat as you would think by seeing the commercial. >> tucker: you know who it's a threat to, salvadoran immigrants. >> that's fine, but that's not who the ads are aimed at. the ads are stirring up white anger. >> tucker: you don't need to be white to be angry about the fact that our immigration policy has allowed a lot of people to come here illegally and join street gangs. >> i agree with you. >> tucker: by the way, their victims are immigrants, so i don't know why it's that racist to say that. it's true. >> no, no, no. you are right, there's a real issue, these people kill each other, so there are salvadorans killing salvadorans, but it ties into -- this goes back to the
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trump playbook, immigration is a threat, perceived as a threat by lots of working class white folks. i think you've spoken to me about this, so what it does is by playing this up in an ad, it stirs that base that wasn't going to go. gillespie you described as a moderate republican. >> tucker: i disagree with gillespie's views on immigration very strongly. >> okay. >> tucker: i'm way to the right of him on immigration because it actually is a threat. it's a great thing in other ways, but in some ways it is a threat and ms-13 is oneit manifestation of that. it's real, and there's nothing racist about saying that. if we make that off limits, if we call people names for telling the truth, then we can't have an honest conversation about it. >> i want an honest conversation, but i'm telling you it's not a threat to the extent that it would become the major issue in the race for governor of virginia, unless you are playing it in order to stir up and turn out your voters, which is what ed has done. a
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he's following stewart, donald trump playbook. >> tucker: they ran an ad, his opponents, accusing him and his voters of wanting to murderd, children with a pickup truck. it's literally true. that's not like my spin on it. have you seen the spot? of course. >> of course. >> tucker: somehow, ed gillespie, who was a victim of that, he's a bigot for some reason, because he doesn't like ms-13? do you see why this is actually insane and it's making people vote for ed gillespie? the attacks on him are so unfair that a lot of people wouldn't vote for him are thinking this is nutty. >> the political dynamic is one that steve bannon, the trump political advisor of old now said this is the playbook. this is how ed gillespie has gotten himself back in the racew by highlighting things like ms-13 and immigration. it's a political play to a racial base, tucker.
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>> tucker: they accused him of wanting to murder minority children. >> if you don't --ur >> tucker: is that not racial demagoguery? what's the definition of it? >> when you go into latino communities in muslim communities and see the anxiety that has been stirred by the kind of appeals that came from trump, and now stewart. >> not by this ad thing actually they want to murder your children. >> i don't know.alur it's a nightmare of anxiety in the ad. >> tucker: i get it. people should be ashamed of that, i think. >> i think playing racial politics is unnecessary, but i don't think you can deny that that's what's going on in this campaign. >> tucker: i think you're absolutely right, you know what i think. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure.w >> tucker: donna brazile has exposed massive and real misconduct. she ran the democratic party. why are the media trying toic downplay her story?
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it's a fascinating tale of establishment collusion, and we will tell it to you with a former hillary clinton advisor next. ♪ so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert. president trump is in south korea, where he has been spending the last few hours with u.s. and south korean troops at camp humphreys.
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these are life pictures you are looking at of the president attending an operational briefing there. he's been speaking and talking with the troops at camp humphreys. this is before he will head to the blue house to meet with south korea's leadership there. he has been speaking with a 37,500 u.s. forces, some of them at the air force base. as i mentioned right now, these are life pictures you are seeing of the president shaking hands with troops after he's been there speaking with them and discussing operational activity. later he will be having that meeting, a bilateral visit with south korea's president. melania trump will also be meeting with south korea's first lady. it looks like our picture froze there momentarily. we will be working to get that back for you. but the president of course the top his agenda will be the relationship with south korea,
9:19 pm
and the issue of north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program that everyone has been watching so closely. we will be looking for those pictures, bringing them to your life as we have them. in the meantime, we will be returning to our life -- our programming with tucker carlson. talk to your doctor and go to to learn more. ♪ >> tucker: people say the media are liberal, and obviously they are, but that's not the whole story. more than anything, the national media are part of the establishment. went to the same schools is the establishment, they share the same values, they are basically the same people.thth if you want evidence of this, look no further than the controversy over donna brazile's new book. she once ran the dnc, so if she
9:20 pm
says the democratic party worked hard to steal the election from exactly dismiss her as a partisan or a kook, and that's exactly what many in establishment press have tried to do for several days. according to highly informed sources spoke to, highly informed, top management at cnn directed its employees to undermine brazile's credibility. anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the clintons. if you've been watching that channel, you may have noticed the anchors suggesting that donna brazile cannot be trusted, precisely because she took part in efforts to break the primaries for clinton. watch. >> she's the one who got access to one tonal question and sent to one town question and sent an email, which we know from wikileaks, to somebody in the clinton campaign, to give them a town hall question, which is completely unethical. she wasn't doing that for bernie sanders. >> do you take her at her word,
9:21 pm
given the fact that she lied about that cnn debate and giving those questions to hillary clinton ahead of time? >> tucker: it's unbelievable. in retrospect, they are so obviously talking points. glad to know that. cnn is not alone. a great piece in which he pointed out that journalists have's repeatedly spread misleading stories that lead to exonerate the behavior of hillary clinton and the dnc. nbc news published a story claiming the clinton-dnc agreement only applied to thent general election. if they simply read the agreement they would say that's flase.lo it applied to both. a claim was quickly repeated. it was false. the establishment journalist also claimed that sanders signes the very same agreement that hillary clinton did. that is false. but in this place they can't seem to downplay this one fast enough. donna brazile isn't backing down, watch this. >> for those who are telling me to shut up, they told hillary
9:22 pm
that a couple of months ago, to know what i told them? go to i'm going to tell my story. >> tucker: donna brazile will join us on wednesday to tell us her story. richard goodstein brave enough to join us in studio. in her book, and we are having a her wednesday, can't wait to hear about this, but she says that she experienced sexism on the hillary campaign. she wasn't taken seriously because she was a woman, and it raises the obvious question, do you think the democratic party can handle strong women like donna brazile? >> i don't know whether donna brazile is a kook, but what she says is kooky. let me give you an example. >> tucker: i don't know why. hold on. i thought the basic precept of liberalism is when a woman says she was mistreated for being aht woman, you take her seriously, you don't dismiss her as a kook or a crazy person. am i the feminist here? >> in her book she says men are not able to deal with women.
9:23 pm
this is being laid at the feet of people who work for hillary clinton. the fact is these are people -- hillary clinton was accused of only having women work for her when she was in the senate. >> tucker: you are dismissing her claim of sexism because why? because hillary clinton's campaign -- >> she's got a distorted view of things. >> tucker: another crazy woman. i get it, the crazy woman defense. i've heard this before. >> this is certifiably nuts.rd the political director, the communications director -- excuse me, the political director, the communications director, the digital director, you can go on and on and on, or women for hillary. the notion that somehow thegi hillary clinton campaign couldn't countenance strong woman is crazy. >> tucker: the campaign manager was a man. all i'm saying is the democratic party has told me all my life that when a woman says she faces sexism, you are not allowed to dismiss her as crazy. or it's that kind of the month or any kind of insulting suggestion that she doesn't have her full wits. and i do take donna brazile
9:24 pm
seriously. here are the democrats think she's just another crazy woman. >> donna brazile should have known better. any candidate takes over the party. john mccain did that. the democrats do the same. it goes back decades. somehow or other, she acted offended as if somehow they were taking it out on her when they want to make decisions ashe opposed to her. so she's putting the spin of about whether it sexism or whatever, this whole nonsense that she spit out about somehow or other because of her race ors whatnot. >> tucker: just tell me of someone who is kind of following along, sort of watching as our culture change is really fast. and i'm writing this downd because i want to keep this for future reference.ur when are the times i can just dismiss allegations of racism and sexism with the back of my hand and call them nonsense as you just did?? when am i allowed to do that? >> when there's evidence to the
9:25 pm
contrary. the evidence here is, so manydo people at the top of theco heap for the campaign -- up and down. if you look at that campaign was uniquely occupied by very powerful senior women. what donna brazile was taken personally -- look -- she was al gore's campaign manager. - she didn't use bill clinton. there's a problem there, it's not something that is hillary clinton's doing. >> tucker: if i'm ever accused of something bad, i will use your technique. that's absurd, she's got to be crazy. she's crazy! >> i don't think she's crazy, in think she's wrong. i'm saying what she is saying sounds crazy because it's demonstrably disproved. >> tucker: it hasn't actually been disproved, and you are making me even more anxious to speak to her directly. really quickly, part of what is going on here is that the clintons are losing control of the democratic party, it's not their party, the base doesn't agree with them on key issues. right on some of those issues on
9:26 pm
clinton is maybe actually right on some of those issues on my perspective, but whatever. the truth is they are not going gently into that good night, their time is over, it has beene eclipsed, and these are kind off the last gasps of political aristocracy that has been in power for the last 25 years. isn't that what kind of going on?f >> i will say there is a tug-of-war going on between the sanders and warren wing in the wing that frankly has won bw presidential campaigns. there's talk about democrats being in disarray. >> tucker: is she a kook? >> she's not a kook. >> tucker: are her allegations of sexism just crazy? >> the case being, flat-out wrong. donna brazile said things were not. >> tucker: she's crazy! i'm never going to use that, but that's just me. great to see you. you are a brave man. our interview with ivanka trump and steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, is minutes away. comingng up. ♪
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>> tucker: we talked to ivanka trump out at the reagan library in california. she just landed from japan, and we talked tax policy, here's a preview of the conversation. >> we need to enable middle income families to be able to invest in early childhood education and child care, which disproportionately impacts women, the fact that the average american family spends almostt 30% of pretax income on the cost of child care, so the cost of child care has gone through the roof, and families just can't afford it, so women are
9:31 pm
disproportionately leaving the workforce. >> tucker: actually got kind of interesting from there. we will have more from that interview in just a minute. she's not the only person we spoke to. we also sit down with the treasury secretary steven mnuchin to talk about the administration's plan to overhaul the u.s. tax code. here's part of it. >> tucker: thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: i think it's fair to say the last election was an expression of anxiety on the part of the american middle class, and the administration has said repeatedly they recognize that. how does this plan address the concerns of the american middle class? >> i think as you know, president trump from day one has been very focused on the economy, and absolutely convinced that we can get back to sustained economic growth by 3% gdp or higher.. the tax plan is center stage of his economic plan. this is all about middle income tax cuts, cutting business taxes and making u.s. business competitive with the rest of the world. >> tucker: so if you are a
9:32 pm
trump voter and you are making 55,000 -- 59,000, and medium income, what does this mean for you? >> you will see at least several hundred dollars of a tax cut. that's what you will see money in your pocket. >> tucker: corporations are seeing a much larger tax cut. why is that fair when profits are high and income is stagnant, what do you say? >> 70% of the burden are borne by the worker. the reason we are cutting corporate taxes is so that american business can be competitive.e right now we have one of the highest tax rates in the world, and that's why jobs are going overseas. this is about bringing back trillions of dollars that are offshore, and making business competitive. that's why what we call it tax cuts and jobs act. >> tucker: if businesses profit more, workers benefit, that's your argument. businesses are doing well now, why aren't wages keeping pace with corporate profits?
9:33 pm
>> businesses are doing well, the stock market is doing well, so for rich people it has been a great eight years, but for the average american worker, they i haven't seen their wages increase. this is about making u.s. business competitive, having more jobs here, and getting wage veincreases to workers. >> tucker: there's the counter case that corporate profits have been rising, but wages have not been. that's puzzling to some people. >> they've been rising some, but not proportionate with the stock market. this will be about creating more earnings -- more important, bringing back capital. we will encourage companies to bring back trillions of dollars that will be invested here to have new jobs, newou factories, new buildings, new manufacturing. >> tucker: how much do you expect to come back? >> $3 trillion at least. the president thinks it could be four or five. >> tucker: this bill asex written would increase the number of people who don't pay federal taxes. basically make the government more reliant on the smaller number of people carrying the whole burden, does that make you uncomfortable? >> it doesn't. one of the things the
9:34 pm
president has said, this is not about tax cuts for rich people, this is about tax cuts for the middle class and for working americans we are going to raise the standard deduction to $24,000 for families. at the reagan library, there's no better place to have tribute to what was done 31 years ago with president reagan. president trump's tax reform will be even bigger. >> tucker: the president during the campaign said repeatedly that he was going to give "a haircut" to the private equity people and managers by doing away with what is called the carried interest loophole, which allows people to take salary and get taxed at the investment rate, which is almost that is still in there. this bill allows that to continue, why? >> i'm sure that's one of the issues that will be debated as it gets through the house and as it gets to the senate. we will be working with both parties on it. >> tucker: you were going to push on that? >> we are. >> tucker: not every group in d.c. loves the plan and one of the most upset of the realtors
9:35 pm
mad about the deductions he will be eliminating for mortgage interest. >> with preserved in the house version $500,000 mortgage that you can deduct the interest. that's an awfully big home in mostly every single part of this country. we are cutting out lots of loopholes throughout the whole tax plan, so there will be people who don't like bits and pieces, but people understand this is a pass-fail exercise. it's critical to the economy, and we are going to get it done. >> tucker: thank >> thank you. >> tucker: a horrifying epidemic spreading in africa and killing people. what is it? could it come here quickly? we will give you details with the physicians following it f next. ♪ when you really want to save big
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♪ >> tucker: parts of africa are seeing deadly outbreak of a disease called monkeypox, it's been around for a while and it pops up occasionally, in a big
9:40 pm
way right now. the disease is incurable, it could reach the country before we know it's coming. a long incubation period that, 16 days. what's the nature of the threat, and is it one to this country? doctor roshini raj is an associate professor of medicine joins us tonight. doctor, thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: if it takes a couple of weeks for a person infected with monkeypox to show symptoms, that suggestion could have people coming over here with it and they could get sick from it in the united states. what happens then? how contagious is it and what are the effects? >> the good news is it is not very easily spread between person-to-person, it's more easily spread from wild animal to a person. it can be spread amongst human beings, that's usually through respiratory droplets, but very close contact. a caregiver of someone who is sick with this virus. that's the kind of person who would be more prone to get it. it's concerning because it can be fatal in up to 10% of cases,
9:41 pm
that's a pretty deadly virus. >> tucker: is there any kind of defense against it? >> there's no treatment for it. it's similar to smallpox, so the smallpox vaccine does offer some protection, however it's not specifically designed for it and there is no specific treatment for it other than supportive care. occasionally, a general antiviral medication can be given in very severe cases, but it doesn't always work. >> tucker: so if you had an outbreak in this country, obviously the most advanced medical care in the world, do you think you could still see a 10% fatality rate? >> the ranges between 2-10% in terms of fatality and because our care in this country is so great we would hope it would to be one or 2% level. but there is no actual cure for it. young children would be more prone to really succumbing to this virus, so it could be very deadly in this country. it's important that scientists in this country are over trying to get a handle on what causes it -- we can't keep her head in
9:42 pm
the sand. we are a global society, anything can come here in a couple of days. >> tucker: thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you. >> tucker: is it time to get real about tightening travel restrictions from companies where this outbreak is occurring? former official joins us tonight. david, i'm against overreacting to anything, including this. but i also notice a certain overreaction on the other side, i've seen with a bunch of other outbreaks of illness over the years where the globalists in our midst basically make the case it's mean to protect united states citizens from potential outbreaks of disease in this country, therefore we can't meaningfully screen people. would you take that position in this case? >> monkeypox is a scary disease, as was ebola. and we should be doing everything we can to prevent people from getting it here into screen people who come here so
9:43 pm
we make sure it isn't brought here. it's important to note that in immigration and nationality act already requires medical screenings for refugees and other immigrants who come here. they have to be screened in their country of origin if they apply in the country of origin, or if they make it here without being screen, they have to be screened here before their immigration status is changed. look at how we dealt with ebola, which ultimately we dealt with it quite well and we ended up preventing it from having an outbreak here in the u.s. the way we did that is we screen people at the airport, determine where they came from, if they were in africa, and if they came from a country where ebola was present, they could possibly be quarantined. that was the appropriate way to deal with ebola. this is the right way to deal with monkeypox as well. ebola is not actually contagious. >> tucker: if you don't have a lot of body fluids flying around you won't get ebola, there has never been an ebola outbreak in the west because of that. this can be spread through sneezing. it's a totally different thing.
9:44 pm
i guess my question is theoretical. i'm not calling for any kind of quarantine to visitors here, but theoretically if you had a country with a real outbreak of this in central africa, why wouldn't you, in the interest of our population say we aren't taking anybody from that country? >> if the only way to protect america was to ban people from coming to the country, that would be appropriate, but we have to look at lesser measures first. >> tucker: why? >> because if there are lesser measures that allow you to not have a ban but still protect america, that's what we do. >> tucker: why would we do that? i'm not arguing for this in this case, but i'm seeing theoretically -- there are a lot of diseases that could come here. if your only real interest was protecting american citizens, which is not the real interest of our elites, as we both know. let's say you were following the constitution and looking out for your people as you are supposed to. you don't owe anybody from any country other than this one anything, why would you let a single person from that country in here because that presents
9:45 pm
some risk? why would you do that to your people? >> look at the science. if they truly pose the risk and there's no way to mitigate that then that we should ban them, but we are a country of immigrants. thanksgiving is coming up in two weeks. the pilgrims were immigrants. it's not more important, but it's an important policy that we do allow immigration, that we do encourage immigration, that we are a beacon of hope for people who come from oppressed countries. and as i said -- >> tucker: you wouldn't say i want to mitigate the risk. you would say i want to eliminate the risk because i love them, they are my kids. my job is to protect them. our leaders don't feel that way about us. i will mitigate it, not totally fine, fine enough for you. >> you have to look at each disease when it comes up and you have to deal with it based on the science. as i said, if the only way to protect america is to ban people from a particular country, then we should do that, but that's
9:46 pm
not what we had to do with ebola, we did quarantine, that was enough. it's also important to remember that one of the ways we solved ebola is by bringing some people who are infected by care so they can get the great medical treatment that we have here in the u.s. in order to help our duty. >> tucker: we are out of time, thank you for that. deeply revealing, as always. interview with first daughter ivanka trump after the break. ♪ and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> tucker: ivanka trump cut out of her father's asia trip early to come back and make the case for the republican party's tax reform plan. she sat down with us yesterday in california at the reagan library to tell us about that, as well as to talk about the
9:51 pm
plight of american women compared to that of here's part of our conversation. watch. >> tucker: you cut the asia trip short to come back and carry the banner for this bill, why? >> i was in japan at the invitation of prime minister abe to speak about women's participation in the workforce, a critical issue to the growth of the japanese economy, but also something we are very focused on in our administration as well. i decided not to go on because ultimately, tax reform is central to the administrations plans over the coming months, and it's critically important that we get it done, and we believe we can get it done. i decided not to meet up and continue the trip with the president. >> tucker: if i ran into you in an elevator and you had two floors to make your pitch for the tax plan, what would it be? >> there's a dual focus. a much related tax relief to
9:52 pm
middle income families, and cutting taxes generally so that businesses can be competitive and thrive in a modern economy. and in a global world where there is tremendous competition. our tax plan accomplishes both of those things. >> tucker: that's a pretty good pitch. >> thank you. and simplification! we like simplification, so three. >> tucker: you were speaking to the japanese for women in the workplace, that is consistent with the theme you've been on top of. i've got three daughters and a son so i'm paying attention to the numbers on this, and it seems like in this country, the crisis is among boys, not girls. girls graduate from college at a much higher number. they died from drug ods at a much lower rate, same with suicide. the majority of managers are women. it really seems like the problem is not women in the united states, and i wonder if you think that's a wrong analysis. >> i do. i think there are certainly the
9:53 pm
problems you noted are broader than economic problems. those may be individual to boys, but while women comprise 47% of the workforce, we are very underrepresented in fields that will be critically important when you think about the jobs os the future. you look at the technology industry, we represent 21% of people intact, that's a problem when you think about where jobs will be created going forward, 13% of engineers, so we have to change that. i think that our tax plan takes a big step in terms of helping the american family with thea high cost of raising children, the fact that the average american family spends almost 30% of pretax income on the cosd of child care. the cost of child care has gone through the roof, and families just can't afford it, so women are disproportionately leaving the workforce. there are unique challenges, but i think our tax plan is very helpful towards providing middle income relief so that familiesha
9:54 pm
can thrive. an expansion of the child, child tax credit, maintaining the child and dependent care credit as part of tax reform. doubling the standard deduction. really it's the central theme, middle income americans and supporting them. we spend less than any country in the developed world on children between the ages of 0-5. it's a fact, we don't invest enough resources. >> meaning the government invests less? >> as a society. we as families. but as a government in terms of schooling starts at the age ofof 5. there's not a lot of support for families in the early years. undeniably it's very expensive to raise children. a stay-at-home parent, investing in potentially after-school activities, mommy and me classes. food, and whatever it is that they think is the best investment to help their family
9:55 pm
and their children. >> tucker: last question, are you worried for senate willir change it in ways that make it less effective, or even on acceptable? >> i'm optimistic that thet senate takes what has beenti created and actually enhances it. and i think that's a great opportunity.ea >> tucker: thanks very much, ivanka our full interviews for ivanka trump and steven mnuchin. two nights of the show. that's next
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
for hillary clinton. whoa!!! good night from washington. hannity is next from new york. sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> all right. tucker great. it will take much longer than an hour but we'll try. we have more proof that when it comes to the clinton scandals the fix is always in. this is an all-out battle that is playing out between donna brazil and the democrats and the media after she revealed that she stole the nomination from bernie sanders. all unfolding tonight. you go straight to hell. also the hill's john solomon is reporting that an


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