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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 12, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> wallahs may be exceed by the year 2040. >> according to fox news that is my fault. >> finally we agree on something. ♪ [cheering and applause] greg: this fight to fear we made it a year but this trump deserved praise at 365 days. last week was the one year anniversary of the election of mr. trump. some chose to scream at the sky.
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i am thinking their childhood but they parties were sparsely attended. [laughter] others took time to reflect, like me. that feels great. whether you love him or hate him you must admit there's been no one like truck. part celebrity, part guy who may have you killed he may be the most entertaining political figures and caligula. [laughter] this is where iq the montage. >> it is called make america great again. you see what is going on.
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>> how does the press treat you? >> i hope they are showing how many people are in this room but they won't. they don't even do that. vote for luther strange. we have the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen. coming from a different world and only being a politician for sure. time, how am i doing? hey, i'm president. can you believe it? greg: but he is not just a president. he is your outspoken cabdriver. he's your rich uncle and you're dealing with son. he is your boss, barber in bartender always with an opinion, crew joke and probably a gun. he loves his meat well done. ♪ >> in the land of the sun where exotic hued and uncooked delicacies abound one man dared to have it his way. >> instead of ordering sushi or tempura the man orders a well
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done cheeseburger. >> is the story of one man's quest to fix the system in every corner of the planet. he is introducing the far east to all-american meat. short man on a unicorn on a support hanging tent while singing out port backward prevent [inaudible] donald trump with a short appearance by steve. rising sun, well done. [applause] greg: at this juncture we should act how is he doing which really means how are we doing. let's look at this otter eating at a table. the news is so good who needs a handy chart to tell you the otter tells you everything you need to know. things are great. stock markets rallied, million new jobs, consumer confidence is way up, isis is devastated and
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there is neil gorsuch and 12 other judges regulations are rolled back, illegal immigration is down by nearly half of the southern border and those paris accords were flushed down like a costly third. not a bad list, right mr. otter? we also saw a ton of fighting. it was a bit much often becoming personal, at times. but maybe it was worth it. conflict has always been a one-way street. the left dishes it out and the rest of us take it the trunk of the back and doesn't give a damn. he has more og than this new, ice cube and iced tea combined. he is especially fearless to the media who just can't figure it out. >> don't be rude. don't be rude. i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. [applause] >> poison. that is what it is.
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it's a verbal form of poison. greg: i think he has rage related hair loss. [laughter] i believe that we have actually learned more about governance than ever before under trump because nothing is hidden and everything becomes a target. it's a poly cyclops taught by rambo. while i am hopeful the year is not over in his tax plan, it bugs me. i'm a tutti guy. it's all about fair in taxes and this work on terror gets in a but with taxes i feel kind of like this fellow. >> go. go. >> go. [laughter] greg: i'm right with you, little fellow. it is not a bad start and i say
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that we are all better off, including the screamers, even if they are too busy screaming to actually hear it. let's welcome tonight's guests. the only stein i like more is the one filled with fear, author and political commentator mark stein. [cheering and applause] he is not just my favorite host for my favorite sandwich, creator and host of the room and report, david rubin. [cheering and applause] if you ask her for her side and she was a dead end. kat sims. [cheering and applause] airplane hangar is his pup tent, my massive psychic, tyrus. [cheering and applause] all these gang signs going on here. i'm scared here. it has been a year and the planet is still here and are you
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surprised. >> i love to most when he was dancing with the saudi princes. i waited all my life for a man who knows how to dance with -- i can't imagine john kasich or jeb bush dancing with them and it's a great tune dancing with the pals. [laughter] is like a big show over there. dancing with them is a great show. greg: what happens if you loose? >> that is not a good. greg: there is a stadium for that. >> and in the semi final they'll chop one of your fingers off and that makes it difficult. greg: is the country better or worse or the same? >> i always do research before i join you here and i checked and everything that trump has done including the tweets is the exact same as the first year of
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hitler in 1937. [laughter] >> you know he was joking. >> twitter do not exist in 1937 but think about that. when i was walking that montage he was making me like him. this guy has all the money in the world, all the power and could do whatever he wants and he is subjected himself to sitting in a desk with halloween candy and these kids and he call that one kid that accidentally and then he's dancing with saudi princes and he can do anything he wants and he wants to do this. greg: i think he reset eight where he doesn't give a damn and he's on every thing he wants and he's a 70 -year-old man and his like what the heck, i'll try this for a couple of years and if it doesn't work out i can play golf. that is probably the best attitude maybe for a president. tyrus, you feel like when i'm looking at what is going on its lollapalooza and it's not a
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presidency but three concert stages all playing at the same time and the media and trump and the parties and so much is happening in so little time. >> yeah. [laughter] greg: that wasn't really a question. >> i was looking for the question but i'm going to wing it. i will tell you what it is. he has made and has change the conversation in this country. i have been lifting weights with the same group of guys for about ten years. we always talk about football, women in positive terms. [laughter] sports and maybe complain about a bill or -- not anymore. we talk about taxes and were talking about what were to do and that's a good idea and i wouldn't do that. he has brought politics into the living room. it has become the new national pastime. the nfl and the nba and the ratings are down because everyone is involved in what is going on in our government but i
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don't necessarily know that's a bad thing. greg: i never thought of that. thought had to do with other things but it is because people -- >> every move he makes someone says look what he just did and we say that's cool with that. [laughter] greg: cat, it's never as bad as people say things are but it's never as great as people say things are. it's probably okay. >> the left set the bar pretty low when he was elected. greg: he was hitler. >> seen that were all not trapped in a bunker subsisting on it being water and were doing better than a protected. some of my favorite things have been the scandals that aren't scandals. like that picture of my favorite thing to happen since he's the president. can we put that up? this is my favorite thing. people were so mad but that's exactly how i sit at my desk because i have too much stuff to do to worry about manners and things like that. and very happy to see that represented in the white house. greg: your any sitter to get that needs to be infused.
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>> is a skill that i can't do. i'd be in wiltshire right now. [laughter] >> everyone was jealous. greg: i think there's another side to politics that we are learning is that trump has taught you not to take it seriously. >> that was a fantastic -- i will never forget on 9:57 on election night and all the people who know everything in the space of six minutes turned out to be wrong including the democrats and the media and the celebrities and half the republican party. what i loved about him is he had no consultant, he spent less money to get elected than anyone since benjamin harrison. [laughter] he had no brown game and he had no ads and he just walked on stage and started receiving about how macy's stock price had tanked since they dumped trump ties. it turned out and people like karl rove said you can't do this
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and this is the way you're meant to do it but he did it and it works. it's fantastic. >> i like that he is exposed to the crazy people are because everyone of us knows people with trump derangements and it's a mental condition that i started rubbing off and heading to my friend like take a couple of these. you might be okay. [laughter]
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greg: can you feel the chill between hill in brazil? clinton campaign insiders are fighting back against claims that donna missiles book that the primary was rigged in favor of the petulant pantsuit. donna brazile herself, never fails to get a laugh. [laughter] she seems to be distancing herself from the rigged claim which is weird because it is in her book and an interesting strategy it wasn't me, it was my book. [laughter] i know a religion that does that. anyway, here she is on tucker carlson explaining everything. >> i'm excited to talk to you about my new book. i wanted to write this book to tell my story. >> when you read the book it
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tells him hard truths. i wrote this book because i characterize in the book and that's why in the book that is a great question. let me tell you it's in the book as well. people are just questioning why donna would write a book. greg: i was just hypnotized by talkers of stoic face. [laughter] [applause] look, the last thing the democrats want is a divided party. they want to governors and they think their future is bright. honors book visits the ugly past. how should they move on? i have a solution that settles things once and for all. >> sunday, sunday, sunday. get ready to have be obliterated. the democratic party probably presents the in-house rubble extravaganza. live from the thrill of
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featuring your favorite failed candidate, hillary clinton. the dems smasher donna brazile. it is totally outrageous. totally not rigged. in the first hundred people to today and get a free teakettle. it's clinton first brazil, prepare to survive in the damp apocalypse. [cheering and applause] greg: what you get from this conflict? >> my first question is not a missile write a book, i'm unclear. mac yes, she is right that the election was rigged. she helped bring it. [laughter] she literally, donna bissell, not making it up who is the superdelegate for the democrats gave questions to hillary clinton for the debate. i don't know that they'd a difference. greg: i doubt it. but she had an interesting
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excuse like she needed to get the issues out there. >> i'm trying to have some sort of feels about this or be shocked but finding out that hillary clinton got extra help from the dnc is kind of like finding out that the lunch ladies kid at school got an extra scoop of ground beef on not today. we already know this is how it works. everyone appears shocked at the presidency and at ground brief so i'm very glad to see her writing about this even though it's for money. greg: i like donna brazile. if i had to choose she seems more fun. why shouldn't she run? >> i was on that so with took her and she kept saying to tucker that if you and i go fishing together and so when he came to me "after words" i said yeah, i'd rather go fishing with donna brazile because if you go fishing with hillary you'll be sleeping with the fishes. [laughter] then all these lefty websites go
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the fox news is insane and they think that if you go fishing with hillary you will actually be murdered. well, she is taken evidently the clintons had taken the tire iron to donna brazile because as you pointed out as the week went on she was distancing herself and she is at the point of saying i did not have sexual relations with that book. [laughter] she is distancing herself from the book. greg: she woke up in the morning and the head of her book right in her bed. [laughter] >> none of these people write their own books. greg: i write my own book. >> i've seen him. [laughter] greg: using the right and it's quite impressive. tires, would you make of this feud? is it hurting the party? >> slow clap. the democrats are like a tv series that just can't get picked up. [laughter] they can't fight. when trump fights, he fights.
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him and corker were like damn, you're going in. we want to see it. you both get together to try to rob a bank, still election and you both failed so now you are telling on each other. me and my brother used to do this we were kids. we both had plans to get the cookies and we broke the thing and it was his idea and he put an they are just throwing stuff together. they just can't do anything with flair. even the election this week, you want a home game. [laughter] we did it, we won elections and we were supposed to win. >> with a guy who voted for bu bush. greg: yet, he voted for republican. >> the only thing we learned last week was the world really hates christie. that's all we learn. that is on both sides. they literally -- whenever they talk about the book in the feud and the thing just go like this.
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>> i don't hit christie. i want to play catch with him and have him insult me. [laughter] greg: that's nice too. it's odd that the world hates him and he is shaped like a globe. [laughter] the democrats took a page out of hollywood to just give hillary what is the lifetime achievement award because whenever someone gets a lifetime achievement award, a year later they go away. it's like basically kick you out in the democrats need a hall of fame so she gets up there and handed to her and she gets a gift bag and she's gone. they need to do that. she's so unlikable there is a likability for chelsea. we may not see chelsea running for office. >> we probably will anyway. it really doesn't stop these people. >> they don't get that. that is what fantastic. greg: they do not know they are headed back to be clear, the donna brazile read a book? [laughter]
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i was trying to figure out what happened here. greg: still to come what is the real reason behind the
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virus is also denying access of sexual misconduct. i'm lauren greene, now back to the greg gutfeld show. greg: did he raise a hand against brand over troubled land. i speak of last week's attack on senator rand paul outside his home in kentucky and here is what we know.
12:28 am
this is almost nothing. doesn't stop me. paul's long-time neighbor confronted paul while he was mowing his lawn. paul sustained a six broken ribs and bruises to his lungs, pretty serious. his lawyer called it a landscaping dispute. [laughter] which is what happened to me last time i got waxed. [laughter] anyway, yes, we we'll be right back. an advisor to senator paul says the two had not spoken in years. he pled not guilty to a fourth degree assault but sources tell fox news that senator paul has been told to expect federal charges against the suspect. apparently that could mean prosecutors think it was politically motivated. a neighbor who saw paul after the incident told this to something called npr. >> as soon as he got him off him
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he jumped up and stuck out his hand and said whoa, whoa, let's talk. and i think he yelled something at paul iran to the effect that he was trying to sell this house and your trees are blocking our view or something. greg: that is disturbing but what is also disturbing is the referred to the attacker as doctor. it's amazing how much we respect that title and then doctor can beat the crap out of him. he's so sophisticated and then doctor tackled him from behind. tyrus, what is going on here? >> you want to know what is going on? greg: i want to know. >> you really want to know because i know and they know. [laughter] and everyone involved knows what is going on. greg: we've got a -- >> i -- my heart tells me there's nothing more sacred than a man's relationship with his yard. greg: that is true.
12:30 am
>> in his garden. it's a special almost like a marriage. greg: that is true. >> and when someone else touches or interviews with your lawn. [laughter] you kick their ass. greg: one or two years and i got in some serious fight with neighbors over plans and weeds. >> flora, that's "the new york times" guy said. this was a dispute over flora. [laughter] greg: is that a name? >> no, that's what i thought. greg: flora, the waitress at arby's suspect iran was mowing his lawn for the other guys lawn and he actually had earphones on to block out the sound of the lawnmower and this guy came behind him and tackled -- the only landscaping going on was of
12:31 am
the rib cage. i find this, even by the standards of suburban -- i'm not a conspiracy theorist because we've had conspiracies with las vegas and all the rest of it but if i wanted to take a conspiracy theorist something i would go with this rand paul thing. greg: okay, kat, we have heard that people think it is politically motivated and he was an anti- chopper but would an anti- chopper go to rand paul because rand paul has been pretty critical of trump. >> first of all, i'm terrified. i have a fallen figtree on my balcony that i have not attended to. greg: are you sure it is on an ex-boyfriend. >> yeah, really this is a
12:32 am
landscaping dispute which is such an interesting defense from the lawyer. i understand it's politically motivated and the chargers are more serious but saying that it was over a trivial landscaping dispute is like saying my client is a rachel holick who cannot exist in society and he broke his ribs over some trees and leaves? i have seen some bad landscaping but i never got more emotional other than to say i don't care for that. >> because you don't understand the love a man can have for his lawn. [laughter] you water it and. greg: dave, do you have any theories? >> how you attack a libertarian. you smoke pot, marry who you want, do whatever you want but in an odd way the shows the weakness of lit libertarianism because you're supposed to protect her property. then you beat the crap out of them. where is the government now mr. libertarian? greg: you can't carry on and call the cops. >> always mow your lawn with a gun. [cheering and applause] greg: that is true. >> i didn't realize when libertarians were all for the
12:33 am
decriminalization of grass. [laughter] that it was actually clippings. greg: here is my theory because the only thing that makes me violent is sound. i had to work in this partner blow me and there were six construction workers and they could kill me and i didn't care. i was screaming at them. i think it had to do with the sound of the mower and they're both doctors and the sky was working all night, friday you sleeping and is taking a nap and iran has the ear plugs and for a reason because the mower is loud and the guy was like, that infernal noise and why does he have to do it at two in the afternoon. i can't take it. then he iran out and just had td
12:34 am
does. sound is primal. >> oh boy. >> you feel me. it could be anything. >> i'm starting to think lawn might be a metaphor. [laughter] >> no, that's like the book thing. my answer is us. greg: slow clap. you can never get it cured. all right. what are you talking about? it's a joke that never ends. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] pressure relieving comfort, and our 90-day, complete satisfaction trial, will make tossing and turning a thing of the past. plus, during our veteran's day
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greg: does it sound fab to fly by cab? this week's over find a deal with nasa to develop software for managing aerial taxis. in the subject of a new segment we are calling --
12:39 am
>> will this be awesome? greg: maybe. over plans to test it's a four passenger flying taxis over los angeles by 2020. the idea is that it is if the taxis fall from the sky no one will care because it will fall on people in los angeles. [laughter] i love you people in los angeles. they say the goal is to officially launch uber air between the 2028 olympics. great. this is an arbitrary goal. i believe we have tape of a prototype in action. [applause] greg: great work. here is hoover's cgi film demo video.
12:40 am
♪. greg: it seems so nice until you realize they are being flown to prison. [laughter] where they will serve life sentences for murder. they left that of the commercial. mark, what you think of this? >> i like the idea that they showed it and then it just looked like what flying used to be until the tsa started giving you the patdown. i may not do it and i like new technology and i would like to see rand paul on a flying lawnmower. [laughter] for neighborly disputes over the lawn, if you could just and you're up there and the
12:41 am
clippings are blowing down in his face. i would like that. greg: flying lawnmower. that's on the wrestling move. >> it is. [laughter] >> i think that might be a metaphor, to no, it's a wrestling move. >> is the only one who lives in los angeles i'm moving by 2020. have you seen the way people drive in la and now were going to add that to it? this has disaster written all over it. greg: it is and will be used for bad things. tyrus, kat. >> we look so much alike. >> if i showed the beer off you guys are confused. [laughter] >> i think it's a bad idea. there will be traffic in the sky and no one will want to be on the ground anymore because all
12:42 am
the drunk people in the sky taxis will be putting out the window and it's true. given that a couple times on instagram and no one will take it. the sky is cool the only good thing about the sky and the reason it is so cool is because people aren't up there yet. greg: that's right. it's beautiful when on the planes because when you're looking up window is beautiful because you don't see the people that are down there so i put them up there. tyrus. >> i grew up in california and la and i'm telling you right now there was the whole thing of bringing the trains and i was going to change everything and it was in a change the commute and everyone said go from the high desert to la to work and here's the thing -- i'm not taking a train. i'm californian. even though i am a waiter in a writer, actor, everyone in california is wistar listener bubble in their bubble is in the car. they will not leave the car. even with the planes which look cool, i got away line go to
12:43 am
security and sit next to someone i don't like. what if another stops first and i don't like their music and that is how health needs are. to stay in my car. >> and then you don't get thrown up on. greg: the jetsons promised way too much. way too much. >> i think it's a scam. ponzi scam. greg: i think people are trying with flying car and it's much easier to invent a plane you can drive. start with something that flies and make it so you can try. everyone's trying to make a flying car and it doesn't work. make a plane you can drive. >> that the car.
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greg: happy veterans day. if you see a veteran at a bar tonight by him or her of drink. or buy me one. after all i'm the real hero and don't ever forget it. speaking of that, staff sergeant has given a lot for his country
12:48 am
while serving as a bomb technician for the us marines in iraq. he stepped on an ied he lost both his legs. today he's in a voice for veterans and you see a lot on this general and his story is now being told not just in a book but in a coloring book. this book is called blood away contains drawings of joey from his days in the military before the incident and where his life is taken up cents. the drawings do not pull any punches, they illustrate his time in the hospital, his determination to get strong again in his life of service back here at home. this is the only time i have ever endorsed a coloring book so do not send me your coloring books to promote because i will not do it. i'm only doing it because of joey. if he was promoting bellybutton lint, i would do a segment on that too. do not send me your belly button lint either. [laughter] or maybe. [laughter] i have a question. welcome back to the show, staff
12:49 am
sergeant joey. [cheering and applause] joey, i've been told this is an adult coloring book and it sounds dirty. >> no, not at all. pictures of me getting carted off from the battlefield in guns in the picture because believe it or not we carry guns to go to war. no, in my opinion this is a coloring book for all ages. it's complete with unauthorized pictures of two sitting presidents. greg: really gets, obama and bush. if you send a brain to war and you don't get to tell them you can't put them in a color book. [cheering and applause] greg: i noticed on page 54 it shows your dog. >> i have 54 pages? p6 you're like donna brazile. [laughter] >> there's a dog in my book.
12:50 am
greg: the dogs name is tucker and i'm wondering why you didn't name him greg. i'm having you on my show. what has tuckered on? >> he has attitude and bite and his name is chief. greg: well, that's all right. this but how can people get this book was. >> go to table brothers .com. it will be available on amazon at the end of the month. takes it longer to get it going there but they been cool about getting it going and it is veterans day so i to bring the book and tell people about it today. greg: speaking of veterans day, i have to ask you this topic about verbal doll. he is entitled to 300 grand in back pay and what are your thoughts? >> for small, if you want to talk about what he's entitled to all get us in trouble. let's stop that right there. greg: will edit it out of the show. we will edit it out of the show.
12:51 am
>> by my coloring book. greg: what should he have this is a guy who not only committed treason which is a buzzword but he walked off post. without telling anyone with the intent of joining the televangelist is the army giving someone a $300,000 signing bonus for joining the taliban. to put this in perspective i lost my legs and that was 100,000-dollar life insurance on my legs. of the 300,000, 150,000 goes to someone who becomes a pow. his a choice is worth more than my misfortune and not to say that anyone owes me money but sometimes we are right for the purpose of being right other than being what is commonly decent or what is technically right. with beau berghdahl, he should be in jail. he pled guilty and was convicted of treason. people are dead because of his choices to turn his back on guys like me. no, he doesn't get $300,000 for that money should go to the
12:52 am
families of those who died to find him knowing he turned his back on them. [cheering and applause] greg: another option is the navy comes to me because like i said i'm the real hero lecture. greg: what i fear is that he will get out and will get a reality show on bravo probably with chelsea manning and they can spend all day picking out the motives. >> they don't make that in coloring books. they don't get their own pages and maybe their calling each other's faces. greg: last question. at the start up of the show we were talking about the first year from. what is your take on a military perspective? >> quite a year. sometimes perception is more important than reality. who knows for the department of defense is overall for when you go into office and you bring
12:53 am
someone like general mattis to the top of the chain you tell everyone on the ground that you believe in what they want and you believe in supporting them in the job they do. we're still not dividing our goals in afghanistan and iraq in places like that like i would like but were putting the right people in place to let these men and women know that when you put in a bad spot we will have your back from the top down. that is an a+ plus in my book. greg: excellent, joey, always a pleasure. [applause] get his book, order it or write to me if you can't figure it out. we'll figure out a way to
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way to grow, jeanette. new. get paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. greg: this week was the anniversary of the president winning his annual election. for some it meant screaming helplessly at the sky. kat went to investigate to show them what is really worth screaming about. >> i feel like we are here and
12:58 am
we see a lot of people who are upset about the election and some people are happy but there's a lot we can't agree on that are all fact. >> yes. >> do you agree that ketchup packets are too small? >> they are too damn small. >> to ever someone to do a piece of the cake and it's their birthday and if you don't want cake you still have to take it because otherwise they think that you don't like them? can we agree that it's almost bad i'm 30 and i still have acne all over my chin? i'm wearing a lot of makeup everybody, america, pounds of it. they had to bring it in on a truck. i think daylight savings is bad. >> i think it sucks back the clocks changed and then we deal with it emotionally and no one wants to do the [inaudible] at your wedding. when you go somewhere and you have to pay cash for your contract. the goldfish you win at the carnivals and i too fast. america needs to do better because we are breaking too many
12:59 am
children's hearts by when a pet and then exploding and sat. do you think we need a third party? >> absolutely. >> what about the actual we won't my party and then the trick is you can't lie. if we had someone run on that platform maybe they could win. >> maybe you should do that. >> i'm really thinking about it more and more. and please use that. what about the platform party based on the platform platform? >> un and everyone gets a pair of platform shoes. >> i myself don't know that i need platform shoes. >> upward mobility. >> and daylight savings time party? this is sad. it's only nude right now. let's scream. [cheering and applause] [inaudible conversations] greg: well done, kat.
1:00 am
[cheering and applause] thanks? stein, always a pleasure. dave rubin, kat sims and tyrus in our studio


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