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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the best of them. heather: the wine contains a compound that helps fat burn easier. there are some caveats, you can't have more than two a day and you have to enjoy them in the evening, that includes the 4:00 am hour of "fox and friends" first, see you back here tomorrow, goodbye. jillian: it is tuesday, november 14th. firing back, donald trump junior releasing leaked pre-election emails with wikileaks as the tables turn on hillary clinton, possible probe into the uranium one deal. rob: a jihadist plowed down a number of people on a manhattan bike style blues you won't believe how many more people entered the country in the same fashion, some who could be dangerous, shocking new numbers.
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jillian: and some kneeling colin kaepernick at a hard time landing a job at gq has room for the former quarterback. >> he did not pop out of nowhere. on that platform, to say something is wrong. jillian: the controversial cover everyone is talking about. "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ jillian: old-school britney as we look outside the building in midtown manhattan, you are watching "fox and friends" first.
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i think it may have been -- your favorite song? rob: a greater time to be alive and it is not my favorite song. thanks for joining us. our top story, donald trump junior setting the record straight responding to reports that he communicated with wikileaks during the election. jillian: the justice department turns up the heat on hillary clinton. griff jenkins live with the new developments. >> reporter: we could be looking at a new special counsel, jeff sessions directed the department of justice to, quote, evaluate whether one should look into the clinton foundation in the uranium one deal. in a letter to the house judiciary committee the justice department and prosecute have been instructed to make recommendations whether any matters not under investigation, whether any matters currently under investigation are required for resources or any matters
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married the appointment of a special counsel, democrats pushing back, adam schiff of the house intelligence committee tweeting of the a g bends to pressure from donald trump and his allies and appoint a special counsel, the vanquished rival could spell the end of the moment of justice as an independent institution. donald trump has called for an investigation into uranium one. speaking of the president his eldest son don junior releasing a series of private twitter exchanges between himself and wikileaks in the 2016 election, trump junior tweeting here is the entire chain of messages with my whopping 3%, to selectively leak, how ironic, urging him to push it leaks, hillary clinton wanting to drone julian assange who has
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acknowledged the exchanges. the attorney general is testifying before the house judiciary committee so you may get some news out of that. jillian: he is one of the people we want to get issue for. >> in trump's pockets. he got himself fired to recuse himself in the president's russia investigation, showing himself not to be a lapdog of the president. a soundbite from sarah carter, following this since the beginning and says allegations are stepping up. >> incredible news. what we know for certain is the department of justice has been looking into these allegations,
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not just uranium one but the clinton foundation, leaks out of the fbi and unmasking of americans, these are huge subjects we have been discussing on the show all year long and now what we know is they have been looking into it all year long, these are congressional criminal referrals which means the department of justice now takes that one step further and goes to the fbi and says can you look into this? what information can we find out to build cases? is there something here? jillian: there has to be something, someone has to answer somewhere and only a matter of time until we find the truth. rob: when you keep asking a question and don't get a straight answer you are on to something in the question is why in the world would russia give this money, $100 million to the clinton foundation, why do they care and why is russia taking american uranium? jillian: representative matt
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gates in florida says the key to the information it keeps coming to the surface relates to the clinton foundation. >> so many of these scandals went back to the clinton foundation and highlights the american people are tired of a double standard with one set of rules for the clintons and another set of rules for everyone else. we are 6 months into this investigation of donald trump and his team in russia, they found nothing. the treasure trove of information that continues to be found out about the clinton foundation functioning as a money-laundering operation for the uranium one deal and that is something. rob: an entire panel went off on this but hillary clinton was secretary of state and part of that panel and a powerful figure in the obama administration when this happened and all anyone is looking for, why in the world would you give this deal out and why are the russians paying money to the clinton foundation. i would love an answer like that.
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jillian: send us an email, you can send a message on facebook or twitter as well lose a bombshell report from the state department revealing 30,000 visas issued to people who sponsor countries in 2007. rob: robert gray joins us with donald trump's call to ban lottery based programs. a big story in new york. >> reporter: the so-called diversity visas are a lightning rod for criticism after recent terrorism in new york city. white house and email monday detailing state department statistics showing since 2007, the us issued 30,000 permanent resident visas to people from nations designated as sponsors of terrorism. two thirds went to individuals from iran, 21,0007200 and the rest from syria. those are the only 3 countries
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designated by the state department as sponsors of terrorism. the program offers a lottery, 50,000 visas each year drawn from random selection among all entries, people from countries with low rates of immigration to the us. donald trump has taken to twitter calling for ending the program saying it presents vulnerabilities to national security. the attorney general has also spoken out on the issue. >> a merit-based system by definition would be safer than a lottery, terrorist tactics have been evolving and we are adapting our own tactics to the challenge. >> reporter: them gop lawmakers not always behind the president including lindsey graham and john mccain also calling for immigration reform on a merit-based system. opposition picking up after the new york attacks that left 8 people dead, sayfullo
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habibullaevic saipov facing terrorism charges, he immigrated from uzbekistan in 2010 with a diversity visa. rob: thank you, live in los angeles this morning. go home and sleep on it was the advice from the judge to jurors in the men and as bribery trial after they claimed to be deadlocked, jurors head back to deliberations on the center stage. >> i would hope at the end of the day after they finish tomorrow those that continue to believe in my innocence will stand strong and at the end of the day no sure -- rob: the new jersey democrat bob menendez accused of taking gifts from florida doctors in exchange for political favors. jillian: rand paul on the senate floor recovering from 6 broken ribs after being attacked, his
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daughter charged with assault claiming it was over a landscaping dispute and paul wasn't hit from behind, telling washington examiner, quote, there was no motive to justify hitting somebody from behind and breaking their ribs and damaging their lungs, there is no justification for something like that. donald trump tweeting his support great to see rand paul looking well and back on the senate floor, helping with tax cut and reforms. north korea continues to direct nuclear war, many in congress are worried about donald trump's access to nuclear codes. in a few hours military experts and lawmakers will hold a hearing on whether or not they think our commander in chief is fit to have the missile launch codes. this is the first time since 1976 the senate will discuss this. rob: donald trump on his way back to the us after wrapping up his marathon tour through asia. a long flight, set to land in
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washington dc after meeting with key allies at the economic conference in the philippines during the final leg of his 12 day trip. the president is promising a big announcement upon his return. he will be making a major statement from the white house on my return to dc, time and date to be set. we can speculate what that might be. jillian: 11 minutes after the our college professor sparking outrage after tweeting this was mixed by sarah huckabee sanders as she, quote, froze to death. mike huckabee is firing back. rob: colin kaepernick landing gq's citizen of the year award, our next guest says it has nothing to do with progress and everything to do with politics. former super bowl champion burgess owens. ♪
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jillian: and some kneeling colin kaepernick has had a hard time landing a job this nfl season but gq has room for the former qb and naming him 2017 citizen of the year. >> what he is doing is not popping out of nowhere. african-american athlete standing up to say something is wrong. jillian: magazine putting it on to one front page comparing him to other athlete activists like mohammed ali and jackie robinson. the author of liberalism or how to turn good men into whiners, and for nfl super bowl champion burgess owens, thank you for joining us. i've got to tell you, when i saw the cover on twitter, asking
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what they thought about it, thousands of responses, the majority negative, what is your response? >> recognize what is going on. in the 60s, the activist of the time was martin luther king. go back and look at martin luther king, very articulate and passionate and disciplined. not only were they going against racial issues but stereotypes. now we have this young marxist college athlete, does not know what the real deal is. that is the ideology in the background. jillian: what do you think of people comparing him to mohammed ali? >> real pride and real courage standing for principles and being able to articulate. we have not heard this guy. he did -- he gave castro a big
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hug. it is all about anti-american, antiwhite, what is going on and why these young men standing on the sideline. jillian: we haven't heard from him. this article talks about how when the magazine approached him and they were going back and forth how to do this, colin kaepernick says he wants to reclaim the narrative of protest which has been hijacked by a president eager to make this moment about himself but also made it clear he wanted to remain silent. what do you think of that? >> what we are dealing with, some common sense, if you truly believe, this issue other than the protest, 75% of black widows in california cannot read or write and 80% of black female, what are the issues, black
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americans in chicago being killed this year, there are a lot of issues to be talking about, to stand against our flag, the opportunity to do that. jillian: magazine cover one more time:something on it hit me and hit a lot of people, the right-hand corner of your screen says men of the year, new american heroes. >> that is the idea of black men, the real men in this country who stand strong who love our country, love our god, we got to go to work, the call was liberalism turning good men into whiners, all these other guys complaining and doing nothing but getting wealthy, it is time to man up and stand up and make a difference. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate your perspective. rob: 18 minutes after the hour,
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country superstar jason allbeen opening up about the mass shooting in las vegas. >> my guitar player ran behind me and telling me to move like let's go. >> his first-hand account is high-powered, bullets poured around him when he was on stage. a big change to a classic, barbie getting a new wardrobe accessory, carly shimkus talks about that and reaction to it coming up. ♪ hey honey, how was practice?
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we're the finders. we work here at comcast spotlight, and we have the best tools for getting your advertising message out there. anywhere, any way your audience watches. consider them found. jillian: the university professor now under investigation for tweeting a
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comment about sarah huckabee sanders. rob: carly shimkus serious xm 115, teaching the kids. jillian: it all started when arkansas governor mike huckabee praised the army pilot who gave press secretary sarah huckabee sanders's daughter, his jacket because it was cold. this professor, judy cole, a nursing professor from the university of memphis, if she froze to death she wouldn't be missed. the former governor saw that tweet and responded, nursing at the university of memphis wishes my daughter would day, feel sorry for someone so hateful and vicious. people on social media calling for miss call to be fired. jacqueline says she should be
2:24 am
investigated and letters nursing license, never teach another nursing class with what a scary thing to hear from a nurse. eddie on twitter's is coming from a nursing professional is a despicable post and daniel tweeted when will judy cole he terminated? at the top, she is under investigation by the university of memphis. hearing a nursing professor. rob: you hope she is not your nurse if you voted for trump. mattel has a new barbie, first ever to wear a muslim head scarf, and said thank you for announcing me as the newest member of the barbie family. i'm proud to know little girls everywhere, chooses where he job, this is a childhood dream come through. there is social media reaction, loony libs pushing their stupid agenda, other people training
2:25 am
this, some move by mattel for representing women, they can be anything to anyone they one to be. it is fantastic and mattel is diversifying their line of dolls, kirby barbie dolls, and now -- >> they got a little short life. >> don't they have something else? a dead body barbie doll? can doll? >> if you are barbie you don't want a dead body. the cleveland cavaliers. >> how do you feel about the subway? not a great experience, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers gave commuters a surprise by riding the subway from madison square garden back to their hotel. >> the mta responded to the
2:26 am
saying thank you for taking the subway but the king of this town, we are writing tonight. >> bloomberg rode the subway, the subway moves. 45 minutes to get back. it is not about class. 26 minutes, a dallas assistant prosecutor while launching a verbal attack on her bird driver. >> i want to go home but you are so stupid i want the cops to come so they can -- >> alcohol, that power play not working out like she wanted. jillian: democrats unveiling their rebranding plan with
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military veterans and pandering. the next guest is a democrat, still may not be enough, coming right back. ♪ the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. jillian: american troops would be so "outnumbered" by the 1.2 million north korean troops that they would lose any war if one were to break out, that is the morning from a former us general about the 28,000 us troops stationed in south korea. earlier lieutenant general richard newton weighed in on those claims. >> we don't want to fight, we like diplomatic efforts, national security efforts but to protect the american people and national security interests would come to that, we will be
2:31 am
successful. jillian: donald trump is set to make a major announcement regarding the rogue nation. today the firm behind the trump dossier that helped kickstart the fbi russian probe taking the hot seat, cofounder of fusion gps cleansings and set to testify on capitol hill behind closed doors. democratic staffers on the house intelligence committee were aggressive and ran interference to protect fusion gps, jeff sessions will be grilled for the fourth time this year by democrats about allegations russia colluded with the trump campaign. jason aldean opening up about his experience on stage the night of the deadly shooting in las vegas. he says first he thought a speaker blue. >> trying to figure out what it is, then it stopped, kept doing my thing and it happened again
2:32 am
and lasted longer so then i was getting aggravated so i looked over at the monitor guy on the side of the stage, what is that? when i turned to look, my guitar player ran behind me and told me to move, let's go and my security guy ran on stage telling me to run. jillian: aldean resumed his tour just last month in tulsa. 31 marathons in 31 days, united states marine corps veteran who lost both his legs in afghanistan doing just that, retired marine corporal rob jones completing this challenge on veterans day, joined us earlier to talk about crossing the finish line. >> in the marine corps in the military, you learn quickly the marine corps and your marine corps brothers are more important than you.
2:33 am
that makes people dive onto grenade and take gunfire so it is the same principle, and the personal ambition. jillian: jones raised $150,000 for various veterans groups. rob: democrats unveiling their 2018 strategy backing military veterans in their battle to retake the house and senate, they have a lot of work to do but is this good enough for struggling party with low approval? here to weigh in his former cia officer brian dean, thanks for coming on this morning. let's start, this feels like it is pandering, a party that knows they are not in touch with a lot of middle america or a lot of servicemembers. is that how you feel?
2:34 am
>> there may be an element of that but getting more vets in the house and senate and the presidency let's celebrate that, veterans understand something and that is this, country before party, sacrifice, just mentioning the previous guest it is all about serving your brothers and sisters in arms and those kinds of people in congress. rob: a lot of politicians never worked a real job and just got into politics and all they know how to do is talk, they don't how to sacrifice or how to work and it is a great message to have more of these types in congress. let's pull up some numbers, the senate has 7 democrats who are military members, 12 republicans, the house has nine, 60 republicans have a history in
2:35 am
the military. numbers of been stronger for republicans. will this help them next year? they have a belt when backs and seats, they had a losing streak, will that help? >> democrats in 2006 tried the same thing, recruited a bunch of folks with military backgrounds and it didn't pan out. what you will find is on a national level the national democratic brand is damaged and voters understand voting for somebody with a d behind their name, until democrats start to change their national brand, acknowledge we are party of safe spaces and standing for the soldiers, nfl players who are kneeling and not standing for the flag and patriotism behind that and the sacrifice, until that stuff gets changed you will see democrats struggling mightily on the national level.
2:36 am
rob: you see a larger number of democrats supporting and them kneeling syndicating a move a lot of americans think is disgusting especially if you fought and were injured or killed fighting for that, former president obama wanted to cut the military, he had a pacifist view of the world, wanted to reduce that inside, are they trying to get back to a place that wasn't so far left in terms of the us military with this move? >> a lot of veterans stepping up to go back to the middle and that is a good thing. as we look at potential action in north korea doing covert operations in iran, russia and china we need people with that background to come to the table and say we have complicated problems, being pacifist isn't always the best way to solve
2:37 am
problems, we need military solutions. of equal importance if we are going to go to war we need to ask the question not just can we win tactically but should we be fighting in the first place? that is what we saw in iraq, in places like benghazi, we have a dead ambassador and special operators, we were not asking the question should we be in those places in the first place? >> people who fight for this country whether it is an officer overseas, police officer in this country, they deserve to be represented in our political process because they can be more in touch with that process. it is very early in portland, oregon, good to have you here. jillian: 37 after the hour, a check of the forecast, what are we in for today? >> reporter: next week is thanksgiving and a lot of people don't realize that.
2:38 am
they think it is a week from thursday. we have to plan for travel. temperatures not bad, a lot of 40s, a couple 30s and the 60s. the past 24 hours pretty quiet, the next storm system moving into the west will be our big weathermaker into the weekend so a lot of folks traveling early for thanksgiving need to keep an eye on the storm which will bring a lot of heavy rain and snow to the west as far south as central california. the system will travel across the us and you can see feet of snow across the sierra and heavy rainfall as we get to the latter part of the week, friday, saturday towards the east coast if you have travel plans, pay close attention to your local weather forecasts. we will keep you up to date from the fox news extreme weather
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center. rob: you know what to say. >> no better time for a fashion show. rob: this is where we got it started. jillian: 21 minutes until the top of the hour, america's heroes taken for an $89 million ride, veterans affairs contractor allegedly scammed the government and the va had no idea. rob: crime in cities like chicago defined donald trump offering illegal immigrants free legal advice from the government to avoid deportation. for trump hispanic advisor steve cortez says the idea is appalling, he joined us next. >> dwayne johnson claims the title last year and today his successor will be named. is the cat out of the bag?
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also in kids chewables. jillian: welcome back, the trump administration making moves to make america safe again while cities like chicago, atlanta and austin offering free legal help to illegal immigrants. rob: many cities with high crime rates taking money out of your pockets to foot the bill for illegal immigrants. steve cortez, fox news contributor and trump hispanic advisory board member. i want to start off with this. when did it become okay in this country to come into a country illegally and start making demands about being able to stay and get politicians on board to
2:44 am
pay for the process? >> it out for outrageous and not okay, most disrespectful to illegal immigrants, people like my father who in the difficult process, timely, costly process to become a legal american immigrant who we love, we cannot tolerate this insanity blues people like mayor rahm emanuel and other mayors and governors the way they are flouting federal law reminds me of the southern governors like george wallace who refuse to honor federal law, their own parochial aims and goals. when it comes to i am for local control and federalism but when it comes to immigration federal law is paramount and cities like chicago need to stop snubbing their nose at the federal government for a narrow political agenda. jillian: one of the 11 cities, one of the other cities that include sacramento, baltimore,
2:45 am
san antonio, baltimore's mayor has been cited saying the community, neighbor stressed officials and institutions and know they will be treated justly and with dignity saying providing legal representation to illegals keeps us safe. for taxpayers to pay that money to keep them safe when you have a city like chicago, crime rates that are skyrocketed. >> we are reaching a grim milestone, 600 workers, in many parts it is the wild west, incredibly sad, children can't play in the park safely and what is our mayor focused on? if you are hard-working chicago cop, tax money you pay to the city is going to prevent federal authorities, prevent ice from deporting dangerous people who don't belong in the first place, think of the insanity of that, you are paying for it, to make
2:46 am
your city less safe. it is outrageous, pandering, political pandering. >> i love to remind people president obama was referred to as the deep order in chief, a number of illegal immigrants, numbers were worse than donald trump initially but back then it wasn't racist because the president wasn't a white man, nobody had any issue until the last year and your first point was the best you made, there are millions of people dying to get into this country that has to do the right way, don't have the convenience of a porous southern border with the united states which can they all just come in? >> we need -- i love legal immigration. all of us who are not native americans are immigrants. we love it, we need to do better. i agree with donald trump we
2:47 am
need a merit-based system, too much chain migration, control of the southern border and donald trump gives too little credit for this, our southern border is largely under control from better enforcement and rhetoric from officials, we need to get it completely under control but the progress he has made in less then a year is astounding. legal immigration is a treasure to this country, illegal immigration is a scourge upon this country particularly when it comes to law enforcement and we should be enabling with anything they need to enforce federal law, not stand in their way with free legal welfare to illegal immigrants. jillian: we appreciate it. the -- would you shell out $1000 on a new iphone? apple unveiling next year, it
2:48 am
could be missing out. >> i wanted the iphone x, just saying. maybe the next one. coming up. we are going to have the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, special counsel to look into the uranium one deal and judge andrew napolitano, all sorts of things to talk about and a lot of politics swirling around and great to have the speaker of the house, newt gingrich, busy 3-hour, 111/2 minutes from where we are right now in the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends" first return this.
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jillian: a new report revealing a contractor scamming millions of dollars from american heroes, federal audit found the healthcare alliance by $89 million. the inspector general build an improper racer collected twice from the same treatment, the target of a federal investigation denying being ms. honest with the funds. >> a preschool leg of three teachers after a church decides to give thanks way to illegal immigrants facing deportation. the active boulder kids preschool in colorado says parents are pulling their kids out over safety concerns, the church is building living quarters for immigrants seeking sanctuary, the church that will harbor nonviolent immigrants.
2:53 am
jillian: if you are one of the many, you might not want to listen to this. rob: a newer line of phones, is that even possible? the insider scoop, i they are bigger different size? >> the new iphone 10 hasn't been out two weeks and already could be obsolete by 2018. reliable analyst says apple will release three new iphones in 2018, when will be an updated bigger version of the iphone 10. another will be an updated version of the iphone 10, and the iphone plus. >> i don't by the first generation of an iphone.
2:54 am
>> these are tvs. jillian: new pizza. >> getting ready for what is on your screen. the ultimate cheesy crust pizza. they have a new holiday package, you can't buy these items, you can only win some from pizza hut but it includes a christmas tree. a pizza candle or pizza ornament, you have to tweet pizza hut with pizza slice emoji plus the gift emoji, all of that pizza stuff could be yours. >> 54 minutes after the hour, people magazine, the sexiest man alive, we may know who it is. ♪ ♪ you take pain out
2:55 am
♪ sing your song ♪ >> blake shelton is expected to grace the cover of the annual issue when it hit stands tomorrow. the blue-eyed country singer -- sexiest man alive joining the ranks of adam levine. the good, the bad and the ugly coming up. . . here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win.
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...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? rob: could we see a special
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council investigating any connection between clinton foundation and russian uranium company in the mining of uranium in this country? we will see. here is comments from facebook. about time. one of those things where there is smoke there could most definitely be fire. jillian: should have been done a year ago. rob: finally, movement from thee is movement from the doj on getting to the bottom of the clinton regime. jillian: afghanistan $300 bill for army specialist picked up by anonymous couple in washington state. that's amazing. rob: drunken intruder breaks into a home and falls asleep in the kitchen. police have washington state taking him in to custody. jillian: fired after threatening and hitting her uber driver. >> i want to go home so badly but you are so stupid i want the cops to come so
3:00 am
that they can [bleep] you up. >> ma'am, please. >> i'm an assistant direct stoner, so shut the [bleep] up. rob: will she face charges is the question: >> attorney general jeff sessions is directing prosecutors to take a closer look at the 2010 sale of uranium one and clint foundation. >> it's incredible news. these are congressional criminal referrals which means that the department of justice now takes that one step further. >> if it doesn't warrant a special counsel, what the heck does? >> donald trump jr. has now released private messages that he had with wikileaks during the 2016 election. >> it's not a crime to communicate with a foreign national including a russian. >> it's absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. >> state republican party, they could disassociate themselves from judge moore in a formal way. if he still receives


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