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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 17, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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conserve the species. >> i mean, you go hunting, you want to share your trophy and brag? now you can. that is it. thanks for watching. "outnumbered" starts now. >> take care. >> let's start with a fox news alert. president trump is one step closer to a critical legislative victory on tax reform. the house passed its tax bill yesterday. now it's up to the senate. their plan got through the finance committee on a party line vote last night. there could be trouble ahead. your watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, dagen mcdowell. from the state department, marie hart. and today's one lucky guy, co host of the barny and sid show, daniel mcgerk.
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>> hello, ladies. thanks for having me. friday before thanksgiving week, a happy day. >> so sweet. >> always happy. >> what have you done with bernie? >> where is he? >> we love you. >> that's me. i'm a happy guy. >> i worked for you for years. you're happy at noon on a friday. >> republicans are getting closer to getting president trump his first major legislative victory. the house passed its bill. again, now it goes to the senate. their bill approved in the finance committee late last night. the full senate is expected to consider the legislation the week after thanksgiving. committee chairman orrin hatch sounding confident. >> i'm personally proud of what we've accomplished here on behalf of the middle class. i wouldn't couldn't any chickens before they're hatched, no pun intended, but i think we produced a bill that can and will pass both chambers. >> okay. of course we've been reporting
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the house and the senate bills are different. they will need to be reconciled before a final bill goes to the president's desk. mike pence is praising the house and encouraging the senate. >> starting with that vote today in the house of representatives before this year is out, we're going to pass the largest tax cut in american history. help is on the way. you have a champion in the white house. >> however, the senate's tax plan could face some road blocks and they look like those people on the box there. republican ron johnson of wisconsin says no. five other republicans are on the fence including jeff flake, bob corker and john mccain. republicans can afford to lose two votes if all the democrats vote no. right now doesn't sound like any democrat get on board. that includes ron widen from the finance committee. >> republicans work to trade the
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help and well-being of millions of americans for massive corporate handouts. a bill that was first crafted in the dark is headed back for the dark once more. it's indefensible, partisan legislation. a dark day for a storied committee and a dark day for our country. the debate will go on on the senate floor. >> well, things got heated last night between sherrod brown and orrin hatch. watch this. >> this is not for the middle class. watch this. >> regular order, mr. chairman. regular order. >> how many times do we do this before we learn -- >> listen, i bothered you by allowing you to spout off here. what you said is not right. that's all i'm saying. i come from the lower middle class originally.
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we didn't have anything. so don't spew that stuff on me. >> i was glued to cspan last night. if democrats were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes, we would get many of their ideas into bill! bernie? >> listen, first of all, i love the orrin hatch. they should put him in the octagon and let him go at it. that was fantastic. and this bill, i lean to the right, i'm a trump supporter. cuts in taxes always a good thing. will keep corporations in this country as opposed to flowing overseas. all of that is great. as you know, harris, all politics is local. where i live out on long island, you have the state and local taxes. that ain't no joke. that's a real thing. i was talking with peter king about an hour ago on the radio. he asked me to implore president
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trump to have the senate and the house do something about this salt deduction elimination. it's going to hurt real estate in new york. trump's home state. it will hurt people like me that supported trump big time. >> one chamber is doing something about it. they have come back -- >> not enough. not enough. >> $10,000 in property taxes. >> not enough. >> you live in long island. so you're hoping for the salt deduction, too. >> absolutely. it's going to kill us. we're not going to -- we're going to pay more in taxes. >> i want to hit it with your lingo. i take notes when you talk. you say it cuts 1.5 trillion in taxes. who is paying for that? >> me. >> that is not conservative. how do we get there? >> it's being paid for -- this is a tax cut for businesses to create the job in this country. >> they were -- they won't write checks for the debt. >> if a tax cut from businesses and it's being paid for by
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getting rid of the state and local tax deductions. so it's actually being paid for mostly by high earners in progressive states that get most of the benefit from that. that's how these bills pay for it according to all the analysis i read. the people on the left -- >> the average salt deduction is $27,000. those are not high earners all the way down to 14. that's what i'm reading. is that right? >> in upstate new york. but the people -- >> what difference of what part of the state -- >> let me finish. you double the standard deduction. if you double that -- >> my math shows it's a wash, which is not a tax cut. >> it will likely be a tax cut for most americans. people -- this bill does not raise in the short run taxes on middle income america. >> but in ten years -- >> over ten years people that
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make under $75,000 a year will pay more in taxes. so that is a fundamental question about whether we think that is good policy or not. in the short term, the taxes -- >> it's a gimmick. >> in the long-term, it's not. but the deficit is still exploded here. republicans haven't answered for that. >> the deficit is what we're pointing to. i know what you say with the math and the figures. you can't erase a big chunk of this is over the line of debt, carrying 1.5 trillion of debt. how do you get there? >> i love to see your so concerned about the deficit. we know it exploded the last eight years -- >> but what is the answer? >> what i'm saying is, not everybody will be happy with this bill. it's a compromise. this is a team effort. i look at for example we see ron johnson right now, a surprising person who has come out against this. he's worried about small corporations, you know, with
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pass-throughs. by the way, a lot of the small businesses where i live, they want the same tax rate as corporations. i get that. i don't like the way ron johnson did it. right now we need to get it out -- >> you know why lawmakers do this. because then they get their phone call returned. >> you get a crack and suddenly a dam opens. it may be over before it starts. let's gets it to conference. he's friends with paul ryan. they can work this out in conference. >> i want to continue down a little bit, if i can. the conservative value is that you don't explode the debt. please right this for me. make it make sense. >> the way for us to get out of the debt is to grow ourselves out of this debt. we need this tax cut so we can grow the economy and then we can -- luckily we have donald trump who said i'm going to deal with this deficit. i'm not growing to grow programs
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like barack obama did. >> i have to tell you, i'm not seeing any spending cuts along the way. it will take a combination, right? >> here's what barack obama did. barack obama raised taxes on the wealthy. still doubled the debt and the economy never grew 3%. >> thank you. that's right. >> number 1. and i criticize repeatedly every day people on the right and the left for not touching entitlements because it's entitlements that are exploding. 80% of our spending growth annually is going to come from medicaid, medicare and social security and -- >> and we have to talk about -- there's other areas to cut, too and we haven't talked about that at all. >> it not politically correct. you saw the argument right there that was so interesting between orrin hatch and the liberals saying it's a tax cut for the rich. the rich pay a lot of the taxes. so there is going -- they try to move it to the middle class a little bit. let's face it -- >> i'm willing to take one for
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the team but in the end, i think maybe this is moot because you'll have mccain vote know and the republicans -- >> mccain just came out with a statement. he said i applaud chairman hatch in taking another step forward and providing much-needed tax relief for hard working american families. i'm pleased the finance committee solves order. he talks about the procedure. we don't know how he would vote but he's on the list of question marks. >> and the morning joe republicans, flake and corker, they'll vote no just to mess with the president. >> ron johnson is going to vote for this. make no mistake. >> he's getting his phone calls returned right now. >> nearly half this country pays no federal income tax. none. 40% of people get money back from the government they never paid in. >> if i don't upend this, we're going to drown with no time. >> if you don't give a tax cut, who you going to give it to? the people that pay the taxes.
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>> i'm jumping in. roy moore remains defiant at this point. denying sexual assault allegations and denying calls to drop out. a new fox light poll sheds light on that race. and a growing firestorm after al franken is accused of groping a woman and forcibly kissing her. one of the instances when she was asleep. how should lawmakers respond? stay close. >> nothing like that is ever funny. is it funny if he does that to your sister or your daughter or your wife?
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most american homeowners would be shocked if they knew just how rich they were. the average american home value has increased $40,000 over the last 5 years. but many don't know you can access that money without refinancing or selling your home. with a home equity loan, you can pull cash out of your house for anything you need- home improvement, college tuition, >> we're looking at alabama right now. the woman in white is the wife of judge roy moore. here's a rally. let's watch and listen together. >> he's just inundated with so
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much positive response from the people of alabama. for the record, it's about 90% positive. most of the negative is from out of state. the people of alabama understand what's going on here. my husband, judge roy moore, is fighting for the people of alabama and has been fighting for over 30 years. the people of alabama know him. they have seen what he has done, fighting for life. fighting against abortions, fighting for the acknowledgement of god and fighting for our rights given by god protected by our constitution. so the liberal press,
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"washington post," who endorsed hillary clinton, who also endorsed our opponent, gets involved in this race along with the human rights campaign, the dnc and the washington establishment, all of the very same people who were attacking president trump are also attacking us. i personally think he owes us a thank you. have you noticed you're not hearing much about russia? to the president, i would say now is a good time to get some things done in congress. while they're down here trying to distract the attention of our opponent, who is an ultra liberal, who was an obama delegate, who is for full-term abortions, who is for more gun restrictions, who is for trans-gender bathrooms, who is for trans-gender in the military, is against everything
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that we in alabama believe and stand for. [applause] "the washington post" has called everybody that i have ever known for the last 40 years. they have called everybody my husband has ever known for the last 40 years. they print whatever anyone says without checking to even see if it is correct. they have staked out etowah county. basically camped out until the end of this election. so to the people of alabama, thank you for being smarter than they think you are. they will call you names. they will say all manner of evil against you. and i would say consider the source. i have been married to my husband, judge roy moore, for over 32 years. he was a graduate of westpoint,
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he served our country in vietnam and he has always been an officer and a gentleman. [applause] he's a loving father and a grandfather. most important, he is a christian. so let me set the record straight. even after all attacks against me, my family, against the foundation and now against my husband, he will not step down. [applause] he will not stop fighting for the people of alabama. in his words, and i quote, i will not stop until they lay me in that box in the ground. [applause]
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thank you for being here and god bless alabama and the united states of america. [applause] >> that is kayla moore, the white of more than 32 years as you heard her describe to judge roy moore, who is in quite a bit of trouble right now politically. the sexual allegations against him now, there's several women and they were teenagers at the time, they say, when he made inappropriate sexual misconduct and other types of advances toward them. there's claims that there's evidence of him writing in one's year book and so on and so forth. those are parts of the story we've been covering. now we hear from his wife. she talked politics. she talked a lot of things there. she says they will say all matter of things about you. consider the source. she says 90% of the people of
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america that they're hearing from are positive, most in the state of alabama. she said the rest are from out of state. she said the people of alabama have been fighting against abortion. she listed many ways that they support life. most importantly, she said her husband, "he will not step down." as we come to talk about this, bernie, there was an announcement on a facebook page of kayla moore encouraging the women there, the women to join others from the state of alabama that know the judge and have the courage to stand with him and his family against what she calls salacious accusations. >> listen, she's his wife. who knows? if what they say is true, i'm going to say what everybody else said. he should get out or we should let the voters decide. to her point that the same people attacking trump are attacking moore, it's true. if they were doing the right thing in "the washington post,"
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they would have put this out before the primary. we would have had luther strange -- >> they didn't know it. >> of course they didn't. they timed it until after the primary to hurt this guy. you're going to say it's a coincidence that all this stuff come out? >> knowing journalist, they would have went with it. >> it's access hollywood. they waited. >> these women voted for donald trump. they're not liberal democrats. >> i'm talking about the press. the press. >> knowing journalists -- not all journalists are cut the same. we've talked about it before. even with barack obama, some found out from ben rhodes that made friends -- >> come on, harris. >> don't come on harris me. i'm just showing -- >> the press timed it to have this effect, that a democrat would win. they should have put it out before the primary and they
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could have. i don't believe -- >> i'll just say this. first of all, let's look at what happened. this is why political spouses -- i'm one so i'm bias -- this is why they're a powerful secret weapon. if you're a social conservative and there are a lot of them in alabama, that was a very effective speech. she focused on the issue. she focused on abortion, religious liberty all the things that people from alabama care about. and one of the things that you start to notice when i saw that, the accusations are from 30 years ago. i'm not doubting the women. i don't think there's any reason for them to come forward if it's not true. that said, since he's been married, we've seen nobody come forward that we know of yet. so maybe this was a guy who was, you know, wildly -- this is discounting the 14-year-old, which we don't know as much about. i will say this. the accusations that are now up against al franken -- by the
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way, the underage dominican prostitutes in the case of bob menendez, these are things that happened while these people were senators. >> not al franken. two years before. >> yeah. get your facts right. >> what about bob menendez -- >> can we stay on roy moore? i've from a town smaller than gadsden. you basically keep your mouth shut if anything bad happens, particularly if it involves a high powered attorney or a judge. that is a blanket statement i just made. but having his wife out there is absolutely critical. based on the new fox news polls, not to step on you -- >> let's pull it. >> eight points is what doug jones leads roy moore by. but look at women. doug jones is the women's choice by 26 percentage points in that poll. the gap grows to 49% for women
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under the age of 45. that is why roy moore's wife is standing out there right now trying to get women to come out -- >> and speaks to the issue of why we hear records and we've seen from mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leaders, other republicans calling him to come forth with evidence, move on and step aside or so forth. >> i would also say that, you know, before i saw that interview or press conference, i was very much in the -- she looks very credible. she seems to really believe that he's an upstanding guy. she's his best witness. >> or she forgives him one of the two. but still, the president should prevail on the governor to delay the election from december 12. put it back -- >> alabamians will decide. >> why is the president silent at this point do you think? >> i'm sorry?
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>> the white house has an official response to this. when we know the facts, then it would be disqualifying. if the facts point to him having done all this. although attorney general jeff sessions has said he hasn't seen any evidence to believe these accusers. >> the president weighed in on al franken. i don't think the president is the greatest messenger -- >> he's been accused of doing worse. >> not credibly. >> you don't believe these women? >> the one from "the new york times" came out -- the ones from "the new york times" came out and said that -- that you believe every woman that accuses a democrat -- >> you made it -- >> please let me finish. >> i believe the roy moore woman. >> you do? >> all of them. >> maybe not the fifth one, the gloria alred one. the others are credible. >> how to we -- we either believe women that come forward -- they don't get
9:24 am
anything out of this. >> do you believe juanita brodrick? >> i think we should believe these woman. >> you do. and you work for a woman that smeared her -- >> i didn't work for hillary clinton. >> didn't you work for hillary clinton? >> under john kerry. >> my mistake. so hillary clinton smeared the woman that you supported -- >> again, we need to believe women and hold men accountable. >> that's right. >> that needs to go for president trump who has been credibly accused by over a dozen women. >> not credibly. >> why not? >> the access hollywood tape is locker room talk. >> no, no, no. your double standards are stunning. >> we're going in circles here and i want to move forward. we saw something that we haven't seen before. we saw the women for roy moore led by his wife, roy moore and she made the comment that will be picked up around the country and talked about particularly in alabama. he will not step down. that is the headline from mrs. moore. her husband will not step down amid all of these sexual
9:25 am
misconduct allegations. >> on to a very similar topic. we were tipping toeing around it after democratic senator al franken now accused of sexual misconduct. a second woman has come forward saying franken harassed her after a political argument on a tv show in 2000. melanie morgan speaking to laura ingram last night. >> he trailed me, stalked me to the green room. he got in my face again, got very aggressive with me. i felt physically intimidated. he followed me out of the studio. i thought this story would end there. it did not. he started calling me at home and harassing me, trying to prove to me how right he was. i found it so creepy and so disturbing and obsessively weird. >> this comes after los angeles broadcaster leeann tweeden described how franken forcibly kissed and groped her in a uso
9:26 am
tour in 2006 before he was a senator. watch this. >> he put his hand on the back of my head. he mashed his face -- it happened so fast. he mashed his lips against my face. he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast. >> the senator apologizing for a second time tweeting "i want to apologize to leeann tweeten and to all that considered me an ally and supporter and champion of women. i am sorry." tweeten says she accepts his apology. president trump slammed him on twitter. he tweeted this.
9:27 am
>> that's a reference to an interview al franken gave some years ago where he discussed an snl skit where andy rooney rapes lesley stahl. that was supposed to be funny, we presume. there's growing calls for a senate ethics investigation including from the dnc chair. franken says he will fully cooperate. >> mcguirk, i'm going to you on this. >> you can't fault senator franken to say he can outlast bill clinton, ted kennedy. they lasted longer and they did worse than what he's to have alleged to have done. i think he should resign. there's climate change on this sexual harassment issue. because now people do take it seriously. you heard marie say she believes
9:28 am
juanita brodrick. you were laughing when trump broad out broderick and the other victims of bill clinton. >> during the debate. >> should donald trump resign? >> the media blew it up. now there's -- al freckle be a victim of this climate change as he should. get him out right now. he's a low-life. the whole rape culture was fostered by the people that apologized for bill clinton and hillary clinton. >> it's across political lines. we've seen -- what we've seen -- he's saying it was forgiven because let's be honest, bill clinton had the right politics on abortion -- >> guys, guys -- >> what we've seen in the last month is that sexual harassment and assault crosses party lines, crosses the media. it crosses democrats, republicans, independents. this is not a democratic or a republican problem. >> i would like to weigh-in on
9:29 am
this. >> thank you. >> i have witnessed this first hand more than once with anthony wiener. maybe the most repugnant person that ever crossed my path in my life here in the workplace even. i'm not talking about sexual harassment. i'm talking about a demeaning treatment of women. you do see people on the left and experience people on the left who have a -- because they have -- they're more evolved intellectually than people that are conservative. so they feel that they use their liberalism as cover for what is really sadistic behavior towards women. i look at that photo of al franken and leeann tweeden and i see that. that's my personal opinion. >> i can put it further than that a different way. it is perhaps critics that have said those things you say but also the liberal might be given the benefit of the doubt in the media when it's reported. i'm repeating what critics have
9:30 am
said. >> i would love to weigh-in -- >> the conversation about sexual harassment and misconduct continues to swirl about kirsten gillibrand weighing in on bill clinton. you mentioned that controversy. listen to what a sitting senator says. watch. >> is it your view that the president included should have stepped down at that time given the allegations? >> yes. that is the appropriate response. i think things have changed today, and i think under those circumstances, there should be a very different reaction. i think in light of this conversation, we should have a very different conversation about president trump and a different conversation about allegations against him than what has been had to date and what is currently being had. >> wow. >> this is the most politically noncourageous statement i've heard. >> after that statement -- >> she's getting a lot of criticism -- >> after that interview, a spokesperson for senator gillibrand said that the senator
9:31 am
was trying to underscore that mr. clinton's actions, had they happened in the current era, should have compelled him to resign. a walk-back. and former senior adviser to hillary clinton philippe ryans tweeted this. ken starr spent $20 million on a consensual blank. he kept potus kjc. but not enough for you, senator gillibrand. over 20 years you took the clinton's endorsement money and seat. hypocrite. >> i'm glad to see senator gillibrand get woke on this issue as did jake tapper on the clinton accusers at did the atlantic and "the new york times" and chelsea handler. the atlantic wrote feminists saved the 42nd president in the 90s. they were on the long side of it time to make things right? >> if we don't keep talking about it, we're going to -- >> no.
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>> i want to but let's take this commercial break.
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>> it got heated right before that commercial break. and then during the break. so let's continue on. senator gillibrand of new york has said -- of course, there's people that have softened a little bit -- that she thought that if bill clinton behaved the way he did in the white house, he should have resigned. originally she said he should have quit. you were about to make a comment. ladies, you were arguing. carry on in public. >> go for it. >> i was going to say, it's no secret that gillibrand is thinking about 2020. this is a politically -- >> running for president? >> yes. there's been lots of strong rumors about that. this is a new environment. i don't find it very courageous that she came out now. back to franken, this is making a lot of members congress shake
9:37 am
in their boots. just as there are in other industries, there's problems on capitol hill with sexual harassment. i don't like the idea that there is a secret fund. i'll say this. the same people that are upset about sexual harassment are the ones that mocked vice president pence when he said, i have all of these, you know, rules and decorum for how ideal with women out of respect for my wife. we can talk about he said/she said but let's talk about what is appropriate and how to behave and how to be respectful in your family and a work environment -- >> literally in the air. go. >> i have numbers on the taxpayer-funded harassment settlements out of the office of compliance, which we finally got numbers on. it's 17.2 million from 1997 to 2014. 264 settlements averaging $65,000 a month. that is our money. it's not all sexual harassment. it's also discrimination and
9:38 am
other cases. this has been going on. the government has been writing checks -- >> but it's bipartisan. >> absolutely. >> and it's secret. >> put it out there. >> people knew they were spending our money that way, there would be hell to pay. >> i heard left-wing liberal commentator make the following statement about roy more and harvey weinstein. at least the liberals spoke out. not for 30 years they didn't. he was a liberal lying raising money for democrats right, left, east coast, west coast. nobody said a thing. it was common knowledge in new york and los angeles what was going on with literally almost every woman that crossed his path. it's time to speak out if you have the recover of a left winger. >> go! >> and a right winger. when the conversation like we're having devolves into trying to catch me on bill clinton or me
9:39 am
saying shouldn't donald trump resign? when the conversation becomes all of us going at each other to get the other people to criticize their party, we're not having the conversation as a culture that we need to have that is men need to be held accountable. we need to decide if there's differences between, for example, what al franken is being accused of and what bill clinton or donald trump are accused of. we're not having a conversation -- >> when al franken says i'm a champion of women and i respect women. how about he walk that talk? that was about 11 years ago that he was doing this in front of leeann tweeden. so i'm -- >> wait a minute. >> i'm sick of them using it as a shield because they say they respect women because they're the party of women and they are not. i'm talking about democratic men. >> i'm happy to say -- i'm happy that he took responsibility and apologized. i think he will probably get censored by the senate because of this. i'd like to see some republicans take responsibility. >> and kristin gillibrand, the
9:40 am
women's right champion. she wrote a tribute to a jew hater -- >> oh, my god. >> pro female gentile mutilation. >> and gillibrand wrote a piece about her in "time" magazine. >> it starts with parody. starts with equal. >> we're going to move on. i told you. a lot to this. i can only imagine what it's like inside congress right now. the congressional hispanic caucus moving up here made up of democrats has denied a republican congressman his membership bid. now carvello is spoking out. we'll talk about it. tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training.
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>> the congressional hispanic caucus made up of democrats rejecting republican carlos curbelo's membership. some members are troubled by his refusal to sponsor the dream act and his overall stance on immigration. in an interview with politco, curbelo said that i will not allow their bigotry and discrimination and their penchant for segregation to help the young people they claim they want to help and i want to help. and the spokesman for the caucus trying to dispel the notion that curbelo should be admitted because hispanic saying "this vote reflects the position of many members that representative curbelo and his record are not
9:46 am
consistent with those values." as a hispanic woman, i have a lot to say about this one. >> no, no, no. >> i mean, these are the gate keepers. they're basically saying if you're not a liberal, if you don't agree with our ideas, you're not hispanic. you're not black. you're not asian. i thought it was about our cultural connection, but clearly we know it's about politician. >> change the name. call it the liberal hispanic caucus. call it the liberal black caucus. that's all. turns out, as we know already, the party of the ideology of supposed tolerance, they're the least tolerant people. on display here. >> it does. what do you say? >> what do i think when you call my party the least tolerant people? it's not a conversation. the democratic party has certain principles. you disagree with them. >> but curbelo being in the caucus -- >> caucuses can decide their membership. if this caucus decides they want to be partisan -- >> they want to be racist.
9:47 am
>> why do you have to take to it this crazy place? >> that's what i see. >> she has a point. let's go with the fact of what you said. caucuses decide their membership. they should call it something else other than hispanic caucus. there should not be that description. if the democratic caucus won't accept others, the diversity of thought, if that's the case, take the black part out or -- >> then call it the democratic hispanic caucus. >> curbelo is cuban, a cuban american. >> why can't you make it a caucus that shares an idea? >> i don't know why this is -- because ideas are not hispanic or black or white or asian. they're either good and effective ideas or their bad ideas. and i think the reason they're excluding him is they're basically saying, if you're for border security or you don't agree with the way we should deal with the dreamers, you're
9:48 am
not hispanic. it's an offensive -- >> i never heard anybody put it that way. it's interesting. you're right. the ideals themselves are not a color or culture or race. >> this is a way of shaming -- >> the caucus advocates for certain policies. >> i remember -- i'm old enough to remember when bill clinton was a border hawk and got 72% of the latino vote and president bush got 40% of the latino vote back in 2004, was it? >> right. >> how do latinos get back to that? i think them excluding conservatives, latinos from the caucus, they're trying to not allow conservatives out there. latinos to know that there's another viewpoint. >> that's what this is about. it's about politics. i think we're going to have to have this discussion a little later on the other end. i have to get to this report saying that democrats may be stuck in the past as they attempt to rebrand their image.
9:49 am
is the party's old guard shutting out new voices? we'll debate next. i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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>> democrats rethinking their future and doing it with leadership deeply rooted in the past. the top three democrats in the
9:53 am
house are in their late sets with nancy pelosi and jim clyburn both 77. steny hoyer, the ripe old 78. in a recent cnn poll, finding five out of six voters view as democratic party leaders at an age of 71. they need to freshen that line-up. >> they have to change their mascot symbol from a donkey to a dinosaur. bernie sanders, joe biden. he will be 80 years old and thinking of running in 2020. there's some people on the horizon marie might know. you have cuomo. >> tim ryan. >> we talked about gillibrand from new york. >> the problem is it's not just that they're bench is aging, their issues are aging. issues like abortion that were such signature issues.
9:54 am
it's pro life news because of the technical side. >> if corey booker would stop taking so much money from wall street, he could get the bernie sanders people. he takes a lot of money from wall street. >> one of the reasons that nancy pelosi is around is because she can pull in the bucks. >> she raised north of $140 million in the 2016 election cycle. >> i don't think she will be our party's leader in the house after the next election if i had to put money on it. there's a number of democrats, not just tim ryan but others that know national security issues. a lot of enthusiasm. the people running in 2018 to represent this party are young, they are looking at the future, not the past in terms of issues, focused on the economy, jobs, wages. they're not the old guard. so yes, our leaders in congress are in their 70s. the enthusiasm today is with the grass-roots, people running in
9:55 am
2018. they're young and ready to fight. >> you think pelosi and others will be out because they want to be or because the talent is so great that they'll overtake them? >> a combination of both. at the end of the day, nancy pelosi -- depending if the democrats take the house. if we take the house, we only need 24 seats to do so. >> you think she's a master legislator. i'm seening the signs -- >> she's held her caucus together well. >> so 70 is the new 67 1/2? >> i like at ralph northam. army doctor. he's not spring chicken. but that is somebody. again, some abortion issues with the lieutenant governor's race did not help the republicans. >> more "outnumbered" in a minute. i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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10:00 am
>> i don't want to insult anybody. >> an hour of tv without being called racist, that's my goal for the week. >> harris is now. >> happy thanksgiving. >> harris: republicans one step closer to delivering on one of president trump's biggest promises as the houses past their tax bill. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. a big win for the g.o.p., the senate finance committee advanced its own version late last night in committee. kellyanne conway and steven mnuchin both confident this will get done. get done. >> for once, swamp speed is catching up to trump speed. >> it's not a tax plan to cut taxes for rich people, i think we will get this passed in the senate in the near future.


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