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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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cat, tyrus, our studio audience. they love you america. i am gregg gutfeld. >> jesse: welcomed "watters' world". i'm here at palm beach for restoration we can. i received an award aside and gave some remarks. thank you. many of you saw al franken involved in a sexual harassment controversy. during the uso tour he was a radio talkshow host in 2006. intellectually happen backstage with a playboy playmate. >> he stuck his tongue to my mouth and i pushed him off with my pants. i almost punched him because every time i see him my hands
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clench into fists. and that's probably why. i said if you ever do that to me again, i'm not going to be so nice about it the second time. >> jesse: on the way back, frank and pose for this picture, groping her as she fell asleep on the flight home. african apologized and is being investigated. democrats who had been hammering republican senate, where more for his sexual propriety condemn franken, but not all really did. here's gloria on cnn. >> he was not a member of congress at the time this occurred, he was a comedian. >> jesse: just a comedian? so this is all a joke, gloria?
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as i your defense. here's what msnbc described. >> he took a picture which is office says is a joke that showed him potentially not actually groping but mark whipping her. >> jesse: sows a potential boat, mock group, but it gets worse. the washington post who led the charge against roy more than posted this. i'm a feminist. i study rape culture, and i don't want african to resign. support is the left stand? it seems market. the left is not tried to prevent a make this about president trumps history with women. here's urban radios april ryan trying to divert the conversation fair sanders. >> she said that i have looked at everything in the past because i told you have he behaved, would you say to that
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as it relates to the allegatio allegations. >> i think hillary clinton should have dealt with her own issues before running for president. >> jesse: ouch, that hurt. but she makes a good point. the left is being left to recommend brooklyn's past. he settled sexual harassment lawsuits by multiple women and was accused of forcible rape by one ada broderick. here she is recounting the alleged rape. >> and then he did it again. i was so ready for him to lead me alone when he started raping me again. it was very brief and then he got up and straightened himself my mouth was bleeding and
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hurting. he just straightened himself and goes to the door. >> jesse: bible is defended by the media. feminist, and the entire democratic party. times have changed. here's senator kristin gibran, democrat of new york. >> is it your view that president clinton should've stepped on at that time in the allegations? >> yes. i think that is the appropriate response. >> that sent shockwaves at the democratic party. the clinton family loyalist, philip brains. he said can star spent $70 million on a consensual blowjob. the senate voted to keep protests but not enough for you senator joe brantley her attorney years you took the
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clinton's money, hypocrite. interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. best of luck. jenna may not to break it down, author and conservative columnist ann coulter. happened talk about al franken. has a nasty history making jokes about raping leslie stall, western about him? >> msnbc is giving all kinds of credit for calling for their own set investigation. there's a photo, the women she is not calling for his resignation. not even asking for an apology. >> what about monica groping groping. i've never even heard that phrase before. >> that is everyone's nightmare
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the polar want to get his editor into limbo so nothing ever happened. this is doing nothing. also, i was having flashbacks to the clinton era without gloria thing. it was years ago he was a comedian. i just much not the standard is, don't care. things your climate about were more happened 40 years ago. >> jesse: there's a lot of that going on. we'll remember james carville was a clinton loyalist and said when you drag hundred dollar bill through the trailer park this is what you end up with. and hillary herself one of the primary orchestrator's of this campaign against the women who accused her. for her to say this about this republican, it doesn't really
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hold up. >> it when the whole business with and broke with all of this being put out by among all others, george stephanopoulos, and there were called on the cling campaign. he breaks about to the world when. it was a few years after anita hill and her false allegation against clarence thomas as the country fell. the country was senator. the lawsuits of them having photos of their wives in bikinis on the desk in the quarter say that could be sexual harassment. the country was insane with it. then click comes along a glorious time and writes an op-ed announcing a new rule.
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if you are a democrat you get one free quote. result k what he did because he eventually took no for an answer. these prominent democrats making fun of the women thousand ps we heard throughout the whole clinton rain about consensual affair. no, bill clinton not only smeared these women that he perjured himself. in a lawsuit under the law what is considered the most important law passed in the 20th century the civil rights act. the discrimination to put treat women in this way. >> jesse: what you think about the fact that you have some of the democratic party during the clinton's overboard. what is that signal?
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does acevedo need the clinton's anymore? never taken this moral high ground. as a political? do they really believe it? >> will keep it is it's different. has not changed at all in terms of panic's over sexual harassment if it involved a conservative. the thing that has changed is the end of the clinton power. harvey weinstein is part of that. he hired people private investigators to look into my private life, and to can stars and other lawyers secretly working on that. justice meares, legalizing the book another private investigators were hired? >> thanks for asking. one of my ex boyfriends
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forwarded the letter to me. from of pi. the shutdown the same calling posse. harvey weinstein, tina brown -- >> jesse: pretty see this going? is current atmosphere will monitor and like they could get away with anything. weinstein, al franken, after what happened with clinton and democrats in the senate applauding they said was saved buffalo bill said.
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there is no way that bill clinton -- >> exclusive video up next. nobody else has less. a man with an emotional supports causing controversy. the man in the squirrel will be here. last thanksgiving about 2 million people tried to deep-fat fry their turkey. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪
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>> jesse: more than a year aftet over hillary clinton, she still wondering what happened. not accepting the results of the election. >> between the voter depression and russian interference, do think it was a legitimate election? >> there's many questions about the legitimacy. we don't have a method for contesting the in our system. that's why i have a commission to get to the bottom. >> jesse: steve bannon was down here.
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>> they do not think this was a legitimate election. and that we one legitimately. they will never admit the working men and women of this country basically revolted. essentially from both political parties. someone who is not a professional politician. someone who can connect and does not use the vernacular, someone who can connect viscerally and had an agenda of being a complete disruptor if you think about it, i'll talk about it, the geopolitical situation we are in that is driving the economics of the country. the economy of silicon valley and wall street in hollywood, and the imperial city of washington, d.c. is completely detached from the reality of everyday life and the rest of america. they do not believe, they will never ratify the election of
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2016. to ratify it is calling the question their continuous group of power. >> jesse: joined me now, a fox news contributor, doctor sebastian gorka. author of new york times bestseller, defeating jihad. do you remember in the third debate with chris wallace and asked trump if you would accept the results of the election. he said we'll see how it goes, he was worried about it getting break. and hillary that that was the worst thing to do for the republic. now, she's doing what she accused donald trump of doing, of not accepting the results of the election. >> she's the perfect embodiment of what my radio friend said that the left and have double standards they would have any standards at all. this is a woman who rigged
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everything, we know how she rigged everything to get her can seize from the dnc. it was more than $12 million from the dnc in an attempt to take down the candidate. if anybody who undermined it was hillary clinton. >> because of come in the russians of fake news she's ignoring the real reason because she's not able to connect with the working-class voters of the country. that's what's holding the party back. there obsessed with identity politics. donald trump had something to say about his favorite target. >> cook it hillary clinton is
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the worst and biggest loser of all time. she just can't stop. it's so good for the republican party. hillary, get on with your life and give it another try and three years. steve bannon mentioned something similar. we have that typ tape. >> they keep saying house marshes, i think she is dumb as a stick. she has every intention of testing the water to run again in 2020. my responses, bring it baby. bring it. would you not love to see a rematch of donald trump and hillary clinton? come on. >> jesse: i think this is reverse psychology. they are goading hillary to take another run. >> he knows how to do this. wouldn't you expect literally hundreds of millions of dollars the russians gave her, saudi arabia, all of that pumped into her foundation. this would just go away and hang
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out on the beach. but she doesn't get it. and god bless her. please, run again. the rematch, we should have pay pay-per-view. give all the money to charity. >> i would pay to watch the. >> everybody who says donald trump's poll numbers are in the basement. to this day he still beats hillary clinton head-to-head in a matchup for president. as bad as his numbers are hers or worse. now they're throwing the family under the bus. donna brazil with a tell-all book telling heller. throwing her under the book. what does this tell you now, the long knives are out. >> i never thought the day would
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come. the man defended by the death from the left for having sex in the oval office is now with hillary literally being tossed aside like an old garment. this shows you for them, it's just about power. said about the victims. were equality, it's about power. >> jesse: is these people are throwing bill and hillary overboard, they're doing it for reason. they need to get the deadweight out to get fresh candidates to run. >> like bernie. >> jesse: that what i think of when i think of bernie. give some younger democrats. who do you see as the biggest threat potentially running against donald trump? >> i don't think anybody who is a person understands what happened on november the eighth.
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someone who understands where former democrat worker. if they have that candidate i might be worried. >> they see these towns and have these jobs and companies shipped to china. that's how you relate to people but bernie almost have it but something didn't connect with people in the country. >> i hope they're not watching, but if they keep doing identity pollux are sunk, which is great. >> jesse: thanksgiving a politics from the corner. a warning to america, next. ♪ ♪ohhhhhh, ou! guess what i just got? uh! ♪i used to be spellbound hello again. ♪i used to be spellbound hi.
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the signals in the late morning and early afternoon last between 436 sentence. seconds. the u.s. navy is helping with rescue efforts. to said notes. malcolm young, cofounder of ac/dc has died. he was diagnosed with dimension 2014. he is 64. david cassidy is in critical condition. he suffering from kidney and liver failure. he is surrounded by his family and friends. let's go back to "watters' world". >> jesse: americans will be sitting down for thanksgiving and the subject of politics has the potential to ruin dinner. according to poll, nearly one third of all adults will avoid political conversations during the thanksgiving holiday. not just politics, several topics.
8:28 pm
can strike a nerve. here's our friend from nick juggernaut gets. >> i'm waiting for mom to buy me a new xbox one after dad to start it. >> if you want to make a scene on thanksgiving. >> oh boy. >> i'm not part of the family? >> no. you don't act like you're part of the family. >> i'm done. i'm done. that's a great thanksgiving video. >> jesse: with your reaction and developer of -- candace, last thanksgiving i cleared the table
8:29 pm
and if everybody knows my family cell democrats. i said at the end i had my wine, nobody wanted to have a thing to do because i was feeling pretty good. how about your thanksgiving? >> of course you have to talk about politics. it's not even fun unless there at each other's throats. >> jesse: your republican, do needle your democratic friends and family were do let them come to you. >> i go into the fire. >> cocktail hour you're going right in. >> as soon as you get to the mashed potatoes you have to say something like i can't believe hillary thought she was going to win. >> jesse: i think that's dangerous. for you trump about their you have someone angry at the other side of the table. my advice is to lay low, youth
8:30 pm
mashed potatoes, sippy wine and let them come to you. it's going to be a long eight years. one of the things i think is effective in dealing with democrats is humor. donald trump agrees with me. let's take a look at donald, the comic. ♪ ♪ >> i cherish women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, blobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> it's rubio. >> lying ted cruz. >> i never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter right
8:31 pm
there needs to call me on the cell phone. [inaudible] >> we love you and we also the puerto rico. >> jesse: as much as it pains me, got fell gave me this idea to put together this trump comedian montage. the point he made was that trump is having a good time. he's funny, he's losing cracking jokes, and this drives the left crazy. >> and the right loves it. i can't get enough of donald trump's twitter feed. i feel bad, it's the best thing ever happening. i feel bad for people who can't enjoy. >> my favorite tweet was this is
8:32 pm
a very presidential but -- >> is the best. >> jesse: i want to talk to buy gq, the men's nake magazine namd colin kaepernick as their citizen of the year. just melt during the national anthem. people are upset. country star, neil mccoy released a song slamming the kneelers called taken the my blanket, i want take any. ♪ for those whose freedom is not free, i say take any -- [inaudible] >> jesse: obviously gq is not doing too well.
8:33 pm
what you think about that? >> it's a joke. how do you become a citizen of the air when you don't respect your flight? it doesn't make sense. this is why the left has lost everything. it's literally lunacy. back people in the act this way they get put onto a platform by the left. >> sears same black americans when they do these left-wing protest weather with colin kaepernick or maxine waters, she's out there yelling she's a real star, use in the media does this when they go far left on purpose? >> there trying to employ another platform. there's amazing black people who are getting their doctorates and phd's in they will never get
8:34 pm
citizen of the year. >> so you're saying that the media doesn't elevate successful black americans in traditional jobs. but, they purposely elevate and radical black americans because they want to keep people down? >> absolutely. democrats have historically cap black people down. they make it seem like it's something to be admired. unemployment is not something to be admired. >> jesse: colin kaepernick is still technically unemployed. still, he is not been signed by the nfl. thank you very much. coming up. stephen baldwin breaks down watergate. not the one you're thinking of. later, a man in his emotional support swirl. is he being discriminated against? the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere
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jesse: a lot of wild news this week so we those we would bring >> jesse: while news this week. with that we bring in the wallace baldwin brother, actor stephen baldwin to break it down. donald trump to keep from drinking water during one of his speeches. no one. [inaudible] >> jesse: it reminded a lot of people marco rubio. >> the choices it just between big government and big business. >> jesse: didn't trump make fun of the. >> this wiseguy lightweight is going over at all the said he goes like this, remember, i said
8:40 pm
where is he? he comes back with water. honestly, water is fine, but it should be a glass. he has the label of the company here, honestly i've never seen anything like it. >> jesse: so watergate, do you think it's fair. the present a field day. >> of course. i was making the observation. i called it before saw the video. watch rubio's drinking utensil will be smaller than the presidents. i think it's more he looks, squarely the present is just like wait a minute. >> jesse: the president took is full-time, there wasn't any panic. did that speech the president
8:41 pm
was giving about the accomplishments while he was in asia. one of the accomplishments he brought back ucla basketball players from china were busted for shoplifting louie baton sunglasses. >> to president trump in the united states government. thank you for taking the time to intervene. >> we really appreciate you helping us out. >> jesse: is he reading that? he can't just memorize or say thank you mr. president. >> i think these are still reasonably very young gentleman in the situation way over their heads. i think it's impressive that this president when got it done. just a phone call. didn't have to give money or people back to their country.
8:42 pm
it was pretty simple. >> he like traded the best players for pallets of cash or chinese prisoners. >> but i think it's refreshing and speaks to the connection the president has to the citizens of our country. he doesn't waste time with silly stuff. and listen, they are getting punished whether or not you agree how much or how bad. the one thing they want to do is play basketball and they can't now. i think mr. trump handled it brilliantly. >> also and that is the subject of sexual harassment. bill o'neill decided he wanted to get ahead of controversy and preemptively resist on facebook. now, they're calling for the head of senator al franken, i think it's time to speak up on
8:43 pm
behalf of all heterosexual males. let me save my components and research time. in the last 50 years i was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females. it range from a gorgeous blonde who is my first true love and we made passionate love and hayloft of her parents aren't. now, can we get back to discussing legalizing marijuana and opening the state hospital network to combat the opiate crisis. so disappointed by this national feeding frenzy. peace what you think about this candidates play, getting out ahead of the story. >> looks like it might job to me. any more questions it seems like the numbers 50 maybe there's a little bit more due diligence
8:44 pm
that might be performed. >> jesse: cnn is now fact checking the statement. the truth ohmmeter. we don't want to make light of this. he was not making later sexual-harassment. the point was, he's taken direct and preemptive action. do you fly anymore? i want to show you some video. a flight attendant got flamboyant while doing the seatbelts demonstration aboard southwest airlines. >> if we could have your attention. place this over your head in place a strap over your ways. i went to your seatbelt is securely fashion.
8:45 pm
in all your carry-on items are completely underneath the seat in front of you. >> jesse: you probably don't fly commercial anymore. you're probably mostly private. that's what you call seatbelt demonstration. >> yeah, that's a little overwhelming. i don't know if it's a version or interpretation of a captain sully there is something of the like. it doesn't seem like it to me. >> jesse: very flamboyant, but that's what you get when you fly coach. you would know anything about that. and i have a new gig, and up, the great american pilgrimage. tell us about that. >> my life is complete. jesse watters just said great american pilgrimage. i went on had some fun.
8:46 pm
the southern network let you mention it is working with the likes of larry king another folks like that. jesse ventura. branching out is a news network into more interesting content. it's called the great american pilgrimage. a lot like the jerry seinfeld show where he's driving a fancy car drink a fancy coffee and talking with fancy friends. but it is me in on in an rv. >> jesse: will listen, it's rt network. i think that's the russian network. so mueller will be knocking on your door asking questions. good luck with that. i support whatever you're doing. >> i love to come back when you're in the room.
8:47 pm
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>> jesse: you're probably familiar with an emotional support dog. his him airports, trains of them all. people suffering from things like learning disorders and motor skill disorders are allowed under federal law to have these animals. a florida man is taking it to a whole another level. with a squirrel. name to brutus. he has severe anxiety. it is the facing eviction from his condominium. and ryan and brutus who is the squirrel, the squirrels a female, their journey me now. can i see ryan please? ryan? >> yes, i was unable to get her out.
8:52 pm
>> you can get the squirrel out? >> she's asleep. i sent a bunch of videos that i took before she went to sleep. >> jesse: okay. so you have an emotional support squirrel. why do need a squirrel for emotional support? >> basically, i saved her life and in return, she somewhat saves my back everyday. makes me happy when i come home and see her. it very few hours of free time per day. those couple of hours she makes it so much better. >> jesse: so you have anxiety, or your lonely? what is the diagnosis to justi justify? >> i have -- and stress disorder. >> jesse: how did you get this type of anxiety and stress?
8:53 pm
>> i was in a car accident in october 2011. a drunk driver hit me going 45 miles per hour when i was at a stoplight. it herniated a disc in my back rendering me unable to do many activities i used to be able to do. >> jesse: herniated discs are extremely painful. i'm definitely empathetic towards that. why a squirrel as opposed to a dog or that type of animal? as well is kinda like a wild animal. >> hurricane matthew came through florida. the day after i found her underneath the car at a traffic life in the group of people kept saying someone needed to do something. so i crawled under and pulled her out from underneath the
8:54 pm
tire. that's when i saw she didn't have her eyes open her any further. >> jesse: so you rescued the squirrel and then the square became your pet and the squirrel behaves? >> yes, i raised her. >> jesse: do walk around the with the squirrel on your shoulder? on you transported? >> she's on my shoulder but she's more like an insight cap. i don't take her out. the one time i did, a dog attacked the carrier i had her in. >> that makes sense. >> jesse: in the condo you're living in want to give you the boot. if you like you're getting railroaded. looks like the laws on your side.
8:55 pm
is there anything you want to say quickly to the condo? >> had rather be the better man. they can be negative if they want. but, i am going to fight back. >> jesse: okay. listen, best of luck to you with your condo, squirrel situation. too bad i was able to say hi to brutus. i'm sure she is a beautiful squirrel. hopefully she gets a great nap and and is well rested. thank you. up next, some wacky questions. the best simple salad ever?
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jesse: time for "ask watters." how are you able to take so many insults so calmly. because i receive so many. i'm used to it.
9:00 pm
i can't emphasize too much the importance of regular dental flossing. are you saying i have bad teeth? remember, i'm what watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> i would say looks like is not jeff basis to appoint a special counsel. judge jeanine: tonight i'll lay out the case against the clintons and uranium one and i'll show you the raging fire behind all that smoke. and that's not all. >> congress has been trying to get this from the fbi for months now. judge jeanine: tonight i head to cap mill to get answers directly from two members of congress pushing for the truth. and i'll talk why with the one man who may have more power than congress when it comes to gettg


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