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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 18, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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cat, tyrus, our studio audience. they love you america. i am gregg time. wednesday will be her last day. i love you, nicole. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. i'm in palm beach for a restoration weekend. i received an award from david horowitz's freedom center. senator al franken involved in a sexual harassment controversy from 2006. it allegedly happened when he was backstage with playboy playmate leanne tweeden. >> i pushed him off and pushed
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him and said if you ever do that to me again, i won't be so nice by the the second time. jesse: on the way back in the airplane franken posed for this picture groping tweeden who was sleeping. democrats who hammered roy moore condemned franken, but not everybody did. >> this is just kind of scratching the surface here. he was not a member of congress at the type it happened. he was just a comedian. jesse: so this is all a joke, gloria? here is how msnbc described what happened. >> he took a picture which his office says was a joke that
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showed him potentially, not actually groping but mock groping her. jesse: this was a potential grope, a mock grope. but the "washington post," the paper that led the charge against roy moore posted this article. i'm a feminist. i study rape culture, and i don't want pall franken to resign. so where does the left stand on sexual harassment. the left has tried to pivot and make this about trump's history. >> hillary clinton called out the president's past. she said she's worried about everything from his past because it tells you how he behaves in county present as well as the
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future. >> i think hillary clinton should have dealt with her own issues before addressing this president. jesse: ouch, that hurt. but she makes a good point. the left is being forced to reckon with bill clinton's past. he settled sexual harassment lawsuits. he was accused of sexual harassment and accused of forcible rape by juanita broaddrick. >> and then he did it again. i wanted him to leave me alone when he started raping me again. and it was very brief. and he did get up and straightened himself, and my mouth was bleeding and it was hurting. and he just straightened himself
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and goes to the door. jesse: bill is defended by the media, feminists and the entire democratic party. times have changed. here is senator jill grand brand democrat of new york. >> is it your view president clinton should have stepped down at the time given the allegations? >> yes, i think that is the appropriate response. jesse: that sent shock waved throughout the democratic party. a clinton family loyalist said ken tar spent $70 million on a consensual blow job. the senate voted to keep potus, but not enough for you nor gillibrand. interesting strategy for 2020
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primaries. best of luck. "new york times" best selling author and conservative columnist ann coulter. let's back up and talk about al franken. al has a nasty history here. he made jokes about raping leslie stahl. >> he's been given credit by the left for calling for his own investigation. but we have the woman on quite credibly, she is not calling for his resignation. she wasn't even asking for an apology. she just said this happened. jesse: what about mock groping or potential groping. >> that photo is every woman's
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nightmare. this is doing nothing about it. this is not taking sexual harassment seriously. i was having flashbacks to the nonsense of the clinton era. years ago he was a comedian. i just want to know what the standard is. the things you are claiming about roy moore happened 40 years ago. jesse: we all remember james carville. he said when you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park this is what you end up with, talking about one of the women who had allegedly been with bill clinton. and hillary had a smear campaign against one of the her husband's
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accusers. it doesn't really hold up, does it. >> when clinton came out, george stephanopoulos, he brags about it in the war room. when that happened we were just a few years after anita hill and her false allegations against clarence thomas as the country found after watching the hearings. there were note lawsuits by women because bosses had photos of their wives on their desk in bikinis. now there is a new rule. if you are a democrat you get one free grope it was okay with
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clinton did because he eventually took no for an answer. you had all these prominent democrats going on tv smearing gennifer flowers, paula jones. a consensual affair? bill clinton not on smeared all these women, but he perjured himself. in a lawsuit under the law which is considered the most of important law passed in the 20th century, the civil rights act. it's unlawful to treat women in this particular way. jesse: you have some women in the democratic party throwing the clintons overboard. are they saying they don't need the clintons any more, they are not useful?
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do you think it's political or do they really believe it? >> he's hearing oh, it's different now. the world has not changed at all. they panic if it involves a conservative. but this is the end of the clinton's power. harvey weinstein hired private investigators to look into my private life. private investigators just to smear us. me for having written a best-selling book and doing some legal work for paula jones. jesse: how do you know private investigators were look into you? >> one of my ex-toy friends shut
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it down. harvey weinstein, talk * magazine got shut down because of the private investigator. jesse: the floodgates are open. every day another shoe drops on someone. where do you see in a year, five years, where do you see this current atmosphere? >> i think it's great the clintons have lost their power. there has been a regime of liberal men feeling they can get away with anything. you couldn't, jesse. after what happened with clinton and democrats in the senate applauding him. he says he saved the constitution by him he jack ejaculating in the over office?
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>> it was the clintons only. jesse: ann, thank you very much. exclusive steve bannon video up next. no one else has this. a man with an emotional support squirrel causing controversy. the man and the squirrel will be here. i don't think anything can prepare you to hear those
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jesse: more than a year after donald trump's historic upset over hillary clinton she is still wondering what happened. not accepting the results of the election. >> do you think the russians affected the election? >> there are a lot of questions about his legitimacy. we don't have a method for testing that in our system. that's why i long advocated for a commission to get to the bottom of what happened. jets * we obtained this exclusive video of steve bannon. >> they do not think this was a
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legitimate election and we won legitimately. they will never be able to admit that if the working men and women in this country basically revolted in both political parties and elected a complete outsider, someone who is not a politician, who can connect viscerally with the men and women of this country and had an agenda of being acomplete disrupter of the institutions that govern. the geopolitical situation we are in driving the economics of this country and the ascendent economy of silicon valley, wall street, hollywood, the imperial city of washington, d.c. is completely detached about every day life in the rest 6 america and they will never ratify the election of 2016, because to
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ratify it is to call into question their own tenuous grip on power. jesse: joining me now, deputy assistant to donald trump, dr. sebastian gorka. do you remember when chris wall has asked trump if he was going to accept the results of the election? he said we'll see. hillary clinton thought that was the worst thing to do for our republic. now she is doing what she accused donald trump of doing, not accepting the results of the election. >> she is the embodiment of my radio friend, if the left didn't have anyr double standards -- if the left didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.
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we know how she rigged he -- her candidacy through the dnc. and paid for the dossier to take down the republican candidate. if there is anybody who undermined democracy, it's hillary clinton. jesse: because she is blaming comey and the russians and fake news, she is ignoring the real reason why she lost. she is notable say about his favorite target, let's take a look at this tweet. crooked hillary clinton is the worst and biggest loser of all times. she just can't stop, which is so good for the republican party. hillary, get on would with your
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life and give it another try in three years it's funny he said that because steve bannon mentioned something similar. >> she talks about how the smart she is. i think she is dumb as a stick. she has every intention of testing water to run again in 2020. and my response is bring it, baby. bring it. would you not love to see a rematch of donald trump and hillary clinton? come on! jesse: i think this is reverse psychology. they are goading hillary to take another run at it. >> wouldn't you expect after hit rally hundreds of millions -- expect after literally hundreds of millions the russians gave
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her foundation, you would think she would hang on a beach with a bottle of wine. god bless her. run again. just do it. the rematch. we should have pay for view of the rematch between donald trump and hillary clinton. gift money to charity. jesse: everybody that says donald trump's poll numbers are really in the basement. he still to this day beats hoik prr in a matchup for president. so as bad as his numbers are, hers are worse. we talked about this with ann. kristen gillibrand throwing hillary under the bus. donna brazile throwing hillary under the bus talking about how she rigged the primary. >> i never thought this day would come, truly. the man who was defended to the
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death by the left for having sex in the oval office is now out sn bring fresh candidates up to run. kamala harris, you have some younger democrats. who do you see as the biggest threathread --biggest threat fog against donald trump. >> i don't see anybody who actually is a person who understands what happened november 8. that would be a real threat.
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somebody who understands why youngtown, ohio voted for a billionaire from new york. if they had that candidate i might mildly worry. they don't. jesse: right now they have no one. bernie, he almost had it. but something about bern dog didn't connect with the people in the country. >> i hope they keep running through the dnc. jesse: thanksgiving and politics right around the corner. a warning to america next. offie
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ever since. jesse: americans will be sitting down next week for thanksgiving and the subject for politics has the potential to ruin dinner. 91% of all adults will avoid political tfertions during the holiday. several topics can strike a
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nerve. here is an example from our friend ritchie on youtube. >> i'm thankful for my mom buying me that after my [bleep] dad destroyed it. >> you want to make a seen over thanksgiving? you are not part of the family when you act. if you don't act right, you are not part of the family. i am done. i am done. i hope you got your great thanksgiving video. jesse: candace, i don't know about you, but last thanksgiving
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i cleared the whole table out. my family is all democrats. i sat the ends of the table. i had my wine. no one wanted anything to do with me because i was feeling pretty good. off course you have to talk about politics. it's not even fun unless your family is at one. >> the's throats. jesse: do you needle your republican friends and family? >> i go right into the fire. jesse: cocktail hour, you are going right in. >> as soon as you get to the mashed potatoes, you have to say something like i can't believe hillary thought she was going to win. jesse: for all you trump people, you have a lot of angry people out there. eats the mashed potatoes.
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sip your wine. let them come to you. it will be a lightning 8 years. one thing that's effective when dealing with democrats is humor. donald trump aggrieves with me. let's take a look at donald the comic. >> i cherish women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. it's rubio! lyin' ted cruz. thank you. i never attacked him on his looks and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter right
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there. you used to call me on the cell phone. >> we love puerto rico. jesse: gutfeld gave me this idea to put together the trump comedian montage. trump is having a good time. he's funny, he's loose, he's enjoying himself and it drives the left crazy. >> it drives the left crazy and the right loves it. if you are not enjoying it, i feel bad. this is the best thing happening in the world and i feel bad that people can't enjoy it.
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jesse: my favorite tweet is this isn't presidential but michael moore's broadway show is bombing. i want to talk about "gq." they named colin kaepernick as their citizen of the year because he knelt during "the national anthem." people are upset about "gq." they are lighting the magazine on fire. country star neil mccoy released a new song entitled "take a knee -- [bleep] -- i won't take a knee." so obviously "gq" is not doing too well after naming colin citizen of the year. >> it's an absolute joke. how do you become citizen of the year when you don't even respect
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your flag. it makes no sense. but this is why the left has lost everything. when people act this way they get put on to a black form and they shouldn't. jesse: you saying black americans when they do these left-wing protests whether it's kaepernick or maxine waters. she is a real star, her star has risen in the american media. are you saying the media does this with black americans when they go far right on purpose. >> they are trying to inspiremore another generation of unemployment for black americans. there are black americans getting their ph.ds and over in iraq getting their legs blown off. they will never be the citizen of the year.
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jesse: you are saying they don't elevate successful black americans. but they elevate radical black americans because they want to keep people down? >> absolutely. that's what the democrats have done historically. they keep propping it up. unemployment is not something to be admired. jesse: colin kaepernick is still technically unemployed. but he still has not been signed by the nfl. coming up, steven baldwin breaks down watergate. not the one you are thinking of. a man and his emotional support squirrel. is he being discriminated against?
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jesse: a lot of wild news this week so we those we would bring in the wildest baldwin brother, steven baldwin. donald trump took heat for drink water during one of his speeches. kind of reminded a lot of people of marco rubio. >> the choice isn't just between big government and big business. didn't trump make fun of that? >> this wiseguy, this lightweight, an goes like this, remember?
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i said where is he? then he comes back with water. honestly water is fine. but it should be in a glass. he's got label of the company here. and honestly i have never seen anything like it. jesse: watergate. do you think that's fair. the press had a field day with that one. >> of course. i was making the observation. i called it before i saw the video. i said rubio's drink utensil will be smaller than the president's. marco looks squirrely and apologetic where the president just wait a minute. okay. jesse: the president took his full time. there wasn't any panic at all. he was letting people wait. so that speech the president was giving was about all his accomplishments while he was in
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asia. one of those accomplishments he put back a bunch of ucla basketball players because they were busted for shoplifting. this is how one of them thanked the president. >> to president trump and the united states government thank you for take the time to intervene on our behalf. we really appreciate you helping us out. jesse: is he reading that? he can't just say thank you, mr. president? they had to give him a piece of paper to read? >> i think these are reasonably very young gentlemen in a situation way over their heads. and i just think it's impressive that this president just went and got it done. just a phone call, didn't have to give any money or any other people back to their country or weird mess. it was pretty simple. jesse: he traded the basketball
11:42 pm
players for pallets of cash or chinese prisoners. >> it's refreshing and it speaks to this connection the president has to the citizens of our country where he doesn't waste time with silly stuff. he doesn't make a big deal about it. they are getting punished whether or not you agree how much or how bad. what they want to do more than anything is play basketball and they can't now. i think president trump hand it brilliantly. jesse: i do, too. also in the news the subject of sexual harassment. candidate for congress bill o'neill preemptively wrote this on facebook. now that the dogs of war are calling for the heads of al franken. it's time to speak up on behalf
11:43 pm
of all heather oh sexual males. i have been sexually intimate with approximately 50 attractive females. it ended with a drop dead gorgeous redhead from cleveland. can we get back to discussing marijuana. i'm so disappointed about this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiskretions decade ago. peace. what do you think about getting out ahead of the story. >> it looks like a mic drop to me. any more questions? he seems to have it figured out. it seems if the up in is 50, there might be more due diligence that might be
11:44 pm
performed. jesse: cnn is fact checking the statement. they are doing a truth-o-meter. he was kind of making light of sexual harassment. but that wasn't the point. the point is he's taking direct preemptive action. i want to show you some video. a flight attendant got flamboyant doing the seat belt demonstration on board airlines. place it over your head, wrap that strap around your waist. your flight attendants are walking the walk to make sure your seat belt is securely fastened. and make sure all your carry-on
11:45 pm
items are completely underneath the seat in front of you. jesse: you probably don't fly commercial anymore, you are probably mostly private. but that's what you call a seat belt demonstration. >> that's a little overwhelming. i don't know if it's some other version or interpretation of like a captain sully there or something of the like. but it doesn't seem like it to me. jesse: but that's what you get when you fly coach. you wouldn't know anything about that. but we wanted the audience to see that video. you have a new show coming up, "the great american pilgrimage." >> my life is complete. jesse watters said great
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american pilgrim and. this other network working with the likes of larry king and other folks like that. jesse ventura. they are branching out into more interesting content. my show is called "the great american pilgrim and." it's like the jerry seinfeld show where he's driving in his car talking to fancy friends. but it's me in an rv. jesse: it's you in an rv. it's rt network. i think that's the russian network. so mueller will be knock on your door asking you a lot of questions. i support that with whatever you are doing. >> i would love to come back when you are in the room, young man. jesse: a "watters world"
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exclusive. a man and his emotional support squirrel causing mayhem in florida. stay tuned. ♪ this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box. it's what's inside the person who opens it. ♪ give ancestrydna, the only dna test that can trace your origins to over 150 ethnic regions... ♪ ...and open up a world of possibilities. ♪ save 20% for the holidays at
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jesse: you are probably familiar with emotional support dogs. people suffering from learning dissedders and motor skills disorders are aloud under the americans with disabilities act to have these animals. a man has taken it to another level with a squirrel named bred brutus. he's facing eviction from his condominium. brutus and the squirrel join me now. can i see ryan, please. >> i was unable to get her out. she is asleep. i tried getting her out. i took a bunch of videos i took
11:52 pm
today before she went to sleep. jesse: so you have an emotional support squirrel. why do you need a squirrel for emotional support? >> well, basically, i saved her life, and in return she somewhat saved my back every day. it makes me happy when i come home and see her. i get very few showers free time per day. and those couple hours she makes better. jesse: you have anxiety or you are lonely? >> anxiety and stress disorder. jesse: how did you get this type anxiety and stress? >> i was in a car accident back in october in 2011.
11:53 pm
a drunk driver hit me going 45 miles per hour when i was at a stoplight. unfortunately i herniated several disks in my lower back and i'm unable to do a lot of activities i used to be able to do. jesse: herniated disks are extremely painful. why a squirrel as opposed to a dog or that type of animal. a squirrel is kind of like a wild animal. >> hurricane matthew came through florida, and the day afterwards, i found her underneath a car that was at a traffic light and about to run her over. a group of people kept saying somebody needs to do something. i crawled underneath the car and pulled her out from underneath
11:54 pm
the tire. she didn't have her eyes open yet and didn't have any fur. jesse: you rescued the squirrel. then the squirrel became your pet pant squirrel behaves? >> yes, i raised her. jesse: do you walk around with the squirrel on your shoulder? do you carry it like a baby? how do you transport it? >> she sits on my shoulder. but she is more like an inside cat. i don't take her out. the one time i did a dog attacked the carrier that i had her in and traumatized her. jesse: the condo you are living in, they want to give you have the boot. but it looks like law is on your side. is there anything you want to say quickly to the condo?
11:55 pm
>> i would just rather be the better man. they can be negative if they want and push as hard as they want. but i am going to fight back. jesse: all right. listen, ryan, my best of luck to you with your condo squirrel situation. too paid wasn't able to say hi to brutus. i'm sure she is a beautiful squirrel. thank you very much. up next, some wacky questions.
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jesse: time for "ask watters." how are you able to take so many insults so calmly. because i receive so many. i'm used to it.
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i can't emphasize too much the importance of regular dental flossing. are you saying i have bad teeth? remember, i'm what watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> i would say looks like is not jeff basis to appoint a special counsel. judge jeanine: tonight i'll lay out the case against the clintons and uranium one and i'll show you the raging fire behind all that smoke. and that's not all. >> congress has been trying to get this from the fbi for months now. judge jeanine: tonight i head to cap mill to get answers directly from two members of congress pushing for the truth. and i'll talk why with the one man who may have more power than congress when it comes to getting


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