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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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they approve it, the house and senate will get together. i will be the right in the middle of it, and we'll come up with a bill that will be spectacular for growth and spectacular for the people of this country. i tax plan will ring urgent relief to hardworking families, reduce rates, reduce the income tax at a rate of 0. expand the child tax credit, very important, and as most families will be able to file on a single sheet of paper. we will restore america's competitive edge to bring back our jobs. we want to bring our jobs back to our country. we were decimated over the last 40 years. we want to bring our jobs back to the united states. we'll go from being one of the highest taxed nations to one of the lowest taxed nations in the world. hobart rates will be reduced from 35% all the way down to
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20%, which will make us competitive again and countries will not leave our country. finally, our tax plant will return trillions of dollars of wealth to our shores, so that companies can invest in america again. at the same time, we are working to reduce wasteful government spending. we will hear from budget director, mick mulvaney, who is working with my cabinet to find taxpayer savings in each and every department. the cabinet members that are with us today are working on getting reductions to the various departments that we think we are going to be able to save a lot of money, even lower than the budget and the budgets we are submitting. we are looking at welfare reform, and that will happen after taxes. very soon, very shortly after taxes. we will be submitting plans on health care plans on infrastructure plans, and plans
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and welfare reform, which is desperately needed in our country sue soon after taxes. we will work with the cap annoyed to make make a good epidemic devastating families. we nominated alex maser is a next secretary of health and human services. i urge that they swiftly nominate and push it through, thank you eric service such devotion and for doing such a great job in the meantime. thank you very much, eric. finally, i went to which the american people are truly happy and blessed thanksgiving especially to our brave men and women serving in our military and our border patrol and i.c.e. agents along the southern border. as you heard, we lost a border patrol officer just yesterday, and another one was brutally
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beaten and badly, badly hurt. looks like you will make it, but very badly hurt. we talk about the wall. we will have the wall. is part of what we are doing. we need it. that is where the drugs are coming in. a lot of things are happening along the border, the southern border, it will straighten it out. we have already reduced the numbers you see the numbers, back towards 78% down from what they were, and those numbers will get better and better, but we have to stop the massive drug flow from pouring in, and my respect to the families that were so badly hurt yesterday as they were devastated. those two families were devastated. i just want to wish everybody a very, very happy thanksgiving. will be working very hard during the recess. we are going to florida. and i want to thank everyone for being here, and let's start our meeting into the median price,
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thank you very much. >> sandra: a fox news alert, you hear the president with a bunch of issues, taxing the economy, and north korea. he was asked a question about roy moore towards the end, he did not answer about the alabama senate candidate. sexual ms. connick is a allegations. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith melissa francis, the editor of, katie pavlich and kennedy she joins us today and speak to a seven, former utah congressman, jason chaffetz is here, and he is outnumbered. we have been watching the president together wrapping up the remarks. people are respecting our country again. the best job performance, but they big news and awaited announcement is that they are
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now declaring north korea a state sponsor of terror. >> jason: it is shocking that north korea wasn't already designated a state sponsor of terror. i'm glad to hear the president do it could hit a very successful trip. i also think it was very important with three aircraft carriers in the region, the president wasn't proximity and tempered. it is very quiet, and china is more engaged in the president did bring home hundreds of billions of dollars in deals for the benefit of the american people. >> sandra: and roy moore still denied allegations against him in the president was asked at the end, no response. the special election in alabama is now just about three weeks away. the senate candidate, roy moore, it is defined in the face of those allegations of sexual misconduct. in a radio interview he said, he believes mitch mcconnell and the g.o.p. establishment want a candidate they can control and then he said this -- speak i believe in all my heart, mitch mcconnell is in cahoots
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with the democrats to stop this campaign. they want me out. that is what is going on. i believe they help put this information, these ideas to "the washington post." pressure does not help for me to stand down. it causes me to stand up. >> sandra: the woman who accused roy moore of a sexual encounter when she was 14 years old speaking out for the first time after "the washington post" pulled her story. she was asked why she is first talking about this now. watch. >> i did tell people. my family knew. family friends new. my friends new. i wanted to walk into his office and say hey, remember me? you need to knock the stuff off. i need to go public. my children were small so i did
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not do it. >> were you compensated by any entity for your story? >> absolutely not. if anything, this has cost me. i've had to take a leap for my job. i have no tickets to tahiti. my bank account has now flourished. if anything, it has gone down. currently, i am not working. >> sandra: meantime, some alabama g.o.p. officials are still backing roy moore besides local papers calling for voters to reject him, and white house legislative affairs director at marc short is defending how president trump is responding to all of this so far. >> if he did not believe that that accusations were credible, he'd be campaigning for roy moore. he has concerns about the accusations, but he's also concerned that these accusations are 38 years old, roy moore has been in public service for decades and accusations did not arrive until multiple for elections. at this point as i said, we
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think it's best that the people of alabama to make the decision for them. >> jason: i think it is interesting. donald trump, he wanted luther strange. he was championing luther strange, and he did not get the person he wanted. he's been very tempered in his approach. her allegations are very credible. there is more than one. i do not think roy moore is going to get very far. my personal opinion by attacking washington, d.c. i will see any evidence, this is a case where washington, d.c., is looking at the same set of facts as the people of alabama. quite frankly, i trust the people of alabama. they have a tough decision, but let's leave it up to the people of alabama. bill and katie? >> katie: they will decide. they made their decision to have roy moore when the primary, and i doubt they are really going to listen to people telling them what to do now. they will make a decision.
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the big lesson is this, not to take any speech for granted. this was jeff sessions old seat, they thought it would be an easy seat to keep. right now, they're looking at it and thinking, it is roy moore and other extremists liberal guy, and as a problem. it's a good lesson for the g.o.p. to remind themselves that no seat is safe to matter how read a state may be. two-thirds of the voters are republican in alabama. the numbers are on roy moore side. people of alabama are going to make a decision for better or for worse, and it's going to be their decision that they will have to own. spiel what does it tell you about the president's lack of response chemic he showed the willingness iia and on many issues that surprise us. why not now? went out way and? >> kenedy: they are struggling for a solution. to go back to something that roy moore said, he said the allegations pretty much cannot be true because mitch mcconnell once republican he can control. he could've been a super creep
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30, 40 years ago and if you changed and that's part of the narrative from some of his supporters, he is a changed person, maybe you would see a little bit of contrition. maybe you would see someone who claims out and describes the personal journey. he does not have any contrition. he's not getting out of the race. i don't think he has any help to his party. he's not a party guy, i think the president and mitch mcconnell are coming up with a solution, and that's what you have seen so much action or have not from the president. spiel and i spoke to kellyanne conway in the later part of last week and asked her the same question. the white house's take on this, the present has responded. there is a statement while on the asia trip. we heard from the press secretary that the president stands that these allegations are true, he should step aside. >> melissa: it is wise for him to stay away. he does not always do what is the most wise for him, but you listen to that woman speaking this morning. she seems so sincere and credible. it is very hard to have doubts
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after you hear something like that. i think you're right. the party does not have a better idea, but it doesn't matter what the party tries to do, because alabama is determined to have their voice heard. one quote that jumps at me, i never liked roy moore, but guess what? i am voting for roy moore now because i hate the stupidity that is invading the republican party. to so many other issues that play into this race, even though these voices deftly deserve to be heard. >> kenedy: and he's talking about the swamp and the media and those two factors that resonate with voters. they also do not want to be told what to do. for the republic and party, is that situation. i think the alabama state republican party has not responded appropriately. >> sandra: we will watch it. meanwhile, a border patrol agent was killed. you heard the president, his partner also seriously injured. and parent ambush on sunday morning as the two were patrolling the big bend sector f
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homeland security saint, porter patrol agents are looking for the area for potential suspects or witnesses. and president trump had this to say a few moments ago. >> we lost a border patrol officer just yesterday, and another one it was brutally beaten and badly, badly hurt. it looks like you'll make it, but very badly hurt. we'll talk about the wall, it is part of what we're doing doing. we need it. >> sandra: okay, give you an opportunity to say, build that wall. >> jason: this makes me so mad and infuriated. it should never have happened. these guys, they go out there, they are by themselves. where the most difficult situations. i think homeland security was slow on the draw to secure the area. there would have caught these
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people. they took a long time to get that information out there. i love the border patrol. i have been down there and with them. they do one of the most impossible jobs, and this partner is fighting for his life, hopefully he will be okay, but do not be under allusion. they do not walk in pairs. when you go out, there is a signal, you go out there by yourself, and it is a scary thing and very difficult job. i'm glad that this president prioritizes border security and the wall, because we needed. people do not need to lose our lives. and very important, reports were that they were fired upon by guns. now it is rocks. the border patrol has been repeatedly and publicly shamed by groups like the aclu for using lethal force against illegal alien rock throwers on the border, because they do that because they can do that. this is a situation where they
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are saying, his's cult was bashed in, and the other agent is severely injured. the second thing, the fbi is not releasing any of the information. it has been 24 hours. that is a huge red flag. we both know that the fbi has covered up the murder scenes of a border patrol agents before in the fact that they are not giving any details about what happened and we are finding out from the border patrol union coming from the fbi or homeland security, is a huge, huge red flag. >> sandra: what you think about the timing of this, kennedy, for the timing of the wall after this happened? >> kenedy: the situation that we have on the border is such a hodgepodge. it is such a mess. we want something uniform, and they want some things strong. i do not have a lot of faith because people who want to get into the country, though do whatever they can and hurt whoever they can. katie is from a border state and
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lived in a border state for the better part of 25 years, and i will tell you, when you lived on there, it is a solitary job. they have so much to respond to. they have put themselves out there. i would say, is dangerous if not more so than some of the people in urban areas. >> melissa: what is the hold up? the money needs to be appropriated. congress does not get to tell the president what to do with it. could he just do this now? >> jason: congress does need to appropriate the money. the original funding, but december 8th is a big day. that is when they come up with the next batch of money and that is when they need to fund this. >> sandra: special counsel robert mueller looking for a wide range of documents related to james comey's firing. and will interview more top white house official whether the probe is reaching a pivotal stage. plus, word of new allegations against senator al franken. this time, inappropriate touching while he was a senator. his response and what it will mean for him as an ethics
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investigation looms. ♪
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>> sandra: another woman is
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coming out with accusations against senator al franken. the first allegation of an improper touching after he was elected senator . she said he inappropriately touched her at a state fair back in 2010, grabbing her while they posed for this photo right here. imagine that. senator franken in a statement, i take thousands of photo at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people, and i certainly do not remember taking this picture. i feel badly that she came away feeling disrespected. this is after a radio news anchor said, he forcibly kissed and groped her in 2006 when he was a comedian. he has apologize for that, now faces a potential investigation by the senate ethics committee. leaders on both sides of the aisle say, it must get done. >> there is ugly behavior for across the country, and men and women together.
9:21 am
here we are, this is not going to get fixed. men have wives, sisters, daughters, friends, family. we have to fix this together and change the culture. it has been going on for too long. it is not just men, there's a thousand names. >> i did find the allegations against him to be both credible, disgusting, and appalling and degrading to women. >> sandra: meantime a rally was held as the minnesota state capital against sexual harassment as some of al franken's supporters are reportedly calling on him to resign, but a spokesperson telling a local paper, he will not do that. adding coming to spend the holiday with his family doing a lot of reflecting. kennedy, what did you think? i take millions of photos with hundreds and thousands of women, and i do not remember this photo. what did you think of that denial? >> kennedy: it is really disingenuous. you could insert, i think thousands of photos and a groped so many hundreds of people it's
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hard to remember. it does nothing for me. right now, i hate to say it, but al franken is a war meets accurate all the democrats hate him. if they are confident that if he resigns, another democrat will scurry into his place. they do not care about him anymore. a lot of people do not like him. >> sandra: katie use in the last segment, don't take any seat for granted. >> katie: that is right, but minnesota is a very blue state. the chances are high that they would be able to get another democrat the ethics committee, this is where i a place go where things die. she will not be held accountable for anything. he volunteered himself. >> he knows it will not go anywhere. this excuse, i'll be spending more time with my family. everybody uses that excuse who has done something like this and it never actually solved anything. you and i thought that's what he was doing, honestly.
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>> melissa: may become to some realizations. what is so frustrating we are talking during the break, people who call themselves defenders of women, and then coming out and they had this behavior, we remember president clinton, defendant saying, he already paid the price for what he did. there is no need for democratics to fight. listen. >> he more than paid the price for what he had dead. the fact that he went through an impeachment process as president of the united states the senate did not the fact that he went through an impeachment process as president means there will always be a shadow on the legacy of his presidency. from my point of view, i think he is more than paid the price. >> melissa: he more than paid the price? >> jason: wow with panetta in
9:24 am
the house, he went through the process, where all these democrats? where was the moment of revelation they said, now we cannot do this anymore. look at -- where was senator joe when she realized, he should not be in office. there is a lot of us that said, it was wrong, it was wrong. and he was up for lying to congress. not for the fact that he was the president preying on an intern in the oval office. there was absolutely disgusting. you're right, the ethics panel will not do much if anything is a al franken has been a buffoon and is always been a phone and is still a buffoon. >> sandra: why would not something change it was a point if it goes -- >> jason: i think the ethics committee is important for actions when you are a member of congress in the house or the senate. but to say you will look back whether it is 40 years or whatnot, i do not know if that is the role or they will get it
9:25 am
done. i do like the idea that we are elevating this discussion. we are actually coming to a consensus that this is never, ever acceptable and people need to pay a price. >> melissa: people thought they could bully their way into keeping a quiet and of the people quiet, people would not come forward. >> kennedy: feminist defended bill clinton for two decades. they knew and admitted what he did, and they defended him. it was not just about keeping it quiet, they openly defended him and said it was fine. >> jason: and hillary clinton is big and empowering and covering her husband. >> kennedy: he you risk himself. >> sandra: special counsel robert mueller now appearing to turn his focus to president trump and his firing of comey. mueller's latest document request and what it means for the russia probe. plus, the president sons eric,
9:26 am
calling for investigation into uranium one deal that benefited the clintons. president trump says there is something there. >> do not believe that someone would give $145 million for nothing to hillary clinton, government official at the time. ♪ watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that.
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ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof. to build details on the russian investigation. special counsel robert mueller looking to head over documents. the president reportedly wrote a memo listing his grievances with comey. he's also seeking discussions between attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney rod rosenstein. and discussions with the white house. in the meantime, mueller's team to interview more senior
9:31 am
white house officials in the coming weeks including communications director and white house counsel. jared kushner is also on pass to be interviewed. new sort of preview. >> jason: the president can fire whoever he wants. if you wanted to buy the fbi director, he should have done it january 20th, because he would had supported on both sides of the aisle, but he is an at will employee and come fbi director, how in the reasons. it does not matter. under the law, the president can fire whoever he wants, whenever he wants but not all federal employees, but a direct appointment like that, he can do that. i do not know what kind of fishing expedition, but a lot of us believe that uranium one is a much bigger deal regarding russia and why is the special counsel spending time investigate something the president can do under the law?
9:32 am
>> katie: and hearing hillary clinton talk to "mother jones" and in arkansas celebrated their 25th anniversary of her husband's election. any who, she is talking about how the russian election meddling directly affected the outcome of votes and obsolutely had to be, because no other way explaining why she is not president right now. if that weren't the case, then shouldn't somebody also be outraged that her foundation was enriched by $145 million during the time of that uranium one deal? >> jason: oh and by my book. >> katie: as a financial person it enrages me to see the clinton foundation how much money they took in from so many places and people will say, where is the smoking gun? where is a letter that says the quid pro quo if you give us the money. that is not what it is about. you see the money come in, and other cases you would say, it
9:33 am
wasn't even appropriate for you to be speaking to these people much less taking money from them, that's enough right there. they very much did enrich themselves to the point, you have to wonder how much money does one family need? >> katie: she is such a nasty woman as we like to say. it is so obvious that there was something going on between the sheer number, hundred $45 million from russia alone and then you look at what happened to the clinton foundation as soon as hillary clinton lost the election. all of the donations from all of these foreign governments started drying up. why is that? they knew she was no longer at the secretary of state, had power there to give them access to the state department to make favors turned around, invited to the best parties to get their connections, to get certain things done on their behalf in the interest of their countries rather than the united states, and they knew when she did not win the presidency. there's a quid pro quo in a paper plate, and of course they do not want to have anyone
9:34 am
looking at it, because it is obvious that things were happening. >> sandra: back to the president and his son, eric trump, calling for a special counsel to investigate the russian uranium one deal, which was approved when hillary clinton was secretary of state, and benefited the clinton foundation as we just discussed. eric trump saint, there is more than enough evidence that something fishy. >> people naive enough to believe that some but he gave hillary clinton, secretary of state at the time, $145 million for her foundation for nothing? do people really believe that? to me, it is a travesty that that is not being investigated. there is something there and it smells and looks horrible, and personally, i do not believe that somebody would give $145 million for nothing to hillary clinton, a government official at the time. >> kennedy: it felt so good. where do we go from here as far
9:35 am
as a special counsel or the department of justice investigating this further? >> jason: or congress getting the documents that are necessary to do a proper investigation? you have this deep state that holds back. they can run out the clock, because they do not want to and be embarrassed. they do everything they can to help attacked the obama's, the clintons, it will not show you all the documents, all the financial transactions. eric trump is absolutely right. on the surface, give me one reason why to the best interest to give up any percentage of uranium let alone to russia, and then on top about $145 million. come on, america. >> kennedy: >> melissa: and thes agreement for this to happen. it's frustrating as an american when you watch this go on and you hear about investigations and people make accusations and i feel like nothing comes of anything. i wish there was a truly
9:36 am
independent body who could get out there and look at things. >> kennedy: we will see what happens with this mueller investigation and what that leads to, because there is a national frustration and to what you said earlier about al franken, the senate ethics committee is aware of thanks income is where things go like this to die. will there be any resolution can make if not do people learn to make >> katie: when government investigate itself, it does not. you have to go to the deep state to get any information for the state department, the trump state department under rex tillerson with all the career state department officials and have been asked by court to turn over documents, an independent group doing the work that congress should be doing to get a lot of this information, and they have been suing the state department to get information on hillary clinton. emails, uranium one information on the specific issue, they are going to the judicial system in
9:37 am
a roundabout way to get to the bottom of this thing. you're right. the accountability number. though never be accountability for hillary clinton. >> jason: that's the fundamental problem. they cannot get to the judicial branch. they have to do the executive branch to issue a subpoena enforced by the executive branch. there is a conflict there. that is the rub where judicial is much more successful and when i was chairman of the oversight committee, i could issue a subpoena on the department of justice and the department of justice would say, no were not going to do that. >> sandra: amazing. >> melissa: i thought it was an interesting interview. a lot of frustrations and to say on the double standard that he thinks goes against his father. speed with the deep state protection to your point, and knows no party and no snow bound. >> melissa: absolutely. i wish it was an independent body that could get in there, because both sides have enough to get out there in the american people to feel like you do not
9:38 am
have lawmakers held to themselves. they will be our robot overloads. we'll have to wait. [laughs] time to let it go, no. still battling it out. more than a year after the election after she tore into the president over the weekend, what hillary said and some question whether she is hurting her party more than she is helping. that is next. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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today, innovation in the finger lakes is helping build the new new york. once home to the world's image center, new york state is now a leader in optics, photonics and imaging. fueled by strong university partnerships, providing the world's best talent. and supported with workforce development to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit ♪ speed to the calendar may say 2017, but it feels like novembes hillary clinton and president trump duke it out more election. the latest doesn't begin after a pair of interviews of the week and said the president must answer to allegations of sexual
9:43 am
misconduct and a russian middling leaves questions hanging over his victory. watch. >> i think there are lots of question about his legitimacy and we do not have anything to contest that in our system. that is why i have long advocated for independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened. >> katie: fiery action from the president who tweeted, crooked hillary is the worst and the biggest loser of all. she cannot stop, which is so good for the republican party. hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years! do that, clinton says the president is obsessed with her. >> apparently, you know, my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out. apparently there was another tweet today. honestly, between keating , tweeting how does he get
9:44 am
anything done? maybe that is the whole point. >> katie: melissa, you are laughing. >> melissa: it is ridiculous. she's out there trying to sell a book, but i will tell you. she will not give up the spotlight, but democrats realize how bad this is, and the president is rice, it's good for republicans, and that is why we have seen this outburst republicans, d that is why we and how bill clinton. they should have tournament years ago. he should've gone away for the should of been -- and that was the pilot after donna brazile came out through the clintons out of the bus for taking over the party. the president is right, the democrats are doing everything they can to get the clintons out of the spotlight, but that is not working, because they will not go. speak to the look on bill clinton's face, that betrays the feeling of everyone in the democratic party. this event is supposed to be about him, his legacy and presidency, and 25 years since
9:45 am
his election, and she will not -- it is such an insane glitch. she will not stop talking about it. donna brazile wrote a book, joe biden wrote a bill. the president says, she is right. i wish i had resigned, because then maybe, we would have split up years ago. he is sitting there within an bull around his neck named hillary, if she will not stop talking. you can see the frustration. is it bad for the democratic party can make yes. do you think hillary clinton cares? >> jason: hillary clinton she leads the democratic party. there's nobody else. she continues to get into spats with the present, which the president enjoys. never how far she went on the process, she was believing that donald trump would not believe the village the legitimacy of the electoral college. and there is a process, it's called the electoral college.
9:46 am
>> kennedy: to render a response from her, because he thinks it's good for her party? >> jason: absolutely. he relishes and enjoys it. he got 30 out of the 50 states. his week will not be complete unless he gets a tweet back from hillary clinton. >> sandra: easiest thing for him to say, i won, you loss, loser. >> kennedy: they would love to beat her again, that's why she's a nightmare for the democrats and a dream come true for republicans. >> katie: i wonder, sandra, does she think hillary will run again chemic >> sandra: maybe that is telling us something. maybe we should take that hint. as long as you keep saying, she is the lead of the democratic party, she better start talking about the economy, because -- while my, does a blip. president trump use uses every opportunity to top that message. >> jason: you have every single democrat out there saying, no, we do not want to
9:47 am
cut your taxes. what a message to america. speaking of the economy. spirits are to vote on the tax reform will after thanks giving, but they could be staging a tough road ahead as some votes they cannot afford to lose appeared to be hanging in the balance. one or two republicans are having, coming up
9:48 am
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>> i want to congratulate the house of representatives for passing a vital and historic tax cut last week. i'm very hopeful the senate will do the same very soon. we are going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully they'll be a great big, beautiful christmas presen present. >> katie: those comments for a showdown on taxes. now planning to vote on their bill after thanksgiving. the slum of republican majority means they can only lose two votes we know several susan collins remain, she who likes few things better than the senate plan. permit cuts for individuals in a
9:52 am
slightly higher corporate tax rate. >> i have not reached that conclusion, because there will be further changes, but the biggest mistake was putting a provision from the affordable care act into the senate bill that is not in the house bill, and i hope that will be dropped, introduced by bill nelson and myself, it will be adopted to mitigate the impact of those provisions. >> melissa: wrote she says repealing is a bad idea. it is something the trump administration is pushing for hard, but apparently not at the expense of dealing tax reform. listen to budget director, mick mulvaney. >> i don't think anybody doubts where the white house is on repealing and replacing obamacare. we absolutely want to do it. if we can't repeal part of obamacare is part of the tax bill and have a tax bill that is a good tax bill that can that is
9:53 am
great. if it becomes an impediment to getting the type back best tax bill, it's up to the senate and the house to hammer out those details. >> melissa: every time they talk about tinkering was something you have to remember, there is math behind that and by getting rid of repealing mandate, that screws up the math. >> jason: to keep it simple, when they pass the budget, they said the number for reconciliation. $1.5 trillion is not an arbitrary number. if the number that the senate came up with. it is stuck with that $1.5 trillion to make it work. this a jacking back and forth. when i would like to see is the united state senate vote on the house bill. the house bill is very impressive vote. put it up. it's more frustrating to me is the former member of congress into the american people, is when they do not vote.
9:54 am
put people on the record. let's see who actually is opposed to cutting taxes on americans and some of these people are arguing, we have to pay for these tax cuts. since when do you have to pay, quote unquote, pay to keep people's money in their own wall. if they did that, they shouldn't pass the $47 trillion budget. >> kennedy: they need to cut spending. you hear revenue neutrality. the money you bring in, deficit neutrality. that is the money you are spending in over committing that money that you will have to borrow on in the future. the mandate helps them philosophically but helps with reconciliation. there are so many other areas, where they can cut money for programs and they do not have -- >> jason: $47 spending budget. >> kennedy: he is right. meds weiss also
9:55 am
many vote against the bill, because it's immoral to spend money do not have. spilled one more thing she found wrong, that cut to the corporate tax rate is too low. 20% chemic >> kennedy: i do not understand that provides for republicans to cut taxes. he said cut the corporate tax. make sure the middle class has a tax relief. his objectives are pretty clear. >> melissa: it is hard to see them befuddled by the rules they could have. >> katie: the interesting thing with senator collins after the corporate tax rate windows all these other things though when us is willing to negotiate on, they made it clear, the corporate tax rate is a redline. they're not willing to go above what they have offered on the table for the plan they want, the structure that the president put forward that is in two pieces of legislation. for her to go after that indicates to me, she is not interested. >> kennedy: maybe they will start businesses if there is a
9:56 am
low corporate rate connects be >> melissa: we have more in "outnumbered" in a moment
9:57 am
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[laughter] >> he said he was going to say happy thanksgiving, i said not everybody is going home to eat turkey right now. >> tomorrow i will be in michigan with the whole family.
10:00 am
>> have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> i'll be working this week. many thanks to former congressman jason chaffetz, we are back tomorrow at noon eastern and now here is melissa francis and for harris. >> melissa: a fox news alert, president trump renewing his call to build his wall after a border agent is killed in the line of duty. this is "outnumbered overtime," and i melissa francis and for harris faulkner. a manhunt underway in southwest texas after a border patrol agent was killed and his partner seriously injured sunday while on patrol. customs and border protection agents say the agent and his partner were "responding to activities" when they were attacked. the agent's death brings us with the reaction from the president who repeated his call for all border wall a short while ago.


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