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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 22, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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courtside looking ill after sniffing and taking a bite it appears he survived. >> he was trying to get on tv by acting like a golf ball. that's what i think. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> a desperate search and rescue underway right now. a u.s. navy plane crashing into the ocean with 11 crew members on board. >> eight of those 11 service members have been found. >> roy moore denies it we don't need a liberal person in there. a democrat. >> he has impeccable integrity. give john con jerusalem a big round of applause. >> sexual harassment allegations against the longest serving member of the house. michigan's john conyers. >> fbi offering $25,000 reward teen star david cassidy has died organ
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failure. he was 67 years old. >> drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. ♪ ♪ steve: this is a fox news alert. a miracle at sea. eight people found alive and in good condition after their navy jet crashed into the pacific. ainsley: 11 passengers and crew on board the greyhound when it went off the coast of japan. a desperate search and rescue underway to find the remaining flee people. brian: all right. the plane is part of the navy's seventh fleet and taking part in the ongoing naval exercises with japan. the aircraft was meant to land on the uss ronald reagan in the sea. steve: it has had two failings accident in asian waters this year involving the uss fitzgerald and uss john mccain. 17 sailors died there. eight top navy officials had been removed from their posts. a moment ago i set it was a jet. looks like a prop job. ainsley: good news they recovered eight of those
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individuals. steve: a miracle indeed. ainsley: that story was breaking on "fox & friends first." didn't know if they would be recovered. they hadn't found any yet. steve: good news. ainsley: president trump is back at the winter white house he landed in palm beach in florida for thanksgiving. brian: president breaks silence on roy moore's sexual harassment, a bit of a surprise about those allegations, remarks before he left. steve: look who is here. it's griff jenkins. he joins us from our nation's capital with details on what the president said. good morning, griff. >> good morning, guys. happy early thanksgiving, the president heading out the door in thanksgiving mar-a-lago weighing in on the alabama race. and the scandal involving republican candidate roy moore who has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor nearly four decades ago. something moore has repeated arely denied. >> well, he denies. i mean, roy moore denies it and, by the way. he gives a total denial and i do have to say, 40 years is a long time. he has run eight races and
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this has never come up. so 40 years is a long time. the women are trump voters. most of them are trump voters. >> the president stopped short of endorsing the embattled candidate who has seen a comfortable lead in the poll recently. he took a shot at moore's opponent democrat doug jones. >> we don't need a liberal personal in there, a democrat jones. i've looked at his record. it's terrible on crime. it's terrible on the border. it's terrible in the military. >> jones appeared to shoot back at president trump last night at a town hall in huntsville, contending that he has a family grandchildren and the notion that he is weak on anything was blown. the election is just three weeks away, guys, on december 12th. there is no indication whether the president intends to campaign for him in the final days. you will remember trump supporterred trump's opponent luther strange in the primaries. steve: griff, we thank you very much for that meanwhile, let's talk about what is going on in the
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house of representatives, the house ethics committee has launched an investigation into congressman john conyers. he has been in congress since 1960, a second woman has come forward with allegations and it was revealed in the last 48 hours that apparently they used $27,000 from office funds to pay the person off. they listed the payments as employee severance. brian: this is a second woman come out. both worked on his staff. so this is significant money. of course, he denies it. and there will be an ethics investigation. what i also find fascinating is that nancy pelosi said she knew nothing about it. also knew nothing about that so-called slush fund on the side for the past 20 years that have been paying out various congress men and women. we are about to get those names soon. it was just set aside. taxpayer money, millions and millions of dollars just in case they get in legal trouble. ainsley: a.p. reporter went to house did you use
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taxpayer dollars to pay this fee? he originally denied it he then retracted on that later and said yes, there was fun and. we did use the money for that, but that does not mean that i am guilty. it meant we were giving her severance money because she ended up leaving. detroit free press which is in detroit. he represents michigan, they said that his behavior can't be tolerated. this is at least the editorial. that much less from an elected official, they said. and they are calling for his resignation. they said he must go. steve: there's the headline right there. john conyers jr. must go. he said even if they prove the allegations are false, there is no defense for using public money. they said essentially it looks like hush money. brian: right. looks if you are to believe some of these reports, it looks like somebody in power was taking advantage of somebody without power. you also understand, too. the thing that's going to make this so challenging for any investigation is when they get the payout they have to decide to keep their mouth shut. how you get people to talk and tell what happened if they are under an agreement not to talk about it.
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good luck with that investigation. steve: laura ingraham last night was talking about the whole sweep of things going on in the world right now. and in particular in congress and said, you know what? this is probably a good case for term limits. >> when the government is this large and this unwe wouldy, mischief is bound to follow. both personal and professional. no one is looking out for the people. they are looking to cover themselves. representatives settle into their positions of power and year after year term after term, they tune out their constituents and pretty soon they're taking orders from the swamp rather than the people. so if we want to end the corruption and move legislation on capitol hill. we need the old timers to do the decent thing and begin to retire. brian: you can say they have been there too long or you can say just don't act like that. a lot of people have had jobs in every major city and
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small city across the country. just because they they have been at a job long time doesn't mean you are grabbing people's butts. steve: he has been in congress since 1960's. the president of the united states is up down at mar-a-lago. he arose, we believe, about 30 minutes ago because he started tweeting. once again, he is taking a shot at the father of one of the three young men from the ucla basketball team that he helped spring in china. ainsley: he wrote it wasn't the white house. it wasn't the state department. it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long-term prison sentence. it was me. too bad. lavar is just a poor man's version of don king but without the hair. just think, lavar, you could have spent the next five to 10 years during thanksgiving with your son in china but no nba contract to support you. but remember, lavar, shoplifting is not a little thing. it's a really big deal, especially in china. ungrateful fool.
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brian: unbelievable. we are going to ignite this now. people know lavar ball in the sports world. they know he says outrageous things. they also know i he raised outside the shoplifting three outstanding young men who are fantastic basketball players. this guy, i am not sure during that interview, that it wasn't a total put-on during cnn it wasn't a total act. the things he said the only reason i will thank you if you put them on air force one and took them back. he didn't go there just to get my son out, then i would thank you. why was he there to begin with? of course he was on a far east tour nothing to do with your son's shoplifting. a lot of the things he was saying was so bizarre was a put on. ainsley: by cnn? brian: i think lavar ball where cnn wanted to do interview and he went into entertainment mode. steve: think about it. he is a guy that loves the headlines. if you woke up yesterday this guy was unhinged and you wound up watching it.
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brian: and he sells more stuff. shannon sharp, hardly somebody who runs to the president's defense this time he did on fox sports one. >> speak very highly of lavar. >> yep. but this was the dumbest thing he ever could have said. the president of the united states did not go visit his son in jail. so, therefore, he is not going to say thank you? i can assure you president trump mentioning to the chinese president didn't hurt his situation. i see why president trump used the word ungrateful. steve: okay. let's keep it with football and now there is a story out of "the washington post" as of yesterday afternoon, most nfl owners now, given the backlash and how their waiting are divinsd ling are considering that they may keep the players in the locker room during the national anthem. they are going to officially vote on it in march. you know what? that's an idea that once again the president in the last five minutes has tweeted out as well. brian: that's akin to i'm worried about the kids coming to school late every
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day so let's not have them come to school. the president tweeted this out the nfl is thinking about a new idea of keeping the teams in the locker room during the neavment. that's almost as bad as kneeling. when the commissioner get tough and smart. this issue is killing your league. it's certainly not helping. it's beginning to dwindle. fewer players doing it i would say, this the only thing worse than that would be to stop playing the national anthem which i predicted about six months ago that they were going to stop playing it. ainsley: no way. brian: now they are going to play it but thinking about keeping the players. in now you have a bunch of players saying wait a second i'm not staying in the locker room. i'm going out of the locker room. that's going to further divide the situation. how could that possibly be a plausible solution. steve: members of this team who made this a complicated and challenging situation, they should talk to the person who says i want to go out because the players, owners look terrible. ultimately who is going to be watching football tomorrow on the big day? we asked you this yesterday. and the email machine just about melted down. some people have just had it
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up to here with the nfl. ainsley: so tomorrow is thanksgiving. these are some big topics that you are probably going to be talking about around the thanksgiving table if do you want to talk about politics. we have the lavar thing. the dad thing. the president responding. them going back and forth and also this national anthem controversy. let us know what you think about all these topics because we'll be talking about them the next three hours. steve: 6:11 in morning, jillian. good morning. jillian: sounds like a band-aid. president trump vowing to do his part to bring peace to the middle east following hour long phone call with vladimir putin. it comes on the heels of the rare high fro coordination of anti-terror efforts with the u.s. the call also focusing on the critical need to increase international pressure on north korea. the fbi investigating democrat bob brady for allegedly paying an opponent
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to drop out of a 2012 primary race. jimmy moore accused of ending his campaign after receiving $90,000 from the pennsylvania representative's campaign. moore and a former aide have already pleaded guilty brady has not been charged with a crime. tragic news overnight teen idol and partridge family star david cassidy has died ♪ i think i love you ♪ that's what life is made of ♪ so it worries me to say ♪ i never felt this way ♪ jillian: cassidy passing away at florida hospital organ failure. he had a career launching five decades. singer marie osmond tweeting heart broken over the passing of david cassidy. to me and millions of us you were forever young. cassidy was 67 years old. that's a look at your medicine lines. brian: come on our show a
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lot. i had his guitar when i was 9. steve: there you go. my sisters loved him. ainsley: sold replica of guitars to kids. brian: with his fake signature. cost $4 but he was the hottest thing out there. steve: funny show, great show. david cassidy. brian: that's when the singing shows became singing groups. steve: the monkeys were a singing group. brian: remember the hard thing peter's voice was changing? remember that? ainsley: going through puberty, my goodness. ainsley: he sold one of his clients a deadly dose of prescription drugs. now that drug dealer is being forced to pay for the funeral. is that justice being served? we report. you decide. brian: all right. i will take it from here despite the way my name is spelled in the prompter. hillary clinton just won't go away. up next, people react to latest comments in the brand new dials. >> apparently, you know, my
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former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out. sometimes a cough gets in the way of a good night's sleep.
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that's when he needs vicks vaporub. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. brian: tough talk between president and key democrats for the battle on tax reform and now heads to the senate, too, as it got through the house. what do the american people think after all they have a role in this. lee carter is a pollster with maslansky and partners where she is a full-time partner. that means she gets at love
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money. [laughter] she put this question to the test. lee, welcome back. >> thanks so much. brian: the first question you put to the test that we would like to examine is tax bill. let's see what the american people thought about this push. >> i want to congratulate the house of representatives for passing a vital and historic tax cut last week. and i'm very hopeful the senate will do the same very soon. we're going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great big beautiful christmas present. with the democrats giving us no votes tax cuts purely political reasons. obstructionists, it will be up to the republicans to come through for america. it's up to the senate. >> republicans on board. gave this an a. independents a c and democrats an f. a lot of people would say
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independents aren't supporting the tax plan. that's not the case. what they are saying is it's almost impossible for me now to understand who is going to benefit. the messages are so cloudy. the democrats are saying it's going to benefit the wealthy republicans are saying it's going to benefit the middle class. they are confused and not sure it's going to happen. brian: two legitimate plans. nancy pelosi, of course, on the other side wants to rally democrats and the country to defeat the republican bill. >> they throw a scrap to the middle class provide a ban questioned for the wealthy and corporate america. transform america in doing so we will not let that happen. kill the bill. and then she had a little chant kill the bill. >> there you go. republicans gave this an f. independents c minus and democrats a b. you would have thought if the president's comments were negative with independents it would have been the reverse here. that's not the case. people are tired of
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obstructionism. they are not sure to to discuss. they don't like the establishment. and not sure anything is going to get done. that's why people are responding the way they are. they are just tired of it. brian: right. everything is blurry. hillary clinton and bill clinton went down to little rock to discuss 100 years since their husband bill was president. >> apparently my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out. [laughter] apparently there was another somebody told me tweet today. honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? i don't understand it. [applause] so, maybe that's -- maybe that's the whole point. brian: so the grades are? >> so you can see that democrats gave it a b. independents a d, republicans an f. overall people are tired of this narrative. enough between hillary and trump. the decision was decided. there is too many issues to be talking about to be focused on right now.
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brian: we only have 15 seconds the fact that two democrats spoke out and get a b republicans talked about progress and got an a. we will talk to you in two hours. >> great. i will be back. brian: terrorists using cars and trucks as killing machines. we will tell you what the latest is. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn.
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ainsley: quick headlines for you. a north korean soldier makes a daring escape to freedom. incredible video. look at that, showing him running for his life under a hail of gunfire. north korean soldiers shooting him five times as he sprinting for the south korean border. south korean soldiers dragging the soldier over to safety. he is expected to survive. steve: wow. brian: likes to watch television. ainsley: terrorists could turn your car into a killing machine while you are behind the wheel. experts warping experts
3:25 am
could take over and lock you inside your car. especially cars with access to wi-fi. those are the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. government is being urged to step up software security. brian: fantastic. i can't wait to drive home. i have si sirius. coco movie to find the song within himself. steve: the question is it worth your box office bucks this holiday weekend. fox news kevin mccarthy is here with a preview. tell us aboutcoco. >> hey, good morning, steve, brian, and ainsley. happy thanksgiving to you. steve: you too. >> it's an honor to be here. this movie is the 19th pixar film. hard to believe that 22 years ago toy story 1 hit theaters. over those years 19 mix sar films have grossed over $11.2 billion at the box office. this particular film as you mentioned is about finding the music within yourself.
3:26 am
this young boy miguel, he loves music and his family is essentially banned the music in the family. answered finds himself on the day of the dead transferring over to the land of the dead, finding mysterious connection to somebody in his family as to why he lost music so much. the visuals on this movie are absolutely beautiful. over the years of these pixar movies you know they find this amazing balance where they make movies great for kids and adults. there are so many beautiful messages of family in this movie. you will definitely have tears streaming down your faces a you did with the movie up and inside out. wally and toy story. this story does a great job of balancing out that adult e789 and kids elements as well. the animation ace mentioned amazing. the music is phenomenal. the songs in the film do not just break out ran domly. they are a part of the movie. my call scores gorgeous. you will find yourselves blown away by the emotional connection you have to these characterizations. steve: how many stars.
3:27 am
>> get to the theater early. there is 20 minute frozen short film. you love the movie frozen it's called olaf's frozen adventure. the new 20 minute short film that takes place before the moviecoco. steve: how many stars. >> 4.5 out of 5. definitely one of my favorite pixar films to date. definitely take the entire family to see it. steve: get in the car, go to that. brian: any other movies you recommend? did you do any other research for this segment? >> did i do any research for the segment? steve: how about a denzel washington movie? you got any of those. >> i do have one of those. i happen to have that up my sleeve, steve. i saw that movie the other day. this is the new denzel washington film directed by dan gilroy who also made a movie couple years ago called night crawler which is a phenomenal film about television. deals with a lawyer. his partner in-law has a heart attack and finds himself out of a job. three week downward spiral
3:28 am
for moral character of the character. denzel is incredible. he is the reason why this movie works. everything else around him, the story and everything else seems a bit mediocre. every time he is in a scene you are focusing on his mannerism, the way he moose and carries himself. that's what makes the movie work. the problem here is that he is better than the movie itself. i gave it 3.5 out of 5. disenktly great performance from denzel. the movie is so so. i gave it a 202.5 out of 5. it's called roman j. israel esquire. steve: you gave it how many stars. >> 3.5 out of 5. there are some great films on netflix. mud bound. stranger things season 2. and if you haven't seen the show mind hunter movie about the fbi in the 70's and seller killers, incredible show by david fincher on netflix. if you don't want to leave the house that's definitely an option for you. steve. brian: or if you are under house arrest. steve: you could always
3:29 am
watch the fox news channel. we have stuff all day long. >> this is definitely true, steve. i will be watching tomorrow morning with my family no question. i hope you guys have a wonderful thanksgiving. i love you guys. thanks for having me on. ainsley: happy thanksgiving to you, kevin. >> bye, ainsley. steve, and brian. ainsley: desperate search underway for sailors whose plane crashed in the pacific. some of them found alive. steve: ride server uber hacked. records taken and now we know the company tried to cover it all up. were you included? we will tell you what we know. brian: happy birthday. yes, it's time to single out jamie lee curtis. she is 59 today. and she is thrilled we gave her age. remember she was in that one switched? what was that movie called, switched? everybody watches it. where she pretends to be the daughter? steve: true lies. ♪ let's not get distracted
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♪ ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. right now a desperate search and rescue operation underway in the pific. three people are still missing after that navy plane plummet dollars into the ocean. brian: 11 people total were on board. 8 people have been found. steve: with more details, we have lucas thom lynnson live at the pentagon with the very latest. lucas, what can you tell us? >> guys, here is what we know, defense officials say the crash happened shortly after takeoff from the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan and early indications to point to some kind of engine failure on board the plane. american helicopter stationed aboard the uss ronald reagan aircraft carrier recovered 8 of the 11 personnel from the water.
3:34 am
three others are still missing and the search effort continues. the eight people recovered are in good condition, according to a statement from the u.s. navy's seventh fleet and currently being treated o. board the aircraft carrier. the crash occurred about 575 miles east of oak kin now what you japan philippine sea after midnight here on the east coast. the japanese military is also assisting in the recovery. of the 8 personnel were recovered less than an hour after the crash. now, the navy c 2 greyhound is a cargo plane that delivers passengers and supplies to aircraft carriers at sea. very old airplane having first entered the service in the late 1960's, scheduled to be replaced by the b-2222 of22as spree. show of force in north korea. at the time of the crash, the carrier was training yaps military. this is the latest accident from the navy's japan bases seventh fleet comes after
3:35 am
two separate collisions at sea this summer involving guided missile destroyers, uss fitzgerald and john s. mccain which killed 17 sailors. over the weekend another destroyer bumped into a japanese tug boat after the tug lost propulsion. nobody was hurt. now on capitol hill in the last few weeks, the head of naval aviation spoke about the crisis facing its force. he said in astonishing half of the navy's 542 f-18 super hornets can't fly right now, guys. brian: you know, lucas, it's unbelievable because of the toll taken on them over the last 15 years of war. going back to the persian gulf war and enforcing the no-fly zone. what's the sense among the people that's serving? do they not believe in their equipment anymore. >> brian, the sense is that most of the equipment that the u.s. navy is using is very old. when it comes to aviation, fox news and my colleague jennifer griffin and i have chronicled the state of the u.s. military aviation. crashes are ons rise. these planes are older. foreyears there was supposed to be some procurement.
3:36 am
get new aircraft ordered and purchased. a lot of these old aircraft are decades old. how many people are driving 60 era cars around town. steve: good point. lucas tom linealson with the latest engine failure. brian: sounds like emergency funded needed. ainsley: i would be fine with giving my tax dollars for new planes. brian: the money is there they have to use it. steve: jillian has headlines. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. get you caught up on breaking news. desperate search for answers after a college senior is found shot and killed in her car. 21-year-old lifeless body found in a vacant parking lot along a an interstate outside of dallas. first murder investigation of a small town in corinth in 17 years. police have not yet announced a motive or if there are any suspects. a drug dealer will pay for his crimes by paying um. a cincinnati judge ordering michael chandler to cover the cost of a funeral for a teenager who overdosed on the drug that he sold him.
3:37 am
comes out to be about $9,000. chandler will also spend nearly 17 years behind bars. how about this story? uber coming clean about a year old hack that targeted 57 million customers names. email addresses, even phone numbers. the ride sharing company paid the hackers $100,000 to erase the stolen data. a look at your headlines, guys that is frightening news. a lot of people in this country use uber. steve: absolutely. we all do on the couch. brian: i walk everywhere from now on. ainsley: you should walk all the way to long island home and back. brian: only way to be safe. no one will hack me. steve: take an umbrella. it's raining outside. brian: i will use rick reichmuth's new umbrella. ainsley: that's right he has a new umbrella. 51 million americans are expected to head out for thanksgiving. and there are few tough travel spots. steve: meteorologist adam klotz is life in the studio where it is dry unlike outside. >> right. it's pouring outside right now. there is a couple spots we
3:38 am
are paying attention to. mostly across the country, especially in the heart of the country things are looking good. the last 24 hours it has been pouring across the pacific northwest. that's going to continue. can you see an additional 4 to 6 inches of rain which means there will be a couple of areas from eugene up to seettlez where can you see standing water on the roadways. the other concern is we are seeing across the atlantic. a system out in the ocean. right along the coast. this will continue to lift to the north today. by the end of the day today, completely clears out on the back side of it. it is a whole lot colder. this is your travel weather for the rest of the day. these are the airports. everywhere you are seeing green means we are go. the only trouble spots continue to be the pacific northwest, guys. i think by and large this is looking like a nice holiday, just those few spots we are at aing attention to from now all the way through your thanksgiving holiday, guys. steve: terrific. thank you very much. ainsley: she brings you the top trending headlines and now carley shimkus is bringing you behind the scenes with some of the
3:39 am
farmers thanksgiving staple. brian: all the way outdoors to wisconsin for it carley, what are you doing there? >> i had so much fun. the holidays mean rest and relaxation to so many people to. our nation's cranberry farmers it's the busiest time year. i went to wisconsin to see what the cranberry business is all about. i had so much fun. i also learned a lot. so let's take a look. >> every day people across the country wake up and go to work. while everyone's job is different. some are really different. weird, crazy unique jobs and one of a kind people that do them that make this country so special which is why i'm here in the great state of wisconsin to check out their number one fruit crop. the cran berry. >> our next step now is to get the berries out of the water and into the truck. i'm here at cutler cranberry company in lawrence, wisconsin, this is my friend jess werey whose family has owned the farm for generations and she practically runs the place. what is it like to work on a
3:40 am
cranberry farm. >> long days and it takes us about a month to harvest all of our cran berries. but this is kind of the reward for all the hard work. >> this seems like a lot of fun. i want you to put me to work if you think that's okay. >> absolutely. >> so i don't know a lot about cranberry farming but i do know it involves a lot of water and waiter. so maybe we can suit up and head out. >> absolutely. >> i have never put a pair of these guys in my life. you take your shoes off first? >> yep. >> oh, okay. >> i like the sitting part. this is going pretty well. >> you are going to get done before i do. >> heck, yeah. >> just kind of grab on here. >> what? >> just like that. >> yeah. >> i will wait here. this looks easy. so your goal is you want to grab here's you can, just like that pull and step. >> there is only the one step though. this is the step, right? >> oh my god, if i fall.
3:41 am
in all right, i'm in. >> excellent. >> this is quite the job. >> our next step now is to get the berries out of the water and into the truck. we can always use a couple of hands to push them along. that's your job. >> so right now. >> just flip that over. and you just kind of within wana push them along. >> you know what? >> oops. >> i think i'm a natural. this is the job? >> this is it. you're hired. >> cranberries usually only come to mind around the holidays. farming them is a year around labor of love it really take as special person to do it. and the finished product is delicious. steve: carley, you got bogged down. >> actually in wisconsin i learn they call them beds. they call them boggs. very serious about the technology. steve: half of the world wanted can berry fruit come toll wisconsin. 1 billion-dollar revenue. 4,000 jobs. huge for the state's economy.
3:42 am
as you can see, i didn't really help out that much. they gave me a small job. i had a lot of fun. ainsley: do your family does the cranberries in the can. >> my mom makes her own cranberry sauce. she is a good cook you spent time cooking with her. it's delicious. brian: i have not had cranberry sauce that did not retain the shape of the can. open the top. steve: brian, you need the fresh kind. brian: did you bring any back? >> i think you need new beginnings this year and step outside of your comfort zone. ainsley: i don't even know of a grocery store that sells the fresh ones. we always had the can. my grandmother would put it on square plate. ridges from the can on the outside. >> these row processed cranberries. fresh cranberries are actually grown in entirely different way or harvested in a different way. i also went to a fresh cranberry farm and that you can find on if anybody is interested. brian: you spent a lot of time on the farm. next week potatoes. >> i'm a city girl but i
3:43 am
like the country life. brian: do you know how it turns out? steve: okay, ainsley. wisconsin not just a dairy state. also the cranberry state. ainsley: green acres is the life for me. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. ainsley: coming up, the internet as we know it could soon be changed forever. the man behind those changes joins us next with what it means for you. steve: this vet made it his mission to help american's heroes painting patriotic artwork. thanks to you his life has changed completely in a few months. ainsley: great story. steve: how you helped him back on his feet. something else to be thankful for on this day before thanksgiving ♪ and the eagle will fly ♪ and it's gonna be ♪ hell ♪ when you freedom start ringing the bell ♪ it will feel like the whole wide world (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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3:46 am
steve: the trump administration set to repeal
3:47 am
another one of president obama's major regulations. the so-called net neutrality rules placed internet service providers under some of the strictest regulatory oversight in america. what does this mean for you? here to explain the man behind the plan chairman. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i have been reading online. you are out to break the internet. what are you doing? >> all we are simply doing is putting engineers and entrepreneurs back in charge of the internet. these rules were imposed two years ago. and inspired by 1930s great depression era regulations. what we want to do is return to the free market consensus that started in the clinton administration and served the economy in america for many years. steve: what i have read online is some of your critics are saying look, if they do that and let the free enterprise figure things out, they will wind up charging people more money for the service right now that is for the most part equal to everybody. >> number one.
3:48 am
that is false. that's not the internet economy we had from 1996 until 2015 when these rules were imposed. there was nothing broken about the internet before 2015. and going forward, if a company acted in any competitive way the federal trade commission is expressly empowered to protect competition and consumers. that's a false fear. steve: you know the possibility that when the free market system comes into play, somebody is going to come up with a great idea where if you pay extra, you get really fast internet and some people who don't have it are going to go why do they get that and i don't? >> well, in some cases you can imagine that kind of arrangement being pro-competitive, being good for startups and consumers. in other cases it might not be so worthwhile. that's exactly why the federal trade commission is the better agency to investigate it they have a long tradition of investigating anticompetitive conduct. i think they will be very well positioned to take action if necessary. steve: this is a hot topic online for obvious reasons. what do your critics get
3:49 am
wrong about this? >> well, number one, they completely ignore the fact that this is history that we had a free and open internet before these regulations started. that there was a bipartisan consensus that started with president clinton and extended through two successive administrations. number two, greatly overstate the fears about what the internet will look like going forward. i think they also ignore that we need much more investment in networks and infrastructure to get these businesses to take the risks, to build these networks. especially in rural and low income america. you need to have light touch market based regulations. not micromanagement from washington, d.c. steve: i was reading one item online that said before the obama administration imposed all these rules a couple of years ago, the people behind the internet the private industry had invested something like $1.5 trillion with all those regulations it's like hey we are backing off. we don't know what's coming. >> exactly right. no surprise some these network operators are starting to look continue to vest in other industries, contents and even investing
3:50 am
abroad. to the extent of the rules here in the united states make it more difficult to build a business case for investing in networks, the less likely we will see investment in these networks. leaves folks on the wrong side of the digital divide even worse off. steve: okay. ultimately this is going to come up for a vote when? >> december 14th and unlike the last administration, i'm publicly releasing the details of my plan over three weeks in advance so everyone can see it. steve: i bet online at >> that's right. steve: all right. i had that feeling. all right, ajit pai joining us the day before thanksgiving. thanks for joining us live. >> my pleasure and happy thanksgiving. steve: you as well. thank you, sir. lavar ball refuses to apologize to president trump and president trump refuses to let him have the last word. the president up and tweeting about the controversy already this morning from mar-a-lago. what he just said coming up. plus this vet made it his mission to help america's hoes with patriotic paintings. and thanks to you, his life
3:51 am
has changed completely in a couple of months. how you helped this guy back up on his feet ♪ i watched them shut the factories down ♪ and the foreigners flood into town worx pegasus, a next-generation, all-in-one work table and clamping system. pegasus holds tight at any angle.
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i am the proud father of aeness very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy. it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at:
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♪ ♪ ainsley: this thanksgiving week we are taking a look back at some of the great causes our "fox & friends" viewers, you at home, have helped support this year. troy walker is one of those stories. the 10-year army veteran gives back to military families by creating and selling wooden american flags. he don't united states all of the proceeds from this company from families of soldiers who have taken their own lives. 8 hours after sharing his story, troy's website received over $100,000 in sales thanks to you, our
3:55 am
amazing generous viewers. here to share his story is the ceo of dog tag furniture troy walker. troy, thanks for being with us, and thank you for fighting for our country. >> thank you for your support. >> you are welcome. troy, you came on our show because you lost a friend. you came home from serving and you lost one of your friends. tell us that story. >> yes. i lost my battle buddy five years ago. he committed suicide. his wife called me and said that they could not afford a funeral because the v.a. only gives $300 to veterans. and on top of that you have to pay $30 for the american flag to be draped across your coffin. his body was going to be cremated and put into a baggy and disposed of. we took it upon ourselves to make sure he had a full military funeral. ainsley: you started dog tag furniture. you are making these wooden american flags. you came on our show and what happened? >> i came on your show and within five minutes of being on the show i found out my voice mail can only hold 112
3:56 am
messages. my website crashed. ainsley: yeah, what happened with that? how much did our viewers give. >> my go fund me page didn't take off because of the fees. people came to the website and donating. people were sending me checks for like $5. anywhere from $5 to $5,000 to metropolitan support these veteran families. ainsley: where did the money go? >> the money goes to pay for the funerals of these families who cannot afford one and to try to transition the families to the next phase of their life without their fallen hero. ainsley: i loved even when you were in dire straight you used all the money to pay for funerals. you get your paycheck from the military. right before you came on the show, you found out that you were under foreclosure, right? you were going to lose your house and one of our generous viewers found out about this story and donated to that? >> yes. yes, ma'am. i hold the personally responsible to make sure every dollar i receive goes out to funerals. i was starting to lose my house because i was getting in so much debt with flag
3:57 am
building business. and flag donor stepped up and got me caught up on my mortgage. ainsley: you are doing okay right now. >> yeah. we are really busy. ainsley: happy thanksgiving. if you want to check it out it's dog tag thank you for being with us. we'll be right back. that had benefited people like me who are well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else. it's why i left my investment firm and resolved to use my savings for the public good. but here we are nine years later and this president and the republican congress are making a bad situation even worse. they won't tell you that their so called "tax reform" plan is really for the wealthy and big corporations, while hurting the middle class. it blows up the deficit and that means fewer investments in education, health care and job creation. it's up to all of us to stand up to this president.
3:58 am
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steve: a miracle at sea. 8 people found alive and in good condition after their navy jet crashed into the pacific. ainsley: a desperate search underway to find the remaining three people. >> the fbi offering $25,000 reward for any information in the death of this u.s. border agent. >> we need to get serious about this border security without that incidents like this are going to continue to happen. >> he has impeccable integrity. give john conyers a round of applause. >> michigan's john conyers. >> most owners may keep the players in the locker room during the national anthem. >> that's almost as bad as kneeling. when will the highly paid
4:01 am
commissioner get tough and smart? this issue is kill your league. >> david cassidy has died of organ failure. cassidy was 67 years old. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i like it ♪ i love it ♪ i want some more of it ♪ i tried to hard ♪ i can't rise above it ♪ don't know what it is about that little gal's loving. brian: tim mcgraw is in good shape. ainsley: did you fly delta this month read the magazine i'm a democrat everyone knows i'm a democrat. did something for folds of honor. he did a concert for folds of honor which i love because that's the organization we are friends with dan rooney, anyway we support that organization. he works out four hours a day. brian: how do you do that?
4:02 am
how do you focus on your relationship? steve: he has a lot of free time on his hand. brian: no kidding. we should get a roady. ainsley: i think of a roady like a plastic cup that has a beer in it. steve: a traveler. we know you are very busy today because the day before the day before thanksgiving. a lot of you are waiting to start brianing the turkey we will give you the news for the next two hours and there is plenty of it. brian: brine is taking the gravy and wiping it on with a brush, right? steve: not al all. it's a brine. briny thing. a solution. brian: and then you paint it, don't you? steve: you kind of submerge it. brian: take a brush. steve: getas damp as possible. brian: don't go to the dutch boy brush? steve: have you never actually cooked, have you? brian: not really. ainsley: take the bag out of the turkey. steve: tell brian how you brine.
4:03 am
brian is so close to brine. shocked you didn't know how to do it. ainsley: can we move on to other news. brian: can we not be distracted? ainsley: we have a fox news alert for you. this is a miracle. 8 people found alive in good condition after navy plane crashes into the pacific. brian: 11 passengers and crew on board the c 2 greyhound when it went off the coast of okinawa, japan. desperate search underway to find the remaining three people. steve: navy fleet going down shortly after takeoff on the ronald reagan philippine sea. early indication point to engine failure. ationation two fatal accidents in asian waters this year alone. we'll talked about it on the show. one involving the uss john fitzgerald and the other john s. mccain. 8 top navy officers have been removed from their posts. brian: ends up being appreciatable error as part of the investigation. we will see with this.
4:04 am
meanwhile, three minutes after the top of the hour. steve: president trump is down in palm beach right now at the winter white house also known as mar-a-lago landing overnight at pbi before thanksgiving holiday. ainsley: before leaving the president breaking silence on roy moore sexual misconduct allegation. >> caught a lot of the people by surprise. griff jenkins is live from the nation's capital with details. hi, griff. >> hi, brian. the president heading to mar-a-lago brine which is salt bath for the bird. weighing in on the alabama senate race. and on roy moore, the candidate who has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor nearly four decades ago. charge moore has repeatedly denied. >> well, he denies. i mean, roy moore denies it. and, by the way, he gives a total denial and i do have to say 40 years is a long time. he has run eight races and this has never come up. so 40 years is a long time. the women are trump voters.
4:05 am
minnesota most of them are trump voters. >> the president stopped short of endorsing the embattled candidate who has seen a comfortable lead in the poll. taking shots at moore's opponent. democrat doug jones. >> we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat jones. i've looked at his record. it's terrible on crime. it's terrible on the border. it's terrible in the military. >> jones shot back at president trump at a town hall in huntsville admission the notion he was weak on anything as, quote, bologna. no indication the president intends to campaign for moore in the final days before the election, which is just three weeks away on december 12th. but should moore come to washington, he will find a washington plagued by sexual misconduct scandals already. democrat al franken caught groping radio host breasts on uso tour and now another woman coming forward accusing democrat congresswoman john conyers harassing her as the house ethics committee guys has launched a formal investigation into the
4:06 am
longest serving member of the house of representatives. brian: he actually questions j. edgar hoover in his first year in office that's how long he has been there hey, griff, thanks. meanwhile, a poll on roy moore shows that he is up by 2 after trailing by 9 about a week ago. however, the same poll says should they expel roy moore, should he arrive and win the election, 60 percent said yes, expel him. 28 percent said no. ainsley: get him in office and expel him? brian: i don't know you do that you need two thirds of the senate do that. steve: ray come poll up by two and breitbart poll where he is up by 6. that according to meanwhile, let's talk a little bit of basketball. ainsley: yeah. the president is up tweeting this morning. responding to that basketball dad's comments. he went on another network and he was saying he should have -- steve: i don't thank the president. ainsley: i don't thank the president for getting my son out of china after his son and two other basketball
4:07 am
players were caught shoplifting. the president was saying it wasn't the white house, it wasn't the state department, it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long-term prison sentence. it was me. too bad. lavar is just a poor man's version of don king but without the hair. just think, lavar, you could have spent the next five to 10 years touring thanksgiving with your son in china but no nba contract to support you. remember, lavar, shoplift something not a little thing. it's a really big deal, especially in china. ungrateful fool. steve: the thing about these sunglasses that they stole from allegedly stole from louie vitton is they were $2,000 apiece. i had no idea sunglasses could be 2,000. ainsley: that's only three pairs of their tennis shoes. steve: that's 6,000 dollars worth of sunglasses. brian: 30-year-old former ball state linebacker got in a bar fight. he is in jail for 14 months without a day in court.
4:08 am
that's easily where these three ucla players could have been. she did not even know about the leader of china before president trump brought it up. and as dana perino beirut up a couple nights ago, when you are the president of the united states you only have a couple of times can you ask for favors from other nations. steve: when you are right there. brian: but do you want to use it on flee players you know nothing about? president trump said yeah, i will use one of the favors. i'm just going to say can do you me a favor and be easy on these guys and get them out? ainsley: when it all happened i thought this is such a nice story. because theist guys made a mistake. the president gave them a pass and get them home to be with their families. all i could think of was otto warm beer doing something small he shouldn't have been doing and it cost him his life. i was so grateful these guys great basketball players back here on american soil. then they have their press conference. they thank the president. i have thought great, everything is great. steve: sure. ainsley: tied up with a neat bow. then their dad says all this crazy stuff and ignites the whole story and makes it bad.
4:09 am
brian: lavar ball isn't just a crazy person or maybe he is crazy like a fox. he is getting more attention, more interest and becomes the center of controversy. i watched that back. >> i think the whole thing was a put-on with cnn. i think he was saying the most outrageous thing possible. ainsley: because he has done that in the past? brian: grows his brand. ainsley: done that in the past, right? brian: nonstop. steve: he is quite a self-promoter. tomorrow is all about football. there are going to be three football games, professional ones. are you going to be watching? well, just know this: because of the backlash for all the protests, apparently some owners of nfl teams are considering a rule change back in 2009 they said every player has got to stand on the sidelines for the national anthem. it was advised. now they are saying, you know what? maybe we will change that and they can stay in the locker room because when a lot of fans see the players protesting, they get really angry and then they turn off the tv. ains so the president tweeted about that this morning, right, brian? brian: said the nfl is thinking about a new idea
4:10 am
keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that's almost as bad as kneeling. when the highly paid commissioner get tough and smart in this issue is killing your league. steve: he's right. brian: the nfl is almost out of the woods. get through this season. everyone stood last week, including michael bennet of seattle. ainsley: right. brian: just a few dolphin players. one giant player. my hope is we are tucker the corner on this. and then the nfl is going to what the nba did and go in the off season. we are going to get a rule. abdul turned muslim said i will not stand for the national anthem. next year they passed a rule everyone stands for the national anthem. hopefully the nfl can get through the season, this will not be the answer staying in the locker room. steve: if they don't they will wind up being in the locker room and we are not going to know anything. ainsley: talked about this in the last hour and many of you weighed in on this. latrice said we have a long tradition of watching the lions on thanksgiving not tomorrow. steve: pamela said all we want is our football back. it's that simple.
4:11 am
players are played to be professional ball players and not express speech and political thought. brian: kathleen says they have no respect to renks for those that have fought, bled and died for our freedom. as a proud american they have insulted me to my very core. steve: let us know if you are going to be watching football tomorrow or if you will be doing something else, if you are,. brian: maybe you will be brining your turkey. steve: you brine it today with a salt bath. jillian: if you don't cook tucker i couldn't don't know that. ainsley: luckily we have moms who know how to cook the best meal of the deal. jillian: i don't know either. get you caught up on headlines. starting with this story. the hunt for whoever brutally murders derderian border patrol agent is intensifying. the fbi treating agent roger martinez deaths. martinez and another identified agent were viciously attacked with rocks. the feds offering a $25,000
4:12 am
reward for anyone with information to help close this case. charlie rose is out of a job. cbs news, pbs, and bloomberg tv firing the anchor over sexual harassment allegations. "the washington post" reporting dozens of women have accused rose of unwanted sexual advances, lewd phone calls and groping. veteran journalist denies any wrongdoing. cbs this morning now needs an anchor to take rose's spot. according to page 6, oprah winfrey is at the top of that list. tragic news overnight. teen idol and partridge family star david cassidy has died ♪ i think i love you ♪ isn't that what life is made of though it worries me to say ♪ i never felt this way ♪ jillian: cassidy passing away in a florida hospital organ failure. entertainers flooding social media this morning. singer marie osmond tweeting
4:13 am
in part heart broken over the passing of david cals did i. marley matlin to millions of you you will be foreyoung. he was 67 years old. brian: best guest when he came on. always happy and engaging. steve: thank you very much, jillian. last year he slowed down the touring because he was starting to suffer from dementia. ainsley: died young. born in 1950. brian: he sang and played the guitar. shirley jones. the others were faking it danny bon fuetschy didn't play. steve: the drums? brian: the guitar. he was just faking it. steve: who was playing the drums? brian: we don't know what happened to the drummer. chris something? steve: any way, sad news about david cassidy. straight ahead, speaking of that border patrol agent brutally attacked and killed, our next guest says they have no doubt a wall on our southern border would have saved his life. an explanation next. ainsley: what is gq's idea of a happy holiday?
4:14 am
ruining your trump supporting relatives thanksgiving by bashing the president? apparently it's your civic duty to bash the president. michelle malkin is going to sound off on this one. ♪ ♪ i don't know where i'm going ♪ you've got ridiculously awesome talent, right? you should be putting it to good use, right? like winning ridiculously awesome prizes, right? send a clip to and make us choose you to go to hollywood for the kmart ridiculous cash bash game show! enter now! not later. right?
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steve: a frantic manhunt intensifying for the killers of that border patrol agent seen screen left right there also brutally beat his partner. president trump now doubling down on his vow to build that wall on our southern border. our next guest claimed the wall could have prevented this agent from being killed. here to explain is the policy director at the center for immigration studies, jessica vaughn joins us from the boston area. jessica, good morning, first of all. how would. >> good morning. >> a border wall have sthafd agent's life? >> well, in that area, there is some fencing, but there is not much of it. and parts of the border are wide open. and there are pecan fields and cotton fields on that side. i have traveled to that area fairly recently, and the wall works to not only slow down the cartels that are running the drug trafficking mainly but also people trafficking. keeps them from easily getting over the border itself. you can jump over the river there pretty much.
4:19 am
it also protects the agents who are patrolling that area because they can see what's on the other side. but people can't get over. and very importantly, the people, the ranchers who live in that area, wh right now their properties are overrun by the cartels which can operate with near impunity. they have taken over the towns on the other side to use them as staging areas. steve: right. >> you know, it's past time that we take that part of america back for the people that live there. steve: you are not the only one who feels that wait a minute the president of the united states ran on building a wall. and probably got elected in some measure because of that promise. but, you know the political dynamic unless washington, d.c. i don't know of any democrats who are supporting it. and i think it is safe to say a lot of republicans don't want to build the wall either. >> well, those are the ones who are never been to the border areas to see where the wall can do so much good. and, again, particularly in this area, where have you fencing that just stops arbitrarily in certain places.
4:20 am
because we haven't finished the job. but, also, the border patrol will tell you, too. that they need backup from ice with interior enforcement to try to reduce the incentives that people have to come across. and, you know, senate republicans, it was reported last night, just came out with a spending bill that gives money to the border patrol, which is great and helps fund the wall. but, does not help fund the interior enforcement piece of it that we need just as much. steve: you are absolutely right. >> i hope they will come to their senses and provide a more balanced spending bill so we can get this done for the safety of everybody. steve: all right. very good. jessica vaughn, director of policy studies up in boston. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us at she blu blew the lid off the hillary clinton scheme. donna brazile has bold new predictions about the 2020 presidential race.
4:21 am
it's an amazing story of survival. our next guest narrowly escaped three separate terror attacks, boston, paris and brussels. why he chose to forgive the terrorists that almost took his life. his story next. ♪ ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ ♪ steve: all righty, it's time for news by the numbers on this thanksgiving eve. first, 25. that's the number of candidates former dnc interim chair donna brazile, that woman right there, is predicting will challenge president trump in 2020. already at least 10 people, including bernie sanders and joe biden have been rumored to think about running next time around. next, eight years, that's how long a watchdog group says jp morgan chase was giving customer information
4:25 am
to ex-con convicts that they had hired. the financial industry reform authority says thousands of them were not properly vetted. the bank paid them more than a million dollars? fines. finally, number one, kendall jenner is the highest paid model in the world according to forbes. the 22-year-old woman pictured right there earned $22 million this year. that knocks gizelle bundchen to the number two spot. she had been the top earning model since 2002. and that is some of your news by the numbers today. brian: all right. in 201319-year-old mason wells was at the boston marathon to cheer on his mom. he witnessed the chaos unfold when two bombs were detonated near the finish line. he was 50 feet from there. ainsley: listen to this. two years later he was in france doing missionary work when a series of terror attacks killed 130 people in paris. the city where he had been working just days before. brian: he wasn't done then. last year mason's luck ran out. he was at the brussels airport when two suicide
4:26 am
bombers blu blew up the terminal and he barely made it out alive. he spoke to us on "fox & friends" just days after the attack from his hospital bed. >> everything has fortified my personal faith that god is there. i know that i felt his love several times and i know that if i can feel his love, sitting on a sidewalk next to a destroyed airport that god will talk to his other children, too. i know that he does listen to the prayers and that the prayers of the people right now, they make a difference, because i felt them. ainsley: it has been more than a year since that interview and mason wells is here with us today to share more about how his faith has carried him through these tragedies. he writes about it in his new book it's called "left standing." there is a picture of the book. and mason joins us now. hey, may have been. thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much for having me. ainsley: clearly your faith is important. you were in france as a
4:27 am
missionary. when you think about what happened to you, have you been in three different locations terrorist attack. do you ask god why and what do you think the reason is? >> >> i have asked the question why. most people don't find themselves in one terror attack let alone surrounded by multiple bombings. that the is question left on my mind. afterwards i don't spend the time thinking what could have happened to me whether i should be here or not. i focus on what i'm going to do with my life now that i'm still here. i feel really blessed and i feel like i have an opportunity to share my story. that's why i wrote the book. and you know i every single day i try to make the best of what i have. brian: odds of this happening are astronomical. so far -- you did not walk away unscathed. had you bleeding at brussels. you got hit in the ankle. you got burned in boston on your face and hands? >> brussels. ainsley: no injuries in boston.
4:28 am
brian: you look fantastic considering what you went through. how do you make sense of this? do you look at yourself as the luckiest or unluckiest person. >> i'm not sure that luck had very much to do with it to be honest. i consider myself very blessed. i think it's really abnormal that someone finds themselves in multiple attacks. but, afterwards, i attribute me being alive to a higher power. and to through it all i think i have had kind of two options. i could either embrace a road of hope, a road of faith. or i can embrace a path of bitterness and anger and frustration against people that did this. and i'm happy to say that throughout my life i have tried to embrace the first. i think that's made a big difference not only in my recovery but getting me to where i am now. ainsley: great attitude. attitude determines aptitude my dad always said. let's read excerpt from your book where do you decide to forgive the terrorists will you read this for us. >> despite my harsh feelings about your acts i have forgiven both of you. i have chosen not to allow hate to overtake my heart for either of you. i hope one day that we can
4:29 am
meet so i can know the good has indeed come in the wake of your evil acts. brian: if they don't want to to be forgiven it doesn't matter to you. >> ultimately what i'm saying is in the next life if i run into them, i'm ready to forgive them. i already have forgiven them. ainsley: do you think they will be with you if you believe you are going to heaven do you think they will be with you in heaven. >> i don't know thousand all works out specifically after this life. i do believe in a life to come. ultimately i think living ever rifertion with that faith in my heart and trying to make the best of everything and embracing optimism, i think that's what's going to carry me through the rest of this life. ainsley: what about your injuries what did you sustain? i see burns to your hands. >> second degree burns to the face. shrapnel lacerations to the head. blast into the legs and left heel. i have two skin graphs now. i'm here in one piece. i have gotten back to where i was before i was injured. brian: roma downing wrote
4:30 am
touched by angel fame. wife of mark burnett, how important was it for you to have her write it? >> roma is a great example all the way around. it's fantastic to have her on board to have her invested in the story. ultimately i think it is a story that will touch people. i think roma thinks that too. this is why we wrote it. brian: i sense a movie even though you are just 21. called "left standing." miraculous story of how mason wells' faith survived the boston and brussels terrorist attacks. ainsley: god bless you. god had big plans for your life clearly. brian: what's gq's idea of happy holiday ruin your family's thanksgiving by washing trump in front of them. apparently it's your civic duty. michelle mall cinel doesn't feel that way. she sounds off. ainsley: christmas decorations are going up earlier and earlier every year, right? ♪
4:31 am
♪ hallelujah. ainsley: brand new study that says decking the halls early might not be such a bad thing. i'm watching that instead of football. brian: you are? all right. fine. ♪ you're my answe angel ♪ every day is christmas ♪ when you're by my side ♪ nahelps protect eyesin blue from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another?
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4:35 am
struggling for lives in prison right now. the fbi actually wants us to consider believing they fell. they fell off an overpass? are you kidding? >> yeah, well, we already have border patrol union members who are pushing back on that narrative. and not a lot is known yet. it's quite murky. but we do have reward now, being offered and it's being investigated as a potential assault of this officer. what i want to talk about is much more than the wall. my column is billion this and i was recently in the southwest area along the border. and we need much more than a wall, of course. and the ranchers have been saying it and rank and file border patrol agents have been saying it for years. we have to talk about the aging infrastructure that is endangering many of these agents. you will know from the details that we have heard about this case that agents martinez was checking out a
4:36 am
ground sensor. and he was trying to determine what set it off. the fact is there are some 14,000 of these ground sensors, some of them that have been there since the vietnam war era that are corroded, that are not working and dumb. these are dumb sensors that cannot tell the difference between cows or terrorists. and wild abortio wild boars or y bombers coming across the border. the fact is the government the inspector general for the department of home racked security the general accounting office have been warning for years that this technology is risking the lives of those that are on the front lines. this isn't the first time that this has happened, guys. nicholas ivey, who was a border patrol agent in arizona had also been checking out what they thought might have been a false alarm. and it ended up being a friendly fire incident in which he was shot by another agent. steve: right. well, i'm confused because i have heard some people in
4:37 am
washington, from both parties say look, we have already got surveillance down there. we have got technology that's keeping our southern border safe. but you are telling us. >> yeah. steve: that simply is not the case. we just had a guest on. i'm sure you saw her about 15 minutes ago, jessica vaughn from up in boston. she said that that border patrol agent would be alive today most probably had there been a wall. >> no question. if there had been a wall and also if there had been more forces. the border patrol should actually patrol the border. we now know, of course, the patrol is 2,000 short of the 21,000 goal. and john lat a rancher i interviewed for crt program michelle malkin investigates told me this summer it doesn't make much sense if you are boosting the numbers ever the border patrol and they are sitting hours away from the border in air conditioned cubicles rather than on the borders. also, there is technology out there. and this is something also that i have investigated and reported on. there is a man named glen
4:38 am
spencer who is on the border in the sierra vista area in arizona who has designed a system of smart sensors that actually can tell the difference. steve: good. >> can tell the difference between human activity, vehicles and animals coupled with the drone technology that would send out and dispatch automatically drones so that you could tell what these things are before you send the agents out there. ainsley: michelle, let's move on to a different topic john conyers we have heard about his sexual harassment scandal from michigan now is he under investigation by the house ethics committee, your thoughts. >> the house things committee is infamous for administering wrist slaps rather than actual sparnarkelings and consequences for bad behaviors. the fact that you have maxine waters throughout endorsing the impeccable integrity of john conyers shows you everything that's wrong with the swamp. maxine watts herself, of course, got off almost scot-free related to her own ethics scandal involving use
4:39 am
of tarp money that she distributed to one of her crony banking projects. so, look, what i have to say about this and i am somebody who was an intern on capitol hill some 25, almost 30 years ago now, god, do i feel old, all right. and the fact that you have the swamp being exposed now as a place where largely a lot of these democratic leaders were not policing themselves. shows you that when they blame republicans for war on women, what this really was about was psychological projection. in other words, them projecting their own pathologies within these swamps whether we are talking about washington or hollywood or academia, when they themselves are guilty of so much this behavior and unleashing this culture of misogyny on america. brian: do you think roy moore should get a pass because conyers is getting investigation and al franken has got an apology out there? should we just say everyone
4:40 am
is guilty so do your own thing? >> no, brian. what i think and i -- again, this is another topic that i have investigated over the past year for crtv is the idea that each and every one of these allegations needs to be vetted. i will say it until i'm blue in the face that assertions are not truth until there is corroboration, until there is corroboration of evidence. and that these assertions have to be established as facts. and my concern is that so many of these allegations are being litigated in the court of public opinion, rather than having any kind of empirical evidence and any kind of vetting. instead, you've got these activists in the liberal media that are going out and procuring victims, so-called victims and accusers to fist foist their own political narratives and intervene in campaigns. i'm very troubled whether we
4:41 am
are talking about a republican or a democrat, whether we are talking about a liberal actor or a conservative public figure, when you've got these investigations, which can turn into witch hunts and bandwagons of women who for whatever reason only come out 15, 20, 30 years later. here's my advice to young women and girls. and i have been saying this for the 25 years that i have worked in public life. if somebody does something wrong to you, if you were uncomfortable, don't wait to tell. there is nothing worth it for you to be quiet. there is no job that is worth risking for you not to stand up and defend your own integrity and safety. that is my feminist message. brian: you are not saying you don't believe the nine. you are saying we don't know enough information? >> look, unfortunately, for the voters of alabama, there is going to have to make cost benefit calculations before they are able to do their -- undertake their own independent investigations of what's happened. but with particular regard to the roy moore case, what we have to remember about how these women came forward at the very last minute,
4:42 am
after he has been in public life for how many decades? is that that investigation came from the partisan "the washington post" that went out and doug out these victims. whether you have gloria all red doing jump the shark press conference, have you got to take that into consideration when you are evaluating the credibility of these stories. steve: all right. switching gears just for a moment. tomorrow is thanksgiving. and historically when we have you on we ask you who your turkey of the year is so who is it? >> you know what? i can't just pick one. i thought i would. it is a three-way tie between hillary clinton, the biggest gobbler out there, the mainstream media, and the nfl. no fans left. steve: the trifecta,. ainsley: thanks, michelle. have a happy thanksgiving. >> you too. steve: meanwhile a filmmaker goes on a liberal college campus and waves two flags, one american, one isis. two very different reactions from the students.
4:43 am
meet the guy behind that coming up. ainsley: when pump took office, the stock market took off and it never looked back. can he do the same thing with the housing market? the property man bob massi is here with his 2018 predictions. it's the end of the year, guys. where did this year go? ♪ rtburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. you should be putting it ato good use, right?t? like winning ridiculously awesome prizes, right? send a clip to and make us choose you to go to hollywood for the kmart ridiculous cash bash game show! enter now! not later. right?
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4:46 am
here with his predictions is the host of the property man and fox news legal analyst bob massi. hey, bob. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning to you. what are your predictions for the housing market next year in 2018? >> well, there's a concern about the amount of inventory that's going to be available because of the fact there is just not a lot out there which means price
4:47 am
also go up. i think you will see the millennials who really want to own big time, they could afford more in the suburb area as opposed to major cities, for sure. some of the great things that's happened, also, however, is the president by pulling back regulations more permits being issued, which is a good sign for building. so i think you could see a bump in prices but if the tax plan passes, any part of it from a psychological perspective for those who want to own, i think it will make people feel good and positive, ainsley. that could effect the market in a very good way. ainsley: what about tax reform? will that effect the housing market at all? >> yeah. i mean, listen, ultimately you hear about they want to roll back some of these tax write off deductions in. so major cities all over the country, of course. and, of course, major cities, san francisco, los angeles, new york. you know, they are going to be affected. that obviously is going to be a battleground big time because a lot of people will say wait a second, you know, we are going to move.
4:48 am
like, for example, a state like nevada, if california, if it ends up being some of these deductions are eliminated, a lot of people are going to move to nevada because the cost is so much more affordable over here. so i think if capital gains has changed. if the corporate tax is reduced. i think anything like that where there is more influx of money and income, i think jobs go up and ultimately a direct correlation. ainsley: you are saying there is a correlation. stocks go up and 401(k)s go up that will translate to the housing market. >> money always changes things. it's interesting you brought that up. so what i was reading about. some of the experts are saying that a lot of people are saying, you know what? i don't want to go through the process of borrowing money again. i don't want to go through lenders again. so what i'm going to do is evaluate my home, see what the cost is to remodel. and instead of buying new, let's fix it up. let's freshen it up. so, as a result, you will see that next year where people say you know what? let's say the kids are gone.
4:49 am
they are out of college, they got jobs. instead of selling let's fix it up and sort of make it fresh. it's an exciting thing for people to remodel their homes. i have a lot of people who remodel. it's exciting to change and paint and make things nix. ainsley: all those shows watch on tv addicted to before and after remodeling shows. they make it seem fun and easy. you can also borrow up to $60,000 against your 401(k). do you have to pay it back you pay it back with interest and goes back to you. a lot of people are doing it that way. >> the interest is affordable also. ainsley: thanks, bob. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving, take care. ainsley: you are welcome. you too. the property man airs on fridays at fox business network 8:30 p.m. eastern time. after weeks of fans burning jerseys ticket sales slumping. nfl owners debating a change to national anthem policy. if they do will you watch? and will you watch tomorrow on turkey day? your emails are pouring in on this one. a filmmaker goes on a
4:50 am
liberal college campus and waves two flags. one american flag and one isis flag. but, gets very two different reactions from all the students. sis social experiment will get you fired up. you have got to meet the man behind it ♪ we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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i am the proud father of aeness very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy. it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at:
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♪ ♪ ainsley: caught on camera, the disturbing reaction to the american flag as it is waived on one of the country's most liberal campuses. >> i love america. this country stands for freedom, yeah. >> god is not -- >> america [bleep]
4:54 am
steve: great. well, here is what happened when that same filmmaker shouts jihad rants while waving a isis flag at berkeley. >> i stand against america. isis protect islam. i denounce the united states. >> good for you, man. good for you. >> thank you. >> i love what you are saying, man. >> thank you. i appreciate that. brian: that filmmaker harvey horowitz is back with us. >> pretty disturbing for what you saw. how much did you edit that to get a certain persuasion? what do we get? >> yeah, what you see there is basically reflective of the general sentiment that i experienced there. so with the american flag, for example, the vast majority of people came up to me had a extraordinarily negative response, you know, from something as innocuous as hey, america is not great to f america which we got over and over again. now, to be clear, there were a few supporters. but they were outweighed significantly by the anti-american sentiment that i experienced.
4:55 am
ainsley: did you challenge them and say why are you here then? >> no. because when you are in the movement. brian: it's berkeley. >> right you have to stay in character to elicit more responses. conversely with the isis flag vast majority of people passed by, i would say hundreds if not a thousand kids that walked by me would say nothing. didn't respond at all. a couple of positive responses. i was there a couple of hours with the isis flag and simply one person in total objected to it. steve: maybe they didn't know what the isis flag was. out of curiosity where do you get isis flag in the united states. >> interesting question. you have to get it custom made. you have to be very clear to the person who is making it why you are making it you have to get it custom made. brian: what you were saying. >> i kept saying isis over and over. come fight for isis. isis just attacked in new york. it was great. they couldn't mistake what i was saying. brian: i thought you would get punched out. >> if i went to the
4:56 am
university of alabama. i probably would have. by the way, make no mistake about it, berkeley while it's a very leftist school. it's an intellectual temple. one of the best countries in the united states. this is a place that produces people silicon valley and politics and law and business. their graduates go on to very significant positions in this country. brian: for the most part, showing hating america. >> garbage in and garbage out. this is what they are taught. they don't learn this at home. they are taught this by their photographers. steve: like to seat whole video find it at his web site ami ainsley: thank you. happy thanksgiving. steve: remember when never trumper jeff flake said in this week? >> become the party of roy moore and donald trump, we are toast. steve: the president said he, mr. flake, was toast after that. and according to new dials, the president's right. brian: talk about a rough workout. the hilarious police training with one very special recruit going viral. nice. ♪
4:57 am
♪ ♪ .. whoooo.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> this is a miracle. eight people found in life. >> search and rescue to find the remaining eight people. eight people. they make the crash happened after takeoff. >> the killers of the border patrol agent. >> it's time we take that part of america back. scenic allegations with the longest-serving member of the house. john conyers. >> when they blame republicans for a war and women. >> the fcc is trying to get rid of net neutrality with president obama. >> rv or simply are doing instead of bureaucrats and lawyers back in charge of the
5:01 am
internet. >> keep the players in the locker room. >> president treated its almost as bad as kneeling and when will the highly paid commissioner kate f. inspire? they make david cassidy has died of organ failure. cassidy was 67 years old. ♪ >> is watching us right now? >> probably not. trying to a lot of people are up early today because it's the day before thanksgiving. an hour ago a lot of people marinate or brine the turkey.
5:02 am
we are brightening. ainsley: use your mop. use your brash and get some of the gravy, some of the juices. transient that it's based income not brightening. griff jenkins during his report said writing is a salt bath. we were surprised so many of you this morning are really good at brightening and understand basting and had a message for brian. ainsley: this is from catherine. you are thinking about anything, not brightening and base with a brush. writing is like marinate. with salt water. maybe rebecca will tell us. steve: rebecca has a picture.
5:03 am
making brine. the turkey will sit in the brine overnight, ready to go in ivan tomorrow morning. as turkey ever. meanwhile, guy named stephen sent a picture as well. >> i got this at cosco paid $6.99 includes directions. easy to follow. they want you to buy a son. is that the only thing you come at cosco that is one jar. brian: unita brining bag and my wife is trying a new recipe this year. alan thick, and the sitcom star had a great recipe for vermouth turkey we pour essentially half a bottle of vermouth on it and let it marinate. ainsley: of vermouth trading company when you do that.
5:04 am
training for the turkey carcass out of the way. let's get to serious stuff. three minutes after the hour. president trump landing overnight in palm beach florida for thanksgiving. turn for the president breaking his silence on every more misconduct allegations. steve: cruickshank in ivan r. d. information about what the president said yesterday and everything going on in d.c. >> before the president hopped on marine one in there a lot their log out, waiting for the first time on the scandal with roy moore accused of misconduct with a minor for decades ago, they charged he has repeatedly denied. >> well, he denies. roy moore denies this. by the way, he gives a total denial. i do have to say 40 years is a long time. he's run a racist and this never come out.
5:05 am
the women are trump voters. >> casing a comfortable lead in the posts up significantly, dangerously close to dead even. he take a shot at democrat jones. >> we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat jones. i've looked at his record. it's terrible on crime current terrible on the borders commit terrible on the military. >> he shot back at a town hall dismissing the notion he was weak on defense or anything else. bologna and there's no indication whether the president tends to campaign for any more in the final days. three weeks away on december 12 and showed more when he will come to washington already plagued with misconduct scandals. even the ethics committee in the house started an investigation committee as we speak. i will toss back because i've got to catch a flight and 45 minutes to come up there to stand up to the honor of holding down a couch while you are gone
5:06 am
tomorrow. ainsley: you have to catch a flight in 45 minutes? you better go. steve: go ahead. ainsley: happy thanksgiving. dream for a lot of allegations running around. roy moore getting a pass. a lot of people say i'm with the trackback stories merge. the difference is the number in the fact people said he was actually trolling malls for years. that has people horrified. in the polls he's basically in a dead heat. the president in a tough spot because dow jones will blow up his entire agenda if he gets there. after all, is this the type of person you want there? is he going to go right to maybe two thirds a chance to toss them out as soon as he arrives. steve: the president of the united states trying to change the subject, but instead a
5:07 am
little bit about the father of the young men arrested in china and also about the fact apparently now the nfl owners are considering because they've had such backlash regarding the protest of a number of players. if this continues, let's keep the guys in the locker room until after the star-spangled banner, then bring them out. ainsley: the president does not like this idea. the nfl now thinking about a new idea. keeping them in the locker room during the national anthem next year. almost as bad as the national anthem. one will be nfl commissioner get tough and smart? this is killing your league. $40 million. >> $50 million plus lifetime use of the nfl jet and lifetime benefits. ainsley: lifetime? trade for i heard the deal is done. 40, 50 million a year. just watch. if this is done, on you to go
5:08 am
out there for the national anthem. you will split the teams again. a lot of people in the league think it's very important to stand. ainsley: now they are playing in the nfl. trade for the owners know they have some players who could be a problem next year. they don't want the business problem next year said they will keep everybody in the locker room. where are you tomorrow your turkey? will you be watching football? three nfl games. ainsley: watch one of the funny ones. chevy chase christmas vacation. you could do that one. else is a good one may say. so, we want to know about you. an e-mail from ray. not watching nfl tomorrow. going to watch rudy instead. it is a movie based at notre dame and not about the former city.
5:09 am
michael e-mail us. we will not have the game on this year. i have been the nfl from my house since the protests. you don't want to miss the giants, redskins or lions vikings or cowboys chargers. ainsley: tom said to stand in the locker room. they need to stop spitting in america's side. brian: gq magazine has an editorial friend joe berkowitz. he and his family supported hillary clinton last year and he says essentially it is your civic duty to ruin thanksgiving if the people you are going to visit supported donald trump. and that includes your own mother and father and your family. ainsley: this is the same vaccine that had called kaepernick is one of the heroes on the cover. citizen of the year. brian: here's a statement of trump routing thanksgiving. basically bring up donald trump
5:10 am
and started an argument of things giving. we love talking about donald trump. they want to defend them. the people that are supported president trump look at polls. they are sticking with it. >> if you really want to make a statement and you go to someone's house who support donald trump, don't show up. if your parents voted for trump, if you can even look them in the eye in the eye, don't know you mean business. you're kind of punishing yourself. ainsley: d. out there are my run your thanksgiving table? if you do come you're not involved involved in it. he just washed. brian: we don't talk politics at our house. we just talk about what up with your hair. we just pick right back for christmas. pick names. julia joins us right now.
5:11 am
ainsley: we don't normally talk politics at thanksgiving. a group of people standing out here with their umbrellas in the rain. you can't see them. trade to a lot of people in new york city with a parade. let's get you caught up on some breaking news. we do have a fox news alert paid a desperate search underway for three people missing after a navy plane crash. moments ago the navy treated in the u.s. navy is conducting search and rescue falling aircraft crash. we are lied to situation. prayers for all involved. eight people found alive in good condition after the sea to greyhounds went down off the coast of okinawa, japan. part of the seventh fleet. indications pointing to engine failure. fbi investigating bob brady for allegedly paid an opponent to drop out of the 2012 primary race. cheney were accused of it and trained ending his campaign with $90,000 from representative
5:12 am
campaign pridmore in a far right has pleaded guilty to concealing the payment. brady has not been charged with a crime. it's here, the busiest travel day of the year. los angeles got a head start. look at the video showing bumper to bumper traffic stretching for miles. 51 million americans are expected to drive or fly for thanksgiving of more than 3% from last year. the tsa expect it nearly 3 million people at airports this sunday alone. i hate to use the cliché, but pack your patience because that looks like a nightmare. >> i just got a text from one of my kids on the train right now. they're going to be an hour late because of the holiday. >> they run the train? the train is evenly. ainsley: remember whenever trump or jeff flake said this? >> the party of worry more and donald trump.
5:13 am
ainsley: the president said he was toast after that. according to the new dial. if she can never be friends with president trump witches say they won't be sitting down for thanksgiving this year. ainsley: maybe next year. ♪ (♪)
5:14 am
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trained for the president and key democrats head to the senate. what do people think that they are claimed to be american? let's ask lee carter, partner with ms. lansky and partners and she put these two to dial. three in particular. the president was asked about his tax bill. he was talking about it. you on the list then? >> congratulate the house of representatives for passing a vital and historic tax cut last week and i'm very hopeful that sent it will do the same very soon. we are going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be of great date beautiful christmas
5:18 am
present. but the democrats given us no votes for tax cuts for purely political reasons, it will be up to the republicans to come through for american. i think they will come i hope they will. such a senate. brian: read us the reddest the right, yellow with independents. >> we've been watching independence with republicans. they aren't anywhere. independence and democrats not surprising republicans than democrats, but independent right now don't say i don't support tax reform committee just aren't sure what to make for you. will it help the middle class, hurt them. they are confused and not sure if it will get done. >> it's been overwhelmed by all this controversy was sexual assault allegation. i can't really blame the messaging on that. meanwhile, i may say the democrats had a rally with nancy pelosi with her little chance.
5:19 am
watch. >> they throw to the middle class, provide a banquet for the wealthy and corporate america. transform america in doing so. we will not let that happen. killed the bill. trade for he did not rally the american people. >> independent c- and the truck massacres in doing that while the sheik at a rally than here. simply not the case. they don't know who to trust more to get the information they don't trust the establishment and they will turn to her for answers. or jeff flake is not running for reelection. he was in arizona and he was caught on mike has linked to way more. watch. >> roy moore had donald trump. we are toast. you are the guy --
5:20 am
[inaudible] to point out what an this guy is. >> the mayor mocking the president. he's going to lose some support here. >> the lines are pretty flat, but overall it was because they didn't move the needle on everyone. but it seemed like too everyone his too everyone is there's an ax to grind here. this isn't going to benefit anybody out there in america and so it just didn't resonate amid the establishment look bad. transfer senator jeff flake will be joining me on radio meteor. don't be surprised if corcoran flaked along for tax reform. meanwhile, straightahead odds are you have a turkey with your last name on it in your freezer right now. nancy perdue said she has one row at your thanksgiving table. no politics as she joins us live
5:21 am
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5:24 am
transfer time for some quick headlines. uber coming clean about a euro a pack to target 5 million customers exposed to the rancher and company paid the hackers $100,000 to erase the stolen data. you believe that? smart phone hacking users in one location services are turned off according to news. and many injured phones collected whenever connected to the internet or the practice started early this year but it's
5:25 am
been thought through the spokesman said the data was meant to ensure messages are gifted funds quickly. i'm not buying it. i will go and check it out myself. ainsley: thank you, brian. thanks giving and politics don't mix very well. thanksgiving is not the time for political debate. it's a time to emphasize all the things that unite you as a family and work on developing the family together. train to here to discuss this the wife of the great great perdue and how to make your family visits last pair bitsy perdue joins us once again here at the studio. >> a joy to be here. steve: wondering whether anyone would be watching football during thanksgiving. how many people should talk politics? >> my view and we started this as a family business 127 years ago. the perdue family has been around for 97 years as a family
5:26 am
business. we have a rule that a served us well and i think it's part of the reason they last so long. we focus on what unites us rather than what divides us and frankly that is something for keeping the family together. >> majority family businesses don't last. >> 70% will not make it to the next generation. we know that in most of those cases where they fail, it comes about because the family quarrels. my position in what i write about and how to make your family business last is what are some of the cultural things that keep the family together, make them functioning where they support each other, where they like to be each other. >> and we don't talk about the things dividing you, can you believe that guy said this, you think about the things that unite us, like what? >> i'm so glad you asked that.
5:27 am
an awful lot of the things with a high functioning family, they love each other, support each other. they don't do drugs. what keep the family together? so eager to share this. we know the more you share your families toys, the more high functioning the family will be. my friend robyn is the one who has studied a lot of this. but really, the more you no such thing as what are some of the reverses that overcame in their lives. >> the awful uncle, which i don't, but i'm just saying. no, i love my uncles. the crazy uncle that just doesn't get along with the family. how do you handle that? >> first of all, my chances of changing your views by arguing with you, it is zero.
5:28 am
so why bother? instead, to answer question what you do about difficult uncle, i'm in favor of modeling could users such as diplomacy. how about just -- i am of the belief that if you're growing up loving enough and that's richer families about, embrace it. kill them with kindness. thank you. >> congratulations. the new book is called ainsley: how to make your family business class. congratulations on the new book. >> happy thanksgiving to all of you. steve: on this thanksgiving needs. police in trying to track down one serial killer. expert says hundreds, maybe thousands of serial killers hiding right under our noses right now. steve: l. president trump wanted for christmas was tax reform.
5:29 am
can it happen? there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. on now live next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
5:30 am
was supposed to be a wake reup call for our government?sh people all across the country lost their savings, their pensions and their jobs.
5:31 am
i'm tom steyer and it turned out that the system that had benefited people like me who are well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else. it's why i left my investment firm and resolved to use my savings for the public good. but here we are nine years later and this president and the republican congress are making a bad situation even worse. they won't tell you that their so called "tax reform" plan is really for the wealthy and big corporations, while hurting the middle class. it blows up the deficit and that means fewer investments in education, health care and job creation. it's up to all of us to stand up to this president. not just for impeachable offenses, but also to demand a country where everyone has a real chance to succeed. join us. your voice matters.
5:32 am
>> as many of you know, i've been very been overturning a number of executive actions by my friends. >> i've been informed that the white house counsel's office that cannot under any circumstances be revoked. ainsley: that is your shot of the morning. president trump cracking jokes at the turkey pardon.
5:33 am
transfers saving drumstick and wishbone at the annual ceremony. he will join lasher's turkey to live out their days somewhere in the commonwealth of virginia. steve: david bossie, former fox news contributor, president of citizens united. i know you look online. there apparently was some conspiracy that the president pardoned the wrong turkey yesterday. did you hear about that? >> there's a conspiracy about him every day. that was yesterday. so far looking back at the legislation he wants done, this morning was kind of interesting. lisa murkowski made clear when it comes to tax reform, she likes the idea of the obamacare mandate that makes you buy insurance. she likes the idea of on the senate side did kind of interesting. she's one we've been keeping an eye on to see how flexible it amenable shall be. >> this is a great message for the president that we might be
5:34 am
able to get tax reform done. lisa murkowski saying she wants her constituents in alaska to have more freedom. more opportunity and not be penalized by not having a mandated insurance policy that's too expensive or they don't need. ainsley: will he get tax reform for christmas? >> i certainly hope so. the president wants it. he's been working hard for it. the house gave the senate an opportunity to deliver tax reform to the president which is one of his main promises. it will be another promise made, another promise kept for this president. trade for what he think either of the failure of repeal and replace? >> i think there's a lot lot to take away from that. what we need to focus on is the senators that are either no or
5:35 am
possibly know because they were different situations. ron johnson, senator johnson is looking like he is a no, but wants to get ts, which is he wants to make this bill better. small businesses, llc, and will be benefiting from this tax code just as big businesses are. he wants to get ts and he's been a productive partner in these negotiations now that just like lisa murkowski. i'm really excited about the possibility. we still have several senators who really haven't made it known where they are in they think we see where they were before so we are a little bit hesitant to get too far out in front of it. >> we will see what their point of view is after a bunch of constituents talk to them.
5:36 am
>> very important. steve: one of the other platforms of the president of the united states and he was running was to build a wall of beef up our southern border. a terrible story out of texas with the border patrol agent looks like he was -- he and his partner were ambushed. it looks like he was assaulted and killed with a big rock according to one report although there are conflicting stories right now. we had a guest on two hours ago who said that guy would be alive today had rebuilt the wall. unfortunately as you know, not only are most democrats against it, lot of republicans against it as well. >> welcome in this president has made law and order in border security really one of the top priorities of his administration in building the wall has been a promise he made during the campaign in a promise he is trying to work with congress to try and keep. it is important for national
5:37 am
security, border security, border patrol agents. awol is just common sense, folks. it is that the president has been saying. one of the reasons he won his election last year. i've got to tell you, we desperately need to have that type of wall built to protect our border patrol. i've been down to the border. a lot of you guys have as well. the ability to throw rocks and how these assaults in its wide open spaces is there is no barrier at nothing to stop it from happening. i'm surprised that it doesn't happen more often. >> were not talk about something the president was tweeting about this morning. the owners are considering keeping their teams in the locker room during the national anthem so that there's no controversy that no one can see if their teammates are standing or sitting down. the president thought that was a really bad idea.
5:38 am
the nfl don't think he'd been on a new idea keeping teams in the locker room. that's almost as bad as stealing. when will the highly paid commission a get tough and smart. the issue is killing your leg. what are your comments? >> i'm with the president 100%. this is outrageous that roger goodell would allow, would recommend it seems that the players stay in the locker room. it is a friend to all americans to support our great nation, great flag in great veterans. it is the opposite of the right answer, roger goodell. we must stand tall for the american way of life and for a flag and for veterans. i think they are going to reopen this incredibly painful can of worms that they have been feeling for the last several months. train for david, did the president make the right move endorsing roy moore yesterday? they make absolutely.
5:39 am
we have to win the senate race. the liberals down -- brian: at any cost? >> i don't know what that means, brian. the cost of this election, having a liberal democrat who's for open borders and gun confiscation in abortion on demand is not what the people of alabama want. i think they are going to vote that way with those important issues foremost in their minds. tax reform becomes endangered if we lose a senate seat. the president saying look, roy board -- >> they are not voting for them. mitch mcconnell doesn't support them. the lesser of two evils. >> the people of alabama get to go. mitch mcconnell doesn't get to vote. i think that's the important take away. the people of alabama have
5:40 am
worthies chew or not. if there's not an accurate depiction of what judge moore's signature, if he didn't sign it, they call these things in the question. what you have here in washington with conyers and al franken has muddied the waters for democrats and it makes it difficult for them to stay on that message because they really is bleeding into their own problem. train for the election less than three weeks away. david bossie containing block for joining a something skin beneath. have a wonderful day with your family. ainsley: some headlines for us. gillian was some headlines. reporter: thousands of killers on the listed criminologists and researchers said he created an algorithm that tracks the habits
5:41 am
of murderers and claims there are 2000 at-large. even more terrifying, about 5000 people murder someone each year and never get caught. this comes as the killer with four murders in just six weeks. now their enemies and it doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon for president trump and hillary clinton. >> after this is all done, do you see becoming friendly with him again? >> i don't answer that question. reporter: talking to hugh dewitt. hillary and bill even attended the presidents wending. >> i've been so excited to share the video at the pit the video with you to the real-life papa troll. night show, alabama police officers in their workout. the group all doing push-ups together. they were just warming up. how cute is that?
5:42 am
>> you've got to go with the dog. brian: that's the way you do it. the dog is cheating. all four are up, all for down. ainsley: brian, come on. >> they don't know how to do it. just saying, those guys are experts. train for a straightahead cover you ready to hit the road for the holidays? you and 40 others are. the busiest travel day of the year. batman, jeff flock is going to be talking to us about traffic on the road in chicago coming up next. >> a ticket items or the name of the game. the top text and tool deals that he got. >> i want them all. i want them all.
5:43 am
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ainsley: it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. train to chicago o'hare international airport on go ahead out. transfer they are flying by air, the billions more hitting the roads or not it's worth i'm jeff flock from fox business cruising around in an suv. where are you and how is the traffic? >> we are headed for wisconsin is. a cold bearish. there's a lot of people. you sometimes think to reset a new record every year? roughly 3% of people on the
5:47 am
road. but actually that the largest number since 2005. chef. according to church all i, they will be going again. aaa pretty strong right now. that's what is contributing to all of this. the labor market with rising incomes contributing to more people out and able to travel this thanksgiving. but gas prices on the average 41 cents higher at this year than this time last year. airfare just the opposite down about 23%. hold tales -- higher prices for hotels. hopefully you are staying with family, imposing on them.
5:48 am
[inaudible] what can i tell you. trade you do the assignment editors they had to wisconsin resort just like going row? reporter: i suggested florida. >> by the way, who is driving? i know we can't see them. >> all be the cameraman. bob over there. >> keep your eyes and hands on the road. ainsley: ago go by the restaurant, just. can you find a restaurant in the defense are working? good deal. people in wisconsin. or cracker barrel. trade for jeff flock outside of chicago. ainsley: big ticket items or the name of the game on black
5:49 am
friday. skip lindell has the talk deals coming up next. trade your first let's check in with sandra smith for what's happening at the top of the hour. he might have the thanksgiving to you guys. massive search and rescue western aircraft carried 11 crashes in the pacific ocean on its way to the uss ronald reagan. eight people recovered so far. reaction from the white house in just moments. the president with allegations against senate candidate roy moore and blasting his liberal rival in the race. we'll have more on that. texas ag ken paxton at the top of the hour on the investigation of that. the death of the border patrol agent of what he does about the attack. at the hour. continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. you should be putting it ato good use, right?t?
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brian: black friday just a couple days away. how do you know where to spend your money? hear what the best savings you can find on tools and tech. the host of tragic contractor. >> univac for having me. i was such a great time being here. i'm excited. it's black friday, time to get the best deals. i'd love djs wholesale club. they have the most amazing deals with anything you could want from housewares, appliances. check this out. song, ultrahigh debt smart tv. 499 right now. $300 plus they throw in a $20 gift card if you can believe that. amazing savings. no book right here only $1.99.
5:54 am
one hundred dollars off. housewares, and they really have anything you can think of. you know it's really cool, once you get done with holiday shopping, you pick up all the food for your party. this is all home depot. my home away from home. you guys know i love home depot. this is like the best value in tools right now. teske has a 260 -- check this out. 268 piece set. this is $99. a $590 value. unbelievable start. ainsley: for someone who doesn't know anything about tools, would that be good to get my god or a bad witch? >> it's everything you could imagine. $599 value.
5:55 am
it's $99. check this out. you've got three separate pieces, guys. seventy-nine dollars, regularly $124. >> for said work was only $19.88. a great price. >> let's talk tools. >> you guys know that i'm a big fan. everybody needs a good tool. for $199, and use god to 20-volt max. this is a six piece out. $199, your choice. >> you get sick so you get two. and you have two batteries, charger and a case comes up of these that. check this out. $149 use god the motors.
5:56 am
very high-tech, high quality tools. again, all of this come with two batteries, charger and case. all two-piece set which is really great. >> you have a preferred brand? >> i would've put other stuff i use. i love all of these brands. smart home stuff, guys, this is unbelievable right now. global homes. the smart thermostat. this thing is unbelievable. quick set touchscreen front door lock for your house. unbelievable savings. amazing deals. next week we are talking about christmas trees at had unbelievable black friday deals on christmas trees. remember, guys, you can get links to all of these. skip everybody knows that. thank you. so happy to be back.
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