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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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put up with me on this crazy schedule i have. thank you for freedom and everyone who helped provided. have a wonderful thanksgiving and remember that which really matters. >> the democratic party divided over whether john conyers should step down as multiple women accused him of harassment. >> if i was in his place, i would leave. >> one of the highest ranking democrats says he's not sure the claim has any real substance and could be made up. the media attacks republicans over judge roy moore. our voters fed up with democrats on sexual harassment? stirewalt weighs in. the jury deliberates and the murder case of kate steinle, and why won't the senate vote on a bill? >> terror threats and arrests among intense holiday security.
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more lines, jams, and delays. former cia officer buck sexton breaks it down. >> we are here to bring holiday cheer on thanksgiving traveling day. >> it will explain why airport officials are turning to cuteness this season. ♪ hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. we are alive with a lot a breaking news from around the world. we started in germany. six syrians seeking asylum were swept up in a massive anti-terror rate involving hundreds of police officers. officials say they believe the men in their 20s hide contacts with isis and have been casing potential targets just ahead of the opening of validate markets, possibly planning to use weapons or explosives in an attack. hours ago, the men were released. authorities think they didn't
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have concrete evidence they needed to hold them. that's raising numerous questions tonight. last year, 12 people were killed when an islamist terrorist rammed a truck through a holiday crowd in berlin. the state department is warning americans to exercise caution when traveling in europe during the holidays. here at home, authorities are taking no chances coast-to-coast. in houston, officers are out in force at the international airport, as they are at lax and across the west coast. then you are, the nypd says expect to see at least one cop on every small city block and highly armed and trained emergency service officers in key areas throughout the city ahead of the macy's day parade. there's not a credible threat against the parade though an islamic state english website posting it to be an excellent target. a month ago, eight people killed
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in lower manhattan. good to have a with this. let's talk about the situation in germany because the accounts we've read so far say 500 officers, multiple cities. they sweep up six young men, say they believe they had contacts with isis, said they believed they had been casing potential public targets in hittite they say we had to let them go. what do you make of that? >> highly unusual. arrests involving hundreds of officers across multiple cities in germany and in the matter of hours, the story from the authorities to the press went from these are isis members who are part of an active self looking to do essentially a replay of the christmas market attack last year in germany to we are letting them go. it doesn't add up, shannon. all i can say is given the high tensions right now, the stream of threat reporting, all the chatter out there on jihadist sites, i think here and abroad
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in places like germany, there is just a high level of tension and anxiety and concern among law enforcement that are tasked with trying to protect people from a mass casualty attack during the holidays which we know the islamic state wants to pull off and has pulled off in the past. >> shannon: they want us to think about it. that's part of terror. they want us to be afraid and change our life patterns. i know they think if they instill fear, it leads to undermining the economy, the foundations and fabric of our society. >> one of the big problems you deal with as an intelligence analyst, law enforcement or on the federal side of things is that you have to be constantly sifting out what is chatter, what is threat reporting that's meant to throw you off from what is a credible plot or a credible attempt to trying her casualties. that something we have to keep in mind right now. given the threat reporting
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coming in, stuff being published about the different venues isis would like, their adherence, not necessarily people with direct ties to strike, specifically over the holidays because they know there is a greater concentration of people on the street. the symbolic value of attacking any western country, america included obviously during our biggest period of holidays. they are trying to keep us on edge which they do by putting out the threats but we have to look at the threats as credible because all it takes is one isis believer to get into a vehicle and we can have a deadly incident on our hands. law enforcement has it in new york, elsewhere, they know what they are doing but they have to maintain vigilance. keep an eye and threats as they emerge. >> shannon: new york city is the target 24/7, three and are 65. the mayor has addressed the threat of what's being done to try to beat things up. here's what he said.
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>> we understand we are dealing with the challenging world. the amount of resources and personnel has increased each year to make us safer. >> shannon: we understand there are sanitation trucks filled with sand. sharpshooters on roofs, heavily armed police officers. officers on every block. they have portable detectors they can use. what is the mood? it's a holiday, festive season but authorities have a huge job. >> in the case of new york, the nypd counterterrorism division and intelligence division are among the best equipped to deal with these different threats and possibilities. it's good because new york city is among the very top terrorist targets in the world. they are specifically looking right now i trying to at least make a vehicle attack during the holidays mass casualty vehicle attack, something along lines of what happened in nice, france on
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bastille day. other places in europe, and happen here new york city a matter of weeks ago on halloween eve. they are trying to put in place that barriers and defensive measures. there is no perfect security, and vigilance and law enforcement and from americans, everyday folks on the street, it's necessary this time of year given how badly our enemies want to hit us specifically during the holidays. >> shannon: we are going to keep on that germany situation. thank you very much and have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> shannon: sexual harassment allegations against prominent lawmakers are piling up. hasn't stopped. ellison barber is standing by. >> good evening. conyers' attorney is not being subtle. he says when it comes to people asking conyers to resign, that's not going to happen. this statement went on to say people were required to resign over allegations, a lot of
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people would be out of work in this country, including many members of the house, senate, and even the president. buzzfeed reported conyers, longest serving member of the house, paid a former staffer over $27,000 after she claimed he fired her because she refused his sexual advances. conyers confirmed the settlement but denied any wrongdoing. buzzfeed uncovered court documents where another former staffer accused that democratic lawmaker of daily sexual advances from comments to unwanted touching. the ethics committee opened an investigation. an attorney told "the washington post" that conyers harassed and abused her in his congressional office. some democrats say conyers needs to go. >> my colleague mr. conyers used his own resources within his office to make of this some sort of settlement instead of going to the official process.
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this concerns me greatly. i think the congressman needs to look at himself and if i was in his place, i would leave. >> at least one lawmaker defended him. quoted saying "you can't jump to conclusions with these types of things. for all i know, this could be made up." later tweeting the allegations are disturbing in the ethics committee should conduct a thorough investigation. conyers digs in his heels, a republican congressman is apologizing afternoon photo of him surfaced online. texas representative joe barton says he was separated from his wife when he had "relationships with mature adult woman." barton allegedly sent exquisite photos and videos. barton confronted the woman in her decision to share the material.
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the post says barton warns the woman of doing anything with the material that negatively affects his crew. the congressman tells the woman he will go to capitol police and ask them to launch an investigation. she says it was an attempt to intimidate her. barton says the call is evidence against him. senator al franken is facing two new accusations of inappropriate behavior. two women say franken groped them. one woman says it was a 2007 event hosted by the minnesota women's political caucus. senate hopeful roy moore faces sexual misconduct and assault allegations but has refused to step down. he will be campaigning without one member of his team. director john rogers. the campaign says rogers resigned. an advisor with the campaign said they had to make a change because rogers "did not have the experience to deal with the
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press the last couple weeks." >> shannon: all right, it continues. thank you so much. republicans continue to take hits over their handling of roy moore, democrats facing their own issues with these new allegations tonight against minnesota senator al franken and michigan congressman john conyers. does anyone in washington have the moral high ground? fox news politics editor chris stirewalt is here. do you have it? >> i don't wanted to. >> shannon: there is plenty to go around. where to go from here? >> the barton thing is tab. it's different than the rest of it and his claim about she was doing revenge? that's a different thing. i make the impropriety us but it's humiliating for him. and it probably ends his career. no real wrongdoing except for maybe on her part.
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for these democrats, if they don't get serious about franken and about conyers, they are not going to be in a position to say anything about roy moore. you would think that the republicans -- you want to talk about -- it's a pretty good encapsulation of how bad the democrats have been contending with republicans. you have this total disaster of a senate nominee in alabama. the worst. it hits it wrong in so many ways for the republican party, this potential disaster. because democrats for various reasons are unwilling to address, so far, have been unwilling to address franken and unwilling to address conyers, what are they going to say? that's exactly what president trump is exploiting when he goes out and puts sort of half of bro hug on roy moore. theo there's a split in the party. earlier, congressman clyburn,
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said he can't jump to conclusions. for all i know, it could be made out. it sounded like later on he was trying to backpedal a little bit. from congresswoman kathleen rice, she says "representative john conyers should resign. i have reviewed the allegations against him. they are as credible as they are repulsive." his lawyer says that people were required to sign over allegations, 11 people would be out of work in this country, including members of the house, senate, even the president. congressman conyers has no plans to resign. >> john conyers doesn't have a right. that's not his seat. that's not al franken's seat. in the case of franken, he can step aside for the good of the party, for the good of the country. for the good of minnesota. when you have the members of the minnesota feminist choir accusing you of wrongdoing, of groping, you are in a bad place. he can step aside. another democrat will deceit and
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the party can move on. the world does not need to al franken. al franken is not curing polio. he's one of 100 senators, no big deal. he can go on and do something else. the hubris, the arrogance attached to these lawmakers who are bringing harm to their parties, bringing harm to themselves because they selfishly believe they are important to the process, it's a reflection of how the selfishness that infects american politics. it's all about them. it's never about everybody else. >> shannon: we are going to have to get a thesaurus. we know what you mean. >> solace today was the day. you had some repeat offenders or winners. >> these are the winners, they made it easy for us.
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anthony scaramucci, people, the guy on ted cruz's twitter handle who liked the wrong tweets. in the year that's been let's put it this way, we are enormously privileged to cover politics at this moment because we don't have to scrape for stories. we open up the inbox and there they are. the top one this year, hillary clinton for worst book tour ever. she say a back-to-back winner. >> shannon: she could not have planned that this will thing is going to erupt. reignite the conversation about her husband and democrats turning on him saying we should never have allowed him to get away with it. that's convenient 25 years later but not good during a book tour. >> good advice for hillary clinton, scandals and these things. if you want to rehabilitate your image, if you don't want to get a haircut, don't hang around the barbershop. might be a good time for her to get out of the barbershop. >> shannon: i love your sayings. happy thanksgiving.
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there's going to be a big meeting at the white house next week. president trump will meet with the big four congressional leaders tuesday in the oval office. senate g.o.p. might be one vote closer to getting approval of its version of tax reform. alaska senator lisa murkowski says she does support the controversial addition of repealing the obamacare individual mandate is bars the tax package. which do not exact sure about the rest of the bill. the rest of the -- the president is tweeted, diving into his tit for tat with lavar ball, the father of 1 of 3 ucla basque ballplayers arrested and jailed in china. "it wasn't the white house, it wasn't the state department, it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long term prison sentence. it was me. too bad! lavar is just a poor man's version of don king, but without the hair." there's a second tweet but we
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won't go there. the president revisited the nfl controversy. aiming at the league itself. "the nfl is now thinking about a new idea - keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that's almost as bad as kneeling! when will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart? this issue is killing your league!" more tweets i'm sure. coming up, the jurors into liberation in the murder case of kate steinle. our next guest is wondering what is taking the senate so long. we are going to check out chuck schumer's turkey day talking points. giving up for debate -- gearing up for debate around the table. nick was born to move.
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>> shannon: now that the fbi's involved in the investigation into the death of one border patrol agent and serious injuries to another, there are growing questions about exactly what happened. the border patrol has said that agent rogelio martinez was attacked and possibly stoned to death. he was found in the bottom of a ditch. the fbi says that's one possible
8:22 pm
scenario another is that he might've fallen into the ditch. border agent says there's no way to agents fell into the same ditch and got those injuries. jurors in the case against jose ines garcia zarate, a homeless illegal immigrant deported multiple times and accused of murdering kate steinle headed home for the thanksgiving holiday without reaching a verdict. it appears the jury is still out for the senate trying to pass a measure which is not even voted on the measure named after kate steinle, kate's law would stiffen penalties against previously deported immigrants who commit crimes. the measure passed the house in june but it hasn't been considered in the senate. joining us now is new york congressman lee selden. buried by my accounting, this past in the house june 29. there were some g.o.p. defectors pretty good at least 12 democratic votes. it was received in the senate on july 1. what since then? >> it's really all about finding
8:23 pm
eight democrats would be willing to vote for it with it senate rules requiring 60 votes. if you have all 52 republicans in the senate, you still need eight democratic senators. i think that's the main holdup. it's the right thing to do for more than eight of the senators to come on board because as we see in the case of kate steinle, but this happens all across the entire country where people are removed from the country, and then they come back sometimes multiple times, maybe multiple misdemeanors, felonies, they might do 30 months or 60 months or more in prison and they should be held accountable but actually what you have is a lot of democrats were going out of their way to protect these individuals. that was the case here in san francisco. instead of turning over an individual to the federal government for deportation proceedings, they had a sanctuary city and that led to a loss of one beautiful young, talented life.
8:24 pm
>> shannon: i understand you have experienced this with a constituent in your own congressional district. this is something we've heard the stories again and again about people who were here, many of them kicked out of the country multiple times, they come back and there's really, it appears, no disincentive for them to do that. as you know and as you said you've got to give at least eight democrats. here is something bob menendez had to say. he said "i will do whatever i can in order to stop them. these are only punitive in nature. they don't deal with the totality of the reality." we're not going to count him as a possibility among the eight but how do you respond? >> you have families getting torn apart. every nation's backbone is its rule of law. if you don't have borders, you don't have a nation. it's important for these democratic senators who, and
8:25 pm
democratic mayors and other local town supervisors, they look at these people coming as constituencies and they want to protect these families. they are turning a blind eye to what we face on long island with the rise of ms-13. fortunately president trump, the ag, they've been coming to suffolk county, my home county. i have loss of life all the time across the island. if you don't have the right policies in place, if you're not enforcing your rule of law, turning a blind eye because you want more votes in your next election, lives are getting lost as a result of it. it's a responsibility when you put your hand on the bible and you take an oath to be a united states senator, a united states representative, with these votes are coming, you should be going out of your way to be able to vote for vote for on behalf of kate steinle's family, for the family in my district where someone who was deported returned and allegedly
8:26 pm
murdered one of my own constituents. this is the right thing to do for that family. it's like they are blinded because they want to get a gavel in their hand. they want to become a chairman. they want to get reelected. they are ignoring all the realities on the ground, and it's tearing apart families and communities. the sanctuary cities, we provide federal tax dollars to all of these different municipalities and in some case states across the country and they are ignoring federal law and we are still paying them. we also need to better leverage the money we are providing the federal money to help get the results we need for those families, those communities. >> shannon: yesterday a federal judge in california blocked the efforts by the administration to take sanctuary city funding away. that will wind its way through the courts. we will keep an eye on this. it's possible they put it to a vote in the senate to put everybody on the record about how they are voting.
8:27 pm
congressman zeldin, thanks for making time for us. have a great one. coming up, a brave defector risking everything for a chance at freedom, the incredible story and a stunning video. how is he faring? will uber customers be willing to forgive and forget? we are going to have the latest on the massive hack of your data in the years spent hiding it. ♪ there's something ♪ for you and me, ♪ and the american road is calling, ♪ ♪ so what's it gonna be? ♪ ♪ hey it's an amazing day, ♪ ♪ traveling our own highway, ♪
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>> shannon: incredible video out of the cranium peninsula. a soldier risked his life trying to get to freedom. benjamin hall shares the images and the rest of the story. >> 3:00 p.m. in north korea and alone soldier is racing toward freedom. his dark green jeep speeds down the road passes a guard building, then crosses what was once called the bridge of no
8:32 pm
return. soldiers realize one of their comrades is defecting and race to stop him. yards from safety, the jeep gets stopped and when north korean troops yet close, the defector has no choice but to run for it. 40 shots are fired at close range and five hit the man. he keeps going, finally he falls on moving in a pile of leaves. 40 minutes later, two south korean soldiers crawled towards him and drag him to safety. the incredible video clearly shows north korea violating the 1953 pharmacist with one soldier even crossing into the south and the u.n. command say they have requested a meeting with the north's military. >> key findings of the special investigation team are that the k p.a. violated the armistice agreement by firing weapons across the mdl and by actually crossing the mdl. >> doctors for the 24-year-old defector say he is alive and recovering not only from the bullet wounds but also from the terrible living conditions in
8:33 pm
the north. they say his body is riddled with parasites unlike anything they've seen before. there are around 1,000 defections a year from the north but this was the fourth in three years to happen at the dmz. it was in a manner befitting a cold war drama. his doctors say he is up and watching american movies. one can only imagine how strange and different the world must seem overnight after his incredibly lucky escape. in london, benjamin hall. fox news. >> shannon: north korea and cuba strengthening ties as they face pressure. president trump declaring north korea a state sponsor of terrorism. tragedy tonight in the western pacific, navy transport plane taking passengers and cargo to an american aircraft carrier went down a day before thanks
8:34 pm
giving. most on board were rescued but the search is on for three remaining. it's the latest in what's been a horrible run of accidents involving the navy's japan-based 7th fleet and military aviation in general. the white house announcing additional disaster aid for california. the president authorizing increase in federal funding for california recovery efforts from last month's wildfires that devastated portions of wine country. trump had been accused by california governor jerry brown of ignoring the states request for $7 billion in federal aid. tonight uber admitting it failed to disclose the hacking of personal information of some 57 million customers and driver drivers. and chief correspondent jonathan hunt tells us the company may have paid a ransom to cover it all up. >> a cascade of criticism is putting uber under increasing pressure. >> they are creating more damages and they are playing with our privacy and our private information.
8:35 pm
>> the new york attorney general's office has opened an investigation and the federal trade commission says "we are closely evaluating the serious issues raised." 57 million uber customers and drivers may have had their personal information stolen as a result of the hack. that information included names, home and email addresses, phone numbers, and in the case of drivers, their license information. >> the liability of our data, our credit card information, our money is in their hands. they cannot just decide to take this breach and hide it behind the scenes and then whenever it's convenient, to reveal it. >> the security chief resigned recently and a lawyer who reported to him was fired. uber's ceo dara khosrowshahi says there is no evidence the stolen information has been used possibly because of the $100,000
8:36 pm
ransom overpaid. and dara khosrowshahi said "while i can't erase the past, i can commit on behalf of every uber employee that we will learn from our mistakes." uber is far from the first company this year to reveal a cyber breach. the clothing retail forever 21 also announced a hack this mont month. hyatt hotels and sonic in october whole foods and equifax and chipotle. the attempted cover up is what is likely to most infuriate gators and could see the company facing fines in the millions of dollars. uber says it will cooperate with all investigations. >> shannon: jonathan, thank you. do not get sick this holiday season. a political debate at the dinner table. tips for avoiding or winning, should you choose to debate. that's next. why is the catholic church having so much trouble finding new priests and nuns. we will look into that coming u
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the original place to invest online. >> shannon: politics as part of daily discourse but is a good table talk? some liberal groups have been sending out talking points hoping to arm them for battle. chuck schumer tweeting "bring this chart to thanksgiving dinner. it will come in handy when that family member who always talk politics tells the republicans
8:41 pm
tax bill helps the middle class." joining me now around the table, beverly hallberg and al mottur. i knew paul out asking how do you feel about talking about politics around the table? 58% said they are dreading it. 31% said they are eager to get into it and 11% said they are not sure. how to proceed? >> how about we try to listen to each other and be respectful and people can talk. >> shannon: that sounds good in theory. not sure is going to work. >> you can refer to your cocktails and food. >> shannon: beverly i think you said carbs over conflict. >> always. if you feel like you need to say something and you are concerned about what someone else says,
8:42 pm
ask for the mashed potatoes. i thought it was funny senator schumer thinks you should come in with some kind of flowchart of the republican tax plan. if somebody showed up to my house with a big chart, i would probably say they have to go to the kids table. we don't need a chart over thanksgiving. i think they should be a focus on enjoying things and being thankful. politics can be tricky. >> shannon: football can get to fighting words. "gq" said it's your civic duty to ruin thanksgiving by bringing up trump. the sub header was "consider making life hell for your relatives." sounds like a scene out of "american horror story" ." we don't need to ruin people's thanksgiving. we already had a war on christmas, so to speak.
8:43 pm
>> shannon: five herdsman vice that it's better not talk about names. don't talk about hillary clinton or donald trump, bernie sanders them anybody, bill clinton. it's better to talk about policies and ideas. >> i would say especially when you get into different individuals even trump right now he tweets all the time. there are a lot of things people could talk about. i think it's focusing, even on the policy issues, what scenario you can agree on? i would say when it comes to taxes, which chuck schumer thinks we should talk about, if you can focus on the fact that we want small businesses to thrive. how do we do that? maybe we figure out how we get there but a agree on common ground. that's a good place to start. always with a proper tone. it's when you get worked up. >> shannon: there are issues people agree on, like terrorism. want to get the bad guys. that should unite americans, right? other things we can have positive conversations about.
8:44 pm
think of my democratic friends, i like to try to tell them don't get annoyed at the tweets. like what he says doesn't matter as much as you think he does. people are wrapped up in this concept that he says this stuff and it's disruptive and it's terrible. let's not worry about it. let's have a nice meal. we can talk policy and see a little fun in it. a lot of the stuff he does is amusing. >> shannon: either you get worked up or upset. there is another informal survey kind of fun. which issue is most likely to start an argument? number one was the president. >> not surprised. the football issue, people are excited to watch football on thanksgiving. that's something he has talked a lot about. he had a tweet yesterday about whether he thinks the players should be in the locker room during the national anthem. i find it interesting the advice is twofold. either have a provocative approach where you bring up issues at the thanksgiving table or you do what planned
8:45 pm
parenthood suggested. their suggestion was find a safe space when you go home. not just college campuses anymore. you have defined safe space in your house. enlist in allies. bring someone with you on your side or they went to this extreme: don't go at all if you feel like you may not be safe. >> shannon: turkey has tryptophan. it knocks everybody out. enough pie will keep everybody happy. have a great thanksgiving. coming up, we will get an update on the holiday travel, it's busy out there. cops have relied on canines for production but now this is about puppies. we are going to tell you what they are up to in just a minute. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> shannon: if you are on the roads, a plane or train, you have plenty of company. president trump tweeted "51 million americans travel this weekend. highest number in 12 years, adding traffic and airports are running very smoothly." tweet us and let us know if they are not. mike tobin joins us from o'hare airport in chicago. >> day one of what should be a
8:50 pm
record-setting holiday travel weekend. looks like we are through the heaviest part of it. according to flight aware, things are moving along relatively smoothly. do not let the presence of armed security alarm you. we saw s.w.a.t. officers with rifles and body armor. it's the random nature of the threat that's part of the world in which we now live. the hangup will be security checkpoints. tsa recently did poorly in an inspector general audit. if you have an item in your bag bigger than a cell phone, it's probably got to come out and that will slow up the line. 20.5 million of you are going over the river and through the woods to get to grandmother's house. it looks like things are moving. a little bit of bad weather causing some delays. i can't promise you that the entire weekend will be smooth. so far, so good. the heaviest day will be sunday.
8:51 pm
shannon. >> shannon: thank you. time for "night court." we present you the story. if the holiday travel is stressing you out, authorities think they have something that might help you out across airports across the country. you may have noticed puppies. according to an official from los angeles international airport, they are an important part of staffing. >> increased traffic officers to help move traffic smoothly. increased people helping. people have questions. you might be able to find some of our puppies. we have pets distressing passengers. if you see someone with a dog with a red vest, packed it. >> shannon: i fully endorse that idea. apple's first vice president of diversity and inclusion is being forced out some site for being politically incorrect. at a summit, denise young said
8:52 pm
12 white blue-eyed blond mentor in room going to be diverse because they have different life experience is. i get frustrated when the term diversity is tagged to people of color, women, or members of the lgbt community. a 6-year-old bagged her first six-point buck. tyler harris about his daughter a youth rifle. she was shaking when she pulled the trigger. when they found the deer, she said i am not gutting it. scott walker signed a law november 12 for anyone of any age to hunt. coming up, a focus on faith and the difficulty in finding those who believe enough to devote themselves to a lifetime in service to the church. .
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>> shannon: a bit of breaking news potentially in seattle. want to update you. live at the airport, we are told police officers on the scene are investigating a suspicious item. this is in the north and back of the ticketing level. a small area is closed off, including a security checkpoint. security checkpoint 5. in the meantime, you can see drivers can still come through. ticket counters remain open but police on site are investigating suspicious item in seattle. we will keep you updated. a closer look at the major shortfall in men and women who want to serve as priests. ancestors in the catholic church. lauren green tells us what accounts for the changes and what the numbers mean. 32-year-old brendan coffey is the walking embodiment of a rare exception for the catholic church, a millennial choosing the priesthood. >> the life of a jesuit is countercultural.
8:58 pm
by today's standards, not a lot of people are getting in line for poverty, chastity, and obedience. for me, it was falling in love with a commitment to service. a commitment to promoting a god who is deeply in love with his creation. >> over the last five decades, the catholic church has seen a steady decline in the number of priests and sisters according to the georgetown university center for applied research. in 1965 there were nearly 59,000 priests in the u.s. and nearly 180,000 religious sisters. in 2016, the numbers had dwindled to just over 37,000 priests and just over 47,000 sisters. the decline in sisters is more significant because the numbers entering were much higher than priests, particularly after world war ii. >> there are so many who are now in their 70s, 80s, 90s and so the steep decline each year
8:59 pm
is really accountable mainly to those who are dying. and the smaller numbers who are entering. >> the lack of sisters was having an economic impact. today catholic schools must employ more lay teachers at higher wages, forcing tuition to rise and few who can afford it. >> the smaller number engaged with students or young people does kind of have a natural social consequence. >> brendan is 1 of 28 jesuits living and studying at fordham university. >> from the experience of the guys in this house, we are living good, happy lives. and i wish more people could experience that. >> while religious vocations are down, georgetown university study shows there are 26 million more catholics across america today than there were in 1965. >> shannon: thank you. we wish you the very best thanksgiving. hope you'll enjoy it.
9:00 pm
celebrating with people you love. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. ♪ >> brian: all right, good evening, everyone. and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." that's the sign you will see over there for second. i'm brian kilmeade. i will be filling in for tucker. it's more than a year since hillary clinton'ss defeat. excuses keep on coming. hillary clinton appeared today to talk about what happened. she is on a book tour, i had no idea. she had a whole array of explanation for her loss. she put the blame on new person, president obama. >> when you run to succeed a two-term president of your own party, you have a historical head wind blowing against you. it is a challenge. if you are both the


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