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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 25, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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thank you to terry, steven, the seventh graders from our lady of the hampton school in new york, patrick, tyrus and the studio audience. i'm greg .-dot felt and i love you, november 25th i am connell mcshane. waters world starts now. >> that is but an entire year's is trump was elected president and now some of his most memorable moments and joy he me now with audi's investigate michelle. so let's get started trump first is a the press we caught wind of a the sound bite from msnbc. >> day people with the ratings that have collapsed
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the new york times are doing better than ever and the networks we are doing great all of the people he has attacked seemed to be doing quite well. donald trump was been great for a the media. >> the credibility has gone way down?. >> i love watching the self delusion in action and what donald trump has done most effectively is exposed as media bias those that are a journalist has tried to expose. listed with the dissertation until you are blue in the face but not installed trump came along more than any
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other republican to poke them in the eye to use social media to use of false narrative. i have kids and admitted they i am conservative but i have not imposed my ideology on either kit and use the term fake news in the ironic way because it is the repetition of donald trump. >> he has done long term damage to some of the brands especially cnn i don't think will ever recover from the fake news monitor so let's look at those hivites from his troubles with the press. >>. >> with the attack of fake news?. >> i am changing that it is very fake news.
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[laughter] >> i will never ever let them get away with it. they have their own agenda and that is not your agenda. >> he just three tweeds of funny video dating that is the attack on the first amendment. >> then they're ready to go to human rights international the selfie importance and narcissism of the media he has done a fabulous job to pop the bubble and i have to say jesse over the years i don't agree with every policy position donald trump has made but but he has made covering politics fun began. not just the media establishment but the entire bill play.
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and bear it isn't a modern american politician who has been able to do and use the platform as effectively as donald trump. to sabotage and circumvent the mainstream of false narrative because of twitter and social media that began that repetition and that they need and by the way this is not messaging by committee this is what is so important for those speechwriters and those media consultants to tell them what to say. >> he is the bill that is why the press is so discombobulated because he drives them crazy. looking at the international news this is the of president. >> pocket man is on a suicide mission.
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the united states is ready and willing and able and hopefully this will not be necessary. >> we have to update it is now lil rocket man. [laughter] >> he was in the middle of hollywood and pop culture they said politics was downstream and i don't think there is a republican party figure who has spent more airburst that and donald trump. and that is well with liabilities and that benefits to penetrate that republican party that has pay the live service to reach out to but have never been tabled to do that effectively. >> he can penetrate because
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of the expertise and branding and that just goes right into a the bloodstream and lil rocket man is a great examples of high-level show you some pictures. said this is the solar eclipse. this is the of president looking directly at the sun and the prohibition is eyes had burned out in the mainstream media. [laughter] >> this is of a picture of that says a thousand words and to use say how of the zero the amherst how those media manufacturers are. >> linseed the great pond rebus feeding the fish.
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to show that as an example shelving now a quorum or diplomacy dumping the fish food after a the prime minister a pod of japan had done that. i also want to show you something from puerto rico after the of hurricane as a basketball player during jump shots out of the paper towels to the people in the back. this made him look like he was trivializing things but yet all the people above the front row live media the peabody did the paper towels and a peabody did have to get the jump shot. >> exactly there used to be a time the of liars read get away without fabrication parana the french church h. w. bush and add a technology conference they tried to make it look like a -- she
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did not the of the tube talk about it took 50 years before people and admitted it was a like now there is instant fact checking because of that crown sourcing available now and the push back. to take 100 per 200 conservative plods to fight back but now a just takes one donald trump tweet to pop the bubble. >> socs speaking of that this is one of my favorites the use of social media is not a presidential is modern-day president joel make america a great again. it flew everybody out the window and what i also love is he said this might not be very presidential but. [laughter] >> he has made me laugh it
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has been me in jorling covering politics again put their its essence of fun about it we live in the world now one of snap chat and facebook and to a hundred 80 characters you either rise or you'll get run over and clearly he is a master tailor run the russian investigation clearly has dominated the mainstream media for most of the year beginning in the spring with the special counsel. you are witnessing the single greatest witchhunt led by sound very bad and conflicted people. finish this up. >> the bottom line is donald trump is absolutely bite at
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the end of this year what do we have? not only with this investigation it is part of that media of the liberal media themselves with that hypocrisy on russia will and they overlooked the national security concerns with the clinton cash machine got to the table but they will not give up that is why it is more important than ever that donald trump double down on the list tactics with this entire segment to get around this propaganda machine table and take you very much. still to come up a classic "watters' world" thanksgiving ) next of president of the united
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. >> less than a year on the job entering politics to make the difference to speak with the biggest aneurin this man who has political aspirations of his 09 year-old jacobs over you think europe could be president?. >> yes. how will you go about accomplishing that? this is the beginning of your presidential campaign?. >> okay. jesse: i think the real beginning of the campaign when you were discovered. >> and many donald trump.
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>> item nine and from rhode island. if we got here wednesday night and drove for eight hours period you realize homage history where are witnessing today?. >> guest. >> id like donald trump? you have everything. >> i love them mostly because of the immigration issue. >> and attacks is. >> ready paying taxes yet. >> space aicher parents are. things for joining us today. >> you'll opm a pinkie because he discovered you anything you by tuesday?. >> thank you for interviewing me. mar-a-lago you told him anymore a fan of donald trump because immigration so of that you think of his immigration platform?. >> i fake if he builds of
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all it will definitely work so i am ok with the immigrants coming into the country but not if of the girl because a lot of those have problems were guns or drugs and they should not be coming into our country and we should not as of illegal immigrants. jesse: i think your head -- hit it on the head also issuing the executive order who will pay for the wall?. >> mexico. >> that is what we are hearing. also attacks a shed tell me why you being lowering taxes is good economic policy?. >> it is better because right now the taxes are too
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high and way too high and it has to stop. talking a lot about the rain taxes and above the -- will dominate the taxes go higher. which did not help under obama. the will pay for that? who will pay for that? tax is. i the think they need to be a the robot. jesse: [laughter] and then if your parents have more money in their pockets they can buy you some more to raise. it has been awhile since he will is on average showed up we will check in with him to see what he is up to. welcome back to teach golf. >> thank you. jesse: what is your
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assessment of president trump's first year of with immigration? how has he done on the front?. >> i think he has done great. illegal immigrants are now pouring into the country as much anymore. i still like the idea of the wall. >> he promised the wall. various tax -- where is that?. >> i think that will help you can dig tunnels yet to make sure you cannot tunnel underneath it gore they cannot catapult the drugs. >> and those prototypes are
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all between 18 and 30 feet. i will ask about the president's tax plan. right now is is in limbo so the speaker for america? i including tax is would really help. and we would be able to buy more things. right now attacks is our high and in no president john is working on that. in the house and the senate still have to birkenau to make it happen and also obamacare getting rid of that. and again with the tax cuts. du think congress will do
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its job to pass tax relief?. >> hopefully. congress doesn't always do his job and will follow that close the. trump's trip to asia and he just got back recently, a very successful trip with the ucla basketball players, played golf with the japanese prime minister. but do you think was the best thing about his trip?. >> made the making good relationships with countries overseas. that those that need support to help us in times such like north korea is a bad situation. jesse: however to handle north korea? what would you do, jacob?. >> i feel that trump is to
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be very strong with that because it is a very bad country in a very bad situation. because they have a bad leader. >> lil rocket man we will take care of lil rocket man. don't worry did you go to mount rushmore?. >> yes. it was a very breathtaking scenery. jesse: hellish erupted on mount rushmore? trump?. >> yes. who led the team the post tabloid purview and said henry -- ed henry. [laughter] >> have ayatollah to how much i like you?. >> yes. kind of. jesse: you are very smart jacob and i appreciate you
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coming on teach golf keep reading about these policies. you'll have a sharp ted on your shoulders. you don't get teased to do you?. >> it is rhode island. it is politics. i have friends that superbly -- support me. connell: -- mar-a-lago your elementary school is just as divided. and to make america upgrade again. >> thank year-old. jesse: is still ahead my exclusive tour inside the santa barbara ranch of my santa barbara ranch of my beloved ronald reagan. i did what you said, doc... ...changed everything. you switched to the capital one quicksilver card. and how do you feel?
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spread to other cities, back now to watters' world. >> president trump is renewing calls for a border wall after border patrol agent died on the job. rogelio martínez was killed while responding in texas border, partner seriously injured. here is how trump responded to the incident. >> we lost a border patrol
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officer just yesterday and another one was brutally beaten and badly, badly hurt, looks like he'll make it, but very badly hurt. and we talk about the wall, we are going to have the wall, it's part of what we are doing. we need it. >> joining me now is former trump hispanic advisory council and fox news contributor steve cortez, immigration attorney francisco hernández. >> hi. >> steve, hey, the wall still not built. that might have been -- had something to do with preventing this tragedy, would you agree? >> sure, absolutely. prototypes have been built and the good news is, this is a terrible story, the good news is illegal crossings are plunged under president trump, we have made great progress. we need to go even further because the border area even on the united states side is a lawless dangerous territory, anyone who lives there and works
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there will tell you that and what a tragedy to lose agent martínez who leaves behind a fiance and son, just another reminder that we need to stabilize the border and that includes a wall. >> francisco, what would you say to the family of this fallen border patrol agent? >> well, i would say to the family that i am embarrassed that our president would use this tragedy as a political opportunity to go ahead and -- and trump about a wall that we know can't be built, but you know what -- >> why can't the wall be built? >> because we tried in 2002. but you know what, if you think it'll fix the problem, let's build it. legalize 100,000 mexicans to do it. >> building a long border wall across the southern border would create hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs for americans. >> it sure, you know maybe it would solve the immigration problem. sure. >> steve, go ahead.
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>> the idea -- the idea that we the greatest super power at all of human history, the idea that we can't secure our border or incapable of building a wall, i think that just madness and what i point out is very often the case, very often hispanics are the victims of stupid liberal policies like sanctuary cities and porous border and in this case this is exactly what happened. >> immigrants are the victims, i agree with that. no such thing as sanctuary city. after 911 we -- >> francisco, let me ask you, steve was right about border crossings, down 50% under president trump. still about 260,000 illegal immigrants cross from méxico to the united states so far this year alone, isn't that too much? >> it's way too much, the problem we have created a market for the cartels now to be in the human trafficking business. now we provide, everybody we deport, now they are charging
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$6,000 per trip back. it hasn't stopped it. it's just turned over to a new criminal element in the last 17 years. >> maybe there's a market for illegal narcotics in the united states but still allowed to do something about that, isn't that right, steve? >> those are two issues. >> hold on. let steve respond. >> this is a foundational promise of president trump. when i campaigned for him, i don't think anything got quite the response as build the wall did. it makes economic sense for our country, i think one reason wages have been depressed. we have allowed a flood of illegal immigrants that compete with legal americans, many of them hispanic americans, for safety and national security, we simply cannot have the porous dangerous border. we will build that wall and make prosperous safer america and people like agent martínez won't have to give their lives. >> well, you are taking advantage. >> don't you think a wall would reduce the amount of illegal
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alien assaults on the patrol agents. >> now. >> how do you figure? >> we are going to dig deeper tunnels and taller ladders. as long as we are hiring them, we are attracting them. it's our fault, you know what, it is méxico's fault too because of corruption and bad education, they are forcing people to leave, yes, that's correct. >> prototypes, 18 feet to 30 feet, i don't think a ladder will be good enough. >> give it a shot. >> must pass a basic civics test but can average americans answer the questions correctly, watters' world finds out. ♪ >> what did the declaration of independence do?
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>> i have no idea. that's awful. >> i am not that knowledgeable on those declarations and the constitution and all of that. >> what country did we declare our independence from? >> virginia. correct? >> no. >> how many senators are there? >> 12. yes, no? 42. [laughter] >> 100. >> i don't know how many senators we have but i don't really care. >> who are the senators from the state of new york? >> i don't know. >> i wish i didn't know either. crying chuck. doesn't ring a bell? >> doesn't ring a bell. >> who was susan b. anthony? >> you can see her at the library a lot. >> is she a doctor?
11:35 pm
>> dr. an on -- anthony? >> it's a woman. >> she's a woman? >> who won the civil war? >> i would have to say -- >> the civil war is going on, nobody won that yet, nobody won that. fact, fact. >> what was the emancipation proclamation? >> i need to go home and like read my sixth grade history book. >> what the heck are you guys doing, trying to ruin my life and trying to make me look like an idiot? >> who is the vice president of the united states? mike -- >> i don't know. >> pence. >> mike pence. >> what body of water is on the east coast of the united states? >> that's the pacific ocean. >> the pacific. >> the pacific.
11:36 pm
>> what body of water is on the east coast of the united states? >> the atlantic ocean? >> what territory does america buy from france? >> paris. benjamin franklin. >> we bought paris? >> benjamin franklin, we bought paris. >> you're onto something with that. >> we bought something from france? >> louisiana. >> i thought it was the statute of liberty. >> no, that was a gift. >> a gift, they didn't pay for that? [laughter] >> if i was a citizen trying to get into the country would i pass? >> we would give it to you. >> well -- >> so you're telling me there's a chance. >> i'm palestinian. >> i'm watters.
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>> watters? >> and this is my world. [laughter] >> wonder how many people know about thanksgiving, not a lot. up next exclusive tour of reagan ranch, you don't want to miss this one. stay tune. ♪
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♪ >> for all of his accomplishments ronald reagan lived a relatively quiet secluded life with his beloved nancy and no where did he enjoy spending more time than his santa barbara home, nicknamed the ranch in the sky. cameras are rarely allowed in farm but watters' world got an exclusive tour.
11:42 pm
>> we are on 688 acres, ronald reagan's home, rancho del cielo. ranch in the sky. he bought the ranch in 1974 while still governor, when he was in office, one of eight years was spent at the ranch, this truly was the western white house. ♪ >> was this exactly how they left it? >> the home looks today like it did the last time the president was here. this is the only private residence during white house years. >> game room? >> we don't know that they played bumper pool very often but they celebrated thanksgiving here. he decided never to leave washington during christmas time. >> what a nice guy. >> he was very considerate, that meant a lot to people who worked with him. they would come out to thanksgiving.
11:43 pm
they would put a piece of plywood. that's where they would carve the turkey. the original main room, private part of the house. very few people ever saw this part of the ranch if they made it to the property at all. that chair, that's where he would sit and make official phone calls, so we know he spoke to margaret thatcher sitting in that chair, astronauts orbiting in the space shuttle. >> am i allow today sit in the chair? >> we don't let many people sit in the chair, jesse, but you can do it today. >> thank you. >> you feel powerful? >> mr. gubachau tear down this wall. [laughter] >> not a king, two twin beds strapped together. >> for the president of the united states? >> the president of the united states. he was low maintenance it looks like. >> he did have unique needs, 6'2
11:44 pm
he's tall for a twin bed. they kept the bench where the feet would hang over. >> classic, i love it. the president's closet. >> so the president's close on the left, mrs. reagan's on the right. >> calvin klein, the guy had good taste. ♪ >> so you spent quite a lot of time with ronald reagan here at the ranch? >> i'm from the secret service and one of my best jobs is riding with the president. >> where did you guys go? >> everywhere. >> mind if i drive? >> i want you to drive. >> you might regret that. [laughter] >> is this where the love birds hang out? >> this is the hard rock, scraped his initials and
11:45 pm
mrs. reagan's initials with the date, may 27th, '77. >> ronald and nancy very much in love. >> very much in love. one time i assigned an agent to her because i was with him and i forgot to brief him and we road back in but he got off his horse to help mrs. reagan and he literally goes, john, he's doing my job, he gets up from the agent, he pushes him out of the way and says, this is my job and she falls down into his arms and started kissing, i suppose you want to do that too? [laughter] >> incredible. >> the press gave president reagan a hard time throughout his eight years, do you see any similarities with the way the press treats donald trump? >> well, i think they are attacking president trump even more. ronald reagan, it just rolled off his back.
11:46 pm
i did, i would go out drinking with them and i'd ask him, why do you do stupid answer, i would get an idiot stuff, what you say is what you should hear and sometimes the truth isn't brought out. >> fake news back then also? [laughter] >> yeah, that's right. >> well, come and see ronald reagan's jeeps, as president he never gets to drive naturally, to that's another reason why he loves the ranch, he can drive, not well. [laughter] >> but he drives his own jeep. this is his favorite room. >> favorite room. >> ronald reagan wrote english and she wrote western, that's horse, oh, yeah, a lesser man couldn't have road a horse like that. >> what do you miss about the president? >> his wisdom. how he loved people. people in the united states came first. after attempted assassination,
11:47 pm
he just said, whatever god gives me left i am going to do it the best i can for the american people and always kept that in front of his mind. >> coming up, what's better than leftover turkey and college football, a watters' world thanksgiving quiz, stay tune. >> what country did the pilgrims come from? israel, pilgrims were not jewish. ♪
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>> the watters' world quiz a time honored tradition, what better way to celebrate holiday weekend than to see how much the average american knows about thanksgiving. roll the tape. >> in your understanding, what happened during the first thanksgiving? >> the first thanksgiving, i wasn't there so i really don't know. >> who ate together on the first thanks giving? >> it's one of those quiz show that is makes me look dumb. >> no. >> white people. >> who were the white people
11:52 pm
eating on the first thanksgiving. the pill -- >> the pill -- >> pilgrims to america, americans fed them, welcomed them to our country. >> the pilgrims dined with the americans? >> yes. [laughter] >> the american people? >> yes. >> the indians and the pilgrims got together. >> you can't say indians, that's offensive. >> native americans got together with the ill grimes and had a big giant feast. >> what do you think was on the menu on first thanksgiving? >> perhaps some sort of local vegetable and maybe meat. >> tury. >> i don'tturkey, buffalo, chici have no idea. >> wild turkey. that probably made the whole
11:53 pm
dinner a whole lot better. >> cranberries or something. >> i doubt they had stuffing. >> what about for dessert? >> maybe they roasted an apple or two? >> what country did the pilgrims come from? >> oh, god. now you're pushing it. long time since i've been in grammar school. >> europe. >> europe is not a country. >> sweden. [laughter] >> italy, spain. >> somewhere around there. israel. >> no. >> pilgrims were not jewish. why did the pilgrims come here? >> to spread their empire. >> new land, gold. >> they were from the united kingdom, escaping religious persecution. >> what year did the pilgrims get here? >> 1800. >> 1900.
11:54 pm
>> 1700 something. >> 1600. >> you're on fire. when the pilgrims got here, where did they land in. >> virginia. >> new york. >> i have no idea. >> plymouth rock. >> massachusetts. >> what was the name of the boat? >> plymouth rock. >> the nina, the pinta, santa maria. >> that was columbus. >> i was wrong. >> the mayflower. per the may -- mayflower. >> what are you thankful for? >> who the hell are you? >> i'm watters and this is my world.
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[laughter] >> coming up ask watters. ♪ ♪
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>> first up, are you a good singer, no. next, lisa says, hey jesse, you mentioned before that you can grill, but can you cook, no. dlnc asks, what makes you happen year, trump winning the election or our philadelphia eagles 9-1 record? >> i'm going to go with trump but once the eagles win the super bowl check back with me, i will change my answer. last but not least, how long are you going to stay in the closet? for the last time,i am not gave.
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not that there's anything wrong with that. that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ >> embattled senator al franken due to address the media over growing list of women accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior. hello and welcome to justice i'm jeanine pirro. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. dr. sebastian gorka among those with me tonight to talk about the scandals developing in washington but first my opening statement. you know, washington is a swamp in more ways than one. the predators aren't just political, they're sleazy sexual perverts who claim the moral high ground based not on truth and justice but on


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