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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 26, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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thanks so much for watching, we will see you next saturday night with special guest ivanka trump. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for true justice in the american way ♪ >> that's it for us tonight, thanks so much for watching, greg gutfeld is next. [screams] >> [laughter] >> i know, sometimes i feel the same way. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> yes. if there's one thing you could say for sure about this year it's that it's almost over.
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and like a dad stuffing a station wagon for family picnic that no one wants to go to, donald trump packed a lot to 2017, 2017 is how i look when i put on my leather crop top. too much flesh not enough fabric, no one has done so much in so little time and driven so many critics nuts. he describes more people crazy than synthetic pots. it's true. recap. first foreign policy. a lot happened and it was good. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris -- [cheers and applause] >> climate accord. north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states, they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. the people that we are going
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against, they don't wear uniforms, they are sneaky, dirty rats. [laughter] >> special unicorn for that. now on the domestic front more of a mixed bag. >> we are cracking down on the sanctuary cities that shield criminal aliens finally. we are building a wall on the southern border. [applause] >> unemployment rate is at 17-year low, the stock market is soaring to record levels. we are not getting the job done and i'm not going to blame myself, they are not getting the job done. we've had health care approved and then you had a surprise vote by john mccain. [laughter] >> come on. and when things weren't going well, trump does what we all do, he went home for a little love. >> he's been all over television saying the best thing and i see him standing, i think you got
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here at 4:00 in the morning. >> i did, sir. >> you were there at the start and every single day since and i will never forget, believe me. i'm here this each to go cut through the fake news filter, is there any place that's more fun, more exciting and safer than a trump rally? [applause] >> all right, all right. and as noted germaphobe, a lot of hand-shaking. >> three, two, one. [laughter] >> thank you, everybody. [laughter] >> some people came and some people went, most people came
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and went. newly hired white house communication director anthony scaramucci. >> we had a good talk yesterday, i resigned and he accepted it. >> it was in the best interest of communications department, press organization to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. >> good news is they are all living together. bed and breakfast in vermont. at times it felt like you were at rock festival where three bands are playing at once and at the end of the night only one band is standing and it's trump. still around but doing the classic. [applause] >> while we are high on synthetic pot. and like i always say, whenever he ticks you off, consider the alternative. >> now having said all this, why
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aren't i50 points ahead, you might ask. >> can't help themselves. that makes for happy thanksgiving. [applause] >> i guess i shall introduce our guest, he's so tough he moistures with motor oil, master sergeant terry shepherd. [cheers and applause] >> the only baldwin on my christmas card list, the rt network series the gap it's awesome, great american pill garage, steven baldwin. [cheers and applause] >> steve is funny yet seldom sunny, kat. a beach umbrella in cocktails, former body guard.
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[applause] >> what's your take on it, what's your over all feeling when you look back? >> a couple of months before the election i was on here. i actually called the election, we predicted it, it was fun. >> yeah. >> what i want to say i forgot a lot of the stuff because we were mostly drunk and passed out whether you like donald trump or not, i want the never trumper people to remember this, it is possible to roll your eyes when he says and tweets dumb tweets this is quite frequent and also possible to cheer when he does stuff that we elected him to do. it's a fun game never trumpers, try it at home, happier person and as military guy, the foreign policy stuff for me, i retired a year ago from special forces, finally we have a guy in the office who understands that talk is great but you have to have the fist behind it. >> yeah. >> finally our enemies for good or bad are afraid of us.
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>> yeah. [applause] >> all right, steven, you were also -- you were also pretty much ahead of the curb on this guy and there's ups and there's some downs, give me your sense of all this? >> i want to talk with sean spicer who? that's how fast everything is going. >> yeah. >> i said it with the guy name don on the other three-lettered network back in july and boy did he do a 180. but that's cool. i basically said when on the street you started hearing people kind of going, you know, i don't trust the other politicians, maybe it's time for a guy like trump that was in july of last year and i said, i just have a feeling there's connectivity and -- >> but not in your family. [laughter] >> well, you know -- let's just
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say it's a unique situation to be in. [laughter] >> thanksgiving must be awesome, by the way. >> i look at never trumpers and i look at the people who just keep -- >> nonstop. >> those who drank the kool-aid or the punch. two of my brothers are up in the administration of creating the punch, so to speak, but that's cool. there's nothing i can do about that because mr. trump is the president and i'm cool with it. [cheers and applause] >> politics has now forever changed because of him, i don'te can go back to normal? >> i think so. i was hoping that things will get weirdier though. >> what do you mean? they are pretty weird? >> he does whatever he wants, i would have had he had stranger
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desires. he just likes mcdonalds and candy. >> let not add anymore to thesss dossier. >> i'm worried about the tax plan, i want simplification. this doesn't sound simple to me. i think that you have a pretty -- you see through the confirmation bias on both sides. >> i have bull shit googles. i see right through them. it's a gift. i can see bull shit. for me personally, he has financially been great for me, everyone is watching and see what we have been talking about. he should get gift cards. where was man b without him. >> yeah. >> the ratings are up, for media. media is now -- it's the best game in town. the nfl is like what do we have to do? they have to run tweets during
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half time. the one thing he does that a lot of people don't like it, he points you out when you don't play the game like you're supposed to and that brings politics in our homes, we now know when a vote goes down who didn't do it. so before it was like, this didn't get passed, well, i guess it's on the president, no, corker didn't vote. mccain. he did it. can i vote that guy out? yeah. that's his ass then so we now know it's transparent. it's like a board game for the whole family to play now. we all know -- we are all little senators and guys, we all can play the game, we all can run now because we see it for what it is. >> we are learning for so many things because of him and it's true, it's now kind of fun, i
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mean, people didn't even know about the different branches of government. i didn't know there were branches. >> ic one good thing -- whether you like him or not, he has certainly exposed a lot of stuff that's under the radar, ie, if you're a conservative, constitutional conservative, i don't care about the fate, the disdain that the left has -- you now see who hates you and busted the career politicians on the right as well. >> yeah. >> who are -- who were very happy making money kind of playing the game and doing all that kind of stuff, the dude is like a human hand grenade and really shaking it up. i wish he wouldn't say some things he says, i'm a big fan. >> we will talk more. is life a little sweeter because the president is a tweeter. that's next.
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>> he took a lot of heat for continuing to tweet. since he was sworn in as president donald trump has tweeted 137 million times, i kept track and he will tweet about everything, the economy, the fake news, the military, kim
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jong un, the deplorables, and he's not a 9:00 to 5:00 twitter, the man tweets early and often. remember the tweet that obama had wire-tapped him. what does this mean? what do you make of this? could this have happened? what proof does he have? there were no answers. the media filled up on speculation until it was ready to burst. [laughter] one tweet from trump can change the national discussion and make everyone nuts. we now check in with the left after one year of trump tweets. [laughter]
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[inaudible] [laughter] >> why would anyone want him to stop tweeting? all right, steven, let's talk about this tweeting, do you think the world would have been different without it, do you like the extra frosting of the presidency? >> i like the extra freedom frosting that comes with this president's ability to speak his mind from his heart, from his brain, from his wherever else he would like to tweet from. >> right. i'm going to get -- [applause] >> freedom frosting. you put it on your patriotic pastry. >> on your croissant. >> what he's kind of saying, terry, what steven is saying but i will say it in a better way -- >> he doesn't mean that. >> thank you, alex.
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[laughter] >> at least he didn't call me billy. [laughter] >> at least people know who alec is. >> there's no reason to be that way. >> what's wrong with him? >> a rough thanksgiving, people. >> okay. erase the baldwin family from my mind. twitter is the car pool lane for america that allowed trump to speed pass the media glut at the toll booth. he got in car pool, see you later. >> that's an excellent -- while he was doing that he throw out a bag of mcdonalds bag, suck it. the world is different. you talk about politics is going to be different, the world is different, right, and the fact that you can wake up and you almost feel like you're talking to him. >> yeah. >> i do wish -- i wish he would play a few more things closer to the vest but like i said, we
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were talking about this before, i'm having more fun than i probably should. >> that's the thing, with fun comes a price, there is -- you can't play it safe and have fun. >> well, twitter -- >> go with it. >> i'm going to. >> yes. >> inner monologue. i mean envious. [laughter] >> whether he's wrong or right, sometimes i would like to get on twitter -- even if i just -- it's 3:00 in the morning, i didn't like the way that tv show went, guess what, #law and orderer, it's terrible, bad acting, sad. [laughter] >> it's great. sometimes he says stuff and you're like damn, but there's a method to madness. every time he says them, we are all informed. >> most transparent presidential
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mind in the history of the world i believe with no evidence to back that up, kat. do i need evidence? you are a semiprofessional twitter? >> yeah, fortunately. >> should he tweet it up or hang it up? >> i want it to get weirder. why not? it's harmless compared to some of the kim jong un stuff. think if kim jong un had twitter. we would be very safe because neither of them would get anything done, tweet all day long. >> exactly. imagine them on instagram. >> you're fat in all of the pictures. >> exactly. steven, i diagnose you groan and then laugh. you remember pop rocks, i don't
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understand this, all of a sudden, the tweets are like pop rocks, this is fun, no? >> for me there's no groan. [laughter] >> i'm a sky diver. >> i just groan when you said homey. >> you don't feel that way about greg? [laughter] >> so -- >> oh, my gosh. so i think that -- i'm a skydiver, i don't think normal. >> right. >> when i say that i mean when pop rocks went in my mouth, i think i'm dying. i was cool with it. >> yeah, yeah. at first, what's he doing and then ha, ha, ha. >> what is annoying and i have let go too, the fun aspect of this. the people who have invested
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maybe with egos to the never trump thing, the left -- we got it. they are gone. they are going to rail. but the people -- we could talk about this in a fun way, we can groan or go but still appreciate it. >> yeah. we are going to get to that. we will talk about this in the next segment. antitrump hotel is set to hope in dc and in future news antitrump hotel is set to close in dc. [laughter]
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>> it's a place to bunk if you hate trump, almost a rhyme, first antitrump hotel which will open in washington this spring in dc, the founder says the establishment will be focused on liberal activism and incorporate liberal philosophy of the guest experience. for example, the lobby be show footage of 2012 and 2016 elections posing the question, how did our country get where it is today. the mini bar will continue activist tool kit with info how to contact congress member. screw you. kathy griffin will bring your bags to your room. [laughter] >> she needs a job. she needs a job. >> is that real? >> no. the hotel also plans to free public, we have tape of the
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first rehearsal. [laughter] >> all right. is this more of the separatism we are going to find, people don't want to be around people that piss them off? >> you know, i think this should inspire a lot of things. you could end up with nazis in hotels right next to it, isis, isis bed and breakfast. if this happened during the obama administration, i would be outraged, this would be on so many levels -- all the things that they are against to a building basically designed to echo we hate our president, we hate donald trump because we didn't probably vote in the first place and so i think it's shameful and it will go belly up
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and those will be the same group upset over marching or confederate flags and stuff like that but they are doing the same thing. if i build a hotel, big guys only, sorry, greg. sorry, bro. sorry, lit ol -- little fellows, you have to go. >> unnecessary, unnecessary to use physical comedy at this point. there's a hotel for big guys, it's downtown. >> you took my joke and made it dirty. >> kat. >> yes, greg. >> i like the idea because i know the people that i want to avoid are at the hotel. >> it's great because what everyone does is they do in-depth research. i have stayed in my tells where one look at the owners i knew that i was not going to approve with what they were going to do with the money to stay there.
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you're there because you want to be left alone. >> exactly. unless you make phone calls from the motel room. [laughter] >> unless. >> good idea, bad idea? >> well, i think probably these kinds of folks are anticipating in the future that a whole lot of revenue streams are going to start to erode, they better brand as best they can, you know what i mean, hotels tonight has an a.m. and i think what do you say you and i will partner on hate hotels tonight. let's get an app -- >> sleep with people who hate like you. >> there you go. [laughter] >> everyone already does that. [laughter] >> not as a group. >> sometimes. hey, what's going on? >> can you imagine if you wandered there by accident? >> we are all cool, right, i would back out very slowly. >> if you booked the room and didn't know. you came in at the wrong time. >> i would be funny to see
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people learning about activism. all i want to know is donald trump -- a lot of gold, classy, believe me. >> slipping in antifracking brochures in your door, no, i want the breakfast menu. >> slipping things back that would scare them. >> anyway, i don't know, capitalism. >> exactly. it's true. there are hotels -- they are outdoor, yes, sir. >> who is the kid with the secret cameras and all that? james -- he has to get a room -- >> keith. >> keith. >> james bond. little kids. i don't know, that might be illegal to put cameras in hotels. at least that's what authorities told me after the brief summer stint. >> never convicted. >> a greg gutfeld interview with me greg gutfeld, stick around. me greg gutfeld, stick around.
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greg: with a group of seventh graders were asked if they wanted to interview they could have chosen anyone and yet they chose me. take that talker. back yeah, clap all you want. they are young reporters for kids day and that's a section of new york new state that is for kids and written by kids. i spoke to frederick, alex, john and harrison, for exceptionally talented young people with exceptional taste. you got questions for me, his first. >> i'm a big fan of the university videos and i saw your video about why the right is right. how did you first become involved with the university?
1:36 am
greg: none of your business. how dare you bring it up. actually i'm a big fan of the dennis prager and i used to work at and watch those videos to how old are you? >> eleven years old. greg: and you already watch those. professor. would you say the person on the show? >> well, you. greg: thank you. next question. >> for you interested in politics and my h? greg: how old are you? >> twelve. greg: yes, because i was told that was 1976 so in 1973 we had nixon and it was a big deal and he had to resign in watergate so you have to know that stuff which is like what you are going to now because you are in the air of trump which is way more interesting than any era ever. you're watching basically the godzilla of politics.
1:37 am
>> what you do apply for a show? do you check your hair or your zipper? greg: yes, off. once. what i do is get make up a lot of people and i am naturally handsome but the makeup -- it hides the scars that i got in college. i have notes and i take notes about what i'm going to say and it's always good to be prepared for your show. then you relax a little bit and i have a cup of tea which i find important but one thing is to be prepared and i do a monologue so i rehearse and then i help out the other cohost and a lot of the other couples on five aren't very good. the usually come in and their unprepared and they are sloppy and i like the kid who the other kids out. dan is terrible. i often help her out because she needs more help than anybody on the shelf. sad, really, when you think about it. anyway. >> are you ever concerned that your sources are inaccurate and could ruin someone's reputation?
1:38 am
greg: i would if i have resources but i don't have any resources. my only source i have is my brain. you have to understand that on the five all i'm doing is what you guys do in class. do you have a room yet smart. >> yes. greg: so homeroom is not really class but use it there and then you talk to your friend and you make jokes maybe you make fun of your friends and that is what i do on the five. >> what you think about the fact that in many colleges these days students are playing with plato rather than actually learning about plato? greg: nicely done. a play on words. or a plato on words, there you go. we'll be right back. practicing we'll be right back into be a star. the kids these days seemed frightened and different opinions and they need is a spaces and they don't like it when their speakers from other perspectives on their campuses so you have this safe space
1:39 am
movement and plato is a good symbolic tool because they are like children. they play with toys. >> what is it like going to school at uc berkeley as a conservative or were you more liberal back then and if so, what event caused the change of heart? greg: that's a good question. i was apolitical. i was a liberal in high school because it was easy and being a liberal is like being in a school because you don't have any concept of paying taxes and you are emotionally in my school you think emotionally and liberals tend to think emotionally so it was easy to be liberal. when i got to berkeley i was surrounded by nothing but leftists and liberals i realized that would be endgame and it scared me to change my mind was going outside and meeting stuff that wasn't in my classroom curriculum and so i was reading national reviews conservative
1:40 am
magazines and that american spectator i started reading conservative books. >> you said you like to help out your cohost and have you ever paint your cohost? greg: i consider my entire life upright. i am put on this planet to annoy people. it is actually the only time i think people is when i am not doing anything because then they are really worried. if i haven't done anything bad they think i'm up to something worse suspect you think of yourself as a comedian or journalist and does your wife think you're funny? greg: [-left-square-bracket that's a good question. my wife thanks i'm funny when other people are around but when no one is around she will say that is not funny. she will be plate but then shall be the toughest audience when we are alone. i don't think of myself as a comedian because i was a journalist and a magazine editor and comedians take risks in the
1:41 am
sense that they get up in front of the audience and tell jokes and i don't do that. i think that's a pretty gutsy thing to do so would never say i was a comedian. i would say i am a writer. journalist, you had the payment and interview people and i don't really do that. i'm a writer and i have of noxious opinions that i like to spit out every now and again i'm lucky that i have a job that allows me to do this. although, it took a while to get here. >> i hope to someday have a career in politics. greg: really was right you want to get in politics. how do you want to start? as president. >> yes. greg: what age do you think of running for president? >> maybe like early 40s. greg: early 40s. that's pretty good. i can see that happening. >> i know some slides that have unicorn has broken the horn and why did it break. greg: because the corn is small
1:42 am
and we fire that person because it's easily broke. he took all of her belongings and put it in a box and set it out on the street and never saw her again but i think that was the right decision. correct? >> deputy was. greg: glad you think so. did you bring a new -- wow. wow. interesting. >> and with that we have this. greg: the unicorn button. if the unicorn wishes. >> you're just a unicorn. greg: that is so true. i am weird in a unicorn. not normally allowed to accept gifts from journalists but i will take these because i love unicorns. that's great. i got you guys candy bars. see, you guys got me a unicorn stuff and i went to the drugstore next door and bought you guys candy bars. [inaudible conversations] >> i got you a candy bar. >> i got sneakers and you know how they say the words on the back and i got yours that's a
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sarcastic snickers bar. i got some other ones from other members that deserve them. greg: i don't think they do but i'll give them to them anyway. >> i give you some to choose from. greg: oddball, jesse. thus, kimberly or dana, not sure. klutz, i don't know what to say. maybe, well, trying to think of was lately. i'm actually more klutz. craig cray, that is kimberly. confused, obviously one. thank you, guys. excellent. don't go anywhere. viewers asked us of hard-hitting questions especially you, janet from cleveland. he will answer some next.
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greg: now will attempt something never been done in the history of tb, to my knowledge anyway. answer your mail. translation, the guy that usually writes as part of the show didn't shop today. carl, you are fired. very christmas.
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the questions. these are directed to everyone including myself. our first comes from susan and she asks what is the most annoying habit, the most annoying habit that other people have. tyrus. >> i hate obvious questions. i hate it. you got a hat on there? yeah, you were tall. no, i hate just make it some nervous reaction i have to start a conversation with me but the obvious hey, nice shoes you got there. well, i'm not barefoot, dog, you want to talk about? greg: i enjoy obvious over, expression. i don't want someone on the bus to ask me a question like i have a pain in my lower intestine. cat? >> people not liking me. [laughter] it's so annoying. is there someone more annoying than not liking you. greg: what if someone like you so much they stopped you. there you go. there is a downside to
1:49 am
everything. steven. >> i wouldn't know anything about people not liking me. [laughter] now i just go with it because they go hey, what's up? you are great in back draft and i go -- [laughter] and then they go yeah, which one and -- you are the -- all right and then i just go yeah, yeah. [laughter] good to see you. greg: terry? >> i have no answer. what questions and when people ask a question and he repeated back to you and answer the question. that annoys me and i don't have any annoyances. greg: i used to do that on tv when i did vh1 and they'd ask you about paris hilton and i was a paris hilton, what's up with
1:50 am
that? and that would guarantee that i would be on the show. she left her dog in the closet? what is up with that? and then i would always be in every episode because they needed to open the show in the show someone repeating it. second question. i like this one. from susan and maybe it's the same susan, who knows. does a person's happiness level depends mostly on the good or bad things that have happened to that person or on the notes? steven. >> praise the lord, greg. listen, it's tough times and one of the reasons i want to president come to it was he would boost the economy quick and that would put a few more bucks in everyone's pocket and lighten everyone up and chill out and think giving in christmas and yea but it's working slowly. it's working. greg: that you're happy. terry. >> i think again. honestly, i struggle with some of the stuff i have been through and i think we need to remember that we need to be more grateful. i'm still alive and i've got
1:51 am
guys not coming back from the war and -- [applause] yeah, but we still suck and we forget. there will be days that i'm like dude, you're alive and usually happy. greg: 90% of the is doing that. to remind me what a jerk i am. cat? >> happiness comes from within. my life is pretty nice but i'm still a little sad all the time. greg: so it since i've -- >> because inside there's something dying. i don't know. spiritually. no one knows i mean. greg: it is not alive it can't die. tyrus. >> i'm selfish. whenever i am feeling down i just look at your people and be like hell, yeah. [laughter] or i'll go in the weight room and throw weight around and what makes me happy is when guys walked by, kind of like you and they do this. they always do this. it's like a -- it's defensive.
1:52 am
don't eat me. [laughter] i really enjoy being a monster. when i'm feeling down and blue i just look at a little greg and say that could be me. i literally could be like honey, can you get that for me and that's just a set happy thing to be the guy in the supermarket that if someone is in trouble, yes, ma'am, i can. [applause] greg: wait a second. what about you. greg: when i'm in the supermarket and that apple rolls down and rolls under i can get under there and get it. you can't. if there is a fire -- >> turned the frown upside down. greg: tyrus, if there is a fire i can crawl through the doggie door and you can't. >> i'd kicked the door in. greg: don't go anywhere. final thoughts,
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greg: tonight would like to thank our new sponsor created an amazing new product just in time for the holiday season. take a look. >> tired of arguing with strangers online contract you find yourself having to explain even the simplest expression construct. >> all i said is i didn't like it a lot. now everyone on twitter wants to pummel me with golf balls. make it stop. >> now you can with the hand factors that keep you from taking. >> these look like oven mitts. what is so special about them? >> once you put them on they never come off. >> wait, what was. >> your hands slowly become actual midgets over time. meaningless digital interaction impossible for ever connect this
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is the same. how could you sell this contract i can't open my phone. now i can fill my lifelong goal of identifying as a lobster. >> why are you smiling this is terrible. >> someone help me. how do i get these off? where am i? >> get them today. [applause] greg: we say goodbye, steven has an excellent new tv show. the show clip. >> with all the drama happening in our great country i'm hitting the road to have some fun. meet everyday americans. what is america track see how
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things got so crazy. >> he bit my finger. >> and hopefully start to bridge the gap. greg: your dog is adorable, by the way. how would you -- >> the dogs name is rio. greg: what is your elevator pitch as you say for this contract. >> jerry seinfeld has a show where he drives a fancy car and drinks fancy coffee in talks with his fancy friends and my show is called the great american pilgrimage is me and my dogs going across the country asking people what is america to you and drinking regular coffee or talking to regular folks and it's funny. greg: i think it will be great direct cool. greg: starts next week and what's the date? >> i don't know the day. you hear all about it. greg: all right. all right.
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thank you to terry, steven, the seventh graders from our lady of the hampton school in new york, patrick, tyrus and the studio audience. i'm greg .-dot felt and i love you,. >> congress shows they can just get tax reform with the to do this when they return to capitol hill this is the fox report. >> is unfinished business but not a lot of time to get it all done the potential government shutdown is living with a temporary spending bill set to expire december 8 still that is that small matter of tax reform president trump will try to push it over the finish line on tuesday also planning to meet with the big four congressional


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