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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  November 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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seventh graders from our lady of the hampton school in new york, patrick, tyrus and the studio audience. i'm greg .-dot felt and i love you,. >> congress shows they can just get tax reform with the to do this when they return to capitol hill this is the fox report. >> is unfinished business but not a lot of time to get it all done the potential government shutdown is living with a temporary spending bill set to expire december 8 still that is that small matter of tax reform president trump will try to push it over the finish line on tuesday also planning to meet with the big four congressional leaders from the house and
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senate to talk more about the end of the year agenda and georges says he is confident they can get on the same page for tax reform. >> i am very confident to work out our differences. we are more united than we are divided on this issue but we are on the same page. can we have some differences to get this worked out we are very determined i don't think any three years miss majority has been more determined to do something and this. >> i am sure the congress man knows he is talking about the republicans what about the democrats?. >> there is only horsetrading down to the wire but at this point white house democrats said the bill produced by the house
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is not good public policy. here is more. >> it is a concentration of the wealth of the wealthy and the poor left out of the equation because that inevitable tax cut that the tax bill will lead to program cuts because there is the extraordinary deficit created by a the tax cut under way in the house and the senate. >> democrats several legislative priorities including chip that pays for health care over 9 million children for low income families. >> i mentioned at the top with this play and what does he want to see happening?. >> looking for the legislative victory possibly tax reform and to meet with top house and senate republicans to push these priorities also with a
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larger group of senate republicans to figure out a strategy going forward working on tax reform and the timing is key with the end of the year with midterm elections and the president republicans and democrats want legislative successes. >> sticking with that theme for president trump he goes back to washington tomorrow he is still in florida the we will go there now to west palm beach. i guess the final night at the winter white house? to make yes. for a lovely-- here in palm beach county to bar night the first family as well as mulally as parents have been spending the weekend here with a first family will all fly back to washington on
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airforce one that was parked nearby at west palm beach when everybody arrived we don't know exactly what time tomorrow we should probably will not find that out tomorrow but to be a working vacation and we know that president trump made to international phone calls on foreign-policy also sending out sweets every day and also playing golf. today he wasn't playing six hours at the cannes international golf club know where he golfed with yesterday at trump nationally jupiter. we now have this video shot by visitors that president nonsense hello including
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all-time great tiger woods and the dream team for garner details from the white house but looking ahead to next week president trump is meeting with the congressional bid for for leadership and then on tuesday donald trump will go over to the capital to have a tuesday luncheon with the g.o.p. policy mongo's --- monitors the g.o.p. policy luncheon undoubtedly will be serving up a conversation and strategy over tax cuts and how to specifically get that tax cut tax reform bill passed as early as next week. remember it already passed and he wants to fulfill a campaign promise after
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sitting 10 months into the opposite has not happened yet. connell: i saw you mention the he has been tweeting every day even today on saturday. >> yes. he loves his phone every day so far he has treated. first thing in the morning around 6:00 in the morning. today it didn't come until this afternoon when he got back from the golf course. have the small business saturday. a great day to support your community and america's job creators by shopping locally. then he treated -- treated the news organization opinion that fox news is much more important to the united states and cnn bin outside cnn international is a major source of fake news
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representing urination poorly. they do not see the truth from them. cnn has a response to say it is on cnn's job to represent the west to the world. that is yours. our job is to report the news. do with that what you will. saturday night at mar-a-lago the last night here on this trip for the first family and we will though some time tomorrow when the air force one is back in d.c. connell: good enough. pointing a republican senator john sununu is chris wallace aghast tomorrow as an exclusive interview with tax reform along with trying to of wait a government shutdown. but check your local listings on fox news sunday. >> more than 300 people
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killed in egypt 13 were children. the deadliest attack with as many as 30 militants targeting worshipers. and now egypt's leaders are responding and this situation is the big escalation old betty marked by conflict. >> this was the biggest terrorist attack in modern history when they were targeted generally speaking going after law enforcement officials and christians. it is a more and mystics branch of islam to say that others are heretics' by their teachings. but syenite is a part of egypt going from the suez canal down to gaza that is sinking deeper and deeper into poverty 305 killed in
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the attack with 30 children vehicles were held today within 24 hours the mosque was filled to capacity the terrorists 80 visa and armed set off the bombs and hurled grenades into the church and then shot at people as they fled and then to impede the entry of emergency vehicles. egypt was? to retaliate with air strikes granted no group has claimed responsibility but egyptian security said that isis was using their vehicles and that affiliate acted in sinai some say the heavy-handed approach the past few years has only aggravated the problem but there president said there is no way he will let up the fight. >> the military police will reach turned security and
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stability in a short period of time. this is our retaliation. we will respond with brutal strength. >> the second worst attack when a bomb exploded from sinai back home when people were killed and then going back to friday's attack on mosque the country has declared three days of mourning for those victims. connell: right now a days long search coming to an end for sailors in the navy officer presumed dead after a plane crashed and what we're learning about the men. and weeks after the deadly shooting still lots of questions and the need for answers.
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connell: the navy identified as the service members after the aircraft crashed earlier this week looking at the three sailors headed to the uss ronald reagan under transport plane they combed nearly 1,000 square nautical miles before calling off the search. >> still no word of what motivated the shooter in las vegas. fifty people killed hundreds injured at the country music festival and now many survivors are expressing frustration we spoke to some of the victims. >> she survive though horror of the las vegas massacre going to the route 91
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concert. like many of those who lived through it does not know why it happened asking why investigating hundreds of hours of video from the mandalay bay hotel but has not released any to the public. >> like anybody else who is conducting this investigation is hardware and we don't have any pieces of the puzzle we have pictures of the aftermath in his room but that does not do anything for us. >> slaughtering 58 people that night and interviewing hundreds of witnesses to check his gun buying records even sending his brain for detailed forensic
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examination but still no red flag and we may never know why the man became a monster >> to find a 666 on his brain may be that would suffice as to though why?. >> negative las vegas carries nine the fbi refuses to comment and police officials will only say what we have more information to provide we will let everybody know now all of those that support each other like family deeply you're frustrated. >> everything is resolved a lot of us will start to heal. >> and with the conspiracy theories are filling the void from las vegas fox news. >> a sexual-harassment
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controversy involving congress al franken are among those accused of inappropriate behavior colleagues are trying to enact change and a former diplomat telling his story about the brutal socialist government of venezuela and when he decided to leave his own words. >> what i saw every day from social media that they should be protecting the up people they were shooting the students in cold hurry in for the tempur-pedic black friday savings event. get the limited edition tempur-legacy queen mattress set for the best price ever. or save up to $500 on select adjustable sets.
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connell: not to the former high-ranking venezuelan diplomat talking about the reason why he left his
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position of power currently living in the united states as a way to protest the crackdown on its own people that has resulted in dozens of deaths this year and we have more. >> we are watching and not fooled. >> the warning to venezuela during the informal united nations security council meeting last week a senior u.n. diplomat becoming one of the highest-ranking to quit the government. >> levied need to understand what we witnessed today humanitarian. >> he resigned to bring attention to the crisis and to take down his former boss >> to have a blind eye or to
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stand up for those people that are killed and being killed now. >> the trump administration has unprecedented sanctions against the government targeting the president and high-ranking officials while preventing banks to lend money to venezuela with his typing authoritarian group of the economy on the brink of collapse. authorities detained the president with the state owned oil companies for alleged corruption. >> earlier this year the crackdown against widespread demonstrators left 120 dead as the shortages continue with sky-high inflation putting a the country into poverty. ever since resigning he hopes someday they will return to venezuela. >> we are talking about
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3 million people and i mean that. >> to present evidence of crime against humanity with the organization of american states has the descent from the of outside pressure building. from the york fox news. connell: the holiday weekend as president trump is returning to tackle the issues this week to drum up support for tax reform facing serious accusations and by a some say that is not enough. >> we know better from what the former presidents have done
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connell: i am connell mcshane this is the fox reported you're just joining us at the busy route -- week in washington president trump talking to republicans on tuesday expecting a vote on their bill at some point this week the president is hoping to convince fellow members of the g.o.p. also extending the deadline and
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lawmakers must agree by a new plan or to face the possibility of a shutdown. revenue bill requiring training to make a big enough difference. >> that would just be common sense but day after day with new allegations but the legislation must we mandatory. >> live from los angeles angeles, what is the latest on the scandals?. >> the resolution is meant to get lawmakers to pay attention and especially in light of recent sexual-harassment without franken with those coming forward with groping and senator franken issued
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another apology and said in a statement'' i learned from recent stories that some of those encounters i cross the line and i know that any number is too many of the house resolution is to drive that point home with robert brady that we cannot tolerate any sexual harassment of replace and they will vote on the resolution next week but they are still wondering why congress continues to be surprised this behavior is unacceptable. >> working in corporate america as an executive for managing people you have learned how to behave in the workplace but frankly what we have to teach members of congress and their staff they know better to do what they have done or candidates on the campaign trail have
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done. >> they should have no trouble passing the bill but we will find out the results. connell: you would think so but certainly this year there are other allegations against prominent figures. >> lawmakers are certainly not alone with the sexual harassment allegations just last week prominent news anchor charlie rose was fired and benny journalism awards he had received were suspended cbs and bloomberg also terminated their contracts with him also the campaign in alabama with sexual abuse allegations but more is still maintaining his innocence but to be the first since november 16 where the reporter said not to ask any questions about the allegations anymore.
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connell: as mentioned the house will vote on the sexual harassment training next week so we will talk more about that now is a bipartisan efforts as the senator or a pass is a similar measure but this year is some skepticism about if the legislation will make a difference. sa as the chief congressional correspondent correspondent, it is good to see you. it is amazing we would even need something like this. >> a lot of companies have training to teach people how not to behave in the workplace. it isn't that unusual that people may need this type of trading but making congress follow those rules.
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these lawmakers often operate outside of the what the with their own rules. they don't really follow along with what goes on with the rest of the of government they are run by the individual member and they run their office the way they want. so this will require them to do something very unusual for congress to mandate for them to do. connell: people think about this with the issue of taxpayer money to be brought up at one congresswoman from the state of virginia talks about that issue. >>. >> we will not allow members to pay for harassment. we will have mandatory training they already said that is the mandate they need to be uniform like in
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the private sector. or a victim's council. >> live in all of those issues just a moment but with taxpayer funding that they do end up with a bill on this. >> this is the legislative branch that includes the capitol police officer and the edgy a zero and other big federal organizations that all use the pot of money to pay off claims not just sexual harassment in any type of discrimination, the family leave or something having to do feeling you're not being treated -- treated fairly. so i am not sure as lawmakers will be responsible at of their own pockets but if somebody does
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something than that lawmaker needs to pay at of their own pockets. >> what about the lawmaker themself?. >> then you get into that direct responsibility. but we don't know is a the lawmaker? you cannot be sure the way that it is set up with very little transparency. with those 70 million paid out transparency is coming in there is a possible way to carve out a situation they have done something with sexual harassment but where do you draw the line? with any claim there is
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success it is a tough issue because not all lawmakers are independently wealthy so it is an issue for them. i think transparency you will see the training no question that will be quickly passed but beyond that with what the lawmakers are willing to except. >> we have quite a situation we probably cannot cover all of them but what about senator franken can he survive all of this?. >> that'd save dearly held peace because the only one that seat by a few votes it could be retained by a republican but that one time
2:36 am
issue now were more people are coming forward to demonstrate a pattern it would be much harder than if it was the one time incident to be at the most optimistic to be some type of investigation that he is in trouble we keep hearing from you people. >> now there are some 20 senators calling for him to get out of the race. >> he will not get out to. >> that brings up the larger question so with that hypothetical. >> if he wins that hypothetical to have the ethics investigation or to
2:37 am
simply say forget that we will have a vote that is very unusual that would be a significant if the voters elect him fully knowing what he was accused of. it puts republicans and a difficult situation we cannot say 100% for sure but on the one hand talking about those circumstances at least it has to have that ethics probe that would take a long time means that would make it harder as time goes on. connell: so many republicans have called him to get out he is not going anywhere. >> there is not then the expulsion.
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>> and then to make history going forward. thanks for taking this time on a weekend. and to take a big financial hit if the current version of the tax bill passes in congress because it could end the use of tax-free bonds to subsidize it also doing away with tax deductions for universities to entice donors to give. we have not heard a lot of about that but we will now. we're in los angeles with the details. >> the oakland raiders building a $2 billion stadium now in jeopardy but it could cost more things to president trump and congress. >> under current law there is subsidizing them movement of the franchises from one location to another to do
2:39 am
that reasons to justify that. >> sports teams financed 36 stadium with tax-exempt bonds costing taxpayers almost $4 billion. now this eliminates that break forcing cities like las vegas to dave for construction. >> why should oklahoma be subsidizing or nebraska? sportscaster focusing on team owners who live mitt to lobbied to change the final bill dismissing the argument it benefits them. >> these facilities are used for a lot more than football games their basketball games, concerts games, concerts, conventions , at car shows. >> and taking all sports have their tax-exempt status
2:40 am
and college board's most university coaches earn over $1 million this eliminates the tax break that the donors used to get season tickets. >> it will have the unintended consequences to hurt to the universities and students. >> the changes with big-time college sports cheating is common. they're not getting too much love right now. but could there be a cure for depression? scientists are searching with a clash at of consumer financial protection bureau picking a successor and he name someone as well. wondering how this will play out? next.
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♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free so, what's the empty suitcase for? the grand prize trophy ♪i was born to be somebody connell: six people killed and 200 wounded space officers in the of the candy
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capital as demonstrators fought along law-enforcement and fighting when across several stet cities protesting at change in the blasphemy law with a country wide blackout of all the tv is channels. and social media platforms. >> with the government did today as the alarming development to also a fact -- affect the image politically. >> it was necessary because they were inciting more violence. >> also told the director moldavia has a new job despite being in his old position. the consumer financial protection burrow on a temporary basis coming down to the current director and as he abruptly announced his departure and named his own chief of staff as a
2:46 am
successor. that sounds complicated and we have more on the situation. >> only one head of the cftc usually but now to people claim the title that help to run the bureau for years richard corder was then headed off friday and named his chief of staff as the acting director and that is the proper procedure but he had done billions of dollars from financial-services companies and as a hero of some watchdog groups and targeted republicans in the banking industry after a day overstepped their mandate to likely follow their lead to of this is to president trump has named as the acting director keeping the budget director calling the bureau a joke.
2:47 am
and taking a a common-sense approach to dominate a permanent director within weeks that federal vacancy act of how it is laid out with the dodd/frank. how this shakes out could be in the financial industry you will be affected. >>. >> gave massive scientific undertaking eliminating oppression ashley the single most disability it united states of researchers looking for a of a gene predisposing to suffering. >> researchers said ucla have launched a half million dollar steady on depression.
2:48 am
>> we want to have that so it no longer robs people. >> 800,000 people commit suicide every year statistics show won an order for redman and men will experience depression in their life. >> so to use the mobile interface with a genetic it cognitive and environmental factors of depression to survey 100,000 volunteers. >> to understand why it is caused a much weaker due to treated better. >> from designing better awareness campaigns and
2:49 am
through prevention or through tears. it to diagnose with ptsd following a suicide of his 19 year-old son. >> day our resources they will deploy a to address the stigma i am very thankful for that. >> ucla approach marks the first time they're at a campus wide effort to cure depression and for so many billions of people that cannot happen soon enough. at the ucla campus fox news. connell: and the busiest shopping weekend of the year is in full swing level debris in big bucks for the local shop orders and on small business saturday homage you are prepared to spend.
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>> making connections with the consumers of that connection can go on and on an abortive about this
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connell: today is supposed to be keeping in local for millions of americans to visit the neighborhood shops with small business saturday now in its eighth year and live from queens new york how did things go today? small business saturday there say probably the best ever let this book stop -- but shoppers bin you're the owner tells us they have done better and beating last
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year's small business saturday. that was started in 2010 with the batf orange in part from american express wanted to do something for small business as they lost 40 percent of the jobs in the our recession came from small businesses. a great idea more shoppers about it. now they expect to where it three times of the sales and it is a great way to start the holiday season. >> i have been wanting to get this book i decided to wait until today. >> it is a wonderful addition to that calendar the kickoff for the off holiday season that not all of those customers are doing the holiday shopping they are using the excuse to shop the favorite will coal
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businesses they would not indulge in every day. >> and the president also treating about small business saturday a great day to support your community and job creators to shop local cafes small business #shops all remember that small business accounts at 60% of net new jobs over the last two decades. >> i know you mention this has been going on since 2010 but over the last few years it has taken off. >> and did is getting a the word out just like black friday and cyber monday it is up from 70 million in what was sold of $15 billion in sales that is a hero
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number remember i deny percent of those businesses out there are small business so do the best that you can this bookshop is all they why did the neighborhood so they're offering loyalty points it is great to buy from those that know the business they were in.
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connell: pick out your christmas tree ear early as there is a nationwide shortage says they're scrambling to meet demand there could be 1 million fewer trees than previous years but the recession and said it takes 10 years or a tree to grow there now feeling the effects of the farmers to close up shop. this is the fox report
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♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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♪ [national anthem] >> there's there is unfinished business in both chambers of commerce. a potential government shutdown looming in small matters of tax reform. president trump will finish over the finish line with the congressional for the leadership here to >> i'm confident we can reconcile through the conference committee work out our differences. >> al franken in minnesota facing acquisitions from four women while three have made claims against john conyers of michigan. >> franking due to address the media over a current list of women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. spirit democrats are excessive


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