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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  December 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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"billionaire at the barricades: the populist revolution from reagan to trump." a great christmas gift. not coal in a stocking. that's all the time we have. shannon bream is up next is going to be a great show. by the time i get home, i can usually watch the last half. dvr us if you miss us live and we will see you tomorrow. shannon, take it away. >> shannon: here's what we have tonight. and then there were seven. >> one is too many. >> shannon: another woman accuses minnesota democrat senator al franken of inappropriate conduct. speak at the latest disclosure reaches a tipping point. >> shannon: franken prepares to make a major announcement. congresswoman barbara comstock on what it means for democrats and republicans. >> today i am delivering. >> shannon: will go live to jerusalem for the latest on the embassy announcement. ambassador john bolton response to critics and explains what it
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means for trump diplomacy. it's a rare moment of bipartisan unity, putting them breaks in an attempt to impeach president trump. will democratic leaders get punished? ron bonjean debates. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. senator franken will be making an announcement tomorrow. more details to come. that's where things stand at this hour with democrat senator al franken. his fellow minnesota democrat amy klobuchar tweeting she is confident he will do the right thing. that would mean resigning, as far as numerous lawmakers are concerned. yet another woman is accusing him of sexual misconduct. it's become a steady, daily drumbeat of accusations from women who work with men in
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power. ed henry is here with the latest on this unfolding scandal. >> top democrat has been trying to get away with allowing al franken to stay in office while they punted to the senate ethics committee. a seventh accuser came out against franken, charging he tried to forcibly kiss her. we had closer to the possibility republican roy moore may win the special election december 12, democrats could want to clear shot at trying to remove him from office, trying to make the case republicans are not cleaning up their own house. we have learned senate democratic leader chuck schumer today pressed franken and urged him to resign. schumer later putting out a statement declaring "i consider senator franken a friend and respect his accomplishments but it has a higher obligations to his constituents in the senate and he should step down immediately." a dramatic day that started with kirsten gillibrand becoming the
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first want to demand franken resignation. the dam seemed to break within moments. more than 37 it democrats ended up joining gillibrand. doug jones tried to tie roy moore today to al franken. watch. >> i applaud the women who have come forward against roy moore and i think it's time that those women be believed, just like the women that are coming out against senator franken. >> some republicans pushed back on the connection, noting franken has admitted to some of the groping while moore has denied all of the allegations against him. tomorrow franken will have an event revealing whether or not he is resigning. >> shannon: in the meantime, pressure on franken comes at a time when there are racial tensions bubbling inside the democratic party. what is that about? >> this is one day after john conyers resigned under pressure. politico reporting the congressional black caucus is
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furious that conyers was pushed out while white lawmakers in both parties are facing various allegations, democrats like franken, republicans like roy moore. nancy pelosi exacerbated the racial tensions in the democratic party by initially backing conyers and even questioning the validity of some of his female accusers. after pressure from others on the left, pelosi angered the black caucus by flip-flopping on conyers. watch. >> one accusation, two? john conyers is an icon in our country. congressman conyers should resign. zero-tolerance has consequences for everyone. >> shannon: more trouble for this between you and family, reports his son john conyers third was arrested this year for domestic abuse but didn't face criminal charges.
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conyers was endorsed by his dad but the congressman's great-nephew is also running. >> shannon: tuner around the christmas table could get interesting. ed henry, thank you. in a unanimous vote, the house passed legislation cosponsored by congressman barbara comstock that will require congress and staffers to do sexual harassment training. you have a hearing tomorrow and you said you don't know what you don't know about this problem. >> we are going to have witnesses in the equal employment opportunity commission in our office of compliance, the office that would review these cases, we are going to hear from them on best practices. they did a study last year where they looked at the whole problem
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of sexual harassment and found it still is very pervasive throughout the workplace. one of the things we know is that it's frequently not reported. one of the things they have found is in person training that really permeates and changes the culture that really is embraced from the top down and really goes throughout the whole system. that can change results and behaviors, change the culture. we want to get the best practices in place, focus on the victims. we are going to be changing the law and how we treat the victims. them on a level playing field. make it more victim friendly so they have a council or activity for them. right now the system doesn't provide that. and make sure we don't have taxpayer payment for any of thi this. i am pleased to report this has really been almost nonpartisan, and you've had the men and women in congress be active on this.
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the women speaking up, but the men feel strongly too. we have so many of our go guys who i don't want to have associated with on the bad behavior. that's why we need to bring this out of the shadows, make sure these women are protected and make sure it's a safe workplace for everybody. >> shannon: talked about the congressman out of texas, facing allegations he denies. here's what he said. "i follow the rules and the rules have strict confidentiality provisions of them designed to protect the victim but they also protect the perpetrators, that's the part that needs to be fixed." he has said it's tough to come out and defend himself but he says both sides of this are bound by the confidentiality. would you support legislation that will unmask the people of had settlements and what the terms work? >> i do. one of the things we support is to make sure the victims want to be able to come forward.
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if we have to protect the victims if they want to come forward and unmask, make people have to pay back. i think we need to make sure it's something the victims will go forward on witches, and a number of -- on a number of thee cases they have. they have come forward. it's the one that can be their decision. there are denials for many men who have been accused. senator kennedy from louisiana had this to say. >> there is an old saying the truth will set you free but sometimes it will make you feel like hell in the first place. of those who power over them sought sexual gratification and
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that's wrong. in terms of senator franken, he's going to have to make his own decision. sleep on a number of democrats men and women, there's a growing force that he needs to go. he will make announcement. where do we draw the line. people who are elected, people running. where do you say we have enough evidence? or say we need due process for these people. these cases are all different and we need to hear from everybody and make an educated, informed decision. >> what's made this a watershed moment is these cases have come up. you've had numerous allegations. it is not a one-off situation. you have predatory behavior, whether it is matt lauer, the stories coming out on that are horrifying. you see how he used his position of power. sexual harassment isn't so much about sex. it's about power and misuse of power. that's why we need to take this
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action quickly and understand congress, like everybody else, has to live by the rules. what we are seeing in the workplace for years, one of my colleagues who worked on labor law says we would go into the board of directors and say we've investigated this. this ceo has to go. or whoever else. we need to do the same thing in congress. now if they want to drag it out and do an ethics investigation like with congressman franken, i mean senator franken, i called for him to resign weeks ago when it first came out. because i don't think we should waste the taxpayers resources on these investigations either, particularly when you have serial abuse, whether it's congressman conyers or franken or any of the other people. i have been consistent on all of these. i have said when you have serial abuse and you see a time after time, patterns of behavior. predators behave in a similar pattern, like you heard with charlie rose. you are seeing people who didn't
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know each other come up with the same stories. those things ring true. they want to come out and defend themselves, they have that right but i think we are saying is we want congress to live by the rules of everybody else, certainly no taxpayer dollars involved. and a new system that will protect the victims and most importantly stop this in the first place. >> shannon: we need to be consistent. >> support from republicans and democrats, men and women, that's the same here. >> shannon: we like to see it when they can unite around something that's positive change. congresswoman, thanks for coming in. unless a many bales again, the president will meet with the big four congressional leaders tomorrow afternoon. republicans need votes from democrats to pass a spending bill by the end of friday to keep your government-funded. the g.o.p. made -- may need help from democrats in the house.
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>> they are looking at shutting down. they want to have illegal immigrants in many cases, people we don't want in our country, they want illegal immigrants pouring into our country. >> shannon: a number of democrats say they don't actually want illegal immigrants pouring into the country but they are asking for protections, the so-called dreamers, hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally when they were brought here as children. many rallied on capitol hill today. >> 92 days since this administration made this cruel and reckless decision to end daca. we cannot wait a day longer. so let's tell them. don't tell us you will fix it in january. fixed now. >> shannon: the house is expected to vote tomorrow on what most expect will be at funding extension. mitch mcconnell putting on the
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pressure. they are urging his colleagues to join him. former president barack obama reportedly invoking the specter of nazi germany and a roundtable discussion last night in chicag chicago. mr. obama worried about a nativist mistrust rising around the world and warning of the dangers of becoming complacent which he said happened in germany in the 1930s. 60 million people died, so you've got to pay attention and vote." more on that comment later. almost every recent president has campaigned on moving the embassy to jerusalem. only one has started to deliver on that once in office. is trump diplomacy putting the pieces in place for a new middle east? we are going to ask former ambassador john bolton. the house passes a bill to allow law-abiding gun owners to carry across state lines.
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>> shannon: it's a little past 6:00 in the morning in jerusale jerusalem. a major announcement on the holy city by president donald trump. >> while previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. today i am delivering. i have judged this course of action to be in the best interest of the united states of america and the pursuit of peace between israel and the palestinians. >> shannon: good morning. >> good evening to you. reaction here to president trump's announcement acknowledging and recognizing that jerusalem is the capital of israel was pretty much divided in very much the same way as the
8:19 pm
holy city. the israelis welcomed and applauded the decision. the palestinians denounced it. in gaza and the west bank, palestinians took to the street, demonstrating against both the united states and israel. american and israeli flags were burned. no reports of violence but palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage that some fear could turn bloodied. rival groups, hamas, and they seemed united. the palestinian president said mr. trump's announcement is a declaration of withdrawal from mediating the peace process. symbolizing the anger and frustration, palestinians in bethlehem pulled the plug on the normally lit christmas tree in the square.
8:20 pm
>> shutting down all the lights in bethlehem after the speech considering jerusalem the capital of israel. >> bethlehem's christmas tree went dark. israeli officials applauded president trump's decision and illuminated the u.s. and israeli flags on the walls of the old city in the heart of jerusalem. the mayor said mr. trump's announcement sends a clear message to the entire world that the u.s. stands with israel and the jewish people. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country is profoundly grateful for what he calls an historic decision. >> we are profoundly grateful for the president, his courageous vision. to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and prepare for the opening of the u.s. embassy. this decision reflects the president's commitment to an ancient but enduring truth to fulfilling promises and
8:21 pm
advancing peace. >> shannon: although the u.s. could have converted an existing consulate to an embassy, the plan now is for an entirely brand-new construction. that means moving day from tel aviv to jerusalem is at least several years away. >> shannon: david lee miller in jerusalem. thank you. critics of today's announcement at home and abroad are fighting the president's decision as a setback to the pursuit of peace in the middle east. he sees it differently. >> this is an long overdue step to advance the peace process and work towards a lasting agreemen agreement. israel is a sovereign nation with the right like every other sovereign nation to determine its own capital. >> shannon: here to discuss the move, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. good to have you with this.
8:22 pm
abroad, we have the u.k. prime minister theresa may saying "we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem. we believe it's unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region." she said there embassy is going to stay in tel aviv. no plans to move it. house minority leader nancy pelosi singh "in the absence of a negotiated settlement between the israel and the palestinians, you moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem may needlessly spark mass protests, fuel tensions and makt more difficult." >> israel is just about the only country in the world where the american embassy is not in the capital city. suppose we said will put the american embassy in the united kingdom in manchester rather than london. how much sense would that make? why are we not in jerusalem already with a full embassy? because going back 70 years to a general assembly, u.n. general assembly resolution 181,
8:23 pm
tried to carve jerusalem out as a completely international city under the authority of the one. that was 70 years ago. that resolution was a dead letter. trump recognized reality. forget about the rhetoric you quoted. in recognizing reality, you cannot have a secure and lasting peace in as complex situation is the middle east. it's going to be founded on reality. the reality is jerusalem is israel's capital. deal with it. >> shannon: that wraps it up. no. still more questions. there are those on the right to say they feel like this is a half measure and sometimes because we showed the consulate. the huge structure that was built. a lot of people say it was anticipated that they move the embassy, this would be it. now the president is tying about architects and hiring people and
8:24 pm
it's going to take years and years. people question whether he will be president when this happens. is it an empty promise? some people feel like they are not getting what they expected. this embassy move is not going to happen anytime soon. >> i think the president made it clear he thinks things are going to start moving. he said in the speech we need to hire planners and architects and engineers. i tell you the biggest opponent of this decision today are, not mahmoud abbas, the palestinian authority, it's that career bureaucracy at the state department. they have opposed the idea of recognizing jerusalem as the capital since israel declared independence. i think what the president needs to do is insist on weekly reports from the state department, progress being made. i think congress has a role to play. they said 22 years ago they want the capital in jerusalem. if you let that bureaucracy work on its own, three years from now, they will still be doing
8:25 pm
site selection. the real test here is in the implementation. i think that lies in the president's hands. i think he knows where he wants to go. >> shannon: i am told you are going to meet with the president tomorrow. do you want to tell us everything you're going to talk about? >> i think probably the repeal of obamacare. >> shannon: that doesn't strike me that that's your topic. do you think you will discuss these issues? foreign policy, north korea and now out with a statement saying it's a matter of when a war will start. >> there are a lot of complicated issues. the president is roughly one year into the administration and like most presidents, he has tried to focus on domestic issues, but these foreign policy problems that he has inherited continued to press him. i look forward to the meeting. >> shannon: i'm sure he will take some of your advice if not all of it. ambassador, great to see you. new developments tonight and the harvey weinstein sexual-harassment scandal. we will go live to trace gallagher in los angeles with the latest on what we know about a possible hillary clinton
8:26 pm
connection. later, why does the mainstream media loves colin kaepernick? he just won another huge award, this time from "sports illustrated." this is turning into a life or death battle. adam housley joins us with a preview from the front lines of the growing california wildfire. >> the forecasted wins are back here ventura county. stoking the flames, moving the thomas fire. worrying thousands of firefighters what else they may face. we will have a lighter report of the latest in the fire conditions coming up. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> shannon: a wildfire flared up in the bel air section of los angeles today as yet another section of southern california found itself under siege. let's go to adam housley. >> we had about 12 hours of no
8:31 pm
wind here in southern california. here in the foothills above ventura where a couple hundred homes burned down, the winds have come back. they are forecasted to come through, possibly gusting up to 80 miles an hour. trees starting to blow. we have some live aerials to show you how the wind stokes the fire. the thomas fire which is burned more than 90,000 acres, towards areas where there are rural homes. and the worry is this fire could spread depending on how strong the winds. you're saying flames. they came through here or spraying everything down. i have seen embers go by. these homes are burned down but they are hot spots. embers can blow into other neighborhoods potentially. southern california obviously
8:32 pm
under a very serious fire watch in some areas, the worst we've seen in years. low humidity, high winds, and dry. firefighters keeping an eye open, hoping nothing new starts. it's been quite a battle. >> shannon: incredibly tough work. they are very brave. thank you. we are going to back to where e began. harvey weinstein kicked off this current wave of sexual harassment scandals. some other women he allegedly assaulted are taking serious legal action. trace gallagher has the details. >> class action lawsuit filed by six women but they claim to represent hundreds of others, including dozens of early to come forward like high-profile actresses angelina jolie and ashley judd.
8:33 pm
hoping to compel other potential victims who may be waiting in the shadows to come forward. a joint statement released by the plaintiff reads in part "it's been two months, the world is still asking how this could've happened. how could so many women have been violated. how could tony will have covered up for him. how could so many people have done nothing to help? money seems to be the answer." the suit is requesting weinstein and his legal team confessed to the wrongs perpetrated by him and his enablers. so far, harvey weinstein had unequivocally denied any nonconsensual sex. now there are more than a dozen investigations into his alleged sexual misconduct underway in los angeles, new york and london. morelos is coming, including one from harvey weinstein's former personal assistant, claiming one of her jobs was to provide him with injections of erectile
8:34 pm
dysfunction medication. she was repeatedly sexually harassed. now lena dunham says she was troubled by harvey weinstein's presence during hillary clinton's presidential run. she said she thought it was a bad idea for weinstein to be hosting fund-raisers at a serious campaign event. "i just want to let you know harvey is a rapist and this is going to come out at some point." tina brown said she counseled the inner circle about harvey weinstein. >> shannon: trace gallagher with the latest out of l.a. thank you. tensions with north korea raising new concerns for american athletes competing in next year's 2018 olympic games in south korea. full report straight ahead. the president survives an impeachment vote, things to a lot of help from democrats. are they going to get heat from
8:35 pm
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8:39 pm
they voted to table it. ron bonjean and philippe reines. i want to play what congressman greene had to say today. >> donald john trump has by his statements brought the high office of president of the united states in contempt, ridiculed, disgraced and disrepute. has demonstrated that he is unfit to be president. has betrayed his trust as president of the united states to the manifest injury of the people of the united states. >> shannon: philippe, doesn't
8:40 pm
rise to the level of an impeachable offense? because some of it i agree with. some of it i think is not right or wrong. what's interesting here is that there really is not a set definition of what is or isn't impeachable. high crimes and misdemeanors does not necessarily mean a crime. if president trump were to go live in mar-a-lago year-round and never do his job, that's an impeachable offense. i don't mean to be legalistic that people are going to take different interpretations of what it is. some people think his behavior and his eroticism and acting out is the basis for it. i think what you see this week, more people coming forward, more democrats mostly in light of john dowd, his attorney's statement, saying this is obstruction. i think people are going to come to the conclusion of whether they think there is something there. >> shannon: 58 of them today. >> a month from now it could be
8:41 pm
158. >> shannon: on october 22nd, donald trump made a statement as follows: wacky congresswoman wilson is a gift that keeps on giving. a disaster for democrats, contempt on an african-american african-american -- he called her wacky. >> this whole thing is wacky. the impeachment vote today was a needless distraction and frankly it's a gift to republicans because republicans are trying to get things done. we just passed tax reform and democrats are over here, 58 of them, supporting impeaching the president. we are trying to get real work done. it undermines the liberal left wing gleaner activist who has lots of commercials on cable news network's pushing for impeachment. doesn't make any sense to me.
8:42 pm
i understand fund-raising purposes. these 58 people saying they tried to do something about it but in the end, nothing's going to happen. >> shannon: leadership is saying we are not for this. i want to get reaction from both of you. remarks by former president obama saying we have to attend this garden of democracy or things could fall apart quickly, referring to the holocaust in nazi germany, saying 60 many people died steve got to pay attention. when republicans talk about or hitler, all breaks loose. >> if i was sitting tonight at home watching fox. i think it shows the depth of concern people have. this is president obama. like him or not, he's a pretty levelheaded guy.
8:43 pm
for him to say something like that, i think it does reflect what a lot of people are feeling, going back to impeachment. i think we should give people the benefit of the doubt not just in congress but around the country. there are people who believe the president should be impeached because they don't like what's happening in the country. it's not because of tax reform, repeal or not. you're seeing a little bit of that in that comment. >> shannon: we've got to go. >> i think there's a lot of people out there supporting republicans for getting things done. >> shannon: good to see you both. against the backdrop of war games, what can american athletes expect from the winter games? >> not a warm welcome from the north koreans. the north koreans are saying
8:44 pm
that outbreak of war on the korean peninsula is an established fact. that threat is clearly changing how the u.s. feels about a lot of things, including the olympics and whether the u.s. team will show up. the 2018 winter games kick off two months from now in south korea. some of the venues are 40 miles from the dmz. puts them well within range of an incredible amount of north korean firepower. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. left open the possibility that going there might not be a good idea. >> there is an open question. i've not heard anything about that but i know in the talks we have, it's always about, how do we protect u.s. citizens? those are conversations happening daily. >> would you feel comfortable sending family members if they were athletes? >> depends on what's going on at the time. we have to watch closely. speak on "the wall street journal" reports ticket sales are sluggish to say the least and
8:45 pm
video of u.s. war games over the korean peninsula aren't exactly what the tourism board would hope for. u.s. and south korean forces put hundreds of fighter jets together in a show of force and resolve along with stealth fighters. there was supposed to be a pair of u.s. be one bombers from gua guam. supposed to be a pair of bomber bombers. that would mean two. it turns out the show of force was an abject lesson in the state of u.s. military readiness. there was only one the one bomber. the other was stopped on a runway in guam with mechanical problems. >> shannon: we've talked a great deal about the military having a tough time. thank you very much. good to see you.
8:46 pm
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sofi. get there sooner. >> shannon: congress passing a measure that would allow owners
8:50 pm
of legally concealed weapons to take them across state lines. it's not without its republican critics. emily miller, good to see you. let me start with criticism from the left. here's what nancy pelosi had to say. "the radical republican bill is a direct threat to public safety. republicans are inviting violent criminals, convicted stockers and those who have never undergone a background check, and a gun safety training, the green light to carry that concealed weapons wherever they want." >> once again, nancy pelosi noted on the bill she hasn't read. i read the bill. she clearly did not. it specifically says, the language in the bill. somebody was a qualified person. i am a qualified person. you are too. you're not a felon, not a domestic abuser. you don't do drugs.
8:51 pm
we are qualified people to own guns. i have a permit in d.c. you should get one. all this means is this -- donald trump is a permit holder in new york city. one of his campaign promises was this long-held bill which is so needed in our country because i come as a permit holder in d.c., can't carry in maryland. a few years ago, i couldn't carry in virginia. i can carry in florida but not georgia. it's convoluted. >> shannon: i want to ask you. there are some including the congressman from kentucky saying this is going to be paired up with something in the senate.
8:52 pm
it will throw millions of dollars of the program and result in more law-abiding citizens being deprived of their rights. he says it something that will happen when he joins with the senate measure. >> the house put them together. after the shooting in texas, that man was not supposed to have a gun. he was dangerously mentally ill. it's not true what the congressman, with all due respect, probably also did not read the bill. all this is doing is making sure dealers aren't selling to people and all the records and the fbi.
8:53 pm
i don't want crazy, dangerous people having guns. >> shannon: you should talk to nancy pelosi. emily miller, thank you very much. up next, "time" magazine naming its person of the year. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. at outback, big australia is back. our biggest sirloin. our biggest bloom. our biggest entrees ever. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. and now, get a free $10 bonus card with every $50 in gift cards.
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>> shannon: "time" "time" magas naming the "me, too" as the 2017 person of the year. it features ashley judd, taylor swift. joe conscious as "time" magazine has got into pc to name a worthy person of the year. how should they have handled this? >> let me be very clear on this before i get destroyed. this was an excellent choice, clearly. you look at the avalanche. since harvey weinstein and all of the names and entertainment, kevin spacey, louis c.k., in media, charlie rose, matt lauer,
8:58 pm
glenn thrush, and politics, al franken, jon cryer, conyers, roy mori. this is a safe choice, a good choice but not the right choice. remember, the criteria by "time," who had the most impact on the news cycle and our new? if i ask that question, what can possibly be the only name that comes to mind in 2017? >> shannon: i'm thinking it might be donald trump. by the way, it sounds like he won the runner up, they've acknowledged that created demi lovato tweeted this. open >> that's an excellent poi. and look, i don't like it when groups get named. it is called person of the year. you want to make movement of the year? sell a couple of magazines? to that issue two weeks from now. i would rather they choose
8:59 pm
someone, trump, jeff bezos, vladimir putin, given the impact on russia of our psyche. i think those three choices would have been outstanding. >> tucker: i want to ask you really quickly, colin kaepernici legacy award. the mainstream media loves it. >> they are swooning. colin kaepernick, has he met with one police force, when police union, does colin kaepernick actually do interviews with the media in any capacity? if you will compare him to muhammad ali, who never met a microphone he didn't like, who always expressed exactly what was on his mind and what his cause was, you are making a big mistake because colin kaepernick is a media creation. he doesn't actually put actions behind his words. yes, he donated $1 million but he made $39 million over the last three years. i don't know what he standing up for i think it is police
9:00 pm
brutality against minorities but at the same time i don't hear from him. until he starts doing interviews, i don't know. >> shannon: b got to go. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful that you spent the night with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." today, more than 30 democratic senators demanded that senator al franken of minnesota resign in response to multiple allegations of sexual harassment. >> i do not feel that he should continue to serve. >> we can't force him to resign, but i hope he will do the right thing when he tells us what his decision is. >> but i think it would be better for the country for him to offer that clear message that he values women, that we value women, and that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. >> senator franken's conduct was wrong. he has admitted to it, and he should resign. >> tucker: franken's office says he will make an c


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