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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  December 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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of knowledge that my new book, billionaire at the barricades. it's the gift that will keep on giving in the new year and it's worth just the chapter. you can always reach me on twitter and hit me up on facebook over the weekend, let me know what you think of the show or ideas for other shows. and now shannon bream end of the team are up next. >> shannon: as his were attorneys prepare for another face to face with the special counsel robert mueller, president trump reps bad apples within the country's top law enforcement agency. we will get reaction with former fbi counterterrorism agent to the president's harsh criticism. >> are there a few more items on it? sure. >> shannon: what does it mean for your wallet, we are investigated the fine print. when the night court convenes, a
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small town that prides itself on traditional values gets a call from atheist activists over its public nativity scene. will jesus, mary, and joseph have to run out of town? taylor swift under twitter attack forcing 2017 was the best year ever. ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. a report tonight from and getting a lot of attention, it alleges that legal powerhouse lisa bloom tried to line up of big paydays for women's who were willing to publicly accuse candidate donald trump of sexual misconduct during the 2016 election. she says women were paid to come forward with accusations of misconduct by trump are nothing more than white wing efforts to discredit the victims. we ask sarah westwood and we want to talk about them now. good to see you.
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>> good to see you. the one we have a couple of things going on here, we have -- we know we were talking about lisa bloom, there was discussion of payday. one woman said apparently she was offered at $750,000 ultimately decided it wasn't comfortable for her to come forward and tell her story. what were you able to find out? >> there were claims made by several women that lisa bloom solicited payments from donors affiliated with the clinton campaign to pay their relocation expenses, their security expenses associated with the publicity they would get if they want to forward with accusations against president trump. at the end of the day, the reporting shows that only two women definitely accepted payments from lisa bloom but it's the type of thing that brings into question the credibility of all of the accusers against president trum president trump. there are a lot of allegations made against the president,
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there is no reason to doubt the veracity of all of them but it's the type of thing the democrats would red river not to be unearthed while we are having the discussion about the need to believe all women when it turns out some accusing the president have received compensation for making those allegations. >> shannon: at least one of the women said this had nothing to do with the veracity of what she reported on what she says happened to her. in no way does she want this conversation about potential payments to overshadow the fact that she stands by her allegations against the president prior to the time he was in office. this is what lisa bloom has set the period of several donors came forward with offers of financial help to ensure the safety of the women who would come forward. i was happy to relay those offers to relocation to save her community and round-the-clock security. she also has talked about as an attorney when you put together deals whether it's with dr. phil or insight addition or licensing photos, sometimes there is a monetary side to it. we were going to take a percentage of that just like you would on any business deal.
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>> the source of the money is where the most pressing questions are raised. it wasn't just for these women selling their stories to tabloids, licensing photographs of themselves. there was also money being talked about transferring hands between donors and political action committees associated with hillary clinton's campaign and these women who were lobbying allegations, that would hurt his own presidential efforts. that's where the question of conflict of interest arises. the when the money is coming from the political opponent, that is clearly a real problem. it's not talking about compensating these women for their stories or money purely designated to pay for their relocation or security fees. if that is one of the reason why i think the credibility of these allegations are called into question because the money is coming from the democratic campaign. >> shannon: i know there have been some denials about that,
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lisa bloom is saying she didn't reach out to hillary clinton or anybody connected with them. these people came forward and wanted to help. when people make these kinds of reports there can be security risks and other issues. i tended to them going public which is why some of them decided -- i want to ask you about an interesting development in another arena that we've been covering quite a bit which is the idea of harassment, people on capitol hill. we now have a female congressional candidate who has dropped out of the race after information came to light about eight harassment suit against her back in 2005. we know that it happens with women, she said she didn't know this case was being settled, we are in a judge and jury, it's all over the minute the accusation comes forward at this point. she is the first prominent female in this latest cycle to be impacted by it. >> she is one of the first women to be caught up in the #metoo
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moment. she has voluntarily dropped out of a political campaign while still maintaining her innocence. senator al franken resigned his position a few weeks ago facing allegations of sexual misconduct that he admitted to when he apologized. republican congressman trent franks recently stepped down from his position admitted wrongdoing in his resignation saying he had inappropriate conversation with women. this kansas congresswoman maintains that she did not do what she was alleged -- accused to have done and yet she stepped down from her position. that is an interesting dynamic that we don't see in play with a lot of these resignations. >> shannon: as a former sex harassment attorney, gender doesn't really matter if it's a situation that it turns out to be sexual harassment it does
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happen with women and men. she maintains she is innocent, she never would have settled the case. in its rush to claim the high ground and are roiling national conversation, the democratic party has implemented a zero-tolerance standard. i know a lot of folks are worried about the issue of due process and a lot of these cases don't go to court, they are going to the court of the public opinion. the public is serving as judge and jury. >> that can be problematic, sometimes there are nuances to every case that the public doesn't get a chance to hear that, that partisanship can take over, put pressure on piers of lawmakers to encourage him or her to step down from their position. eventually as a society, we are having this conversation we will need to draw lines around what should be done without all of the facts being known, when
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someone should be forced to step down when allegations haven't been proven. that is a line that we haven't quite found yet in this #meetingtoo moment. >> shannon: reports president's attorneys will meet with special counsel robert mueller next week. what is coming next? against president trump when he was running, those two will head to capitol hill next week. the presidents just called it the fbi's actions on the rush of pro the disgraceful. let's go straight to ed henry, he is our chief national correspondent. what can you tell us? >> you are talking about the president's lawyer's meeting with the special counsel robert mueller next week. we have confirmed that from a source close to the investigation. what they are telling us tonight is that it's likely to be jay sekulow as well as john dowd,
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the two personal attorneys for the president, this will not include ty cobb. he's not going to comment at all, all these conversations with the special counsel are private, they are tired of all of the leaks. we will not discuss our periodic communications with the special counsel. as you see right there. what is interesting is since the president's legal team is not talking about it, this is likely leaking from the side of the president's critics. why would they want to leak this out there? they want to build this up that maybe we are reaching a critical juncture, may be an obstruction of justice case is being built. people close to the president's side are telling me they are still confident that the key parts of this investigation will wrap up early next year, there will not be an obstruction of justice case and this is a check in meeting, there have been periodic meetings between the president's attorneys and the
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special counsel, that's normal in any case like this. but i think this is a whole lot of nothing. >> shannon: two key players have been critical, they are both heading to setting, consented intelligence committee what you think we will learn? >> this underscores what a big week this has been. you have revelation after revelation suggesting between the anti-trump text messages that have really turned this investigation to have been may be people inside the fbi investigation who were pro-clinton, anti-trump drove this in a way that is going to
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change it. and to change the trajectory of it. what happens next week, monday you have bruce or the justice department official who was demoted in recent days, part of this big week we just had, you see him there. he was demoted because he did not disclose his contacts, did not disclose he had met with officials of fusion gps. then we learned that his wife had been paid by fusion gps and a done work for them. they are the firm that dug up this dirt, they trump dossier that led to this whole robert mueller investigation in the first place. then andrew mccabe is testifying behind closed doors as well. he is the deputy director within the fbi, his wife had run for office in virginia in 2015, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a pack to the democratic governor of virginia, very close to the clintons. all of this has raised questions about who is doing the investigating. andrew mccabe has backed out
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of previous agreements to testify on the hill. a lot of people will be watching. will he testify on tuesday, will he back out again citing scheduling conflicts. what about peter's stroke? pro-clinton, anti-trump, he hasn't been called to testify and answered not just the white house but answer the american people. >> shannon: good to see you. let's bring in kevin brock, former fbi assistant director for intelligence. the president was pretty critical of the fbi, we want to play what he said as the revelations surfaced, people having conversations that don't seem especially positive about the president. >> president trump: it's a shame what happened with the fbi, the level of anchor is very sad.
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i want you to know that with me as your president, america's police will have a true friend and loyal champion in the white house, more loyal than anyone else can be. the president of the united states has your back 100 100%. i will fight for you and i will never, ever let you down. when you look at what they did with the respect to the hillary clinton investigation, it was rigged. there has never been anything like it in this country that we have ever found before, it's very sad. >> shannon: he was all over the place and he had criticism for the agency but then he spoke at the graduation and was very kind and a very laudatory of those graduates and the people he said were defending this country. what do you make of the two versions of statements today?
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>> it's interesting. last year you had the democrats claiming the fbi's reputations is in tatters, this year is the republicans. it's depends on whose ox is being gored. even beyond that, we have to be concerned in this country any time there's a perception of the fbi is not being impartial, not being objective or being biased. tremendously concerning. we depend on the fbi of all agencies to conduct itself and conduct its investigations in a fair and impartial way. anytime there is a perception about that it has to be addressed. unfortunately as edit just ran through, there has been a litany of instances or things that have happened that have called that into question. if you will notice, it doesn't touch upon the hardworking agents and analysts and to
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support people that the fbi have across this country working hard every day. when you look back through history and you see the fbi tripping up and running afoul and finding itself in these situations where there is a perception that there may be -- the fbi is off the rails a little bit. it's because of decisions that a court at the headquarters level. i worked there, i worked in the field, i have seen the fbi from the field perspective and the headquarters perspective. at headquarters where the fbi is closest to the vector of political governance. >> the actions they take will be scrutinized in a way.
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they will give the impression the fbi is favoring one side the other. when the fbi does a news conference -- >> it opens up criticism. >> today the attorney general questioned the fbi. here's what he said. >> to me, the fbi is functioning, is not functioning at a high level all over the country. the first time in 47 they spoke to the fbi on the academy class. >> to the attorney general there trying to say broadly, i
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have confidence in the agency and don't agree that they're functioning at the highest level. >> i want to reassure your viewers that the fbi works at a very high level. the fbi agents that are distributed across the country are working hard on the cases. again, with donald trump following it is graduate with peril.
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they can't leverage their substantial power to one side or the other. >> there's many folks working all around the clock. i think the president's frustration is with the select group we heard about. those men and women, he needed to praise them as well. >> thank you for coming in. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is talking about kim jung un. he talked about talks after a period of quiet. but today there was a different tone. >> north korea must earn its way back to the table. >> tillerson added that the pressure campaign will continue
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>> the republicans on capitol hill as they unveil the final verse -- version of their tax plan. we think three republicans are undecided. they all want to read the final text before making a final decision. imagine that. the tax bill moving through congress is 500 pages long. we're breaking this down for you. financial decisions you could make now to save yourself money.
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>> even high tax states consider paying some of your state and local brought taxes now. those will be taxed at 20,000 in 2018. if you have high mortgage debt, make a big payment now. no deductions on those lines. if you're alaska, florida, nevada, texas, wyoming and new hampshire and tennessee and you would like to buy a new car, do it before the end of the year. you could deduct the tax this 2018 that won't be an option. other breaks that may go away. deductions to charities. writing off charities and business costs. while many americans will miss being able to write off those
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deductions, there's a silver lining. most will benefit increase in a standard dediction, sing dicted. >> the final version of the tax bill would create seven tax practices. they start at 10 percent. 12, 32, 35 and 35 percent. we have heard about simplifying but how account president claim this is a tax cut for all. david schweitzer joins us. he's on a house ways and means committee. >> i appreciate you having me. >> there's criticism all over the left. minority leader says the gop's
8:26 pm
tax scam for middle class families is a moral obscenity. your response? >> i understand the left is desperate for republicans not to have a victory. i would like to see them think about the country instead of their politics. in a decade we hit the wall because of entitlement clause. if we could get the economy growing, many of the programs, the members from the left, claim they support and want to protect will be okay. but who desperately must is have that economic growth. tax reformers are a way to get there. >> we have tonight on the right. your colleague zelleden, he's a republican from new york.
8:27 pm
he says this about the bill. he says it is a no vote. there was a massive opportunity to fix the bill for millions of americans who needed help and a countdown clock that wasn't yet at zero. >> look, he's a good guy but the fact of the matter is, i believe in the math. even his constituents, the mean will get actually a tax reduction. but there's tough calculation. do you do what is good for the country or certain small groups. and do you do -- do you make tax decisions that are great politics or really good for economic growth. a lot of the battle here was how do you do things here that you have to do to get the vote but maximize growth. when you and i talk about deductibility of state and local
8:28 pm
taxes, they're important to those in high tax areas but when you calculate their effect it is almost zero. when you put those in the other areas, because it will help everything. that's a better economy. >> we talked about the poll that says most people think it will hurt their finances, where has the messaging gone wrong. >> 1986, 31 years ago, you grind through crazy talk and i tell you phrase it that way but if you think about the systematic drum beating of propaganda, it is all over. rich people need to pay more except our rich people.
8:29 pm
they've been all over the board. we live in a toxic environment. i hope americans who actually care about tax policy and what this means to their families will spend the weekend reading over it. i believe they'll be pleased. >> there's material out there. we believe it is good to do homework. we do that as well. thank you for your time on this friday night. >> no, thank you for having me. >> mike pence is delaying his trip following the president's announcement. the trip has been in flux because of the tax overall. the president could be needed to provide a tie-breaking vote in the senate. another round of accusations. more about dustin hoffmann.
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monday, the president signed an exploration. that was not the only thing has happened in space. >> seems like going to sci-fi movies we see objects hurdling through space. they dubbed it hawaiian for
8:35 pm
messenger. now the results are in and it is an asteroid. there was a spaceship in the heavens. they saw a recycled capsule in the international space station needing supplies. recently the focus is on the low orbit. trump wants them back in deep space. >> we'll have an eventual mission to mars and perhaps someday to many worlds beyond. >> the idea being to use the
8:36 pm
moon to train future astronauts to mars. nasa currently gets 18 billion a year. during the 60s, nasa's budget was 5 billion but today that equals about 50 billion and nobody is jumping up and down to give nasa 30 billion dollars. the orion spacecraft is under schedule. will this replace saturn five rocket. nasa has been slowed by presidential preference. they all have different visions about what they want nasa to achieve.
8:37 pm
>> i remember controversial aims for nasa. thank you very much. >> is the cia trying to hide bad news. we report the report on that, plus this is bad blood between swift and her fans, what is causing the backlash. stick around to find out. and ner back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new this ♪s electricity.
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♪ >> is the cia angering president trump. top white house advisors. >> did you tell your subordinates to limit the amount of information they gave to the white house on military options in libya. >> what i said i don't want military plans or options. >> you said don't give them military options. it is a little blunt. we're concerned about that. >> really? huh. >> joining us now, vince,
8:42 pm
editorial director, and among many other things. we're glad to see you here. >> the piece in the washington post, they can manipulate the aura of items in trumps features. changing the format is due to the president's style and good customer service. this is not unique to president trump. everyone has their style. >> i covered reagan. he did not have face-to-face briefing. obama read the presidential daily briefings in an extensive manner in his private quarters. when people came to see him they made an adjustment for president trump and obama and reagan.
8:43 pm
in reagan's case it was trusting that he read it or somebody else in the white house would help him in terms of understanding, in teams of president obama it was -- it was pointing out additional specific core issues that may be on the agenda that day. that's what they're doing. with president trump and what we know from the washington post article, it is not that their changing conclusions, they're trying to put it in a way that he could absorb best for his purposes. >> the material that you present, and the truth. >> the truth is quintessential. you shouldn't withhold anything. i do think it is interesting that the two style.
8:44 pm
you hear robert gates and what was going on. the military felt they were being overly micro managed by the white house. and then the trump administration. they want to empower the decisions. there's a reason a lot of those decisions won't get in front of the president because they have others making those decisions. >> because you have handled that high level issue, we want to take you to taylor swift because to taylor swift, the president is important. she had an instagram post. she said i love you guys so much. this was a photo that was taken at capital official jingle building ball. i couldn't have asked for a better year thanks to you. can't wait to say next year. >> she had a good year. some of the social media stuff
8:45 pm
exploded, they were not happy about that as though she was endorsing. here's the tweets she got. there was nazis and white supremacy and people losing healthcare and none of that affects me so 2017 was great. >> you know, the thing is that i think taylor swift was being genuine. she had a good year. i believe she had a big case. >> she did against someone. >> appropriately. on so many levels, i think her world is world top. >> you listen to it? >> you're in a car and you hear it. >> this is the problem.
8:46 pm
somebody will bite you. and she constantly gets attacked for this that she's not outspoken about trump. i kind of like the optimistic hopeful enjoyable america no matter who is in office or no matter who you run against. >> i wouldn't say -- i would say, the first thing, this season, we are compassionate. >> she's an entertainer. so many entertainers become activists. i never seen her endorse trump. >> do you think about the women's march and she's one of the silence breakers on "time" magazine. she attacks all of the time.
8:47 pm
she's not feminist and lazy and so on. >> thank you for coming in. >> it is looking like christmas but less so in a small town in ohio. this is where a nativity scene can and cannot be displayed. my dad's. grandma's. aunt stacy's. what are the reasons you care for your heart? qunol coq10 with 3x better absorption has the #1 cardiologist recommended form of coq10 to support heart health. qunol, the better coq10.
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>> here in elmore, ohio. the foundation said placing a nativity scene publicly violated church and state. they moved it across from the park. let's talk about this. this is night court time. and we're here from the freedom from religion foundation. many want to see it in the park. >> the town has decide cd they
8:52 pm
couldn't afford it. some said we could put it here. why would it be a problem on government property? >> it violates the first amendment. the birth of christ is religious. >> you know this is part of a holiday display and they can have them up without too much trouble. >> that's what i rely on. they wanted to avoid litigation. that's why they moved it. they needed to make this a broader holiday scene as opposed to a nativity seen.
8:53 pm
they need to bring in santa claus and all of that, if they did that, they would not have litigated and spent the money on attorneys. >> if they bring in santa claus and christmas trees which is their plan next year, will that take care of the issues that threaten them? >> not necessarily. what he's refusing to is the reinde reinde reindeer c laus, it is not an issue. the supreme court precedent is slick. these are dependent. you look at reasonable person standard.
8:54 pm
many will say they promote christia christians. you got to be clear. if you add santa claus and a menorah and a tradition, that would be okay. >> david, people roll their eyes. i will get feedback about this segment. people get the opinion that this is about birth of christ. i live where we had to take down wreaths because they represented christmas. >> no question. that's not an defense.
8:55 pm
it is clear that a public facility or brought cannot advertise. they had a promotion from an atheist group. it can be done. >> the counselors made their cases, let us know how you would rule and have a great weekend. happy holidays and merry christmas. >> information about the royal wedding. and the princess. what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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>> shannon: you know you are waiting for it, o'boyle wedding update. for thanksgiving, we know prince harry will be marrying american actress, now we know when. the palaces, save the date.
9:00 pm
may 19th at st. george's castle. most-watched, most trusted, good night from washington could have a great weekend. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." women rights lawyer, lisa bloom has finally been exposed for who she really is. she's built a career posturing as a champion of the oppressed, but the only person who seems to be winning in that equation is lisa bloom. last summer, she represented kathy griffin. following her beheading stunt only to have griffin turn around and for excessive fees. she fought to protect harvey weinstein. actress russ mckellen says that bloom offered her a seven-figure payday if she agreed to call weinstein a an


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