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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 31, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> i saw them huddled over another officer. leland: deadly shooter than denver after police are called to the scene of a domestic disturbance this morning. one sheriff's deputy death's deputy data while four others wounded. two civilians hurt. the very latest as it happened. >> iran's president speaking out moments ago on the antigovernment diamonds gratian erupted across countries rocking the islamic regime. president trump tweeting out in support of the demonstrators earlier today. we are alive with all of it from the winter white house.
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leland: at his arty 2018 across much of the pacific including this video from new zealand. live pictures now of times square, new york in frigid times square were thousands of people are already lining up for 10 nights ball drop. -- two nights ball drop. last day of 2017. lasch show this entire year crazy newsday. i am leland vittert. welcome to "america's news hq." i am leland vittert. gillian: anion gillian turner. fox news alert out of colorado this afternoon. one officer killed in four others injured while responding to a domestic violence call. will carr is live with the latest. >> gillian about 15 minutes south of denver after a suspect
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some of the done nearly half a dozen deputies, killing one and injuring four others as well as two civilians and in response authorities shot and killed the gunman. we have a live picture of an emotional procession. the deceased deputy being transported from a hospital in littleton, colorado two we are assuming the medical examiner's office. the procession on the procession on the highway so for the deputy has not been identified. this urban douglas county deputies responded to a domestic disturbance around 5:15 this morning at the copper canyon canyon apartments bigger share of sophistry multiple deputies were downed enough people to avoid the area. we learned shortly after the shooting of the seven people were rushed to two separate hospitals. at one point the sheriff's office issued what was called a code red, telling residents to shelter until further notice. obviously dangerous and volatile situation at the time the region that was familiar with large tragic shooting. there was the planned parenthood
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shooting in colorado springs or the movie theater shooting in aurora in an columbine which afterwards the bar for how members of one force meant would respond to active shooter situation. before today, 38 members of law enforcement had been killed in the line of duty this year. the number will now rise to 39. gillian: that is way too many by anyone's account. thanks for that report. leland: just in the past -- a fox news alert is just in the past couple minutes. hearing from iran's president with new comments about the thousands of antigovernment protesters in the streets across this country. people have been defined security forces at the risk of their own deaths and stars they and they say shows no signs of giving up despite a shed down now of social media sites. ellison barber joining us with what we've been able to cobble
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together. reporter: high, wheeling. since the protests began, iranian president said people have the right to protest, but he also said the protest should make the public feel concerned about their lives and security. a popular message and not as protesters are using to coordinate and organize since these protests began on thursday. many view it as an effort to slow down and stop the growing antigovernment protests. government officials say the two protesters were killed this weekend. a number of clashes between police and protesters, but these appear to be the first deaths tied to the demonstration. no word on the exact cause of death, but government officials claim the bullets were fired by police. antigovernment protests began on thursday and showed no signs of slowing down. they started in the country's second-largest city have sent
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bread to the capital. thousands of people come in many college students are in the streets demanding a new government. the protest movement will accept nothing short of the removal of the islamic regime in the establishment of a free democratic iran with the new government defined by a const to shame guaranteeing the right of every iranian is a sin to live free of oppression and discrimination with justice and equality. the protest began over economic turns and surging prices for basic goods. many items as common as eggs have increased in price by at least 30%. now it's about more than not. some protesters can be heard shouting down with the dictator. the government has repeatedly said these protests are illegal and they have warned the protesters to create disorder will pay a price. >> we all saw how they misuse
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fibers basin promoted violence, train systematic riots from the top weapons and explosive craft income is protesters defied police to encourage the burning of houses. these people are surely not part of the people. reporter: local media said phillies 200 people were arrested in tehran yesterday. we tested a group of iranian americans are planing to rally support of the opposition could >> accrue there when that happens. ellison barber in washington. thank you. gillian come we could've tried to square the circle where you are hearing about these protesters being arrested and then you see the president of iran they know, everyone is free to protest that is great. it seems like you are free to protest in iran so long as you are in support of the president and the government. be not correct. the other unfortunate reality for president rouhani is these protesters are out on this reads
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protesting economic woes. rising prices, inflation, unemployment at all-time highs. also protesting what they feel is corruption under president rouhani's administration and has taken the country's involvement in regional conflicts they should not be involved in my kidney and then syria. it is all a very start article message for president rouhani. train two very different than what we saw during the 2009 green revolution. the protest chants, death to the ayatollah, death to hezbollah the iranian terror group, which so much money has been spent on. >> for a radical messages for protesters. >> president trump weighed in on the deadly protests inside of iran. steve harrigan live from west palm beach with more on what president trump is saying. reporter: jillian, getting close attention from president trump and demonstrators themselves having support.
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he treated three days in a row on the protest in iran a short time ago writing the following. the people are finally getting wise to stay out of their money being stolen is squandered on terrorism. looks like he will not take it any longer. the u.s.a. watching closely for human rights violations or as for the president scheduled here in florida he plays golf again today. he's played every day except for christmas since he's been down here. also meeting with governor rick scott. the two are expected to discuss infrastructure projects in the state of florida and tonight the president, first lady, family and friends will discuss at the mar-a-lago club. trade to reaction now with with republican congressman will hurd on the texas house committee also a former member of the central intelligence agency. what is happening right now as they are watching these videos and realizing we might have a shot to see regime change inside
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iran? i think everybody is watching what the iranian people are doing in trying to show support for the iranian people. this is unheard of in the number of protests happening around the country is unlike what we saw in 2009. what we've seen with our friends trying to encourage our british friends, our french friends come and german friends to follow the president's lead in encouraging show support for the iranian people. leland: it is kind of stunning that you have what you would really team in any other way a democratic revolution going on inside iran are the bricks have been silent, german pilot, possibly dare i say because they are more interested in doing business with tehran in supporting the democratic movement. a lot of folks on twitter are contrasting president trump's reaction to this revolution versus president obama's reaction to thousand nine.
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the president has done more in three treats and president obama did in eight years. fair? >> absolutely fair. if president obama would've been as strong as president trump has in the last three days, you may have seen a different path entering the green movement in 2009. that's why it is so important to show the iranian people we are with them. all these reports about the iranian government trying to shut down the internet so people can talk about this. it's important for you and your not work in folks when they are getting ready for their new year's party tonight, hashtag iranian protests and retreats and videos you are seeing there so the message can get out. >> it's very clear as you watch these videos that these people are risking not only their property and being imprisoned and being tortured, the risking their lives as well. we've seen the iranian prison
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and torture regime is notorious. quickly, what are our capabilities? both covertly and overtly to help these folks? >> right now helping to amplify their message because we don't want to muddy the waters. this is a real organic protest, potential revolution coming up to magnify that said the iranian past around the world understands it and can let them know what's really going on in their country. trade you this, if instagram predicts a telegram reports that twitter is blocked in certain cities as well. we need the ability to turn us back on. >> the iranian government are using the infrastructure they control can be a satellite image for satellite relay in there. yes, you can absolutely do that. it's a pretty difficult endeavor. it's something we should be looking out. leland: at what point do cia
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covert committee guys, at what point do we start sending in armed kurds to try and help these folks at what point do we start sending them in the kinds of equipment they requested back in 2009 in the obama administration would give them? >> i think we are little ways from having those conversations. the problem you have in iran is the iranian opposition is not organized. they've all been killed. they've all been dragged out of their homes and put in prison. in order for this movement to continue, you have to start seeing some indigenous leadership come together and talk about what do they need from the rest of the world. missile support the iranian people and we should give them the tools they needed hopefully see some leadership as we go into 2018, this is really exciting that people are willing to throw off the joke of a tyrant like the ayatollahs in
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iran. true to risking their lives to do it. the silence from our allies around the world have been deafening. got to see if that changes and if they're willing to step up in solidarity with those risking their lives. congressman, great seeing you. a lot more to talk about in 2018. gillian: now some are from the other side of the aisle. california congressman, john garamendi. thank you for being with us this afternoon. i want to first get your thoughts on breaking news out of iran. this week in the protest they are growing, seemingly by the hour. the important question on a lot of americans mind is president trump public comments via twitter this weekend. i want to know your sense of this. do you think this is precisely the momentum and the hulk the iranian take?
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>> first of all, they are minimal and i don't think there's a problem. he was quite correct this has to be an organic protest of the iranian people that the american government can not be perceived as somehow instigated and causing it to happen. otherwise it will be very quickly. it has to grow. whatever information and moral support it this point. beyond that we should tread very carefully because it's a very real possibility of a harsh repressive iran in the future. very careful observation. the president tweets are perfectly appropriate. >> you worry at all in a public acknowledgment of the rightness of the protesters cause makes it
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easier for the someone regime to paint the protesters as american lackeys for lack of a better word as american co-conspirators? >> that is certainly a possibility and you can easily see from your comment that could have been. that is why we have to be careful how we proceed. the american position ought to be in support of democracy and to be free speech, free press ought to be where the american policy is not to be, any other country for that matter. gillian: while i have you here come in the ongoing russian investigation. by now you've got insight into that and thought. i want to play a clip for you. we have representative rudy on the show. listen to what he had to say about the fbi's role in the senate edition.
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>> if they don't produce those on the 33rd of january if they don't go back and testify about what was being referred to in all those meetings about the dossier they can be held in contempt for that, too. leland: referencing specifically a subpoena sent to the fbi from house intelligence committee. what is your reaction to that? >> my understanding was that is a one-sided opinion that democrats are not involved in the issue is whether subpoena. that raises a question is this a political thing. is a major effort to discredit the entire russian investigation to the fbi and beyond. we had to consider what is happening in 2016. the investigation by the fbi was on hillary and hillary's tapes which was an enormous problem
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right up to the very last 10 days of the campaign. now look at history, the fbi should be investigating all of these matters. let's not forget the focus here is on what we do know and not is that the russians clearly involve themselves illegally in the american campaign first with the theft of democratic party and hillary e-mails from her campaign and then the weaponization of those e-mails through rickie weeks and others. that is a proven fact. gillian: a very important distinction you draw from this investigation on going for a year plus now, which is the investigation into collusion investigation into russian meddling in the 90s a general election which is an entirely separate thread here that needs to be investigated.
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thank you for your time today sarah and happy new year to you. >> into you. leland. leland: coming up, president trump on the midterms offering reasons why what he calls mark voters to stay away from democrats. plus, much of america in a deep freeze. just how cold is it going to be for new year's eve? adam klotz with why you should stay inside. reporter: huge area where you might want to stay inside could watch as the morning stepping all the way across the midwest into the middle of the country. i will be talking about the actual numbers coming up in just a little bit. >> people who weren't staying inside, "new york times" square filling up with people and getting a good spot for the ball dropped tonight with heavy security. laura ingle braving the cold outside. hi, laura. reporter: hi, leland. temperatures are low, low.
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but these are ready to rock. a live report coming up next.
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leland: it is the last day of 2017 and president trump has taken a twitter from the winter white house to look ahead to 2018. why would smart voters want to put democrats in congress in 2018 elections when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the election? people are much better off now not to mention jesus, va, judges, strong border, second amendment, tax cuts and more. that is not all he's been tweeting about. we would get to that in a moment as well. joining us now to talk about it, talk radio hosts wade smith peered always good to see you.
10:23 am
let's break this down. 2017p. from alabama, state president carried by double digits. are people they are feeling wealthier. in fact resonating. >> quite a few people are liking what the president has done so far. when it comes to tweets, so tweets, some are, some are. if you look back at the special election with their weimar situation, the age line and the parity in mind are little different right now. the younger the better the less likely they are to three. the older the voter, the more likely they find themselves right in the more they land on the line. leland: it's kind of fascinating. you would think would be the opposite of the younger generation that the social media aspect of it.
10:24 am
have you been able to figure that out? >> i think the one thing about it is the younger voters and the younger folks looking at twitter know the power of social media. it's no longer the future. it are present. so we deal with on a daily basis. we use in our business every day. for president trump is a powerful tool in a powerful weapon in if he's not careful. if you're not legislating or doing any kind of foreign-policy dictation from a twitter feed, can be dangerous when you're limited to a character not to talk about what you should be doing. leland: the power of it is not lost on the president. this is what he said about his tweeting on twitter. not because i like to bet because they feel the way to fight dishonest and unfair press now often referred to as fake news media, phony and nonexistent sources often than ever, many stories and report a pure fiction.
10:25 am
>> with all the younger folks, they are not run by people. they come straight from him. back in the good. leland: to turnaround the argument that foreign policy that maybe perhaps it is not as nuanced when it comes through twitter or not perhaps have thought out a statement put through 19 different layers of bureaucracy at the nsc and state department. the president can say a lot. they will not take it any longer. the u.s.a. is watching closely for human rights violations. sometimes the blunt talk perhaps with these regimes, maybe they would listen to it. >> they might. you are right the one thing he
10:26 am
had saddam had a couple times. there's been times when he's been far off the mark of these tweets as well and not scares people more than anything. not the ones he gets right, but the ones he gets wrong. leland: how much rope or the way if you will come and elect a president they may have voted for them but they're not sure about the tweets. how much leeway are they willing to give him for things to get right versus what he's gotten wrong? >> i wrote this getting shorter and shorter. it's a number -- leland: is that you think you matter your listeners calling in, giving him less and less rope? >> it's both. my opinion in the opinion never see it. like we said, from those of the younger generation, those are the ones i for the most complaints from. the ones they did vote for trump, roy moore and candidates like that better the one saying
10:27 am
we support him completely. we will take what he is tweeting out there because we like the fact is using social media for his own good enough agenda because that's what we did republican president. leland: fascinating perspective, especially about the flip in the age gap. great talking to you. we'll talk to you in 2018. good luck for the crimson tide this weekend. >> thank you very much. roll tide this weekend. leland: while the best. >> frigid temperatures in north dakota and minnesota. wind chills have now reached 50 below. in one washington state brought down power lines, street signs while in erie, pennsylvania, unconventional methods now being used or removes no further respects businesses. according to the national weather service, since christmas eve more than 80 inches of snow has fallen alone. adam klotz is at the fox weather
10:28 am
center with today's forecast. i don't even want to talk to you anymore. tell us which of god. >> absolutely everywhere can be a little depressing on the eastern half of the country. actual temperatures in the northern place for the temperatures are the lowest at this point. these are current actual temperatures in the lower negative teens. if you add in the wind chill, it drops a lot falling down to fields like temperatures. negative 32 some cases and then mid-30s. times down to negative 40 degrees. absolutely unheard of. we have the current windchill stretching a little further up towards the northeast. still plenty of cold spots. sorry about that, guys here's the plenty of cold spots as we see the spread of the country. the graphic threw me off a little bit. i thought you guys were wrapping me up at the times square down to 11 degrees in negative to hear it tonight. it is going to be really cold
10:29 am
with folks heading out to new year's eve this evening. leland: back to you. now the graphic. just a little taste of what to come. thanks for the happy new year. >> either they aren't listening to adam or they don't care as people are already braving frigid temperatures in times square. expecting near record low temperatures. that does not deter fox news correspondent laura ingle who is there preparing for the weather. officials have promised more security in those are fighting security prepare for the weather as well. >> absolutely. this is a twofold kind of a night and we've been seeing increased security, talking about it all week long and we've certainly seen it here today with uniformed officers over 6000 will be here with the n.y.p.d. tonight. those are the officers will be
10:30 am
seen. a lot of undercover officers as well. bomb sniffing dogs have been weaving in and out of these already large crowd who have often checked out and patted down before giving in. one of the biggest concerns among the biggest dangers is the cold. we are on track to be on the topps recall this new year's celebrations in new york history with a predictive love 11 degrees. hand warmers come a layers, hats, gloves, scarves, all required items for the long haul. some of the people we talked to said they got here really early for a private spot. that means they have to wait for almost 14 hours. everything from a plan of perseverance to an exit strategy to pack it in. >> we had two groups next to us are deleted. it's too cold. we've got to go. >> my fingertips start to get purple will go home. >> we have the song.
10:31 am
it's like taylor swift with shake it off. we all started shaking and dancing. reporter: we will have to go back and talk to those people in a few hours. we will see how they do later. the signs that you need to look for hypothermia, whether new york city or anywhere else these frigid temperatures are occurring. memory loss, slurred speech and all that happens when the body temperature goes below 96. back to security. n.y.p.d. officers helping people look out for people who experience that cold and hypothermia possibly keeping an eye on every inch of times square from the ground, from the air with aviation unit added into the mix. again, n.y.p.d. and possessing no credible threats, but they are here to keep us all safe. back to you.
10:32 am
leland: thank you. this protest in iran turned deadly. citizens continue to take to the streets of the city's capital. more after this. vo: gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you.
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leland: no border wall, no daca deal. powers looked ahead to 2018. childhood arrived this program. michael graham columnist for the "boston herald." the morning podcast with us now. the trade funding for the law. if not daca citizenship. [inaudible]
10:36 am
>> in a deal that involves increased its a good deal because president trump is not going to kick these daca's out. if some are confused. leland: you say they are not going to kick them out. but when he extended this to congress. >> going through neighborhoods and got enough immigrants and dumping them across the border. the immigration studies to follow this closely. they support border security and enforcement can get illegal immigrants when they will not build a scam their way into a jobs and americans.
10:37 am
i believe all that i believe two and the idiocy of two random visa being handed out based on -- leland: adding to the list funding for border wall. >> that's where it's good at negotiating for more than he wants in getting more than you expected. is anyone shocked that we didn't get a 15% corporate income tax rate, the original item president trump put on the table during the campaign? no. but we got 21%, which is huge. democrats know that the toxic part of this deal for president trump is the wall. there's a lot against it. on the other hand, president trump is ending chain migration and on diverse to be. they think they start idiotic ways. leland: you make a good point in
10:38 am
terms of what polling supports in what president trump space demand, especially the wall. expand on your thoughts about the iran protest. any protest of the violent extremist anti-semantic islamic whack jobs of iran are a good thing and it comes as president trump for a couple days in a row now has treated about iranian protesters of the world is watching. for any human rights violations. they are a daily if not hourly occurrence. what should the president be willing to do? this was an america first president. square america first and intervening perhaps in these iranian protests. >> welcome your guests earlier talked about the need to keep the information going on is absolutely key. it was embarrassing 24 hours ago another cable networks virtually ignored the iranian protests
10:39 am
writing done stories about how much coke donald trump drinks. that is one part. i'm not an expert on iran as much as i watch american politics. what a terrible 2017 president obama has had. yet another failed policy for those eight years. 2090 had the opportunity to step up on twitter to a small degree and promote the green revolution. instead he hung back. signing the iran deal that so many people like israel heeded would cause iran better behavior. said they backed against america and they treat their own citizens like this. you could argue if all the people had about 2017, no 117, noah had a worse 2017 and a legacy former president barack obama. leland: he does seem to enjoy his ear now not being president. certainly traveled the world and made his thoughts on the current
10:40 am
president known. don't have time to discuss that now but we will in the new year. jillian. gillian: coming up throughout this hour in through the of sera fox news channel we remain committed to bringing you the latest on the protester wrecking across iran and on this morning shooting of a police officer outside denver. our political panel will weigh in with the latest on the anti-government protests in iran.
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train to president trump weighing in on protests erupting throughout iran saying in part that the u.s.a. is watching very closely for human rights violations. here for a fair and balanced debate as radio talk show host garland nixon. gentleman come a thank you for being with me this afternoon. talking about iran, not really a surprise. been a common thread throughout the course of the last year. these protests are newly abrupt and seem to be growing by the hour. i want to get both of your take on the president has treated three times now about this i believe, which absolutely elevates the profile of these protests not just here in america, but iran as well. whether u.s. strategic object gets? a chance to answer that first. what do we hope to get out of taking the side? >> the main thing we can hope to get out of there is a stable
10:45 am
government. a lot of people cheering for regime change, but hezbollah became the new government, so you want a stable government. i do think the u.s.a. is to stay as far away as they can from this because when you have a government in the middle east that is in trouble, the one thing they want is to blame it on the united states and not have to discuss the issue what is the problem. gillian: the united states always the scapegoat of choice. >> when you look at this, in my view an opportunity to reset the iranian nuclear agreement from the obama area because it clearly demonstrates that killed multiple protesters out doing with a rogue regime that could care less about human rights. a regime that even with $127 billion cash payment and in pursuit of the nuclear deal has funded terrorism.
10:46 am
the sanctions really that tentatively would help the people of iran overcomes some of the pressure where the government has not done that. this is a chance to say the iran nuclear deal with the mistake. we need to push a better deal or scrap it altogether and frankly the president signs of the protesters. the united states aggressively should support changing the iranian government. >> okay, so josh picked out an important thread. one thing i want to pick out in particular is the idea that the fact that these protests are going on today as evidence in another south of the iran nuclear deal failed to achieve its objective, one of its core object is, which was to have when sanctions were lifted, the billions of dollars opened up and i ran with now able to sell oil on the international market, some of that revenue was
10:47 am
supposed to be steered towards the iranian people. the fact that it's not making its way to them, that the regime has a close hold on its profits is evidence of failures in the nuclear deal at golf. >> we've got to be wary of taking that position. let's not forget within the iranian government there is pushback against the deal by hard-liners in the government. the people of iran because they wanted sanctioned indy. they take a position that it's a bad deal. opposing what these particular protesters have argued forward. >> it was never designed -- was that just a convenient side effect they were led to believe? >> the rouhani regime had to
10:48 am
sell toy because there is sense of a post-the united states. but from the u.k. telegraph is reporting in 1979 ayatollah khomeini was then negotiations of the idea to never talk to the united states in its convenient for laughable. the iranian regime were iranian regime were sold this to the iranian people in the hard-liners to say we are going to get economic relief for the people of iran. the also lots of communications behind the scenes that we are never going to abandon nuclear program. there's two problems here. they had no intentions of ever helping people overcome the abject poverty they are stuck in because they join the regime. they never had intentions of abandoning their nuclear ambitions and those are not peaceful nuclear ambitions. they openly said they want to wipe off the face of the earth. south carolina when your neighbor threatens to kill you, you don't get time to get a gun. you find a way to stop the weapons programs and this is the
10:49 am
time. gillian: gentlemen, we've got to leave it there. hopefully we will bring it back to weigh in with maybe some positive developments. >> thank you. happy new year. gillian: not sway fox news alert. president trump has just tweeted on our top story this afternoon. the deadly police shooting south of denver, colorado. the president said my deepest condolences to the big guns of the terrible shooting in douglas county and their families. we love our police and law enforcement. god bless them all. at this hour, one church deputy is dead and four others injured after shooter with a man involved in a domestic violence call earlier this morning. coming up next, what is on the congressman's to-do list for 2018. what they're hoping to accomplish in january. and reagan in the new year,
10:50 am
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leland: 2017 republicans succeeded in getting that tax to sign into law and democrats picked up a major victory in the alabama senate race. what is this all mean for the 2018 race? fox news correspondent garrett tiny on a long race. seems like déjà vu all over again. >> every year. hoping to get these done are two different things. they very much now. they have that long to do list for this year. there are some things on that list that may be up to get some
10:54 am
bipartisan support. that's the good news aired for most of the top of the list is rebuilding america's infrastructure. the white house is looking at $200 billion to rebuild roads, bridges, rail thin waterways. democrats calling for the spending to be bumped up to a trillion dollars. another hot button issue is immigration reform. democrats want to permanently protect those brought in as children. president trump is willing to do that in exchange for a border wall to chain migration and the monitoring system. >> there is a deal to be had. the dreamers can have the life they dreamed up as democrats and republicans can do. when he of the law, not a complete 2200 wall. border security with the dream act pretty deal to be had on immigration and i want to do it in january. >> republicans like house speaker paul ryan relay nonissues unexpected to be
10:55 am
getting entitlements and welfare reform. >> the privatization of security. that's on the block in the house. >> president congress still has a whole lot of unfinished business or 2017. starting with the funding bill to start a government shutdown in january 19 and a couple weeks after they get back. >> only about 1030 -- gillian: maybe we should give ourselves an extra -- [inaudible] leland: please. gillian: several hours ago at home. countries across the world have long been the new year.
10:56 am
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gillian: fireworks in auckland, new zealand, as tens of thousands of people welcomed the new year there. over in sydney, australia, a massive fireworks display including a rainbow waterfall cascade of lights that flowed off the harbor's bridging to celebrate recently-passed legislation that legalizes gay marriage in that country. and over in hong kong, more fireworks. these were set off from a newly-completed bridge which is now one of the longest in the world with. all of this to ring in 2018. leland: i'm noticing a fireworks theme. there'll be a countdown to 2018, ed henry, lisa both, 8 p.m. eastern. and then an all america's new year from 10-midnight, jesse watters and kennedy help you ring it in. they're going to be outside
11:00 am
braving the cold, frigid temperatures in times square. gillian: that is a fun crew, you don't want to miss that. leland: and i you can stay at home. happy new year. gillian: happy 2018. leland: see you tomorrow. daines: i'm dana perino in for chris wallace. president trump warns iran the world is watching as protesters rise up against the regime. ♪ ♪ we'll have a live report on the wave of rallies, the reaction from the white house and how it's raising the stakes. then, lawmakers face a host of issues when they return to washington as the clock ticks down to 2018. >> really do believe we're going to have a lot of bipartisan work done, and maybe we start with infrastructure. dana: but what are the odds republicans and democrats can find common ground? >> we hope the future will be different and our republican friends realize their legislative and political goals are better served by bipartisanship and compromise ratherha


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