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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 1, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> shannon: tomorrow we will bring you coverage of the president's remarks to the g.o.p. retreat. for now, most >> investigators looking at what caused an amtrak train carrying republican lawmakers to derail. >> a jarring feeling like an explosion. >> the train accident was a tough one, tremendous jewels. >> the memo should be released and it will be released so the world can see it. >> ms 13, a gang no one ever heard of. 's whenever he appears on tv there should be a disclaimer says this may not be acceptable for children. we deserve better. that is why i have called for
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his impeachment. ♪ ♪ >> good morning from the streets of new york city, lots of lights on. or they are tuning in to "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. not quite the weekend yet. thank you for joining us. let's get to that fox news alert. you could get to see that classified memo alleging abuse of power in the fbi as early as today. the director of the agency pushing back as the feud about it continues to intensify. the luzader live in the nation's
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capital with breaking details this morning. >> there is a real tug-of-war over this memo. the white house chief of staff suggests it may be released soon but the national security lawyers in the process of looking into it. >> slicing and dicing. >> what do you think? >> it will be released pretty quick and the world will see. >> donald trump was overheard after the state of the union address on tuesday telling a republican lawmaker he was willing to release it. republican members of congress say it details fbi abuses in the ongoing russia investigation but the fbi has been pushing back hard issuing a statement we have grave concerns about material omissions the fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy and now the leading democrat on the house
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intelligence committee says the memo was altered before it was sent to the white house. adam schiff saying if the majority is intent on releasing it to the public despite repeated warnings from the doj and fbi it must hold a new vote to be released to the public its modified document. republicans are downplaying these changes saying they represent grammatical fixes and edits that the fbi and democrat requested. >> we will continue to follow this story. it will be developing throughout the day. republicans still fighting for transparency as evidence continues to pile up that corruption and bias take the top of the justice department. former speaker of the house newt gingrich says while the left tried to push their agenda that it was donald trump trying to fraud the american people democrats the whole time. >> turns out there may have been collusion to undermine the
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american presidential election by a government bureaucracy. it turns out the bureaucracy wasn't russian. it was american and it was the department of justice senior leadership and fbi senior leadership. that on one level is a really frightening insight about the future and the danger of a powerful police force deciding for the rest of us which politicians to go after. it is not the hard-working every day folks trying to protect america and trying to enforce the law. this thin layer, i think we will discover in the next few days clearly conspired to mislead a judge in order to get the ability to spy which was totally illegal. >> we will talk about this after the break. since may 2017 there have been at least six somewhat sudden departures from the fbi including james comey, peter strzok, lisa page and andrew
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mccabe. this other story that continues to develop, the ntsb descending on the scene of this deadly train crash in virginia. that train carrying gop lawmakers and their families colliding with the truck, griff jenkins is in virginia where all this happened. what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest as you see the railway crossing behind me, the latest is we know the identity of the one fatality, christopher foley of louise the county, a neighboring county to albemarle, 28 years old is the train shortly after 11:00 am came across the crossing behind me and collided with a trash truck, three were on that truck. one fatality, one seriously injured and one able to walk away from it. we spoke to some of those dozens of lawmakers that were on the train. here is what they say happened.
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>> jarring sound like an explosion but then the train kept going normally. >> instantaneous, we attempted to resuscitate him but i don't think he suffered. >> is seen you don't ever want to see. >> what was remarkable was several of those lawmakers, doctors, 7 or 8 of them jumped in, gop members became first responders. paul ryan talking about their efforts. >> so thankful for the people who sprang into action today. so thankful the first responders and members of congress who sprang into action, thank you so much for what you guys did. it remind you how fragile life can be.
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>> the ntsb on scene, crews working behind me. when we first got here we got a look at the lay of the land and the ntsb held a press conference last night. spokesman earl weiner i asked him what were the factors, a blind spot in speed, here is what he told me. >> a blindside crossing factor you are looking at. >> we are looking at those factors. >> the ntsb also tells me that they will be here for a few days trying to figure this out and before we get a final report calling it an accident and you can see we are in a country area. there is a blind spot on the hill behind me, the train believed be traveling 50 miles an hour or more is going to be a lot to piece together but the
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damage, said news of at least one fatality, that young man, christopher foley who was on the train, we will bring you more as we get it this morning. >> there were other people on the train as well. 6 people total were taken to the hospital. one other lawmaker, one other, and aid to ryan but there were other people on the train as well. >> that is right. six were transported to the hospital. the one injured in the truck was airlifted to the hospital but a total of 6, when in critical condition still, four being treated and evaluated still in the hospital and one of those was able to leave and one of the ones taken to the hospital was the aid to paul ryan and one member, representative lewis, was treated at the hospital and
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released for a concussion. heather: the white house working to make a commonsense deal on immigration reform despite ongoing resistance from democrats. the administration breaking down the call to end chain migration, 70% illegal immigration is through family ties. half of all immigrant households get some sort of handout from the government. the flood of immigrants without skills mean smaller paychecks and strange federal resources which also hurt american workers. i want to be bronx terrorist has to be separated from the new york city chelsea bomber in jail. he is accused of trying to recruit isis followers behind bars. the two conspired to get some drive with bomb making instructions and copies of an al qaeda magazine. he was caught by an undercover agent while trying to join isis. the defense system designed to protect the wife from possible nuclear attack just failed
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another test, the second and successful test in june. the anti-ballistic missile interceptor is a land-based system designed to shoot down any threat from north korea. the last successful test was last february. new overnight maxine waters slamming donald trump in her rebuttal to the state of the union. >> one speech cannot and does not make donald trump presidential. he is not presidential. he never will be presidential. he claims he is bringing people together but make no mistake, he is a dangerous, unprincipled, divisive and shameful racist. whenever he appears on tv there should be a disclaimer that says this may not be acceptable to children. we deserve better. that is why i have called for his impeachment. some believe it is too early. i disagree.
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the time is now. we must organize, challenge and resist. [applause] >> 5 democrats including joe kennedy and bernie sanders made public responses. the democrats who did show up for the state of the union sent a clear message of discussed for the president's message and some like nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer are being criticized for their exasperation conservative radio host rush limbaugh is happy americans got to see them for who they truly are. >> i was happy, i was happy the democrats sat and didn't applaud and didn't stand up. i was happy. i wanted the american people to see it. i was happy when nancy pelosi had her sourpuss face like it
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wasn't working or something. i loved it when they looked at each other with confusion as if to say they are applauding that? democrats looked confused when republicans were applauding time and time again because they genuinely don't get it. >> according to a new poll donald trump's approval rating jumped up to 42% after the first state of the union address, that is up from 32% last month. donald trump could decide today is the controversial pfizer memo. a former fbi special agent joins us next, why he says every day americans deserve the truth. a person of interest questioning the las vegas massacre. the gun dealer who sold the ammo to stephen paddock just said.
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>> millions of people will be praying for you on january 26th and among those, all of us here at the white house including donald trump. >> the little girl who just made a miraculous recovery. ♪ ♪ some stupid video posted might get through ♪ what? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? a-ha. and an award-winning mobile app. that is more. oh, there's more. mobile id cards, emergency roadside service... more technology. i can even add a new driver... ...right from her phone! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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>> the clash between the fbi and the white house growing over the release of the controversial republican memo and any minute now donald trump could make a decision on whether to release it. here is former fbi special agent who joined us to talk more about this.
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thank you, we appreciate it. let's get right to the latest, the partial statement from the fbi, they released this yesterday saying we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy but originally when nunez first said he was going to release this they said they couldn't dispute any facts within it. what do you think? >> i tell you, when you omit key facts to a document that is a summary of thousands and thousands of documents in itself he omissions can have grave consequences. i think all of us, every american sitting at home right now wants to have full transparency, not partial transparency anymore from anyone in washington and i'm talking republicans and democrats. any politician there are equally
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withholding information from the american public. if you take a document, four page summary i could give you a four page summary of the bible but i can omit john 3:16, god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life, jesus and i'm the way, the truth, the life, and other key, critical, completely deceived you of the truth and the only fact that matters that separates christianity from all the religions that jesus is god. that is dire consequences. doing the same thing with a memo of thousands and thousands of documents and paring it down to four pages can completely be misconstrued and have dire consequences. >> the fbi from what i understand, when they went to take a look at the fbi memo on
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sunday had 30 minutes and there were two or three other fbi members who took a look at it and they came out with this response and as of late last night a report there were changes made. whether those changes were made by republicans or the fbi out of their concern democrats are saying wait a minute, the memo has been changed. here is what devon nunez had to say in response to the statement. saying having stonewalled congress's demand for information for nearly a year no surprise the fbi and doj issue objections to allowing the american people to see information related to surveillance abuses of these agencies, do you think this is just another effort to stonewall? >> no. it is an effort, you pair down something to four pages and omit key facts you can make it say whatever you want to to say. you can do that and i think the fbi is saying when the american public doesn't have the full
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totality of all of the fact if we release a four page memo i'm all for that, let's also release the pfizer application, let's release the woods review file that goes with it that backs every factual assertion in the affidavit. let's release the contents of what the pfizer warrant is gleaning during the investigation, let's see the totality of everything and then the american public, you and me and the second balcony at the state of the union, americans who deserve to hear the truth can know everything. will that happen? that will never happen and that is just being lied to because the politicians in dc, i am just sick and tired of seeing this political ball go back and forth. >> the american people have a right to decide on their own, i agree with you about that 100%. thank you, great to have you join us with your insight. >> appreciate it, have a great
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day. >> the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. sick and tired, the head of ice slamming liberals who turn immigration agents into the enemy and super bowl security from the skies to the ground, unprecedented measures years in the making, stay tuned for that. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
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let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> not just the flu virus, no medication is being blamed for at least one death. and indiana family saying chemicals caused their 6-year-old son to take his own life. charlie killing himself one day after being diagnosed with the virus and taking tamiflu. his legal guardian blaming the medication have severe side effects which warn of abnormal behavior in young patients, and
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keira molina died from the flu in georgia just five days after being diagnosed. health officials also confirming that a 4-year-old new jersey girl died in december. there have been 37 pediatric deaths from the flu so far this season. former basketball star and american idol contestant dead after a high-speed crash, butler and his wife passing away after their car slammed into a wall and rolled over in california. but there was diving two or three times the speed limit at the time. he played 14 years in the nba retiring in 2016. labelle competed on american idol in 2003 and became an r&b singer. butler was 38, labelle was 31. it is game time for minneapolis just days until the super bowl, officials are willing to keep millions of people safe at all
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the week's evens. live from los angeles, how they are stepping up security. >> reporter: last time minneapolis hosted the super bowl was 1992, and this was a part of the way people were communicating, pagers. technology has changed quite a bit, so has the threat post 9/11 and more recently after the las vegas massacre. with that in mind authorities in minnesota say they are ready for anything. >> we need to make sure the symbol of our freedom for americans to get together and enjoy their pastimes we have to issue are there safety is first and foremost. >> thousands of members of law enforcement will blanket minneapolis and that of the super bowl showdown between the patriot and the eagles, monitoring the situation from a central command center where residents and fans can expect increased police patrols, bomb
1:27 am
sniffing dogs, helicopters and thousands of cameras spread across the city. >> due to its size and scope it is and can be an attractive target, we don't have any credible or specific threat but we will continue to actively monitor international partners. >> philadelphia and doing clinton's coaches of the xs and ohs, we planned, we trained, game time for us and we are ready. >> they are taking the event so seriously they sent customs and border patrol agents to minneapolis to x-ray every vehicle going to the stadium and they need the public's help, if anyone sees anything suspicious they should report it to authorities immediately. >> reporter: game time almost here. the time is almost 30 minutes after the top of the hour. deadly train collision, republican lawmakers springing into action after an amtrak train collides into a truck.
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>> a jarring sound and feeling like an explosion. >> you don't ever want to see. >> congressman robert pinter was on the train and joins us live up next to share his story. wait until you hear who kathy griffin is blaming for her tasteless attack on donald trump now. the world's smallest, most comfortable rechargeable hearing aid designed with patented flexi fibers so they're suspended completely inside the ear canal and so small that they're virtually invisible. the kind of invisibility hearing aid wearers have been looking for if you could look for invisibility, that is. which, you can't. or, i guess you can, but you won't find it. well, because it's invisible. you know, any way, the point is most people probably won't even know you're wearing them, and they're so comfortable you might forget you're wearing them yourself.
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>> the retreat in west virginia. receiving the aftermath slamming into a truck, robert pinter was on the train. first of all, glad that you are okay, thank you for joining us.
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>> always good to talk to you. >> take us where you were and what you experienced. >> the refreshment car stand, standing there with the attendant and enormous slam and we knew something hit us. just grabbed whatever you could. held on to the bar and look at each other and didn't know what had happened and got our senses together and saw the crash, the truck had been dragged a couple
1:33 am
hundred yards. and members of congress out there, half a dozen of them, other folks, emergency fellows. and did not make it. and the sad moment. >> the person killed, christopher foley, 26 years old. representative lewis. and representative fleishman. >> there were some injuries, the precautions they were taking, none of us had anything that was
1:34 am
major, a few bumps and bruises. and such an unnecessary accident to be the train. heather: what was the first thing that went through your mind? in the world we live in today, incredibly scary. >> the thought was attack of some kind and we never know, 200 members of congress on the train, at the end of the day a very sad tragic moment. we have a special time together, the prayer last night for the families, those still in the hospital and at 7:00, there is a
1:35 am
lot of hurt, and loss of life was there. no matter how it happened. >> we appreciate you joining us and prayers that was involved. we are now learning the person of interest, and 58 people in las vegas said he didn't see anything suspicious about the gunman. authorities, and mo business know about the massacre, at least 1000 rounds to stephen paddock out of his arizona home. his business has since closed. donald trump slapping new sanctions on the iranian back
1:36 am
terror group that operates from israel's border. the terrorists part of hamas, and islamic militant group known to target israeli citizens. donald trump hoping sanctions will help that ties between iran and the terrorist organization. the obama administration accused of classified russian intelligence, to undermine donald trump, the top democrat, before in relation committee, and the rift in relations between the us and turkey. the report alleged -- and the state of the union message straight to the american people. >> the president laid out his
1:37 am
vision for an america where everyone knows in his words the dignity of a hard day's work. where every child is safe in their home at night and every citizen proud of this land. that is what american leadership. last >> mike been speaking at a truck dealership in west virginia. the lawmaker announcing he will retire. the he will return to the justice system, whatever skills they may have are better utilized in the courtroom than congress. i enjoy the justice system more than a political system as i look back on my career. trey gouty serves as house oversight committee chairman and
1:38 am
oversaw the benghazi investigation. donald trump honoring family members who lost loved ones killed by ms 13 but only fox news viewers know about ms 13. >> he makes it sounds like the biggest issue in the united states, ms 13. >> carly shimkus is here with how their daughter was killed by that violent gang. buying movies and filing grievances, the state giving thousands of killers and gang members free tablets.
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>> donald trump honoring families who lost loved ones. >> six members of the savage ms
1:42 am
13 gang have been charged with murders. >> no one has heard of that savage gained unless they watch fox news, that according to msnbc host joy read. here is the reaction that soon followed the comment. >> that violent gang whose motto is kill, rape, murder according to a justice department official, behind 25 murders on long island, in response to the state of the union address joy read of msnbc tried to downplay the comments as a threat that only conservatives are concerned over. >> the speech tonight in which he makes it sound like the biggest issue in the united states is ms 13, i gained nobody
1:43 am
that doesn't watch fox news has ever heard of. >> the parent of the two teenage girls killed by ms 13 gang members who attended the state of the union address, on fox news last night. >> stop the violence. how much do we have to shed? >> read is not the only democratic senator, kamala harris also accused the president of inciting violence to push immigration agenda as well. >> kathy griffin blaming sexism for what happened to her with hollywood and her hollywood exile. >> reporter: she opened up to the hollywood reporter about her inability to get work after opposing with that now infamous picture with the trump mask.
1:44 am
she told the hollywood reporter, quote, i didn't commit a crime, didn't rape anybody, didn't assault anybody, didn't get a dui, there are celebrities that kill people. when addressing other recent missteps, she said when you are a woman you get one believe up and it is over. if you are a guy you get chance after chance after chance. appearing to blame sexism for her current employment issues. >> a picture of isis, quite controversial. this is a great story to end with. schoolgirls, sarah sanders offered prayers from donald trump, out of the icu. >> a couple days ago press secretary sarah huckabee sanders asked the nation to pray for a 9-year-old little girl with a rare brain condition. take a listen to this.
1:45 am
>> millions of people from every corner of the world will be praying for you january 26th and this will be people, all of us at the white house including donald trump. >> reporter: good news from sophia's father who posted this on facebook saying sophia is out of the icu in a regular room and doing well, physical therapists say she looks great, she is eating pizza and watching frozen, getting back to her normal goofy silly self. how great is that? >> frozen and pizza. exactly. thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. get out of jail weed cards, letting marijuana offenders off scott free. >> it is -- as i say over and over what he is doing brings tears to the eyes of the statue of liberty. heather: democrats railing
1:46 am
against donald trump. why can't they get on board with good things that are happening for all americans? lawrence jones live next. ♪ takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. my main focus was to find a team of doctors that work together. when a patient comes to ctca, they're meeting a team of physicians that specialize in the management of cancer. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. and i would say that ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. patients can be overwhelmed ... we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. the care that ctca brings is the kind of care i've wanted for my patients. being able to spend time with them, have a whole team to look after them is fantastic. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. surround yourself with the team of
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breast cancer experts at cancer treatment centers of america. visit appointments available now.
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heather: the head of ice lashing out at liberal thing he is sick and tired of them trashing men and women who protect our border, the fiery speech in san antonio, politicians have dirt on their hands for the unsafe communities they created in century cities, called out congress for failing to fix illegal immigration and a bill on daca without border security. many classrooms don't have them but inmates will be given tablets for free.
1:50 am
electronic devices won't be paid for by the state but are being provided by a private contractor giving inmates to access to educational content, e-books and even music and they will be able to email family members but will not be given internet access. more americans jumping on board the trump train as he lays out his aggressive agenda for 2018 but democrats still waging against the machine of optimism. >> millions of americans recognize the donald trump is detrimental to our nation. >> the vast majority of our people have a very different vision for the future of our country than what trump and the republican leadership are giving us. >> it has instilled fear, what he is doing brings tears to the eyes of the statue of liberty. >> why can't they get on board with good things happening for
1:51 am
america? lawrence jones, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. i have been wanting to talk to you since the state of the union. the initial reaction giving the speech, great things happening, and japan over, all these democrats clearly looking, what were you thinking? >> the first thing that came to mind is they are literally -- against america by being so anti-trump. whether you agree with the president or not, you can't deny what the president has done for the american people which is why you see so many people excited about the tax cuts, why you see -- the president trying to secure the border but democrats would prefer to put politics over what is best for the
1:52 am
american people. if you look at senator joe mention, he wanted to clap, you see him try to get out of his seat and looked at his other colleagues and fit down. heather: one of the journalists, chuck schumer was literally shushing him when he would stand up, happened at least twice. >> routing against the american people. we know from the cbs paul a lot of independent voters supported the president's speech and wanted the president to go down with his tone and the president delivered a well-thought-out speech, didn't attack anybody, didn't go on twitter and couldn't applaud this speech. heather: bernie sanders, talking about climate change, one of the other incidents, talking about
1:53 am
immigration, democrats were prepared to start bulling but as he was speaking he adjusted the family impacted by ms 13 gang members, and had dishes themselves immediately. >> didn't want to give due credit to the president for acknowledging what the family went through. there was not a dry eye across america but they couldn't put politics aside. let me tell you the president is giving democrat a lot when it comes to immigration. a lot of people are disappointed when it comes to amnesty and yet democrats call this a whitewashing of america yet the president is willing to give amnesty and the right to vote which is what democrats are about to to 1.8 million illegals and they can't celebrate that. jillian: the art of compromise, both sides are never going to
1:54 am
get everything they want which is why it is called compromise. what about members of the congressional black caucus not standing when the president talked about record numbers of unemployment for african-americans? the change they are so typical, talking about people in the congressional black caucus that are millionaires that never put their citizens first, so interesting to me how the congressional black caucus with the democratic leadership shut down the government over illegals in america but they vote for the democratic party 90% of the time, never shut down the government for black folks, issues affecting the black community and black folks are watching it will be responsive in the next lecture. a lot of americans giving tax cuts in february including the black community, i wonder how they are going to respond to those black voters in february when they get those tax cuts. >> i hope african-americans
1:55 am
listen and pay attention to what is going on and don't just watch reaction from political leaders like what happened. thank you for joining us, appreciate it, love having you here. we will be right back.
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florida looking to diversify sanctuary hall, voting unanimously to remove the statue of confederate general edmund
1:59 am
kirby smith and relocate it back in florida. after months of debate it will be replaced with the statue of and educator mary macleod is given the outstanding citizenship award by president truman. marijuana convictions going up in smoke in san francisco. century city wiping thousands of pot convictions, misdemeanors and felonies. san francisco prosecutors opting to throw out all convictions dating back to 1975 without requiring an individual to file a petition. the move coming as they legalize marijuana earlier this year. a controversial proposal that fourth high school students to apply for college even if they have no intention of going. new mexico lawmakers will be made a bill that would require students during their junior year to at least one college in order to graduate. exceptions will be made for students entering the military or internship, the bill is designed to help declining
2:00 am
college enrollment rates in the state. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends" first. tomorrow is friday, see you back here zen. have a great day, goodbye. >> the whole world can see it. jillian: february 1st, fox news alert, donald trump could decide any minute, abuse of power, the fbi firing back, dealing with brand-new trouble. former deputy director andrew mccabe is accused of hiding for weeks. >> a jarring type of sound and feeling almost like an explosion but the train kept going on. rob: a amtrak train full of republican lawmakers slammed into a truck, live on the scene. jillian: apparently that crash, was god working hard? liberal commentato


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