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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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think i got my crumbs today. thank you. and greg on twitter saying the mine went up $101. keep your comments coming in blues we hope you have a great weekend. that wraps it up for me. "fox and friends" first continues right now, goodbye. >> it is friday, february 2nd. gaining momentum the battle over the fisa memo intensifying as democrats take aim at devon nunez. will donald trump release it to the public today. >> compared to the banquet at the high end. jillian: negative nancy pelosi comparing the tax plan to crumbs yet again. wait until you hear how the president fired back.
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rob: diehard eagles fan wake up, "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: today is the day, the anchor with her team, a super bowl champion, that is the question. jillian: what happened a minute ago? can we have the capability to
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find that somewhere? rob: had to keep you excited and cheerful in case your team loses. jillian: it was like stand up full on dancing all over the set. rob: tried to make them smile on a friday. you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. happy groundhog day. we want to get to a fox news alert, donald trump releasing of a highly classified memo alleging abuse to you, the american people today. >> the war on transparency reaches a fever pitch. griffin comply with the newest attempt to discredit this report. >> reporter: some people dancing, memo friday is here, democrats are not happy. the president is expected to allow the memo's release, americans deserve transparency
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and answers to fbi abuse raising questions whether fbi officials misled a court to get a fisa memo that led to the more investigation. paul ryan says congress's duties to find out. >> what it is is congress's legitimate function of oversight to make sure the fisa process is being used correctly and if it wasn't being used correctly that needs to come delight and people need to be held accountable. >> reporter: jim jordan offering a preview of what americans can expect to see. >> this memo is really a spin because of serious material omissions is inaccurate and gives a misleading impression. >> reporter: adam schiff of the house intelligence committee, very important because he has been calling for chairman devon nunez to be removed, one of
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several democrats calling for nunez to be removed. there is quite a lot of hype being built around this. the voice on what can or can't be declassified but is expected again that he will give that okay and go back to the house and up to chairman nunez to release it and then we will find out whether he will be vindicated and americans will finally see what is in that memo. it is like waiting with baited breath. thanks. jillian: the hunters have been hunted, that message from former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force steve rogers. >> top officials running scared by what will be revealed. >> hunters have become the hunted meaning top executives of the fbi have politicized the
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entire investigative process. in my view and the view of a lot of law enforcement officers, manufacturing and outcome to her donald trump. they are fighting like mad to keep this memo quiet because there is going to be a domino effect that will run a chill up and down law enforcement across this nation. rob: i is taking action, dangerous illegal immigrants in america's courtrooms. jillian: donald trump are to work on immigration reform without democrats as another shutdown deadline approaches. live in los angeles, look at what is next. >> reporter: that led to a government shutdown just a little over a week ago. donald trump taking to twitter overnight pressing politicians to move forward on immigration tweeting democrats are not calling about daca. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have to move fast or they will disappoint you again. a great chance to make a deal or blame democrats, march 5th coming up fast, donald trump
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moved on the program which protects children brought into the country illegally, he gave lawmakers a march 5th deadline to come up with a solution and the president is continuing to hammer the issue. >> 7 in 10 americans support an immigration reform package that includes a permanent solution on daca. it is not dreamers, don't fall into that trap. we have dreamers too, we have dreamers in this country too. i have a lot of dreamers here. >> reporter: this comes as ice double down on an existing policy that allows to arrest criminal aliens in courthouses, the director says this is all about safety, critics fear family members could be arrested in court as well. >> for every criminal public safety threat we can't take custody of in the safety and security of a county jail means one of our offices has to knock on the door. >> we will not stand for hostages by ice that are repressing that endanger
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families of large citizens. >> to emphasize the importance of at the president plans to visit the customs and border protection's national targeting center later today. jillian: will shooting the left four injured is called an accident, please taking away the accused 12-year-old shooter in handcuffs, booking her with negligent discharge of a firearm. witnesses say she didn't know the gun was loaded into the gunfire sending the school of 400 students into lockdown. a bullet striking a 15-year-old boy in the head and one girl in the wrist, two of the students were grazed but everyone is expected to be okay. a 15-year-old wisconsin girl will spend 40 years in a mental hospital for trying to kill her classmate, she pleaded guilty saying it was to please a fictional or character known as
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slender man. they lured the victim into the woods in 2014 before stabbing her in 19 times but the girl after the attack amazingly survived. she suffers paranoia and delusions. she was sentenced in december to 25 years in a mental facility. rob: a texas man who killed his own daughters taught his ex-wife moments before being put to death, witnesses say john battaglia smiled as his ex, mary jane pearl, walked into the viewing area. asked by the warden if he had a final statement he said no before saying, quote, i come mary jane. i will see you later, bye. battaglia was executed for the 2001 murders of his nighty our faith and her 6-year-old sister liberty. he shot the girls at a dallas apartment while their mother listened helplessly to that horror on speakerphone. what a horrible story and a horrible man. the oldest son of fidel tech castro -- fidel castro taking
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his life, he had been in a deeply depressed state requiring hospitalization. he had run cuba's nuclear power program. he was 68 years old. area bashar assad may be developing new chemical weapons. a senior us official saying he may have secretly kept the stockpile that was supposed to be destroyed under a deal with russia in 2014. officials say the recent chemical attacks in damascus have led them to believe syria is creating any type of weapon that makes it harder to trace. in april donald trump responded to a the deadly attacks by ordering the lunch 59 tomahawk missiles on a syrian air base. rob: an effort to raise pressure on kim jung un, eight defectors will be there including the one recognized during the state of
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the union for his unbelievable courage to escape the rogue regime. this will focus on human rights abuses in the rogue nation's nuclear tensions continue on the korean peninsula. jillian: one woman killed every minute by heart disease and it is national wear red day to raise awareness. rob: you can eat a heart healthy diet, stay active and quit smoking. doctor nicole safire joined us telling us how important it is. >> one in three women will die of heart disease, 15 times more than breast cancer but we tend to get caught up in other things, women will die of heart disease, the number one killer of women but also men as well, women are at higher risk and not as aware of their risk. jillian: we are both wearing red today. i had to add a little green to my wardrobe today. rob: please make sure you get
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checked out. 10 minutes after the hour, the memo that could reshape the russia collusion investigation go public today, judicial watch president is here with why this document is the tip of the iceberg. >> compared to the banquet at the high end. jillian: nancy pelosi keeping her crummy comment alive, donald trump firing back. rob: no light, eagles fan, slick measures, minneapolis, keep people -- landed firmly on the ground. the eagles come to town. right after this.
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>> 14 minutes after the hour. a matter of hours the american people may know what is inside the fisa memo. what are we expecting to learn today, democrats working so hard to keep this document seals, joining the judicial watch president tom vinson. great to see you as always on this topic and i want to ask you in the next 24 hours if this document is revealed, what happens? >> you will have a firestorm given the desperate efforts of the democrats and presumably their allies at the leadership of the fbi to keep this memo from being seen by the american people. at the end of the day you have hillary clinton, democratic party try to hide the fact they gave money, to create a dossier used by their allies in the
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obama administration to convince a court misleadingly by all accounts to spy on the trump team. we went details on that and i suspect the memo will provide details on that. the screaming you hear from democrats is designed to try to distract from their own involvement direct involvement, democratic party money involvement in the spying on the trump team. rob: are we talking arrest? what are we talking about in the next 24 hours? >> whether obstruction of justice here? did individuals knowingly lied to the court? who was involved in doing so? those are key questions. you have fbi agents talk about having an insurance policy in case donald trump was elected you have to wonder whether this dossier was an insurance policy and that is a serious issue. if you have competent fbi
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leadership peter strzok might have been arrested given the emails or text messages out there. rob: critics are going to say even the trump appointed fbi director christopher ray reportedly doesn't want the memo released. how do you respond to that? >> disappointing and director ray doesn't understand the problem he has in terms of the credibility of the fbi and he is out there protecting the institution rather than the interests of the american people, and idea the fbi is a reliable, fair law enforcement agency. it has been politicized and he doesn't understand the damage done to the fbi and that is the charitable interpretation. rob: judicial watch organization reveals some documents that show the state department providing classified records to senator ben cardin in an effort to
2:18 am
undermine donald trump. ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee. >> you have democrats, the obama administration backing up intelligence information on russia to make it impossible for donald trump to do his job when he was elected. that was the plan. this is another dossier created by the obama state department sent to cardin just the day before donald trump's inauguration and you may remember that the fence department official talked about getting all this intelligence information and leaking it and i want to know who was gathering this intelligence for improper purposes to target the trump administration. the abuses are legion. it is important to know this memo is only one aspect of the scandal. other agencies being abused with
2:19 am
you have unmasking, classified leaks. i hope the memo get into some of that. rob: i am not a betting man but i think you will have a busy day today. you have been on the story from the beginning, thank you for your time and good luck. jillian: 19 minutes after the hour, black lives matter making sure no matter what, super bowl fans get a heavy dose of politics. the protests and anti-police warning. weasels and liars, he was one of the first ago and now fired fbi director james comey is lashing out ahead of the fisa memo release. carly shimkus with the new tweet, that is to come. ♪ achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs
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>> weasels and liars, james
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comey lashing out on social media hours before donald trump is expected to declassify the fisa memo. rob: carly shimkus here with the controversy he is sparking. >> james comey applauding the fbi for speaking out against the memo's release, he took to twitter with the saying appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. take heart, american history shows that in the long run we that is weasels and liars never hold the field so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools were streets named for joe mccarthy. he is referring to senator joe mccarthy who claimed high-ranking government officials were soviet spies in the 1950s. it refers to the fact the fbi warned against the memo's accuracy. social media is sounding off on james comey, joe says it takes
2:24 am
one to know one and terry on twitter also says with you looking into the mirror when he said that? another tweet, sounds like a man who has things to hide. we need to know the truth. the whole thing is about -- rob: to the next topic, the president comparing the crumbs comment, i saw my crumbs and pretty happy. >> if you don't know what we are talking about take a listen to nancy pelosi attempting to downplay the bonuses companies are giving employees. >> they are giving crumbs compared to the banquet they gave at the high end. jillian: speaking to lawmakers at the gop retreat the president likened that crumbs comment to hillary clinton's deplorable remark. >> nancy pelosi called crumbs,
2:25 am
that could be like deplorable, does that make sense, deplorable and crumbs? jillian: donald trump junior said he is right, the liberal elite are so out of touch, 1000 is not trump change, a billionaire from new york city to explain that to legislators. jillian: this is a big weekend. may be something you heard of called the super bowl. what are police doing? >> philadelphia police attempted to keep fans from climbing light poles in philadelphia. apparently that is a thing. they are going to use a form of gear oil taking things to the next level. police say gear oil gets on
2:26 am
people's clothes. you can't get it off easily but i feel that will encourage people because their jerseys if the eagles win will be an eagles jersey like a badge of honor. >> a special friday treat, let's play it. ♪ >> was supposed to be the treat but carly shimkus, supposed to be great, you are recording. >> cameras are always on. >> you are very smooth. who knew? >> in minneapolis at of super bowl l. >> cheryl casone a getting a
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preview of the action. >> reporter: that morning. coming up we will talk about the fact that it is negative 8 ° in minneapolis, playing a little football where "fox and friends" first returns. ♪ somehow we always leave packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide
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>> now a matter of when, not if. jillian: donald trump expected to release the controversial fisa memo as early as today. the highly classified report alleging power with the fbi during the obama administration, democrats intensifying their fight against the release claiming house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez is trying to undermine the russia investigation sparking an all-out war on transparency. >> on the other side of that patriotism itself and a duty to
2:31 am
uphold and support and defend the constitution and a duty to do oversight particularly over the fbi and the doj. if we turn our backs to that, shame on us. if we trail in the dust the integrity of this country. somebody has to look over your shoulder. jillian: the white house conducting a national security and legal review before the release. rob: university of minnesota anthem students keeping illegal immigrants on campus. treasury bond will help students who may not be able to pay for college thanks to their legal status, the university started the fund because people reached out saying they wanted to help students like those under daca, no tuition dollars will go toward this. jillian: we will know whether we are not mitt romney throwing his head back in the political ring in two weeks, the former presidential candidate looking forward to making an announcement on february 15th about the utah senate race sparking rumors earlier this year when he switched his twitter location from massachusetts to utah, the
2:32 am
state's current senator orrin hatch said to retire at the end of his term. rob: two days, philadelphia eagles, that is blasphemy. philadelphia eagles take on the new england patriots. jillian: cheryl casone he joins us from minneapolis with the latest on the hype and the underdog. >> the philadelphia eagles, people started to flood into minneapolis yesterday. a lot of pick up at the airport, the nfl experience, fans can come in today and hang out, eagles fant outpacing patriots fans, we have new data that shows the race shows three to two eagles fant in minneapolis versus patriots fans, 50% inbound flights from philadelphia to 10% from boston, also expect to see a lot of
2:33 am
activity around the game, 27 million tweets expected sunday as we watch this game. minneapolis, negative 8 ° and it was negative 22 when i landed but this is the second time we have had a super bowl in minneapolis, last one was in 1992 when you have the redskins beat the bills. what is different about this coming a new stadium, that is why the super bowl is in minneapolis, the new stadium to that home team, the vikings, 6 times we have seen cold-weather super bowl guys, average ticket price $5700 for sunday's game but that might go down a little bit, sometimes it does. an incredible story that took place wednesday in minneapolis, a group of former nfl players decided to do something they had never done and that was play football with some wounded
2:34 am
veterans. the wounded warriors football team, listen to what the veteran said about that incredible experience. >> when something like this happens, you don't know. you don't know what you don't know. it is indescribable because on my anniversary day with other guys who have been through similar instances that i have been through. i don't feel is shut off as i would normally feel. jillian: they are going to the super bowl. i can't believe -- i did get you something and bringing this back to new york for you. jillian: there's a reason i love you so much. rob: you are the eagles, i am the groundhog in a few hours, we are going to find out if we have
2:35 am
six more weeks of winter. america's most famous groundhog, punxsutawney phil will determine if we can look forward to an early spring. rob: will fill see his shadow? jenna steen in the studio with take on the forecast and i like your get up. >> in the punxsutawney hall of fame, a leading meteorologist, a special place in my heart for punxsutawney. here is what we are dealing with. the hog sees the shadow, the groundhog has predicted more winter, only 17 times, early spring. we are dealing with six weeks of winter and it is cold out there, 11 ° with the windchill. current windchill across the map, called for the super bowl-5, minneapolis, watching a system across the northeast move
2:36 am
offshore and another system that can bring measurable snow. my vote is 6 more weeks of winter. rob: but you look great. 36 minutes after the hour. notice anything different about your paycheck this week? tax reform giving your bottom line the boost. finance expert answer your questions next. jillian: black wives matter making sure super bowl fans get a heavy dose of politics, the protests and anti-police warnings. rob: the diehard eagles fan caught in an nfl nightmare and can't wake up. >> the super bowl. >> maybe your sister. un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to...
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♪i'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'♪ ♪one day maybe next week, ♪i'm gonna meet ya' ♪i'm gonna meet ya', i'll meet ya'♪ >> biggest football game of the
2:40 am
season sunday, black wires matters, and fans attending super bowl in minneapolis calling the and the minnesota national guard. in vermont a black lies matter flag flying over a school despite back last, students raising the flag against the predominantly white high school 30 miles north of richmond. many lawmakers, allowing it to be flown underneath the american flag but claims safety,
2:41 am
opportunity and justice. >> notice anything different about your paycheck? should be better thanks to donald aside from checking it? >> check your paycheck to make sure you anticipate that paycheck to be. if you believe you are going to be paying less taxes as a result of the new tax law and your check isn't reflecting that you have to raise that question, you go to the human resource department or payroll department i don't think this is right. >> some people see taxes increase a little bit. high tax states, new jersey, new york, some of them, anything you need to be aware of?
2:42 am
>> if you don't have proper withholding and taxes going -- underpayment penalties for not withholding taxes, that is the employees responsibility, not the employer. >> viewer questions for you, looking at them right now. jeffrey on twitter asks what if an employer didn't plug the new withholding table in time for the february 1st paycheck? >> that is the case where you need to go to the payroll department and say how come this wasn't done? there's always the ability to catch up, getting proper withholding. >> it is easier if you make sure it is done not handle? carol on facebook as a question for you. will they be affected by this? >> social security is
2:43 am
unaffected, no changes related to social security. >> raymond says cuts and withholdings. more or less or the same on the paycheck in 2019. >> assuming your pay is consistent, it is consistent as far as what taxes are for the next year. it is permanent into next year. jillian: a lot of people, someone said my paycheck, more than it was which is great. people don't need money to pay their bills, what should they be doing with this? >> so inclined to do. look to see where your debts are and try to get rid of interest payments with credit card.
2:44 am
>> appreciate it, good advice. >> most importantly snacks, scoring with recipes you can do in 30 minutes or less. live days, a lot of enthusiasm, a special guest at the oasis diner. it might be here, you won't miss it and regular folks, hitting the natural wallet and what folks in minnesota are thinking about. i might meet some friends, so
2:45 am
close to home. kudos to the oasis café. don't know what to talk about except andy mccarthy, kellyanne conway and geraldo rivera on "fox and friends," super bowl, who is going to catch it? a producer taking control. fred would do anything for his daughter. well fred... ...good thing the front of this unicorn washed... ...the shirt with gain. because gain has the scent that puts the giddy in "giddyup!" mikboth served in the navy.s, i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military,
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jillian: super bowl sunday just two days away, for the big game.
2:49 am
rob: here now is lifestyle export, thank you for being here. jillian: let's start with the guacamole, a stable. >> we elevated it a little bit and made it into a football field, and easy way to do that, take some store-bought buffalo and i will have you over here. on to the platter here, all you want to do, it comes right like this. holy guacamole, straighten it out with a spatula and then we are going to take sour cream, put it in this squeeze bottle. a lot of people make their own guacamole but the reason i like
2:50 am
the store-bought guacamole is -- jillian: did not do a good job. >> i will show you. the trick is take as much pressure as you can over the bottom of the bottle and squeeze it just like that. a lot of people make their own guacamole. it gets brown really quickly. it is made with avocados and is really delicious. i am going to walk over this way. buffalo chicken dip. scream -- cream cheese, shredded chicken, chicken breast, don't have to do the whole thing if you don't want to. it is a slow cooker. i got it at party store, great classes, gametime and everything. this is blue cheese. i have some ranch, buffalo, put that in, mix it together and it
2:51 am
is going to be harder. with cream cheese, what you want to do, put bacon in the oven but putting in a slow cooker, the reason being the whole time you are having your guests over and that is it. no mess at all over here. when you use a spatula makes the missing a lot easier. this is been dip in a bread bowl but we have made it like spinach dip. so -- what i have done here is got french loaf bread. you got each of these, one and the other and takes a mag wash.
2:52 am
it is beaten with a little bit of water but the trick for here it sticks on the side. if you take a toothpick after you are done you take it out. nice and compressed and then the third one mix that separately, 15 minutes at 350 to make it golden brown and it looks pretty and the spinach dip or whatever dip you want. >> this is what i'm talking about. >> the sunday fund a bar. all different toppings. it is high in protein, 300 cal but here, we can just start,
2:53 am
grab it with your hand. jillian: pretty interesting. >> everyone make their own. it has been sitting out for a while. jillian: go for it. >> it is not difficult. really easy and what you want to do, people make their own, you don't have to worry. cupcakes, brownies basically, you just bake chocolate brownies or cupcakes, green icing. >> diehard eagles fan caught in a nightmare, she can't wake up.
2:54 am
>> the super bowl -- rob: can't stop repealing, justin timberlake creating a new super bowl controversy, the good, the bad and the ugly coming your way next. . . i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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♪ ♪ jillian: good morning to you on this friday a live look at punxsutawney, pennsylvania. just a matter of time before we know if the groundhog will see its shadow or we will have six more weeks of weather. rob: janice dean says probably yes but of course we will await what function tawney phil says later on. some of the youngest and tiniest philadelphia eagle fans getting together for a baby pep rally at sunday's big game. the holy redeemer hospital in pennsylvania. jillian: where i was born. my mother was a nurse there for 30 years. rob: decking out the little ones from the that ternght ward in eagles onesies. >> next the bad, a diehard philadelphia eagle's fan waking up groggy after a dental surgery. boy, she had one big fear. >> is d. i miss the super bowl? oh my god. >> no, you didn't miss the super bowl. >> i wanted to watch the
2:59 am
game so bad. >> won that super bowl for you. >> he better did. win. >> they are men. how could they be your sister? jillian: she will find out sunday if her brothers win or not. obviously they are going to win. steve: awkward moment when justin timberlake slams the football during a super bowl press conference when asked about his 2-year-old son's future. >> he will never play football. my main objective is that he become a great person. >> pop star, headlining sunday's halftime show. his comments coming as the league faces serious questions over player safety and concussion. jillian: i see so many people on social media speculating as to whether or not we will see a jacket jackson sighting at the super bowl. i think no. but i don't know. so many people are just can't stop talking about it.
3:00 am
>> there is also a game. >> obviously the eagles are going to win. i don't get a score prediction. i don't like to jinx things. todd: my prediction? i will be having chicken wings. guaranteed. jillian: fly, eagles, fly. have a good friday. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> a classified memo battle is intensifying even more. the white house decides when they will approve the release. >> gives a very misleading impression designed to target the fbi. >> american civil liberties were abused. then that needs to come to light so that that doesn't happen again. >> the question is whether the next step is going to be after this memo is released are we going to get the accountability we desire. >> rips into democrats for inaction on immigration. >> i don't think they want to solve the daca problem. that's all they do is resist. i don't know if they're good at it i don't know if they are too good at it because we are passing a lot of things. >> brought the 2018 playbook to lawmakers. >> with a nation that won


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