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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> martha: so that is the story on a busy night. second me a tweet @ martha maccallum. we would love to hear from you. my friend tucker carlson in d.c. coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. after weeks of hype and innuendo and threats and a lot of hysterics, we finally have the house intelligence committee memo in hand tonight. we're going to spend the next hour telling you about it, what's in it, what it means, what it tells us about how our leaders govern when we are not watching them, if you are a regular viewer you know we rarely spend entire show on single topic. we think this is worth it. there has been so much lying about this memo bipartisans in congress and high hyenas in the press. lessons are at risk of being drowned out and lost. truth is the antidote to
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that. what does the memo actually say? it turns out it's not primarily about donald trump or even about the broader russia investigation. the memo is really the story of a semiobscure trump campaign volunteer called carter page who, back in 2016, was identified by the obama administration as a secret agent of the putin government. four times fbi officials went to a federal surveillance court and argued they had probable cause to believe that carter page was working with russian spies. he was an agent of a foreign government. three times the fbi director james comey personally signed off on this claim. deputy director andrew mccabe and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein put their names to it as well. so why were all of these officials so certain that page, who was a naval academy graduate who has no criminal record, was betraying his country? because, we now know, they were relying on the trump dossier. that's the still unverified opposition research dump paid for by the rnc and the hillary campaign and
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compiled by a british spy named christopher steele. the trump dossier made spying on carter page possible. how are we sure of that? because andrew mccabe of the fbi said so behind closed doors under oath to congress just this past december. now, democrats are now furiously denying that in rah none must leaks to sympathetic reporters but it's obviously true. in a minute we will talk to a member of congress who was in the room when mccabe said it but, ask yourself, if the fbi had powerful additional evidence that page was a russian spy why did they lead with it? the trump dossier allowed our government to spy on carter page. that is not a talking point. it is a fact. given that it is a fact, it is remarkable to learn that the fbi knew at the time that the dossier was unreliable. put it charitiably. an independent fbi unit analyzed that document and found its claims, quote:
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only minimally corroborated. the fbi also knew that the dossier's author, christopher steele was uninflamed partisan working on behalf of political operatives trying to win a presidential race you will remember. steele told bruce ohr that he was quote, desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president. assessing all of this, no rationale person could in good faith treat the trump dossier as packet. yet that is how the fbi presented it to the fisa court when they asked to by on carter page. they never mentioned any of the facts we just gave you, they hid them. that is lying. there is no other way to describe it they have been busted lying, but they won't admit it former fbi director jim comey took to twitter today not to apologize for any of this or even address the facts the memo raised but to mock the release of the memo like the inspiring msnbc contributor he apparently is dishonest and misleading, he said, he didn't bother to explain how it was dishonest and
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misleading. of course, he didn't. comey, who leaked his notes on private meetings with the president in a petty revenge move after being fired is now declaring it beyond the pale somehow for congress to carry out its constitutional duties of oversight of the fbi. comey apparently confused the fbi as fourth branch of government not subject to the other three. suddenly a lot of people in washington seem to agree with that the current fbi director, for example, the one that trump chose, christopher wray, he apparently argued that the names of fbi officials in the memo ought to be redacted, hidden from public view. why? how exactly would that serve the public interest? it would not serve the public interest to protect the fbi. and as always, that was the point. all of this should make you nervous. the dishonesty mixed with self-righteousness. looking back you wonder how many people at the fbi ever even believed just for a moment, even, that carter page was actually a russian agent. they clearly don't believe that now. if they did, page would be in handcuffs.
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yet, he is still a free man. though his civil liberties have been violated and his reputation has been destroyed. democrats could not care less. they are still prepretending that carter page hurt this country. they know that's a lie. page himself what happens to him in the future is all irrelevant to him. if he can be used to destroy a president they hate, they are happy to use him even if he is crushed in the process. and that maybe the real lesson of this memo and the reason we are spends an hour on it tonight. 10 years ago donald trump will be gone and democrats will pretend they once feared russia. law enforcement and intelligence agency also remain as long as this country stays intact and we have got to trust them. we give incredible powers, awesome powers, including the power to take human life, the most basic of all. we allow them by the way to operate in secrecy because they must. in exchange for all of that we ask them to operate with integrity, to prove to us that they haven't become
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tools of political regime because always and everywhere that is the temptation. and unfortunately, it looks like it just happened here. former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia and tom fitton judicial watch. they join us tonight. joe, what jumps out with this memo now that we have it? >> andrew mccabe's testimony that but for the dossier there would have been no application to the court for a warrant democrats are saying on background. no one has come out and said it, that's not true we never said it? >> it's true. i have confirmed it with people who were in the room. what it does show us is that everything we have suspected and that was on the public record from the fisa court ruling and all of that shows us they not only lied to the american people but lied to a fisa court repeatedly over a number of months about what they knew to be false information and inadequate information being provided to a very secret court it's
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a disgraceful period in the department and the fbi. james comey and loretta lynch and all the people involved in this have performed disgracefully and unconstitutionally which is even more important. >> tucker: tom fitton what jumps out at you. >> targeting trump that's the bailiffs of the appointment of robert mueller. the corruption associated with the fisa surveillance. have you got the corruption associated with the fbi and doj working hand in glove with the clinton campaign to push this narrative beginning in the summer of 2016 and it all led to the appointment of robert mueller. there is no russia collusion story without the dossier. and we now know and have confirmed six ways to sunday there was nothing behind it so, therefore, why is there a special counsel investigation? >> tucker: that is a good question. what would help a lot i think and would answer basic questions would be the declassification of a number of subsequent documents.
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>> yes. >> tucker: including at least part of the testimony house intel committee but also at least parts of these fisa requests. are we going to see those declassified. >> yes, i think probably eventually. what's interesting about this, the democrats were complaining the release of this four-page memo would compromise sources and methods, would destroy the ability of the american intelligence community to collect intelligence, all of that is obviously nonsensical when you look at the memorandum. what is clear now as a result of memorandum huge amounts have to be declassified and shown to the american people to so they understanding what tom just described that the fbi and doj basically conspired with the democratic party, the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign to exonerate her of violations of the espionage act and in the course of trying to prevent donald trump from becoming president to frame him for a nonexistent crime of collusion. >> we just sued for the
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dossier or underlying fisa document today. >> tucker: have those ever been released in any previous cases. >> sure. they have been released in the james roach case where mueller's fbi improperly targeted james rosen, fox news correspondent. >> tucker: yes, and his parents. >> and in the a.p. case. there is precedence for the courts releasing this information. of course, the agencies can declassify it and ask the court to declassify it. >> tucker: right. >> what's also troubling is we were lied to just this week because they were told by the fbi and department of justice and evidently the president of the united states was told the sky would fall if this information was released there was no classified information in there there were no names released. high officials who ordinarily would have been subject to public disclosure in discussions of public documents like this why were they trying to railroad president trump in to keeping this document secret? >> tucker: because they were
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protecting themselves. >> comes out and trying to say it's no big deal. >> tucker: unpatriotic for asking questions. joe, this raises concerns for every american of all political postures about the behavior of the fbi. are there any elected democrats you know who are saying we should find out how our government is behaving. >> no. it's really quite sad it does now put the focus on jeff sessions and rod rosenstein. i have a lot of confidence in jeff sessions ultimately doing the right thing. i have very little confidence in rod rosenstein no, confidence in chris wray. we need a federal grand jury to investigate what the bureau and the department of justice under obama did to do what happened in this case. there are serious crimes that were committed by government officials. there needs to be a federal grand jury and it needs to happen now. >> tucker: thank you both very much. we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> tucker: represent who represents the state of new york lee zeld continue says he wants the evidence relied right away. thank you for joining us
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tonight. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: you say the documents we were just talking about for example. justify spying on this american citizen, carter page ought to be released to the public. what's the argument against that? >> argument against it some information fisa application reviewing all the documents that are l. reveal sources and methods that may need to get redacted. in the effort to argue against providing any of the related material that was sourced, some might say that we shouldn't be releasing any of it, the counter argument that i would provide though to that is that anything at all that can possibly be released to the american public, it's one thing when you read the majority memo that was released today. it's another thing when you get an opportunity to read the schiff memo when that
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comes out. when you actually are seeing the documents created by the obama justice department and obama fbi and you are seeing the fisa abuse and the misconduct at the highest levels of these agencies for yourself and the documents are actually created by them, then the american public is able to form their own independent judgment on their own without having to rely on what might be filters of adam schiff through a third party in the media, you know, through a twitter account and then you are being educated on believing that, say, the memo that got released today was going to have all these sources and methods that shouldn't. >> tucker: right. >> or when schiff was complaining that it was going to -- you get the point. he was talking about those details. when reality comes out and the memos you can see for yourself. you can form your individual judgment. >> tucker: the thing that democrats are pushing back tonight is really the pivotal line in the memo that says andrew mccabe behind closed doors
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testimony to the intel committee said the memo was the basis in or the dossier was the basis of the request for the -- before this fisa court. can we get a copy of that part, the relevant part of his testimony? >> absolutely. and we should. the transcript should come out and people can see for themselves once again adam schiff and the house intel democrats, they are just lying. as they said they were complaining that devin nunes and the majority were making changes to the document. even though it was just grammatical changes and those other substantive changes that were made were changes requested by the minority on the intel committee as well as the most substantive change done by the fbi. >> tucker: exactly. congressman, thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: the apparent ease with which the fbi was able to monitor carter page without his knowing it should have the rest of us asking when it it acceptable to spy on u.s. citizens? has the norm become it's
5:14 pm
always acceptable for the u.s. government to spy on its own people? glen writes for the intercept he spent a lot of time covering the american surveillance. thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: i shouldn't interest of honesty note the irony congress just reauthorized the law that made this possible in the first place and did so with very little public debate on the subject that raises a more basic question why is this question when and how is that so rarely debated in public? >> it's a great question. why edward snowden risked going to prison because he was so concerned that this huge, massive surveillance state was being constructed in secret directed not just at foreign adversaries but inward, domestically the american people without anybody knowing about it. he came forward because concerned congress and
5:15 pm
senate never debated it and never discussed what the parameters are. democrats warning trump is lawless tyrant endangering democracy. the republicans were saying the deep state is endangering democracy by abusing its power. the democrats, the leadership by the way not the majority got together with the republican majority including devin nunes who authored the memo today and not just more than two weeks ago voted to increase spying power and block all safeguards on how it's used. it's really incredible now to watch it debate unfold. >> tucker: actually almost nauseating and as i said totally ironic. so you know a lot about how this works. what is legal and what is not legal. what does need to show to judge or series of judges in order to legally spy on a u.s. citizen? >> so in order to target a u.s. citizen the way they targeted carter page, which means essentially that they are going to listen to all of his phone calls, read his
5:16 pm
emails, monitor him digita digitally fisa court that there is probable cause to leave that he is an agent of either a foreign government or a terrorist organization so they convinced a fisa court judge that there is probable cause to believe that carter page is an agent of the russian government. >> tucker: how often are those requests turned down. do we know? >> almost never something like 99.8% approval rating. the fisa court is a joke in terms of whether or not it provides real safeguards or oversight for how the nsa and the fbi can spy on american citizens. they basically rubber stamp whatever it is that is put in front of them. democrats used to say that a lot. but when george bush and dick cheney got caught spying on americans without going to the fisa court the argument in the bush administration it is so burdensome. democrats say it's so easy
5:17 pm
they never turn you down, now democrats are saying to say it's a very rigorous process they almost never say no. >> tucker: glenn greenwald a voice from the left. thank you, appreciate it? >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: what was in this memo was so dangerous that you weren't supposed to see it? would endanger this country for you to read it. we will ask someone who has been making that case next. ♪ you hit me like fire, shot me like a bullet. ♪ ♪ burned me up and down, no way to cool it. ♪ ♪ every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. [seen it. covered it. n. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> tucker: the president wants it out even though there are concerns that the
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work of tens of thousands of law enforcement and counter intelligence officials may be smeared. >> how republicans continue to put party over principle. >> this is a tipping point for our democracy. are we going to be a democracy after today or is this going to be demagoguery and despoo tim. >> paul ryan is now no longer on team u.s.a., on even team old republican party. is he on team nunes. which means is he on team trump which means to some extent they are all -- they are advancing in some sense the interest of russia. >> tucker: ask questions and you are working for putin. well, there is a particularly meltdown over the release of the fbi memo by the hyenas in the press. why is that? why shouldn't we have been allowed to see it? what's wrong with transparency chris hawaiian hahf democrats had their way i wouldn't have been allowed
5:22 pm
to see this. why? >> i think that the big problem with it wasn't that they didn't want you to see the memo. >> tucker: they didn't want me to see it. why didn't they want me to see it? >> they wanted to have some balance. make their own judgment. they wanted their memo released as well. i have been reading this memo all day. >> tucker: stop. they didn't want the source documents. that's factually untrue. they could release them right now. for example, the testimony of andrew mccabe before the intel committee is a source document. fisa court source document. democrats don't want those released. >> of course they do. >> tucker: why haven't they? >> i talked to you about it last week. these are the exact things we said last week. let's see all the documents. see the source document. >> tucker: we are in agreement there. i think we will. be interesting to stands in the way of that up until today democrats have stood in the way of releasing. this now, if you think that there is libelist material in here, factually inaccurate material that
5:23 pm
impayrolls national security tell me how. >> right. >> tucker: in the absence of those two factors i have a right to see it. why would democrats stand in the way of that it rooncht i have been reading this all day it reminds me of when geraldo rivera opened al capone's vault. there was a lot of hype and nothing in it. >> tucker: hold on. why would democrats, if there is nothing in it, every democrat in the house had a chance to read it every single one. >> right. >> tucker: why would they, having read it, tell me i'm not allowed to see it you are making two argue. s that contradict each or. >> i'm watching this document now and looking at this document now. they probably should have just said let it out because it proves nothing. it doesn't endanger the russia probe. it actually shows that papadopoulos was under surveillance for good reason. there is a lot of things in there that actually prove the case that a lot of democrats are making on the hill. >> tucker: look, i'm not here to rebutt the rationale for the russia probe that may be another show. this memo doesn't speak to those things. you are right. i said it at the outset. >> right. >> tucker: it speaks to carter page who graduated
5:24 pm
from the naval academy and has in the years since shown no evidence at all that he is working for the russian government. >> that's not true. that's not true at all. carter page has been under surveillance from the fbi since 2013 when he was approached by the russians and he was told that he was being recruited by the russians by the fbi. >> tucker: you are missing this. hold on. there is no evidence. i'm not saying he wasn't surveilled. indeed he was surveilled. that's the point. in order to be surveilled, the obama justice department had to make a case that he was a foreign agent. there is no evidence that he was a foreign agent. it's slander against him. where is the evidence that he was working for russia that he betrayed america? >> this memo isn't concerned about evidence. this memo is concerned about devin nunes. >> tucker: i'm asking you. >> since 2013 the fbi has been warning carter page about russians trying to recruit him. he continued down the same path. >> tucker: that doesn't mean -- so he is guilty? it's a simple question. do you think that carter page has detrayed his country by working for a hostile foreign nation? that's the claim the obama
5:25 pm
justice department made to a fisa court four times. i want to know if it's true or not. >> i don't know if it's true or not. >> tucker: heavy charge to make against a man,. >> when we see the source documents we will see what carter page was doing with the russians and how that connected to the trump campaign. >> tucker: why d. does carter page stride a free man if he has betrayed his country. heavy charges throwing around against someone who has not been indicted or convicted and against whom there is no publicly available evidence. and i don't understand why you continue to do that. >> why carter page is walking a street is a question that should keep at love republicans up at night. let's just leave it at that. >> tucker: it's hard to believe you would say something like that on live television. do you have evidence that he is working against america. >> no, i have absolutely no evidence. when the guy has been under surveillance by the fbi since 2013 and interest were five martin luther king. >> tucker: martin luther king was under surveillance for more than a decade by the fbi. does that mean he is guilty? >> you can't get fisa renewal unless you show the judge evidence that american citizen involved with what
5:26 pm
you are claiming he is involved with. >> tucker: we know now and its indisputable, part of that evidence, the lead of the fisa request was the trump dossier which the fbi -- >> -- that's not what this memo even says. it does not say that. >> tucker: it certainly does say that. >> certainly doesn't prove that. that's for sure. >> tucker: okay. i want to restate one question to you. >> yeah. >> tucker: do you have evidence, any evidence that carter page is guilty of the crimes you have charged him with on this show? >> absolutely not. i don't know. >> tucker: then you probably shouldn't suggest he is guilty. >> i didn't say he was guilty. i think he might be talking to some people and that's probably why is he still walking the streets. >> tucker: this is getting really heavy. thank you, chris. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: could more documents be on the way. renowned law professor whether today's release could set a new precedent for transparency where you might have a tiny shot of understanding what the government is doing in your name. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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5:31 pm
>> tucker: this was the explicit concern of the agencies and department of justice in releasing nunes memo. if we release this we will have to start the public a lot more about what they are doing? will they have to? >> that's what's ask most disturbing about. this regardless of the content of the memo you have a disconnect between what fbi members said about the release of this memo. those of us who have been working in national security cases long time expected there to be some type of footprint of sources and methods. there wasn't. this thing wasn't even remotely classified. that really concerns a lot of us because it's the use of classification laws for tactical purposes. if you look at what the fbi said, they said we want this thing to remain classified because it's inaccurate due to omission. well, that's complaining about how the facts are being portrayed. not that they are classified. and many critics have said for years that the fbi and other agencies have been
5:32 pm
classifying material to avoid embarrassment. this may be the most public and relatively rare example of that there is nothing remotely in this memo that justifies the rhetoric used my minority leader pelosi and ranking member schiff. they all said there would be dire cons sense scws. the fbi director said there would be grave problems that would rah rise with the release. you look at the memo and it's sort of an empty grave. >> tucker: the freedom of information act as i understand it says unless government has compelling information secret it has to release everything unless it can show it shouldn't because it belongs to the public. the in washington the instinct is opposite. everything is classified unless there is political pressure to declassify. >> i think that's right. take a look at this memo. it was written to avoid sources and methods. it's basically what we had already heard with the
5:33 pm
differences that discussion of detail. no disclosures of new sources. it was confirming that the dossier was a critical part, if not the determinative part in securing that fisa order. so, the question returns us to why did all of these members say that this would jeopardize national security? we didn't have disagreements about what to do fbi. we should not get disagreements about something like this. when you say there is a national security risk about a document being released and it is something of this kind that doesn't have any sources of methods or sensitive information. it's a problem. because that's lying to the american people. >> tucker: that's exactly right. we actually have a member of the intel committee on in a minute. i will lead with that question there. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: jonathan turley. one fbi official thinks it's a profound problem for the country. he joins us next to explain why. ♪ ♪ baby boomers,
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♪ >> tucker: of course, most media outlets have spent far more time and effort covering the fbi memo's release than the actual allegations contained in the memo itself. it's almost like the allegations, which are that the u.s. government illegitimately spied on its own citizens barely matter to them. they don't care about you or something. andrew is city journal kevin terry. terry, first to you, since this pertains to the agency you spent so much time at. you're hearing people on other channels, there is almost a chorus of it and it's becoming almost hysterical i would say that people who are interested in seeing this information or who have questions about the fbi are unpatriotic they are insulting the men and women of the fbi. do you think that. >> no, i don't think that at
5:39 pm
all, tucker. information, everything the fbi does should be out in the open and we should be questioning it and certainly having questions about things like this. nothing about any of these cases and what has now been confirmed in the memo have ever looked normal. we have to ask ourselves why so many safeguards and guidelines never followed here. i will say one more thing to that when i left the fbi and when i went into the fbi we had a saying you don't want to be concerned about propriety and the propriety of what you do. you also want to be equally concerned about the appearance of impropriety. and, in fact, i have a lot of friends and colleagues got in trouble over the appearance of impropriety and this has that at the very minimum written all over it. >> tucker: so you don't just to make sure i'm absolutely clear on this, you don't feel diminished as a veteran of the fbi when people ask questions about its behavior. >> not at all. in fact, i have talked to a
5:40 pm
lot of friends in the fbi and outside, all of us are concerned about the irregularity of this and the top level of the fbi in the past few months. >> tucker: yeah. can i certainly see why. mr. clayton, what do you make of the press coverage of this, do you think it has been designed to serve the public interest or something else? >> oh, i think it's a scandal within a scandal. and almost as bad as the scandal in the fbi. i mean, we just finished watching the spielberg's movie the post about how brave "the washington post" was to defy the nixon administration and bring out the pentagon papers despite their cries it would hurt national security. now suddenly national security is sacrosanct and more important than information. decades of the left squealing about j. edgar hoover and unjustified wiretaps. now we are told unjustified wiretapping is nothing burger. the press has done nothing this past year but whine how
5:41 pm
donald trump has slapped them back and forth. now when it comes to releasing information, information in no way damaged the public good and no way damaged our national security, the press, the people who are supposed to speak truth to power about power are trying to cover it up and suppress it and spin it to make it less important. it's actually appalling and it just brings that old latin tag, you know, who will guard the guardians if we lost the press that really cares about the truth. if we lost a press willing to hold any powerful person to high standards. then we have lost the people who are supposed to guard this country. >> tucker: how does someone who calls themselves a journalist. as long as there is no grave downside. how does that person argue against showing the public things it's entitled to see? it's amazing. i really do think it's a holdover from the obama administration, an administration that turned the federal government into essentially a chicago style machine full of cronies and
5:42 pm
corruption and outward malfeasance. malfeasance we could see like the irs scandal while the press stood by afraid, i think to lay a finger on a president who they looked at as the first black president certainly and as the spokesman for their point of view, their ideological point of view. they didn't want to touch him. whether you have no press, the government is going to get out of control and the obama administration did. >> tucker: very quickly, mr. turchie, do you think that it's in the fbi's interest to declassify what it can as it pertains to this investigation? things that don't obviously jeopardize our national security but to the extent it can, tell us more. >> the natural tendency for me and any other fbi official would be to say no. but, in this instance, the answer is definitely yes. this goes way beyond what the fbi does, what the case is about or what this particular series of circumstances is about. this goes to the idea of civil liberties and the fbi
5:43 pm
is responsible for ensuring criminal investigations, national security and civil liberties. and we messed up. we have to get this out. as soon as the people sees a much as they can see and as much is safe to show them from a national security perspective, the better off we will all be. because right now as we have seen today, national security wasn't the argument for this. >> tucker: no. they lied about that. thank you both. that was really interesting. i appreciate your perspective. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: one congressman from the intel committee says memo released today is an attack on the rule of law. why exactly? he joins us next to explain. ♪ ♪ my dentist suggested biotene. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse and then i use the spray. biotene did make a difference. [heartbeat]
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♪ >> if he were to release that memo, he would not only
5:48 pm
be endangering our country, but he would also be violating the rules of the congress of the united states. tuck the release of this memo is really reminiscent of the darkest days of the mccarthy era. >> there is zero proof or even evidence that there is political bias in the fbi if you say it long enough and often enough, there will be people who have doubts about it. it's a profoundly unpatriotic thing to do. >> tucker: you are not patriotic if you want your questions answered. democrats are lashing out. that's not even strong enough. something profound is happening here. they are very upset by the release of the fbi memo. house minority leaderboard nancy pelosi said president trump, quote: just sent his friend putin a bouquet. many have said similar intemperate things including congressman swallow well who joins us tonight. many democrats including leaders pelosi and schiff
5:49 pm
two said the release would jeopardize national security. that turned out to be a lie provablably there was nothing in this classified no. obvious reason it was classified in the first place. why would they tell us that when they knew it wasn't true? >> good evening, tucker. you should be concerned about this, too. it does reveal sources. you should read the memo. >> tucker: i did. >> just because you knew the sources beforehand because they were reported on doesn't mean we acknowledge them in ongoing investigation. >> tucker: please be precise about how it jeopardizes our national security because a lot of us are concerned about doing that i would never want to play any role in doing that. that's why it's such a serious charge. >> you are playing a role in doing that right now. >> tucker: tell me how. >> because, we don't acknowledge sources in ongoing investigations. >> tucker: what source are you talking about and how does that imperil our country. >> well, the memo goes into papsd and page and others that you only knew about because they were reported on not because. >> tucker: i knew because papadopoulos was indicted and the memo came out today. explain how you just accused
5:50 pm
me of endangering american national security i think it's fair for you to be very precise in explaining how i'm doing that so please do? >> the larger danger. >> tucker: no, not the larger danger. slow down. i'm not going to let you go on that. you just. >> i already went on that. >> tucker: you got two choices either apologize and take it back or can you explain it i think it's fair to explain what you meant when you said i was -- how does that jeopardize our country's security? >> because we don't reveal the sources in ongoing investigation. tucker, right now. >> tucker: so now that this has been revealed how is this in danger. >> in every police station in america the police are interview ago suspect. you are suggesting that we should give the suspect the evidence before we ask them the question. >> tucker: who is the suspect? what the hell are you talking about? >> in this country. they gave the white house evidence in the russia investigation. the white house are subject of the russia. >> tucker: i'm talking about me as an american citizen show got a chance to read this much talked about memo
5:51 pm
today. i listened to people tell me now explicitly tell me i'm hurting this country by reading it? >> also hurting the country by not acknowledging the rule of law run over. they are using the police. attacking the police because they are under investigation. >> tucker: one serious crime at a time. >> i still like you tucker but i think you are wrong on this one. >> tucker: not answering this question. >> i answered a bunch of questions. you don't like the answer. that's out problem. >> tucker: we know from this that carter page four times was described by the department of justice, by the fbi, as an agent of a foreign power, russia. four times. so the question. >> and in 201 as well. >> tucker: he was not accused of that in 2013. >> we acknowledged to our committee. you should read the testimony to our committee. >> tucker: something that hasn't been revealed before today. >> something you should have read his testimony to our committee he acknowledged he was person a in the indictment in 2014 where he was suspected of being a russian foreign agent.
5:52 pm
>> tucker: i don't think was accused of it? >> he was suspected it. >> tucker: okay, fine. do you think since the doj accused him of that, before a fisa court, do you believe it? is a foreign agent? simple question. what do you think? >> he was under suspicion. it's an ongoing investigation that's not closed. that's the problem, tucker. >> it's still open. you want us to comment on it it's open. it's still an open investigation. >> tucker: you are entitled to an opinion under the reputation. if you are going to impugn the man's character as you have relentlessly have. accusing him committing treason. ask you honest question straightforward no innuendo, do you think is he betraying his country? >> i think you are not allowing the fbi to answer that question with what you and others are doing to undermine their work. >> tucker: have you got to be kidding. all i want is for my questions to be answered. i sit here an open, willing, repository for all information, including your memo, including the documents that supported this memo, including the
5:53 pm
testimony. >> so you support our memo coming out? i want to be clear. >> tucker: of course i do. >> you support our memo coming out? >> tucker: absolutely i do. i support all information that gets to the truth. >> invite me back. i will be in washington. >> tucker: what i don't support is making reckless allegations about other americans that you cannot support as when you said i was harming our country's national security and when you suggested carter page was betraying this nation. >> you are peddling a narrative that undermines the rule of law. >> tucker: i'm asking a question. you just said on my air, on my show you are imperiling our national security. i said oh, really congressman, how am i doing that? am i going to be arrested for that? i don't know. it seems like something a man could be arrested for. >> yeah. these are important times in our history. either you are supporting those undermining the independence of the department of justice and the rule of law or you are standing firm in saying this is wrong. tucker, i wish you were on my side because i think you know better. >> tucker: i'm not sure what the hell you are talking about. i only wish. >> i think you don't like what i'm talking about. >> tucker: i definitely don't like what you are talking about but more profoundly i don't understand it and when you
5:54 pm
accuse someone. >> read our memo when it is released next week. >> tucker: game it out for me. tell me one thing that i have said that you think makes all americans, including my children less safe? >> you continue to support the idea that we should give suspects in criminal cases the evidence against them before we ask them any question. you also believe there is nothing wrong. >> tucker: i do think we should give the benefit of the doubt that the constitution requires me to do. call me a liberal. when is it that i think we should give evidence to -- i'm not even sure what that means. by the way i think people charged in the criminal case have a right to the evidence against them, don't they? are you aware of that? >> tucker, not when they are being questioned. not when they are under suspicion. do you think so it's a problem. >> tucker: what information have i. >> russia investigation. do you think it's a problem that they were sent evidence in the russia investigation when they're subjects of the investigation? >> tucker: who is they? >> you don't see a conflict there? donald trump and don mcgahn.
5:55 pm
>> tucker: in the case of today's memo, what specifically have i espoused that impowers threats to our country? >> you are peddling the narrative that the trump administration is putting out. which also is the putin narrative because they are retweeting this with their russian boss. >> tucker: do you perceive the total collapse. >> wikileaks and putin. you should take a step back and wonder whose bidding are you really doing? >> tucker: i don't even know what to say. i don't want to explode on tv so i will end this segment now. let the record reflect accused me of working for a hostile foreign government. we'll be back soon. >> gned to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena. the commute is worth, the more you know
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6:00 pm
accused this show of harming american national security and working for vladimir putin. it's going to be incredibly intense couple of months. we will cover every bit of it on this show. thank you for watching the show. hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to hannity. breaking now the highly classified abuse memo has been released. it is shocking. it is stunning. this now is the biggest abuse of power, corruption case in american history. now, tonight, we have irrefutable proof of a coordinated conspiracy to abuse power by weaponizing and politicizing the powerful tools of intelligence by top-ranking obama officials against the trump campaign, against the constitution, and against your fourth amendment rights. they have been deeply shredded by deep state, unelected bureaucrats all in an attempt to influence an election and then undermine a duly elected president


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