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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 5, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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ready for the big game. we are back next sunday with the latest buzz. >> to goal here is to undermine the fbi, discredit the fbi, discredit the mueller investigation, do the president's bidding. >> the president's position on dreamers and daca is very bold. is very clever for him to offer more on daca than what most republicans would have offered. >> brady under pressure. escapes the sack, launching one for the end zone and for the philadelphia eagles the long drought is over. >> we've got it. ♪
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♪ heather: lots of people out last night as you take a live look at streets of new york city, in fact, thousands and thousands of them probably still out in philadelphia, there's eagle fans, what a game. good morning, to you, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm heather childers, a lot of you maybe vice president got on the sleep yet. speaking of philadelphia, chaos in philadelphia after the eagles big win. police are trying to keep control of out of control fans after first super bowl
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championship. fireworks and everything. this was a hotel canopy collapsing under a group of fans that climbed on top of it. no word on any injuries and this is crazy video as well of a crowd of eagles' fans. some way to celebrate? even started a food fight inside a convenient store. s.w.a.t. teams called in to help control the crowds. now you won, be excited but don't light fires, before all the chaos and celebrations, the underdog eagles leaving it all on the field. quite a game to defeat new england patriots. fans after they took the lead in fourth quarter and philly bounced right back securing win
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in minneapolis. >> and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. finally. heather: the star of the game nick foles who even caught a touchdown pass, actually one he did in high school, he was named the most valuable player. >> my daughter, my family, my teammates, this city. we are very blessed. heather: blessed, indeed, the wind having a star studded night with justin timberlake taking the stage but some slamming for audio problems and pink battling through the flu to sing national anthem. ♪ ♪ heather: and to make the moment even sweeter the singer is a die-harding ls fan.
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president trump also taking to twitter to praise eagles on win, congratulations on philadelphia eagles on a great super bowl victory, the post comes after commander in chief reignited the national anthem protest controversy hours before the player took the field and took party, that's where the picture is, president trump releasing statement, their sacrifice is stitched into each star in every stripe of our star spangled banner and hold them in our hearts an thank them for our freedom as they proudly stand for the national anthem. heather: by the way, every single player stood for the national anthem. what a game it was, congratulations to those eagles. turning back to washington, we have to talk about that, the political fire storm over controversial memo alleging fbi abuse reaching fever pitch, whether to release the
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democrats' counterreport today. live from the nation's capitol with head to head partisan battle, we are in the talking about the football field, right, doug? >> we may see this vote today and some republicans actually support democratic efforts to release their own memo here and if there is any area of bipartisan it seems to be that the mueller probe, fbi investigation -- excuse me, mueller probe into possible ties to russia should continue despite that the memos may or may not say about fbi mall mallfiecene. >> i would argue that it's unprecedented to rely on opposition research to instruct, inform an president clinton and it's really bad press cent and unprecedented to not tell a
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court that a course has this level of bias. >> the goal here really isn't to find out the answers from the fbi, the goal here is to undermine the fbi, discredit the mueller investigation. do the president's bidding. >> the president is taking this a step further going to twit, this memo vindicates, the memo, that is, the word now used because after one year looking endlessly collusion is dead, this is an american disgrace. democrats are trying to build pressure on the president to sign off on the release of this democratic memo assuming it's voted out of committee perhaps later today, heather. heather: have to go through the process, though. thank you, doug. >> thanks. heather: we are now learning something else what happened over the weekend that slammed head on a freight train, it was
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on the wrong tracks, federal investigators are trying to figure out why a switch was in the wrong position sending amtrak into a side rail in south carolina where the freight train was parked. the head of the ntsb says the disaster could have been prevented if federal safety program was in place to slow the train down. two people are dead and nearly 150 others are injured. heather: and today president trump is heading to ohio promoting tax plan but back in washington lawmakers hard at work to come up with a budget deal in order to avoid a second government shutdown. kevin kelly with the latest proposals to keep the door open. kelly: the white house says the president is traveling to ohio today where he will tout his federal overhaul but here in washington lawmakers found or are looking to find agreement once again on short-term spending or face another
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government shut gown, now republicans want a spending bill through march 22nd, democrats want to resolve the immigration issue involving daca, deferred action for childhood arrivals, let to two-day shutdown. democratic durbin wants to avoid shutdown but pushing for bipartisan deal on daca. >> there's not likely to be a daca deal though we are working every single day on telephone calls and person to person to reach try to reach this bipartisan agreement. i do see promise by senator mcconnell to address the issue that affects hundreds of thousands of people in america to finally debate in the senate. >> republican senator john mccain and chris cooms are introducing bipartisan plan to pathway to citizenship.
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it's time we end the gridlock so we can quickly move onto completing a long-term budget agreement that provides our men and women in uniform the support they deserve while reaching a deal cannot some soon enough for america's service members, the current political reality demands bipartisan cooperation to address the impending expiration of the daca program and secure this southern border, lawmakers have until this thursday february 8th to approve funding and possibly, possibly get a deal on daca, if not, there could be another government shutdown on thursday. heather: yeah, the mccain-coons probably doesn't include border funding for a wall. we always talk about what's in it before we know what's in. kelly wright live for us, appreciate it. despite criticism from conservative republicans former white house chief of staff
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reince priebus defending to offer path of citizenship for nearly 2 million dreamers, not only does it force democrats to make the next move but it's the president's way of calling bluff on daca. >> i think that if you look at what's happening in the economy, you look at tax cuts an unemployment, i think those things matter a lot. i actually thing he is doing better, he did better with black voters and hispanic voters in the election, i think we can do more. i think the president's position that he's taking on the dreamers and daca is very bold, i think he's boxed the democrats in on that issue, i think it'll be very difficult for them to walk away from. he's giving more than i probably would have given in the same advice to him but i also think it's clever of him to offer far more on daca than what most republicans would have offered because i think it boxes
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everyone else in. i think it's very smart. heather: another news the federal reserve officially getting a new chief today, jar ohm powell will be sworn in at 9:00 a.m. inheriting a historically booming economy. powell replacing janet yellen that has lead since 2014. president trump did not want to reappointment her. a friend of mine actually true american hero honored with coin toss, woody williams only member of medal recipient in hiroshima. corporal was given highest medal, he and other medal recipients were honored last night. congratulations to him and all
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the medal of honor recipients and thank you for your service. time now 11 minutes from the top of the hour. president trump made it clear that he supports america's police. >> with me as your president, america's police will have a true friend and loyal champion in the white house from day one. we have your back. heather: but if you ask mainstream media the president's support of the fisa memo is waging war on law enforcement. our next guest is a former officer who says that it couldn't be further from the truth. and this nonsense really needs to stop, donald trump, jr. railing on the pc police, why a daughter-daughter dance was just canceled at one school. ♪ ♪ heather: you just can't stop
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heather: welcome back, president trump making it clear that his administration supports the ranking file at the fbi and the doj read this tweet carefully, read it again as the fisa memo fallout continues. but according to the media the president's call for transparency is more like a call to arms against law enforcement, some of the headlines there. here to weigh in former nypd lieutenant darren, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, heather. heather: what about this, is the release antilaw enforcement? >> no, it's not. you to take into consideration what it is. when you look at three components of government, executive branch in particular that's at the forefront of law
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enforcement and that's what trump represents, when you look at the campaign, he was adamant supporter of law enforcement, so in terms of the transparency with this memo, i think it was sound and it was necessary, this fisa memo came out and it showed that, look, trump didn't do anything wrong, so moving forward he railed against the -- i want to say the acts of the justice department in connection with this and proves a sound piece that trump did what was necessary and he wasn't a part of this russian collusion. so when you hear things, him railing against the fbi, they overstepped boundaries. heather: its leaders at the top of the fbi and the top of the doj, it's not the ranking file, the ranking file i should say and the men and women that go out and do the job every single day. let's look at the post from the washington post, open defiance of release of hot disputed memo
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revealed how gop, has become adversary of law enforcement as continuing quest to defend president trump from russia investigation. >> you know, i disagree. i'm a strong proponent of the president and the position he's taking moving forward. one of the things that president trump did that was very necessary was the firing of james comey. i think that he was in play when a lot of the oversteps by the fisa memo were taken place and so he came in, trump rightfully so came in and got rid of them, a lot of people saying that rod rosenstein is being villainized. this is a strong comparison where he's been and goes back to his support, advert support for law enforcement.
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heather: they are supposed to decide today whether to release the democratic memo to the fisa memo that's been released. transparency in and of itself of itself, does transparency make the fbi and the doj weaker in their ability to do their job because that's what this was, it was making them transparent? >> i think transparency is necessary entity not just law enforcement but politics in general and this is something that trump has introduced at the forefront, look, i want to get this out to the american people, i want them to know that i was not part of the russian collusion, people may say, hey, look, i want to say democrats may state this memo, revealing of the memo was detriment to national security. i feel that it's necessary to show that this is something that is in play, that donald trump did the right thing and it was, in fact, no russian collusion. heather: necessary to have faith in our leaders. >> absolutely.
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heather: makes sense. 19 after the top of the hour and they can barely tie shoes but one school wants to let students choose gender and race without telling their parents. former cnn host that called president trump a white supremacist is at it again. wait million you hear how she's attacking president trump again this time. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: welcome back, liberal talk show host jimmy kimmel creating controversy saying conservatives aren't smart enough to do what he does for a living. during live event kimmel saying, quote, it just so happens that
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almost every talk show host is a liberal that's because it requires a level of intelligence. the late-night host frequently uses show to slam republicans and conservative values, what do you think about that? espn jamile hill takes another shot at president trump after he reminds us to stand for the national anthem during the state of the union. >> it's low-hanging fruit, it's what i call racial pornography because it's a way to stoke his base and brilliant because he has been able to hijack the entire conversation and to make this about patriotism. heather: racial pornography. hill faced backlash after calling the president white supremacist on twitter and last month taken off of sports center and reassigned to espn's undefeated writing about race and sports, she insist that is
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the move was her decision. well, it was all eyes on justin timberlake, i thought it have a great performance but some people not so much, last night's super bowl half-time show, not everyone a fan. ♪ ♪ heather: fans of the late singer prince slamming timberlake for tribute performance saying they say it's not what prince had wanted and he had spoken out against using digital projections of deceased musicians after prince's close friend tweeted, family, i spoke with justin tonight and shared heart-felt words for respect and prince and purple fans, i look forward seeing what i'm sure a spectacular half-time show, there is no hologram. minneapolis turned purple.
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that was pretty cool. eagles fan celebrating their big super bowl win last night and early this morning, of course, some of them could be joining the millions who have skipping work today. i think some can say it lightly according to new study, nearly 14 million people are expected to call out sick today, last times 6.5 million people planned sick days because of big game, the same study studying 25% believe that the day after the super bowl should be national holiday anyway, what do you think? the controversy not cooling off for nancy pelosi after out of touch tax reform comment. >> the crumbs that they are give to go workers to kind of put the nose on is pathetic. heather: is it really just a
1:27 am
gift from the gop? star tight-end ron gronkowski retiring? ♪
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heather: nancy pelosi making it quite clear how she feels about the president's successes. >> the debate on health care is like death, this is arm go armarmageddon in terms of bonuses that corporate america receives compare today crumbs it's so pathetic. heather: pathetic, armageddo, in the gop using this talk saying democrats are out of touch. one hundred best buy employees
1:31 am
get trump tax bonuses or as nancy pelosi likes to call them crumbs, so are comments like pelosi's only helps the republican party here to weigh in, thank you both for joining us this morning. >> thank you. heather: nice to have you in person, so is this helping or hurting the democratic party? >> i think it's hurting, look at the irony, multimillionaire nancy pelosi about how american's pockets are being filled, she calls this crumbs, i think this is one of the reasons why the democratic party lost because they are so out of touch of what's happening in the rest of the country. 3 million american workers getting bonuses due to the american tax cuts and job acts just in the last 30 days, that's quite significant. >> that's just what's been announced so far. >> many corporations have bigger plans. you have american companies
1:32 am
increasing wages and salaries at the most rapid rate in 18 years. you have u.s. manufacturing bringing back jobs at the fastest rate in 13 years and the list goes on and on and quite significant. for her to call that crumbs, show the democrats are out of touch. health -- heather, michael, i will let you respond. >> we don't have state and local tax deductions, it's nice to receive a bonus of a thousand dollars but when date start going up that's when it started prohibitive, i actually agree with you, congress they are out of touch, most congressmen and women will see salaries that most of us will never see. heather: we have this happen over the weekend, speaker paul ryan sent out a tweet because there was the secretary, this is what he says, secretary at public high school in lancanster
1:33 am
was surprised her pay went up, she said that will more than cover cosco membership for the year. he was being sincere on this and she was excited. >> paul ryan delete his embarrassing tweet because he and republicans don't want you to know the truth, the #gop tax scam is a gift to corporate america and top 1% at your expense and he also doesn't want you to know that he got $500,000 from the koch family. >> well, i look at beyond the tweets, if you look at the pelosi out of nancy plasy's party, i will take the party of paul ryan any day. you look at wages, stagnant under eight years, just since president trump took office wages have come up 3%, that's
1:34 am
the highest rate they've increased since 2009, that's not insignificant. the list goes on and on of trump accomplishments. heather: let's take a look at if the election were held today, which candidate would you vote for, 47 democratic and 45% republican and 3% other. comments like what nancy pelosi made is that hurting democratic party and benefiting republicans? >> no, i think both comments whether it's pelosi's or speaker ryan's, shows how congress has gotten broken, now you start to talk about the tax plan and one side has one view on it and the other has another and no one really knows what to believe anymore. i think that's the real disservice, we are seeing check out and not believe either side. heather: partisan divide is just so great. all right. >> i think with the collapse in the democrats lead they went
1:35 am
from 15-point lead down to 2% lead just in the last week, that's significant. ta tell me voters are not checked out and -- >> they shift every week. heather: polls shift and things happen every day with this administration, we will see what happens next. thank you both for joining us, appreciate it. great to have you here. some other headlines for you that we need to talk about going overseas now, north korea slamming president trump after he called out the rogue regime in a state of union address. north korea's missiles could threaten homeland, we are waging a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from ever happening. heather: the country's nuclear capability will deter trump from showing off in korean peninsula.
1:36 am
fred warmbier will be guest days after being recognized by the president at the state of the union. emotional moment there, his son otto spent 15 months at prisoner in north korea, fred and his wife detailing toferture on "fox & friends". >> he was blind, he was deaf, as we looked at him and try today comfort him, it looked like someone had taken a pair of plyers and rearranged his bottom teeth. heather: otto died several days after release. china slamming u.s. over nuclear policy, the pentagon plan creating smaller bombs while naming china as potential nuclear threat. now the country accusing the u.s. of using a quote, cold war
1:37 am
mentality. russia and iran also criticizing the new policy after being identified as potential threats. and spacex rocket launches are always a spectacular sight but we could soon be in for best show yet. >> three, two, one. heather: tomorrow the most powerful rocket in the world, the falcon heavy, that's what it's called will lift off from florida. no people will be inside, elon musk has placed tester rogue ster inside, cost a quarter million dollars, that's exciting, this is happening tomorrow. we will follow up on that. the time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour, quote, this nonsense really needs to stop, donald trump, jr., railing on pc police, why father and daughter dance was just canceled at one
1:38 am
school. ♪ ♪ heather: the commercials, door toes scoring big with star powered super bowl commercial. why the company is waking up though to controversy this morning. ♪ >> door toes blaze.
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heather: donald trump, jr. slamming slamming the cancellation of father-daughter dance, citing education mandate to eliminate gender-base activity, officials saying that the dance could leave people out or make them feel uncomfortable. if this doesn't cons vince you that the pcswj movement have lost their minds, i don't know what will. nonsense needs to stop. father-daughter dance canceled.
1:42 am
do you agree with donald trump, jr., e-mail us at one state may give children the green light to change their gender and race in school without telling their parents. policies call prohibition of discrimination and it would allow children from kindergarten to 12th grade to change gender identity and that includes participating in sports, using locker rooms and bathrooms based on chosen gender, the department of education is currently evaluating that proposal. now headlines for you, sanctuary state california testing a new program that will pay some residents just for living there, tracee carrasco from business network, new entitlement experiment, good morning, tracee. >> good morning, heather, residents in his city will be
1:43 am
getting $500, it's part of universal basic income and this will go to low-income residents, several hundred of them over the next few years and this is funded by these social or the economic security project, they'll be giving money to this and tracking how the people spend the money and there's no question on what they do with the money, it'll be starting this year and announced in october. heather: the eagles players just won super bowl, part of their money where it's going to go. tracee: yes, they get a bonus, $112,000, the patriots they get $56,000 and they're going to be paying, of course, federal taxes on this but they are getting a bit of a break from uncle sam because of the new tax code so they will be paying $41,000, the eagles will on this bonus money, that's down from 44,000 which was under the previous tax code. so -- but you still have the
1:44 am
factor state taxes which minnesota has pretty high state income taxes but still walking away with a a little bonus there. heather: $44 million. people are going crazy after hilarious doritos ad that aired in the super bowl? >> one of the highlights, this was a pepsco ad for two boast known brands doritos and mountain due, peter from game of thrones, buster rimes teaming up with against morgan freeman and missy elliot, doritos and mountain dew, these are pricey ads, they get to highlight two of big brands here and making a comeback from that previous disastrous ad with kendall jenner, remember that one? heather: yes, we will talk more about the super bowl.
1:45 am
apparently gronk's last, looking at retiring after super bowl. >> i am going to sit down in the next couple of weeks and see where i'm at. heather: has dealt with major injuries and despite being so sidelined so often, one of the greatest tight ends of all. great touchdown last night. time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour and fan furry, people riding in philadelphia streets to celebrate big super bowl win, we are live on the ground up next.
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heather: big game last night. did you catch it? chaos in philadelphia overnight. look at all those fans after, of course, their big wince, the eagles, the police trying to keep up with out of control fans, steve from phil, live on the ground with the latest. good morning, steve. >> i don't have good news but by the way i don't look fair and balance, i'm born and raised more than ten minutes from here and you see the date on the back of my jacket, that's how long it's been, you forgive me for being biased on fox which is never biased by the way, anyhow, this is what we like to do in the media, right, the macy's store right across the street from city hall and right to the right is front door of philadelphia city hall where the
1:50 am
tower you saw lit up during the game. but they got to the front door but they could not loot the store because we in philadelphia we know how to keep people out. they have a second set of doors with the cages, they smashed this door and the windows, took whatever they were wearing, probably was nice stuff and then you heard about people couldn't climb them and you can see, they are replacing the poles because half of dozen traffic lights have been knocked down. these are two main streets, they smashed the lights in and did stupid stuff. i was here in 2008 when the philly's won world series, a lot more damage then and a lot more looting then so philadelphia police knew how the tackle the problem then. only one arrest, i saw and that was a guy that were saving from getting into more trouble, just drunk and kept him safely on the
1:51 am
sidewalk, not a big deal, i know this looks bad, no were near as bad, no where near as bad as we saw ten years ago, hopefully when we win again, maybe one piece of broken glass in the city now that we know how to win. heather: glass half full, steve, what was your favorite play of the game? >> it had to be the touchdown of quarterback, they needed a first down or a touchdown, that coach, by the way lives around the corner from me, i've been a big fan for ten years, what a great call from doug peterson, i don't think anyone can doubt that he can coach in the nfl, heather. heather: did the play when he was in high school as well. thank you so much steve, love it, thanks. we will be right back, stay with
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earth -- heather: president trump wants to make a deal on immigration. the democrats doesn't. >> daca is absolutely easy to do and i don't think democrats want to take care of daca recipients. they've given up on daca and that's supposed to be theirs, it's ours because we are the
1:56 am
ones that are taking care of daca and not them. heather: so what's the next move for democrats on immigration and is there resistance, here to weigh in executive director mark, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> glass to be here. >> what's the move for democrats, what's the next move that they should make? >> i'm not sure that they have another move. the president gave them an enormous opportunity. he met them more than halfway with proposal that frankly i've been critical of and amnesty of just 2 million people, many more, keeping the waiting list for these chain migration categories so millions of additional people would be able to come in until the chain migration categories were eliminated, they had an opportunity to take the president up but they don't seem to be be able to take yes for an answer. i don't know what they do now
1:57 am
because i don't think that the least the president can accept is enough -- is something that they would be willing to acknowledge. heather: do you think they are doing it on purpose? >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know that it's parred of a plan, i think the democrats would be happy to get legal status, proper amnesty for the daca's but they aren't willing to make any meaningful concessions at all. the president is -- has basically said, look, we need to fix future immigration so it's less family oriented and i'm willing to document not just daca but millions if you meet me halfway. the democrats have thrown the daca's under the bus in order the keep chain migration. heather: another republican plan being presented today, we just had it up there, hint and coons, no funding for the border wall
1:58 am
reportedly. >> i don't understand what the point of that plan is because even that gang of 6 proposal that's now defunct but senator durbin proposed it a couple of weeks ago, even that one at least pretended to acknowledge the things the president said he needed to have. this one doesn't even pretend to try to work with the president. so it's not going anywhere. i don't even know what senator mccain is thinking. heather: so what needs to happen to bring both side together and what happens when march comes up and the daca deal is done? >> well, it may not be march because there was a law enforcement that's -- judicial ruling that's held up so march may not be a deadline but it'll come at some point, supreme court will consider it. they are going to overrule that ridiculous decision so it could be april or may, what's going to happen is people are going to start losing their work permits, about a thousand a day, daca's will lose permits, will that
1:59 am
focus the democrats' attention and make them more willing to cut a deal. i'm skeptical but that's really the only way anything is going to move on this, i think. heather: to one seems to be making a deal so far. we will see if that happens. heather: mark, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. that wraps it up for this hour of "fox & friends first", congrats to the eagles. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye bye. >> the goal here is to undermine the fbi, discredit the fbi, discredit the mueller investigation, do the president's bidding. >> it is monday february 5th, fallout from the fisa memo heating up as democrats wage in all out information war, will their version of this memo be released today? we are live in washington. >> headed down the wrong track, shocking new details about what
2:00 am
caused a deadly train crash, why investigators are now saying it could have been prevented. >> brady under pressure. escapes the sack. launching one for the end zone and incomplete. and philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. rob: one of the best super bowl games i have ever seen. food fights in convenient stores, celebrations turning rowdy over eagles big super bowl win. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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