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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  February 6, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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at @theingrahmangle. mrs. shannon breen and the fox news at 19, take it away. >> shannon: thank you very much, laura. here's what we have going on tonight. another memo heading to the white house. this time, it's the democrats. >> we think this will help inform the public about the inaccuracies in the majority may memo. >> shannon: ed henry is following the latest. a fight to keep the government funded. is another shutdown just days again? after months of breaking records, the markets are reeling. the dow more than a thousand points, the same day the president spent the afternoon touting his tax reform in ohio. should all high school students be forced to apply for college? some states say, yes. our legal eagles will debate that when night court convenes.
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hello, and welcome to "fox news at night." i'm shannon bream in washington. as the house intelligence committee votes tremendously to release the democratic memo that seeks to rebuff the surveillance abuse assertions. made in a four-page memo that devin nunes released last friday. whether or not the information ultimately becomes public will defend on president trump. the democrats commando has the same five day review period as the g.o.p. document. for a second time, steve bannon will not show up tomorrow to talk to the house intelligence committee. citing concerns about privilege some of the subpoena remaining in place. first, we've got team coverage following all of the day's breaking news. peter doocy looking at the
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dramatic drop. chad program working his sources on another short-term funding fell to avoid another government shutdown in days. we begin first with ed henry who is tracking the latest on the memo. >> one step closer to getting their memo about obama administration surveillance and the trump team out in the public. all the republicans on the house intel panel voted to release them in the interest of transparency, so now it's up to president trump, as you noted, whether he will allow the democratic memo to go public in the next five days as he allowed these be 18 republican memo to be released late last week. also breaking tonight, we are picking new information suggesting a second dossier put together by former british spy crispers deal with than dirt on then candidate from. digging into reports that an unnamed foreign resource gave negative information on candidates trump to an associate of bill and hillary clinton. cody
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-- he then gave it, yes, the steele, putting it together in the dossier. republican senators chuck grassley and lindsay glam lindsey graham sent a memo last month raising questions whether steele broke any laws in the handling of that first dossier funded by the clinton campaign and the dnc. now grassley has released an unclassified version of that terminal referral, and it mentions a second dossier declaring that it's troubling enough the democratic clamp funded to be 23's work, but these clinton associates were feeding mr. steele allegations, raising additional concerns to his credibility. steele's first dossier was used in that application for a fisa warrant to listen into carter page's call. nunes now seeming trying to figure out what role the obama state department may have played in all of this, and will release a second memo on that soon. as is democratic card and found
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adam schiff in his case what his memo should go public. >> are memo did not come to any conclusions, are as just facts. they have personal attacks on myself and chairman gowdy. >> it would be hard for them to block release on this. i am more concerned they make political reductions, not reductions. >> early today, he seemed to be in no mood to work with schiff, ripping him over twitter, calling him "a liar and the leaker" you're the president also boasted at a tax cut rally in ohio that republicans and democrats were caught in the act of spying on the trump team. schiff fired back saying the president should turn off the tv and focus on being the president. >> shannon: after months of the administration count of the best stock market surge in
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history, a very rocky patch for the markets. the worst day for stocks in nearly seven years has no doubt left some investors shaken. mondays nearly 1200. drop in the dow is rattling a lot of folks. a lot of markets gains are raised after two years of plunges. peter doocy joins us with the financial and political reaction. hey, peter. >> shannon, part of the reason the dow was able to hemorrhage almost 1600 points at one point this afternoon, one quickly so quickly. a lot of banks preprogrammed accounts sell shares that fall below a certain point. that kept happening this afternoon. even after the dow averaged inched above as low its lowest level today, still a record in the read. 1175 points down. that shatters the previous record for a one-day drop in points set in 2008 refer context, though, today's historic plunge doesn't come close to the record for the steepest percentage declines.
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today's was 4.6%, a fraction of the record still belongs to black monday, the 22% drop on october 19th 1987. still, there are new questions on whether or not the markets rose to high, too fast, what that might mean about inflation. >> we live in a far different kind of economy then we did even in 5-10 years ago because of companies like amazon out there, because of, you know, so much that you can get from china. i'm not not unworried, if you will, but i'm not -- i think, this is kind of normal, although abrupt, pull back. >> wall street has had a rough view, but in ohio this afternoon, president trump pointed to other economic indicators he says paints a rosier big picture. >> when i signed the tax cuts six weeks ago and set off a tidal wave of good news that continues to grow everything will day, before the
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incorporated was dried, companies were announcing thousands and thousands of new s investments to their investors. >> there are new questions how the wild dip in the average may make decisions about raising interest rates and the man who has as much impact as everyone else, the federal reserve chairman jerome powell, got a lot new data. today i can help inform his decision-making. just in time, his first day was today. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy, thank you very much. lawmakers on capitol hill meeting late into the evening, trying to be a thursday night deadline to fund the government, hoping to avoid yet another politically risky government shutdown. our senior capitol hill producer chad pilgrim joins us with the latest details. chad, what is the plan right now >> president trump: i've seen a lot of reaction that something has been introduced. some folks like it, some folks hate it. >> you thought that groundhog day was last week? apparently, it's this week.
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yes, we are dealing with yet another proposal to fund the government on an interim basis. get this. how long? six weeks. this is going to run through late march. what's going to happen is the house of representatives is going to try to move this bill tomorrow. this bill will increase defense spending. that something very important to defense hawks to get their votes for this bill and move it to the senate. that's not going to pass the smell test. people are going to say over there, you are going to increase defense spending, you have to increase nondefense spending. they will probably split that out and send it to the house of representatives. do they lose those votes on the republican side of the aisle, the defense spending is not there. can they turn to the democrats. remember, democrats aren't willing to vote for this bill. because there is no daca fix. they could run this right up to the deadline which is thursday night at 11:59 p.m. don't forget, shannon, democrats are supposed to go on the retreat across the bay bridge to cambridge maryland. i've been told they might keep
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the buses running and bring them back over here to the other side of the bay in case they have to vote late thursday night. but how they get out of this is a big question, because they need to get a cap steel. a cap steel deals with spending on both sides of the ledger, defense spending, nondefense spending for that might unlock everything. >> shannon: yeah. there's got to be a lot of horsetrading going on over here. as the president's said in the state of the union going on about daca negotiations, you've got to have some kind of compromise. we face another cliff to see if they can do that. i want to be sure to ask you something that you broke tonight as well. steve bannon was expected to testify tomorrow, at least speak with the house intelligence committee. you've got hence tonight he's not going to show up again? >> michael conway, republican of texas, he's been the one who's been leading that section of the investigation for the intelligence committee. he said earlier tonight that steve bannon remains under subpoena and he expected him to
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appear. but fox has learned late tonight that he would not appear. you remember a few weeks ago that he was actually in the committee answering questions and started to assert this privilege saying, wait a minute, i'm not going to talk about things that went on when i was in the white house. i'm not going to talk about things that happened during the transition. members of congress on both sides of the aisle said this is ridiculous. you cannot assert that type of privilege. they have article one oversight response abilities in the constitution. you cannot assert that there are no such privilege exists. they submitted a subpoena at that point. he didn't answer questions. they wanted him back a couple of weeks ago. he didn't come for now we are told they still haven't resolved that? yet again, steve bannon isn't going to come. what are the alternatives? they could move to hold him in contempt of congress. that could come at the committee level. that happened a few years ago with lois lerner, the former irs employee, before the house oversight incredibly committee. remember, they held eric holder, the former attorney general under barack obama
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>> shannon: we will watch the developments tomorrow. president trump has not been shy about touting the fuel injected stock market on his watch. so what now following two very tough days on the market looks like let's bring fox news politics editor and the editor of they have to report chris stirewalt. >> happy monday. >> shannon: you wrote about this. you already know? >> i may know something. okay, now it's changed. >> shannon: everybody wants to take credit when it's on the way up, but it's dangerous because at some point things do come down at some extent. >> the president's assessors to have worked in fact titus access to the success of markets. what goes up does come down. whether this is an -- whether we are starting to see the start of a bear market, you don't want to be in a position where the president was today where you are touting how good the news is and you see the screaming red arrows.
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seeing that he spent the half of your talking about the stock market or election of him, it's tough to talk about. >> shannon: you talk to somebody from the white house but we don't have it on video. ross shaw said this today. markets do fluctuate in the short-term, we do know that through -- they are heading to the right direction. he went on to say we are very excited about the strength of the economy. maybe a couple of days on the market, but a lot of economists and reading from today because this is not my forte, but reading from the expert that say, yes, the fund mental underpinnings of the economy point us in the right direction, in spite of this. >> remember when the bush immigration administration -- nothing is more important to the overall health and success of a president and his administration then how will the economy is doing, that's the single largest factor.
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they have to be careful not to turn into the sort of dumbed down version of peter marie c. you don't want to be out there gauging the markets, you aren't running -- stick to your netting, talk to your policy, talk about things that you are doing, talk about what the president was doing today. talk about these are real people really benefit from our policies. >> shannon: how much does the seed this function, uncertainty about all of these funding clips and how things are going to be resolved, budget caps, how much does that factor into how the market gets a little bit jittery? >> when bill clinton -- the trump and clinton presidency start to look a lot more alike. we are seeing a lot more parallels between the two as they go on. bill clinton dealt with a similar version of this which was bond markets crushed him and his efforts in the early going because people said that the debt is too high, the spending is too high. i think we are starting to see something similar here. we are going to run our first trillion dollar -- big to basically a trillion dollar deficit. 84% jump in deficit year after
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year. there is some foundation what you are talking to chad and peter about. why can't this congress -- it's republican-controlled, why can't they just find it. democrats did poorly on the first round of the shutdown. as this goes on. if markets are intolerant of washington dysfunction and how things get spent and how things get done and these things are all going poorly, i think you will see the president more eager to make a deal. >> shannon: in a lot of folks asking why republicans seem to be spending at the same way that democrats did as well through its bigger differences only matter when it's the other guy. >> shannon: fred warm beer, the father of auto warm -- as a guest of the vice president. otto was just 22 years old when he died after a 17 month long imprisonment in north korea. they were guest of president trump where he recognized them as "incredible people." he will also emphasize solidarity with allies in the
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region and urge them to keep up the pressure on north korea's rug regime. the president and first lady traveled to ohio today. their message, america is open for business. he highlighted the tax cuts as a center of the improving app in the the -- despite the dow closed nearly 12,000 points down today. >> your paychecks are going way up. your taxes are going way down. pretty amazing. but we got it done. not easy. and we had, by the way, we had no democrats. we had nobody. not one. >> shannon: first lady also spent time in ohio visiting a children's hospital where she was briefed on the opioid epidemic. you can see, spent time greeting the kids and playing with the children. officials say a railway signaling system was down for maintenance, causing that deadly
12:16 am
train crash in south carolina sunday. and cse chairman robert zumwalt said the upgrades left the system which could've prevented the crash in operable. he said if the system had been fully operational, it's likely the amtrak passenger train from new york would've avoided hitting that parked freight train. two people were killed. more than 100 have been injured. the republicans be 24 memo followed continues now. it is the democrats' turn as the memo heads to president trump's desk. a former fbi agent, now a member of congress, ryan fitzpatrick is here. he joins us now. a suspected drug dialer suspected of stealing, killing two people, including indiana -- they say he's an illegal immigrant and he's been deported more than once. when the court convenes, a law would make applying for college monitory. our legal eagles will tackle our legal eagles will tackle both sides of that. whoooo.
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great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. >> shannon: the democrats' counter memo to the republican memo is on its way to the white house tonight for this evening, the committee voted unanimously to release it. former fbi -- great to have you
12:21 am
with us tonight. okay, what do you make of this? this wasn't a partisan decision. plenty of republicans supported it, getting the democrat side out as well. >> if it supports transparency, it's gotta be complete transparency. you can't have one mental release without the other. we make sure it's declassified. no at the fax out to the american people and let them be the judge. >> shannon: what do you make of this conversation, a lot of people are wondering how this impacts morale. we heard folks that say, i heard from agencies that they are happy this is happening to her they want this to be cleaned up. they file they are under partisan attack at all times and they think that it's in some ways the cards are discrediting them. >> it breaks my heart for the overwhelming majority of people who go in the fbi go in there because they are not political.
12:22 am
they want to serve in law enforcement contacts, -- great people work there. i am blamed the extreme partisans on both sides for this. what we need to do is stick to the fax instead of the >> shannon: phil mod, who was talking about what he's hearing from inside the fbi and how he thinks this will play out. here's what we said. >> mr. president, you've been around for 13 months. i've been around since 1908. we know how this game is going to be played. we are going to win. >> shannon: that would justify the allegations the president is making, there is some shadowy deep state working against him. when you hear something like that, it sounds like a threat. is that over reading it? >> people need to turn down the rhetoric. it's not helping things. this is a very, very serious situation we are dealing with.
12:23 am
fisa is incredibly important. the whole reason this process is important is because section 702 and title 7, i worked very hard, along with several of my colleagues, to get that route authorized , or authorize. if we are going to have great ability in that argument, we have to call that which makes it a title 1 and title 3, title 1 being electronic surveillance, title 3 being physical surveillance of people on u.s. soil but we have to be honest in the discussion and get this out. >> shannon: the democratic memo, as i understand it, goes to the white house with the same vetting process. the attorney says it's a five day window. there've been some concerns raised by congressman schiff, the ranking democrat on the house intel saying i want to make sure any reductions or changes they make at the white house are not political in nature. senate minority leader chuck schumer said this today. "the schiff memo was based on the same underlying docs as the
12:24 am
nunes memo. if he refuses, the american people will be forced to wonder what is he trying to hide." >> all of that talk is unfortunate. the g.o.p. memo, i can tell you. i've read it. it's factual. there's no conclusions drawn. it recounts the facts based on testimony. i read the democratic memo today. it's going to be more challenging to release that unredacted because our sources and methods contained therein, there's a lot of footnotes, so it's going to require some reductions. i think the important thing is the facts that are contained in the g.o.p. memo put in the proper context vis-a-vis the democratic memo. >> you and i are both florida state football fans, a lot in common. at the same time, there are reports of defense agency that lost track of hundreds and millions of dollars, maybe more. a supreme court makes a decision
12:25 am
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>> shannon: a sad note marking a weekend of celebration in the week of pro sports with the death of indianapolis colts player edwin jackson. allegedly behind the wheel, a illegal immigrant who has been deported twice, at least very trace gallagher's been digging. he's joining us now. >> edward jackson was a passenger in an uber on i-70 in marion county, indiana. he felt sick and as the driver to pull over when both men got out of the car, police say a ford f-150 truck went up onto the emergency shoulder, striking the car and the men, killing both. the force of the men, collision threw one of the victims into the middle of i-70, and a state
12:30 am
trooper who found the wreck also struck a body. the driver fled the scene but was copying he has been edified as men well -- he did not have a valid driver's license and his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. he's being held pending charges. here's edwin jackson's football at westlake high in atlanta. watch. >> he didn't start at westlake. he walked on a georgia georgia dominic southern hard worker. >> his indianapolis colts teammates were stunned by the news with a team saying, he was well-respected with all whom he crossed paths, he will be greatly missed in our locker room and throughout our entire organization." along with the grief, there is
12:31 am
outrage. vice president and former indiana governor mike pence called it a senseless and avoidable tragedy. indianola we must do more to get these dangerous, illegal criminals off of our street and guarantee this never happens again by building the wall, ending sanctuary cities, stopping legal immigration once and for all." immigration activists accusing the sum of politicizing the immigration status when the real culprit, they say, is drunk driving to and many are quick to point out that he shouldn't have been drinking and driving in the u.s. because he shouldn't have been in the u.s. shannon. >> shannon: just a tough story all the way around. traits, thank you very much. u.s. supreme court allowing a congressional redistricting plan in pennsylvania to proceed. democratic law makers getting a hold on a state court order to redraw the boundaries in two
12:32 am
weeks with 18 congressional seats at steak, this could afford control of u.s. congress in this fall's midterm election. just as president trump pushing for massive increase in the pentagon's budget, new audits at the defense department has lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars, may be more prenational security correspondent jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> the pentagon cannot account for $800 million, that to a shocking internal audit of a defense logistical agency done by ernst & young. the department of defense continues to have unresolved accounting issues and is unable to provide sufficient evidential support for complete and accurate financial statements on a timely basis. raising questions about how the pentagon is managing taxpayer money. the white house plans to ask for billions more for defense on top of its current $700 billion budget. the largest in the federal bureaucracy. last year, the pentagon
12:33 am
comptroller ordered an audit for the first time ever. >> it's been clear to me for 25 years. they never follow the money. everybody respects the military and they ought to. they put those lives on their line for our freedoms and liberties. we ought to. they get too much leeway because of that respect. >> ernst & young found that the agency which oversees pentagon purchasing and has been compared to walmart failed to document $800 million in construction projects. they employ 25,000 people and processes 100,000 orders a day. a spokesperson for the agency responded. "dla concurs with ernst & young's assessment to fail our tracking for funding projects." " there is no loss of accountability of real property or associated funding. some aspects are willing to give dla the benefit of the doubt.
12:34 am
>> if you take a look at some of the i.t. systems for its accounting and financial system, the date back to the 1960s, 1970s. because they don't have the probit augmentation for it does not necessarily mean there's anything wasteful or fraudulent being done here. >> for the past ten years, defense secretary after defense secretary has tried to begin a complete audit of the pentagon. by law, they were supposed to complete one by december 31st. now we are learning the cost of such an audit could top more than a billion dollars. shannon? >> shannon: jennifer griffin for us from the pentagon. thank you. from the fbi to talking head, we will debate what was really behind an fbi agents public, dramatic resignation. and president trump claims victory in his fight over standing for the national anthem following the super bowl. >> we've made a lot of improvements, haven't we? that's a big improvement!
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12:39 am
but the alternative of remaining quiet while the bureau is tarnished for political gain is impossible. and today, a couple of .. in my badge and leaving an organization i love. he emerged from his self-imposed regulation as a cnn commentator. welcome, gentlemen. >> good evening. >> shannon: something interesting noted here. conservative review says nowhere in the article that it was -- campbell resents himself someone unattached to the political situation, leaving out the fact that he has a huge, vested interest in defending comey. doesn't matter? >> i will tell you how a look at it. imagine for a moment that tomorrow someone named jack marshall write something for the
12:40 am
washington times and says i have left the beer real because i think there is a bias against president trump. he became a fox contributor. i don't think anyone's audience would question his credibility. he would be a hero, wessel >> shannon: what if he didn't anybody that he was an assistant to chris faure? or in the middle of this humongous dispute -- do you think it's an important fact? >> i'm assuming that's not how he wanted to define himself. >> shannon: the assistant to jim call me? okay. let me just refer to you. >> in one respect, i admire what he did. he attached his name to the comments and sent it to "the new york times" instead of leaking into "the new york times" like james
12:41 am
comey den, information he wanted to get out there. if you read through the piece he wrote, it's maddening. the fbi, the pfizer court is in great court -- there's nothing wrong with the fbi because it is the fbi. he is assuming that the fbi doesn't have a bad p.r. problem right now. and they do. the reason they have a bad p.r. problem is not because donald trump and these people are pointing out these things, there are really bad things as it happened. it put their credibility, a lot of top agents's credibility into question. and not the least which came out in this memo. everybody would be a lot better served if we step back and tried to fix the problems instead of just saying, well, there are no problems here. >> shannon: i want to make sure we get to you on your second topic, kneeling for the
12:42 am
national anthem, standing for the national anthem. here's what the president said today. >> when one team, one people, one family, we are saluting one great american flag and everybody stood up yesterday. there was nobody kneeling at the beginning of the super bowl! we made a lot of improvements, haven't we? >> shannon: did the president went back one on the cultural war? quick one from both of you. >> i'm going to preface this with two weeks. one, i'm not the biggest fan of kneeling without impugning anyone's motives, because, all right. when i watch the nfl like yesterday, i want funny ads and the game. it's the last vestige of peace and quiet. but i do have to admit that -- i don't know who the enemy is, but he has won this battle. >> trump calls himself a cheerleader. it's a victory. like -- >> his billing their own or friends. i don't understand bob kraft,
12:43 am
jerry jones... >> if you leave the moral exercise alone and just play football, you get to the super bowl per than somebody wins. it's great. >> shannon: gentlemen, we went back because both of you are here. in the case of destiny's child, some high school students mapping out their future is whether they like it or not. we are going to take the issue in that court. the eagles have waited, but the fans are still flying high. what's next for these guys in green and their you know what they say about the early bird...
12:44 am
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>> shannon: time now for a night court. on the docket, the future is now. lawmakers for new mexico where proposing that in order to graduate, high school juniors in the state would be required to commit themselves to finding a job or internship are the exceptions would include the military or vocational training. the goal may be laudable to increase college enrollment, especially the first generation and the minority students, they say that's what it's all about for the critics say that the legislation would include no funding for the mandate, no guarantee of extra guidance counselors to help students apply to college. to make that case, a former prosecutor and now a trial attorney, and mercedes cohen, criminal defense attorney and fox news legal annulus. welcome to you both. >> great to be here.
12:48 am
>> shannon: this bill comes to us, they point to a school to try this in texas and they say college application and acceptance was up 11% with these kids appear they want people to give it a try. this is what the bill says by the local school board challenges each high school student wants the opportunity to develop a next step plan based on reports of college and workplace readiness available and other factors. it is reasonably informed about the financial benefits of graduating from college and the availability of financial aid. david, why is that not a good idea? >> i know millennials are a special generation that need to be guided along more than previous generations, but give me a grade. what is the government going to stop dictating to now adults on how they should live their live lives? look how many successful people we've had in our society that have not graduated society. eight u.s. presidents, bill gates, sheldon adelson, the founder of wendy's, and the list goes on.
12:49 am
to force people to go through a government dictated, either you need to to go to vocational scl or you need to go to college, is really putting people in the little box and limiting their creativity. it's really the government dictating how adult should live their lives. it's going to far and not letting people decide what makes them happy. it may be college and money doesn't make somebody happy. maybe people have a different purpose in the world. the law is well intended, but it's overstepping its bounds and not allowing children to decide what they want to do as adults. >> shannon: there are a lot of options here. military, there are options of apprenticeship. they want to see, mercedes, you have some sort of plan. our own cat temps writes this in the national review. there's reasons why this is stupid. you live in a society you could be a very good dumb youtube star beside stomach despite being very uneducated. who says that one of these kids and going to be one of those? >> i blame it on helicopter
12:50 am
parenting, participation trophies. the younger generation has to be spoon-fed and light along. it's a great idea to do this. if you look at statistics, there's a really dark statistics when you talk about people that don't have college degrees. first, most -- 9 out of 10 adults that are pulled out of poverty don't have a college degree. when you look at unemployment, it's doubled the rate of people who don't have college degrees don't have jobs. these are stark statistics. frankly, the younger generation should have some idea. by the time they are 17-18 years old, they should have some idea but this is a junior in high school as to what they want to do. you are exactly right. you've got lots of opportunities. you can join the military, you can go and do some internship. go to college. it's not that the legislation says you have to go to college for there are those other options for those kids. >> shannon: a lot of the proponents of the say, listen, for a lot of students who are in economically depressed areas or
12:51 am
may be they are first-generation students, they aren't even consider writing, they say some of them, this idea of college, they don't need to apply, they don't think they even have a shot at that. by forcing them to consider it and it may expand their horizons about how they think about their future. >> i think college is a wonderful thing. there's a lot of things about college and the debt crisis that follows it that might not be right for children of lesser means. maybe they need to go to work before they need to figure out what they need to do in life. not every child who becomes a student now needs to inherit six-figure debt. we live in an era were college education has become extremely expensive. is the state going to say you must apply to college? great. what is the state going to do to make sure that it's one, a worthy education, that students want to go get in the marketplace, two, when they can afford, there's a return to the government? to push it and mandate it is the
12:52 am
first step. what's next? you are going to tell students what degree they need to major in? that's better for the state, better for jobs, that particular community, or would we now get into personal freedoms we aren't letting people just be people and figure their way out in life. that's a lie. life is part of the struggle for the struggle is what makes this unique. >> shannon: mercedes, let me ask you quickly. who pays for this? every college and law school i applied to cost me a lot of money and sometimes you just don't have it. is this something the state should pay for? is at the taxpayers wondering what mike what about application vehicle expect speak of the students are going to have to pay. the upside is much greater. we are talking about a lot of -- as an immigrant daughter, education was pushed on all six of us. it was pushed on us on education, education, education for the could make a difference if you have the education. >> shannon: we thank you very much for presenting your
12:53 am
arguments. we want to hear from folks at home. let us know on twitter which way you would rule in this case and why. coming up, it's a question the supreme court may never be eagle to resolve. is there a constitutional right to waive your middle finger at a law enforcement officer? mark mae of indiana has filed a federal lawsuit after a state trooper gave him a provocation citation. all because he made the obscene gesture after he claims the officer cut him off in traffic. his lawyer labeled "flipping the bird," "expressive conduct fully protected by the federal government." birds of another feather, two words to make the most stone-faced football fan weep with joy: free beer. the super bowl party that's only just getting started.
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oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ >> shannon: a promise last summer is now about to become a winter windfall thanks to a
12:58 am
super bowl victory for the philadelphia eagles, who returned home after the dramatic win. the football teams right tackle wayne johnson pledged back in august of his team won the big game, he would give free beer to the city's fans. with a win over the new england patriots, this bud is for you, you, and you. thousands of beer lovers hoping for a second hangover. the brewery agreed and has agreed to pick up the sudsy tab. they swarmed the streets. an awning at a four star hotel collapsed after too many people climbed aboard that. a police chief said he was hit by a bottle, he said came and came from some "idiot." a city wide parade be held thursday. no animals were harmed amid the celebration, despite a viable claim on social media.
12:59 am
the philadelphia zoo tweeting this... here's what to watch for tomorrow. president trump will participate in a law enforcement roundtable. vice president mike pence is sent to head to japan. he will attend a meeting of the ministry of defense there. tuesday is also ronald reagan date and celebration of reagan's birthday. and my mom's birthday, too. down in tallahassee, florida. we thank you for watching us tonight. a lot of news coming in on the memo. to recap the democrat's b6 was voted unanimously. it will go to the white house for the same legal scrubbing that was done with the g.o.p. memo and we'll watch to see. the president has five days, the white house to make sure to see if it will be publicly released. democrats think of the president doesn't release it, he will have
1:00 am
people wondering why. we'll see what he decides and bring it to you, the very latest on "fox news @ night." for tonight, most-watched, most trusted, and most grateful you spent the eveni >> dow jones industrial average falling more point is otherwise than it ever has in history. >> anyone with a connection or done any work, positive or otherwise in russia, constantly sort of the number one target for attacks. it was a liability pretty quick. >> house intel committee voted unanimously to release a democratic counter memo. >> nancy pelosi said that his crumbs. this is not a good day for nancy pelosi. >> it is easy to be overwhelmed


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