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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 6, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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people wondering why. we'll see what he decides and bring it to you, the very latest on "fox news @ night." for tonight, most-watched, most trusted, and most grateful you spent the eveni >> dow jones industrial average falling more point is otherwise than it ever has in history. >> anyone with a connection or done any work, positive or otherwise in russia, constantly sort of the number one target for attacks. it was a liability pretty quick. >> house intel committee voted unanimously to release a democratic counter memo. >> nancy pelosi said that his crumbs. this is not a good day for nancy pelosi. >> it is easy to be overwhelmed by all that is going on on the
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world stage and at home. i know that. i get overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day. ♪ ♪ >> what is true, what is not, we will get into that but memogate continues to unfold. you are watching "fox and friends" first on tuesday morning. let's get right to the top story. the battle over the memos is intensifying. the release of the democrats version in donald trump's hands just hours after the house until committee votes to unseal it. give jenkins live in dc with details unfolding at this hour.
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>> reporter: the committee voted unanimously to release the memo seeking to rebut the republican memo the details fbi surveillance, whether or not democrats bill becomes light of day, and the public gets to see it is going to be up to the president who has five days to decide whether to declassify it. the same review period is the gop document which the president was touting on the road in ohio yesterday. >> we catch them in the act or what? did we catch them in the act. they are very embarrassed and never thought they were going to get caught, we can't. the great sleuth. >> top democrat on the intelligence committee says he has given a copy of the counter memo to the doj and fbi out of concern for national security reasons and is calling on the white house not to make any reductions based on partisan
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politics. >> our memo in terms of sources and methods, want to make sure those in the best position have the opportunity to do so and make sure the white house does not redact our memo for political purposes. >> the chairman of the until committee, devon nunez, continued to remind americans last night why all of this matters. >> this is what the fbi used to cooperate which is very dangerous to take political dirt paid for by the hillary campaign and use it against your political opponent is open an investigation. >> we are also learning two senators sent a criminal referral to the doj regarding the author of that dossier, christopher seal. >> like something from the movies but it is actually happening. give jenkins, thank you. democrats are waging an all-out information war throwing the power of their party behind
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their intelligence memo, syndicated radio host mark levin is calling aniston to protect the one person no one is looking at yet, former president barack obama. >> now we know why they are fighting so hard. now we know why the praetorian guard democrat media are fighting so hard trashing devon nunez, me, you and that is. who are they trying to protect? hillary clinton, barack obama. his name never comes up. let me help everybody with this. loretta lynch knew about these warrants, yates, the deputy attorney general, the extensions, rob rosenstein, now the deputy attorney general, he knew. fbi director comey, deputy director mccaleb, strzok, page, his girlfriend. who else would have known about these fisa applications and warrants? looking at the department of justice we are not looking at
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all at the white house. >> republican senators chuck grassley and lindsey graham are now calling on deputy attorney general rob rosenstein to launch a criminal investigation into christopher steele, the former british intelligence officer behind the trump dossier. and that will continue. foxbusiness alert, the tao plunging more than 1000 points, the biggest 1-day drop in history. the blue chip index dipping below 24,000, wiping out all of this year's gains sending the market's fear gauge to a ties level since 2011, should we be worried? peter morici joins us live to answer that question. i want to ask about that fear gauge too, donald trump touting his saxophone plan in ohio slamming nancy pelosi for
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calling thousands of dollars in savings for middle-class americans crumbs. >> your paychecks are going way up. your taxes are going way down. and right now for the first time in a long time and you have seen it factories are coming back so nancy pelosi again said that his crumbs. she is a rich woman who lives in a big beautiful house in california who wants to give all of your money away and she talked about crumbs. >> the president compared nancy pelosi to hillary clinton's deplorable comments and called the house minority leader, quote, secret weapon in the midterm elections. live look at capitol hill right now, that is where a lot of work is being done or supposed to be. the house votes today on an interim spending bill to avoid
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another government shutdown in two days but yet again democrats refused to budge on daca. kelly right with what we can expect today. >> reporter: the bottom line is time is running out, house republicans met last night to discuss plans for funding the government, sources tell fox they are considering a new extension through march 22nd including funding the military and extending community health centers. >> there isn't much time to waste and yet speaker ryan is again considering a short-term extension of funding for domestic priorities but a long-term extension and large increase of funding for defense. >> placement democrats for the government shutdown over daca, a program that protect young people brought to this country illegally by their parents, donald trump set a deadline of march 5th for congress to act on that matter. senators john mccain and chris
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boone have presented a bipartisan immigration plan to address. >> it lays out a plan, a pathway toward securing control of the border by 2020 and i expect in order for this to be embraced by republicans as the solution that will get us moving towards fully funding domestic and defense spending we will need to add some border funding to it. >> reporter: the white house reject the current plan because it fails to end chain migration and the diversity visa program and does not provide funding for building the border wall. >> we are building the wall, believe me, don't even think about it. the ones that don't want security at the southern border or any other border are the democrats, they don't care about the security of our country, the don't care about ms 13 killers
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pouring into the country. >> the president tweet toed yesterday urging democrats to make a deal on daca and avoiding the government shutdown. heather: we will talk about that as well, thank you, appreciate it. other fox news alert, a community lining the streets to pay respect to a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. colorado deputy michael flick was responding to a call about a stolen vehicle outside apartment complex, he was approached by the suspect and shot and killed. that suspect shot and killed at the scene, two of the deputies and the police officer shot and wounded, being described as an outstanding detectives, he leaves behind his wife and 7-year-old twins. he died on his 11th anniversary with the department, he is the third sheriff's deputy in that state to be killed since december 31st so our prayers are
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out there. the black box has been recovered from the amtrak train that slammed head on into a parked freight train in south carolina. two people were killed and more than 100 injured. ntsb officials hope to find out why the switch operated by the other train's company sent the amtrak onto a side rail. officials say the disaster could have been avoided altogether if the gps-based safety system had been in place to slow the train down. and in just a few hours vice president mike pence will arrive in tokyo to strengthen the alliance against north korea, he will meet with japanese prime minister chin so a about keeping pressure on kim jung un about the nuclear weapons program before the vice president heads to south korea for the winter games. >> we are traveling to the olympics to make sure north
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korea doesn't use the powerful symbolism as a backdrop of the winter olympics to paper over the truth about their regime. >> he has not ruled out meeting with north korean officials. leaving the door open for talks with north korea at the winter olympic secretary of state rex to listen. >> whether or not there is an opportunity for a meeting with north korea we will see what happens. >> the rogue nation sending several athletes and officials to the games in south korea which began on friday. tillerson has said diplomacy is the best way to handle the regime as it billed its nuclear program. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. terrorists may change their tactics but their core mission is still the same.
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>> most disturbing and what keeps you up at night is very real. >> shocking new warning about isis plans to bring down a passenger plane. the tao opening in a few hours after the biggest drop in history. is a cause for concern or just the natural flow of the market. our next guest says there is no need to panic. what happened? hillary clinton taking her blame game to a new level, wait until you hear this. ♪ ♪ drives me crazy ♪
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appointments available now. >> foxbusiness alert, stock market taking a major hit after seeing the tao plunged over 1000 points. what does that mean for your wallet and should we be worried just yet? peter morici, thank you for joining us this morning, love to
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have you with us. so this was the worst week in two years, the dow wiped out its 2018 games with its fullback monday. should we be worried? >> we go through corrections from time to time. the trump rally was so continuous with very little volatility but this is a normal thing that happens in markets, we will probably go down further and then start to recover. the fundamentals of the market are still very good. >> this was the largest single day drop in wall street history. if we could pull the graphic up one more time, the biggest drop since august 2015 when the dow fell 1089 points. what caused that, do you remember? >> in 2008 that was the financial crisis, we had very different conditions zen. we had the mortgage crisis, banks were in a great deal of
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trouble. there is no reason to believe our banks are in any difficulty, that loans are not going to be repaid. the fundamentals of the economy are very strong. normally in a week first quarter in these recent years, by all indications the first quarter growth is going to be strong, tax cuts will kick income investments going to pick up. there is no reason to believe profitability is going to be up in the first quarter, we have very good soundings on that and it will likely continue increasing and profits drive the market long-term. in 2008 we had hypervaluations in excess of what we have now and looking at what we pay for earnings, the price-to-earnings ratio. jillian: what about the fear gauge? people here fear gauge and it has gone up 115%. what is that? >> there are measures of how concerned people at the stock exchange and money managers are. and they become complacent, not
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hard to go up 115%. ten days ago if you read the wall street journal it said everybody thinks the market can only go up and money managers usually hedge their positions in case there is a market decline and it is a waste of money. if everybody thinks it is going to go up and that is a sure sign that we are going to have a correction because that is how that works and once that happens everybody panics and that is what happened yesterday and i expect the herd to keep running for a while. i don't we are done with this correction. >> what do you think will happen today? the fear of the growing inflation but what about the political climate as well? >> the growing inflation is not present. just because interest rates rise with inflation doesn't mean
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rising interest rates mean inflation. why are interest rates going up? the answer is the fed is raising rates so they get to a more normal level now we are out of the crisis but only talking about raising it 3% because they don't see a lot of inflation. it is that simple. wages are growing at their most rapid pace in years, 2.9%. productivity growth gives you inflation of less than 2% which is the fed's target, nothing to worry about on the inflation front and again investors like to have news. >> a lot of news out of this administration when we have fear of another government shutdown and that type of thing but you said don't worry, don't run for the hills yet. >> a government shutdown, who cares? they keep so many things open that basically it is the regulators staying home. that is good for the economy. they are traffic controllers work, the roads work and all that, there's nothing to worry
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about is my view. heather: we like your views. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the man at the center of the controversial surveillance memo setting the record straight. >> anyone who had any connection or done any work, positive or otherwise in russia, the number one target for attack. >> the exclusive interview with carter page that you won't see anywhere else and donald trump turning up the heat on the un-american democrats who refuse to stand during the state of the union address. carly shimkus up next with reaction. ♪
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heather: welcome back to "fox
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and friends" first, treasonous, donald trump calling out democrats refusing to stand during his state of the union address. >> they were like this, and an american, un-american, somebody said treasonous. i guess, why not? >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the reaction. >> that comment sparking an explosion of reaction answers the media, many think the president's characterization of democrats committing treason has taken things a step too far. folks behind twitter handle decided to two definition of the word saying treason is the offensive acting to overthrow one's government or to harm and kill its sovereign, not refusal to applaud. cannot social media said the president is spot on saying using the phrase is miles, he could think of more additives that are appropriate ways to describe democrats. in the middle saying i don't know if there un-american for
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not applauding his speech but they are differently un-american for not applauding tax cuts, healthcare for the va and on and on. jillian: they didn't stand up for jobs or -- hillary clinton blaming something else again for losing. >> we heard this but not for a long time, hillary clinton blamed her election lost on sexism. take a listen. >> if you read my book about what happened, know that i think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign. one of the contributing factors and some of it was old-fashioned sexism. >> clinton's opponents are sounding off on social media jenna says actually it is all the corruption, deceit and lies, the american people just can't take anymore. and this comment a couple days after having to defend herself for not firing a former campaign staffer after it was revealed he
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was accused of sexual misconduct. >> the controversy continues over a year later. michelle bachman not running for senate because god answered her. >> here is what she said. she said it has become very clear to me that i wasn't hearing any call from god to do this. she revealed earlier she was mulling over running for our frank and's vacant senate seat, now it looks like she is not doing that. some of her supporters disappointed the mother people saying that is okay, if it didn't happen it is not going to happen. >> time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour and government shutdown déjà vu. does the bipartisan effort to keep the government open stand a chance without funding for the wall. political panel on deck to debate that. canadian prime minister justin trudeau creating a firestorm by trying to be gender inclusive. >> going to change the future of
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mankind. >> we would like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind to be more inclusive. >> the pc lecture spiraling out of control. ♪
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>> back with a foxbusiness alert or fox news alert, the threat of isis bombing a passenger plane packed with americans is very real, the house homeland security committee chairman goal ♪ call issuing the morning calling for immediate action to shore up security at airports. >> most disturbing and what keeps you up at night question, the crown jewel of aviation, they may not be able to hijack, the threat is very real. >> congressman mc call says the us must deploy more next-generation airport security scanners but can't because they
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are caught up in bureaucratic red tape. we are now learning the suspected drunk driver who killed an nfl player was in the country illegally. indiana state police say the guatemalan national had been deported twice and had a previous dui conviction. he is accused of plowing into the car carrying linebacker edwin jackson and his uber driver killing them both before fleeing the scene and giving officers a fake name. his blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit in indiana and is waiting charges. he was deported from san francisco in 2007, and 2009. a central figure in the fisa controversy slamming effects from dossier saying it is riddled with lies to surveilled the trump camp. in an exclusive interview carter page says he never met with a russian businessman as claimed
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in the dossier. >> anyone who had any connection or ever done any work positive or otherwise in russia was constantly the number one target for attack so it became a liability pretty quick. i gave a speech and there was one senior government official who spoke after me, he was walking out of the building after he gave his speech and we had a brief conversation for less than ten seconds. it was an exchange of pleasantries. a lot of the things he was talking about you could tell there were positive opportunities on the horizon in terms of us/russian relations. i had never met sessions in my life. heather: the memo alleges the anti-trump dossier funded by the clinton campaign and the dnc was driving force behind the warrant to conduct surveillance of page.
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former british by behind a fake report going to extremes to avoid answering questions on both sides of the atlantic ocean. the explosive allegations linking the trump camp to russia a no-show in a london courtroom skipping a deposition and multimillion dollar case against buzzfeed, published the anti-trump dossier. then there is steve bannon who is expected to skip the house intelligence committee appearance today despite having a subpoena. the former advisor to the president will not show up because the committee and white house have not come to agreement on what questions would be asked by the panel. this is the decision that could risk and being held in contempt of congress if he fails to comply. we will keep an eye on that. john mahoney best known as the
1:34 am
down to earth recliner loving father on fraser has died. >> you are always wanting to change your hair. i am so sick of my hair. >> mahoney playing the role of martin crane for 11 years on the popular sitcom, he pathway in chicago after battling cancer. john mahoney was 77 years old. back to one of our top stories donald trump calling out the latest bipartisan immigration proposal is a total waste of time after john mccain introduced a plan that does not include funding for the border wall. the president made it very clear there is no deal without it. does a bill like this stand a chance? joining me his republican strategist, thank you for joining us. that is a good starting point. does it stand a chance? >> they knew that what donald
1:35 am
trump stands for is the wall. there would be no -- no deal without a wall. the fact that they would have nerve to submit something that doesn't even address funding for the wall is unbelievable. with that said do i think there could be a deal struck? yes i do. donald trump, they want to spending for the wall and we have daca, the dreamers, they want to be protected, a lot of moving pieces that need to be solved and it is up to the legislator to get this done and bring something and trump will find it. heather: strategically, why would john mccain introduced this, they know too it is not going to stand a chance so why do it? >> that is what i don't understand. a lot of people are saying this is a slap in the face because
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for mccain to actually join hands with somebody to do a piece like this that does not include funding for the wall, it is absolutely beyond me why they would introduce it because if there was a question about it saying i will not find anything if there is no funding for the wall. heather: here is what is in their bill, the permanent legal status to pre-2013 dreamers, annual $110 million border security grant for five years, 55 judges for three years. >> these are things they want, that is fine but only $100 million -- what is that compared
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to the $25 billion he requested for funding for the wall? how far to the democrats, the other part of this with mccain, how far does anyone want to hang daca out to dry? this is their main deal. what do they do? what are they playing around with? you can bring a bill and have addendum's to it or whatever. why delay the process when you have dreamers scared, now you have irritated him. i don't know what john mccain -- he is the republican that crafting this with the democrats. >> has to get 60 votes past the house, definitely won't do that, then back to the senate, they have to add things down.
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appreciate it. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. the overseas markets opening in red gilly giving us an idea where we stand after the historic tao drop on wall street. what you can expect in a few hours. $800 million of your tax dollars in thin air by the pentagon. how did that happen? look at this, a new person the world may not be ready for self driving cars just yet. ♪ maybe i love you ♪
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heather: welcome back. a major pentagon agency losing track of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.
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the defense logistics agency could not account for $800 million in construction projects. the pentagon admitting to the issue saying, quote, while there were shortcomings in documentation there was no loss of accountability of real property or associated funding, whatever that means. the navy in the meantime is testing a new ship that can travel thousands of miles without a single crew member on board. it is, see hunter, 132 foot self driving vessel, and hostile submarines. and less than a crew run the ship, later this year. the reopened cold case into the death of natalie wood, growing by the day, demanding some
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answers from her former husband and actor robert wagner, a person of interest. >> doesn't add up to what we found. what they have seen and heard. >> they interviewed 100 witnesses since the case was opened. and wagner arguing in 1981. she was found dead in the water. justin trudeau embracing political correctness by quickly correcting a young woman, simply using the term mankind. >> going to change the future of mankind. >> we like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, more inclusive. >> exactly. jillian: the woman was asking
1:44 am
him to make it easier for religious charitable organizations to provide help for those in need. sticks teenagers running for governor inspiring lawmakers to make a policy change. the kansas house elections committee voting unanimously to send a bill to the house that would require all candidates to be at least 18 years old. kansas doesn't have an age limit which candidates would have to live in the state for four years. of passed, it would not take effect until the next election cycle. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, memo versus memo. a democrat trying to even the score by releasing their own competing version of the facts. >> they were like death, and un-american, un-american. somebody said treasonous.
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i guess, why not? heather: or next guest says the left has lost the credibility battle before the public even gets to hear their argument.
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heather: foxbusiness alert, the market opening in just a few hours, one day after the dow jones suffered a historic drop losing 1100 points in one day. foxbusiness here with the numbers, a lot of people's i on this this morning. >> reporter: futures point up a little bit then a minute ago. we will continue to watch that but we did have that 1100 point drop, we saw nearly 1600 points
1:49 am
down the tao yesterday lost 4.6%, the largest such move since 2011. all those games we saw in 2018 have been erased, the dow is down 1.5% for the year, the s&p down 0.9% for the year. the nasdaq hanging on a little bit, up 0.9%. 's and think that could be a catalyst, rising inflation, rising interest rates are things investors are watching. jillian: it will be another big story. elon musk planning to drive a tesla to mars. >> only elon musk would do this was the falcon heavy, space x's new rocket will be launching in florida, elon musk posted pictures on instagram what the payload would be before the falcon heavy, the new tesla roadster, a red one with a dummy
1:50 am
wearing a spacesuit inside that roadster. that is going up tomorrow also. here is what elon musk said in a press conference over the phone. >> if we are successful it is game over for others. >> reporter: only elon musk would do this and he says if it is successful we can expect some commercial launches sometime in the future. it is interesting stuff. heather: appreciate it, have a great day. another declassified document to shake up congress, the democrats turn, democrats counter memo heading to the president's desk, the house and tell committee votes to make it public, here to weigh in investigative reporter, thanks for joining us this morning, appreciate it. will this democratic memo be released? are they doing what they did
1:51 am
with the republican side, the president had five days to decide. >> democrats tied to block the release of that memo and republicans being more consistent in their advocacy for transparency so they voted unanimously to allow the release of that. of trump blocks it and the house override it, the public just wants to see all the truth, the fact is two parties can have dueling representation. at the end of the day i think we want to see all the evidence, both sides, the underlying other veterans, the fisa warrant, the democrats are the boy who cried wolf because they told us last time around there was supersecret stuff that would compromise national security if it was released and when it came out it was clear that wasn't the case. the idea that there are current intelligence assets that would be exposed by this stuff and put in danger, that would suggest they were still surveilling people in trumpworld, james bond here, just a bunch of has beens who dredged this up.
1:52 am
heather: the second topic is very interesting, we are calling this government crier, fusion gps paid the family of the doj official pushing the case. this is bruce or involving bruce or and his wife. >> one of the most astonishing part of this whole thing didn't jump out to some people because we are not used to living in a banana republic where this could happen but if you look at the dnc's goal it was to get the fbi to take this seriously, doing murder, the dnc desperately wants them to pay attention to this absurd thing about urination so how do they do that? they take out the checkbook and start writing checks to the doj. >> the deputy associated attorney general in december.
1:53 am
>> this is the guy who turns around and presses the case, and advocate forward and gives it to the fbi, his family was being paid cold hard cash by fusion funded by the dnc so it is an astonishing conflict of interest he wouldn't have recused himself, money coming and that benefits him. if you pay his wife no difference in paying him. there was no recusal here, he was actively involved in pushing it. the question, what did nelly or, his wife, contribute to this memo. were they trying to buy access? there was a stench of bribery on this. heather: in terms of that, what was in her employment history that made her a fit to work with fusion gps? >> he did have expertise in russia, there were expedition researchers in this, what people
1:54 am
have to ask is if she wasn't married to bruce or, would she have been the expert they hired to contribute to the dossier? how much did she write? what were her specific contributions? it seems like these where to buy access to her husband. >> the road keeps winding back and forth, more and more people involved. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and the cookies and crumbling, how one girl scout expected, the trouble she could be in for setting up outside a pawn shop. the unbelievable new links between alcohol and alzheimer's. ♪
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heather: maybe we are not ready for self driving cars. the president of a tech startup giving a demo of his company's project when this happened. the executive behind the wheel disabling the automatic brake system in the car which is program to change lanes on its own and keep a safe distance. got to work on that. then there is the story, girl scouts could be in trouble for selling hundreds of boxes of
1:59 am
cookies outside of california pot shop. the girl scout council looking at whether the 9-year-old girl broke any rules after the shop posted a picture where she sold more than 300 boxes. the dispensary is not an approved site for sale, the girl may not have broken the rules, she used her wagon on the sidewalk, not at the shop's entrance. a major morning for tea drinkers who want to indulge in a cup while their tea is superhot. in his study says drinking tea of extremely high temperatures may increase your risk of developing throat cancer. the high temperatures we can endanger the cells lining the east africa's. those who smoke and drink alcohol were also found to be five times more at risk in developing throat cancer. another reason to pour yourself
2:00 am
a second glass of wine. another study now says two drinks a day could help fight alzheimer's. scientists say alcohol helps flush away so-called waste including proteins linked to the disease. the study says low doses of alcohol can reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. that wraps up before:00 a.m. hour of "fox and friends" first, see you back here tomorrow, "fox and friends" first continues right now, goodbye. jillian: it is tuesday, february 6th. market mayhem. the tao plunging 1200 points, the biggest 1-day drop in history. what we can expect one markets open and what it means for you. >> we catch them in the act or what, did we catch them in the act. they are very embarrassed. they never thought they were going to get caught, we caught


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