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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 6, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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a second glass of wine. another study now says two drinks a day could help fight alzheimer's. scientists say alcohol helps flush away so-called waste including proteins linked to the disease. the study says low doses of alcohol can reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. that wraps up before:00 a.m. hour of "fox and friends" first, see you back here tomorrow, "fox and friends" first continues right now, goodbye. jillian: it is tuesday, february 6th. market mayhem. the tao plunging 1200 points, the biggest 1-day drop in history. what we can expect one markets open and what it means for you. >> we catch them in the act or what, did we catch them in the act. they are very embarrassed. they never thought they were going to get caught, we caught
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them, we caught them. rob: the president taking a shot at democrats as the house intelligence committee votes to declassify their own memo that rebuts the findings of the fisa memo. will that be released today? >> about what happened, know that i think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign. it was one of the contributing factors. jillian: hillary clinton trying to figure out what happened, brand-new blame game, "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪
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rob: happy tuesday. live look at the capitol building in washington, discussing how insane it is, the government has to figure out a way to stay open. two days until they are about to shut down again unless they figure out how to work together and come up with a budget deal. "fox and friends" first on tuesday morning. jillian: let's get to our top story, the battle over dueling memos intensifying. rob: the release of the democrats version is in the hands of the president hours after the house until committee voted to unseal it. jillian: griff jenkins with new details unfolding at this hour. >> reporter: let the memo battle begin, the committee voting unanimously to release the democrats memo with 60 counter -- the republican memo detailing surveillance abuses, whether or not it becomes public will
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depend on the president who has 5 days to decide to go to the same review process as a republican memo, top democrat hopes this countermemo will better inform the public if given a copy of it to the doj and fbi and calling on the white house to make predictions based on partisan politics. >> sources and methods, we want to make sure does not redact on that and that is a thing of concern. >> reporter: the chairman of the intel committee, devon nunez reminding americans why all of this matters. >> this is what the fbi used to cooperated dossier which is very dangerous to take political the dirt paid by the campaign and use it against your political rival and open an investigation. >> reporter: in ohio the president says the nunez memo
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exposed democrats. >> did we catch them in the act or what? did we catch them in the act. they are very embarrassed. they never thought they would get caught, we caught them. the great sleuth. jillian: now we see what the president decides, it played out on twitter, the president calling shift a liar and linking -- of telling the president to turn off the tv and focus on his job. rob: democrats voted against the release of the republican memo but republicans voted for the release of the democrat memo. a sign of transparency in this issue, very interesting. following the release of the house intelligence committee memo on friday, the republican version, donald trump junior said that the memo was, quote, sweet revenge for his family and
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said the entire investigation is built on a foundation of sin. jillian: he says americans should be concerned about the bias going on in washington right now. >> scared about what is going on. you hear this going on, don't think of is happening in the united states. you don't think of this happening in the country where we have a foundation of laws and principles granted in the constitution because it seems like a clear violation of that. the court virtually knows anything about haphazardly granting surveillance of american citizens in this case the future president of the united states based on shady information paid for by the opposition party candidate in the presidential race, this is crazy stuff. we have to open everything up, listen to the democratic memo, that will be a ligament shift is doing this and everything spreading for a long time but one thing we have been in a
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1-sided battle. republicans have a talking points and there is bias there obviously as well. rob: donald trump calling out little adam schiff for leaking confidential information and praising devon nunez for the release of the republican memo. jillian: the tao plunging 1000 points, the biggest 1-day drop in history. the blue chip index dipping below 24,000, wiping out all of the serious games, sending the fear gauge to excise level since 2011. should we be worried? in a few minutes economic professor brian brehmer will join us live with that and more. day tuned. rob: the house votes today on an interim spending bill to avoid another government shutdown set to happen thursday at midnight but democrats refusing to budge
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on immigration. live in the nation's capital with what we can expect today. >> reporter: we can expect the bottom line, time is running out and house republicans, funding the government, sources tell fox they are considering a 6 week extension to march 22nd including funding the military and extending community health centers and moving on with what their programs are. last month democrats forced a government shutdown over daca, a program that protects young people brought to this country illegally by their parents. donald trump set a deadline of march 5th for congress to deal with that matter. john mccain and chris coons presented a bipartisan immigration plan. >> it lays out a plan, a pathway toward securing control of the border by 2020. i expect in order for this to be
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embraced by republicans as a solution that will get us moving forward towards will be funding domestic defense spending, add some border funding to it. >> reporter: the white house rejects the plan because the end of chain migration and the visa program and it does not provide funding for building the border wall that the president wants. >> we are building of the wall. don't even think about it. the ones that don't want security at the southern border or any other border are democrats. they don't care about the security of the country, they don't care about ms 13 killers pouring into our country. >> reporter: the president urging democrats to make a deal. jillian: community lining the streets to pay respects to a sheriff's deputy killed in the
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line of duty. colorado deputy michael flick and two other deputies and the police officer responding to a call about a stolen vehicle when they were approached have shot by the suspect. the suspect shot and killed at the scene. flick described as an outstanding detective, leaves behind a wife and 7-year-old twins, he died on his 11th anniversary with the department, he is the third sheriff deputy in the state to be killed since december 31st. >> the data recorder known as the black box recovered from the amtrak train the plan head on into a parked freight train in south carolina. two people were killed, 100 injured. ntsb officials hope to find out why a lock switch operated by the other train company sent the new york to miami bound amtrak into a side rail. the disaster could have been avoided if a gps-based safety system was in place to slow the train down.
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new overnight, police report a burglary, a rough week for patriots owner after the super bowl loss. police going in and out of his house for several hours last night. he lives near the stadium. it is not known if anything was stolen or the home was damaged. he appears to be just fine but heartbroken after the game. jillian: the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles getting hero's welcome coming back to the city of brotherly love. of course fans cheering for the team as they got off the plane for minneapolis. they will be cheering louder during their first championship parade thursday making preparations, closing schools. quarterback nicole got his own parade at disney world after
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winning super bowl mvp. rob: jillian is an eagles fan, how are you feeling? jillian: i don't think it has hit yet. later in the week. rob: are you going to go to the parade? jillian: i will try to go to the parade. rob: ten minutes after the are, terrorists, a passenger plane, the shocking reality check from homeland security. jillian: a drunk driver accused of killing an nfl player on super bowl sunday not deported once but twice. the new proof america needs immigration reform now more than ever. rob: the tao opening in a few hours after the biggest point drop in history, not the biggest percentage drop. should you be worried about what we saw yesterday in the stock market or is it much expected correction? brian joins us with why a rebound could be right around the corner, stay tuned.
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jillian: welcome back, foxbusiness alert, the dow jones plunging over 1000 points. what does that mean for your wallet? should we be worried? in new york city, joining us live, we were talking football. let's get to some actual business, should we be worried? >> long-term we should not be worried. the reason the stock market fall started on fridays a bunch of good news because great news on wages, good news on economic growth and the market said that means higher interest rates, we don't like that so we are going to sell off. in a short-term you have interest rates probably rising, a new fed chief in j powell. market has to get used to that, long-term a great underlying economy so you will see this
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bounce back. jillian: more of the other side of this argument saying this is what the president has been touting since day one. what is your response to them? >> he has been touting it and if you live by the market you die by the market and you have to remember a year ago based out of europe, 20%, not like we are down, back to levels we saw in december. the market is way up, january was a crazy month. the market went up 1800 points in 26 days, a massive -- not surprising, the pullback, he continues to live and die by the stock market but it is 20% year over year. jillian: a lot of people into singing conversations the last couple weeks anticipating a correction. i don't think anybody thought this extreme. >> this was a big drop. you get a confluence of factors, great economic news and combine
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that with the federal reserve chairman coming in, interest rates, wages went up more than they thought. good economic news can be a surprise to the market especially when things are going well so that is part of the reason nobody expected this, things are looking so good in the economy. jillian: what do you say to those who fear the situation of 2008? you hear that mentioned over and over in the last couple days. >> the fundamentals are different than in 2008, you have good economic growth, good economic growth overseas, that is the double win for the economy and the stock market so we one of the 2008 situation. it might be a more tumultuous year, might not be a steady rise but that is just a return to normal. this is what stockmarkets do his interest rates normalize was we have to get used to the fact it is not always up up up. people shouldn't be unduly worried. >> is it up?
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>> i hate talking about 1000 point decline but let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> at what point do we start to worry? >> what is going to happen is the market has to get used to j powell. giving some guidance to that, then you can start to get nervous. on the job, that is a big question. a lot of experience, shouldn't be too worried about that, just have to get used to it. rob: al franken and nancy pelosi and ben schapiro have been invited to speak on a college campus but guess which speaker is getting the runaround? >> we were in the process of buying a home, and going to college, that money is a bonus.
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really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. jillian: welcome back. you heard her say it over and over again, nancy pelosi comparing donald trump's tax cuts to crumbs. rob: some on the mainstream media hopping on the bandwagon and echoing those words. jillian: here with the msnbc reported getting blasted online. >> nancy pelosi,\for referring to $1000 bonuses as crumbs and
2:23 am
msnbc is under fire for appearing to downplay the benefits of tax reform. she was tweeting about the folks who spoke at the economic speech in ohio saying a gentleman at the ohio trump even said he is going to save to start a family with his $1000, 1-time bonus and goes on to point out the average cost to give birth to one child in ohio is almost $6000 lose that analysis did not sit well with some people who considered it out of touch. that $5836 represents the costs insurance pays the $1000 may go a long way to paying for a live birth, it can also cover two years of diapers. she defended herself on social media saying trump tax law cuts taxes for the rich and corporations more than the middle-class and the debate will continue forever.
2:24 am
jillian: so will the blame game is. >> hillary clinton, is that what you are talking about? we have heard this before but we haven't heard it for a long time. hillary clinton once again blamed sexism as the reason she lost the election. >> people who read my book about what happened know that i think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign, one of the contributing factors and some of it was old-fashioned sexism. >> it is the corruption, deceit and lies, another twitter user says can someone please take the microphone out of this woman's hands? she was at georgetown university. >> making everybody feel better i guess. justin trudeau is the most pc guy in the world.
2:25 am
>> he had something interesting to say to a woman who used the phrase mankind at a recent town hall event. >> going to change the future of mankind. >> we would like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, more inclusive. >> there we go, exactly. >> i guess that is a thing now. this tweet kind of funny. neil armstrong about to say one giant leap for all and justin trudeau cuts in saying don't say mankind, peoplekind. rob: it is womankind. >> is that reverse sexism now? i find that offensive. thank you very much. just to be lighthearted about
2:26 am
it. 25 after the hour. isis on the run. american troops slowly being pulled out of iraq but the war on terror far from over. why our next guest says pakistan. ♪ so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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and lasts for up to 12 hours, with zicam extreme congestion relief and zicam intense sinus relief. for colds and allergies, get your better back with zicam nasal sprays. >> the threat of isis bombing passenger plane packed with americans, that threat is very real, the house homeland security committee chairman michael mc call issuing the warning calling for immediate action to shore up security at our airports. >> most disturbing and what keeps you up at night question, still seeking to blow up airplanes even though they may not be able to hijack it. that threat is very real. rob: he says the us must deploy more next-generation are for
2:30 am
security scanners but can't because they are caught up in bureaucratic red tape. >> we learned the suspected drunk driver who killed an nfl player was in the country illegally, indiana state police say guatemalan national has twice been deported and previous dui convictions, accused of plowing into indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson and his uber driver killing them both and giving a fake name. his blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit and is awaiting charges, he was deported from sanctuary city of san francisco in 2007, and 2009. the fate of donald trump's border wall may be in the hands of a federal judge he called out for being biased against him. he is hearing a case this friday to determine whether the
2:31 am
commander-in-chief can waive environmental laws to build parts of the southern border wall. that began in 2016 when donald trump secured the mexican heritage created a conflict of interest in his ruling about trump university. rob: julian assange could walk out a free man for the first time in five years he has been stuck in that building. a british court will rule on his bid to drop a warrant for his arrest for violating bail related to crimes in sweden where the charges have been dropped. if the judge rules in his favor, could leave the ecuadorian embassy where he has been in asylum since 2012, was six years, julian assange has feared extradition to the united states after publishing secret military documents. we will see what happens. >> outrage after uniformed officers asked to leave a restaurant for carrying his service weapon, officer andrew
2:32 am
ward said he was that outback steakhouse when a manager told him to leave because they were a, quote, gun free zone. the restaurant apologizing saying a customer who claims she was scared for her life, police are shooting people, he was enjoying a meal with his wife and was given $100 gift card. rob: donald trump promised to eviscerate isis. >> last year i also pledged that we would work with our allies to distinguish isis, the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to 100% of the territory just recently held by these killers in iraq and syria. rob: we just learned american troops are slowly moving out of iraq following the fall of isis and are heading to afghanistan. >> what does this mean in the
2:33 am
war on terror and why isn't the media talking about the military aspect victory overseas? joining us is retired lieutenant colonel tom mcinerney, thank you for being here. let's start with great news we have seen in this fight, the land that isis took over in the vacuum we talked about in syria and iraq, a lot has been liberated, close to 100%, fantastic news, right? >> absolutely, the president has done what he said he was going to do, changed the rules of engagement, but the focus on air power and ground forces to take out 98% of isis which is 100%, the right moves. jillian: 17 years since we have been in afghanistan was or what point do you see this coming to an end and sending more troops right now? >> i have no problem sending more troops there.
2:34 am
i have a problem not attacking the taliban and isis forces that moved into pakistan. the telegram could not have survived the last 17 years unless pakistan was supporting them, a refuge from our air power and ground forces. until the pakistanis take them out, we know where they are in pakistan, use precision air power to take them out, that is what we have got to do if we want to win in afghanistan. rob: wise the situation so pakistan complicated? we have a fake really relationship where we sound usama bin laden in 2008, 2009, country you say supports terror, very dirty past of doing bad things that are anti-west. why do we pretend the relationship is good? why have we in the past under
2:35 am
the previous administration? >> we are dependent upon pakistan for logistics and our logistics forces resupply for afghanistan go through pakistan but we need, apologize for the pun, we need to have a come to jesus meeting with them saying you either take them out or we're going to take them out for you and it is either/or and we have a president who has the courage, the diplomatic abilities to negotiate that with them. the isi is supporting, they are based on the issues so that is what we have got to lay the law down. jillian: anything else you would be doing if you were lawmaking? >> yes. our forces in afghanistan to retake territory we lost when president obama pulled our forces out. i wouldn't increase more than what the administration is doing but i focus on those assets and
2:36 am
using more airpower because where the taliban and and isis forces are. i would put more focus on that using more airpower to take them out. rob: more work to be done, thank you for coming on this morning, appreciate your time. jillian: 36 minutes after the era, janice dean joining us in studio with the forecast. >> good morning, cold temperatures in the northern plains and great lakes and another storm on the way tomorrow across the northeast, it will get its act together overnight across the south, the deep south ohio, tennessee river valley, mississippi river valley, in the interior northeast and great lakes region and across the rockies. all the ingredients will come together for significant i think event across the ohio and
2:37 am
tennessee river valley as we head overnights and wednesday and to the northeast mainly a rain event across coastal areas, northwest of new york city, that is a line of freezing rain and sleet i am concerned with especially tomorrow morning so we will give you updates, you see potential for i think across the ohio and tennessee river valley to the northeast, and around new york city, we have that rain, sleet, freezing rain line, your local forecast, keep you up to date but it will be a tricky forecast heading into tomorrow's rush hour. jillian: not good timing. 37 minutes after the hour, this legal immigrant killed by an illegal immigrant an example of the problems with the immigration system. the liberal policies on illegals insanity on steroids, she joins us live next. rob: high-level document
2:38 am
outlining homeland security procedures for potential attacks on the super bowl found in the pocket of an airplane seat. how in the world does that happen? jillian: out frank, nancy pelosi and ben schapiro all invited to speak on a college campus but guess which speaker is getting the runaround? we will be right back. ♪ (siren wailing)
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jillian: welcome back, high-level security documents found in a commercial plane seat pocket. one of their employees found four official use only, it is a response to a simulated anthrax attack in minneapolis, not known who left the document on the plane but dhs is investigating, the whatever $560 million
2:42 am
powerball jackpot is suing the state that made her rich, the woman calling herself jane doe filed a complaint against the lottery commission to keep her name anonymous. she didn't mean to sell her name on the back of the ticket allowing it to be made public, they denied request to have a trustee re-sign the ticket. elizabeth warren and out frank and spoke there but the university of minnesota trying to silence conservative speaker ben schapiro. the school taking the politically collect roots to avoid process from the left claiming scheduling conflict despite no other requests made for the same time. instead several miles away from main campus. free-speech comes at a price, uc berkeley spending $4 million for security costs on three campus event, taxpayer-funded university revealing it spent millions for an outside police officer paying for overtime ambulances and other costs.
2:43 am
two of the events were conservative commentators including ben schapiro, the university calling the security necessary. rob: a legal immigrant whose son dominic was killed by an illegal immigrant in california. the founding member of advocates for victims fighting legislation that allows illegals to stay in this country, the group is partnering up with sheriff's from across the nation urging congress to put the safety of the american people first. live this morning, thank you for coming on with us today. it is a heartbreaking story for you and if you could tell us what happened to your son. >> dominic was my only child, my best friend, 30 years old, 911
2:44 am
dispatcher and on july 12, 2012, in california, he was riding his motorcycle to work when an illegal alien from guatemala two felonies, two duis turned his unregistered truck in front of my son and hit him so hard that he threw him into a wall on the sidewalk where he died instantly and the illegal alien received nine months probation with a misdemeanor with gross negligence and served 35 days. rob: that is outrageous and we are sorry to hear that is a similar story in the news this week with an illegal immigrant in indiana twice deported killing and indianapolis colts football player we just heard about, a similar story. when you see a number of mayors in this country and governors claiming sanctuary city, sanctuary state status trying to
2:45 am
protect people illegally from being deported when they commit other crimes. how does that make you feel? >> i get very angry and it is an insult to every law-abiding american and every law-abiding legal immigrant like myself. they overruled them all, take it into their own hands and risk every americans life by doing what they do. it needs to stop. >> we have a pending immigration negotiation which has been a nightmare and we are facing another government shutdown, the president has gone left on this and offered 1.8 million people legal status in this country if he can get his border wall. it must be a difficult decision on what to support in this situation because that is amnesty for quite a few people, more than democrats were asking
2:46 am
for. >> we are enforcing and screaming about we need three more things, we need e-verify, we need to stop century city's from existing and we need interior robust enforcement and these amnesties doesn't sit well with me, not what donald trump promised me to my face, he promised me know amnesty. can't allow people because they were snuck in here or brought here to give them citizenship in the end. i had to earn it. >> i hear that from so many people from europe, they have to go through such a process because they don't have the convenience of a land border with the united states you can simply walk across. it is not fair to most europeans, africans and asians in the world. my final question you have taken
2:47 am
issue with the president's stance going this far left, what do you suggest the president should do to try to get a deal on immigration? he does need democratic support. >> he should appeal to it. when you have parents, their children's ashes, all i have left of my son. when he talked to us, he knew what he was doing and i still believe we should get that wall, we should get the interior, stop these sanctuary cities and not make any details that would cost american lives because our dreams matter. my son after he mattered. rob: you're having an event to push that message out. >> 10:00 am at the press club and very proud to have the sheriff stand with us to push that message. we have got to keep americans safe, it is a safety and security issue. has nothing to do with being intolerant, this is great country, very generous country
2:48 am
but it has to be done right. rob: thank you so much for your time and thank you for giving this country your son who did a wonderful job, our hearts are with you. jillian: 12 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up on "fox and friends," peter texas sat down with voters in ohio following donald trump's yesterday. rob: what is for breakfast? good morning. >> reporter: biscuits and gravy, best i ever had in my life, at holly's home cooking, breakfast with friends this morning talking to the people, not the pundits as we always do, yesterday we stopped outside cincinnati at the shepherd corporation where donald trump spoke to those employees, we spoke to some of those employees who received a $1000 trump bonus and here's what they had to say about that. >> tax reform is helping me anytime i can get more money in my pocket and seems to be doing
2:49 am
a lot better, we are really busy right now so those are all good things. >> $1000 bonus some call breadcrumbs, what do you spend that on? >> bills, getting caught up, starting the year ahead. >> our businesses trended up right now. more requests, more orders, orders from customers we haven't heard from in quite a while so business is picking up. >> to a man or woman they were insulted by the idea that $1000 is breadcrumbs, we will talk to one of those employees who received a bonus, she will be with us at 7:30 eastern time and have two representatives from ohio as well as judge andrew napolitano. we will be talking to folks all morning long, the pulse of the people to you on "fox and friends," stick around.
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rob: we were just talking about this, show of force intensified against the delavan. jillian: record number of airstrikes dropped on a training camp taking a terrorist fighters, the b-52 bombers destroying several afghan national army vehicles in the process of being converted into explosive devices. now to a foxbusiness alert, the market opening hours from now, one day after the dow jones suffered a historic drop losing 1100 points in one day.
2:54 am
>> a wild ride yesterday. >> another wild ride looking at the future, down 500 points, down, getting whiplash, we close down 11,075 points. and the percentage drop. the most we ever heard and at the lowest, 1600 points yesterday. we erased all those gains for 2018, the dow is down 1.5%, the s&p is down, barely at 0.9% so we will see what happens. and the correction was probably a long time coming.
2:55 am
>> the stock market is not the economy. we have a strong economy and the reason it is going down. >> free beer on thursday. >> that is correct, bud light making good on a promise to give eagles fans free beer. and getting one free bud light. . .
2:56 am
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first, the good. a long-time eagles fan finally getting to pop a cork off a bottle of champagne that's been in his fridge since 1980. 87-year-old bought it when they played super bowl 15. vowing not to open it until the eagles took home the title. jillian: tardy wedding guests 911 for escort. and it goes as you would expect. watch. >> 911 emergency. >> hi, is it possible to get a police officer to escort us to a wedding because we are late. >> no, that's definitely not something the deputy would do. >> oh, okay. jillian: definitely not. the palm beach florida sharing the embarrassment on social media as reminder 911 is for emergencies only.
3:00 am
rob: dog nearly burns down a house after trying to get leftover pancakes. sparking a kitchen fire within minutes. everybody is okay. they come in. they put the fire out. and dog is fine. jillian: share the pancakes and have a good day. rob: see you later. ♪ na na na na ♪ yeah, this is my town ♪ na na na na that ♪ this is my town ♪ i was born and i was raised. brian: got to be able to fit all those people in this show in three hours. ainsley: we have a big run down for you. isn't it nice to go back home? that song always reminds me of going back home. steve: busy tuesday live from new york city. first, straight to our top story. it is the


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