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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 7, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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swerving into the river. heather: sitting on the drivers , kicked his feet off the pedal and drove two miles down the highway while another called 911. the bus came to a stop, the driver is expected to be okay and all those kids are okay thanks to that 13-year-old. that wraps it up for us. "fox and friends" first continues, i will see you out here tomorrow, goodbye. >> i think the democrats are politically smart enough to put things in a memo that requires a bureau or the part of justice to say it needs to be redacted. >> wednesday, february 7th, the president said to release the democratic memo rebuttal, brand-new concerns that it is loaded with sensitive information for donald trump. >> border patrol agent brutally beaten to death at the hands of illegal immigrants come a what we just learned from the autopsy
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report. >> attacks are a disaster. >> anybody didn't stand up and clap for him was an american and maybe even treasonous. >> tongue-in-cheek, democrats can't take a joke. heather: a brand-new attack, joe biden launched on donald trump braced with tradition, we will talk about that, "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ 1 foot in front of the other ♪ >> hello on wednesday morning. good morning. how are you? no one is awake yet.
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we are here. thanks for watching "fox and friends" first. >> thanks for waking up, the memo war taking center stage in washington. jillian: donald trump set to release, full of sensitive information. rob: griff jenkins with bombshell revelations, very interesting story. >> trying to keep up, the president can decide as early as today whether all the democrats memo, yesterday with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to review it as chief of staff john kelly says, the president has a better understanding of it. >> i hope the president understands the difference between the first memo and the second memo, just like the first memo where he received it, the
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doj, fbi team. >> some republican lawmakers like trey gowdy morning this could be a trap. >> democrats are politically smart enough to put things in the memo that require either the bureau or the government of justice to say it needs to be redacted, therefore it creates this belief that there is something being hidden from the american people. >> reporter: this is chuck grassley and lindsey graham release a less redacted version of their previous referral of british spy christopher steele to that part of justice, more information about the fbi's reliance on steel's dossier to get that fisa warns, on march 17, 2017, the chairman and ranking member provide copies of the applications which requested authority to conduct surveillance of carter page. both relied heavily on the dossier claims.
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of those applications were granted by the fisa court. it contends mister steele lied and the british court. reviewed by the committee contained material false statements. this letter coming as democrats, the white house make politically motivated rejections with release of this memo, it has caught washington by fire. heather: thank you. rob: we will debate this and if you minutes. senator grassley and senator graham, shocking coordination between fusion gps, christopher steele in the obama state department. could there be criminal implications with major players at the fbi. former us attorney joe says the
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memo reveals a much larger plot. >> the grassley graham memo and letter establishes beyond doubt the fbi, knowingly deceived the fisa court about the information it was presenting today, like it was verified information, which it was not, the law requires and now we know additional clinton allies including sidney blumenthal involved in the transmission of false information, and verified information to the fbi from state department officials. the plan was to exonerate hillary clinton and if she lost the election to frame donald trump and his associates with a false crime and they almost succeeded and if she won --
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heather: an interesting take. rob: if you look at the mainstream media narrative it seems to take more of an interest in the subject of the surveillance. jillian: donald trump threatening another shutdown as democrats continue gridlock over immigration. kelly wright live in washington dc when the house passed a short-term spending believing at all up to the democrats. >> reporter: the drama over daca grows more suspenseful as democrats, republicans and the president come to an agreement, and demanding democrats to agree to cracking down on illegal immigration. if they fail to do that donald trump says he will support a government shutdown. >> we will do a shutdown and it is worth it for our country. i would love to see a shutdown
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if we don't get this taken care of. the democrats don't want safety and still related, don't want to take care of the military. then shut it down. >> shutdown may have been a burden to lawmakers, the house passing a stopgap measure to keep the government fundamental march 23rd. and democrats and republicans, a longer two your budget deal. >> reach an agreement. >> and hopefully the republicans are. >> a two your budget deal gets donald trump time to find agreement with democrats, democrats want to provide a pathway to citizenship for daca recipients but donald trump
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insists on having a border wall, ending chain migration and visa lottery. there are 1.8 million dreamers in the united states, donald trump says he wants to help them but only if democrats agreed to making borders for security improvements. jillian: felt like we had this conversation before. rob: donald trump's administration working to make america safe from outside threats. >> i call it extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. rob: signing in order to establish the national vetting center as a 1-stop shop for screening new immigrants coming into the us to help agents identify potential terror threats, the department of homeland security has 6 months to submit a final plan afforded by the president's approval. the death of a border patrol
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agent remains a mystery today, newly released autopsy report shows martinez died from blunt injuries to the head but what caused the injuries to his skull, jar, ribs and collarbone is unknown. martinez was found severely injured near the southern border in november. his partner has since recovered. the fbi is offering a $50,000 reward for information. rob: heartbreaking news, an american hero and father serving overseas found dead at a train station in germany near a us military training camp. first sergeant nicholas was on a 9-month deployment when he passed away at 34 years old. the veteran's death is under investigation, leaving behind a 9-year-old daughter. wikileaks founder julian assange will not lead the ecuadorian embassy in london where he lived the last 5 years. british judge upholding the arrest warrant for violating bale related to crimes in sweden were charged against him were
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dropped before giving lawyers until february 13th to make a new set of arguments, he could face extradition to the us for publishing secret government documents. space x making history successfully launching the world's most powerful rocket. >> 3, 2, one. rob: this was something to watch live. millions of americans watched the falcon heavy take off from the same launchpad used to send a man to the moon. inside this rocket elon musk's cherry red tesla roadster driven by a dummy star man, and even had the song going as the launch went off, the falcon heavy is anticipated to orbit the sun for hundreds of millions of years, star man has a long ride. jillian: the president weing his congratulations, thank you on
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behalf of space x, an exciting future lies ahead. that was just -- boosters come down. rob: he will change the world, he already has. jillian: the media bending over backwards, donald trump, the big drop on wall street. >> touch the stove once, don't touch it again, he touches a lot. he couldn't help himself. he heard the stove was hot and kept touching it. jillian: what about the market its record-setting run. our next guest says it is a classic cherry picking politics. >> democrats called out for disrespecting donald trump, and progress in good news for america. during the state of the union. >> democrats have to make a decision at some point really soon. do they hate this president more than they love this country? i hope the answer to that is no.
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heather: stocks bounce back after the tao separate historic drop, that downward surge is a lesson for donald trump. >> political points out before the drop of the last week, the president boasted about the stock market once every 35 hours. there is a reason most presidents don't boast about stock market gains, live by the tao, die by the tao, touch the stove once, don't touch it again, but he touches a lot. donald trump couldn't help himself, he heard the stove was hot and kept touching it anyway. and the jillian: not reacting to two days despite continued silence on the upward trend on wall
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street since is taking office, here to react a senior policy analyst of the independent women's forum, thank you for joining us, appreciate it, you just heard that confidence, consumer confidence which is high, ignoring strong fundamentals that are driving a little bit of a selloff and disappointed in the stock market for which he does have some credit. jillian: a lot of people on the show said we shouldn't be worried at this point so the question is why so much criticism right now?
2:17 am
is that fair? >> it is not fair. when it comes to the president if he has taken credit for the growth, the meteoric rise of the stock market, he has to admit there will be changes in the stock market, it is not fair to slam him for that only. this is something we should expect, nothing is going to rise consistently forever without having some pool back and minister of the stock market. investors out there, regular people you have to recognize you have to have a little bit of a higher risk tolerance for what happens in the stock market, won't be a perfect bumpy not bumpy free ride. >> we saw numbers bounce back, 567 points, a good day all in all even though the press continues to criticize the president. if you are an individual at home watching this right now, would you suggest now being a good
2:18 am
time for people to buy? >> i think it is. you don't want to panic, don't be reactionary to the market but you want to say looking at my long-term future, is this the right time for me? maybe i have risk tolerance to buy into stocks, things maybe i couldn't afford to buy before or long-term investments like healthcare that continue to rise. it is a good time but if you are going to cash out on your retirement you should be careful, you should not have all your eggs in the stock market basket because that could be dangerous. heather: we appreciate your insight. rob: 18 minutes after the hour, a mother who lost her soon-to-be police officer son to a drunk illegal immigrant has a message for the left. >> nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, which child of yours would you look in the eye and decide they are the ones you give up to an illegal alien criminal to support the agenda -- >> why she says it is time for democrats to stop playing
2:19 am
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> a message to democrats from sarah sanders. >> have to make a decision at some point very soon, do they hate this president more than they love this country and i hope the answer is no. rob: carly shimkus here with reaction. >> it was all that. white house press secretary
2:23 am
sarah huckabee sanders told reporters yesterday the president was clearly kidding when he suggested democrats committed treason for not standing during the state of the union address, then addressed the president's opponents to directly saying they need to decide whether they hate donald trump more than they love this country. as you can imagine conservatives on social media agree with that, can't get past their own wallets and when tweets you think they love this country, they love the democratic party first and only so there has been hostility on both sides of the aisle, the name-calling on donald trump's twitter account and the looming government shutdown. >> joe biden's big mouth keeps getting him in trouble. >> your words, not mine. he did appear on cnn yesterday and issued his harshest criticism of donald trump yet, take a listen. >> anybody didn't stand up and clap for him was un-american and
2:24 am
they be even treasonous. democrats can't take a joke. he is a joke. >> biden went on to say donald trump's criticism of the fbi played directly into vladimir putin's hands. allison on social media says so biden thinks my increased paycheck and 401(k) is a joke. alfonso issued criticism saying bigger joke is he thinks he has a chance in 2020. >> two rings in two days, not a bad move. >> two big wins for philadelphia eagles cornerback, he revealed on instagram he proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes but i like the tweet too. she said yes and we both got is a ring. god is doing some amazing things and i can't thank him enough.
2:25 am
great time to propose. >> in north dakota -- >> very religious. rob: they are good boys. it is rare these days. thank you so much. jillian: 24 minutes after the, donald trump doubles down on his ms 13 crackdown as the illegal immigrants accused of killing an nfl player becomes the face of the immigration site. is this proof we need the wall now more than ever? >> an unforgettable homecoming, the school the put off the patriotic parade for an american hero and his young son. ♪ it can power your apps with public services without starting from scratch. it brings your business up to speed, doing more with systems you have in place. it can bring all your apps to life
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jillian: donald trump making the dangerous ms 13 the face of the crackdown on border security. >> federal charges filed against the twice deported illegal immigrants accused of killing an nfl player. jillian: todd pyro live with the latest in immigration showdown. >> the president not mincing words or a roundtable, shutting down the government over legs immigration laws which he blames for the rise of ms 13, the roundtable highlighting how 30% of ms 13 gang members are coming to the us as unaccompanied minors. the doj estimating roughly 10,000 ms 13 members here already. >> ms 13 recruits through our broken immigration system, much tougher since we have been there. we need much better border mechanisms and border security. we need the wall. we don't have the wall we are
2:30 am
never going to solve this problem. if we don't change the legislation, get rid of these loopholes, killers come into our country and continue to kill, if we don't change it whatever touchdown, we will have its shutdown, is worth it for our country. >> the tough talk comes the same day the justice department announced federal immigration charges against illegal immigrants suspected of killing an nfl player in a drunk driving crash, 37-year-old manwell had been deported but reentered the us illegally before the crash that killed edwin jackson, donald trump tweeting so disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed edwin johnson. this is one of many preventable tragedies. we must get the dems to get tough on the border with illegal immigration fast. to that end donald trump signed a memorandum to establish vetting centers for individuals attempting to enter the us. jillian: a mother who lost her
2:31 am
son to a drunk illegal immigrant slams the left-wing media for trying to invoke sympathy for illegals to suit their agenda. >> the liberal media and most publications in the united states only publish those types of stories to invoke sympathy to fit their agenda. >> do you not deserve sympathy? >> absolutely. i more angry now than wanting sympathy because i feel for my fellow americans who in the future will be affected by illegal aliens and that is what each of us need and we are fighting the fight, we don't want this to happen to another family. i put a message out to the politicians, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, which child of yours when you look in the eye and decide they are the ones you give up to an illegal alien criminal to support the agenda you are supporting. >> brandon mendoza is killed in 2014, the immigrant has been convicted of war crimes in
2:32 am
colorado 20 years earlier but was not deported. >> the nationwide flu epidemic taking the life of a second-grade teacher, heather holland of weatherford, texas was diagnosed with the flu and prescribed tamiflu. it only started to take it once her husband bought it for her, she died two days later, terrible story. schools nationwide closed following flu concerns. jillian: a new disaster for amtrak is a train breaks apart while traveling at 125 mph, two train cars violently separating on the way to new york from washington dc, none of the 52 passengers got hurt. that follows three recent deadly incidents for the rail service including the collision in south carolina leaving two dead. last week's collision with the truck in virginia involving republican lawmakers and in december a train from seattle to
2:33 am
portland, washington was derailed on an overpass killing three people. at least four people are dead, hundreds more hurt after an earthquake rocked taiwan, the 6.4 magnitude quake causing numerous buildings to collapse, the quake causing this military hospital to collapse trapping people inside. 170 people are missing at this hour, many trapped inside their homes. just hit by a shallow earthquake on sunday. rob: rex tillerson warns russia is already attempting to interfere with our midterm elections coming of this year and the us may not be able to stop them. >> better prepared because the russians will adapt as well. if it is their intention to interfere they are going to find ways to do that. we can take steps we can take, but this is something once they decide to do is very difficult
2:34 am
to preempt it. rob: rex tillerson on a tour of latin america says the us is working with allies around the world to help stop russian meddling. he was once hillary clinton's possible running mate but now he might the big job instead. julian castro expects to start a path for the 20/20 presidential run during a speech in new hampshire next week, the former obama administration housing and urban development secretary has every intention of throwing his hat in the race. >> in the path of another blast of winter weather. already icing conditions in iowa causing this 70 car pileup killing one person and injuring 5 others. rob: more snow and rain away, nasty mix, jenna steen live with what is coming in. >> good morning, it is going to be nasty especially the eastern half of the country, not only rain and snow but potential for
2:35 am
severe storms along this boundary, warmer, more unstable air at of the cold front and potential for strong severe storms including tornadoes across the south so this is the area of concern we are looking across the ohio tennessee river valley where we have the wintry mix of freezing rain and ice. we could potentially see an ice storm where we have all of this moisture coming in, falling through a shallow layer of freezing everything on contact on the highways, that is going to be a treacherous drive across portions of the northeast as we get through the next couple hours so there is your morning commute especially in new jersey, parts of new york, long island and pennsylvania. as i understand this wintry mix and that could potentially cause ice on the roadways and difficult travel, there it is,
2:36 am
as we get through the next 12 to 24 hours, out of the way with potential certainly northwest of new york city for snow and ice. we will keep you posted with the latest in the extreme weather center. rob: tricky trek. jillian: things going viral we have to share with you. imagine getting a tsunami alert on your phone? 1 million people in palm beach county, florida, did, sparking panic along the east coast only to find out it was missing the words this is just a test. accuweather said it fixed the codeing error. rob: a virginia man led him to a 6-figure lottery jackpot. he bought four identical lottery tickets after dreaming about a sequence of numbers. jillian: the numbers hid earning him $400,000, he plans to invest his earnings.
2:37 am
rob: eagles loving sports anchor loses it on the apps he finds out the final super bowl score. >> latebreaking -- they won it! jillian: he dropped his papers, gone insane. the director, someone surprised him and put up a graphic at the beginning. he did not see the final score yet. that is a guy named harold koontz, congratulations to him. every game would end -- the president expected to release
2:38 am
democrat surveillance memo and the left already setting up a fallback pan. >> we want to make sure the white house does not redact a memo on political purposes, deep concern. >> the allocation is this is a track, is the left protecting something? the debate you don't want to miss. >> nacho average burritos, how far police say one woman went to hide drugs. >> while i was gone, on the super bowl trip, just got back. >> knew he was gone. robbed of a super bowl title, that is not all he lost over the weekends, brand-new 911 call moments after he realized his home had been ransacked.
2:39 am
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rob: democrats putting pressure on donald trump, telling him to release the pfizer memo without any politically motivated redaction. and they are fighting hard to expose the truth or trying to protect president obama. and strategist charlie kirk. adam schiff wrote this memo, then is not much too, the real memo came out. and hiding the fact there wasn't much to the memo. >> americans want the truth. as americans, we can handle the
2:43 am
truth within minutes of the memo coming out. and four judges, that approve those warrants. the trump investigation did not start by the surveilling of carter page. it is clear it started donald trump was on the foreign-policy team who got drunk and was bragging about his conversations and dealings with russia. there were so many partisan garbage that was included in that first memo but at this point it is so bogged down in the investigate the investigation to protect the president, when you have this investigation being led by someone of integrity.
2:44 am
rob: what do you say to the accusation? it is a booby-trapped. >> the memo was not debunked, just the beginning of a long-standing investigation into the abuse of the fisa warrant process which everyone forgets the democrat national committee in conjunction to the hillary clinton campaign front of the fake dossier the lead to the approval of borderline illegal surveillances. in simple terms hillary funded it and obama knew there was no way president obama did not know about this. national security meetings about it, it was his political party that helped steer money and it was not an insignificant amount, $160,000, i look forward to the ig report, a lot of investigating. >> it would be lovely to have a nonpartisan report. over to you, what do democrats say? when you look at this democrats all voted to not release the republican memo and republicans on the flipside unanimously voted to release the democrat memo.
2:45 am
people want the truth, the information out there, and opening it all up. >> the reality is republican stopped the release of the democratic memo last week. there were votes against releasing the democrat memo by republicans, this is another vote, this is where we get into the reads and the sausagemaking, and a partisan process to support an effort to damage the investigation because they are getting too close to the president and his relationship with russia. rob: we lost charlie in the midst of that but there is a debate to be had there and we got it started this morning and it will be getting a lot more of it. over to you. >> we get to hear the 911 call.
2:46 am
realizing his house was burglarized. >> while i was gone, on the super bowl -- just got back. >> cop spending hours in massachusetts, and didn't call police according to the initial dispatch. and facing backlash were telling her kids tom brady left of the philadelphia eagles win the super bowl, the model consoled her crying children by telling them, quote, you have to let someone else when sometimes, we have to share. more than 500 yards in three touchdowns, those numbers don't mean anything when you don't bring it home. isn't that right? good morning. >> we all know he let himself
2:47 am
get sacked at the end to allow jillian to celebrate for four straight days and the parade to happen thursday. let me tell you what is next. at 6:00 am the embargo is over, released, more text messages from peter strzok and lisa page. those fbi people who had another agenda instead of investigating what was going on by trump and clinton. gets his name comes up, president barack obama. we have that story. indiana congressman will be here talking about the democratic memo coming out as will texas congressman louis gohmert on the budget deal that could get us paid for the next month or so. in 2015 remember the story? two american friends stop the terror attack on a train, it will be a movie. we have the real-life heroes on our set. clint eastwood saw the life story, to direct that come out of retirement to do it. we talk about the story behind
2:48 am
the scenes when they join us live. i urge you to please get dressed. [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] ♪ good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours.
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>> faculty members pushing a pennsylvania university to rescind an honorary degree awarded to donald from nearly 30 years ago. his past statements go against lehigh university's core values. the board of trustees denying a similar attempt to take away degree awarded in 1988, his brother fred trump junior was a lehigh alum. jillian: the republican lawmakers shooting down a bill that would have extended free press freedom, would have prevented middle and high school officials in indiana from censoring student journalists or punishing them for their work, critics say without oversight
2:52 am
journalist could put classmates in danger if they incite violence or disruptive activities. rob: the dow jones rally and shooting up 600 points one day after it plunged almost 1200 points after big bed monday. jillian: a bit of a roller coaster. tracy has look at how futures are looking today. >> reporter: futures setting up for another day of volatility down 240 points, down across the board, the s&p 500 and nasdaq futures point in negative territory. we did see a little bit of a rebound up 567 points, 2.3% to end the day, 24,912. we changed direction, 29 times yesterday, over the course of the trading day so bouncing back and forth between gains and losses there was a trading range of 1200 points so it could be
2:53 am
another wild day. jillian: apple dealing with the fallout of the battery situation. >> reporter: in a letter to us senators apple says strong demand for people trying to replace their batteries also considering offering a rebate, people who paid full price, $79 to place those iphone batteries comes after they lower the price to $29 and apologized and admitted to intentionally slowing down the iphone batteries as they got older. apple hasn't given a decision yet whether they will offer their rebate, but i'm sure a lot of people would welcome it. rob: they get old. best buy, the cd, last time you bought a cd. >> best buy will no longer sell cds starting july 1st of this year. they were once one of the
2:54 am
biggest music distributors in the us of cds. they will still continue to sell final for two years because of an agreement with vendors but so long, cds. jillian: can you even buy a cd player there? rob: 53 minutes after the hour. a frightened farmer frantically calling the police to report a tiger in his cowshed after a 45 minute standoff. you have to hear how the ends. jillian: the school that pulled off a patriotic parade for an american hero and his young son. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ let me go home ♪ ♪ i am just too far .
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♪ over the castle on the hill ♪ over the castle on the hill. rob: he had shearhill. rob: ed shearn this morning. will it shut down tomorrow night or another continuing resolution to keep it open as we keep kicking the can down the road? our producers love talking about government shut down because it almost never happens. i'm being very sass car stick. jillian: make sure you stay here on fox news. we will keep you updated on everything. first the good,ed bablegd
2:59 am
and the bulling. first the good. a soldier dad surprising his young son as his classmates sing proud to be an american waving american flags. watch this. >> daddy. >> that staff sergeant who had been serving overseen since june. awesome. rob: now the bad. these are nacho average burritos. i had to think about that. these are stuffed with 17 pounds of meth each. lapd found them a man's car along with a gun and cash. the guy was arrested and, of course, thrown in jail. that is a lot. jillian: finally the ugly, police thought they were earning their stripes in 45-minute standoff with escaped zoo animal. turns out thing that thing was stuffed. that's a stuffed tiger. scottish farmer called police after seeing it in his cow shed. when officers arrived they were too scared to get out
3:00 am
of their patrol car. they are making the toy unofficial mascot. unclear how it got in the shed. i would be afraid, too. you never know. rob: that is scary. "fox & friends" starts right now. jillian: have a good one. >> president trump has the democratic memo in his hands. >> the democrats are politically smart enough to put things in the memo it need to be redacted. therefore, it creates this belief that there is something being hidden. >> the motion is being adopted without objection. >> the house voted to approve another short-term spending bill. it's a step towards avoiding a government shut down but lawmakers say we're not in the clear yet. >> we don't get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come in our country and continue to kill. we will do a shut down, and it's worth it for our country. >> the dow swung 1200 points if you can believe that it actually changed direction 29 times. >> shepard: it variety now the most powerful rocket on


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