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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 7, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> jon: thanks for joining us this morning. >> melissa: outnumbered starts right now. ♪ >> sandra: a fox news alert. all eyes on wall street after a volatile couple of days. the dow rising again today after taking huge swings this week. take a look at that 314 point gain on the dow right now. yesterday the dow surged late in the day reclaiming all of half its losses from a record setting slide on monday. we will continue monitoring these markets for you and bring you any updates as they happen. ♪ fox news alert on another shutdown looming. lawmakers working to avoid a repeat of last month when they allowed government funding to expire. but they are running out of time. the deadline is tomorrow night at midnight to reach a deal. and if it's not the right deal, president trump now says he would love to see a shut down. this is outnumbered.
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i'm sandra smith. here today harris faulkner, republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa booth. former deputy spokesperson for the state department and fox news analyst marie hamp and joining us on the couch opinion editor and columnist for the "washington times" and fox news contributor charlie hurt is here and he is outnumbered. bring in that d.c. flavor up here in new york. >> you got to be careful on the train coming up here. it's falling apart. >> it is scary. >> harris: a lot going on. i'm glad you are here safely. >> sandra: let's get going. deadline is tomorrow night midnight for lawmakers to avoid a shut down. dead on the rival in the senate where leaders are working on their own bipartisan deal with some members sounding optimistic. meantime president trump is raising the possibility of a shut down if his immigration policies are not included in the bill. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we will do a shutdown and
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it's worth it for our country. i would love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> sandra: the president's comments throwing uncertainty into the mix. dick durbin holding on to hope after his party took the brunt of the blame for the last shutdown. >> the good news as well is that we have a public commitment from senator mcconnell to take up this issue involving the dreamers, bring it up on the senate floor if we have not reached an agreement before that. so i think we are moving forward in a positive way but i have got my fingers crossed to make sure we go to the finish line. this is an issue, this is a problem and challenge created by president trump on september 5th when he ended the daca program. many times we felt we had an agreement with president trump and within an hour or two, he turned and walked away. so he is a tough person to nail down. >> sandra: just in the last hour some drama on the house floor from the minority leader nancy pelosi over
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dreamers. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill for us. what's going on? >> sandra, good afternoon. all sources i have spoken with say they expect an agreement later today on a two year spending cap deal but for now house democratic leader nancy pelosi says not so fast. the big four leaders here on capitol hill mcconnell, schumer, ryan, and pelosi have been negotiating working on setting spending levels for the next two years. that is critical in order to avoid these very short-term funding extensions that congress has been doing. the deal is expected to increase spending for the military and domestic priorities but the house democratic leader wants more from speaker paul ryan on immigration. >> unless we can get the same commitment that mitch mcconnell gave the bipartisan group of legislators in the senate, we would like that same response to our bipartisan group. >> ashley strong, a house spokesperson for speaker
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paul ryan said speaker ryan has already repeatedly stated we intend to do a daca and immigration reform bill, one that the president supports. a senate democrat does not sound worried. >> i think there is some push back happening over in the house. but, i'm still very optimistic that we're going to get a deal military big area for republicans. secretary mattis warned lawmakers yesterday that the u.s. military is losing advantage due to short-term extensions and old budget caption. today the house armed services chairman raised this concern. >> you've got some republicans who say oh, i will vote for more military spend going you cut other spending because i'm worried about the deficit. have you democrats who say i will support the military if you increase other spending. so the military is in the middle as a political football. >> also today mark short says he expects lawmakers to unveil a quote good bipartisan deal that would
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increase some government spending. more money to rebuild the military would be keeping a campaign pledge made by president trump. sandra? >> sandra: mike emanuel. thanks for setting it um for us. here we go again. or do we? what is the fre threat of a shutdown look like this time. >> the dynamics, all the calculations have changed because of the last shutdown because, you know, donald trump obviously, republicans going back years have lost every shutdown that they have ever gone into they have lost in real terms and lost the p.r. fight. donald trump sort of changed all of that by playing a game of chicken, forcing democrats to do what they did. and then caved. and then actually trump not only won, i think, in the sort of the p.r. war. but he also won it in a real way. i think that sets him up for republicans up for a much better stronger position. now, the one thing that i think everyone is so upset when he said i would love to
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see a shutdown in a guess i guess we would call that unpresidential way. >> maria: unhelpful. >> congress said this could be bad for us. and it brings them to the table in a better way. >> sandra: harris, when we were listening to mike emanuel's report you said it sounded like senate has their act together and sounds optimistic. >> harris: more so in the house. when you see heidi heitcamp talking about the fact that no matter what she feels optimistic on the senate side she doesn't know what the house is doing. that to me based on our own report sag reverse of what we have seen. i would say that the bipartisan bills have been numerous, more in the senate. the president hasn't liked many of them. you had the graham bill that was bipartisan. have you got mccain and coons. you know, not a lot of love
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for them. you see that movement in the house it has been a much more conservative document that hits those four pillars which the president has supported. it's really interesting where we are. > >> sandra: clearly to hear the president talk like that. suggesting it might have been taken out of context it could be a sign that he feets like he and republicans have a lot of leverage going into this maria. >> maria: i think what will be interesting is if the senate and the house manage to pass something and goes to the president's desk and doesn't include immigration. this comment was in the context of if you move forward on a deal without immigration, then we will shut the government down. if there is a spending deal on his desk and it doesn't include immigration, i think he has to sign it he can't veto it or else the blame really would be on him. i agree with harris. it seems like the senate is actually trying to do its job here. and we haven't seen that a lot. >> harris: we know why that is, right? mitch mcconnell gave his word. he said he was going to keep his words. there were republicans and
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democrats excited about -- maybe not chuck schumer. but others who. >> maria: he was on board. >> harris: excited about the fact that mitch mcconnell had taken the reigns and they believed him. they had faith in him. >> maria: i agree. >> lisa: hard to take dick durbin seriously and lay this at the feet of president trump. the reason we are here right now is president obama did something he himself did not have the legal authority to do in creating the daca program and what president trump is doing is what should have been done all along and putting this in the hands of congress where it belongs. so i'm really sick and tired of hearing that argument from the democrats. it was also senator dick durbin that leaked alleged comments to try to hurt president trump politically. >> harris: from the private meeting. >> lisa: if he was that concerned about negotiating in good faith. he would have never done that also what really matters here is our military. what secretary mattis said before the house armed services committee yesterday was that he can't even begin to put together a strategy if he doesn't have the money to execute it.
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>> sandra: it was a strong warning for sure. are members of congress listening to what's at stake here and are they going to do the right thing? >> on immigration it's interesting to step back. and people talk about how the dreamer population, there is a lot -- you know, polling shows that americans are very much finding solution. >> harris: seven out of 10. the president tweeted this it yesterday. >> look at polling on immigration generally across the board, the republicans are not in line with the american people on immigration. democrats are certainly not in line. we are talking about legal immigration, chain migration. all of it across the board. donald trump is the closest person to being in line with the american people on immigration. and why it is that congress refuses to come together and actually just do the enforcement stuff. figure out something with the dreamers but do the -- it's a constant thumb in the eye of american -- >> harris: we know how important it is to the
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president. remember with whom he was meeting right up until this shutdown and right with chuck schumer and remember who was also on the -- kind of on the bridge listening as we say in the media because we have these listening devices in our ears and whatnot. it was mitch mcconnell. the focus really has been on the senate side all along, they have been the people who we don't know what's going to happen when it gets to the senate. what does it mean, charlie, that you have got house of representatives now not on the same page with daca and the dreamers? >> well, i think it's because you have a lot of republicans in the house who are in line. >> harris: what's driving it? amnesty for the dreamers. >> maria: i think it's the base. you heard john kelly last night when he talked about this and i think his language and what he said about dreamers was very unfortunate and inappropriate. >> sandra: lazy. >> maria: for not signing up even though there are not barriers but not super easy to sign up for this program including financially. i think that the house republicans, harris, that you asked about are more in line with john kelly. they are looking at a base. they are looking they are all up for election this year. and they are more worried
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about quote amnesty. >> lisa: if you give them the wall they will go on board with it. >> maria: you think? >> lisa: yes. if we go along with what senator mccain wants and what you guys want on the left, we are going to be right back in this situation in a few years from now. we are going to continue to be dealing with these dreamers or, you know, in a lot of case adults that are living here. >> harris: potentially more of them by then. >> lisa: exactly. don't do deal with the underlying issues illegality at the border the left doesn't want to deal with that. >> they are not base issues. 70/30 issues. 70/30, 60/40 issues that cross across both democrats and republicans. >> sandra: meanwhile senate investigators say newly released text messages between peter strzok and lisa page suggest then president obama was personally involved in the hillary clinton email investigation. president trump calling those texts moment ago
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bombshells. plus what some of america's allies are reportedly urging him to do now regarding the mueller investigation. this amid a growing divide among party lines over the russia probe. details ahead.
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>> harris: fox news alert. newly released text messages between trump bashing fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page are now raising more questions about bias at the fbi. in one exchange from noe of 2016 strzok slams those who voted against the fbi deputy director andrew mccabe's wife in a virginia state senate race writing, quote: disappointing, but look at the district map. loudon is being jentrified but it is still largely egg nornght hill billies. good for her for running, but curious if she's energized or never again: text messages saying mccabe should have recused himself from investigation after his wife received-million-dollar donation from top clinton ally terry mcauliff. this message in december of 2016 where page writes that
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then president obama, quote: want to know everything we're doing. while lovers discuss preparing talking points, those two, that's what we call them because they were having an affair, to give them to then fbi director james comey. the text messages raising questions again about former president obama's personal involvement in the clinton investigation. here's congressman louie gohmert. >> well, you know, it means the president wants to know what they're doing to try to stop trump because that's clearly, from all the other text messages, that's what they were working on, that's what they cared about and so we need to find out -- we can't be like the fisa court. we have got to actually have the facts. we need to get to the bottom of this and find out what the president knew. >> harris: gohmert taking a slam at the fisa court. that's a whole other issue. also know sent texts blasting the elections of donald trump those two.
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one 2016 message lisa page texted ominously about, quote: our task ahead of us. president trump today tweet that the new fbi texts are bombshells. are they, charlie? >> oh, yes, definitely. i mean, aside from the and as a virginian. >> lisa: i'm a virginian too. >> as an ignorant hill billy -- [laughter] aside from the fact that they read like some spanish novella soap opera unbelievable people are saying all this stuff. it is terrifying. it does go -- and people talking about it, they are not attacking law enforcement, the fbi. they care about the fbi. they care about this decision. they care about constitutional rights. the idea that you would have -- that one email that the president involving the
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president where the president has clearly stated he told chris wallace in no uncertain terms that he does not get involved in particular cases that email raises serious questions that president obama should have to answer. >> harris: have you worked for a couple of presidents at the state department. obama was one of them. >> maria: yes. >> harris: what's your thought? >> maria: timing issue that text message was sent in september the was closed in july. let me finish. three days after that text message was sent. president obama was meeting with president putin in china. so it is as likely that they were talking about the russia investigation and not about the clinton investigation. there's nothing to indicate it was the clinton matter and there is a lot of evidence. >> harris: that might be a leap too far. the president was offering to reset things when he got back in office. we don't know what they were talking about with regard. >> maria: talking about something they were working on. >> july chris wallace. >> absolutely not true. the clinton investigation closed in july. this text message was sent three weeks later.
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>> he never got involved in any of this -- he would never get involved in this fbi investigation? and while he said -- >> lisa: we also know they revisited some of the classified information. >> maria: not until later. >> lisa: with anthony weiner and the information found on his computer. look it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility when you have president obama who also said that he didn't think hillary clinton had put her national security risk on tv. you have loretta lynch telling the fbi director to call the investigation a matter rather than an investigation. >> maria: you can't assume what you are assuming either. >> lisa: we are both making assumptions. >> maria: i'm not making a crazy point. >> sandra: it's a little out of context when you look at the context of the bombshell text messages which they are when you look at this one which was days later in september, got called up to andy's, andy mccabe's office earlier. hundreds of thousands of emails turned over by wiener's attorney to the southern district of new york includes a ton of
9:21 am
material from spouse huma abedin. sending review up tomorrow this will never end. >> maria: he didn't get called to andy's fofs or a few daters later he wasn't involved in the information from anthony weiner's laptop. we cannot make the leap from that text messages that barack obama was being briefed on clinton investigation. from a national security perspective he had every right to be briefed about the russia investigation. >> harris: can we make this leap though? is it not a leap just pure fact that they thought maybe that's how things were going at least that's what their text messages. >> maria: how things were going. >> harris: two people were text messaging president obama would want to be involved. >> maria: he was meeting with putin where he raised election tampering with him in a meeting in china. >> sandra: doesn't the questioning seem odd to you to have the two fbi officials conducting official fbi business having an affair? >> harris: i haven't seen
9:22 am
the movie but eventually want to. >> lisa: not a leap to say democrats have not been hypocrites on this. you are the ones saying collusion, collusion, collusion. then we find out it's hillary clinton and dnc paying russians for information and spreading disinformation. >> maria: not colluding with the russian government to undermine our security. very different things. >> sandra: you think president's request for official information with the fbi director would be a little more formal. >> maria: i'm saying we can't treat these text messages as the bible. you can't make aassumptions. >> he did lie to chris wallace. >> maria: i like you, man, i don't think we can go there. >> on its face it's true. he told chris wallace get involved in these fbi. >> maria: there is no evidence that he has. >> lisa: i think this is going to keep going. >> maria: we could keep
9:23 am
going forever on this. >> harris: garlic powder on my favorite piece of beef. we are waiting whether or not the white house will decide to release to the public or at least declassify it for a release that democrat memo supposedly countering the g.o.p. allegations of government surveillance abuses of americans. we will see the full version or did democrats create a political trap for the president with it all? and, should president trump agree to sit down with special counsel robert mueller. we are now learning what some people close to the president are telling him would be a good compromise. we'll talk about that. stay close. ♪ whoooo.
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>> sandra: latest on release of that classified democratic memo. we are now learn that president trump met with a.g. rod rosenstein
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yesterday to discuss the document that democrats say will discredit g.o.p. allegations of surveillance abuses by the fbi and the justice department. the white house chief of staff john kelly signaling certain parts of the democratic memo may need to be redacted before it can be made public. >> great conversation. done mcgahn was there. great initial comparison between the first one and the second one. the teams are doing exactly the same thing on this one that we did on the first one. where the first one was very clean relative to sources and methods. my initial cut is this one is a lot less clean. >> sandra: this as oversight committee chairman trey gowdy warns that democrats may actually be setting up the president to look bad either way. >> the democrats are politically smart enough to put things in the memo that require either the bureau or the department of justice to say it needs to be redacted.
9:29 am
therefore, it creates this belief that there is something being hidden from the american people. >> sandra: former vice president joe biden slamming president trump over his decision to make the g.o.p. memo public in the first place. >> i worry about the full throated attack. this is the first president -- i have been here for eight presidents. this is the first president to make a full-throated, unvarnished attack on the entirety of the fbi. not going after j. edgar hoover. this is to discredit the fbi and discredit his own justice department. >> sandra: so the white house for its part says it's going about the same process as the republican memo in order to determine whether or not the democratic memo will be made public. so the question is, will it? will the president let americans see this one? >> i think he should. and i think he will. but, you know, it's very frustrating at a time like this. these are very serious
9:30 am
issues. and you know, the democrats, particularly those involved in intel committee have lost all credibility. adam schiff, i don't know what he is up to and i don't know -- i don't trust him. when he speaks, i think that he is lying all the time. and when they put together a memo like this and intentionally as trey gowdy said and i don't think trey gowdy is a partisan. i think he actually cares about this and wants to get to the bottom of this. when they go through and put this stuff in the memo so that stuff gets redacted. >> sandra: well, we don't know if that's the purpose. >> we don't know that but when i look at the people, the democrats involved, that is what i believe. >> sandra: interesting. >> right now we need to have legitimate adult democrats who care about this to be dealing honestly about it. dianne feinstein used to be somebody who was like that. >> harris: we need all of them to become adults. >> absolutely. >> harris: underlying thing we are being messed with in
9:31 am
this country. >> maria: including devin nunes who hasn't always behaved like adult. he cherry picked information and put out a memo. we can talk about fisa in a bipartisan intellectual smart way and maybe we should. there is no evidence that fisa was abused here. maybe it should be different. nunes has gone about doing it and you would argue now schiff. >> harris: i can't say that without saying the actual fisa application and all the evidentiary support to both memos. >> look at it in a vacuum. i agree with you that it's not a led pipe locked case against fisa. it raises serious questions. but when you put it in the context of everything else, like these texts and like the partisan behavior of a lot of people in washington, it gives now faith whatsoever that the system is working. >> lisa: if congressman schiff had made the allegation against republicans and concern about their handling of classified information with the release of the memo, and
9:32 am
if he and the democrats on the committee intentionally put information on here to hamstring the president. >> maria: that's just investigation. >> lisa: i trust trey gowdy more than schiff. if that's true entire argument a sham and completely political. if president trump has to redact the information to put it out, do it. don't play the democrats' games and blame them for being partisans. >> sandra: so much redacted what's the point of it, right? and they could also claim that the president was muze ling their memo. >> maria: answer put it all out there. the partisan memo where each is cherry picking. if you could put the whole fisa application out i think it would benefit the conversation. it's not a question about the american people. it's a sources and methods here. >> harris: what we do know is what john kelly told us. the memo is a lot less clean than the first memo. >> maria: more factual information. >> sources and methods arguments about the first memo, what were the sources and methods in there la.
9:33 am
>> maria: we will see. >> harris: you mean in the g.o.p. memo. >> yeah, the first one. >> harris: judge napolitano said that's not true one phrase long-term asset with regard to the center of that memo that he thought was fraught with difficulty with regard to revealing sources and methods. now, that's one judge's opinion and he gave some examples of why that would be problematic. did i bring it up with a lawmaker yesterday and there was not a lot of acknowledgment one way or the other. i don't know that they have anticipated that question. it's worth asking. >> sure. >> harris: now for the latest on the russia investigation. politico is reporting that at least three of president trump's close associates are urging him to compromise with robert mueller at the special counsel request and interview in person. this coming on the heels of a report that trump's attorneys, the president's attorneys have advised him to reject a sitdown interview with mueller's team. harvard law professor emeritus allen dershowitz has weighed in on potential outcomes that happened earlier today. >> he is going to have to do
9:34 am
something. he has the options in front of the grand jury. that's a very bad option. some controlled interview with time limits and subject limits and his lawyer present seems like a reasonable middle ground and third alternative which his lawyers are pressing for is he not going to get. written questions, written interrogatories his lawyers could answer and have him sign. that's the best approach for the president but he is not going to get that. >> harris: hairs a if you quinnipiac poll shows voters are divided over whether investigation is legitimate. 50% say it is, 42% say it's political witch-hunt. divided along party lines with 56 578% saying legitimate and 18% a political witch-hunt. >> what spot we find ourselves. in obviously i'm with the group that thinks it's a
9:35 am
witch-hunt. >> harris: should the president sit down with robert mueller? when he said he would love to, this is a classic example of where people don't listen to what donald trump says. he says he would love to. but he adds the caveat at the end where he says i will listen to my lawyers. >> sandra: alan dershowitz says he is not going to have a choice. he can be subpoenaed. >> yeah. i would love for the president -- i mean, what is he going to say different than what he says all the time. he testifies every day. >> maria: they don't have a time sequence. >> harris: very different. comes from the grand jury. that's not one-on-one with a prosecutor who has, you know, kind of made it the business of finding out whether or not people are telling the truth or lying. >> this is a bad jury pool for donald trump. >> i guess the question comes down to which element would be better for the president? sitting down with robert mueller and his team or waiting for a subpoena to come? it's a very different. >> maria: i think sitting down with mueller absolutely would be. a subpoena if they fight in court a protracted legal
9:36 am
battle could go to the supreme court. makes donald trump look like is he trying to hide something. >> harris: politically, yes. >> maria: can't negotiate rules for a grand jury interview in the same way they can bob mueller. they can't negotiate topics and time. for the president it would actually be better to sift down with mueller. >> sandra: what about the fact he can be subpoenaed which dershowitz made very clear and ask under what grounds then would the president be subpoenaed? >> maria: i think there are numerous legal grounds. first of all, there is precedent. can you look at bill clinton. look at the richard nixon case when they subpoenaed records of his. tape recordings of his. there is precedent he is the subject of an ongoing investigation in some very serious issues. and. >> harris: i don't believe for the grand jury the question of this has to be answered. i see what you are saying, maria. because right now his attorneys can say well, is our client the only one who can answer? >> maria: yes, and he is. >> harris: the grand jury, i don't think, has that standard. >> lisa: 50's the president i will tread lightly here if you are the president and be very, very careful of your advice of counsel and
9:37 am
dealing with the mueller investigation. you mentioned the poll and voters being split on this issue. i think the most important poll at least heading into 2018, as well as 20020, are what are the top issues that americans care about. this is not among that list. it's the economy. and that's where republicans and president trump are doing strong. so i would be a little bit less concerned about voters here and more concerned about top issues. >> harris: the last time i looked at it in a list of 8 it wasn't even in the top 8. the list wasn't long enough. >> lisa: i don't think it's in the top 10. >> maria: he keeps saying politically. >> harris: you keep saying that but everybody lawyers up when somebody wants to talk to them. i think you are app. assuming that. >> maria: if he pleads the fifth under subpoena it will be a political nightmare for him, i think. >> sandra: you could say that about anybody. >> a trap for him. >> maria: because he doesn't tell the truth. >> harris: okay, maria. y'all have no idea what goes on during the commercials. okay. could 2018 be nancy pelosi's last stand?
9:38 am
you are not crying. the new report would suggest democrats could be in a messy leadership battle if they fail to retake the house. pitting the old guard against the younger generation of democrats. how could this play out? and whether new faces are needed. maria, i can't wait to hear your response. >> maria: i'm ready. let's do it ♪ [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] ♪ good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. hais not always easy. severe plaque psoriasis it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed
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♪ ugly. >> lisa: fox news alert. opening to stay in d.c. since there is so much in play. joe biden is headlining the multiday event. midterm strealings political reports that if democrats fail to take back the house it could be curtains for nancy pelosi. whether it be on her own volition or being pressured to step aside. the publication is saying this could spark a bloody intergenerational joe
9:43 am
crowley leading the younger generation. al city hastings who he himself is 81 years old is predicting that democrats will leave in droves if the dems fail to retake the majority. adding it will be an intraparty war that's what you can expect. maria is, there a lit bit of a sense of irony here if nancy pelosi's time may be coming to an end but they are having joe biden be the headliner for this hull at this day event? >> maria: joe biden can do no wrong in my book. on nancy pelosi i'm going to make a prediction here. even if the democrats retake the house, i think she is out as leader of the democrats. i think that you will see someone like joe crowley, someone like seth molten, these are congressman who have been raising money for new candidates. they have been stepping up and taking leadership roles. it's not going to be steny hoyer it's going to be the next generation. even though we take over the house nancy pelosi will step aside as leader. that's my prediction. >> lisa: charlie, what were your tea leaves you are
9:44 am
seeing for 2018 right now. democrats are hoping when they looked at the generic ballot 15 point lead now it's only a 2-point lead a lot of time obviously between now and then. what are you seeing right now. >> much to maria's alarm i totally agree with you. >> maria: is this real life. >> who wouldn't be surprised if she didn't physician out a way to leave before. whatever. >> maria: you can't get all your wishes come true, charlie. >> actually, i think she is very good. >> maria: for the republicans? >> yeah. >> harris: the president said yesterday he is hoping that she doesn't change a bit. don't change, nancy pelosi. she secret weapon for the republicans. >> unfortunately though, i used to hear that during the 90's or the 2,000. >> harris: same person. >> nancy pelosi. could never get rid of her. ensures we will always be in the majority and republicans screwed everything up and wound up in the minority. i do think that as long as democrats keep talking about this russia stuff delusional
9:45 am
about all this stuff and not talking about issues. it's not going to be this great windfall for them. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell is speaking right now on the possibility of a shutdown. it is looming. the deadline thursday, midnight. let's listen. >> among congressional leaders, and the white house. no one would suggest it is perfect, but we worked hard to find common ground and stay focused on serving the american people. first and foremost, this bipartisan agreement will unwind th sequestration cuts that have hamstrung our armed forces and jeopardized our national security. secretary mattis said, quote: no enemy in the field has done more harm to the readiness of our military than sequestration. for years my colleagues on the senate armed services committee led by chairman
9:46 am
john mccain have spoken out about these damaging cuts. in the face of continuing and emerging threats, these cuts have left us unable to realize the potential of our missile defense capabilities. they have whittled down our conventional forces, laying an undue burden on foreign deployed personnel and their families. they have shrunk our fleet to its lowest ship count in nearly three decades. we haven't asked our men and women in uniform to do less for our country. we have just forced them to make due with less than they need. this agreement changes that in addition, this bill will provide for our returning heroes. too often underfunded, overcomplicated bureaucracies fail to deliver the care our veterans deserve. the trump administration and congress, thanks to the leadership of chairman isakson have made important progress for veterans in the
9:47 am
past year. this agreement will expand on those steps. this agreement will also bolster our own national struggle against opioid addiction and substance abuse. fund new grants, prevention programs, and law enforcement efforts in vulnerable communities all across our country. it also provides funding for disaster relief efforts. last year powerful storms crippled puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands and damaged main land communities from florida to texas. thanks to the efforts of members such as senator cornyn, cruz, rubio and others, this bill will get more help on the way. and the agreement will clear the way for a new investment in our nation's infrastructure. a bipartisan priority shared by the president and lawmakers of both parties.
9:48 am
this bill does not concludes the serious work that remains before congress. after we pass it, the propositions committees will have six weeks to negotiate detailed propositions and deliver full funding for the remainder of fiscal year 2018. but this bill represents a significant piper step bipartisp forward. i would urge every senate in voting to advance it. i particularly want to thank my friend the democratic leader. i hope we can build on this bipartisan momentum and make 2018 a year of significant achievement for congress for our constituents, and for the country that we all love. now, on one final matter. as i have said publicly many times, our upcoming debate on daca, border security and other issues will be a process that is fair to all sides: the bill i move to, which will not have
9:49 am
underlying immigration text, will have an amendment process that will ensure a level playing field at the outset. the amendment process will be fair to all sides, allowing the sides to alternate proposals for consideration and for votes. while i obviously cannot guarantee any outcome let alone super majority support, i can ensure the process is fair to all sides and that is what i intend to do. >> sandra: that was senator mitch mcconnell speaking on capitol hill just moments ago. chuck schumer is up next by the way. making some news there saying that talks have resulted in a significant agreement. membership mcconnell says, on spending caps. and he also just added that we are building on this bipartisan momentum. so bipartisan spending deal
9:50 am
a lot of talk about that as this shut down looms. remember, the deadline is tomorrow night midnight. >> harris: i'm anxious actually to see how chuck schumer is going to respond mitch mcconnell just called him a friend. i was hanging on every word as he put the mike on the lapel. >> maria: acting like adults like you said earlier. >> nothing brings these people bipartisan in washington like spending money. the idea that we're worried about spending or debt is just taken out the window. >> lisa: does anyone else feel like bill murfully ground hog day? >> every day. >> lisa: have these conversations about impending potential looming government shut down, debt ceiling. et cetera, et cetera. it just feels like bill murray in ground hog day. >> harris: i'm going to move to the mezzanine. >> it's magic. it's me, ladies and gentlemen. we are still on air.
9:51 am
so chuck schumer has speaking. >> men and women in uniform represent the very best of america. this budget gives our fighting forces the resources they need to keep our country safe. and i want to join the republican leader in saluting senator mccain. we wish he were here because he has fought so valiantly and so long for a good agreement for the armed forces. the budget will also benefit many americans here at home. folks caught in the grip of opioid addiction. veterans waiting in line to get healthcare. students shouldering, crippling college debt. middle class families drowning under the cost of child care. rural americans lacking access to high speed internet. hard working pensioners
9:52 am
watching their retirements slip away. democrats have been fighting for the past year for these americans and their priorities. we have always said we need to increase defense spending for our armed forces. but we also need to increase the kind of programs that the middle class so needs and depends on. it is our job as americans, as senators, to make sure that middle class people can live a life of decency and dignity, so that they can keep in their hearts the american belief that their kids will live a better life than they do. in this budget, we have moved for the first time in a long time a good deal forward on those issues. alongside the increase in defense spending, the budget deal will lift funding for domestic programs by $131 billion.
9:53 am
it will fully repeal the domestic sequester caps while securing $57 billion in additional funding, including $6 billion to fight against the opioid and mental health crises. $5.8 billion for the bipartisan child care development block grant. $4 billion to rebuild and improve veterans hospitals and clinics. $2 billion for critical research at the national institutes and health. and $20 billion to augment our existing infrastructure programs including surface transportation, rural water and waste i. waste water. clean and safe drinking water. rural broad band so desperately needed in large parts of rural america. and energy infrastructure. and $4 billion for college affordability, including programs that help police
9:54 am
officers teachers, firefighters. the deal also boosts several healthcare programs that we care a lot about in this country. an increase in funding for community health centers which serve 26.5 million americans is included. my friend, senators murray, tester, sanders, and many others have been champions for these community health centers. i want to thank them for the hard work they put to get this done. the children's health insurance program will be extended for an additional four years. credit is due to our ranking members, senator biden for his effort for this extension american families of children who benefit with chip will now be able to rest easy for the next decade. seniors caught in the medicare part d doughnut hole will also benefit from this bill. which eases the coverage gap next year, helping
9:55 am
thousands, millions of seniors afford prescription drugs. we have waited long for this. rural hospitals, that struggled seniors, children, and safety net healthcare providers will benefit from a package of health tax extenders as well. on the pension issue, democrats secured a special select committee that must report a legislative fix to the problem by decembe december 2018. millions of pensioners, teamsters, carpenterrers, miners, bakery workers and some more are staring down cuts to their hard earned pensions. they didn't do anything to cause those cuts. their livelihoods are staked to these pensions. we ought to make sure that they get every penny they earned. we democrats would have liked to take up and pass the puck lewis act. we couldn't reach an agreement to do that but know we have a process and potentially the means and
9:56 am
motivation to get it done. and there were so many senators led by senator brown who were responsible for this. i want to acknowledge him and senators casey and stab now, manchin, klobuchar, baldwin, mccaskill, donnelly and heitkamp who worked so long and hard on pensions. the budget deal also includes long awaited disaster relief for texas, louisiana, florida, the western states, puerto rico, and the u.s. virgin islands. many of these places are still taking their first steps on the long march to recovery. much of puerto rico and virgin islands remains damaged and in the dark. this recovery aid could not have come a moment too soon. senator nelson worked very hard for both florida and puerto rico relief as so did some others in this chamber. i would also like to thank our ranking member on the appropriations committee
9:57 am
senator leahy who worked so dill gently with his staff and his ranking members on these issues. as well as senator murray who has been our beacon on health issues where we have made real progress today. the budget deal is a win for the american people. it will also do so much good for our military and for so many middle class americans. and finally, consign the arbitrary and pointless sequester caps to the ash heap of history. and a final point, mr. -- madam president, our work here in congress on this budget deal between the republican leader and i, between the senate and the house, was completed without a great deal of help from the white house. while president trump threatens shutdowns and stalemates, congressional leaders have done the hard work of finding compromise and consensus. it's been a painstaking and
9:58 am
month long process -- months long process. it has required concessions, sometimes painful, by both sides. but at the end of the day, i believe we have reached a budget deal that neither side loves but both sides can be proud of. that's compromise, that's governing, that's what we should be doing more of in this body. and it is my sincere hope that the republican leader and i will continue to work together. >> sandra: have you been listening to senate minority leader chuck schumer as the senate just announced by mitch mcconnell the majority leader, that they have reached a bipartisan spending bill as this midnight thursday night shutdown deadline looms. so, that was the minority leader, chuck schumer responding to mitch mcconnell who spoke just minutes before him. chuck schumer kind of charlie fair to say went a little bit longer in his response. he did just make the point and this was news. he said the budget deal is a big win out of chuck
9:59 am
schumer's mouth and then he went on to take a dig at the president saying we did this without the help of the white house. >> i sort of find of difficult to remove donald trump and his threats from what they got done today. i would imagine that that probably put some pressure on them. you know, like i said, nothing brings them together like spending money that they don't have. our money that they don't have. >> maria: this is how government ends up working. he said it's a compromise that nobody loves but we can both be proud of. and at the end of the day, this is often how the hard work of governor where the rubber meets the road happens. and hopefully they will prevent the shut down. >> now we wind up with $20 trillion in debt. >> maria: small detail, charlie. thank you for pointing it out. >> lisa: shows democrats learned their lesson in having shut down. not good from a public relations standpoint and they don't want to do it again. >> sandra: first real sprout of bipartisan, and a break in the spending crisis. all right.
10:00 am
charlie hurt, always good to have you, sir. >> thank you so much. good to be here. >> sandra: that's it for us, live noon eastern time. here is harris. >> harris: thanks a lot, guys. we're going to continue now with the breaking news. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announcing that the tha senate has agreed to a long-term budget deal to avert a government shut down and lift spending caps on the military. a whole lot more in there. can congress pass this? i'm already getting early word from the house side. a lot of republicans don't like it because that's a big number when you look at the caps on spending. let's go outnumbered overtime i'm harris faulkner. and right now mike emanuel on capitol hill. mike did, i hallucinate? are we talking about the democrats agreeing to a deal and the senate that does not have daca or the dealers? >> absolutely correct, harris. folks i have been talking to who have been close to the negotiations say democrats were aware that daca was not ever going to be a part of this deal. now, they have gotten some assurances that immigration will be up next.


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