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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 8, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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cd sales were down at most 20% last year in the store that was once the biggest music merchandiser in the u.s. best buy is softening the blow to generation x. they will continue to >> i guarantee there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi. >> five month after obama made that claim lisa page text toed peter strzok to say, quote, congress wants to know everything we are doing. >> it does not advance bipartisan legislation to protect dreamers in the house. >> nancy pelosi should not hold our military hostage over a separate issue. >> a new 2018 gerber baby stealing people's hearts. lucas warren was the first child with down syndrome to win.
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♪ rob: very early or very late, 4:00 on the east coast, you are watching "fox and friends" first this thursday morning. let's get to a fox news alert. brand-new bombshell in the uranium one scandal. the fbi informant at the center of this controversial deal breaking his silence with explosive testimony that connect hillary clinton and russia and not in a good way. >> the suspicion swirling around uranium one exploding overnight.
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campbell is the informant and in written congressional testimony obtained by the hill he said russian nuclear officials told him moscow hired an american lobbying firm for $30 million hoping to influence hillary clinton. at the center of it all the clinton foundation. campbell testified, quote, assistance free of charge to the clinton global initiative as part of their effort to create a favorable environment to assure the obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from uranium one to the us/russia nuclear cooperation agreement. >> telling the fbi agents who he is supposed to be working with, telling them about this strategic plan of vladimir putin to take open the uranium industry and writing up these reports and telling them about it and telling them about the corruption in these companies.
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they are all one company even though they have different names but they were so confident that they told mister campbell with clinton's's help it was a shoe in to get approval and they were so confident in that they had him open a new office because they were planning on the kind of business they were going to do. >> a spokesman said their work with the clinton foundation and russia are not connected and work with russia did not involve uranium one. clinton spokesman said campbell's testimony is a distraction from the trump russia investigation and democrats pushing for campbell's testimony to be released, just scratching the surface. >> democrats you can't trust them, republicans say you can. we will analyze that on the show. newly released text messages exchanged between fbi levers raising questions about president obama's involvement in the clinton email investigation
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or the russia investigation in these messages from september 2016, lisa page and peter strzok discuss an upcoming briefing with president obama. strzok writing check out my 9:30 meeting on the seventh, page answering i can tell you why you are having that meeting, it is not what you think, strzok writing back talking points for director comey, page answering, wants to know everything we are doing. this contradicts what president obama told chris wallace in 2016. >> i do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations which i do not talk to fbi directors about pending investigations. i guarantee there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi not just in this case but in any
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case. >> with new texts implicating president obama democrats scrambling to cover for the former president, jim jordan says you lay out the fact there's just one conclusion you can draw. >> got to take it in context, july 5th is the day they say we won't judge clinton at the famous press conference thing no charges will be brought. later that month strzok who ran the clinton investigation opens the russia trump investigation, and on august 14th a text message from strzok and page where peter strzok says we need an insurance policy, two month after that september 2nd they say needs to know everything we are doing so take it in context, it raises lots of concerns, lots of suspicion, that is why we need to look into it and find out what is going on. >> reporter: on top of all that in her april 2016 fbi interview
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clinton aid huma abedin, an email exchange between obama and hillary clinton, president obama used an alias, the email had to be classified and asked for a copy of her own. a life look at capitol hill where lawmakers have just hours left to avoid another government shutdown congress voting on a budget deal that will keep the doors open for another two years of. that will continue it for quite a while but not everybody is in favor of getting this past, nancy pelosi slammed the bill for a record eight hours on the floor, marathon speech, the longest ever, griff jenkins has the latest on that, she must be tired today. >> reporter: senate leaders reach an agreement to stave off the midnight shutdown deadline. in a two your budget deal, $165 billion more for the military, $131 billion for domestic programs, debt ceiling increase
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through march 2019. and keeping the government open through march 23rd. it does not do anything for the so-called dreamers. nancy pelosi let it be known, taking to the floor for eight hours and 7 minutes demanding a deal on daca from speaker paul ryan. >> republicans moral cowardice must end, members of congress are trustees of the people and the nation. why are we here if not to protect the patriotic young people who are determined to contribute and strengthen america. i'm going to go on as long as my leadership minute allows. >> ryan says he wants a deal on strzok but the entire house should support this budget deal that will make americans safer and stronger but ryan's real problems lie more with the house's conservative freedom caucus. >> i don't know if we have
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enough votes among the members to stop this legislation. all i know is those who vote for this bill are betraying our country's future. >> mcconnell and schumer on the same page but it is unclear when the same plans to vote today or if they voted all of they know it is not going to pass in the house so we are in for a day drama as the deadline approaches. >> reporter: we only have until tonight at midnight so they keep doing this to us. fox news alert breaking overnight, responding to a call near dallas, texas, the unidentified officer guns down at apartment complex after finding another shooting victim. the suspected surrender to police but the motive is unknown. heartbroken police officers mourning the loss of one of their own as governor greg abbott offers condolences.
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on the lost officer with the dignity deserved, may god list is saul and others live on in his service. people fighting for their lives after a brutal stabbing attack at a church. police say a parishioner launched the assault in the middle of services in corpus christi, texas stabbing the pastor in the chest and then a bandmember in the net, two it is stabbed trying to get away. the suspect is in custody. the motive is unknown, this comes month after 26 people were killed when the gunman opened fire at a church near san antonio. no one was killed in this stabbing. in a dramatic show of force, jets bombing pro-regime forces in syria killing more than 100 troops of bashar al-assad. the pentagon says fighters moved the russian built tanks and mortars that landed 500 yards from their own troops. officials say the bombing was in self-defense, no americans hurt in this attack, the us bombed a
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syrian air base after bashar al-assad used chemical weapons on his own people. we have seen evidence of that. mike pence, second lady karen penn's landing in south korea ahead of the winter olympics, he will be the us delegation at tomorrow's opening ceremony. last night he met with american servicemembers in japan saying the military is ready for anything. >> all options are on the table. the american armed forces, self-defense forces of japan, will be ready to defend our people and our way of life. >> the vice president on his way to a bilateral meeting with the president of south korea. from being first in the super bowl to replacing the vice president, philadelphia eagles quarterback will be the keynote speaker at the national prayer
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breakfast tonight. he is stepping in for mike pence who is in south korea for the winter olympics opening ceremony. pastor robert jeffers will join us with what we can expect. isis on the run in the middle east, a brand-new thready mergers, new warning, and pay for play, bombshell testimony for an fbi informant in the uranium one scandal. hillary clinton bribed by russia. the next guest says facts don't lie. actor jim carrey trying to pull the mask off, and he needs to do the same. >> all righty then.
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>> analyzing top story, fbi informant breaking his silence on the uranium one scandal. douglas campbell tying the clintons to a bribery scheme set up by the russians. congressional committees, here to react to this allegation, former member of the joint terrorism task force steve rogers, thanks for coming on. you got this guy who has been an informant for the doj, at some point had an incredible past making this big allegation and democrat saying you can't trust this guy, republican say something different. >> a couple things to keep in mind. hunters have become the hunted and that is going right up to the obama white house. this individual, doug campbell was critical, as a great asset and as you said earlier, they
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gave him a to $50,000 check for the information he provided them. 's information was coming, the obama white house was making decisions in favor of the russian government. to suggest obama was never briefed on information and intelligence gathered regarding russia, they are being untruthful. a senator of the united states always in on the loop regarding top-secret information especially involving a foreign power. >> russians already they got this deal, controlling the uranium, being able to view that would be a huge advantage. why give him this access, that remains to be seen. >> donald trump all along as a candidate stated we make ridiculous deals, they wanted to give hillary clinton an advantage and it is now falling
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apart. >> testimony from douglas campbell, a lobbying group expected to give assistance free of charge to the clinton global initiative, and the obama administration made affirmative decisions. and why russia, the us, and fbi common handlers, politics was somehow involved. why are we doing favors for country we don't have a great history with. >> it is all about money, and the clinton foundation is involved in these messy deals and the political end was the
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presidential election. rob: back with the love affair with the fbi between peter strzok and lisa page and this gets deeper, we start seeing some involvement with president obama, it is fine between what the fbi and the doj does in the white house and across that line. let's go back, part of the text from lisa page, wants to know everything we are doing. and analyzing this, must have been regarding the trump investigation, the clinton investigation had been closed for quite some time. if we go to a quick soundbite in 2016. >> i do not talk to fbi directors about pending investigations.
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and i guarantee political influence investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi not just in this case -- period. rob: lisa page says he wants to know everything we are doing at the fbi. >> the president has to be in the loop on all these investigations, foreign intelligence assets, for the president to suggest he doesn't ask questions is not true. rob: you don't see any wrongdoing. cover-up is worse than the crime. there seems to be an idea they are going to cover up as we move along, but they are getting caught. and a lot more will come out. strzok maybe trying to influence that, thank you for coming on. a terrifying moment a deputy is
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dragged by a suspected drunk driver and nancy pelosi setting a house record trying to get a deal for dreamers. >> acknowledge the dreamers for their courage. to make america more america. rob: this ignored the dreamers yesterday, a marathon speech make any difference? carly shimkus has that coming up.
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>> nancy buster on the house will, house minority leader getting the most of her, quote, magic minute. >> on night, left by the posts coming in honor of my mother, i
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thought, say the rosary on the floor? i am reminded of my own grandson who had a close friend named antonio from guatemala. i wish i had brown skin and brown eyes like antonio. rob: eight hours of this. carly shimkus here with reaction to this very long speech. >> impressive showing of stamina from nancy pelosi who spoke for eight hours demanding protection for dreamers be part of the budget deal. like you mentioned nancy pelosi broke a record for longest continuous house floor speech and hear his reaction when she learned of that news. >> i got were the house confirmed the record for the longest continuous speech in the house since at least 1909. >> reporter: pelosi's marathon speech included stories of dreamers but some on social
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media was she had used that energy to advocate for american citizens including rebecca this is the same woman who couldn't stand for the parents whose daughters were killed by ms 13. still the hashtag go nancy go became a top trending topic on social media, people cheater on, i'm standing in my living room clapping with you and your colleagues in the house of representatives, keep going. >> ignored the same people. what is jim carrey doing, jim carrey not laughing at facebook, dumping his facebook account and stock and deleting my page, facebook profited from russian interference in our election and they are still not doing enough to stop it. i encourage all other investors who care about our future to do
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the same. talking about russian purchase ads that were intended to affect the outcome of our election was one person on twitter says i did the same, could have profited from the stock so i dumped it but another twitter user says twitter, the russian linked ads on twitter, so maybe you got to dump everything if you are going to do facebook, that is how that shapes up. >> let's talk about this gerber baby of the year. >> reporter: a one-year-old from georgia was named the first child with down syndrome to become a gerber baby, gerber announced the news on instagram saying congratulations to our 2018 gerber spokes baby, lucas, welcome to the family, sending him love. gerber says they couldn't give
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up the winning smile. rob: thank you. 26 minutes after the hour. a disastrous two man for amtrak with four crashedes, six people killed, can these tragedies be prevented? and aerospace engineer says yes but it is all about funding. and nfl coach called out for celebrating christianity on twitter. the big hit he dished out that the left was not ready for, stay tuned.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert, al qaeda still out there and a greater threat than isis. the un report claims the two groups are planning attacks together as isis has been eviscerated as of late. another group, despite being run out of iraq and syria. this her group has issued a chilling propaganda video threatening another invasion in paris. breaking overnight south korea's president will meet with north
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korean dictator kim jung un, the meeting comes as the rogue nation hold this 70th anniversary military parade, this brand-new video showing kim jung un giving a speech in front of the north koreans. and sheriff stephanie dragged half a mile by speeding car, the terrifying moments caught on dash cam. >> backup, backup, backup. >> the driver taking off dragging the texas to beauty whose foot was caught in the car door, she eventually got that driver to stop using a taser. that that beauty was not seriously hurt, the driver was under the influence but the deputy is okay. high profile train crashes
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plaguing companies like amtrak just this week the train broke apart while traveling 125 mph following three deadly crashes and they come as safety technology is not due until 2020. the data has been pushed back several times. we will see if that one holds. should you be concerned with your safety if you write on these trains? here is former us deputy assistant secondary transportation for technology policy, nice long title for all of her mcghee. serious stuff, these trains carry people safely by and large. they are but stressing. >> thank you for having me. you are absolutely right. in the last three years, we had 26 derailments that have been reported by amtrak which is very shocking but the last three have been most riveting. you are right, positive train
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control is the solution. this has been confirmed this week by the ntsb and it is all about traffic control systems like you see in the highway control systems invented by augustus morgan in 1923. he was the first to own automobiles in cleveland, black history month. the key thing is to stop these trains, automatically stop them when they see obstruction and feed control. had to slow the train down to negotiate the turn before it went into the interstate highway system. and need to look at if there is obstruction as control begins to break the system but more importantly positive train control looked ahead of the track, and off course, onto a stationary freight train.
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we are lucky about amtrak because what if the train hit a ball? we would have had a lot more injuries on that event. trains are essentially aircraft structures rolling on the ground. we need to have the same type of digital cockpit communication inside these engines like we have on the air buses, boeing aircraft. imagine if we did not have positive claim control, air traffic control come a we would be in a lot of trouble. rob: we have been working on the system, positive train control, for quite a few years, look at the deadlines we have passed, 2008 congress required installation of train control system by the end of 2015. congress extended the deadline to install ptc by three years, we are in 2018, the new deadline is 2020.
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these are private companies that do take some funding from the federal government, is that correct? >> absolutely. rob: why are we putting up with this? they are making money. >> what donald trump called in the state of the union address the crumbling infrastructure, it is all about public-private partnerships. the government can't pay for it all alone but private companies come in with the public-private partnership and this is the key that donald trump has tried to do with transportation secretary. it is all about public-private partnerships. that is how we will afforded and implement and move forward. all those deadlines are to extend 20/20 to establish those partnerships to get it done. rob: hopefully we can make some progress with an infrastructure
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bill. thanks for coming on this morning. 35 minutes after the hour. buyer beware, millions of people could be getting spied on through their televisions. is your tv one of these? remember when former president obama said this at the national prayer breakfast. >> unless we get on our high horse and think this is slavery, jim crow, all too often was justified in the name of christ. rob: made some people uncomfortable. pastor robert jeffers says donald trump will be preaching a different tune. ♪
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>> remember when president obama used the national prayer breakfast to send a message to christians many felt was inappropriate? >> unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember
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that during the crusades and inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. in our own country slavery and jim crow all too often was justified in the name of christ. rob: donald trump's national prayer breakfast happening hours from now, pastor robert jeffers, senior pastor at first baptist church in dallas, texas will be there as a specially invited guest and joins us now. the president making some points that may be true, the argument is time and place. was that the place to make these points? thanks for coming on first of all. >> it wasn't appropriate and seems like anytime president obama stood in front of a group of christians it triggered some need he had to lambaste and lecture them. what a stark contrast for donald trump. i told donald trump part of his legacy is going to be he will be
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remembered as the most faith friendly president in history. donald trump is more pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro israel, than any democrat or republican who has occupied the oval office and that is why he is going to be met with such a warm recession at the prayer breakfast. rob: what will you hear from the president today? >> i never try to predict what he is going to say but if we did visit last night i think he will talk about the importance of faith in american life. you might remember last year he began by telling people, they might pray for arnold schwarzenegger's falling ratings in the apprentice, then he turns more serious and said since he became president of five most important words he ever heard where the words i am praying for you. many in our audience would like to know that this president does value prayer, to pray for many occasions in the studio last
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night. it is comforting to know we have a commander-in-chief who is not too proud to acknowledge his need for help. that should give every american confidence. rob: another special guest today, vice president in korea, the olympics are starting in south korea. and carson went who is going to be there as well, star power from the nfl. >> absolutely. one of the interesting things, at the white house the congressional leadership that organizes this prayer breakfast from both sides of the aisle. it is a good reminder that as americans, occasionally we need to put aside our partisan differences and come together united in our desire for abedin -- for god to bless our nation. as it is the nation whose god is the lord and that promise is as true today as it was 3000 years
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ago when it was written and today is a good reminder of that. rob: a great day for you. thank you for coming on. 42 minutes after the hour. the rally cry of black lives matter. another school is bringing that movement into kids classroom. they just won this first super bowl in franchise history, time for the philadelphia eagles to rejoin its and jillian's live in philadelphia this morning. no place she would rather be. jillian: the first time ever the city of philadelphia celebrating its first-ever super bowl parade, hundreds of people out here already.
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appointments available now.
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>> dans the presidential election, the cybersecurity chief. a small number of attacks were successful. >> we saw targeting of 21 states. an exceptionally small number of that actually successfully penetrated. >> not just russians but the russian government. >> some hackers did break in, us officials say there is no evidence any of the registration polls were ever altered.
1:48 am
as pressure intensifies on agencies he used to lead, the release date for james comey's new book was getting pushed up. a higher loyalty truth lies in bookshelves, earlier than planned. the former fbi director of tell all focuses on dealings with the trump administration. a foxbusiness alert, buyer beware, hackers could be spying on you through your tv. can't wait to see how this works. >> this is a smart tv. and consumer reports. and all of them can monitor what you were watching.
1:49 am
and the roku tv, as hackers take over -- and they're going to look into it but if you get one of these tvs. >> 175,000 motorcycles, specifically the cbo touring, model years 2008 through 2011 equals with antilock brakes. because these breaks could fail. the national highway traffic safety administration got a number of complaints, investigating accidents and injuries related to this. with the brake fluid, apparently
1:50 am
you are supposed to change it every two years, some people are not. that can cause it to the road with the antilock brake system causing it not to work. >> they will flesh that out and replace the brakes. by 2020. and and mcdonald's started using more environment friendly packaging, they are planning to do the same thing by 2025 as well. >> they never break down. thank you so much. fly, eagles, fly. honoring the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles.
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the biggest eagles fan i ever met in my life, live in the city of brotherly love, going to have a fun day. >> did i hear you say fly eagles fly? >> i think i did. no problem with the eagles, never had an issue with them. >> they will be preparing for this, 1960, the last time the eagles the cricket championship, before the date of the super bowl. we have never seen a super bowl parade. the city has been preparing for this for 58 years, they have been preparing since monday morning, crews had been very hard to get this parade route ready, making sure it goes off without a hitch, schools are closed in this area, the bars along the parade route will be giving free bud light to a lot
1:52 am
of plant fans as promised. and most of all, they are excited to see -- and never because of the super bowl. speaking of fans, let's show you, there are hundreds of people claiming their spot, they want to be up close to see the players, and the young deserve day in philadelphia. rob: schools are closed. >> of former nfl play coach
1:53 am
celebrating christianity on twitter, the big hit he dished out that the left was not ready for. sketchy's work of art ever to help police make an arrest. that's more ways to discover new relatives. people who share your dna. and maybe a whole lot more. order your kit at
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rob: you are looking live at mike pence in south korea having a bilateral meeting with south
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korea's president ahead of the start of the winter olympics and the vice president of south korea will have an interesting meeting with the sister of the dictator of north korea, kim jung un's sister so that should be interesting. we will look at this political news as it comes in. back suit some headlines, a second high school could soon fly a symbol that has been used to bash the police. [chanting] rob: see that chant through the streets of new york city with a high school in vermont flying a black lives matter flag for black history month, in another nearby school collecting hundreds of signatures hoping to follow their lead. 100 schools, 13 states participating in black lives matter. some schools holding discussions
1:58 am
about the movement before, during and after school hours. former nfl coach and sports analyst for nbc tony dundee standing up for his faith after being slammed by sportswriters, it is tweet to the super bowl champs, quote, congratulations to the eagles, he felt the lord had him in philadelphia for special moment and he played like it tonight. sportswriters kyle coster and stephanie criticizing him for talking about christianity, he responded to the back last weeking nbc pays me to access my opinion and it was my opinion nick falls would play well because his christian faith would allow him to play with confidence. this hysterical sketch causing laughter on social media but coming in handy for police, a cartoonist drying of a suspected thief pennsylvania police and one investigator noticed a resemblance. i can see it and linked the drawing to this real-life human being and it should award for
1:59 am
his arrest. interesting connection they made. "fox and friends" first continues right now. >> i guarantee there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi. >> it is thursday, february 8th. president obama insisted his fbi and doj were clean, the new bombshell text messages call into question that claim and exactly what he knew. >> came here to make sure everyone who follows congress knows this story. >> congress like nancy pelosi should not hold our military hostage. rob: a long stand for daca, nancy pelosi obliterating the record for the longest magic
2:00 am
minute. her marathon speech and the deal that was reached to keep the government open. jillian: new details on the death of a border patrol agent. was your wasn't he brutally attacked? "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ a beautiful morning ♪ jillian: you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning, good to see you. this is what you do. this is where i need to meet up with you. rob:


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