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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 9, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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on it. >> some people called a buying opportunity but i'm not a stockbroker so don't listen to me. >> me either. thank you so much for joining us. us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: it does. fox news alert, waiting a decision from president trump on whether it will allow the release of that democratic memo to counter the republican memo on fbi surveillance abuses. he is reportedly leaning towards allowing it. if he does, he could call for a lot of reactions and that could spark backlash from democrats. this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith in here today, harris faulkner. cohosted after the bell and fox business, melissa francis. democratic try to just an fox news contributor jessica tarlov and joining us on the couch today, former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz is outnumbered, and it is a friday. speak to the right answer. the ice cream truck comes by, you order a bomb popular that right answer.
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>> harris: we do this preshow to use and we were talking about our favorite ice cream truck flavors. what did you choose? >> sandra: i did not choose one. at the end of the show, how about that? let's get started. president trump is inspected to make that decision today on whether or not to allow the release of that democratic memo. said to carol to the republican memo on fbi surveillance abuses. the house intelligence committee approved its release monday, giving the president five days to make that decision. white house deputy press secretary raj shaw was asked about yesterday. >> the review process is ongoing and as we have said previously, we are using the same standards in the same process by which the republican drafted memo was evaluated that was voted in the house intelligence committee. it is going through both the legal and national security review. i think we previously mentioned the president was briefed by the deputy attorney general the other day. when we have more information or
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announcement, will make that available. >> sandra: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live from washington. what is the latest that you hav have? >> the expectation is the democrats counter memo will be released today in the president will declassify the ten page memo with redaction's but there are no guarantees and basically right now, the waiting game continues. under long-standing congressional rules after monday's votes to make the democrats memo public, the president has five days to voice objections which technically brings us today or monday for counting business days. white house officials say all parties including the fbi, justice berman have been told to review and make the recommendations about the memos release and what needs to be blacked out or redacted. democrats version drafted by the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee adam schiff is more than twice as long as ten pages or so the republicans down version of four pages. we also understand the counter memo has more detail and gets more in depth about sources and methods which will likely call for reactions. but to watches when the democrats make the case that
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christopher still, the former british spy who research the dossier had a track record with federal investigators for credibility. republicans counter the fbi cut ties to seal over his media contacts with this information is never shared with the surveillance court. democrats also make the case the surveillance court was told it was a political document the justice department or the dnc and clinton campaign funded the dossier by october 2016 when an initial application was made for carter page. >> sandra: now the house intelligence committee wants records about the surveillance warrant for a trump campaign aide. >> that's right. according to the letter obtained by fox news, house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez is seeking transcripts of the national security court. writing to rosemary and collier, the presiding judge at the fisa court, republican chairman wants a transcript of any relevant hearings connected to the surveillance warrant of trump campaign aide carter page. the republican staff memo as you know release last friday said
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the unverified dossier was used to secure the surveillance warrant. it was central to the application, and the government omitted key information about its political funding by the dnc and clinton campaign money intelligence committee is asking the court for response by the middle of this month and also the transcript. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you. , they're going to have to react some of that grade hopefully they're not just playing political gamesmanship and the democrats purposely putting this in there. regardless, i think the administration to the right thing and reject it. i do hope they release it. at the end of the day, you're going to see that the democrats voted no to release the revoke and memo that they voted yes to release their own memo and yet republicans voted unanimously to release both.
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>> sandra: it was a big part of that, the back and i think people don't know what to believe. james from it from "the wall street journal" has been saying that maybe we need to hear from the judge. that would be the final word on the thinking of the judge, how much they rely on the dossier because it is true that democrats are going to try to make the claim that steele was reliable but he was somebody that they cut off because he lied to them. that's pretty significant. >> harris: it so interesting what you say about hearings and the judge and perhaps it is really time for that because this was renewed a couple of times. so the same evidence that was there for the fisa court was there numerous times. what were they looking at? i really -- it makes me thirstier to see more.
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i want to see the evidentiary support even if it has to be redacted and certainly talk to the fisa court judge. >> sandra: will there be any reactions to this? >> jason: they probably will be. in the dust settles, i think the most definitive report that will actually come out be the one from the inspector general. the almost forget about these two memos over here but the inspector general, or what appointed by barack obama, 450 investigators, working on it for close to a year. that will be the most definitive and that's the point where you're going to have a really hard time pushing back no matter where he goes and what they found. >> harris: is not the same one i found the missing strzok and page? we know they can get some stuff done. >> jason: why is it that the fbi in writing told congress that they couldn't find five months worth of text messages and 48 hours later, he comes up and says no, they're right here. >> harris: more than what they ask for. >> jessica: it was a beautiful
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day. i totally agree here. we are not to to do willing partisan documents in the real issue here is about the fisa process and as harris pointed out, carter page but someone who is being surveilled for number of years and in 2013 we know he bragged about being the kremlin advisor. "the daily beast" actually did some reporting when i talk to all 13 g.o.p. members of the house intelligence committee and thought that he should be surveilled in only three of them said no. so they can't even say we think this guy should've been looked looked at. what proportion he used to for the dossier is important. yesterday we were talking about this on the couch with kennedy where this is her issue. civil liberties and protecting americans from unnecessary. >> harris: the issue if they spy on one of us. >> jessica: kennedy gets really live about it. she said like 1600 applications and only one hadn't been passed. had been rubber-stamped as it were. is that the discussion we should be having. but we are going to have two partisan documents and i love
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something fair and balanced in the middle there. >> harris: can i ask a question? at the bottom of this, we still looking at how the russians meddled and now reporting they may try to middle and the murder terms? what's being done with our election process? >> jason: i give a lot of credit to devon nunez. before this came up, they were barking about it. barack obama went to great lengths to laugh at mitt romney saying what a political foe this was. >> harris: if they have their eye on the next go around, do we learn anything? but do they do. i feel like it's the email phishing scams where you get the email and it says this is your cousin and i have a million dollars for you because i just married a nigerian prince, click here. they're almost sending out these feelers to everybody whether it's the clinton campaign, whether it's the trump campaign, how to insulate ourselves again. >> harris: have we learned enough to protect ourselves? >> jason: let's not kid
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ourselves, such as the russians. seeing a lot of classified information along the way, it's not just the russians. yes, we are still vulnerable. >> jessica: mike pompeo said just last week that we are still vulnerable and they had actually gotten into our voting systems. i'm not saying that's why she lost the election, but is a huge threat and democrats, it would be smart to make that case looking forward instead of looking back. >> jason: that's not what barack obama said. barack obama went before the american people is that even if they wanted 2 million plate the elections, they couldn't. they put on a trajectory for president hillary clinton. >> jessica: that would've been a fine day. >> sandra: disagreement on the couch already. >> sandra: i'm surprised it took that long. >> sandra: really like that type today. >> harris: i really like that time. it does say that, that's hilarious.
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>> sandra: it's friday. >> jason: at least give me a breath mint. >> sandra: growing backlash over how the white house continued following those allegations, former domestic abuse against staffer rob porter. now a couple of top officials could ultimately pay the price. we will have the latest details on that story next. plus, to democrats introducing legislation to block federal funds for that military parade that president trump says he wants. could it actually passed or will it ultimately backfired? whatever you're doing to stay healthy... there's something you may be missing. a key part of your wellness that you may be...
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>> sandra: fox news alert for you, another crazy day at wall street. the dow swinging back and forth today after a week of wild swings and some sharp losses. just yesterday, the dow plunged more than 1,000 points, the second largest point drop in history and we will continue to keep our eye on the dow throughout the hour for you. right now, it is down we hundred 50 points, 23516.
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we will update you as things happen. >> harris: growing controversy now amid reports that former white house aide rob porter was kept on the job and handled more responsibility after top officials were made aware of domestic violence allegations against him. white house spokesperson roger shaw talked about yesterday at the white house briefing. >> i think it's fair to say that we all could've done better over the last few hours, last few days in dealing with the situation. this is a rob porter that many and others have dealt with in the emerging reports were not reflective of the individual who we had come to know. >> harris: "the washington post" is reporting white house counsel don began knew about the accusations for more than a yea year. for about a year. and chief of staff john kelly found out back in september when kelly told staffers in a memo that all matters of
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domestic violence will be taken very seriously. kevin corke reports outside the white house with more. >> you're right, the white house is being very careful about disclosing who exactly knew about porter's alleged abuse and whether they knew about it and that includes the timing of that information reaching the desk of the white house counsel and of course, the chief of staff john kelly. as you know, porter has been accused of a number of ghastly things by his ex-wives and former girlfriend. in fact, a photo if it is one of his ex-wives and service in that picture she had a black eye. she said her then husband rob porter gave it to her. sources say white house chief of staff john kelly was aware of the allegation, which porter strongly denied but hadn't seen the photos. so he did issue this memo to his staff. he said while we are all processing the shocking and troubling allegations made against the former white house staffer, and want you to know that we all take matters of domestic violence very seriously. he adds domestic violence is
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abhorrent and has no place in our society. it goes on, we understand the shock, pain, and confusion that these allegations have caused in a workplace. it's important for me to tell you you are not alone. resources are available here at the white house for anyone who is seeking counseling. speaking of, here's what one of porter's ex-wives had to say about the abuse last night and her concern for the woman he is apparently dating now, what has communications director hope hicks. >> do you think he's changed? >> i don't think he's changed. >> did that were you? >> it worries me for a lot of reasons. it definitely worries me because if i'm being frank with you, if he hasn't already been abusive with hope, he will. and particularly now that he's under a lot of stress and scrutiny. if that's when the behaviors come out. >> powerful stuff.
9:18 am
kelly as you know has come under fire before, but this issue in particular in this environment could cost him his post. here is corey lewandowski. >> there's no question that it could've been handled better. it seems like the process they were supposed to have in place failed. the checks and balances which should've been in place failed. >> there's no indication here that the president wants to get rid of his chief of staff. in fact, it's fair to say in my observation between the men they are very close and the president has great confidence in him and until then, he is going to be on the job. it does lead you to this point. corey made a point and that is the buck stops with the chief of staff. that ultimately cost them? will just have to wait and see. back to you. >> harris: he will have to spend his book. thank you very much. so corey lewandowski hit the nail on the head and he said that the system failed and i guess now the question is why? >> jason: no woman should have to endure that, let alone to go.
9:19 am
i've known rob porter for years. i've had lots of interactions. he was the chief of staff to senator orrin hatch. with what raj shah says is very right. he is very personable, very well educated, but if there is a stark equal side to him, then there should be a consequence in a very severe consequence. i think that the white house needs to come up with an accounting, an accounting of who hasn't who has not gone from the background security check. the reason why you take the innermost circle next to the president of the united states and have them go through this rigorous oversight by talented professional fbi agents and so that they can get that accounting to the chief of staff and you should not get your security clearance and must be passed. i want to see it in a list from the fbi or the white house. >> harris: are you surprised there's a number of people being reported now that have not yet gotten their clearances?
9:20 am
>> jason: we have heard instances where perhaps people then have security clearances and the obama white house, and we were furious about that. why should anybody getting top secret information next to the present of the united states be even allowed to be within arms reach of the president, let alone advising him and working as his staffer and once they pass the background check? >> harris: he brings up such a great point because this is the only white house to have dealt with having people on staff that have not gotten security clearances. what is the obama administration do about it? six i'm not sure. i'm sure that this happens in every administration and there are delays but i am not sure that every administration has someone who beat two of their wives on staff and at the chief of staff knew about a month ago and let it slide and not only that given more responsibility. last night, "the new york times" broke that in 2016, general john kelly actually gave witness for an admiral that was abusing her.
9:21 am
john kelly should've gotten a rob porter off of his staff the second were suspended him until he knew further. he's a fine man, orrin hatch defended him, this is a slow role. as a nation, we are over this issue. >> sandra: that's important to get that out there. they're not denying that. >> jessica: after a photo of a woman with a black eye. >> sandra: are you suggesting that john kelly should not be in his role any further? >> jessica: i know that that is a conversation. kevin corke even just said that the buck stops with him. there was discussion of whether he should stay there. i'm not blaming him for this, but they should've been more careful of someone with known allegations against them. >> melissa: i think one of the interesting things as they say they only knew of this of one woman, and he an explanation for that for that sort of thing. when you see reporters dig very deep and get to the true story and get all of the pictures, the rest of it either means they did
9:22 am
a horrible job investigating this, which is hard to believe, they didn't look at all the facts. no matter what, there was a huge system failure there, and somebody if not multiple people have to go. we will talk more about that. what i want to get to is who is looking out for the president. this isn't just a situation where someone is coming in with the plan of the day. he's a staff secretary going to talk about, i imagine you would know this better than i that some of that is classified. it's more than just that, this is somebody who has access to our president who can be compromised based on his personal life. and we don't know if the allegations are filled in as we have been led to believe, may be more or less the story but when you watch one of those ex-wives last night, you know at least that there was a lot of texture and detail given to the fbi. and if any of that was passed on, who made the decision that it was okay for this individual this individual who potentially could be bribed, could be put in a capitulated position to be next to our president?
9:23 am
>> jason: had this position for more than a year. so again, if there is an outstanding question, let's not vilify somebody until make its termination. but reassign them. >> harris: they even did that at the fbi with anti-trump people. >> jason: you cannot be in the inner sanctum of the white house next to the president of the unep is a citizen outstanding question and at the fbi has the speed of these reviews, do it. but as much as you like them, do these types of positions with that type of background. >> harris: there's a huge backlog in the clearance. >> jason: i think the white house should have to come out and tell everybody how many people have passed and how many have and don't have. >> sandra: a better explosion for the white house is with a lot of people like to see. >> harris: government shutdown was on like donkey kong and now it's off. but the government funded, the big question is what happens for
9:24 am
dreamers, those immigrants brought here illegally as children, now adults? house speaker paul ryan won the first battle and what could become an all out war of words. plus, reports that congressional investigators are looking to interview the author of a potential second dawes rate filled with uncorroborated allegations about president trump's activities in russia. but this could mean from the investigation, stay close. smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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>> sandra: new details and the russian investigation. congressional investigators finding a new sale documents part of an alleged new dossier in the russia-trump connection. a former journalist and longtime ally of former president bill and hillary clinton. emma kratz hope the could
9:29 am
support parts of the steele dos. who but the publicans are saying and not so fast. g.o.p. congressman peter king to say "i certainly think it's something worth examining how far we go depends on what they are." sr. house intelligence committee member mike conway saying "it's troubling. that would just add to this narrative that the democrats were fermenting trouble through the fbi to get surveillance on the trump campaign." this is one of those things i think is tough for everybody to keep track of. >> jason: the incestuous nature being able to take somebody who is engaged the political campaign and the allegation, the question mark that devin nunes has thrown out there, did they get that information to the state department and did they use their clout and being able to get law enforcement then to again focus on a political campaign and try to affect that campaign by peppering it with information that may or may not be true?
9:30 am
and that's the scale that i think everybody should have on both sides. if donald trump did this, everybody would be outraged. i like to think i'd be outraged as well. but evidently, i think it's worthy of investigation. they should be looking at this, and they're going to russians to get this information. that's the irony. >> harris: how does this work? this is opposition research on steroids. >> sandra: it's ridiculous stuff. if you read the dossier when it originally came out, it's hard to read it so embarrassing and ridiculous. the fact that anyone ever took this person seriously is outrageous and i cannot imagine that this is the standard we are setting going forward with how we're going to create smear research and then use it and handed off to the fbi. >> harris: it's so salacious. where would you actually release it? would you a news conference and do that? how would ever be a useful? >> jason: they want to go to law enforcement and have it leak
9:31 am
out. that's where there is trouble brewing where these people then went to the media they would write a story saying donald trump is under an fbi investigation because they created it. not because -- >> harris: it's become the land of the leaks. >> jason: it is sickening, it is disgusting. and again, you have an fbi but i love, my grandfather was career fbi agent. but i've got to tell you, the senior most people are failing us. i don't believe donald trump is serving the country and himself and anyone else by having the attorney general that he has in place because he's recused himself. he can't even do this job. space >> jessica: he had a conft of interest. >> jason: should resign or step down or get fired. he's the worst attorney general. >> jessica: i'm not a big fan of jeff sessions. so we will learn more about the second dossier or memo, i read
9:32 am
the guardian piece about it and it seems that what they're using as a corroborating point is about the 2013 trip to russia where they argue that donald trump was compromised during that. a lot of it is salacious, a lot of it is unverified. i would love to know what's true and what isn't that based upon what we heard from catherine herridge last week about this issue is her clear reporting, the base of the people who want to prove something just go right and they find someone to write it. i would love to know the full merry-go-round here. where it started and what they were looking for is corroborating evidence because for those of us that are defending the steele dossier being used for the carter page finds a warrant, i would love to know what sort of journalist, what sort of people were actually corroborating this evidence versus -- we know this new author has never been involved in espionage. that's not his deal. that's christopher steele's dea deal. >> sandra: is not about the dossier in this case for the pfizer warrant, is the idea that anyone is out there doing this,
9:33 am
creating this. [all talking at once] >> jessica: in a billion-dollar campaign is nothing. when you look at how every election, it is so dirty the things that people dig out. how many good people are discouraged from running for office because of the nasty smears. >> sandra: much when he went to russia, how about when the clintons went to russia and gave speeches and got money? >> jessica: the stories are very different. i have no idea what is true about what donald trump did there or not but didn't say bill clinton gave a speech and donald trump may be did that. [all talking at once] >> harris: it actually happened. president trump has signed a budget deal funding the government once again. after a lot of drama on capitol hill that led to a very brief
9:34 am
shutdown. the first roadblock came in the senate were republican rand paul of kentucky held up the vote to make a point about what he says is fiscal irresponsibility on both sides of the political aisle. ultimately, it passed 71-28. and it got to the house through there despite opposition from conservatives who don't like all the spending, and from some democrats who wanted a deal to protect dreamers from deportation. minority leader nancy pelosi has been calling for house speaker paul ryan to promise a debate and vote on that issue. he says they will likely take up a deal the president supports. pelosi called him out early this morning to some jeers from her republican colleagues. watch. >> for some reason, i think the speaker thinks he is speaker of the white house, not the speaker of the house of representatives. and that we should have the opportunity, we should have the opportunity -- touched a nerve there. we should have the opportunity to have this house, the people's
9:35 am
house work its will, not be the recipient of something that might -- if it passes 60 votes in the senate and the president approves, then maybe i'll bring it to the floor. that's not a commitment. >> harris: pelosi wanted ryan to make a commitment like the one senate majority leader mitch mcconnell gave to senate democrats. mcconnell reportedly set the wheels in motion for a freewheeling immigration debate specter to begin next week in the senate. meanwhile, president trump tweeted this today. "costs on nonmilitary lines will never come down if we do not elect more republicans than the 2018 election and beyond. this bill is a big victory for our military, but much waste in order to get them votes. fortunately, daca not included in this build. negotiations to start now." what do you make of it? >> jason: i don't like the budget bill. i'm more with rand paul and mike lee and the others. it's a lot of money.
9:36 am
i think republicans are drunk on spending. they have lost the mantle of fiscal discipline. at least with rand paul rand paul, at least we're having a little bit of a debate. this is hundreds of billions of dollars that have almost no debate, 700 pages. my guess is most members had no idea what was in it and i think it was wrong. i didn't like it. i want to spend more money on the military but we are having a 13% increase on domestic spending? there's not a republican that can't bet on that. >> harris: this punches the debt ceiling, it hits it. she's taking her head. >> melissa: if you look at what's going on in the market, it reflects the fact that people know the government is going to have to go out there and sell a ton of treasury to pay for this. it's ridiculous. we don't have this money to spend and when you see democrats and republicans get together in the best thing they can agree on is spending more of the people's money, it's just really disheartening. it's incredibly irresponsible. i understand we want to spend money on the military but there has to be a better way to do this. there has to be a way to get
9:37 am
spending down. but it's done and now republicans and democrats have to look at what's next and move forward and we are the priorities with the agenda? >> jason: when i heard nancy pelosi talk about the immigration agenda, i was elected in 2008. i came in 2009. i purposely asked to be on immigration subcommittee on judiciary. when nancy pelosi was a speaker of the house, they were exactly two hearings in that company. one was to have a photo, and the second one was to hear testimony from stephen colbert. the democrats never brought a bill, they never went to the floor. stephen colbert. he came and testified and it was an absolute joke and i didn't go because i thought it was a joke. >> harris: can i ask you a question? >> jason: democrats did nothing with this. >> harris: why after the shutdown, how did we get to the point where democrats would sign something that didn't have daca in it at all? i thought that was it, that's why we shut down. they did it twice.
9:38 am
they signed twice. >> jessica: it all starts with the senate here. i think that chuck schumer basically moved his caucus away from what's going on in the house there and he looked at the map and said there were ten democrat senators in red states that donald trump won by a lot and then knocking down my door every day saying and guess what? are constituents like the tax bill. guess what? are constituents may not be huge fans of obamacare. and they don't care about dreamers has much as they care about getting the government funded in making sure this country goes on. we show the clip yesterday. you're in a state like montana going for joe manchin for instance you can't hang everything on an issue that has huge approval on both sides of the aisle, 80%, but it's still a niche issue to many. when you think we have 23 million people in the country and talking about a population, 800,000 dreamers what trump authored. >> harris: he's going to bump up that number.
9:39 am
>> jessica: i don't think that's how that works. i think everyone has their issues here. i don't think this is about the value of a human who versus the value of a brick in the wall necessarily. 25 billion is crazy. >> harris: she's been calling $1,000 bonuses crumbs. we are to going to stay with nancy pelosi for just a second. nancy pelosi purchasing a different tune of over dollar week tax cuts under president obama. the problem this may pose for democrats as republicans.
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crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. >> melissa: that was nancy pelosi trashing bonuses resulting from the g.o.p. tax loss, crumbs. i don't know if she was schmoozing properly there but whatever. her comments don't square with what you said about the obama era payroll tax cut back in december of 2011 tweeting today's agreement is for a victory for the american people. they spoke out clearly and $40 each paycheck will make a difference grade jessica? >> jessica: shocked that you went to me first here. from the start, hearing the crumbs, it was a mistake. i don't agree with the -- i think it's a mistake. i think paul ryan certainly was off in that dollar 50 tweed as well. i think politicians should stay away from numbers like that. if your paycheck is going up,
9:45 am
that is a good thing and let's just there. >> melissa: can't trash talk money, everybody likes money. >> harris: you bring up a good point. i think it's what the president was trying to say at the end of the year. he said was not just tax reform of its tax cuts and jobs creation. i'm going to have to go out there and say this myself, and paraphrasing him. i don't think that republicans are getting it right either. so is difficult. however, i do think that crumbs and deplorable come together in this way. they're both offensive. by crumbs, you're making fun of the people and what they consider to be good in their pocketbook. she would have no idea. that woman is so wealthy she doesn't even see the color of money anymore. >> jessica: politicians across the deck are wealthy. nancy pelosi doesn't have donald trump money. >> melissa: she does, are you kidding? >> jessica: i didn't know she was a billionaire.
9:46 am
>> nancy pelosi is calling your tax cuts crumbs and pathetic. conor lam sounds just like her. they're even using the same crummy words. they just don't get that the tax are changing lives. supports tax reforms because what liberals call crumbs are actually filling bellies. >> harris: that's a problem. >> jason: part of the problem is nancy pelosi also said that by passing the tax bill, i was going to be armageddon and the fundamental core of what the republicans versus the democrats are going at the next election with his democrats want your taxes higher. they want more government, more spending. >> jessica: they don't want your tax dollars. they want them a higher the mega-wealthy. they do. if they don't want to raise taxes on middle or lower class americans. >> sandra: understanding the value for a dollar with those of us with young children, we are often trying to do that. when she makes comments like
9:47 am
that and you go back to her old comments, clearly she understands every little bit helps, every paycheck and every bump helps, so i think this is something that sticks with democrats. >> jessica: i saw that ad and when she said it, you could see that ad coming. i think crumbs in the bellies is super smart and i think that will do well and that's an election we really need to win. >> harris: 's is also the demographic of people that hillary clinton didn't spend much time with. so as you go forward for the midterms coming of many more soldiers to deploy, will they go to the areas of their communities and spent time? it matters. it matters how you talk about people. >> jason: just remember who is running for office will be asked because at your very first about, who you going to vote for for speaker of the house? and i guarantee every republican will say if you vote for the democrat in november, you're voting for nancy pelosi and she has a brand unlike any other across the country except maybe hillary clinton that says we don't want her to be the speaker of the house.
9:48 am
>> sandra: there we go. two democrats now introducing legislation to block funding for present trump's plan for military parade in washington. look at the latest battle backfire for the dems? we are going to debate it. the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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>> sandra: new backlash over president trump's push for military parade in washington. a military official telling "the washington post" the president wants the parade to be similar to the military celebrations in france during the steel day. but now, two democrats are pushing legislation that would bar taxpayer money from funding the parade, which would reportedly cost millions. sender ben cardin saying "we have the best armed forces in the world. we don't need to flexor muscles to showcase our military hardware. our brave military with men and women flexor might around the world each and every day on behalf of our nation." and congressman marc veasey saying inexpensive political ploy whose sole aim is to boost trumps approval ratings is an insult to their service and distracts from resources needed to provide meaningful assistance to veterans and current service members.
9:53 am
this is one of those things since the president has put this out there, his desire to have this parade, everybody's got an opinion on whether we should have one or not. >> jason: i think the president's heart is in the right place, his very patriotic. he cares a lot about the military, i do too but i am opposed to the parade. i lean a lot on a good friend of mine, rob o'neill. just reading his tweet. >> jessica: he did not mince words. >> jason: navy seal, i retweeted it. >> harris: we can read it on air. >> jason: give the guy credit, he was killing usama bin laden and basically said this is a third world tactic. until -- we are 17 years at war in afghanistan. to have people in the battlefield and have a parade at home is a bad signal and until you can look at the american people and all the veterans in the eye and saying we are taking care of each and every one of the veterans, its not have time to have a parade. >> sandra: do you think because you've already had to hear some of the responses even for military men and women and leaders of our military that
9:54 am
they don't like this idea, using the president will back off? >> melissa: it's tough to say because he doesn't like to back off. i do think his heart was in the right place. i was with brian kilmeade saying why not visit 20 bases in 20 days. it would be easy for someone to come up with something to replace this, to allow the president to save face and to what it is that he wants to do. i do believe it's not about being a show of force so to speak. is not all these things that people are saying. it is about showing that we really support the troops and you don't understand unless you serve. i heard general jack keane say we train, we fight, we don't parade. in that kind of summed it up for me. >> harris: you and i are both military dependents formally and i was born on an army base and i remember when troops would come home and we would have a celebration. these were our dads and our brothers and guys were coming home and they were torn up, and we just wanted to love on them. we were in a stage now as you
9:55 am
mentioned, we've been at war for so long. this is the same kind of situation where americans are really saving their panty hose like back in the world war ii days and getting into the gears of being there for men and women at war. so elevating the conversation to celebrate them is important but there are a lot of ways that we can do that. communities can give lots of discounts. we can make sure that in the bloodstream of america, with the best talent from our military who are retiring and coming off the lines and making sure they have good jobs. there are a lot of ways to do i it. and it's important. >> jessica: to add to that conversation, we have a huge homelessness problem with our veteran population. obviously mental illness but as well, many more people in this country to serve. we don't talk about this is much as we should sit up but that kind of money behind a campaign to go out there and educate people about what civil services that he can do that. i think that it would be genuine but your point, i think the fact that there are no polls out there, the military times has one that shows that people
9:56 am
oppose it. he should look at other ways to celebrate. >> sandra: will have more in just a moment, more "outnumbered" when we come back. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks!
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i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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today, smart planning is helping the new new york rise higher than ever. as the world leader in unmanned aerial systems, we're attracting the world's best talent to central new york. and turning the airport into a first-class transportation hub. all while growing urban areas into vibrant places to live and work. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit >> sandra: thank you to jason chaffetz, the former congressman joining us on the couch today. we have a few seconds left. generic popsicles, i like the orange ones. >> jason: bomb pops.
10:00 am
they drip all over you. >> jessica: melissa and i were discussing the diet ones, like skinny cow. >> sandra: joined me at 2:00 for dana, here's harris. >> harris: we could see the democrats answer for the g.o.p. surveillance memo as soon as today. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. we are watching that deadline for president trump to decide whether to declassify the democrats counter memo. that speaks to bust republican claims that the fbi abused its power. president trump is expected to make a decision ahead of saturday's deadline. warning against redacting or changing any part for political reasons. fellow intel committee


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