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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 13, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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president obama sold all to proceed by the book because we know the investigation involving the trump campaign was an abuse of power. >> justice department, in the
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michael flynn case lose >> the fbi agents did not think he lied to them. something happened between them and december 1st when he pleaded guilty to lying. >> thousands gathering, coming to that city, fasting for easter. ♪ >> usa is in the title. >> third time in two weeks. >> i am wearing different glasses. i was wearing contacts for a while. i can see so much clearer.
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>> remember the first time. when you go to the doctor, drive out of the parking lot, this is what a leaf looks like, you can see the trees clearly. >> you want to see that. meanwhile let's talk about things in the news. back to last year, 12:15 on donald trump's inauguration day, what was susan rice doing, the national security chief? she was writing a memo, we didn't break the law, we did everything by the books. >> she writes on january 20th, not saying i have the answers to this, we might be getting this. president obama on the january 5th meeting, stressing continued commitment to ensuring every aspect of this issue is
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handled by intelligence and law enforcement by the book, the president stressed he was that asking about obstructing anything from a law enforcement perspective, law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would, by the book. >> we did everything by the book, this was an email, about a meeting 15 before, saying this is what president obama briefed us on. and fbi director james -- >> some people, it is so curious that as she is leaving perhaps one of her last acts in the white house she writes herself
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in email that says we did not break the law. lindsey graham with charles grassley wrote a letter and said we have questions for you. the dossier was used to obtain the warrant against carter page at that time. to write that particular letter, she has got another week or two to respond. >> why would you write yourself an email 15 days after the meeting of what happened inside the meeting, that meeting took place january 5th, the same day comey briefed president obama, they were investigating the russia trump campaign collusion. >> lindsey graham yesterday with martha maccallum. >> i'm worried about an effort by the president to get himself on record to susan rice to make sure from his point of view, the
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question is did the president know anything about the warrant, did susan rice know the dossier from mister steele when he was on payroll from russian sources, and the warrant application, political nature and mister steele hated donald trump, candidate trump, was trying to do anything to beat him, not exactly by the book. >> they wrote the national archives and said anything he and senator grassley, anything related to this investigation as relates to both investigations moving forward, susan rice is right in the middle of this big mystery and forced to go front another story which is not true but defined that story and i'm wondering why they keep going back to the term by the book. >> that means they didn't break any rules but does that means
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that? >> by the book, by the book. >> was it a memo to inoculate anybody from future investigations? we don't know but did you notice it sounds like barack obama knew about the dossier at the time. why hasn't he been quiet about it? when you are president of the united states you are the leader of your political party and who paid for the dossier? democratic party funded by hillary clinton, the dnc. >> later from donna brazil's book bailed out hillary clinton campaign they were subservient to hillary clinton. and the other blockbuster story in my mind, byron york in washington examiner talked about the tao, his sources told him james comey when he was still on the job told two other people from his perspective michael flynn did not lie to the fbi.
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>> regarding meetings he may have had that he did have with the ambassador, goes on to say even if he did talk about it that would not have been against the law but lawmakers briefed on it after they heard from james comey this guy won't be charged and then he is charged, what happened? >> let's read what the washington examiner is reporting based on their sources inside that meeting in march. it went to comey, tell us what is happening? is michelson guilty or not? according to sources family with the media comey told lawmakers the fbi agent who interviewed flynn did not believe flynn lied to them or any inaccuracies were intentional. as a result some of those in attendance came away with the
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impression flynn would not be charged for the crime. 9 months later was comey gone and robert mueller in charge of the trump russia investigation flynn pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the fbi in that questioning. just like the title of hillary's book, people want to know what happened. >> to reframe the whole thing after eight years of doing nothing against russia while they take over ukraine, fly to the middle east, suddenly get tough three weeks before they are done and put sanctions on russia for meddling in the election so evidently on some level michael flynn has a meeting with the ambassador and says don't overreact, we will take over, re-examined this whole thing, steve hadley used to have a job michelson had 24 days and said i don't see what is wrong if he simply said don't
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retaliate, it hurts my country, makes it harder for the incoming administration to set russian policy, didn't tell donald trump about it, that was a mistake and didn't tell the vice president, that was a mistake, nothing to get you kicked out of the job. >> he pleaded guilty to making false statements. >> here is what it boils down to. you have james comey, didn't look like he lied but was he overruled by somebody? sally yates, deputy attorney general thought he might have broken the logan act and was susceptible to blackmail. did she push that? we don't know. james comey says he didn't do anything wrong and he wound up pleading guilty. >> the president said go easy with the general, he's a good guy and comey and said he is a good guy. >> 6:10 in new york city and in
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washington same time, daca deal, the senate gripped by historically great on immigration, the president wants to get a deal done, he twoed moment ago negotiations have begun, republicans want to make a deal and democrats want to make a deal, wouldn't it be great if we could finally after so many years solve the daca problem, another opportunity, march 5th is the deadline. >> both sides expect to be back at it but can anything come of it? >> he is not here, he is in washington. >> reporter: chuck schumer understands they are negotiating, some deal on daca. >> it is not the place to reform the entire immigration system but a narrow bill. >> the president has to sign it
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and 7 gop senators say their plan is the best chance in exchange for $25 billion for border security, limits chain migration in the visa lottery system and senator tom cotman says we don't need schumer to do it. >> they shut down the government over no strings attached amnesty for illegal immigrants and that didn't go so well. we don't need the blessing of chuck schumer and dick derman to pass a bill. >> center cotton coming up, interesting to see what he has to say. this debate could last all week or all month but with senator schumer saying he doesn't want to negotiate it will be interesting. >> he would like it wrapped up by end of the week. stay tuned.
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>> hi, jillian. jillian: we look like valentine's day a day early. fox news alert out of detroit, michigan three women i killed and three police officers hurt during a 14 hour standoff. lance smith barricaded himself in his home after a fight with his girlfriend, shot and killed her and two family members, then turned the gun on himself. he was firing at police for nearly an hour hitting three in the leg. >> we live in trying times. >> all those officers will make a full recovery. donald trump junior speaking out after his wife was rushed to the hospital after opening a letter stuffed with white powder, it was addressed to the president with hateful comments, and don
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junior responded tweeting -- express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior. >> hope you find the person who did that. 6:13 in new york city, donald trump says time to drain the swamp inside the intel agencies. who needs to go? reporting for duty live in studio. a new way to the top. ♪ blue in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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reduce hunger, help control cravings with contrave. now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at >> donald trump railing against various until agencies and the need to drain the swamp. why the president's enemies? we are asking, you agreed to join us. there is our title, let's get started. here are the four people that matter the most, where should we start? >> i like to think of this as an injustice league, people with key access at important points
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in the entire russia trump collusion narrative and have an anti-trump, they don't like donald trump. we are talking about some of these folks like christopher steele, he is a gun for hire, a glorified private investigator, he has been involved in manufacturing the russia collusion narrative. >> he doesn't want to speak to us or the british and never went -- back to the big four. >> james comey, this part of the investigation and what is going on, certified three of those requests. until we get more information which we might if the memo gets released, looks like it was based largely on that dossier and comey would know, we know he
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doesn't like trump very much. >> he didn't come clean how many times president obama was clarifying that. now peter strzok. >> he made it clear he doesn't like trump. he doesn't like trump voters. he was involved in a hillary email investigation crafting the language that exonerated her and somebody involved in russia collusion and seemed to express his reservations whether there was a there there. he was a critical figure. >> he was kicked out by robert mueller but the ig report revealed he might have had bias.
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john brennan, cia director. >> my former home agency here, a close obama ally known to cultivate people in the press that he wants to get his message out while he was director and somebody who is clearly tied in to the investigation and the notion of russia collusion giving briefings to people in the intel agency process but we look at the testimony, doesn't look like what brennan was saying about what he knew about the russia investigations. >> when i hear john brennan
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speak about donald trump, and might not look good if examined too much. >> we are seeing a number of senior officials, the justice league, and the information behind the investigation abusing their discretion or working in a concerted effort to cover up for what had been done in this investigation. >> great to see you. the russia probe is not going away. the media gushes over kim jung un at sister, three americans being held captive including the father of our next guest. >> in north korea, we don't know what happened to him. >>'s urgent plea when he joined us next live.
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>> quick headlines, chelsea bonner will be sentenced facing life in prison, remy's father called him a terrorist calling them in an interview he wore the fbi two years ago before the attacks. the 30-year-old convicted of setting off two bonds in new jersey in 2016 hurt 31 people and this man could face more
3:25 am
terrorism charges, according to cbs baltimore. prosecutors trying to convince a judge mohammed was planning a major attack hoping to detonate a bomb that killed a lot of people, and enhance charges. >> mainstream media funding over kim jung un's sister at the olympics comparing her to ivanka trump. three american citizens remain detained by koreans, the son of an american currently in prison in north korea pleading for those watching the games to not forget about his dad. >> gather with family and friends, will you remember my dad who was arrested last april in north korea and we don't know
3:26 am
what happened to him. tony is one of three americans being held captive in north korea just miles from the limbic stadium. >> joining us is the son of tony, detained since last april, fighting to bring his dad home. >> tell us what happened to your dad. >> science and technology. to come back, detained in that party, and no accusations, i
3:27 am
don't too much. >> your father was teaching science and technology charged with committing criminal acts of hostility to overturn north korea. hard to understand that. what are they talking about with that charge? >> not sure. >> neither are we. >> we know what happened, other americans who have gone to north america, why do you think your dad wanted to go there knowing kim jung un's passed, knowing he is a dictator? why with your dad there? >> he was there at the
3:28 am
university teaching and i would say if my dad saw that, going to help. >> you are appearing today, a lot of people watching the olympics. you are among a number of people who started a free usa 3 program, people hold up three fingers for what? >> three different detainees, my father and two others. i'm trying to bring awareness to all of them blues not until my
3:29 am
dad cared, while i can, i am hoping more americans and us government won't forget them and just any help we can get. >> i can't imagine what you're going through not knowing. have you heard anything, have you heard from the president? >> the last i heard was eight months ago and even that, doing okay, it is distressed. my family was curious to hear how he was doing. >> wonderful news for your
3:30 am
younger brother. you want to be a teacher, and starting with usa 3 campaign across the country. >> we all have fathers and we know what they mean to us. we miss him and hope he is safe. >> we are praying he does.
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>> that is impressive but don't try that lsu and olympian, a skier escalating the competition dangling off the side with one hand. >> fabian bosch exploring the olympics south korea outside the escalator going up. >> a post on instagram, can't figure out how these things work.
3:35 am
>> doesn't even care. >> you could do that. he end up sitting on a ledge. he jumps over. benjamin watson joins us, there was a political brouhaha, the us lady hockey team to remove their helmets they didn't want anything political. they changed their mind. they are in south korea where north korea marched in under the same pair.
3:36 am
>> something like the nfl, wasn't approved before hand. something that is not regulation. >> the statue of liberty -- >> images, messaging that has to do with national identity. he resolved it. >> eagles when, malcolm jenkins said he is not going to go. >> and a number of players for various reasons, he didn't go to
3:37 am
obama to see obama -- and people decide not to come. we all went and may be a scheduling thing, the broader thing because of political stances, i am behind 100%, and it points to a larger atmosphere, politics something so divisive, tribal mentality. >> i'm not excited about getting my picture taken, i would rather work with the issues i have been fighting for heather: they fighting for?
3:38 am
>> his issues are criminal justice reform, things he is passionate about. if you go later in the interview the president wanted to meet with me on these issues. he has -- mostly what it is, not the time to converse with the president but he said he would love to meet with the president on these issues. >> if he stood up for the national anthem. >> he did stand for the national anthem. >> i would hope the president takes him up on that. >> the other players, tori smith and chris long. let's talk about a philadelphia elementary school, mitchell elementary, in one of philly's
3:39 am
poorest neighborhoods. for every eighth grader who can graduate without getting into a fight i will give them $100. if one person gets into a fight nobody gets the money. >> i would offer them $100 not to fight every day. different motivations for different students at different times, in baltimore we have kids who cannot concentrate. many schools are struggling. i believe the home is where that starts. if you give the kids $100 not to fight and you got the money to do so. >> it is not a bribe but an investment in the kids. >> pay for what they are not
3:40 am
supposed to do. you're not paying them to get as would do something they're not supposed to do. >> whether it is a trip some teachers say a field trip to washington dc. i have no problem with that, once kids don't fight it becomes easier. >> i would like to see the giants and the eagles and they had enough. they need a tight end. >> two quarterbacks. >> what is your prediction for the eagles? >> carson wins the team.
3:41 am
nick was a pro bowler off the bench and did a phenomenal job coming in. he was a rookie and led him to that point. >> he stays with the eagles. >> is carson ready to start the season? i don't know. >> the survey was different but takes about a year. i don't want to make any predictions but he will be back for training camp. >> you will be back home with kids who are homeschooled very shortly. >> getting the party started.
3:42 am
>> congratulations, i bet that is great. it is behind you. let's get you caught up on other stories, donald trump unveiling his budget plan including an infrastructure investment calling for support from capitol hill. >> this is a commonsense bipartisan plan every member of congress should support. i look forward to working with them. we will get roads that are fixing bridges that are fixed. >> the budget proposal includes funding for the military. the woman accused of stealing a newborn baby from the hospital and raising her as her own child has confessed to her crime 20 years later.
3:43 am
she could face 22 years in prison proposing as a nurse and walking out in 1998 with the baby, she pleaded guilty to kidnapping and a charge that carried an additional five years. the woman who raised her was not her mother but her kidnapper. as long as you are being inclusive listen to this. gainesville elementary school officials telling sixth-graders they must say yes when asked to a dance at the upcoming valentine's day party, the strategy promotes kindness. some parents are outraged, one mother says it sends a bad message to young girls and boys. i would never want to be told --
3:44 am
a girl has to make her own choice, have to say yes to a man. tell us what you think. >> square dancing is easier, everyone had a partner. straight ahead, what we can do that.
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this information is not even 24 hours old. why should you do something like
3:48 am
this. >> trying to rewrite history and look like something that happened that didn't happen. you are a juror in a courtroom and learn an event occurred on january 5th and one of the people at the event 16 days later decides to write a memo summarizing what happened, she writes the memo after barack obama is out of office, it starts 15 minutes earlier after she no longer had a job. my suspicion is a learned something from january '52 january 20th which caused them to change the narrative. none of us knew about the meeting, no reason for anyone to know about the meeting, a private secret meeting in the oval office comes out, why would buy the book be in quotations? who would believe this.
3:49 am
>> another week to respond. anyone tell you to write this email? >> she keeps falling on her sword, all over the networks with the crazy narrative about benghazi. and these things were stated. and sense of loyalty, the manner in which she wrote it. she was a participant at the meeting and now the question arises what was agreed to at the meeting. >> in congressional testimony. >> james comey had a habit of doing after the meeting. >> what you were supposed to do,
3:50 am
and it is extremely suspicious. so many moving parts. we have been doing this for four weeks, more and more apparent there was a group of people in the federal government using machinery of government to frustrate donald trump becoming president. >> the catch of the day is a little fishy. david: new glasses, okay. >> 10 minutes until the top of the hour, straight ahead chuck schumer may want donald trump out of the white house but sending a warning to his own party about the midterms, their strategy won't work. valentine's day, a special offer for all of you, sword and plow. ♪
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>> giving back big time. >> two west point hometown heroes repurposing thousands of pounds of military surplus in handbags, accessories and donating profits to veteran organizations throughout every stage of the process. >> veteran and cofounder and ceo emily nunez and her sister and cofounder betsy nunez. good morning to both of you. what does it mean repurposed? >> military surplus into the bags and accessories and remained by veteran owned american manufacturers.
3:55 am
>> sword and plow. >> to turn swords into plows which means to take military technology and transform it into a peaceful civilian application and that is what we are doing here. >> for valentine's day, you are cutting 20% and supposed to use a code and 10%. >> so excited we have this new giving initiative with purple hearts reunited and 10% of profits from all purchases made today and tomorrow donated to such an impactful veteran organization, metals and valor and return to veterans and their families. >> everything is made from the us, veteran manufacturer in colorado. >> five different -- >> california, colorado,
3:56 am
florida, the bags are more than bags, creating an impact on every stage of business models, not only supporting stable fashion, manufacturing but also veteran employment and veteran organizations. >> the bags are great but big enough to tote through the air force and the lining of that bag has a uniform cloth, tell me about your jewelry. >> this makes a great gift for men and women. the inside is lined with uniform fabric. >> necklace and entire jewelry line is made, and made of repurposed showcasing. today and tomorrow we have a special code for your viewers and the bags -- and the jewelry line are incredibly popular
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dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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. . >> if democrats want to make a deal, it's really up to them. they have been talking about daca for many years and haven't produced. >> the president's framework is not opening bid, it's best and final offer. >> what was susan rice doing on donald trump's inauguration day? she writes herself an e-mail. >> she's trying to rewrite history, trying to make something look, why would buy the book be in quotations? >> very contentious topic. >> you cannot just run against donald trump. it is the job of we democrats to put together a group of proposals aimed at the middle
4:01 am
class. >> the biggest k-9 competition there is and we sent janice dean to get a behind the scenes look. >> are you happy to be on "fox & friends", good luck my friend. so sweet. ♪ ♪ >> he's good company. >> right. that's what i heard. >> no, i think we did. ainsley: is bad company still together? steve: we were supposed to have him on and something went haywire. ainsley: they found out that you worked here. steve: today is also known as pancake day and tomorrow is ash wednesday.
4:02 am
ainsley: are you going to give something up? steve: probably. brian: i have given up everything. and meat. ainsley: give up lying now. brian: i will try. we find out that we have a budget for robert mueller for another two years at 10 million a year and then we also found out that the obama administration might have played more of a role in this russia investigation than might have thought. where do you want to find the truth or confusion, susan rice. ainsley: election day donald trump wins and january 20th, inauguration, at 20:15, 15 minutes after she loses job, she sends herself e-mail with notes about a meeting that happened with president obama 15 days earlier. steve: and this is part of the letter that she wrote to herself
4:03 am
15 minutes out of job still using the white house equipment, she typed out president obama began the conversation, this is talking about oval office meeting regarding russia collusion, started the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the intel and law enforcement communities by the book, the president stressed that he's not asking about initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective, he reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book. that all sounds like exactly how a lawyer would describe, okay, if you're going to have a meeting, you should do it this way, the question is, is that what happened and what happened before? lindsey graham had observations with martha. >> what i'm worried is this an effort by the president to basically get himself on the record through susan rice to make sure that from his point of
4:04 am
view everything was done by the book. the question is, did the president know anything about the fisa warrant application, did susan rice know that the warrant application included a dossier from mr. steele when he was on the payroll of the democratic party coming from russian sources and that the information in the fisa warrant application was a dossier that was politically in nature and that mr. steele hated president trump, candidate trump and was trying to do anything he could to beat him. that's not exactly by the book. brian: he went onto say, look at what happened, abusive power and not by the book. this is really odd. a couple of things, if you keep saying it's by the book or i'm being honest, usually means you're not. i'm not saying it's not. james comey says all of the time, you know, something about president trump when i met with him i had to write a quick recap of everything we discussed but when it came to president obama i never felt that way or president bush, when asked how many times you met with
4:05 am
president obama he said twice, he never mentioned the meeting with joe biden, james comey, susan rice and the president and, of course, and sally yates talking about what happened. some would say on the other side, look, something that president obama saw was so alarming on january 5th that he wanted to proceed with an investigation which ended as far as he's concerned january 20th. steve: the argument against that particular scenario is if it was so alarming on january 5th, he would have written a memo on january 5th, you wouldn't have waited until high noon on the inauguration day. ainsley: two things are suspicious about things that we want answers, she wrote the e-mail to herself 15 days after the meeting. i understand if you're james comey, we need to look at his notes, he comes out memos. she writes this e-mail to herself three things are suspicious, why is she writing to herself, she's doing 15 days after the meeting, why, and she's doing it 15 minutes after
4:06 am
she lost her job. steve: one of the things that a lot of politics and washington do do is they do memorialize their notes by sending themselves an e-mail. that's not unusual. the earlier point so on target. why did she wait three weeks -- i do. i read a thing this morning on one website, a lot of people in washington send themselves emails. ainsley: i have done that before but not 15 days later about notes from the meeting i've had. steve: the other thing is barack obama was being briefed about the russia collusion, he knew about the dossier, right, did he know that the dossier was used with a bunch of cook-upped material to get the fisa and also why hasn't the former president of the united states been queried about this? brian: sooner or later. quite a few between infrastructure on down was the president saying it's beginning,
4:07 am
it's beginning just like i said i did not want the daca negotiations part of the process, do i want to get something done and i'm leaving it open vessel. i gave you my big four pillars i want included in daca negotiation but i'm not telling you exactly what to put in. here is what he tweeted. negotiations on daca have begun, republicans want to make a deal and democrats say they want to make a deal, wouldn't it be great after so many years solve the daca puzzle. last chance and there will never be another opportunity. march fifth is the day that the president put out. ainsley: just tweeted like an hour ago. steve: we told you about the big republican proposal by senators where it has the four pillars of the president's plan. but there's no enforcement for
4:08 am
the most part. you look at the right, you have the president's plan, and you look at the left and they've got just the dreamers, obviously they are going to wind up having both on both, they don't have any democrats who are signed up, no republican for the most part is going to vote for the democrat plan ultimately what they are going to do is go to base and say, well, we tried that, it didn't work so we came up with this compromise if they are able to do anything at all. ainsley: i think they will have to vote for this. the dreamers are going to get mad and said this was your chance to keep news the country. that's all you care about. brian: you didn't do in 2011 or eight years when president obama was in office. now you say you have somebody that wants to do a deal and you don't want to do a deal and they will be screaming out in brooklyn in front of chuck schumer's office. border security for daca and then tom cotton says no, we will put in end chain migration and lottery system and that's where
4:09 am
the negotiation will start and also where the money is going to come from, the 28 billion or 25 billion the president wants. steve steve the senate is one thing and you have the house, and if the senators come out with something that's mushy in the middle and by the time it gets to the republican-led house they will veto it and if the president doesn't like it he is going to say, sorry, can't sign it. brian: chuck schumer speaks yesterday and had a message, he never brings russia investigation and when he talks about winning midterms and 2020, he know that is being just antitrump doesn't work, listen. >> you cannot just run against donald trump and it is the job of we democrats to put together a strong cohesive economic group of proposals aimed at the middle class and those struggling get there. ainsley: sounds like a
4:10 am
republican message to me. steve: well, you know what, he was appearing at an event in university of louisville, mitch mcconnell is standing right over there. ainsley: know your audience kind of thing. brian: he did checked off a few items from better deal approach. he got in the last budget 5.8 billion for child care development, block grant program, 20 billion in infrastructure, broadband funds, that's a republican item too and ticked off a few things that he got on the budget, they got the freedom caucus so angry. >> the democrats got pretty much everything they wanted and the republicans a big deficit. brian: opioid $6.8 billion for that, so some spending really goes to the trump agenda. ainsley: a mom who lost son to
4:11 am
opioid abuse, we learned -- i think it's 172 people die every single day or did last year in this country -- steve: no doubt. brian: you know it costs us a trillion dollars. ainsley: not only lives but money to crack down on it. >> i like a deal. i do like a deal. good morning, guys, let's get back to breaking news, detroit michigan, three women killed, three police officers hurt during stand-off, he shot and killed her and family members and turned the gun on himself, before that he was firing at police for nearly an hour hitting three in the legs. >> police of detroit and first responders. jillian: all will make full
4:12 am
recovery. the shooter of kate steinle is expected to plea not guilty today. the jury ruling steinle's death an accident, he faces up to ten years in prison. and the kids dominating the olympics, chloe kim bringing home the gold, kim had the gold medal locked up and scoring a near perfect 98 anyway. so impressive. she celebrated with ariel who earned the bronze. three golds, germany leads the way with four. there's still plenty of time, guys. steve: a woman named gold got the bronze and not the gold.
4:13 am
who knew? ainsley: remember the father who charged at the convicted child predator larry nassa. watch this. [inaudible conversations] ainsley: do you blame him? we have an update on that drama that happened in court coming up next. brian: will he be charged? steve: bias alert, they praise president obama for wanting to spend nearly the same amount, david brodie is here to call bias from his colleagues, here is next on "fox & friends". good morning (female vo) breaking news from washington as lawmakers; (male vo) raging wildfires continue to scorch parts; (male vo) allegations of misconduct; ♪ oh, why you look so sad, ♪ the tears are in your eyes,
4:14 am
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mvo: it's a calling to the nation of how great we are and how great we can be. ♪ i'm alive like you. ♪ when you're standing at the cross roads, ♪ ♪ and don't know which path to choose, ♪ ♪ let me come along, ♪ 'cause even if you're wrong ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ even in your darkest hour, ♪ and i will never desert you. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ ♪ steve: president trump's critics in the media waste nothing time slamming proposal. the associated press tweeted, president trump sends $4.3 trillion spending plan that features soaring deficits, note that part, features soaring deficits, that's far cry from obama budget in 2016 touting his plans to combat terror and help
4:18 am
the middle class. david brodie, chief political correspondent. david, mark, could we put those ap things back up on the screen again? you have them touting president obama, he spent nearly the same amount, but he combated terror threats and global warming and pledged assistance for the middle class even though both of those budgets did also feature soaring deficits like president trump, what's going on? >> a couple of things, first, antitrump filter in full force for the associated press. last year they did the same thing. last year they talked about how the republican budget was going to gut, that was the word gut science and environment that was factual analysis and then came the opinion afterwards, i like to call the shot and the chaser. that was what republicans are against maybe stream climate and
4:19 am
all of that, they were given opinion and it's ridiculous. steve: i remember when i was in journalism school and everybody associated associated press as fair broker, are you saying they are becoming political? >> yeah, if donald trump has done and done a lot, he has exposed the media bias like we have never seen before. we knew it existed before but he has literally, we are talking about cnn, quote, most trusted news, regular main anchor hosts are now giving opinion commentary at the end of their programs. it's just fascinate to go watch. steve: it is. you have a brand-new book comes out today the faith of donald j. trump. talks about him being religious fellow, explain his journey. >> a couple of things, it is a spiritual journey for sure and been going on for the last five
4:20 am
years or so. a lot of stories in the book, we actually speak with donald trump for the book, it's a new interview in the book in the oval office, sorry, michael wolff but we actually did interview with the president in the oval office, two with vice president as well, paulia white says, i've had deep spiritual conversations with this president, with donald trump who she's known for a while and says 10% he's allowed in believer in lord jesus christ. it's all in the book. steve: the faith of donald j. trump. all right, mr. brodie. >> appreciate it. steve: president trump is set to meet with a group of sheriffs at the white house today, during last meeting last year he promised to get rid of illegal criminal immigrants. a new battle between mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer and has nothing to do with politics.
4:21 am
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steve: time now at 7:24 new york city, first 500, that's how many illegal immigrants mexican authorities detain trying to enter the united states over the weekend. 500. many of them stuck in unventilated trucks with no food or water, no word yet if they will face any charges. next 35,000, that's how many vehicles, more vehicles are being added to the do no drive list over recall air bags made
4:25 am
by company takata, pickups have potentially explosive and deadly air bag, dealers will pick the truck up and replace the bag. and finally $25 million, that's how much money ford is pumping into their new plant in the state of kentucky. the automaker will boost production of suv's and trucks by about 25%, plant employs about 8400 people. that's some of the news by the numbers, ainsley, brian. ainsley: thank you, steve. last year president trump met with sheriffs from across the country covering crucial topics like border security and opioid epidemic. brian: later president trump will meet with the sheriffs, he wants a follow-up. somebody who will be at the meeting, the sheriff of polk county, sheriff, thank you so much for meeting with us today before you meet with the president, what can you tell in terms of progress. >> well, as president of the
4:26 am
county, the president does what he said he's going to do. he looked us in the eye and said, i commit to you that we will get the illegal alien who is committing crime out of this country and do you know we met with him and secretary kelly within days of them taking office and they are doing what they said they would do and that's a breath of fresh air for all of us. ainsley: i know that attorney general jeff sessions spoke at the national sheriff's association meeting yesterday because you all are there in dc for this meeting. what do -- what message if the president is watching, what message do you want to relay to him? >> i would like to tell president trump that ag sessions is doing an awesome job. he is working toward enforcing the rule of law. what a novel concept, congress passed the laws, we need to make
4:27 am
sure that they are fairly and equitably enforced. ag sessions have been supporter of sheriffs in the country and all law enforcement and we applaud him. brian: there's been pushback, sheriff, from different sanctuary city, states, the mayor rahm emmanuel and the mayor of san francisco who basically don't want you to do your job in many respects and pushing back on ice's help. >> what are you thinking? that's not normal america. we don't want anybody committing crimes and it's like are you kidding me? you think it's all right for someone to commit crime to come across this border illegally, then to commit murderers and rapes and robberies and burglaries every day by the hundreds and thousands, that's not how real america thinks. ainsley: i know you said crime is historic low, 46-year low,
4:28 am
why do you think that is? >> i can tell you in my county, we hold people accountable, what a novel idea about asking criminals to either, one, behave, or two be held accountable for your conduct and that's what we do in state of florida and we have seen low crime rate across the country. my fear now is that because we have a 46-year low crime rate, because our index crime is so much lower than it used to be for most of this country, not some of these cities where they seem to let people commit a lot of crime, is i'm hearing talk about letting more people out of prison, let's legalize more drugs, let's do away with the bell bond system, you know, folks, take it from someone who has spent their entire adult life in the criminal justice system and protecting, keeping people safe, crime will go up if you do that.
4:29 am
brian senator grassley is working with senator durbin and pushing to do some kind of criminal justice reform, a couple of items, rehab in prison, shorter sentences for nonviolent criminals, are you for looking at the criminal justice system? >> i think there's always an opportunity to improve. certainly i'm for reentry programs where you prepare prisoner that go back to workforce. i'm not for shorter prison sentences and that minor offenses are less serious offenses, that's all in the mind of the beholder, i can tell you a minor offender is a major offender on the next event. don't buy into that rhetoric that we ought to let the low-level minor offenders out, they earned prison and they should get it. brian: two officers killed over the weekend, nine killed already in 2018. at this point in 2017 only 5, so sadly, the cops are still under fire on a regular basis.
4:30 am
>> that's right. eight of my deputies were shot at in the last month in two separate events, fortunately none of them were hit, but there are people that are proactively looking for and looking for the opportunity to hurt law enforcement officers and president trump is our best ally right now. brian: appreciate what you're doing. straight ahead, the entire world still in awe after spacex launched one of the most powerful launches ever. newt gringrich says this is a big step in putting america back on top of space race. he joins us next. ainsley: "fox & friends" goes to the dog at the westminister dog show. >> just teasing like my hair. no hair spray though. >> no. ainsley: janice takes us behind the scenes and that's coming up
4:31 am
. . . . . .
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♪ç steve: once a week newt gingrich drops by. former speaker of the house. he wrote that great book called, vengance. mr. speaker, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good to be with you alls always. steve: we've all been scratching our heads. we can not figure out what susan rice was doing 15 minutes into the trump administration on inauguration when she wrote a memo to herself, an email, essentially saying that the president obama and other top law enforcement and fbi doj people did everything by the book when it came to the russia collusion meeting they had in the oval office three weeks
4:35 am
earlier. what do you make of this? >> well, it may have been there for her to think that that would help protect her. it may have been there because some day she will write a memoir and she just wanted to individual. first of all i don't know that we ever heard from comey the former director of the fbi, that he had been briefing president obama. he had been in these kind of meetings. so i thought from the time we first saw the peter strzok text message to his girlfriend about having to get ready because president obama wants to know everything, i think from that point on we have real obligation for congress to bring former director comey back. put him under oath, say, now did you in fact brief the president? what did he ask you about? talk about obstruction of justice and president's interfering in the system, all of this gets stranger and, i told people, when i lived through watergate, i was
4:36 am
candidate for first time as the nixon administration disintegrated things start to unravel. one thing pulls another thing and one morning you're in a space you never dreamed of because they keep on raveling. susan rice's memo is one more example of this thing gradually unraveling. ainsley: benghazi, blamed it on the video. went on the sunday shows, lied to the american people about it. the timing of this is so bizarre. why do you think she wrote this memo 15 days after the meeting, notes from the meeting. she kept saying inç her notes o herself, that the president insisted we do everything by the book? she used that phrase at least twice? >> well, i mean i'm guessing that she had taken those notes and hadn't gotten around to it. this is a guess. as a historian, that she had finally gotten around to it, had a few extra minutes, thought she
4:37 am
would capture it. ainsley: as she is cleaning out her office? >> they were probably contemporaneous. i think literally, i had that happen to me. i saw a piece of paper from a meeting three weeks ago that i never quite got around to capturing in an email or putting into a file. i will write out something. it may well have been she was justtude did iing up but it does look strange. brian: giving her the benefit of the doubt. that is very nice of you. she has nine more days to respond. i thought that was interesting, senator grassley and senator graham concerned as anyone, they're not exactly zealots for donald trump. don't you think if president trump knew about this, knew how involved comey was, he would have been fired on day one, correct? >> sure, of course. if everybody understood that comey began writing the clinton exoneration two months before the interviewed her, he would have fired had him on day one. if everyone knew comey was
4:38 am
apparently changing the language what the attorney general told him parallel to the clinton campaign, he would have been fired on day one. look what we have learned about director comey. this guy was totally in the tank, doing everything he could to protect clinton and get trump. he really has a huge potential legal problem. steve: mr. speaker, we want to also talk to you about fox news opinion piece you wrote about how spacex falcon rocket is tremendous step toward reasserting american leadership in space. there you see it blasting off last week t was something. we saw it live here on the channel. 4-@to land, two of the rockets. mr. speaker, the president of the united states with his budget talking about how maybe the international space station kind of goes semiprivate or something else, to have private industry involved in that. explain why you wanted to write this particular op-ed.
4:39 am
>> look, i think the two great entrepreneurs who are rapidly changing space are elon musk and jeff bezos. musk has had remarkable string ever successful launches, recaptured the commercial satellite market for the united states and progress being made by blue origin, jeff bezos company, we'll have two very large rockets available in the very near future. you saw first one. the john glenn will be second one for bezos. i've been communicating with both companies. $100 million a launch because they're reusable. by contrast the nasa long-term investment in the space launch system comes in over billion dollars a launch. now you have the private sector able to compete at 10 to one in terms, they're not quite as
4:40 am
capable. they had to use two launches to match up the nasa rocket, the government rocket still five times more expensive per unit in space. than the private sector. the administration actually needs to be more aggressive than it has been in its budget t rethink every aspect of the national budget. it should recognize that you have entrepreneurs creating a few world using new technology. you have bureaucrats, stuck in an old world. you have the old time lobbyists and contractors in washington desperately trying to prop up the implausible. so i think it's a very big moment in space. i thoughtç it was wonderful showmanship by musk to put a tesla with star man in it and launch it out there. the reason is, i have two grandchildren, 16 and 18. i want them looking at that kind of thing saying hey, coy be involved in space. coy have a career doing really cool things. musk did a great thing for america this week. brian: much bigger in the '60s
4:41 am
and '70s, than they were now. hopefully this generation will get that sense. newt, good point. thanks so, mr. speaker. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian with headlines. jillian: good tuesday morning to you guys. donald trump, jr. speaking out after his wife had to be rushed to the hospital after opening a letter stuffed with white powder. the envelope was addressed to the president's son. as news broke, twitter filled with hateful comments like this, tragic that, jr. didn't open it. don, jr., responding tweeting in part, truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with disturbing behavior. the substance turned out to be cornstarch. vanessa trump was not harmed. the angry father who lunged at convicted sex offender and former olympic doctor, larry nassar in court will not face any charges.
4:42 am
[shouting] prosecutors and a michigan judge deciding not to punish randall march graves after he apologized. the father of three girls who were sexually assaulted by nasser said he lost control. more than 260 women and girls made assault claims against nassar, a former doctor for usa gym mass six. battle brewing between senators mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. over bourbon. >> brooklyn, where i was born, raised, still proudly lived produces some of the best bourbon in the world. i know that is contentious thing to say in these parts. jillian: the new york democrat gifting the senate leader in lou will, kentucky, which is the bourbonç capital. steve: 5:00 somewhere. brian: i did not know brooklyn
4:43 am
made their own bourbon. i know they have their own basketball team. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: u.s. opens up on immigration debate as president says democrats need to come to the table. tom cotton will talk to us about whether or not a bipartisan deal can be made. ainsley: more good economic news. a new study says americans are feeling better than ever about their payday. charles payne breaks down the numbers, coming up next. ♪ ♪ we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone...
4:44 am
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4:47 am
brian: what do we make of that? survey shows americans are more optimistic about their paychecks than they have in the past two years. ainsley: charles payne, the host of ""making money with charles payne"" on the fox business network is here to weigh in. >> we have now people are starting to quit their jobs. they're having the strength to say, you know what? i don't need this jobç becausei have great skills and there are other jobs out there. all of this dovetails with the fact that not only people are happier now, they will be a lot happier as the year goes on. wages are finally starting to move after a long period of being in the doldrums. brian: organically because there seems to be less unemployment and because people need to compete for those employers. >> unemployment at 45-year low. like i said, there is record amount of job openings. these are good, quality jobs. these johns pay big-time money. people are starting to be mobile again. we have come out of survival mode. we're back into growth mode in
4:48 am
this country. with higher wages and better jobs. ainsley: is this because of tax reform? >> tax reform plays a role. american business and even americans had gone into foxhole into survival mode. first one to react are small business. large businesses are now particularly able to have lower taxes. you see it. if your taxes go from 31% to say 19% you do a lot of things with that, including share money with your workers. do more with charity. also start to invest in this country more. steve: kind of the ultimate trickle-down, isn't it? >> it is trickle down ultimately. i got to tell you, a week ago that "qunnipiac poll," there was a "qunnipiac poll" three weeks ago became infamous, it was record amount of people said the economy was good or excellent but gave credit to president obama. most recent version went to new
4:49 am
record 70% say our economy is good or excellent. highest prior to that in eight years, was 32%, but now they're giving credit to president trump. american public is cited about things. brian: see you 6:00. >> buckle up. i'm hoping and thinking the worst might be over. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. president trump helped this campaign volunteer pay for list father's cancer treatment after meeting him at inauguration this morning the family join urç with very special announcement. ainsley: plus "fox & friends" going to the dogs. janice dean behind the scenes at the which is minister dog show.
4:50 am
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♪ ainsley: it is the big guest canine competition there is. after days of competition the
4:53 am
westminster kennel club dog schopiks the best in show. steve: tonight. we sent janice out to take a look. >> you want to see what it takes to be top dog? steve: yep. >> take a look! ♪ "fox & friends" officially gone to the dogs. it is 142nd westminster dog show. ofç over 2800 dogs from 50 stas competing to be best in show. ♪ >> take the brush. >> yeah. >> brush like that. >> teasing like they do with my hair. >> exactly. no hairspray, right? >> no. >> what is the secret to all of this? >> hours and hours of work. >> what do you do to groom him. >> he gets a little missing with water. >> what do you think your chances are today? pretty good? rough. >> to me the best in show is the
4:54 am
coach. >> it is for the humans and the dogs. >> man of steel. too steel. >> you have done best in show before and you won two years ago? >> 2015. >> what dog? >> with the beagle. >> full disclosure here, the french bulldog is my favorite dog. >> are you happy to be on "fox & friends"? are you going to be a winner? >> if i had to choose you would be the winner. >> last year the german shepherd won. was that a bit of an upset? >> i don't know that there is ever an upset at westminster. everyone has their ideas who the top dog is or should be. >> german shepherd dog. [cheering] >> you won best in show last year? >> that's right. >> how did the year go? >> it was awesome. >> are you one to break to her
4:55 am
that she is no longer best in show. >> this is her half-brother, tony. we're getting him started. >> nice to meet you, sir. >> i'm a professional handler. >> what is this dog's name? >> his name is win ton. >> winston wins will he get hamburger? >> he will get more than that. >> good luck my friend. >> ah, so sweet. what is the dog's name? >> this isç beatrice. >> beatrice. hi, beatrice. >> does she get nervous? >> she is not nervous. we want to present her and showcase her to the fans. have a good time and win. >> what is his name. >> landis. >> show him how you take him around. >> relax. here we go. are you ready? landis let's do best in show. >> come on, come on. go faster. ♪ >> then stop. >> stop.
4:56 am
>> show him the food. >> show him the food. >> you did great. you did great. how did i do? >> wonderful. best in show. >> ah. steve: get the treat a little closer to the dog. >> that was my first time. i was so excited to do that. yesterday, pug, bee friese. border collie has never won best in show. tonight we will have the dog on the set of "fox & friends" tomorrow. ainsley: do all the winners go to the best of show an one of them will win? got it. >> this is one of my favorites. ainsley: similar to the movie, "best in show"? >> that was crazy movie. documentary. >> i loved it. i could be one of those owners. steve do you have a dog, janice? >> i don't. i might soon. steve: i like the way you had
4:57 am
the microphone in front of the british bulldog as if he might talk. >> they talk during the breaks. steve: we have peter schweizer next hour of folks and friends. elmo and grover are here.just ♪ and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends soon. visit for a store near you. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call
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(eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ steve: what was susan rice doing on donald trump's inauguration day? she writes herself an email that essentially said, we did everything by the book. >> i think susan rice's memo is one more example of this thing gradually unraveling. ainsley: mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer traded barbs over very contentious topic. >> that is mistake. you can not just run against donald trump. >> comey told lawmakers that the fbi agents who interviewed flynn did not believe flynn lied to them. >> something happened between then and december 1st, when he pleaded guilty to lying in that interview. brian: president trump will meet with the sheriffs again. he wants a follow-up, create a new agenda for the new year. >> looked us in the eye, i will commit to you that we will get the illegal alien who is
5:01 am
committing crime out of this country. [billions ringing] >> the stock market staging a powerful comeback sending the dow jones industrial average climbing 410 points yesterday. >> we come out of survival mode. we're back to growth mode in this country that means higher wages and better jobs. ♪ç brian: talk about a power duet. ainsley: keith urban and carrie underwood. wow. i never seen her in concert. i would like to. i have seen him in concert. it is so good. he comes out in the middle of the big arena. steve: in the round. ainsley: really good concert. brian: whose idea was that? was it his? ainsley: i'm not sure. probably. steve: if he were to put a couch in the middle taking an idea. brian: right.
5:02 am
how dare he? steve: things for joining us. today is fat tuesday. tomorrow ash wednesday and lent begins. dreaming of a daca deal. the u.s. senate gripped by historic debate on immigration they're having. the president wants them to get something done. he tweeted this morning negotiations on daca are begun. democrats say they want to make a deal. wouldn't it be great if we could finally after so many years solve the daca puzzle. this is our last chance. there never will be another opportunity. march 5th is the deadline. ainsley: both sides expected to be back at it in the next few hours but can anything get done? >> i don't know. you don't know, but griff knows. reporter: march 5th is important. the clock is ticking. that is less than three weeks away. keep in mind congress is out next week. this isn't even the bill. this is the vehicle for the bill as senate calls it. it appears senate minority
5:03 am
leader chuck schumer doesn't want to negotiate on everything. democrats want to narrow it down to daca. >> now is not the time, nor the place, to reform the entire legal immigration system. rather this is the moment for a narrow bill. reporter: whatever they come up with, has to have 60 votesç to pass. it has to clear the house. president has to sign it. so a group of seven gop senators led by chuck grassley feels their plan stands the best chance for success. >> if you can't get it through the united states senate it doesn't do much good. we start with what is possible here. the ultimate is whether the president will sign it or not. reporter: the plan includes a path to citizenship for "dreamers," 25 billion for border security and wall and limits chain migration and visa lottery program. free-for-all resumes again at 10:00. we have senator cotton coming up. it will be fascinating to see what he says about the fact they have only got really a matter of days, let alone a couple weeks
5:04 am
to get this done. the democrats not all that interested in negotiating. guys. brian: after the interview, take the best sound bites in reports throughout the day. >> reporter: thank you. brian: no problem. steve: he did a little plug. tom cotton, great senator from arkansas will join us in the next segment n griff's report it was very revealing. clearly the president wants a lot. what did chuck schumer say? brian: a little. steve: time for a narrow bill. citizenship for "dreamers." amnesty some would say. brian: legalizing parents, it is legalizing bad behavior. steve: no border security. just that that would not pass the house. ainsley: the problem with legalizing the parents is, they did it illegally, did it the wrong way. all the people on the list trying it do it the right way, what message does that says. brian: all the people through the right way, green cards, doing the application, should be dealt with after daca.
5:05 am
ainsley: that's a big story. election day, president trump as you know wins. january 20th of last year. 15 minutes after she was out of a job, she was the advisor, nsa advisor, susan rice, at 12:15, she was out of a job at 12, she sends herself an email. it is very suspicious, people are wondering why did she send an email about a meeting that happened on january 5th. steve: part of this says this. president obama began the conversation. she is recounting a meeting january 5th in the oval office with a bunch of haifa lieutenant tin folks. stressed that commitment to the russia trump collusion thing, handled by the intel and law enforcement communities by the book. the president stressed he is not asking about initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. he reiterated the law enforcement would proceed as it normally would do by the book. there is a lot there.
5:06 am
she is saying, we're going to follow all the instructions the president of the united states said, who clearly had been briefed on the dossier which we know was all made up and was used to get the fisa thing to spy on all of the trump team, which begs the question when will the former president of the united states be queried. brian: the president there, vice president there, you have sally yates there, susan rice there. january 5th. no reason to write it down. ainsley: james comey. brian: yeah, james comey. no reason to write it down. then january 20th, i have to write it down quickly. why? she wrote an email response saying it is no big deal. we do that all the time. that just came out in response to this. that is susan rice weighing in.ç she was nine days to get back to senator lindsey graham and senator chuck grassley, wanted everything was possible. so the national archives gave them these notes. they found this letter. now they want her to answer a bunch of questions. they even jotted down the questions and sent them to her. they hope to get it back. judge napolitano to the the
5:07 am
story last night when it crossed. he was on with martha mccollum and still can't figure out what is going on. listen. >> she is trying to rewrite history. make it look as something happened that didn't happen. we've been doing this four weeks in a row. every week more, becomes more and more apparent there was a group of people in the l government using the machinery of government to frustrate donald trump becoming president. ainsley: we don't know. we tell you the facts. we don't know why she sent herself the email talking about a meeting that happened 15 days prior. normally take notes or send them to yourself or jot them down at the end of the meeting. we spoke to speaker newt gingrich. she was cleaning out the office. found all the notes took down after the meeting and she decided i want to put this in the computer, send it to myself and maybe i will write a book some day. steve: somebody would be looking for things some day and she wanted to make those things were hoovered up as this was, they
5:08 am
would have her account what happened that day. but still very curious. what do you think is behind this? email us, friends at brian: thysç was susan rice's attempt to blunt someone saw the meeting taking place, may have been on the outskirts of a meeting, not a principle, someone who attended. ultimately this would come up how she with want to memorialize it so it would not look like something under the white house and obama administration was trying to hide. they think somebody saw the meeting take place. she got wind they saw it and quickly wrote it down. steve: that would suggest there is informant. there are informants talking to members of con brings. is this one of them? don't know. stay tuned. ainsley: that story happened on january 20th. four days after the inauguration the fbi sits down with michael flynn who is the nsa advisor to president trump, and they sit down and they question him. then eventually he loses his job. he has to step down.
5:09 am
he pleads guilty to making false statements to the fbi. well then a few months later in march all these lawmakers are saying, mr. comey, we want to be briefed what happened. what exactly happened? we're hearing different stories. and what's new this morning there were sources inside the meeting comey said to him, he didn't lie to the fbi. steve: what is curious about this, they heard from the guy running the fbi. my people talked to them. we didn't hear anything the matter with it. yet, a couple of weeks later, what happens? michael flynn is in bigç troub. byron york broke this story yesterday for the examiner. here it is. comey told congress fbi agents didn't think michael flynn lied. so here's the big question. if the fbi agents felt like flynn was not lying, who changed what went forward? was it somebody at department the justice? it has been suggested that sally
5:10 am
yates looked at all the information about flynn, you know what, he is susceptible. we should charge him with the logan act, negotiating with a foreign entity, even though, in his job he would have been okay to talk about anything given he was incoming national security advisor. so was it sally yates who said, okay, don't care what the fbi says, we're going after him on the logan act. ainsley: wow. brian: "washington examiner" said this, byron york found this out, he had two sources familiar with the meetings.3% comey told lawmakers that the fbi agents that interviewed flynn, one was peter strzok did not believe flynn lied to them or any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional. as a result some of those in attendance came away with the impression flynn would not be charged with a crime. nine months later, mueller are in charge, comey gone and he is charged in the trump russia investigation. flip appliedç guilty of one cot of making false statements to the fbi on january 24th in his questioning.
5:11 am
we know he will be sentenced they believe in may for what did he get in exchange? i sentence one. reasons mike flynn decided to cut a deal because he was running out of money. he had to pay his rent. he has expensive lawyers and pay his mortgage, rather. listen i can't keep going on like this. let me cold cut a deal. steve: so many, so many dots are starting to be connected. we're not quite there. i have a feeling soon enough we'll know. maybe it call comes with the inspector general, department of justice. brian: maybe eagles have to win another super bowl before we find out. hey, jillian. jillian: to be determined. at some point maybe. we do have breaking news, fox news alert out of detroit, michigan. three women killed and four police officers hurt doing a 14 hour standoff. the suspect barricaded himself inside of his home after a fight with his girlfriend. he shot and killed her, two and her family members and turned the gun on himself. after that before he was
5:12 am
fighting with police, for nearly an hour, hit in the legs. >> we live in trying times right now. jillian: all the officers will make a full recover. illegal immigrant acquitted in the shooting of kate steinle, expected to plead guilty to federal gun charges. you're seeing him right there. one countç of fellly owe possession of a firearm and one count of illegal immigrant in possession of a firearm. the jury ruled the shooting at san francisco pier was an accident. he will face 10 years in prison. the decision reversing a 2016 order by the obama administration that directed public school students to use bathrooms that matched their gender identity. the spokeswoman for the department of education saying that the civil rights law called title ix prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, not gender identity.
5:13 am
those are the headlines, guys, back to you. jillian: thank you. brian: chuck schumer may want president trump out of white house but he says the democrat strategy of the midterms getting trump out won't work. is this a sign he is willing to work with the president? ainsley: president trump helped this campaign volunteer pay for his dad's cancer treatments after meeting him at inauguration. the family will join us live after a very special announcement. ♪ experience lexus safety system plus standard.
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we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ brian: senate opening up the floor for a rare debate on immigration they say it is an open vessel. a group from the gop pushing its own bill. steve: arkansas senator tom cotton is one of the senators behind the bill. he joins us from the russell rotunda. >> good morning, guys. good to be on with you. steve: your bill mirrors what the president of the said he would sign. you don't feel this is opening bid with these four things. you say that is the final offer and that the democrats better get on board? >> that's right.
5:18 am
the president's framework bill is not opening bid for negotiations. it's a best and final offer. the white house took ideas from a lot of different proposals floated around five 1/2 months. they put those into coherent logical package on one hand the president surprised people willing not to just giver legal citizenship to 1.8 million young illegal immigrants brought here through no fault of their own through the age of accountability. to do that we have to be responsible bit. it will encourage more illegal immigration. we know that. we need to secure the southern border. the bill provide money and resources to do so. it would create a whole new pool of illegal immigrants to legalize their parents that created problem. we have end the chain migration. that is popular proposal. two think of the american people want. the 2/3 of the american people are right. brian: here are many so of the principles. 25 billion for border security. not just a wall.
5:19 am
sometimes technology. sometimes it is fencing. statements fixing. path to citizenship for 1.8 million. as the some of people as chief of staff said didn't get off their asses and came out the woodwork. some are saying, that the kids who are in their 20s in some cases are, have a path to citizenship, are their parents at risk of being tossed out? >> well, brian, their parents are here illegally. their parents, remember are the ones who made the choice to come here illegally with their minor children. they created the problem in the first place. the entire rationale for that program according to barack obama is that children ought not pay for the sins of their parents but surely parents can pay for the sins of the parents. brian: parents go and kids stay? >> well the, secretary of dhs has made it clear that her enforcement priorities will not be people enrolled in this program or their family members. enforcement priorities asç alws are illegal immigrants who committed crimes ordainingers to
5:20 am
their communities. engage in terroristic behavior and threats. ultimately if you made the decision to come to this country illegally, you do face that risk. steve: senator, real quickly, how do you get to 6 votes? >> well this president's fame work bill is the only bill that has a chance to not just pass the senate with 60 votes but to become a law. that is what we want. we don't want to just pass a bill, we want to pass a law. when some democrats recognize the president's framework bill or nothing, the house won't mass it, president won't sign it. it is that choice, president's framework bill or nothing they do want to in fact uphold promises they made, democrats made to protect these young illegal immigrants. i hope that is the choice they make. brian: might be fear president trump would get credit for it. the whole strategy would backfire. senator tom cotton thanks. >> thank you. steve: president trump helped this campaign volunteer pay for
5:21 am
his father's cancer treatment after meeting the president at the inauguration. this morning, the family has a very special announcement. they will join us live next. ♪ and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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5:25 am
there, including her name and town where she lives to be released. she claims to have won a $559.7 million in the january 6th drawing. us has not turned in the ticket. ainsley: she has 20 cousins. brian: know what you're saying. ainsley: we first told you the story back in january of 2017, trump volunteer shane bouvier meeting trump the night before the inauguration. the president(c@lled shane's father the battling the cancer, gave shane a gift of $10,000. soon after shane spoke with us about the donation on "fox & friends." remember this? >> it changed my life. he is just a genuine, caring loving person, who really cares about the american people. for what he did for my dad, gave him that, i don't know how to ever repay him. ainsley: well today, shane's dad, don, says he is cancer-free
5:26 am
and credits the president with saving his life. they both join us now. thank you, so much. don, congratulations. what wonderful news. >> thank you very much. ainsley: you're welcome. so, shane, take the viewers back. take all of us back to when you met the president, why he gave you $10,000 last year? >> well, i'm just a social media guy. i got into this for the right reasons. i didn't get into politics for a job. i did it because i wanted to bring back the american dream. just like our president said, americans are dreamers too. and to me that really meant a lot. i wanted jobs back. he has,gdp doing so great. the dow is doing so great. he is bringing back jobs. he has done some amazing things for the american people that is just like he did for my dad. ainsley: i know the president tracked you down, i think it was at the inauguration or during that week because you had this long journey to get to the inauguration.
5:27 am
you're a really hard worker. he was impressed about your story he read in the "washington post." he tracks you down. why did he give you the $10,000 and what did you use that money for? >> i used the money. my dad was fighting cancer at the time. i rememberç hearing my dad hata conversation how he couldn't afford the cancer treatment. and he would cancel his appointment. i had that going to the inauguration. when i met the president he treated me so well. and we had a great conversation, talking about the campaign. and he offered his hand, and i'm forever grateful for what he did. he gave me $10,000 in my name. it was such a blessing. i remember coming home, saying, dad we have the money, we have the money to get you treatments. and, you know, i'm forever grateful. ainsley: don, you clearly have a great son. he used that $10,000, gave all of it for your cancer treatment. what was your reaction when your son handed you the check? >> it was, when he handed me the
5:28 am
check it was just unbelievable. i do have a great son. i'm, not too many 25-year-olds would do something like that. and, i just can't thank him enough or president trump. ainsley: i know that money really helped you. you were invited so go to the white house a few days ago. we have a sound bite of the president from that day. listen. >> i heard that story. i said that is a story, the world should hear about, about a great son. i didn't think you would be giving your money to anybody except yourself. that is a tremendous story of the love of a father by his son. you just don't see it often. ainsley: what was that day like for you guys? >> it was, unbelievable. they basicallyt the red carpet for us. i mean the people in the white house and oval office was so respectable, so respectful
5:29 am
and it's a dream come true because i always told shane, i wanted one day no matter where i was ad to shake president trump's hand, look him in the eye, say thank you, i got to do that friday. >> shane, quickly he gave you a check for another $5,000. what will you do with that money. >> i will give it to my dad. you know, we owe illegal immigrants nothing. we owe our veterans everything. i will give it to my father for everything he has done for me in my life. so i give him that additional $5,000. ainsley: shane, don, thank you so much. don, so glad you were here to do the interview. congratulations being cancer-free. have a wonderful day guys. god bless you both. >> you too. ainsley: coming up. budget bias alert. the media slammed president for his plan but they praised
5:30 am
president obama for spending nearly the same amount. one school is paying students not to fight by paying them fistfuls of cash. is that a good idea? ♪ .. ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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mom'#stuffynosecold #nosleep #mouthbreather just put on a breathe right strip it instantly opens your nose... up to 38% more than cold medicine alone go to today to request a free sample. ♪ >> our mistake i think, you can not just run against donald trump. and it is the job of we democrats to put together a strong, cohesive, economic group of proposals aimed at the middle class and those struggling to get there. steve: interesting. revealing schumer's midterm message. bring in raj shah, white house principal deputy press
5:34 am
secretary. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys, thanks for having me on. steve: chuck schumer from new york says we'll not beç abe to get reelected, based on the resistance. we have to have a message. and money. suggests that donald trump's and republican tax cut is working. >> that's right. you can't beat something with nothing and that is what the democrats frankly have offered. if you look at which party, which, which president's ideas are getting the economy moving, it is this president's. it is tax cut bill that is leading to hundreds of companies announcing wage increases, increasing investments in this country. giving 401(k) benefits to their workers. people are seeing it in their bottom lines. unemployment is low. overall the stock market has been rising over the last year. so we're very proud of that president's economic achievements. we think republicans will be able to support it as they go to elections next fall. brian: right, senator schumer
5:35 am
went on to say he is getting his agenda done on some spending in the two-year budget you signed last week. let's move on to something youwe can't quite figure out, maybe you can. in investigating senator grassley and senator graham asking national archives for all the information regarding the transition from the obama team to the trump team as it relates to the russian probe and they found an email that susan rice wrote to herself on inauguration day talking about a meeting they had january ath in the oval office -- january 5th. joe biden, james comey, salary yates and president of the united states and her, saying they did everything by the book. she went on in the letter. what do you think is going on there? do you have any questions yourself? >> i have a lot of questions. frankly i don't know what is going on. that email raises a lot of questions. i can assure you five minutes before you walk out of the door of the white oust on january 20th, 2017, you write email doing something by the book,ç it is pretty clear u
5:36 am
didn't operate by the book. it raises a lot of serious questions. there have been two storylines when it comes to the russia probe. fbi investigation and now special counsel probe has found no evidence of collusion but a eparate story the mainstream media really isn't covering it, talks about what the fbi, doj, we saw with the text messages last week and email that you guys are talking about right now, maybe the white house was involved in prompting this investigation and you know, there are real questions that senator grassley and senator graham have raised. i think they demand answers. steve: we don't know whether or not she was trying to rewrite whatever happened in the oval office meeting, but certainly trying to memorialize that version so that when it was accepted by the, and memorialized by the national archives, that's is what they would have officially on the record, right? >> that sounds right. again we don't know what happened in that meeting. i think that email raises real questions. ainsley: talk about the budget. the president rolled out his new
5:37 am
budget proposal. there is difference the way the media is covering his budget proposal the way they did president obama's. for instance, look at ap tweets for president trump's budget this year. president trump send congress 4.4 trillion spending plan, that features soaring deficits. steve: right. ainsley: if you look back at 2016 -- steve: the top two. ainsley: they tweet out, obama sends record $4.4 trillion spending plan to combat global warming. 2015, congress send budget plan to congress sending help for the middleç class. >> ap, cnn, abc, alphabet soup from the mainstream media. they cover this president very differently than cover the last president. we're frankly used to it. when you look at this president's budget it, outlines our priorities. it rebuildings the military. gives funding that this president has requested, that
5:38 am
secretary mattis and generals have requested to insure our national security. it funds priorities like helping our veterans, the opioid crisis. it make as down payment on our infrastructure plan to rebuild roads, bridges and airports. so it's a great plan but also has serious deficit reduction which the associated press ignores with those tweets. it has over $3 trillion lars in deficit reduction, which is the largest deficit reduction of a budget in terms of a 10-year outlay that we have ever seen. it lays down a path toward fiscal responsibility. it allows us to keep the booming economy growing. funds the priorities american people supported for. brian: federal government only pays 200 billion. meanwhile we know about what happened at the end of last week. kind of swamped good news you had beginning week, resignation of rob porter and speechwriter sorenson. what is going on behind the
5:39 am
scenes of fbi background checks that might change the staff this week? >> well again, the fbi background check process is one, that again the fbi runs. we are a part of it. it is operated throughout the federal government. it goes across agencies. it has been used frooç previous administrations, and will be used in future administrations. if any changes need to be made, we'll look at that, but, you know this is a process that we trust. brian: raj, did you change anything? you relied upon it and you got burned because you had two-time accused domestic abuser there at very sensitive position perhaps he shouldn't have been if that was fully exposed, so what changes now? >> i appreciate that point. but we also need to look at the process how it worked on historically. if changes need to be made and look at that, review the processes. we do trust the process. it has been used time and again for decade to protect our national security. we trust the fbi in these
5:40 am
processes. steve: raj, there is story out that somebody at fbi told somebody at the white house that this guy was a problem. do you know who that person might be? >> that is not accurate. the fbi would not give a background check investigation directly to senior white house officials t goes to a security office where then it is relayed, maybe up the chain, maybe not. but what we know about rob porter specifically and that is the incident that everybody is talking about, is that his background check investigation had not been completed yet. it was still, in the investigative process and had yet to be ajudicated. so prior to an ajudication, the white house is not going to step into the middle of a process and short-circuit it. these investigations are complex. they're lengthy for a reason. we need to get it right. ainsley: so, raj, a lot of people watching started out small businesses or want to do that. i know ivanka andç linda mcmahon, administrator of small business, oversees the
5:41 am
small business administration, the two ladies will sit down with a roundtable discussion with other small business owners, i guess to discuss what their need are, what needs to happen. can you tell us more about this? i know this will happen in pennsylvania i believe and president will be there next week? >> that's right. well, look, both ivanka trump and small business administrator linda mcmahon are great voices for small businesses and women-owned businesses. they have successful businesses. in the case of administrator mcmahon, built a business from scratch into a multibillion-dollar business. they have a great message to talk to folks around pennsylvania and around the country, about this president, our agenda of lowering taxes, cutting regulations will provide more opportunities in this robust economy for froing your small business, investing in the united states and having a federal government that stands with you. steve: all right. the president will go to cpac? >> that's right. brian: he is going to be busy. >> he is going to be busy. we want to send a message to
5:42 am
conservative this is president ran with them and will stand by them over the next three and hopefully seven years. steve: raj shah, joins us from the north lawn. thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. brian: 18 minutes before the stop of the hour. still ahead the unusual email from susan rice sparking a lot of questions from capitol hill. clinton cash author peter schweitzer says she is trying to cover up something. hear as few ideas. he will joinç us. >> we're taking a trip to "sesame street." elmo and grover are here.
5:43 am
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♪ >> good morning to you, welcome back. some quick headlines. bernie sanders dropping hints he is running for president again in 2020. the 76-year-old vermont senator
5:46 am
scheduling a trip to iowa, on behalf of former aid running for congress. he will be stumping there next week. elementary school paying students not to fight in hopes of improving their behalf of behavior. according to the philadelphia enquiter, the principal at mitchell elementary school in philly, shelling out a 100 bucks to if they make graduation with no physical violence. they say it is working. number of student suspensions is going down. "sports illustrated" revealing cover of this swimsuit edition. gracing the front page, 24-year-old model, danielle harrington. a relative newcomer. thank you, brian. brian: gop lawmakers demanding answers from susan rice on email she sent to herself on inauguration day, documenting a meeting with president obama, james comey, sally yates, as well as vice president of the united states on january 5th.
5:47 am
amid new questions about the clinton campaign, the obama white house as a bombshell memo claims the fbi opposition research came from clinton allies during the 2016ç electi. a lot, right? not for peter schweitzer. the author of the "clinton cash." nothing surprises him. he joins us now to weigh in. sidney blumenthal meets with steele, they go to jonathan weiner, assistant secretary of state i have a dossier for you to see? what is going on here, peter? >> yeah. you're right, brian, think when the story first broke about the steele dossier, it was a intelligence report that went to the fbi. we found out the clintons and the dnc funded this dossier. now we find out that there is additional material that was passed along by sidney blumenthal, a clinton partisan, a really political attack dog for them who was on the clinton foundation payroll. then of course you have the other example of the australian diplomat, you know, who claims that he was concerned about
5:48 am
something he heard from a, from a clinton, sorry, from a trump campaign volunteer, who was claiming they had russian dirt. that australian diplomat, mr. downer, was the one who was for the australian foreign ministry, running the clinton foundation program, as it related to aids. he actually signed all the documents. it is a bizarre situation, brian. every single aspect of this dossier, this story seems to lead back to the clintons. the clintons will say it is a, you know, a coincidence. i don't think it is. brian: by the way, blumenthal, blumenthal gets to have a conversation with weiner and gets to kerrey, weç don't know what kerry does with that. he has conversation with the palestinian leader, saying trump will be out of there soon. that is interesting. bring up the susan rice story. i can't make heads or tails of it. would you speculate with me? why would she chronicle a
5:49 am
january 5th meeting on inauguration day. the investigation has to go by the book? >> yeah. really, brian, the only reason you write a memo to yourself is you want to put something in the record. the only reason you want to put something in the record like this is because there is nothing in the record to back up this claim. so to me it is very, very troubling and suspicious that she would do this. remember, she has a history of, when it came to unmasking people, first she denied that heshe was involved in it. then she claimed it was only related to russian investigations. but then it came out some of the unmasking involved a meeting after the election that trump people had with a diplomat from the u.a.e. so her story is constantly changing. this is just further evidence that we need to drill down an investigation on this. brian: she has nine days to answer questions given to her by graham and grassley. not exactly fervent trumpites
5:50 am
that will do anything or the president. i think they're fair and balanced investigators. they are alarmed by what they see. peter, you are one of the few americans not because you called it a long time ago. peter, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: up next, the segment is brought to youç by the letter , "sesame street." elmo and grover are here to perform. we have sandra smith coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning to yous. we're waiting the start of the worldwide threat hearing. top intelligence officials will testify before a senate committee. fbi and cia directors willethal both be there. as we learn a letter two senator point to unusual activity from president obama's former nsa advisor susan rice. we have senator john thune, congressman ron desantis, ambassador john bolton all joining us. "america's newsroom" begins in moments.
5:51 am
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♪ steve: well the cast of "sesame street" is still on tour with their new live show which is called, let's party which is what we call our program. ainsley: here to tell us more the performance director of the "sesame street live." >> thanks for having us. ainsley: i bought tickets. i'm taking my daughter on thursday. >> so exciting. ainsley: great performance. steve: taking brian on friday. >> you will love it. ainsley: tell us about the performance. >>p!solute let'se street live,"ly. party, exactly that, a party like no other. musically driven, highly interactive live stage show. our hosts, casey and caleb, along with you, the audience come up with a theme for our "sesame street" party. steve: a little ad-libbing on >> that's right.
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it is highly interactive. we expect the guests to be up on their feet dancing in the aisles, having a good time with their favorite sesame pals. brian: how have these shows changed over the years? >> this is our inaugural production with ffeld entertainment. we spent two years working with the sesame workshop, so the message of the show coincide with their information. ainsley: show us what we can expect. >> sneak peek of the finale. absolutely. take it away, guys. ♪ ♪ look at you, ♪ç
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>> tomorrow is valentine's day and we have a special show
6:00 am
planned. >> and it's ash wednesday. >> we won't give up dogs tomorrow. we have the winner of the westminster dog show. >> go to the after the show show. >> bill: good morning, everybody. minutes away from a critical hearing that will feature the top intelligence leaders in washington they will brief congress on the threats facing america's national security but expect a lot of questions today to center around russia and the dossier and we're looking at an email sent by susan rice on donald trump's inauguration day. what's that all about? i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> sandra: f.b.i. director christopher wray, cia director mike pompeo, nas director mike rogers and dni director dan


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