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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 14, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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fluffy, wow. >> beautiful dog. no whiskey, let's be clear. that's my dog. >> will never be a whiskey. >> that competition is fun to go to if you get a chance. "happening now" starts right now. >> start with a fox news alert as the house oversight committee launches an investigation into the rob porter scandal after christopher wray contradicted the white house timeline of events. i'm in for jon scott. >> trey gowdy is saying his committee is investigating in light of domestic abuse allegations as the white house stands behind chief of staff john kelly amid calls for his resignation. in a situation complicated by the f.b.i. director's testimony that the background check on porter was completed last july. which contradicts white house
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statements that the porter investigation was, quote, ongoing. >> a lot to go over this morning. john roberts is live at the white house with the very latest. good morning, john. >> good morning. the white house still responding a week later to this story about what was known by whom and when about rob porter and why the timeline keeps shifting. no decision has been made yet suggestions were being kicked around last night that perhaps it would be a good idea to have john kelly and the white house counsel don mcgahn come out and brief the press. there is a possibility. 1:00 this afternoon when we have that briefing the kelly and mcgahn could come out. this has all been kicked up a notch with the announcement that trey gowdy has opened an investigation into porter's tenure here. he sent a letter to john kelly asking for information about the circumstances surrounding porter's employment and the
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policy and practices that the white house uses for personnel with security clearance. gowdy is also looking for a timeline. listen here. >> i would want to know from don mcgahn and general kelly and anyone else, what did you know? from whom did you hear it? what actions did you take? the chronology is not favorable for the white house when you have the head of the f.b.i. saying we told you three times in 2017 and once more in 2018 for good measure. >> the speaker of the house paul ryan backed up gowdy's call for an investigation and also issued a condemnation of domestic violence that we haven't yet heard directly from the president. listen here. >> but clearly we should -- come on, clearly we should all be condemning domestic violence. if a person who commits domestic violence that gets into the government there is a breakdown in the system. >> that needs to be addressed,
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he said. a big topic for the briefing today as well as revelations that his attorney cohen acknowledged he made a payment to stormy daniels shortly before the 2016 election. cohen to fox news saying immr. trump's long time special counsel and served in that role for more than a decade. in a private transaction in 2016 i used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to stephanie clifford, neither the trump organization or trump campaign was a party to the transaction with miss clifford or reimbursed me for the payment. the payment was lawful and not a campaign contribution or expenditure by anyone. in 2011 she gave an interview claimed she had a sexual encounter with the president in 2006 at a golf tournament. she has since on multiple occasions denied that. allegations were raised a few weeks ago that cohen paid her
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for her silence shortly before the election. cohen denies there was any sexual encounter but does indicate that daniels was paid to keep quiet in the statement adding, quote, just because something isn't true doesn't mean it can't cause you harm or damage. i will always protect mr. trump. one other issue that we're dealing with here today rumors swirling last night that john kelly the chief of staff may not be long for the white house. may soon be headed for the door. those rumors were shot down by multiple people inside and outside the administration last nie. it appears for the time being that john kelly will continue as chief of staff. his job is safe. we'll see where all this goes. you just never know here at the white house. >> the former marine general will stay on his post. have a lot more on this through the hour. thank you. >> we have new legal developments on daca. a second federal judge blocking president trump's efforts to end the program as the senate prepares to debate the fate of
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the dreamers. here is wyoming senator john barrasso a short time ago. >> it is time to act. the bills are on the floor to be debated and discussed. the democrats continue want to seem to now move ahead with that. for my part i want to make sure we have a secure border, i want to make sure the laws are enforced and make sure our citizens are safe. >> peter doocy is live with the latest. every day a different story, peter. >> we just heard that this morning a small group of republicans and democrats meet privately behind closed doors about a permanent fix for daca recipients but there may be a snag in their plan to try to get anything passed on the senate floor by this week. >> i just came from a very productive bipartisan meeting where i think the group is getting very, very close. the challenge may be a little bit in the sequence of votes.
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people may need to vote for or against something before they can vote for a come promise. i hope the leadership in both parties if they want the senate to function let this process play out. >> the majority leader in the senate mitch mcconnell is blaming democrats for wasting time reminding them they shut down the government to guarantee an open amendment process but are blocking amendments offered by republicans. mcconnell says the longer they delay the lower the odds are of a daca deal this week. mcconnell is backing a bill sponsored by chuck grassley called the secure and succeed act. it very closely mirrors president trump's priorities. >> the president has made clear what principles must be addressed if we're going to make a law instead of merely making political points. while our democratic colleagues can no longer prevent the senate from stalling the
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debate, they can continue to delay votes on amendments. i hope that won't haen. -- happen. >> we heard from the republican senator who wrote the bill that mcconnell likes, chuck grassley says he does not know if they can get to 60 votes with this package that does everything the president wants. it addresses daca, addresses the border wall, fixes chain migration and it also fixes the visa lottery, diversity visa lottery. he does know he can get something else important. president trump's signature. there is nothing else out there right now that we know of that could. julie. >> all right, we'll have to wait and see. the trump administration appealing the judge in san francisco and his ruling. we'll have to see if they will do the same here. thank you very much, peter doocy. >> fox news is learning that the president's legal team sblg an argument that he should not
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sit down for an interview with special counsel robert mueller amid new calls for a second special counsel to look into the f.b.i. and justice department's questionable actions that brought the case to the fisa court in the first place. that prompted "wall street journal" columnist bill mcgurn to write this. representative devin nunes has rendered the public a service single handedly. he has pried loose documents used clinton campaign research to justify a warrant to spy on carter page. a one-time trump campaign associate. why are republicans threatening to undermine this good work by calling for a special counsel? bill mcgurn, former chief speech writer for president george w. bush joins us in studio. why do you think a special counsel would be a detriment to move? >> three principles.
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first one is special counsels corrupt, independent counsels corrupt absolutely. second principle what we need to know in cases like this is what happened. we need to know what did russia do in 2016 and what did the f.b.i. and department of justice do? the public's right to know is how we have accountability. the third is that when you have a special counsel, rather than get the information which congress has been getting, very slowly but it has been getting, all of a sudden the curtain comes down. robert mueller, almost a year, how much do we know? he will announce an indictment or something not related to what he was investigating and we don't know. what we need is to know. we need to know what happened. that's primarily through congress, the representatives of the american people. >> you talk about a u.s. attorney. let me read what you wrote. perhaps a u.s. attorney should take over this. a better way forward would be for mr. sessions to appoint a u.s. attorney to investigate abuses of power within the
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justice department and f.b.i. rather than destroying these organizations, the goal of the investigation would be to restore their credibility by identifying any abuses of power and removing the responsible individuals. if there are these allegations for abuses of power wouldn't that be an internal investigation >> that's the whole point. a special counsel is supposed to be independent but is part of the executive branch. the department of justice is fully capable of doing this. notwithstanding a lot of questions about the department of justice. find a u.s. attorney from outside the d.c. area. find a retired u.s. attorney like andy mccarthy up here in new york. give him a team of investigators and let him go at it. the purpose was to find abuses, not sniff out crimes. maybe they do come up with crimes. just as congress if they find a crime or what they think they can send a criminal referral as senator grassley did. >> this has been done before.
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but some would say a special counsel or u.s. attorney could run wild. from white water and paula jones. >> i think a u.s. attorney would be given narrow focus, your job is to look at x, y, z and a time frame. we need a report by x time. the incentive for that is to get it done, wrap it up. not build an empire and expand your -- they could still do this with the special counsel mueller by narrowing the focus of what he can look at. >> the russia situation would be separate from what you propose. >> we have a special counsel looking into russia, right? but i don't think it is separate from what congress is doing. our system is based on accountability to we the people who act through their elected representatives. one of the most horrifying things to me is watching people like f.b.i. director christopher wray suggest he can't give information to
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congress because it's classified. it just gets it backwards. the congress is not accountable to the permanent -- >> now you have the weaving of information from blumenthal and cody sheerer the journalist. >> surprise. >> there is blumenthal on the left with bill clinton and hillary clinton's confidentiant. what's up with that? >> we need to know. instead of a trail leading to mr. putin we would find it leading to sidney blumenthal. no scandal where his name doesn't come up. the larger point is what it shows is that we're now hearing more sources outside the steele dossier that all seem to come from the clinton campaign or clinton associates. and you just wonder was any of this stuff from the russians in
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that dossier? >> you think a u.s. attorney would be the one to go after that. >> whose job is to restore the credibility of the justice department and the f.b.i. which has been very damaged. i think with the good team of investigators and a good focus could do it, yes. >> a lot of questions, a lot of suspicious activity. we'll have to see. >> president trump's plan for daca hits a roadblock. how the judge's ruling will affect dreamers. one climber falls to his death and several others rescued at a popular climbing site. what went wrong? >> she was unable to walk. she is unable to physically move. so they have put her on a sled. they are roping her down. it's a time consuming maneuver. whoooo.
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>> eric: there is tragedy on oregon's peak after a climber fell 1,000 feet to his death on mt. hood. half a dozen climbers were near the peak when they encountered falling rocks and ice. the man who fell was airlifted to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. three others were rescued by this air national guard blackhawk helicopter that you see. they were stranded on the mountain face for several hours. >> they are upset and appear to be physically and mentally exhausted. which is a normal reaction to an event like today. they were part of the original climbing crew that included the
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gentleman who fell. >> eric: mt. hood is notorious for falling rocks but never seen worse conditions than what they encountered yesterday. the identity of the man who died hasn't been made public. >> julie: another federal judge blocking president trump from ending daca. it requires the government to continue processing renewal applications for the program. the obama-inspired program. now it is not required to consider new applications. now this is the second time in less than two months that a federal judge has ruled that rescinding daca that protects 700,000 young immigrants would be illegal. the new york judge saying in his written order quote the decision to end the daca program appears to rest exclusively on a legal conclusion that the program was unconstitutional. because that conclusion was wrong, the decision to end the daca program cannot stand. let's bring in arizona congressman andy biggs who sits on the house judiciary
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committee and a house freedom caucus member. thank you for talking to us. as president trump is finding out no matter how a president rules, the court doesn't necessarily have to rule in the president's favor. what does it mean for the trump administration that a second judge has come forward to rule against daca? >> it doesn't really mean that much because you've got a district-level court trying to issue a nationwide injunction. what you have is the plaintiffs that are shopping to find judges who is an activist judge who has his mind made up. he made that clear early on with some of his comments inside and outside the courtroom. it doesn't have that much effect. once you start getting up to the appellate courts and u.s. supreme court you would have power behind the judicial ruling. this one in my opinion doesn't have that much sway on us. >> julie: you have u.s.
8:20 am
district judge basically he in new york ruled yesterday that attorney general jeff sessions had erred in concluding that daca is unconstitutional. a quote. the state attorneys general and immigrants had sued the administration. that is sort of what propelled all of this. what of granting a preliminary injunction now really mean? >> well, it is just stacking up on the previous injunction that was there and since congress is taking it up it probably has no long-term effect. the previous injunction was already -- the administration said they would adhere to that. they would continue to grant renewals of daca for those who were qualified. what this does in my opinion is more of a political statement by this judge and the plaintiffs here than it is a real true judicial opinion. >> julie: so the trump administration is going to be appealing the judge, the district judge in san francisco.
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right now the u.s. supreme court is considering whether or not to take up the trump administration's appeal. after a judge there ruled to keep daca in place. what does the trump administration do if the judges try to rule against replacing and getting rid of daca. does the trump administration try to appeal each one of these rulings assuming there will be more? >> i think first of all they continue to take the san francisco case up to the supreme court. they have to continue to fight them at the district level and maybe at some point try to join the appeals if they go against them. the third thing i would say is they need to continue to try to drive the policy from the executive branch level that they want because i think in the end you've got -- this judge, for instance, said it is clearly wrong to say the previous one was constitutional. that's a problem. >> julie: we'll continue to watch as the trump
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8:26 am
they're calling for an indictment of the prime minister on charges of bribery and breach of trust. david lee miller live in jerusalem with the case and the defense. hi, david lee. >> eric, israeli police are recommending to the attorney general here that prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted regarding two criminal investigations. as you would expect, this is front page news. in one case netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly $300,000 in gifts in exchange for doing favors for wealthy businessmen. the gifts included champagne, cigars, jewelry. the other case netanyahu allegedly tried to use his influences for favorable coverage in a newspaper. that newspaper has a single word headline today, bribery. a defiant netanyahu delivered an emotional live statement last night saying he has no intention of stepping down and accused the police of being biased and speaking hours ago in tel aviv netanyahu said his coalition government is stable
8:27 am
and he attacked the police recommendation calling for his indictment. >> after i read the recommendation report, i can say it is biased, extreme, full of holes like swiss cheese. >> for now netanyahu's coalition partners are not calling for his removal from office. the harshest criticism coming from his political allies was a statement from one minister who said he is not living up to the standard expected of an israeli leader. opposition parties are calling for the prime minister to resign. the next step now will be for the attorney general here to either reject or accept the police recommendation calling for an indictment. if netanyahu is indicted, tried and convicted, he could be sent to prison. eric. >> eric: david lee. we'll await the attorney general's decision. thank you. >> julie: breaking new details
8:28 am
on the rob porter scandal as congress gets involved with new questions about the handling of classified material inside the west wing. plus cracking down on illegal immigration. fox news takes you along as ice agents target criminals wanted for deportation. >> this is what we swore to do in order to keep america safe. that's what we will continue to do. today, big thinking in the finger lakes is pushing the new new york forward. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states supported by innovative packaging that extends the shelf life of foods and infrastructure upgrades that help us share our produce with the world. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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>> julie: ice agents making their presence felt in california. more than 100 agents conducting the large raid targeting illegal aliens with criminal records since california became the first sanctuary state in the u.s. william la jeunesse went along with some agents and joins us now live from los angeles. >> julie, 150 arrested over a three-day period. california is trying to stop immigration enforcement. those who were already ordered deported by a judge and ignored it and those who committed crimes. a judge ordered this man found pumping gas deported in 1996. two years ago he was convicted of lewd acts with a minor. >> you have been here since 1996 and you don't speak english? >> he served 28 days in jail. the county refused to hand him
8:33 am
over for deportation forcing ice to find him here. >> we are just enforcing the laws as they are written, right? someone in this country illegally has violated those laws. >> today's operation is the latest chapter in the escalating fight between the state of california and the federal government which says it will enforce the law, sanctuary state or not. >> california better hold on tight. they're about to see a lot more special agents. >> they became the nation's first sanctuary state in january. local politicians claim the sanctuary law brings comfort to families living in fear. >> i'm disappointed. i thought i was protected by being in a sanctuary city or state but i'm not. everybody is vulnerable. >> married 28 years with two american born sons this man from -- if you have criminal background involvement with the police and not a citizen you'll get picked up.
8:34 am
>> so ice says that 40% of those that we're trying to deport have already been released from local jails. before california was a sanctuary state they would have been deported directly from jail by a single agent doing a fingerprint check. now you've got 6 to 8 agents spending hours trying to find one guy. it is expensive for taxpayers, dangerous to police but california says it means their illegal immigration population doesn't have to live in fear. back to you. >> julie: thank you so much, william. >> eric: chronology is not favorable for the white house when you have the head of the f.b.i. saying we told you three times in 2017 and once more in 2018 for good measure, then i think the really fair questions are what were you told, by whom were you told? did you have some reason to question what the bureau told you? if none of that is true why did you keep him on? >> eric: that's republican
8:35 am
congressman trey gowdy being tough on the trump administration's answers. this is one day after f.b.i. director chris wray contradicted the white house's timeline of events. >> the f.b.i. submitted a partial report on the investigation in question in march. and then a completed background investigation in late july. soon thereafter we received requests for follow-up inquiry. and we did the follow-up and provided that information in november. and then we administratively closed the file in january and then earlier this month we received some additional information and we passed that on as well. >> eric: where will this go and what does it mean? michael star hopkins and amos
8:36 am
snead and founding partner at s3 public affairs. good morning to you both. you heard what gowdy said the chronology does not favor the white house. they are claiming there was a bottleneck at the white house security office. does that defense hold water? >> if you look at that and see the news and the gowdy said they will open an investigation. take a minute and think about chairman gowdy, someone who has a love and appreciation of the law. he is leaving congress to go back and practice law. i think he is one that will call balls and strikes throughout this investigation. then you saw speaker ryan saying they were also supporting this. this is not the last we're hearing of this. >> eric: what went on over at the white house? you heard christopher wray said they had the report in march, finished it in july. more information in november and closed it last month. yet porter was kept on. >> i think if you look at this, i work in public relations. if you look at this from a crisis communications
8:37 am
standpoint you want to know what all the facts are and you want to have the full picture before you go public with anything. i don't think that happened here. this is why we're on what day eight or nine of this. i don't know if anybody that was outside of that room truly knows what's going on. we'll continue to hear about it. >> eric: michael. what do you think went on at the white house? >> to be honest, i don't know which is more troubling. the fact the white house keeps lying about what happened or the fact that the president hasn't come out and defended these women. he has attacked them. it just -- the moral deficit going on in the white house is starting to look like the grand canyon. >> the white house wouldn't say they were lying. the personnel office had it bottled up and senior officials didn't know. they didn't have the photograph with the black eye. >> liars lie. when you look at the fact even trey gowdy said the facts matter. here they were obviously notified three different times. john kelly said there was a 40 minute increment of time when he knew and fired porter.
8:38 am
that is not true. sarah sanders allowed four reporters to interview rob porter about three separate incidents of abuse. this guy shouldn't be in the white house or cleaning the toilets in the white house. the fact that he was there as long as he was just is another pox in the house. >> eric: let me read part of the interview. calls for kelly to step aside and the reporting mr. kelly has all the confidence of the president. and this is what the "wall street journal" says this morning. unless president trump has lost confidence in the former marine general it isn't clear what good his dismissal would do. amid the 25 items in the inbox mr. kelly wanted to keep one of his best deputies. it could be a violation of the me too movement that accusations are believable but it isn't a firing offense. you have the photo. you had these allegations.
8:39 am
two ex wives and other concerns. is that even appropriate? >> i think any way you look at this it's a tragic situation that has been mishandled and continued to be a week and a half of coverage on this. and everybody runs to their corners on this and they go to their political corners and you rather talk about this than what's happening with the economy and legislatively. i think general kelly will be safe there and we'll continue to hear about this especially when you start to see chairman gowdy and speaker ryan say they're looking into it. >> eric: it is a major issue with accusations of abuse. >> some things aren't political. this should be one of them. multiple women come forward and say they were physically abused. picture evidence, rob porter was just about made the deputy chief of staff. time for kelly tofmgt he is out. >> he has the confidence of the white house. we'll see how it plays out. thank you. >> julie: u.s. forces have
8:40 am
reportedly killed dozens of russian mercenaries as the battle to rid syria of isis becomes more complicated. why our next guest says the war there will only get worse. plus police respond to a fast and furious situation in florida. this driver wasn't exactly running from the law. details on this frightening story coming up next. >> have you tried the emergency brakes? >> yeah, ma'am, i'm sorry, i'm going 100 miles an hour. now get gillette quality at lower prices - every day. brought to you by more than a thousand workers in boston. we're proud of giving you our best. gillette - the best a man can get. and lasts for up to 12 hours, with zicam extreme congestion relief and zicam intense sinus relief. for colds and allergies, get your better back with zicam nasal sprays.
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>> eric: a runaway s.u.v. sends drivers and police scrambling in florida. look at this dash cam video it shows officers pulling up to where that vehicle finally stopped. the driver of the bmw was doing 100 miles an hour on the highway when he says the gas pedal got stuck. he made a frantic call to 911 and for 50 miles was able to dodge other cars in the road.
8:44 am
state police say they managed to clear a path and had to hit the side of that serve with one of their cruisers to force it to skid out. the driver was taken to the hospital and he suffered from chest pains. >> julie: dozens of russian contract soldiers were killed in a u.s.-led air strike. the military saying it launched air strikes after a coalition based came under attack in eastern syria. the possibility of conflicts between u.s. and russia a growing concern as the battlefield becomes crowded in syria. >> from an intelligence percent perktive we have seen in multiple instances foreign forces using mercenaries in battles that will begin to approach the united states. >> julie: joining me now is retired general jack keane. chairman for the institute for the study of war. always great to see you.
8:45 am
>> good to see you. >> julie: how much are a target are u.s. troops after the syrian strikes? >> i'm a little surprised by it. there have been smaller attacks. this is our audience understands this is a battalion-led russian attack. 500 or 600 people using hybrid mercenary forces, calling them russians anyway. their purpose was to take down a u.s.-led coalition base in eastern syria. that's very, very significant. why are they doing this? first of all, the strategic framework inside syria the russians and iranians have propped up the assad regime indefinitely and trying to consolidate those gains. they permitted the u.s.-led forces to deal with isis territory but now they want the u.s. out of syria. they actually want the u.s. out of the middle east. we just changed some
8:46 am
priorities, julie. we prioritized afghanistan over syria and took resources out of there. particularly some intelligence surveillance drones and the like. that made this base probably a little more vulnerable which drives to your question why now? because they believe they could do it and get away with it. >> julie: they won't get away with it that's for sure. i just want to -- first of all, i understand iranians want to drive the u.s. out of syria. what is there military strategy with russia wanting the u.s. out as well considering the increased tension the due to the deaths of these russian soldiers in these strikes? >> first of all what we have to say is not downplay this incident. we have to upplay this incident. we have to make certain that the russians clearly understand that their use of hybrid forces like they did in crimea and successfully in the ukraine we'll hold russia accountable for the use of those forces.
8:47 am
it is not enough just to defend our forces. we are going to attack you if you attack us again. you have resources inside this country. that's what we've got to do and look at, this is even more complicated because the irrelevant iranians -- we know for a fact they're encroaching on israel and what led to the altercation between the iranians and israelis and we have the turks up in the northwestern sector pushing into syria and potentially being involved again with u.s.-led coalition forces. it is a bit of a free for all. this is a very complicated, tough situation. >> julie: you mentioned iranians encroaching on israel. what does our strategy need to be with our arab allies? more than ever what we need to do is turn to our arab allies in order to strategize against
8:48 am
not only iran and russia. >> yes, our administration recognizes that. they are engaged in efforts putting together some kind of an effort with our sunni arab friends and the israelis play a role in that with intelligence. the reality is i think given iran's very aggressive behavior in the region and using the windfall of the nuclear deal's sanction money to be able to actually fund all of this, i think it's time for an arab nato where the united states helps to participate in this. to stand up against the iranians and russians trying to move out the united states and take advantage of our all aisles in the region. >> julie: we have to give u.s. troops credit where credit is due. their success in syria. much of the focus has switched to afghanistan. isis fighters have been
8:49 am
defeated in syria. despite all of that syria is about to get worse, not better. >> yeah. let's be clear about what actually we did. we took the territory that isis owned in syria away from them. and most of them are now hiding in southeastern syria along the euphrates river valley. in iraq and syria there are 15,000 fighters. we reclaimed the lost territory and why the administration made the right decision to keep forces inside of syria and not walk out of there because isis would reemerge just as the al qaeda reemerged in iraq when we abandoned iraq in 2011 based on president obama's decision. >> julie: thank you for coming on. >> good talking to you. >> eric: another tragedy for law enforcement to tell you about. a well-known police commander shot and killed while pursuing a suspect in downtown chicago.
8:50 am
we'll have a live report coming up. you see this? panic over the pacific. you don't want to see this when you are flying in midair. your airplane's engine breaks apart and passengers told to brace for impact as they get ready for an emergency landing. >> a really loud bang. >> the engine right where we were sitting, which would have been on the right -- well, the right side of the plane was completely blown. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and performance data suggest replacing capacitor c4. not bad. what's with the coffee maker? sorry. we are not on speaking terms.
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>> harris: coming up on outnumbered controversy over the rob porter domestic abuse allegations. whether someone will have to take the blame and if the president has for to say about it we will talk about
8:54 am
it. >> melissa: you may have heard nancy pelosi has taken the calling the g.o.p. tax law crumbs. you heard that right. the crumbs sprinkled everywhere. the crumb ultimate troll the crumbs act to make some bonuses tax-free. it has house democrats leaders setting up colleagues for a rough ride in the mid terms. >> harris: all that plus outnumbered center seat in the top of the next hour. and the center of the next hour. >> melissa: happy valentine's day by the way. we will see you then. >> one of chicago's finest killed in the line of duty, commander paul bauer was chasing a suspect in downtown chicago yesterday when the man opened fire. fatally wounding the officer. matt finn is live in chicago with the breaking developments. hi, matt. >> hey, julie, police say commander bauer was in this area yesterday in street clothing attending meetings near chicago's city hall when he happened to hear on his radio about a suspect
8:55 am
who ran away from a nearby street stop. he tried to stop that suspect, and they both ended up in this stairwell here where police say the shooter intentionally executed commander bauer. here is some of the sound from the police scanner yesterday as it tragedy unfolded and then an eyewitness. >> he took off on me but he was in the area. we have had a lot of narcotic sales and shooting on saturday. >> going towards city hall. >> going down the stairwell. officer down. >> went down into the stairwell. that's where people coming out of nowhere. i don't know whether they was off duty police officers. >> 53-year-old commander bauer leaves behind a wife and 13-year-old daughter. he was a well-respected district commander who frequently spoke out against the crime here in chicago. the suspect in this shooting will you identified when charges are filed. "the chicago tribune" and sun times reporting the suspect is middle aged with
8:56 am
a lengthy criminal record. >> this is like a gut punch to the police department. it's a gut punch to the city. >> commander bauer is the 17th police officer to be killed nationwide this year. he's the first officer to be killed in chicago since 2011. and one of the highest ranking officers ever to be murdered in this city. julie. >> julie: absolutely tragic. thoughts and prayers going out to that entire police force and his family. thank you. >> eric: another reminder of our sacrifice of our law enforcement officials every day. meanwhile in washington, the president's lawyers building case with him to sit down and build a case against robert mueller. the are they making the right decision? if you, like many people,
8:57 am
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money. not wait aaround for many, many years while they get their permits. $50 billion for rural infrastructure, including broad band, internet access. rural communities have not been treated fairly we will spend 50 billion on rural infrastructure and internet access, which is so important. a workforce initiative that invests in our most valuable resource, the american worker. and we're doing a lot of that. and we had a meeting. i had a phone call this morning with prime minister abe of japan and i suggested that he invest more and open up more plants. they announced, as you know, a number of plants are coming in to michigan and other states. but we want them to bring in more. and they will do that he said they will do that and we would expect to have some announcements pretty soon. we have a lot of companies are moving in. a lot of people are coming in to the united states. they were leaving and now they are coming. in all good for our workers and good for our


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