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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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live. corey gardner and democrat michael bennett. they'll talk about their bill aimed at keeping daca recipients in the country and securing the border. that's it for us. thanks for joining me. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where after more than a week of silence, the president has just spoken out about domestic violence as congress is now demanding answers about the former aide accused of abusing two of his ex-wives and a former girlfriend. the former white house insiders say that team trump's latest explanation about who knew what and when does not add up. president trump's personal lawyer says he arranged for the payment to a porn star who claims she had an affair with the president while he was married to the first lady. the lawyer says the president has denied the affair, so why does the attorney facilitate the payment of the cash? and there's breaking news now on
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fox news channel coming to us from south florida. this is broward county, north of miami near ft. lauderdale. this is the broward county sheriff's office and coral springs police on scene of an active shooter situation at a high school there. stoneman douglas high school. we've been watching as crews load students on stretchers. let's get to it. these are the latest pictures out of south florida. not live but from just moments ago. the broward county sheriff's office, coral springs police and others have come to parkland where stoneman douglas high school has been under lockdown after reports of an active shooter situation. the latest we have from the broward sheriff's office is that the school is on lookdown. they told students and others to barricade themselves in place and now searching for a gunman.
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these are pictures from moments ago. we watched as four, five, a sixth person was loaded on to -- some of them broward sheriff's office vehicles, some from other agencies. they set up when appeared to be triage along the sidewalks. these coming from sky force in miami. they've been over this for the better part of the last 20 minutes. some of this chaos that you're watching now has been replaced by these live pictures. this is the live look from 7 sky force down in south florida as they're panning around what appears to be a large school campus in broward county near coral springs. there's -- ralph rayburn is the reporter and photographer of in the chopper. let's listen. >> and then they immediately -- maybe five minutes into the investigation, they said no, no, no, we have to go farther north.
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we have information this is the building we want to concentrate on. they're pretty much -- they have the area secured from the outside. as we said earlier, they're going to make entry and securing floor by floor and room by room. we'll have to stay with this and monitor and see exactly how this unfolds. >> shepard: the reason for that is they have all of these students that have been treated. some who have been transported. these are live pictures now. members of the broward swat team that have stationed themselves around the building and now in position. they've not been in a relaxed position but more on guard position. their leaders have -- this is video from a short time ago. the leaders have sent out that this is an active shooter situation and currently they're searching for a gunman. those of you that may have just joined us, this is stoneman douglas high school in broward county, florida. this is the live pictures.
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the authorities just made entry into the school on live pictures. they've been doing that in different positions. so let's go back to the videotape. we have not been given any indication from the authorities that they have any problem with all of this. the problem is, we're led to believe that there's an active gunman on the loose. there are authorities all around this school. the media are there from all of the different networks. the local stations as well. english and spanish language stations. a live look will show you they brought the dogs out of the school and a number of people have come out. frankly, their body language is different than it was a short time ago. all of these officers were standing very much on guard. they were behind vehicles. now you can see there's movement all over the place. there has been a change here. let's listen to see if ralph rayburn and 7 skyforce is saying anything. there's been a dramatic change. let's watch what is happening
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here. police are telling wsv 7 that more than 20 people have been hurt. our south florida station is covering this live now. let's listen in, wsvn 7 from miami in ft. lauderdale. well, we're working to get their feed. these are live pictures from their chopper. those of you back in the secondary control room, if we can get wsvn sent to us, that would be helpful. the latest -- i realize we don't have it. let's ask the assignment desk to get it for us if possible. at this moment, we're getting reports from wsvn and brian enton say police say more than 20 have been injured in an active shooter situation at
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stoneman douglas high school in broward county. we've been watching -- we have a number of different stations in south florida with whom we work. a number of students have been evacuated. authorities are still on scene. there's questions about what may be whether they have found the gunman. if they have, they have not told us that officially. these are the live pictures coming to us from wsvn. a number of reporters on scene. here's what happened. about 40 minutes ago we believe -- cbs 4 in south florida was texting with a female student who was barricaded in a closet with other students saying it was cramped and hot and the students were upset. imagine there in south florida, very near the end of the school day and all of a sudden reports of this gunman on campus and a lockdown at the school. we now have wsvn.
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let's listen in. >> but we've got a lot of anxious parents out here, a lot of scared students who were able to get out in time. there are other schools in the vicinity. that's what -- >> okay. vanessa, i want to interrupt. craig stephens is joining me to continue our coverage here in the 3:00 hour of this active shooting situation unfolding right now. >> shepard: again, we've lost that feed for just a moment. these are the live pictures. the anchor at channel 7 in south florida, the fox station there, craig stephens stepping in to continue the coverage. we'll be back with him in just a moment. we've being watching the live feed from 7 sky cam. the disturbing news that more than 20 people have been injured. we don't know how many have gone to hospitals. we don't know if they were injured in an attempt to get away from the chaos or if this gunman was responsible. i'm hearing them again.
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let's listen. >> east side of the building. >> that's ralph rayburn speaking from the chopper. it's the wsvn feed that we would like to listen to. the truth is, we're relying on the reporting of those on scene and the latest we have is that 20 people are injured. now wsvn is saying police are asking students and teachers inside to stay barricaded in at least for now. these are, again -- you can see some people are making their way out of the school. the authorities are telling them, if you're inside, stay inside. we're also getting word that the police have gone in to some areas, canvass to make sure everyone in the areas are safe. you can see the police are facilitating the exit of some of these students. the question is, 8 minutes past 3:00, where is this gunman.
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back to wsvn in south florida. >> the worst possible thing a parent could think of, that they'll have to deal with this. but we -- >> shepard: what is happening is we keep losing the feed. we're going to ask them to switch from their chopper came to their off-air signal. we can only get one thing at a time. lots of questions about where they are in this investigation. what we can tell you officially is the broward sheriff's office is this is an active shooter investigation. they're telling students in the school to remain there and stay barricaded. as you can see from the live pictures, the broward swat team, the sheriff's office, the coral springs police and other nearby agencies acting in coordination are all on scene at this school, which has been locked down.
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there's no change in the status. they're beginning to evacuate some students. in the early going, some pictures from earlier that i want to show you as they were just setting up triage stations outside the school, stoneman douglas high school and treating students on the ground before presumably taking some to hospitals. a lot of students were in the area and took them to nearby areas, to safety. students not complaining of pain. all of the fire and rescue with broward swat and the broward sheriff's office vehicles all converging on the school at the same time. a lot of students were certainly evacuated in the early going. the school still has a lot of kids inside even as we speak. again, these pictures from a short time ago. the broward sheriff's office still with an active shooter situation. our understanding of this is that it began sometime around 2:22, 2:30 this afternoon.
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we don't know what the call was when it came in. we can tell you that agencies were arriving on scene in just a matter of minutes. the choppers were above as well. you can see the chaos on the ground in the early going. live pictures now. this is the divided roadway in front of the school. you can see the authorities have blocked off most of the area. a lot of the students at this triage have all been cleared out. a number of ambulances have gone to nearby hospitals. this is that broad expansive school. you can see the faculty vehicles and the rest still in the parking lot. not a lot of activity around the school itself, just the police, the swat teams and all the rest as they work to secure this area. trace gallagher is getting new details in for us. he's with us. trace? >> yeah, shep. we're listening to scanner traffic here. that's not gospel, it's not confirmed. gives us a better idea what police are thinking as they approach the scene.
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you can see there, stoneman douglas high school, 3,200 students, three stories high and the scanner traffic is indicating there's a possibility that police are concerned that there might be a shooter up on the third floor, which is if you watch the police activity, gives you an idea of the way they're proceeding -- the way they are proceeding by getting the kids off the first two floors, as many as possible out of there. in the earlier minutes that we watched this, you can see the perimeter being set up and the police were against going up to the building and inside the building. in the past ten minutes, you've seen a total shift in change where police are surrounding buildings, going inside buildings or the very least getting next to entryways. we've covered so many of these over the years. you know how the process goes. they're telling the kids on certain floors to remain barricaded inside, to remain holed up where they are. for the time being they're safe.
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the idea is going classroom to classroom and floor to floor to clear the different areas. at this time you normally get some response and traffic of kids talking on cell phones to their parents. we've had very little of that, which is an indication that there's some still locked down in place on certain floors. we are getting -- you can see there, some of the kids are being taken out of a lot of areas and the hands up is a common policy meaning that that's the way they check them out. the hands are up, all the backpacks will be dropped at a certain point and picked up later. every one of those backpacks has to go through. there was traffic earlier that a possible suspect may have gotten out with other students that were actually taken out this way. that has not been confirmed. gives you an idea what police are going through. this is standard operating procedure, taking kids to a certain area, drop the backpacks, check the backpacks
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and get the kids to a certain area and go back to school and go room to room to room to check it out. right now we're talking about scanner traffic on the third floor of this high school. shep? >> shepard: trace, ralph rayburn in the chopper. let's listen. we're now told that rick scott, the governor of florida, has spoken with the locals and that he's involved. wsvn is reporting that the suspect has a maroon shirt and black parts. broward sheriff's is reporting this is an active shooter situation and wsvn is covering i've live. >> recapping the information that we got early on. the first calls came in around 2:30 this afternoon of the active shooting on campus. started out with five victims
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injured. one transported. the number just went up to more than 20 victims that have been injured. one person we heard early on had a gunshot wound to the leg. that person was transported to a nearby hospital. we saw a female getting loaded to the black of an ambulance. she was on her way to the hospital. so a large triage situation going on right here. you heard that more victims may be on their way out of the building, the three-story building of stoneman douglas high school. we'll be watching for that as well. >> brandon, we apologize. let's get back to you and give us a sense of what you're seeing in your spot. >> shepard: their reporter on scene. let's listen. >> i'm not sure exactly which side of school i'm on. i understand they extended the perimeter. there's a walmart nearby and extended the perimeter to include the walmart. we're -- >> shepard: the perimeter is
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extending. for those of you watching us on fox news channel, our fox television stations across the nation are about to join our live coverage. >> shepard: good afternoon. i'm shepard smith. this is live in south florida, this is broward county north of miami. the town is coral springs. the area is parkland. this is a school where an active shooter situation is underway. the stoneman douglas high school in parkland and broward county, florida. the latest word, you can see here, students are being taken out of the school. their hands are in the air in an attempt to show we haven't done anything. the evacuation is ongoing. we're led to believe by authorities that there is a gunman somewhere on scene. as many as 20 people have been injured. we have reason to believe some are students. this all began with the first call around 2:30 eastern time. so 46 minutes ago. the school is still locked down. the perimeter has been extended
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outside of this school. authorities are walking the kids out and our local station, wsvn 7 in south florida is covering it live. craig stephens on the desk. let's listen. >> what occurred? >> some of the students are too shaken to talk. were you inside the >> yeah. [inaudible] >> shepard: we apologize for the connection. we just got new word from the broward county sheriff's office, 20 to 50 people have been injured. we don't know how many have been shot or might have been injured in some other way in a rush to escape or in ways that the authorities have not yet explained to us. so the latest from the broward county sheriff's office in south florida is 20 to 50 people injured. our local station, 7 news, fox for south florida covering it
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live. let's listen. >> we just assumed that it was that one. but the second bell went off. we assumed that was the bell to go. as we walked out, we heard pop shots. we thought it was like an intense show. >> we heard the shots. [inaudible] >> how did you get out of the school safely? >> the back route across west lake. single fine line through the woods. >> each school is like in a certain zone. >> are you high school students? >> yeah, high school students. usually you line up. but we get pushed outside. so we knew something was wrong by then. >> what are they telling students now? seems like a little chaotic at this point, which is understanding considering the circumstances what are school
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administrators telling you? >> they're not telling us much. some administrators don't know at all. they're just trying to get every student out. >> so your parents -- >> my parents are here. they rushed over here. even my coaches in ft. lauderdale were texting me because they knew right away. >> and brandon, stand by for me a moment as we continue to watch the pictures from 7 skyforce. we've seen the large grouping of students come out there on the campus of marjory stoneman. we saw some walking out with their hands up as police, a number of departments try to clear them one by one. cool springs police tweeting out a few minutes ago, for people inside this building following the situation, they want people, faculty and staff and students to remain in place until police can clear the building. we're getting another tweet here to the news plex.
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this is from a student inside the building. the student saying "the school is not totally evacuated. i'm locked in my classroom and i heard shouting outside a few minutes ago." that gives you the idea of the dialogue that this is an active and fluid situation. >> to ralph's point earlier, this is why law enforcement does this grid search room by room, space by space. as they search, they let some people leave and there's other people not secure from their point of view and that's why there's the requirement that faculty, staff and students remain on lockdown. we have vanessa there. we have her on camera now to add a little more. vanessa, remind us how close you are to the school campus at this point. >> i'm about less than a half a mile from the actual school. let me show you how much police presence is here. if we can go back here. we've got ft. lauderdale, coral
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springs, broward sheriff's deputies in the corner. we have parents trying to figure out where their child is. but deputies and police officers have been arriving. we just saw the command post drive through here, the swat team and set up a spot closer to the school. so we're on coral ridge drive here. you can see how many swat team deputies and how many police officers are out here. this is a walmart here. so they had to make sure that this scene here, this area here at this walmart was clear. so they sent officers in there just to make sure that this was a safe area. we've got deputies all down this road that have come in -- >> shepard: as the reporter speaks on scene, we just got an urgent dispatch from the
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parkland florida police department. parkland is the town in coral springs. the county is broward county. this is the alert. the sheriff from broward county says "this school's shooter is still at large." this is still an active shooter situation. whether he is on campus or whether he has left with some students as earlier reported. not confirmed by fox news, is not yet none. this is local coverage from channel 7 news, the wsvn news station. the fox station. let's listen. >> not hearing from their child. can we ask you a quick question? we're with channel 7. did you hear anything? >> no. my friends did. >> what are your friends telling you? >> they said they heard a shot. one of my friends said that a girl from his class was shot. >> where were you when this happened? >> in my classroom. i was nearby the exit. >> you're hearing this happened in the freshman building? >> yeah. >> what are your friends saying?
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are they still in the school? >> no. all my friends were able to evacuate. >> as a parent, this has to be the -- >> very frightening. i walked here to pick her up. my son is on west lake. >> is he still there? >> still there. yeah. i tried to call him. got the phone. said everything is okay but they're locked up till they safe to do out. so i have a son in the middle school. >> as a parent, a father -- >> no, you never think it's going to happen to you. the thing on the movies and all of a sudden you see everything. it's very sad. very sad still don't know what's going on inside there. i'm happy. my daughter is here. my son is okay. upset for the parents that still
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have their kids inside. >> very fluid situation. we're hearing from parents walking up that their child is still at west glade and they're on lookdown. you can see the undercover officers and deputies pouring in. as we drove in, we were on the saw grass express way and it's blocked off. you can see a clear pathway to the second story of marjory stoneman douglas high school. we have broward county deputies coming from all over, cross county, coming out here to this very active scene. we tried to get in in another direction. one of the fire rescue told us there that it was too much of an active scene to let us get any closer to the school. so they have created a perimeter to keep everyone out here safe and the students that are there, they're trying to contain the situation. that's the latest out here. we'll keep you posted. >> by way of active scene, this might sort of be obvious, but
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the a.p. is questioning the sheriff saying that the high school shooter is still at large. while portions are secure and in those cases where it can be safely done, students and others are being allowed to leave. in others, they're not. they do not at this point in time have the culprit for this in custody. that effort continues. >> it's been a few minutes since we checked in with ralph. ralph, we had a brief description -- >> shepard: ralph is ralph rayburn in the chopper. let's listen. >> can you brief us on that? any new information on that part? >> yes. the most recent thing that i can tell you, they have identified someone. we're not going to put the person's name out on the air at this time because we want to get it corroborated. they have identified the person of interest who is a student who was in class earlier. they're trying to make contact now. they have his home address, they know where he works and they're putting together all of this
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information now as they continue to go through classroom after classroom of this three-story stand-alone building here on the north side of the property at marjory stoneman douglas. we have our third swat vehicle out here on the scene. we watched as interviews were being conducted earlier. we saw at least 100 students come out of that building with their arms raised and are now in safe haven off the property is. there are school buses that -- hold on. there's school buses off the property. students are being assigned and everybody will be checked before they leave the premises as far as this investigation goes to get anymore amplifying information as to exactly where this person of interest may be, whether he is still on the property or whether he was able to get outside of the school
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property before the perimeter was set up here. so the school on lockdown. at least 20 people injured. at least one person was shot. we haven't gotten any other confirmations. broward county put out a mass casualty incident, a level 3, which means there's at least 3 to 22 people injured. they have notified all the hospitals in this area and to the south and up to west palm finding out who has beds available and who can take patients and treat patients so it's done very quickly and efficiently. that's the latest information we have for you. we're going to go off mic a couple minutes and get back with you again. >> shepard: ralph rayburn in the chopper with new information. they believe they know who the culprit is. they know who the shooter is. according to ralph rayburn and she's very well plugged in with locals there. he's being told where the authorities know where he lives, they're searching for him.
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they don't know if he's on campus or left the campus before the perimeter was set up. they called in authorities from hither and yond and notified the hospitals to the north and south that this is a mass casualty incident. 20 to 50 people have been injured. these are live pictures coming to us. craig stephens on the anchor desk. let's listen to the local coverage. >> you see four active shooter situations. we know there's protocols in place. we can only hope they're being implemented effectively to maximize the safety of everybody in the complex, those especially still on lockdown inside that complex. matt, you say we have a picture from inside the school building. this might have been a student in a classroom this day and age where everybody is outfitted with a smart phone if for no other reason to keep in touch with mom and dad. this is a chilling scene.
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a shot from the floor of a classroom, perhaps under a desk while this got underway. >> and we've talked to faculty and teacher and staff on the flip side of these shootings, they go through training, faculty does and students do as well to learn what to do in the classroom when a situation like this unfolds. they're taught to barricade the door that leads out into the hallway of schools. so you can only imagine that these students and these teachers are tapping to what they learned from training that they gained throughout these active shootings and those discussions. so vanessa, you're in the walmart super center parking lot. >> we're less than a half a mile away from the school. we have sebastian. what did you hear? >> just shots. like all of a sudden, we were in our classrooms minding our own business. all of a sudden, three shots happened. everyone started freaking out.
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>> people running and -- >> people running. we all thought it was a fire drill. we had one previously today. we thought it was that. so no one was that nervous. when word started going around that it was shots and not just something else, then everyone started running towards the canal. >> you started running with people around you? >> yeah. >> how scary, what's going on? >> i wasn't scared till now. >> this is a fluid situation. there's a lot of hearsay going on. they believe they know who the shooter is. they're going back and forth with a lot of hearsay. we're also hearing that we had one mom run across and tell us that one teacher protecting the students may have passed, but again, this is a fluid
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situation. you can see police out here. they're trying to make sure that the students that are coming out of this school are of course safe. we have coral springs police out here, ft. lauderdale vso. we have so many agencies from dade and broward out here. we've seen several swat teams go in with full active gear on. students coming out, telling us, they know who the student is. another student just came out. you'll have to excuse me, saying that a teacher possibly could have passed. this is all information coming out. just like anything, it's a fluid situation. we have not confirmed any of this information. so if you're a parent watching this and you can get on the phone with your child an confirm some of this information, but there are students that have come out and they're okay.
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ralph is above grabbing the pictures from above us. >> shepard: we've just gotten word that police have notified all area hospitals, all around the school, that they should all expect to receive students. we work with a number of stations there. wsvn is further reporting that the police have identified a person of interest who is a student and said to be in class earlier today at this very high school. it's the reporting of wsvn that that student is "on the run." authorities say this is an active shooter situation and they're searching for the shooter. ralph rayburn has reported that police believe they know exactly who this person is and where this person lives. at this moment, they have not located the person. it's 32 minutes past 3:00 in south florida. the chopper is above a school.
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marjory stoneman douglas school in the town of parkland near coral springs in broward county north of miami. that's where the shooting happened. the police tell us 20 to 50 people have been injured in one way or another. all area hospitals have been notified that they should expect to receive casualties on some level. we've been listening to live local coverage from our station, wsvn in south florida. a student there, let's listen. >> the fbi from what we're hearing is on scene, just arriving. they will check in with coral springs police, fire, vso and other agencies on scene. >> if this rises to a certain level, it's the -- the fbi is the lead investigation agency ininvolved in this. we're not quite there yet. a young man was in front of the camera. is that a live interview?
12:34 pm
is that vanessa? ralph, hang on. >> you were telling me, talking about, you believe the alleged shooter. you don't have to say his name but tell us what you know about him. >> he's been a troubled kid. he's always had like a certain amount of issues going on. he shotguns because it gave him -- what's the word we're looking for? an exhilarating feeling. >> how did you know about his guns? >> he showed me personally through his phone and stuff like that. i stayed clear of him most of the time during my time in alternate school. i didn't want to be with him. i don't want a conflict with him. the impression he gave off. >> you were in alternative school with him? >> yeah. i got kicked out my junior year and went to an alternative school. that's where i met him after getting kicked out my sophomore
12:35 pm
year, meeting him there. >> how old is he? >> he's older than me. he was 19 when i was 17. so probably 20, 21. no, 20 now. >> so you're hearing these -- this -- >> shepard: forgive the interruption is what we don't want to misidentify anyone. we're going to go with what we've heard from police. imagine being at a school, there's all this chaos and students say this and students say that and this student may be 100% exactly right but he could be wrong. so we're going to wait for the authorities to tell us who this person is. so far they know who the person is. they have a person of interest. they've said this person of interest was a student, earlier in the day been inside the school. they said this person of interest is not yet apprehended. 20 to 50 people have been injured in one way or the other.
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they told local hospitals, all of them, to expect or to prepare for casualties. we have three local stations. our local station cbs 4 for south florida is reporting as many as 40 students and a teacher are locked inside a closet inside the high school and that they have made contact. wplg, the abc station in south florida, is now reporting on word from parents. a mother said my daughter is locked in the auditorium. she texted me. she said mom, stay away. she said she's scared as she heard the gun shots. she said mom, i don't want to go to school tomorrow. another mother, my daughter texted me she's okay. the teacher locked the door and they're huddled in the back of the classroom. she's terrified but they can text. they're doing what the authorities told them to do. barricade yourself in the school. now students are being brought out by authorities.
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hands in the air as is protocol. wsvn 7 covering this. craig stevens has more. >> you're seeing all of these students here are -- and teachers are being escorted here across the roadway. the road is pine island right there where all the police officers are set up near the command post. one other piece of information we want to share with you that we were able to develop a short time ago along with that evacuation, they did find a teacher. i don't want to put the room number out. they identified the room number where they believe the shooting started and a teacher that witnessed it. that teacher will be escorted over to the command post to be debriefed by police officers or the commanding officers on the scene. that will happen here in the next few minutes. >> ralph, where are they
12:38 pm
takening the students? possibly buses are being brought to the scene? >> let's bring the camera way back out of here. the students are now across the roadway. they're going in between a couple of -- what they have done, they asked them to leave their book bags in the middle of the street. they will go through them and make sure nothing ill is going on there. they're on the east side of pine island right there. that's where they ended up. back out here to the intersection, you can see the mass of humanity and fire rescue and the police officers. i'd say now that this school here, this marjory stoneman douglas school, this school here in the center of the screen, you can see the saw grass express way. people on the highway there looking over. we saw a couple people with binoculars looking from there. also some police officers up there keeping an eye on the southern perimeter of the school here. the shooting taking place, a
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mass casualty incident where over 20 people were injured. we counted one at first and then we've seen several more. we're getting indications there may still be a few people injured and treated in the building. we're trying to get more information there. you can see we have personnel coming out of that and they're loading up on the back of this pickup truck here. those are swat members and other folks there. so as we joef use that expression and very active scene here, we're going off mic and try to get you more information. >> ralph, before you go, can i ask a quick question? you may have amplified this earlier. authorities think they identified where the room where this started. that's to suggest that this event continued outside of that classroom. >> i can't infer anything.
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i'm doing the echo here. if i hear something, i can corroborate it or see visual evidence of. i can't take any more out of it. they believe they have identified a person of interest and they know that person's name. they know the person's residence and where the person works and they're working to establish his whereabouts at this hour. >> ralph, we'll let you get back to what you need to do and check back in as you provide the live pictures of the number of young people, students who have been allowed to leave that facility. where they had been. they've secured the section of it. so as they do that, they a -- >> shepard: forgive the interruption. we just got word from the police chief, the fire chief locally, the fire chief has told the "miami herald" newspaper that one person has been killed. we know that at least more than 20 and less than 50 have been
12:41 pm
injured. that's as specific as they have been. the gunman at last report is still missing. craig stevens continues. >> we're at coral ridge drive. one of the main entrances to this high school, to the multiple buildings here. we'll show you what we're seeing. you're here checking on a student? >> my daughter. >> were you able to make contact? a high school student, a million schooler? >> a sophomore. douglas. >> when -- did she reach out to you? >> she texted me and told me there's an active shooter. police call 911. >> you obviously did that. >> i did that. 911 had heard already. they gave me instructions what to tell her. keep the phone off of vibrator, stay low and the doors locked. >> is she out of the school?
12:42 pm
>> she just walked out. she texted me. >> shepard: our crews have just spoke with a student. let's listen. >> what is your name? >> megan hill. >> how old are you? >> i'm 17. >> shepard: our producer speaking to a student there. let's listen. >> your dad? >> i'm her dad, yes. >> what did you think when you got the call or heard the news? >> i got a text message. i thought it was a joke. kids play jokes times. i can tell right away that it turned serious. she sent me videos of her on the floor. i saw pictures of the people shot and dead. just felt helpless. nothing i can do. >> shepard: again, we don't have confirmed reports of multiple people dead. the "miami herald" has been told there's one fatality. beyond that, we have nothing
12:43 pm
except 20 to 50 people injured. local coverage on the ground near the listen. let's listen. >> you can see across the street. that's to the west. a large gathering of students that have already cleared. family members, heavy law enforcement presence as well. as we hear from ralph where i'm getting a lot of details besides what's on the ground and craig in the studio, talking about a situation where the possibility that this is a shooter has not yet been found that lends to e the -- what we're seeing here. the police cars continuing to be mobile. in groups of six or eight and as fast as they can, move out northbound or southbound direction. probably checking out these various locations where the
12:44 pm
suspects may be. >> all right. brandon, thanks. we'll get back to you as you're able to cull more from folks as they leave the building. we'll check back with you. >> we just saw a few moments ago, the students were being brought out of the building and still happening. a large stream of students coming out with their hands up. police trying to clear the campus as efficiently as they can. a stack of backpacks that were starting to line up on the road there off campus. so you can imagine that law enforcement from the various departments there on scene will be checking through the backpacks. vanessa is on the ground. what do you have for us? >> tell me what is your name? >> i don't want to say. >> that's okay. where were you? what did you hear? >> we were in front of the tennis courts. we heard the fire alarm. it was supposed to be a fire drill. we had another one earlier. as soon as the alarm got pulled,
12:45 pm
kids were evacuated. i heard five pops. i thoughts that not a drill. we never did a drill like that. when we started to evacuate towards the back, towards the middle school, i knew that it was more than a drill because we had never done that i graduated. i came back to visit a teacher. >> so you were just in the worst possible place at the worst possible team. >> basically. >> so you knew this was not a drill. what happened around you? describe to me? the students -- >> kids were freaking out. some kids froze. some were on their phones. a lot were on their phones trying to snap chat everything. they thought it was a joke. it wasn't. kids freaking out. students freaking out, teachers. >> the worst chaotic scene, i can imagine, that you have seen. >> yeah. >> so did you hear the noises as well? what did you hear? >> the same as she described. we had a fire drill this morning. the end of the class, around
12:46 pm
2:35, we had another drill or we had the fire alarm. as we got ready to evacuate, somebody on the intercom said that teachers and students had to evacuate. i guess that's when i knew something serious was happening. i didn't know if it was a fire. after that we got outside and we heard the pops. i knew it was something more than that everybody was texting and whatnot. i think it's more to like keep in contact with everybody. i don't know if -- >> what building was this happening? how close were you? >> we heard the pops. we in the building towards the back of the school, the tennis court. >> could be a possibility that this could be an ex-student, a former student? what are your thoughts? >> this is just hearsay. we heard it was a current student. >> a current student. >> or something that was there and just -- >> shepard: the latest we have from police on this, they have identified -- they have a person of interest who was a student at
12:47 pm
the school earlier in the day. they're not using the word suspect but a person of interest that was in the school earlier today. the latest word from the local fire chief to the "miami herald" is that at least one person has been killed. more than 20 and less than 50 injured. local hospitals have been told to be on the lookout. the police have told the students to barricade themselves inside. we just got new word from the broward county school system that this school is now dismissing students. that's the word they used. dismissing students. so whether the lockdown shelter in place order remains in place, the school system is now saying that they're dismissing students. this gunman, according to the authorities, has not been located. we don't know whether he's on campus or has left the campus. but the locals are trying to figure that out as are the
12:48 pm
police. wsvn 7's coverage continues. >> within a mile of this school has been cornered off. they have a perimeter. they're not allowing anyone in or out of this area. >> shepard: the perimeter is expanding. we just got word from rick scott that he has just spoken with the president and the white house about this shooting at emergency stoneman douglas high school in south florida. the governor says my thoughts and prayers are with the students and the entire community. we'll continue to receive briefings from law enforcement and issue updates. that just in from the governor from the state of florida as all eyes are on marjory stoneman douglas high school. authorities are searching for a person of interest that may have been a student in side the classroom earlier in the day. the reporter from the chopper, ralph rayburn, says that the police have said they identified
12:49 pm
the room where this all began. in other words, where the shooting started. a teacher that was in the classroom has been taken to a nearby area for debriefing by police. that's the latest as we have it. the search continues. let's listen. >> again, they're still dealing with this. handling this as an active shooter situation there on the campus of marjory stoneman. ralph rayburn, what is the latest on the scene? can you hear us, ralph? we -- we might have lost him for a second. we'll get back. looked like there was a lot of movement there. we'll try to get connected with ralph. a couple minutes there. >> i got -- >> ralph, you're back up. sorry. just for folks at home, you might hear crossing over of different folks talking at the same time. for example, brandon, ralph.
12:50 pm
it's sort of the technology that we work with. you don't have to adjust anything where you are. at times you'll hear people at the same time talking as we try to bring you this as it unfolds. here you can see the pictures from 7 skyforce earlier today when they brought people out. this was the early stages of the active shooter situation. you can see fire rescue tending to a victim there at the street corner. at first we heard there were five people injured in this. one transported. one gunshot wound to the leg. then it was increased to 20 people injured. so still fluid. the numbers will be changing throughout the afternoon as we get more information. >> i hasten to use numbers. unfortunately i've had a lot of practice. whatever numbers we are talking with now may not what we have later on in the day. that's what we have at this time.
12:51 pm
we have brandon right now. he has someone outside the school. brandon? >> craig, a mom just arrived here. you have two children here. you're saying one, a daughter you have, is still in a classroom right now. >> i have two boys. a son that is a junior in the classroom. he said they moved him to another. my other son is a senior. he is safe in the bank. >> what have your sons been able to tell you? >> they said they know who the child is. his name is -- >> i'm sorry. i'm going to stop you from using his name. >> shepard: i want to interrupt their coverage for just a moment. to let you know a city commissioner there in south florida has just told another of our affiliated stations wplg, which is the abc station in south florida and our network news service affiliate, the coral springs city commissioner dan daly has told us that the
12:52 pm
suspect is in custody. he was notified about 20 minutes ago. we do not have that officially from the broward county sheriff's office. we do have this. the president of the united states has just tweeted on this matter. president trump says "my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible florida shooting. no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school." there are live pictures coming in to us from wsvn's chopper which is above the scene. this is off of pine island road in the town of parkland. this is above the school. let's listen in to wsvn. >> our hearts go out to that mother. we want to get to something else here. >> ralph rayburn connected to another scene. where are you at? >> here's what we're hearing, this is a 11735 northwest 47th drive, this is about 1 1/2 miles from the scene.
12:53 pm
right now we have a number of police officers out here. they have the suspect? custody here. they believe they do. they have a couple of witnesses that they'll bring by over here and do a drive-by. they will let the witnesses take a look at the person of interest and -- the clothing description that we gave out earlier, this this person was wearing that clothing and they believe that this person had been online earlier today and last night looking at a couple of websites possibly ones that indicate how you can build a bomb. we're confirming that information. coral springs police were other agencies are out here. 11735 northwest 47th drive. i'm going to bring the camera back. going to show you the area. there's the school. all the way over there. that's the school. that's where this other stuff
12:54 pm
was taking place. they developed information very quickly and through records and things like that and able to identify a person of interest. that person has been taken into custody at this location. obviously we're going to stay over this scene here and get more information. we'll go off mic and then get back to you no a person of interest is in custody. the authorities have said there's not an all-clear. shepard smith in new york. i do want to tell you that our own peter doocy has just spoken with the floor senator bill nelson. he's told our correspondent peter doocy that at the school today many people have been killed. that is the quote from the florida senator, bill nelson. we do not know exactly what happened. we can tell you that authorities believe their person of interest was a student in the school earlier today. someone is in custody for questioning. whether or not it's the shooter,
12:55 pm
we'll wait to see. the police say there's somewhere between 20 and 50 victims. they told all hospitals in the area to prepare for victims. now the florida senator bill nelson has just told our capitol hill correspondent peter doocy that in his words, many people have been killed. nothing from authorities on that matter. from a senator, we did want to pass that along. wsvn with their fine coverage from their studios in south florida and across the region. let's listen. >> a person of interest is in custody, apprehended. not on the school campus but a little ways away from there. one of the reasons why is we talk about the school, they do this room by room search as they secure the facility and allow people to evacuate. that is one of the ways they can confirm whether the person they're looking for is still there. may be the case in this case that that young man had been long gone.
12:56 pm
so we come up here. looks as though they have a person of interest in custody. live pictures from that scene that ralph is sending us. lynn martinez is joining us. >> if you're now just joining us as craig said, we're approaching the top of the hour and what this parents must have been feeling and the poor kids running out of the school. >> shepard: lynn martinez joining craig stevens as the new hour begins. the white house cancelled the 4:00 p.m. briefing. the president has been updated on this. the governor of florida has spoken with the president. the president has tweeted, as i told you just a moment ago, the president has tweeted again and says just spoke with governor rick scott. we're working closely with law enforcement in a terrible florida school shooting. the florida senator bill nelson says many people are dead there. wsvn now has a reporter outside the trauma center at a local hospital. let's listen. >> right now here at broward general. we had a tough time getting here from 95.
12:57 pm
we had a couple times wait as several ambulances and a couple of police cars zoomed passed us and caused a bigger traffic jam as people headed to the hospital. we can show you the video. we were out here, able to get the ambulances from the coconut creek, parkland, margate area. one shot of what looked like a type ager on the inside of one of those ambulances. i spoke to a friend -- >> shepard: this is the description of the person of interest. let's listen. these are live pictures from wsvn's chopper. that's ralph rayburn trying to tell us about it. >> i just -- i'm being told two different things here. i want to make sure i'm on the same page. they have a subject in custody, this is the man that they believe police officers was involved in the shooting here.
12:58 pm
our address that we gave you before, 11735 northwest 47th drive was the corrected a dress here. he has been identified by witnesses now and they have requested a broward sheriff's office vehicle to come and do the final transport of the subject to whatever destination they'll take him for processing. this all happening within the last hour and 20 minutes or so when the original call went out of shots fired at marjory stoneman douglas facility, the school facility that has a middle school and other schools over there. they put everything on lock down. there were 20 something students and people injured over there. everybody has been treated and taken to area hospitals. a mass casualty incident that was put out across broward and palm beach county to notified hospitals that there were going to be a number of injuries and people transported. they developed information, very
12:59 pm
quickly, through witnesses and through school records of who this person was. i'm still going to hold off on the name until we get a confirmation. we have the name of the person. his age and all of that information. they had a description of what he wore. they checked surveillance cameras in the buildings and around the area around determine where he worked and his scheduling. he was in school today identified by a teacher at the scene of the initial shooting. with that information, developing that information, they put a dragnet out all over this area. i'd estimate a four or five square mile areas. you're watching them right now process this person. the guy in the burgundy shirt and black pants, a black hat at the time of the shootings. he's in police custody right now. >> go ahead. >> thanks, ralph rayburn, for those live pictures.
1:00 pm
the update of the man as he's being taken into custody. you can get a sense of how authorities feel they have the person they've been looking for for a variety of reasons. >> shepard: it's 4:00 in south florida. i'm shepard smith on fox news channel and fox televisions stations across the nation. the last 1 1/2 hours, we've been monitoring developments in high school in broward county, florida. marjory stoneman douglas high school where 2:30 eastern time. authorities got reports of a shooting in the school. multiple shots. one after the other. then there were reports of five people injured. broward sheriff's department converged on the scene as did the coral springs police department and the parkland police department. hospitals and and throughout the area were notified to be ready for multiple casualties being brought in.