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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 15, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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guns down on this day. we are learning more about the suspect and what his potential motives are and the possibility he will be in court for a first appearance tomorrow. stable continuing coverage of the tragedy. we will monitor new development and have the latest starting at 4:00 am eastern on "fox and friends" first. >> we heard gunshots. i thought it was firecrackers. >> this is absolutely pure evil. >> the police cleared us to go outside, dead bodies on the floor. >> up and down the hallway and he shot in my door. >> another horrific day, detestable day. i'm sick to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils lose their lives no parent should ever have to send their kids to school and have the not return.
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>> you tell your family i love you because you never know if you get shot or killed right then. >> you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us on this sad day. this fox news alert. the fbi investigating a mobile home connected to the teenager accused of murdering 17 people in cold blood at a florida high school. the gunman sending former classmates running for their lives as he unleashed one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history. absolutely horrific, live team coverage for you on this senseless tragedy. jenkins live for us covering the reaction from washington. marion referee live for us. eyewitness accounts from students, we begin with todd pyro live at the school in parkland, florida with what we
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are now learning about the gunman. good morning. can't imagine what kind of day it is going to be today. >> you said it exactly right. with each passing hour we continue to learn more about the killer as the investigation continues. you can see over my shoulder that is the scene quiet right now but expect that to pick up over the course of the next couple hours as the sun comes up. another seen overnight, check this out, heavy police presence at a mobile home park 30 minutes from here with sources saying it is in connection with the shooting. authorities were told about a possible explosive device at the home, as a picture of the killer becomes clear. >> he wouldn't talk a lot. >> what is your take on it? >> he was like that weird kid you see walking around the school, a loner. >> here is what we have learned about the shooter, nicholas
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cruz, his adoptive mother died this past november and he was living with a friend's family, he was expelled from school for disciplinary reasons, one student says it is for fighting with his ex-girlfriend at new boyfriend. and he had been abusive to the girl, he is seen with pictures of guns and knives breaking about shooting animals, the broward county sheriff found the posts very disturbing. many people described him as, quote, obsessed with guns, words like sketchy, weird, off, strange, troubled and superstressed-out all the time used by many students to describe the killer. and he was seen shooting at chickens. one student even told local media that, quote, everyone predicted the shooting. >> if a person is predisposed to commit such a horrific event like going to school and shooting people. a person is going to drive a truck into a crowded area. if a person is committed to committing great carnage there
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is not anybody, not a lot law enforcement can do about it. the only things we can do are trained very hard. >> the fbi is asking for any pictures or videos from the scene, hoping to use those in the course of their investigation but right now the question remains if all these warning signs were there why did this happen? >> had to have students joking about it that he would be the one to shoot up the school and then to have it happen. thank you so much. we will check back with todd throughout the day, this question arises from what todd was just talking about. our social media warning signs enough to stop tragic actss of
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violence like this? florida attorney general pam bodies is in today's society everything needs to be taken seriously, all of it and she has this message for parents, know what your kids and their friends are posting. >> when they are posting on social media they have followers. kids who are out there, parents, you got to monitor this stuff and if you see it, take everything seriously. take every threat seriously and report it to law enforcement. we would rather you do that and be wrong 99% of the time then have anything happen in this world. there are warning signs and if you see warning signs with your child, if you know your kids friends you need to reported, go to the school counselor, let people know that something isn't right. >> don't be afraid to speak out. math teacher jim gard who taught cruz last year told the miami herald he was not allowed on campus with a backpack on and there were problems with him
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threatening students. stay tuned for that. students diving under their desks, hiding in closets, teachers barricading classrooms, this teenager, police describe as pure evil, the governor said that, stocked the halls of the high school in florida. >> a couple kids in my class got hit. >> there was blood and gun power and bodies all over the place. we were stepping over puddles of blood. >> some of the video posted from this classroom was remarkable. marianne rafferty picking up team coverage with the heroic first-hand accounts. good morning, marianne. >> students now reliving the terrifying account of the carnage inside that high school in parkland, florida, running through the blood he always to escape the violence, not knowing which way to safety.
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[gunshots] >> 15 minutes before students were out, instead of yellow buses, police cars and ambulances filling the parking lot. >> a lot of people at a certain time. i don't think it is a coincidence. >> all i heard was gunshots. the police cleared us and dead bodies on the floor. >> i think about three in my classroom died. i saw blood everywhere. >> leaving the hallway, looking on the floor, seeing blood. kids. heather: a football coach putting his life on the line to protect his students, aaron feiss reportedly fighting for his life after jumping in front of the gunman's bullets, graduating from douglas in 1999
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where he went on to spend his entire career, first working as a security guard, becoming the assistant football coach, the deadly rampage hit close to home for broward county sheriff scott is real, his three sons, once former students at that school. >> 6 to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils lose their lives in this very school where we had a deputy sheriff whose son was shot tonight, shot in the arm. >> pam bondi says the state will cover funeral and counseling expenses for all victims and their families. the state teamed up with go fund me and is monitoring people claiming to represent the victims families. heather: we were just showing people, it was ash wednesday as well and valentine's day, a day we will never forget, appreciate
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it. donald trump sending condolences and prayers to a community torn apart by this senseless school massacre, democrats politicizing it. how the nation's leaders are responding. good morning. >> reporter: the president took to twitter offering prayers and condolences to families of the victims adding no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school and first lady melania saying my heart is heavy, keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers. is the tragic news hit, lawmakers on the hook of the conversation turned for some to calls for gun-control. democrat senator chris murphy putting the blame on connection. >> this happens nowhere else other than the united states of america. it only happens here, not because of coincidence, not
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because of bad luck but as a consequence of our in action. we are responsible. >> reporter: nancy pelosi calling for action saying congress has a moral responsibility to take action to prevent the daily tragedy of gun violence in communities across america. enough is enough. an emotional governor rick scott says now is not the time to talk gun-control. >> there is a time to continue to have these conversations. we make sure people are safe. >> marco rubio says it is too early to know all the facts. >> who this person is, what motivated them, how did they get a hold of the weapon they used for this attack, it is important to know all that before you jump to conclusions that there is some lot we could have passed.
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there may be but shouldn't we at least know the facts? >> lawmakers back on hill today talking immigration so don't be surprised if we hear more calls for gun-control from some of them. >> we need to worry about these students and their families and the immediate aftermath. we are going to talk to a couple students that were inside when the shooting happened coming up later this hour. thank you so much, appreciate it. this is and the first time senator murphy and his democratic colleagues have gotten political in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. the same thing happening after the las vegas shooting. counterterror expert aaron cohen says their priorities are completely off. he says this isn't about guns. is about stopping threats before they turn into something like this to begin with. >> chris murphy isn't qualified to assess threat and is not qualified to manage risk. this is a security issue, not a weapon issue. the kid has parents. where are the parents?
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who is this kid? what was going on in the house? pardon me for my voice. there's a mental health epidemic here being confused for gun problem. i don't want that to sound political but it is the truth. where were the parents? where was the home life of this child? not only do we have a mental health problem but a terrorism problem in this country. check the bags, open the jackets, we train the security, invest in individual security guard to predict behavior. 21 different red flags, about to commit an act of murder, you can train them in that to spend the money on training. >> a big school, 3200 students, went on to say adding armed guards and back checks are the first steps toward securing schools but he admits those guards also need another level of training to be able to predict behavior of potentially
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violent suspects. a key focus in this investigation social media. >> began to dissect his websites and things on social media he was on and some things that come to mind are very disturbing. >> there were disturbing images. everyone now asking how were the warning signs missed? our next guest, a former police officer outlines key questions investigators are focusing on, stay with us.
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heather: investigators trying to piece together a motive, a reason why behind this tragic florida school shooting. some disturbing posts were found on the suspect that social media
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including an obsession with guns be looked at very closely. where there warning signs that were missed? here to weigh in his former national post officer vincent hill, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> good morning, thank you. >> what a day it is going to be for investigators and families in florida and across the nation. you are a parent and going through some of your notes you mentioned as a parent what is it you worry about when your kids go to school? >> it is not like when you and i were going to school and you worried about grades or getting suspended. you have to worry about these mass shootings. my son yesterday, junior in high school, it was very interesting, kids say that all the time. kids say they are going to come, shoot up the school, should of this teacher and everyone laughs it off and they post it on social media and all the kids laugh it off but unfortunately we can't laugh these things off. we have to listen to those clues
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and alert authorities when we hear those clues. >> to be a parent or student and one of your concerns is not a test coming up at the end of the semester or on friday afternoon, it is worry about possibly being shot at school, it is absolutely horrific. what do we do in terms of not allowing that to become normal? like you said, your son saying people say every day i'm going to shoot up the school and people don't pay attention to it. >> what we have to do is start training in schools how to deal with these situations. someone said it best last night. we do fire drills all the time, when was the last time we had a fire at a school. let's look how many times we have had shootings at schools just this year. we have had eight shootings this year. what we need to start doing is teaching students how to react to these active shooter situations, how to keep themselves safe and i believe
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there was a lot of witnesses, one yesterday said they were former students who happened to be at the school that they. we shouldn't be allowing former students to freely walk around school because we don't know what their motives are. there is something school systems can do not only training but security and allowing people that don't go to that school you shouldn't really do that, think about your job, you don't allow a former employee to walk around the hallway because you don't know what his intentions are. >> what about motive. you look at this person's social media and it was already out there for everyone to see, obviously very disturbing pictures on instagram specifically. he had some dead animals, pictures of guns but nothing you can do unless that person has physically done something, right?
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>> absolutely. social media, people live vicariously through social media so you can't take everything posted on social media as the truth unfortunately but when you have other signs, he was bullied in school, expelled from school, told other students he was going to shoot teachers, he was going to do what he did, you take that into account and you paid the bigger picture, you have to paint a bigger picture, everything you have, to say this is someone we need to look at. >> you have to think about that these days. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and are other top story, a senate vote that could come today on immigration. >> senators had plenty of time to prepare. there is no reason we should not reach a bipartisan solution this week. >> next guest says of democrats cared about daca they would take the president's deal and run,
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why aren't they? stay with us.
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>> it is make or break time on daca as the senate comes to a bipartisan agreement after days of stall tactics by democrats. a vote could happen as soon as today but can republicans pass a moderate bill despite the resistance? joining me in dc political analyst ron meyer. always great to have you with us, thank you for joining us. before we begin let's take a look at this new senate immigration proposal, this bipartisan proposal doug from the so-called common sense
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caucus of senators. this agreement would grant legal status 1.8 million dreamers and appropriate $25 billion for the wall over the next decade. that is different because the president wanted that immediately but this will be spread out over the next decade. a couple other differences, instead of immediately curbing the family-based chain migration it doesn't do that to the extent he wants. also it would not end the vice city visa program either. what is the problem democrats have with this plan? >> the issue is democrats don't want to give up this issue for 2018. you saw democrats filibuster their own immigration bill earlier this week to the latest. on days like today after what happened yesterday the partisan politics people are getting tired of it, hope that people can work together and come to compromises. donald trump would like to $25 billion right up front but it does take time for construction and land acquisition with a wall. over ten years that is something they could fix. there is general agreement on
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the dock aside -- daca side, there is an agreement on chain migration. what the senate is saying is let's not address chain migration but focus on the agreement and try to get something passed. they are close to seeing something on that front today. >> this would not end the diversity visa program. >> no and it won't handle chain migration except they will try to focus with the daca recipients, what chain migration will come from that but not much to address on that front. heather: we talk about side coming together, democrats filibustered their own bill. tell people what happened. >> donald trump came up with this proposal a lot of people who were his supporters were criticizing, hardliners on the right were criticizing. many people would say the democrats are to take the deal and go with. it is a program twice as big as
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obama's daca, bring amnesty to twice as many people in exchange for small requests, he wants a border wall and chain migration reform but that chain migration reform didn't kick in until 2030 so it is a modest proposal considering what he ran his campaign on. most people are saying he is trying to compromise, to make a deal so why wouldn't you try to bring the country together around a proposal. the senate is getting close to that but a couple things to make that happen. >> democrats don't want it. >> this will be a win for trump.
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>> appreciate it. he always makes a lot of sense. the nation in the meantime rocked by this mass shooting in florida. some of the stories, the bravery that happened inside that chaos and the killings are emerging. >> i was sitting right behind a cabinet, a girl next to me, we couldn't help anybody, 911 wasn't working. heather: the buzzing by and bullets on the ground, they share their story up next.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends" first, fox news alert breaking overnight, the fbi searching the homes of a teenager accused of murdering 17 people, the suspect reportedly pulling a fire alarm to create panic and then gunning down former classmates with an assault rifle. todd pyro is outside the school with breaking details about the
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gunmen. >> reporter: that is right. at 4:30 on the east coast, it is very quiet, police taking some time after a horrific and horrible day trying to get ready for what is going to be another huge day of investigation today. you can see behind me, few police cars but generally very quiet, the search for answers, listen thinkable tragedy continues and the focus is new details overnight we learned from the killer. >> i was praying to god that he could save us and we could make it outside. >> pictures from inside absolutely terrifying, students trying to find cover under desks shaking and crying, not knowing what is about to happen, the gunmen, nicholas cruz, mercilessly killing 17 innocent victims. that school simply for a day of
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learning and teaching. as the hours pass, a more disturbing picture of the killer continues to emerge, cruz was expelled from school, his social media filled with violence, images of guns and knives, bragging about shooting animals, words like sketchy, weird, off, strange, troubled and superstressed-out all the time used by multiple students to describe him. >> he went to the school, he was a former student so just like me he knows where there will be a lot of people at a certain time. i don't think it is a coincidence. >> a former student said he was tired of everyone picking on him and the school did nothing about it. one student told the media that when they heard about the shooting everyone suspected cruz. you heard stories about people joking previously to the horrific event that cruz would
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be the one who would shoot up a school someday. what starts as a joke obviously not a joke anymore but a horrific foretelling of what was to come. >> a lot of people will be questioning why this wasn't taken more seriously. something else people wasting no time on, democrats calling for gun control as florida continues to reel from one of the deadliest school shootings in history. >> as a consequence of our inaction we are responsible. >> there will be a moment of silence, people will wish everybody thoughts and prayers and then the congress of the united states will do absolutely nothing. >> we cannot even get senator feinstein's bill that would prohibit people on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun. >> our next guest islamic is are politicizing a tragedy and
1:35 am
missing the real issue. lawrence jones at joins us to explain. thank you for joining us on this day. what are they missing? >> they are missing all the evidence before the shooting took place. there was a ton of evidence, he made comments about doing something like this, teachers and parents knew this kid, he was a loner. he has already been kicked out of the school. and that is enough evidence to say this kid is problematic and the local authorities and put on a list to prevent something like this from happening. i want to know how he made it on
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the campus. heather: he came in with all the students and that is how he got out as well. >> he wasn't a student anymore. the democrats focus on gun control and this political rhetoric going back and forth, and not knowing the evidence so far, it is premature, the american people are sick of politics as usual. rob: you knew it was coming. at a us elementary or high school since 1999 including columbine. >> i heard a lot of people talk about boeing. murder is not the correct consequence for bullying in america. we have a problem with society,
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a lack of parenting, we don't have parents taking their places. 's mother passed away. just shows you when you don't have that foundation, and we can't go around shooting up the place and my concern is the school district, why didn't they coordinate to stop this guy from coming into the school, i'm so sick and tired of seeing these shootings at the end the day and we have all this evidence but they react with that evidence. heather: to worry about whether you are going to come home. my sister is a teacher and she text the me during the newscasts, students that are online all the time and they get their influences.
1:38 am
>> groups from them already. i'm not under the illusion that our government can track all of these people that become radicalized. i'm advocating for the private sector. not think they have to but the duty of an american that whatever job you take, to help the country defend, this is not different from another terrorist attack so we need twitter, facebook and all these other social networks to get involved, get in the fight and when they say something it is public, one of those things we constantly say, if someone said something this would have been prevented. >> he was reaching out, social media alone, a page with all the pictures, instagram picture was
1:39 am
very disturbing. >> he is alive so he will feel the full extent of the law. pam bondi won't be easy, the won't be easy on this. i hope we get more of a timeline, what inspired him to do this. >> a lonely, disturbed person, appreciate it, 20 minutes until the top of the hour. horrifying footage. have you seen this? showing students huddling in fear, screaming for their lives during the deadly school shooting. [gunshots] heather: many of them taking to social media to document the attack while it was happening, this is very different in today's society. carly shimkus is here and support as it pours in from the
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heather: students fearing for their lives huddling and ducking for cover. megan hill was in a classroom and that freshman building where gunshots rang out. her sister, mackenzie, running into the bathroom, listening to megan relive horrifying moments. >> the shooter is in the hallway. he stopped through the glass windows, did not open our doors, the guns -- where students were sitting, one was dead. there were three other injured. the top of her kneecap.
1:44 am
everybody's life was in jeopardy. after ten minutes i couldn't stand anymore, took off my jacket, went over the desk to help the girl in front of me. everyone was staying calm. i got ahead of my sister, mackenzie. he was on the second floor bathroom, got in safely and they don't open the doors on code red but he was put into a room and survived. it was traumatizing, we were told to leave the building. there were bodies on the floor. heather: former classmates describe nikolaus cruz as troubled, a loner, he posted about guns, killing animals, on social media. asking others to take warning
1:45 am
signs seriously. >> he didn't feel accepted. that was part of the reason he did this horrible atrocity. i don't want there to be another mass shooting. i don't want this to be something people forget. this is something people need to look at and realize there is a serious issue in this country. heather: the 19-year-old was expelled for disciplinary issues with one student telling report he joked about killing his classmates and did that on several occasions. the suspect armed with smoke grenades and set off the fire alarm so he could draw students into the halls for maximum devastation. of forensic criminologist says it was clearly a premeditated attack and nikolaus cruz was a ticking time bomb and we need to figure out what was that fuse. >> what we have to determine when we go to the psychological
1:46 am
profile being conducted right now by sheriffs and the fbi is what the precipitating event was. i have written extensively about these people calling them ticking time bombs. we have to find out what was the fuse. you can have mental health problems but that doesn't mean you are not smart. this was a smart, active shooter, this was planned, he used smoke bombs to create chaos and mask his escape. he turned down the fire alarms which he knew would bring people into the hallways which we refer to as a funnel of fire and we know in that hallway, he knew what types of weapons to bring, he brought a gas mask anticipating swat. he was a smart individual albeit probably troubled. heather: in previous school shooting the shooter has taken their own life like the massacre
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at sandy hook elementary school. that left a lot of questions unanswered. nikolaus cruz arrested and in police custody. police will hopefully get to the bottom of what sparked his rampage. social media lighting up across the country with support for the florida community. carly shimkus here with how lawmakers and celebrities are reacting next.
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>> horrifying footage spread online emerging as students were huddled in fear screaming for their lives during this deadly school shooting in florida, many of them taking to social media to document what is happening. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with that and the support pouring in across the country. >> the shooting at douglas high school started at 2:30 eastern time as classes were about to be let out. students were forced to barricade themselves inside classrooms, hide under desks and inside closets. some turned to social media to show the horrifying reality of what was going on inside. freshman student aid in showed
1:52 am
students hiding on the grounds. the caption, my school is being shot up and i am locked inside. i am scared right now. another student, matt walker, posted this video to snapchat as the a couple occurred around him. >> oh my god! [gunshots] >> reporter: another female student posted this to twitter saying locked inside my classroom at douglas high. i cannot fathom my emotions right now. another twitter user named lex says shooter is still on campus, locked inside, no battery, can't respond, i am freaking out. the fbi set up a website to upload pictures and videos in an effort to collect additional information. heather: these students document these firsthand accounts.
1:53 am
support pouring in. >> the levees, politicians, around the world, mike pence tweeting our hearts break for all the victims and families affected by the terrible school shooting in broward county, florida. students, teachers, administration and family will remain in our prayers. ivanka posting to twitter, pray for the innocent lives lost in a parkland, florida community in the wake of today's and speakable tragedy, celebrities waited including britney spears, just heard the tragic news about florida, my heart breaks for the students. marjorie stone, douglas high school, keeping victims and their families in my thoughts was apple ceo tim cook saying we pray for the victims of today's shooting in florida. for their families, loved ones and an end to the senseless violence that has taken so many innocent lives. democratic politician saying prayers are not enough. we need to increase gun-control. what everybody can agree on is this school shooting should never have happened.
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heather: appreciate it. a coach hailed a hero for protecting students. his story up next, live continuing coverage continues. run,
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heather: back with a fox news alert, the latest on one of the deadliest school shootings in history, terrifying scenes, look at the students leaving school, 17 people are dead this morning. many of them believed to be teenagers was a 19-year-old suspect is in custody, a former student described as a loner who was expelled from the school last year. some of the families still without in formation. look at that picture, that will be -- those families left hoping for the best, still awaiting word on their missing loved ones. among the missing 15-year-old alyssa, her grandmother breaking down, desperate for answers. >> we can't find my granddaughter. that is all we know. >> we are waiting to get any
1:59 am
word, any news. heather: going from hospital to hospital in hopes of finding alyssa but still no word. as the massacre played out a fearless football coach being held a hero, shielding esterified students. 37-year-old aaron reportedly in critical condition after he was shot jumping in front of the gunmen's bullets, graduating from that school from douglas in 1999, he went on to spend his entire career as a security guard before becoming assistant football coach and now a hero. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends" first for you. our coverage continues from parkland, florida, up next.
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>> gunshots, i thought it was firecrackers. >> this is absolutely pure evil. >> anyone outside, the police -- i see dead bodies. >> we heard them going up and down the hallway. >> another horrific day, detestable day, sick to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils lose their lives. no parent should ever send their kids to school and have them not return. >> tell your family i love you because you never know if you get shot or killed. >> thursday, february 15th, fox news alert, high school bloodbath breaking overnight, the bomb squad warming a mobile home park tied to the florida team who went on a daily rampage inside h


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