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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 15, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> gunshots, i thought it was firecrackers. >> this is absolutely pure evil. >> anyone outside, the police -- i see dead bodies. >> we heard them going up and down the hallway. >> another horrific day, detestable day, sick to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils lose their lives. no parent should ever send their kids to school and have them not return. >> tell your family i love you because you never know if you get shot or killed. >> thursday, february 15th, fox news alert, high school bloodbath breaking overnight, the bomb squad warming a mobile home park tied to the florida team who went on a daily rampage inside his former high school.
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rob: the gunmen identified as nikolaus cruz, 19-year-old wearing a gas mask, armed with an ar 15 semi automatic rifle and smoke grenades. he would end up killing 17 people. jillian: the latest on the investigation is police dig into his chilling social media posts in search of a motive. "fox and friends" first continues right now. rob: welcome to "fox and friends" first. jillian: we are starting on a sad note. more than a dozen people murdered in cold blood at a florida high school and we are learning more about the gunmen's past and possible warning signs. rob: so much to get to. we have a team of reporters on this including one outside the
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school. to recap some of the information, 17 people killed, a number of people wounded. this is a suburb of the fort lauderdale area in broward county, to the west, a very affluent neighborhood where people come to raise a family, safe neighborhood, you trust your kids come to school and come home safe, large high school in a big school district, a school that held 3000 people, students running out trying to run for their lives from a man armed with an ar 15, former student at that school who was expelled from that school for reasons we don't yet know at this time. jillian: a mobile park was swarmed overnight, neighbors in that area say there was an explosive. we are waiting for more information from police on that but that mobile home park is located 30 minutes from the school. that is developing, information we are learning in the overnight
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hours. rob: the gunmen's adopted mother died last year, he was living with another family close to that school or within the area of that school. this was somebody who had been expelled from that school, some type of training, to get into the military. people that went to school described him as a big lover of guns, as a loner, somebody had somewhat of a bizarre personality, stuck to himself. >> that is how kids at school describe him, that weird kid at school. you heard interviews from a lot of students yesterday, former classmates said we were not surprised when we found out it was him. it begs the question how do you stop something like this if kids knew that this was the guy? rob: marianne rafferty's live
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with more on this story, an event police describe as pure evil. >> reporter: students are reliving the horrifying account of carnage in that high school in parkland, florida. classmates holding hands, running through the body hallways to escape the violence, not knowing which way to safety. [gunshots] >> oh my god! [screaming] rob: the end of the school day 15 minutes before students were to be let out but instead of yellow school buses, police cars and ambulances filling the parking lot. >> we all lined up one by one, walked out, had to run as far as we can. people were crying, a lot of
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blood everywhere, seeing blood. >> trying not to look but there was blood and gunpowder and bodies all over the place. we were stepping over puddles of blood, trying not to look. jillian: as tara played out a football coach putting his own life on the line to protect his students, 37-year-old aaron fighting for his life after jumping in front of the gunmen's bullets. he graduated from douglas in 1999, went on to spend his entire career working as a security guard before becoming the assistant football coach. the deadly rampage hitting close to home for broward county sheriff scott is real, former students at the school. >> sick to my stomach to see children who go to school armed with backpacks and pencils lose
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their lives, graduating from the school where you have a deputy sheriff whose son was shot in the arm. jillian: attorney general pam bondi says the state will cover the funeral and counseling expenses for all the victims and their families. she also says the state teamed up with go fund me and is monitoring people claiming to represent the victims families. jillian: a tragic situation and families are still waiting to hear about their children. something we will continue to follow. thank you very much. rob: outpouring of support for the white house as families mourn the loss of loved ones and some still don't know. at the same time some democrats calling for tighter gun control in the wake of this tragedy. jillian: griff jenkins live in washington dc with how leaders are responding. >> reporter: after the president
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learned of the tragic shooting, florida's governor took to twitter to offer condolences and prayers to families of victims, adding no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school, first lady melania responded on twitter saying my heart is heavy with the school shooting in florida, keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers. as the tragic news hit capitol hill the conversation turned to calls for gun control, democrat senator chris murphy blaming in action. >> this happens nowhere else other than the united states of america. it only happens here, not because of coincidence, not because of bad luck, but as a consequence of our in action. we are responsible. >> reporter: of leader nancy
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pelosi renewing her calls for action saying congress has a moral responsibility to take commonsense action to prevent the daily tragedy of gun violence in communities across america. enough is enough. half a dozen democrat lawmakers joining the call, governor rick scott saying now is not the time to talk gun control. >> to have these conversations, law enforcement -- make sure people are safe. >> marco rubio says it is too early. >> this person, how did they get a hold of the weapon they use for this attack? it is important to know all of that. if we jump to conclusions there is some law we could have passed they could have prevented it, maybe. shouldn't we at least know the facts? >> reporter: lawmakers back on the hill on immigration but this debate is sure to continue as the day unfolds. jillian: i am sure it will. rob: 8 minutes after the our. and expelled student wearing a gas mask, that gas mask,
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carrying an ar 15 and smoke grenades went on the deadly rampage in this florida school. why did he do it? our next guest gets inside the mind of the killer. jillian: social media lighting up across the country with support for the florida community. lawmakers and celebrities are reacting. oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts?
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rob: breaking development in the florida school shooting massacre, the fbi searching a home in a mobile park connected to the 19-year-old accused of killing 17 people. rob: todd pyro is outside that park with new information. >> reporter: good morning. with each passing hour we learn
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new information about this killer as the investigation is over multiple scenes including behind me in this community north of fort lauderdale, a peaceful community. the other seen police are looking at is overnight, a massive police presence, 30 minutes from here with sources saying it is in connection with a shooting. a neighbor in the area telling police or saying police told him it was some type of explosive. a picture of a killer becomes clear. >> he was like shy, he wouldn't talk a lot. he was like that weird kid. like a loner. >> reporter: here is the latest we have learned about the shooter, 19-year-old nikolaus
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cruz. his adoptive mother died this past november, he was living with a friend's family. nikolaus cruz was expelled for disciplinary reasons and was banned from having a backpack for security concerns with one student said it was for fighting with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and nikolaus cruz had been abusive to that girl. that was the reason for the expulsion. nikolaus cruz with pictures of guns and knives, bragging about shooting animals, the broward county sheriff calling it very disturbing and many describe him as obsessed with guns, words like sketchy, strange, troubled and super stressed out used by multiple students to describe the killer. one student even told local media, quote, everyone predicted the shooting. the fbi asking for pictures and videos from the scene from inside, outside, so they can keep together a better picture of what is going on but the question remains, if we knew this much about this individual and his predilection for such violence, how did this happen in
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the first place? rob: we will analyze that a lot in coming days. law enforcement examining the profile of the shooter trying to figure out what pushed this young man to this point and how should parents talk about what just happened with their kids. jillian: inside the mind of an accused killer, thank you for joining us this morning. you just heard todd pyro say a lot of kids in the last 16 hours, everyone predicted this from this kid. my question is, one thing to recognize mental health issues and someone but another thing coming from -- reach a point where you can help. how do you help someone in which he recognize these symptoms? >> such an important topic, absolutely horrific, first and foremost my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this horrible horrible tragedy.
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as behavioral health providers, i look to try to understand the mind of someone like this to prevent this from happening in the future. the more we can understand about his motivation the more we can prevent this from happening. what we see in this kid was he was sociopath, no question about it. he was bullied as a child, he used anger, and control physically, to have this entitlement. we see that in his history. we have a sense of sociopathy, narcissistic traits, entitlements. the big question is what did we see? in most cases when you look at prevention, most mass shooters will tell somebody. in this case he verbalized this on social media. he specifically said i am going
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to kiloton of people. jillian: know what was able to reach him. >> people like this are usually disengaged, retract from society somewhat. they are not loners because they want to be loners but because they can't fit in. there is an enormous amount of frustration from these individuals, they have a sense of anger and irritability and revenge because of the way they have been treated growing up and somehow think by acting this way they will get this notoriety and power and empowerment. and forensic psychiatry we have been for me is better than insignificance. insignificance is how this person felt. they needed to display this power. when we see all these red flags, someone with sociopathic tendencies, someone kicked out of school on several occasions, involved in violence and bullying, verbalizing things on social media, we need to find a
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way to reach them. rob: i don't know what a good answer would be but we are just getting sicker mentally. do you see that? people in this country are becoming -- do we have more of a problem with mental health and we did? >> it seems to be a normalized phenomenon. what we see in cases when we look at mass shooters it is a copycat phenomenon. a copycat phenomenon and this desire for empowerment, power over people they feel weak against. there is a normalized behavior but a copycat phenomenon and that is why we are seeing more. >> yes or no, parents should feel comfortable talking about this? speech is my quick points of the child is under rate years old, can't process it but if you are teens and preteens talk to them,
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control your emotions first because how you react is how those kids will react. jillian: it is 18 minutes after the hour. out of story, immigration bill coming down to the wire. >> can republicans maneuver around resistance from the left? a deal coming in. our next guest says it might not be a good one that will get through. you know what they say about the early bird... he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> make or break on daca this week is the senate comes to a bipartisan agreement after days of stall tactics by democrats. a vote could happen as soon as today but will a moderate bill
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passed in this climate? joining me is the author of the new book how do i text thee? thanks for coming in this morning, this is a moderate bill, not a moderate issue. they swung both ways really hard. does this bill have a shot? >> unlikely to get the 60 vote they would need to pass in the senate even if every democrat voted for this bill. it would be 11 votes from republicans, the conservative wing of the gop and the liberal wing of the democratic party are unlikely to support it because both sides think it doesn't go far enough. the white house is expected to lobby heavily against the bill, trump has been clearer than any bill he needs to support needs four pillars, border security funding including funding for the immediate construction of a border wall, end to the diversity lottery, end to chain migration and overhaul of the immigration system. this bill does not fulfill all
2:24 am
four pillars. rob: pretty good for the white house, the most important thing they want out of this is the wall. he campaigned on the wall, got chain migration and the visa lottery including the one in new york city, but he doesn't get all the money right away. >> it will take ten years to disperse. he has been very clear that money would need to be dispersed immediately. i do not think trump will back down. immigration was his biggest issue on the campaign trail. if he goes for a moderate bill or any bill that does not fulfill his four pillars it will be perceived as amnesty, it could hurt republicans in the midterm elections of the political consequences would be significant. >> he doubled the number of daca recipients, he doesn't have an issue taking a liberal stance on immigration. if he can get his wall. >> no one to deport the
2:25 am
dreamers. there is broad support for keeping dreamers here but you cannot give amnesty to 2 million people and do nothing to fix the underlying problems with the immigration system. if we do a band-aid solution where we don't fix the underlying problem in a couple years we could have millions more dreamers. are we going to do this all over again and have another amnesty bill? rob: it doesn't get immediate funding, mixes on a couple other things, different from the grassroots plan the president said he likes better. >> the grassley plan does acknowledge all four pillars trump has been clearer about, but that is unlikely to get the votes that would need to pass. it is unclear what will happen, it is a critical issue that most americans feel passionately about, but we can't come to agreement because both sides are unwilling to budge and donald trump has been clear from the
2:26 am
beginning what he needs in order to make this happen. >> the commonsense caucus, eight republicans, eight democrats and eight independents, we will see if it has a chance. thank you so much. jillian: 25 minutes after the hour, new details about the suspected shooter's troubled past and what he would like as a student, a former math teacher who was inside when the shooting happened joins us live next. investigators looking for answers, his social media footprint reveals a sick obsession with guns, live outside the sheriffs office where he has been locked for the last 12 hours. needles.
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>> the teenager suspected of murdering 17 people in his
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former high school in custody this morning. jillian: live team coverage outside the broward county sheriff's office. rob: the suspect is still there. what can you tell us about what is happening right now? >> reporter: good morning. just moments ago that suspect, nikolaus cruz, was placed into a deputy cruiser and is being transported to the county jail just a couple miles away. he has been here overnight. we are talking extensive interrogation of the suspect, 12 hours of interrogation. let's take you to video we have for you yesterday of this whole scenario when nikolaus cruz was taken into custody, placed on a fire rescue gurney, taken to the hospital for short time, 45 minutes, to be checked out.
2:31 am
he was then brought to the broward county sheriff's headquarters to be interrogated by homicide detectives in the broward county sheriff's office as well as the fbi. those agencies are working together on this tragic shooting, they interrogated him, interviewed him for hours looking for a possible motive, looking at the days and hours that led to this shooting. the sheriff told us they looked at social media posts, his face will come in sick rampages and what they can say so far they have seen, nothing short of disturbing, photos of guns and different things that are violent on his social media that have been deleted. that is what authorities are looking at. he was interrogated, interviewed for 12 hours. just in the last few minutes was transported to the broward county jail where he will be booked. we will bring you that information as we get it. that is the latest in fort
2:32 am
lauderdale. rob: the math teacher taught the suspect in his math class. last year, the school identifying him as a potential threat. >> marjorie stone joins us by phone with more. we are sorry about what happened at your school yesterday, a very emotional time. tell us what the suspect was like in your class. >> i had him in 2016-17. he was quiet in class. that is what i remember. there was nothing outstanding either way, relatively quiet. that was really about it.
2:33 am
rob: other students have explained he was a loner and some disturbing things have been said about him by students in this school that knew him and had seen him. he kept himself in your class, there are people that said if they imagined anybody would have done something like this, it would have been the student, you didn't get an indication of this troubled child? >> unfortunately not. not like he was there every single day. checking through any records or anything like that, it was a year ago, between august and september 2016, the early 16-17 school year. >> a lot of students weren't surprised when they heard his name that it was him. were you surprised when you heard who the alleged shooter
2:34 am
was? >> when i was surprised -- no. not because it was nick, i had just hate to say it, this is my 36th year teaching and this happens so often in the us that nothing is surprising anymore. that may be the worst thing of all. >> it certainly is was a terrible reality we are coming to grips with, how commonplace these shootings have become. let me ask you about parklands, florida. a community i visited. tell us about your experience living there for people that don't know this florida neighborhood very well. what kind of people live there, what school is this? >> beautiful area, nice community, the families have been here since 2008, the kids
2:35 am
are fantastic, wonderful kids. i could say that about all my students. jillian: we are hearing a lot of stories of heroism, a coach from your school shielded some students when the shooting happened. can you tell us about him? >> i just heard about it just now, had no idea. don't know the details. he was a football coach, he went to douglas, football player, coach at douglas, fantastic person. i have no idea what his condition is but he is a great guy. i knew him very well since 2008,
2:36 am
fantastic guy. >> a true hero. were you in school when this happened? >> oh yes. 50 yards away. >> what was the response. >> and fire alarm, and a fire drill at 9:30 a.m.. kind of weird for the fire alarm to go off a second time. and hang in a bit. what to do, where to go, one of our administrators got on, he was in high school, he said to evacuate, all the kids were
2:37 am
leaving, and heard a bunch of popping. and right on the pa, code red, an active shooter on campus, ask kids in my room. i looked up and down the hallway, to settle in, close the door, what we are trained to do three weeks ago during -- >> math teacher at the high school subject of this horrible tragedy, thank you so much for coming on this morning and talking to us. >> it is sad. rob: our hearts are with you. jillian: the shooter unloading an ar 15, social media revealing an obsession with guns. how did he fly under the radar?
2:38 am
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fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain flings! and that smell puts the giddy in giddy up. that's because one gain flings pac has more freshness than a whole bottle of the other guy. gain. seriously good scent. jillian: investigators pouring through social media accounts trying to find out what motivated 18 to carry out the tragic florida school shooting. where their warning signs that were missed? rob: doctor darren porter, thanks for coming on this morning. a rough day to be in this business absolutely. let's talk about what was missed
2:42 am
here. so many warning signs we have seen. to talk about an affinity for guns and violence with animals, his mom had to call the police to keep him straight. there was a lot of warning signs here. could this have been averted? >> i believe so. his social media was a blueprint, it was horrific, someone that was reflective of a sociopath. this communication he had were troubling coupled with he exhibited antisocial behavior among his peers. the school placed a picture of him up to state he was not allowed to come back into the school with a backpack so when i look at the security in this school, two components, and external and internal component, the internal component deals with housing of the school, the external component could have effectively eradicated stopped
2:43 am
the threat moving forward. just had to close the doors because this was something that started outside. traditionally thick, wide doors, not screen doors but by closing that door, prevented this individual from creating carnage. >> in the last few hours, you see something, say something. i am almost at the point, i know a lot of people are, having a hard time looking at that statement because people knew about this guy's behavior, the school knew enough because he wasn't allowed in school, they expelled him. why wasn't anyone able to stop this? obviously people knew. it frustrates me and frustrates a lot of people. >> one of the things is every school falls under the auspices
2:44 am
of a violence report. they go out of their way to suppress the number of complaints or allegations in connection with violence so often times schools minimize this and it is important for the schools to take an effective role in the investigation preventing these things from happening because if we get this information to law-enforcement or the authorities, proper authorities, we can effectively put up a fortification to prevent these people from reentering the school. rob: is there a step missing with law enforcement when it is expelled and someone needs to be notified? >> generally what happens, someone we refer to as a resource officer who was a certified police officer or you have police officers at work in the school. school officials in that component need to work together in a collaborative function and have information exchanged intelligence to assure these threats don't come, remain
2:45 am
prevalent within the school. rob: an interesting perspective, thanks for coming on this morning. >> unfortunate circumstances. >> the gunman storming school doors pulling the fire alarm to create mass chaos, he had previously been expelled from this high school but our next guest says that was not enough. jillian: and iraq war veteran and former teacher is here live. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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>> training at this florida, and on a rampage to kill.
2:49 am
[gunshots] >> what needs to be done to keep kids safe in school. are armed guards the answer? and iraq war veteran and former social studies teacher weighing in, thank you for joining us. you were a teacher for a couple years, you were a teacher in the 90s, times are different now. >> it was my first year of teaching, the horrible incident in columbine was a game changer in school security. anytime one of these things happen we learn more and have to get better at dealing with them. it was an informational disconnect between students and teachers, the student was off
2:50 am
and a potential threat, the administration seems to say we didn't know this person -- >> they knew enough to expel him. >> they said he is not allowed on campus with a backpack. if you can't be on campus with a backpack, you shouldn't be on campus at all. that was definitely an issue. >> what needs to be done? >> even when someone is expelled, the expulsion could make some more motivated. there is, this takes resources from all levels of government. this person was putting up red flags on social media say i am a threat, almost begging people to notice him, those dots were not connected. it is easier to sit here today after and say these dots should
2:51 am
have been connected. we need to make sure it doesn't happen again. jillian: there was a security guard at the school yesterday. my question is is it enough to have armed security guards at places like schools or do you need more? i read an article the other day that missouri, lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow universities to designate faculty is campus protection officers who can carry concealed weapons. this is just being introduced as a bill, are we at the point in time where we should be having these conversations about someone like professors, teachers being armed at school? >> pre-9/11 the pilots were not allowed to have firearms, we learned a valuable lesson. it is similar with campuses, they seem to be a target. they say gun free zone, they make themselves and inviting target for someone who wants to commit mass casualties like
2:52 am
nikolaus cruz did yesterday. jillian: if there were something that happens where you have teachers, professors in classrooms, how are students in the chaos of the situation, is going to create more panic? i don't know what the answer is. >> some schools have security officers, former police officers, they have training and experience, picking up intel in the school but have been in split-second situations, making tough decisions. trained, experienced law enforcement personnel are the key to this. jillian: it is sad and frustrating we are having this conversation again. >> it is very real. jillian: appreciate it. rob: social media catching the
2:53 am
moments the shooting started inside the florida high school. [gunshots] >> oh my god! rob: how social media became a lifeline for parents on the outside. we will have that and support for the florida community pours in online, carly shimkus is here with how lawmakers and celebrities are reacting today. remember, we were amateur players. they were the best team in the world. we were about to pull off the greatest upset in american sports history. but we were more than american... i never realized we were from all over. italian, middle eastern, jewish, turkey, iran.
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that's what makes america what it is. we all came together as one. that's what made us champions. . . . .
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. .
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. rob: there has been a lot of horrifying footage that's emerged showing students huddling in fear, screaming for their lives during this deadly rampage at that school in florida. jillian: many of them taking to social media to document the attack while it was happening. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, serious fm 115. here with reaction support. it's overwhelming. carley: good morning, guys. if you can say that today. the shooting at marjory douglas high school started at 2:30 eastern time as classes were about to be let out. instead, students were forced to barricade themselves inside classrooms, hide in closets and underneath desks. some of those students posted footage to social media to show the horrifying reality of what was going on inside. now, freshman student aden
2:58 am
midoff posted these pictures to twitter showing students hiding on the ground. he posted that with the caption still locked in. and another student matt walker posted this video to snapchat as the unthinkable occurred around him. [screams] [gunfire] [bleep] oh my god. oh my god. [rapid gunfire] carley: now a softball player at the high school posted this to twitter saying shooting at school right now. i'm safe in a closet. pray for everyone at douglas. and another student also said. this the swat evacuated us and like three people i know were shot in our building and there was blood everywhere. i can't breathe right now. but i'm safe. horrible. jillian: it is. when you see situations like this playing out over social media. you get a lot of reaction and support from people
2:59 am
across the country. carley: people around the world including vice president mike pence our heart breaks by people affected by today's shootings in broward county, florida. students, teachers, administrators and families will all remain in our prayers. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell chiming in i'm deeply saddened by the horrific violence in parkland, florida. always grateful for first responders who charge into harm's way. democratic congressman of connecticut jim heinz says thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> the pattern will be perfectly predictable. there will be a moment of silence. people will wish everybody thoughts and prayers. and sympathy for the victims. and then the congress of the united states will do absolutely nothing. carley: as you can see the gun control debate is part of this issue we can all agree this should have never happened. rob: thank you so much.
3:00 am
jillian: we are getting new information. in fact a forecast suspect being taken into jail after leaving the broward county sheriff's office. this just happened moments ago. rob: yeah. it's a tough morning for everybody. sad story. our coverage of this tragedy continues right now with "fox & friends." ♪ [gunfire] oh my god. oh my god. [screams] [repeat th repeated gunfire] steve: that was yesterday as it was happening. we start with "fox & friends" fox news alert. expelled former student unleashed a killing spree. at least 17 people are dead. more than a dozen others hurt and in the hospital. ainsley: moments ago the shooter led out of the browrtd county sheriff's department on his way to jail. brian: that's what makes this different. he is alive. our own todd piro is in nd


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