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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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years old. he hid in a closet while his family was murdered during the first mass shooting in america 70 years later, i also hid in a closet from a murderer. these events should not be repetitive. something has to change. referring to the 1939 mass shooting when a lone gunman shot and killed 13 people in new jersey. that gives you chills. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends" first about "fox and friends" first continues right now, see you back here later. >> fox news alert, the demons made him do it. and and donald trump dealing with his victims. >> our entire nation with one heavy heart is praying for the
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victims and their families. >> the new approach the white house is taking. was the fbi warned about the disturbing plot five months ago? "fox and friends" first continues right now. you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday morning. >> good morning. i am live in parkland, florida outside marjorie stoneman douglas high school, the scene of this horrific crime and and a half later we are getting a much clearer picture of the person who carried out this crime, with an obsession with guns, violence, boasted about killing animals, says he committed this crime, told police he committed this crime and had demons in his head telling him to do so. young man whose adoptive mother died this past fall, who was expelled from high school last
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year, a year ago, three days later bought an ar 15. we are getting an outline of how this went down, the timeline how this happened on wednesday, valentine's day when this horrific act took place. a pretty fast-moving event, 2:06, 2:00, he takes uber to the school, and 2:20 when he entered the east stairwell of one of the buildings here, not sure how he got access to the building, we will analyze that later on. get in the building at 2:21, prepares himself, and shoot into classrooms for five minutes, three or four minutes is all the longer this shooting lasted and he was able to kill 17 people and took a dozen others into the hospital and moves to the third floor of the building, dropped
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the gun, walks back down the stairs and runs out of this high school among all the other students who are in a panic getting away from the bullet as the fire alarm is going on and the shooting is happening. by 2:50 he gets to a walmart near campus. he gets a soda from the subway at the walmart and it 3:01 gets to a mcdonald's nearby and by 3:41, a police officer in a neighborhood right here, arrested their without incident. and a nervous 19-year-old it. shocking to see him consoled by his attorney after committing a heinous crime, young man charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder at this point and his attorney actually showing
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compassion for him. >> he is a broken human being, a broken child, the sadness the community is feeling. my children go to school in this community. i feel horrible for those families and nikolaus cruz feels that pain. >> it is a terrible, horrendous crime this young man is charged with and the fbi had a warning about this through you comments left by this young man months ago saying he was a school shooter in training and a lot of questions about what the school knew. this young man was not allowed on campus with a backpack, he had been expelled from here. how did he get into the school? these schools are supposed to be fortresses. you are not supposed to just walk into a school anymore. a lot of questions need to be answered. >> donald trump planning to
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visit florida as soon as the weekend after addressing the nation. in a powerful speech offering support to all americans. >> our entire nation with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. i want you to know that you are never alone and never will be. you have people who care about you, who love you and who will do anything at all to protect you. >> the president saying he is committed to secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. look at these faces was a football coach, janitor, freshman soccer player and 14 others. we are getting our first look at the faces of the victims of that horrific shooting. marianne rafferty joins us with heartbreaking reaction and
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stories of heroism. >> family, friends and survivors gathering for an emotional vigil honoring on lives lost, many in their early teens. they were athletes, dancers, members of the marching band and volunteers, the school laugh athletic director in football coach all killed and hailed as he rose. the brother of coach aaron feiss struggling with loss of so many loved ones. >> he was a good man. he loved people. and he wasn't afraid to protect and lay it down. heather: the community attempting to shine light during the darkest days. >> they will never see their
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brothers and sisters again. >> one of the victims dad somehow finding strength to address the crowd. >> i don't remember if i said that to jamie. jamie took a bullet and he is dead. i don't know what i do next. my wife is home, we are broken. >> and unimaginable scenario for any parent, that tragic reality, another dozen or so i still recovering after wednesday's massacre. house minority leader nancy pelosi says congress is complicit in the nation's gun violence. california congressman, and just a day after the florida school shooting. >> an assault on our whole
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country. we are paying the price for our inaction. and more important than the survival -- who is more important than political survival is more important than that. >> as a special committee to address gun violence. responding to nancy pelosi and her democratic colleagues, mark furman says there is a better approach, at this day and age school security should be among the top priorities for districts across america. >> when you have retired personnel they have the best part of their career behind them and you need a generational gap that isn't two or three generations, better part of one.
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these officers in school need to interact with the students and get that information that a guy like nikolaus cruz would have surfaced and they would have confided in the officer. we need to get some kind of system for protocols on all these schools, everybody working on the same sheet of music and need to harden the inside targets so the suspect can't get in and create the tactical situation for a shooter on the outside, responding officers and security officers to take out the suspect to is no danger to the students. it is not possible without gun control. heather: the taking advantage of the park civil land shooting victims will not be tolerated, that stern warning from florida attorney general pam bondi. >> you think you are going to scam people, you are not. they are monitoring every fight popping up and no money will be
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dispersed undergofundme that they know is legitimate. heather: the legitimate campaign from the broward education fund has raised $600,000 in 13 hours. attorney general jeff sessions vowing to step up federal funds. >> focusing on criminals and dangerous people can reduce violence in communities and improve public safety. we can and must do better. >> sessions promising to work with the mental health profession to assist in those efforts. the justice department reporting a 23% increase in federal gun charges under the new administration. mitt romney expected to announce his run today, the former massachusetts governor in 2012 republican nominee for president expected to -- romney who has been critical of donald trump
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previously planned an announcement for yesterday but rescheduled after that shooting in florida. 10 minutes after the hour, the shooter's shocking instagram post detailing a twisted obsession for guns, violence and even hurting animals. a forensic pathologist delving deeper into social media, determining why he did it. applause for cold-blooded killer, the disgusting video showing inmates cheering on a cop killer and senators on both sides calling out donald trump after hitting a wall on immigration. >> the only way i see a solution is for the president -- >> only one reason the senate will be unable to reach a bipartisan solution to daca, donald trump. >> blistering response from the white house live in washington. lilly.
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heather: investigators pouring through the social media footprint trying to learn anything about him. what clues are they looking for and how will this top future attacks? joining me is a forensic pathologist come at tough circumstances for sure. we were talking -- this police officer, this hero police officer took him into custody without incident. >> he should be given an awful lot of credit for taking into custody alive because that happens very rarely. most math shooters get shot or killed themselves. to study, talk to him, find out which of many red flags are most important, the fbi gets deluged with tips, which tips are most important? how does it happen? in determining whether he acted
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alone and they will do that talking to him and going over the dna with fingerprints and dna, the guns, ammunition, cartridges and everything in his backpack that would have clues so they will check out everything. heather: let's talk about is online footprint, the use of the tube comment he made talking about it, used his real name in this post, going to be a professional school shooter. people are very angry about this and the fbi claims there wasn't enough information to connect him to the real-life shooting. i don't understand. can you help us? >> i would the fbi is going back to that area to see if there is any way to track him down. the problem is they get so many
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clues they contract down, a lot of people make stupid comments. most people don't act on them. >> look at that comment, the post on his instagram and other social media accounts. what are we missing? >> at 18 you are able to buy long guns but still not able to buy handguns and the photographs of this array of weapons and handguns so there's a whole issue of having collected the guns, who he purchased them from. all the stories about mental problems he had never been judged to be mentally ill in a way that would affect his purchasing weapons. the whole area of why 18-year-olds should be able to
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buy assault weapons is going to be addressed. >> what is law enforcement doing? >> law enforcement, the police don't -- the police i know that -- don't want people to easily get guns. there is a real divide between the national rifle association and the rest of society as to what strictures if any should be placed upon people buying weapons and maybe this time since they can get more information from him, they can work out something in that direction. heather: this debate will unfortunately continue for days and weeks to come, thank you for being with us this morning. >> hope to come back from a similar actuation. the youto bullard about a possible suspect month before
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the shooting breaking his silence. >> disturbing somebody would do that but i never would have thought that. >> he says the feds reacted to his warning and the immigration debate hits a wall in the senate, what the president has to say. griff jenkins joins us next. we took legendary, and made it liberating. we took safe,
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browns of the federal government. the senate strengthening border security including bipartisan bill, a total catastrophe threatening veto, the white house placing blame on democrats, demonstrating again they are not serious about immigration reform and not serious about homeland security yet lee schumer democrats chose to filibuster it because they are held hostage by radical left in their party which imposes immigration control, senate minority leader chuck schumer says the president is the one to blame. >> i regret the only bipartisan effort of the group of moderate senators to come up with a bipartisan compromise couldn't get the necessary 60 votes. there is only one reason the senate will be unable to reach bipartisan solution to daca, donald trump.
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>> two democrats crossed the rl on the grassley bill which is aligned with four pillars but also received the most votes against it. senator graham says the ball is in the president's corner. >> the president to grab the reins and get democrats to focus on strong border security and get that done. >> the house will take the next crack with the most conservative bill yet on deck. lawmakers in recess until february 26th, that march 5th deadline is fast approaching. jillian: cheap shot at brown's fans. one day he will win a couple games and they will be excited. remember attacking mike pence's face? >> it is one thing to talk to jesus. it is another thing when jesus
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talks to you. that is called mental illness. >> he is addressing those comments noting she is a christian too. >> i give money to the church. i actually help christians with my pocketbook. >> the conservative voice of the view, megan mccain chiming in her frustration only to be cut off. >> liberals say we need to be tolerant of everyone, except pro-lifers, except trump supporters. >> that is not actually true. >> mccain continued to chasse the women on the show, the vice president an apology. what would the women on the views of this? oprah says she's not running in 2020 because god didn't tell her to. >> never look for people to tell me when i should be making a move.
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wouldn't i know, if god wanted me to run wouldn't god tell me? i haven't heard that. >> oprah claiming in an interview with 60 minutes that she had a lot of wealthy men offer to run her presidential campaign but she feels responsibility, politics isn't in her dna. it is 26 minutes after the hour. applause for cold-blooded killer, the video showing inmates cheering on the man suspected of murdering a police officer. democrats demanding more gun control after a florida shooting rampage. >> as a consequence of our inaction we are responsible. >> congress will do absolutely nothing. >> our next guest, and an ra commentator makes the case for more violence at the hands of the right people. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level.
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>> welcome back. we are here outside the high school where this horrific shooting happened earlier this week was we have learned is clearly disturbed 19-year-old young man who committed this act was able to legally buy this ar 15 semi automatic rifle used to kill 17 people inside the school 40 hours ago. the question becomes how to prevent these things and we will go to an ra commentator antonio with her reaction to this. i want to start with democratic senator chris murphy, these types of shootings and killings only happen here in the united states and he points to our love of guns in this country is the reason. i want to get your reaction to
2:31 am
that. >> my condolences to the victims, friends and family but no. these things do not happen here. it is not unique to america. according to the crime prevention research center, the 25 worst mass shootings, those that had 15 or more fatalities only two occurred in the us and of the 66 highest mass shootings, 59 of those 66 happen outside of the us. we will continue to hear that only this happens in america and that is not true. it is not the correlation we always hear, more guns equals more violence. the nra is here to make sure those who are empowered are law-abiding citizens. when we do have tragedies like this, those -- good guys come to
2:32 am
stop the bad guys. >> you would like to see more people willing to do good and trying to prevent these things have weapons, the armed themselves. my question, it is one thing to have a right to bear arms if you want to defend your self or a rifle in your home or shotgunning your home or something like this. another to have an ar 15, 17 people in a matter of three or four minutes, do we need weapons like this in the hands of civilians, a weapon with this capability? >> i disagree, yes we do, we had many people on the right side against good guys firearms who have kept mass shootings, in southern springs in south texas when the nra, former nra firearms instructor used a rifle
2:33 am
in order to stop the perpetrators. time and time again -- semi automatic, one shot per trigger, that is all that means. we have seen other people with ar 15s any times able to defend those who need defending. people who are waiting for the police and guns to come. why don't we make sure those regulation requirements who have a firearm are able to do so on campus. >> what would you say to an idea of much stricter background checks on weapons like this? instead of just a test that this disturbed young man had no prior criminal record, what if it was a sitdown interview or more of a process to get your hands that could do the carnage you see
2:34 am
here. it only takes a few minutes to get to a scene, 30 people, killed 17. would you agree to a much stricter route for these people to get these types of weapons? >> i think donald trump did a great job addressing the fact that it is time to have a conversation about mental health and mental illness. that is what it needs to go to. we have been doing the same thing for decades. people calling for more gun control but we continue to see these fatalities increasing. what governor scott does is going to be what we need for the future. >> it is an issue of mental health. thank you so much for coming on
2:35 am
this morning, whether it is a gun issue we will continue, back to you. >> broward county, florida, worried about copycats, revealing threats made at nearby schools. >> we will investigate this and charge anyone accordingly with maximum charge we possibly could, doing something so horrific, so pathetic. >> authorities looking at this chilling photo shared on social media, florida part 2 tomorrow, the post was traced to south carolina where an arrest was made. the fbi tipped off about deadly plans months ago, youtube contacted the fed in september after a user wrote on his video, quote, i am going to be a professional school shooter. local fbi agents interviewed him the next day.
2:36 am
>> they are very responsive, they got that in formation, a copy of the screenshot, wrote down in formation, disturbing somebody would write something like that. >> the fbi says they were unable to identify the person who made that comment. people have more questions about that. we will talk about that at 6:15 eastern. disturbing surveillance video showing inmates applauding the man accused of murdering a chicago police commander. you can see them behind bars as officers walk the convicted felon charged with first-degree murder, he is accused of gunning down commander paul bauer while running from the cops, bauer, 31-year-old veteran of the force, the inmate will face
2:37 am
consequences. the flu vaccine offer little protection against the deadly virus sweeping the nation. the cdc releasing pulmonary figures suggesting the vaccine was 36% effective in fighting the flu and only 25% effective against the deadliest strain, the agency saying it is capable of taking over a person's immune system much quicker. the cdc urging people to get a flu shot, kids from 6 months to 8 years old respond to the vaccine better than adults. it is 5:37 on the east coast. rainy day in store for us. >> a wintery mix as we float into the weekend, a boundary set up. warmer ahead of the boundary and cooler behind it and along this boundary we see areas of low pressure. in a lot of places heavy rain, flooding is going to be a concern in the eastern half of the country but this weekend temperatures are going to get cooler across the northeast
2:38 am
meaning potential for snow. this is a quick mover in and out saturday and sunday but measurable snow across the i-95 corridor including boston and interior sections of the northeast so that is happening saturday into sunday and this will be out of here my other concern along with the snow is very heavy rain we are going to get across areas of the tennessee river valley, ohio river valley and mississippi river valley over the next couple days. keep in tune with your forecast and we will keep you updated. >> 38 minutes after the hour, we have seen and heard the horrifying moment, 17 people gunned down in cold blood at a florida high school. [gunshots] heather: three students who took shelter in a dark closet are here to tell their incredible story of survival up next.
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heather: iran may be spying on millions through smartphone apps. they are available to download on apple itunes store and google play. the national council is accusing an islamic military group of creating several spyware enabled apps, and instant messenger apps and weapon i just applications monitored by the iranian regime. twitter will broadcast local breaking news in an attempt to spread misinformation saying they will partner with local news channels to air their coverage alongside the timeline during big events, on wednesday
2:43 am
streaming live news coverage of the florida school shooting. twin brothers facing major charges after enlisting students to help build bombs. new york city teacher christian tauro and his twin brother tyler pleading not guilty to unlawfully making bombs was the fbi arresting the two after a bomb making manual -- when he resigned. also finding 30 pounds of explosive material in the department. the teacher paid two students to break apart fireworks to extract the explosive powder. the motive remains unclear. an american flag is ripped down and replaced with an asus flag outside a utah high school, the disrespectful vandal didn't stop there. isis is comey spray-painted on the side of the school. a neighbor across the street couldn't believe his eyes. >> that flag represents our country.
2:44 am
i can't imagine anybody wanting to do anything to that flag. >> the fbi said the incident was not carried out by someone in the terror group, the suspect is still unknown. rob schmidt live on the scene with students who barricaded themselves in a closet next. be right back. relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. and helps keep acid down for hours. bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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coming up on "fox and friends," attorney general for the great state of florida, pam bondi joining us to talk about where the investigation goes from here. a spiritual advisor to donald trump joins us, how to make sense of the tragedy at that high school. you will need that youtube video blogger who warned the fbi about a school shooting threat from a
2:48 am
user with the same name as the shooter in september. what happened? trying to figure it out. a dozen minutes before the top of the hour let's go to parkland, florida with rob. >> reporter: appreciate it, right outside the high school, more and more we got a couple young men here who survived the shooting, to hide from the shooting to get out. you didn't have to get up this early in the morning, appreciate you doing that. it is a terrible story. i know what you have been through this week, i can only imagine you being as well tempered as you are, incredible to me. you are in the auditorium. >> me and a couple friends working for school production coming up soon.
2:49 am
we didn't have a teacher with us, she lets us go out on our own, she's in the classroom helping teach. we heard the second alarm which was alarming because we usually never have two fire alarms that day. it must be a real fire. then the assistant principal came on the intercom saying evacuate now. supposedly our codeword for code red which means there is a shooter on campus but all of us walk outside and we hear people screaming get inside now, code red. we go to a shelter, the band hallway. and 70 to 100 kids shoved into a
2:50 am
room, we didn't know -- there was a lot of confusion. >> reporter: were you guys in the same room? >> we delivered flowers across campus and two minutes before everything went down i was out on campus in the building, giving people flowers for a day that was supposed to be all about just sharing love, friendship and things like that. two minutes later, finished delivering these flowers walking back to the classroom. >> reporter: could you hear the gunshots? you were in a different building than where the bullets were flying. >> we -- the auditorium is so
2:51 am
close to that building, so many things going on, and i hear screaming. and set up the base. we were outside, the door that we were right by. we heard them screaming saying someone is shot in the leg, we need a predicate, we need these things. >> reporter: the football coach we have been talking about his body in front of the bullets to save these kids, you both knew of this coach, you had seen him before this happens, tell me about that. >> walking from the classroom to the auditorium, he was stationed outside in his golf court because security guards have golf carts and he was sitting there controlling the area. i gave him a wave, an innocent
2:52 am
one, a couple minutes after in his own life. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: a terrible story. i can't fathom what you have been through. some great young men, thank you for coming on. we are going to send it back to you. jillian: a lot of brave people, brave heroes. and our first look at the faces of the victims of that horrific florida high school massacre. wfbn live outside the hospital with the latest update on the victims conditions. >> trying to make sense of this tragedy after those 17 people were killed during the
2:53 am
valentine's day school shooting. we are seeing their faces, hearing from their families and learning how they want their loved ones remembered. the youngest victim just 14 years old, everyone we spoke to remembering these victims and telling us they had plans and big futures ahead. several of them were athletes, dancers and the type of people who gave back to this community, hundreds of people gathered in parkland to mourn at a candlelight vigil. parents of some of the students killed taking to the podium while demanding better safety in school. you heard those students a moment ago mentioning the football coach who died shielding students from danger. a man, never be a hero. at the hospital the latest update we received, 9 people remain hospitalized at this point but the good news, to fully recover. alyssa tells us they scheduled
2:54 am
her funeral later today. that is the latest this morning. >> 7 minutes until the top of the hour. how the florida shooter gave one student a warning just seconds before opening fire. the rotc student who helps shield dozens of students with his shield. fred would do anything for his daughter. well fred... ...good thing the front of this unicorn washed... ...the shirt with gain. because gain has the scent that puts the giddy in "giddyup!"
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i know when i hand them the it's gonna be but i also know that we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys. it's something that they're not even gonna have to think of. it's just gonna be in the family. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life.
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jillian: a student has his life spared just moments before one of the worst school shootings in history. freshman chris mckenna claims he saw suspect nikolas cruz loading his gun in the hallway. instead of killing him, cruz, a total stranger told him, quote, you better get out of here, things are going to start getting messy. he said he ran away and found assistant football coach aaron feis. i told him i saw a gun he said let me go check it out. then he drove knee to the baseball field and dropped me off and went back to the school. that's the last i saw of him. feis later died after shielding students from that gunman. hiding from the gunshots was history repeating itself. student tweeting this was my grandpa when he was 12 years old. he hid in a closet while his family was murdered during
2:59 am
the first mass shooting in america almost 70 years later, i also hid in a loss closet from a murderer. these events shouldn't be repetitive. something has to change. referring to the 1949 mass shooting when a lone gunman shot and killed 13 people in new jersey. junior rotc student being hailed a hero covering classmates covering them. his training kicked in right after he heard the gunshots. >> put everybody behind the kevlar sheet because it's better than nothing. grabbed a fire extinguisher, pieces of two by four and a chair. if he tried to come in the room we were going to stop him with everything we h he issued 60 to 70 people to shelter in an open classroom. while he never actually had to confront the shooter aaron feis did. he ran toward the gunman to protect students while he was shot and killed. thanks for joining us on this friday.
3:00 am
"fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> no child, no teacher, should aren in danger in an american school. no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters. >> jamie was such a special kid. all of the kids here are. i don't know what i do next. >> next thing you here is pop pop pop pop in the stairwell. my teacher right away opened her classroom. if it wasn't for that, i think we could have all been dead. >> nikolas cruz admits that he was the gunman. >> are you nicholas jacob cruz? >> yes, ma'am. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> the fbi confirmed it hadn't been alerted to the suspect four months ago from this youtube poster. >> the fbi was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment. >> a sea of candlelights as hundreds mourn the loss of 17 people killed. >>


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