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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 16, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> greg: gorka. sebastian gorka. >> kimberly: everyone be yourself. don't miss an episode of the five. have a great weekend. "special report" up next. mike emanuel in for bret. >> mike: thank you, kimberly meek mike this is a fox news alert. mime mike emanuel in for bret baier. the fbi admitting it failed to follow up on a tip that virtually predicted this week's florida school shooting and even named the teenager now suspected of the deadly rampage. and here in washington, the special counsel in the investigation of alleged russian interference in the 2016 election is showing some of his cards tonight. 13 russian nationals and three russian companies have been charged in an elaborate plot through social media and the internet to damage the american political system. the indictment says some of that activity was assisted -- aimed at assisting the trump presidential campaign. however, the president is once again declaring that the finding shows there was no collusion between his
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campaign and the russians. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is at the justice department tonight with details. good evening, catherine. >> well, thank you, mike. the news conference here at main justice was called with just 45 minutes notice. the indictment is powerful new evidence of a russian plot but does not name any american co-conspirators. >> the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. >> with direct oversight of the russia special counsel probe rod rosenstein said 13 russian nationals and three russian organizations were charged with, quote: conspiracy to defraud the united states. and illegally using social media to divide americans and disrupt a 2016 presidential election. >> russian con spiritters want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence and democracy. >> as early as 2014. 37-page indictment alleges the russian defendants, including a businessman with deep ties to russian
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president vladimir putin and their co-conspirators began planning from base in russia. the indictment says quote by early to mid 2016 defendants' operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then candidate donald j. trump and disparaging hillary clinton. the defendants bought server space in the u.s. to create a virtual private network hide russian roots. used stolen or fictitious american identities. fraudulent bank accounts and false identification documents. the defendants posed as politically and socially active americans advocating for and against particular candidates. >> katherine: indictment alleges contact with members supporters of the trump campaign. they were unnamed in the charge sheet. the deputy attorney general was asked if campaign officials were duped. >> there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity.
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there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> the russian operatives allegedly sought to hurt the candidacy of trump's challengers including ted cruz and marco rubio and the allegedly aimed to bolster hillary clinton's challenger bernie sanders. after the election, special counsel investigators found russian operatives played both sides. >> for example, the defendant's organized one rally to support the president-elect and another rally oppose him. both in new york on the same day. >> asked by fox news whether the russian government would cooperate in any future prosecution. >> have you had any assure arnses from the russians that they will provide these individuals for prosecution? >> there has been no communication with the russians about this. we will follow the ordinary process of seeking cooperation and extradition. >> also today a california man pled guilty to selling bank account numbers to nationals outside of the united states. between 2014 and 2017.
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spokesman for the special counsel said they had no evidence the man was a knowing or whiting participant in the russian plot. mike? >> mike: catherine herridge at the justice department tonight, catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> mike: claiming vindication again in the wake of the indictments. kevin corke is outside the president's florida compound tonight. good evening, kevin. >> good evening there, michael. this has been a very interesting day. we have been watching all the developments as can you well imagine. not just based on what we saw from rod rosenstein but also what we remember the president had to say about the russia investigation oh not too terribly long ago. >> do you feel convinced indicated, mr. president? >> while the president did not respond to southed questions on camera this afternoon, about the revelations that more than a dozen russian operatives were engaged in an effort to interfere with the 2016 elections, did he take to twitter to weigh in. russia started appear at
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this americaanti-u.s.campaign ie i announced that i would run poor if the. the results of the election were not impacted. tramp campaign did nothing wrong, no collusion. nothing in today's indictment indicated any americans knowingly took part in the russian scheme. sarah huckabee sanders, the white house press secretary, issued a statement. it read, in part: president donald j. trump has been fully briefed on this matter and is glad to he soot special counsel's investigation further indicate that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia and that the outcome of the election was not changed or affected. previously mr. trump called the investigation a witch-hunt. even tweeted once that it was a, quote hoax, but tonight there is proof that there was an effort to russians in our election. even so far there has been no proof that anyone involved in the trump campaign had anything to do
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with it major changes how the white house will handle security clearance investigations in the future. we learned about this today. it's a five page document, and it basically lays out the overhall in this way follow up on ongoing investigations. we are told that don mcgahn the white house chief counsel also helped to write this overhaul alongside john kelly. again, this is a bit of a fallout from the rob porter circumstance. of course the former white house press secretary who, of course, was fired not terribly long ago, mike. >> mike: no question about that. kevin corke live in west palm beach, florida. many thanks. stunning admission the fbi admitting it mishandled a tip about 19-year-old nikolas cruz. admitted to murdering 17 people at a high school earlier this week. someone warned the bureau last month about what was
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going to happen wednesday afternoon. tip from the public about cruz that failed to prevent the massacre that revelation comes as the funerals begin for some of the victims. correspondent phil keating is at the shooting scene in parkland, florida. casino, phil. >> good evening, mike. warning flags were flying high and flying for a very long time. specifically about the 1-year-old former student of stone man douglas high school behind me now accused of 17 counts of first degree murder. just about an hour ago, broward county sheriff said over the past few years his office received 20 calls for service, specifically about cruz and his behavior at the time. he says such calls for future in the future will now be far more well scrutinized? also at the fbi and justice department today a stunning public admission? two. >> days after the worst high school shooting in u.s.
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history massacre fbi warned could happen the agency now admits it failed to properly handle a january 5th tip from a person to cruz about gun ownership and alleged desire to kill people. specifically to carry out a school shooting forward up potential life to the field office. it was not. five weeks later 17 students and teachers are dead. >> on behalf of myself and over 1,000 employee he is of the miami field office, we truly regret any additional pain that this has caused. >> in an equally rare slap from the attorney general to his fbi. jeff sessions released a highly critical admonition, quote: it is now clear that the warning signs were there and tips to the fbi were missed. we see the tragic consequences of those failures. and florida governor rick
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scott taking the outrage even further, quote fbi's failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable. 17 innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn't going to cut it. the fbi director needs to resign. in september the fbi was able to source same name as the suspect writing i'm going to be a professional school shooter. and broward county sheriff now clarifying brought with him. >> the cirltd never was in possession of a gas mask or any type of smoke grenades. >> former student expelled last year for disciplinary reasons. 19-year-old nikolas cruz remains held without bond. >> he's remorseful. he is fully aware of what is going on. and he's just a broken human being.
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[chanting] >> emotions and politics continue to dominate this affluent community while across the country schools and police are dealing with copycat threats. most have been social media hoaxes. the devastation caused by the shooting for the community led several thousand people to gather today thursday night at the parkland amphitheater for emotional candlelight vigil this student lost a close friend. >> i think he would appreciate what we're doing. and i think that people would want to remember in a positive way. >> and just out tonight by the florida sun sentinel quoting nikolas cruz's public defender, cruz is now agreeing to plead guilty to first degree murder. 17 counts of that for killing 14 students, a teacher, a high school football coach, and an athletic director. all in exchange for avoiding
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the death penalty and also the freshman building, the three-story structure on campus where all of the killings happened will now be demolished so that none of the surviving students and teachers will ever have to walk past those classrooms of carnage again. mike? >> mike: phil keating live in park land, florida after a heart breaking week there. phil, thank you very much. let's get some analysis now from george washington university law professor jonathan turley. good evening, sir. >> thanks, mike. >> mike: let's start with the indictments. was that a warning shot fired by the u.s. government at moscow? >> well, it was quite a shot. i don't know if it was warning or below the water line. it's clearly, if you read between the lines, it's clearly saying this was a russian government operation. it is spontaneously happen that you have dozens of people involved in a hacking operation with elaborate disguisings of their groups, their identified at this. it is suggesting that i think this is a government operation. now, that points to vladimir
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putin. what's interesting is that it doesn't really point to donald trump. despite the dozens of pages, there is one word that is likely to be cited in this whole story. and that is unwitting. the adjective unwitting appears in the indictment to describe trump officials who had contact with these russians. they say they didn't know they were russians. but what's fascinating is it doesn't suggest that they have evidence of collusion. and this was brought out by rofn stein. >> mike: actually, we have that sound bite. let's go to it if we can. >> there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> mike: so your analysis of that point? >> you know, that's what's fascinating. it's been a year with multiple plea agreements. a lot of testimony. a lot of interviews.
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and they are saying that they still don't have any evidence of any knowing engagement with the russians involved in this effort. that has to be good news to the trump white house. it's also notable that meeting in trump towers are mentioned. they knew those were russians. but if they were part of this effort, there would be some reference. there their identity was clear. also that is not mentioned. >> mike: is some of this basically saying to the folks behind us on capitol hill and around the country that want some answers about this and want some action taken about what happened to our election in 2016 that serious people are on the case and taking steps to address this? >> i think it does. truth comes out of this. everyone throwing around and conspiracies. 2014. began before the presidential election. the russians were taking targets of opportunity. they were shooting at everybody nut elections. certainly working more against hillary clinton. but what it does show is
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that they did a really quite impressive job in finding the cyber trail to these individuals. >> mike: right. >> this is not over. these are individuals that are going to have serious problems because they have been tagged. >> mike: let's switch gears to the devastating story, park land, florida, the fbi says it got a warning, dropped the ball. your reaction to that? >> you know, i don't agree with governor scott that director wray should resign. i don't think that that's in any way responsive. there is no indication that he had a direct involvement in this. we need people to find out the truth to this. it is a serious problem. you can't tell people see something, say something if the next line is do nothing. you know, it really undermines what the fbi has been working for years to try to get people to do. so, there has to be accountability here and explanation. when you read the level of detail that was given to the fbi, it's breathtaking that anyone on the other side of that phone wouldn't go oh my
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god and immediately start to rally people to get on this. it sounds like it went into a drawer and left there. >> mike: here is an explanation from the fbi. take a listen. >> the caller provided information about nikolas cruz, the potential of him becoming a school shooter. under normal protocol. this information should have been provided to the miami field office. their investigative steps would have been taken. the fbi had determined that protocol was not followed. >> mike: you have been around this town a long time. should somebody go for this? >> quite frankly i think somebody should be fired for this if not wray we have to find out who was responsible. the fbi has been accuse you had not sharing information in the past with local authorities. that's a big gripe that you hear from a lot of prosecutors, investigators. this one is far, far more serious. nobody receiving that information could just view this as one more call about some, you know, some kid saying stupid things. this was detailed and this
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was elm inciden imminent. >> mike: thanks for time and analysis. the senate has gone home after failing to get anything accomplished on immigration. now it's the house's turn. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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>> mike: mitt romney is running for the u.s. senate seat in utah. former massachusetts governor who ran against and lost to president obama in 2012 is already being called a carpet bagger. correspondent alicia acuna responds from still appear to be the favorite in the senate race. >> is he running to fill retired senator orrin hatch's rink. standing on ice rink
3:20 pm
reminiscent to bring the 2002 salt lake winter olympics out from scandal and in his video announcement, he took a couple shots. >> utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world. washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion. and on utah's capitol hill, people treat one another with respect. i have decided to run for united states senate because i believe i can help bring utah's values and utah's lessons to washington. >> former presidential nominee polls extremely well in utah. his family has been a part of the state for generations. romney's former vice presidential running mate speaker paul ryan quickly signaled his support releasing a statement reading in part, quote: our party and our country are always better off when mitt is engaged and i know he will put his unparalleled experience, conservative leadership and lifetime of service to work for utah. the democratic candidate released a video highlighting romney's life outside utah. jenny wilson says she relates to the voters who
3:21 pm
want to change washington. >> when you see the trump voter step up saying enough is enough, i can relate to that. we don't want government to be so far away from us. so removed from our community. mitt romney represents more of that. >> the democratic national committee jumped in, too, with a statement in part reading while mitt romney desperately wants to separate himself from the extremism of the current administration, the basic policies of trump's g.o.p., whether it's tax cuts for the rich or reversing the progress of the aca, were his before they were donald trump's. important to remember, should he win, mitt romney won't be your average freshman senator as one utah political reporter put it, he walks in with a very large microphone. mike? >> mike: alicia acuna on attempted political come back by mitt romney. new account of affairs by businessman donald trump going back several years. mr. trump had a sexual relationship with a former playboy playmate of the year
3:22 pm
after meeting her in 2006, not long after his marriage to his current wife melania. the story also alleges encounters with other women. a white house spokesperson told the magazine the story is fake news and the president denies the relationship with the former playmate. president trump is blaming democrats for the failure so far of efforts to come up with immigration legislation that addresses the fate of the so-called dreamers. correspondent peter doocy tells us where things stand right now. hello, peter. >> hi, mike, now it is the house's turn to tackle immigration. the most buzz is linked to you a package authored by republican congressman bob goodlatte which addresses border security, chain migration and the visa lottery. it does not include a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. >> we took a whip check. the whip check was positive and we're now working on the people who whipped back that they were undecided to make sure that we have the necessary support and we're prepared it make more tweaks
3:23 pm
to the bill if necessary. >> now that senators have returned home from recess without a fix, cannot believe how badly daca recipients have been treated by the democrats. totally abandoned. republicans are still working hard. that tweet got a response from the democratic whip senator dick durbin who says this in part, quote. give me a break. you killed daca and now rejected six bipartisan deals to protect dreamers. identifiable fighting for dreamers for 17 years and will never abandon them. and across the capital in the house democratic congressman congressman is now warning now because trump sabotaged the process of the bipartisan legislation, we'll continue to see this crisis worsen as dreamers continue to lose their jobs and others are detained and deported. it does appear the march 5th deadline president trump gave congress to fix daca may be moving back while the administration fights with federal judges who say the president can't cancel the program. and some lawmakers think their colleagues welcome the
3:24 pm
delay. >> the bottom line is, this also tell me that maybe what's going on here behind the scenes, they don't want to solve it democrats, republicans. they want to keep it alive as a campaign issue. >> so-called sweet spot on immigration according to republican senator john thune could be a stripped down deal that just addresses the two big ticket items, daca and border security. but there is no deal like that yet. mike? >> mike: our peter doocy after immigration week in the united states senate. peter, many thanks. stocks were mixed. the dow gained 19. the s&p 500 was up one. nasdaq lost 17. for the week, the dow and the s&p 500 both gained more than 4 percentage points and nasdaq rose more than 5% for the index's best weekly gain since 2011. secretary of state rex tillerson did his best today to put the u.s. relationship with turkey back on track. the nato allies have been sniping at each other for some time. it appears they have now cleared the air. correspondent rich he had rich n
3:25 pm
has the latest from the state department tonight. >> rex tillerson after several hours of meetings with tuckery's president and foreign minister says the two countries have agreed to work through their differences. that issue, united states support of kurdish forces in syria. the u.s. partners with them to fight isis. turkey claims they're terrorists and last month launched an offensive against them. the u.s. and turkey say they are establishing a working group to address these issues. >> we find ourselves at a bit of a crisis point in the relationship. the relationship is too important. it's too valuable to nato and our nato allies. it's too valuable to the american people. it's too valuable to the turkish people for us to not do anything other than concentrate on how are we going forward? >> there are differences beyond syria. turkey wants the united states to extradite a pennsylvania-based cleric it holds responsible for a coo attempt in 2016. the u.s. objects to growing authoritarianism within turkey just this morning a
3:26 pm
turkish court sent his sixth journalist to life in prison in connection with that 2016 200 cu2000coo attempt. governmental to south florida for shooting investigation. and remember some of the victims. s. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> mike: our top story at the bottom of the hour, the fbi admits it failed to follow up on a tip last month that florida high school shooter nikolas cruz was planning an attack. the justice department says this is launching an investigation. florida republican governor rick scott calling on fbi director christopher wray to resign. the first funerals for the victim is today. tonight we're learning more about some of them senior correspondent rick leventhal is at pompe pompano. >> mourners gather to
3:30 pm
remember and bury some of the first victims. alyssa ahladeff 14 years old. student and soccer player. a bright life lost forever. so smart, beautiful. creative always wants to go to the next event, next activity. she loved everybody, trusted everybody. she was an amazing soccer player. >> let's continue to pray every day, every night. >> thursday night thousands gathered for a vigil near the high school. holding candles and signs. many openly sobbing as the names of the victims were read. speakers included the father of 14-year-old jamie guttenberg. >> jamie was such a special kid. all of the kids here are. what is unfathomable is jaime took a bullet and is dead. i don't know what i do next.
3:31 pm
my wife is home. we are broken. >> freshman haley betancourt who heard the gunfire wednesday spoke to march than maccallum after the vigil. >> i was crying the whole time but it was really hard to take in because you hear your friends' names and then i lost 8 friends. >> three of the dead were teachers or coaches, including aaron feis who worked with the football team and as a security guard. being remembered as a hero for using his body to shield students from the bullets. >> it's actually really hard to talk about coach right now. the hardest part will be driving through the front gates and not seeing coach feis sitting there, giving me a thumbs up or making me stop to roll the window down and saying that, you know, he cares about me or have a good day at school or get my stuff done because i'm a knuckle head or something like that. >> meanwhile at this very moment, mike, the
3:32 pm
president's motorcade is arriving here at broward health north medical center. we're told that the president and first lady will be meeting with doctors and other health professionals here who helped save lives u there are three victims still being treated here at broward health north. two in fair condition. one in critical that patient is said to be improving. three other shooting victims are still recovering at broward medical in fort lauderdale. one was released from there earlier today, mike. the son-in-law of a sheriff's deputy who is said to be recovering and healing from this point on at home. again, the president arriving here at broward health at this moment to meet with doctors and other medical healthcare professionals. mike? >> mike: rick, many thanks. ♪ in tonight's whatever happened to segment federal government property not being used but costing taxpayers billions of dollars. "special report" viewer josh banks asked whatever happened to the 32,000
3:33 pm
vacant government buildings just sitting empty? tonight correspondent doug mckelway has some answers. >> you can't get your job done. have you 124 properties out of 14,000 properties. this is one property that i don't care if it's republican or a democrat administration if it's this administration or previous administrations the job is not getting done. >> almost six years ago republican congressman jeff denim brought a general services administration official into this vacant musty old government building in prime washington real estate and secured him over delays in selling it and as many as 77,000 other vacant or under utilized government properties across the country. one example on how washington ungoverned by market forces boggs down initiative and swallows in this case $2 billion of taxpayer money. the explanation is complex. the government lacks reliable data to measure how many used buildings it owns. costly environmental requirements. competing stake holder interests. limited aaaccessability of
3:34 pm
some and complex disposable. saint elizabeths build before the civil war called a hospital for the insane. >> there are over 60 buildings here, most of them unoccupied on 180 acres and very easy to see why it's so difficult to sell them. the occupying federal agency has to offer it to another federal agency. and if they are not interested. it then has to be offered to a homeless organization. if they are not interested. it must be offered to a state government or to a local government and if they are not interested, it then goes on the market. a process which can take several years. >> and a lot of our portfolio is 40, 50 years old. to try to make it more attractive to a private buyer or do you just sit and maintain it? >> jeff denim, that angry congressman from six years ago is less angry now. >> pass hr 4465 as amended. >> in 2016 congress passed federal asset sale and transit act that expedites the sale of unused federal properties. congress still needs to
3:35 pm
confirm out seven person board that will oversee the sales. >> we want to see this new board put in place so we get rid of all of these different delays from different agencies holding up the sale of these properties. if it's sitting vacant and unutilized then let's sell them immediately. >> under fafsta 300000 federal assets including unused properties. first step in draining this particular swamp. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >> mike: our doug mckelway reporting. right now in florida president trump and the first lady have arrived at the hospital. we are monitoring their movements at this moment. we will bring you the latest details when we come back. ♪ ♪ starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time
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3:39 pm
russian companies for committing federal crimes while seeking to interfere in the united states political system including the 2016 presidential election. with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general. now, there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> a rocking news day here in washington on a friday. let's bring in our panel byron york chief political correspondent of the washington examiner. marie harf a former spokesperson at the state department. matt schlapp contributor at the hill. gentlemen, lady, good evening. >> hello. >> mike: your reaction to what you heard there, these dimes today. >> it's rather shocking. everything about it is shocking. it's shocking to seat deputy attorney general to me
3:40 pm
making that announcement. it didn't come specifically from the special counsel's team. it is shocking that what they are saying is that these really interesting they said these russians were spreading discord. these are serious charges but that was a strange word to t. seemed to use. it's weird they said they have been doing it for a number of years even before this election election cycle. it didn't seem like that ingenious a plan to get on twitter and start to, you know, say bad things about hillary clinton. and other candidates and i think for a lot of republicans, they are kind of singing that song after all of this is that all there is? and if that really is all there is, the american people are going to want to move on. >> mike: marie, you have a diplomatic background. how surprised were you by what you heard today. >> i don't think that's all there is. i think it's the latest round and clear bob mueller is pulling at a lot of different threads here. really outlines for the american people the extent in this one piece of russia
3:41 pm
disinformation campaign. the american people should be concerned that they may have seen social media posts that were disinformation from russians that they may have attended rallies organized by these russians bots. i think for a lot of the people underscores the people that this is not a hoax. the russian meddling was and is real. this week you had the intelligence commander-in-chiefs up on the hill saying they are still trying to do this in 2018 and 2020. it is a serious ongoing threat that needs to be treated that way by the administration. >> mike: another revelation today that the russians were so sneaky they were doing events for and against candidate trump. take a listen to this. >> mike: after the election the defendants allegedly staged rallies to president-elect while simultaneously staging rallies to protest his election. for example the defendants organized one rally to support the president-elect and another rally to oppose
3:42 pm
him. both in new york on the same day. byron your reaction to what you heard today. >> i think actually what rosenstein said there supports this idea that they were -- there was really two fold. disrupt our system, to sow discord and to mess with hillary clinton. whom they thought was going to be the president. and so there were lesser targets. bernie sanders. they wanted to support him and jill stein they wanted to support her. but, again, that was all kind of hillary-focused just as their support of trump was. then the unthinkable happens. trump wins and they just begin to disrupt in a different way putting on two rallies in new york. one a pro-trump rally and the other is trump is not my president rally. so i think it just supports the idea that they were just messing with things the whole time,. >> moscow. kind of surprising. none of these people that extradite them i don't think. put them on on notice and for a
3:43 pm
russian meddling a hoax, right he? doesn't seem to accept the intelligence community assessment because what they need need to be doing plan to appreciate it next time. and that testimony this week from the intelligence chief 14ud be very sunny to americans. facebook and twitter a lot of americans get their news from facebook and twitter. >> this is rather absurd. this is like rocky bull winkle kind of stuff. when i think of russian collusion in our elections, i am offended. i think it's repulsive. is this what it was? it was 13 guys having some rallies. >> there is going to be more. this isn't it. >> this is clearly their shot. acting as bots. someone might have read facebook post incorrect. it's repugnant. shouldn't have happened. obama should have stopped it same token this is not a worth a year of the country's time over everything else we have deal with in this country and
3:44 pm
charges of russian collusion has clearly been ridiculous and not true. >> not a surprise either. intelligence committees known almost everything in this indictment. a lot of it has actually been reported in the press. and remember there was just a huge excitement over the facebook ads a while back with the intelligence committees. which really added up to very, very little. >> most of them ran after the election. >> mike: fbi got a tip about this young man that fell through the cracks. as a dad i find that particularly devastating. your reaction to that, matt? >> yeah, no, i mean, look, law enforcement they have a tough job. they're not going to catch every bad person that wants to do harm to this society. that's not acceptable to the american people to know these were not just somebody saying something bad about a guy. telling them chapter and verse why this guy was a threat.
3:45 pm
>> mike: should somebody lose their job. >> somebody probably should. i don't think it's one person though. this has to be a systematic look at how we go about this because we have always heard if you see something, say something. there are bad people out there. go to the fbi because you trust. take a look top to bottom how this was handled. somebody probably should lose their job over. this can't blame it on one person. we need to take a look at this. look at gun laws, look at mental health. all of it in the wake of something like this because we have to prevent this from happening again. >> mike: byron. >> for the fbi itself a lot of republicans have been very critical of the fbi's handling of highly politicized investigations. the clinton email investigation, the trump-russia investigation. at the same time, praising the work that the fbi does and fighting crime around the country. and to have this horeb dust mistake happen is really bad. >> mike: a lot of folks behind us on capitol hill warning about the undermining the fbi. a few at the fbi undermining
3:46 pm
the agency itself. next up, the friday lightning round. ♪ ♪
3:47 pm
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>> mike: this is a fox news alert. the associated press is reporting a major earthquake is shaking buildings in mexico city right now. several hundred people killed in a an earthquake in the same area in 2017. that's all we know at this time. more details when we get them and now we are back with our panel, byron, marie and matt. and so taking us back to the listen to. this i have decided to run for the united states senate because i believe i can help bring utah's values and utah's lessons to washington. >> we don't want government to be so far away from us.
3:50 pm
so removed from our community. mitt romney represents more of that. >> i think there is some people who may have run that won't based on a mitt romney candidacy. >> so conventional wisdom in this town mitt romney gets in. he is going to win. is he going to win? >> i don't know if he is going to win. i mean, i find this all rather pathetic. he ran for president. he got trounced. a lot of people thought he was going to win. he had a good first debate. but, i think it's time for governor romney from massachusetts, maybe future senator from utah to just kind of find something else. maybe get a hobby. play golf. learn how to knit. go travel. >> already being hit with the carpet bagger thing. >> i worked on the campaign against mitt romney in 2012. i think is he a dedicated public servant. good person. i suspect he will win. what will be interesting is what kind of candidate he is and what kind of senator he
3:51 pm
is. especially in his relationship with president trump. they have had this sort of on again, off again. he criticized him during the campaign in 2016. then he was up for secretary of state. and they got closer. that will be interesting to watch what role he plays if indeed he wins. byron? >> i don't think there is any question he is going to win. i think one question is why does he want to do this because he is going to come to washington. he's going to distant himself from the president because the president dominates everything here. trump will say something outrageous, he will condemn it and then he will end up voting with the president 90-plus percent of the time. i'm not sure exactly why he wants to do that. >> mike: i have had a lot of senators come up to me and say they are scratching their heads saying why do they want the gig? winners and losers is? >> my winner is amy. artist whose portrait of michelle obama was unveiled this week. she at age 31 was diagnosed with heart failure, very, very serious and in 2012 had a heart transplant.
3:52 pm
she is there, the picture of health and success and had overcome enormous number of challenges. my loser is senator bob corkerrer. he is kind -- he made a big show of opposing the president. remember that he? called the white house adult day care. and now he made a big show declining to run for re-election. now he says he might want to run again except he would need the support of the adult day care center. >> mike: marsha blackburn is not going anywhere and apparently talking to the president. that's complicated marie your winners had? >> the olympians. won the gold and half pike first female olympians to hit back-to-back 1080, very difficult move in these half pipe event. she is a great character. she is 17. i wasn't winning gold medals ought 17. >> mike: no kidding. >> she is a great olympian. there is a bunch of others too.
3:53 pm
loser this week russian internet bots to go off internet story. they have been put on notice. they have been named and shamed which is a tool of diplomacy. and hopefully this administration will be making it harder for them and americans will now know to look out for them on the internet and so this may be the start of really cracking down on some of russia's internet disinformation behavior. they are my loser of the week. >> mike: matt? >> winner kevin cramer congressman from north dakota who i think will be the next senator from north dakota as he takes on heidi heitcamp and my loser, i hate to go back to it my loser partly because reason love him so much would be mitt romney. like i said, i think it's time to find a hobby and move on and to give someone else a chance. >> mike: cramer jumping in today you think he plays well in a state that president trump did well in 2016. >> absolutely. he has won by double digits. is he very popular. obviously at large house race so he runs statewide every time. i think heidi heitcamp has
3:54 pm
something to be nervous about. >> mike: all right. stay tuned. another winner of the week our own bret baier. last night the national press foundation honored bret with the group's 2017 award for excellence in broadcast journalism. >> journalism is fundamentally under attack rhetorically being bombarded every day and that means we as journalists have to be on our game even more, push back, push for transparency, dig, ask tough questions. but also listen, listen first to all sides. >> mike: you can see the program on twitter at bret baier or on facebook at baier sr. i was there last night. it was a great event. well-deserved bret. we are all proud of you. when we come back, notable quotables. no matter how
3:55 pm
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♪ >> mike: this is a fox news alert. the associated press is reporting a major earthquake is hitting south and central mexico right now. buildings were said to be shaking in mexico city. the u.s. geological survey reports the quake is registered a preliminary magnitude of 7.5. we'll keep you posted. finally tonight this week's edition of notable quotables. >> i just hear boom, boom, boom. and i was just like what the heck was that? >> we received no warning no indication. >> 2017, the fbi received information i'm going to be a professional school shooter. >> we have already began to dissect his website and some of the things that come to mind are very, very disturbing. >> this makes no sense. my girl, my 14-year-old
3:59 pm
baby. >> yoyour suffering is our burden also. >> i would rather pass gun safety than the election. >> in march and late july in noe and january. they clearly have work to do to fix their vetting system. >> i'm totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. >> kelly's job. >> great confidence in this good man. >> one of the biggest spending increases in the history of this country at a time when we were elected to do just the opposite. >> frankly, united states is under attack. >> it's not an opening bid for negotiation, it's a best and final offer. >> no one is going to get everything they want. >> i think it's safe to say it's been a disappointing week. >> i tried negotiate smaller ears, less gray hair. struck out on that as well. >> mike: a heart-breaking week in parkland, florida and our hearts and prayers are with the families there. president is at the hospital tonight thanking
4:00 pm
professionals for saving lives u that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm mike emanuel in washington. "the story" with martha maccallum is next. martha? >> martha: good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. we are monitoring the president's trip to florida at this hour. we will bring you live any comments or when we see the president we will take you there live moments away. meanwhiles the governor of florida calling for the new head of the fbi to step down. we are always told if you see something, say something we know that someone did early january six weeks ago someone close to nikolas cruz had enough of the threats to carry out a school shooting. the violent behavior the accumulation of guns they picked up the phone and did something brave. they called the fbi. this is the fbi's explanation of why they never knocked on cruz's door. >> this information should have been provided to the miami field